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A Werewolf's Love

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“So let me get this straight.” Shouta said as he sat on the couch, staring Toshinori down with a calm yet rather scary glare. “You… offered to work with Inko at her café?”




“Then she agreed to such terms?” asked Hizashi.




“Okay, and it seems that she had some kind of run in with your wolf fourteen years ago. Most likely around the time before you met Nana and Gran Torino.” Shouta added in as he crossed his arms across his chest.


Toshinori sighed softly. He knew that it was a rather silly thing to do. Yet, he knew that this was the only way to get some kind of answers. That he could only do this as a means of learning more about the past that he had no idea on what he could do about it. His wolf felt a little more at ease knowing that they would be around Inko a little more often, yet at the same time he had felt like he had little time to really spend any kind of time with her.


Sure, she agreed to allow him to leave should his other job need him. As most of the time he was needed, he’d have to leave at a moment’s notice.


Really though, he couldn’t thank Inko enough for that. He knew that it would seem strange should the time that ‘All Might’ would need to make some kind of appearance… But, it was for the greater good.


“What are you gonna do should you need to take off to do hero work?” asked Shouta with a glare.


“Look, she knows I work another job, which I even added that it doesn’t have solid starts. I even told her that if I ever get a call, then I have to go.” Toshinori pointed out with a frown on his face.


“You sure she is understanding?” asked Hizashi with concern.


“Yes, I’m sure.” Toshinori said with a groan. God, they were worse than mother hens he swore to god. Shaking his head, the young man leaned back in his seat as he calmly said “On a different matter, I’m only doing this as a means of her protection. Inko is being chased for some reason, and I want to figure out why and by who. This may be a good way to find out without seeming like a stalker myself.”


“Ya know Shouta he does have a point here.” Hizashi said with a frown on his face.


Shouta sighed softly before looking up at his boyfriend. His gaze calm yet calculating. As if he was trying to see the reason and logic through what it was that Toshinori was planning. Though, it seemed that even he had no idea what it was that he should do. Toshinori didn’t know if Shouta would find something else wrong with this. As if the whole concept of him watching over Inko from her job would be a lot easier than just following her.


It still had him concerned though on what his friend would say. Yet, he didn’t care at the same time, there was no changing his mind about this. He would make sure that he could do everything within his power to make sure that Inko was safe and sound. To make sure that she didn’t have to worry about anything trying to jump out and attack her.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man ran a hand through his hair and went to speak. “I see that you do care about her safety which makes sense with your wolf.” Did he really have to bring up his wolf? Of all things, it had to be about the wolf above anything else. Though, he had to admit that in a way he was thankful for the wolf’s actions that day. Inko was saved because of it, and for that he would always be thankful.


Though not by much.


Taking a deep breath, Toshinori calmly said “I still do not like the wolf. The only thing that it’s done for me is cause me some kind of pain. No matter if it’s about transforming, overwhelming scents or sounds or distress.” Toshinori sighed before pushing himself up from his seat. Really, the only thing that he wanted to do was to get away from everything. To get away from his friends and go for a walk. Maybe a walk would clear his head.


Besides, it wasn’t like he had to start at the café yet anyway. Inko was giving him some time until she wanted him to start. That would give him some time to give the agency some kind of warning that he was going to be on some kind of mission. Which, wasn’t really a lie. Inko was in danger, she was being followed around and being hunted down for one reason or another.


He had to make sure that she was safe. Nothing else mattered other than keeping her safe. Even his wolf agreed on that, plus, he wanted to hear the whole story that she had in her mind about that night. If that was really him, if that was really him as a wolf fourteen years ago then… there was a good chance that he could figure out where he was from.


Maybe his family were even out there. Out there in hiding and away from civilization. That would be the best shot that he’s had in years. The only known link to his past and he would do whatever he could in order to learn more about his past. Yet, he had to be careful as well, if Inko learned the truth about him, if she knew that he was a monster than she would want nothing to do with him.


Yes, she seemed to care about his wolf, and him but… if she knew that he was both then she would fear him. That she would be terrified of him and wouldn’t even let him see Tenko. Toshinori wouldn’t say it, but he cared for Inko, and cared for Tenko. He loved both of them really, Inko because she was the one, his one true mate if he was honest. Tenko, well, he saw Tenko as his own son.


Maybe heading over there to visit would do him some good. Not to mention, calm him down by being around Inko and Tenko. By him, he means his wolf. It was already a little agitated by being apart from them for so long, even though he was just near Inko yesterday.


Shaking his head, the young man took a deep breath as he made his way to the door.


