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A Werewolf's Love

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If Inko had anything to say about her night thus far? It was that it was strange, rather than what she would consider normal.


When she had walked toward her home after a late shift from work, mostly doing paper work since she still couldn’t stand for long periods of time yet well… she hadn’t expected to be attacked. Not to mention nearly being kidnapped and of course, being rescued by a white wolf.


The wolf though, didn’t seem like that of a normal wolf. Rather huge, not in weight but with pure muscle and height. The wolf could easily tower over her if she crouched down even a tiny bit. Really, the wolf came up to her torso if anything.


Yet, the white wolf managed to pin the man down, biting down on his shoulder to make sure that he wouldn’t escape. What confused her, was how the wolf acted. As if the wolf had some form of human intelligence, though she couldn’t be sure of that as of yet. Only that the wolf seemed to be able to send her signals on what to do, and what was stranger about the whole thing was that she was able to understand such a thing and couldn’t understand as to how that was.


Once the cops had arrived, they managed to get the wolf off of the man. The man though, telling the cops to lock that wolf up, that it was crazy and wild.


Yet, the wolf just looked up at the cops and wagged its tail. The cops were a little confused, one even turning to Inko as they asked her “Is he yours?”


Inko didn’t really know what she could say to such a thing. It wasn’t uncommon for people to have exotic pets, but she wasn’t sure if they were forbidden in this city. But, this wolf had saved her life… she couldn’t just throw him at the cops and who knows what would happen to him. The wolf could very well be taken away and most likely killed because he bit someone. No matter if it was a manor of protecting her, there was a good chance that they would take him just to kill him because he was still, essentially a wild animal.


Her eyes looking between the wolf and the cop, the wolf would just wag his tail at her when he noticed her glance. She knew what had to be done. Looking back up at the cop, she calmly said “Yes, he’s mine.”


“Well, even though it seemed like he was protecting you… you’ll have to put him down. He still attacked someone. Who is to say that he won’t do it again?” The police officer said, causing Inko wanting to wince at his words. There was no way that she would do such a thing, but knew that she had to stand firm in what she believed in what was right. Putting this amazing creature down is the furthest thing from her mind in what she had to do.


“Sir, in all due respect this wolf saved my life. I could have been kidnapped or worse… I could have been killed.” Inko pointed out, her stare, calm yet unwavering in her choice. She would protect this wolf no matter what comes her way. “I don’t care what you say, if you believe him to be as savage as you believe, then why hasn’t he attacked you, or me for that matter? He’s just sitting there, and wounded I might add!”


The officer seemed to shift side to side as he appeared to want to look at anything, other than Inko’s angry glare. “Ma’am, I’m only following the rules of the law here and-“


“The law?! I was almost kidnapped!” Inko all but shouted, causing the wolf to limp over to her, nuzzling her side as if hoping to calm her. Looking down, the young woman gave the wolf a soft smile before rubbing his ear. The wolf seemed to close his eyes and lean into her touch, Inko wasn’t sure why that was, but at the moment she wasn’t going to complain about it.


“Ma’am, you must understand please-“


“No, I am not going to put down an animal that had just saved my life!” Inko said with a glare, the wolf peeked up at her, blinking innocently before tilting his head and looked over at the cop, Inko thought for a moment that the wolf was smirking. As if he had just had some kind of victory.


“Calm down, I’ll take it from here.” Came a new voice, causing Inko to look up with a frown on her face. She saw that the new comer walking toward her and the officer.


He a long tan overcoat, a matching tan had atop of his head. She could make out a pair of black eyes and black hair swaying in the gentle breeze. White gloves covered his hand as he made his way over toward them. He had a big smile on his face as he walked over toward the two of them. Inko wrapped her arms around the wolf, as if trying to protect him.


The newcomer just tilted his head at the green haired woman before he chuckled a little. Holding his hand out toward her, he calmly said “Hello, I am Detective Tsukauchi. It is a pleasure to meet you miss and your…” He looked down and blinked as he stared at the wolf. Inko wondered if he had seen this wolf before. Something seemed to have flashed in his eyes as he looked up at the woman and seemed to stare at her in curiosity.


“My wolf.” Inko said, hoping that she could get this figured out and quickly. She just hoped that he would believe her. Better yet, allow her to get home so she can tend to his injuries before the wolf went into some kind of shock.


“Your… wolf…” The detective said with a raised eyebrow.


Inko felt like he didn’t believe her. Great, what was she going to do?! What could she do!? Oh god she was going to go out into full blown panic mode at this rate! “Alright, would you like a ride home miss…?”




“Alright Miss Midoriya. Everything will be alright, we’ll get this sorted out on but, I will have to bring some paper work on what had happened here. But, you have been through a lot so I’ll bring the papers and ask you some questions tomorrow okay?”


That sounded fine to her. That gave her a chance to relax after everything. Tend to this wolf’s injuries and of course by tomorrow take Tenko to school. Taking a deep breath, the young woman calmly said “If you give me time to take my foster son to school I will be free.”


