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Love Is Blind

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Donny Montell was practising his Eurovision song 'Love Is Blind', on the stage. A few of the jury members were sitting there, to take a sneak peek of his performance. Of course, the Lithuanian was wearing his blindfold, which was part of the act. So he didn't notice a shadow creeping up behind him. The person pulled Donny's blindfold off. Donny was frightened for a moment before he realised what was going on. Another stage invader.
"What... who are you?" Donny asked.
"That doesn't matter! This rehearsal is over!" the stage invader yelled, kicking over some props and running off the stage.
Donny sighed. Yet another interruption. It seemed that this contest was full of them. Oh well. The police pulled the stage invader off the stage and took him away.
"Alright," Donny said, putting his blindfold on again, "Let's pretend that never happened and start again. Let's try this from the beginning."