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Cumbling Barriers

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It had been an average day for the Pro Hero. Patrolling the streets, stopping the occasional thug and signing autographs. He had just turned away from signing an autograph when it happened.

The ground had started shaking violently. Car alarms had started blaring and the roads started to crack and people started screaming frantically. Being a Hero, he immediately took out his emergency phone and called his hero company. After a few excruciating seconds of ringing his receptionist picked up.

"Hello this is Wet Rescue Hero company how can we he-" She was cut short by the hero.

"Okowa-san? Yes could you please get Froppy on phone, it an emergency."

"Hai!" The phone went silent again before he heard the voice of his friend. She sounded calm as she answered.

"Hello, kero who is this?"

"Hey Tsu-chan! It's me, I need your help for work something pretty big happened in Chiba Prefecture and was wondering if you could help!" The hero's voice was polite and but still held urgency.

"Izu-chan! I will be right over! Kero." The phone went silent once again and he pocketed it. He immediately ran off in the direction of the smoke and the police sirens. The closer he got the more people in need he saw under neath rubble or stuck in buildings. Without further hesitation he immediately started to help anyone and everyone in need, but not before declaring for every one to hear. A saying meant to bring hope and peace. A saying dedicated to his deceased sensei.

"It will be all right! Help is here!"




Froppy arrived on the scene not to soon after. She immediately began to get people out of cars stuck in the cracked road or directing people towards the ambulances. She eventually saw the man who had called her and informed her of the situation. In her loudest voice she called out to him.

"Deku!" Careful not to use his real name. His head whipped towards her, his dark green hair falling ever so slightly onto his face. He gave her bright smile -a smile she knew all to well- before he darted to his left to help someone be neath the ruble. Knowing that he could hear her, she called out again.

"Do you think it's an average earthquake?" Despite her trying to cover her worry, it showed all to clearly to Deku. After helping out the young lady and her child and directing them towards a safe area he turned to her. A slight frown on his face - hidden by smoke to everyone else except Froppy. He opened his mouth before closing it again, as if trying process something. Eventually he came to a conclusion and spoke. His voice quiet, not loud enough for anyone to hear, Froppy herself barely heard it.

"No, but I don't think it's villains either. Definitely a quick but..." He trailed off, leaving Froppy to full in the gaps. She however did not need to as another quake hit. This time stronger and longer than the last. Before Froppy could even process what happened Deku had raced off saving school bus full of young children from falling to a large crevice.

Again the duo went back to saving anyone in need. A couple other rescue heroes showed up as well. One being Airsolo, a young man with an air manipulation quirk. Handy for a situation like this.

As they were heading more towards the center - where the smoke was thickest and cracks were largest - it became increasingly more difficult to see and hear. Soon enough so Froppy could hardly hear herself. She could barely make out anything when she felt something handed to her. She felt what had been handed to her. A smooth mouth filter, upon further inspection she found the word 'Deku' ingraved on the nose band. She smiled herself before putting it on. Now being able to breathe properly she continued to search for any in danger.

It took Froppy a long time before she was able to see properly again. This was thanks to Airsolo. But as she was able to see, a panicked yelp could be heard from the direction her partner went. Hurriedly she raced off in the general direction, unable o pinpoint exactly where it came from. Not after she covered ten metered did she start seeing blood. A small light and barely visible trail of blood, the more she followed the thicker the trail got. Soon enough she found the body.

Thick bloody hair, ghastly pale skin, and a white lab coat. It appeared to be female hot was hard to tell as 'she' was in half. Her right side was missing and half of her organs were spilling out onto the dirt caked ground. Her remaining hand was tightly clutched around a small book. However none of that was what caught Froppy's eye, instead it was her friend. His usual unruly dark green hair was now caked with sweat, dirt and blood, his vibrant green eyes showed prominent signs of fear and panic.

"Izu-chan, what...?" Her sentence was cut short as she followed his gaze. A moldy green liquid was flowing down his hands, where it touched skin it sizzled and started to melt into liquid, clothes and all. His mouth was open as he tried to scream again but was cut short by Tsuyu. "Izu-chan!"

Only at her words did Izuku actually notice her presence. He whipped around to face her only for some of the liquid to splash on the edge of her shoe. The splotch immediately began eating the shoe and grew liquiddizing her legs until she was no longer able to stand. She let out frightened yelp, it might not of hurt - heck she couldn't feel anything - but it still scared her. Izuku had worse, while she no longer had legs or anything below the torso, he had no arms or front half of his body. They fell into each others arms, terrified for their lives and what was happening to them. As his head fell into Tsuyu's stomach he managed to mutter something. Though raspy and barely audible Tsuyu understood.

