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The night everything came to a head, a culmination of ten years of pushing and pulling that Shouta hadn’t even been entirely aware of, started off pretty boring, all things considered. It was that period between years, that small break when there was little to do except organize class lessons and plans. He tried to tailor goals for specific students based on the results of their final exams, which took up a lot of time, but there was always a lull that meant free time.

Sometimes that meant picking up loose shifts as a regular pro hero. While Shouta had grown to maybe actually like being a teacher at U.A., he couldn’t deny missing life as an underground hero. The past two years at U.A. had really brought him into the spotlight, if only because his students seemed hellbent on getting involved in everything. Sure, most people’s idea of relaxing wouldn’t be skulking around at night on rooftops, doing patrols, and taking down villains, but it sure took him back to the old days when he wasn’t worried about a bunch of teenagers.

However, sometimes, when he realized that even he needed a break away from the school, he was stupid enough to let Hizashi convince him that he should spend time with people. It wouldn’t be so bad if that meant a small outing with him, Nemuri, and maybe one or two others. He could even tolerate Toshinori on social occasions these days despite not caring for him much in the beginning. A small group, a brief dinner, and then he could get back to work.

Honestly, Shouta didn’t know why he thought that might actually happen. Hizashi was not the type of person that wanted a quiet evening in order to wind down.

This entire night was his fault. At first, Shouta had been aggravated over the whole thing. He didn’t want to go out. He definitely didn’t want to party or anything. His first fear when they had pulled up to a bar had been that Hizashi and Nemuri had dragged him to a strip club. He had not yet forgiven them for his last birthday. Luckily, it was some new upscale bar. Nemuri knew the owner and he’d gotten them in despite how packed it was. The music wasn’t as obnoxious as the stuff Hizashi normally blared from his room on campus and there were booths that Shouta could hide in whenever the other two wanted to be more adventurous.

It was in one of those booths that Emi had found him.

Shouta had reacted about as well as could be expected when the teal-haired woman slid into the seat across from him, a huge grin on her face. She was, of course, wearing an outfit that was both outrageously bright and yet strangely conservative for a place like this. Standing next to Nemuri, who had apparently invited her out, she was like the day to Nemuri’s night. The lights were dim in the bar - for mood apparently - and she shined like a damn glow worm.

Emi’s appearance was Nemuri’s fault. She hadn’t wanted to be the only girl out, in her words, to which Shouta had pointed out that she was in her thirties. That had earned him a solid beating and the responsibility of buying her drinks for the rest of the night. Luckily he kept his expenses to a minimum outside of taking care of Eri so he had the funds. Nemuri could drink a man three times her size under the table and still beat them silly. It was unnatural. Emi thought her high tolerance was hilarious, perhaps because she had such a low one. Three drinks and she was a giggling mess, so she had to pace herself.

At one point, Shouta found himself alone in the booth with Emi while Nemuri was off dancing and enticing some poor fellows into buying her drinks while Hizashi somehow managed to take over the music for the place. He should’ve just kept to himself, but he’d had four beers and apparently that was enough to make his eyes drift over to her continuously. She wasn’t paying attention to him, tapping a thin straw against the bottom of her glass and bobbing her head back and forth to the music. He should’ve left it at that.

He did not.

“Can you still do that trick?” Shouta asked. There was no curiosity in his voice. It was a simple question for an observation.

Emi stopped listening to the music and blinked at him. “What trick?” He didn’t answer. She’d either figure it out or she wouldn’t. He wasn’t going to go any lower than he already had by asking her in the first place. “Oh, the one with the cherry stem?”

The grin on her face was downright illegal as she picked the cherry out of her drink and plucked it into her mouth. First, she pulled the stem clear and ate the fruit. Next, she popped the stem back into her mouth, her lips puckering in a way that would draw anyone’s attention, and worked her magic. When she was finished, she opened her mouth and pulled out the tied cherry stem, setting it on the table in between them. Shouta stared at it and then lifted his gaze to her. She had her elbows on the table and her chin propped in her hands. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

“Hey, Eraser,” Emi drawled teasingly, “you keep looking at me like that, I’m gonna think you wanna take me home.”

“Then let’s go.” The words slipped out before he even thought them, completely bypassing his brain, which would have pointed out what a terrible idea they were.