Yet, the moment he opened the door he yelped as a large yellow boot slammed into his face. The blonde flew through the air and slammed into the wall in the living room. Vision blurring, his face stung from the force of the hit. Yet, he was thankful for his healing factor as the pain started to fade from his face as he looked up.


Hizashi and Shouta looked at Toshinori in shock before looking toward their door. Standing there was a tall man, he wore a simple white body suit that had overly sized yellow gloves and boots. Along with a long yellow cape. To finish off his outfit, was a yellow belt with a G for the buckle.


Gulping, Toshinori felt fear shivering up his spine when he felt his eyes widen as he stared at the man who walked into his home. His short, spiky grey hair was a little messy, most likely just getting out of bed not long ago. His face covered by a black domino mask that resembles two diamonds. Toshinori knew who it was and it terrified him to no end. Even his wolf was afraid, and it seemed to cower and shiver deep within him.


“Toshinori!” shouted the man.


“Gran Torino!” shouted the frightened blonde. Toshinori’s eyes were wide, body trembling as he stared up at the older man. Gran Torino, Nana’s second husband was someone that he was terrified of. Yes, the older man helped Toshinori a lot during his childhood, training him. Helping him through school and of course preparing him to use One for All.


The older man had his hands on his hips as he stared down at the blonde. As if he was ready to kick his ass at any given moment. “Sir! I uh… what brings you by?” Toshinori said, trying hard not to stutter. God why did this man terrify him so much? It just didn’t make sense to him! He was a full grown man, who was also a werewolf and yet he couldn’t stop the fear that had taken its hold over him.


The older man’s eyes narrowed before he made his way over toward Toshinori. Yet, that had caused the blonde to yelp and try to shield himself…


Only to feel himself being lifted up onto his feet and felt the other man holding him in a hug. “Huh?” Toshinori blinked his blue eyes in confusion. Not sure what it was that was going on though he felt rather confused about everything that was happening right now. Though before he could even say anything, Toshinori felt the man pull himself back only to punch the blonde in the cheek. “Gah!” He cried out before falling onto the ground.


“You son of a bitch. Do you know what Nana and I found on the news? Them talking about a wolf attack, and the wolf just so happen to have saved an innocent woman?” He said, sounding very pissed off. Toshinori whimpered a little as he looked up at the man whom had raised him. “What does Nana tell me? She tells me that it was you, of all people who had saved that woman? How? Why? Because they showed the name of the woman on the news and she told me that was the woman that your wolf had chosen!”




“Were you going to tell me?!”




“Nana had to tell me all of this instead of hearing it from you! Toshinori don’t you know that Nana and I both care about you?!” shouted the older man, causing Toshinori to flinch.


“But Gran Torino-“


“And didn’t I tell you that you could call me ‘dad’ Toshinori?!”


“Well yes but-“


“Then you should be saying ‘dad’ instead of my hero name!” shouted Gran Torino.


Toshinori shivered a little. Damn it, forget villains, Gran Torino did a better job at that than anyone else. Looking up, the blonde couldn’t help but stare at the man, thinking that his father-figure was going to punch him again. Though instead, the older man just stared at him with a small glare. Toshinori tried to push himself up onto his feet, though Gran Torino just placed his boot on his chest and glared down at him. What more did the man have to say? There wasn’t much that he could say in the first place. Not like he hadn’t tried to say something, every time he did try he wouldn’t be able to finish as Gran Torino would only shut him up.


Gran Torino just glared at Toshinori, as if he was expecting the blonde to say something. So, did the silence mean that he would be able to say something at last? Tilting his head, the young man waited and waited. “You gonna say something Toshinori?” snarled Gran Torino.


So he was allowed to speak.


“Look, I didn’t do it out of my own choice. My wolf took over, seeing Inko in danger and just acted without me doing anything. I was shoved to the depths of my own mind! I had no control, nor any say in it Gran Torino.”


“I thought I told you that you can call me dad Toshinori!”




“Toshinori… You can’t blame everything on the wolf. It is just as much a part of you as your hair, eyes and everything that makes you, you. Now, as for not calling me or Nana ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ why?!” Gran Torino seemed like he wanted to get all of these questions solved and out of the way. Though to be honest, Toshinori almost felt like he was a little kid all over again. And he hated that feeling right now.


“I can’t…”


“And while you’re at it, tell me about this girl your wolf had chosen.” Gran Torino said with a glare.


Toshinori looked down. How was he to tell the man whom had trained him, and raised him anything like this? It wasn’t that Gran Torino was a terrible and unfair man. He was just terrifying when it came to training and his temper. “You going to say something already Toshinori?”




“I thought… I told you that you can call me dad, you know that.” Gran Torino said with a snarl that could rival a wolf.


