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Just something about dragons that will be used in this story!



The specifics of courtship vary widely among dragon species. Just as in birds and reptiles, it typically involves some type of display or ritual performed by the dominant in an attempt to win over the heart of their desired mate. This may include, and is not limited to, physical displays of color, strength, and agility; mental acuity; vocalization or “dragon song;” and gift giving in the form of food and/or trinkets and treasure.


When the submissive is receptive to mating, the actual act is often preceded by some type of ritual. These acts can be part of the courtship as well, but certain rituals are done only prior to the act of mating. In many species, this is a dance or display performed on the ground.

The act of mating is done in some secluded part of the dragon’s preferred habitat. The dominant typically mounts the submissive, though rarely, the submissive may mount the dominant. Sexual encounters can last several hours- depending on if the dominant or submissive is in a rut or heat.

Heat can be triggered if the submissive is close to their true mate, only dragon experience true mates and simple things like a bump or certain look may trigger heat and every month or so after they have met their true mate (varies on submissive), though dominants experience ruts once every three months, no matter if they meet their mate or not.

With mating, Alphas/Dominants may feel a connection whilst Omegas/Submissives begin to go into heat, symptoms vary from submissive to submissive.


Successful fertilization typically results in one or two or, in rare cases, three eggs in the vast majority of species. Among some of the smaller and more primitive Low Dragons, clutches of a dozen eggs or more are common. This reflects the fact that these dragons are more prone to predation, especially of their eggs and young.

On one end of the spectrum, the small, more primitive dragons need only minimal environmental conditions to ensure hatching, and the eggs require only a month or so to hatch. At the other end of the spectrum, the eggs of some of the largest species take a year or more to hatch. Such a long incubation necessitates that the parents expend some effort in maintaining optimal environmental conditions for their eggs, as those conditions can change radically with the seasons. Such effort can be as simple as a parent tucking the egg in close to his or her body or under a wing to keep it sheltered and warm or as radical as relocating the nest site entirely.

Dragons and Humans

The ability of dragon eggs to survive for centuries, in addition to their other magical properties, makes them highly prized among witches, wizards, and other magical folk. The potential to distill life everlasting from these eggs is extremely enticing, which, in turn, makes dragon eggs highly sought after and very valuable. And there are those who possess a strong desire to hatch out a dragon of their own, to keep as a pet or companion. The results of these endeavors are not always pleasant. The subsequent poaching of dragon eggs over the centuries has been one of the primary causes of the extinction or near extinction of all dragon species.


Breaking out of the egg is arguably the most difficult trial of any dragon’s life. Weak and uncoordinated, the tiny dragon must break through a hard shell which has it bound up in the fetal position so tight it can barely breathe let alone move. The manner in which a dragon hatchling emerges from the egg varies somewhat from one species to the next, but the one trait they all share is the egg tooth, a bony spike on the tip of the snout which the hatchling uses to scrape and chisel its way out of the egg. This is very similar in form and function to the egg tooth found in birds and many reptiles, and, as in these more common animals, the egg tooth is shed soon after hatching.


Alphas are generally dominant and able to impregnate Omegas. Male Alphas usually have a knot when aroused.

Male Omegas are self-lubricating, and have the ability to become pregnant, sometimes referred to as being bred or mated. Lovers may form pair-binds with a special connection with telepathic or empathetic qualities. Paired Alphas may be jealous and possessive of their mate, while the Omega may become submissive. Omegas and Alphas may go into heat and need to have sex; this may be the only time Omegas are fertile.

Sometimes, a mated pair may develop a soulbond. There is often biting involved in both sex and the formation of such a bond and these bonds last for life.

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Italics/ Bold show flashbacks/dreams for those who would get confused




Finding my mother and father sitting at the table, speaking about things that they would've said were for 'adult ears only' , judging by how they were whispering, I didn't try to pry into their conversation, only playing with my toys on the hard floor. Tomorrow was my fifth birthday and I was just as smart and just as great as the other losers so I knew they were talking about tomorrow, their eyes darting to me, then back to each other when they had caught me looking back at them. About five minutes later, my mother had called me over to her, picking me up and placing me on her lap as I walked over to her, despite my disapproval, wiggling around to escape her grip.

"Lemme go!"I whined out "I'm not a child!" I huffed as I escaped her hold, my parents chuckling lightly.

"Katsuki, what do you want for your birthday?" she asked, my eyes widening and my smile big, they were gonna be so surprised when they heard what I wanted. I thought about it all year so I could make a big boy decision.

"I want you to promise to lemme be a dragon tamer when I grow up! When i'm nineteen I wanna be a dragon trainer! Ill be the best!"

It was silent "Are.. Are you sure that's what you want Katsuki" it was my father asking me that, the silence broken by him, but i gave him but a curt nod as my parents looked at each other, my father giving a thumbs up directed towards me and my mother grinning and ruffling my hair.

"You'll be better than the best, you'll be the damn kind of dragons" My mother had assured me, The grin never leaving all of our faces.


He was nineteen.

You could acquire any job you wanted at nineteen.

You could do what you wanted at nineteen.

He was nineteen...

Bakugou Katsuki was nineteen!

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As he found himself awaking from his slumber, the blonde hair of Bakugou Katsuki was tossed about in his usual bed head look. He looked over to the sundial right outside his window, seeing the time was about five A.M. Leaning up from the comfort of his bed, his ruby eyes scanned his room that had changed within the years before he was wide awake, practically jumping out of his bed and dashing to his bathroom to wash up as quickly as he could.

As he washed the grime from his body, the smell of the soap slowly intoxicating the entirety of the bathroom and the cottage, one thing was running through his mind, 'Im finally nineteen, holy. fucking. shit.'. He had quickly done his usual routine, yelling at the germs to die all while doing so, his mind circling around the fact that his dream of being a Dragon tamer could finally become reality. He went back to his room, putting on his usual cloth and drying his hair, letting it do as it pleased.

When he walked downstairs Katsuki had gazed at his parents who were already awake, unusually early- though he didn't comment on it, as his father was writing a letter (seemingly important because he was using his fancy pen) and his mother was sipping from her favorite cup.

Katsuki smelt the intoxicating aroma of bacon he looked over to the already made breakfast and sat down on his favorite chair, taking the bacon that was- seemingly- left for him, as well as some fresh eggs. He had happily scarfed down the nice breakfast, not much words coming from any of the Bakugou family as they sat in silence, the only sounds were the pen, the cup, and the dishes that were now being washed by the youngest Bakugou.

"Finally you're awake, thought you were gonna sleep in today" The woman of the house had broken the comfortable silence, walking up to her younger doppelganger and grinning, the younger blonde just rolling his eyes and letting out a stubborn huff.

"Whatever, old lady" he had mumbled, drying his hands on his shirt and holding the back of his head as he felt a sudden sting on the back of his head, letting out a hiss and glaring up at his mother. "That fucking hurt you hag!" He seethed, his mother giving him the same look, the two glaring at one another, one holding his hand on his head, the other with hands on her hips.

"Respect your elders you ungrateful brat. Tch, even after we got ya' the licence to be a dragon trainer and everything..." He lolled out, crossing her arms. Blinking, Katsuki let out a confused 'eh?' his head tilting to the side slightly as his brain processed what his mother had just said, his mouth making incoherent sentences as he finally processed the elder woman's words, his head looking around at both his parents, who were smiling at him, his father holding up a piece of metal, Katsuki's name indented in it as well as the shape of a dragon in the corner, it was undeniable that he had finally achieved his dream, though the card was incomplete and he needed to go to the city to get it approved by the king, but he could lawfully acquire dragons- just not get paid for it.

As he took the card in his hands, he read the indented text; 'Bakugou Katsuki 4/20 Dragon Tamer', his name and date of birth as well as some other text he didn't bother reading was on the license, a grin had erupted on the entirety of his face whilst he grabbed his mother in his arms, hugging her tight with his hands tight on her cloth shirt, her arms wrapping around his body in return. He pulled away after a while, walking up to his dad and embracing him as well, holding back the slight tears that threatened to spill 'what the hell?' why did he want to cry?

Geez, he felt so much different emotions in that point that he didn't know what to say to the two elder Bakugou's, instead just hugging them, holding in his tear, with no words said. His parents didnt push him to say anything, just giving him all the hugs and smiles he needed, sitting down with him on the chairs and each holding one of his hands for comfort.

"Thank you guys..." He broke the silence after a while, his eyes a bit puffy and pink because of the tears he wiped away with his tough shirt's cloth as well as shed a few tears as well, not that he would admit it. "...But how did- how did you guys get... you actually got it?" He was at a loss for words, surprised that a sentence actually managed to form from his awestruck mouth. His throat felt dry and his eyes were still threatening to spill, but he stayed firm, not letting himself tear up or be at a loss for words. His mother had nodded her head, her matching blonde hair bobbing ever so slightly, the movement happening whenever one of the blondes had nodded their head.

"Well we promised you all those years ago, and we finally had gotten it approved, we wanted you to do what you wanted as soon as possible" His mother smiled softly, her face matching that of her son- who was now giving a rare smile to his parents, a sniffle coming from his father. There was a peaceful silence that overtook the room of Bakugou's, it was short and well appreciated before the female Bakugou had clapped her hands, giving a grin, her eyes slightly puffy, truthfully from tears- not that any of them would comment it, for the fear of their own life taken by the woman who refused to admit she had even shed a single tear for that brat of a son of hers.

"Well? Are ya' gonna just stand there or are you gonna' pack up your shit?" She grinned, her hands on her hips as her twin let out a small 'tch', walking back to his room in a hurried fashion, while the two elders continued doing what they were previously working on, his mother now doing the dishes and his father continuing to write the seemingly important letter.


When Katsuki had trotted up to his room, he let out silent cheers, pumping his hand up in the air and almost quite literally jumping off the walls of his quaint room. He packed only what he deemed was necessary, leaving more of the drawing he had as a child, clothes he almost never wore, and the little unimportant knickknacks scattered throughout the entirety of his room.

As Katsuki was packing he appreciated everything his parents did- and still do- for him, wondering how he could ever repay the two amazing parents of his. The longer he pondered on the payment that was do, the more he thought of one option, give them the glory life of wealth they deserved, surround them with all the gold and have his dragons build them a castle, and there was only one way to do it, by becoming the best damn dragon tamer there was, by becoming the king of dragons. He could- no, he would become the king of dragons and he would give his parents the life of royalty for as long as they lived,- and he would make sure that they lived long.

Katsuki continued to pack what was needed. He packed rather quickly from excitement, putting in a picture he had gotten drawn of his father, his mother, and him for his sixteenth birthday- oh man, was it expensive- and closed his luggage bag, hiking it up over his shoulder, and starting to walk downstairs. When he had went up to his room earlier, he had put on his cheap, homemade utility belt that was encased with various survival items, ranging from simple cheap string to a few gold pieces- in case of dire emergencies.

The moment Katsuki had walked downstairs, he noticed his father was already finished writing the letter to whomever was so important he needed to use his fancy pen for, and his mother seemingly was done with the household chores, as she was sitting down on the chair again. As soon as his parents noticed him, they shot up from their seats and walked to him as if he was a wild animal they were trying not to frighten.

They looked at each other, then back at their son, both embracing him at the same time, enveloping the angsty teen in a warm embrace which he happily returned,- not that he would admit he had hugged them back- nuzzling into his parents comfortably (he wouldn't admit that either) and hiding the soft smile threatening to break his through his tough exterior. He pulled away after a few seconds, putting his bag down next to him and looking back at his parents, whos eyes held tears once again, the woman of the house wiping her eyes with her sleeve once again, her hand intertwining with that of her husband, a smile on his face as he pat Katsuki's hair lightly.

"We're so proud of you Katsuki, seeing you go and grow up so quickly is..-" His father began to tear up again, his mother speaking up instead, having calmed down a bit to speak from her tiny fit of tears.

"seeing you grow up so quickly is just so much, we are so excited, happy, proud, sad, nervous and everything for you, you're our brat and... And we love you so much Katsuki" His mother had finished her little speech, his father handing him a sealed envelope and looking back at him.

"When you're going, can you stop by the Midoriya cottage, and give the not to Izuku so the nice boy can.." his father sniffled, the sentence coming from his mouth still hard to complete for the overly sensitive parent "...can give it to the king, so your license gets completed? You need to send that to the king and-" Katsuki rolled his eyes, hugging his dad, and finishing what the elder male was going to say.

"I know pops, get it sent to the king and go to the city to be dubbed in my ability to work, Ive been studying how it works for years" He chuckled lightly, pulling away from the surprise hug he had gifted the dark haired male who nodded lightly.

"Yes... Uh.. That" His father had said, smiling softly, the same smile Katsuki had inherited from both his parents evident on the adults face.

"I love you guys" He mumbled lowly, but he knew his parents heard him, seeing as they had responded with a loving 'We love you too, Katsuki' but nothing else was needed to be said among the three, none of them, including Katsuki, made a move, The first one to do anything was Mitsuki once again, who flicked her son on the head.

"Well? I wanna get all frisky with my mans so go on ya brat, and be the best Dragon tamer" She smirked lightly, her son matching the face she made, determination evident upon his identical features. He nodded lightly as he spoke,

"Oh yeah, ill be the best damn Dragon tamer, and once I am, ill be back to ruin all your frisky time, ya hag" He grinned as he voiced his promise, grabbing his luggage and waving to his parents, as he exited to the small town he was familiar with, making a turn to go the greenette's cottage nearby to give him the envelope and be on his merry way.

Katsuki continued to walk towards the Midoriya residence, walking along the familiar path until he felt a minuscule bump on his shoulder and looked over to the person who caused it, some weird looking clown or something who looked like he was parading by the outfit he was wearing. Katsuki clicked his tongue lightly, the asshat bumped into him and didn't apologize? He had half a mind to just kick the guys ass, but he had more important things to do rather than be bugged by randos on the street. He scratched at the shoulder the redhead had bumped into, a slight itch irritating the blonde as he scratched his arm lightly, continuing to walk to Izuku's cottage that was a few more feet away.

Katsuki knocked on the door, Inko opening it a few seconds later and moving aside for Bakugou to come it, a friendly smile adorned on her cute, chubby face.

"Is Deku here?" Katsuki had asked, and before the nice woman could answer him, said green haired male had walked to the door, dressed in his casual swordsman's clothes, the vent was the males favorite colour- green of course- and his sword holder was empty and his eyes confused, showing the slightest bit of protectiveness-though that look had melted away once Izuku had realized who was at their door, giving a small nervous smile to the usually grumpy blonde.

"Ah- Kacchan? What brings you here today?" He asked, his mother ushering Katsuki inside with a small 'Come in, come in' which Katsuki had done respectively, thanking Inko with a polite bow- dont get him wrong, he was an asshole, that he knew- but he would never disrespect Inko, who was like a second mother to him, and was always nice to him. He looked over at the freckled male, His eyes sharp as always as he had handed the shorter male the letter, Inko going into the kitchen and bringing a small snack for the two males, ushering them both to sit down at the table, the old chairs creaking as they sat down at the table, and Izuku began snacking on the little treats his mother had offered.

"My old man said that he needed you to give that to the king so my licence is official" The green haired male nodded softly, still chewing on the snack in his mouth, opening his mouth as soon as he finished, Bakugou instead taking a snack and eating it- man was it sweet, the woman always did make super sweet snacks for the two energetic boys, even as children.

"Ah.. I see.." He looked like he wanted to say more, Izuku was obviously holding something back, probably from fear of the blonde yelling at him, but he was mumbling under his breath while holding his chin and staring at nothing in particular. Katsuki clicked his tongue lightly after he swallowed the sweet, tapping on the table and looking at his childhood (Friend? Rival? He didn't know what to even call Izuku these days.)

"What are you gonna say Deku" He questioned impatiently, holding off the 'shitty' in the name for Inko, who was close-by, in the kitchen. Midoriya, as if he was broken out of a trance looked back up at the blonde.

"So.. you're leaving today?" The green haired boy looked to Katsuki, who nodded, taking another sweet treat and chomping on it.

"Yeah" Katsuki had replied after he swallowed the food, looking over at Izuku and pointing a finger at him accusedly. "Still being the prince's pet dog?" He asked, smirking lightly as the boy showed his nervousness, his eyes widening in surprise and his face slightly pinker in embarrassment. He came up with various excuses like 'No its not like that' and 'Im an equerry and training coach, not a pet!' but the green haired boy was now mumbling, his hands on his pinkish cheeks and by the looks of it, Bakugou could tell what was going on in the oblivious males head.

