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Midoriya looked back to see a sleepy teenage Bakugou stumble out of the bedroom, nerves set in his face as he looked around with zero recognition hitting him.

“Morning, Kacchan!” Midoriya said brightly, setting plates down on the table. “You're three years in the future, you got hit by a weird Quirk that switched you with your older counterpart. I remember it happening in our last year of school, but you won't remember any of this when you go back. Do you want to know anything in particular about the future, with that knowledge?”

“Why the fuck am I in your house?”

“Our house.”

“We live together?” he grimaced. “Why?”

Midoriya grinned, holding up his left hand, and Bakugou's eyes went straight to the dark ring around his finger.

“We're engaged.”


“Good fuck or bad fuck?”

“Katsuki you sweet, sweet bastard.”

“So good fuck,” Midoriya laughed, rounding the table to nudge him to a seat. “Come have breakfast.”

“I never fucking got over you?!”


“I'm such a loser!”

“We're engaged, Kacchan! That just proves that you're clearly a winner! You didn't need to get over me, you got me!”

“I see you're still a fuckin' nerd, then.”

Midoriya just laughed at him, not even a hint of offense taken, and finally Bakugou took a bite of his breakfast.

My fuckin' nerd,” he mumbled to himself, testing out the words.

“All yours,” Midoriya agreed, sipping from his coffee mug happily.

“Fuckin' hot nerd.”

“You really think so?!”

Bakugou flooded red, hiding his face in his hands, and Midoriya only laughed fondly.

“Thank you, Kacchan. That's really sweet of you to say.”

“It's not like I don't fuckin' tell you every day, we're engaged for fuck's sake.”

Midoriya leaned across the table to kiss his forehead lightly, getting more blushing and mumbling in return, but he just smiled softly.

“You're taking this really well.”

“You've obviously done it before,” Bakugou mumbled, sneaking a glimpse at the older man and immediately looking away again. “No big deal. How long does it last?”

“Just one day. Twenty-four hours. By the time you wake up tomorrow you'll be back at home with your own Deku, not that you've told him how you feel yet.”

“Fuckin' obviously.”

“I liked you, too, you know. Since we were kids, you were so amazing, so bright you shone. I could never look away.”

“Cut all the cheesy shit,” Bakugou muttered. “Do I really put up with all this crap?”

“No, you've known it for a long time now. I don't have to say it a bunch anymore.”

“What did you do? With me, I mean? When this happened before?”

“We fucked.”

“Real funny.”

“I'm serious! I begged you to let me blow you, and then you rode me after. It was a pretty fuckin' amazing first time. Do you have any idea how hot you get? I mean you're adorable now, don't get me wrong, but you're gonna get hot.”

“Obviously,” Bakugou scoffed, doing his best to hide his embarrassment. “I'm already hot, I can only get better.”

“You?” Midoriya laughed, leaning over to pinch at his cheek. “Hot? You wish.”

“Excuse me?!”

“I told you, you're adorable. Cutest thing I've ever seen, I forgot how cute you used to be with the pouting and the hair.”

“I don't pout.”

“You do.”

“Fuckin' whatever. So he gets to have the time of my life fucking you and I'm stuck here with some responsible, engaged shit who's gonna lecture me about growing up. Great.”

“That's up to you, isn't it?” Midoriya picked up a piece of toast from Bakugou's plate, poking the corner through his lips lightly. “Eat up, Kacchan. We have a long day.”

“Of fuckin' what?”

“I thought you might want to come on patrol with me.”

Bakugou froze, eyes wide, and Midoriya just grinned again.

“I'm pretty sure your old costume is still in a closet – I'll find it, no screwing around with your upgrades – so as long as you're a good boy you can come along. You didn't seriously think we weren't both pro-heroes, right?”

“I... I didn't...”

“Ohhhh, I get it, you were too busy eyeballing me to think about it, huh?” Midoriya laughed, flexing one arm teasingly. “Well, that's fair.”

“If I die here, will you lose your own Katsuki too?”

“Dunno, but you're not gonna die, so who cares?”

“You're pretty sure of yourself these days.”