Yet, it hit something within Toshinori. His eyes glowed, he didn’t hate Gran Torino, no he cared for the man. Should the time ever come when the older man was ever in need, he’d get over his fear and help him out. But, right now he was getting tired of being pushed to say something that he wasn’t even able to bring himself to say.


Gritting his fangs, Toshinori shoved Gran Torino off of him and stood up to his full height once again. “I can’t say it Gran Torino! I can’t call you ‘dad’ or Nana ‘mom’! I can’t do it!”


“Why is that Toshinori?!” shouted the older man as he glared at the man.


The blonde snarled down at Gran Torino as his blue eyes all but seemed to have bled out as yellow took its place. Gran Torino seem to stare at Toshinori with wide eyes, though he didn’t seem to back down. Neither from fear, or from anger. He just stood there, as if trying to figure out what was going on in Toshinori’s heart, or his head.


“Tell me. What have you been keeping from myself and Nana all these years?” asked Gran Torino.


“I can’t call you ‘dad’ or Nana ‘mom’ because I feel like I don’t deserve it!” Toshinori yelled.


Gran Torino raised an eyebrow at that. As if he didn’t understand Toshinori’s reasoning. “Why do you feel that?” asked the older man, his voice calm yet collected.


Breathing deeply, Toshinori let out a confused yet sad snarl. He seemed confused, why? He had no idea. It was as if there was a part of him that didn’t want to say it. That he didn’t deserve to call anyone ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ for some reason. As if he no longer had that right to even care about anyone like that. Not that he didn’t care about them like one would for their parents. He did… but, to call them his ‘mom’ and ‘dad’… it just seemed too painful.


Reaching up, he clutched at his heart. It felt like he had a sharp pain within his heart in that moment. A pain that had been long since forgotten, the cause of it? He had no idea. But it gave him a deep pain that he couldn’t come close to ever understanding. “Toshinori?” came Gran Torino’s voice.


“I don’t deserve it, I just don’t deserve to call anyone mom or dad. No one could ever replace… after what…” Toshinori started to mumble under his breath. His mind going into a fog of long forgotten memories.


He could hear voices, people talking among themselves. People’s screams, people crying for help and trying to escape some kind of imprisonment. Toshinori wasn’t sure where he was in that moment, he wasn’t sure what he was doing in such a place. The only scents that he could find was the scent of stale air, chemicals, tears, fear, concern, sadness, loneliness, and blood.


His breath started to hitch. Clutching at his chest, he felt like he was having some kind of panic attack.


“Toshinori?!” shouted Gran Torino’s voice, his voice filled with concern in that moment. Toshinori didn’t seem to be noticing anything. His eyes, unseeing as he could only see quick images of long, forgotten memories that had been locked away.


“Shit! Toshinori! You two, help me get Toshinori to bed! I think he’s having some kind of panic attack!” shouted Gran Torino.


The blonde didn’t feel anything. He wasn’t aware of anything that was happening around him. All he knew, was that he felt people grabbing him, he screamed, howled and roared at anyone that would get near him. Anyone that had tried to grab him. He snarled and tried to swipe at anyone that was surrounding him.


“Calm down Toshinori!” shouted someone’s muffled voice. He couldn’t really figure out who it was that was yelling at him. Howling loudly, the young man tried to swipe his claws at anyone that was near him once again. His heart still beating loudly within his ears. Could even feel his blood pumping within his veins.


Yet, with those feelings came with another. Guilt… remorse… loss…


Toshinori felt his body slowly coming to a stop from whatever it was that he was doing. His mind filled with nothing but red as he felt those emotions getting stronger and stronger within him. Tightly clutching at his head, he couldn’t help but feel like everything was crashing in on him all at once.


“Quick, play this!” someone said, and soon a soft humming was heard in the back. It was a song that he knew better than anyone. It was a song that he could recall from out of nowhere really. A song, that he didn’t know, nor remember the lyrics too but he felt like the song was a song that was held deep within his heart.


His breathing started to regulate itself. Starting to calm down before he felt his heart starting to slow down from its rapid beating mere moments ago.


“He’s starting to calm down.” Called someone, was that Shouta?


“Yeah, where did you get that?” asked another, was that Hizashi?


“It’s a recorder, I used it to record the song he hums a lot when in distress. It’s one of the few things that can calm Toshinori down while he’s having these attacks.” Said another, was that Gran Torino?


“So that’s why he hums that song?” Hizashi said, Toshinori starting to get a clearer head as the fog started to lift itself.


“It is yes, he’s always been this way. He’ll be okay, he just needs some rest. Help me get him to bed.” Gran Torino said with a sigh.