Now that he thought about it, Midoriya had been working for the prince for a while now, as a guard and second hand man to him, as well as a sparring partner, and the green haired swordsman was also leaving for good today to live in the castle and work officially, so it was obvious how the green haired male felt- seeing how much time he had spent with the half-and-half bastard and acted around him, like a school girl hiding her crush horribly, but by the looks of it, the two times Izuku had brought over the prince and he saw them together, he probably felt the same and the swordsman, giving small smiles and longing gazes whenever he saw him. They were probably expected to leave together- not that Katsuki would, the shitty male would just slow him down.

Katsuki looked at the seemingly nervous male, who was playing with his fingers. He leaned up and thanked Inko before walking the door, he was about to leave, but stopped when he heard a small sound from the short boy.


Katsuki looked at Izuku, his eyes still sharp as he looked down at the green haired male who was still sitting down on the cheap, uncomfortable chair.

He waited for something to come out of Izuku's mouth, but the green haired male looked away and smiled softly.

"Nothing sorry, good luck" He looked away, averting his eyes for whatever reason, it irritated Katsuki for some reason, set off his nerves in a way only Izuku could.He already knew what the freckled male was going to say to him- telling him to 'be careful' or some shit, always worrying for others rather than himself. Katsuki rolled his eyes and walked over to the smaller male, flicking his forehead and grinning- though it seemed menacing to the bunny-like- swordsman, who, with wide eyes- trembled lightly.

"Nothings going to happen to me shitty Deku, don't worry about me- I'm better than you, and unlike you, I know how to take care of my body" Katsuki starred pointedly at The males right arm that was covered, hiding the immense amount of scars under the thin sheet of cloth his body had worn. Without another word, Katsuki left, hearing a small mumble of something he couldn't understand come from the person he spent his childhood with, but he knew it was along the lines of 'See you soon, happy birthday', making the blonde involuntarily grin.


When Katsuki had left the Midoriya's cottage, he scratched his shoulder again, the itch was manageable before but it was irritating him now, feeling as if he was burning. Maybe he was sick, but he wouldn't let that bother him- he's been waiting nineteen years to finally achieve his dream and a little cold wouldn't get in the way of that. Katsuki walked towards the town stable called "The Big Three". Tamaki had looked up, blinking and looking at Bakugou before he had trembled lightly, looking away and facing the wall. Tamaki Amajiki was a very rare kind of elf, able to use the powers of the spirits to turn into animals and the whole town knew that he wasn't one to mess with. Bakugo took out a gold piece and waited, a tuff of blonde hair coming from the side, blue eyes and a big smile on the males face. Mirio. It was Mirio. He took the gold piece, biting into it and looking over to Katsuki.

"Which horse do you want? and I assume you know our rules for the horses" He eyed Katsuki, walking to Tamaki and whispering out a "Amajiki" while patting his hip lightly, the dark haired male going inside with a pinkish face. Katsuki took out a few more gold pieces, looking up at the taller male- determined.

"You know what horse I want, and I would like to keep her for a while, I'm leaving for a bit and need my favorite steed" Bakugou arched a brow as the taller blonde male didn't make much of a different face rather than the one that was already adopted upon his features. A sudden smile erupted upon the males face and he laughed, slamming his large hand on the counter, the sound not disturbing the animals as the wood counter creaked with every hit.

"Haha! Amusing as always Bakugou! You can keep Ground Zero- as long as you sign a few papers that recognizes you as her caretaker first" , The comical looking blonde grinned, leaning over the counter and slapping Katsuki's back, leaving a satisfying stinging feeling on the younger males back, a small hiss of pain leaving his lips. He said nothing but nodded lowly, stepping into the big three's domain as he huffed out.


At that very moment as the blonde was escaping the hell that was the big three's domain- he realized something he should've realized sooner.

Katsuki hated paperwork. He hated how much busy work there was and how much reading there was. There was basically repetition in every single paragraph he read.

When he signed on the dotted line, he sighed in relief, escaping the room and going to his horse, taking the papers that were stamped for him and leaving the papers needed for documentation, scratching at his arm that had the horrid itch that irritated him so, as he held his bags uncomfortably Bakugou continued walking towards the horse that he favored (and was the only horse not scared of the irritable male) and ran a hand through the peach colored horses blonde mane, the horse letting out a huff and whinnying lightly at the explosive blonde.

"Hey girl, it's gonna be you and me in the fucking sunset, riding away somewhere quiet, alright?" He spoke to the horse with a gentleness that he didn't show to anything or anyone else, the horse huffed lowly, nuzzling her nose into Bakugou's neck lightly, neighing softly as he pet her head. he locked his luggage on the side of the saddle, the horse allowing him to do so before huffing impatiently, stomping a hoof on the ground to tell her human to hurry the fuck up.

"Alright alright im coming ya' damn mule" The blonde huffed at the equally feisty horse who started in a full trot. But without Katsuki on her back. Katsuki yelled out a "Hey!" at the horse who stopped to look back at her human, a 'smug' look on her face as she stopped. They were still in the large pen that she had- the fences she could easily jump over (And that she did a number of times) were grown over with plants from lack of care for the old brittle fences ,the rest of the horses were secluded in a different pen, since Ground Zero had more than a few times attacked or fought the intruding horses, forcing them from her little territory.

Katsuki hopped onto the fiery animal, who made a small sound of protest but allowed it anyways, waiting for the blonde to lead her to their destination. As Katsuki lightly moved the reigns,the horse moving obediently before he ordered the intelligent horse to run, the horse doing as she want told, jumping over the old fence like a simple hurdle and neighing lightly as she continued to run. Katsuki felt the wind rush through his hair and heard the clinging of the metal and decor he had on his luggage on the side, he grinned lightly, G.Z. going a bit slower into a light trot as Katsuki pet her head lightly, Zero trotting along the dirt path as Katsuki rested atop of the horse.


It was a few hours of just blindly trotting through the woods before he felt it. That small itch that was irritating him before was now burning, moving towards his chest, The pool of his stomach was hot and churning. He was most definitely sick, but he didn't think that he would have a sudden fever and the sick feeling in his stomach that he felt now, he thought it was a minor cold. Katsuki told G.Z. to come to a stop- which the smart horse did, letting the male off and staying still for him to lean on her weakly. Katsuki said nothing as he rummaged through his bag, taking out a small carton of water and sipping from it, putting a handful in his palm and letting G.Z. drink rest of the water, a small appreciative neigh coming from her lips, though she didn't need the water since she had stopped numerous times to sip from a small lake.

Katsuki held his stomach lightly, the nauseous feeling in his stomach not leaving as he rested, his legs almost giving out as he fell to his knees, his breath ragged and his body having the burning feeling that caused him to feel faint. He slowly felt his consciousness slip away as the feeling rushed through his body, his horse neighing and then nothing but the shade of black.

When he did wake from the sudden fever and sickness he felt, the indescribable pain was more intense- more so even painful than when he accidentally broke his leg after trying some stuff out with his explosions. He groaned in pain, holding his cramping stomach and doubling over on the... Bed... he was... on.

"What... the fuck.." He groaned out, wondering where in the fucking hell he was and who's bed he was on- the furniture wasn't comfortable in the slightest, it felt like it was a rock and a bunch of animal hide- but he couldn't complain- just wonder who would take the blonde boy- and where the fuck G.Z. was. A tuff of red hair entered the cave-like room he was in, the smell off food enticing him to look to the male, when he did, his stomach cramped in a painful way, the blonde clenching his teeth and refusing to show the red-headed stranger weakness. He glared at the stranger- daring him to come closer, and try anything. The male did nothing, just putting down the food near Bakugou. Katsuki's stomach churned even more as the red-headed stranger came closer, The itching etching its way through his body as the stranger sat on the edge of the uncomfortable bed, looking away from the blonde.

"You should go back to sleep, the pain with subside soon" Was all the stranger said, still not looking at Katsuki, who's consciousness was slowly fading away again.

When he did wake up, his stomach didn't hurt- he actually felt better than before. warm even- the bed was softer and had a nice smell to it as Katsuki nuzzled into it. though what he did not expect was for the bed to move- a small exhale leaving the bed that was no longer furs and scratchy fabric but seemed to be something large, red, and adorned with shimmering ruby scales. It was worm nonetheless but Katsuki wondered where that stranger was and were the fuck he was.

He shot up as he thought of G.Z. the horse was his best friend, an animal who he didn't feel like exploding into bits and he didn't know where the sassy horse was- she wouldn't go down without a fight and the perpetrator had to be somewhere close. Katsuki leaned up, Climbing off the mysterious object he was on- only to hear a growl-like noise and suddenly be under a giant paw.

Katsuki took his all his strength and looked up to see ruby eyes glaring down at him- the reptilian eyes freezing him in his place as his stomach dropped a bit. These were the eyes of a dragon, and Katsuki was somehow in its territory. He said nothing, just staring before the dragon growled lowly once more- and in a puff of smoke the dragon was gone, replaced by a... naked male with red hair, a dragon tail, and matching wings. Katsuki flushed and averted his eyes before looking back at the stranger who looked like he was pouting while glaring at the same time.

"Where were you going..?" The redhead asked- his voice deep and irritating to Katsuki.

"Where the fuck am I?" Katsuki barked out at the weird male who was putting on clothing that he didn't notice was on the floor before. When the stranger didn't answer him, Katsuki stomped over and grabbed the male by his shirt, glaring at him with matching color eyes. The stranger only glared back, his teeth showing as he gave a warning growl, turning the tables just as fast, and before Katsuki could blink, he was pinned onto the ground.

His reflex was to use his quirk, large explosions coming through each of his palm, the stranger hissing before Katsuki has felt something like rocks around his wrists, causing him to look over to see the hardened hands of the stranger. Katsuki glared at the male who had the same angry look on his face, his eyes dark and mysterious as his sharp teeth was shown, a large frown etching its way on his features, and as Katsuki looked at the clothing the stranger was wearing it seemed more and more familiar. Then it hit him.

"You're the asshole fucktard that fucking bumped into me!" Katsuki yelled, profanities escaping his mouth before his mouth was covered.

Oh no he just fucking didn't...

Katsuki wouldn't put up with that shit, biting down on the flesh until it bled, leaving his teeth marks from his abnormally sharp canines he had, the ass-fuck hissing and pulling his hand away quickly, looking at the mark and giving Katsuki enough time to wiggle away and make a run for it.

He didn't get far

Actually he barely was a foot away from the male.

That was pretty sad.

Katsuki stopped struggling as a scary deep growl left the stranger.

"Stop fucking struggling" The strangers voice rumbled lowly, Katsuki's body going still- even when he urged his body to move, it wouldn't. Katsuki had heard of this before, from some black haired extra who told tales about dragons, mates, and their special abilities, control over the bodies of others- and other shit he didn't listen to. He regretted that now- he should've listened to the male who claimed he saw dragons and was going to live with them a few years ago.

But of course he didn't listen to the soy sauce face.

Katsuki sighed lowly, then opened his eyes as the weight on his body was lifted.

He looked up, a male with silver hair holding the red headed stranger up, he was slightly taller than the attacker and sighed, shaking his head.

"Eijirou, Bro, you've gotta chill out, go in your room" The male said, his voice deeper than the redhead- whose name was apparently Eijirou.

The silver-haired male looked over to Katsuki, not saying anything, but leaving to wherever the fuck his destination was Katsuki didn't really care, he just wanted to get out but his legs were practically jelly at this point.). Katsuki crawled across the hard stone floor, but he felt a chill down his spine and a shadow was over him, his body practically freezing uncharacteristically, his head filled with the need to stay, as if he was told to.

He looked at the red haired male, but that was his first mistake, the ruby eyes of the perp were practically glowing, the silver haired male nowhere to be seen, but small noises in the background were heard. Katsuki gulped lightly, pushing back any fear he had for this... thing... and giving the same angry look the winged male had adorned upon his features as he backed up more, letting out a slight growl of warning to the red-head, earning himself a growl in return.

Katsuki pushed himself up, watching the other male in the room with careful eyes, slowly walking back without removing his eyes from the male.

He was pinned in a flash- he could barely see what was happening. He wasn't prepared right now.

Especially with the feeling of heat pooling in his stomach and his body having the feeling of needing to give out (more-so in his legs).

The red-head lunged at him and the feeling of pain erupted on him palm before he felt a hot rush flow through the entirety of his body- filling him up with a rush of need as he went limp in Eijirou's arms, the dragons head filling with want and desire, mind becoming clouded before Katsuki felt nothing.

Saw nothing.

Nothing but darkness


Passing out has become a pastime for Katsuki apparently, seeing how he passed out three times in the span of what seemed to be a day.

He felt a burning itch on his palm, looking at it as he leaned up from the... bed... he was on again.

He saw a swollen bite mark that probably needed to be wrapped before it was infected, but when he got up his head pounded harshly and he looked over at the red-headed kidnapper of his leaning on the wall with his arms crossed, eyes practically glowing with the shadow covering the most of his face.

Katsuki flinched and stood, ignoring any weird feelings his body had. Eijirou looked away, his face seemed flushed slightly before Katsuki looked down- his body nude for all to see. The blonde grabbed the furs and covered himself, an angry blush adorning his face.

"Oi, you pervert- where the fuck am I, Why the hell am I naked?" He spoke after a while, Katsuki refusing to look at the dragon hybrid.

"You're in my bedroom, and because I wanted to fuck you" That was all Katsuki needed to hear before he lunged at the dude, both males equal in strength had eventually come to a checkmate, but Katsuki was the first to pull away- seeing how he was naked. He got up and covered himself with the furs again.

"What the fuck... Ill kill you bastard.. go get me some damn clothes before I explode your face" Eijirou knew the blonde wouldn't be able to because of the- oh and the blonde is releasing that scent again.

"That damn scent... stop it.." Katsuki glared at the male who threw him a barbarian-like outfit, no shirt seemed to be a thing around these parts.

"What the fuck do you mean shitty hair..." The scent increased and Eijirou growled lightly, the blonde looking up immediately.

"You shouldn't tempt me stranger, I'm easy to fall for a pretty face" Eyes of ruby had swarmed with something Katsuki couldn't read, but what he did know was that what was shown in those deep eyes was something dark.

"I'm not doing anything you shit for brains" He felt a pulsing in his hand as he put on the clothes, Katsuki unknowingly releasing more of that scent that had Eijirou hooked.

Eijirou looked at his own palm, his need to be close to the blonde growing more and more as he put the pieces together, yelling out a "holy shit!" before grabbing Katsuki's hand and looking at the both of their palms. both of them were an angry red but Katsuki pulled his hand away, pushing Eijirou away. Eijirou stumbled a bit before he gasped, Katsuki's face flushed red as his breath hitched slightly, his face felt hot.

Eijirou grabbed the blondes wrist, dragging him out of the room and going to where the silver haired male was sitting, now with a male with blonde hair and a weird streak in his stupid looking hair style, both of them adorned wings on their back. They looked over to the pair, the blond trying to escape the grip on his wrist.

His movement stopped and Katsuki's eyes widened as he heard the words come from his kidnappers mouth.

"How do you get rid of a bond"

Chapter Text

Katsuki had done a double take at the words that escaped the males mouth, a third person being revealed on the odd furniture that resembled a couch, a black haired male who looked familiar to Katsuki.

The blonde with the weird streak and the silver haired male both sputtering in surprise, looked at the pair.

"Woah woah woah, what?" The idiotic looking one had stood, the black haired male following in pursuit, looking over at Katsuki. "What do you mean 'get rid of a bond'?" He asked.

Katsuki looked at the dragon hybrid thing- whatever this 'Kirishima' was, who still didn't answer his question. His temper was rising as his patience was dropping, Katsuki's hands balling up into fists as he walked closer to the red head, an crackle of an explosion coming from his palm as he made a growl-like sound

"Hey asshole, are you just gonna ignore m-"

"Bakugou?" The voice came from the black haired male who, when Katsuki looked closer upon inspection, looked very familiar. Maybe he was from training or somet- oh shit

"Holy fuck- its soy sauce face" Katsuki worded his thoughts, Sero grinned ever so widely and scratched at the back of his head.

"Yo, what are you doing here Mr. Blasty?" The tall male asked, getting up from his previous position of laying on the discount pikachu looking males lap, and walking up to the ash blonde, only to be held back by the silver haired male.

"Woah woah woah, Sero- dont get close to that human yet or Kiri might do something stupid" Sero looked over to the silver haired male and laughed sheepishly.

"Forgot" Was all he said, turning his head to face Katsuki and the (for some reason) quiet red head "To get rid of a bond you'll probably have to go to Mount. Yueii and see the ruler there, he's a mouse looking thing but he's smart" Sero explained, crossing his arms as the red-head had released a breath.

