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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori laid on his bed, feeling terrible. His body was slick with sweat and his body was heating terribly. Normally this doesn’t happen when the full moon was upon him but because he had tried so hard not to transform, his body was fighting with itself. Fighting to change, fighting his human nature so he could be in his wolf state and just… do whatever it is that his wolf wants.


Breathing deeply, Toshinori didn’t know what he was to do. He hadn’t had this problem, that much he knew but damn it he couldn’t take that chance.


More so that he knew that Inko was his mate and damn it all if he would allow his wolf near her. What if it attacked her? Bite her? He feared for her safety, and there was no way that he would take that chance.


Letting out a gasping breath, Toshinori pushed himself out of his bed, grasping at his chest as he let out another wheeze of a breath. Damn it.


Tightly shutting his eyes, the young man pushed himself onto his feet before walking out of his bedroom, stumbling a bit as he did so. God, it felt like he had knives under his skin. No, sharp glass shards trying to cut him from under his skin. Looking around, he saw that Hizashi’s and Shouta’s bedroom door was left open, so they were either out or in the living room.


Ear perking up a bit, Toshinori could hear the TV going so they must be in the living room. Breathing deeply, he made his way to the living room and groaned a bit. Trying hard not to gasp out from the pain that his body was going through. It was unbearable, if he was lesser of a man than it would have killed him.


Reaching the doorway to the living room, the young man lifted his head and he saw Shouta snuggling Hizashi on the couch. He felt a little envious of the sight, wishing that it was him and Inko.


His wolf took hold of that feeling, causing Toshinori to yelp out in pain and fall to the floor, his mouth wide open as he tried to catch his breath.


“Toshi?!” shouted Hizashi and Shouta.


Shouta, being the quicker of the two made a mad dash for the blonde as he laid on his side, groaning and moaning. Even whining from the pain. He reached Toshinori and placed a hand on his forehead and cursed under his breath. “Zashi, he’s burning up. Go get some ice packs now!” commanded Shouta.


“Right.” Hizashi said as he made his way to the freezer and grabbed a couple ice packs. Honestly, Toshinori didn’t know how many ice packs they kept, but with their line of work it was always good to have a bunch of them on hold should they ever need it.


“Damn it Toshi, you’re burning up. What did you do?!” Demanded Shouta as he rolled the blonde onto his back. Toshinori only whined in reply, unable to speak anymore. “You didn’t… you haven’t been transforming have you?!”


All Toshinori could do was nod.


“Damn it, don’t you remember what happened last time you tried that?” Did he really do that before? He couldn’t remember… it all just seemed like nothing more than a blur. “Can you move?”


Toshinori could only shake his head even that hurt him. A whine and whimper escaped him in that moment. Shouta cursed once again for that, no matter what they did, they knew that they had to try to get the blonde to cool down. “Here you go Shouta.” Hizashi said, his boyfriend mumbling a ‘thank you’ before quickly placing the ice packs on Toshinori’s feverish body. “Go get some ice, I don’t care if you have to quickly freeze it or chip it off from the freezer get ice!”


“Right!” Hizashi said as he made a mad dash to get some more ice.


“Damn it Toshi you are an idiot. Why are you refusing to transform? This is a part of you, if you keep refusing it you’ll only hurt yourself like you are right now!” Shouta all but yelled at the blonde.


Opening his eyes a crack, eyes glowing a bright yellow that made his narrow pupil looking all the more noticeable. He only did this so he wouldn’t hurt Inko. Did this so he wouldn’t scare her, so he wouldn’t make her worry about him like he had the other night after seeing that picture of her as a little girl.


It made him think… it made him believe that he had seen her before as a child but he just couldn’t remember. Though he just couldn’t be sure as to what it was that made him react the way it had. Breathing deeply, tightly shutting his eyes as he tried to answer Shouta. Though, it seemed as if the raven haired man already knew the answer. “It was so you wouldn’t hurt Inko isn’t it?”


A nod.


“Do you really think your wolf would really want to hurt her?”


Another nod.


“Toshi, if that was the case, your wolf would have taken over already like it’s trying to right now. It would have easily overpowered your mind long ago to try to hurt Inko right now.” Shouta said with a sigh, rubbing at his own forehead.


Okay, Shouta had a point, but there was no guarantee that the wolf wouldn’t try to bite her or worse. There was no way that he could take that chance, to take that risk. Inko could get turned even though, he had no idea how he could do that there was still a chance of it becoming a possibility. He just didn’t want to take that chance, he didn’t want to take that risk.


Yet, his eyes widened when an image appeared within his mind. He saw someone walking toward…, an open field Most likely some kind of park. “Toshi? You alright?” Most likely the park near the café. There was fear reaching his heart, reaching his mind as it caused so many emotions to surge through his mind. “Toshinori say something.” There was no time for him to even think about what it was that was going on. Only that his wolf took hold over him at long last.


