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A Werewolf's Love

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Inko couldn’t help but watch Toshinori since he had come back from his visit to his adoptive parent’s house days before. He had almost seemed… different? Not bad of course but he almost seemed as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders at long last. As if decades or actually a decade and a half, worth’s of pain and suffering had finally been lifted from his shoulders that allowed him to feel some kind of joy in his heart.


Though there was still a long way until he had fully healed from his past. The only thing that he has been suffering for was the nightmares that had started a little after his memories had returned. He doesn’t know that Inko knew though.


One day, while Toshinori was out on patrol, Inko was cooking in Toshinori’s apartment with Tenko just playing video games in the living room. She could hear him mumbling at cheaters or cheering here and there when he would win against whoever he was playing against online.


He liked to win sure, but he wasn’t a sore loser at the very least.


Ever since his quirk had activated, Inko and Toshinori had decided to try to do all they could to help him. His quirk, as it turns out is called ‘Decay’ and needs all five of his fingers to touch any surface to allow it to crumble away. So, Toshinori, Shouta and Hizashi went to the high school they attended to get some special gloves prepared for the child.


Of course, Tenko was out for the holiday with his own school, and that gave Inko some extra time to find a proper school for her son. Yet, it made her wonder what they could do now… She could ask Toshinori if he had an idea as to what they could do for Tenko’s schooling, maybe he knew what kind of schools that would work for both of their work schedules.


As she was normally done in the afternoon with her job, so she could easily pick up Tenko. Or if allowed, she could ask Shouta, Hizashi, Nana or Sorahiko should that ever happen. Though, Inko was still worried about everything that was happening when it came to Tenko’s schooling. As, Tenko did have a rather bad experience with his other school as they tormented him about him being an orphan or foster. Either way, she didn’t know what she could do for her son.




Well, she would have to talk to Toshinori about it when he got home. Other than that, she wasn’t sure what she could do for him. There was always a time and place to talk to him about something like this but it also depended on what was going on in his life as a hero.


Taking a deep breath, the young woman finished mixing the batter into a pan and placed it in the oven. Setting the timer and chuckled a little before making her way over to the living room and sat down before watching as Tenko was playing one of his racing games, playing with another player. “Who’s winning?” asked Inko.


“So far it’s the girl with the pink car. She made it past me, she’s really good.” Tenko said with a grin on his face. Inko couldn’t help but smile, it was nice that her son respected when a girl could play video games. He looked over his shoulder asking “When is Toshi coming back?” He even tilted his head a little, blue hair falling in his face.


“Not sure sweetie, maybe when he gets back home we can go out somewhere to help him relax?” Inko suggested.


“I wanna go swimming.” Tenko said with a big grin on his face.


Well that would be difficult. The only pools they had was a few cities over or so, then there was that indoor beach that some hero had created a handful of years or so ago but that was difficult to get into. More so with how the weather is right now. Turning to her son, she couldn’t help but give him a small smile as she said “I can’t make promises sweetie, but we can try.”


“Okay.” Tenko said with a smile. Still happy at the idea of a possibility. Though she just hoped that he wouldn’t get his hopes up too much right now. Looking at the time, Inko couldn’t help but be rather curious and concerned for Toshinori still. He may still seem rather calm and collective but she still felt as if there was something going on in his mind. Sure, he had finally spoken to Nana and Sorahiko, but she still didn’t know what had happened. Had hoped that he would tell her when he was ready, in case that it didn’t turn out the way that he had wanted it too.


Though he didn’t seem distressed as much anymore. Now the only thing that seemed to be bothering him the most was the idea of those doctors still being out there. Not that she could really blame him, with the kidnappings that had happened before she had officially became friends with Toshinori, then of course the attack that had come upon him when she found him in the rain after his memories.


What was going on with all of this? So many thoughts, trying to sort out her own thoughts and process as well as what more could be troubling Toshinori.


There was much yes, but she hoped that maybe they could go over it together. At least, she hoped that would be the case but again, she couldn’t be sure as to what was to happen now at this rate. Letting out a soft sigh, the young woman heard the buzz from the timer, causing her to get up and made her way over to the kitchen. Pulling out the cake pan from the oven and set it on the counter before pulling out the icing. Smiling, Inko started to ice the cake, maybe something sweet would help Toshinori relax a bit to see if they could go to the indoor pool or indoor beach.


Smiling, she used blue, white, and red icing. As well as using some yellow to make it look like Toshinori’s hero costume. It made her giggle at the idea of a cake looking like his hero costume. Wondering if he would find the humor in it.


