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In the end Magnus watched the door while Lanie punched the code into the safe. She wasn't sure if she would ever be able to be in this office, particularly on her knees in front of the hidden compartment, without blushing again. Her eyes kept straying over to where he stood, leaning against the wall, ear pressed to hear if any foot steps approached. 

"Damn," she whispered as the safe door swung open. There was absolutely nothing in it.

"It was always a long shot," Magnus said, as she closed the safe back up. "Haas has to know that we're on to him. If he is involved, that is. With the police presence in, and around the building, he would have been foolish to keep anything here and for all his faults we know he's not a foolish man. Hopefully we'll have more luck at his personal residence."

He gave her a hand up, pulling her to her feet and against him for a moment, free hand grazing down her back. She looked up into his eyes and saw a smoldering in their depths.

"Shall we get out of here?" he asked.

"Yes please," something in the way he said it had made the muscles in her stomach flip again.

They walked out the door and over to her desk so that she could grab her things. As Magnus helped her into her coat two security guards came around the corner. As they spotted her and Magnus the shorter one nudged his fellow and whispered something in his ear. The two of them laughed as they leered at Lanie. 

"You heading out Miss Greyson?" the first guard asked.

"You know her name?" Magnus asked, eyeing them.

"Yes, sir," the taller guard replied.  He turned to Lanie and explained, "Mr. Haas showed us your picture, told us you might be staying around after hours."

"Of course," she nodded, then explained to Magnus, "he knows my habit of moving my schedule later when given the chance."

"He said you liked to work late," the short guard said with a snicker. "He didn't mention the... uh... project you would be working on, or you might have company."

"Well then, maybe we can keep it between just us then," Magnus said, draping his hand over Lanie's shoulder. "Wouldn't want to get the young lady in trouble."

"I think that can be arranged," the guard smirked. "You two get home safe now, have a good night."

"Oh, we will," Magnus winked at the man.

"I'm sure. You're off to a damn good start already."

Lanie turned away, face flushing with embarrassment as Magnus shook hands with the man and laughed his good nights.

"Proud of ourselves, are we?" she asked as the elevator doors closed and they started down to the lobby.

"Can you blame me?" he asked her, grinning. "Either of those men would have given their right arm to in my shoes tonight. Can't say I blame them." 

"Do you think they'll tell Haas what we were doing?" she fretted as he opened the car door for her.

"I'm fairly certain they already have," he laughed. "I certainly hope so, anyway."

"You know I would like to actually keep my job," she sighed, feeling the inevitable blush stain her cheeks. "At least for the moment. Rent payments and all."

"Oh, don't worry," Magnus grinned with confidence, "he won't fire you. Not until he gets you down on your knees himself."

"Lovely," Lanie shuddered.

"It is indeed," he smiled. "Not that I will ever allow him to know that. Now, not to change the subject, but before we get back to mine and completely loose ourselves again, we should discuss limits."

"Limits?" she blinked at him.

"Well, we've established that I have a tendency to like to push things a bit. I completely intend to test your boundries, make no mistake about that. But I don't want to do anything that you truly object to. So if you have any hard fast rules on things you can't accept, best tell me now."

"Wow," she stared at her hands. "This is a conversation I didn't expect to be having today."

"How about I start then," he suggested. Lanie nodded dumbly, her mind whirling. This was so not her. She was shy, quiet, cute, not the kind of girl that handsome, kinky detectives took an interest in. "I will never do anything that would permanently injure or scar you."

"Is that a thing?" she asked, feeling her voice skitter up.

"Not with me," he laughed. "Punishment, spanking - by hand or various instruments, that sort of thing as a form of discipline, sure. But I am not into pain for its own sake. Nor would I ever want to brand you."

"I think I'm more scared now than before you started to reassure me!" she told him.

"Ehehe, don't be. I'm just getting the more extreme out of the way," he assured her. "I will never break your confidence and discuss what we do together. It is our business and no one else's, unless we mutually decide to make it so. That being said however," Lanie felt her stomach drop as he grinned with a maniacal glint in his eye, "I have noticed a certain... shall we say... exhibitionist streak in you. Today in the office, for instance. You knew that guard was watching us, and far from stopping what you were doing, you committed even more to putting on a show. Or the elevator. You would have let me take you there and then, Agnes watching."

"You may be right," she admitted, unable to meet his eye.

"No need to be ashamed, darling. I find it tremendously sexy. What I'm asking is permission to tease it out of you a bit. Or, if not permission, at least not a directive not to."