“Come on Toshi please say something!”


Toshinori could only howl in rage.




Inko had thought that it was a fantastic time to take a walk through the park. Never mind that it was late in the night, never mind that she was by herself. Nope, she thought that it would have been a great idea to have such a wonderful walk through the park after her shift.


Walking had gotten easier but her ankle still hurt is she walked on it too much.


Now? It was killing her from all the running!


As she had started to make her way through the park, someone had approached her. At first she thought that he was merely passing by. No harm in that right? Wrong. The moment they were passing the other by, he just up and grabbed her, causing Inko to stare at the man in fear. He smirked at her as he demanded that she went with him.


So, she did the only thing that she could do. Pulled a rock with her quirk and had it slap into his head. He was stunned and Inko had taken that chance to run off as quickly as she could. Looking over her shoulder, the young woman saw that the man was still chasing her. Chains floating around his hands and it made her starting to fear for her life.


Was he with the kidnappers that had tried to take her before? Or was he just some creep that wanted to rape and murder her?


Either way, she was in danger and knew that she had to do something. Looking around as she ran, Inko used her quirk on a few rocks, most of them could easily fit the palm of her hand, or some were just a little too big for her palm. Either way, she would throw them at her assailant in the hopes of slowing him down long enough so she could get home.


Or at least get to a safe neighbourhood.


Breathing deeply, the young woman wasn’t sure what it was that she could do otherwise. There were only so many rocks in this park and she knew that she had to do something more that would help her in this time of need.


Inko had tears in her eyes, her lungs burned for air. She was pushing herself far too hard, and knew that she had to keep moving or risk everything!


A howl reached her ears, it made Inko rather curious as to what that was… No, she knew what it was. It was a wolf, but why would there be a wolf all the way out here in the city? It just didn’t make any kind of sense to her.


Pushing herself harder, Inko kept on running, though she didn’t get to run very far as she felt her ankle getting caught on a tree root.


Yelping out in shock, the young woman rolled on the ground until she felt her back slam into a large rock that the kids would play on or around. She could remember that from when she was a child.


Though less painful.


Blinking slowly, the young woman looked up and blinked in shock as she stared at the man as he smirked down at her. “To think, that first attempt had failed to get you. Honestly, don’t know why he’s so interested in you for what his boss wants.” Inko just stared with wide eyes, not sure what the hell this guy was talking about. There was no way that this could be happening. She had to try to find a way to get out of here. Had to find a way to get herself away from this place. Yet, it seemed that she wasn’t able to pick anything up.


Her panic was making it rather difficult for her to be able to pick anything up with her quirk. No not just that, she couldn’t find anything to even pick up in the first place!


“Don’t worry sweet cheeks, you’ll be in good hands. We’ll make sure to make you feel like a princess.” He laughed, the chains floating up around his arms. Inko felt her skin growing pale at the sight, some of the chains had spikes on them, most likely to make sure that his target wouldn’t try to escape.


The way the chains even shined, it made her wonder if they were stainless steel or some kind of silver. Shaking her head, the young woman couldn’t help but look up in shock and confusion as she stared at the man as he smirked down at her. “Now, this won’t hurt a bit.” He went to throw his chains, Inko couldn’t help but shut her eyes tightly as she waited for it all to end.


It made her wonder about so many things.


Who would look after Tenko? Who would he turn to now if she was captured? Who would look after her apartment, her store? What would they do if she did go missing? Would they even care? Would they go looking for her? Would Toshinori go looking for her even though they had just met? Or was it that he would just simply find another friend to spend his time with?


’Tenko I’m so sorry! Please forgive me!’ Inko thought to herself as she tried to get herself sorted, to get herself together and just hoped and prayed that this was going to be over and done with already. Yet, she had no idea what was happening and feared to open her eyes. Thinking that if she did that it would truly be all over and done with. That she was a goner.


At least, until she heard that howl once again. A howl, that sounded so angry, so rage driven yet at the same time, she felt rather comforted by it. It made her feel safe.


“What is that?” asked the man, he was looking around, trying to find the source of the sound. Inko wasn’t sure where the wolf was, though it seemed that the man was starting to get a little nervous about it as he had stopped in his attack for the moment.


Then, Inko heard it.


The sound of foot falls hitting the ground so roughly that it echoed in the silence of the park. Inko looked above her as she saw something zip by over her head and landed in front of her. The creature, was a beautiful white wolf from what she could see thus far. Though, the wolf was a lot larger than the average wolf. Must be some kind of alpha or something, though she couldn’t help but stare it in shock.


Was this wolf trying… to protect her?


