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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori had his hands folded together as he tried to recall those terrible days. The two years that he had spent in that hellhole. The nightmares, that’s what those nightmares were. They were memories even if they had been jumbled and blurred from age even in his own mind. The memories and feelings remained to a certain degree.


When he saw his aunt, it was as if the floodgate had opened to allow all of the memories to burst out at the seams. Like a never ending river that just wanted to overload his mind and his heart of all the painful memories.


“Toshi, what happened to you?” asked Inko.


Toshinori turned to Inko, feeling a sense of calm coming from her but he needed more for this. Quickly he wrapped his arms around her and held her close. “Stay with me… please… I…” He started to choke up on his words it seems. Trying to find the strength and courage to speak about his past.


“It’s okay.” She whispered, no it was far from okay. Once he was done, they would hate him. Despise him more than any villain.


“Start from the beginning.” Nicole said, causing him to look up at her for a brief moment. Where was he to start? There could be so many places but then again, maybe there wasn’t?


Taking a deep breath, Toshinori whispered “I guess it started after we were taken from the airport. After we left your home and our hotel room. We were taken from the airport before we ever got inside.” Toshinori’s eyes glossed over in the memory.


Toshinori, age seven knew many things in his young life. He was quirkless, as was his twin sister and parents. He had no special gift or anything of the sort. He knew that he would never have a power that would allow him to help people, that life itself was rather unfair to people who had no quirk.


And that he was so very scared.


“Nori, I’m scared.”


“It’s okay Yoko.” Toshinori said as he held onto his twin sister. ‘Yoko’ or Miyoko was a little shorter than him, but unlike him had long black hair and brown eyes much like their father. Toshinori and Miyoko were huddled together, while their parents tried to break through the iron gate that held the mall captive. To think, they had only wanted to go home because of an argument that happened with their mother and aunt.


To Toshinori, there was really no reason to be mad and his mother had started to see that. Even had wanted to go back to say that she was sorry to her sister only for them to be captured.


Rubbing his cheek, Toshinori looked up as he looked around the cage. They were surrounded by iron, the floors of the cage were hard and very uncomfortable for him. It made Toshinori think that this was made for an animal than a human being. “What’s going to happen?” asked Miyoko.


“We’re not sure sweetie.” Toshinori’s mother, Serena said with a soft sigh as she tugged at the door. As if hoping that she could summon the strength to break it open. Only to fail. “Takeshi, we need to get out of here.”


“I know that honey, but what can we do? We don’t have any power.”


“That is what we counted on.” Came a voice, causing Toshinori to narrow his eyes as he quickly held onto his sister. Miyoko was trembling like mad as she held onto Toshinori, her fear was something that even Toshinori could feel. Part of their twins bond so to speak. It was something that he never understood but at the moment he was grateful for such a thing so he could better protect his sister.


“Why did you take us?!” shouted Takeshi.


“Why? We needed some test subjects of course. We needed someone with no quirks to speak of, people who would be easy enough to take and for no one to truly miss.” The doctor said as he walked out from around the wall. He smirked down at the Yagi family before pushing his glasses up on his nose. “Though to get a whole family? That itself is rather interesting. Now, shall we begin the tests? Men, grab the parents first.”


Before any of them could even dare to blink, four men came into the cage, grabbing a hold of both Serena and Takeshi. Both of Toshinori’s parents were screaming, trying to break free of their captors. “How did you know we didn’t have any quirks?!” shouted Serena, struggling from their captors grasps.


The doctor just smirked as he pushed his glasses up his nose and chuckled. “Oh? We have our ways. Let’s just say we have more access than you could possibly imagine.” Everyone laughed at his own little form of a joke.


The small boy just narrowed his eyes, not finding this to be very amusing. He just snarled as he rushed forward. “Let go of my mom and dad!” shouted Toshinori as he rushed forward. Only to get kicked in the stomach and sent into the wall.


“Gah!” He wheezed out before hitting the floor.