“A certain someone kept yelling at me about making the most of my Quirk instead of feeling sorry for myself all the time.”

“Yeah,” Bakugou mumbled, stuffing his mouth with food to avoid saying any more.

“So we've got a few hours on patrol,” Midoriya continued, as if nothing had happened. “Then lunch with some old friends and we'll answer any questions you have before more work and then bedtime. Again, though, you won't remember any of it when you go back.”

“Then tell me how we got together.”

“I confessed to you after this whole incident, and I told you to come talk to me when you were ready. A few days later you showed up at my door at midnight saying you were ready, and we snuggled up in my bed together and talked all night.”

“Fuckin' cute,” Bakugou spat, almost as if it were a curse word. “God damn it Katsuki what have you done to me?”

“You get to make your own choices about the future, none of what you've seen here will affect you. You could go back and reject me if you really wanted, but we both know you love me.”

“Do not.”

“You've told me, Kacchan. Every day for over two years, you've told me! You can't deny it, not to me.”

“Maybe he does.”

He also told me that he'd loved me since we were little kids.”

“Shut up.”

“Look, I get it, okay? It's weird, with our messy history. If you don't want me to touch you or say stuff then I won't, just say so.”

“It's whatever.”

“Okay,” Midoriya smiled, standing up to take the dirty dishes away, kissing Bakugou's mess of blond spikes on his way through. “Come on, let's find you some old gear.”

He left the dishes in the sink and showed Bakugou through to their spare bedroom, where mounds of clothing and tech sat in cupboards and drawers, and a few scattered shelves held random merch they'd collected over the years.

“Let's see what we've got here,” Midoriya mumbled to himself, rummaging through a drawer. “Somewhere here... Aha!”

He produced a pair of baggy black pants first, tossing them at Bakugou, then contemplated the shirt in his hands.

“Ah... Technically this is next year's design, for you. Oh well, you won't remember. Here you go!”

He handed the shirt over, and Bakugou turned away as he started to change, fumbling a little with the new shirt that didn't quite seem to go over his head anymore.

“Oh, sorry, let me!”

He unhooked a few hidden catches then tugged it over Bakugou's head easily, fastening them back up again even though Bakugou could have done that part himself.

“It's a little cold out,” he mused, glancing at Bakugou with his sleeveless shirt, despite the high collar. “Did you want some of your warm gear or no?”

The question sprang to Bakugou's lips immediately, but he held it back, nodding faintly instead.

“That'd be nice.”

“Okay, let's see... I think you wore these ones back then – God what were you thinking? – aaaaand... There.”

Bakugou looked away when Midoriya set the pile down in front of him, hiding his blush behind his collar.

“Can you... Help me, again?”

“You need a hand?”

“I don't need shit,” Bakugou insisted stubbornly. “But...”

“It was nice?” Midoriya finished with a smile. “Yeah, okay.”

Tenderly he slipped gear Bakugou hadn't seen before over his arm, fastening buckles and straps, and Bakugou tested his arm lightly when Midoriya moved on. It was all lightweight, but looked pretty durable, and he could feel a strange network of tubes or veins running through the sleeve. It didn't take a genius to work out that they would store his sweat, would transfer it down to his hands, and he wondered why it had taken so long for this design to emerge.

“Hands sorted,” Midoriya said needlessly. “Sit!”

He found himself obeying without even stopping to question it, holding his feet out when Midoriya gestured, and watching as Midoriya bundled him up in thick socks and heavy boots.

“Feel good?”

“Yeah,” he nodded faintly. “Um, thanks.”

Midoriya had even tied Bakugou's boots the way he liked them, which shouldn't have been a surprise from the nerd, but it was kind of touching all the same.

“Let me help you,” Bakugou blurted out, when Midoriya reached for a jumpsuit in a familiar shade of green.

“Okay,” Midoriya grinned, ditching his sweatpants. “You can zip me up, it's in the back on this one.”

“How many designs have you been through?”

“One a year, usually. Just trying new stuff out. Sometimes I don't like it and I go back, but it's fun to try it out. You're a total diva though, you won't be seen in the same thing twice.”

