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A Werewolf's Love

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It had been a couple weeks since David came to the apartment. Snow started to cover the ground and it had grown rather chilly for the most part. Though, for Toshinori he was fine just wearing a simple jacket not to raise suspicion for those who do know him and had known him to be ‘quirkless’. As for All Might, well his jacket was very well insulated for both the cold, and heat so people would show their concern until he would point that out.


Anyway, on such a day like this, Toshinori was spending his day off helping at Inko’s café. A few people would come and go. Though, at the moment it was rather empty for the café, mostly due to the rush being done and that most people were out shopping for the upcoming holiday.


Yet, because of him not being busy his mind was left to wander to his own problems about his situation.


Such as wither or not to tell Nana and Sorahiko about him regaining his memories.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man hunched forward. Arm resting on the counter to support himself while his other hand was raised upward with his chin resting on his open palm. His eyes held a clouded rather dazed expression. Thoughts rather jumbled, and dampening what good mood he had been in before.


Thoughts that he had hoped to have been sorted out and no longer a burden for him but sadly, that wasn’t the case. Toshinori was plagued by the thoughts that would surrounded him. About if he did tell Nana and Sorahiko, what would their reaction would be? Would they love him still regardless? Kick him out? Turn him in for the murder of his own family?


Would they try to comfort him instead much like how the others had once he had gone over his tale to them?


Then of course there was how to try to talk to his aunt more. To learn more about his family, to fill in the small gaps in his memory that hadn’t returned to him. Most likely the events that could have led up to his capture as a child but that was a mere speculation. The thought of how it couldn’t have been random choice, random abduction. That there had to be more to it than what he was told as a child. But he just couldn’t figure out what it could have been, could have been the cause for such a thing in the first place.


Sighing softly, the young man looked out the window, watching as the snow started to sprinkle down from the sky, coating the ground more in fluffy clouds.


Images of that man’s smile started to appear within his mind’s eye more and more as time went on since that day. He knew that man from somewhere. Yet, the rain had for the most part masked most of his scent, but from what he could make out he knew it from somewhere. As for what it was from, he just couldn’t think but knew, just knew that he had smelled such a scent once before, as well as seeing that smile.


That creepy smile that would send shivers down his spine. It creeped him out regardless of how long ago he had seen that smile. There was just something off about him, even though he had attacked Toshinori, and had even tried to attack Inko for one reason or another.


The thought made his blood boil. For anyone to dare to harm her, to harm his mate. The one that he would protect with his dying breath. Nothing would ever stop him from protecting her from whatever would want to harm her.


Taking a deep breath, the young man closed his eyes, hoping to calm himself. Not wanting to cause himself more distress than what was already going on for him.


Yet it seemed that his nerves were rather frazzled for, he couldn’t stop the turmoil that started to plague him. Gripping his head, eyes widening as tears started to stream down his face. Thoughts now jumping back to what Nana and Sorahiko would say to him. That they didn’t love him anymore. That they would get rid of him, send him to jail and most likely make sure that he was executed for his crimes against his family.


Breathing coming out in quick yet short breaths, the blonde felt like he was having some kind of panic attack brought on what could or may happen to him should he tell them the truth. No, he couldn’t tell them, he couldn’t tell them the truth about what he had learned. About what he had remembered, he couldn’t do it.


Tightly shutting his eyes, he thought ’They’ll hate me…’


“Toshi?” came Inko’s voice, laced with concern and worry for her boyfriend.


Eyes opening, the young man slowly turned to the green haired young woman. Staring at her with wide eyes, pupils the size of needle tips as he stared at her. Her eyes shined with concern before she made her way over toward the blonde, wrapping her arms around him without even having to ask. Knowing that he needed a hug that he needed to be comforted for everything that had happened to him. Without even thinking more about it, the blonde wrapped his arms around her tiny frame, hugging her tightly though without causing her any harm.


“It’s okay Toshinori, it’ll be okay.” Inko whispered, rubbing his back gently. He let out a shuddering, choked up sob. Feeling as if everything was starting to crash into him at the same time. He wondered if he would ever get over this, to overcome this guilt over all that had happened to him. Though, knew that he would have to try to overcome it in some way but… just wasn’t sure how he could or what he should do at this moment.


Inko rubbed at his back a little more as she asked “Want to talk about it?”


Honestly? He didn’t, but knew that he needed to be open. Keeping all of these thoughts and feelings bottled up wasn’t healthy and he knew that. Letting out a soft sigh, the young man whispered “I’m afraid… of how Nana and Sorahiko would react if I told them what happened. I’m debating on keeping it to myself or not.”




“Inko, they raised me. Thought of me as their son, so what if they see me as a monster because of that? A killer? Even though I was a child, I am still did what I did.” Toshinori whispered, pulling back as he wiped at his eyes. Not sure on what more he could do.


