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A Werewolf's Love

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Inko frowned as she paced around in her apartment, Tenko just playing at one of his games. Playing video games was one of the things he did when he wanted to distract himself. Having picked up on Inko’s worries and fear over Toshinori. It had been a day already and no sign of the blonde hero who was her boyfriend.


It had her worried sick that he hadn’t contacted her, hadn’t messaged her. Not even Shouta or Hizashi messaged her yet. So that had to mean they didn’t know either maybe? She wasn’t sure, but it only had her all the more worried.


Honestly, she wanted to message either one of the guys. But, she didn’t want too at the same time. She couldn’t bother them all the time when something went wrong or something was off right? Or could she? Unless that made her seem like she didn’t care about her boyfriend?


Shaking her head, the young woman didn’t know what she could do right now. Only that she was stressing out over this, panicking which wasn’t good for the baby right now.


Rubbing at her face, the young woman knew that something was off.


Ever since late afternoon yesterday, she’s had a sense of unease mixed with fear and worry. Though, at the same time it almost felt like she was having some kind of outer body experience if that even made sense. For, the feelings she knew was there within her heart, but they didn’t belong to her at all. That was what confound her in more ways than one.


Even now, she feels those emotions within her heart, even fear gripped at her heart more than anything else she had ever felt before in her life. Even more than the attacks, risks of kidnapping among other things that she has felt, there was no fear that she had ever felt, that was even close to this feeling right now.


“Mom?” came Tenko’s voice, sometimes it still baffled her that he called her that. Though, at the same time there was the odd time he would call her and Toshinori by their names. It was still hard for him to adjust, but at the moment she wasn’t going to complain. Right now, he was the one thing that allowed her to calm down, knowing that she still had someone there with her right now.


“Yes sweetie?” Inko answered him.


“Where’s dad? Did something bad happen to him?” asked Tenko, having set his controller down as he gazed up at the green haired woman. What could she say to him? What was she to say to him right now? It just didn’t seem that there was any kind of right answer at the moment. It only made her worry for Tenko all the more.


Biting her lip a little, the young woman took a deep breath as she just told him the truth. “I don’t know Tenko. I’m not sure where he is right now and I’m worried.” Tenko frowned as he gazed up at his adopted mother. Pushing himself up onto his feet, the small child made his way over toward Inko and hugged her as best as he could given his height.


Inko couldn’t help but smile gently at the small boy and hugged him back. “I’m sure Toshinori will come back. He’s a good and honorable man. Maybe there is something that’s been holding him up.” Though, she wasn’t sure who she was trying to convince at this point. Tenko, or herself…


Running her fingers through his hair, Inko hoped to comfort Tenko. Wondering where her boyfriend could be. She was worried, as well as the foreign feelings that were growing within, made it so much worse for her. Inko knew that she had to be strong, not just for herself, but for Tenko.


Yet, that seemed nearly impossible. Inko was a rather open person when it came to her emotions for the most part. At least, when she was stressed out like she was. Taking a deep breath, hoping to calm her nerves, the young woman was about to go get the two of them a snack, until her phone started to ring.


Without a second thought, she ran to her cellphone and picked it up. Answering it was a quick “Toshi?!”


”It’s Shouta.” was her answer.


Her heart sank a little at those words. Hoping that it would have been Toshinori but sadly, it was Shouta. Not that she hated speaking to him, no she loved talking to him but… where was Toshinori?


”Inko?” came Shouta’s voice, causing her to snap out of her thoughts.


“I’m here, sorry… what’s wrong?” asked Inko with a frown. Normally he never called her, not out of the blue like this. Was something wrong? Or was it something good? Oh god please let it be something good!


”Have you heard anything from Toshinori? I haven’t seen him since he left for his patrol yesterday.” Shouta asked, rather concern.


“No, I haven’t seen him since yesterday. I haven’t even gotten a reply from how his meeting with his aunt went.” Inko answered with worry. If Shouta hadn’t heard from Toshinori then something was wrong. Toshinori always came home after patrols, he always went to bed and would always wake up and make breakfast. If that hadn’t happened at all, then something was wrong.


So very wrong.


”Inko, do you have the number for his aunt?” asked Shouta.