Emi was caught off guard as well, sitting up straight and blinking. “What?”

Shouta should’ve backed out. He could still pretend like he was mocking her and save some face. He could act like she’d heard him wrong. He could come up with some other excuse. He didn’t want to do any of that though. Now that the words were out - now that he’d said it out loud - the idea of taking them back made him want to scoff. It would make him feel like he was afraid and the last thing he was afraid of was her.

“I said,” Shouta said, leaning back in the booth and eyeing her intensely, “let’s go.” He waved a dismissive hand. “It’s not like I want to stay here.”

“So you want to go…back to U.A.?” Emi asked.

“I’d rather not,” Shouta said stiffly. “Hizashi and Nemuri can find me there.” If they even caught a hint of him leaving, no doubt they wouldn’t leave him alone. “I’ve got a place off campus where I stay during breaks and should I need to stay in the city. It was where I lived before the dorms were a thing.”

Emi’s eyebrows raised. “You wanna take me to your safehouse?”

Shouta almost growled irritably, but he held off as he stepped out of the both. He knew that Emi was teasing him and it was getting under his skin. “Listen, you can either come or not - it’s your choice - but I’m leaving.”

One would’ve thought that she had been electrocuted by the way Emi jumped out of the booth and snatched up her purse. “I didn’t realize you were so bossy when you were in the mood.”

In retrospect, Shouta probably should have told Hizashi and Nemuri that he was leaving, but a simple text would suffice. He couldn’t leave without a single word, but he wasn’t about to tell them that he was leaving with Emi to go halfway across town to a place that only Hizashi knew he still had. It was very likely that Hizashi would try prying it out of him later, seeing as how Emi would be gone as well, but he was good at interrogations. He could hold out until he died.

Emi bumped into his back when they stepped outside and he came to an abrupt halt at the sidewalk. He should’ve grabbed a hold of her, slipped an arm around her waist, done something to quench whatever heat was boiling inside of him. Instead, he slid one hand in his pocket while he waved down a taxi. The two of them got into the cab silently and Shouta gave his address. It irritated him having to say it out loud, seeing as how only three people knew about it, but it wasn’t like he could take Emi back to his room on the U.A. campus.

He shouldn’t have been taking her anywhere, but she had been resting on his mind and he needed to get her out of it as soon as possible. She was proving to be a distraction and it made him feel like some rookie hero watching her take out bad guys and getting turned on. Maybe if he got her out of his system, she wouldn’t be a problem anymore. That seemed logical to his four beer addled mind.

Honestly, curse Hizashi and Nemuri to hell and back.

It was a miracle that both of them kept to themselves in the back of the cab or maybe it was awkward. If they were set on doing this, then they should do more than have their thighs pressed against each other in the cramped space. Shouta had never run his fingers through her vibrant hair, caressed the exposed skin of her arm, or even hugged her. Likewise, despite the fact that everyone knew Emi lacked the context of personal space, she’d never touched him out of line in a way that would irritate him. Now he was itching for her to do so and she kept her hands folded neatly in her lap.

The entire car ride had him second-guessing himself. Had he misread the situation? Had he misread her? It was entirely possible, considering that he’d been drinking. Damn Hizashi. He had planned on only have two drinks at the most, but his friend was the type of person who bought everyone a round whenever he went to get a new drink. He insisted that it was because he didn’t like to drink alone. Now it had Shouta rethinking everything even though he had been the one to push the envelope. He wasn’t used to being hesitant or doubtful. It made him distinctly uncomfortable, especially when Emi was quiet now when she never was.

Once they reached his place, he paid the cabbie and slipped out with Emi trailing behind him like a neon ghost. He turned to face, starting to say, “Fuku--” when she interrupted him by stepping into his space and pressing a finger against his lip. He immediately furrowed his brow as he stared down at her. A grin quirked on her face, a hint nervous if he was being honest. Again, it made him question what they were doing. She had been full of jokes ever since the day he met her. After eleven years of making the same pushy jokes, why had he thought that she was even a little serious?

“Before we go anything further, I have to know that you aren’t joking,” Emi said in a very serious tone that would’ve made him scoff if not for the situation. Somehow the grin didn’t leave her lips, so he couldn’t tell if the tone was meant to be teasing.

Shouta grabbed her wrist and pulled her finger off his lips. “Do I look like the type of person that would joke about something like this?”

