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Magnus made his way downstairs with the usual swagger in his step. Tonight’s dinner would be more of a casual affair, with some singer Haas had flown in from London giving a private concert afterwards. He should have time to snoop around, perhaps actually find something usable to tie Haas to the analyst’s murder. He would just have to keep his mind on work. Not on how Lanie’s hair curled around her ear, or the way a dimple formed on the left side of her face when she smiled. Or how wet she got when his voice took on a certain commanding tone she seemed to love... damn, this was going to be harder than he thought!

He was beginning to feel a now all too familiar tightness in his pants as he reached her door, and knocked twice while considering whether it would be best to succumb to the inevitable and just fuck her quick and dirty when she answered the door, or draw out both of their desire until later so that they could barely breath for wanting each other. He had come to the realization that both would be the obvious answer when a scream from across the hall shook him out of his smutty reverie.

It was Lanie’s voice, there was no mistaking it, and it was filled with terror. Spinning around, Magnus lunged towards the door across the hall and threw it open, deeply regretting leaving his side arm in his room.

The scene in the office made his blood boil. There was Lanie, his Lanie, face ashen and backed against the far wall. Looming before her, back to Magnus was Erik Haas, one hand on the wall next to her head as though to trap her there.

Magnus wasted no time. Grabbing Haas’ shoulder, he spun him around and drove his fist into his face with all the pent up aggression of a week’s worth of restraint. Lanie screamed again, leaping forward and grabbing Magnus’ arm.

“Magnus, stop!” She shouted. “What are you doing? Erik, are you alright?”

”Is he all right?” Magnus asked in disbelief, shaking the limp body of his rival as he pulled out of Lanie’s grasp. “Are you alright! What was he doing to you?”

”What? Nothing! Magnus, let him go!”

With a barely contained snarl, Magnus released Haas and watched in satisfaction as he crumpled to the floor. Much to his confusion and chagrin, Lanie hurried to kneel down next to her boss in obvious concern, taking his face between her hands to check for injury.

”Erik, are you okay?” She asked, shooting Magnus a glare. “Mags, what were you thinking?”

”What was I thinking?” He growled, not believing she was taking her attacker’s side. “I was thinking I heard my girl scream, and then entered the room to see a murderer hovering over her. Get away from him, Lanie, before he threatens you again!”

“He’s not a murderer,” Lanie huffed, as if they hadn’t spent the last week working to prove that he was just that.

”What?” Magnus was reeling in confusion.

”I’m not a murderer,” Haas repeated, smug look on his face at Lanie’s defense of him, despite the blood seeping from his nose. “You might try actually listening to the lady, detective.”

Magnus clenched his teeth and took a deep breath. 

“You screamed,” he said to Lanie, tightly holding on to his temper.

”Oh, that,” normally he loved her blushes, but at the moment Magnus could have happily throttled her as she stood there staring at the floor in embarrassment.

”Yes, that,” he snapped, patience at a breaking point. “Explain.”

”Um... well, you see... there was a... er... spider,” She stammered out.

”A spider,” he repeated dumbly.

”A really big spider,” She hastened to add, face turning even redder.

”The remains of it are on the wall, and on the tissue just over there, if you don’t believe her,” Haas added in a malicious tone.

Looking over to the wall, Magnus did indeed see a rather good sized smudge of black where Haas’ hand had been pressed, as well as the crumpled tissue on the floor beneath it.

”That scream was for a spider?” He asked with incredulity.

”A big one!” Lanie repeated. “That dropped down from the ceiling right next to my head!”

”You will learn, detective,” Haas said with a smirk, “that there are few, of any, things our little Lanie fears more than spiders. That is, if you are around long enough to learn it.”

”Erik, behave!” Lanie snapped at her boss, handing him a tissue to staunch his bleeding. “You do not want to have a measuring contest with Magnus. Trust me, you would never win.”

It was Magnus’ turn to smile smugly at her reference to his impressive size. Still, her flattering declaration did not explain her complete reversal on Erik Haas and his place on their list as number one suspect. With a sigh that packed all of the long suffering feeling churning through his brain, Magnus sat down on the bench, pulling Lanie down to sit next to him. She could be convinced all she wanted, he was taking no chances with the best thing to come his way... maybe ever. Flighty tendencies and all.

”Okay,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose and trying to calm himself. “Let’s start from the beginning. Why have you ruled Haas out as the killer?”

”Because he thought I was,” she smiled, as if that explained it all.