"Never did get to marry, did I?" With tears in her eyes Tsuyu looked down at her melting friend and her melting body- hoping this wasn't the end for them- replied. Voice equally hoarse and just as scarred.

"Neither of us did, did we?

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When Izuku gained conscious he was far from happy. His entire body hurt like hell, despite his high pain tolerance. He winced as he attempted to pry his eyes open, only to be met with a searing pain behind his eye balls making him immediately shut them tight again. But that was only the beginning of the pain. His entire body felt like he was being stabbed, being burned alive, and skinned. He wanted to scream but his vocal cords seemed limp at the thought but allowed him to let out a small whine like whimper. He couldn't see, that hurt to much. He couldn't hear nor could he feel anything and it was driving him crazy. For all he knew he could be in a villains lair, or had he not been here, saving lives like was supposed to. He lay as still as possible for hours- trying to numb the constant pain. The emotional hurt far than anything physical.

After what seemed a good couple days he was finally able to hear something. It was dull, quiet and constant, like a nice life line to help him remember that he was alive. The beeping happened every few seconds, in the same monotone note. It reminded him of a heart monitor, he was all to familiar with those.

It was a long time before he could feel anything. It came slow, excruciatingly slow. He began to feel the ground beneath him, though it wasn't the ground it felt like a bed. He could feel sheets and a thick blanket covering him. He couldn't feel if it was cold or hot but occasionally the blanket left him only for a new one to arrive. He could feel an oxygen mask covering his face, it's pipe shoved down his throat. And on very few occasions he felt a tiny, tiny prick in his inner arm. Much like the beeping it helped him stay sane, keeping him level.

It's not very easy when you can't move in fear of the pain. The pain had yet to leave his body, and keeping still was the only way to keep it some what at bay. It's not very easy to stay still forever but at the moment it was Izuku's only choice.

Izuku estimated it had been at least three months. Three months, sixteen days, eight hours, thirty-two minutes and seven seconds. He had only started counting when he was able to hear the beeping so was probably more. He liked counting, helped him to focus and keep away boredom away.

At six months, three days, fourteen hours, nine minutes and forty-three seconds Izuku heard something besides the beeping. It started dull and quiet, much like the beeping. It reminded him vaguely of the memories of voices, soft and soothing. Words were hard to make out but he recognised it as a lullaby. It had been six months four days, ten hours, fifty-two minutes, and thirty minutes since he first heard the beeping.

He had whimpered for the first time in seven months, ten days, sixteen hours, twenty-one minutes, and three seconds. It had slow and long. The lullaby singer had stopped immediately and hadn't returned to their usual singing until thirty-seven hours had passed.

Izuku had felt the most he had felt in a long time in those thirty-seven hours. His sheets had been ripped off him and was fairly sure his clothes as well. He had ever so slightly felt hands, needles and dozens of other things pole and prod at him the entire time. However they had sat him up from where ever he had been sitting and that hurt. At twenty-seven hours in he had whimpered. The sound was loud and long, all poking, prodding and injections stopped immediately. Izuku could've sworn he heard yelling, faintly and far off. They had stopped everything, giving him back his clothes- though he had no idea what they really were- and his blankets. He had been restless, waiting for his lullaby and ten hours later it returned. Relaxing only as the familiar sound filled his ears, going perfectly in tune to the beeping.

Izuku stopped counting when he could hear. The usual lullaby had slowly started growing more and more clear. With enough time he could make out the words. Izuku had stopped breathing for minute, checking if this was in fact real. Once he sure, he managed to say his first words in months. His voice was dry, raspy, and sounded absolutely awful. Izuku loved it. Managing to control his vocal cords despite the constant pain in ever single movement he made.

"I-I hear you." Swallowing the growing pool of salava he continued, trying to ignore his oxygen mask. "I can hear you."

It was for the very first time in very long time that Izuku Midoriya cried. Even as he cried his throat tried it's hardest to close and cover any sound he might make. However nothing could stop him now, he then continued to cry for the next seven hours. Not even stopping when his lullaby was cut short.

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Crying for seven hours is no easy task, especially when you have just woken up from an eleven month coma. Izuku Midoriya however is no ordinary person and despite the pain that embraced his body with each sob he continued to cry. His dark green was unkept and stuck out in all different directions and his complexion now pale from lacking sunlight added with his almost hysterical sobbing was more than enough to convince anyone he was a mad man.