Lanie thought about it for a moment. A deliciously wicked sensation surrounded her at the idea, but she was definitely scared at the same time.

"Here's the thing," she told him, speaking quickly before she could change her mind. "I am a 'good girl'. I always have been. Proper, well behaved... But I find that I am aroused by the idea of being... forced for lack of a better word, but willingly forced... into being not quite so good. Into being bad, in fact. I don't really know what I want you to make me do, because I would never consider doing it. That's the thrill."

"I think I can manage that," his smile split his face. "So why don't we just play it by ear."

"Thank you," she sighed, then quickly added, "no bathroom play!"

"Agreed," he said quickly, scrunching his nose. "Well, we're home. Are you ready?"

Lanie swallowed nodded, not really sure how to answer.


Magnus was practically vibrating with excitement as he led Lanie into his apartment. She had set almost no limits on him, put her trust, and her body, completely into his hands. Her one request he agreed to without hesitation. He was rather fastidious and had no desire to defile her in that way. Not when there were so many other, pleasurable ways to defile.

Taking her hand, he pulled her into the bedroom and opened his armoire. He remembered, just a few night's past, how worried he was that she would see his collection hanging there. Now, he relished how her eyes went wide, scanning the various toys. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked her up and down, his lips twitching upward.

"Take off your clothes," he told her. "Slowly."

He saw her swallow and take a deep breath before her hands went to work on the buttons of her shirt. One by one the small disks pushed through the fabric, revealing more of her creamy skin beneath. When the last button was undone she pushed the top off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, then slowly slid her skirt down her slim hips and let it drop as well. His eyes devoured her body as she unhooked the front clasp of her bra and bared her full, lovely breasts, nipples peaked and rosy. Finally her satin undies joined the pile on the floor, and there she stood, gloriously naked before him.

He ran his hand over his hardened erection as he looked her up and down, savoring the sight. This was the first time he had seen her completely bare, and it was a sight to cherish.

"You are gorgeous," he told her.

Turning to his cabinet, he reached in and selected the silver chain. Walking over to her he reached out and tweaked her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. She let out a soft little noise and rose up onto her tiptoes. Taking the chain, he opened the clip on one end and secured it around her peak, loving the gasp she gave, then turned to her other breast, repeating the process. When he was finished, the chain hung suspended between her hardened nipples. He reached back into the armoire and pulled out a weighted pendant that he attached to the center of it. He reached out and grabbed the pendant, using it to pull her towards his bed, then pushed her onto it.

"Hands and knees," he told her, "legs spread apart, close to the edge of the bed."

When she had positioned herself to his liking, he stood back once more, looking at her. God, he was a lucky man. Turning, he inspected a few of the devices hanging in his cabinet, pretending to consider using each one. Finally his hand came to the short riding crop and he lifted it off its peg.

"Now, as I told you, I am not someone who gets off on causing you pain," he said, walking back to the bed and placing the palm of his hand on her ass. "However, there is a matter of disobedience."

Magnus took the riding crop and dragged the end of it up the inside of her thigh.

"You were in a very dangerous situation today, pet," he told her.

"I was at work!" she protested. 

Magnus lifted the crop and brought it down, not gently but not terribly hard, and her left cheek.

"I did not tell you to speak," he said mildly. "You were given a very reasonable piece of instruction, to text me once an hour, so that I would know you were safe."

He ran the head of the crop between her legs, hearing her breath catch as it slid between her folds. He brought it back out and looked in satisfaction at the slick coat of moisture clinging to it.

"You did not follow instructions, and caused me great amounts of anxiety. I very nearly called in a raid on the building, wasting valuable police manpower and exposing my presence on the unit investigating the murder."

"I didn't realize," she began, and he brought the crop down harder on her other cheek, the dampness on it causing a greater sting. 

"Are you going to stay quiet, pet, or am I going to have to gag you?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. She pursed her lips together but remained silent. "Good girl. Now, we established that you were up to twenty swats for your lateness. You did redeem yourself a bit with that video, however, so I believe I will give you a choice."

While Magnus pretended to give the matter some thought he "absently" flicked the end of the crop lightly over her clit. She was panting now, clearly enjoying his teasing.

"I will let you pick. You can have all twenty slaps with the crop now," she whimpered at the idea and her arms trembled a bit. "Or," he offered, "I can give you five, sparing your cute little ass from more than a dusting of pink."

