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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori let out a soft sigh as he sat on the bench. Honestly, it was such a lovely day, happy that he had been able to enjoy it with Inko. Well, Inko and the kids, it was nice to see Tenko having fun with someone else near his age. Though he couldn’t help but feel a little concern for the child. As, his girlfriend had told him many times that Tenko needed a friend, yet what else she had told him as they walked with the kids to the park?


It angered him right down to his core, and his wolf agreed.


The way the children were tormenting Tenko, just because his quirk had yet to surface? That was something that no child should ever have to go through.


Turning his gaze to Melissa, he saw that she was playing happily with Tenko and even helping him up onto the platform for the pole to slide down. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the scene itself, it was rather adorable.


“Toshi, I don’t know what to do about the school. Tenko can’t go back there, if he does he’ll just be tormented more.” Inko said with a soft sigh.


“I agree with you. If his teachers knew and ignored the situation, they should lose their job. Tenko didn’t say anything about this? Not even once?” asked Toshinori as he turned his gaze over toward the green haired woman.


Inko’s head shook at his question. She let out a soft sigh before staring at the two playing children. Toshinori frowned as he turned his gaze to the children as well. “I love Tenko as my own child. Yet, I don’t know if he sees me as his mother. I don’t expect him to, I can understand that I’m still new to him but…”


“Inko, I think he really does care about you like his mother.” Toshinori calmly said, causing her to look up at him in confusion. Rubbing the back of his neck, the blonde went on. “Think of it this way. Nana and Sorahiko found and raised me as their own. I don’t call them ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ but I still love them like any child would their parent. Nothing would change that.” Inko blinked her beautiful green eyes at him, as if trying to process everything that had happened. Or at the very least, with what he had said.


“Toshi how are you-“


“Because I was in his situation. The only difference, I was a rather wild child. Just ask Nana, I wasn’t very keen on the idea of people helping me for some reason.” Looking on ahead, he had a small smile as he added “Hell, I bit Nana a couple times and she just took it to help me heal from my problems. Even if I don’t know what they are.”


“Problems? Such as?” Inko asked, yet she seemed to have grown a little soft as she asked her question. Of course she’d ask him. Yet, that was one of the reasons why he loved her, because she was curious, and her shyness made it rather cute and adorable.


He gave her a small smile before wrapping his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close against his side. “As I have mentioned a while ago, Nana and Sorahiko found me. I was horribly ill and had a fever that made me for the most part, forget everything. Yet, I guess I had been through a terrible ordeal beforehand as I seem to act out without any warning.”


“What do you mean?”


“Remember how I acted with David when we first met him?” asked Toshinori.


“Yes, I couldn’t forget. Hearing you screaming in pain and agony still haunts me.” Inko whispered before she let out a soft sigh and laid her head against his side. Toshinori couldn’t help but give her a gentle smile as he reached over and kissed her forehead. Inko’s eyes closed upon contact and he couldn’t help but smile at that. It was nice to see that she would allow him to comfort her, even for something that had happened what felt like forever ago.


Toshinori let out a deep yet shaky breath as he went on. “I would end up like that. Yet, it was rather hard for me to come out of that trance. You are the only one to be able to speak to me like that. To talk to me, and get through to me during those moments. If it hadn’t been for you I most likely would have killed David without a second thought.” He shuddered a little at the thought of such a thing. There was no way that he would be able to handle this, he had never killed anyone before and he didn’t want to ever take that chance.


“Toshi, you’ll never kill anyone. Don’t worry about anything, if I have too, I’ll make sure that nothing ever happens.” Inko said with a small smile, causing him to look down at her with a soft blush on his face. She gave him a small smile before reaching up and placed a hand against his cheek, he nuzzled against her palm as he let out a content sigh. “You won’t ever get that far though Toshinori. You are an amazing man, someone whose heart is bigger than anyone’s I have ever known and I won’t allow anyone to make you do such a thing ever again.”


Toshinori gave her a small smile before he started to nuzzle against the green haired woman’s neck. God, how was it that he got to be with a woman who was just so perfect? It just didn’t make sense to him, but at the same time, he knew that Inko couldn’t always keep such a promise. There was no way that they would be able to prevent him from attacking someone.


What if, one day he ended up killing someone and just wasn’t even aware of such a thing in the first place? What if, he killed and ended up forgetting about it until the police found him and arrested him? The very idea of such a thing scared him, but he knew that he couldn’t allow such a thing to happen. He still didn’t ever want to fall that deep into the mind of the beast.


There was no telling what would happen should that ever happen to him.


