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The sun was painfully bright and her sunglasses woefully ineffective at blocking out the worst of the glare from her red, swollen eyes. The coffee had helped a bit, as had the the breakfast Magnus had practically forced down her throat to ward off the nausea from her hangover, but she was still jealous of Holly, no doubt blissfully sleeping off the effects of last night’s excess. 

Lanie sighed and looked at the guests assembled before her. There were sixteen of them, mostly elderly, all but one female. The younger set would most likely not rise for hours yet considering how raucous things had become last night. They would be resting peacefully. All except her, tasked with leading a walking tour around the estate grounds. And Magnus, of course. Her obnoxiously bright eyed boy was currently talking animatedly with a group of silver haired matrons, making a conquest of each and every one with his sunny smiles and easygoing charm. Bastard.

Adjusting her glasses, Lanie looked down at her watch. It was ten after the hour they had been told to assemble. Safe enough to begin the walk. If anyone else was foolish enough to prefer walking in the glare of the sun to snuggling in a comfortable bed, they could damn well show themselves around.

Hearing Magnus’ hearty laugh behind her, she glared at him over her shoulder. It was all his fault she was feeling so uncomfortable. The hangover she could bear, she had done it before and doubtless would again, but the rest of her discomfort was proving much harder to ignore.

She was painfully aware, for one thing, that the sundress he had put her in was all but transparent if the light hit her the right way. Coupled with the lack of panties and the fabricless bra, she would be practically naked if she didn’t pay careful attention to where she stood. As it was, she had spent all of breakfast seated across from an executive who stared, all but drooling, at her breasts. She could hardly blame him, not when her nipples were so clearly defined and pronounced. The infernal chain kept them tweaked to hard little nubs, and every time the slightly coarse fabric of her dress slid over them it stimulated the the over sensitive nerves.

All of that, embarrassing as it was, was still nothing compared to what was going on lower down. Magnus has not been exagerating when he described the amount of cum he was about to fill her with. Her insides practically sloshed, and with every step she took she could feel a wet path lengthening down the inside of her legs. Combined with the seemingly huge toy in her ass that she would never get used to, it was enough to make any movement treacherous. So of course this was the day she was leading a rambling walk with a gaggle of old ladies. He knew exactly how to torment her.

He laughed again, and this time when her eyes darted to him over the rim of her shades he winked at her and gave a lopsided grin that had no place outside of the bedroom. Holly had been right when she said that everything was sexy when you looked like him. The ladies flocked around him giggled and batted their lashes, giving her glances that ranged from indulgent to envious.

”Go on, lovely, we’re listening,” he told her with another shameless grin while his admirers tittered around him.

Lanie rolled her eyes and soldiered on, her senses on overload. She was almost glad he was distracting all of her tour members. God knew she was unable to concentrate with the pinching of her nipples, a sticky trail down her thighs, a foreign object pushed inside of her, and the smell of sex that still clung to her. Not to mention the fact that her own body was desperately, achingly aroused. Oh yes, it was not just his fluids making a mess of her. Their encounter that morning had left her overstimulated and unsatisfied, yearning for him to touch her and send her over the edge into bliss. Every nerve in her body strained towards the melted chocolate voice behind her. She could feel his eyes on her back, her ass, her legs, and it took all of her willpower not to turn and stare dreamily at him.

After fifteen minutes or so they arrived at a small cottage dairy. Lanie gave them a brief history, and then invited them all to go inside where a tasting of cream and cheese was waiting for them. Magnus, of course, held the door open while the ladies entered. Each and every one of them took the opportunity to touch him as they walked by, pinching his cheek, caressing his arm, and in one particularly amusing case reaching around to tweak his very pinchable ass. Lanie decided that  lady was her new hero, and grinned at the startled expression on his face as the old broad winked at him.

When the last woman had gone in, Lanie went to follow, only to find the door shut firmly before she reached it. Grabbing her wrist, Magnus practically dragged her around the side of the cottage and into the blessed shade of a covered patio.


He didn't normally think of himself as a cruel man, but Magnus was getting a great deal of enjoyment out of Lanie's suffering as she walked, tottered really, ahead of the group touring the estate. Everything she did, from the way she stepped with overly exaggerated caution, to the way she stood with her arms crossed over her magnificent chest, all designed to camouflage her aroused state, only served to draw more attention to it. The scent of mingled arousal that rose from her skin only added to the general aura of sex she was giving off. He had thought the man sitting across the table from them at breakfast was going to go blind staring at her. He had taken great pleasure in draping his arm possessively around her and feeding her from his plate when she only picked at her meal. His woman was a siren and he knew it even if she didn't.

The tour group comprised entirely of senior ladies was a particular amusement for him. He was good with older ladies. Most ladies, really, but the ones in his parents’ age group seemed to be particularly susceptible to his brand of charm. A few easy compliments and a naughty grin or two, and he had them all completely disarmed. It amused his sadistic side to see Lanie chafe at his success with the group.

He was not being completely frivolous, however. As Lanie droned on about the history of the land they were wandering over, Magnus asked questions of the society matrons about their host and the other guests at the event. He knew from experience that if you wanted to know what was going on, the "Ladies who Lunched" always were possessed of the most up to date gossip. As his parents had often told him, Haas was not thought to have the most desirable reputation. Nothing specific was known about him, but his status as "new money", combined with his penchant for secrecy, had most of them keeping their distance. Not that it had stopped them from attending, naturally. Only real high sticklers like his family would let little things like that matter more than the huge bank account he was known to have.

As far as the guests went, there were plenty of unsavory characters - drunks, letches, cheats, but he didn't hear anything about identity theft or espionage. There was excitement about the murder, as one would expect, but no one seemed to have any idea who might be to blame.