“Fair enough.” The detective said, making Inko sigh in content.


Looking down at the wolf, she saw that he was starting to doze in and out. His fur stained more and more as time went on. “I need to hurry and treat his injuries. I doubt any vets would want to tend to him.” Inko said softly.


The detective nodded his head and made a gesture for Inko to follow him. She does so, petting the wolf and calling to him. She saw that the wolf was shaking a little as he walked and it made her feel a little bad for the poor animal.




The drive back to her home was rather long. Far too long for her liking and it bothered her a great deal. The poor wolf was still bleeding as he laid in the back seat with her. His eyes closed, breathing slow yet peaceful. Yet, she had noticed that his fur looked even more stained. She’ll have to wash him up so she can tend to his injuries.


Yet, she just hoped that Tenko wouldn’t freak out about the wolf.


That was something else that she had to worry about now wasn’t it? Letting out a soft sigh, the young woman looked over at the detective and saw that he was rather quiet. It was rather strange that he was willing to drive her, and a wolf toward her home. The other cop wouldn’t even think of doing such a thing so why was this man willing to do so? It just didn’t make sense to her. Though she just hoped that everything would end up okay.


Once they had arrived to her home, Inko had to shake the wolf. Who seemed a little grumpy as she woke him up. Yet, when he looked up at her, his tail started to wag and he seemed to be rather happy, despite his pain as he licked her cheek. Inko couldn’t help but smile softly before helping the wolf out of the car. Carefully, she made her way up the stairs before looking back at the detective before waving to him as she called out “Thank you Detective Tsukauchi.” Inko made her way inside and it was then that the wolf seemed to have collapsed on itself as he just fell.


“Oh my god!” Inko shouted, her hands on her cheeks unable to keep her voice down.


“Inko?” came Tenko’s voice as he walked into the hall. He blinked his tired red eyes at her as he rubbed at his eyes. A soft yawn escaped him only to blink. “Is that a wolf?” Tenko said in shock, but she could make out sparkles in his eyes as he stared at the giant wolf.


“Yes sweetie, now help me with him okay? He’s badly hurt.” Inko said, the little boy nodded his head and the green haired woman instructed him. Looking back down at the white wolf, the young woman lifted the wolf up as best as she could, which was a little difficult with how big the wolf was. “Work with me here, I can’t lift you on my own.”


As if understanding her, the wolf pushed himself onto his shaky legs. Inko blinked a little in confusion before making her way to the living room. The wolf looked up at her, a little exhausted it seems. “Wait here.” Inko whispered softly before making her way to the closet and grabbed every blanket that she could find. Setting them down on the floor, she got the wolf there to make him comfortable.


“Inko?” came Tenko’s voice, causing her to look over as she saw the little boy holding a small shallow tub of water with a cloth. She gave him a soft smile, reaching out and accepting the tub from the boy as she set it aside. Next to the wolf as she gazed at the poor creature. “Inko, what happened?” asked the little boy.


Inko let out a soft sigh. “I was attacked and this wolf risked his life to save me. I wanna repay him so do you wanna be my little helper?” Tenko’s eyes widened in wonder and excitement before nodding his head rather quickly. The young woman couldn’t help but giggle a little before she took one of the cloths and turned to the little boy once again. “Now, just do what I do okay sweetie?”


“Okay!” Tenko said with a big smile on his face.


Inko couldn’t help but giggle a little she started to wipe the wolf’s fur. Hoping to wipe off all of the blood that stained his fur. She couldn’t believe just how stained his fur had been from the water. It almost seemed as if it was something out of some kind of fairy tail.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young woman carefully wiped the fur, watching as the cloth would stain red before she would rinse it off in the water once again. Looking over at the side, she looked at the first aid kit that Tenko had managed to carry by the handle under the small tub. She smiled a little, seeing how resourceful he was.


Yet, she had noticed that the whole time that she was cleaning up the poor creature, the wolf would stare at her. She couldn’t help but be a little curious as to why the wolf would stare at her. As if she was the most fascinating thing that ever excisted. Or as if she was something special. Inko just couldn’t be sure as to why the wolf would be staring at her like that.


Shaking her head, she went back to cleaning him up. Carefully at the very least, though she would also keep an eye open for when the wolf would wince and whimper from the pain. How much pain could this wolf tolerate?


Shaking her head, Inko looked over and saw that Tenko was still cleaning the wolf’s fur, much like she was. Yet, it seemed that the wolf was also wagging his tail, trying to gain Tenko’s attention it seemed. Tenko would turn his attention to the tail here and there, and even gently whacked at the tail when it slapped him in the face.


The tail slapped him again, causing the boy to giggle. Inko smiled a little at Tenko, it was rather adorable that the wolf was actually trying to play with the small boy. It was rather amazing, though she wasn’t sure why that was. Or at the very least, why the wolf was trying to play with Tenko. It almost seemed as if this wolf was rather docile, like that of a normal dog or something along those lines.


