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Magnus didn't know what to do. Part of him wanted to just march into Haas Electrics and pull Lanie out, never to return. The idea of that slime running his eyes over her made him feel murderous. Lanie was his, he would not allow Haas to sully her.

The idea that the photos he had requested, no - dared, Lanie to take and send him had been seen by her lecherous boss, or that Haas had watched the video of her touching herself that she had made for Magnus, had his hand resting on his gun. He did not believe for a second that Haas had deleted the images. No, he would have them stored somewhere, would take them out and look at them, getting off on pictures of Magnus' woman.

Taking a deep breath, Magnus made himself relax his jaw muscles and unclench his fists. Haas wouldn't do anything to Lanie while the office was full of employees. He wouldn't be helping anyone by charging in there now and making a scene.

Opening his door and throwing himself back into the car, Magnus glanced at the clock on the dash. It was almost time for Lanie to check in with him. A sudden wave of panic washed over him. Would she send him another picture? They hadn't discussed it this morning, they were too busy with other things.

The thought of her cute little arse as he gently stretched her, working her to the point where the tiny plug would be able to side inside of her made his cock twitch. She would be feeling it, she was not used to anything being there. He had instructed her to leave it in all day, and had warned her not to wash the cum off her legs. He told her he was going to check at the end of the day to make sure he was still on her and the plug was still in place. She knew that if she disobeyed him he would come up with something else, something worse, to subject her to tomorrow. 

That would be it, he was sure of it. The picture she would be sending him would be of a small blue jewel sparkling, her milky thighs in the background stained white with his cum. He had to stop her. He couldn't let her send that picture. If she did, Haas would soon be in possession of it. 

Picking up his phone he quickly opened the text function.

"DO NOT send any pictures or videos today. Just text me 'okay'. - M"

He didn't tell her why. He wasn't sure what to tell her. Was it really in her best interest to know that Haas had seen her? Would it do anything other than humiliate her? She already had to deal with the man's lingering eyes, his wandering hands. She knew that he would have heard stories, graphic descriptions most likely, of her on her knees servicing Magnus in his office. She did not need to know that he had personally seen photos and videos of her naked body. 

It was a long, stressful day. Magus couldn't wait for the clock to turn 6:00 so that Lanie would walk out of that building and into his car. They could be back to his place in ten minutes, he could be inside her in eleven. The need for her was a tangible thing, the likes of which he had never experienced. 

At quarter to there was a knock on the window. Magnus leapt, hoping that his girl had gotten out a few minutes early. Instead, Anne-Britt stood there, smiling at him. He rolled down the window and smiled back. He had her to thank for bringing Lanie into his life, well, her and a psychotic killer. 

"Hey, lover boy," she teased him. Normally the name would have made him angry; now he felt his face turn red with embarrassment. This must be how Lanie felt all the time. He got a reign on himself and forced a bored, irritated expression onto his face.

"What do you need?" he asked her shortly.

"Kurt needs to talk to you back at the station," Anne told him.

"Now?" he asked, glancing at the clock. Lanie would be out any minute. 

"Is that a problem?" she asked, looking at him strangely.

"I'm supposed to pick up Miss Greyson now," he hedged. "Can't I come in tomorrow?"

"Kurt said it's important," Anne replied. "I can get Lanie and take her to your place."

"I'd really rather do it myself," he insisted.

"I'm afraid that's not your call Martinsson," she stared at him like he was going crazy. "Now get to the station."

Grinding his teeth Magnus turned over the ignition. What was wrong with him anyway? It was only a short delay. He would be with her soon. Anne-Britt had known her since she was a little girl, he could trust her to take care of Lanie. Her aim wasn't as good as his, true, but hopefully it wouldn't come to that.

Magnus pulled out of the parking lot at speed. The sooner he talked to Kurt, the sooner he could get back to Lanie.


Lanie could not shake the thought that everyone was staring at her. Bad enough that Holly had gleefully pointed out a whole new set of bite marks on the back of her shoulder and neck this morning, (of course the top Magnus had picked out for her to wear showed them off perfectly), but she was convinced that she smelled of spent arousal. As he had explicitly told her she would, she could feel where his seed had run down her inner thighs and was now drying to her skin. The scent of him clung to her and filled her nostrils, causing her own arousal to heighten. The small silicone toy that he had slowly and gently worked into her virgin arse just made things worse. It was not painful, but the sense of fullness was new to her, and its very presence made her feel clandestinely naughty.

When Haas walked in the look he gave her was even more lascivious than usual. The way his eyes lingered on her breasts and then lowered down to her lap, small smile playing over his lips, was terrifyingly knowing. Obviously the guards had told him about her activities last night in his office. She braced herself, waiting for the reprimand that she had to admit she deserved, but he just collected his phone messages and walked into his office. She was almost disappointed. Surely it was coming, she would rather get it over with than feel it hanging over her head all day.

Her phone buzzed and she looked around to make sure the coast was clear before pulling it out of her pocket and looking down. There was a message notification from Magnus on her screen. Glancing at the clock quickly she was reassured that it was still a few minutes before 11:00. She had not missed her appointed time to text him. She was relieved - she was not up for another round of punishment.

"DO NOT send any pictures or videos today. Just text me 'okay'. - M"

She looked at the phone with a puzzled expression. Had something happened? Lanie was surprised at how disappointed she felt. She had spend the last half hour trying to think of how she was going to torment him this morning to get him back for sending her into her office covered in cum with a plug inside of her. It appeared, though, that he was not minded to play.

The day dragged on. Lanie's only contact with Magnus were terse texts once an hour. She would send a simple "OK" and he would acknowledge with "Thx." That was all.

