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"Magnus, this young lady is incredible!" Norella pronounced with authority as Lanie turned a bright red that was equal parts anger and embarrassment.

"I am well aware, mum," he told his mother repressively, loping over to drape his arm protectively across Lanie's shoulders. 

"Your sketches really are superb, dear," she continued to gush, seemingly undisturbed by Lanie's stony silence as she flipped through her book, pausing every so often to admire one more at length. 

Lanie wanted to sink though the floor. She experienced extensive panic attacks at the best of times before showing someone her drawings. For a virtual stranger, and one evidently not prone to holding her tongue, to so brazenly seize upon it was enough to render Lanie speechless and frozen.

"Mother!" Magnus snapped, censure plain to here in his voice. "What are you thinking? Lanie, I assume you did not give her permission to look at your book?"

"No," Lanie said, barely more than a whisper.

She was convinced that if she did manage to speak she would scream, and she was not quite ready to so completely alienate Magnus' mother just yet. If only she could get to the book, if she could close it before he had a chance to see the compulsive lengths to which she had sketched his form, poring over each of his attributes from the sharp planes of his face to the elegance of his hands. Once he saw how totally obsessed she had become, he would no doubt run away from her out of fear she was a psychotic stalker.

"Mother," Magnus said again, all of the command of his time on the police force crammed into the one word, "you will give that back to Lanie this instant."

"Oh, don't be silly Magpie," she tsked, causing Lanie to choke back a bark of laughter despite herself at the undignified nickname. "I'm trying to help the girl. Now be a good boy and let the grownups handle this."

In any other situation Lanie would have been tickled pink by the look of wounded outrage that swept across Magnus' face. She thought that said face, for all the abuse he had suffered in the day before, was not nearly so bruised as his ego as his mother completely ignored his attempt to assert authority.

"Norella," Leo said sternly, rising from his seat on the sofa where he had been watching the proceedings with an ill-contained mirth, "the lass obviously isn't ready to show her work. How would you like it if someone showed up for one of your fabulous parties while you were still having the chairs arranged to your liking, and the candles weren't all the same height? Or if, the Gods forbid, a person happened to stumble into your prize topiary garden while you were still sculpting the shrubs? I don't think that would please you very much, now would it?"

"No," Magnus' mother said in a startlingly meek voice. "No, I don't suppose it would at that. Please, forgive me, my dear. It is only that you are so very talented. I have seen portraits of Magnus attempted before - as you might imagine, he was quite in demand as a model amongst our set. But never has anyone so captured the essence of my son. There is warmth in these, fondness, even love shining from the page. And yet, one can tell that it is not just false flattery, not only his physical beauty you have captured. The intelligent flash in his eye, the petulant tilt to the lips, the stubborn set to his shoulders, it's all there. But so is the sadness and defensiveness that lurks beneath. Not many people see that side of my golden boy. His charm keeps them at bay, and they fail to notice the neediness he tries to hide from the world. The need to be loved for who he is on the inside and not merely how handsome he looks on the outside."

"Mum!" now it was Magnus' turn to shade to red as his mother listed his attributes.

She was not wrong, Lanie was forced to admit. It was easy to be seduced by Magnus' golden looks and miss the layers beneath. Reluctantly, Lanie found herself smiling at his mother as she took back the sketch book, holding it firmly against her body.

"When you have something that you are ready to share dear, let me know," the older woman told her. "I have many friends in the art world who appreciate my eye. It will be no difficulty at all to pass on such beautiful work. I would even beg to request a portrait of him for myself - though perhaps one with a bit more clothing on than he is wearing in some of these... I assume that they were artfully posed model drawings a not anything else more unseemly, yes? Good, let us leave it at that."

Lanie and Magnus exchanged squirming looks at the thought of his mother seeing her nude renderings of his body (though most tastefully rendered). She would have to show him later, she realized. Otherwise his active brain would be imagining the worst.

"You are satisfied, then, that the young woman is not out to steal his fortune?" Leo asked glibly as Norella smiled beatifically about the room.

"Don't be absurd!" she sniffed disdainfully. "Lanie is a talent. She will be worth far more than your ne'er do well son before her career has peaked."

"Thank you," Lanie stammered, head spinning from the way the morning had gone.

"Your maternal pride is blinding, Mum," Magnus remarked dryly.

"I call things as I see them, Magpie," she shrugged daintily. "Now, Leo, why don't we leave these two young people alone. I don't know why you insisted on bothering them in the first place."

"If I may give you a piece of advice," Leo said to Lanie, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

"Of course," she replied automatically.

"Run," he told her, helping his wife into her coat. "Run fast and far. These two will drive you to distraction."

"Nonsense," Norella scoffed. "They are in love. Distraction comes with the territory. We will expect you at dinner on Sunday. Both of you. Come, Leo."

And with that, the woman swept out of the room, leaving her husband to follow with a genial shrug goodbye.


"I am so sorry," Magnus said the minute the door closed behind his parents.

He had thought his interrogation with Wallander had been bad, but it was obviously nothing compared with what Lanie had been through.

"How long were they here?"

"About half an hour," she answered, voice sporting that glazed tone which his mother so often inspired.

"I never should have left you alone," he groaned, running his hand through his tousled curls. "If I had been thinking I would have realized she wouldn't be able to wait to pounce on us."

"She knew you'd be out," Lanie told him, a small smile beginning to play about her lips. "She predicted everything you did today, exactly how you would react."

"She would," he grumbled, falling to the couch and tugging her down with him.

