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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori ran, ran as quickly as he could. When he left his apartment, he only managed to grab his running shoes and slipped them on as he ran out of the apartment. The only thing he wanted, was to get away as quickly as possible.


Guilt ate up at him. Remembering everything was a mistake, he didn’t care about anything else anymore. He had to get away, get away from Inko and his aunt, knowing that they hated him for what he had done. He killed his family, even if the doctors said it was for a ‘test’ and it wasn’t him but, it was still his body that did the deed.


His family was dead…


Because of him…


He didn’t deserve to be happy anymore.


Did he even deserve to remain as the Symbol of Peace? Did he deserve to be a Pro Hero anymore? Fuck, did he even deserve to bear the name ‘All Might’ when he was nothing more than a murderer? So many things went through his head as he ran.


Gritting his teeth, trying to keep himself from screaming, the young man ran toward the reclusive part of the park. He knew that almost no one ever came here. He could be alone here. Breathing deeply, Toshinori held onto a park bench as he tried to remain on his feet. Looking up, he saw the clouds starting to darken around him. Of course, the weather would decide to match his mood.


Hopeless, sadness, guilt…




Letting out a bitter laugh, Toshinori sat on the bench and just sat there. His head tilted back, eyes closed as he felt the rain pouring down onto him. His legs stretched out as his arms just rested at his sides. The rain, it felt good on his body but at the same time, he had hoped that it would wash away his pain. His guilt among so many other things. Right now, he would even give anything, to have it take away his dark memories, only leaving him with the pure ones.


The memories of a child and nothing more.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man didn’t know what more he could do. It just seemed, that no matter what good would come into his life, there was always something that would ruin it. Something that would put a wrench in his happiness to make sure that he suffered for the rest of his life. Letting out a soft sigh, he rolled his head over to the side, eyes opening a crack as he saw many people running to get out of the rain.


A few of them were couples but that was it. Only a few people, not a lot of people did after all come down this way.


Closing his eyes once again, just feeling the rain pelt against his skin as he thought about what he was going to do. It didn’t matter to him that he was getting soaked, didn’t matter to him that he could most likely get a cold from this. Nothing else mattered actually.




“I’m sorry.” He whispered as he gritted his teeth, feeling the pain in his heart all over again. All those nightmares that he had as a child, those were the nightmares, no memories of what he had done at the lab. Memories that he had thought were just terrible dreams from something that he had seen elsewhere.


If only that were the case.


Soon, he felt the rain stop, or at the very least it was no longer hitting his skin or clothes. Frowning in deep thought, he could still hear the rain hitting the ground around him so why wasn’t it hitting him anymore?


Slowly he opened his eyes and forced his head to lift to notice that a… was that an umbrella? Frowning, he pushed himself to sit up more only to stare with wide eyes as he saw Inko standing before him, holding an umbrella above him as if hoping to shield him from the rain. “Inko…” He whispered.


“Toshi, please-“


“Get away from me! I’m a monster! I’m a murderer!” He shouted as he ran to get away from her.




“I don’t see that!” Inko shouted at him, causing him to stop. The rain hitting him once again yet, he didn’t feel it anymore. Maybe it was because he didn’t care about what happened to him anymore. “I have never seen that. Even while you spoke about what happened to your family, do you know what I saw when you talked about your family?”


Toshinori didn’t speak, his bangs hiding his eyes from view.


Inko took a step closer, until Toshinori gave her a snarl of warning. It told her not to get closer to the hurting man. “I saw a man, who had only just remembered a past that had hurt him, shattered him but not break him.” Toshinori frowned a little at that. “You didn’t have a choice, if you didn’t do something Toshi, then it would have been you. Your family, they didn’t have a choice either as they no longer resided there anymore.”


Miyoko though, she regained her senses near the end.


“If you hadn’t done what you did Toshi, then there was no telling what would have happened. They would have most likely gone and attacked or worse, killed other people! You still retained your senses, your sense of right and for justice to the point that you became a hero so you could protect people who needed protected.”


Did he deserve to be a hero? Did he deserve to protect those who needed protected?


“I think, you are defending people because you couldn’t save your family. This is your way to make amends but, if anything your family wouldn’t want you to feel this guilt anymore.” Inko said with concern in her voice. Of course she would have concern for him, she was that kind of person. She was kind, caring and loved anyone around her. Letting out a bitter laugh, he turned around and face her, a rather insane smile on his face as more tears streamed down his face. “Toshi?”