Inko finished the cake, and just in time as Toshinori walked through the door. She could hear Tenko putting his controller down and made his way over to the exhausted man. “Toshi! You’re home!” He said with excitement. Toshinori just chuckled before the sound of footsteps walked into the living room, yet she could only hear one pair of footsteps. Odd. Unless Toshinori lifted the boy into his arms.


“Inko, what are you doing?” asked Toshinori as he made his way to the kitchen. His voice sounded tired but not anything really different after such a long day of patrol.


“I’m making a special cake for you Toshi. But, you can’t touch it yet. Not until tomorrow alright?” She said with a giggle. It was a surprise for sure, and it made her all the more happy to know that he would get a nice surprise for this. Though she just hoped that everything would end up alright.


“Aw, but can’t I have it now?” Toshinori said with a pout. She had to admit, it was damn right adorable, but after raising Tenko the look didn’t work for her. She had built an immunity to such a stare.


Giggling, the young woman walked over to her boyfriend and stood on her toes. Toshinori bent forward, mindful of Tenko who was sitting behind his head, legs hanging over the blonde’s shoulders. He just giggled as he wrapped his arms around the man’s head. Toshinori smiled as he gently kissed his girlfriend. “So, does that mean I can have some cake?” asked Toshinori. Adorable smile still in place.


“Sorry Toshi, but no. Like I said, it’s special and I didn’t think I’d have time to make it tomorrow and I still have another cake to bake later on.” She gave him a small smile before reaching up and placing a hand on his cheek. Watching as he just seemed to nuzzle against her palm.


“Inko, are you going to ask?” Asked Tenko with a small pout, crossing his arms across his chest. Inko just laughed a little before pulling her hand back.


“Huh? Ask me what?” Toshinori said with confusion.


“Well, Tenko here wants to go for a swim so, was thinking we could go to the indoor pools or that indoor beach if possible. Either is fine.” Inko said with a smile on her face.


Toshinori blinked his blue eyes for a moment before straightening himself back up. He held onto Tenko’s legs, making sure that he wouldn’t fall off since the small child wasn’t holding onto him. Looking up at the still pouting face of Tenko, Toshinori seemed to have had an idea. “Tenko, how about you ask me as well? But lose the face please.” Toshinori was a little stern at the end but a small smile in place.


Blinking his red eyes, Tenko blushed before folding his hands in a nervous, yet shy fashion. “Can we please go swimming Toshi? Pretty please?” Asked Tenko with the most adorable expression on his face. Inko couldn’t help but giggle a little, it was just so cute that Tenko could act and be so adorable and it just made it all the cuter to see him asking for a trip to the pool.


Toshinori just chuckled and laughed. Not a cruel laugh but just a pure happy one. It just seemed that Toshinori had found it as adorable as she did. Yet, there was something in his eyes that told her that he was still struggling with something. Trying to put up a front to keep herself and Tenko from worrying about him.


Maybe it was something that she could ask him later, once they were alone.


“I can ask to see if they can fit us at the indoor beach. I can’t make promises but I’ll go do that now then I’ll go shower quick.” With that, Toshinori carefully picked up Tenko from his shoulders and went to put him down on the floor before grabbing his cell from his pocket and walked out of the kitchen leaving the two alone.


“Inko, when are you going to tell him?” asked Tenko with a tilt of his head.


“Tomorrow I’ll tell him sweetie, don’t worry about a thing okay?” Inko said with a small smile before kissing the small boy’s forehead.


Tenko seemed a little worried about keeping their secret from Toshinori. But he knew that he wasn’t supposed to tell the blonde. That was what Inko was supposed to do and he couldn’t really understand it himself with him being so young. But, at least he understood enough.


After that, the small boy made his way over to the living room and started to go back to his video game again. At least he could keep himself occupied for the time being though, she just hoped that he still wouldn’t say anything for the time being.


Just as she sat down, the young woman could faintly hear Toshinori’s voice from his bedroom. Most likely still on the phone as she could faintly hear him talking about the beach and the like. It made her wonder what he would tell the two of them. What news would he have for the three of them anyway?


“Great thanks!” Toshinori’s voice boomed with a laugh that seemed to have gone through the door causing Tenko and Inko to giggle.


Toshinori poked his head out of his room and looked at his girlfriend and son. “Okay, we’re good to go but let me have a quick shower and dry my hair okay?” With that, he closed the door and went on to get himself cleaned up after a long and hard day at work. At least they had something that they could enjoy for the time being, though Inko couldn’t help but be a little curious about what Toshinori was still trying to hide from her.


There was still one other thing that he was trying to hide from her, and she wanted to ask him at least with a little bit of privacy, even if it mean just them talking on the beach, they could always find some kind of secluded area, after all if the beach was how she had heard it to be, then that was an idea for her to use, hoping and praying that Toshinori would talk to her about this.


