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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori was in full blown panic mode.




Because he just kissed Inko without a second thought!


'I can’t believe that I did that! Inko must think I’m some kind of lonely loser!’ Toshinori said to himself as he paced back and forth in his room. After his patrol, he had gone to his room, and did everything he could to avoid the green haired woman.


And his wolf hated being apart from her right now.


Yet, Toshinori couldn’t bring himself to face her. Even now, he’s had a few or so texts from Inko. Honestly, he had lost count after the first few as he had shut off his phone. Well, his civilian phone was off, his hero phone was still going and Inko didn’t have that number.


Groaning, he fell onto his bed and covered his face as he tried to think on what he should do. Really? He had no idea what the hell he was to do. It just seemed that no matter what, he couldn’t bring himself to do anything. What if the next time he saw Inko that she yelled at him and told him that she never wanted to be near him, or even see him ever again. After such an act, it was a good reason for Inko to not want to be near him anymore.


It just seemed as if there was always something wrong with him in one way or another. Yet, he had no idea what he could do anymore. It just seemed, as if no matter what he did, there would always be something wrong, or that he would do something he shouldn’t of.


Lowering his hands, the young man peeked up at the ceiling as he thought back to what had happened. Inko was telling him that she would always be his friend, that she would never think differently of him and well, he got lost in the moment and just… kissed her.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man felt so lost. It had seemed that maybe, this was meant to happen. He could never have her, could never have her in his life but, he knew that he still had to keep his promise. He would keep her safe no matter what came his way, though he may have to do that from the shadows so to speak. Inko would never want to face him, see him, no matter what form he took. Well, not including the wolf since she still had no idea that was him as well.


Groaning, a soft whine escaping his throat, Toshinori rolled onto his belly and buried his face in his pillow. He won’t lie, he was acting much like his teenage-self right now, but at the moment he didn’t give a damn. In high school, he merely had a crush on a student who turned out to be scared of him because of the ‘aura’ he gave off, but Inko…




Inko was the one his wolf chosen, his mate, the only one that his wolf would ever choose for him. Really, it felt like he was an empty shell without her, like he was missing a piece of himself when she wasn’t with him. He had no idea, what his life was like without her in it anymore.


Tightly shutting his eyes, the young man buried his face back into his pillow and whined. He would have to try to be a hero still yes, but knew that he would now always be acting and nothing more. Nothing would ever make sense to him anymore.


Sure, he envied Shouta and Hizashi for them being able to be happy together. Despite that they were total opposites, they were so very much in love yet…


Toshinori was alone.


Shaking his head, the young man let out a soft sigh as he tried to think on what he was to do, what he could do. Though he wasn’t sure what he could do, he knew that there was no way that he could have Inko back in his life, not with the way he had messed up. It was an impulse yes, one that was caused by his wolf but, at the same time it was something that he so deeply wanted more than anything in the entire world.


He had wanted to kiss her yes, wanted to hold her in his arms and call her his. But, knew that he couldn’t do that. Inko wouldn’t return his feelings, no matter how much he tried but, at the same time he wanted to keep being a part of her life no matter what came his way.


Though Inko would most likely throw something at him and tell him to leave her alone forever. That was something that he couldn’t live with. To have Inko either hate him, or never be his, to always just be in his sight but still at arm’s reach, maybe even further than that. Inko was his world, as was Tenko. That little boy who figured out his secret without much help from any adult, the boy that he saw as his own, he’d never see that kid anymore either.


Letting out another whine that sounded far too much like his wolf, Toshinori rolled onto his back and looked back up at the ceiling. Not sure what he could do right now. Soon, there was a knocking on his door, causing the blonde to look up and frown. “Go away Shouta.” He said, the smell of musk had hit him, it almost smelled like leather though it was far too faint to be Hizashi. That man pretty much drowned in leather thanks to his costume. Though, Shouta sometimes ended up wearing Hizashi’s jacket because he was cold and it was the closest thing to him now and again.


“No.” Shouta said before kicking the door and glared at the blonde as he laid on his bed. “I’m tired of hearing you whining. You are coming with me.”


“No!” Toshinori said as he went to shoot up from bed.


Only to be ensnared by Shouta’s capture weapon that hung around his neck much like a scarf. Toshinori yelped out in shock as he fell on the floor, and was now being dragged away by the tired raven haired man. Toshinori protested the entire way as he was dragged through the hallway and into the living room.


“Let me go damn it!” shouted Toshinori.


“No.” Shouta grumbled.


“What’s going on over there?” asked David, how long had he been here? Toshinori wanted to ask though kept snarling at his friend.


“I swear to god if you don’t let go of me Shouta I’ll… I’ll…”


“You’ll what? Bite me? Been there done that, you’ve bitten me once before.”


Oh yeah… he forgot about that.


Struggling all the more, Toshinori glared at his friend, only to turn his gaze onto David who was sitting at a table that resided in the corner, laptop open with what appeared to be some kind of video chat. “David, help me here, Toshinori needs to be calmed down before I can let him go.”


