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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori took a deep breath as he paced around the living room. It had taken him a while to get David to the hospital without freaking himself out so much. Yet, then again he had his mind preoccupied with something else.


David knew who hummed the song. Or at least knew someone that played the song. Someone that even knew the lyrics of all things. She had to be someone that knew his family, someone that would know anything that would help him overcome this problem that he had been dealing with the last fourteen years.


But, at the same time he was scared to know the truth. What if this woman only knew his family for a short while? What if she had bad blood between his family and only knew the song because it was a nice song? God, he had so many things going through his head that it was rather overwhelming.


Covering his face with both hands, Toshinori groaned before he found himself falling onto his knees. The weight of everything was starting to crash onto him all at once. It had felt like all the emotional weight that he had managed to keep off of him had started to crumble back on top of him. Never wanting him to find any kind of peace.


“Toshi?” came Inko’s voice, causing him to look up in shock as he lowered his hands a little. “Aw Toshi.” Inko said with concern as she made her way over toward the fallen man. “You don’t need to cry.” Inko whispered gently as she reached for his face and gently wiped away at his tears. He really was crying?




“Talk to me Toshi, what happened?” asked Inko, giving him a gentle smile on her face. She wasn’t going to judge him, seeing a full grown man crying didn’t make her see him any differently. Toshinori couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her, pulling the woman closer to him as he buried his face against her stomach. “Toshi…” Inko whispered softly.


“I’m just confused Inko. Scared…” Toshinori whispered, unsure as to what was going to happen from here on out. Taking a deep shuddering breath, he peeked up at Inko, more tears streaming down his cheeks as he gazed up at her. Afraid of what she would think of him because of one person he doesn’t even know. Because of a person that may or may not know who his family is. It scared him a great deal, but it scared him more thinking that Inko would think differently for allowing such a thing to take hold of his emotional state.


“Let’s go to bed and you can talk to me there okay?” Inko whispered softly, running her fingers through his soft hair. He purred at the touch, feeling a little bit of comfort from the contact. He nodded softly before feeling his girlfriend’s hands fall away from his hair and backed up and out of his grasp. He whined a little at that before pushing himself up onto his feet and looking down at the woman.


Giving her a small smile, he whispered “Alright” before walking with the green haired woman to his bedroom. To be honest, he was rather grateful that Inko had decided to stay with him for the night. Most likely to make sure that he was alright. David had told them what had happened, though leaving out a few things with Inko in the room. Only saying that the villain had managed to pin Toshinori down and that David had managed to distract the villain enough for the blonde to take him out.


After that? Inko had decided to stay the night, having Nana look after Tenko for the night. To be honest, Toshinori didn’t want to be left alone, so many thoughts he felt would have overwhelmed him but at the same time he was still scared of allowing Inko to know about that side of him so he knew that he would still have to keep a few things to himself about what had happened.


Once they arrived to his bedroom, Toshinori all but fell onto the one side of the bed and rolled onto his back. Arms folded behind his head as he tried to think everything through before he would tell Inko about what had happened. He felt the other side of the bed dip a little from her weight before he felt her snuggling against his side. “So, what’s on your mind Toshi?”


Letting out a soft sigh, Toshinori didn’t really know what he could do or say. What could he tell Inko about what it was that he was feeling in the first place? He just didn’t really know how he could even go on to such a thing in the first place. Sighing softly, the young man looked over at Inko as he saw her looking up at him. Curious and concerned for the man that she had given her heart too.


Frowning a little, the young man tried to think on how to explain what he was feeling. Closing his eyes for a brief moment, he looked back to the young woman and kissed her forehead. “David started to hum something. A song, but not just any song but the song.”


“The song?” Inko whispered in shock, as if she was trying to figure out what it was that he was trying to say. Then, it seemed to have clicked into her head. “You mean that song you hum to yourself?” She asked in confusion.


“Yeah, that one.” Toshinori nodded his head before looking up at the ceiling. Trying to get his thoughts together, to get them in order so to speak. “I will not lie about it but, for the longest time, it was a song that brought me comfort, it helped me calm down during times of great distress. In fact, as a child Nana and Sorahiko had heard me humming it a lot, but they didn’t know the lyrics, nor where the song came from.” He sighed softly before shaking his head as he gazed over at Inko once again. Giving her a small smile before moving his one hand and gently ran his fingers through her hair. “It was the one thing that could connect my past to me.”




“When David started to hum it… I had to know where he had heard such a thing. There was no way that I was related to him of course as there was no similarities, and that I feel like there was no way that I could have been related to him in the first place.” Toshinori gave a dry laugh before looking up at the ceiling. His smile slowly starting to fade before he sighed once again. “I had to know where he heard the song, I had to know more than anything in the world.”


“Because of how it connects to your past?” Inko whispered softly.


Nodding to her question, Toshinori wrapped his free arm around her shoulders, holding her closer to him. Afraid that if he let go, that he would fall apart in that moment. Trying to keep his emotions contained it frightened him, knowing that a single moment, he would break apart and knew that Inko would try to pick up the pieces of his fragile heart.


