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A Werewolf's Love

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Inko hummed softly as she sat at the doctor’s office. It was one of her first of many appointments to come about the progress of the baby. Toshinori wanted to come, though he had to go and perform his duties as a hero. Of course, he had offered to go in late, but Inko told him that he didn’t just belong to her, but ‘to the world’.


He was hesitant at first only to smile and kiss her forehead before taking off.


Though if she was honest? She thinks that maybe the reason why he hadn’t wanted to go, besides the baby was that something was bothering him. Frightened him maybe? There was no true way of knowing if that was the case, and it had her concerned none the less.


Lately, his nerves had been so bad that he would shift without notice at home. She could still remember what had happened the last time his nerves had shifted to damn near panic.


”Toshi, you need to calm down.” Inko said with a frown on her face.


“I can’t calm down Inko. My wolf is filled with panic, telling me that something is wrong, that something bad will happen.” Toshinori replied, his body trembled now and again. As if his wolf was trying to come out and burst forth in order to run around to burn off the nervous energy that was trying to claim him.


The young woman went to get up but Toshinori shook his head at her. “Please, just stay where you are. I’m afraid that if you come over to me and I shift I could hurt you and the baby.” Toshinori explained. Trying to keep himself calm and collected but it sounded more like a chore for him than ever before.


Breathing deeply, the young man had went back to pacing. Arms still folded behind his back, body flexing here and there, struggling not to shift again. Inko was only growing more and more concerned for Toshinori as time went on. “Toshi, calm down.”


“I can’t Inko! I told you that already!” Whined Toshinori.


Inko had to admit, Toshinori sounded rather cute when he whined. Like a lost puppy to be honest. The young woman pushed herself up. Before Toshinori could even stop her, she held her hand up and silenced him. “Toshi, you need to know that it doesn’t matter what you say. I will always want to comfort you, no matter what happens. Fighting yourself like this is most likely hurting you more than you even know.”


Toshinori looked away in shame. He must have known that Inko would have fought him over this. That he was letting things control his life again, that he was allowing himself to push people away when they are only concerned about him. Even though he himself had come to terms with everything, he was slowly reverting back to his old ways, most likely out of habit.


Letting out a shuddering breath, the blonde felt his nerves unravel most likely. No longer holding himself back before his body started to tremble like an earth quake. Vibrating as if he would be torn apart at any second now.


Frowning, the young woman reached out for Toshinori, wondering if he was going to be okay. Yet, the blonde held up his hand, stopping her dead in her tracks. Letting out a cry of pain, Toshinori hunched forward. The sounds of bones breaking and mending themselves reached her ears. The way his flesh almost looked like it was tearing to her but at the same time not. It merely looked like cracks forming in his skin.


Before she could even think about anything more about his transformation, there stood on shaky paws was a giant of a white wolf.


The wolf looked up at Inko and whimpered to her. Thinking that she must have been terrified seeing him transform like he had.


The young woman just smiled gently at Toshinori and knelt down on the floor with him. Gently shifting him a little so his head was now resting on her lap. Blinking, the white wolf looked up at Inko, without removing his head from her lap. “Toshi, you are still you even as a wolf. I would love you, even if you were unable to become a full human again or was something else. I know that you would always be you deep down inside.”


Toshinori blinked innocently up at her, yet Inko could see his tail wagging slowly behind him, most likely so he wouldn’t alert Inko of how excited he was to be held and spoken too like he was a true human being. Regardless if he was able to transform or not. He was still himself that was all that mattered to her in the long run.


Smiling down at the wolf, the young woman couldn’t help but run her fingers through his fur atop of his head as she said “Plus, I like petting you. You have very soft fur you know that?” Toshinori’s tail wagged all the quicker behind him. There was no way for him to hide it now it seemed. Maybe this was the best way to keep his mind off of everything that was going on in his life right now.


Soon, she felt him nuzzling her belly, causing her to giggle a little. “You’re not going to feel or smell the baby yet Toshi. I’m still not that far along yet!” She giggled all the more before rubbing his ear. Yup, she had to admit, that this was a werewolf, and a wolf of a man that she had fallen in love with but if she had to say anything?


He was her wolf, her werewolf and no one else’s. She loved him, as did Tenko and the others. They all loved this man and she would do whatever it took to protect his heart from anything and everything that would hurt him in anyway.