“You don’t look like you’d joke about anything,” Emi shot back with a laugh. Then she stopped and bit her lip, her eyes focusing on where he was still holding onto her wrist.“I just wanted to make sure. This kind of...came out of the blue…”

“Believe me,” Shouta replied, walking backward and pulling her into the apartment complex, “it’s not as random as it looks.”

“I just don’t want it to be the alcohol talking--”

This time, Shouta did scoff. “What? You think you’re taking advantage of me? I should be asking you these questions.” He stopped once they reached the elevator. They could still get out of this with their dignity intact if she didn’t want to actually do this. She could play it off as a joke and he a misunderstanding. He’d meant that he wanted to go home, talk about work, not sleep with her. They could pretend like he wasn’t thinking about what else she could do with that tongue beside tie a cherry stem into a knot. “If you were just making a joke, I need to know now. I don’t want you to feel pressured.”

Emi laughed without abandon. Honestly, Shouta didn’t know why he hadn’t expected that kind of reaction from her. “You think I was joking about that?”

“You joke about everything,” Shouta pointed out.

Without breaking eye contact with him, Emi punched the elevator button. He heard it ding and the doors slide open. “I joke about a lot of things, but consent is not one of them.” She had the audacity to put her hands on his chest and push him inside the elevator. She smirked and stepped in so that she was right in his personal space, tilting her head to look up at him in a manner that dared him to do something about it. “Now you gonna show me what eleven years of unresolved tension does to a person or am I?”

“You better not try to tickle me,” Shouta growled.

Putting her hands on her hips, Emi retorted, “You might need to tie me up to stop me.”

Gods, was this woman trying to torture him? Probably so, considering that she’d spent their entire time knowing each other doing just that. She’d figured out another angle. It was very frustrating. Well, he’d just have to put her in her place then.

It would’ve been appropriate to wait until they walked into his apartment to do anything, but something about the elevator dinging again set him off. The charged tension between them snapped and he closed the space between them, holding her face with one hand and grabbing her hip with the other as he pressed his lips against hers. It occurred to him the moment her lips molded to his that he was fairly out of practice for this. He didn’t want to think about how long it had been, but his entire body ached for hers now.

She let out a surprised squeak when he pushed her out of the elevator and against the wall of the hallway hard enough to rattle the light beside them, but didn’t stop kissing him. The tips of his fingers threaded through her hair while he held his thumb under her chin so that he could tilt her head up. She slipped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer again her. As expected, she didn’t stay still, squirming against him until he slipped a leg in between hers obligingly. Able to rub her center against his leg, even through their clothes, it was apparently enough to give her a pleasing sensation judging from the way she moaned a little.

“Eager much?” Emi panted into his mouth, her lips twisted into a smile.

“Shut up,” Shouta grumbled, pulling away from her and abruptly leaving her in the cold. She blinked at him, clearly taken aback, and pouted as she watched him turn and walk down the hallway to his door. If she was going to act up, then he’d have to treat her accordingly. Besides, it wasn’t like she didn’t follow.

As he went through his keys to find the right one, Emi wrapped her arms around him from behind, pressing the side of her face into his back. It was an innocent gesture, except for the way her fingers teased his shirt up so that she could lightly scratch the skin just above the waistband of his pants. He could not get his door open faster.

The moment he did, he stormed inside and she tumbled in after him, giggling as she did so. She was cut off when he once again trapped her between him and the wall. He kicked the door shut, enveloping them in darkness, only the lights from the city illuminating them through his blinds. He could just see her in the dark, her hair glowing still.

“I didn’t think you’d be this demanding,” Emi admitted in a breathy voice as Shouta made quick work of her shirt. Once it was undone, he shoved it down her arms to leave it to fall at their feet. Her breathing stuttered once he slid a hand over her chest. The shirt she wore as a part of her hero costume was form fitting enough to catch attention, but covered her up modestly as well so that her breasts were left to the imagination.

And, from the way they fit in his hand and the soft skin that pushed out of her red bra as she breathed heavily, they did not disappoint.

Despite still wearing a bra, it did not leave her any less sensitive, judging by the little gasps she made whenever he swiped a thumb over her nipples. He could feel them hardening underneath the material. As he continued to tease her, he kissed roughly down her neck. He alternated between biting and soothing his rough treatment of her skin with a kiss, although no doubt she would have marks anyways from the scruff on his face.