“Shut up!”

“You go through two a year,” Midoriya grinned. “Summer and winter, trying to get the balance right. It's cute seeing all the new changes though, I like it.”

“Which one did you like best?”

“Me? Hmm... Your first winter costume. The first one with the collar like that, but you said it was a lot more inconvenient.”

“Why did you like that one?”

“It was the first time I saw you make improvements to suit your Quirk, and even though you got all flustered when I complimented it, I knew you were super proud of that one. A proud Kacchan is a cute Kacchan.”

“So much for nerding out about the tech.”

“What can I say? I have a weakness for my Kacchan's wardrobe changes.”

With his jumpsuit pulled up to his waist, Midoriya stripped off his baggy hoodie, and for a moment Bakugou could have sworn time stopped.

“Don't,” he insisted, a desperation sneaking into his voice, when Midoriya reached for a singlet. “Wait.”

“Hm? Oh, the scars? I have a lot now, right? I know it's gross.”

“It's not. I just... I want to look. Can I look?”

“Yeah, sure.”

He took his time running his eyes up and down Midoriya's torso, taken aback by the way his body had morphed into the kind of muscles you'd see on the cover of porn magazines. Part of him was almost scared to ask, scared to bring it up, but he let his fingertips graze over one particularly bad scar carefully.

“When did you get hot?” he asked bluntly.

“That's hard to judge objectively, being me,” Midoriya laughed. “If it helps, you started touching me a lot more around six months after we left school. Around the time I grew.”

“You did get pretty tall,” Bakugou mumbled awkwardly. “I'm not used to looking up at you.”

“You'll get used to it,” Midoriya teased. “You're the cute one now.”

“Shut up.”

“You done staring?”

“Whatever,” Bakugou blushed again. “Fine.”

He pulled the dark singlet on finally and hitched his jumpsuit up, turning around for Bakugou to carefully zip it to his neck and fasten the little velcro catch over top.

“Right! Come see our new area! Oh, wait, weapons, hold up.”

He grabbed a belt from one of the drawers and started tightening straps, buckling it around Bakugou's waist and thighs without bothering to ask. A few grenades hung from it still, similar to his older designs, but there were other objects too that he didn't really want to ask about lest they be taken away from him. A familiar grenade-shaped bracer waited under Midoriya's arm, and he handed it over when Bakugou looked up.

“Spoiler, you moved to only using one, so I don't have another lying around. Let's head out, cutie.”

“Quit it.”

“Make me.”

While the day had been uneventful by Midoriya's standards, by the time they got back at midnight he could tell Bakugou was exhausted. Poor guy clearly didn't have the social capacity for it, talking to so many people and being nice to so many old friends who told him how cute he was over and over.

“Come get changed,” Midoriya directed him. “Then you can relax.”


“Come on sweetie, otherwise you'll never get up and you'll stink up the place.”

“I don't smell.”

“Could've fooled me.”

Bakugou sat down on the sofa stubbornly, pouting, so Midoriya settled for stripping him right where he was, ignoring the squirms and half-hearted protests that came with it.

“Do you want to come put some clothes on or are you gonna hang out in your underwear?”

“Will you join me?” Bakugou blurted out, before he could stop himself.

“Hmm? Join you?”

“Naked. I mean... In underwear.”

“If you want to see, you can just ask.”

“Can I see what you look like without your clothes on? Please?”

“You wouldn't call this cheating on you, would you?”

“Hell no, it's me.”

“Then yeah, come back to the bedroom and I might even let you touch.”

“Really?” Bakugou asked warily.

“Sure, if you're good.”

Bakugou lost a moan, reaching out desperately and quickly finding his hands slammed into the mattress above his head. Midoriya didn't even look to be using his Quirk yet, but no matter how much Bakugou struggled he couldn't seem to make even the slightest progress at freeing himself.

“What happened to being good, Kacchan? No touching.”

“But I need it,” Bakugou whined pathetically. “Please!”

“Look at your little face,” Midoriya sighed, tugging at his pouty lower lip. “If you ask me nicely enough, I'll let you choose one part of me to touch. Cock not included, of course.”