Soon, there was a loud cry, causing Toshinori and Inko to look up in shock.


Melissa had been shoved by what looks like a boy that was at least a few years older than her. He just sneered at the little girl, and it made Toshinori all the angry that children would torment others like this. He snarled a little as he went to get up so he could stop this from happening, there was no way that he would allow any of those kids to torment little Melissa.


Yet, Toshinori stopped in his tracks when he heard Tenko.


“Leave her alone you jerks! We were just playing!” Shouted the blue haired boy.


“Oh? What are you going to do about it kid?” sneered the other kid.


Tenko glared, his red eyes seeming mad and rather upset. It made Toshinori wonder what it was that the small boy would do. What could he do in order to protect Melissa? Tenko was still a small boy, a boy that hasn’t had any kind of training in order to protect the people around him. There was no way that he would be able to fight back, not at this rate.


Though, it seemed that Tenko didn’t care. He rushed forward and went to punch the kid, only for the taller boy to dodge and slam his elbow into Tenko’s back. Toshinori’s eyes widen as he yelled out “Tenko!” Yet his voice was laced with a snarl before rushing toward the fighting children.


“Tenko!” Inko shouted as she followed after Toshinori.


The boy looked up and glared for a moment as he said “Great, it’s his parents. Later loser.” Then the boy started to run off, most likely so he could be with his own parents. Toshinori sniffed the air, he would find that kid and have a stern talking too. But right now, he had to tend to the kids.


Clenching his hands tightly in a fist, feeling his claws digging into the palms of his hands. Damn it, his wolf was fighting to come out and he knew that he couldn’t risk that. Breathing deeply, he tried to keep himself calm, but knew that would be a losing battle, as he had no idea on what he was to do. It just seemed that no matter what he did, he just couldn’t calm down. Now he feared that he’d scare Tenko.


Making his way to the fallen boy, Toshinori carefully lifted Tenko, wanting to make sure that he didn’t hurt the boy more than he already was. “Tenko, it’ll be okay, just breathe okay?” Tenko had tears pouring down his cheeks as he tried to catch his breath. “Don’t worry my boy, everything will be okay.” Tenko was breathing was rather shallow from the pain. It made Toshinori wonder if that boy had some kind of strength related quick.


Was Tenko in danger? Could he even breathe at all because something may have been blocking his air flow?


Eyes widening, flashing from blue to yellow and back, he felt his wolf telling him to hurry up and save him. To save Tenko. This boy had gone through so much already in his young life. He had to make sure that he knew nothing but love and he would be damned if he allowed this to happen. “Toshi?” Tenko managed to gasp out.


“It’s okay Tenko, I’m here for you! I’ll take you to the hospital.” Toshinori said, carefully scooping the boy up into his arms as he looked over at Inko. “Take Melissa back to the apartment. I’ll call you as soon as I get anything.”


“Be careful.” Inko said with a frown on her face.


Toshinori nodded his head before running as quickly as he could. It was hard for him to not transform into his wolf form. He knew that if he did that, that Tenko could easily fall off of him. Shifting into All Might won’t help either, as he would end up being naked as he was wearing clothes that only suited his form as ‘Toshinori’ and not suited for him to transform into All Might. There was no way that he could run around naked while holding a child. That would give wrong signals and make people think of something else entirely.


’Screw it! No time like the present!’ Toshinori snarled before he stopped holding his wolf back. Allowing a partial transformation. Letting out a howl, Toshinori found his feet shifting, the bones breaking and repairing themselves as they went from being the feet of a normal man, allowing his shoes to fall off revealing white animal paws.


Toshinori had to admit, going from bipedal to digitigrade was a little painful.


Breathing deeply, he found his body shifting in both muscles and mass, yet not by much. His clothes were now tightly clinging to his body, any wrong move and he would rip his clothes. “Damn.” He growled before shaking his head. His hearing starting to get enhanced as he ran, listening for any oncoming traffic. Sniffing the air, the young man looked around, seeing how everyone was just staring at him.


He wanted to snarl and tell them to stop staring at him, but at the moment his only concern was Tenko. The poor boy still couldn’t breathe well enough. He couldn’t tell if it was from his own worry, or if it was because of his wolf taking its hold or both. Crouching down, he jumped over the traffic, jumping from car to car as he ran. People screaming at him, though not out of fear but out of anger. Most likely thinking he was some kind of villain.


“Watch it jack ass!” shouted someone.


”I’m trying to take my son to the hospital idiot!” He snarled, not even knowing what it was that he had said. But at the moment, he didn’t give a damn. Toshinori knew what he had to do and this was what he had to get done.