“Nori!” Shouted Miyoko as she tried to help her brother up. He held his hand up, shaking his head as he angrily stared at the people who would dare not only kidnap his family but to try to take his parents away. He had to keep them all safe, he had to do something but…


What could a seven year old do? What more, one that had no power?


Gritting his teeth, Toshinori managed to push himself up slowly, feeling his pain still pulsating but he managed to fight through it. He had to do something, but what could he do? “Nori what are they going to do to us?” asked Miyoko.


“I don’t know Yoko. But what I do know, is that I have to keep you safe. That’s my job as the older brother.” He bit his lip, feeling scared himself, but knew that he had to stay strong for Miyoko. Giving her a smile, wanting to lift her spirit from the nightmare that they had found themselves in. “Don’t worry Yoko, I’m sure that we’ll get out of this place. We just have to have some faith is all.”


“Okay Nori.” Miyoko said with a small smile. At least he could lift her spirits up after that. Though he just hoped that he could keep up that faith, until they can get out of here. There had to be something that they could do to get out of here. There had to be something that they could do in order to get out of here before it was too late.


Taking a deep breath, the small boy looked around, hoping to find a way out of here. He would spend hours upon hours trying to find a way out of here. Though it seemed that it would be futile as when his parents came back? They were sweating buckets and looked rather sick. Before Toshinori could even question anything, the doctors came and took his sister as well as him out of the cage. “No!” Toshinori shouted.


“Toshinori, Miyoko!” shouted Serena, weakly holding out her hand in the hopes of grabbing onto her children. But she couldn’t even get the strength to get off of the floor.


“Mom! Dad!” Shouted the twins as they tried to struggle out of their captors grasp. Yet no matter how hard they would fight, they couldn’t break free. It was as if their captors had a much stronger grip than that of an average man. Most likely quirks being used on them so they couldn’t get away.


The men started to carry the twins away, causing both of the children to cry out for their parents as they were carried off. Yet, Toshinori tried to grab a hold of his sister, hoping to keep her calm even though he himself was scared out of his mind. Tears streaming down his face as he tried to reach out for her. “Yoko!” Shouted Toshinori.


“Nori!” shouted Miyoko before the two men walked down two different hallways. The twins shouting more and more until they couldn’t even manage a squeak.


“Yoko!” shouted Toshinori as he struggled in the adult’s grasp, trying to fight his way toward his sister.


“I think this one should get special treatment. He seems rather feisty.” Said a doctor with a cruel grin on his face “He may even need a stronger dose than his parents and sister.” Toshinori glared at them, his eyes seeming to appear like that of a storm that has yet to pass.


“Let go of me!” shouted the child, struggling to break free, trying to fight his way to freedom. Though he didn’t get far, he would find himself on a table, strapped down. An IV soon attached to his arm as they injected something into the bag. Toshinori screamed and cried out as he felt like something was burning within his veins.


His mind fogging over as he felt like he could no longer think for himself. Toshinori could only look around the room, could make out people talking among themselves and holding clipboards. He could hear them speaking about how he was taking the drugs perfectly. Taking the DNA manipulation very well. Groaning, he tried to get up, but he was still held in place by the straps.


One of the doctors walked on over toward Toshinori as they said “Do not worry, you will get stronger soon. We just need to do a few more injections. It’ll get worse before it gets better.” He had this sickening grin on his face as he smiled down at Toshinori. Gently patting at his shoulder, yet Toshinori snarled and snapped his teeth at the doctor.


Whom had pulled his hand back and laughed. “Already showing signs, it’s amazing.” He laughed before walking away.


Toshinori could recall that was how it was for a few months. The only comfort that he would have, was a song that his mother would sing to him. A song that she had told him belonged to her family. It brought him comfort, and at the same time sorrow. As it made him wonder, if they would ever get out of this place. Made him hope and wish, that he would be able to get out of this place soon.


 Over the months, his body grew a bit from new muscle forming as if trying to prepare him for something. The doctors weren’t sure themselves it seemed but they were just happy to have some kind of result from him. The next thing they were testing on them, was to see how much physical changes were being done with Toshinori and his family.