After taking a shuddering breath, he whispered “David told me that he would contact his teacher. That was where he had heard the song before. She’s here Inko… she’s here in Japan and I may finally get the chance to learn of my past… I… I don’t want to be alone.” Toshinori whispered softly, biting his lip as he tried to keep his emotions in check.


Feeling something soft against his cheek, he couldn’t help but turn to stare at the young woman next to him as he frowned a little in confusion. “Toshi, you are never alone. No matter what may come our way, I’ll always be there for you. As will your friends and family. We all love you.” Inko just smiled, yet Toshinori felt his cheeks tinting pink and his heart thudding within his chest.


That was what David had told him before, that so many people loved him. He had so many people who cared about him and wanted to be there for him. Even though, he tried to push them away sometimes, but they ever left him.


Tightly wrapping his arms around Inko, he took a deep shuddering breath as tears streamed down his face as he whispered “Thank you Inko, thank you so much” to her, and of course Inko hugged him back with a small smile spreading as she pressed her face against his shoulder. Of all the people that he was happy to have in his life, Toshinori had to admit, that he was so grateful to have Inko as one of those people in his life. One of the very few people whom he could place his trust in, but not just his trust but his love. His heart. His entire being.


Pulling back, he couldn’t help but look at her, Inko’s eyes sparkled with unshed tears. He knew though, that she was far from being sad. No, she was happy, happy that he had opened up to her. He couldn’t help but smile back at her before kissing her deeply, passionately. He loved this woman, loved her more than anything in this world.


Toshinori knew, that he would fight to the death for her. That he would gladly fight to keep her safe and make sure that she was always happy. That even death itself, could never take him away from her. No matter what may come his way, he would do all he could to be with the woman he loved more than anyone in the world.


“I love you.” He whispered softly.


“And I love you, Toshinori.” The blonde couldn’t help but shudder at the sound of his name from her lips. Kissing her again, Toshinori knew that neither of them would be getting much, if any sleep tonight. But, ah well, neither of them seemed to mind as they were together.




Toshinori took a deep breath, hoping that would calm him down. David had called him early in the morning, of course he growled at the man before even knowing who it was. He hated being disturbed from sleep, though it seemed more so as he was snuggled up against Inko from both an emotional night, and a fantastically passionate one.


He could still recall the call greatly.


”Toshinori, my teacher will come over this afternoon. I gave her your address, honestly? I think maybe you should have someone with you for this. After all, with how your wolf is around new people, it’s best to have someone familiar around you at the time.”


“Inko is here, she stayed the night with me. She’ll be here so nothing to worry about do not worry about a thing David. Thank you again for setting this up, especially after how I’ve treated you.”


“You got nothing to be sorry about. Just let me know how it goes, if not you I’ll ask my teacher. Just, don’t press her too much for information alright? Remember, she herself has been through a lot in her own life and doesn’t need to be pressed much like you don’t want to be. Understand?”


Of course he understands that better than anyone. After all, Inko did. He knew that there was still so much that she wanted to know about the man, but at the same time she knew that it wasn’t right to push him for information. Information that either didn’t have to give, or felt comfortable enough to give. Those were something else entirely if he thought about it. Hm.


“Toshi you okay?” asked Inko.


“Hm? Yeah.” Toshinori said, having been so engrossed in his thoughts that he hadn’t even heard or smelled Inko coming into the room. He gave her a small smile, seeing her wear one of his shirts made him feel… heated? Shaking his head at the thought, he tried to think of something else. God, what was wrong with him? It almost seemed as if he was forgetting something but knew that his thoughts were rather clouded with the arrival of David’s teacher, plus Inko all together. But he felt like there was something more to it than that.


Maybe he’ll figure that out later.


“Toshi, you gonna be okay?” asked Inko, as if she had sensed his thoughts. He sometimes wondered if her quirk was more than just attraction of small objects. He didn’t question it for now, right now he was just thankful to have her here with him.


Giving her a small smile, he calmly said “Yeah, I’m fine. Just nervous I guess. David called me this morning, his teacher is gonna come here to talk with me.” Taking a deep shuddering breath, his heart was starting to race within his chest at the thought of meeting her for the first time. Looking over at the green haired woman, he calmly said “Can you please stay here? Just to make sure that I’m calm? I kinda don’t trust myself around a stranger. Much like what happened when I first came across David.”


Inko frowned at him, before nodding her head in understanding. That was one of the things that he loved about her. One of the many things that he loved about her to be honest. He gave her a small smile before pulling Inko to his lap and kissed her gently on the forehead. “Inko, I will not lie. I am worried about what I will hear from this woman. But at the same time I know that I have to know the truth. This could be the only way that I could ever learn about what had happened to my past.”


Giving her a soft yet gentle smile, he pressed his forehead against hers as he closed his eyes. Just inhaling her scent as he allowed himself to calm down. This was something that needed to be done. One of the many things that would have to be done, though he knew that it wouldn’t really change much but, it would at least give him closure for a life that he had moved away from or had at the very least forgotten. Maybe he was lost for all he knew and no one knew where he was.