"Is it true Miss Greyson discovered the corpse?" asked Millicent, the de facto leader of the clutch.

"Yes, it is," he said, mouth turning down as he pictured his sweet girl stumbling upon the gruesome scene.

"No need to look so grim, she's perfectly fine now," clucked Nina, a generally disapproving frump who seemed to scowl at everything.

"I don't know if I'd say that," objected Heidi, a plump little woman with hair a startlingly unnatural brassy blond and bright red lipstick. "She seems to be limping a bit. Or is that your doing young man? You look like you could make a girl walk funny for days!"

There was shocked laughter at the bawdy comment and Magnus himself let out a bark of mirth. Lanie turned around and glared at him, and he gave her his most endearing, lopsided grin, putting all of his pent up desire into his eyes as he returned her stare.

"Lucky girl," Heidi sighed as Lanie rolled her eyes and turned back around. "I remember when Niles used to give me that look. Nothing proper ever came of it. I hope you intend follow that example."

"Absolutely," he promised.

"Naughty boy," she smiled fondly, and allowed him to help her over a muddy patch.

"I hear you know Sonja," Nina simpered. "She's such a lovely girl. She told us you went to school together."

"Indeed," Magnus tried to make his voice repressive, but she didn't seem to get the hint.

"She and her papa are particularly good friends of mine. We had quite a long talk last night at the dinner."

"You are much more conversant with her current affairs than I am then," he shrugged. "I only spoke to her for a moment yesterday, and before that it had been half a decade at least since I so much as set eyes on her. I could hardly claim to know her these days."

"Ah, but at one time you knew her very well, from what she was saying last night," the woman would not let it go.

A few of the other ladies tittered and one or two looked embarrassed. Ah. He could guess what rumors Sonja was once again spreading about him. Fantastic.

 "I have to say, if my daughter was here, I would be keeping her far away from you."

"If your daughter was here, Nina, her disposition would be keeping her a long way from everyone," Heidi said in an exasperated voice. "And considering the boy is obviously smitten with Miss Greyson, my guess is that Sonja is just sour grapes. Don't worry, young man. No one with any sense pays her any mind. And so what if what she was saying is true? I liked it a little rough some times myself back in the day!"

"Heidi!" one of the others gasped as Magnus turned bright red.

"Ladies!” Millicent intoned, sternly looking around at the other matrons. "This conversation is untoward! Nina, I am surprised at you, paying heed to malicious gossip. Everyone knows Sonja is a little tart with a big mouth. And that father of hers is no better. Now, young man, kindly give me your arm and tell me how your enchanting mother is doing."

Magnus smiled endearingly and launched into a discourse on his mother's current imagined ailments. He should have known Millicent would be one of her acquaintances; they were like two peas in a pod. He happily chatted for some minutes until they came to the dairy cottage that was to be their first stop. Years of habit kicking in, he stepped forward and opened the door for the ladies. Millicent pinched his cheek as though he were still a school boy and led the way into the cottage, the others following in step. He was a bit taken aback when Heidi reached around to give his ass a firm pinch before winking at him, but in retrospect he suppose he should have expected it. Lanie looked highly amused by it. Her smile was the end of his limit.

As the last of the group went through the door, Magnus swung it shut behind her and grabbed Lanie's wrist. Tugging her after him he quickly rounded the corner of the cottage and pulled her underneath the awning to a relatively secluded nook.

"You are entirely too enticing for your own good," he told her, and drew her in to a long, lingering kiss against the side of the building.

As she melted into his arms, Magnus reached down and ran his hand up under her skirt, grabbing a handful of her perky ass and squeezing her as he pressed her to him. His fingers felt their way to the handle of the plug, and pulled it gently out before sliding it back in again, repeating the action a few more times until she moaned into his mouth.

"Just checking," he explained, rising from her lips. "I don't think you're quite ready yet. A few more hours should loosen you up."

He gave the toy one or two more tugs and then slid his hand farther forward to trace the swollen lips of her pussy. He breathed in through his teeth as he discovered how very wet and open she was. 

"Well, someone is ready for me, aren't you," he grinned cockily, dipping into her and stroking his fingers against her gspot, making her gasp and whimper. "You want to cum, don't you lovely?"

"Yes please," she panted, causing his resolve to almost slip.

He worked her for a few more minutes, avoiding her clit as he opened her wide to let more of the moisture seep out of her. When she was flat out panting he slowly pulled his fingers out of her and held them up in front of her face.

"Look at what a little hussy you are, pet," he smirked. "Here, have a taste."

Tapping her lips with his fingers to get her to open, he pressed them firmly into her mouth. Lanie's eyes were shocked at first, but then a slow smile spread to them. Taking his wrist in her hand, she held his fingers in her mouth and sucked long and hard on them, running her tongue along the length of each one. When she had finished this, she slowly pulled them most of the out, before taking them in again and sucking once more, then pulling them all the way out while letting her teeth skim over them. Magnus gasped and moaned as they fell from her mouth and she licked her lips like a cat. His cock had become painfully, insistently hard. He could feel it pressing against his tight jeans, begging for release. He could also hear the door open, signaling that they were about to be joined by fifteen overly friendly women.

"Woman, do you have any idea what you just did?" he asked, trying to adjust himself before they were discovered.

"I do," she grinned. "I figured it was only fair that you have some small taste of what I'm going through. Plus I'm sure Heidi will appreciate it."

"With my luck she'll think her pinch caused it," he groaned, making her laugh. "You are an evil, evil woman. And I am a damn lucky man. Come on, let's get the rest of this damn tour over with."

Taking her arm he led her back around to where the ladies were waiting, most of them with indulgent smiles on their faces.

"Oh, to be young and in love," Heidi sighed. "Nothing in this world is better."

Magnus agreed whole heartedly.

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