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The rest of the weekend passed quietly. By mutual, silent consent they did not discuss the incident at Lanie's. She could not believe that she had all but threatened his job to get him to sleep with her. She would never have followed through on the threat, of course, but still. She did not like to think of herself as the type of person to resort to blackmail.

Not that there had not been extremely extenuating circumstances. Her ass was still sore from his spanking. When she went into the bedroom later that evening after he had showered (she had politely stayed in the living room to afford him some privacy), she found a jar of cooling lotion sitting on the bed. She supposed it was his way of apologizing. It did make her pause to think that he had it in his medicine cabinet. Was this something that he often had to offer ladies who visited his home?

They spent the night watching silly movies on the couch in their pajamas. They did not quite touch as they sat, though Magnus spread out so widely that they came close. There was a definite pull between them still, but it seemed like their romp that morning had for the moment dampened the urgency if not the desire. Much earlier than was her usual habit she found herself drifting off. She woke some time later to find herself being carried in his arms to the bedroom. She sighed happily and burrowed her head into his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck. He was so strong, she thought, dreamily. When he went to lay her down, her arms refused to let go of him. He was just too comfy. She heard him sigh, and then lay down next to her, placing her head on his chest.

When she woke in the morning they had barely moved at all. A warm feeling invaded her chest as she listened to his heart beat under her head. His arm encircled her waist and his large, elegant hand rested on the stripe of bare skin between her pajama top and bottom. In sleep he looked even more like an angel. She was suddenly torn with competing urges. The first, naturally, was to gently remove his sweats and have her way with him. She could see quite clearly he was half hard and was sorely tempted to take advantage of the fact. However, she still felt a little guilty about the day before, so molesting him in his sleep, no matter how appealing the thought, was passed over in favor of her other urge.

Gently untangling herself from him, she got out of bed and quietly went to the bag she had brought from her apartment. Taking out her sketch book and pencils, she began sketching his sleeping face. It was a wonderful excuse to stare at his beautiful features. His cheekbones looked like they had been cut from marble. His lips were thin and just a bit petulant in repose. The only thing marring the perfection of the face was that his eyes were closed. The sweep of his long lashes against his cheeks was graceful, of course, but nothing could compare to the bright intelligence shining out of his blue eyes. She finished the first preliminary sketch while he still slept, then did smaller studies of his hands, lips, nose, and long, exquisite neck. By the time he woke, she had hidden them all away in her book and started planning the portrait she would paint. It would be her way of remembering their time together, not that she was ever likely to forget.

Monday morning came like a blaring horn into their little peaceful idle. Lanie woke early again, but this time Magnus had risen first, and she smelled bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen. Cori sat on the end of the bed looking at her quizzically. Since Magnus had begun sharing the bed with her, Cori had also returned to his rightful spot. He was still a little uncertain about the seemingly permanent new resident in their home, but appeared willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Breakfast is ready," Magnus called from the kitchen.

After a quick stop in the bathroom, Lanie went out to the kitchen to see Magnus handing her a cup of coffee.

"Marry me," she mumbled, stumbling to the table and adding milk and sugar.

"Ehehehe," he laughed. "How are you feeling about going to work?"

"Blurgh!" she groaned snatching a piece of bacon and popping it in her mouth. She was terrified, truth be known. Even if Haas wasn't the murderer, someone who worked there most likely was. She would be walking right back into the lion's den.

"It will be fine," he assured her. "When you are ready, I'll drive you in. I plan on staying right outside with the perimeter protection today, so if you need anything, just call or text. Even if you just want reassurance, I am there. Nothing will harm you."

"That's wonderful, but I can't text," she told him. "Erik doesn't allow cell phones in the office. You have to check them in at the lobby reception before entering the premises. I told you, he's extremely paranoid."

"He'll let you have one," Magnus said grimly. "Police orders. If you're there, I need a way to be in touch with you at all times."

"Ah, but you're not supposed to have anything to do with the investigation," she reminded him. "You're just my overprotective boyfriend as far as he's concerned. You don't even work in the division covering the case."