When 6:00 finally rolled around she could not get out of there fast enough. She logged off of her computer and hurried down in the elevator to the lobby. Running out of the building, she scanned the parking lot for Magnus' old junker. Her eyes looked from car to car, but she didn't see him anywhere.

A car horn startled her and she jumped, suddenly feeling very skittish as she thought of the murderer on the loose. Had he gotten to Magnus? Was her hero even now bleeding out somewhere, life trickling away because he had had the misfortune to be assigned to her?

"Lanie!" a female voice called out.

She turned and saw Anne waving to her out of a car window and walked over to the vehicle.

"Anne?" she asked, looking at her friend. "What's going on? Where's Magnus? Is he okay?"

"He's fine," Anne assured her. "They needed him for something down at the station so I'm relieving him for a bit. Come on, get in."

Lanie opened the door and got into the car. Anne leaned over and gave her a hug, then pulled back, looking at her. Lanie was confused at her stare for a moment, then realization flooded over her and she raised her had to cover her neck.

"Stop that!" Anne admonished, pulling her hand away from her neck. "God damn Lanie!  Did Magnus do that to you?"

"Um... maybe," Lanie felt her face turning bright red.

"Wait... the turtle neck you wore to the station the other day... was that because... Lanie!"

"Anne, calm down."

"Calm down?" Anne stared at her. "Lanie, your neck is covered in teeth marks! And I'd be willing to bet it's not just your neck either, is it? Open your shirt."

"What?" Lanie scoffed at her. 

"Open your shirt! I want to look at your chest."

"No! Anne, you're being ridiculous!"

Ignoring her, Anne leaned over and yanked down her top, revealing more bite marks and bruises trailing down onto her breasts. Anne's eyes went wide and she shook her head in disbelief.

"Ridiculous, huh?" Anne asked as Lanie pulled her top back up. "Tell me Magnus didn't do that."

"I can't," Lanie admitted.

"Lanie, what is going on with you and that boy?"

"He's not a boy," Lanie snapped. "Besides, you set us up as a couple."

"As a cover!" Anne shook her head. "Those marks on your body, they don't look staged to me. And, not to be indelicate Lanie, but you smell like sex and I know you've been at work all day. I practically had to draw my gun on Magnus to get him to leave here and go to the station. This is not a cover, Lanie. So I'll ask you again. What is going on between you?"

"I'm crazy about him, okay?" Lanie blurted out. "And yes, the cover isn't fake anymore. Not since the first morning before we came into the station."

Lanie watched her friend's face try to decide whether it wanted to be excited or horrified. If she wasn't so concerned for Magnus she would have laughed at Anne's dilemma.

"This is... Lanie, how the hell... I mean, it's great! But no, it's not great! Magnus could get in real trouble for this."

"No!" Lanie objected. "He can't get in trouble for it! Anne, he tried to stop it, tried to keep everything professional. That first night, I kissed him and asked him to sleep with me. Just sleep I said, but in the same bed. His bed. He said no, that it wouldn't be appropriate. He slept on the floor, or tried to at any rate. Then the next day, I was embarrassed and ran off without telling him. Stupid, I know. We got into a huge fight at my apartment and I... well, I pretty much ordered him to have sex with me."

"You?" Anne asked, visibly trying not to laugh. "You, quiet little Lanie who can barely look at a guy and stands all of five foot two ordered a gorgeous, six foot two, well muscled, armed detective to have sex with you?"

"And I kind of threatened his job if he didn't" Lanie dropped her head into her hands and heard Anne burst out laughing. "Don't laugh, it wasn't funny! We were still dealing with the aftermath when Inspector Wallander called and ordered us to the station."

"Well that explains your behavior that morning. So I'm guessing that wasn't the last of it?"

"No. We're... well, I guess the term would be 'involved'. But this can be a good thing! We don't have to worry about people not buying Mag's cover if it's real!"

"Mags?" Anne smiled at her. "Oh Lanie, I admit part of me was hoping this would happen but not like this! After the case wrapped. You would spend a couple days apart, a week maybe, and Magnus would realize that he missed having you around. That he enjoyed spending time with you and that you were a good kisser. He'd call and ask you out on an actual date, and then you could both stop being so lonely."

"That's a lovely little happily ever after Anne," it was Lanie's turn to laugh. "But I am perfectly happy with the way it actually happened. As long as Magnus doesn't loose his job. So you can't tell anyone at the station about this."


"Anne, please! I am helping you all out as much as I possibly can. I went along with this whole thing at your request. Okay, yes. Mags and I might have broken the rules. Does Wallander or Lisa really need to know that? His job means everything to him, and you said yourself that Magnus is a good cop. He's taking good care of me - "

"I'm sure he is!"

"I mean it, Anne! I feel safe with him."

"You've fallen for him," Anne accused. "You've fallen hard for our posh little snarky angel detective! Admit it!"

"Maybe," Lanie mumbled.

"Maybe my arse! It's written all over your face. Okay, I'll keep your secret, but you have to tell me one thing."

"And that is?" Lanie asked.

"How was he?" Anne's face split into a huge grin. "He's good, isn't he? Those hands, that petulant little mouth, those legs. I hear rumors. Now I want the truth. Is he? Good?"

Lanie could feel the ache in her center from where he had pounded into her that morning, the toy in her ass, the dried cum on her thighs.Her body was covered bruises. She looked and felt like a whore.  And all she could think of was how she couldn't wait for Magnus to be done at the station so that she could go home to him and let him mark her all over again, inside and out.

"Good doesn't even begin to cover it," she said, much to her friend's delight.

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