“I do yes but-“


”Call it now. I’m calling David, I’m arranging a meeting for everyone. Toshinori is missing, if he hadn’t contacted anyone like he usually does then something happened. We have to find him before too many people panic over All Might’s disappearance.” Inko blinked her green eyes in shock. To be honest, she hadn’t thought about that. If All Might himself just up and disappeared, then the world could go into a panic. That was something that Toshinori would never want for anyone.


Narrowing her eyes at the thought of someone just kidnapping Toshinori, regardless if he was as himself or All Might, it was unforgiveable.


”Let me know what she says alright?” With that, Shouta hung up before Inko could even say anything else.


Was Toshinori really missing?


Gulping a little, the young woman looked through her phone and found the number that Nicole had given her before going to look for Toshinori during his break down. Once she found it, the young woman selected it and waited for the phone to pick up.


Without missing a beat, the phone was answered. ”Inko?” came Nicole’s voice, only for her own fear to be heard in her voice. ”Please tell me you know where Toshinori is. He said that he’d see me off to the airport but he hadn’t shown up. Is he alright? Is he sick? Hurt?” Nicole was clearly very panicked, much like the rest of them were. If she hadn’t seen Toshinori, then that made it a little worse.


“I haven’t seen him since yesterday. Do you know what he was doing when you last saw him?” asked Inko with a frown.


”He said that he had to go back on patrol, and said that he would see me off at the airport before I left.” Nicole answered. Though before Inko could even answer her, Nicole said ”I also had something to tell him about what he was asking me yesterday.”

Huh? That was new, what it could have been. “What was it?” asked Inko, nervous as she gripped the phone a little tighter in her hand.


”He asked me if there was anything missing from his memory.” Not off, Toshinori had told her that he was going to ask her that. ”I told him his mother was paranoid about being watched and he asked, if maybe his doctor that had helped my sister give birth was off. So, I told him that I’d look up the name of the doctor since it should be on his birth records.”


Wait, that would make sense. Why just kidnap someone who you just knew didn’t have a quirk? There were more people with a quirk than without so how would anyone know, unless you had access to their files? “What did you find?” asked Inko.


”I was able to find a name, but I don’t know much else about that. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have been more help than that dear. Please tell Toshinori that his doctor’s name was Tanaka Yuudai.”


Inko agreed, and told her that if she found anything about Toshinori that she would let Nicole know. Though before she could hang up, Nicole cut in once more. ”Also… congrats on the baby. I know you can make my nephew very happy. With all the pain and torment that he had gone through his life even before going missing, I’m happy that he found you to be in his life. He loves you so much Inko, never let go of him.”


Inko felt tears prickling at her eyes, knowing that she couldn’t start crying here. That would only upset Nicole, knowing that her only family was missing once again. There was no way that she could allow herself to do such a thing to a woman who had already lost so much in her life. “I will, thank you Nicole. I promise, we will find Toshi. No matter how long it takes, we’ll find him.”


”Thank you…” Nicole said with a sniffle before hanging up.


Inko knew now that they had to find him, not just for Inko and the others. Before she could even make her way toward the closet to get a coat, someone had already started to knock on the door, causing Inko to blink in confusion. Making her way to the door, the young woman peeked in through the peep hole and saw Shouta, Hizashi and David. Though behind them, was who Inko remembered was Nana and Sorahiko.


That was… rather fast.


Opening the door, the young woman looked at everyone saying “How did you all get here so fast?” Tilting her head to the side, the young woman let them all in as she said “I’ll… I’ll go make tea.”


“Inko, where’s Tenko? I think it is best that he doesn’t listen to this.” Shouta calmly said.


“He’s in the living room.”


“I’ll take him to his room.” Nana said with a smile before walking on ahead, taking Tenko to his room. The little boy smiled as Nana came back to play with him. He liked to play games with Nana. That left Inko, David, Shouta, Hizashi, and Sorahiko.


The young woman told everyone to sit down in the living room and went to the kitchen to make some more tea. As she waited for the kettle, she couldn’t help but stare at the burner with a blank expression. What was going to happen to Toshinori? Was he okay? What were his kidnappers doing to him? Has he even tried his quirk yet? Or was it something more? It just didn’t make sense to her, though she knew that she had to do something to help him. To save him, but wasn’t sure if she could even do anything when she couldn’t even use her quirk for more than pull small objects toward her.


