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Lanie spent much of Wednesday in organized chaos. Magnus had driven her to her apartment so that she could pack for the house party. As she sat on her bed going through her binder and triple checking that all tasks had been completed, she suddenly realized one major oversight. The opening banquet, one of the highlights of the entire event, was a horribly formal affair. In all of her life’s upheaval of the past few days she had neglected to get herself a propper dress. Considering that the guest list was primarily made up of political elite, captains of industry, and dilettantes she could not just throw on something from her closet. In addition, they would need to secure Magnus a tuxedo. 

She glanced over to where he lounged in her reading nook, nose buried in an old copy of Sherlock Holmes he had found on her shelf. There must be somewhere nearby where they could rent an evening kit for him. The last thing she had time for before they headed out to the country house was a prolonged shopping extravaganza.

Her phone rang and she looked down to see Haas’ name pop up. With the inante instinct of a born alpha male Magnus stood up and sauntered over to where she sat on the edge of the bed. She showed him the caller id and he grimaced before she hit accept.

”Hello Erik. Yes, I was just going over the list.”

Picking up her binder, she began checking off the prep list with him, confirming that all the necessary staff should be arriving that afternoon. It was at these times that she remembered why she had initially liked him, before his attention to her had turned inappropriately personal. They worked well as a team. 

She was just running through the arrivals when she felt her knees being pushed insistently apart. Reaching down she tried to swat Magnus’ hands away, but he kept them firmly on her thighs, opening her legs as he sank down onto his knees next to the bed. With a hard tug he pulled her closer to the edge and leaned in to place a wet kiss on her inner thigh.

Suddenly it was very hard to concentrate on what her employer was saying, as a long, agile tongue had begun exploring her nether regions. Her eyes rolled back in her head as he pushed into her, lapping at her core. She tried to keep her voice normal as she answered monosyllabicly. Her free hand reached down and gripped a fistful of golden blond curls, unsure of whether she meant to pull him away or push him deeper into her. He hummed with laughter and she felt it reverberate through her body. She had completely lost the thread of what Haas was saying. Only the security of knowing she had the details well in hand kept her from worrying that she was missing something important as Magnus began adding his fingers to his onslaught.

”...are you sure detective Martinsson won’t feel horribly out of place?” Haas was asking.

The sound of Magnus’ name brought her back to her senses and she tried to focus.

”After all, these will be the creme de la creme of society. Not exactly the beer and pretzle crowd he is probably used to.”

”I’m sure Magnus will be fi-iiine,” she gasped as his tongue flicked over her clit. “He knows how to conduct himself appropriately.”

She glared down at him where he was chuckling as he stroked his fingers against that spot inside her that drove her over the edge.

”Erik, I have to go,” she said suddenly, as it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to breath. “The... the florist is on the other line. Yes, I will check in later. Bye. Magnus, you bastard!”

She panted, tossing her phone to the side and moaning as she yanked hard on his hair. Surrendering herself to the avalanche of feeling rolling through her she let go and cried out his name as her orgasm hit her.

The smug, self satisfied grin on his face made her smile despite herself. He kissed up her body before pushing her back and lying next to her on the bed. 

“I suppose you enjoyed that?” She asked unnecessarily.

”Mmm, quite a bit,” he smirked. “So did you, judging by your reaction. I will never grow tired of hearing my name screamed out like that, though our neighbors might. So what did Haas want?”

 “Oh, the usual. Are the staff confirmed, do we have a final guest count, do you know how to eat with silverware at the dinner table. That sort of thing.”

”You’re joking,” he stared at her.

”Not by much. It was his last ditch attempt to get me to leave you at home. He was afraid you mught be overwhelmed by the company and feel out of place.”

”Was he now? Well, we’ll just see about that.”

”Mags, there is one thing I forgot in everything that has been going on.”

”What’s that pet?” he asked.

”Tonight’s opening banquet - it’s a black tie event,” she said hesitantly.

”And?” he raised his eyebrow.

”Well, you’re going to need a tux.”

”That does seem to be implied by the ‘black tie required’ on the invitation” he mused.

”You knew?”

”I haven’t been totally distracted by you to the loss of all else,” he told her with a grin. “I have managed to put in a little time while you were at work going over plans for the event. I am supposed to be working a case, after all.”

”Of course!” She was embarrassed to say that for a few moments she had forgotten that she was an assignment and not just his... girlfriend? Was that the word to use for what they were doing?

”Don’t worry, darling, the tux is taken care of,” he assured her.

”You’re doing better than I am then,” she confessed with a sigh. “I totally forgot to get a dress!”

A ring at the door bell grabbed their attention and she automatically rose to answer.

”Stay here,” he ordered, suddenly all business. 

Hand resting on his side arm he walked out of the room. She heard the door open and a brief, murmured conversation, and he returned holding a long rectangular box, tied with a red ribbon.

”Delivery,” he told her, setting the box down on the bed. “If you don’t mind I will open it.”

”Of course,” she nodded.

She hadn’t ordered anything, she had no idea what this could be. As he opened the box and pulled the tissue aside he revealed an absolutely stunning deep blue satin designer gown. She drew in her breath as he pulled it out of the box and held it up. Sapphires sparkled in a small box underneath it. Next to them was a small card. Wordlessly Magnus handed it to her, his eyes looking at her with a strange intensity.

”’I have been keeping you so busy, I am sure you haven’t had time to shop for yourself,” she read aloud. “The jewels are on loan, but the gown is yours to keep. If I’ve been paying attention half as much as I think I have the size should be correct. I can’t wait to see you in it.’ I can’t believe Haas would do this! It’s so high handed, even for him!”

”It is a beautiful dress,” Magnus pointed out.

”Well, of course! He has exquisit taste! But still! Dressing me up like a doll he wants to show off? It’s so presumptuous!”

”So you’re not going to wear it?” Magnus asked in an odd tone.

”No, I’ll wear it,” she sighed as he put the dress back in the box. It really was gorgeous, and of course it was just her size. “It’s too late to worry about finding something else. You don’t mind, do you?”

She looked over at him anxiously, but to her surprise he just smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

”I don’t mind,” he assured her. “You’ll be on my arm, after all.”

”That I will,” she smiled and kissed him lightly. “We should get going, I need to be there to organize the set up.”