"Yes please!" she gasped, and he smacked her cunt hard for speaking out before going back to his casual flicking.

"However," he stressed, "if you opt for the five instead of twenty, there will be additional action taken tomorrow in place of the spanking. Your choice, darling, what will it be?"

Magnus crossed his arms and stood back, watching her turn it over in her mind. The practical part of her would want to get it over with now, but from the way she eyed the crop in his long fingers, he could tell she was still a bit afraid of it. Taking five now would help ease her in to the idea of the spanking.

"Five," she told him, speaking quickly before she could change her mind.

"If you're sure," he grinned. Walking back to the bed he rubbed her ass softly with his left hand, then brought the crop down hard with his write. "You know what to do," he reminded her.

"One," she said, through gritted teeth.

"Very good," he reached down and tugged at the chain hanging between her tits, pulling her nipples, before bringing the crop down again.

"Two!" she gasped. He let the head of the crop dip down again and soak up some more of her juices.

"You're getting off on this, aren't you pet?" he asked, showing her the damp crop.

"Yes, detective," she answered, blushing. He loved how she automatically used his title in these situations. It had never occurred to him before how erotic it could be to have someone he was controlling refer to him that way. The fact that she was actually party to his case, a detail that technically made their current actions verboten, only added to the appeal. 

"Filthy girl," he purred, and brought the crop down three quick times in succession as she struggled to get the numbers out.

Magnus tossed the crop onto the bed and cupped her sex with his hand. She was drenched. Reaching with both hands he gently spread her open and examined her glistening center, before dipping his head and running his tongue along her labia. She moaned bucked her hips a bit and he chuckled at her responsiveness. Straightening, he quickly made short work of his clothes, tossing them onto the floor before climbing onto the bed and positioning himself behind her. With how he had situated her, he could see their reflection in the full length mirror. Her eyes wide and lust blown, the silver chain with its heavy pendant swung between her distended nipples.

"Do you know all I have been able to think about all day, pet?" he asked her as he rubbed the throbbing head of his cock back and forth along her, getting it nice and slick.

"No," she shuddered.

"All day in that car, sitting there with nothing else to occupy me, all I could think about was this lovely little cunt of yours, and how good it felt wrapped around my cock."

He brought the tip of his cock to her clit and circled it, before sliding back to sit right at her entrance, ready to slide into her.

"Would you like that, darling?" he asked her, "would you like me to fill that delicious little hole of yours, until there is no room left inside you? To rut into you like a beast in heat and spill myself inside you, coating your walls with my hot sperm until runs out from between your lips?"

"Yes," she moaned, pressing back into him, trying to take his cock into her.

"Well then," he grinned, messaging her ass as he rocked against her, almost breaching her entrance, "I think you're going to have to beg."

There eyes met in the mirror and he leered at her. She hesitated for just a moment, until he reached around under her and pulled the nipple chain again, at the same time as he slapped her clit with his rock hard cock. He saw the moment when she snapped, surrendering to the sensations he was inflicting on her body.

"Oh god, please fuck me," she begged. "Please fill me up. I want to feel you deep inside me. I want to make you cum. Take me. Own me."

Growling, he thrust forward, sheathing himself to the hilt inside her hot, wet, cunt, balls slapping against her as he bottomed out. As she cried out he pressed her shoulders down onto the bed, leaving her ass lifted. One hand digging into her hip, the other holding her by the back of the neck, he pistoned into her.

"Keep your eyes open," he commanded, catching her eyes in the mirror. "I want you to see how you look, face down, ass up, screaming as I fuck you. It's gorgeous. You asked me to own you, well I'm going to do just that. I'm going to fuck my way into your very soul, and you will never get me out. When I'm done with you, you will feel me inside you all the time. You will be wet for me any time I am in the room, or even a voice on the phone or a name in someone else's mouth. You will be ready to receive my cock, wherever I choose to put it. Oh yes, darling, this lovely little cunt is just the beginning. I will be claiming all of you before we're done, and you will love every minute of it. Now cum for me, pet. Show  me how much you like feeling me master you."

He could feel Lanie's walls seize up and spasm, and then she was milking him for everything he had. Grunting like an animal, Magnus surrendered to his lust, letting it drive him as he rutted into her, grinding her into the mattress and shooting his seed deep into her core. With a final moan he collapsed on top of her, bringing their bodies all the way down onto the bed as he kissed the back of her neck. He was absolutely spent and more completely at peace than he had felt in a long, long time. 

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