Rushing as quickly as he could, he jumped and leapt up from the cars to the transport trucks as they drove by.


Just as he was about to make a turn, he cried out in pain, falling over, Tenko falling from his grasp and rolled onto the cement. Breathing deeply, grasping at his chest only to hiss from the pain. Feeling as if the air had managed to escape his lungs. Looking down, his eyes widened in shock as he saw that his shirt had a hole in it. His skin, almost seemed to have rotted away. “What the?” He whispered, watching as his skin started to heal itself slowly. Yet, his gaze slowly made its way over toward Tenko, watching as he coughed, reaching up and grasped onto his shirt.


Toshinori watched as his shirt started to dissolve.


Eyes widening, Toshinori couldn’t help but stare at the boy for a moment. He had a quirk? Shaking his head quickly, Toshinori rushed forward and carefully lifted Tenko in his arms. “Don’t touch anything Tenko. Just relax.” Tenko nodded his head slowly, and with that, Toshinori rushed to the hospital as quickly as he could.


He had to keep running, had to make sure that Tenko was alright and get this quick looked at. If this was something that he had known but just couldn’t say, what else could the reason be other than that his quirk could seem to make things rot away?


The werewolf wasn’t sure, as much as Toshinori didn’t know, but he knew that he had to find this out. Had to make sure that Tenko would be alright, yet he also had to make sure that they learn about his quirk so they could handle it better. Maybe this had terrified him to no end maybe that was why he acted like he had no quirk.


“Just hold on my boy, I’ll get you help.” Toshinori whispered softly as he ran faster, pushing himself harder than he has ever done in his entire life. Running as if it was a life or death situation, which in a sense it was.


Yet, as he ran he had failed to notice that someone had been watching him from afar, watching him while he held something in his hand. A dark twisted grin was on his face as he watched the werewolf run off.




Toshinori arrived at the hospital, having shifted back into his human form. He couldn’t help but lean back in the chair, eyes closed as he breathed slowly. The run had worn him out from the panic along with constantly healing himself from the long drive. Tenko would grab onto him, either his shirt or placing his hand onto the blonde’s chest, while it was still healing.


Just crying out to make the pain stop.


Slowly opening his eyes, Toshinori knew that Tenko was in good hands, but what bothered him the most was how he was staying so calm in the hospital right now. Normally, as All Might he was protected from his appearance as no doctor would dare go near him.


Yet, as Toshinori? Weak, pathetic Toshinori, he should be screaming and panicking out of his mind. Yet, here he was, calm as could be albeit a little exhausted from the running and healing.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man closed his eyes just wanting to rest and relax. His breathing started to slow down as he started to drift in and out of sleep. Honestly, he didn’t think that he would feel this exhausted, it was the first time that he had managed to drift off in a place that he was normally terrified of being in but it almost seemed as if he was drugged or something.


That something or someone was trying to tell him something but he couldn’t be sure as to what it was.


Soon, Toshinori heard a buzzing in his ear, he groaned a little before opening his eyes and blinked a couple times. Trying to think on what it could be that was making such a noise. Then, he remembered. “Oh my phone.” He whispered before answering as he said in a groggy tone “Hello?”


”Toshi are you okay? How’s Tenko!? What’s going on?” Inko said in panic.


Toshinori blinked slowly, he was finding it rather difficult to focus on what it was that she was saying. “He… he’s fine. They took him in, though it seems he has a quirk after all.” Toshinori whispered, his voice fading in and out.


”Toshi are you okay? What’s wrong with you? You sound strange.” Inko asked in concern, ignoring the fact that Toshinori had just said that Tenko had a quirk.


“Mhm… I’m fine. Just… sleepy for some reason.”


”And you’re not freaking out about being in a hospital?” asked Inko.




”Toshi are you sure that you’re alright? I’m on my way down with Melissa. I sent a text to Hizashi and Shouta to meet us there.”


“I’m… I’mma as fine as… can be…” Toshinori began, his eyes squinting a little as he tried to think on what it was that he was to say right now. To say that would assure Inko that he was indeed alright but for some reason, he couldn’t think on what was going on. “Pretty colours…” Toshinori whispered before his eyes rolled into the back of his head, falling off of his chair. His phone falling out of his hand as it slid onto the floor.


”Toshi! Toshinori please answer me!”


“Someone help that man!” shouted someone, before Toshinori knew what was going on, he found himself surrounded by nurses and doctors. He had no strength to fight them off, only knew was that he was surrounded, and images of shadows, darkness and people in lab coats took over his vision.


He blacked out after that.