Whatever it was anyway…




Upon arrival, Inko couldn’t help but gasp in shock at the sight. The whole area, for the most part was closed off by glass. Or some kind of glass substitute that had been created by some kind of pro hero long ago. The glass helped to make the heat here on this ‘indoor’ beach to make you feel like you are truly at the beach in the summer.


The sand was even warm to the touch, not a single stone in sight. No one was allowed to bring food or drink into the building, or at least into the beach because of the risk of litter harming the water that a couple quirk users would help with. Not wanting to risk it since the users would what moisture they could out of the air, to create this ocean and they could only do it so many times till it would fill the ‘ocean’ that was created.


Or at least, that was what Toshinori had explained.


As for the rest of the building, it provides its own food stands in the building, just outside of the beach. Though that was as much as Inko knew from what she could see anyway. Toshinori didn’t know much about the place either since he hasn’t really come here himself. Fearing of being around other people because of his ‘werewolf’ genetics going haywire from all the people, different kinds of scents and sounds would have been a little disorienting for him but, he figured that so long as he could focus on her it may work out fine for the three of them.


“So what do you think?” asked Toshinori with a big grin on his face.


“It’s beautiful.” Inko breathed in awe.


“It’s cool!” Tenko answered with a giggle before rushing forward toward the water.


“Tenko wait!” Inko called after him before running after the boy, only to stop and turn to stare at Toshinori. He just smiled and waved her off, telling her that he’ll be alright for a few minutes, he could set up their towels before joining them.


Inko, still concerned for Toshinori gave him a small wave before rushing to get Tenko. The boy needed to learn some kind of restraint, more so with his gloves. Sure, his gloves only kept his pinkie and index fingers covered, allowing him to still feel surfaces without the fear of destroying it, she still wasn’t sure how well his gloves would handle the water.


Grabbing a hold of Tenko, she started to walk with the blue haired boy back to the towels, only to yelp as Toshinori grabbed a hold of the both of them in his arms. Twirling them in his arms as he laughed. Inko and Tenko laughed happily before wrapping their arms around the blonde. The two of them, felt nothing but joy being with the tall hero, it was a feeling that Inko never wanted to lose.


Afterwards, Toshinori, Inko, and Tenko all played around in the water. Inko and Toshinori would either splash each other or Tenko. Though with Toshinori being as powerful as he was, as well as his own natural strength, he had to pull back on his own strength. Not wanting to drown his family on their outing. Inko couldn’t help but laugh, they even though he was a big hulking of a man, he was as gentle as a teddy bear.


’My own personal teddy bear.’ Inko thought to herself with a giggle.


Toshinori suddenly grabbed Inko around her waist, causing her to squeal out in shock and laughter before turning her head around to stare at the blonde. He had a big grin on his face before falling backward. She squealed once again before managing to take a deep breath as they were both submerged under the water.


Toshinori loosened his grip before allowing them to surface. Inko’s hair covered her eyes before she giggled and pushed her hair back. Looking up, she saw that Toshinori was chuckling as his two long bangs clung to his forehead, as well as covering most of his eyes from her view. The young woman stood up on her feet, for the most part now at eye level with her boyfriend before reaching forward and brushing his hair aside.


Toshinori just blinked up at her, his eyes holding some kind of awe struck expression as he just gazed at the small green haired woman. Inko just smiled before leaning forward before kissing her boyfriend on the lips. Toshinori returned the kiss happily, wrapping his arms around Inko as he just held her.


Yet one thing Inko noticed, was that Toshinori was trembling a little. Something truly was bothering him and it was starting to overwhelm him. She would have to talk to him, but at the same time knew that Tenko would have to be watched over. Turning to the small boy, she saw that he was staying near the shore, not going too far out and for that she was thankful.


Though to be sure…


“Tenko, can you stay near the shore? Toshinori and I are gonna talk on the beach.” Inko called out to the small boy.


The small boy blinked as he looked over at the two adults. He looked between Inko and Toshinori, and seemed to have seen how Toshinori was acting right now. So, Tenko nodded and got himself a little closer to the shore before resuming his playful antics.


Inko smiled at Tenko before getting Toshinori, as well as herself toward the shore and of course on their beach towel. Toshinori’s was blue, red, and yellow much like his swim trunks. Inko’s was a sea foam green while her own swim suit was a shade darker and a simple one piece.


Tenko’s towel, next to Inko’s, was dark blue while his trunks was black.


Once they sat down, trying to get themselves comfortable the young woman looked up at Toshinori. Waiting for him to talk, waiting for him to start the conversation though he just blankly stared at the water, watching their adopted child playing in the water.