“Please! Please, Sir! I need to touch you so bad!” a little sob escaped him, but still he continued. “I'm begging you, Izuku! Please let me touch, even just a little!”

“There's my good boy. Take your pick.”

Bakugou's hands were on Midoriya's pecs before he'd even finished saying the word 'chest', and Midoriya smirked down at him.

“My Kacchan has the most amazing chest muscles, you know,” Midoriya informed him, trailing a fingertip over Bakugou's body that paled in comparison. “Looks like he should be a marble statue, not a person. That's gonna be you one day, isn't it?”


“You're gonna work hard and be super hot for me?”

“I promise!”

“What a good boy,” Midoriya teased, leaning in to kiss his neck, debating the merits of sucking a hickey into his skin. “You want to play with me?”

“I do! Anything! Please!”

“That's what I like to hear.”

Bakugou whined when Midoriya pinched at his nipples, rolling them between his fingers and thumbs slightly, and Bakugou had to bite down on his lip to keep from whining.

“You would do anything for me, wouldn't you, Kacchan?”


“Good. Remember that.”

Bakugou clutched at Midoriya's chest as if it were his lifeline, the only thing keeping him grounded, as Midoriya's hands trailed down flushed skin. His fingertips brushed over Bakugou's crotch, barely touching, and Bakugou's hips thrust into him, the hand quickly torn away.

"Hold still, Kacchan," Midoriya reminded him, pressing down lightly on a hip. "No moving."

His hand roamed between Bakugou's legs again and he smirked at the panting breaths and desperate whines that it elicited, his fingertips toying with messy pubic hair.

"Gonna have to sort that out for me too," Midoriya laughed. "I'm not blowing you with that nasty forest down there."

"I'll get rid of it, I swear," Bakugou gasped. "Please."

"Aww, you're so sweet. What a good boy."

He moaned when Midoriya's hand finally touched him a little more firmly, toying with his balls first, and Bakugou's legs shook with the effort it took to keep from fighting the hand on his hip. Not that it would make much difference, considering the blatant difference in strength between them, but he felt better about himself if he pretended he could fight it.

"Keep your hands there," Midoriya demanded, pushing them above his head again to rest against the headboard of the bed. "If they come off, I stop."

"I won't move, I promise."

"Good boy."

He clung to the wood like his life depended on it, his knuckles turning white, and Midoriya smiled wryly as he licked a long strip up Bakugou's penis. A long, low, desperate whine escaped the boy's throat, squeezing his eyes shut tightly as he leaked all over himself.

"Deku, please," he gasped. "More."

"I told you baby, I'm not putting my mouth on that filthy thing until you do some landscaping."

"I'll do it!" He protested, eyes watering. "Let me do it now, I will if you want me to."

"You're so cute," Midoriya laughed. "You want me that bad, huh?"


"Call me Master."

“Yes, Master! Please! Please touch me, Master!”

“There's my good boy,” Midoriya grinned, leaning in to kiss his neck. “So good.”

He pressed his hips against Bakugou's, grinding their crotches together, and a stuttering moan came from Bakugou's throat in response, trying to press up and get more friction, halted by a strong hand and firm hips.

“I had a really good time with you when I was a teenager,” Midoriya whispered in his ear, amused by the goosebumps it raised. “You're gonna make my first time really special, in a few years. Maybe I should take your first, too.”

“Please, Master. Please fuck me. Fuck me so hard I can't stand tomorrow. Please!”

“Mmm, that's my Kacchan, good boy. I'll fuck you, I promise, as long as you don't cum before I put my cock in you.”

“I won't! I swear!”

“We'll see about that,” Midoriya smirked. “Relax, baby.”

“I ca-an't,” he choked out, squeezing his eyes shut. “Please, De- Master. Please.”

Midoriya wrapped a hand around the base of Bakugou's shaft, squeezing a little, and Bakugou whimpered.

“I know exactly how this is gonna go, you know. You're gonna discover you have a massive anal kink and be coming before I even get a second finger in you. I know you, and you need to have some self-control."

