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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori sighed softly as he walked through the city. He was easily able to patrol better this way, no one would distract him this way. Staying in his civilian persona was the best way to him at least. Though, he could go without all of the overloading smells and sounds hitting him at once. It was the one thing he hated about his enhanced senses for it, though it did give him an edge to when he was on cases with his friend in the force.


Turning his gaze up at the sky, the young blonde couldn’t help but be curious. His life was something that was full of mystery. Where he had come from, who his parents were. What were they doing and what had happened to them? Was these abilities of his a quirk or was it a curse?


Better yet, did they even want to find him?


Closing his eyes, Toshinori took a deep breath, hoping to calm his nerves. He knew that he shouldn’t be worrying about such a thing. If they were worried about him then they should have been able to find him. Right?


He opened his eyes, the clouds drifting across the sky. The scent of moisture in the air was a little more overpowering than it was moments before. Maybe the rain would come and hit them harder than he had previously thought. Maybe if he was lucky, no villains wouldn’t dare to try to attack during a rain storm. Unless their quirks made them stronger during the rain storm. He couldn’t really be sure, but he knew that he couldn’t allow his guard to be down even for an instant.


Turning his gaze over, he saw many happy people walking down the streets. Some by themselves, others in happy groups or even couples. He couldn’t help but envy couples. It was one of the things that he envied Shouta and Hizashi over. If he was truly honest with himself, he wanted to have someone like that in his life but, at the same time he knew that it couldn’t be.


Looking down at his hand, he glared at his entirely normal hand before he saw his claws grow in. ’So long as I am like that, I could never allow myself to have someone in my life. Not like that…’ Thought the blonde before he let out a soft sigh, his claws shrinking back to normal looking human nails.


Lowering his hand back into his jacket pocket, he sighed softly. He couldn’t help but frown a little as he looked up and saw that the crossing light was on. Smiling a little, he started to make his way across the street as he thought about his patrol. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but wonder where Hizashi was. Was he on his way or had he been held up back at the radio station? Frowning a little at that, Toshinori checked his watch seeing that Hizashi was most likely still at the station.



Hizashi was one man that loved his show and of course to make people happy more than anything in the world. Sure, Hizashi was rather loud and hyper but he knew how to bring a smile to people’s faces. That was for sure. Yet, he couldn’t help but be a little curious as to what the show was about today.


There had to be something, but he just couldn’t be sure what it was unless he had a radio on him or something along those lines.


Knowing him though, it was to help build awareness of some kind. Maybe to bring awareness to the homes that villains have destroyed and to help rebuild city blocks. Or even to help children who had been orphaned by villains one way or another.


If he was honest about that, well, Toshinori wished that it had been the one thing that could have helped him growing up. Sure, he had Nana and Gran Torino helping him. Raising him to be the fine young man that he had become well, he couldn’t help but feel dejected in some way. There was never enough help for such a wild child that he had been so long ago. It was a feeling that he carried with him, something that still bothered him so much growing up.


Even though he had almost no control over his actions back then since he was a boy. A boy that needed to learn how to control himself and whatever powers he possessed. Nana saw something in him, she saw that he needed help, that he needed someone to help him. To guide him through his life. Well, that was something that Nana had told him once, when he had asked her why she bothered with such a troubled child such as himself.


”Because you are a special boy Toshinori. A boy, with eyes so big, so innocent yet deep within their depths I can see in them that you want help. That you want someone to save you from such a fate and this is the only way to help you is for you to stay here. With Gran Torino and myself.”


That was the very thing that had broken him back then. He cried, cried until he couldn’t utter a sound anymore and he trained hard until he could learn to control himself. It was the one thing that helped him, the one thing that allowed him to harness control over himself. Thanks to that control that he now possessed, he was almost a normal human being. Even though, even with that power he still considered himself quirkless.


Until his mentor, his master and… his mother figure, gave him a quirk. One that wasn’t passed down by blood, but passed from one generation to the next just by choice. If you are deemed worthy enough to possess such a quirk. He would never regret his choice in accepting such an honor but he just hoped that he would live up to her expectations.


Soon, his ears picked up a sound. It sounded like someone had fallen from behind him. Frowning, he turned around and saw a woman. He could make out green hair though he couldn’t make out her face. Frowning, he saw that she was struggling to get up, the scent of blood reached his nose.