That was her duty to him, as his girlfriend, his mate, the woman that carried his child… it was to protect his heart, as his was to keep her and their growing family safe from anything that would dare harm them. They would always protect the other.


Taking a deep breath, the young woman knew that she had to help keep Toshinori safe. Though, even she knew that it would be harder than it sounded with him being the number one hero. There was nearly nothing that could hurt him.


The only thing that could be hurt was his heart. That much was easy to tell, though there was still so much that she had to do, so much that she had to know for the man. Looking at her phone, she saw that she had a missed text from Toshinori. He had sent to her that he was going to use his spare time to see his aunt quickly before she left Japan and then come to the appointment if she was still waiting.


Smiling, the young woman texted back that she was still waiting but not to worry. She would want him to see his aunt for as long as he could right now. That was the one thing that his heart needed. To be with family from in a sense, a lifelong past, long forgotten… this would be the last step he would need to truly heal from the trauma.


His responds?


This is why I love you, you incredible woman.


All the young woman could do was smile at that text. Sending back just how much she loved him as well and that she would tell him as much as she could once the appointment had finished up.


After that, her cell went silent. Most likely him already on the move to see his aunt before she left.



Toshinori took a deep breath as he stood in front of the hotel room that his aunt resided in. This was going to be his last chance to see his aunt once and for all. Until well, who knows when. But he wanted to have some kind of bond with his only living biological relative. There was still so many questions that he wanted to know, so many blank spots in his memory that he had that he hoped and prayed that she would answer for him.


Taking a deep breath, the young man knocked on the door, it was a little quiet, almost shyly in fact.


Eyes tightly shut, the young man figured that maybe she had already left. That she wouldn’t have wanted to see the man that had killed her sister, brother-in-law and niece. Even though he himself was her nephew, he still didn’t know what kind of feelings that she held within her heart right now even though she seemed fine about what happened to her family, there was no telling what the aftermath was.


’No, I should just leave…’ Toshinori told himself before he went to walk away. Only for the door to open and came his aunt’s voice.


“Oh, Toshinori! It’s so nice to see you before I left.” Nicole said, the blonde man turned around and saw that his aunt was smiling brightly. She seemed genuinely happy to see him. Though could he take that at face value?


“Hi…” Toshinori said shyly.


“Come in, I’ll make some tea.” Nicole said before walking into the room and went to the little kettle that resided in her room.


Toshinori took a seat on the chair that resided in the room. He felt a little cramped in the small seat, most likely it was meant for someone of Nicole’s size but, he shouldn’t be one to complain. Looking up at his aunt, he saw her getting the kettle ready, humming a soft melody under her breath. The one his mother used to sing to him as a child. Must be a habit for her at this point.


“So, what brings you by Toshinori?” asked Nicole as she sat down, waiting for the tea to be prepared.


“I have a few blank spots in my memory still that I can’t seem to remember…” Toshinori admitted, unsure as to what the missing spots would be in his memory, but he had to know. Had to remember because maybe he could figure it out and send in heroes maybe? Though he just hoped that he would be able to send in someone to help him before anything bad could happen. There was no telling what could happen.


“What do you want to know Toshinori?” asked Nicole with a frown.


“Well, it’s about those doctors-“


“Doctors?” Nicole tilted her head.


“The ones that experimented on me and my family.” Toshinori said with a deep sigh. He highly doubted that his aunt would know anything but still, maybe there was just something else that he was missing. There just had to be something.


Nicole frowned a little in deep thought. Trying to remember, trying to recall anything that would give her any kind of a hint as to what had happened before the fateful day had happened. “Hm… now that I think about it, your mother had brought up something once before she brought you all down to my home.” Toshinori blinked as he rose a little in his seat, wanting to hear more.


“Serena, your mother had mentioned that since you and your sister were born that she had felt like someone was following her. Following your father Takeshi, as well as you and your sister.” Nicole said with a frown on her face before letting out a sigh. Rubbing her face, she whispered “I wished that I had listened to your mother back then, if I had, it may have saved everyone from the fates that you were all put through.”


Toshinori shook his head as he said “Aunt Nicole, I can’t blame you for something you had no idea that could have happened. If I hadn’t come back to Japan, I wouldn’t have met my master, my new parents… the people who raised me. I wouldn’t have met Inko, I wouldn’t have met Tenko and… and I wouldn’t have been expecting a child…”


Nicole blinked. “A child?”