“I'm s-sorryyyy.”

“So let's try this,” Midoriya smirked, reaching into the bedside table. “You know what this is?”

“N-No, Master.”

“This is a cock ring. It'll help to keep you from orgasming too early. Will you do that for me?”



“A-Anything for Master.”

“There's my good boy.”

He snapped the ring together below Bakugou's balls, and gently released his grip to watch Bakugou whine and writhe against the toy. He hadn't thought about how it might feel, when he agreed, and now he was stuck with it.

“How do we feel, Kacchan?”

“Good, Master, please... Please...”

“Please what?” Midoriya teased. “Please put more toys on you?”


Midoriya was surprised by the answer, expecting “please fuck me” or “please take it off”, he had never expected Bakugou to ask for more.

“Okay baby,” Midoriya grinned, reaching into the drawer again. “Do you know what this one is?”


“Good! Where do you think it goes, Kacchan?”

His eyes darted down to his pert nipples, swollen from Midoriya playing with them, and Midoriya nodded.

“Two in a row, good job. Hold still.”

He fixed the little clamps over each of Bakugou's nipples, enjoying the moans that came out as he tightened them up.

“What else needs a toy, Kacchan? Anywhere else you think needs something? We'll get to your little asshole soon. ”

“No, Master.”

“Hmm, I think we could do something with your hands still, couldn't we?”

“Y-Yes, Master.”

He produced a pair of steel handcuffs, and Bakugou swallowed hard as they snapped onto his wrists, hooked through the headboard to keep him from moving them away.

“I can't touch,” Bakugou whined

“Good. How about your mouth, Kacchan? Think we could fill that too?”

He nodded reluctantly and Midoriya produced a dildo, holding it up in front of Bakugou's nervous eyes.

“Would you suck me off if I asked you, Kacchan?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then let's try this one first and see how well you can take it.”

He dragged Bakugou's chin down easily, prying his jaw open wide and slowly sliding the dildo between his lips. It wasn't huge, Midoriya knew it wouldn't even touch the back of his throat, but to Bakugou it was the biggest cock in the world as it filled his mouth, leaving him powerless.

“There's a good boy. Now you keep that there for some practice while I open you up.”

He lubed up his hand and slowly slipped his littlest finger into Bakugou's asshole. The boy squirmed under his touch, doing his best to stay still but not quite managing it, and Midoriya smirked at the desperation flooding his entire body.

“Relax for me, Kacchan.” Midoriya reminded him, leaning over to kiss his cheek lightly. “It's more fun if you don't clench.”

Bakugou did his best to obey, letting Midoriya slowly push a second finger in and start to slowly move in and out, curling and stretching his fingers to open Bakugou's hole. Bakugou almost wished he'd tried this out in his alone time, so he would at least have some kind of tolerance for it, but no, his jerk-off sessions had all been restricted to an angry tug on the edge of his bed, and this was all too much for him.

“Someone is having fun,” Midoriya teased, licking precum from Bakugou's tip and making him whine around the silicone penis. “More, Kacchan?”

Bakugou nodded enthusiastically, dribbling around the base of the toy, and Midoriya grinned down at him as he shoved a third finger inside the boy. The moan and shudder that wracked his body were gorgeous, and it took a moment for Midoriya to catch on when he saw Bakugou's heaving chest.

“You just orgasmed, didn't you? Kacchan, I haven't even touched this yet.”

He curled his fingers, pressing at a certain spot that he knew exactly where to find, and Bakugou yelped at him.

“Too much?”

Bakugou shook his head wildly, pressing his hips down against Midoriya's hand for more, and Midoriya laughed at the incoherent assurances that struggled from his throat.

“Again, huh?”

He thrust his fingers in and out, hitting the same spot every time, and Bakugou became a mess of whines and moans and cries under his touch. It didn't take long for his back to arch off the mattress, his fists clenching tight, and Midoriya grinned as he slipped his hand out.

“At this rate you won't want me to fuck you.”

Bakugou's eyes widened in fear, and Midoriya laughed, gently removing the dildo from his mouth.

“You want me to fuck you still?”