"Alright, we'll be back in a months time" He finally spoke, Katsuki- who still didnt know what the FUCK was going on released a larger, more threatening explosion

"Hey dipshit! Dont ignore me! Tell me what the fuck is fucking happening right now or ill blow your head off you shitty body!" He seethed through his teeth, pupils dialated but a hard deep red, laced with nothing but irritation, confusion hidden deep behind the anger shown on his face.

Finally the redhead had faced Katsuki, his face looking ad if Katsuki was a pest, an annoyed 'tsk' coming from the dragons mouth and- oh god- his teeth were sharp- oh how Katsuki wanted those teeth to-

No he did not, he didn't even know what made him think of that. The redhead had opened his mouth to speak, a frown etched upon both males with red eyes.

"What? Do you not understand basic dragon terms? I thought they taught that shit in school" Eijirou chided, a smug smirk plastered on his face- oh how Katsuki wanted to punch that face.

With his l-


With his fist.

"I wasn't taught in one of those rich royal schools, I was born and raised in a villiage." Katsuki had what seemed to be a permanent frown adorned upon his features.

Kirishima's eyes seemed to be studying the ash blonde, before covering his mouth, clicking his tongue and walking past Katsuki, shoulders bumping against one another- oh how g- BAD it felt.

It pissed Katsuki off.

"C'mon stupid human, before I carry you there myself." Kirishima ordered, walking away and stretching, his wings stretching as well.

Katsuki's eye twitched.

Katsuki wanted to kill him.

With a menacing smile he walked to the dragon who was standing on a cliff, the ash blondes face resembling someone who was about to happily murder someone.

Small crackles appeared from his palms as he grabbed the dragon by his arm with one hand, his other hand grabbing at his clothes as Katsuki pulled the dragon over his own body and slammed him to the ground, small huffs escaping the angered ash blondes mouth.

The dragon, who opened his eyes, glared at Katsuki, not having used his quirk from the unexpected impact. he pulled the blonde down easily with one hand, grabbing at the clothing worn by the blonde, it bunching up in his hand as he growled.

"If you ever do that again ill squish you like the pathetic human you are" Kirishima stated, eyes dark and serious. Katsuki pushed the other male off of him, letting out his own growl.

"Don't tell me what to do you shitty haired over-sized bird" He seethed through his teeth, getting up and dusting himself off. The redhead had also stood up at this point, not bothering to wipe the dust from his clothing. He began mumbling something, letting out a sigh after a few minutes.

" Alright since you're a useless human you'll have to ride on me" -oh Katsuki would ride on him alri- Kirishima crossed his arms, " I want too make this as quick as possible before something weird happens"

Kirishima looked bored and tired as he jumped off the cliff and Katsuki would be lying if he said he didn't worry for a split second, but that worry had dissipated as soon as it appeared, molding into amazement as Katsuki had looked upon a humongous ruby dragon with matching eyes.

Its expression unreadable but Katsuki heard a voice in his head saying "Jump on" Katsuki did as the voice said hopped on the dragon who had lowered his body for Katsuki to get on.

Without thinking, Katsuki had held on and adjusted himself, the dragons skin was surprisingly warm for a cool April day, Katsuki hugged close to the neck, ensuring he doesnt fall and fell into a state of calmness as a scent invaded his nostrils, body fitting perfectly to Kirishimas own. Kirishimas wings flapped after a while as he began to take flight, his body lifting off the ground as he slowly yet surely flew towards the tallest mountain in the country.


"Those two aren't going to be able to break that bond are they?" Denki asked after a while, looking at his mate with a brow arched and a grin on his face, a grin adorning itself upon his mates face as well.

"Probably not, but a good two weeks or so alone with their soulmate never did anyone any harm, their meant for each-other, they just need to accept that themselves" Sero hummed out, stretching and laying himself back on his mates lap, Denki running a hand through the black hair of his mate that was dozing off slowly, mumbling a "just like us" with a smile on his face, Testutestu, grinning at the two lovebirds and dozing off himself.

Chapter Text

Embarking on their journey, Katsuki's stomach felt empty as Kirishima had first lifted off the ground, but journeying into the sky- the turbulence was zero to nothing which surprised the blonde- Katsuki didn't expect it to be so beautiful, it was as if he was flying himself.

His eyes practically sparked with giddy as he looked around at the ground that seemed oh so small and the small cottages and people that looked equivalent to bugs. As a sudden chilly breeze had reached the dragon and human- who was not prepared for the chill- Katsuki shuddered and held onto the dragon tighter.

Yelling a 'Could you go lower to ground!?' At the reptile who let out a small huff, smoke coming from his nostrils as he descended, the temperature decreased slightly, not much, but enough to be comfortable for the human.

Everything was peaceful, the earth had its natural earthy smell and the sky was beautiful for a slightly cloudy day.

Well it was.

And then suddenly they both were falling to what seemed to be their death, Kirishima suddenly turning back to his human-ish form, his skin tinted a slight red and scales adorned upon his body. There was a glowing shard like piece that looked like it was painfully stuck inside of the dragons side- but Katsuki didn't see that there before, it was most likely shot up at him or got caught up while he was in his dragon form- and Kirishima's face was laced with pain, his eyes shut tightly.

Katsuki looked down but that was a grave mistake- seeing how they were still falling to their doom- Katsuki had felt the entirety of his body shiver at the ground that was slowly becoming larger and closer. His body moved upon its own accord as he felt the warm scaled body of Kirishima in his arms, pulling the shard out- his hand getting cut by the glowing purple shard of whatever-the-fuck it was.

Eijirou's face slowly eased from the painful scrunching it previously had contorted among the entirety of his face- his eyes slowly opening, dazed with a unfocused haze. Slowly- his eyes focused enough and he looked around, seeing the ground slowly coming closer to them- Katsuki was still holding onto him, and he transformed back into his dragon- The dragon attempting to land so both him and Katsuki didn't die as he tried flying back up. He landed hard- seeing how Katsuki had fallen off him into the grass with an 'oof' escaping his lips.

He scrunched his nose at an thick iron smell- most likely someones blood or something of the sorts- and he transformed back into his human form, extremely tired for some odd reason as he touched his aching side, bringing his hand up to see his own blood. Kirishima mumbled a low 'shit' as he sighed, getting up from the ground, his legs shaky as he walked towards the un-moving human mate of his.

He flipped the human- who he assumed was unconscious by the way his eyes were closed and his head had a light gash- and picked him up as if he Katsuki was his bride, lifting the other male with relative ease (with the exception of the wound on his side that made him feel light headed from both the smell and the loss of blood.) Voices of unknown people were slowly getting closer and the sudden slight smell of something burning had alerted Eijirou- mostly to protect Katsuki because of their bond- to find somewhere safe until Katsuki had woken up so they could continue their adventure.

As the voices came closer, Eijirou had adjusted the unconscious human in his arms and began to run (more like hobble) away from the sources of the burning smell and sounds. Soon enough Kirishima had found himself in the woods, having to readjust the unconscious male in his hands every so often. He let out a shaky breath- his body feeling numb as he started seeing spots invade his vision, his breathing became more rapid- though it seemed as if his breath as getting further and further away as his heart beat with furocity.

Then suddenly there was nothing.


Katsuki woke up feeling coolness, his naturally warm body unconsciously nuzzled towards the source as he opened his eyes to see the red headed dragon himself. At this point, Katsuki had looked around to see the unfamiliar sight of a warm dimly lit house surrounding the two of them, various books and bottles with liquids covering the surface of the desks and shelves in the room.

He looked back over to the unmoving redhead who- as he realized it just now- was shirtless, his side wrapped in bandage and small bandages covering various parts of his body. He looked pale but there was something that just urged Katsuki to stay close to the unconscious male, heck- he didn't even know where the were, his memories got a bit fuzzy after the dragon had transformed back from his human form and landed.

Kirishima looked peaceful in his slumber- but he was a sickly pale- his breathing was rapid and shallow and he looked tired and unnaturally weak. Katsuki leaned closer to the dragon- but as he heard the sound of a door opening, he backed up as fast as he could- falling off of the bed he was previously situated on, making him feel dizzy and his head pounded painfully.

Emerging from the door that opened was a petite-looking female wearing a red witches hat and scarf along with a dress of some sorts and tights. Her cheeks were rosy and her face round as she looked at the now awake Katsuki with big doe eyes- her eyes widening slightly as she quickly walked to Katsuki , holding a weird metal tray giving a small smile to the blonde and releasing a small sigh of relief.

"How are you feeling? You've been out all day since we found you" She asked, placing the tray down that held various bottles with differing colours. When Katsuki didn't answer she looked nervous, beginning to twiddle her fingers in a way that reminded Katsuki of the shitty Deku. Katsuki grunted, giving the brunette with the angelic face a weak glare that had no real anger behind it.

"Where the fuck am I?" Katsuki had asked the unknown female who had smiled at Katsuki, seemingly unfazed by the profanity that spewed from his mouth. Her eyes were sparkling as she quickly grabbed a chair and set it next to the bed, taking a seat and grabbing a bottle filled with a pinkish sparkling liquid, opening it and holding it out to Katsuki.

"You're in my house, I took you and your friend here because you were both unconscious and he was suffering from hypovolemic shock . My name is Uraraka Ochako- drink this, it'll help you feel better- and I'm a witch! What's your name? " Katsuki blinked, it took a while to process everything this 'Uraraka had just spewed at him'. He took the potion and sniffed at it before downing the bottles contents in a swift gulp- cringing at the abnormally artificially sweet taste. The woman opened another bottle- this time purple and leaned over the bed, opening the sleeping Eijirou's mouth and pouring the liquid in his mouth- the dragon instinctively swallowed and she lent back to get another bottle, looking at Katsuki who looked confused.

"The purple one was for his wound- to help him heal just like the one I gave you but stronger- and this green one is for energy and re-nourishment, his body has been refusing the food I've been feeding you both while you were asleep" She explained to the blonde, suddenly gasping and handing Katsuki a bowl with bland-looking porridge of some sorts. His nose crinkled in distaste as he smelled the food that smelled more on the sour side, looking at the bobbed female.

"What the fuck is this crap? I'm not eating this." He stubbornly put the bowl down and got up- the brunette sheepishly got up too laughing awkwardly.

"I didn't know what to cook for sick people, I knew a little recipe my friend told me would help." Uraraka explained to the blonde- who was now walking out the room and walking around the house- "Wait- where are you going" She asked the blonde who clicked his tongue- annoyed- looking back at the short haired witch following him.

"Where the hell is the goddamn kitchen" Katsuki grumbled, glaring at the witch when she had gasped and made an annoying sound, walking in front of Katsuki and grabbing his hand and dragging him to who the fuck knows where, not minding the profanity and complaints that spewed from the blondes foul mouth.

Soon enough, they both were in the kitchen, Uraraka smiling softly and putting a hand on Katsuki's shoulder, her free hand pointing to the electronics around her.

"This is my kitchen, its a bit old fashioned" she laughed sheepishly, her cheeks as rosy as ever. "So, what do you want me to make?" She asked, blinking as she heard a snort come from the blonde male.

"Oh you're nit making me any food, ill make the food, you just get me the ingredients" Katsuki grinned, eyes sharp- not taking any argument from the stranger who after a while had nodded with a smile.

"Now wash your hands" Katsuki grumbled as he was washing his own, the brunettes hair bobbing as she nodded.

"Yes sir!"
Eventually the dragon stirred- nobody was in the room.

Eijirou didn't know how much time had passed but his senses were on edge- where the fuck was Katsuki- and he felt sick leaning up, his body felt heavy and he was still tired but his senses were elevated without his mate there.

Eijirou slid off the bed and fell with a thump- shit his side ached- letting out a groan of pain. Some sounds were heard before the door burst open, revealing the blonde.

"You're awake" The blonde stated the obvious, not knowing what to say to the now awake redhead. "I woke up yesterday but because of your wound you needed a bit more time" Katsuki explained walked to the dragon and helped him up, blinking when the redhead growled at him lowly, grabbing his hand and sniffing it.

His eyes dark- darker than the last time- and his sharp teeth bared at Katsuki. There was a sharp possessiveness in his voice and the temperature of the room felt as if it lowered to a chilling feeling.

"Why the fuck do you smell like someone else...?"

Chapter Text

he entirety of Katsuki's body had gone through a great shiver, the dragon looked mad- beyond mad-beyond and those eyes that stared down the blonde had fueled two emotions, one of which Katsuki experienced on a daily basis-anger- the other- need- Katsuki had not thought he would ever feel.

"Who the fuck do you think you are shit hair? Even if someone's scent is on me it shouldn't matter to you" Katsuki growled out, challenging the dragon who stood quickly, a slight wince escaping his hard features.

"You smelling like other person will piss me off because of my dragon senses" The redhead seemed a bit calmer, his head was pounding though, his side ached more and more the longer he stood.

"Well get the fuck over it" Katsuki had mumbled, glaring at the dragon dangerously, the dragon glaring back weakly, but he didn't have the heart to yell at the blond.

"Look, you're my mate and you-" The blonde cut Kirishima off quickly.

"Woah, woah, woah... I'm your what? I'm not your fucking mate and I never will be! I was just forced into this shit and it was all a fucking mistake, I don't want to be your mate" Katsuki rose his voice a little, and instantly felt bad as the look of-was that heartbreak?- on the dragons features before he ran out.

Katsuki stood there dumbfounded, what the actual fuck happened to the dragon to make him act so... soft? He didn't even try to force Katsuki to shut up or yell at him as much and Katsuki could've sworn he saw the dragon tearing up as he left. But that was just his imagination probably.

Katsuki exited the room and went to where his body had told him to go, his heart felt heavy and his stomach empty- more so the rest og his body-as he walked to the brunette and asked if she had seen Kirishima.

"He ran outside, he seemed upset" she said, pointing to the door that was open a crack. Katsuki had walked to the door, walking outside and closing the door to the cottage, looking around and having no luck with finding the red head.

He ran a hand through his hair, wondering where the fuck the stupidly delusional dragon was, and began searching for nothing in particular, just going where his body took him.

The temperature was uncomfortable for the explosive male, making him shiver and regret not wearing a coat of some sort. As he walked up a hill adorned with the brightest of flowers and the greenest of grass, he saw a body amongst the variety of flowers seeing a familiar head of spikey red. He walked up to the body, sitting next to the silent male, and sighed.

"What goin' on?" He asked, unsure of what to really say to the dragon unfamiliar with having to comfort someone. The dragon sighed, lifting his head and looking towards Katsuki, facing the blonde and shrugging.

"I... I don't know, my instincts are all messed up and I feel super happy around you and I'm so confused, it hurts when I'm away from you and I forced you into this and I've never liked humans but I think I like you and its weird I don't know what to do!" The dragon looked completely lost as he spoke, face desperate for an answer. Katsuki didnt know what to tell the male.

"Hah? So you feel weird? Well just get used to it 'cuz that feeling will be more noticeable the more you try to make it go away" Katsuki chose not to speak about the Kirishima liking him. "Maybe it's a dragon thing" He offered the redhead who looked back at the blonde, eyes widened as if he had realized something.

"Yeah! The bond! That's probably why I feel so weird!" Kirishima nodded to himself. Standing up and stretching, Kirishimas wings stretched as well, one wrapping around the slightly shivering Katsuki when he stood. Katsuki looked to Kirishima and Kiri looked back, eyes soft with emotion.

"Its because of this bond I want to take care of you and hold you close- all to myself" Kirishima said, Katsuki's eyes widening slightly, his face an unnoticeable shade of pink as he pushed the dragon away, his heart beating quickly as he stomped off.

The usually grumpy dragon had followed Katsuki, smiling brightly, sharp teeth showing. Katsuki huffed, rolling his eyes "why are you suddenly mr. happy-go-lucky?" Katsuki asked, the dragon looking at Katsuki and his eyes suddenly hard with a glare.

"I'm not happy-go-lucky, human, it's this stupid bond messing with my emotions, I feel like a idiot" Eijirou sighed, "I forgot that bonds affect the mates" Eiji walked forward, his former persona back as he crossed his arms, walking ahead of the blonde. Katsuki shivered slightly again, wishing internally for more clothes as he continued to walk. 'Why the fuck was it suddenly so cold in the end of April in the morning?" Katsuki wondered, but shoved back the thought as a warm wing surrounded him. He looked at the dragon, one eyebrow arching.

"The fuck are you doing shifty hair?" Katsuki asked, the temperature seemed to be getting colder around them but neither of them noticed as the dragon shrugged, his own body beginning to shiver.

"Ibdont care if you die, but if a dragons mate dies, it's likely they will die as well, and I'd rather not die becsuse of the fragility of a huma- oh shitbits fucking cold" Eijirou held Katsuki closer for warmth, both of them making it back to the small cottage.

