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Magnus stood outside his apartment door, key in one hand, carry away and groceries in the other, and took a few deep breaths, looking at the lock. If any of his neighbors saw him they would think he was crazy.

He had snuck out of the apartment like a coward this morning, trying to put off the inevitable. Coriolanus had been meowing pitifully at his empty food bowl, and quick scan of the kitchen confirmed what Magnus already knew, that he was all out . He didn’t want the cat to disturb her sleep, after all. He had to go out. It had nothing to do with the feeling he got when he thought of her lying in the next room.

But now he could do this. He could go in there and face her. He had crossed the line last night and taken advantage of her distraught state. He was lucky that she wasn’t (he hoped) the kind of woman to report him for it. But surely there were extenuating circumstances. He had, after all, managed to put a stop to things before they got really out of hand. Shouldn’t he get some sort of credit for that? God knows it hadn’t been easy. 

Biting the proverbial bullet he put the key in the lock and opened the door, a false, jovial smile on his face.

”Breakfast time,” he called. “Hope you like pancakes!”

After shooing a disobedient Cori off the forbidden table he set the bags down and went to see if Lanie was still asleep. Opening the door as softly as he could he felt his heart skip a beat. The bed was empty. A cursory glance in the bathroom showed that to be vacant as well. Where was she? He had only been gone half an hour, surely nothing could have happened in that short amount of time, could it?

Pulling his phone out he scrolled to the number he had entered in yesterday and dialed. There had to be an explanation. A moment later he heard a ring and saw her phone on the floor in the bedroom. Fuck!

There didn’t seem to be any sign of a struggle, certainly no forced entry, but with the bedding all over the living room it was hard to tell. His mind jumped to every awful possibility. Had Haas followed them last night and been waiting for Magnus to do something stupid and give him opportunity to swoop in and kidnap her? If so, he hadn’t had to wait very long.

Yelling a string of curse words at himself Magnus grabbed his gun and holster and headed out the door. He would not panic. She had told him she lived on First, that was not far away. He would look there before he lost all hope. If she wasn’t there he would call the station and request backup.

He decided he could get there faster on foot than navigating all the one way streets and took off at a run. Years of training stood him well as he raced through the streets in no time flat. He felt as though was racing not just against time but against the pictures in his head of Haas forcing himself on her. Or even worse, of her bloody body laid out on the floor, lifeless and broken. 

Rounding a corner he saw the building she lived in, a cute little one story duplex, and there she was, skirt blowing in the breeze, coffee mug in hand, dragging a roller bag out of the front door. 

“Are you insane?” He bellowed, vaulting over the gate and striding up to her with murder in his eyes. 

“Magnus!” she yelped in surprise. “You got back quickly.”

”Oh, so you remember who I am, do you?” he sneered, crowding into her space as she blinked at him in confusion. 


”And do you remember where you were last night?” He walked her back through the door way and into her apartment.

”Your place,” she mumbled, and blushed. He was in no condition to find it charming.

”And, now for the big question, do you perhaps remember why you were there?”

”Magnus,” she looked truly alarmed now, as she scampered back into her living room. Good she should be.

”WHY?” he shouted. 

“For my protection,” she muttered.

"For your protection," he echoed. "Because there is cold blooded, killer on the loose who could quite possibly be obsessed with you."

"I really don't think," she began, but he cut her off sharply.

"No, you really don't, do you?" he barked, raking his hands through his hair in frustration. "You just go scampering off like a little bunny with no thought for your own safety, let alone for what it put anyone else through."

"It didn't put anyone else through anything," she answered back, unwisely.

"No?" he asked. "Then I haven't just spent the last ten minutes imagining every horrible thing that might have befallen you? What a relief for me."

Magnus could feel the blood pounding in his ears. And then it happened. He could claim that it was the fatigue of a sleepless night, or the fact that he had been in a state of intense frustrated arousal since he had met her the night before, but it still didn't excuse it. Lanie looked at him, at his wild eyes and hair, panting from anger and exertion, and giggled. That was when Magnus felt something inside him snap.


She really hadn't meant to laugh at him. Honestly, she understood his anger and, while she thought he was being a bit dramatic about it, she did feel bad for having worried him. He just looked so beside himself, eyes wild, hair standing up every which way, chest rising and falling with rapid breath. She was anxious and guilty, and she let out a nervous giggle. Then she saw his eyes go dark.

At first when he reached out and pulled her to him Lanie thought he was about to kiss her, and her stomach clenched in anticipation. Unfortunately, that did not seem to be his intent at all. Throwing himself down onto her couch, Magnus dragged her down with him and unceremoniously manhandled her until she was laying over his lap, head dangling off one side, toes just grazing the ground on the other. With an indignant shriek she tried to push herself up, but he grabbed her wrists and held them in one of his large hands behind her back.