“Do you really think that I can be forgiven that easily?! That I can just move on with my life, as if it were that simple?!” He said, smile still in place as he gazed at Inko. His eyes flashing yellow. “Don’t kid yourself Inko! It doesn’t matter anymore does it?! I know what I am, I’m nothing but a monster! A monster that killed his own family for what? Just so I could live?! Because I was the one person that the doctors took an interest in because I showed more traits of the wolf genetics that they were injecting us with?!”


Covering his eyes with his hand, he gave a bitter and hateful laugh. “Why did it have to be me Inko?! Why did it have to be me that had to live? That had to endure all of those tests while my family had to suffer and die?! That they had to lose their minds because I had this so called ‘promise’ for such a transformation?!”




“I’m nothing more than a monster, a killer, someone that shouldn’t even be alive right now but I am! I’m alive and they’re dead!” He shouted, his teeth gritting from his own deep emotional pain that he felt like he could never overcome. Not this time, “It’s most likely the reason why I can never call Nana and Sorahiko mom and dad! It’s because I don’t deserve that! I don’t deserve to call them as such and I do not deserve to be their ‘son’. Once they know the truth, they’ll remove themselves from my life and I’ll be all alone in the world!”


Inko frowned, tears appearing at the edge of her eyes, causing the blonde to just gaze at her. What was wrong with her? She shouldn’t be the one sad right now. “Toshi,” Inko began, he was about to open his mouth to stop her but she already beat him to it. “You aren’t alone. No matter what happens, no matter what happened, I will never blame you for anything of the sort.” She took a step forward, causing the blonde to snarl. His blue eyes flashing yellow in that moment but she showed no fear. But had stopped anyway.


Toshinori didn’t know what she was trying to do, but at the moment he didn’t care. He was in his own world so to speak. Wallowing in his own guilt and pity that he didn’t want to listen to reason anymore. Not ever again, almost wanting to give into the beast that he had become. “I love you, nothing will change that Toshinori.” She gave him a gentle smile as she said “In my heart, I know you didn’t mean to do anything. You tried to keep your family safe, tried to keep them happy and look at how many people who you make smile on a daily basis? Tenko adores you, so does Melissa… your friends, your family who raised you? Me…”


She rubbed the scar on the back of her hand, causing him to frown a little at that. His wolf telling him that the mark was ‘incomplete’, whatever that meant. But it didn’t matter to him anymore at the moment. “Inko I can’t-“ He went to say but she cut him off again.


“Why can’t you see all the good you’ve done?! You saved me so many times, you went out of your way, to protect me from everything that happened!” Inko all but shouted at him, tears streaming more down her cheeks as she gazed over at Toshinori. Wiping at her eyes, Inko sobbed out “I don’t want to lose you Toshi. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life.” Inko sobbed all the more, it broke Toshinori’s heart to see her crying.


Frowning, he just stared at Inko. She, right now almost reminded him of how he was when he lost his family. Instead though, she was afraid of losing him to his own darkness rather than trying to overcome an ordeal.


Would he ever go that far as to hurt himself like that? No, not just because he still had his life to live (Even though he would rather be dead) but he still had to give his quirk to someone else and hope that they could be the next symbol of peace. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath thinking that maybe, he did need to talk about this more. Needed to think about this more than he had. Inko was right, at the moment he wasn’t really alone and he didn’t know what his friend’s reactions would be.


Even though he himself, believes himself to be a monster and undeserving of friends or loved ones he knew that there was more to it than that. Opening his eyes, he went to speak to Inko only for his eyes to widen in shock.


Coming up behind Inko was a man surrounded by shadows. No, not shadows, he was wearing a cloak that hid most of his face from view. He was making his way toward Inko with a sickening smile on his face that made him think back to something. He had seen that smile before, he just couldn’t think of where it was.


A light started to emit from his mouth as his lips started to open. “Inko look out!” shouted Toshinori as he all but shoved her aside and rushed forward, his body shifting without even thinking about it as the only thing that came to mind, was to protect Inko. To protect his mate and nothing else.


The cloaked man laughed before he breathed fire at Toshinori, who only dodged and jumped around the flames. Acting quickly, he jumped into the air, spinning himself before slamming his back paws into the man’s chest. He let out a choked out gasp before falling back onto the ground. Toshinori snarled, his body trembling from rage and anger as he was ready to protect his mate.