Uraraka opened the the door for them, ushering the two inside. Katsuki had shivered, practically jumping to the small fire that was burning a good warmth for the human.

Kirishima went over as well, his wings were slightly blue instead of their normal red and he looked as cold as Katsuki- probably because he was cold blooded and his body absorbed the temperature.

"Whoo- what the actual fuck is with the weather? There isn't supposed to be and cold weather in April!" Katsuki had complained, Uraraka making her way to sit next to the explosive boy, two cups of hit chocolate floating to the two cold men who- drank their hot coco as fast as they could- sucessfully aquired a burnt tongue as well as a cold body. Uraraka looked outside, shivering in her seat as she looked back at the pair.

"I sense some dark magic... it feels sad... lonely, maybe the cause of a broken heart" Ochako told the pair, sighing. She looked out of her window again and saw nothing but white, Katsuki most likely saw it as well- as he yelled a 'what the fuck!?' And opened the door, letting in a pile of snow.

Ochako helped Katsuki get out of the snow and used her magic to get rid of the snow and close the door. She looked over to the duo once again.

"I think it's better if you guys stay here until it gets better, you won't get far and you won't survive in that temperature" she told the two, both standing up one had a face of shock, the other a face of anger

"I am not staying here with him!"

"I have to stay here with him?"

Ochako sighed, why the beck were things going this way. She just wanted to have a romantic night with her girlfriend who still hadn't come back home yet.

Oh wait.

Katsuki and Kirishima covered their ears as the witch let out a sudden screech, hands on her rosy pink cheeks.

The question all of them had in their head was 'what the fuck'

Chapter Text

Katsuki was the second to yell, glaring at the female.

"Fucking he'll Angel face! What's wrong with you!?" Kirishima followed the two humans, already slipping into his more happy persona.

"Why are we yelling!?" Though the dragon quickly corrected himself, adding a 'are you both deaf as well as dumb!?' Which got him a smack on the head from the blonde male.

"You're the daft one" Katsuki mumbled to the redhead before turning his attention to the brunette female going on about sueing something? Sewing? He'll if he knew.

"Are you a seamstress or something, you're going on about sewing- but it's not the time for that right now, we're trapped in here." Katsuki told the young witch who looked at him, eyes hard.

"Not sewing you idiot, Tsuyu, she's outside all alone in the cold and she's cold blooded!" Uraraka yelled and Katsuki just looked confused.

"Is this... Tsuyu a pet or something...?" Ochako huffed angrily, cheeks redder from being seemingly frustrated.

"Tsuyu is my girlfriend!" Ochako yelled, hands balled in fists as she huffed, cheeks as rosy as ever. Katsuki grinned, red eyes filled with interest as he arched a fine blonde brow.

"Oh? So what kind of lady is dating you, with your ballshit strong magic? Must be strong too" Katsuki asked, smirking lightly as Ochako's face became red

Ochako seemed deep in thought as if she had a memory playing in front of her face- she seemed content. after a few long seconds Ochako looked back at Katsuki with a red blush and smiled softly.

"She's... strong- way stronger than me- and I admire her so much, she makes me so happy- she's my light..." Ochaka spoke her short speech- a content smile turning into a worried expression quickly "I don't know what ill do if she ever gets hurt.. She's not very safe in such cold conditions." The brunette breathed out- letting out a worried sigh and looking towards the door.

Katsuki felt... sympathy for the girl- and that's not what he would say about most people- he would just tell most people to suck it up, but in the little bit of time he's been in this small cottage- Ochako had become- dare he say- a friend. Katsuki stood and walked to the shorter female- resting a hand on her head and giving her an awkward pat- he didn't know how to comfort anybody and this was new to him- he sighed softly.

"If you say she's stronger than you- then she'll be fine- its okay to worry, but she's gonna be fine" The blonde comforted awkwardly. Uraraka smiled and she looked a bit more relaxed, though still very worried.

"Thanks.. I'm gonna go see if I can make us a snack, maybe find out about the stunned blizzard" she said as she walked to the kitchen.

Then there were two.

Katsuki looked at the dragon who looked to be okay again, his sensitive body temperature seemed stable. Katsuki didn't know what to say, the silence was deafening in the room and the mood seemed awkward. The redhead said nothing, just stared into the fire, a slight red dusting his cheeks- Katsuki believed it was from the cold- as he gripped onto the blanket covering him. Suddenly the silence was broken, the mood in the room still awkward as Kirishima voiced a,

"B'Kugo" Katsuki looked at the dragon and hummed as if to ask what the dragon wanted. Eijirou waited a few seconds before speaking again.

"The bond is making me feel and act weird, so no matter what happens, it's not actually me saying it, it's because the bind messes with my feelings" Eijirou looked at Katsuki as he finished his little speech and Katsuki smirked lightly.

"I know that you shitty haired dragon, we need to get rid of it quick"Katsuki had replied, earning a nod from the dragon.

"It's gonna take a but longer to get to the mountain because the blizzard, but also because my mind will start to not want to rid us of this mistake" Katsuki didn't know why, but when the dragon called their bond a mistake- even if it was- he felt something inside him drop to his stomach and felt his feelings hurt.

They really needed to rid themselves of the bond.

"Oh? You too are bonded? That explains a lot!" Uraraka said as she walked in with a tray holding three trays of some type of porridge and three cups filled with a purple liquid.

"Dragon bonds are so complex!" She added, handing Kirishima his bowl and drink, doing the same for Katsuki before getting her own bowl for herself and beginning to chomp down on the bowls contents.

"So you know about dragon bonds?" Kirishima asked, looking at the witch. Uraraka simply nodded, her mouth full with porridge.

"So do you know how to get rid of bonds?" Katsuki asked, taking a bite of the porridge, to which Uraraka shook her head no, swallowing her food and taking a drink of her purple liquid before smiling.

"I have- well Tsuyu- has a library full of books, but-"

"Can we see it?" Kirishima cut her off

"I don't know how to open her library, it's super complicated, and I can't use magic to get in it- we cant go in it unless Tsuyu is here basically.." Uraraka finished. Katsuki felt a little hope slither its way through his body- he shook that feeling away of course- and crossed his arms, smirking as if he had a challenge to face.

"Well hope you have some winter clothes, because the only way to find this Tsuyu chick is to go out there and face that cold as fuck storm" Katsuki grinned.

Uraraka sighed softly, her rosy cheeks pulling her lips into a small smile "All right, we can do this, but we'll need lots of supplies" she noted, leaving to her room. Kirishima looked at Katsuki, one eyebrow arched.

"You're so desperate to rid of this bond to suggest that we go in the middle of a snow storm?" Kirishima asked, his sharp teeth seen in his frown, Katsuki ignored the thoughts of those teeth doing something more enjoyable than being seen in a frown as he nodded.

"I thought you would've been all up for it. As you said, our bond was a mistake and I'd rather not have to deal with it any longer" Katsuki shrugged it off as he went to Uraraka's room, telling her that he would help.

Kirishima said nothing, and did nothing to ease the pain he felt in his heart- how he wanted to pull Katsuki close and...

Punch him...

that's what he was thinking...


They really needed to get rid this bond.

Chapter Text


彼は龍の男性を見つめたいという気持ちを無視して目をそらし、 うららか が えじろ のために彼にくれた服を赤い髪の男性に投げつけました。エイジローは、何が目的なのか疑問に思いながら、服を混乱して見ました。

"それはあなたが着ることです" あなたがかろうじて何の衣服も入らないことはあなたのために外が寒すぎます勝木はイライラして言った。霧島は服を盗んで金髪に投げ返した。声を出して、彼は

"あなたのような匂いをさせてください" とカツキの顔が赤くなったことを要求しました。

"どういうこと、恥ずかしがり屋の髪!?バカ野郎" 勝樹は衣衣を永二郎の顔に投げ返し、赤い髪の男性が立ち上がって勝木へ行った。

彼は手首で かつき を掴み、もう一方の手で服を脱ぎ捨て、 かつき の耳にささやく かつき を閉じた。結合が遅くなるのを手伝ってください " かつき はドラゴンから服を着る前に頭の中で議論しました。 「誰にも言わないでください。さもなければ、私はあなたを殺します」彼は警告し、エイジローは微笑みながら頭をうなずいて「大丈夫」と言った。

かつき は彼の上に衣服をこすりつけました、 かつき の香りは彼が続けたので衣服に行き始めました。永次郎は、勝木がした動きについてはっきりと考え始めたが、勝木がそれをするとは思わなかったし、彼の誇りは彼の考えを乗り越えるだろう。栄次郎は暗く顔を赤らめ、かつつきを見た。勝木の顔は赤くなっていて、その服を喜二郎に渡した。ウララカが部屋に入ってきて、男の子の顔が赤くなっているのを見て、何が起こったのかを伝えました。


"二人で準備ができたら行けます" と浦下は言った、勝木は飛び降り、エイジローは他の部屋に走った。ウララカは微笑み、彼女の天使のような顔はよく知られていた。勝木は手の甲で顔を覆い、ウララカから目をそらした
:だから、ちゃん、あなた - あなたは知っていますか - あなたが好きな人はいますか?"彼女は邪悪な笑いながら、尋ねた。勝木は彼女を見た、眉毛は怒っていた。


エイジローは服を着たまま10分後に戻ってきました、彼の顔は洗い流されました、そして、彼は恥ずかしそうに見えました。勝木はいたるところを見たが、ドラゴンを見ても、顔を真っ赤にしていた。 「行こう」と言ったウララカはうなずき、エイジローは何も言わなかったが、驚き、カツキの話に飛び乗った。勝木はドアを開けて、すぐにドアを覆っていた雪を爆発させて、

" シンデゆき!シンデ! "と叫んで、すべてのいまいましい雪に怒って同じことをしました。


彼らはおよそ1時間外にいて、吹雪が良くなっていました、それが突然落ち着き始めたことは奇妙でした、そして、 うららか は嵐が魔法であり、魔法が解決されたので言いました。勝木は静かで、沈黙は栄二郎にとってぎこちなく、彼の翼は不快だったし、彼のしっぽも、彼が着た衣服の中にそれを隠さなければならなかったので、彼は低体温を起こさなかった 。

彼らは散歩して氷が溶け、木々が少し燃やされた道にたどり着きました、と勝樹は奇妙だとエイジローは炎の魔法を嗅ぐことができると言いました、ウララカはそれを、そして勝月も感じました。彼らが歩き続けたとき、勝樹はやめました、エイジローは理由を聞くことができました - 誰かが彼らをフォローしていました、彼はその人によく匂いがすることができませんでした。カツキは床から木の枝を取り、隠れている人々の方向にそれを投げた。


数字は茂みから出て、それは黒い髪、青い目とステープルで奇妙な焼けたように見える皮を持つ人でした、他は手を持っていました...どこでも、白い髪と淡い肌は チャップスティック を必要としました。黒い髪の男性はかつつきとエイジローを見て彼の手は青く光った。それから青は近づき始めました

Chapter Text

When Katsuki had returned, he had done so with clothing. Eijirou looked much better than previously, his skin and scales were their usual vibrant colours and his wounds didn't look like they bothered him that much anymore- Uraraka would need to be thanked.

As the dragon continued eating- though he looked as if he was forcing himself to eat the food- Katsuki neglected his desire to stare at the dragon male and averted his eyes, tossing the clothes to Eijirou, causing the red-head to look at Katsuki. Eijirou soon looked at the clothes with confusion, and Katsuki knew he was wondering what the unusual clothing was for.

Katsuki huffed in annoyance at the dragons- dare he say adorable- confusion.
"It's for you to wear" He explained "You'll freeze out there if you go in... that" He pointed to the 'clothing' Eijirou was wearing- he wasn't even wearing a shirt- though Katsuki was in the same predicament. Katsuki had changed into a few layers of clothing including turtlenecks and long sleeved clothes of very well made cotton and he could only wonder how Uraraka had gotten the clothing- it was male clothing.

He didn't ask the brunette though, afraid to bring up something else upsetting. Katsuki looked annoyed at Eijirou who sniffed the clothes and looked at the articles with disgust, tossing it back at Katsuki. He voiced a request to the blond with no hesitation, as if it was a normal request.

"Rub your body on the clothing" The odd request had made Katsuki's face- figuratively- explode into a bright red colour and his brows to furrow angrily.

"The fuck Shitty Hair!? No you fucking weirdo!" Katsuki threw the clothes back, hitting Eijirou in the face, and the red-headed dragon stood and suntered his way over to the blonde male, his eyes never leaving the others. Eijirou grabbed his mates arm, Katsuki tried breaking away for a moment-the clothes in the other hand-whose arm had wrapped around the blondes waist and held him close, his lips so tauntingly close to Katsuki's ear, breath hot as he whispered into the Katsuki's ear.

"I would wear the clothes if my body would let me, but it smells of flames, grass, and frostbite and my body rejects it so heavily that I need your scent on it so the bond doesn't advance beyond this phase and so we can go quicker." Eijirou explained to Katsuki, who slowly nodded, seeming to be debating in his head of any other possible ways to get out of the situation, after a while, Katsuki sighed.

"Tell anyone, I kill you. Understand?" Katsuki warned the dragon, glaring into the ruby eyes with a deadly glare, he snatched the clothes quickly, pushing Eijirou away with a red blush along both of the males face- though it was barely noticeable on Eijirou's face. The dragon male nodded with a small smile, voicing a happy,


Katsuki began to rub the pieces of clothing on random parts of his body, along his cheek and neck awkwardly with an embarrassed blush among his face as Eijirou weirdly watched him, saying nothing but his eyes glazed dark with something. Katsuki continued to rub the clothing along him, and all while, Eijirou began to think of how intimate the action Katsuki did was- his thoughts going to a place that had him beginning to feel hot.

He didn't think the human would actually do it- he assumed the blondes pride would take over his rational thoughts- though it wouldn't have mattered if he didn't actually do it- Eijirou lied about needing the clothing to smell like the blonde for his own satisfaction- he wouldn't tell the blonde that though- EVER. The scent of Katsuki was so very pungent on the clothes as the blonde continued to rub the clothing on his neck awkwardly, his face becoming more and more like the colour of Kirishima's hair as he averted his eyes from the dragon male who was staring at him intensely.

When Katsuki had enough embarrassment from the string, he aggressively- probably more than necessary- shoved the clothes into the dragons grasp and quickly walked into the kitchen to hide. Eijirou smiled softly- looking around for a second before brining the clothes to his nose and sniffing Katsuki's unique scent- the scent of something like cinnamon but not exactly like the spice- he couldn't explain it in words but it was so annoyingly intoxicating he just had to use the opportunity to get a chance to have the smell surround him. His eyes were dark with lust and a darker blush took the entirety of his face.

Uraraka came in the room and Eijirou stared at her, blinking blankly before walking to the room that Katsuki and him woke up in, going to change in the thick clothing. Uraraka looked over at Katsuki who came out of hiding in the kitchen as he heard the dragon going away, his face flushed red and Uraraka- though she wasn't there at the time- knew one thing about what happened.

It was something gay and Tsuyu would hate to have known she missed some good boys love.

"We can go when you both are ready" Uraraka smiled- feigning innocence as she sat on her couch, slightly uncomfortable because of the thick gear she was wearing. Katsuki went back into the witches room, getting a red scarf she owned and wrapped it around his neck. sitting beside her and sighing, blonde eyebrows furrowed in what seemed to be annoyance. Uraraka looked over to Katsuki, her rosy cheeks rounder with the big teasing grin she had.

"So Kacchan~" Katsuki thought 'where the fuck did she get that nickname from- only that idiot Deku used it', but he said nothing on the matter. "Do you- by chance- have a crush on a certain somebody?" She asked- feeling giddy at the reaction she had spurred from the explosive blonde whose eyebrows had furrowed even more- if it was possible- when Uraraka had burst into a fit of wicked giggles. He growled lowly in warning.

"The fuck? No!" He yelled, but his face said differently. It was as red as the left side of the prince's hair- and that's saying a lot. Katsuki cursed Uraraka as she giggled telling Katsuki how adorable he was.
Eijirou came back after about 10 minutes, fully dressed in the clothing he was given, the red-heads face flushed red, and he looked embarrassed- weird. Katsuki looked everywhere but at the dragon, obviously avoiding looking at the dragon, his own face turning a shade of red- he had calmed down earlier after talking with Uraraka and forgetting the dragon existed for those 10 minutes, but the dragon was there again and he looked good in the human clothes given to him. The clothes were slightly tight fitting on the buff dragon, the clothes were made for a shorter, slimmer male, but Eijirou worked the clothing just fine- yes just fine.

