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A Werewolf's Love

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Inko hummed softly as she made her way over to go and pick up Tenko. Honestly, when Toshinori told her that he was going to look after a little girl, the same one that he saved from the villain well, she had to admit that she was a little worried for the man.


Before, she had only ever seen him take care of Tenko so she wouldn’t be sure as to what he would do with a little girl. It made her think that maybe he would cave in at any given time that she would ask him something. At least that was how he was with her for the most time, even when she was merely kidding but at the same time Inko found it rather endearing.


But at the same time, she knew that she couldn’t allow herself to fall into such a thing at the same time. For, it felt like she was using his kindness against him and it made her feel bad.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young woman looked up at the sky, trying to think on what her relationship with Toshinori. Honestly, she loved him, more than she had ever loved anyone in her entire life. It made her think that he was the one for her. But at the same time, she felt like he was holding back. That he was trying to hide something from her, whatever it was it had to be big. Something that made him think that she was going to leave him.


The mere thought of her leaving him was silly, ridiculous really. But at the same time she couldn’t help but wonder what could have gone through his head, to cause his fears that would make her want to leave him.


Shaking her head, the young woman knew that she couldn’t allow herself to over think such things. Toshinori was important to her, she loved him more than she had ever loved any other man. Now, she just had to help him through his own insecurities to know that she would never leave him no matter what may come their way.


Though she just wasn’t sure as to what would happen.


Turning her gaze over to the side, she saw Tenko’s school in sight and couldn’t help but smile. At least he brought joy to her life when Toshinori wasn’t around. As well as making sure that he knew what being loved was as much as what Toshinori needed. To know what love was, and that he did indeed earn love in return.


Taking a deep breath, the young woman made her way over to the school and through the doors. Happy that Tenko so far, had been enjoying himself at the school. That everyone came here in the hopes of learning their academics but at the same time, also learning what their quirks were and how to use them.


Though, she wasn’t sure what Tenko’s quirk was. Either it still hasn’t surfaced, or he just didn’t have one. She had heard that it was kind of rare nowadays for children not to get a quirk, but she feared for them at the same time. Those without quirks were attacked verbally, sometimes even physically. It made it so much worse when they were unable to defend themselves.


It broke Inko’s heart day after day when she would hear such things.


Why would parents allow their children to pick on those without quirks? It was cruel and unusual and it made her angry at parents that she didn’t even know. Not like her parents were any better, believing that they were better than those without quirks and it saddened her that her parents would think of such things.


Taking a deep breath, the green haired young woman made her way down the halls until she would arrive at her destination. Looking up at the classroom doors, wondering what would be awaiting her behind the doors though at the same time she knew that she shouldn’t worry so much. After all, Tenko is fine, and he still has a while yet until his quirk would come around. Right? So the children shouldn’t be mean to him.


Reaching out, the young woman opened the door only to frown a little.


The room was empty.


“Huh? Am I late?” Inko asked herself, unsure as to what was going on right now. It was rather strange that there was no one in the classroom, had they all gone outside to wait for the parents?


“Oh, are you here to pick up your child?” asked a woman, one that had a bright and cheery smile on her face. It made Inko wonder how she could smile like that, even when she dropped Tenko off this woman was smiling. Doesn’t her cheeks hurt from that? “They’re just outside having some last minute fun is all. Figured with it being a wonderful day and all.” Okay, that doesn’t seem so bad. Though rather strange to Inko.


“Thank you, I’m here to pick up Tenko.” Inko said with a cautious glance.


“Oh, you’re here for Tenko?”




“I should mention then, he’s been behaving rather roughly with the other children. And of course there have been cases of anger to where he is being rather aggressive.” Inko found that rather strange. Tenko has never shown anger at home nor to be rough with anyone. There has to be something going on here. It had her a little concerned though for the little boy. There had to be something but what could it be?


Inko crossed her arms as she asked “And do you know what the cause was?”


“No. I just noticed that he would start fighting with the other children.” The teacher said softly.


“Okay, but have you gotten his side of the story?” asked Inko.




“And why not?”


“Because I would see that he started it.”


Really? She’s going by what she had witnessed instead of getting down to the bottom of everything? Inko narrowed her eyes as she said “I’m going to talk to Tenko, learn what is going on and if I find out that it is something that you have been overlooking, I will report you. Now where is my son?!”


The teacher backed a bit, frightened by the short woman. It seemed that it was true. Fear anyone who is shorter than you because they can bite back. Meanwhile, the teacher had told her that Tenko is in the yard playing. Or at the very least he should be playing unless he got into another fight.


Without having to be told twice, Inko made a mad dash out of the classroom and down the halls. Not caring that the teachers were telling her not to dash through the halls like that. She had to make sure that her child was safe, that he was okay. That nothing terrible was happening to him, he’s already gone through so much as it was and if he was being bullied, why hadn’t he said anything? Why hadn’t he told her that he was being tormented by his peers?


Unless he didn’t think of her as his mother-figure in his life.


Thinking that hurt her, it made her think that Tenko didn’t really see her as a mother. Not even a little, she loved him like her own son. The young woman couldn’t help but start to slow down. Was it that he really felt that way? That he couldn’t love her like a mother or was she merely overlooking everything?