Inko frowned as she placed her hands on her hips. A thoughtful expression on her face before it seemed as if an idea hit her. “Toshi, they love you. I’m sure they won’t turn you away from them. Just talk to them, go and tell them the truth.”


“I can’t-“


“You can, just won’t.”


“Okay, I won’t.” Toshinori argued back before looking away from her.


“Toshi, please just go and talk to them. I’m sure they will not see you any differently.”


“Inko, I’m not going there. No matter what you say or do, I won’t change my mind.”




Toshinori mumbled as he stood in front of his master’s home. Inko had managed to convince Toshinori to go to his master’s home in order to talk to them. The conversation started out fine, after he had told her no and of course that she couldn’t convince him otherwise… well…


He was proven wrong.


To make sure or rather insure, that he went Inko gave him a kiss that he could never forget. Hell, it made him want to grab the woman and take her home but knew that he couldn’t do that. Sometimes, it was hard to control his wolf but this time he had to struggle just to get the animal to calm down.


The whole walk here, all he could mumble was “Freaking Short, adorable, beautiful woman…” the whole time he was making his way to his master’s home. Though he also knew that he couldn’t just skip out on this as Inko would be calling either Nana or Sorahiko, whomever answered the phone tonight to be honest. If she did that, then there was a good chance that she would tell them to come to the apartment and kick his ass.


That, of course is something that he could live without.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man just stared at the building a little longer before slowly making his way toward the house. Walking up the porch and toward the door. Frowning, the young man was about to knock the door till his raised hand froze in place. Fear creeping up his spine once again, wondering what he was to do.


Could he really do this?


Would they turn him away?


Hate him?


No… no he couldn’t do this! He couldn’t do this!


Before he could even lower his hand, the door swung open to reveal Nana, wearing a simple blue sweater and long black pants. She blinked at Toshinori a couple times before a bright smile showed itself upon her face. “Toshinori, I wasn’t expecting you. Are you here to see Sorahiko?” she asked, smile still in place.


He couldn’t help but lower his arm and stare at his master with a rather solemn expression. His expression, trying to void itself from all of his emotions though it was a rather difficult task. “I… I um…” He whispered, moving his gaze away from the woman, unsure as to what he could do in this moment. Should he stay and tell them the truth after all since Nana sees him now or just try to make a break for it by saying that his phone was vibrating in his pocket?


Gulping, he whispered “I… I came to see both of you. I have something important to tell you both.” Now, the blonde knew that he couldn’t back out now. Toshinori knew what would happen should he try to get out of this now. Dear god, his body was trembling like a leaf.


“Toshi are you cold? I didn’t think that was possible.” Nana said with concern before gently grabbing his hand in hers. Checking to see how cold his skin truly was. “No, your skin is as warm as ever.” Nana whispered before shaking her head. “Come on, let’s get you inside.” With that, she released Toshinori’s hand and moved aside to let him inside. “Sorahiko should be here in a bit, he went out to get a few things from the store.”


“Okay.” He whispered before walking inside, removing his snow covered boots from his feet, and slipped on his slippers that still resided in the house. Looking around, he saw the many pictures that lined the walls. Pictures of him as a child, him in high school with his friends and of course some pictures of him with Nana and Sorahiko.


Frowning, he couldn’t help but think about what would happen to them should they end up hating him. It was depressing, forcing him to tear his eyes away from the happy times before removing his jacket and hung it up on the hook nearby and started to make his way to the kitchen to take a seat. Honestly, he may as well get it over and done with the moment Sorahiko returned so, that was something to look forward too.


The waiting in having to have his life ruined with the only family he had ever known his entire life.


“So Toshinori, what brought you here?” asked Nana, a smile on her face as she walked into the kitchen. Looking up at his mother-figure, he listened to her start to rattle on about how she missed him. That he should come and visit a little more often and of course, try to bring Inko over a little more often and of course to bring Tenko.


The blonde couldn’t help but freeze a little more up upon that idea. Would there ever be a chance for them to ever do such a thing? So many thoughts swimming around in his head, so many things starting to overwhelm him but knew that he had to stay strong in order to keep himself from having a full blown panic attack.


Taking a deep breath, Toshinori looked up at Nana’s smiling face before saying “I learned something the other day, and I need to tell you and Sorahiko about it but… can you promise me something?” He asked the last part in a quiet whisper, like that of a child that was fearing of punishment for stealing from the cookie jar.


Nana blinked her eyes a couple times before taking a seat. “Toshi why would I ever hate you?”


“Just… just please promise me that you won’t hate me.” He whispered, head bent forward, his long blonde bangs hiding his eyes from view.


The raven haired woman reached over and gently placed a hand upon the trembling hand of the blonde man that she thought of as a son. “Of course, now what is it?” She answered.