Uraraka looked at her two boys and smiled, not saying anything to tease them.
"We can go now if you two want" The brunette said, addressing the two red faced males. Kirishima said nothing, looking at the blond, but pretending not to, biting his lip lightly. Katsuki quickly walked to the door, opening it without a word, Uraraka and Eijirou following in suit quickly after, but staying a distance as Katsuki exploded the fair amount of snow covering the door, yelling profanities at the snow.

"DIE SHITTY SNOW! FUCKING COLD ASS HALF FROZEN WATER!" Katsuki exploded any snow in his way, his breath hot as puffs of noticeable air was seen. Katsuki's face was already red- but Uraraka didn't think it was from the cold. Katsuki continued to do this, leading them to where Uraraka told them along the way. Eijirou followed all the same, face slightly flushed as he stared at the blonde who angrily- what he assumed wasn't still embarrassment from earlier- exploded the weird smelling snow in their way.
They were outside for about an hour before the snowstorm had gotten abnormally better, as if it was just heavy snow. Katsuki thought it was strange the snow had calmed down in such a way but when he commented on it, Uraraka explained it was most likely a strong magic that caused it and the person who had done the magic had resolved the problem. Katsuki was quiet after a while, they could walk through the cold snow without needing Katsuki to explode the snow in their way and now the blonde had a flushed face- from the cold this time- and the silence was deafening to Eijirou.

His wings were uncomfortable as well as his tail- both of which were hidden underneath the excessively thick clothing he wore, his dragon body parts felt hot and uncomfortable in the human clothing, but it was so the cold blooded male didn't die of hypothermia or something similar. But over the uncomfortableness Eijirou felt, the awkward silence was the worse, Katsuki hadn't talked to him directly since he had scented the clothing, heck- the blonde didn't even look at him.

Soon enough, they had come across a melted path, the trees along it were slightly charred by... something that really bugged Eijirou's nose. It smelled of flame magic and the two humans could feel the lingering high class flame magic from the tree's. Katsuki looked around, not commenting on it- they were all thinking it was strange, but none of the three said anything about it. they continued walking along the path, the smell of burnt trees were pungent to the humans as well at this point, and Eijirou felt sick to his stomach at the high amount of smoke like smells he couldn't avoid.

Eijirou covered his nose but the smell was so dizzyingly pungent it was unavoidable to the sensitive nose of the dragon male they continued walking for a bit before Katsuki had stopped, stopping Uraraka as well, as he looked over too a bush, eyes never leaving it as he leaned down. Uraraka stared at Katsuki, wondering what he was doing but not saying anything as she watched him. Eijirou could smell the source of the person but not very well because of the pungent smell of the burnt trees.

Katsuki had thrown the branch, Uraraka gasping as the branch was tossed back, two males who were hiding had stood up, they looked dangerous- but one of them smelled slightly familiar to Eijirou- he didn't say anything on it though. One of the males- the one with black hair and odd stitching with what seemed to be burnt skin- had raised his hand, face holding no emotion as he faced his palm towards the trio. Uraraka had begun floating, sensing the danger that was reeking off of the two and as soon as the slightest amount of blue flash.

Eijirou had tackled Katsuki and hardened his body, his body working in full gear to keep the blonde out of danger. Katsuki had looked at the mysterious two, analyzing the two idiots who decided to mess with the three of them as his hand began creating small explosions, a dangerous glint in his eyes as well as a smirk making its way to his lips.

Eijirou glared at the male dangerously- who dare that flame smelling stranger think he is, putting Eijirou's mate in danger? Blood lust coarsed through the entirety of the dragon males body as his eyes darkened with anger. Uraraka took out a few potions, looking at her two boys with worry, then looking at the enemy, waiting to see them make their next move.

The other male looked weirder than the first, he had white hair, and hands... everywhere. His lips looked like he needed chapstick and he had a weird creepy smile on his face as he stared at Katsuki and Eijirou.

"Toga would probably like the redhead" The white haired male said, but the black haired male didn't spare a glance, letting out a 'hmm'

"She would, so we don't need the girl, Do whatever you want to her." The black haired male said, referring to Uraraka, who glared at the two males.

The black haired male never took his eyes off of Katsuki and Eijirou, his hand fell a little bit before he rose it again, smirking wickedly as his right hand was enveloped in blue, it was a bright flame, but soon, the blue colour began to come closer...

Chapter Text

As the blue began to get closer and the temperature rose to an uncomfortable amount, Bakugou kicked the dragon off of him with enough force to send the unsuspecting dragon far enough to be in a safe proximity. Katsuki covered his face with his arms and rolled to try to avoid the flame, still mentally preparing himself to be burned. Katsuki had dealt with fire magic before, a few years ago when he was more of a hot head that he was now.


Stupid Deku had introduced Katsuki to the Prince he would be working for when he was 19 and when they met, it was safe to say, neither of them got along.

"Who the fuck do you think you are half and half looking prim and proper piece of shit" Katsuki asked, already defensive.

The Todoroki had just introduced himself and Katsuki had become hostile in the matter of seconds, all the Todoroki did was refuse his cooking.

The prince looked unaffected by the words that spewed from Katsuki's mouth, unblinking as he tilted his head to the side.

"Why are you getting so defensive? It's very indecorous of you" the Todoroki commented, and the next thing Izuku saw, pots and pans went flying and there were explosions and ice.

The Todoroki was just getting comfortable with his flames and the argument with Katsuki put him a little bit on the more reluctant side to use his flames.

In the end, one ended up with explosion wounds and the other with burn wounds and cold ice that left him a bit numb- neither wounds scarred luckily but they never got along after that.


Katsuki wondered why he remembered that. It wasn't the most pleasant of memories.

Katsuki felt the heat crawl up his back as he narrowly missed it, getting up from his position to get into a fighting stance, a grin on his lips and his blood red eyes dangerously laced with his fighting spirit.

The black haired male's lip curved up slightly in amusement.

"Hey asshole! That was totally rude!" Uraraka said, facing against her own problems with the white haired male. He had somehow gotten over there without Katsuki knowing and attempted to hit her but narrowly missed. Katsuki looked over at Eijirou who had gotten up, scales on edge and looking more dragon-like than before.

"Hey, Angel face!" Katsuki yelled out, he looked back at the enemy, waiting for any moves. Ochako let out a 'yeah?' When she had gone up to a safe distance in the air and began floating to a tree, Eijirou had gotten up, skin beginning to turn to ruby scales as he walked to the white haired male whose focus was on destroying the tree Ochako was in.

"Weirdo hand man got any powers?" Katsuki asked, looking over for a second before he felt the presence of the black haired male and felt himself doubling over in surprise at the hard punch to the gut. The air was knocked out of him as he quickly bring his foot up to kick at the enemy and ignored his gut pain, glaring at the blue flame magic guy.

Katsuki had swung his hand up, creating a large stinging explosion with his left arm and hissed lightly at the feeling of overuse.


Kirishima felt like he was losing himself to his dragon the longer the fight drawled on and he needed to let his anger out on something.

He held himself back from running to Katsuki's aid first, because he knew it would spur problems, and once in proximity, reached to grab at Mr. Hand Man, but when he thought he had his surprise perfect, he was suddenly somewhere else, there were people surrounding him one was paying no attention to him, it was a lizard who was watching something from a tree.

The others included a blonde female with two buns, a fit man in a skin tight suit, a weird... shadow... thing? A little boy? A even buffer man with glasses and... a buffer man than the even buffer man who just looked like muscles..

Eijirou got up quickly, running to the closest person, who seemed to be the shadow thing and lunged at him, seeing a flash of dark before falling in the same place. Eijirou looked around in a confused fashion before doing the same thing. Several times. Though he ended falling in the same place again. Several times.

Eijirou got up again to try attacking the shadow who seemed very much untouchable again, but he growled and froze as he felt Katsuki's pain.

If he could feel that, the bond was further along then they thought, and if he could feel Katsuki was in pain, then someone needed to die.

He felt the scales slowly taking over his body, rational thinking slowly flying out the metaphorical window and his dragon slowly taking over.


Ochako looked over at Katsuki who seemed to be slowly losing the battle...

For every punch he landed he got two in return, for every explosion he produced he had gotten burned. It wasn't looking good for any of them.

Uraraka sensed portal magic before the dragon guy disappeared, leaving the hand man to continue fighting(?) Her. She stayed in the tree, fiddling with her tiny spell book she strapped to her thigh, hidden under her dress and flipped through the pages, no longer paying attention to the seemingly powerless white haired hand man.

She read through her spell book and found the spell she had been looking for, a protection spell. Next to it was a healing spell but it wasn't as important as protecting the blonde from the fury of the black haired villain.

She saw the flash of a grin from Mr. Hand Man before the tree tipped over and her book fell.

Uraraka let out a yelp as she put her hands together and closed her eyes, saving herself from falling with her magic specialty, gravity. The hand man stalked to the brunette, a creepy smile plastered on his dry, chapped lips.

She released her fingers from each other and safely fell to the ground, (she was about a foot off the ground at that point) recovering quickly and evading the creepy hand man who charged at her.

She looked around for her book, almost being hit by the hand man when she lost focus of him. She sighed- The book would have to wait, Katsuki would have to hold out, and Eijirou, where ever he was now would have to- holy shit.

Uraraka looked up to where a giant red dragon was, is roared a viscous sound and vibrated the ground that shook the four of them, making both Hand Man and Uraraka fall of their butts. Uraraka took that moment to touch whatever she could and make it float, letting it soar to the Hand man who raised his arm defensively and waited.

As the rocks and branches flew towards the hand man he swooped his hand and suddenly there was nothing about to hit him, there was a small pebble that had scratched his cheek at least, there was a brown liquid coming out and that was the least of their worries, but there were no rocks or anything.

And it was at that moment Uraraka knew...

What his powers were.

She put a hand on her stomach, which felt a bit uneasy, and put her fingers together, floating above the hand man and trying to remember any possible magic she had read over from her spell book.

"Kacchan! His powers are either to decay things or to erase them from existence!" She yelled to Katsuki who yelled a 'holy fuck!' And said nothing else, still engaged in battle with the emo skin guy.

Uraraka tried to think of a plan.


Katsuki had refused to let his body try to double over again and took the blows with full force, refusing the urge to upchuck any food he had previously eaten.

He threw his own blow and ignored the mesmerizing dragon he could see whipping its tail, and roaring in anger and Katsuki knew the stupid Castle dragon gamers would most likely be here by the size Kirishima currently was.

Katsuki had go back on his opponent.

And he charged

Eijirou could feel nothing but pain, longing, and anger. Anger for the person hurting his mate and anger for. The people trying to stop him from going to aid his mate.

He could feel an eruption of fire threatening to come forth from his mouth, but he didn't know if he could handle it, the last time be breathed fire was as a small hatching and it hurt like the fire from hell for days. He almost died from the amount of heat his body absorbed from breathing his flames.

He could feel the need- the urge to release the flames growing, so he let the urge go.


Uraraka looked at the light show of the dragon, first it was a beautiful red, then a black and purple circle thing, then a lavender gas had filled the air around the cold blooded male and suddenly, Eijirou fell with a loud thud that shook the ground and caused dust to shatter around everyone in the area.

Uraraka coughed, closing her eyes and doubling over when she felt a fist punch her gut. She gasped out, using her instincts to dodge now through the dust as she evaded the attacker. She backed up and bumped into a tree, narrowly dodging the hand and hear in the creaking of a falling tree that Hand Man destroyed. She ran towards where she last saw Kirishima, avoiding trees and trying not to cough from the dust.

This was going south too fast. Katsuki needed to do something to get rid of the skin guy and grab his friends and his muscles felt sore and hurt from the overuse of his magic but he couldn't stop, not until he knew they were safe.

"Why the fuck are you attacking us!?" Katsuki asked the emo male who smirked dangerously, shooting blue flames to Katsuki who dodged.
The black haired male didn''t answer, he just kept attacking and attacking, burst and burst of flames each coming after another. Katsuki felt warm, his body felt tired, and his adrenaline rush was slowly coming down from his high as his movements slowed significantly, but Katsuki couldn't stop unless he was positive they could escape.

He had an idea, but it was risky, but it was also the only chance they had at escaping these fucking weirdos.. He continued to dodge the flurry of flames produced by the skin guy and when he had gotten into the best position, considering the situation, he stopped quickly.

Katsuki sighed held his arm tight to try to be a little bit prepared for the pain that was inevitable. He grit his teeth and created the greatest explosion he had ever made in his life, resisting the urge to scream. When he heard nothing and saw no blue he sighed, adrenaline in his body gone and his vision beginning to get hazy, but he couldn't rest yet.

The smoke had yet to clear as Katsuki looked around, gritting his teeth as he forced his body to stay awake.

His arm felt numb and he fell over from over exhaustion, He assumed the villain was dead because nobody could escape such a grand explosion alive. His good arm was tingling slightly as he tried to push himself up then suddenly a dark boot made its way to his face.

Then there was nothing.


Katsuki groaned as he opened his eyes, his face and body numb as he opened his eyes, looking around to see he was surrounded by unfamiliar faces and hand man and Kirishima was on the ground. He resisted the urge to pass out from the pain he was feeling.


Katsuki was in the skin guy's tight hold, the males hand were threateningly warm on the verge of burning, a wrong move and he would be a dead man.

"Do you want him Toga?" The Hand man asked, the blonde girl shook her head no.

"No thanks! I like that prince's right-hand-man~" She giggled and blushed. 'shitty deku?' Katsuki thought, not saying anything.

"Since I lost track of that brunette bitch that means I can..." The Hand man grinned, looking at the emo skin guy. "..Dabi" He hummed, the emo skin boy mumbling a yeah.

"What Shigaraki" Dabi asked, keeping the hold on Katsuki dangerously tight.

"I'm gonna kill the dragon, so keep a hold on that blonde, I don't want him to try to explode me" Shigaraki said, focus back on the unmoving dragon whom he stalked closer to. Dabi sighed and held onto Katsuki as Katsuki's eyes shifted nervously from Shigaraki to Eijirou repeatedly.

"Get away from him you fucking weird ass quirofilic bastard!" Katsuki yelled, suddenly forgetting the position he was in and struggling, ignoring his muscles aching in excruciating pain as he threateningly released larger explosions from his hand.

"Get up you stupid dragon!" Katsuki yelled, Kirishima letting out a soft huff of laughter that hurt his gut to do.

Kirishima was on the ground, panting heavily and glaring at the male above him. Kirishima wing was hurt, it bled a red that was hard to see, but Katsuki noticed.

Eijirou's eyes were red slits as he hissed at the hand man dangerously, like a cat protecting her children. The low rumble of a growl could be heard.

Shigaraki chuckled as he came closer to the over-exhausted dragon, the fingers of his right hand wiggling in anticipation

Shigaraki's hand was going to touch Kirishima, Katsuki's yelling did absolutely nothing, Dabi not releasing Katsuki rendered him useless, he could see his vision begin to blur.

Uraraka stood, running as fast as she could, Katsuki yelled to stop, that she would be hurt, that he would do anything if they would leave them alone. Anything to get them to stop.

Uraraka charged at Shigaraki to protect Kirishima, and then suddenly there was a yelp and she was on the floor, holding her bleeding sside, she was obviously in a tremendous amount of pain.

Katsuki pushed Dabi away, which the flame magic user finally allowed. Dabi looked to Shigaraki.

"Don't kill the dragon, yet" he told, averting his gaze from the white haired hand man back to the angry explosive blonde. The white haired male grumbled, eyes glaring at the dragon.

Then Katsuki analyzed the situation.


This was bad.


This was really bad. Kirishima was in their hold and he was weakening quickly and Uraraka was already passed out on the ground in a pool of her own blood. Dabi walked over to the blonde, lazily extending a hand. A manipulative persuasive smile evident upon his features.

Kirishima was in pain, Katsuki could feel it, and Eijirou felt like he was slowly weakening, his eyes fluttering every-so-often. Dabi, was staring at Katsuki.

"We can heal them perfectly back to health you know, we can teleport them to the castle doctor without a trace and they'll be good as new" Dabi persuaded the frozen blonde, a small smirk evident on his features. The castle had a private doctor? And they could perfectly heal such fatal wounds? Where did Dabi get this information.

"Don't listen to him Katsuki! He's probably lying to- FUCK" Eijirou cursed as his sore, bleeding stomach was punched by the boy with the mask and gun, body unable to defensively curl into itself for the hold Shigaraki had on Eijirou. The white haired male was smiling dangerously, red eyes filled with a happy sadistically glint. Dabi looked to Katsuki,

"What will you do Bakugou Katsuki? Save your friends and leave with us or try to stay here and watch them die in front of your eyes?" Dabi had asked Katsuki, whose eyes were wide. Eijirou was bleeding out dangerously and Uraraka was passed out already from her blood loss.