It just didn’t seem possible.


The wolf looked over at Tenko, giving him a calm stare and let out a soft rumbling sound from his chest. Tenko seemed to have heard it and frowned a little in confusion. “Is the wolf purring Inko?” Asked the little boy, causing Inko to giggle a little. Of all the things that he had to say it was a purring wolf? She giggled more before reaching over and messing up the boy’s hair.


“Hey!” The little boy said, causing Inko to laugh.


The rumbling was still going on, causing Inko to reach over and rub his ear. The wolf leaned into her touch once again before letting out a soft sigh. Inko gave him a small smile before she started to check him for all of his injuries. Tilting her head a little, she saw a few on his torso and waist. Even some on his neck, it made her feel terrible for the wolf. He went through all that pain just to save her.


And she didn’t even know the wolf in the first place.


Closing her eyes, wanting to relax for a moment before running her fingers through his fur, wanting to make sure that she had found and tended to every injury that he had. Yet, she frowned a little when she noticed something on his back left leg.


There was a scar there, old by the looks of it. Yet, she had seen this scar before, no, had seen an injury like this before. On the same kind of animal, on the same foot… in the same place.


Inko’s eyes widened in shock as she stared at the wolf. His eyes looking up at her, blue seeming to swim within the golden orbs before vanishing. Inko couldn’t help but just stare in shock. There was no way that this wolf was the same one right? That shouldn’t be possible. That wolf should be dead by now, there was… no way that this was the same wolf. It would have died either from its injuries or from old age.


Tilting his head, the wolf let out a small yip of a sound and laid his head on his paws. Inko wasn’t sure how she was to process this. It just seemed so unreal. As if this was nothing more than some kind of fleeting fantasy though, then again maybe she was just imagining things.


It couldn’t be the same wolf.


Shaking her head, the young woman took a deep breath as she started to get to work on wrapping him up. Getting a few blankets, wanting to make sure that he was warm. “He’ll be okay right?” asked Tenko, tilting his head to the side in confusion.


“I believe so. He seems like a tough wolf, he has no serious injuries but he’ll be okay.”


Tenko frowned a little before looking over at the wolf, then at the back of the couch. He made his way over to the couch and pulled a blanket before wrapping it around his shoulders like a cloak and made his way over to the wolf. Inko wondered what it was he was going to do…


Until the boy plopped next to the wolf and snuggled with him. Inko couldn’t help but cover her mouth and giggled at the sight. It was rather cute…


Giving a soft yet warm smile, the young woman asked “Do you wanna sleep with the wolf tonight Tenko?”


“I wanna make sure he’ll be okay.” Tenko said with wide innocent eyes.


The wolf’s tail wagged before licking the boy’s cheek and nuzzled him. Laying his head back on his paws, the wolf yawned loudly before seeming to fall asleep. Inko smiled a little before leaving for a moment and grabbed her sketch book and pencil. This was something that would have been amazing to use for her café. No one would believe her of course, but it was something that she could still have in her mind, as well as her work.


Taking a seat on the couch, Inko carefully started to sketch the wolf and Tenko. The boy’s expression was rather sweet, innocent and carefree. It was a picture that she could easily take a picture of but, she felt like a sketch would bring it more justice. It was precious, something that she would always treasure no matter how much time would go by, and she knew that it was the best thing that she could ever hope for.


Taking a deep breath, the young woman looked up from her sketch and saw that the wolf was staring at her. A soft blush on her face as she stared into pools of blue. Eyes that she felt like she knew from somewhere. Her heart hammered in her chest as she gazed upon the creature. He just stared at her, emotions flickering within their depths as she wondered what was going on inside the wolf’s head. Wondering what kind of thoughts that the wolf would be having.


She just couldn’t be sure as to what it could be. It made her think that she was staring at the eyes of a human, instead of a wolf. Instead of a creature that had just saved her moments before. Setting her sketch aside, the young woman carefully made her way over to the wolf and frowned as she reached out her hand, wondering what the wolf would do.


The wolf just stared at her for a moment before pressing his nose against her hand, closing his eyes as if in some kind of content. Inko didn’t know what this was supposed to mean, what the wolf was trying to tell her, but she knew that it had hit her to her very core. Right down to her very heart and it was a feeling that she wasn’t sure how to really explain.


Yet, a part of her knew what it was that the wolf was trying to tell her. Though she just couldn’t understand what it was that the wolf was trying to speak to her.


Soon, the wolf pulled himself back, eyes a bright beautiful gold once again. Inko didn’t know what just happened, but knew that it wasn’t normal for eyes to change colour like that. Soon, the wolf laid his head down on his paws once again, falling asleep.


’What… what just happened?’ thought the confused green haired woman.


Her only answer, was the wolf’s sleepy growls that almost sounded like… he was humming some kind of song, a song that she swore that she had heard before but couldn’t figure out where.