“Inko’s pregnant, we’re going to be parents… but, I want to learn about what had happened to my family. To get the people who had caused the harm to my family to leave everyone alone. They have to pay for their crimes.” Toshinori all but snarled the last part. Eyes flashing gold for a brief moment before taking a deep breath in the hopes of calming himself down. “I just don’t want a repeat for anyone to go through what I had to go through. It affected me for years.”


Nicole nodded in understanding. Pushing herself up onto her feet, she made her way toward the kettle and poured the cups of tea for the two of them. Handing Toshinori his, she asked “I don’t know much about it myself Toshinori. But what I do know, is that whoever it was that took your family, they knew that you all were quirkless and wanted to use that to their advantage. So, they must have kept some kind of tabs on you in order to make sure that they could get you all at the best chance that they could have had.”


Nodding, the blonde young man sipped at his tea before looking back up at his aunt. If they knew that his family and he were quirkless, then… did that mean they were at the hospital when he was born? Frowning, the young man looked toward the window, trying to think on what little information there was about this. If it was a doctor, who would be in the room with his family when his mother was giving birth?




“Aunt Nicole, do you know who the doctor was that helped my mom deliver?” asked Toshinori.


“Hm… Dear lord it’s been years. I’d have to look for your birth certificate. If I can find that, or at least your birth papers I could let you know since you were born here in Japan.” Nicole said with a frown before looking up at him and frowned. “Why? What do you think is up Toshinori?”


“I think, that the reason he knew about us was because he was the doctor that was helping mom with her delivery. How else would he be able to follow us around for as long as he had? It’s the only thing that made sense.” Toshinori pointed out, but still he was so far from the truth. There was just his damn name that he didn’t know yet!


“I don’t leave till tomorrow, I can look it up tonight and send you what I find. If I can’t find it tonight, I’ll keep looking and send it to you. Okay? You need to remain calm Toshinori, you have a child on the way to think about.” Nicole calmly replied to him, hoping that would be enough to calm him down.


The blonde young man nodded his head. He knew that she was right about that, he couldn’t afford to get himself riled up right now. He had to focus on his job, as well as the fact that he was going to be a parent… or at least to be a parent to a baby that was on the way.


Taking a deep breath, the young man finished off his tea as he looked up at his aunt once more as he said “I would love it if you could help Inko as well if you can. No matter if it’s about the baby or what information that you dig up. She has a right to know what I am looking up on.”


The blonde woman nodded her head before smiling. “Of course Toshinori.”


His phone started to beep, causing him to sigh a little. He had to get back to his shift, or at least All Might had to go back to his patrols. “I have to go, I’ll see you later. Maybe I’ll be able to see you off tomorrow.”


“I’d like that.” Nicole said.


With that, they each hugged each other goodbye, and Toshinori made his way out to his duties.


Toshinori hid in an alley and shifted into his All Might persona. Making sure that his costume wasn’t out of sorts and grinned to himself. With that in mind, the young man leapt into the air, jumping from building to building, keeping his eyes and ears open for all to see of the city below him.


Though as he traveled around for his patrol, he couldn’t help but think about what of his childhood that he remembered with his parents and sister. There was just something that bothered him to no end, and he just couldn’t pin point it in the least.


Frowning, he thought back to when he was going to the doctors. Having been beaten due to being quirkless, his mother always seemed nervous around the doctor that was tending to him now and again. It was always different, though sometimes she would shift around from one foot to the other. Looking around the room as if she was suspecting something to happen to her and Toshinori.


The same if it was Miyoko that was in the room with them and she was being tended too.


Yet, at the same time he just couldn’t remember the doctor’s face, but he felt like he had seen him before somewhere else. Just unsure as to where that was. It was starting to drive him nuts, eyes flashing gold once again from the stress of trying to remember it all.


Shaking his head, the young man looked down and frowned a little as he saw how the citizens were just wandering around. Enjoying their day as if nothing was going on, or that nothing bad would ever happen to them. He couldn’t help but smile a little at that. That was the kind of life that he wanted for his children. Tenko just enjoying his life, without a care in the world but still knowing what to do should there be a villain attack or a natural disaster.