"Magnus, what the actual hell?" she demanded.

"Quiet!" he snapped. A moment later she felt cool metal on her wrists and heard a series of clicks. The bastard had cuffed her!

"If you are going to act like a petulant, spoiled child, then you are going to be treated like one," he growled. "You deserve 50, but we will keep it to 15 since this is your first time. Now, spread your feet and count."

Without waiting for her to respond he kicked her feet apart, flipped up her skirt, and brought his huge hand down on her satin covered ass.

"Ow!" she screamed, unable to believe what was happening.

"I said, count," he ordered her again.


"No way!" she shouted back, face turning red.


"15, Lanie, and they don't start counting until you do."

He had to be joking, right? Swat.

"Okay, okay, one!" she ground out, panting from the pain.

"Good," he murmured, rubbing her ass where his palm had struck her. "It's important that you pay attention if you are going to learn." - Swat.

"Two," she could not believe this. Swat.

After the first five he stopped again for a moment and caressed her some more, kicking her feet apart again. To her shock and horror, Lanie realized that she was not just furious with him, she was undeniably turned on. As he rubbed her white satin knickers she could feel them becoming more and more drenched. She started to be lulled into relaxation by the soothing sensation of his hand when he suddenly raised it and brought it down again, harder than before.

"Gah! Six," she cried out and heard him chuckle darkly, making her drip even more. He had to be able to feel it. His hand stayed mostly on her ass, but once or twice a stray finger had dipped down and brushed over her slit. At least it wasn't just her that was getting aroused. She could feel him growing hard against her stomach, and every time he brought his palm down onto her, making her buck against his groin, she could feel him twitch with excitement.

By the time they reached 15 tears were running down her face, mixing humiliation, anger, pain, and an intense desire. She knew her ass would be bright red with his hand prints, and while the thought made her seethe, it also made her nipples hard and her cunt ache. They were both breathing heavily as he reached down with his strong hands, she had cause to know just how strong now, flipped her over, and pulled her up so that she was sitting on his lap. She cried out in pain as her ass made contact with his legs and he smiled grimly with satisfaction, no doubt feeling her wetness through his sweats. She glared at him, noting his hard cock straining against her.

"Detective Martinson," she growled at him, "if you don't fuck me, and I mean right bloody now, I am going to call your station house and report this, I swear to god!"

His eyes went wide for a moment, and she was afraid he was going to call her bluff, but a split second later they turned absolutely feral. Moving with shocking speed Magnus shoved her back onto the couch, her hands still bound behind her back, freed himself from his sweats and boxer briefs, and growling as he pushed her panties aside thrust himself to the hilt inside her. Lanie arched her back and cried out at the intrusion. He held himself still for a few minutes as she got used to the size of him, her inner walls stretching to the limit to accommodate his length and girth. When she had her breath back he started moving again, slowly at first, pulling most of the way out and then slamming back in, her slick juices coating him with each thrust.

She abandoned all modesty, really what was the point now, and moaned like a whore as he gained speed. His hand moved between them and tore open her blouse, sending buttons flying. Pulling her breast roughly out of her bra cup he let out a lustful groan and took it in his mouth, sucking and biting on one hard nipple while his hand played with its twin. She heard his name cried out and was shocked to realized that it had come from her. He chuckled and lifted his head from her breast.

"Don't you dare cum before I tell you, do you understand?" he growled at her, almost black eyes staring intensely. She swallowed hard and nodded, hoping that she would be able to obey. Just hearing him say that had almost been enough to push her over the edge.

"Answer me," he commanded, slapping her hip and slamming into her with a particularly hard thrust.

"Yes, detective," she panted.

He grinned and took her other nipple between his teeth, pulling on it. Her head thrashed from side to side, fighting to hold off the building tension in her core. He reached down and pulled her leg up, changing the angle so that he brushed her clit with every thrust of his hips. 

"Oh, you feel so good, Lanie," he groaned. "I knew you would. So wet and tight around my cock. Fuck, I've wanted to own you since I first saw you."

"Oh god, yes," she screamed, his words sending her skittering to the edge. "Oh god, Magnus, please."

"That's right, beg me," he rasped hips starting to lose their rhythm as his own climax neared.

"Please make me cum," she cried. "Please, god Magnus."

"Cum," he growled, pulling her hair hard and biting down on her shoulder. With an obscenely loud moan Lanie came, wrapping her legs around him as tight as they would go and pulling him deep inside her as she felt him spend himself, coating her insides with his cum.