The dragon yelled at Katsuki not to go with them hysterically, tears in his eyes and voice horse before he landed into a coughing fit, coughing up blood and falling limp into Shigaraki's hold. He was still awake, on the verge of passing out, and the longer Katsuki took to choose, the more danger Eijirou was put in and the slimmer chance Uraraka had at survival. Her wound was fatal and she needed help as soon as possible.

He wanted to tell Dabi to take him away and save them but the damn bond was so strong his body refused to even let him say what he wanted, like it was forbidden.

Katsuki couldn't decide who to choose, on one hand- his heart told him Kirishima, on the other- it told him to just let the black haired male take him away to wherever he said his league was. But one thing was certain, either choice would end with someone getting hurt.

He just didn't know which kind of hurt was worse. But he knew which one would save the dragon whom he knew at that point he cared for deeply and Angel Face.

And that's all he cared about.

Chapter Text

Eijirou had woken up in a white room, Uraraka was in a weird bed next to him, sleeping peacefully. Eijirou looked around, wondering where he was befote he remembered.

"LET ME GO OR I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU! IM GONNA FUCK YOU UP YOU SHUT EATING BITCH! DONT TOUCH MY FUCKING MATE OR YOUR HAND IS GOING DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT!" More profanities and non-pg rated things spurred from the dragons mouth as he was dragged towards the portal.

Eijirou yelled at the white haired male to release him, hysteria evident as he was dragged further and furter fromhis mate, his words becoming harsher and his struggles becoming more. He could feel his dragon trying to come back to the surface, but his body was too weak to take the transformation successfully.

Shigaraki had tossed him through the weird portal, his body weakening from the teleportation. Eijirou weakly attempted to climb back into the portal, but it closed to soon. Eijirou growled lowly, releasing a painful lonely dragon cry, his body trying to transform forcefully but his body unable to take it, making the half transformation painful.

Hell, Eijirou didnt even have his wings or tail, he looked like a human, excluding his sharp teeth and slight reddish tint to his skin due to his body attempting to transform. He punched the dirt, coughing up some blood as he ignored his pain to drag himself across the dirt, attempting to follow where his body had told him Katsuki was. He panted heavily, feeling the poison from the little boy beginning to take over his body and every movement becoming more and more difficult to acomplish.

When he could barely move anymore, he let out another heartbroken cry, his body longing for his mate as he continued trying to go to where his body had urged him to, his mind filled with a longing hysteria.

The commotion was overheard by some guards on post duty, one of which who stiffly walked to the dragon who began coughing again, blood coming from his mouth as he let out one last heartbroken cry before passing out.

Iida had walked towards the dragon quickly, thinking it was a human and picked him up.

"Theres another injured person! I will now take him to the castle doctor!" He announced to his fellow guard, Mei, who paid him no mind, instead focusing on working on some weird invention.

As Iida had carried him, Eijirou haf mumbled out a small, sad,'Katsuki..'.

Eijirou felt sore, but his wounds were healed and he could feel he no longer had the poisonous toxin inside of him. He got up, ignoring the pain in his stomach, looking for his clothing so he could hurry and get to his mate. He fiddled around, searching for his clothes before he heard a soft, weak 'Eiji?'. He looked to Uraraka, who was awake, her eyes had dark circles and she looked weak as she looked around a bit.

"Where are we?" She asked, a moment later asking "Where's Katsuki?" Uraraka attempted to lean up, a sound of pain escaping her before Eijirou walked to her quickly, pushing her down gently.

"Stay in bed, Katsuki went with the weird guys, but I'll find Katsuki, even if it kills me" Eijirou chided, calming down Uraraka.

"Im sorry Uraraka, but finding your Tsuyu will have to wait a bit.." Eijirou apoligized, looking around and sighing when he couldn't find his clothes.

Eijirou looked towards a window, slowly transforming as he heard the creak of the door opening, there was a yell before he had transformed into a dragon, breeaking most of the building as he flew to where his soul told him to go, continuing to ignore the uncomfortable feeling in his stomach.


Uraraka blinked as the dragon male had transformed and flew away, feeling awake from the post shock of the even that took place infront of her eyes.

"So he was a dragon, kids these days... Though hes lucky I wasnt some guard" said the old lady who had walked in, stepping towards Uraraka as she gently put a tray holding a cup and some food down.

"Eat, you need the nutriets" the old lady began, Uraraka leaned up, hissung in pain before getting comfortable again and sipping some water "you both have been asleep for about two weeks" she said. Uraraka spit out the water in her mputh in surprise.

"IM SORRY- WHAT?" She said, eyes the size of saucers, she laid back down to get comfortable again, resting a hand on her head.

"Kacchan and Tyusu are still out there... Gosh I hope those Kacchan escaped those kidnappers.." she muttered sadly, the doctor patting her head and offering her a tonic filled with a weird green liquid.

"Is that who that red haired fellow was whimpering for in his sleep?" She asked Uraraka, who nodded and took the tonic. She explained what had happened when they were out there.

"They're mates" She said simply, and the nurse would have dropped whatever was in her hands if she had anything in them, Uraraka drank the liquid, almost immediately feeling better. She yawned, the side effects of the liquid taking immediate effect as she dozed off. From the other side of the door, there was a male who had overheared everything, walking away quickly with his findings.


Katsuki had a tipping point- and these assholes were WELL above that point, hell- if there was an expression Katsuki could use to explain hiw far they were past that point- HE WOULD.

It was another day of absolute torture, Deadpool ripiff was being annoying as always, Blonde bitch was giggling about whi the fuck knows what, and the rest of the extras were doing whatever the FUCK they did.

Dabi was probably the only nirmal one, other than the shadow guy- but both of them barely talked.

Katsuki was in the kitchen, nobody but the shadow guy was allowed in because the first week Katsuki was here, they all almost burned diwn the fucking kitchen- trying to boil some fucking water.

They literally just turned on the faucet and then the whole pot burst into flames...

Though, Katsuki had to admit, it took some talent to fuck up that badly. Shadow guy- Katsuki didnt bother to remember his name- was probably the only one who could do anything in the kitchen without burning everything.

Katsuki had finished making breakfast for him and the rest of the assholes, taking the plates two at a time and placing them on the table before finally sitting down

"HEY FUCKWADS, BREAKFAST IS DONE" He yelled out, already eating his food so he didnt have to sit at the table. They others began to file up at their usual seats, every one of their breakfasts were personalized for them- well except Shigaraki, he just put whatever on his plate because he was the main person to hurt his mate those two weeks ago and Katsuki was still salty about it. Hell, he could remember his dragon mate's pain.

Katsuki had know what he needed to do, ignoring the cries of his mate as he walked to Dabi, taking his hand.

"Just make sure they both survive. If you think you can trick me then I'll explode your shitty looking face off." Katsuki warned, not caring for the position they were in as he made his demands, glaring threateningly at the flame magic user who smirked lightly.

"You heard him, hurry up and warp them" Shigaraki had ordered, eyes looking at the shadow thing who siply did as ordered, the Uraraka carried by the female who walked into the portal then walked back out and Kirishima- who was stuggling and yelling not so nice slurs to the group- was dragged by Shigaraki, practically tossed into the portal before it closed nit a second later.

Another portal opened and Shigaraki walked towards it, looking back for a second

"Come on Katsuki" He said, the others filing into the portal already. Katsuki glared at the hand man, his emotions spiked and his temper high.

"Fuck you, fucking quirophilic jackass, don't call me by my first name bitch" The blonde seethed, stomping to the portal and shoving the white haired male out of his way. Behind him, Shigaraki growled, resisting the urge to just decay him- after all, his master had told him that this brat was essential to their plan.

Katsuki no longer had any appetite, whenever he ate, he felt empty, no matter what he did he felt empty, but like hell was he going to let these jackasses use that against him.

He sometimes wondered if it was because if the bond.

Katsuki went back to his room, staring at the ceiling then to his wrists. They had put magic resrtictors on him when he had first come here and he hadnt used his magic since, they also healed him and his torn muscle fibers but he refused to thank them for anything.

Katsuki wished he could see the dragon again.

See his dragon again.

This bond was making him sappy and Katsuki wasnt sure if he liked it or not.

He had nothing to do and with no plan, Katsuki had began dozing off. Dreams of his dragon playing in his sleep.


Todoroki had walked to the greenette he had taken a fancy to and looked around for anyone who could be listening.

"Izuku" he had called, the greetnette jumping at the sound of Todoroki's voice, turning around.

"O-oh, hi prince Todoroki" he had greeted awkwardly. Todoroki had sighed, wondering if they could ever go back to how it was before

"Call me Shouto, and I have something important to tell you about your friend Katsuki and why the red haired male was saying that." Todoroki informed, gathering the attention of the shorter boy.

"Wai-wha- really? What? Tell me" Midoriya had a brain melt, trying to convey that he wanted Todoroki to tell him, which the dual haired male understood perfectly, the faintest of smiles etched on his features as he explained what he overheard the nurse talking about with Midoriya's other friend.


Midoriya's eyes were wide when Todoroki had told him.'Kacchan actually mated with a dragon? How scandalous... Does Ms. Bakugou know?' He had thought before looking at Todoroki.

"Ah! We have to go help find Kacchan!" Midoriya had exclaimed, earning a nod fron the prince who had grabbed his hand- the prince was blushing and nervous but hid it well, he couldn't let his powers go all funky again so what happened last time didn't happen again- and dragged the greenette along to the stables.

Midoriya blinked at the prince who had hopped onto his white stallion, offering a hand to Midoriya, who looked around before declining and making up an excuse.

"When we find Kacchan, he'll need a horse" the excuse didnt make sense to Midoriya, since Katsuki had a dragon to ride on, but Ground Zero was Katsuki's horse and her running all the way to the castle and only letting Midoriya touch her was not a coincidence, the horse wanted him to find Katsuki.

Todoroki sighed softly, hiding his dissapointment well and sending his horse into a trot, Midoriya follwing in suit as he climbed onto G.Z., the horse reluctantly follwing his orders.

As they reached the gates, Iida had come down.

"Where do you two think you're going? The prince is not to leave the castle premises until the dispute on his punishment has been decided." Iida chided, stern face turned surprise as Midoriya had gotten off of his horse and glared at the much taller male.

"You, out of the way so I can go save my friend drom a bunch of jerks that kidnapped him and give him back his horse or ill force my way through and ooh- you dont want to see that! I will swear word at you mister! Trust me I wi-" Midoriya was pulled back by the prince who had an amused feight smile etched on his face. Iida sputtered for a moment, thinking before suddenly saying "I will allow you to pass as long as I am supervising over you both. To which Midoriya agreed

"And dont forget about me" A female voice had called out, the three males had looked over to the source to see the greatest female knight they had, Yaoyorozu Momo, a sword sheathed on her side and her stomach showing with the miniscule amount of clothing she wore.

Midoriya sighed, smiling "Yao-momo, nice to see you again." He had greeted, looking at the horses.

"Who rides with wh-" Midoriya began

"Ill ride Izuku- I mean- Izuku will ride me- I- Ill ride with Izuku" Todoroki was at an unnatural stumble of words. Midoriya awkwardly nodded, Getting on G.Z. and waiting for the prince awkwardly.

Todoroki had stepped off of his horse and gotten on G.Z. with a bit of trouble- since the horse was being a douche to him for some odd reason. Iida and Momo got on Todoroki's horse, then the four set off. As Todoroki held onto Midoriya, He smiled softly, eyes hazed with love and adoration as he stared at the male ordering the horse to go faster.

Todoroki refused his urge to hug the smaller male tighter and release his happiness through his magic- they didn't want a snowstorm again after all.


Eijirou had huffed when he smelled Katsuki's unique scent coming from a large house. It took a little time to find out where exactly it was and a few - probably more than a hundred, it wasnt really a few- trees were destroyed when the dragon had gotten tired from flying due to his wound and his hunger. He could smell the scent of cinnamon mixed with that other scent he couldnt quite put a name on yet right in the room infront of him, but soon he smelled the scent of the shit-licking bitch who fought Katsuki coming closer to the deletecable scent of his mate and growled lowly, letting out an angry, wanting roar escape.

He had found his mate and one way or another, his mate was coming with him.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had woken suddenly, body urging him awake. He didn't feel the emptiness he had been feeling for the past two weeks and when Dabi had come bursting into his room, he assumed something was wrong.

He could hear the yells of Twice- something about a 'dragon'- and geez did that word put hope in Katauki's heart- but he didnt dare say a word about dragons, he refused to around them.

"You, follow me now" Dabi ordered, the blonde following, muttering curses at the flame magic user along the way. When they had made it into the room with the bar, Dabi stopped and Katsuki had sat down, looking at the raven haired fellow for whatever he had to say. The loud sounds seemingly coming from outside were ignored by the raven haired male who leaned against the bar and crossed his arms.

Shigaraki came in after a few minutes, the smell of smoke now evident in the room as he stomped towards the sitting blonde, grabbing him by his collar and shaking the blonde who glared at the male with the lighter coloured hair. Both dangerously red eyes glared at one another, one fully seen, the other barely seen, hidden behind the protection of hands.

"You told him didn't you! You somehow told that fucking dragon where we are! How the fuck did you do it?" Shigaraki practically seethed through his teeth, grip on the blondes shirt getting tighter with every sentence spewing from his mouth. Bakugou blinked in surprise, eyes widening with hope as he mouth gaped slightly.

"He's here?" Katsuki asked the hand man, pure confusion etched on his features. Shigaraki blinked as well, releasing the blonde who stumbled a bit when he was released, eyes staring in nowhere in particular as he thought about what he was told.

"Well since he's here and you knew nothing about it, I suppose yoy can still live, but dragon boy is dead" Shigaraki hummed out. Dead? Eijirou wouldn't-couldn't be killed, Katsuki let out a breath he didnt know he was holding in.

He looked toward the door that was usually always locked, the comically obnoxious lock on it was open- most likely because the others went outside, seeing how none of them were seen- and it seemed to be an easy escape, all he had to do was catch the two off guard.

Katsuki stood, slowly walking around to the other side of the bar, lighting a fire and putting a large jug of water to boil, but not enough to seem suspicious.

The two males didnt spare him a glance, but when the loud sound of the dragon had alerted them of something, Shigaraki made a frustrated noise and left the builing, mumbling a 'watch the blondie' to dabi, who held his temples between his fingers.

It was a moment of awkward silence that downed upon the two males that had made Katsuki look around the building and away from the seemingly irritated blue flame magic user, the low sound of the water starting to boil was the only sound heard.

Then pouring.

Then nothing again.

Katsuki waited a few seconds, clearing his throat for Dabi's attention to which was granted and once the black haired male had turned with an irritated expression, katsuki took the large bowl he poured the water in and thrusted it towards Dabi, who hissed and held his face, yelling profanities.

Katsuki jumped at the chance to escape, quickly dashing towards the exit and bursting through the doors, and once he had gotten out of the building the sight he saw literally scared the living shit out of him.

Kirishima, his dragon, his... Mate, looked different, looked as if he was loosing control, looked as if he just wanted blood- even if its Katsuki's. Of course he knew the dragon wouldn't try to kill him though, right?



Katsuki had snuck around the swarm of people who were attacking from afar and jumped at the loud roar emitted from the dragon male, and he felt the anger of the dragon.

And that much anger fueled a greater fear he never knew he could even feel.

Katsuki continued to sneak about, ignoring the feeling and creeping closer to his mate, not bothering to listen to Dabi's yells that consisted of "Bakugou's gone" and other crap about being burned and to look for him. All Katsuki cared about was leaving with his mate.

He could hear distant sounds that weren't the dragon mate of his or the kidnapping villains who were trying to hold that dragon back-they seemed to do better two weeks ago and Katsuki didn't know why they were having so much trouble now.

Once Katsuki had gotten to a place where he could run and quickly escape with the red-head, Katsuki had banged the magic suppressing jewelry on whatever hard nature he could find, to no avail- it didn't break.

He continued to do that for a few seconds be for giving up, looking at his mate and realising- Damn my fucking mate can break this, duh!

Katsuki ran to his dragon, his Eijirou, his mate, calling his name like a chant to get the dragons attention- which it almost immediately did, but also getting the attention of the League of Villains as well. Katsuki held his arms up in an 'i want up' toddler motion and the dragon turned his body, tail whipping the villians almost effortlessly.

The dragon bent down, smoke escaping his nostrils and a smug-as smug as a dragon could actually get- face was plastered on the dragons face.

Katsuki held back the urge to smile.

"Eijirou, break these" He said, the dragon letting out a purr at the sound of his name, tail whipping comically like a little puppy.

But it was all ruined soon enough.