When she had finished her explanation he was more convinced than ever that she was insane. Granted, it did seem that Haas had truly believed her guilty, but the fact that she had absorbed that and decided to take it in stride was absurd to him. Magnus dropped his head into his hands as he took it all in. It was settled; she was going to be the death of him.

”As much as I am enjoying our little conversations,” Haas oozed, standing and righting his clothing, “I do have a house full of guests that I should be attending to. Assuming I am not under arrest for arachnicide, detective?”

”Just go,” Magnus sighed.

”Do you need me to -“ Lanie began as Haas wobbled towards the door. 

“Oh no you don’t!” He stopped her, hearing the slight panic in her voice and having no intention of letting her escape. “You and I need to have a little chat. Haas, you are free to go for the moment, but don’t think that I have completely ruled you out as a suspect.”

”I would be heartbroken if you had, detective,” the other man sniggered. “And just for the record, I haven’t ruled you out either.”

With that, he was out the door and Magnus was left alone with his darling as she shifted guiltily from one foot to the other. Not speaking a word, Magnus stood up and hearded her with his intimidating size out the door and across the hall into her room. Closing the door behind him and locking it with a satisfying click, he folded his arms over his chest and leaned against the door.

"Sit," he commanded, staring down at her.

It was time for a serious conversation.


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"Should I roll over and play dead too?" Lanie asked, trying for a saucy tone but feeling like she just sounded petulant.

"I am more concerned about death of the non-playing type," he replied, no trace of humor in his voice. "Now, Sit."

Lanie gulped and sat down on the edge of the bed, chewing her lip as she tried to avoid his glowering eyes. It was not easy, as his form so easily filled the small room at the best of times. Now, with waves of alpha energy rolling off of him, he seemed to positively loom over everything. Lanie soon found herself feeling like a guilty school girl, which only served to put a particularly naughty image in her mind, making things worse. She was not sure whether the intended intimidation or sudden lust was more responsible for the shudder that went through her body. Most likely a healthy does of both, she decided.

"Elaine Sophia Greyson," Magnus clipped off, making her gasp at the use of her full name. How on earth had he found out that? "You are by all accounts an intelligent woman."

"Mags, I know what you are going to say..."

Magnus' eyes narrowed as she looked up at him. With a firm stride, he crossed the room and pulled something out of her suitcase. As Lanie twisted to see what it was, he dropped down onto the bed next to her and, with surprisingly little effort, pushed a portion of scarf into her mouth and tied the rest around her face to form a perfectly functioning gag.

"That's better," he grunted in satisfaction, catching her wrists as Lanie raised them to try and remove the gag, cries of protest effectively muffled. "If you want to continue with your hands unbound, you will leave them in you lap. If not, I have no problem finding something else with which to secure you. Now, do I have your attention?"

Lanie glared at him. She desperately wanted to be angry, as he so clearly was at her. The fact that she could feel her desire pooling hot and wet between her thighs made her almost as crazy as his manhandling of her. Why did she find it so arousing when he did this to her? Pressing her thighs together, she determinedly stared at her lap.

"I asked you a question, pet," he growled. "Do I have your attention?"

Lanie lifted her eyes to his at his commanding tone, melting even more at the look blazing in them. It was magnificently dominant and screamed of control. Behind the gag, she found herself panting as she gazed at him, so beautiful and so masculine in his mastery. Unable to stop herself, she nodded once, then lowered her head again in an unconscious gesture of submission.

"That's more like it," he approved. "Now, I am not sure what it is about this situation, or about my explanation of it, that you find so hard to understand. You are an intelligent woman, not some dim little feather brain with no thought in her head. And yet, and yet, Lanie, you seem determined to put yourself in danger at every turn. Do you have some death wish that you have failed to tell me about?"

Lanie shook her head, eyes remaining on her lap. She really had not meant to put herself in danger. Certainly not so soon after his last warning. But it had been too perfect of an opportunity not to seize. The door had been open! It had been an invitation to snoop. Of course, in this case that had been the literal truth, with Haas laying a trap for her. But not, NOT, so that he could kill her as Magnus and she had feared, but so that he could help her! The frustration of not being able to say  any of this due to the scarf stuffed in her mouth was infuriating.

"I fail to understand why you keep putting yourself into these situations then," he continued. "You have no regard for your own welfare, and obviously no regard for my piece of mind. You leave me very few options here, Lanie."

Lanie looked up quickly, wondering what in the world he was talking about. Her eyes demanded an explanation, and Magnus sighed as if he was shouldering the weight of the world.

"The way I see it," he told her, narrowing his eyes, "we have two choices. One, I tie you to the bed upstairs for the next two days, locking you in when I leave."