He was a little surprised when she tugged on his hair to pull him away from her neck and kiss him on the lips again. “I used to think it was funny when you wore your hair half-up like this in a bun, but holy moly, does it do the trick for me.”

Shouta pinned one hand against the wall next to her head. She held his hair in one and gripped his shirt with the other. “Are you going to talk this entire time?”

“Maybe,” Emi teased, “unless you figure out how to shut me up.”

“I’m considering a gag,” Shouta said, lifting his hand from her hip so that he could run his thumb along her bottom lip. He’d been thinking about these lips for a lot longer than he’d realized.

“Ooh, kinky.” And then, with a wink, she pulled Shouta’s thumb in her mouth and sucked it very deliberately. He drew in a gasp of air. How she still managed to catch him off guard after all these years was frustrating, but for an entirely different reason right now. He’d spent years making sure that he was always one step ahead of her, ready to cancel out her quirk at a moment’s notice, but she was still full of surprises.

Well, if he couldn’t get her to be quiet, he’d just have to make sure she couldn’t form sentences.

Slipping his hands underneath her ass, he easily lifted her up. She chuckled as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her shoes fell off her feet and she dug her heels into the small of his back as she pushed her center closer to him. He had to stop from hissing again at the fiction. Focusing on the task at hand, he carried her to the bedroom. The decor of his place could be considered minimalist at best, which meant that it made it easy to navigate even in the dark. He only had the essentials.

A yelp slipped out of her when he unceremoniously dropped her on the bed. “Well that was rude,” she decided as she propped herself up on her elbows.

Shouta didn’t give her any time to further assess him, not when he was undoing her shorts. She smiled in delight, lifting her ass to make it easier for him to pull them off and toss them to the side of the room. He kissed back up her left leg, leaving her shivering in anticipation as he reached the apex of her thighs. Sitting back on his haunches, he gripped her behind the knees and jerked on her hard so that she was on the edge of the bed. With her positioned just right, he went back to her inner thighs, nipping at her soft skin so that she jumped a little each time.

“You’re such a tea-- ooooh --”

He lifted his head to look up at her as he gently massaged her clit through her wet underwear. With her eyes closed and her head tilted back as she huffed out breaths, she looked incredible. When she opened her eyes and connected with his, he couldn’t have stopped the smirk from appearing on his face. Her cheeks were flushed and even without the lights on he could see the desire swirling in her eyes. It was as intense and consuming as her quirk.

However, the moment she reached down to put a hand on his head, he tugged on the binding ropes that he kept hidden under his bed. He almost cackled at the shocked look on Emi’s face when the ropes shot out, wrapping around her wrists and the headboard. It was tight enough from being able to pull out of the grip, but not enough to hurt her. An inappropriate use of hero support gear? Most definitely. But it was just for this one time. He needed a little control with her driving him mad.

Emi flopped back on the bed, the headboard rattling as she jerked on her bindings, and whined in a voice filled to the brim with need, “Eraser, this is just mean!”

He stood up and leaned over her, his hands pressed on the bed at her hips, so that he could kiss the exposed skin of her stomach right above her underwear. No matter how much she squirmed or wiggled though, she couldn’t get loose. “You can touch when you behave.”

Somehow, Emi’s eyes managed to get darker as she glared at him, but she kept her mouth shut this time. He didn’t mind her talking, except she did it all the time, and it would be nice to find out what else she could do when she wasn’t.

First things first though: he had to finish the task at hand, which meant slipping her underwear off and tossing it to the side. She took a shaky breath as she was exposed to the open air and squeezed her thighs together in a moment of shyness that he hadn’t thought her capable of. He gently pried them back open, making sure to go slow in case she changed her mind, but she let him and then let out a heavy sigh as he kissed his way back to her center.

By the time he spread her open to give her a languid lick, she was practically shaking. She trimmed just enough to where it wasn’t obnoxious, but he could tell that getting laid wasn’t exactly a priority. Some guys were picky about things like that. Shouta was much more involved in her smell and taste and the way her hips jerked as he began to eat her out in earnest. Whimpers and cries were ripped from her mouth, but no actual words this time.

