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Lanie drew a series of long breaths as she came down from her high. Magnus released his grip on her hair and smoothed it down as he raised his head from her sore neck, eyes closed, breathing just as heavy as her own. She saw his adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard, shook his head slightly, and rested his forehead against hers. 

“God!” He drew out the word, shuddering, making it sound as though it came from from the very center of his soul. Opening his eyes he looked at Lanie and she saw his lips quirk just a bit. “Well, that happened,” he said, shaking his head in disbelief.

Lanie gave a nervous laugh of acknowledgement. Looking into his eyes she suddenly realized that he was still seated inside her. She unwrapped the death grip her legs had around his waist, bringing them down to lay on the sofa, and winced slightly at the throbbing in her ass. Magnus pushed himself up, sliding out of her, and tucking himself back into his sweats. 

"Oh my god!" Magnus said suddenly, panicking, "I didn't use anything! Fuck! Lanie I am so sorry! Please tell me you're on the pill. Fuck damn, I am never so stupid!"

"I'm on the pill," she reassured him, staring in shocked fascination as a huge amount of their combined emissions seeped out of her. She was going to have to clean her sofa.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me, I never do that," he sat on a chair dropped his head into his hands. "I even had a condom on me!"

"In your sweats?" she asked tugging her blouse closed and noticing the missing buttons.

"Gun belt pocket," he admitted, earning a bark of laughter from her.

"Appropriate. And as for what came over you, I did kind of blackmail you into it," she admitted, looking shamefaced at the floor. "Magnus, you know I would never -" she was cut off as his phone started ringing and he held up his hand.

"Martinsson," he answered, voice shifting tone completely. Cool, collected, ever so slightly bored. "Yeah. Yes, Kurt, calm down. Yes, she's here. No, at her place. I know that wasn't the plan, we're just... just picking up some of her things," his eyes flicked to hers with a look of guilt and she flinched to think she was responsible for him getting chewed out. "No, she's absolutely fine. What? No, her phone's at my place. Because she forgot it, Kurt. Yes, fine, okay, I won't let it happen again. We will swing by my apartment to pick it up and be there shortly."

Hanging up his phone Magnus looked at her with eyes full of concern. 

"What is it?" she asked.

"We have to go to the station."

"Why?" she almost didn't want to know.

"Someone sent an email to the station, and to you as well."

"An email?"

"There was a picture, from what Kurt - Inspector Wallander - described, it sounds like it was taken today. Same outfit as last night, taken from half a block or so away, walking up the steps to your place."

"What?" she felt her stomach lurch.

"And there was a message."

"Tell me," she closed her eyes.

"'Tell the slut to stay out of my business or she or she dies, along with her useless fuck toy cop. As you can see, I know where she is, and he can't watch her all the time.'"

"Oh my god," Lanie's eyes filled with tears of shock, anger, and guilt. "Magnus, I am so sorry. I had no idea. I swear, I will never do something stupid like that again."

"It's my own fault," he sighed. "I should never have left you alone in the first place. And I wouldn't have if I wasn't such a fucking coward."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing," he looked away and pulled himself together. "Why don't you go clean yourself up. They want to see us down at the station and the way you look now... might raise some eyebrows."

Lanie stumbled into the bathroom and gasped as she saw her reflection in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, sticking out in all directions and screaming "bedhead." A very large, very red bruise stood out on the left side of her neck where he had bitten her as they came, and three smaller versions decorated her chest. Her button down shirt was down to one button at her waist and the lace on the right cup of her bra was torn. She turned around and gingerly lifted her skirt and pulled down her undies to reveal bright red marks on her ass. She couldn't remember ever looking so thoroughly fucked in her life, or feeling it for that matter. The sweet ache between her legs from the way he stretched her was almost as bad as the pain in her bottom.

After washing herself off and downing two ibuprofen, Lanie went into her room and pulled out a turtleneck and long skirt with a silky lining. She didn't think she could stand wearing pants or even underwear in her current condition. She did the best she could with her hair, pulling it back in a clip and shrugging her shoulders. Deciding that was as good as it was going to get for right now she limped back into the living room.

"I look like I've been in a war zone," she opined.

"Um, sorry about that," he mumbled, face turning red. "I can be a little... intense sometimes. We should get going."


They drove to the station in silence after a quick to detour to allow Magnus to change and grab Lanie's phone. A quick glance at her email messages had been enough to confirm that the picture was taken this morning. Magnus put the phone in his pocket and ushered her into his car. Neither of them spoke as he drove to the precinct on auto pilot. That was fine with him; the voice in his head berating him was loud enough as it was.

The way Magnus saw it, this was all his fault. If he hadn't have gone out this morning, Lanie would have stayed put in his apartment, and that sicko would never been able to get near enough to take that picture. Instead, he had allowed himself to become emotionally entangled with a witness he was protecting, and in the process put her life in danger. Oh, he could pretend he had needed to run to the store, but he knew that Cori could have waited for her to wake up to eat. The cat was overweight as it was. He had wanted to escape the small apartment because he was embarrassed about kissing her. Not at the bar, that had been part of the job, even if he had enjoyed it too much. But later in his bed, that wasn't Detective Martinsson, that was all Magnus, acting on his purely selfish desire for a woman he had known less than a day. They would be completely justified in taking his badge. In fact, if he had any kind of moral compass, he would hand it over himself as soon as they got to the station. He knew he wouldn't, though. Being a cop was too important to him.

Pulling into the lot, he put the car in park and turned to Lanie, not quite meeting her eyes. He had been unable to look directly at her since seeing the pictures on her phone.

"If you want to have me taken off the case, I will totally understand," he told her seriously.

"What?!? Magnus, no!" she sounded truly alarmed. "Unless.. unless you want off. After what I did and said today, I wouldn't blame you."

"Fuck no, I don't want off," he shook his head. "I want to catch the bastard who's stalking you and make him pay for the rest of his life. I just thought, all things considered, you might feel more comfortable with somewhen else."

"No, I would not!" she said emphatically, and he lifted his eyes to see her staring at him in concern. "Besides," she added with a weak laugh, "Haas and Holly already saw me go home with you last night. If they assign someone else to be my fake lover, I'll start to get a reputation for being easy."

"If you're sure," he wanted to laugh, to help her lighten the mood, but all he could muster was a false smile. 

"I'm sure," she answered. "Now can we please go in? It hurts my ass to sit this long."

He did chuckle at that, and ducked his head in embarrassment. He knew that he couldn't avoid that conversation forever, but he was just as happy not to have to have it now. There was enough going on already without trying to explain to her that, yes, he did enjoy being dominant in the bedroom, but no, he didn't usually spank unsuspecting women without their consent because he found them equal parts arousing and infuriating. He had never let his sexual preferences spill into his professional life before. It was something about her eyes, he thought, the way they were so big and trusting when she looked at him. They made him want to protect her from everything except himself.

He escorted her into the station and down the hall to the space he shared with the rest of his team. Kurt and Anne-Britt were already there, coffees in hand. Anne-Britt came forward and hugged Lanie, and Magnus knew another moment of embarrassment as the older woman looked curiously at Lanie's outfit. It was getting quite cold in the evenings lately, but the days were still balmy enough to make a turtle a bit of a fashion stretch. He had truly lost all sense of propriety with her. Gods, but it had been good though. He couldn't remember the last time he had let himself come so undone. At just the thought of her wrapped around him, screaming his name he could feel his cock stirring again. 

"Magnus, come with me," Kurt barked at him. As dashes of cold water went, Wallander was up there with the best of them. Giving Lanie a reassuring smile, he followed Kurt into his office and prepared, as usual to be chewed out by his superior.