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Magnus watched Lanie fumble as she went through the ring of keys to find the one that opened Haas' office. He had to admit to a hint of smugness over how her hands shook when she tried to get the key into the lock. Smiling, he took it from her hands and opened the door himself.

"Don't get too cocky, detective," she told him, "my hands always shake."

"I'm sure," he grinned, ushering her to proceed him in. Closing the door behind him, he whistled as he surveyed the room. 

Haas' office was immaculate. A sleek looking computer set up stood alone on his black shiny desk, no papers or writing instruments cluttering up the surface. A black leather high back chair was perfectly centered in front of it. A matching black sofa sat against the far wall. It was not, he was surprised to see, the one from Lanie's video. In the corner was a bar cart complete with decanters of what looked to be very expensive whisky.  No wonder he had scoffed at the cheap booze choices at Doyle's.

"If I wasn't on duty, I would love to find out what that tastes like," he murmured.

"Bad idea," Lanie shook her head. "He measures it daily to make sure the cleaners don't dip into it."

"Bit of an anal prat, isn't he," Magnus mused.

"More than a bit," she laughed.

"Where's the safe?" Magnus asked, switching to business mode.

"Here," Lanie knelt down in front of what he had taken to be part of the heating conduit under the window ledge. Pressing a hidden lever, Lanie swung a panel out. A box safe with a digital code display was set inside.

"Damn," he breathed. 

"Paranoid as well as anal," Lanie told him. "He changes the password at the start and end of every day, but I figured out how the pattern he uses works."

"Aren't you clever," he complimented her, stroking her hair.

"He gives me papers to put in there most weeks," she explained with a shrug. "My brain likes solving puzzles, so after a while I started looking for sequences, common themes, that sort of thing."

"You'd make a good cop," he told her.

"You've seen my aim, would you really want me handling a gun?"

"They actually train us for that, you know," he smiled.

"I think I prefer your instruction," she looked up at him with a twinkle in her eye.

"Really? Well, we'll have to continue your lessons then sometime soon."

She turned back to the safe and started typing in numbers. Magnus moved closer to her, looking down in interest to watch her work. It was instinct pure and simple that alerted him. Whoever was coming was quiet, walking down the hall and testing the doors. Security, he thought, hired to patrol after everyone had left. They were in the process of committing theft, and they had not locked the door behind them. They were about to be in serious amounts of trouble.

Realizing there was no place to hide and no escape, Magnus seized on the only thing he could think of. Grabbing Lanie by the hair with one hand, he roughly pulled her around to face him while his other hand unzipped his pants. She opened her mouth to ask him what he was doing, and he pushed her down onto his cock just as the door to the office opened quietly.

Magnus moaned with pleasure as he slid into her mouth. She froze in shock for a moment, but then her jaw relaxed and she began to suck him greedily, moving her head up and down. Magnus heard a low chuckle from the doorway. Looking up his eyes met those of the stocky security guard standing there, watching as Lanie pleasured him on her knees. Magnus brought one finger to his lips and entreated the man with his eyes to stay silent. The guard grinned and gestured for Magnus to continue. He lingered there longer than Magnus liked, eyes looking covetously at Lanie. Magnus wanted to punch him. Finally the man slipped quietly back out and snicked the door shut.

Lanie slowly pulled back off him and looked up into his eyes.

”Sorry about that,” he mumbled. “I didn’t see any other way to explain our being in here.”

"No, it was quick thinking," she praised him. "I didn't even hear him."

"Yeah, I don't know where I got the idea from," he said with a grin, making her laugh. Reaching down, Magnus stroked her face. "I don't believe I told you you could stop," he said, and urged her head back down.

