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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori sighed softly as he leapt from building to building. He had to pull a late shift due to there being a slightly increase in nightly activity with criminals. So far, mostly just kidnapping of either children, or women. Why that was, Toshinori didn’t know but he was going to try to figure that out. After all, what if they would try to take Inko and he wouldn’t have been around to save her?


He still had no idea how it was that he was able to see whenever she was in danger, but he was still grateful for such a thing in the least.


Yet, he still couldn’t understand what it was that was going on. IT was something that he couldn’t understand about himself, but maybe it was something that involved his past? It could be possible, though at the moment he had no way to know.


Shaking his head, he couldn’t help but look up at the sky and see that the moon itself was almost full once again. It would be a couple days at the very least before he would be forced to transform into a wolf once again. Though for now, it just gave him a boost of power and seeming to… uh… make him rather affectionate when it came to Inko. Honestly? He wasn’t sure what the cause of that was, but at the moment he just wanted to make sure that he never took advantage of Inko either way.


’Not that it will ever happen in the first place. Most likely, she’ll never want to be with me in that sense.’ Toshinori thought to himself as he took a deep breath, hoping to calm himself down.


The thought of being with Inko in that way, it did excite him, but at the same time, it worried him. What would the odds be, that he would get her pregnant? The chances of him giving this to any child of his own blood, it scared him. Frightened him to his very core. It made him think that he would be no better than people who would want powerful quirks for their child, but at the same time, he didn’t think that he could handle raising a child with those fears.


More so, what if his own child, had his genetics to be a werewolf and ended up resenting his father for such a curse?


Toshinori didn’t think he could bare such a burden, neither on his own child nor Inko. She would be the one to carry the child, what if it hurt her?


Groaning, he dug the heels of his palms against his eyes as he tried to think of something else. So many thoughts and possibilities that he never even thought of such a thing. Not to mention, would Inko even want another child? They had pretty much adopted Tenko so, would they even want another child? He had no idea, but he knew that he had to do something should she want another child. Maybe make up an excuse as to why that would be a bad idea?


’But can you really turn her down should she want one of her own?’ a voice whispered to the blonde, causing him to frown a little. Could he do such a thing? To make sure that he would deny something that Inko could possibly want? Groaning a little more, he lowered his hands from his face before letting out a sigh, his lip poking out in a mock pout as he was rather lost in his own thoughts.


He just had no idea what he was to do. It just seemed that no matter what may come his way, he would find something else that he needed to overcome, something that he would need to learn to live with or to at least come to terms with. This was just something else that he needed to adjust too, much like having someone in his life that he loved very much.


Just thinking about Inko had a smile growing on his face. Yes, he did love her very much… but at the same time he worried about her. Just how much of her life would she be giving up if she did stay with him? So far, he had no problem with her speaking to other people, well other than that Hisashi man, there was just something about that guy that rubbed him off the wrong way.


Shaking his head, the young man was rather confused about such a thing. Why would she be around a man like that in the first place? It almost seemed as if Hisashi was obsessed with Inko, at least from the times that Toshinori had worked at the café, hm, speaking of working there he had a shift tomorrow morning. He may as well try to wrap this shift up as quickly as he could just so he could go out and about. By that, he means go to bed and sleep the rest of his night away.


Yawning against the back of his hand, the blonde looked around and frowned a little. He didn’t hear much of anything, but he took that as a good sign so far. There hadn’t been many attacks toward Inko so that had been a good sign in his books, but doesn’t mean that they hadn’t changed targets any less.


Just as he was about to jump away, he could hear a cry for help. Blinking, he looked around, allowing his werewolf hearing to kick in so he could locate the source of the cry. The voice seemed to be silent, making the hero think that maybe he was only hearing things. Just as he was about to turn away, he could hear it again.


”Help me please!”


Not thinking twice, the Pro Hero leapt from building to building to make his way to the park. It was strange that people would be walking this late in the night, but figured that it was a couple of teenagers wandering through the park only to be attacked by some kind of low rate villain. At least, that was what he was thinking anyway. ’I dread the day when Tenko becomes a teenager.’ Toshinori thought to himself with a bland expression before letting out a soft sigh.


Once landing in the park, he calmly said “Fear not citizen! Why? Because I am here!” He called out into the darkness.


“Right on cue.” Someone said, causing the hero to frown a little in confusion. They had been expecting him? Before he could think more about anything else, chains shot out of the darkness, Toshinori could only recall pain as it touched his skin.




David sighed softly as he made his way toward the guy’s apartment. He had finished the bracers, he just hoped that Toshinori would even use it. He had made sure that it was reinforced, to allow him free movement should he need to use it to restrain his werewolf strength when it came to his quirk.


Yet, it also had restrictions, as well as an override should the need ever arise.