“I want to wait till Sorahiko comes back. I… I don’t want to have to repeat this story, it’s hard enough.” Toshinori whispered softly.


Nana nodded her head, seeming to know how nervous and scared Toshinori was being. Which was true, the blonde wasn’t sure what could happen. Taking a deep breath, the young man sipped at the hot chocolate.


It felt like hours since Toshinori had arrived and waiting for Sorahiko to arrive. Just feeling like chips of his soul were slowly being removed from his very being. His body trembling, not sure what he was to do. It just seemed as if everything was ticking down to a meltdown. Not sure what he could do right now, it just seemed that no matter what, there was going to be some kind of break, either his own spirit or his will would break.


Or did that count as both?


Shaking his head, the young man took a deep breath, hoping that would help him relax enough for his chat with his parents about his… his biological family.


He wanted to shake his head, to shake all of these thoughts out of his head. Though, he wasn’t sure what he could do. Was there anything that he could do to get out of this? Looking around slowly, the young man checked to see if there was another way out of this though, he found nothing.


Before he could even speak, the door opened and closed. “Nana, I’m back!” called out Sorahiko.


Toshinori froze in his seat, making him think that he was royally screwed now. Slowly, he lifted his head and gazed up as Sorahiko. The man didn’t have his domino mask on this time around. Was wearing a simple yellow sweater with a black jacket and blue jeans. Most likely to keep himself warm for this weather. His own jets from his feet could let out hot air, but that wasn’t enough to keep him warm.


“Hey Toshinori, what brings you by today?” asked Sorahiko.


“He has something important to tell the both of us. Toshinori wanted to wait till you got back so sit down.” Nana said, sending her husband a small glare. The man let out a soft sigh before putting everything away and sat down next to Nana. “Okay Toshi, what is it that you wanted to tell the both of us?”


“Just promise me again… that no matter what I say, that you won’t hate me?”


“Why would we hate you?” asked Sorahiko.


“Just please…”


Sorahiko rolled his eyes but crossed his arms. Leaning back in his seat as he stared at the blonde, honestly that may be the only way for Sorahiko to give his ‘promise’ at not being angry or hate him. Taking a deep breath, the young man whispered “I remembered my family. My mom, dad, my twin sister… I remember how I ended up becoming what I am, how I got out, how I ended up being found by you in the forest.” He lowered his head, not sure what he could really say to explain it. Nana let out a small gasp but slowly reached her hand out and held onto Toshinori’s. As if she was trying to comfort him as he spoke his tale.


He went on with his story. The fight his mom and aunt had, to them being captured, the experiments, the tests being done on him and the death of his family. Having explained how he had felt during those times, how scared and frightened he was. How much guilt he had felt when he lost his family, to the fact that he had murdered them.


How he had felt like a monster. A killer, a murder, how he felt like he didn’t deserve anything for the longest time after he had remembered and from when he had escaped from that lab. Of course, he had also brought up that he had some blank spots in his memories. Even telling them how he regained his memories, that seeing his aunt was a trigger for him to remember. At least the second meeting with her. As he recalled seeing her once before briefly though unsure as to why it was the second visit that allowed him to remember.


After that, Toshinori explained how scared and terrified he was. Telling everyone he knew or at least his closest friends and family. Though how he was afraid to tell them, to tell Nana and Sorahiko because he thought that they would hate them. That they wouldn’t want to be around him anymore, that they would see him as a monster, a murderer, a killer and that they would take him to the police for the crimes he had committed as a child.


Taking a deep breath, the young man looked up, unsure as to what they would do now with the information that he had given them. Sniffling a little, the young man looked between Nana and Sorahiko. Nana had visible tears in her eyes, covering her mouth as she let out choked up sobs as she stared at the man before her. How was it that Nana could look so pained at his own story? He wasn’t really sure, though couldn’t help but slowly turn his gaze to Sorahiko.


The man just sat there, arms still crossed, expression blank as he stared at the blonde. It made Toshinori a little concerned about what would be happening. Unsure as to what he would do, or could do to him but, he couldn’t be sure what Sorahiko was really doing. For all he knew, the man could be thinking everything over before he gave his final verdict.


“Toshi, I could never hate you for that. It wasn’t your choice, you are a good boy, a good man. You had no choice in what had happened all those years ago. Think about it, if you were the one killed off, then your parents would have most likely tried to kill people since they no longer had any humanity left from what you have said.” Nana said, sniffling a little as she wiped at her eyes. Toshinori lowered his head a little, still feeling guilt over what had happened. “Toshi, no matter what happens, I’ll always love you, and see you as I would my own son.”