“So, you are just like a wolf. Just like what the doctors had hoped for.” The man said with a smirk, it was that smirk he knew that he had seen it before but just couldn’t think of where it could have been. “Seems like we have more of a reason to take you back Experiment YT 003.” Toshinori snarled louder at that name. It wasn’t his name anymore, or a title. He was Yagi Toshinori, no one was going to take him anywhere ever again! Before he could rush at the man once again, he pulled something out of his pocket and spat out a spark of flames before throwing it to the ground, starting a smoke bomb as he threw it to the ground.


The park filled with smoke, causing Toshinori to whine and thrash about as he was unable to see for the time being. Coughing, he squinted his eyes before managing to find a short silhouette. He made his way toward her, carefully not wanting to frighten Inko more than she most likely was.


“Toshi?” came her voice, causing him to look up at the woman as he tried to clear his vision. The smoke burned his eyes and nose terribly. “Toshi are you alright?!” Why is she asking if he was okay? He had pretty much pushed her aside so he could protect her from all the danger that that cloaked figure brought.


Blinking away the tears, he looked up at Inko and saw that she wanted to hold him. Though seemed afraid to do so. He whimpered a little before nudging her. She took that invitation without a second thought as she quickly wrapped her arms around him. “See, you aren’t a monster. A monster, would have allowed that man to take me away.” She whispered softly.


Toshinori’s eyes widened in shock at that, slowly, he felt himself shifting back into a human, thankful that his clothes even while discarded, were still nearby. Blushing madly, Inko pulled back and looked away. “Sorry.” He whispered before he grabbed his clothes and started to throw them on. “You… you don’t see me as a monster? Aren’t you even afraid of me? Of what I could even do to you Inko?”


“Why? You just saved me Toshi.” Inko whispered before getting the okay to turn back. Once she looked over at him, a soft yet gentle smile sprawled across her face as she reached out and gently held his face in her hands. Tears sparkled within her green eyes as she gazed at him. “You are a better person than you give yourself credit for. If you really want to make amends for your family, make sure that no matter what, no one will go through what you had to endure as a child.” She whispered softly before kissing his forehead.


Toshinori blushed softly before wrapping his arms around her, tears rolling down his cheeks before he buried his face against her shoulder. “Thank you Inko, thank you so much.” He whispered before pulling back and kissing her deeply. Inko of course, happily kissed him back.


Though, he couldn’t help but hold her closer in his arms. Never wanting to let go, though he wasn’t sure about why that attack had happened, or who that man was. The smile, the scent, it was all so familiar in more than one way. He just couldn’t figure out why that was, though he knew one thing.


The whole experience that he had just gone through after regaining his memories? It only brought him and Inko closer together. Pulling back for air, he looked at her as he whispered “I love you my precious Inko.”


“I love you my dear Toshinori.” Inko said with a smile on her face, a shudder forcing its way through him. God what was with him? It was as if he was going through some kind of emotional whiplash right now. Looking up at the sky, still raining, Toshinori chuckled a little as he lifted Inko into his arms and kissed her gently. “Toshi?”


“How about we get out of this rain shall we my dear?” He whispered softly, his gaze filled with nothing but love for this woman.


He knew that Inko was right. If Toshinori truly was a monster, he wouldn’t have become a hero. It hadn’t been his choice to kill his family. Yes, the guilt remained but at the same time he knew that it wasn’t his choice at the time of their deaths. It was the doctor’s fault for such a choice, a choice that they had forced upon him as a child.


A choice that no child should ever have to go through. But it had been forced upon him, it was something that made him forget about everything, along with the fever from all of those darts hitting him. Now? He knew that he could never forget again. To do so again, would be like erasing all of the memories of his family a second time and he didn’t think that he could do such a thing ever again.


“So, what should we do?” asked Inko, her cheeks pinking a little as she stared at her boyfriend.


“I think, we have a few things that we need to clarify don’t you think my dear?” Toshinori said with a soft smile on his face. Only to frown a little as he asked “Wait, what about my aunt?”


“She said that she would wait for us at her hotel room when you were ready to talk again.” Toshinori let out a soft sigh before nuzzling Inko’s neck. Yes, tonight was going to be all about them, maybe the whole week. He didn’t know, didn’t care but he knew that he needed to have her in his life. Maybe, just maybe, Inko was the one thing that could help him keep the darkness at bay from taking its hold over him.


But now? He just wanted some time with his mate. He’ll think about everything else later on, but there was one thing that did still bother him. Why did that cloaked man just show up, then disappear again after one attack?