Though, for his unborn child? He wondered what would happen for him or her. Would the baby have Inko’s quirk? Another quirk? Be quirkless because he himself, was actually quirkless without One for All? He didn’t know, but he knew that he would find out at some point, but even then it wouldn’t matter if that did happen, or if his child ended up with his werewolf genetics.


How would a child handle it in the first place? Would they lose control like his family did or would he have control over it like he himself had back then? So many questions, yet he had no true answers and that was what bothered him more than anything. Who could he trust about the baby too? There was David sure, but he wasn’t that kind of doctor.


Though he did specialise in quirks so maybe that would still work?


Shaking his head once again, he let out a small growl of frustration at not being sure on what he could do. Breathing deeply, the young man looked down and blinked when he saw someone being chased by someone throwing chains at the victim. Narrowing his eyes, the young man landed on the building that was nearby, watching for a moment to see what was going on.


The man cried for help, he could actually smell the tears that were starting to drip down his cheeks.


The villain threw more chains toward the man, causing Toshinori to think a little more about this. Wait, was that the same villain that had tried to capture him? Sniffing the air, he frowned a little in confusion. The scent was similar, yet at the same time it was very different. Twins maybe? Or at the very least the same family. Taking a better look at the chains, he didn’t see as much of a shine as one would with silver so that was something. There weren’t any spikes either so that had him relax a little in relief.


Jumping down from the building, Toshinori punched the villain in the head, causing him to go flying into a tree. The villain groaned from the pain as he laid on the ground. The hero, smile still in place as he made his way toward the civilian and asked “You alright sir? Everything is alright now. Why? Because I am here.”


The man smiled as he said “I am, thank you so much All Might.” Toshinori couldn’t help but chuckle a little. It always warmed his heart to hear how thankful they were for help. No matter how small the task was, and it made Toshinori wonder where this man was going.


“Where are you going sir? I can take you there.” Toshinori offered before tilting his head to the side in confusion.


The man chuckled a little and shook his head. “Well, you don’t need to take me anywhere. More like, I need to take you somewhere.”


That made the hero frown a little. What did that mean? Before he could even react, the hero yelped out in shock as he felt something burning starting at a spot in his neck. Burning through his skin and through his body, draining him of his energy and power.


Eyes widening, the hero found himself falling onto the ground and weakly looking up at the man that he had saved. “Wha…?” Toshinori whispered, unsure what he could say or even do at this point.


The man chuckled a little. “Ah, it had been so long YT 003.” Toshinori felt his eyes widen for a moment, a shiver went up his spin as he heard that name. There was no way that this could be the same people! If that was the case, how did they know who he was? How did they find him? Why are they doing this!? “You know, you made it so hard to find you. Honestly, we thought you died somewhere so we looked for your body and never found it.” The man said with a tsk. Making Toshinori give a weak growl. Damn it, he couldn’t move… his body was feeling numb.


The man shook his head and rubbed the back of his head. “To think, it had taken my boss to be able to locate you at that street corner. So long we have waited, and now we can keep going with the experiment that we had started on years ago. We need to know if you can pass on the genetics to your offspring, or if you can even have any for that matter.”


Eyes widening once again, Toshinori couldn’t believe this. Were they really trying to get him to screw around? No, he was with Inko, nothing would change that. There was no way that he would sleep with anyone else, no matter if it was another woman who even looked like Inko, he knew who she was regardless.


“You won’t get away with this.” Toshinori snarled, only to yelp when he felt another shot of pain hitting him again. He was struggling to stay awake at this point and it was taking all of his will power to do so.


“Oh YT 003, I’ve been getting away with this for decades. There is nothing that you can do, and no one will ever know that you are gone.”


“They will, once they see that All Might if gone they’ll go into panic!” shouted Toshinori, a snarl escaping him as he glared at the man.


“Ah, but no one would dare miss you. Because if I recall, no one would ever want to be with a murderer.”


That stung, though Toshinori had overcame that pain. Snarling, the man said “You fail to understand that I am no child anymore. You can’t hurt me ever again. Can no longer break my spirit.”


The man just smirked all the more before saying “Oh, but that makes it more fun. I can always keep going to try.” With that, the doctor of a man waved his hand over and that was when Toshinori felt more pins and needles hitting him and he blacked out.