His mother would show fangs but that was about it, as for his father? His father would have claws and fangs. Miyoko though, she just didn’t show any signs and was only weakened. Toshinori though showed signs of greater strength and speed but so far that was about it. There was no other signs as of yet, but he just hoped that they would get out of this place. God, he didn’t even know how long they had been here for.


The one thing that really made the doctors smile was when it was time to test his night vision as it were. With his parents, they had some progress, Miyoko showed very little. Toshinori, he wanted to snarl at them but that only made them smile seeing the child being more like that of an animal. When they shut the lights off, and threw a ball at him he easily dodged. It was a good thing he did, for it was harder than a soft ball, but not as hard as if they threw something made out of steel. He narrowed his blue eyes that almost seemed to glow in the darkness. When he would look at himself in the mirror, he would see himself and couldn’t help but stare at himself in shock and fear.


What was he becoming?


What was he turning into?


What happened to the child he was before being forced to being here?


“Let’s give him another dose. We need to make sure that he can become the perfect beast.” Said one of the doctors.


“Are you sure that is wise? He is already doing so well and to give him more? Wouldn’t that give him more harm than good?”


“What do we care? He is a child, we can easily find another child to take his place. So far he is the only one taking so well to the treatment.” The doctor said with a laugh. Then his smile turned cruel. “He is the only one of those experiments that turned out well thus far. The only one that was close enough could only have the physical traits of the complete test. This one is having the physical and mentality of what we want.”


Mentality? What was that supposed to mean? He was still himself, he was still Yagi Toshinori! Nothing was going to change him from being who he was. Breathing deeply, the small boy couldn’t help but whine and whimper, he just wanted out of this place.


“Now, we need to test his protective instincts.”


“What do you mean?”


“Send him back to the cell with his family. We’ll start the test once he has come around.” What? What did they mean by that? What could they possibly mean by his protective instincts? If he could he would have fought his captors from this hellhole! He wanted out of here and if he had too, he would gladly fight these miserable adults in order to get his family out of here! He knew that he could easily do it if he had too.


Once that was said, they gave Toshinori another needle, something that made his vision swim and go spotty in some places as darkness started to consume his vision.


When he came around, he saw that he was back in his cage. Groaning a little, his body shuddering from both pain and exhaustion. Whining, he fell over onto his side as he tried to take a deep breath. “Nori!” Shouted Miyoko, her hands trembled as she grabbed a hold of him. Looking up at his sister, Toshinori couldn’t help but frown a little as he looked up at his sister. She seemed rather scared and concerned.


“Yoko, what’s wrong?” He whispered softly.


“Something’s wrong with mom and dad!” Toshinori frowned a little as he looked over toward his parents and blinked slowly at them. His parents were growling and snarling, eyes aglow in a deep crimson as they seemed as if they were in a great deal of pain.


“Mom? Dad?” Toshinori frowned as he noticed they turned their full attention on onto their children. “What’s going on?!” shouted Toshinori, fear gripping around his heart. They started to make their way toward their children, slowly like that of a hunter who were hunting prey. Toshinori acted quickly as he held onto his sister, slowly backing up in fear. “Mom, dad snap out of it!”


“They can’t hear you anymore.”


Whipping his head over, Toshinori could only stare at the doctor who held onto a clip board in one hand and a pen in the other. “What did you do to them?!” shouted Toshinori as he quickly grabbed a hold of Miyoko and moved around the cage, trying to stay away from his parents who snarled and swiped at their children.


“Nothing really. We just decided to shut down the rational part of their mind that made them human. Giving them a special drug that made them give into their instincts. Which, right now is hunger and the desire to hunt and kill.” The doctor said with a smirk. “They see you both as weak and insignificant to them. Perfect prey to hunt and eat.”


Toshinori stared with wide eyes as he looked over at his parents. They showed no sign of knowing who he was, the same with Miyoko. Trying to keep his sister safe was hard, he had no way to protect them, not like this. He tried swiping his own claws at his parents but it seemed that it only agitated him all the more.


