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A Werewolf's Love

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If he had anything to say about the day? He’d say that he felt rather sore and exhausted. Ever since Toshinori first saw that green haired woman, his wolf was fighting him so to speak. But he wouldn’t allow the wolf out to go look for her. No, Toshinori didn’t want to change anymore, every time he did he swore that his friends were going to tell him. Such as what he did when his wolf was the one in control.


It was mostly himself in control but there was the odd time when his wolf would be the one who called the shots. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath, only to whine a bit. Looking over at his reflection, he saw that his fangs were a little longer, as were his claws. Eyes had a tinge of yellow at the edges, his pupils almost seemed to have narrowed to the point that they could almost disappear.


“Damn it.” Toshinori cursed under his breath as he pushed himself out of bed and went to get himself cleaned up for the day.


Looking down at the calendar that resided near his mirror, he saw that it was his day off but what bothered him the most was how close the full moon was. He knew better than anyone that it was best that he stay inside during those times. Hell, it was better that he stayed inside when he was a wolf either way.


There was no way of knowing what it was that would happen should people learn there was a werewolf in this city. A part of him was afraid of people learning the truth. Why that was, he just wasn’t really sure, but he knew that there was something out there that he was terrified of but he couldn’t be sure what it was.


Shaking his head, the young man knew that he shouldn’t let this bother him so much. Yet, there was just a part of him telling him something. Warning him about something more than about trying to find their mate. There was just… something dangerous out there and he just wasn’t sure what it was though he couldn’t really be sure as to what it was.


Letting out a deep sigh, the young man looked out the window as he wondered what he was to do. There had to be something that he could do though he couldn’t be sure as to what it would be.


Walking out of his bedroom fresh and clean for the day, the young man made his way to the kitchen, frowning when he didn’t see Shouta or Hizashi. Strange. Maybe they had over slept? Shaking his head, Toshinori sniffed the air in the apartment, just the usual scents with no new scents going to the door so that had to mean something. Either they were still out and about or they were indeed in the apartment.


Rubbing his face, Toshinori knew that eating something calm himself down. Or at the very least give him the strength to hold his wolf back. The longer he holds it back, the harder it was starting to be. Normally he had no issue with it coming out now and again but… with his wolf claiming someone as their mate? Well, he was scared of what would happen.


What would his wolf do to her? Would it attack her? Try to force her to be their mate by… Dear god he didn’t even want to think about such an evil thought.


Biting his lip, only to wince when he felt one of his fangs puncture the skin. A droplet of blood dripped down his lip causing him to sigh a little. Damn it, he’d have to find something that he could do to stop biting his lip like this. It was annoying to feel that pain, even with his healing factor kicking in it still annoyed him to no end.


Taking a deep breath, hoping to calm his nerves, Toshinori looked up and turned his gaze to the window for a brief moment. Maybe there was something that he could do today. Even if it was by himself, he just wasn’t sure what he could do. There was no way that Toshinori would allow himself to stay cooped up inside all day like this. That much was true, though he knew that he still had to be careful should he start to change in the middle of the street.


Clenching his hand into a tight fist, snarling as he cursed to himself. “Why did I have to be a werewolf? Of all things? Why did I have to be cursed with such a life as this? What did I deserve to have this life?”


Shaking his head, he settled on making a ham and turkey sandwich. Maybe some kind of meat would help his wolf calm down. That was the only thing that would calm him anyway, not sure about his wolf. “Stupid fucking beast.” Toshinori grumbled under his breath, only for his wolf to snarl. “Fine, sorry.” He grumbled with a sigh.


Making his way over to the living room, Toshinori sat on his chair and let out a soft sigh as he set his plate on his lap. Looking up at the TV, he grabbed the remote before flicking on the channel. Setting the remote aside, Toshinori leaned his arm on his chair with his cheek pressing against his palm as he used his free hand to eat his sandwich.


”Local news tells us about this new café that had in only one year, brought about so many heroes interests. The owner, we could swear that she had some kind of baking related quick makes her food so amazingly delicious.” Toshinori perked at that. Who could bake food that good in the first place? Was it the place that Shouta goes to? Interesting.


”Yet, the owner herself has told us that her quirk has nothing to do with baking but merely attraction of small objects. Either way, the owner still makes amazing treats and even takes on requests from her guests on themed treats. Such as these amazing cat treats she makes for the underground hero Eraser Head.”


So it was the café that Shouta goes to. Amazing, maybe he’ll have to go down there one of these days. If they made treats like that, then who was he to judge. Plus, if it was as good as the news was making it, then he’ll want to go down there one of these days and check it out himself.


