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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori grumbled as he worked at the counter of Inko’s café. Really, he knew that he could leave at any time, but so far it seemed that villain work or disasters were rather low. Sighing softly, the young man couldn’t help but take off the furry band atop of his head that had a pair of fake wolf ears. Halloween was around the corner, and Inko loved holidays it seemed.


To the point that she had people dress up or wearing something that would reflect the up and coming holiday.


Yet, his mind kept wandering back to the police station.


When Melissa’s father came in, well let’s just say that he wasn’t in the right state of mind, as the man was some kind of doctor and well…


”Toshinori, please calm down!” Hizashi said, his hands held up as he tried to calm down the snarling blonde werewolf.


Toshinori kept his glowing gaze on the brown haired man. He just stared at Toshinori in shock, the man tried to take another step forward only for Toshinori’s snarl to rise in volume. In fact, his grip tightened around the sleeping girl. He wouldn’t allow the man to get closer to him, there was no way that he would allow himself to be taken in by a doctor again. Never again!


Wait again? Interesting…


Giving himself a mental shake of his head, the young man just kept snarling at everyone in the room. His fangs bared, eyes glowing bright yellow as he stared at the brown haired man still. In fact, it seemed that the man was sensing the danger that Toshinori was giving. Though really, it was that he was also trying to protect himself and, he hated himself for such a feeling but he was in a sense using Melissa as a shield of some kind.


“May I have that little girl?” asked the man, giving a smirk as he stared at Toshinori.


Though it seemed that Toshinori wouldn’t listen. As he stared at the man, he kept getting flashes of another time. Memories long forgotten to time and trauma, Toshinori, saw the man before in dressed up in a long white lab coat, a surgeons mask, holding a needle in his gloved hand. Glasses shined in the dim light that surrounded them. The light almost seemed to have allowed his glasses to shield his eyes from Toshinori, so he couldn’t see the colour.


“Time for you to have another injection werewolf.” The doctor said, causing Toshinori to snarl, he almost rushed toward the doctor, yet he still held onto someone in his arms. When he looked down for a brief moment, he didn’t even see Melissa anymore. Instead, he saw a girl, a young girl at that with long black hair that hid most of her face from him.


Yet he felt an over whelming desire to protect her. Not sure why that was, but he knew that he had to keep her safe no matter the cost.


“I’ll come closer to give you the shot and of course we’ll have to take that girl away from you.” Hearing that caused the blonde to snarl. Eyes wide, Toshinori went to attack, until another voice stopped him. A voice that he knew in his heart. A voice that belonged to only one other person.


A voice that could sooth him like no other could.


The voice, of his chosen mate.


“Toshi, it’ll be okay. I just need you to let go of her okay? Can you give her to me?” Toshinori looked over, his yellow gaze seeming confused as he stared at her. Inko just smiled gently at him, her hands held up in a defensive position with her palms facing him. Didn’t she know that he would never dream of hurting her? That the mere thought of hurting her was the last thing from his mind?


Inko gave him a soft smile as she asked “Do you mind if I take her from you? I promise that nothing will happen to her okay?” Toshinori just stared at her for a moment. His wolf seemed to be a little more on edge as Toshinori and the wolf stared at their chosen mate. Yet, at the same time, they didn’t think that Inko would have any kind of intention that would cause him to be hurt. Or injured at that.


Slowly, he nodded toward the young woman. Inko smiled gently at Toshinori before carefully taking the girl from his arms, he almost frowned a little at the feeling. In a way, he almost felt like he had failed in some way or another. Peeking up at Inko once again, he saw her still holding onto the little girl, yet when he saw Inko walking toward the man well…


He snarled loudly. He bristled as he rose to his feet and looked like he was ready for a fight. Inko looked up at Toshinori with wide eyes, as if thinking that he would attack her.


No, Toshinori knew that this had to be his Inko still. The scent was still there, as was her voice still being the same. Maybe the doctor was forcing her to do this. Forcing her to take the child away from him and to get the child to the doctor. Toshinori knew that he had to stop this, had to save the child and Inko from the doctor’s clutches.


Narrowing his eyes, he went to march toward the doctor, his fangs growing longer and sharpening. As were his claws as he made his way forward. He was a man on a mission, there would be nothing that would stop him. Nothing would get in his way.


The doctor held onto the little girl, as if to shield her from any and all harm. Toshinori noticed that the needle was gone in fact, the man wasn’t even trying to walk away. When Toshinori got a better look of his eyes, he saw that his blue eyes were shining with fear and concern. Fear for himself, and concern for the little girl it seemed.


Before he could even question it further, he felt a large jolt going through his body. Toshinori’s eyes widened as his mouth opened. A loud scream of pain echoed through the station, Inko screaming out his name as he tried to reach out toward her.


Once the electricity stopped flowing through his body, Toshinori found himself falling forward as darkness started to consume his vision.


