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A Werewolf's Love

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Toshinori let out a soft sigh as he laid in bed. Just relaxing on his day off as he tried to get everything that had happened in the last few days to just fly by. Such as telling his parents the truth, them accepting him and of course him trying to overcome his problem with the idea of losing his loved ones all over again. The thought itself, it scared him to new heights until Inko had assured him.


Then of course, there was the fact that David had gone over the deep end in a way. Having gone through what could have been called ‘Survivors Guilt’ over the loss of his wife. Even to the point of trying to hurt himself just to stop the pain most likely.


The idea that David, someone who had always seemed so happy… yet as it turns out it had been nothing more than a mask to hide his own pain… it bothered Toshinori.


Because in some strange way, they were the same.


Both of them having lost loved ones in strange circumstances, circumstances that were out of their hands. Problems that had arisen and ended up taking the lives of those they loved.


Toshinori’s so called ‘test’ killing his family.


David’s experimental machine exploding, resulting in his wife’s demise.


Both experiencing pain, loss, and torment yet… Toshinori couldn’t help but think that in some strange sick way, that it was some kind of learning experience. To make sure that no one else ever went through that kind of pain ever again. The idea was there, to make Toshinori push himself harder to make sure that no one else would ever be put in a position that he would feel weak, useless like he had been as a child and be shoved aside and watch as people suffer.


As for David? Well, in all honesty he hoped that this would get David to not just double, but triple check his work or take more safety precautions so what happened to his wife never happened to anyone ever again.


Being a scientist was hard, that was a given. Though, he couldn’t help but wonder what he was to do to help David through this, as their situations were still very different. Though, one thing he did know, was that the brown haired man couldn’t be left alone.


There was no telling what would happen should he be left alone to his own devices.


Taking a deep breath, he was about to roll over until he felt something rolling against him. Blinking his blue eyes slowly in the still darkened room, he looked over and smiled gently at Inko. Sure, normally he was the one to snuggle up to her during the night out of some kind of need to just hold her. (He was a cuddlier, sue him) But, it was strange and yet so damn adorable to find Inko all snuggled up to him.


She was still asleep, sleeping as peacefully as ever. Though, he couldn’t help but wonder what the surprise that she was hiding from him. It had him a little curious, though that wasn’t the only thing that he had been curious about. For the last week or so, he had smelled a slight change in her scent, it wasn’t a bad scent but it was something strange and mystifying all the same.


A soft smile graced his lips before he let out a content sigh. Reaching over, he kissed Inko’s temple before sliding out from the bed and made his way to his dresser and threw on something clean before walking out of his bedroom. He wore a simple yellow shirt with red writing saying ‘All Might’ written across the chest and a pair of black shorts. Sniffing the air, he could tell that Shouta and Hizashi were still out, or they had only been home long enough to get dressed and go out somewhere for the night.


Shrugging to himself, he went to make some breakfast for himself and Inko. Looking over at the couch, Toshinori had pulled it out into a pull out sofa for David and Melissa. They had been staying there since Toshinori caught him in the forest. It was a tight fit for them all but it was being dealt with at the very least.


Yet, he wondered if David should also still seek medical help. It was easy to see that he was suffering depression. But, he only seemed to act upon it on after the day of his wife’s passing. At least so far he has, though would the doctors let him be seen because he is from the states?


The werewolf hummed softly in thought before making his way to the fridge to pull out the bacon and eggs. As for Tenko, he decided to sleep in Toshinori’s chair last night, wanting to keep an eye on Melissa and David. Tenko had overheard what Toshinori had told Inko the one night, and wanted to do his part. Wanting to ‘play hero’ in a sense and keep an eye on the depressed man and small blonde little girl.


Though really? Toshinori was starting to think that maybe Tenko had a little crush on Melissa.


He chuckled at the thought of such a thing and it made him smile all the more at such a thought. Though, at the same time he couldn’t really be sure of it at the same time, but he would like to save that little bit of information later on when Tenko is older to tease him with.


Grinning all the more, Toshinori cracked an egg as he started to cook. Though really, he couldn’t help but be a little curious as to what would happen for David once he returned to the states. It made him curious, but at the same time it had him concerned. There was no way of knowing what would happen should it ever come down to it.


Letting out a soft sigh, he knew that he couldn’t control what happened. Maybe he felt bad for David because they were so similar to a degree, but Toshinori has at least had years of help to cope.


David, he hasn’t even had a year to cope with the loss so he would need a lot of emotional support.


