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Cumbling Barriers

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Izuku sat Tsuyu down on his bed. He had calmed her down enough to sit down and not sob as much. He sat down next to her to keep calm and then turned towards all the doctors. Three in particular caught his eye- one being the female from before- the second being a tall slender man with short black hair and piercing oynx eyes. He wore a standard blue surgeons outfit with a small name tag that read Tomohito Kaneki. The other was a young woman, she had caramel brown hair tied into a messy bun with lilic eyes. She wore skinny black jeans and a plain white T-shirt under a gray blazer with two inch gray heels. She had a white badge that read Kiyoko Nagisa above her heart on her blazer. They stood out to him as they approached him first, each keeping a distance. The woman from before came even closer.

"Hello, I'm Isagawa Minami. I'm just here to ask a few questions. 'Kay?" Despite her sweet tone and kind face, the previous fear was not yet removed. Izuku and Tsuyu slowly nodded before she continued. "What day is it?"

"Around June?" He answered truthfully however it came out more of a question as he wasn't to sure himself. Tsu-chan just nodded. Isagawa-san just nodded before writing something down on a clip board that was handed to her.


"Three hundred and twenty-six AQ. Kero." Tsuyu answered this time. Isagawa-san looked confused before writing again.

"Where do you remember being last?"

"We were in Hosu City after the huge earthquakes. We were helping the citizens get out and getting the medics in." He replied effortlessly. Tsuyu looked heart broken as she mumbled under her breathe.

"Please can they all be ok." Isagawa-san looked at them like they were mad but then continued.

"Your names please."

"Midoriya Izuku." His voice became quiet. Tsuyu became aware and shifted a little closer.

"Asui Tsuyu. Kero." Her voice came out a little more confident.

"Earlier you mentioned saving citizens. Are you Pro-heroes?"

"Yes. Kero. I am the owner of Wet Rescue Hero Company and currently nineth in the top ten, Froppy. Kero. And this is the number one hero, owner and creator of Golden Saviour Hero Company, Deku." Isagawa-san gave them a blank look.

"No offense but how do you not recognise us, Isagawa-san?"


"Hello, I'm Tomohito." He said gesturing to his name tag as he sat down in the chair in front of them. "I'm just here to ask about some physical stuff."

"Hai Tomohito-san." They said in unison. Nodding he started.

"So Midoriya-san, any past breaks?"

"Hai, I've broken my right arm thrice and my left four times. I've shattered my left arm's bone six times and my left five. As for my legs I've shattered the bones twice and broken three times. I've broken a total of thirty two ribs, cracked forty seven and have cracked my skull once. Broken nose thirteen times and I've probably broken some others that I'm unaware of" Tomohito-san was writing faster than the eye could see, all while his brow grew more and more creased. He managed to mutter a yes before turning towards Tsu-chan.

"So, Asui-san, any breaks?"

"Hai, I've had a total of twenty broken ribs, cracked twenty seven. I've broken my arms thrice, once on my left. Kero. Broken each leg three times and have had my tounge cut off twice. Kero." Her voice was still a bit dry. Izuku passed her a glass of water which she drank gratefully.

"Any other things you might want to add?" His voice was slow as if still trying to understand what the two had just said. Both shook their heads in denial before turning back to their water. Tomohito-san seemed to understand and took his leave. Once out the door he could hear Tomohito-san, Isagawa-san and Kiyoko-san all talking in hushed tones. He chose to ignore them and focus on his drink. He struggled to taste it as his sense of taste was still off, but nothing a little practice couldn't fix.


"Hello I'm Kiyoko. Nice to meet you." Izuku and Tsuyu just hummed a greeting back, they were exhausted. Understanding the situation she continued her bright and cheery tone. "I'm going to ask you some questions but you probably already know that." Izuku chuckled slightly at that.

"Well, have either of you had any mental illnesses?"

"We both suffer from PTSD. I suffer from anxiety and I used to have depression but grew out of it." He offered, voice gruff. It came out quickly and rehearsed, signalling their was far from the first time he'd been asked this.

"Have any of you had any significant diseases?"

"Other than the common cold or the flu, nothing." Tsu-chan told her. She nodded before scribbling down on her clip board.

"Now I'm going to say a word and you need to answer the first thing that comes to mind, 'kay?" She continued in her sweet voice. Her was struggling to figure out if she was being fake or not. "Now I'm going to start with Midoriya-san, is that fine Asui-san?"

"More than." She muttered nodding here head a bit. Kiyoko-san smiled then turned back to Izuku.

"Ok, let's start. Red?"



"...All Might." He froze a bit there, he couldn't bare to say his late mentors name.

"All Might?"



"Ha ha." I have a quiet laugh, although humorless.




"Kouta..." Saying the young boy's name did not help the growing pain. Izuku could only hope that the young hero would be okay in U.A. without him there. He always had a strong connection to Izuku.

"...Pain?" She seemed a little hesitant to ask this question. He could understand why.

"Try me."

"Underground hero?"


"U.A. ?"

Izuku opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Tsu-chan put a hand on his knee to help him and it did. Taking a deep breath he replied, the words sounding so familiar making him happier as they left his mouth.