Sighing softly, the young woman looked up and out at the window as she wondered what would her and her friends do. What more could she do to help them other than talking to them about what Nicole had told them?


It just seemed off to her, that everything that was happening had only happened, because she came into her life. If it wasn’t for her coming into his life, then he wouldn’t have been kidnapped right? He’s been exposed so much, it had to be the people who experimented on him. It had to be… just had to be.


“Inko.” Came a voice, causing Inko to yelp and turn around as she saw Sorahiko in the living room.


“Um… yes?” Inko said, not sure what she was to do, what she should say to the man. He may be only a bit shorter than Toshinori but he was still rather intimidating.


Sorahiko sighed softly before making his way toward the small green haired woman before pulling her into a hug. Inko could only blink up at the man in confusion. “You don’t have to be so strong for everyone around you. Toshinori, has told me that you are a crier.” Oh boy Toshinori told his parents that?! She’ll have to slap him later for that stunt but right now, they had to focus on trying to think about what they could do.


Inko peeked up at Sorahiko, wondering what more he was going to say. “Inko, you don’t have to be so strong for other people. Strong people, are those who know when and where to cry. Right now? You have a right to cry, and you deserve to cry right now.” He calmly said, rubbing the young woman’s back in the hopes of calming her down.


The young woman couldn’t help but sniffle a little. He was trying to comfort her. “It was bad enough that Toshinori would cry whenever I would beat him, or when he thought little of us.”


No, he never thought little of anyone…


“He thought, that we would hate him because of something he didn’t choose to do. Now, you are keeping yourself from crying because of your own guilt. I can tell that you were feeling guilty over something, whatever it was, I don’t know but just know that you shouldn’t feel it.” Sorahiko calmly said before pulling himself back and looked down at the young woman before him. “Toshinori has talked so much about you. About the strong, kind and beautiful woman he was with. So far, I’m only seeing two of those things.”


Inko blinked, trying to fight back her tears because she didn’t want to seem weak in front of the hero who raised Toshinori. “Stop trying be not let this effect you. If anyone should be crying more than anyone else here, it should be you. You have the right to do so.”


Inko couldn’t help but break down in tears. Knowing that she couldn’t keep them at bay anymore. It just made it all the harder, not sure if she could even help. “I can’t help anyone. I don’t have a strong quirk, and I don’t know where he could be.” Inko said with a sniffle, trying to wipe away at her tears. Unsure as to what she could do to help them, to help him when he had done so much for her and Tenko.


“We are going to talk things over Inko. David has a theory he wants to test and from what he has told me that you could be able to help us locate him.” Huh? How the heck would she be able to locate Toshinori? She didn’t have a tracking quirk, everyone here knew that better than anyone. So, why was she being told that she could locate her boyfriend?


Patting her head, he gave Inko a small smirk as he said “Now, Toshinori has also brought up that you have snacks? Do you have taiyaki?” Oh right, she recalled the blonde man telling her that his father liked sweets and desserts.


“Freezer, go sit and I’ll bring them out.”


“Thank you, for that and… for loving my son.” Sorahiko said before walking out of the kitchen, and toward the living room. Two people thanking her for loving Toshinori… that made her heart flutter but at the same time it still made her guilt a little stronger as well. But, right now she knew that she couldn’t allow it to swallow her up in its darkness.


Grabbing the taiyaki, the young woman set the fish shaped treats in the microwave and started to pour the tea. Shouta came into the kitchen not long after. “Let me take the tea, you get Gran Torino’s snacks.” Inko laughed a little at that, but had also decided to bring out some of the other treats, hoping that would make it a little fair among the heroes and David in the living room.


Once everything was set up, the young woman grabbed the treats, and Shouta held onto a tray of tea, sugar, milk and cream for those who like their tea certain ways.


After that, everyone sat down, needing to discuss on what should be done on how they should locate Toshinori.


“Okay,” Hizashi began, causing everyone to look at him in confusion. “As everyone knows, Toshinori has gone missing. No one has seen him since yesterday and everyone knows that’s usual for the man.”