Wiping his face with his free hand, the young man wasn’t sure what he could do, and this was only going to make him crazy.


Soon, he felt something tugging at his pant leg.


Blinking his blue eyes, the young man looked down and saw Melissa standing next to him. Turning the burners down, he knelt in front of the small child to be more eye level with her. Giving her a small smile, he asked “What’s wrong?”


“Papa is talking in his sleep.” Melissa said softly, causing the man to frown a little at that. Was it that bad that David was talking in his sleep? Before Toshinori could even speak, Melissa beat him to the punch. “He keeps saying ‘I’m sorry’ and crying…” Okay, that was a sign that he was not okay in the slightest.


Pushing himself up, patting the blonde girl’s head before making his way toward the living room, he saw David tossing and turning, tears streaming down his cheeks as he kept mumbling under his breath. Little cries escaped him, most likely reliving his wife’s death. It wasn’t going to be easy, that was for sure. Though Toshinori knew that he would need to seek some kind of therapy in order to talk this out.


Frowning, he carefully made his way over toward the sleeping man and gently grabbed his shoulder as he tried to wake him awake. Yet, what happened next was the last thing that Toshinori expected from the man. David lashed out, digging his nails into the werewolf’s arm causing him to wince a little in pain before looking down at the now awake David. Eyes wide, unfocused, as if he was still dreaming, was that possible?


“David, it’s me. It’s Toshinori, calm down alright? You’re scaring your daughter.” Toshinori called out, hoping that would be enough to wake the man up from his dream. Yet, David only frowned a little as he blankly gazed up at Toshinori, as if the idea of him scaring someone hadn’t accrued to him in anyway.


Staring at the sad man, Toshinori patted his shoulder, as if hoping to get the man to come around. “Come on David, wake up. Let’s talk this out a little more alright? I’m here to help you.” Toshinori coaxed, hoping that would be enough to draw the man back to reality.


“Toshinori…?” David whispered, more tears streaming down his face before he started to come around. Blinking a few times, he looked around the room and seemed a little confused as to what had happened. It seemed, that he hadn’t expected to find himself back in Toshinori’s apartment. Or even on his couch either it seems. “What?” He whispered softly, unsure as to what was happening.


Though when his gaze fell on his fingers digging into Toshinori’s arm, he stared in shock before pulling his hand back. It seems that his nails had managed to draw some blood, not enough to be serious but enough to be noticed. “Sorry.” The brown haired man whispered softly before looking away to the end table to pick up his glasses.


“Its fine, come on. We’ll talk in the kitchen.” Toshinori suggested before turning to Melissa who still looked concerned up at her father. “Melissa, why don’t you wake Tenko and play some video games with him? I bet he’d like that.” He said with a chuckle before making his way to the kitchen with David in tow. “Okay, so what happened David? You were fine till now so what’s happening?”


David just let out a sigh before leaning against the counter. It seemed that he was trying to mentally prepare himself for all of this that was happening. Though, at the same time he couldn’t really think of a way to explain all of this. “I was dreaming, it was peaceful to start with.” David whispered before letting out a soft sigh. “Then my dreams changed, turning into the day that I lost my wife. Her calling out to me, and for that to turn into her blaming me for what had happened.”


Letting out a bitter laugh, David sighed some more before looking up at the blonde man who had resumed cooking breakfast, but still seemed to be listening as he did so.


“It seems, that your mind is still trying to make you blame yourself on some level.” Toshinori said with a frown on his face. Shrugging a little, he calmly said “Though it could be your subconscious as well, since that is something we can’t really control since it is something that we are suppressing.” Looking over his shoulder, the blonde calmly said “David, I think you need to see a therapist of some kind. Just something to help you cope with all the problems that you are facing. Had you ever seen a grief councillor at all?” asked the blonde.


“No, I never saw a point to it since… well… you know.”


Oh, he thought that he didn’t deserve to because he blamed himself for all of the accident. So, why else wouldn’t he go to see one in the long run? Letting out a soft sigh, the young man calmly said “David, you need to seek help. It’s the only way for you to heal after all this time.” A small smile on his face, he added “Plus, it may help you move on from the past and Melissa would see her father be happy again.”


David blinked as he looked up at the blonde. Seeming to be processing what it was that he was saying before letting out a soft sigh and nodded his head a little. At least, that was something that they could both agree on for the time being. Though really, he just hoped that David would seek help or even listen to his advice on the matter.


“Alright, I’ll look up on therapy when I return to the states.” David whispered softly.