Toshinori sighed softly as he all but slammed his head onto the counter. Of all the things that had to happen, it was one of his episodes? He didn’t even know how it happened, he hasn’t had an episode that bad since he was a child.


They were a lot worse as a child, but had slowly started to disappear as he got older. Though, maybe it was because the guy was some kind of doctor, he wasn’t sure. Though, Toshinori knew that he had to be careful around him. If there was ever a chance that he was near that guy again, there was a chance that he would go through another episode, and Inko may not be there. As she was the only one to get through to him around then.


Though, he also still had to punch Hizashi at some point. He had told the other man not to bring his friend here. To bring him near him if he was the same doctor friend that he was suggesting. The one that could most likely ‘help’ him when it comes to his wolf nature. But, he didn’t trust the guy. What if he was a doctor like any other that he had seen? Or at least like the ones in his nightmares when he was growing up?


Hm, were they memories or just dreams that were caused by something he had gone through? He had no idea, though he knew that he would have to do something before it would cause him more trouble down the road.


Lifting his head, he heard someone coming into the café, he almost wanted to sigh. Really, he didn’t want to do deal with any customers but at the moment he had no choice. He had to do something before anything else happened. Maybe helping people would help his mood a little more, after all what was the worst that could happen?


Setting the fake wolf ears atop of his head, Toshinori looked over and blinked as he saw the man as he approached. He was a short man, or at least not overly tall. Maybe just a little taller than Inko. He had curly black hair that almost made Toshinori think of some kind of bush but, his hair was fluffier than a bush.


He wore a simple green shirt with black shorts. Odd, a lot of people were wearing longer pants with it being chilly. Though, he won’t deny that he didn’t feel the cold. Honestly, he had a higher body heat than the average human but, he knew that he wasn’t human. So, maybe for him it was that he was just naturally hot blooded because of his werewolf nature.


As for this guy? It was hard to say.


The man though looked around the room. As if he was trying to find someone. Toshinori felt like there was something wrong about the man. Felt like there was something off about him, and it had him a little confused about the strange feelings swirling up within him.


It almost felt like… danger?


Soon, the man’s dark green eyes landed on Toshinori and he gave a smile and a wave. “Hey, I’m looking for someone.” The man said with a chuckle. He pushed up a pair of glasses that took up nearly his whole face. Were his eyes that bad or was it something else?


Toshinori felt his hackles rising though he had to calm himself down. If he just reacted like that again, there was a good chance that he would attack this man and most likely lose his mind like he had last time. There was no way that he would be able to forgive himself if he attacked a customer like he had almost done with Hizashi’s friend.


“Who are you looking for?” asked Toshinori, may as well sound friendly, though it had him curious as to who this guy was even looking for. Was it a customer? Was it a worker? Hell, was he even dating someone that worked here? Though, he just hoped that everything wasn’t going to be the way that he pictured it in his head right now.


“Yeah, I’m looking for Inko.” The man said with a big grin on his face. Toshinori felt a growl creeping up his throat, wanting to rip this man into pieces. But, he knew that he had to hold himself back. If he went and did anything, there was a chance that Inko wouldn’t want anything to do with him anymore.


“May I ask who you are?” asked Toshinori.


“Ah, how rude of me! I’m Hisashi.” So weird that he is only one letter off from his friend. It was rather strange, though Toshinori shook his head for a moment before he sighed softly.


Looking up at the man once again, Toshinori just stared at the man as he said “Give me a second, I’ll go see if she’s in the back.”


“Sure, but mind if I ask you something?” asked Hisashi.

“Uh… sure?” Toshinori answered, not really sure what he could say to that. It wasn’t like the man was asking to fight him. Which, of course he would lose in the end. Honestly, what could the man ask of him in the first place.


“Have we met before?” Okay, that was something that he wasn’t expecting. Toshinori frowned a little, tilting his head a little confusing. As if sensing the blonde’s confusion, the young man went on. “It’s just that, you seem very familiar to me. As if I have met you before… just not sure where that would be.”


“Sorry, but I don’t believe I’ve met you before. I’m pretty sure that I would have remembered someone like you.” Toshinori said with a shrug before pushing himself away from the counter as he said “Give me a moment, and I’ll go and find Inko.” Though, Toshinori, without meaning too gave the man a glare, his eyes flashing yellow for a brief moment before he went to go and get Inko.


Yet, for some reason he couldn’t shake this weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. It felt as if there was something wrong, some kind of danger that surrounded him and that man but he just couldn’t figure out as to why that was. Maybe it was something that he would figure out at some point. Now, he had to get Inko… and figure out how to get back at Hizashi for his ‘friend’ coming to Japan.