"Well, as your overprotective boyfriend, I insist on keeping you safe," his growly voice did actually sound just a bit possessive, Lanie thought. It made her stomach flutter just a little.

"Just let me talk to him," Magnus suggested, puffing out his chest. "I'll convince him."

"At ease, detective," she laughed, "remember, you can't completely alienate him until after we get you to the house party on Wednesday. Now, I better go get ready. Thanks for breakfast."

"Of course," he replied with a smile, settling in to tuck into his own meal. "Oh, and Lanie," he called as she started walking towards the bedroom.


"Don't wear a turtleneck today," he said smugly, "I want  him to get a good, long look at your neck."

Lanie rolled her eyes, but secretly was delighted.

Magnus would have been too, if he could have been there to witness the reaction his bite mark caused. Lanie had barely walked in when Holly ran over, two coffees in hand, to get the details of Lanie's night with the handsome blond detective.

"Did you really go home with him?" Holly asked, envy and respect vying for dominance in her tone. 

"Yup," Lanie answered, unbuttoning her coat. "And I stayed there all weekend."

"You did not!" Holly gushed. "Oh, I am soooo jealous! Of course, knowing you, you probably just literally slept. Fess up, did you leave the delectable detective with blue balls?"

"Holly!" Lanie snorted. "I am not going to give you the details of my sex life!"

"Why not? Wait? Sex life? So there was sex?" Holly pounced.

Lanie just smiled and took off her coat. She had pulled her hair back in a clip, making it impossible to miss the now purplish love bite taking up a large portion of the side of her neck.

"What is that!?!" Holly's shriek practically echoed off the walls as she stared at the mark on Lanie's neck.

"Holly, please," Haas said, coming around the corner. "Try to remember that this is a place of business. Ah, good morning Lanie."

Lanie suddenly felt cold as her boss looked at her with his usual covetousness, now mixed with a thin coat of anger. It appeared he had not taken kindly to being passed over the other night.

"I'm sorry Erik, but look at her neck!" Holly laughed. "I guess Detective Magnus got our quiet girl out of her shell - among other things, I'm sure." 

Normally Lanie would have been mortified, but in this case she actually was glad to have Mangus' mark so visible on her skin. It made her feel as though a part of him was here with her, keeping her safe. Surely Haas would be turned off to see another man's claim so clearly staked on her flesh.

"Good lord," he shuddered, taken aback. "The man is an animal."

"Oh, I just bet he is," Holly giggled. "And I want all the details!"

"To work, ladies," Haas ordered. "We have a major event beginning in three days."

"Yes sir," they both replied.

"I'll see you at lunch," Holly told Lanie pointedly.

Whatever was she supposed to tell her friend?


It was an unbelievably long day for Magnus, sitting out in the car in front of Haas Enterprises. He kept having visions of Lanie, sitting at her desk with Haas lurking behind her like a vampire in an old Dracula movie. It seemed a very apt comparison to him.

He had convinced the snooty receptionist allow Lanie to keep her phone with flattering ease. All it had taken was a little light flirting, a sheepish smile, and a wink and she had agreed. He had laughed as Lanie rolled her eyes at him. It wasn't his fault if women found him charming, and he would use whatever tools he had available to keep her safe.

He made her text him once an hour on the hour to assure him that she was safe. The first time when she forgot, as 1:00 came and went, he found himself panicking. Had something happened? Did Haas realize she had the phone - he had promised the receptionist she would keep it hidden - and confiscate it? At 1:15 he couldn't take it any longer.

"Are you all right? -M" he texted her.

"Oh! Sorry! I’m fune. Lunch with Holly. Lost track of time. She says hello and nice work, btw. -L" came back almost instantly.

"This is not a game, Lanie. Stay in touch or else. -M" Magnus typed, hoping she would believe that he was not above calling a raid on the building if he thought she was at risk.

"Or else what? You'll "discipline" me again? Is that a threat or a promise? -L"

Magnus sucked in his breath and read the message a second time to be sure it said what he thought. Damn, what was he supposed to say to that.

"Everything alright detective? - L" the message popped up as he was trying to steady his breathing.