“I’m sorry, I was… just so afraid that you would hate me for what I had done and-“


Before Toshinori could even finish, Sorahiko shot up from his seat and started to walk around the table. Toshinori had no idea what was going to happen. All he could do was stare in confusion before letting out a yelp. As Sorahiko grabbed Toshinori by the back of his shirt and started to walk out of the kitchen, toward the front door. Nana screaming after him, wondering what he was doing.


“What did I-“ Toshinori tried to say before Sorahiko cut him off.


“Shut up!”


After that, the older man threw the blonde out of the house but that wasn’t all. The man just narrowed his eyes down at Toshinori before rushing at him, getting ready to throw a punch.


Toshinori could only stare in shock as he watched as the older man rushed at him. He could only react, dodging and trying to deflect any punches and kicks. Even though Sorahiko, or by his hero name, Gran Torino, he was an older man he was still in great shape for his age.


“Sorahiko why are you attacking me?! I’m sorry I’m a killer!” Toshinori cried out, trying to block another punch. Though hadn’t been able to block the other as it hit him square in the cheek. Sorahiko didn’t reply though, just kept trying to throw a kick. Toshinori felt the air leave his lungs as he fell to the ground, it felt as if his soul was starting to leave his body with the oxygen in his lungs. Was this how Sorahiko felt when he first gained his quirk?


Dear god this was painful.


The older man narrowed his eyes as he slowly walked toward Toshinori. If the blonde had been scared of the older man before, he was officially terrified.


Eyes widening, the young man tried to scoot away from the man. Sorahiko was just slowly walking, as if he was a man on some kind of mission. A mission to make Toshinori suffer for his crimes. “Please, I’m sorry okay?! I didn’t mean to kill my family, I hadn’t meant to do such a thing! I wasn’t given a choice! It was forced upon me!”


Toshinori tried to plead, plead for his life so he wouldn’t get himself killed by the older man. Honestly, he didn’t want to fight him, only because this man had raised him for years. The mere thought of attacking him even in self-defence sickened him. Yet the fear still crept its way up his spine as he tried to think of some kind of escape.


Nana was screaming in the background, hoping and praying that her words would get Sorahiko to stop his attack. Though it seemed that no matter what would come his way, the other man wouldn’t stop.


Sorahiko jumped in the air before rushing forward and tried to slam his fist into the blonde. Only for Toshinori to roll away from the man. Sorahiko’s fist had slammed into the ground, snow flying everywhere causing Toshinori to be covered by the flying snow. Sorahiko slowly turned his head to stare at the blonde, dear lord he had never been this scared before in his entire life.


Sorahiko stood up onto his feet and glared down at the blonde before letting out a soft sigh and crossed his arms. Toshinori thought that it was finally over, that he could get away.


Oh boy was he wrong.


“Are you fucking stupid?!” Shouted Sorahiko, causing the blonde to flinch and look up in shock. Before he could say a word, the older man beat him to the punch. “Do you really think that we would treat you any differently because of what you did in the past?! Because you were a child, scared out of your bloody mind and could have been killed in the process?!"




“No! You will listen to me boy!” Shouted Sorahiko, his eyes now open and narrowed into slits as he glared down at the blonde who was all but cowering on the ground. “Do you think so low of us Toshinori? That when you finally were able to tell us of your past once you remembered? Regardless of how bad it was, or how terrible?! As far as I can see it, you did it to survive. And like what Nana said, it would have been worse if it was your parents that had killed you and your sister.”


He flinched at the harsh tone in the man’s voice. Sorahiko had never been this angry before and it made Toshinori rather curious as to how this would turn out. Blinking his blue eyes in shock, Toshinori could only well, just stare actually. Not sure what he could say, on what he could do.


“I don’t see a killer Toshinori, I saw nothing but a child, who was scared, lost, and a desire to survive but not by his own will but by the wolf that dwells within.” Sorahiko whispered softly before reaching forward and grabbed a hold of the blonde’s elbow, pulling him to his feet and glared at him before punching his arm for good measure. “Don’t ever think that way again. We love you, just as if you were our own son. To us, you are our son. No matter what may come our way, you are ours.” Sorahiko said before pulling the blonde in for a hug.


Toshinori’s eyes were wide, before the floodgates opened at long last. He hadn’t known that the emotions that he had held back since coming into their care had finally opened. Tightly shutting his eyes, the young man gripped at the man and buried his face into Sorahiko’s shoulder and cried. Nana rushed forward and hugged Toshinori in an awkward three way hug.


“I’m so sorry mom… dad…” Toshinori whispered.


The three of them cried, as Nana and Sorahiko had never felt so much joy for Toshinori finally called them ‘mom and dad’. To be honest, Nana and Sorahiko didn’t think that they could feel this happy for anything, other than the young man that they had loved as their own child, finally acknowledging them as his parents rather than just parental figures.