“Good, even talk to someone here if you need to and have them transfer the papers.” Toshinori suggested before plating some of the food and held it out to David. “Give this to Tenko or Melissa, I’m gonna be cooking breakfast for everyone. Then I’ll have to wake up Inko.” He said with a chuckle before going back to cooking the eggs and bacon. Restarting everything.


As he cooked, he couldn’t help but think that everything was turning out well so far. It just seemed nice that everything was starting to settle down for the most part. Because no one deserved to be so down in the dumps because of what happened in the past.


Though now that he thinks about it, he couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if the whole thing was in reverse. Such as David being the one who had gotten help, and Toshinori being left alone to deal with his own personal/emotional problems? It had him curious, though knew that he couldn’t be thinking like that.


Everything was the way it was supposed to be, though at the same time he still couldn’t be sure of that. Though once more, there was no way of knowing what would have happened if it had been the other way around over the whole problem. There was only one choice, and so far he had made that choice.


Plating another plate, the werewolf called for the next person to get their plate. Tenko of course came into the room, Toshinori figured that either David chose his daughter, or Tenko offered his plate to Melissa. Either way was fine for him, though Toshinori couldn’t help but grin as he stared at his son. “So Tenko, do you have a little crush on a certain blonde little girl?” asked Toshinori.


His answer? Tenko’s face was so red that it almost matched Toshinori’s hero costume.




“I do not!” Tenko whined before taking his plate and ran off before Toshinori could say anything else. His laughter echoed through the kitchen and nearly the entire apartment. Yes, he could get rather used to days such as this, though he just hoped that he could always enjoy days such as this. Because it was something that he never wanted to lose in the end.


He had a girlfriend, a son, great friends and even ended up for the most part, forgetting his fear of doctors in order to help someone because they saved his life instead.


Though he wouldn’t lie he still had some problems with doctors but he figured that maybe, now he could overcome such an ordeal now. Though he figured that would still take some time to overcome, but with everyone in his life, he knew that he could do it this time around. Hm, now that he thought about it he still had to talk to his aunt… he wanted to know more about his family, wanted to know about them so he could finally… finally help her make proper arrangements to ‘bury’ his family after all this time had passed.


Letting out a soft sigh, the young man got the next plate ready before he called out for David. The brown haired man came into the kitchen and accepted his plate. “Thanks Toshinori.” He said, a small smile on his face.  The blonde waved David off and went back to cooking. He still had to get his and Inko’s food ready, though he couldn’t help but think of wanting something sweet to have. Grinning to himself, he remembered that Inko had baked a cake and had set it aside. Plating the last bit of food aside, the blonde made his way to the fridge and frowned a little.


“Two cakes?” He whispered in confusion before pulling out both cakes. Wondering what the idea was. Maybe she decided to make two cakes just for the sake of it? Or maybe she decided to bake two separate flavors of cake in the long run? Shrugging to himself, he cut both cakes in half. Thinking that this way he could figure out which cake was which flavor and then cut them properly so he could share it with everyone in the apartment.


Though what surprised him, was that there was some writing inside both cakes. “Huh?” He whispered in confusion before tilting his head to the side and looked inside the first one. “I Love You” was written inside the one that made his heart flutter happily within his chest. Making him just all that more happy to have fallen for Inko.


When he turned his gaze to the other one, his eyes widened in shock. His heart all but came to a stop as he gazed at the second cake in a flurry of emotions. Shock, confusion, fear, yet at the same time joy.


The words that he had never thought to be possible for him to express, for any kind of reason, yet for a reason that he also didn’t think would be possible for him because of all the hell that had happened to him as a child.


Written on the cake, were words that he wanted to hear, more than he ever thought to be possible but here it was once more.


“Toshi?” came Inko’s voice, causing him to turn and stare at her, tears streaming down his face before his gaze slowly fell toward her stomach. He couldn’t believe this, how had he not known?


Rushing toward her, the blonde lifted Inko into his arms and cried out in joy before spinning her around. Everyone in the room stopped what they were doing as they stared at the couple. “Toshi what is it?” asked Inko with confusion.


“I saw what you wrote in the cakes Inko! Please tell me that they were both true!” Toshinori said with a smile on his face.


The green haired woman blinked her green eyes for a moment before smiling softly. Kissing his forehead as she whispered “They are Toshi, they really are true.”


Because written in the second cake, was Inko’s very words saying ‘I’m Pregnant’.


They were having a baby!