It was still a work in process so to speak, as this was just the first one. So far, it would only allow Toshinori for the most part to control his strength while in his werewolf state, as he remembered that the man had concerns about hurting people, as well with his own quirk coming into play that would have his powers increase who knows by how much.


But for a normal person, it would help maximize their natural strength further, past their limit. As the human body can only use a certain percentage of their strength, but with this brace, it would allow them to push past that limit, though he couldn’t be sure if it would break their bones yet as he hadn’t had a chance to fully test it.


For Toshinori though, the man was used to using such tremendous strength compared to other people, though that is due to his natural quirk. “I just hope I managed to get it right. If not, I’ll have to try to get back to my lab to fix it up for him.” David said with a soft sigh before looking up at the apartment.


Hm, odd that the lights were on this late. The guys were normally either asleep or out, with only one single dim light on in the living room when Shouta couldn’t sleep. He would be reading in the living room so he wouldn’t disturb Hizashi.


“Strange.” David whispered before he quickly marched up the front steps and buzzed the apartment.


”Hello?” came a voice that was laced with worry and concern. It had David worried all the more.


“Hey it’s David, I came to bring something to help with Toshinori’s quirk.” He wasn’t sure who was in the apartment with Hizashi and Shouta, though this sounded like… Inko? “Inko is that you?” asked David.


A sniffle hit his ears, a sign that it was indeed Inko and something was wrong. “Inko, what’s wrong?” he asked, concern hitting him as he wondered what was going on for her to be worried. No, not worried, but scared for someone. Did something happen to Tenko? Another sniffle hit his ears, causing him to frown a little in concern. Even though Inko couldn’t see him, he hoped that she knew that he was going to listen.


”Toshinori hasn’t come home yet. Normally he texts me to let me know when he’s coming back so we can talk a little bit before bed. I came here to see him and the guys didn’t know what was wrong either. We’re trying to call his office to ask if they heard from him but they hadn’t. Shouta left to look for him, Hizashi and I are here to make sure that if Toshi comes home that he’s okay.” Though maybe, Hizashi offered to stay home with Inko to protect her should a villain come in. He knew everything that was happening lately, more so with Inko being so close to being attacked or at the very least kidnapped.


“Inko, I’ll find him. You stay here with Hizashi, tell him I’ll be back. I’ll help look for him.” David calmly said before rushing off to look for the blonde man.


”David wait!” Inko shouted on the intercom, but at the moment he couldn’t stop. There was no way of knowing what was going to happen. Time was of the essence, he knew that better than anyone. Time was what had caused the accident in his lap a year ago, time was what caused him to overlook the problem with that machine and the explosion.


If he waited too long, Inko would lose the love of her life. He wouldn’t allow that to happen to her, like what had happened to him.


Narrowing his blue eyes, he pushed himself to run harder. Should Toshinori be in danger, then he had to use up all the time in the world that would allow him to save the man. Looking around, the young man knew that he didn’t have much of a chance in trying to locate the giant of a man. There was no telling what was going to happen, but he knew that any chance there could be anything that he could do to find Toshinori… there had to be something that he could do.


Looking up at the moon, he saw that it wasn’t full, but didn’t mean that it wasn’t far off. If anything, he would have to think like a wolf at this point. A wolf loves being in the wild so to speak, or at the very least in familiar territory.


His gaze taking in his surroundings as he ran around trying to find Toshinori. Of all the things that he didn’t have, it couldn’t have been a powerful quirk that could locate people? Groaning to himself, the young man knew that he also couldn’t yell around either, what if it would only draw unnecessary attention to himself that would only put him in danger before he could even find Toshinori?


He didn’t want to test this on someone that he shouldn’t have too. There was no way that he could risk that for all he knew, it could break on the first impact or first dozen or so. Yes, it was indeed reinforced, but at the same time he still didn’t know the full brunt of Toshinori’s strength as he had no true way to test it out right now. As well as no way to get the man to allow him to even perform such a test in the first place.


Soon, a scream hit his ears, causing him to turn to the source. It was coming from the park, it was a voice that he knew better than anyone, no, the scream he knew better than anything. Better than anyone ever could as that is the same scream he heard from the blonde he was looking for. The only time he had ever heard the man scream like that was when he had been hit with a taser so long ago.


Acting quickly, David turned toward the park, pushing himself to run as quickly as he could in order to save the man. If Toshinori was screaming for help then he had to be in some kind of trouble. There was no telling what was going on. He had to do something, had to do something to help the man.


The moment he burst through the trees, there laid Toshinori in a bundle of chains wrapping themselves around him. Yet, the chains, from what he could make out anyway, had spikes sticking out of them. Toshinori even seemed to be curling himself and uncurling from a ball back into his full height on the ground. It was as if he was trying to fight the chains but his body almost seemed weak, and… was his body steaming?