“Mom, dad please! Snap out of it! I don’t want to hurt you!” shouted Toshinori, his tears rolling down his cheeks as he tried to shield Miyoko.


“They have no idea who you are. This is a test for you… and the result? Depends on how well your own instincts come into play. The instinct to protect someone weaker than you, someone who is in your pack who cannot fight nor defend themselves.”


Shaking his head, Toshinori found himself and Miyoko in the corner of the cage. His sister shaking like a leaf behind him. “Nori I’m scared.” She whispered.


Toshinori gritted his teeth as he tried to think of something that he could do to keep his sister safe. If his parents had no idea who he was, then maybe he could knock them out? No, he would end up leaving Miyoko defenceless wouldn’t he? There had to be something that he could do wasn’t there? Anything?


He felt something rumbling from deep within, telling him that he already knew what he had to do. That he had to do the impossible, something that he would have never dreamed of doing. But he knew that he couldn’t give into such things. There was no way that he could ever give into such things. There was no way that he should ever give into such trifles but knew that he couldn’t do it for it would change his morals.


“Mom! Dad! Stop it! Please I beg you!” Shouted the blonde, his eyes flashing between gold with a narrowed slit pupil to their usual blue, feeling a snarl ripping its way out of his throat as he stared down his parents. “Mom… dad… please… stop this… madness.” He managed to get himself to say, wrapping his arms around himself as if trying to keep himself together.


His skin felt rather hot, he felt like he was burning up from the inside out. “Yoko, something’s wrong with me.” Whispered the blonde, his body shaking before he held his head between his hands. What was wrong with him?! His cries echoed through the cage, feeling his bones break apart, and his skin ripping and repairing itself with his bones. As if trying to fix him after breaking down over and over again.


His cries turned into howls.


Toshinori could faintly remember everything that had happened. He could remember hearing cries of shock, pain, torment. Pleading reached his ears as they begged and pleaded with him not to kill. Kill who? Who was he killing? Toshinori didn’t know, the only thing that he could remember was feeling something warm being splattered across his hair.


Wait… no not his hair…


Breathing deeply, he saw blood staining the floor in front of him. Trying to remember what had happened to him. Looking around, Toshinori saw that he only saw one body on the floor, it didn’t click in to who it was right away. The only thing that he knew for sure, was that he was far from safe.


Before he could even act, something went to jump him. Toshinori howled in rage as he went to rip the person off of him. Though he didn’t think of anything other than to defend himself. Managing to rip the attacker off, he jumped at them and dug his fangs into their flesh, ripping them apart. Yet a part of him was screaming at him to stop. To stop the attack before he would regret his actions.


He didn’t listen to that voice. The only thing that was louder, was the desire to fight back. To protect the weak and make sure that they survive more than anything else in the world.


It didn’t matter in this moment, what he would have to do in order to protect those that he cared about. As he knew, who he had to keep safe and who he would have to fight. Even though, there was a part of him that was screaming and begging him to stop, begging and pleading for him to stop the madness.


When he came around, he found himself standing, breathing heavily as he felt the rush starting to fade from his body. Nothing else mattered to him in that moment. The rage and anger started to fade from his body before looking toward Miyoko as he said “You’re safe.”


“Nori… what did you do?”


“Huh?” He frowned a little before turning back to what had happened. Only for his blood to run cold as he stared at the bloodied remains of his parents.


No! Falling to his knees, he went to reach out to his mom only to stare at his out stretched hand with horror. Blood stained his hands, his arms. Everything. Staring at his hands with wide eyes, he couldn’t help but stare in shock as his body trembled. Tears rolling down his cheeks as he just… stared at the blood that stained his very skin.


Everything flashed through his mind with a vengeance. He remembered what happened, watching as if from a movie theater as he saw the deaths of his parents playing through his minds eye as he ripped his parents apart. He felt paralyzed. Frozen in place as he can only stare down at his own hands.