“Sure, hang on.” David said as he turned around as he faced whoever it was he was talking too. “I have to go, I’ll talk to you later Ms. King.”


“David what-“


Before the woman could even speak, he closed the laptop. The only thing that Toshinori could see from the person was long blonde hair. Couldn’t be his wife since he had said ‘Ms. King.’ Yet, that sounded so familiar to him but he couldn’t be sure as to why that was. All Toshinori could do was scream out in rage as he wanted to be left alone but knew that he was in for some kind of argument.




David hummed softly as he wrote down a few notes. Mostly on the video that he was watching. Shouta was kind enough to send him the video. To be honest, he did found it a little humours.


The first time.


Otherwise, it was great for notes. From what he could gather so far, it seemed that it wasn’t just the petals that had a calming effect. The flower itself, wasn’t what held the scents that would calm him. It made David want to test that theory but at the same time he wasn’t sure what he could do to help Toshinori. Yet, there was never a time to test his theory without the man in question thinking he was trying to hurt the blonde werewolf.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man felt like he was going around in circles really.


Shaking his head, the young man leaned back, removing his glasses for a moment as he tried to think on what he could do right now. If only he could get a hint as to what the flower was truly called then he could get a better idea. All he could do was go to that club or whatever it was that the guys had gone to, and ask them for the plant that they had that night.


Of course, they had the same plant shipped to them for two months or so, and had only one left that was still in good shape. Still fresh, or at least near fresh. The petals themselves were even still attached this time around.


Turning to look at the plant in question, he couldn’t help but frown a little in deep thought. He wasn’t sure as to what it was, and he hadn’t had any luck in finding any of these plants in other flower shops. They couldn’t even tell him the name of the plant as they had no resources or at the very least no connections to get such a flower.


David wanted to sigh, oh how this was rather confusing. It seemed that every time he came close to finding an answer, the further away he was from it all.


Frowning, he gently held the plant in his hand as he twirled it carefully between his index finger and thumb. “What kind of plant are you…?” whispered David in confusion. Soon, a whine was heard, causing the brown haired young man to turn in his seat as he frowned a little. Toshinori had hidden himself within his room for a while now, he wasn’t sure what was going on. Though, not like the blonde would even tell him anything anyway.


The man hated him with a passion. A reason for it, he had no idea why that would be. Though he knew that there had to be a reason for it, maybe if he kept looking into it, he’d find a way to help Toshinori learn about his own past. A past that he just couldn’t remember. Though, he just hoped that he would be able to do such a thing.


Turning his attention back to the video. Watching as Toshinori seemed to be in a sense, acting out. Wanting to look for something, or someone and be with them. Yet, the plant that had been tossed at him had been enough to calm him down to the point that he was in some kind of bliss. Or even calm to the point of being like a content cat?


That would have been a funny term. Content as a cat, for a werewolf. David almost wanted to laugh at the idea itself though, was rather laughable.


Frowning, he looked at the computer screen as he tried to find any kind of answer. An answer that would give him everything that he would ever want. Yet, he knew that nothing of the sort would ever come to face him. Sighing softly, David groaned and covered his face, removing his glasses for a moment as he wiped at his eyes in deep thought. “Come on, give me some kind of lead or something.”


Suddenly, as if to answer his call his computer started to ring. Blinking, David blinked his blue eyes before looking at the caller ID. Answering it, he saw a woman with long blonde hair, two locks framing her face while her shaggy blonde hair curled out behind her in fluffy waves. Her blue eyes held an electric storm within their depths and it made David wonder where he’s seen those eyes before. On someone else…


“David, how are you?” asked the woman with a smile on her face.


“Fine, what brings the call Ms. King?”


“You messaged me about something about a flower and how it could be helping with someone’s quirk?” Ah right, he had messaged her about that when first given the task.


Nodding, David leaned in closer to the computer screen as he let out a soft sigh. “You see, I was asked to help locate a flower. It seems to have some kind of calming effect on the man based on his quirk. I’m not sure what the flower is so I’ve been having a little trouble finding it.”


“Do you have an image that you could be searching for or even an idea on what it could be?” asked Ms. King.


“Yeah, I went to the source of where it was discovered-“




“It seems that this was something newly discovered. The man-“


“It’s a man? Not a child?” asked his teacher.


“Yes, can I please get a word out fully?” asked David.


“Yes, I’m sorry, go on.”


“Thank you. Anyway, it seems that he has trouble with other doctors, he doesn’t even trust me yet and I’m looking into this.” David said with a sigh. Rolling his shoulders as he went on. “The plant, seems to have some kind of calming effect on him.”


“Calming effect.” She whispered, causing David to stare at her in confusion. Did she have an idea, though it would be hard to say as to what it could be that she was thinking about now wouldn’t it? “Tell me what you know about the quirk.”