He kept one hand on her hip to hold her down as she bucked and almost tried to shimmy away from his mouth. Her breathing stuttered in between all the noises she made. His other hand slid up her leg. He lifted himself up a little to give his fingers access to her, sliding inside her hot, wet center and pumping in and out in tandem with sucking on her clit. The moan that was dragged out of her was borderline obscene, made even more so by the way she arched her back.

“More,” Emi gasped. He paused in his ministrations to arch an eyebrow at her and she almost cried on the spot. “Please!” Seeing as how she was nice about it, he did as she asked, adding another finger to pump and curl inside of her. “Oh. My. Oh my gods--”

He could’ve stayed still and let her do all the work as she essentially fucked herself on his fingers, but he was more than content to go back down on her. It had been a very long while since he’d done this and, from the way her core gripped his fingers even in its wetness, it had been some time for her too. She should’ve had some nice boyfriend to do this to her on a near nightly basis -- someone that would tease her until she was too tired to talk -- not him. He didn’t have it in him to cherish her the way she deserved. He didn’t have the time to give her everything she needed.

All he could do was give her what he had at this moment and that would have to be enough for tonight.

With that in mind, Shouta put everything he had into it until she was a quivering mess. What had once been whimpers and moans turned into a babbling mess the closer she came to release. He gripped her hard enough to leave marks on her skin, groaning against her, sucking and licking, making an absurd amount of noises. Her body went taut the moment she crested, her wrists pulling on the restraints, and she was completely silent for one moment, probably to keep herself from getting too loud.

He licked her through it, much softer, until finally she slumped down on the bed and her body went limp. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as she tried to catch her breath. He pulled away from her and sat back on his haunches at the foot of the bed, just watching her. She looked like a mess.

A smidge of pride burned in him when he realized that he’d done that to her. He’d forgotten how good this felt, but he didn’t think that it would feel nearly as great if it was someone else but her. He had never been a one night stand with a random person kind of guy. He knew Emi though - he trusted her - he was even fond of her even if she did everything she could to aggravate him. It was good because it was her.

And he wanted her, so very bad, probably had for a while if he was being honest.

“Hey, things are feeling a little uneven here, so you better start stripping and get up here,” Emi demanded, although it lacked heat when she sounded so out of it. She dropped her head back on the bed. “Your mouth is definitely better than my vibrator. Now I’m just going to be disappointed.”

Rolling his eyes, Shouta wiped his mouth off with the back of his head and stood up. She went dead silent when he pulled his black sweater over his head and undid his pants. Of course, she did smile when she noticed how obviously hard he was already. It was really her fault. She got him so worked up, in more ways that one now.

When he crawled over top of her again, she opened her mouth to say something smart, but then he gripped her chin and kissed her roughly. “What did I say about behaving?” he muttered against her lips.

She huffed again, but nodded and pressed her lips together in a thin line, watching with a hooded gaze as he rid himself of his boxers. A low whine escaped from her as she wiggled toward him. How frustrating it must have been to look and not touch. He didn’t hold himself back from her, undoing her strapless bra so that he could slid his hands over her exposed breasts, down the planes of her stomach, and to her center again so he could rub her clit a few more times. The whine turned into a pleading cry.

Before he moved over top of her, Shouta hesitated when something occurred to him. “I don’t have any condoms.” He hadn’t bought them in quite some time. Nemuri had gotten onto him about it a few times, but he hadn’t wanted to waste money on something that would probably expire. Oh how she’d be gloating right now if she knew the position he was in. He had an incredibly attractive, wanting, consenting, very flexible, naked woman in his bed right now and he wasn’t prepared.

“You’re in luck, cowboy,” Emi quipped. “I’m covered on my end.”

That was really all he needed to hear in order to go forward. He moved on top of her, savoring the feeling of her slick skin against his and the way her breasts pressed against his chest. She spread her legs so that he fit right in between. He kissed her on the lips, her jaw, and down her neck before taking the time to appreciate each breast so that by the time he was done she was bucking up against him in desperation. She had spent years teasing him; it was only fair that he pay her back tonight.

He came back up to kiss her on the cheek as he lined himself up to her entrance. He pressed his tip against her, rubbing it back and forth so that he teased her opening and her wetness coated him, and then paused. “Are you sure about this?”

“Shouta, I swear to everything good on this green earth, if you don’t fuck me right now, I am going to kick your ass,” Emi replied furiously.