"Every things fine now, but you might not be so smug once I get you home tonight. You're at 15 already, and this time it might not just be my hand I use- M"

"Can't wait - L"

God, he was rock hard. Did she really mean it? Was she really open to exploring that side of things between them? She had been obviously aroused by the spanking he had given her. Even if she hadn't immediately demanded sex afterwards, the way her lovely cunt had dripped for him made that clear, but her silence on the matter since then had led him to believe that she regretted it in hindsight. He had known that to happen before. A woman might love being dominated in the throes of it, but the next day feel shame that she had allowed him such control, and worse, gotten off on it. It was one of the reasons why he didn't usually indulge in his kink with partners unless he knew they had a history of submission. But if Lanie had truly liked the way he made her feel... Could it be that she had just been too shy to say anything in person? The more he thought about it, the more he realized that that would very likely fit her personality. He decided to test her.

"At 2:00 I want a photo rather than a simple text. It's boring sitting in the car, give me something to look at. Something that no one else gets to see. Now get back to work and let me do the same - M"

Well, he would see what her response to that was. She would either be appalled that he didn't realize she was joking, or he would have a very interesting photo coming his way.

As the time neared the hour he sat with his phone in his hand, waiting for it to beep. When it finally chimed at 2:03 he realized he’d been holding his breath. Opening the message he let out a moan of appreciation. Lanie had opened up her blouse and taken a picture of her delectable bossum, barely contained in a black lacey bra. He could just see her perky nipples peaking out over the top of the cups, but very visible were the fading bite marks that he had left on her milky skin. 

This what you had in mind, detective? -L”

”Yes, but a little too much fabric. Try harder next time.- M”

”Yes sir, detective-L”

Magnus grinned and looked at the picture. So it seemed she did want to play.

The next picture made him chuckle. She had flipped her skirt up and photographed her naked ass, his handprint still visible on either cheek.  

”I might keep this one for proof of police brutality in case it fades before I file my report - L”

”Don’t worrry, you’ll have more evidence tonight - it’s 3:06, that’s 6 more added to your total. Don’t press your luck, little girl. - M”

”Maybe I can make it up to you at 4:00. Any requests? - L”

”I don’t know - it’ll have to be something pretty special to get you out of the trouble you’re already in - M”

”I’ll see what I can come up with. Haas is coming, back to work. - L”

”Stay safe please. I would hate for anything to happen to you before I have a chance to punish you. - M”

God, he couldn’t remember the last time he had been so turned on. The next hour dragged so slowly he thought he might explode. It occurred to him to wonder where she was taking the photos. From what she had said she didn’t have her own office but sat out in front of Haas’. 

At half past he saw her slimy boss leave the building. Good. At least now she wouldn’t have to deal with him hovering. Magnus realized his jaw was clenched and his hand had gone to his side arm. The man really did inspire intense hatred in him. 

At 3:59 his phone beeped and he greedily opened the message. It was a video this time. Swallowing, Magnus pressed play and his jaw dropped to the floor. 

Lanie was lying on a leather sofa in a posh looking office. Probably Haas’ he assumed, though he didn’t like to think of that. Her blouse was opened again, as was her bra. As she held her phone out with one hand she slowly played with her nipples with the other, pinching and pulling them until they were dark little peaks. When they were as hard as they could get, she ran her hand south, trailing her fingers over her navel and down to the hem of her pleated skirt. Smiling teasingly at the camera, she brought her hand back up under the skirt, pushing it to her waist. Her fingers dipped between her slightly parted thighs, pushing her panties to the side and entering herself. She pumped her little hand in and out three times, head rolling back as she made a small cooing noise, before sliding them out and holding them to the camera to show him how wet they were. 

“Thinking of you,” she purred into the phone, then laughed, face turning bright red before before she turned off the camera. 

Magnus groaned and stroked his cock through his pants. He had started this game, but damn if she hadn’t just won! His erection was painful, and he had no way to relieve it. 

Lord woman, are you trying to kill me? - M”

”I’ll see you in an hour, Detective - if you can walk by then. - L”