David chuckled a little. She may not have her own quirk, but at least she knew something about quirks for the most part. Though she still was far from any kind of expert but still had some kind of insight for the most part. “Well, from what I do know… his quirk has the qualities of a wolf.”


“Hm, is there anything else you can give me?” asked his teacher.


“Not really no. He won’t tell me and I won’t ask his roommates out of respect for the man. I’m a doctor that is why he won’t tell me anything. He isn’t really the trusting sort.” Said David with a soft sigh.


“I see.”


“Though, from what I have gathered on my own, he has some kind of PTSD, he was in some kind of protective mode or so when he saw me and figured out by my scent alone that I was a doctor of some kind.” His teacher frowned a little as she tilted her head side to side in confusion. The older woman seemed to be in some kind of deep thought as she wondered what it was that would help Toshinori in some way.


“Hm, well, if he’s anything like the common cat-“ David wanted to snicker at that part. “-Then it is possible that the plant itself has catnip like qualities. It is possible, but it is hard to say.” That does make sense. Shaking her head, the older woman looked at her ex-student as she said “Now, as for the flower what does it look like?”


Oh right, he never got a chance to show her the flower yet. Holding it up, blue petals, well blue petals that in a way almost looked like it was a shade of purple. Ms. King blinked her blue eyes at the flower for a moment before saying “I think I’ve seen this flower before on one of my travels. Hold on.” She then started to type up rather quickly on her computer.


He sighed softly before hearing another whine reaching his ears. Turning his head to look over his shoulder, David couldn’t help but frown a little in confusion. Tilting his head a little in confusion, the young man wondered what was bothering Toshinori so much in the first place. Just what could be wrong with him in the first place?


IT was rather puzzling, he had no idea what went on in that man’s head. Though at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel curious. Letting out a soft sigh, the young man turned back and could only see the concentrated look on his teacher’s face as she started to look through files among flowers of flowers. Soon, a ding was heard from the screen, causing David to look over and blink in confusion. “I think I found it, here.”


Soon, a link was sent to David, causing him to look at the screen in confusion. Clicking the link, the young man saw a wiki pop up, causing David to frown a little in confusion. “A wiki page? Really?”


“It was the best thing I could think of to send to you. I only have pictures so the best thing I could send you is a wiki page.” Ms. King said with a roll of her eyes and shaking her head and laughed a little.


Rolling his eyes, the young man clicked the link and frowned a bit. It was indeed, the flower that he had been searching for no doubt. But the name…


“Aconitium Carmichaelili?” David asked in question, not sure what was happening. He couldn’t help but frown a little in confusion. It just seemed a little strange that a plant with a name that didn’t even sound Japanese could even seem like any kind of calming plant. Looking back up at his teacher, he frowned a little in confusion.


“Look at the other name.” She simply said.


Turning his gaze back onto the page he saw another name that made his eyes widen.


Chinese Wolfsbane.


His eyes widened in shock at the mere name. Of course, Toshinori was a werewolf, and the plant in a sense was wolfsbane but it was also poisonous when consumed. Yet, the scent alone wasn’t anything that could be toxic to humans. Yet, it could still be enough to calm down a werewolf like Toshinori now wouldn’t it? “That may be what keeps him calm and docile. Though I haven’t had a chance to test how the plant affects him while sober-“


“You mean they learned this while he was drunk?”


“Yeah, long story short from the video they gave me for my research, he was looking for his ‘mate’ or something.”




“His quirk gives him some wolf properties and tendencies so to speak. So, finding a mate is one of the things that comes with his quirk.”


“I see-“


“Let me go damn it!” shouted Toshinori, causing David to turn his head and frown a little as he saw Toshinori being dragged into the living room by Shouta’s scarf. Frowning David couldn’t help but be a little confused as he heard Shouta’s responds.


’The hell?’ He thought to himself. “What’s going on over there?” He asked, wondering what it was that made the raven haired hero drag the tall blonde to the living room.


They kept arguing back and forth, it almost made David wish that he brought some popcorn. Though he wondered if he would be able to figure this out on his own though maybe it was best that he didn’t learn this on his own. He was almost afraid to know the answer on his own.


Soon, David heard Shouta asking him for his help.


“Sure, hang on.” Turning to his laptop, David calmly said “I have to go, I’ll talk to you later Ms. King.”


“David what-?”


With that, he shut his laptop and started to make his way over to Toshinori with the plant in his hand. He wasn’t sure what it was that he would be able to do with the plant. Not sure what Toshinori would do once the plant took hold of him but at this rate, anything was better than nothing. He just hoped that it would work though, that was all he hoped for.


Holding the plant close to Toshinori’s nose, the young man blinked in shock as Toshinori’s eyes seemed to be a little glazed over. David just stared well, stared really. The blonde just blinked slowly as his head rested on the floor as he let out a soft sigh and drifted off to sleep. David looked up as he said “Okay uh… now what?”