He heard her mumbling to herself about how much of a klutz she was. Toshinori could make out her items that had scattered out of her purse. Keys, make up, her wallet even. Did everything fall out of her purse? Just as he was about to turn away, Toshinori’s hearing picked up something else.


Head whipping to the left, Toshinori could make out a transport truck rushing toward her. Blue eyes widen in shock, the driver didn’t seem like he was going to stop for the woman. Snarling, he turned to stare at the woman who didn’t seem to look up from what she was gathering. Narrowing his eyes, he rushed forward. He couldn’t waste time, he couldn’t lose this, she was in danger yet she didn’t even know it.


The woman seemed to have heard the truck rushing down the road as she seemed to stare at the truck. Toshinori still couldn’t make out her face as her hair obscured it from his view. In fact, from the sudden change in her scent, he could tell that she was scared, scared out of her mind. Most likely thinking that she was going to die in that moment. There was no way that he would allow her to die.


Pushing himself harder, the young man jumped, wrapping his arms around the woman’s tiny frame and rolled on the road, holding onto her as tightly as he could to make sure that she wouldn’t be any more injured than she already was.


The sound of the truck seemed to whiz by the two, the two locks of his hair whipping around his face from the speed that the truck had gone by, Toshinori shielded the woman from the dirt and pebbles that had pelted him from the speed of the truck zipping by.


Breathing deeply against the woman’s neck, Toshinori felt like everything had slowed down. This scent, he knew it from somewhere before. He wasn’t sure where it was that he had heard it before. But he knew that right now was not the time to be thinking of such things in the first place. Taking a deep breath, hoping to calm himself, the young man pushed himself off of the woman as he asked “Are you alright? You’re not hurt are you?”


“I’m okay.”


He felt something stirring deep within himself. This was bad, it wasn’t time yet, and this was not the time for it to come out yet! He knew that yet this woman seemed to have stirred something within him. It shouldn’t even be possible. Gulping a bit, taking a deep calming breath the young man hoped to calm himself, to push down that feeling deep down within himself. Right now wasn’t the time for that but to be professional.


“Are you okay though?” came her voice, causing him to stiffen a little. He had a few scrapes and cuts on his hand, even some on his knees from his jeans ripping a little but even now he could feel those healing for him. Gulping a little, the young man could only nod his head a little to her. Not yet having a good look at the woman, her hair blocking his view once again. Damn hair though maybe it was best, he wasn’t really all that handsome to look at.


He was too tall, crazy blonde hair that stuck out behind him with the two long locks framing the sides of his face? Well, to him that wasn’t something that anyone would want to see saving them in the first place. That was why he would willingly change forms from ‘Toshinori’ to his hero persona.


The breeze zipped by, blowing his hair aside, and that was when he saw it. The woman’s green hair flew to the gentle breeze, as if it was caressing her face to brush aside the green strands. It was then, he saw pools of emeralds gazing up at him.


’Mine…’ a voice echoed deep within his mind, his eyes glowing bright blue, he could see it in the reflection of her eyes. Tightly shutting the glowing orbs, he tried to calm himself, damn it. What the hell was going on? This was a feeling that he hadn’t felt before and it was something that he didn’t think was natural.


“Are you okay?”


A grunt escaped him. Honestly, right now he wasn’t sure if he was alright. This was still so strange to him, though it was weirder when he realised that he had yet to get up from the poor woman. Taking a deep breath, opening his eyes the young man pushed himself off of her before helping the young woman up onto her feet. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep… um…” He blushed a little at what it had looked like.


“No, it’s okay!” She said, a small smile on her face as she gazed at him. Toshinori felt that feeling stirring deep within himself again. Though it didn’t sound angry, no, more like it was content for the first time in a long time. It seemed that he had some kind of connection to this woman somehow though he wasn’t sure what that was. “Thank you for saving me. I didn’t think of getting up I guess, I wanted to make sure that I had everything and… I thought I had enough time.”


Toshinori shook his head before placing a hand on her shoulder, causing her to gaze back up at him. The feeling seemed to be a little confused at his own actions. “Do not be sorry, you didn’t know that a crazy driver like that would have just rushed through without any concern for anyone.” Turning his attention to the road, he saw that her items were still there. Rushing over, he saw a few cars having starting to move on once again.