Tied up and underneath him, she was in no way to boss him around, but how could he argue with that?

He pushed himself inside of her, careful and slow so that she could adjust to him. A grimace flickered across her face briefly, but once he was fully inside of her, she let out a content sigh. Meanwhile, he, on the other hand, felt like he’d ascended to another level. He couldn’t remember anything gripping him so tightly and warmly as her body did in this moment, not even his hand. Why the hell had it taken them so long to get here?

When he began to rock in and out of her, that sent another thrill down his spine and his head spinning. She felt so fucking good. He really had been missing out. There just wasn’t time for this. He wasn’t the slow, gentle lovemaking type with cuddling and breakfast in the morning. He wasn’t the quick and intense fuck and then back to business type either.

Maybe he was so out of practice that he didn’t know what he was. All he knew was that he was here with Emi and, even with her hands tied up, she was jerking her hips up into his hard enough to give him a run for his money and it made him want more . What that entailed considering he was already inside of her, he wasn’t sure, but he didn’t have time to contemplate it as he hastened his pace.

When he lifted one of her legs so he could pump deeper inside of her, she cried out and begged, “Let me touch you, please, please, untie me!”

Shouta kissed her lips, before biting her lip and pulling back. “One more time. I wanna feel you before you’re free to do anything else.”

Emi sounded like she was close to crying. “That’s not fai-- shit, shit ! Oh, you’re so good. You’re so good.”

Whatever complaints she had was interrupted when he arched his back over so that he could tease her nipples again with her mouth. Seeing her breasts bounce as he shoved himself in and out of her was distracting and reminded him of all the times, when they’d been younger, that his brain had betrayed him into thinking about what was under her hero costume. When he got himself off, it almost always ended with images of her. How much in denial had he been?

Knowing that she needed a little help, he moved so that he was on his knees. Still holding one leg up, he was able to push himself in her deeper, making him groan. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to finish before she could have her way. It took willpower to rein himself in, but he didn’t stop drilling into her, not even when he pressed a fingertip to that powerful bundle of nerves and began to wiggle his hand back and forth quickly. It was an almost gentle touch, but one that sent her reeling. He could feel her orgasm building up, the muscles of her vagina squeezing him so tightly that spots swam in his vision.

He knew the second her orgasm hit her, partly because he could feel it and it shook him to his very core, but also because Emi let out a string of colorful swears in between fits of laughter. If he had pictured her doing that before tonight, it might’ve peeved him - after all, laughing in the middle of sex could be kind of awkward - but it was entirely her. Luckily, he knew that the spontaneous laughter came from not being able to control herself due to the orgasm and that felt good.

As she came back down from her second orgasm, Shouta reached over her head to tug on the binding scarf. The ropes immediately responded to him, untangling from the bedpost and loosening its grip on her wrists so that she could slip her hands through. She sighed in utter content when she laid her hands on his chest. Her blunt nails scraped down his chest and then all the way back up again, like she was getting herself acquainted with his body.

Still, he was a little surprised when she pushed him off of her. Not so much when she hooked an ankle around his and used it to pull herself up as that she was on top of him. Before he could so much as complain about the sudden change, she leaned down to kiss him on the lips and then used a hand to ease herself back down onto him. Her heat pulled him in and his breath shuddered in his chest as she moved up and down, in and out, back and forth.

It was an entirely different sensation with her on top, one that brought her to the edge even quicker than before as her clit rubbed against him every time she moved. She held onto the headboard as she rocked back and forth, bringing herself to the edge once more. It was so sudden that he hardly had time to catch up before she was wildly rutting against him. He grit his teeth and gripped her hips so that he could pump into her from below.

Honestly, he’d never expected this position to be the one to get him, but there was something ethereal about the way she moved above him. Her teal hair caught in the light of a streetlamp that glowed through the blinds, sweat dripped down her body, her breasts swayed every time she rocked, and the hand she had splayed over his heart were all enough to bring him there and tip him over. He couldn’t stop himself from groaning when he finally reached his peak, gritting his teeth to stay silent and pumping into her without abandon in a way that would embarrass him later when he noticed the bruises on her hips.