Nearly the entire ward was rushing around at his awakening. Each person desperately trying to get papers in order, doctors available and drugs ready. Izuku was however oblivious to this entirely, until his sobbing came to a slow end. Removing his hands from his face he looked at who was next to him. The woman who cradled him had mint green hair tied up into a neat bun. She had a slender build and long arms, allowing her to hold all of him at once. She wore a light blue dress shirt tucked in a knee length white skirt with a laced light brown pair of flats. She held him tight, not in an uncomfortable way but in a rather soothing way, reminding Izuku of his late mother. She would always hold him like this after he had a nightmare. He sank into her embrace, taking in her lavender scent. He was close to just falling asleep in this lady's arms, but that's when he remembered. He had been unable to remember much when he couldn't move but now he could.

Shooting up from the woman's embrace as stumbled backwards towards the wall. His legs week and fragile barely held up his weight. Gripping tightly onto the wall he took in his room. A hospital bed in the middle against the opposite wall- where the lady was sitting, a heart monitor plus dozens of wires and cables limp on the bed from when he bolted, a couple chairs surrounding it, a large window to his left, on the window sill were dozens of potted plants, and a large door to right on the same wall as the bed. Immediately recognising the room as a hospital, he relaxed slightly. Edging closer to the window he peered out still wary of the now shocked woman.

Outside was parking lot but that must've been at least seven stories down. The parking lot packed to the brim with cars, he could see where they connected to the road but that was it. Craning his neck he tried to find a sign that read the hospital's name but was unsuccessful. He looked back at the woman, reading her name tag. His voice was dry and quiet, still clutching onto the window sill.

"Where is she?" The words came out slow and uneven. He was having a problem remembering how to form words. But as he spoke more and more anger and worry filled his words, slowly making him half yell. "Where is Tsuyu? Asui Tsuyu?! Where is she? Tell me!"

"I-I don't know!" Her voice squeaked out. Clearly afraid, she was obviously not lying. Despite her obvious fear she lowered her arms and stood up in an unthreating manner "Let's just calm down though, let take deep breaths. Hey, let's just calm down."

Nothing however could calm him down until he found her. Going as fast as his legs would carry him- which wasn't very fast- he stormed out the room, constantly gripping the wall for assistance. The hall way which he walked into was long, fluorescent lights hung up above and white tiles lined the floors. It was pretty barren, save for the dozens people who were crowed around his door. All of them were in white lab coats, and most had stethoscopes hanging around their necks, all however were gaping. Completely ignoring them he tried to push past them, trying to get to the next door down. He was however held back by the front row of doctors. Attempting to go against them seemed futile as all strength in his body was lost, that didn't stop him.

"Let me go! Let go! I have to get to her!" He yelled, he screamed, he kicked and utterly refused, nothing would stop him from meeting up with his long time friend. They soon came to stand still, he couldn't get past them and they couldn't get him back into his room. Seething he continued to push past the doctor trying to reach the door. He only stopped when he heard a familiar voice. The voice was hoarse and barely audible but he heard it.

"Izu-chan?" Whipping his head around he faced the speaker. Her green hair had long since grown out, her original slender frame was thin and week. Her olive green eyes were filled with worry and concern for her friend. She had been hunching over clinging to the door frame for support, coming out of her own room just down the hall. When she could confirm that it was in fact him her bottom lip trembled and her eyes watered. She called out again her voice cracking and uneven. "Izu-chan!"

She then continued to fall to her knees and sob. Without a second thought he punched the closest doctor and pushed through all the others. They were all to stunned to react as he fell to his knees and slid in front of her, embracing her. He hugged her as tight as he could manage, never wanting to let her go. He quietly muttered inaudible things to her. Although she couldn't understand she relaxed, understanding that it was reassurance.

The doctors all began frantically rushing about. The duo paid them no heed as they continued to sob into each other's arms. Izuku was constantly running his hands through her hair as if to make sure it was real. It was only after a few minutes of sobbing that he spoke. It was in his hero voice, loud, clear and brought reassurance to any who heard.

"It's ok. Why? Cause help is here. Help is here Tsu-chan."

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Izuku sat Tsuyu down on his bed. He had calmed her down enough to sit down and not sob as much. He sat down next to her to keep calm and then turned towards all the doctors. Three in particular caught his eye- one being the female from before- the second being a tall slender man with short black hair and piercing oynx eyes. He wore a standard blue surgeons outfit with a small name tag that read Tomohito Kaneki. The other was a young woman, she had caramel brown hair tied into a messy bun with lilic eyes. She wore skinny black jeans and a plain white T-shirt under a gray blazer with two inch gray heels. She had a white badge that read Kiyoko Nagisa above her heart on her blazer. They stood out to him as they approached him first, each keeping a distance. The woman from before came even closer.