“Please, Master!” he whined. “Please do it, please fuck me!”

“Okay baby, tell me if you want me to slow down or stop. I promise I won't be upset.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You're such a good boy, I hardly even had to train you.”


“I know, I know.”

He rolled a condom down over his shaft and lubed up, positioning himself between Bakugou's knees and shoving his legs out of the way roughly.

“Hold still baby.”

He started the slow push into Bakugou's anus, smiling at the long, low whine that accompanied the entire motion, and by the time he was fully inserted they were both struggling for air.


“Okay. Good.”

“Slowly, alright?”


He began to thrust at a painfully slow rhythm, but when Bakugou pressed down into him desperately he moved to a more merciful pace, lifting the boy up by the hips to give him a better angle. Bakugou was completely helpless, bound and held and clamped, so all he could do was whine and splutter as Midoriya's hips slammed into him. He had no idea anal would feel so damn good or he'd have bought himself a toy or some shit – this was mind blowing and he hated knowing that when he got back to his own time he wouldn't remember a moment of it.

“Master, please,” Bakugou begged. “Take it off, please.”

“You need to cum?”

“So bad!”

“I'll take it off when I cum. Make me cum, baby.”

Bakugou ground down against him, his walls clenching around Midoriya's cock, and the older man let loose a little gasp in response. Despite his desperation and flushed, sweaty skin, Midoriya saw a flash of a familiar smirk when he heard it, and he smiled to himself as he thrust a little harder to draw the boy's attention back to him.

“Soon, baby. So close. Do it again.”

Bakugou squeezed hard, moaning when he heard Midoriya gasp again, and then everything was warm, Midoriya's pace slowing off, and the gasps were a little more prominent.

“Good boy,” he sighed breathlessly, knotting the full condom and throwing it at the trash can. “Your turn, baby.”

He gripped the base of Bakugou's shaft, unfastening the ring around him, and smiled faintly as he leaned in close.

“Just this once, next time you gotta trim it first.”

He slipped his mouth over Bakugou's cock, no hesitation left in him as he slid down to meet his hand, then to the base when he took his fist away. He didn't even get through a whole stroke before Bakugou was orgasming, shooting his load straight down Midoriya's throat, and Midoriya stroked at his thighs lightly as he swallowed it down.

“Deku,” Bakugou choked out. “Master. Thank you.”

“I love you, baby.”

“I... I...”

“I know, it's okay. You've got at least a year before I expect to hear it from you.”

“I do, though.”

“I know, baby. Thank you.”

Midoriya unscrewed the nipple clamps and set them aside with the cock ring, smiling softly as he climbed off the bed.

“Wait here Kacchan, I'll clean you up and unlock you.”

He walked to the bathroom to get a clean towel, holding one end under the warm tap, and by the time he returned Bakugou was out for the count, not even stirring as Midoriya cleaned him up.

Bakugou yawned as he woke up, reaching to rub his eye and grimacing when he found his hand stuck. He looked back to find the problem, rolling his eyes when he found the steel cuffs locking him to the headboard.

“Really, Deku?!” he yelled. “He's eighteen!”

“He won't even remember it!” Midoriya laughed from the living room, his footsteps returning leisurely to the bedroom doorway. “Besides, he liked it.”

“Fuck you.”

“It's not like you can complain,” Deku teased, slinging a leg across Bakugou's hips. “I know you cheated on me while you were gone, asshole.”

“You fucking promised, shitbag.”

“I know,” he laughed, leaning in to plant a kiss on Bakugou's cheek before he unlocked the cuffs. “I missed you baby.”

“Yeah right, you clearly had a ball here.”

“Mm-hm, but still missed you. By the way, we have an appointment at the piercing studio this afternoon.”

“Fucking Deku, I told you I'm not doing it.”

“But Little Kacchan promised! I have a contract and everything, see?”

He produced a piece of paper covered in writing that Bakugou would have thought was him, if he didn't know better.

“I, Bakugou Katsuki, promise that on... You're fucking kidding me. Deku!”

“Look, Little Izuku promised not to get mad, and Little Kacchan promised to get his nipples pierced for me. It's only fair.”