“Test complete. He has the desire to protect those who cannot protect themselves, now just need someone to come in and clean up the remains.”


“Mom… dad… I… I’m sorry!” He whispered, coming out of his frozen state, reaching his hand out, wanting to get a hold of his parents, as if hoping that would be enough to save them. That they were only asleep. He screamed at the top of his lungs as one of the doctors rushed into the room, pulling him back as well as Miyoko while others came into the room to remove his parent’s remains. “No! Give them back! I’m sorry! I’m so fucking sorry! Mom! Dad! Please come back! Come back please!”


His screams echoed through the lab, his cries could be heard echoing off of the walls. Even as his voice went horse from overuse, he kept on crying out for parents that would never speak to him again.


After that day, Toshinori for the most part closed himself off. He couldn’t help but still see the blood on his hands even after being washed so many times after that day. He still went through those terrible tests. Such as testing his transformations. They made him want to shudder at the sensation, as they figured it was something that his body still had to adjust too.


Yet, it still didn’t distract him from the problems at hand.


Toshinori now saw himself as a murderer. Even though it wasn’t really him, it was still a part of himself now that made him kill them. Yes, it was to protect his sister, yes, it was to make sure that it was to keep her safe but damn it all. He still killed his parents.


Now, Miyoko was all he had left. The only family that he had left in this hell hole.


Months and months went by, Toshinori didn’t even know how long it had been since he had been in this place. He tried keeping track of the time here, but with his blackouts it made it hard for him to keep track of everything that happened here.


Taking a deep shuddering breath, he tried to keep himself calm and collected. He knew that right now, he had to be strong for himself and Miyoko. There had to be something that he could do. Something that would allow him to escape this place with Miyoko. But what could he do? She was so weak, unable to handle more of those terrible tests and had yet to transform like he did. Then again, his parents hadn’t been able to do such a thing either.


Letting out a soft sigh, Toshinori pushed himself to stand up, only to wince as he hit the ceiling. God, the cage was meant for a normal height human, for him? He was far too tall for this cage. He rubbed at his head only to hiss in pain as he felt his claws having grown out again. “I’ll have to try to control this.” He whispered as he gaze sadly at his clawed finger tips.


“Ah, Experiment YT 003, wonderful to see you up and about.”


Toshinori turned and snarled at the doctor who came to his cage. Of all the people that had to come here, it had to be this asshole. “Where’s my sister?”


“Oh? You mean Experiment YM 004? She’s around. In fact, you are to do your next test with her.” Toshinori frowned a little at that. Why was he doing a test with his sister? She didn’t show many signs of gaining any wolf traits, at least from what he had been told in the last few months.


Or was it weeks? He wasn’t sure anymore.


“This should be the last experiment for now until you are older. Otherwise, there will only be check-ups and the like-“ He went on and on, going over what other tests that they would go back on. But, the only thing that Toshinori could focus on was that more tests, meant more pain. More suffering, and more torment of some kind. Though what confused him, was when he saw a small child following a doctor. Frowning, he couldn’t help but blink as he squinted his eyes at the kid.


Why was there a kid here? Not just that, why was he wearing a lab coat like the others? It didn’t make sense to him. The kid made eye contact with him for a brief moment, only to smirk at him before disappearing around the corner.


“Experiment YT 003, are you listening to me?” came the doctor’s voice, causing Toshinori to look up with a frown. “Here we are, just walk in here and you shall see your sister. The test will start the moment she arrives.”


Before Toshinori could even ask more, the door slammed shut. Frowning, he looked around and saw that he was in a bigger room this time around. Interesting that was for sure. “Yoko?” He called out, wondering where she was. It seemed rather strange that she wasn’t in the room yet, though maybe they could use this chance to escape? He was stronger now, maybe he could break free?


No, that was wishful thinking on his part.


Shaking his head, he walked on ahead wondering what it was that he could do.


Yet, when he heard the door open and close, he whipped himself around to face who it was that had come in this time around.