"Hello, I'm Isagawa Minami. I'm just here to ask a few questions. 'Kay?" Despite her sweet tone and kind face, the previous fear was not yet removed. Izuku and Tsuyu slowly nodded before she continued. "What day is it?"

"Around June?" He answered truthfully however it came out more of a question as he wasn't to sure himself. Tsu-chan just nodded. Isagawa-san just nodded before writing something down on a clip board that was handed to her.


"Three hundred and twenty-six AQ. Kero." Tsuyu answered this time. Isagawa-san looked confused before writing again.

"Where do you remember being last?"

"We were in Hosu City after the huge earthquakes. We were helping the citizens get out and getting the medics in." He replied effortlessly. Tsuyu looked heart broken as she mumbled under her breathe.

"Please can they all be ok." Isagawa-san looked at them like they were mad but then continued.

"Your names please."

"Midoriya Izuku." His voice became quiet. Tsuyu became aware and shifted a little closer.

"Asui Tsuyu. Kero." Her voice came out a little more confident.

"Earlier you mentioned saving citizens. Are you Pro-heroes?"

"Yes. Kero. I am the owner of Wet Rescue Hero Company and currently nineth in the top ten, Froppy. Kero. And this is the number one hero, owner and creator of Golden Saviour Hero Company, Deku." Isagawa-san gave them a blank look.

"No offense but how do you not recognise us, Isagawa-san?"


"Hello, I'm Tomohito." He said gesturing to his name tag as he sat down in the chair in front of them. "I'm just here to ask about some physical stuff."

"Hai Tomohito-san." They said in unison. Nodding he started.

"So Midoriya-san, any past breaks?"

"Hai, I've broken my right arm thrice and my left four times. I've shattered my left arm's bone six times and my left five. As for my legs I've shattered the bones twice and broken three times. I've broken a total of thirty two ribs, cracked forty seven and have cracked my skull once. Broken nose thirteen times and I've probably broken some others that I'm unaware of" Tomohito-san was writing faster than the eye could see, all while his brow grew more and more creased. He managed to mutter a yes before turning towards Tsu-chan.

"So, Asui-san, any breaks?"

"Hai, I've had a total of twenty broken ribs, cracked twenty seven. I've broken my arms thrice, once on my left. Kero. Broken each leg three times and have had my tounge cut off twice. Kero." Her voice was still a bit dry. Izuku passed her a glass of water which she drank gratefully.

"Any other things you might want to add?" His voice was slow as if still trying to understand what the two had just said. Both shook their heads in denial before turning back to their water. Tomohito-san seemed to understand and took his leave. Once out the door he could hear Tomohito-san, Isagawa-san and Kiyoko-san all talking in hushed tones. He chose to ignore them and focus on his drink. He struggled to taste it as his sense of taste was still off, but nothing a little practice couldn't fix.


"Hello I'm Kiyoko. Nice to meet you." Izuku and Tsuyu just hummed a greeting back, they were exhausted. Understanding the situation she continued her bright and cheery tone. "I'm going to ask you some questions but you probably already know that." Izuku chuckled slightly at that.

"Well, have either of you had any mental illnesses?"

"We both suffer from PTSD. I suffer from anxiety and I used to have depression but grew out of it." He offered, voice gruff. It came out quickly and rehearsed, signalling their was far from the first time he'd been asked this.

"Have any of you had any significant diseases?"

"Other than the common cold or the flu, nothing." Tsu-chan told her. She nodded before scribbling down on her clip board.

"Now I'm going to say a word and you need to answer the first thing that comes to mind, 'kay?" She continued in her sweet voice. Her was struggling to figure out if she was being fake or not. "Now I'm going to start with Midoriya-san, is that fine Asui-san?"

"More than." She muttered nodding here head a bit. Kiyoko-san smiled then turned back to Izuku.

"Ok, let's start. Red?"



"...All Might." He froze a bit there, he couldn't bare to say his late mentors name.

"All Might?"



"Ha ha." I have a quiet laugh, although humorless.




"Kouta..." Saying the young boy's name did not help the growing pain. Izuku could only hope that the young hero would be okay in U.A. without him there. He always had a strong connection to Izuku.

"...Pain?" She seemed a little hesitant to ask this question. He could understand why.

"Try me."

"Underground hero?"


"U.A. ?"

Izuku opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Tsu-chan put a hand on his knee to help him and it did. Taking a deep breath he replied, the words sounding so familiar making him happier as they left his mouth.