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Cumbling Barriers

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Crying for seven hours is no easy task, especially when you have just woken up from an eleven month coma. Izuku Midoriya however is no ordinary person and despite the pain that embraced his body with each sob he continued to cry. His dark green was unkept and stuck out in all different directions and his complexion now pale from lacking sunlight added with his almost hysterical sobbing was more than enough to convince anyone he was a mad man.

Nearly the entire ward was rushing around at his awakening. Each person desperately trying to get papers in order, doctors available and drugs ready. Izuku was however oblivious to this entirely, until his sobbing came to a slow end. Removing his hands from his face he looked at who was next to him. The woman who cradled him had mint green hair tied up into a neat bun. She had a slender build and long arms, allowing her to hold all of him at once. She wore a light blue dress shirt tucked in a knee length white skirt with a laced light brown pair of flats. She held him tight, not in an uncomfortable way but in a rather soothing way, reminding Izuku of his late mother. She would always hold him like this after he had a nightmare. He sank into her embrace, taking in her lavender scent. He was close to just falling asleep in this lady's arms, but that's when he remembered. He had been unable to remember much when he couldn't move but now he could.

Shooting up from the woman's embrace as stumbled backwards towards the wall. His legs week and fragile barely held up his weight. Gripping tightly onto the wall he took in his room. A hospital bed in the middle against the opposite wall- where the lady was sitting, a heart monitor plus dozens of wires and cables limp on the bed from when he bolted, a couple chairs surrounding it, a large window to his left, on the window sill were dozens of potted plants, and a large door to right on the same wall as the bed. Immediately recognising the room as a hospital, he relaxed slightly. Edging closer to the window he peered out still wary of the now shocked woman.

Outside was parking lot but that must've been at least seven stories down. The parking lot packed to the brim with cars, he could see where they connected to the road but that was it. Craning his neck he tried to find a sign that read the hospital's name but was unsuccessful. He looked back at the woman, reading her name tag. His voice was dry and quiet, still clutching onto the window sill.

"Where is she?" The words came out slow and uneven. He was having a problem remembering how to form words. But as he spoke more and more anger and worry filled his words, slowly making him half yell. "Where is Tsuyu? Asui Tsuyu?! Where is she? Tell me!"

"I-I don't know!" Her voice squeaked out. Clearly afraid, she was obviously not lying. Despite her obvious fear she lowered her arms and stood up in an unthreating manner "Let's just calm down though, let take deep breaths. Hey, let's just calm down."

Nothing however could calm him down until he found her. Going as fast as his legs would carry him- which wasn't very fast- he stormed out the room, constantly gripping the wall for assistance. The hall way which he walked into was long, fluorescent lights hung up above and white tiles lined the floors. It was pretty barren, save for the dozens people who were crowed around his door. All of them were in white lab coats, and most had stethoscopes hanging around their necks, all however were gaping. Completely ignoring them he tried to push past them, trying to get to the next door down. He was however held back by the front row of doctors. Attempting to go against them seemed futile as all strength in his body was lost, that didn't stop him.

"Let me go! Let go! I have to get to her!" He yelled, he screamed, he kicked and utterly refused, nothing would stop him from meeting up with his long time friend. They soon came to stand still, he couldn't get past them and they couldn't get him back into his room. Seething he continued to push past the doctor trying to reach the door. He only stopped when he heard a familiar voice. The voice was hoarse and barely audible but he heard it.

"Izu-chan?" Whipping his head around he faced the speaker. Her green hair had long since grown out, her original slender frame was thin and week. Her olive green eyes were filled with worry and concern for her friend. She had been hunching over clinging to the door frame for support, coming out of her own room just down the hall. When she could confirm that it was in fact him her bottom lip trembled and her eyes watered. She called out again her voice cracking and uneven. "Izu-chan!"

She then continued to fall to her knees and sob. Without a second thought he punched the closest doctor and pushed through all the others. They were all to stunned to react as he fell to his knees and slid in front of her, embracing her. He hugged her as tight as he could manage, never wanting to let her go. He quietly muttered inaudible things to her. Although she couldn't understand she relaxed, understanding that it was reassurance.

The doctors all began frantically rushing about. The duo paid them no heed as they continued to sob into each other's arms. Izuku was constantly running his hands through her hair as if to make sure it was real. It was only after a few minutes of sobbing that he spoke. It was in his hero voice, loud, clear and brought reassurance to any who heard.

"It's ok. Why? Cause help is here. Help is here Tsu-chan."