He couldn’t help but stare in shock before noticing that Toshinori was in a great deal of pain. His body seeming to be unable to move from the chains. Just what were they to be doing such a thing to Toshinori? As far as he knew, nothing could stop All Might from doing his hero duties. Then of course there was his werewolf nature and the only thing that could stop a werewolf was-


’Silver! Those chains are silver and they are jamming spikes into his body through his costume!’ David thought in shock before shaking his head. Now he knew that he had to do something before it was too late!


Acting quickly, David slapped on the bracer, watching as it shot out metal links to wrap themselves around his hand, wrist and forearm just ending below his elbow. As if hoping that would give him enough support to keep his arms from breaking while reaching past that limit. After that, he grabbed another one and slapped it onto his other arm before rushing forward. “Get away from All Might!” shouted David.


“David?!” Toshinori said in shock, his eyes wide as the villain looked up from tightening the chains of silver.


“Oh? A hero?” The man said with a sickening smile on his face. David wanted to waver, he wanted to back off and run away to get a real hero. But, if he left there was no telling what would happen should he just up and leave Toshinori like this. What if they killed him? What if, they just took him away to do god knows what? He didn’t want to take that chance.


“Let go of All Might!” shouted David as he pushed himself harder and harder to get to the villain. The villain narrowed his dark eyes before thrusting his hands outward as chains shot out from his sleeves. David acted quickly and grabbed a hold of the chains before pulling as hard as he could. The man yelped out in shock at being tugged, but he tried to regain his footing.


“David just get out of here!” shouted Toshinori.


“Not a chance! If I leave you here, there is no telling what could happen! You have so many people wanting you back alive! People who love you!” Narrowing his eyes behind his glasses, he gave one last tug on the chains before rushing once more, the villain didn’t even get a chance to react before throwing a punch. His eyes angry, gritting his teeth before throwing another punch, feeling all of his strength going into this punch as he threw an upper cut on the man’s chin, sending him flying.


Pain shot through his left arm, causing him to wince. He didn’t think that it would already cause him pain right now. Better yet, he wondered if his arm was broken. Shaking his head, David looked over at the villain and saw that he was merely twitching. That gave him some time to try to break Toshinori out of the chains.


Quickly, he rushed toward the fallen hero and quickly tried to pull at the chains. Happy that the spikes from the links didn’t cut into his hand, thanks to the braces. Yet when he pulled on the chains with his left arm, he winced in pain, feeling like a jolt had shot through his arm but he couldn’t give up. “Damn it!” He shouted.


“David, just go! Get the police, you shouldn’t have done that you-“


“I don’t have a strength quirk All Might. I won’t get in trouble for using a quirk, as my quirk is just bending my fingers more than the normal person.” David said, his eyes narrowed behind his glasses before he snarled and looked over to see a rock. That may help him break the chains, or at least weaken the links enough to allow Toshinori to break free. “Hold on.” He said before rushing to the rock and picked it up quickly. His arm was killing him at this point, but at the moment he had to do something, had to save the hero before the silver caused any more serious damage to him.


“But you’re hurt, your arm could be broken.” Toshinori said with a frown, concern seeming to be flashing in his blue eyes.


“I’ll be better once I break you free of these chains.” David snarled a little out of anger, frustration and pain. Breathing deeply, he tried to ignore the pain before he slammed the rock into a chain that just seemed to be laying on the ground.




“Why are you doing this?” asked Toshinori.




David looked over at Toshinori, seeing the confusion in his eyes. “Because even though you don’t like me…” Bang! “But I can’t let the people around you feel so much pain. I went to the apartment to give you these bracers, hoping they would help your werewolf strength. But I guess that I still have some work to do on them.” Bang!


“Even though I hated you?” Toshinori whispered.


David let out a soft sigh as he looked over at the blonde. He saw that Toshinori was rather conflicted about this whole thing. About wanting a reason to still hate David but at the same time didn’t seem that he had any kind of reason to hate him right now. Taking a deep breath, he gave one last hit to the chain as he said “Look, it doesn’t matter that you hated me. You are still a person, with feelings, a life, someone that loves you more than anything in this world. I won’t allow anyone to go through what I had gone through. I couldn’t just stand back and- GAH!”


David yelped out in shock as he felt something wrap around his waist, pulling him away from the fallen hero. He was thrown across the park and into a tree. Landing on his injured arm, causing him to cry out in pain.


“David!” Shouted Toshinori.


“You thought that you could keep me down? You should have broken the chains while you could have and even better. Even call the cops while you could.” He laughed like a mad man before giving an insane smile before looking over at Toshinori for a moment before laughing. Turning his gaze back to David, he smirked all the more as he said “You had your chance and you fucked up.”