Everyone nodded at that. There was no way that Toshinori would just avoid coming home, even if he turned into his wolf form by accident. He would have gone straight home thanks to the bit of control that he has gained lately. “So, Inko what do you know so far?” asked Shouta, causing everyone to look at her in confusion.


“I don’t know much. Only that he was talking to his aunt before going back on patrol.” Inko began, and went on to what Nicole had told her during their conversation. That seemed to have peeked David’s interest.


“Tanaka Yuudai?” David said as he stared, a chill seeming to go up his spine as he listened to what Inko had said thus far.


“Yeah, that was the doctor Toshinori had as a child. He even helped his mom with her labour.” Inko said while blinking her eyes in confusion. Not sure if David had heard of that name before, or if he had heard about that in passing.


“I think I remember a doctor by that name.” David went on, only to start going through his computer. “If I remember right, he was behind some shady stuff a few years ago. No one had been able to catch him, so he had gone missing for a while.” David said, not really sure if there was more to his information than what he had said. Though, if Inko was honest, she hoped that that there was more to it than that. Hoping that he knew more than what he told them all about this.


“Here. Tanaka Yuudai, head of the hospital was found to have been conducting experiments with patients in the hospital, breeching conflict of interest with nurses, or patients ect. Police and heroes have been unable to locate or track him down. Having gone to his home hoping to catching him off guard, but unable to do even that. He has been missing for a while now and no one has been able to get close to learning of his location.” David read off as much as he could of the information on his computer. Looking up at Inko, he added “From what else I know, he was a very respected doctor until that day, and very little else is known about what his experiments. Only that he was even going as far as stalking some patients.”


“What… what kind of patients?” asked Inko.


“From what the paper here says, quirkless.”


Inko felt her blood run cold in that moment. Toshinori had said that he was born quirkless, that he, his entire family had no quirk to speak of and it made her scared, panicked… Toshinori had to have been kidnapped by this guy, it was the only thing that made sense to her.


“Inko, breathe!” shouted Shouta, rubbing her back as he tried to get her to calm down. Blinking slowly, she looked over at the raven haired hero and frowned at him. Sniffling a little as she stared at him. “Just calm down okay? We’re going to figure out on how to save him. Don’t worry about a thing. David still has a few things to tell us.”


Okay, he had a point. David still had a lot to tell them all, a way to locate Toshinori and get him back. To make sure that no one else would ever go through what Toshinori had gone through all those years ago. Not ever again.


Hizashi cleared his throat, wanting to get everyone to focus right now. Inko knew that they had to listen to David, he would have a way to get Toshinori back, a man that held so many people together. Inko took a deep breath, hoping to calm herself down. Needing to listen to the man.


“Now, tell us how to find my son.” Sorahiko calmly said, arms crossed before he grabbed one of the taiyaki and nibbled on the pastry.


David nodded and typed away at his laptop, most likely pulling up some files that he had found and or discovered on his own. “Okay, I have done some research with Toshinori’s blood. I’ve noticed some abnormalities within his blood besides the experimentations as well as his quirk that he gained later on in life.” Inko tilted her head a little at that. What could he have found in Toshinori’s blood? “It took a while to separate what was his natural DNA, and the DNA of the werewolf. But, what I found was rather shocking.”


“What was it?” asked Hizashi with a concerned expression.


“The DNA from both Toshinori, and werewolf? They are nearly identical.”


“What?” Everyone said in shock.


“I had to do some digging in some history books. There had been tales of a family of werewolves in America. No one knew where they came from, or what they did. But they used their power to help those in need. Believing in pack, honor and the future members of each and every pack surviving. They were like the heroes of the past, before quirks ever manifested.” David calmly said before looking around the room. He saw the many confused expressions on the faces of everyone that sat in the room.


That was to be expected.


“So, wait… Toshinori wasn’t just picked at random then?” Shouta said with a brow raised.


“No, well yes and no.” David said with a sigh before rubbing at his eyes. “See, once quirks started to surface, the werewolf genetics started to grow dormant and slept within the family’s DNA for years. But were still there, just sleeping away. I guess Yuudai had been trying to find this family and nearly gave up until Toshinori’s mother came here from America.” David explained before looking up at everyone in the room. “The experiments themselves? Whatever they injected Toshinori and his family with, it must have been enough to awaken the DNA in them, but they weren’t able to control it like Toshinori was.”