”When we had asked the owner on why she opened the café, as well as the name she had told us it was because she wanted to make others happy. Whatever she bakes, she makes with love and wishes to have people enjoy themselves while she bakes for them. Whatever is left over, she gives away as she believes in baking everything fresh.” That seems a little too good to be true but Toshinori wasn’t going to deny that it wasn’t a good deed at the very least.”Though, as for why she picked the name ‘The Emerald Café’ she merely said she picked the name because of a comment that she got when she was younger and how her friends commented on her eyes shining like emeralds when she was happy.”


His ears perked up at that. His wolf seemed rather interested as well as he remembered only one pair of eyes that resembled emeralds.


”Well, that is all we have on how such a small business became so popular within only a years’ time. The only thing I’ve got to say, is come on down and enjoy the treats and coffee, or even some of the special blends of tea that the owner herself has created. I hope you all have a wonderful day.” with that, the news was over and it left Toshinori a little curious as to who it was that owned the café. He knew that there had to be something more to this than that, but he just wasn’t sure as to what it was.


Shaking his head, the young man swallowed the last bite of his sandwich before he pushed himself up from his chair and made his way toward the kitchen to wash up the dishes that had been left from the night before. Honestly, everything was starting to get a little hectic to him and it made him curious, concerned really on what he was to do.


Ever since he saw that girl, it just seemed as if everything being turned around. Maybe it was because he was going to try to stop himself from transforming? Nah, that couldn’t be it. After all, what harm could that bring to him in the first place? He had a strong enough will to keep his wolf from coming out and most likely going to search for that woman again.


That was something that he couldn’t risk. There was no telling what would happen, should his wolf come out and… do whatever it was that it wanted to do. Honestly, Toshinori had no idea what it was that his wolf would do as it was just part of the instincts that the wolf had. Something even he himself didn’t know about as he himself just followed the human aspect.


But was it the right thing to follow?


That was something that he had asked himself since he woke up all those years ago. Knowing that he was a werewolf, knowing that he was something that wasn’t completely human. What was he to follow? The human aspect? Or the werewolf’s? He had no idea, and it bothered him as he knew that there was a few things that humans did and didn’t do. That was something that he had understood from such a young age but had nothing to follow an example of with the werewolf part of him.


It was just another thing that bothered him and that was what irritated him more than his wolf wanting to find that woman and mate with her.


Groaning, Toshinori covered his face with his hands, forgetting that they were soaked from washing the dishes. Pulling his hands back, the blonde sneezed from the bubbles tickling his sensitive nose. “Ugh…” He groaned as he sniffled in the hopes of clearing his nostrils but it seemed that wouldn’t be enough to clear himself up.


“Maybe I could use a good night out.” Toshinori thought to himself before grabbing a hand towel and started to dry his hands off before looking up at the clock. It was still a little early in the day, so if the guys were sleeping in he may as well clean up the place a bit before pitching in an idea on what they could do for the night.


He just hoped that it would be enough to give him something else to think about. Maybe even drinking himself stupid would be enough to forget all of his troubles once again. At least, he hoped that would be the case.




“You sure that going out to drink right now? You have been… uh… a little unstable.” Hizashi said with a frown on his face. Toshinori sighed softly as he nodded to his friend… again. He was sure that he had said ‘yes’ to the same question about twenty times. Give or take anyway. Hizashi was worried, Toshinori could understand that but still come on. He was a grown man, he could handle some booze at the very least.


Plus, it took a lot for him to get drunk.


“Just be careful Toshi, last time you drank you almost shifted in the middle of the bar because someone pissed you off.” Muttered Shouta.


“Hey, I had a right for being angry that night.” Retorted Toshinori.


“He called you an American.” Hizashi said.


“Yeah, a stupid blonde American. I don’t put up with that, plus I am sure that I’m not from the states!” Toshinori all but snarled at his friends, causing them to back up a bit. Taking a deep breath through his nose, the young man calmly said “I’m sorry, I’ve just had a lot on my mind lately.”


“It’s alright.” Shouta mumbled.


“Yeah, we can’t stay mad at you Toshi, plus we know that your wolf won’t attack us. He knows we’re your friends.” Hizashi said with a big grin on his face. Toshinori gave a small smile in gratitude. Honestly, he had no idea what he would do should his friends not want to be around him. He felt like he would truly be alone in this world.


Taking yet another deep breath, the young man gave a big smile before he looked up and saw that they were allowed to go into the bar. Chuckling, the three young men made their way into the bar and looked around. Almost right away, Toshinori winced at the sounds of people chatting among themselves. It almost gave him a mind numbing headache as he wanted to whine out from the pain.


“Let’s get our usual table alright? It’s quieter back there.” Shouta suggested, causing Toshinori to nod slowly.