"Kacchan!" The sound of the shitty Deku was heard, the dragon turning and growling at the unrecognized intruders-except for the knight who had brought him to be healed.

The green haired male jumped off of G.Z. running towards the blonde only to be stopped by Todoroki.

"Izuku.. be careful... the dragon looks ready to attack" the candy cane boy warned.

Izuku looked at the dragon he somehow didn't notice was there and his eyes widened.

Shouto was right.

The dragon was ready to attack

And suddenly the dragon was growling louder and walking to them, protests from Katsuki heard but ignored, and G.Z. whinnied at the sense of danger.

They all could only wonder what would happen..

Chapter Text

"Fucking hell Eijirou! What the fuck are you doing!" The loud complaints from Katsuki had alerted the dragon, who had quickly fumbled for his clothing and hid away his privates.

Katsuki felt flushed as he looked away- honestly he had felt attracted to the dragon, and seeing him do such acts did not help with the non-reciprocated feelings.

"Shit! Sorry Bakugou! Haha" The dragon had come out of the his masters room where he had been doing the deed, but Bakugou was long gone- most likely into the kitchen, training room, or living room to cool off.

Kirishima walked through the corridors until he found himself in the living room. He had not seen Katsuki and when he saw Kaminari, he walked up to his best bro. He poked at the blond dragon who was previously laying comfotably, now glaring at Kirishima who poked and prodded at his tickling spots.

"Yo, you seen Bakugou?" He asked, poking the blond once more who pointed towards the exit without looking at it, yawning soon after seeming tired.

"He said he was going to go train gor a bit" The other dragon stretched, letting out a yawn and laying down on the couch, ignoring everything as Kirishima exited and laying back down.

Kirishima walked towards the place he went to more often than not, letting his legs take him as he looked at the sky. The weather was pleasant, the summer weather not yet at the uncomfotable heated weather and not too humid as well.

The thing about this time was it was the time of lust for dragons- heat it was called in humam terms.

And Eijirou was horny all the time, though he never explained this to his master, who was a mere human- unfrail indeed but unknowledgable in the mating habits of dragons.

Kirishima had already imprinted on his master, as his master had unknowingly done the same, but he never explained anything of dragon culture to the explosive blonde, the constant jerking off was assumed to just be that the dragon male was very horny.

That he was.

But it wasn't his fault.

Eijirou continued to walk, stopping in the shade to watch his shirtless master abusing the training dummy with heavy attacks. Eijirou's face was warm as he watched, the sweat glistened off of his masters body as he continued to attack, his muscles flexing every so often, his eyes trained on nothing but the dummy as he let out animalistic growls, grunts, and any other sound that just comoletely sounded seducing to Eijirou, who had taken a liking to biting his own lips.

For who knows how long, Eijirou just watched Katsuki, body hot and flushed after a while as his hormones rised rised to an uncomfortable high, the coppery taste of blood evident on his tongue. And once Katsuki had glared over to the dragon, Eijirou had to use more self control than he thought he had.

"What the fuck are you looking at, Shitty Hair?" Katsuki had asked, making his way over and grabbing the cloth he seemingly left on the ground to wipe his bodies perspiration.

"Ah, just watching you Bakubro!" Eijirou laughed, scratching the back of his head, trying to ignore the urge to pounce on the blond human who glared at the redhead, arms crossed as he huffed softly.

"Whatever Hair for Brains, lets fight, I don't want you getting soft on me" Katsuki ordered, discarding his cloth and walking back towards the training area, stretching as he prepared himself.

Oh he wouldnt go soft for Katsuki.

On Katsuki


Eijirou had done the same, stripping himself of his shirt and bandana and grinning at his master, both pairs of red eyes meeting each other.

Katsuki was the first on the offensive, coming at Eijirou with speed only he could accomplish, a series of small explosions forming from his hand as he swiped up, Eijirou on defensive, hardening up almost immediately. Eijirou was pushed back slightly before he went on the offensive, using his hardened body to swipe viciously at the blond.

As he continued watching Katsuki evade his attacks, eyes heavy in contemplation on when the best parry would be, Eijirou suddenly stopped, eyes blown wide and loud huffs escaping his mouth.

Katsuki made his way to the dragons side quickly, asking if the dragon was alright. Eijirou simply let out a growl, a loud dragon-like croon escaping his throat.

"Get away from me Katsuki" he said seriously, the blond glaring at him angrily and mouth lifted into a snarl

"The fuck you-"

"Bakugou! Don't anger him!" The voice of Denki had claimed all of the attention of both males as he quickly jogged over, grabbing the flushed dragon and carrying him, Katsuki following along.

"You better fucking explain what the hell is going on or I'll explode your ass" Katsuki had told Kaminari, who shuddered and nodded.


Kaminari was nervously fiddling with his fingers as Katsuki sat, crossing his legs and crossing his arms as he glared. They had put Kirishima in his room to rest, both now in the living room, facing each other on different furniture.

"Explaination. Now, discount pikachu" Katsuki ordered the other blond, who jumped a bit, laughing awkwardly and releasing a breath.

"Well... Its a dragon thing" Kaminari began, and when he didnt speak, Bakugou slammed his hand on the couch, creating a loud sound that made the electric dragon jump.

"Ok! Geez! Its mating season for dragons and Kiri is going through his need to mate and is just super horny!" Kaminari had explained quickly, the explosive blond arching a furrowed brow, letting out a 'ah?'.

"So that shitty haired bastard just kept this from me? Thinks I can't handle it eh? Ill fucking show him" the ash blond laughed darkly, hand forming a series of small explosions.

"Wait! Bakugou! Thats not a good idea!" The electric dragon warned the ash blond, who looked at him again, eyebrow arched again.

"Why the fuck aren't you being a 'lil horny ass bitch too?" Katsuki asked the blond, who laughed softly.

"Suppressants" was all Kaminari said, Katsuki nodding and looking towards the corridor.

"And Eijirou isn't using those because...?" Katsuki looked back at the blond who mockingly acted like he was flexing his muscles as he imitated Eijirou's voice.

"It's 'Not manly to suppress your natural dragon urges bro!'" Denki laughed "Also the side effects make you super drowsy" He yawned, as if on cue.

Katsuki rolled his eyes and walked towards the hall, walking past the doors and stopping at the red haired dragon's room, not even bothering to knock as he bursted in, the dragon back at the position he caught him in earlier, jerking himself off rigorously, not bothering to stop to see who was at the door, his face flushed with pure concentration.

Katsuki glared at the dragon, closing the door and walking toward him, picking up a discarded pillow on the floor. He raised it with one hand and hit the horny dragon with the feather filled cloth, expexting the dragon to have the same reaction as before and snap out of his high horniness. He smugly decided to say something.

"So you think that not letting your master know about your fucking dragon hormones is alright? Think I cant fucking handle it, huh?" He chided, glaring slightly at the red head eho he expected to grovel on his feet or some shit.

But the reaction was not what Katsuki expected.

Eijirou growled, stopping what he was previously focused on to grab the intruder by the wrist and pull the unidentified stranger closer. Once the dragon identified the attacker as Katsuki he bit his lip, letting out a small purr of satisfaction as he leaned into Katsuki's neck and just sniffed.

Katsuki could all but shudder as he tried to push the dragon away, face flushed that the usually obedient red head would do something in this fashion, heart erratically beating.

"The fuck? Let me go shit for brains" Katsuki said, no real edge in his tone.

"Fuck~ so good, so so sweet~" the dragon had crooned, a soft purr escaping his throat as he ground himself into the blushing, squirming blonde.

"T-the fuck!? Im gonna blow your head off!" Katsuki had yelled at the dragon, biting his lip lightly at the pleasurable feeling creeping through his body as the dragon ground himself into the blonde.

Eijirou only let out dragon-like sounds, his hands slowly wandering to places no hands have wandered before on Katsuki, the blonde releasing a shudder as he pushed himself away quickly.

"The hell Eijirou? Calm the fuck down!" Katsuki blushed when the red head bit his lip, leaning up and grabbed Katsuki by the back oh his neck and pulled him close, kissing him deeply and biting his lip.

Katsuki gasped softly, the red head taking the oppertunity gratefully as he quickly invaded his tongue in Katsuki's mouth, almost moaning at Katsuki's unique taste.

Katsuki trembled slightly, taking charge of the dragon and pushing him down and seating himself over the dragon, straddling the horny redhead.

Kirishima could feel himself gwtting impossibly harder at the sight, his hands finding themselves at Katsuki's waist as he ground up into Katsuki, who bunched and grabbed Eijirou's shirt, a deep ruby glaring down at the red head, who bit his lip, not caring about the extremely uncomfortable feeling of his wings and tail being trapped between his burning body and the bed of furs.

All he cared about was getting thre burning feeling away, and the extremely sexy male above him who smell ed of cinnamon and caramel.

Eijirou grinned weakly, face flushed as he pulled the male straddling him down for a sloppy kiss, careful not to cause any real damage with his teeth. Katsuki kissed back,almost forgetting about what he came in the room for.


Katsuki once again pushed away, wiping his lips with the bavk of his hand, panting softly and face flushed as he glared at the dragon.

"Why the fuck would you keep something like this from me, fucking idiot" Katsuki asked, the dragon lulling and panting softly, mumbling out a small soft chorus of incoherent phrases.

Finally, Eijirou gave a coherent answer. Though he had leaned up and began claiming Katsuki's neck, sniffing and licking and nibbling at it.

"Fuck-Mmm..~ So sweet~" The dragon mumbled, begining to leave tiny bite marks on the neck of his master.

"Hah.. no tell... cuz want to mate with master..." Eijirou mumbled between his nibbles, face fluahed as he grinded into Katsuki, who was red faced from blushing, a familiar warm feeling running through his body.

"So what you're saying is you want to fucking fuck me?" Katsuki asked, to which the dragon stopped his stimulations to quickly nod.

A hand dropped to Katsuki's clothed member, slowly rubbing as he continued to nibble at his masters neck.

Katsuki bit his lips to suppress the sounds threatening to escape his throat, moans muffled.

Eijirou growled lowly at this, leaving a harder bite on Katsuki's neck, who let out a whiny, high pitched moan, eyes widening at the sound as he pushed the dragon away, an embarrassed flush overtaking the entirety of his face to his ears.

The dragons eyes widened and his pants had become tighter, tail whipping in excitement as he licked his lips, and Katsuki backed away.

"Fuck! Stay away!" He warned, wigh all back and no bite, only riling up the horny dragon more, who grabbed the blonde by his ankles and pulles him towards him.

Katsuki looked up at the dragon who was above him, eyes widened as the dragons deep, concentrated look glazed into Katsuki's matching eyes.

Eventually, Katsuki sighed, Eijirou would probably regret it later because he wasn't in the right of mind, but seeing that look on the dragon, it was either get fucked or seriously hurt the dragon to get out of the room with his ass virginity still in tow.

And Katsuki would rather not hurt the male he seemingly had a crush on.

Stupid reasoning but he still decided on it.

Katsuki awkwardly bit his lip, forcing himself to act submissive-hus pride coumd wait later, biting his lip and putting an innocent look in his eyes as he looked up at Eijirou, who looked confused and weirdly... Less aroused.

Eijirou huffed lowly, grinding himself into Katsuki, precum slowly slipping out of his large member, staining Katsuki's clothing lightly.

"Want... Katsuki..." He panted out "Katsuki's hah~ n-not submissive..." That was all Katsuki needed to hear, reaching down and grabbing the dragon's cock in a pleasurably tight grip, the dragon letting out a soft moan, letting the human do as he pleased.

Katsuki used his free hand to push the dragon back, to which the horny red head obliged happily, leaning back, not going on his back and instead scootching backwards to rest his back more comfortably against the wall.

Katsuki let out a breath at the sight, the large hard member of his dragon was weeping from the tip, desperate for attention- and boy did he reach so quickly to give it the attention it so craved.

Katsuki gripped the member in a thick grasp, allowing his hand to do what he did to himself in his hormonal adolescence more than a few times, slowly stroking with a tight grasp, pleasure ringing in his ears as the dragons moans sounded through the room.

He eventually added his other hand, atroaking the thick member with circular motions as his hand went up and down, the dragons moans had increased in volume, his head thrown back as he bucked into Katsuki's hand.

"Oh fuck~ so good Katsuki" He moaned out, praises and incoherent slurs escaping his lips as he bunched the furs under them in his hands.

Katsuki felt a swell of pride as he heard the sounds escaping his dragons lips, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as he leisurely leaned down, darting his tongue out to taste the precum leaking from the sex of the dragon.

Eijirou's hand immediately flew to Katsuki's hair, gripping at the ash blonde locks lightly as he let out a soft dragon-like croon, pulling Katsuki up to sit in his lap.

Katsuki adjusted himself slightly, the naked dragon groaning softly at the movemt stimulating his still weeping groin as he rested his hands on his masters hips, resting his head in the crease of Katsuki's neck and inhaling the addicting scent.

"Need... N-need you Katsuki~" Eijirou whined out, one hand going to slowly tear the clothing off of the blonde, who helped him slowly, a chaffing pace set as Katsuki leaned forward, claiming the dragons lips.

"Fuckin' hair for brains" Katsuki parted for a breath, going back in for a deep kiss.

"thinkin' I can't handle knowin' about your damn dragon mating shit" He parted again, glaring at the dragon with no bite and more horniness, Eijirou pulled him back.

"I can handle it perfectly" Katsuki had said when he had parted again, pulling the dragon closer roughly and setting a hard and hot make out session, the dragon slowly ridding the blonde of his pants, under garments going along with the thin cloth.

Katsuki helped the dragon out a bit, climbing off of him, much to the dragons displeasure, and kickijg off the unwanted clothing quickly before being pulled back to the dragons lap.

Eijirou kissed Katsuki deeply, claiming his lips and forcing his tongue into the blondes mouth, happily invading it and grinding into Katsuki in slow, soft, languid motions that had the two males both wanting more.

Eijirou, feeling hot and bothered, grabbed the ash blonds member tightly, a chocked gasp escaping said males lips as the dragon stroked at the males sex. Katsuki grabbed Eijirous shoulders in a tight grip, his hands slowly trailing to wrap around his neck as Katsuki panted.

The rough hands of the cold blooded male felt so much better than Katsuki's own, hus body felt so much more sensitive and the anticipation made it that much pleasurable. Eijirou purred at the sounds, tail whipping slightly with the little space it had trapped between his body and the rough wall and he let put a pleasured sound when Katsuki had rested his head in the crease of the dragons neck.

"E-enn.. Enough Eijirou... Ah~ f-fuck me already..." Katsuki panted out between the moans that escaped his bruised pink lips, his teeth taking a liking to biting at the flesh to muffle his moans.

Eijirou gripped the member tighter, giving a long hard stroke to the vovk that had the ash blond squirming, trembling and moaning aloud once again, thr sounds music to the redheads ears.

Katsuki's well trimmed nails began making cresent shaped marks as Eijirou had grabbed Katsuki with both hands by his ass and lifted him as he scootched off the bed, tail whipping erratically while he held Katsuki up, walking around the room quickly in search for who knows what.

He stopped at Katsuki's health supplies and took up the oil the ash blonde used not very often, the bottle still almost full from the lack of use as he walked back to the bed, gently dropping Katsuki onto the soft furs and leaning over the male, giving him a reasonably soft kiss, it quickly turning into a heated make out session once again.

Katsuki was a panting, flushed mess by the end of it and Eijirou licked his lipss at the sight, Katsuki's member standing tall and weeping precum from the swollen tip, begging for attention much like Eijirou's own sex.

The sound of a jar being opened had been the only sound to come from the room as Eijirou held the small jar with one hand and stuck his thick fingers in, coating three digits with the slick liquid. He put the jar down and leaned down to claim his masters lips again, davoring the taste as he circled a single digit around the ash blondes entrance.

Katsuki let out a small sound at the feeling, eyes shut tightly and arms around the dragons neck to hold him close as a finger was slowly entered into the blondes entrance, the feeling of pleasure overwhelming the slight feeling of a burning sting that coarsed through his body.

Katsuki let out a choked, low groan at the feeling, an uncomfortable pleasure making it way through his body as the dragon moved the finger at a slow pace.

Once Katsuki had gotten used to the feeling, revelling in the pleasure, Eijirou had slowly added his second coated digit, the blonde gasping at the uncomfortable pain brought to his virgin asshole and temsing slightly as the digit slowly sunk in, the unnatural feeling of the fingers giving an unusual stimulation to the blonde.

Eijirou continued to throughly prepare the blonde, slowly adding his third finger when the blonde had relaxed.

Katsuki tenses up at the stretching pain that had tore its was through his spine and gave him a shiver, a slight hiss of pain escaping his teeth as the dragon fingers invaded his entrance, slowly preparing him.