“So, if it was from his mother’s family how was his father-?” Inko went to ask, until David shrugged his shoulders at that.


“That I’m not sure, for all I know it could have been from different things. They took some of the DNA from anyone of the family and injected him with it in the hopes of it working for him. But, Toshinori’s mother was the main carrier. With Yuudai being a doctor, what better chance of learning of anyone to carry the genes than a doctor that helps with births and tracking them no matter where they go?”


The American sighed softly before running a hand through his hair. Just feeling rather exhausted about the whole thing. Inko didn’t think that he would have found all of this in such a short amount of time. It just seemed so surreal.


“Though, there is one thing that I’m confused about.” David mumbled softly.


“What’s that?” asked Hizashi.


“How did he even know of any of this in the first place? How would he have known about werewolves? About Toshinori’s family having the right genetic makeup to even allow him to become what he wanted?” David mumbled softly, unsure as to what he could do or even say to figure out the missing piece.


“He’s a doctor right? He most likely noticed some kind of anomaly in DNA somewhere, or even a relative of his could have noticed it or was capable of shifting themselves or anything along those lines. Because of that knowledge, he could have wanted to use it to become a villain maybe, or even just have an army of werewolves to do as he wanted.” Sorahiko calmly said as he took the last bite of his treat.


“Makes sense, but how did he get a hold of DNA without anyone noticing?” Hizashi said with a frown.


“Think about it, if he had any way to get a hold of that DNA, he would take it. No matter what the cost, don’t forget he pretty much forced Toshinori’s parents and sister to attack him. Wanting to test his instincts, only for it to end with Toshinori killing them. So if he could get a hold of the werewolf genes, then the holder could be dead, or in some kind of stasis without anyone knowing where they are and the like.” Shouta mumbled.


That made sense. Though who could it have been? Letting out a soft sigh, the young woman wondered how many people he had tried with this in the past. How many people have he injected with the werewolf genes before finding Toshinori and his family? Awakening the genes within them in order to see if it would finally be a success at long last? There was no telling how many people had to suffer, but she knew that they had to find him.


“Now that I have part of the reasoning for Toshinori’s werewolf genetics, I have an idea as to how we can locate him.” David calmly said before setting his laptop over to the side. Looking around the room, he seemed to be trying to think of a way to explain his discovery, or at least his idea. “I’ve been a lot of digging, such as the whole ‘mate mark’ thing that Toshinori, as well as Inko have on their arms.”


Inko blinked and looked down at her arm, showing the ‘mark’. The blue crescent moon and pink cherry blossoms dancing around the moon, enhancing his beauty. “This mark, is more than just a mark to people that you are ‘taken’ by a werewolf. It’s a, in a sense, a bond.” Okay, that just made Inko, as well as the whole room confused by this revelation. “It allows you to sense Toshinori’s feelings should they be strong enough. Great frets of fear, you can sense it. Just like how Toshinori can sense your feelings through his own mark.”


Inko blinked in shock. Was… was that what she had been sensing the whole time? Toshinori’s fears? His worries?  “So, because of this bond, it should allow us to locate Toshinori. Most likely, the doctors that took him have no idea that he has already bonded with someone, more so since he was on patrol right?” Seeing everyone nod, David went on. “So his arms would be covered, or they’d think it was a tattoo.”


That… makes sense to her actually.


“Now, Inko the only way to find him is if you focus on what Toshinori is feeling and your feelings for him. I believe if you can do that, that you can sense and locate him better. Assuming, you have been sensing him?” David tilted his head a little to the side. Wondering if it was possible for her to have started to sense Toshinori at all.


The young woman didn’t even have to think about anything. She knew, more than anything that she knew that she could do this. That Toshinori could be found, but they would have to think the plan carefully. Knowing that they couldn’t just charge in, that could put them, as well as the blonde hero at risk. But, she knew that with all their brain power, they could figure it out.


“I can do this.” Inko calmly said, wiping at the tears that ran down her cheeks. She was closer to finding her boyfriend, she just hoped that it wasn’t too late.