Hizashi grabbed a hold of Toshinori’s arm, walking with him to the back room. Toshinori couldn’t help but feel a little grateful for this. They knew that he couldn’t handle loud noises, people in bars were rather loud but they had made it mostly for those who have hearing related quirks that couldn’t handle such loud sounds like this. Toshinori couldn’t help but feel happy for something as simple as a nearly soundproof room.


Once seated, Toshinori let out a soft sigh as he saw the door close, and the voices from outside had dimmed. His ears could stop ringing, the only sounds he could hear in the room now were his breathing, as well as his friends, along with the sounds of their heart beats. Honestly, those sounds was something that had brought a sense of calm to him but he still felt like there was still something missing.


“So, what should we get to start?” asked Hizashi with a grin on his face.


“Not sure, I think we should start small and work our way up. At least so we can keep up with wolf boy here.” Shouta said with a smirk.


Toshinori rolled his eyes at his friend but chuckled a little. The ringing was starting to lessen a little more before he started to feel his nerves starting to relax at long last. Tilting his head, the young man looked over at the menu as he tried to think of something that he could order. Something that would catch his attention right away.


Only to see a drink called ‘Emerald’. His wolf whined and called out to him. Telling him, demanding him to go look for their mate. Damn it all, of all the things that had to jump out at him it had to be a drink title? First the café now this? Ugh, he just couldn’t catch a break here.


“You alright Toshi?” asked Hizashi.


“Yeah, my wolf is just… unsteady right now.” Toshinori whispered before letting out a soft sigh as he set the menu down and sighed. Covering his face as he tried to get himself to calm down. God, now his wolf was trying to push itself to the surface so it could go and search for that woman on its own so to speak. Though he knew that he shouldn’t, no, he couldn’t allow that to happen.


Taking a deep breath, the young man hoped that he would be able to calm himself down. Though, he wasn’t sure if that would even be enough. It just didn’t seem like anything would be right for him now. “Toshi, talk to us what’s going on?”


Toshinori peeked up at his friends though his lashes. Trying to think on what he should or could say. Honestly, how could he say this? Sure, Shouta already knew about this but he had never told Hizashi as of yet. Frowning a little, Toshinori took a deep breath as he started to explain everything that he could tell Hizashi about his wolf, and the woman that he had chosen.


He told Hizashi as to how he found the woman and had even saved her life. Managing to get her out of harm’s way of course, and when he had gazed at her. His wolf had chosen her as his mate and the whole idea of it freaked him out to the point that he no longer wanted to transform anymore. Out of fear of what his wolf would do to that poor woman when it found her.


Hizashi frowned a little as he leaned back and tilted his head a little at his blonde friend. “Well, what I can say Toshi is that holding your wolf back like this will only cause more harm than good. Remember last time?”


“Not really.”


“You lost control and almost attacked us thinking we were trying to hurt you.” Shouta grumbled with a sigh. “You were almost like some kind of wild animal instead of a wolf that knows who we are.” He added before shaking his head as he looked over at Toshinori and gave him a small glare. “Holding yourself back is a fool’s game. You’ll only hurt yourself and make yourself go crazy.”


Toshinori gave a small smile as he said “Guys, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t happen again. Besides, I’m doing this so that woman would never have to face the wolf and have him claim her. Whatever that means.”


“Hm…” Shouta hummed.


“What is it Shouta?” asked Hizashi.


“Not sure, we don’t really know what to expect from Toshinori’s wolf since no one else is like him.” Shouta said, watching as Toshinori nodded his head in slight understanding. “This may be something else to study since so far the only other thing we know about him knowing about ‘packs’ is that he seems to be able to attract the opposite sex during the spring.”


Toshinori blushed madly as he looked at his friend. Looking away, he couldn’t help but cover his face. Ugh, spring is the worst time of year where all he wanted was to have sex with the first women that came to mind and it drove him mad. Ugh, that was the worst season for him and still is, but when it first started in his teens it was like a horror show.


“Let’s just drink alright? I want to forget about everything that is wrong with my life.” Toshinori said, causing everyone to nod in agreement.




If Toshinori was honest with himself, well, he’d say that he felt like his head was pounding in his head. The headache was terrible and it felt like it was going to split his head in two. Groaning, the young man held onto his head, trying to remember what it was that had happened last night. God, how the hell did he even get home in the first place?


Wait, was he home? Dear god please don’t let it be one of those situations where he was woken up in some whores home? That would be his luck.


Looking around with squinted eyes, Toshinori could make out his clothes and it sure didn’t smell off. It sure looked like his room with his discarded clothes, as well as his costume that he had discarded in his laundry hamper with the sleeve hanging out the side.


Groaning, he pushed himself to sit up on the bed and hold his head. Trying to recall what had happened. He could remember drinking with Shouta and Hizashi, though the latter mostly drank water so he could make sure that the other two didn’t go overboard.