It was then, that a scream reached her ears. Causing the green haired woman to look up in shock, she knew that voice better than anyone. “Tenko?!” She shouted before rushing down the halls once again, caring not if she was running in the halls. At the moment, the only thought going through her head was that she wanted to protect her child.


The moment she reached the door, Inko could hear voices from the other side. Causing her to frown a little in confusion.


“Why do you still come here? This is a school for those with talents, such as amazing quirks! You don’t have one!” Inko couldn’t help but frown upon that. Were they tormenting him because of that? Because of the possibility that he doesn’t have a quirk? That his quirk has yet to manifest itself to him? “Then of course there is that lady who drops you off. She isn’t your mom, we heard you call her ‘Inko’ instead of mom! You’re an orphan aren’t you?”


“Shut up!”


“She’s just a stranger who felt sorry for you.”


“No she isn’t!”


“You are just a child she took pity on!”


“She isn’t like that!”


“How are you so sure? You are nothing but a burden to those around you!” It was then that Inko heard Tenko’s cries of pain. Without a second thought, the young woman slammed the doors open and rushed to Tenko’s side. From what she could make out, Tenko was covered in dirt, had a few cuts and scrapes on him. Such as one on his forehead, though it was hidden a little but by his long bangs.


Narrowing her green eyes, Inko turned to the child in question as she said “How dare you hurt my son.” The little boy backed up before he glared and threw a rock. Inko though, was far quicker as she held up her hand, the rock aglow in a bright pink aura as it stopped dead in its tracks. The little boy staring in shock at what Inko would do with the small rock. “Attacking an adult, and a fellow student because there could be a chance of him not having a quirk?”


The little boy gulped, fear reaching his eyes as he stared at Inko. His eyes slowly widening as he feared for what Inko was going to do. Instead of throwing the rock at the child, she tossed it over to the side before turning her gaze to Tenko. “Come on, I’m going to take you out of this place. Toshi has a new friend for you to play with.” Inko said with a small smile, hoping that would cheer Tenko up a little bit.


“Okay.” He whispered softly.


Inko smiled softly at Tenko before looking over at the children. “I will be reporting this with the school and your parents.” She allowed those words to hang in the air for a brief moment before pushing herself up and started to make her way toward Toshinori’s home. She just hoped that he would have a first aid kit on hand.


As she had ran out of hers, and hadn’t had a chance to restock it.


Turning her gaze onto Tenko, the young woman couldn’t help but frown at him in concern. He had a tight grip on her shirt, his face buried against her neck as he sniffled. It seemed that the boys have been tormenting him for a while, yet he hadn’t said anything. Was it because he was afraid of what she would say about it? About what those children had been saying about him, that she didn’t really care about him that it was truly pity more than anything else?


“Inko?” Tenko’s voice broke her out of her reverie. Blinking, she looked down and saw the teary gaze of the quietly sobbing boy. “Did you mean it? When you called me your son?” asked Tenko, his eyes pooling with unshed tears.


She couldn’t help but blink at him. Staring at the boy really, as he asked his question. Had it been that much of a shock for him? Or was it that, for as long as those boys tormented him that he had started to believe in their words as the truth? Even while he was trying to deny their words, he just couldn’t help but believe in them as well.


Giving him a small and gentle smile, Inko gently ruffled his hair in an affectionate manor as she spoke. “Tenko, I think of you as my son. Doesn’t matter to me if you aren’t mine by blood, you are in my heart. Nothing will change that.” Giggling a little, she added “Even if I were to have my own child someday, I would still love you like any mother would.”


Tenko stared at her with wide eyes. As if he was unable to comprehend what it was that she had just said. “Really?” He whispered softly under his breath, afraid of what her true answer would be.


“Really, now, let’s go see Toshi. I bet playing with him and the little girl he’s looking after may cheer you up.” She smiled happily before walking down the street, humming softly to the little boy in her arms.




When Inko arrived with Tenko to Toshinori’s apartment? Well, when she used the spare key that he had given her to get inside… The sight? Well, she had to say that it was downright adorable. Laying on the couch was Toshinori, just snoozing away. There was even a little girl, standing on a foot stool as she seemed to lean over the man holding onto something.


Tilting her head a little, Inko slowly made her way over toward the couch. Wondering what the little girl was doing. It was rather puzzling, but at the same time it had her curious as to what was happening. Turning her gaze to Tenko for a moment, she shook his head at him, as if telling him not to speak. Tenko nodded his head and had a small smile on his face.


Carefully making her way over toward the couch, Inko couldn’t help but smile down at the little girl. She was carefully adding blue eyeshadow to Toshinori’s lids. Made the green haired woman wonder where this little girl even got the make up in the first place. She was pretty sure that Hizashi and Shouta didn’t have make up. Or, if they did they never wore it and it was more for a joke than anything else.


The little girl peeked up at Inko and almost had a guilty look on her face. Yet there was still a mix of humor and innocents within her expression. “You’re Melissa right?” Inko asked, not really sure if she was remembering right. Yet at the moment, she was thankful that Toshinori had helped her brush up on her English. God, of all the things that she had to forget in school it had to be English.