Lanie made a mewling sound and ran her tongue up the underside of him, tracing his thick vein. Clasping him in her hand at his base, she licked the precum off his tip and the drew him once more into her mouth, taking him in until he could feel the back of her throat. Holding the back of her head in place, Magnus began to thrust in and out of her, trying to be gentle but feeling his need rise. Her throat worked, sucking on him hard as her hand stroked the lower part of his shaft. Occasionally he would thrust too hard and she would gag around him, but she managed to keep going, taking him tirelessly. Magnus felt his balls tighten as she reached up with her free hand and fondled them gently. 

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” he ground out softly.

She moaned around his cock and took him faster, head bobbing in time with his the jutting of his hips.

“Oh Lanie, god!”

He held her in place as he shot wave after wave of hot sperm down her throat. When he was completely spent he slowly pulled out of her mouth and held his fingers up to her lips.

”Swallow it,” he whispered intently.

Never taking her eyes from his she deliberately swallowed and then opened her mouth to show him it was empty. 

“Good girl,” he praised her, and leaned down to kiss her as his body shook with the after shocks of his orgasm. 


Lanie was a bit in shock at herself. She could not believe that she had just been caught, in her boss’ office of all places, on her knees with a cock in her mouth. And rather than stop in embarrassment like any normal person would have done, she had gone right on sucking him, pretending not to notice the security guard watching from the door. But worse than that, worse than everything else, was how much she had gotten off on it. 

Oh, not because of the security guard himself, she hadn’t even seen him, though the thought of being observed did add to the thrill. No, it was the way Magnus had taken complete control of the situation. From grabbing her hair and pulling her onto his throbbing dick, to the way he kept thrusting into her as he looked at the other man, asserting his claim on her body. She had felt entirely mastered, and she loved it. 

“You know, we really should talk about this,” he said, pulling her down onto the couch next to him cradling her against his chest.

”Why?” She asked, only half joking. She was enjoying this new dynamic so much, she was desperately afraid disscussing it would bring an end to things. 

“I’m screwing up my job, Lanie,” he said. “First the other morning, now tonight. I was so distracted thinking about you touching yourself earlier, about how you tasted, about how I couldn’t wait to get home so I could make you beg me to fuck you sensless, that I didn’t make sure the hallway was secure or the door was locked. We could have been in serious trouble, and that’s on me.”

”Maybe,” she allowed, “but if it wasn’t for this...” she made a vague hand gesture between them, “whatever it is with us, you would never have come up with such a clever way to throw off suspicion, would you?”

”True,” Magnus said with a laugh. “I can honestly say I have never been in a situation on the job before where forcing a witness to suck me off would have been a viable option.”

”I wouldn’t say forced,” she demured slyly. “More like strongly encouraged.”

Magnus laughed again and kissed her soundly. 

“I want you, Lanie,” he told her baldly, looking her straight in the eye. “Not just to fuck once or twice and get it out of our system, I want to own you.”

”Um, that’s a little...” she searched for a word to describe the combination of terror and desire she felt at his words  she knew she should be offended. Part of her wanted to be. She wasn’t.

”Intense?” he supplied. “Offensive? Fucked up? Believe me, I know. But the way you respond to me, the way you seem to automatically give yourself over to my desires, and let them become your desires too... without ever losing who you are... I’ve been with submissive women before, but none of them seemed such a natural fit.”

”This is all completely new to me,” Lanie confessed. “I mean, I had an ex tie me up before, but he just used that as an exuse to take his own pleasure and not worry about what I was doing. First and last time I ever did anything like this before. But with you... god, Mags, the other day in my apartment... I have never cum so hard in my life. And every time you order me to do something, every time your voice goes all hard and controling, I can barely stand, you make me want you so much. I don’t knos what this is exactly, but please don’t ask me to stop. It might be the one comand of yours I won’t obey at this moment.”

”I am a week, selfish man,” he groaned, pulling her closer into him. “I know I should cool things with you, I know I am taking advantage of the trauma you recently suffered, but I just can’t bring myself to let it matter. You are mine, Lanie Greyson, and god help you I am not letting you go.”