That could have been a reason as to why he hadn’t been able to find his home. Because he wasn’t from here.


Opening his eyes slowly, he looked down at Inko, watching her as she held onto the blonde. As if she was worried for him. Not that he couldn’t deny such a thing, he could sense that much from her. She was worried about him, worried for his heart and emotional stability over anything else in the world. For this could either destroy him, or save him in the long run.


Toshinori took one last breath in the hopes of calming himself down. Only for his stomach to growl. Blushing madly, he remembered that he hadn’t had much to eat since he got home last night. Looking down at Inko, he saw that she was giggling up at him. Smiling back at her, he kissed her cheek as he said “I’m gonna go make something to eat. I’ll be back.” Carefully he set her back down onto the couch before pushing himself up onto his feet and made his way toward the kitchen.


Hm, maybe he should make some tea as well. That would help him relax as well. That would make things a little calmer for him. The calmer he was before she arrived the better.


“Inko, want some tea?” He called out.


“Yeah please?”


“Any requests?” asked the man.


“Jasmine tea please?” Inko answered.


“Sure thing!” He chuckled before making his way into the kitchen. Really, it was always amazing that he would be able to have anything Inko would ever need here, as if she had already moved in here herself. Yet, he knew that wasn’t the case. They had just started dating not that long ago, anything more than that would only cause problems down the road for them but for now, he was happy with the situation the way it was.


Soon, the buzzer rang, causing Toshinori to frown a little. “Inko can you get that for me?”


“Okay!” She called out, causing Toshinori to smile a little. He could faintly hear the sound of another woman’s voice over the intercom. Inko must have hit the buzzer as his hearing could make out the sound of the door opening and closing. His wolf felt a little nervous about the stranger coming into his home, yet he knew that he had to come to terms with this.


This was something that he has waited his entire life for.


Yet, he had a strange feeling of dread filling his entire being. It made him wonder, if this was somehow a mistake. That there was something wrong with meeting this woman who very well could have been a family friend or something else.


Taking a deep breath in the hopes of calming himself, he started to pour the tea into mugs as someone knocked at the door. “Inko can you get that please? I’m getting the tea ready.” He heard her reply with an ‘okay’ before she went to get the door. Toshinori hummed softly to himself after setting the three mugs on the tray. He hoped that this woman didn’t mind tea. If she wasn’t a fan, he would finish it off, he didn’t want it to go to waste. Plus, his nerves was so fried that he would most likely need another cup of tea.


Grabbing a hold of the tray, the blonde started to make his way over toward the living room. “Alright, I have the tea. I have more should this turn into a long… day…” Toshinori just stared with wide eyes. There stood a woman, the woman that he had seen once before that had been attacked by a thug. She chatted with Inko, she had blonde hair, much like his own though hers was long and curly rather than short and shaggy. Her blue eyes looked over at him in confusion, she had a few wrinkles from age but she still looked as young as anyone could be at her age.


Whatever that was.


But that wasn’t what put him in shock. It was her face that put him in shock.


The images that popped up in his head were terrifying and he couldn’t understand them. His hands started to tremble as he saw images of this woman before him. Covered and drenched in blood. Screams of pain, agony, tears. Toshinori could hear the sounds of shattering glass, (not knowing that he had dropped the tray of tea) along with the shattering of windows.


His cries echoed in his head as he cried out for someone not to leave him. Not to abandon him in this place. Tears started to stream down his cheeks as he just stared at this woman, his body trembling, his wolf howling in the back of his mind before he let out a loud scream.


“Toshi?!” Inko shouted in concern.


Gripping his head, Toshinori backed up in fear, his fingers digging into his scalp as if that would tear away his memories, memories that had been long buried within his mind. The blonde could feel his claws coming in, as well as his fangs as his body was trying to protect himself from the onslaught of memories as they clawed their way to the surface. Letting out a howl of rage and agony, he rushed forward, feeling his bones and skin breaking down and repairing themselves as he half-shifted. His feet gaining the look of a wolf’s, his body gaining more muscle mass. His ears pointing and eyes turning a bright gold with a blue hue before he grabbed a hold of the woman, pinning her to the wall as he snarled at her.


“Why are you here?! You shouldn’t be here!” He shouted, his body trembling like a leaf as he tried to stop the flow of memories hitting him one after another. Her face! It was her face! No! It had to be her somehow! But it shouldn’t be! He knew that she shouldn’t be here damn it!


“Toshi! What’s wrong?!” Inko cried out as she went to rush to him.


“Stay back Inko!” He snarled out, his body shifting more and more as he tried to control himself. “Answer me! How are you here?! You shouldn’t be here! You’re dead! I know you’re dead! I saw your body! I saw you die! I saw you die with my own two eyes! Just stop haunting me! I’m sorry! I’m so fucking sorry but why are you here?!” He shouted, his body trembling more and more as he spoke, his body unable to contain himself anymore.


The woman just stared with wide eyes, as if she couldn’t believe what it was that she was seeing. At least that was what he believed he was seeing. The last thing he heard, was howls of anguish.