As Lanie's gaped at Magnus with huge eyes, a slow grin began to form on his face. He obviously was warming to the idea, and Lanie began to fear that he might actually do it.

"The more I think about it," Magnus said, confirming her worst fears, "the more I am liking that idea. Having you bound to my bed, even if it's a borrowed one. Lying there, waiting for me all secure to return and use you. Maybe I'd leave the gag in, maybe add a blindfold. I bet you'd like that, lovely. I bet you're thinking about it even now, getting all damp between your legs, aren't you? Picturing yourself open and waiting to be taken by me."

Lanie groaned behind the gag, unable to a contain longing sound at the image he painted. Magnus chuckled at her noises and pushed his hand up between her legs to roughly slide against her slippery lips. Wantonly, Lanie leaned towards him, and his mouth attached to the side of her neck, sucking her skin and drawing up a bruise. But as quickly as he had pressed to her, he tore himself away again, standing up and running his hands through his curls.

"Enough of that!" he rasped, shaking his head as if to clear it. Lanie was glad the gag hid her grin. He had pulled himself into that image as well it seemed. "We are getting off the subject. As I was saying, option one is tying you to the bed. And as fond as I am of the idea, it does pose some unavoidable problems. If anything were to happen, you would have no means of escape."

Lanie, raised her eyebrows to show her skepticism, but Magnus smiled grimly.

"Oh, believe me, lovely, if I tie you down, you are not getting up again until I let you go. So, the other option is to tie you to me. When we leave this room, it will be to bring all of your belongings up to my attic room. You will stay with me at all times, were I can see you. I will make exceptions for you to use the facilities, but only when the door to them is within my sight. From this moment on, you may consider yourself under arrest. Do you understand?"

Lanie glared at him, not wanting to believe the extent to which he was over reacting, then turned around and sat in the middle of the bed so that her back was to him. Stalking back over to her, Magnus pushed her down backwards, his hand splayed out on her chest so she lay flat on her back, eyes staring up at him from where here head hung off the edge of the mattress.

"Do. You. Under. Stand." he asked, holding her in place as their eyes warred for supremacy.

Finally, realizing he would not budge in his demands, Lanie dipped her chin in surrender. Magnus smiled in triumph, eyes raking over her body as she lay pressed down into the bed. Her eyes instinctively went to his groin, and as she expected the evidence of his arousal was impossible to miss where it fought against the confines of his pants. Following her eyes, he reached down and undid his belt and khakis, cock springing out to land right next to Lanie's face. Feeling her breath coming fast now, she stared at it in hunger until his fingers came down and pulled the gag out of her mouth, only to replace it a moment later with his long, hard erection.

Lanie moaned around him as he thrust up into her throat, the angle of her head and neck opening her up to his intrusion. He grunted as he pushed past the back of her mouth, and the sound made her even more desperate to take him all. Hands lifting to grab his perfect ass, she pressed him forward, laving her tongue along him as she sucked on his length, eyes watering from the effort not to choke or gag.

"That's it," he said, voice rough with passion. "Take it all. You are mine. Mine! And I will keep you safe if I have to keep you on a leash and make you my slave to do it! I will let nothing happen to this wonderful, wet, oh so fuckable mouth. Nothing! Nothing happen to these perfect tits, so nice and big and just right for my hands to grasp and play with. Nothing happen to that pretty little slippery cunt you have hidden under your skirt, all plump and open, waiting for me fill it. Now suck me like a good pet and show me how grateful you are. That's right, show me how much you want me to keep you safe for my own fucking, and I'll reward with you my cum. I know you want it. You're desperate for it. So work for it like the perfectly filthy slut I know you can be."

Already driven to the edge by the taste and feel of him in her mouth, Magnus' words had Lanie whining and bucking her hips as she sucked desperately on his cock. When it seemed he was too overcome to speak, grunts and moans taking the place of his wonderfully dirty words, he reached his hand down to yank up her skirt again and press down hard on her clit. As he began to falter in his rhythm, she felt her stomach and thighs tighten and cried around him as her orgasm his. Timed just right, Magnus poured himself into her waiting mouth, coating her throat with his salty sweet release. She drank it all down, desperately sucking to make sure she got every last drop until his balls were empty.

As he pulled slowly out of her mouth, Lanie gasped for breath before his lips crushed down on hers, taking it all from her again.

"I mean it, Lanie," he said when he finally lifted from her. "From now on, I am not letting you out of my sight."

Laying there panting and sated, she could not think of a reason to protest that.