“Uh huh. Are you mad that I’m doing this?” asked Melissa.


Shaking her head, Inko giggled a little as she said “Honestly, I find it rather amusing. Though, I’m rather curious as to where you got the make-up.”


Melissa blinked her blue eyes innocently before giggling. “It was my mama’s. Papa lets me carry it around, sometimes he even helps me put it on.” Inko couldn’t help but frown a little at that. Why would this little girl, Melissa carry around her mother’s make-up? Wouldn’t her mother be missing it at all? Or at the very least look around for it?


“Why would you have your mother’s make-up?”


Melissa blinked at the green haired woman once more before her eyes seemed to go misty. ’Oh no, did I say something wrong?’ Thought Inko.


“Mama died. Papa said it was an… an axe… axa?”


“An accident?”




“Oh, I’m sorry.”


“Mama is protecting me still. Just like how Papa protects me, and so did Toshi.” Melissa said with a smile that almost seemed as bright as Toshinori’s smile. It made the green haired woman smile a little at that, knowing that even though Melissa was so young, that she could still keep a smile on her face no matter what may come her way. It was nice to see such a happy smile on a little girl’s face. “Can I finish dressing up Toshi?”


 Inko nodded, wanting to see what it was that Melissa wanted to finish up on. Though, she just wondered what Toshinori would do or say once the man woke up and saw how his face looked. On the other hand though, she knew that she wanted to take a picture of all of this when it was done. Grinning a little, Inko set Tenko down as she said “We’ll let her finish then we’ll get something to drink okay?”


“Okay, though you sure that Toshi won’t be mad?” asked Tenko.


“He’s good with children, don’t forget he’s a hero. He won’t hurt anyone, let alone children.”


“He almost attacked Mr. David didn’t he?” She regrets letting him know about that. She was late coming home and he was worried. Inko felt like she had to tell the truth but now she knew that she had shared a little too much now didn’t she. She’ll pay for that later most likely.


“That was different sweetie, now let’s let Melissa finish shall we?




Toshinori groaned a little. He felt so exhausted, honestly, playing with Melissa was a little exhausting. She sure was different from Tenko, but at least it gave her something to enjoy. The one thing that he didn’t want to do, was play ‘tea party’ with her. Not because he didn’t want too because of him being a man, but… well, because he was such a large man. Well, that and because he didn’t have anything that he could use for her.


He’d have to make sure that David brought something next time for her to play with or along those lines.


Running around had worn him out more than any villain ever could. So, after that he and Melissa had fallen asleep on the couch. Honestly, he felt like he could sleep for a week.


Though he just felt like he hadn’t been doing a good enough job to keep the small child entertained. On the other hand, he knew that he had to wake up at some point so he could greet Inko and Tenko. Now that he thought about it, was something poking at his cheeks? Letting out a small grunt, the young man thought that he also heard giggling and laughter. Laughter that he knew better than anyone else in the entire world.


“Toshi? You awake?” said the voice of his girlfriend, making him wonder how long she had been at the apartment.


Yet, when she had asked that question, he was sure that the thing poking him had left his presents. So, what was it that had been dragged across his skin?


Slowly, he started to open his eyes and looked up at Inko and frowned a little. She had a small smile, yet there was also humor in her eyes. Toshinori knew that she was up to something, whatever it was he didn’t know. But wanted to find out what that could be. “Inko?” He whispered softly, why did it feel like there was something on his lips? Or better yet, on his skin?


Pushing himself up, he looked over at his girlfriend as he asked “What’s going on? How long have you been here?” He yawned into the back of his hand, unsure what it was that she would find so humours at the moment.


“Well, I’d tell you but I think it would be easier just to go and see for yourself in a mirror.” Inko said with a giggle. Even Tenko was giggling behind his hands. Raising an eyebrow, the huge man pushed himself up from the couch and started to make his way over to the bathroom. Honestly, what could be so entertaining that they would keep laughing? Wait, was there even something in his hair? Felt like someone had taken his hair and put it in some kind of ponytail or something.


Letting out a soft sigh, he stretched his arms above his head and placed them on the small of his back, pushing as he bent backward. A crack was heard as he let out a grunt and walked into his bathroom. What he saw, well he let out a scream of ”What the?!”


For upon his face was pink lipstick, a sprinkle of red blush and blue eyeshadow. His hair was pulled back, his bangs even looking like they had been tied into a bow atop of his head. Wait, was that even eyeliner?! How did they do that while he was asleep?! “Inko!” Whined Toshinori, his answer? More laughter.


Yet, really, how could he stay mad at any of them when he couldn’t really hate a child even if he wanted too. Nor, could he ever hate his mate. Wait mate?! Ah screw it, Inko was the love of his life, may as well accept that she could very well be his mate as well. Though, seems that he would have to come up with his own little revenge on the children and Inko, but what could he do without hurting them? Now he had to think about that.


Though, that can wait till later, first off, taking this stuff off, fixing his hair and going to the park with Inko and the kids.