“Why are you after All Might? What did he do to you to make you use these chains? Over anything else, why these chains?!” Shouted David, his eyes narrowed as he tried to think of a reason why the man could have used such a thing.


“Why? Well, that is something my boss wants to know himself. It seems that he has learned something that even All Might himself doesn’t seem to know, but what do I know? I’m just the hired help.” He smirked before adding “Just asked me to use silver on the pro hero, didn’t think it would work!” He laughed like a mad man. “Now, you die.”


“I don’t think so, if anything I believe that maybe you have some words for the police station.” David said with a smirk.


Before the villain could even react, a fist hit him in the face. Knocking him into a tree and efficiently knocking him out. David let out a sigh of relief before leaning back and laughing a little. “You alright?” asked Toshinori.


“Yeah, to be honest my arm doesn’t hurt as much anymore right now.” He laughed a little before looking up at the blonde. Seeing that Toshinori’s body was still steaming, though only out of the injuries that the silver had caused. Pushing himself up, David grunted in pain before making his way over toward Toshinori and checked him over. The blonde though flinched at first. “Just relax alright? I’m just checking you over.”


“Did you really mean all that?” asked Toshinori.


“Hm? Mean what?”


“Why you came all the way out here, looking for me?” asked the blonde.


“Yeah, Toshinori just because I’m a doctor to a degree, doesn’t mean I’m a bad guy. If I could do anything to help my friends, then I’ll do it.” David calmly said, only to wince as he held onto his arm a little, the braces were still on his arms, but from what he could see it looks like he still had some work to do as with that punch he threw with his other arm, it had broken one of the metal links, allowing his arm to either break or fracture.


“Come on, I’ll take this guy to the station and take you to the hospital.” Toshinori offered, his body shuddered a little, making the other man wonder what other kind of effects silver has on him. But at the moment, they had to take care of this. The tall man picked up the villain before walking on ahead.


Though it seemed that Toshinori was trying to put on a front, as his body would still tremble here and there. He even seemed to be strained as he tried to keep himself calm, David couldn’t help but frown a little at that.


Letting out a soft sigh, he started to hum a soft tune under his breath. Thinking that maybe the song itself, would keep their minds distracted from their pains. David’s arm for him, and Toshinori’s problem with silver.


Yet, before he knew what hit him, he bumped into the blonde, causing him to look up in confusion. “Toshinori?” David questioned, not really sure what was wrong with the man. “Something wrong?”


“That song.” Toshinori whispered, causing the brown haired man to frown in confusion. Oh right, Toshinori never heard him hum this song before. Many people liked how it sounded when he would hum it so he would always tell them the truth. He had no idea where the song truly came from, only that he heard it from his teacher a couple times when she was alone mostly or when he would have some privet lessons with her in order to understand the material that she would teach.


David tilted his head as he asked “I don’t know the name of it, I only heard it-“


”Where did you hear it from?!”


“Toshinori what’s-“




Eyes widening, he saw the blonde’s gaze seeming to almost seem animalistic as he was stared at. Toshinori wasn’t fooling around, he wanted answers and now.


Taking a deep breath, the young man knew that he couldn’t just lie to the blonde. More than one reason of course but still it was something that he wasn’t sure how he would react. “I heard it from my teacher. The one that I’ve mentioned before? She used to hum the song a lot and still does. Mostly when she was alone or when she thought I wasn’t listening. I heard her hum it so many times that I have it memorized, just not the lyrics.”


Toshinori just stared in shock, his blue eyes held a hint of pain but also… hope? What was so special about this song that it made the Pro Hero have this kind of hope? Or any hope for that matter? It was rather strange, but David knew that he had to figure out what it was. “That’s the song that I hum all the time. The only thing that I have of my past that I can never figure out. Where is your teacher?”


“She’s here still in Japan.”


“What is her name? I want to meet her.”


“Nicole King.” David said before he could stop himself. Toshinori just stared at him, his eyes flashing yellow as if the name had hit a cord within his memory. David couldn’t be sure as to what was going on in his head, but he knew that if this was some kind of connection to his past, that it could be good for the man to finally have memories of his past or even an idea as to where he came from. Taking a deep breath, David whispered “I can arrange a meeting for you… I just can’t say when that will be. She is busy herself.”


“I’ll wait if I have too, so long as I can meet her and get answers.” Toshinori said with a soft sigh before walking on ahead.


David couldn’t help but watch as the hero walked on ahead. The hero had been through so much in his life, he could tell that much. To not know where you came from, what you had gone through in your life before being found the way he was? At least from what he had been told, he just hoped though that meeting his teacher wouldn’t be a mistake.


For it could either be Toshinori’s salvation, or his destruction.