Inko felt like he wasn’t going to start in the least. But knew that she had to say something, anything to at least get Toshinori to talk. “Toshi, what happened the other day? What happened at Nana’s and Sorahiko’s home?”


Toshinori took a deep breath before looking over at Inko for a brief moment, only to look away. “I talked to them, told them everything.” He let out a soft sigh before pulling his knees to his chest and just seemed to stare at the depths of the water, as if it reflected his soul, a memory, something that Inko couldn’t see. “Nana, of course cried and wasn’t mad. Though for a while I thought Sorahiko was as he threw me out of the house and started to beat the shit out of me.”


Inko stared in shock. Okay, that was something that she wasn’t expecting. Though before she could even voice her concern, he shook his head. “Turns out, he was only mad for thinking what I did. Thinking that they would hate me for crimes that I couldn’t control. Crimes that had been forced upon me.” Toshinori had a small smile on his face before letting out a soft sigh. “I finally called them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ at long last.”


Okay, that was good then right? Good start, to finally acknowledge them as his parents. People that had raised him like their own child so what could be the problem then? What could still be haunting him to this day if he had told the people that were closest to him?


Frowning, she reached over and placed a hand on his knee as she said “So, if they still accepted you then what could be the problem still? What could still be haunting you after so much time to heal over the past?” Inko’s voice laced with concern and worry for her boyfriend.


He let out a soft sigh before leaning back on the towel. His hands supporting him from behind before turning to Inko and frowned at her. “I’m worried that the past will come back. Take what I love away from me again. I’m worried about you, Tenko, mom and dad… Shouta and Hizashi… everyone I hold dear to me. What if they are taken away from me again? I can’t bare the thought.”


Inko frowned a little at the thoughts that had been haunting him for so long. Wrapping her arm around his elbow, Inko sighed softly as she whispered “No matter what may come our way Toshinori, nothing will ever keep me away from you. I love you, and don’t forget… your friends have powerful quirks of their own, they can protect themselves.”


“What about you though? Your quirk isn’t for battle Inko…” Toshinori voiced his concern.


“True, but I still have you, you are powerful in your own right now. Making your werewolf curse into a power of your own now. You have learned to control it over the years of practicing. You are so much more powerful than you were as a child. You can easily protect yourself now.” Inko told Toshinori, a small smile on her face as she gazed up at the blonde.


His eyes still looked so sad and worried. Frowning, she pushed herself to stand up as she gazed over at the ocean.


Gazing at the sky, I’m searching for a star
To lead me back to you, wherever in the world you are
I’m waiting by the shore and clinging to an oath
We made so long ago
A promise that someday you’ll come back home


Toshinori looked up at the green haired woman, just staring at her in awe. Inko turned her green eyes to stare at the blonde, a smile on her face. She felt like all of this worry was causing Toshinori to lose faith in himself. In his own abilities to keep himself and his friends safe from all that would dare try to harm them. She knew that this would help restore his confidence.


Listening to waves crashing against the shore
I long to know the name I can’t seem to recall any more
Was it all a dream? Did you ever exist?
I know within my heart, the two of us had made a promise 


Toshinori just frowned a little, tears started to stream silently down his cheeks. Yet he didn’t sob, didn’t choke up, just stared up at her. As if all the sadness, worry, and anguish that was still roaming itself around his heart was starting to finally leave him for good this time around. Inko could only smile at the man as she knelt in front of the man and just gave him a soft yet gentle smile.


Destinies connected, our hearts intertwined
Once more, we’ll meet again, to stand against the darkness
Bathed in light
We’ll fight, into the night
We’ll walk together, side by side


Reaching up, the young woman gently cupped his face between her warm palms as she smiled up at the man. Toshinori could only stare at her in shock. As if he had truly forgotten the kind of person he was. Someone who would fight for the right reason, for peace, to get people to feel hope in their hearts for the first time in a long time.


To be a symbol for all to have a reason to smile.


Toshinori smiled up at Inko before wrapping his arms around her and just held onto her. “Thank you my dear. Thank you, guess I… I needed that.” Toshinori whispered before he let out a soft sigh. Pulling himself back as he gazed over at the small woman in his arms, he grinned as he reached up with his own hand and cupped her face against his large hand. “Let’s get back to Tenko, I bet he’s bored with playing by himself.”


“Okay. Later, I want to ask you about his schooling since he should be back in school soon.” Inko said with a giggle.


“I already have an idea for him to be honest.”


With that, the two adults went back to their son and went back to playing in the water. Not a single care, or worry in their minds. As it seemed that Toshinori had finally started to overcome his problems. At least, no longer allowing them to worry or consume him in anyway.