“A wolf?” The man said with a glare, only to laugh. “Like a wolf can beat me!” He all but snarled before going to attack.


The wolf strikes back.


Inko could only watch as the wolf attacked the man. The wolf snarled as he jumped at the man, only for his chains to wrap around the wolf causing him to yelp out in pain. The spikes from the chain puncturing the wolf’s chest and arms, causing him to whimper from the pain. Inko couldn’t help but stare in shock as she watched as the wolf was thrown around.


Inko could only cover her mouth in shock. There was no way that this could be happening. Was this wolf trying to protect her?


The wolf laid on the ground and whimpered before pushing himself back onto his feet and glared at the man. Snarling, his hackles bristling as he snarled and growled at the man before rushing forward. Inko could only stare as the wolf’s blood stained his white fur.


“What the hell?!” shouted the man, whipping his chains at the wolf in the hopes of slowing him down. The wolf managed to dodge before rushing at him, stepping on the chains as he did so before slamming his body into the man. He yelped out in shock as he rolled onto the ground. The wolf of course had fallen over a little, or at the very least had stumbled trying to get back on his feet.


Wait, was that steam coming from the poor wolf’s body?


Why had she felt like she had seen that before?


The wolf grunted, and growled before turning its gaze onto Inko. She couldn’t help but stare at the wolf, glowing yellow eyes staring at her yet for a brief moment she thought she saw swirls of blue swimming around pools of yellow before they faded from the wolf’s eyes. Snorting, the wolf turned back and blinked before he saw the man pushing himself back up onto his feet. The wolf growled with rage before tackling the man once again, hoping to knock him over.


The man yelped out in shock and wrapped the chains around the wolf, only to miss, as the wolf managed to jump back before the chains could get a good grip upon the creature. His golden eyes narrowed, almost seeming to burn with rage and hate before rushing forward with a speed that Inko was sure only to belong to those with speed-related quirks.


The man thrust his hands out and tried to grab a hold of the wolf once again. Only to miss as the wolf seemed to have seen this all coming before biting the man’s arm, causing him to scream out in pain. Inko covered her mouth at such a ghastly seen, unable to comprehend what it was that this wolf had just done. Why did it bite him? Was it because the wolf sensed that the man was trying to hurt her? Or was it because the wolf was just feral?


Screams seemed to echo through the area, only for the man to smirk through his pain. Inko couldn’t help but frown a little in confusion before she saw that the man had managed to use his quirk despite his pain as he wrapped the wolf back up in the chains once again. The whole howled and whined out in pain. Inko knew that she had to do something that she had to do something to help the poor wolf. It was trying to save her and yet it was getting hurt because of her!


Looking around, the young woman tried to find something that she could use to help the wolf. Hearing its whimpers and cries of pain, it broke the young woman’s heart before she found a thick branch on the ground. Narrowing her eyes, she picked it up and rushed forward. “Let him go!” Inko shouted, the man looked over at her and sneered at her.


“Shut the fuck up bitch!” he shouted before backhanding Inko with his free hand.


Yelping out in shock, she fell and hit the ground and narrowed her eyes at him. The wolf stared at her with wide eyes, eyes that… in a way reminded her of human eyes. Of someone else’s eyes but she wasn’t sure who that was. Shaking her head, the young woman pushed herself back up onto her feet before slamming the branch at the man’s head, causing him to yelp out in pain as he seemed to have released his hold on the quirk.


“Oh… I’ll make you pay for that you bitch. Wonder if he’ll mind if I rough you up a bit.” He said with a smirk.


Inko just narrowed her eyes as she held the branch tightly in her hands, like one would with a sword as she stood her ground. “I won’t let you near me. But if anything, maybe you should be more fearful of the wolf that you forgot about.” Inko gave him a smirk, causing the man to pale as he turned his eyes and looked over at the wolf. Who almost seemed to be smirking at the man before leaping at him and tackled him to the ground. Pinning him as he sank his fangs into his shoulders.


He screamed in pain, though the wolf looked up at Inko as if trying to tell her something. Telling her to… get help?


Eyes widening, she nodded before pulling out her phone and quickly called the cops. Though, she couldn’t help but stare at the wolf, watching as he kept the man pinned down to the ground and would bite harder should the man try to rise from his place on the ground. Yet, she couldn’t get over the fact that this wolf seemed to be much smarter than the average animal. Almost like the Pro Hero Nezu. It had her a little curious if this animal had a quirk similar but at the same time could only be that of a wolf.


But, then again what was with the speed? The steam? So many questions yet so little answers.


She had no idea what it was that was happening in her life anymore, though it seemed that her life was only going to get stranger from here on out, though she just hope that the wolf will be tended too while they take away the man and of course treat his own injuries from the wolf’s bites.


’What is this wolf?’ Inko thought to herself.