"She really liked my work," Lanie's eyes looked at him doubtfully. "You don't think she was just saying that to be kind?"

"My mother?" he snorted. "Not a chance. She wasn't lying when she said she had a well respected eye. The woman is many things, a coinsure definitely among them. If she thinks your work is good, be certain it is exemplary."

A lopsided, loopy grin spread across his girl's face that sent Magnus' heart fluttering, along with a few other places lower down.

"So you'll still have me?" he asked sheepishly. "Even if I come with them?"

"Of course," Lanie smiled at him. "A whole battalion of society matrons couldn't keep me from you, Magpie."

"No!" he said quickly, holding a hand up for emphasis. "You are absolutely forbidden from calling me that!"

"But it's such an adorable nickname," she teased, giggling at him. "My cute little Magpie."

"I said no, kitten," he repeated threateningly. "And I meant it."

"Whatever you say, Magpie," she cooed, batting her eyes at him.

Not pausing to think, Magnus grabbed her around the waist and slung her over his lap as she squealed appealingly. His ribs groaned in protest at the exertion, but it was worth it when her cute little bottom was turned upward towards him, wiggling back and forth as though begging for his attention.

"I think someone has forgotten who is in charge here," he growled, going hard as she pressed into his lap. 

Yanking down his loose fitting shorts from around her hips, he hummed in appreciation as she became bare from the waist down. His had palmed the soft globe of her ass, one finger sliding treacherously to test how wet she had become. When it came away coated in a slick wet he chuckled darkly and licked it clean.

"Now," he said, spreading his legs wide beneath her and holding her firmly in place, "shall I remind you of some rules, lovely? Who owns this tight little ass here?"

Raising his arm he brought his hand down with a satisfying smack onto the left side of her rear, squeezing as the noise of her shriek rang through the room.

"You do," she gasped, pressing into him and angling her ass up tantalizingly. 

"Who?" he asked again, spanking her other cheek at the same time he raised his hips to grind up into her.

"You... Magpie," she giggled.

"Oh, you naughty kitten!" he purred, hand dipping to trail along her quickly swelling lips. "You are not going to be able to sit for a week."

In quick succession he placed fived slaps to her tender skin, watching in satisfaction as it turned red and hot in the shape of his large hand. She was panting now, making no effort to hide how aroused his punishment was making her. His cock, painfully engorged, was screaming at him to leave off the teasing and burry it in her sopping cunt, but he marshalled his willpower and kept her across his lap.

"I will ask you one more time, lovely," he warned her, pinching where her ass glowed the hottest. "Who owns your glorious body?"

"You!" she said hastily, moaning as he dipped in and out of her twice. "You do, Magnus."

"Is that what you call your master?" he grunted, three spanks descending onto her thighs. "What is my title? Don't make me get out the cuffs."

"You mean?" she asked, twisting her head to look up at him, eyes asking the question she was afraid to voice.

With a triumphant smile Magnus nodded.

"Two week suspension, with pay," he told her, unable to keep the relief out of his voice. "That should give me enough time to heal up and teach my little pet some better manners, don't you think?"

He brought his hand down once more onto her ass and she moaned shamelessly in pleasure.

"Yes, Detective," she cried out.

"That's a good girl," he praised her, lifting her up so that her abused bottom came down onto the couch beside him. "Now, why don't we take off the rest of these clothes and let you, very carefully, show me how happy for me you are."

Eyes blown with lust Lanie slipped off the couch to her knees and pulled off his jeans. Magnus hissed as his cock sprang up to smack against his stomach, and she leaned down to reverently kiss the head. Pulling her up, he dragged his tee over her heard before chucking his own shirt and positioning her on his lap.

"Are you sure you can..." she began, but he cut her off with a savage kiss that lasted longer than intended and left them both breathless. "I mean, your health..."

"Will be much worse off if we don't," he insisted. "Believe me, Lanie, if I don't get inside you right now, I will loose what little grasp of sanity I have left."

"If you insist," she smiled.

Raising her up, Magnus positioned his girl over his rock hard erection and slowly lowered her down, savoring every inch he pressed into her. The way her head tipped back and her eyes rolled into her head as she moaned left no doubt that she was also enjoying the stretch of her walls around him.

"It has been too long since I claimed you," he groaned, thrusting up hard into her welcoming warmth.

"It's been less than a day," she laughed, picking up his rhythm and beginning to ride him.

"Too long," he nodded. "I need you desperately, Lanie. I am greedy for you all the time. Any moment I am not buried in your sweet pussy is torture. I know I talk of owning you, and I want to, but need you to know that you own me as well. Heart, mind, soul, and most definitely body, I belong to you and only you, my lovely girl."

"Oh god, Magnus," she cried, quickening the pace as she dragged her clit across the coarse hair at his base. "I'm yours, detective. I swear I'm yours completely."

"That's right," he encouraged her, letting her take on most of the work as she rode up and down on his shaft. "Take me all. Take me and give me your pleasure in return. I want it. NOW."

"MAGNUS!" she screamed, bending backwards as her climax hit her and pulling his from him at the same time. 

When they had come down from their shared high, she sat, snuggled up against his naked chest, his semi-hard cock still encased in her warmth. Magnus smiled at the serene feeling flowing through his body. It had started as a job, and a job he had not wanted. But the beautiful girl in his arms had turned out to be so much more. She was brave and smart and passionate... and she was his.

"I love you, Lanie," he told her, kissing the top of her head.

"I love you too, Detective Martinsson," she sighed into his chest.

Holding her close, he allowed himself to drift into a much needed rest.