There was Miyoko, laying on the ground trembling. “Yoko!” He shouted as he rushed toward her, helping her to her feet. “Hey Yoko, don’t worry everything will be okay now.” He said with a smile on his face, hoping that she was okay.


Her responds? A growl and swiping newly grown claws at him.


“Whoa!” He shouted as he jumped back, eyes flashing yellow for a brief moment as his wolf sensed that something was wrong. “Yoko?” He called out to her again, only for her to snarl. Her eyes aglow in a deep bright yellow. It wasn’t like that of his parents, so maybe this was more wolf for her. But, what was wrong? “What did you assholes do to her?! Did you make her into like what my parents were?!” Shouted Toshinori, snarling as he did so.


A laugh echoed through the room causing Toshinori to shudder and snarl in anger. “That depends on what you think. Your dear ‘Yoko’ sees you as nothing but an enemy. Her instincts is to avenge her pack from the one that killed them.” Toshinori’s eyes widened in shock as he looked at his sister. What was he to do? “She won’t stop until you kill her, or until she kills you. She has also started to adjust to the serum at last, but not as far ahead as you are of course.”


Toshinori could only stare at her in shock. There was no way that his sweet, innocent sister would want to kill him. Sure, he knew that he killed their parents, but he wasn’t in control over himself. He was lost in the sea of memories as he saw the deaths of his parents again. The memories still brought him pain, making his guilt rise all the more against his own will. Yet, as he was distracted, he had failed to notice that his sister was rushing toward him. Slashing her newly grown claws at him.


Okay now? He was fully aware of what was going on.


“Come on Yoko, it’s me! Nori! Remember?” Miyoko snarled as she kept slashing her claws at her brother.


“Yoko!” Shouted Toshinori as he dodged, hoping to get through to her. His sister’s eyes never saw anything it seemed. Or even see reason as she went and slashed her claws at her brother once again. Toshinori managed to dodge for the most part, only getting a graze from Miyoko’s claws as he tried to dodge. Once or twice, he tried to grab her, hoping that she would stop and see some sense.


She wouldn’t.


Miyoko slashed at Toshinori’s cheek, causing him to yelp out in shock as he fell over. In fact, she had managed to get a few hits on the young man, Toshinori cried out in pain as she tried to fight the instincts that were trying to overwhelm him. The desire to protect himself from a threat. Gritting his teeth, Toshinori knew that he couldn’t allow himself to fall under such things again. There was no telling what would happen this time.


“Miyoko stop it please! I don’t want to lose you!” shouted Toshinori as he felt tears streaming down his cheeks. For a brief moment, she stopped in her actions. Tilting her head at the man before howling and rushing at him. Toshinori yelped out in shock and pain as he felt her slash at his stomach and falling to the ground.


Blood pooling around him as he weakly looked at Miyoko. She was slowly walking toward him, flexing her claws as she prepared to give him the final strike. His vision started to fade in that moment. A howling reached his ears. He felt pain coursing through his pain as he felt his body shifting.


A cry of pain not his own.


Something splattering onto his skin once again.


The only difference compared to the last time, was Toshinori was aware of everything going on. He could see himself ripping into his sister’s skin. Tearing into her body as he felt her blood splattering in his mouth and on the ground, staining his white fur.


It was short, over in all but an instant.


Breathing deeply, he looked over at Miyoko and watched as she cried tears. “Do…” She tried to say, Toshinori frowned a little as he gazed over at his sister’s body. “Not… blame yourself. Nori… we love… you.” She whispered, tears streaming down her face as she gave him a small smile. Toshinori whimpered as he licked at her cheeks, removing her tears. A howl of sorrow echoed through the halls once again. He couldn’t go through this again.


Angry at them, angry at the doctors that made him do all of these things to him. Changed him into a monster, forced him to kill his own family all for what? Tests? To see if they could create werewolves?! Because they wanted, no needed to play god?!


Rushing at the gate, Toshinori slammed his body into the gate, not caring that it only made his body hurt all the more. Snarling and howling in rage, he kept trying to break free. He had to get out of here, had to escape.