Oh wait… now it was hitting him.


”Guys… I’m… I’m gonna go out and… and look for that girl!” Toshinori said with a big dopey grin on his face.


“Toshinori no, you can’t just go out and look for her! You can’t find her scent to even look for her in the first place. Hell, you don’t even know her name!” Hizashi said with a frown.


Toshinori let out a hiccup, wondering how many drinks he had. He lost track after… fifteen? Meh, he’ll figure it out later. Turning to Shouta, who was half dozing in and out of consciousness. IT was rather silly to see the tired night time hero drunk till he would almost black out. Toshinori wanted to giggle behind his hands like a school girl thinking about how silly this is.


The grinning blonde giggled a little as he said “But, I know her scent. It’s the most amazing scent that I’ve ever smelled before in my entire life. I want to be with her! She’s so pretty.” Toshinori had a dreamy expression on his face as he laid his head on the table and giggled happily. “I wanna be with her forever. My wolf wants her, and I want her… I have to go look for her.” Toshinori pushed himself up and went toward the door…


Only to be tackled by Hizashi.


“Ow! Zashi why? I just wanna go look for her!” Shouted Toshinori with a whine.


“Because you are drunk!” Hizashi all but shouted at him, causing the wolf to whine. Toshinori struggled to get up, he didn’t want to hurt his friend but his drunken mind told him otherwise. His eyes turned yellow as he snarled. “Toshi stop this! You shouldn’t allow yourself to be controlled like this!” Hizashi said.


“I want to see my mate!” snarled Toshinori, his fangs growing in as he glared at his friend. Eyes now completely yellow, looking more wolf-like the longer he stared at his friends.


“Shouta! Help me here!” shouted Hizashi as he struggled to keep the wolf down.


Shouta got up and grabbed onto Toshinori’s arm, trying to keep him from lashing out at the two men that were in the room with him. Though it seemed that Toshinori wouldn’t allow himself to calm down. He snarled as he managed to throw both men off of him and glared at the two of them. Shouta and Hizashi gazed at each other, wondering what it was that they could do. It just seemed as if no matter what they did, or said, Toshinori wouldn’t allow himself to think straight. It seemed that the wolf within him had a slight hold on his mindset while drunk.


“Shouta what should we do?” asked Hizashi.


“Honestly, I have no idea. I can’t think straight…” Shouta soon giggled, and Hizashi groaned and rolled his eyes at his boyfriend. Shouta was such a giggly drunk and Toshinori well, it was kind of touch and go. Either he was happy, giggly, or angry. Depends on what’s been on his mind.


“I want mate!” Shouted Toshinori, letting out a snarl as he glared at his friends. Hizashi searched around his pockets for something. Most likely trying to throw something around to get the werewolf to calm down. “I will have my mate… weather you like it or not.” Toshinori snarled as he glared at his friends and started to make his way toward the door. Hizashi knew that he had to think of something. Though he wasn’t sure what he could do.


Hizashi looked over at the side and blinked as he saw some weird display in the corner. Looked like some kind of herbs. Shrugging to himself, he hoped that maybe if he threw it at Toshinori that it would distract the wolf long enough to get him to stay here.


Taking a deep breath, the young man made his way over toward the display and threw it at Toshinori. “Yo! Toshi! Heads up!” shouted Hizashi.


Toshinori blinked as he looked over at Hizashi and the herbs slapped against his face. The blonde seemed like he was about to snarl, only for it to slowly die away. The wolf’s eyes widened slowly, only to grow daze and seemed to go foggy. “Hmmm….” Toshinori hummed in content as he soon found himself on the floor, holding the herbs in his hand as he sniffed at it and let out a shudder and curled up in on himself.


Honestly, Hizashi had no idea what it was that he had thrown but it had at least calmed Toshinori down.


“Right, Hizashi threw something at me and I calmed down. Wonder what it was.” Toshinori said with a shake of his head before pushing himself up and started to make his way to the living room. He sniffed the air and frowned when he smelled pancakes. “Huh… wonder who’s cooking? Maybe Hizashi, Shouta is most likely sleeping still.” Toshinori said with a shake of his head before he started to make his way to the kitchen, “Hey Hizashi, not tending to Shouta this time?”


Only to stare in shock as he saw the one person that he hadn’t thought would come to him. Blinking, he saw a woman with long black hair that reached just a little past her shoulders. Two locks of her hair was pulled back and tied in a small bun with her loose strands sticking upward in spikes. Her kind grey eyes looking over at him.


Taking another look at her, he saw that she was wearing blue jeans and a yellow frilly shirt with thin shoulder straps. She gave him a big smile, he could notice the mole just under her right cheek.


“Hey Toshi, about time you got up. You have some explaining to do young man.” She said with a big smile.