“So, tell me again why you allowed your friend to be here?” asked Toshinori as he crossed his arms across his chest. Hizashi gave a nervous laugh before he let out a soft sigh. It seemed that Hizashi had no way of trying to cover his ass for this. No matter what happens, Toshinori knew that he would be pissed off with his loud friend for a while, this almost felt like some kind of betrayal and it pissed him off to no end.


Looking up at the blonde, Hizashi frowned a little as he said “Look, I only have your best interests at heart here Toshinori!”


“Which are?” asked the werewolf with a glare.


“I was worried about you. There is so much that we don’t know about your werewolf side. Hell, we don’t even know how those herbs or plants or whatever they were had been able to calm you down. Just as much as the whole ‘song’ and ‘Inko’ thing having an effect on you.” Hizashi said with a frown.


Shouta walked in and sighed softly at his boyfriend. Toshinori had no idea whose side he would be on, though really? He wouldn’t be surprised if it was Hizashi’s side he’d be on. Though it seems that the raven haired man rolled his exhausted eyes. “Hizashi, how you went about it was terribly wrong. As for you Toshinori, well he only had your best interests at heart. Just being a friend wanting to help you.”


Toshinori snarled a little, he pushed himself up from his chair and started to pace around the room. Really, he just didn’t want to deal with a doctor, no matter if it was to help him with his whole problem with being a werewolf. How could he get past such an ordeal? More so when it was the fact that it was just the man being a doctor that bothered him the most.


“Seems weird that you were willing to protect David’s daughter from him though.” Hizashi said with a frown.


“Hm, now that you mention it he did mention that Toshinori was being rather… protective of her for some reason.” Shouta mumbled before looking over at the blonde and tilted his head a little. As if he was rather curious as to what was going on. Now that Shouta did mention that, it did have him a little curious as to what was going on.


That wasn’t normal for him. It was normal for him to growl and attack someone but it wasn’t normal for him to want to protect someone from another in that sense. It wasn’t that he was thinking with his hero persona, or even the desire to protect someone from a villain. No, it was something more than that. It was as if he was protecting someone else, someone that he knew but couldn’t recall no matter how much he tried.


Shaking his head, Toshinori ran a hand through his hair as he said “Look, I don’t know what it was that caused it okay? I just know that I felt the need to keep Melissa safe from him. I didn’t even see your friend anymore Hizashi nor did I even see Melissa anymore-“


“Wait what do you mean you didn’t ‘see’ them anymore?” asked Hizashi with a frown on his face.


Letting out a groan, Toshinori just felt like he had opened up another door that he didn’t want to open but knew that they would keep bugging him until he revealed what it was that he saw. Looking between Shouta and Hizashi, he couldn’t help but frown a little as he saw that they seemed both curious, as well as concerned for their friend.


“In David’s place, I saw a doctor. Almost looked like some kind of scientist.” Toshinori said with a soft sigh, running his hand through his blonde locks in the hopes of calming himself down. It just seemed as if his life was turning upside down at this point. Everything was crashing in on him one way or another and it was starting to confuse him to the point that it was starting to piss him off.


“Really?” asked Shouta with a deeper frown.


“Yeah, said something about another… um…” Damn what was it. Toshinori knew that the doctor was trying to do something to him but it was as if the memory was eluding him. Shaking his head, his eyes closed as he tried to think of the right words as they circled around his head. Reaching up, he made a motion with his hand, as if he was holding something and pushed down on something with his thumb.


“A needle? Trying to give you a shot?”


“An… injection! That’s it, it was some kind of injection.” Toshinori said, his eyes shooting open as he started to remember the scene from his attack. “I was holding a girl, a girl with black hair that took the place of Melissa. She almost seemed like she was asleep in my arms, much like Melissa but my mind told me otherwise.” Toshinori crossed his arms across his chest, trying to bring that memory to the surface.


Yet, his body started to shake and tremble at the thought. Breathing deeply, sweat starting to coat his brow as he tried to force himself to remember. “Toshinori!” called Hizashi as he rushed to his friend and grabbed onto his arm, causing the werewolf’s blue eyes to snap up to him in confusion. “Don’t force it. It could only cause you more pain.” The green eyed blonde said with a frown on his face as he stared at his friend with concern.


Letting out a soft sigh, Toshinori sat back down on his seat with a heavy plop. “What do you expect me to do guys? I finally have some other kind of idea as to what had happened to me and yet I can’t seem to recall anything. Or at least not much.” Toshinori said with a sigh.


Shouta shook his head as he said “At the moment, there isn’t much we can do. But, I’m hoping with David’s help we can learn about a few things. Such as that plant that calmed you down… as well as possible actions that you may end up doing with Inko in your life at this point.”


“He isn’t coming near me.” Toshinori snarled before shaking his head. “In fact, I don’t want him near me.”


“So, you don’t want my help?” came a voice, causing Toshinori to whip his head around and glared at the man in question. Of course he was here now of all times. Fan-fucking-tastic.