“Cancel the appointment.”

“But we already paid for it! Little Kacchan didn't want to give you a chance to wimp out!” He ducked when Bakugou swiped at him, grinning cheekily. “His words not mine!”

Bakugou grumbled as he looked at the piece of paper again, scanning through the words he must have written three years ago, until he reached a tiny scribbled note right at the bottom.

“Don't be a pussy.”

He cracked a tiny smile at himself, shoving the contract back into Midoriya's hands and sliding his way out from under him.

“I'll think about it.”


Midoriya returned to cleaning as Bakugou grabbed his things to shower, one hand roaming over his chest lightly as he contemplated. He reached into a drawer for clean underwear, pausing when he felt a folded piece of paper stuffed right at the back. His name was scrawled on the front in familiar writing, and he considered it for a moment before he sat down on the edge of the bed.

Dude, I don't know WHAT you did to hook up with Deku, but fucking thank you. He's a fucking godsend, I can't even believe this shit, what happened to the shitty nerd I grew up with?? Treat him like a fucking GOD, dude, that's an order.

Bakugou chuckled to himself as he read, not even looking up when Midoriya came back to see what was so funny.

You pierce whatever the fuck he wants to pierce if it keeps that man, because shit?? I have literally never seen a better looking dude in my life?? What the fuck???

“What's that?”


“Can I see?”


He rolled away with a grin when Midoriya leaned over stubbornly, giggling as he hid the words from Midoriya's eyes.

Also I really fuckin' hope this goes without saying because you're technically ME, but apparently you've become a fuckin' PUSSY who won't even get a piercing, so I'll say it anyway – fucking BURN this after you read it so the hot-ass nerd and your snoopy shit-head friends don't see it.

Katsuki knew right then and there that he would not be burning it.

“Come onnnn,” Midoriya whined, pinning Bakugou to the bed and trying to pry his fingers off the page. “Did you bring it back with you?”

“Not for you!”

He managed to fold it up again as he rolled away, shoving it under his back when Midoriya's hands glowed with orange lights to pin him down properly this time.

“I wanna see!”

“No, asshole!” Bakugou laughed, grabbing the strong wrists and flipping their places in a hurry. “Gotta do better than fuckin' ten percent if you want to stop me.”


Bakugou leaned in to kiss him firmly, shoving the letter out of his reach and relishing the taste of Midoriya's lips against his, the tongue that made him melt with its insistence, the strong hands that immediately went to the small of his back and held so tight it would probably bruise later.

“I really did miss you,” he said breathlessly. “Even if I had fun with Little Kacchan, I still wanted you back.”

“Agreed,” Bakugou smirked, cupping Midoriya's cheeks in his hands. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Bakugou contemplated for a moment as they stared at each other, smiling at the sheer adoration in the deep green eyes, running his thumbs across scattered freckles.

“One nipple,” he conceded, laughing when Midoriya's face lit up. “For you, and no other reason.”

“Kacchan!” he burst, shoving his arms around Bakugou and exuding green lightning as he hugged tight. “Really?!”

“Fuck you! Stop using your shitty Quirk for hugs!”


Bakugou hugged him back just as tightly, despite his protests, and smiled softly as he savoured the touch. Little Deku had been so nervous, so starstruck, and as cute as that was, he much preferred his own Deku – the one who would argue and tease and throw him at the bed at a moment's notice.

“You're gonna look so hot,” Midoriya murmured into his neck, smirking when Bakugou tensed up. “My sexy pierced Kacchan.”

“You think?”

“God yes.” He ran his lips over Bakugou's throat, feeling him swallow hard. “You're already so fucking hot, with those tits and arms. This appointment is gonna be the death of me, you know.”

“Thank you.”

“Prepare your asshole, you're getting fucked hard tonight.”

Bakugou smiled, softening his desperate grip a little, to relax with his fiancé resting comfortably on top of him.

“God forbid,” he grinned, “I'm full of dread.”


It took less than a month for Bakugou to make the second appointment – turns out his fiancé knew his kinks pretty well.