Emi kissed him then, mumbling, “Shouta,” against his lips repeatedly as she rode the last vestiges of her own orgasm, her entire body twitching above him. He wanted to say her name. He wanted to dig his fingers in her hair and start this all over. He wanted to stay inside of her for another hour at the least, bringing her to peak again and again until she couldn’t walk or talk. He wanted to hear her beg for more.

But of course his body couldn’t do that. He wasn’t a horny twenty-one-year-old who took one look at her beating up villains and dreamed about pounding her in bed. No, those days were long gone.

Instead, when she finally slumped on top of him and her walls stopped twitching around him, he took a deep breath and slowly pulled himself out of her. She let out a tiny whimper, but didn’t complain, not even when he eased her off of him so that she was lying beside him on the bed. The two of them were sprawled her with her head resting on his arm, breathing erratically, covered in sweat, and naked as the day they’d been born. He did not give a shit. He felt like whatever alcohol that had been in his system earlier had been sweat out and also like he could sleep for two days straight.

He was used to being exhausted, but this was a different kind. This one he could appreciate. He was going to get a hell of a good night’s sleep.

Emi took a deep breath. “We should do this more often.”

Shouta’s eyes snapped open and he turned his head to look at her with a wary gleam in his eyes. “Emi--”

“Relax, Eraser,” Emi interrupted coolly, as if she hadn’t just been whispering his given name while they orgasmed together just a minute before. She turned so that she was lying on her side with her head still resting on his arm. “I know this doesn’t mean we’re together or dating. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be opposed to doing this again sometime. Maybe in the shower tomorrow morning.”

He gave her his best unimpressed look. “Oh, you think you’re staying?”

“I mean, if you don’t want to wake up to a blow job, that’s fine by me,” Emi replied. A part of him couldn’t tell if she was joking or not, but when he glanced at her, even with the smirk on her face, he knew that she wasn’t. It was enough to make his dick twitch again, eager for it to be morning. “I knew damn well what I was getting into and honestly it’s a relief.” He furrowed his brow. “What? You think I have time for an actual relationship? I’ll admit that sometimes I wish I did, but I don’t and I know you don’t either.”

Shouta would’ve scoffed if he hadn’t known that she was right. To be honest, he had kind of been thinking that Emi wanted a relationship, but here she was, surprising him again. All that talk about going on dates, him taking her out, and the two of them being compatible had made him wary and had also made him think that Emi might be one of those women desperate to get married. She was younger than him, after all. Who was to say that she wasn’t on a different path from him?

“You’re not mad?” Shouta asked warily.

“I’m mad that it took you ten years to catch onto the fact that I was lowkey not joking,” Emi told him before poking him in the side. He hissed and slapped her hand away. “I’d resigned myself to a life of celibacy.”

“You could have almost any guy, you know,” Shouta told her.

Emi tsked and shook her head. “Yeah, sure, but they weren’t you.” He was in no position to get any warm and fuzzy feelings over her, but warmth bloomed in his chest anyway as he stared back at her. Without really thinking about it, he leaned over and kissed her on the lips again. “Is that a ‘yes stay I want my morning woody sucked’ or no?”

Shouta wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him. “Would you be quiet, please?”

“Oh no, I spent nearly that entire time trying not to be loud and you know how much I like to be loud,” Emi point out in that same serious tone from this morning. “You’re gonna suffer like never before.”

If you had asked him hours ago how his night would end, he might have actually laughed for the first genuine time. However, seeing as how he had just been inside of her, he didn’t feel it was necessary. It was ridiculous. It was crazy. Her idea of torturing him probably meant using up all of his hot water among a few other little pranks. He could handle them. He didn’t want Emi to leave and if that meant tolerating a few of her pranks in the morning he would get over it.

He pressed his forehead against hers, eyes closed, and took a deep breath. “Stay.”

“Are you sure?”

Propping his chin over to the top of her head, Shouta said, “Without a doubt,” and she nuzzled against him even more. This was supposed to have been a boring night out. He’d planned on coming back here and crashing alone when the noise and dancing and drinking became too much for him. It wouldn’t have been fun, but he’d get over it. The next school year was upon them.

For now though, he could rest with Emi in his arms. She was small and softer than she looked with muscle underneath and she fit right against him like the piece of some obscure puzzle. Normally he couldn’t stand people ignoring his personal space and getting too involved in his business. However, as Emi fell asleep against him, he found that he couldn’t complain. He could take that for now and give her what he could.