He knew that it was a little stupid, reckless even. But knew that if he could grab a hold of the young woman’s items, that he would feel better knowing that she wouldn’t have to replace them. Easily dodging the cars, Toshinori would even flip onto his hands just to help himself evade the vehicles as they tried to hit him. A few of them even honking their horns at the poor man.


The woman called out to him, telling him not to worry about her things. Yet he didn’t bother with such a thing, he managed to grab a hold of the young woman’s fallen items and made his way back to her.


Her eyes, they bore right through him. Right into his soul and Toshinori couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of such a feeling. It was strange, yet at the same time it had felt so right to have this feeling. But why? Shaking his head, the young man held out her items that hadn’t made it back into her purse until he had grabbed her, rolling the young woman out of harm’s way.


His hands shook, a part of him wanted to grab this woman and take her far away from here. To do… something. Whatever that is, he had no idea but knew that he couldn’t follow through with such a feeling.


Holding his hands out, he gave the young woman a bright and cheerful smile as accepted her things back. The young woman, she seemed to have her own rays of sunshine as she gazed up at him. The blonde couldn’t help but take a deep breath of her sweet smelling scent once again. She smelled like sweets, flowers with a touch of vanilla mixed together. He couldn’t help but be drawn to her scent and it made him curious as to why that is.


“Thank you for saving me.” The woman said, her voice was so soft. Kind, gentle even. God why did it all seem so familiar to him but damn it all. He just couldn’t remember why that was in the first place. It was a memory all right, but one that was surrounded by nothing bug fog. A fog that would not lift itself, as if it was telling him that it was best, not to remember.


Breathing in deeply, the young man gave the woman a calm yet gentle smile. “You’re welcome. Happy to be of service my lady.” Toshinori said with a chuckle, hoping to lighten the mood. Though, he wasn’t sure if the woman would even laugh with him. Yet, when she giggled, he couldn’t help but blink in shock. It was the most beautiful sound in the world, but he knew that he couldn’t allow himself to be drawn in. It wasn’t right.




“Are you sure that you’re okay?”


“Yes, why?”


“Well, a while ago your eyes glowed and seemed to have… changed.” That surprised him. Toshinori frowned a little as he tilted his head to the side. Not really sure what was going on, or what had happened for that to concern her. Though he had a sinking feeling that he knew what the answer was. “Well, your eyes, they glowed a bright blue that anyone would see even in the dark but, they were surrounded by a yellow tinge, almost gold.”


Toshinori almost felt everything freeze in that moment. That couldn’t be right, he wasn’t stressed, the nightmares that he had before he woke up were long gone. There shouldn’t be a way for that to have happened in the first place!


“Are you okay?”


Blinking in shock, Toshinori look over at the young woman and tilted his head. It seemed that he hadn’t expected the young woman to be so concerned about him. Turning his gaze away, the young man calmly said “I’m fine, though… I should get going. I have a friend to meet up with.” It wasn’t really a lie, but it wasn’t the whole truth either. Hizashi was most likely done with his show now and he needed to catch up with him.


“Oh, um… thank you again for saving me. I hope to see you again.” She said with a bright and cheerful smile. Toshinori couldn’t help but gaze at her. His heart leaping up into his throat as he gazed upon her. Honestly, he wanted to see her again but knew, that it wasn’t right to do so. He had to avoid her at all costs, there was no way that he could do this. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t right of him to invade in on her life more than he already had.


Closing his eyes, he breathed in deeply before turning to stare at her once again. “You’re welcome.” He whispered softly before walking off.


That feeling deep within him kept stirring. Telling him to go back, to be near what is theirs. Toshinori knew that he couldn’t allow such a feeling to cross him, to control his actions. That much was true, but at the same time he wanted to follow such feelings and instincts. Closing his eyes, the young man tried to control himself. Tried to push aside such feelings from his heart, from his very soul but he knew that it was nigh impossible for such a thing to be possible.


But even he knew this about himself. The feelings that would always stir from deep within could never just ‘go away’ like he wanted. No, far from such a thing, it would only keep growing and growing until he could no longer hide from such a feeling anymore. It would soon take its hold over him if he kept ignoring it, and he would end up losing control and change into the beast that he despise more than anything in this world.


’I won’t turn into that beast anymore…’ thought Toshinori, yet even he couldn’t shake that feeling in the pit of his stomach.