“Shoot him!” shouted a doctor, causing Toshinori to snarl more.


Breaking through the gate, he rushed down the halls. Using his senses to help him locate any way out. Guns went off, hitting him with darts, most likely trying to get him to stop in his tracks. No, he was filled with adrenaline as he kept pushing himself to run as quickly as he could. Skidding on the floor as his paw pads made it hard for him to run properly.


Slamming into the wall a couple times, yelping out in shock. God, how was it that he was now only escaping? Maybe it was fear, maybe it was concern for his sister? His family? Or maybe because he could no longer take this place as it had made him remove the people who mattered to him in this world. His wolf was telling him to run from this place, and he for once, was willing to listen to it this time.


Because what if, they made him keep killing people? More people could die because of him and every time he kills, he feels like it chips away more of his soul.


More darts were shot at him, he felt pain, his body trying to numb itself but his body burned more and more so he could get away. Jumping over a couple traps that had been laid out, Toshinori went to round another corner, only to cry out in pain as he felt something snap onto his back paw. Not bothering to stop, he kept running as quickly as he could. A howl escaped him as he slammed his body through the large windows that allowed the light to shine through the main entry way of the lab.


He ran, and ran. Never stopping. He knew that he had to get away from this place. There was no way that Toshinori would ever go back to this place. He had to escape, had to get away before it was too late.


Yet even as he ran, tears streamed down his face as he thought about his family. There was no hope for them, he killed them. He killed his family, he was nothing more than a monster who killed innocent people with not even a second thought. Nothing stopped the werewolf from doing what he did, but it was as if his own body had betrayed him in order to protect itself to make sure that his body worked like that of a true wolf.


‘I’m so sorry!’ he thought to himself with a sob.


“After that, I ran to get away from that place. I don’t remember much, but from what I can remember, I ran into a little girl.”


“A little girl?” Inko and Nicole said at the same time.


Toshinori took a deep shuddering breath as he tried to calm himself wiping his face with a trembling hand. The memories were still rather overwhelming, but he knew that he had to finish his tale. Placing his hand over his eyes, feeling the tears streaming down his face. “I don’t know how long I ran for, what I do know was that I collapsed from exhaustion. I couldn’t move anymore. I thought maybe I was going to die and join my family.” He gave a bitter laugh, more tears falling down his face staining his pant leg.


“Toshi…” Inko whispered.


“But, that was too good for me. To join my family in death? There was no way that I’d go to where they are, not after what I did to them! I killed them in cold fucking blood!” He snarled a little, slamming his hand on his leg. “I tried to scare that girl away from me, but she was so concerned for me. Worried that I was going to die, she removed the trap on my foot.” He reached down and rolled up his pant leg and pulled down his sock showing the marks on his ankle. It seemed like puncture holes had resided in his ankle for who knows how long.


“Silver is the only thing that leaves scars on my skin. Everything else heals without issue, silver is a true weakness for me.”


“That mark…” Inko whispered in confusion.


“She kept coming back, no matter what I did but… I have to say, that I started to get attached to her.” Turning to Inko, he gave her a small yet sad smile. “I bit her hand without knowing what the mark meant, well I still don’t to be honest but there is some meaning to it.” He sighed softly before shaking his head.


“Where did you go? I looked for you all over and never found you.”


“And I was in Japan my whole life.”


“They must have had some kind of privet jet that made sure they could transport us to Japan without us knowing. Figured it would seem less suspicious.” Toshinori whispered softly, before covering his face once again. “I’m sorry…”


“Toshinori, it’s okay-“


“No it’s not!” Shouted the young man as he rose to his feet. More tears rolling down his cheeks as he bit his lip, trying to stop himself from crying outright. “I killed my family and for what?! For some stupid tests? To play god? To test the limits of humans? My family is dead damn it! I’m alive! Why me?! Why did I have to live while my parents and twin had to die?! I’m nothing but a damn monster!” With that, Toshinori ran out of the apartment. The last thing he heard from his apartment was the sounds of his girlfriend and aunt yelling for him to stop.