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Lanie sat on the end of her bed in the main house, scrolling through the texts and photos she had sent Magnus. She had known him only a handful of days when she had trusted him with them. Was she insane? True, he was a cop, but that didn’t make him a saint. Could her trust have been so misplaced?

Thinking back, Lanie remembered the night in Haas’ office. Magnus had obviously not been bothered by the security guards’ knowing he had had her on her knees sucking his cock. He had acted like the prize stud flaunting her off to them. At the time she had taken it as normal alpha male ego played up to sell their cover, but was it really more of his true personality than she realized? Could he be the type of man to betray her in that way? To share photos, and god, that video, with other men? To laugh at how willing she was to expose herself to him?

No. No, she would not believe it. He might not be perfect, but he wasn't cruel. At least, he was only cruel in ways that she enjoyed, she modified the thought, thinking of the way her ass still ached from the last spanking he'd given her. She was being ridiculous to be so insecure. But then how had Haas known about the texts?

"Lanie?" there was a bang on her door, and she heard Magnus' voice from outside. "Lanie open up, we need to talk."

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lanie opened the door and there he stood, all six feet two inches of gorgeousness wrapped in an expensive tuxedo. Magnus' eyes were bright and concerned as he stared at her, his cheeks flushed from sprinting to the house. His hands went to his hair and made a mess of his golden curls as they raked through it. Looking at his so anxious and distressed, Lanie's heart melted. This was not a man who bragged about his sexual exploits to virtual strangers. This was a man who made her feel safe. It was only her insecurity, and looking at him, how could anyone not feel insecure, that caused her to doubt him.

"Lanie," he began, hovering in the doorway, "Please believe me there is nothing between that woman and me."

"I do believe you," she said, and realized she meant it.

"I was stupid enough to let myself get involved with her years ago, but it was over quickly and I've never regretted that, and... Wait. Did you say you believe me?"

"You are absolutely adorable when you are flummoxed," she giggled, grinning as he gaped at her from the doorway. "Of course I believe you. You've given me no reason to doubt you."

"Then why did you run away?" he asked, still looking adorably concerned.

"Because I doubted me," she explained.

"I'm confused."

"Magnus," Lanie rolled her eyes, "do you really not realize how ridiculously, stupidly handsome you are? On your worst days, dressed in a grubby t-shirt and baggy sweats, you are the most stunning man I've ever seen. Turned out like this, in evening clothes that are just a hair too tight, I might add, you are like Michelangelo's David come to life. Add to that the fact that you're smart, charming, funny, compassionate... it's all just a little unfair. And then I find out that on top of all of that you have money. You come from money. And the equally stunning woman in the slinky red dress, who is also, I'm guessing, obscenely rich is slithering all over you. Put all of that together and of course I'm going to get a little skittish. It's a little much for us mere mortals to take."

"Lanie," he stared at her, mouth working, trying to find words to say after her little speech. "Oh fuck, here!"

Grabbing her around the waist he pulled her to him, kicking the door shut behind him as he crushed his lips to hers.


Magnus had been convinced he was going to have his work cut out for him. He knew she had seen Sonja kiss him, and after her father's words he could only guess what conclusions she had drawn. All he could think was that he had to find her before she had time to talk herself into leaving him. He could not loose her. Not now when he had just realized the depth of his feelings for her. What he had said to Holly was the truth. He was falling in love with her. She was smart and passionate and fearless. She was all he had been looking for, and he was not going to give her up.

When she opened the door he could tell she had been crying, and the fact that he had been the cause of that almost wrenched his heart from his chest. He meant to protect her from hurt, not cause it. He would never forgive himself for the distress he had caused her, however unintentionally. He began to babble out his apology to her, when she interrupted him and he began to understand that, amazingly, she wasn't actually mad at him at all. Listening to her describe his appeal, he began to wonder if he was dreaming. How could this woman, this wonderful, beautiful woman, be suggesting he was above her? If anything, she was too good for him.

Unable to put his thoughts into words, he walked into the room and crushed her to him. Blindly his lips found hers, searing a kiss onto her, trying to show with his body all the pent up emotion bubbling inside of him.

"Mags!" she squeaked when he briefly let her up for air.

"Hush!" he commanded, picking her up and throwing her backwards onto the bed. 

Lanie laughed breathlessly as she landed, arms flying back to steady herself. The blue dress he had known would look divine on her slid upward, and sank to his knees to push it further up her dangling legs. He yanked her a bit so that she was sitting right at the edge and ran his hands up to her thighs, spreading them open as he went. With a hitch in his breathing he saw that she had followed his orders and refrained from wearing panties under the dress. Leaning in he breathed deeply, enjoying the scent of her.

"You are the most beautiful creature on this planet," he told her, kissing her inner thigh, "and I intend to show you just how desirable you are."

With that, Magnus buried his face in her, licking and sucking with great enthusiasm. His deft fingers pulled her lips gently apart while his tongue delved in to taste her. Lanie laid back on the bed, moaning. He felt her hands in his hair, holding him flush to her as he lapped up her taste. Sliding two long fingers into her, Magnus brought his mouth to her clit and sucked on it as he pumped her. Her moans and gasps urged him on and he added a third finger, nipping at her little nub as her hips arched. When at last she came for him, crying his name, he greedily licked it up, savoring her flavor.

Humming in satisfaction, Magnus climbed up her body, pushing her back on the bed when he climbed onto it. Quickly opening his pants and pushing them down, Magnus lined himself up with her dripping entrance and thrust into her, groaning out his pleasure at how good she felt around him.

"You have the most perfect cunt," he told her, beginning to pound in to it. "The way it feels wrapped around me is absolute heaven. And this ass," he slapped her hard, making her moan, "this ass is gorgeous. Your legs are supple and shapely, and don't even get me started on your breasts! Those have kept me up at night, just fantasizing about sucking them. You have beautiful, soulful eyes, full, infinitely kissable lips, hair I want to grab and use to hold you to me. But more than any of these, you have the most beautiful soul and incredible mind."

As he went through the list of each of her exquisite features, Magnus kissed them one by one. He didn't know if he would ever convince her to see herself the way he saw her, but damned if he wasn't going to try.

"I will spend as much time as you will allow me proving to you just how desirable you are," he told her, nibbling on her neck. "God, you've seen how hard you make me, can you ever doubt how much I want you? I can barely think of anything other than all the ways I plan to fuck you. If I was any more attracted to you, we would never leave the bed, I'd leave you tied there forever."

Lanie whimpered, obviously liking the suggestion and Magnus gave a dark chuckle.

"Maybe we'll have to try that soon," he mused. "But for now..."

He raised her legs over his shoulders and increased the pace of his thrusts. Lanie cried out wantonly, eyes closed and back arched as she took him deep within  her. Magnus felt his own climax coming and reached down to rub her clit.

"Cum again for me, pet," he urged her. 

It was all she needed. Lanie's muscles clenched and he felt the grip on his cock tighten. It sent him over the edge in turn and they came together, her cunt milking every drop from him.

When they had come down from the high, Magnus rolled over, taking her with him onto their sides. He brushed a stray hair out her eyes and she smiled at him.

"That was very nice, Mags," she murmured. "But I have to say I'm disappointed."

"Disappointed?" he asked in shock. He could think of many words to describe how he felt right now, but that certainly wasn't one of them!

"Mmm hmm," she smiled, eyes dancing. "I was really looking forward to you taking me against the tree by the dance floor."

Magnus stared at her for a moment and burst into breathless laughter.

"It's still early," he smiled. "Give me time.

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