It was then that the world went dark.




Groaning, Toshinori opened his eyes, only to be blinded by the light that surrounded him. Letting out a soft whine, Toshinori tried to get his night vision to shut off though it seemed that he was far too worked up to do so. He tried to remember what had happened, the last thing he could truly recall was Gran Torino slamming a kick against his face, the man insisting to call him ‘dad’ and Nana ‘mom’ over and over and then…




“About damn time you woke up.” Came a voice, causing the blonde to turn his head, trying to open his eyes only to whimper from the bright light.


“So bright.” Toshinori whined.


“Hang on.”


Soon, the lights had dimmed down to very tiny light. To others, it would almost appear to be dark, yet for Toshinori it was bearable. “I remember how your eyes can be after you’ve had those attacks. Remember?” Toshinori blinked his eyes a little as he stared at Gran Torino. The man sat on a chair next to Toshinori’s bedside. His arms crossed, leaning against the back of his chair with one leg crossed over his knee.


How long had he been sitting there?


“So, I’m rather curious about what you said earlier.” Gran Torino said with a calm tone to his voice. Maybe he was wanting to make sure that the blonde wouldn’t have another attack like he had earlier.


“What did I say?”


Gran Torino just seemed to stare at the blonde. As if his gaze would find some kind of answer from the blonde that he so desperately seek. Yet, he had no true answer from his gaze. The older man sighed softly before running a hand through his spiky grey hair and looked out the window. “You said that you didn’t deserve to call us that. To call us ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ at all. Kept going on and on about how you do not deserve to call us as such.”


Toshinori frowned a little. Yes, that was how he felt about it. Yes, he saw them like his parents but at the same time he just couldn’t bring himself to even call them that. It was something that he couldn’t really explain, it just felt wrong to want to call them such things.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man calmly said “It’s something that I just can’t really explain. It’s just a feeling that I don’t really understand.”


“What do you feel when you want to call us ‘mom’ and ‘dad’?” asked Gran Torino.


Frowning a little, Toshinori looked at the man for a moment before looking back up at the ceiling.  Really? What did he feel? Frowning a little, the young man let out a soft sigh. “I feel… guilty I guess.”


“What do you mean by guilty?” asked the older man.


“I’m not really sure. It’s just something I feel when I think about ‘parents’.” Toshinori said with a soft sigh before trying to sit up. Only for his body to practically scream at him. Falling back onto his bed with a grunt, Toshinori let out a gasping breath of pain. Damn it, his body didn’t want to listen to him.


“Take it easy Toshinori.” Gran Torino said with a soft sigh before leaning forward in his seat. “Whatever your feelings may be, it seems that they are still linked to your past. Even though your mind doesn’t remember what the reason is, your heart still does in some way.” Toshinori could only frown a little as he stared at the older man. “From what I’ve seen, what the mind forgets the body doesn’t. It seems that your body does indeed remember something that must have caused you some kind of grief.”


That… made a lot of sense really. Toshinori blinked as he stared at the other man. Though, it still didn’t make him feel any better about any of this though. It just felt like he was still disappointing both Gran Torino and Nana in some way. Just as Toshinori was about to say something, the older man shook his head, silencing the blonde. “Just rest Toshinori. You’ll need it, at least more so if you are going to protect that girl.”


Toshinori blushed darkly at the mere mention of Inko. “From what your friends have told me, it seems that she is being hunted down for some reason.” The blonde nodded his head a little to his parental-figure. “Nana and I will look into her past, hopefully we’ll find something.” Toshinori nodded once again. Not really sure what they could find in order to keep Inko safe. But, at this rate anything would be helpful in order to keep the green haired woman safe.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man looked up at the ceiling once again. Feeling rather exhausted. Whatever the attack was, it had worn him down. He felt so tired, just wanting to sleep a little more. Maybe it would do him a little more good really. Yawning softly, the young man turned to stare at Gran Torino for a moment before falling asleep. Yes, this was the only thing that he could do for the time being.


Rest, and regain what strength he had lost. Though, he just hoped that Inko would be safe for the time being. Maybe he could go to the café tomorrow at least when he has fully rested and be able to return to see his mate at long last.


He just hoped that she wouldn’t be screaming at him should she ever learn the truth about what he was. The thought of that moment, it scared him. Made him think that maybe he should never tell Inko the truth. That he shouldn’t tell her thinking that she would hate him, want to kill him or at the very least take him in to be looked at by doctors.


All of these fears circled around his head, twisting his heart around in an icy vice. He just wasn’t sure what he was to do now. It just seemed as if everything wanted to be against him one way or another.