Eijirou continued to thrust his fingers until the blond had began relaxing, taking his fingers out to dip his fingers back into the oil once again, coating his member in the slick subtance quickly.

Katsuki knew it was going to hurt, but his mind kept going back to the dragons large sex. It would tear him in two, seeing by its large size, the nice curve it had to it was alluring but it still looked intimidating.

It was a challenge, and one Katsuki would conquer as well.

He let out a long moan as the dragon thrusted his once again coated fingers into his hole, once the entrance was tender and coated throughly, the dragon pulles his fingers out again, lining his cock up to the entrance of the blondes.

"Wai- FUCK" Katsuki had began, head thrown back as the large sex of the dragon was slowly entered into his ass, nothing but pain etching its was through his body, his nails making cresent shaped marks on the dragons skin as he wrapped his arms around the dragons neck, teeth clenched tight as slight whimpers escaped his lips, a string of curses overriding the small sounds.

Eijirou continued to slowly push into the tight heat until he was bottomed out, his large length aching for more movement as he stilled himself inside of the panting ash blond.

Bakugou was tense, letting out curses and soft pants as he adjusted to the large size of the dragon, the full feeling slowly become less painful, the slight feeling of a pleasureable bundle of nerves being stimulated inside of him becoming more evident as he pushed closer to his dragon experimentally, his body loving, revelling in the feeling.

"So good~ my Katsuki~ so tight so sweet, the best~" Eijirou slurred out, drunk on heat as he gave praises to his master who seemingly enjoyed the praise.

Eijirou let out a soft groan, and when Katsuki had nodded at him to move he pulled out to the tip,before burying himself to the hilt, the blondes back arching off the bed as a load loud moan escaped his lips, legs shaking-quivering- ever so slightly as the pleasureable feeling, the same bundle of nerves beung stinulated and his body releasing a tremble of pleasure.

"Fuck! There! T-there, damn it!" Katsuki ordered the dragon loudly, who happily complied, showering the blond in praises as he continued to abuse the prostate with his large organ.

Katsuki was a moaning mess, his mind getting hazier and hazier with each thrust to his prostate, body in a set of shivers and entrance pleasurably tensing up around the dragons member with each thrust.

The dragon took the legs of the blond and folded them in a pleasurably uncomfortable position, manhandling him as he pleased as he thrusted into the blond harder and deeper, going at an angle with his perfect feeling curve to fuck Katsuki's prostate and abuse the spot to make the blonde quiver with pleasure, sounds of pleasure escaping his lips as Eijirou consumed the sounds, claiming Katsukis lips as his own once more.

Eijirou rested a hand on Katsuki's hip, gripping tightly and thrusting into his heat faster urging the sounds out of the male underneath him.

Katsuki's eyes widened as his prostate was abused, the pleasure coarsing through him becoming slightly overwhelming as he felt pressure slowly buding up in his abdomen.

Katsuki gasped when Eijirou pulled out suddenly, his body feeling empty, before the dragon flipped him over and grabbed him by his hips, thrusting back in quickly and fucking him at the same pace as before, the moans escaping his mouth at the new position, the abuse on his prostate more intense and overwhelming as he felt himself reaching the end.

"Ah! Ah- fuck~ Eijirou c-close! Im fucking close!" Bakugou had moaned out, body trembling in anticipation as the dragon thrusted into him harder, no sign of stopping anyyime soon from the redhead as he gripped the ash blondes hips tighter, fucking him harder into the furs.

Katsuki pushed back against the dragon, moans spewing out of hia lips as he got closer and closer to the edge, feeling himself becoming painfully close before the dragon gave another hard thrust, throwing him over the edge.

Katsuki fell limp as he came with a shout, his body spasming as he tensed around the dragons large cock, the dragon releasing a groan and continuing to fuck Katsuki's hole as Katsuki rode out his high, body trembling as he panted for air, moans and whimpers coming out as his sensitive hole was fucked thoroughly.

"Ah- fuck...Eijirou t-too much" Katsuki had said after a while, the dragon still fucking him with as much vigor as before, no sign of cumming seen on the dragon as he leaned down, body trapping Katsuki's as he intertwined their hands, nose in the crease of Katsuki's neck before he bit down on the flesh, the male underneath him squirming and falling limp underneath him.

Katsuki felt the familiar building up as the dragon continued to harshly fuck him, his mind going blank in pleasure.


Katsuki had gained consiousness again, the feeling of his ass bring fucked was the only thing he felt as he opened his eyes and realized he was in the same position as before.

Had the dragon still not cum yet?


Katsuki moved his head and held back his weak moans as he tightened around the dragon, who groaned at the feeling, sending a hard thrust to Katsuki's backside, earning another moan.

"F-fuck! Eijirou, lay down o-on the bed" he ordered, the dragons movements slowed slightly as he reveled in the feeling, not stopping his movements.

Once again Katsuki repeated himself.

"Lay on the bed now and be a good f-fucking dragon" Katsuki had told the dragon, who pulled out, doing as told wordlessly with his monster cock standing proudly. Katsuki crawled his sore behind to sit on Eijirou's lap, sinking down slowly on the cock and impaling himself on the long shaft, a long languid moan escaping his lips as he slowly rode the dragon, whos hands were now on his hips in a tight grip.

Katsuki grinned down at the dragon who looked lost in the pleasure, face flushed, lips being bit by yhose oh so sharp teeth and eyes shut tight in pleasure as he whispered out praises to Katsuki.

"Eijirou, d-did you cum yet?" He asked the dragon mid-ride who shook his head no. Katsuki leaned down, letting his lower body move, the dragon lifting him ever so slightly every so often to help him and his shaky legs as he leaned down and kissed Eijirous neck, the dragon shivering deliciously and releasing a moan, bucking up into the blonde who moaned aloud.

"F-fuck Eijirou c-cum you damn l-lizard" Katsuki ordered, the dragon thrusting up into the blonde male riding him to chase the impending orgasm he had held off for so long, finally his stomach tensing in the familiar pleasure that grew closer and closer and warmer and warmer until Eijirou came with a dragon-like sound, thrusting himself deep into Katsuki and allowing himself to release his hot thick seed inside of the blond moster of his who panted softly, having had cum as well, exhasted from his three orgasms experienced as he rested himself on Eijirous chest, the cock of the dragon slipping out of the ash blondes ass, the sticky white substance that filled the entrance pouring out, chasing its former home.

"Fuck..." Katsuki had groaned out when the dragon wrapped his sweaty arms around him and had taken to falling asleep like a virgin.

Katsuki eventually did the same, trapped in the warm safe hold of his dragon.

Sure his ass would hurt like hells end tomorrow but that was tomorrow and today, it was just Bakugou and his dragon.

Chapter Text

Eijirou had began stalking towards the group, but stopped once Katsuki had yelled.

"Eijirou you dumb ass! Don't attack them!" Katsuki ran towards the group arms still clad in the magic cancelling cuffs. He stood in front of the group, huffing slightly as he caught his breath, the dragon growling lowly but not making a move.

Katsuki walked backwards, eyes not leaving the dragon that didn't dare move, eyes trained on Katsuki as well, his growls becoming more evident as Katsuki walked towards the group and moved away from him, his tail whipping slightly.

Katsuki turned to face the group, holding out his hands, giving a wordless signal to the prince to break his cuffs, which was granted, the prince using his ice to freeze the cuffs which broke off after a while from the cold.

Katsuki walked back to the dragon, hands cupped slightly to ensure the dragon hears him.

"Oi! Eijirou, transform back and dont hurt anybody" He told the dragon who stared him down, dragon spikes on edge as he huffed lowly, smoke emmiting from his nostrils. The dragon slowly became smaller, until he was back to his human self, running towards Katsuki and rubbing his scent on the human who accepted it so the dragon wouldnt be further agitated.

Eijirou growled lowly, running his tongue along Katsuki's neck gracefully, emmiting a pleasant shiver from the blond.

Eijirou cintinued to scent Katsuki, rubbing against the blonde in a way that made Todoroki cover Izuku's eyes and Iida and Yaomomo to blush profersly and avoid gazing at the... Scene...

Katsuki, suddeny aware of where they were, pushed the dragon away gently, a cross between a whimper and growl escaping the redheads lips.

"Katsuki... Need you" Eijirou mumbled out, hus broken sentence making its way into Katsuki's heart in a manner he had never experienced. He rested hus hand awkwardly onthe dragons hardened cheek, before pulling away and going back to his normal demenor, glaring at the group.

"What the fuck are you nerds doing here, thought you guys would be busy having a fucking orgy or somethin'" Katsuki chided, a smirk on his face as his eyes dangerously glared at the greenette who jumped at his gaze.

All was fine and well.


Until the sound of giggles had captured everyones attention, a blonde girl- Toga, Katsuki remembered her name- had ran towards the group, the deagon growling dangerously and slowly his skin becoming more ridgid as she had a blush on her face.

"Izuku-Kun!" She yelled out, the small green haired male's eyes widening as the prince stood in front of him, glaring at the female.

"For fucks sake Toga!" The navely voice of Shigaraki captured Izuku's attention, eyes widening at the sight of the male. Yaomomo had walked towards the Todoroki, defending when the blonde female had attacted, the two sparring.

Twice had come out soon after, yellling a "Toga-chan! Lets get married!- Just kidding!" Shagaraki was stomping, seemingly more irritated that Toga and Twice weren't following his orders as Dabi did those two weeks ago.

Dabi sighed and came out , Shigaraki glaring at the rest who were going to do the same and telling thrm to stay.

Dabi walked forward, knowing Toga and twice were outnumbered as he moved his hand up and let his blue flames forth towards the dragon who had ruined everything. It would be a perfect hit- and the blinde explosive boy wouldnt be harmed.

It would've had Katsuki not seen it and pushed the dragon out of the way- I mean- it seemed like the best option, they both wouldnt have made it if he tried to push the dragon and get out of the way and the dragon was more sensitive to the changing temperatures than Katsuki, who was more used to being burned. He clenched his eyes as he prepared for the unpleasant feeling that was inevitable, but it never came.

When Katsuki opened his eyes, a thick wall of ice seperated him and Eijirou from the attacker, the place where the flame had hit was melting rapidly.

Dabi glared at the ice, following the the trail of ice that led right to the prince, who was covered slightly in sleet and panting lightly, staring at the black haired male.

Dabi's eyes widened. Of all the people, this was the one person who he couldn't-wouldn't fight. He couldn't bring himself to.

Dabi quickly strided towards the grumbling white haired male, clasping his shoulder.

"Shigaraki, I can't fight that duel haired boy." Dabi said simply, eyes not leaving the glaring gray and matching singular blue eyes. The Todoroki waited for tge males to make a move, already using his fire side to melt the ice, Katsuki gathering the overprotective dragon who clung to him posessively, already beginning to grow slightly.

Shigaraki looked at the black haired male, face hidden behind a hand, but voice laced with evident confusion.

"And why the hell not?" He asked, the black hair male darting his eyes between the prince and his boss. Shigaraki waited a few secinds before becoming impatient.

"No good reason? Then get your ass out there, hes a kid, you can beat him" Shigaraki told Dabi, walking towards the familiar greenette dangerously, an evil grin on his face as his hand reached forward, the Todoroki, who was distracted, turned towards the white haired male, glaring- and if looks could kill- Shigaraki would be dead a thousand times over.

"Boss I-" Dabi began but shut up quickly, nibidy could know, especially not the prince in front of him.

He wrapped his arm around the male, dodging a harsh blow and the greenette ending up in a checkmate, trapped by his arm and his hand so close he could feel death breathing down his neck.

Katsuki's eyes widened- first because he couldve sworn Izuku had shown some weird power he hadnt seen before- and second because as much as he hated Izuku, he couldnt help but feel his stomach drop at the sight of Shigaraki smirking at him, eyes trained on him as he voicelessly threatened his childhood 'friends' life.

He pushed Eijirou off, the dragon letting out a sad croon and giving a chase, and his a yell escaped his mouth- as if in slow motion- The hand came closer to Izuku, who gasped loudly.

Izuku shut his eyes and Todoroki had let forth a great wave of ice and flames, Iida was busy with Twice, who had come to assist Toga with her sparring.

The sound of a horse had made heads turn, and suddenly Shigaraki was on the floor, hand not on his face as he held his face in his hand, a sound of pain escaping his lips as Katsuki grinned. Best girl was here.

G.Z. snorted sassily and whinned as she trotted towards Katsuki, hair whipping in the wind.

"Atta' girl" Katsuki praised, the horse neighing in happiness before a sound of pain escaped the horses lips and she dashed, butt on fire with blue flames...

Dabi strode towards his boss, Izuku already next to Todoroki, body adorned with an unusual greenish blue glow and redish purple lines.

G.Z. was running towards the rest of the villians as she co tinued to attempt to run from the pain she felt on herself, turning around before she ran towards the unfamiliar people and running towards the group once again, Shigaraki glaring at the horse as Dabi covered him, melting away any ice that neared them, but not mkaing a move to go on the offensive side.

Shigaraki was in the horses path as he held a hand, the horse expecting to trample over the male and not be experincing greater pain, then nothing.

G.Z. fell to the floor, no sound escaping her as Katsuki watched with fearful eyes, tears threatening to escape as he let out a wretched cry, runnung towards the lifeless horse and glared at the white haired male.

Dabi was still on the offense, carefully watching Todoroki but not prepared when Izuku had used his quirk to kivk towards him and give him a dangerously painful punch. Toga was caught off guard by the scene and had gotten slashed by a sword, falling and holding her wound. The dame went for Twice, kicked in the face hard, immediately passing out, though he seemed like he was just fighting for fun and wasnt trying.

Yaomomo had created rope and tied up the unconsious three villians, Izuku walking towards the blonde, the dragon, and the white haired male who was suddenly caught in the dragons teeth. Nobody had known when the redhead had transformed but they did know he was angry, and the one who caysed his mate to cry needed to pay.

Chapter Text


Katsuki refused to let anyone see him crying, Shitty Deku had seen enough of those unwanted tears and he sure as hell wouldnt let anyone else see the tender side of him he constantly closed off. He agressively wiped his fat tears with his arm, eyes already a bit puffy and red from the tears.

Eijirou clenched down painfully on the white haired male who couldnt touch the dragon with all five of his fingers. The wind was knocked out of him when the hold he was held in began to become suffocating and painful.

He was gonna die huh?

To some overgrown angry lizard...

The sudden voice of Katsuki had made the dragon stop his clenching.

"Eijirou stop! Dont kill him" The dragon had let the male go, not caring how hard he fell to the ground, once he had recovered from his fall, somehow he had become captured in some ropes as well as a wad of ice. Honestly he didnt bother to struggle.

"Let us take these heathens to the prison immediately!" Iida had announced, Momo coming to the corpse of the horse and creating flowers. Forget-me-nots.

Katsuki got up, walking towards the white haired male, fist clenched as he grit his teeth. He landed a punch that knocked the hand off of the murderers face, the victims eyes widening at the loss of the limb.

"My dad... Give me back my dad" he ordered, looking over at the hand which Midoriya had picked up. He put a hand on Katsuki's shoulder and put the hand back on the males face, Suprisingly, Eijirou didnt lash out at the greenette for touching Katsuki, he just watched before walking to his mate-still as a dragon- and offering his much needed affection.

Izuku dragged the now shivering-seemingly cold- Shigaraki ahile Todoroki had gone to get Dabi and Momo and Iida had already gotten Twice and Toga and were waiting for the dragon and blonde. Kirishima was still a dragon, waiting for the nlonde as he leaned down to help the blonde have easier way of getting up.

Katsuki looked over to Todoroki.

"Hey, shitty Half-n-Half, gimmie somethin' sharp" He ordered, the prince doing as he was told and handing Bakugou the hidden pocket knife he carried, silently watching the blonde who walked to the dead horse, beding down before cutting the blond hair of the mane and tying the hair together with a string he happened to have on him. He pat the horse once more before hetting up again, tossing the knife back carelessly at the prince and walking towards his mate.

Katsuki climbed onto the bowing dragon, looking at the four people below him as if they were idiots. The dragon didnt move yet.

"Well? You ass wipe bisexual orgy fucks gonna hop on or are you gonna share one horse?" The blonde asked, Midoriya smiling brightly and climbing on the dragon gently, afraid to hurt himself or the dragon. Todoroki dragged along Tomura and Dabi, having a little more trouble than Midoriya climbing on bwcause of the extra weight of another person.

Iida looked at them before looking at the horse, announcing his decision.

"I shall ride on the horse!" He had told the others, she nodded, Momo taking Toga along as she climbed on the dragon as well, Midoriya, Todoroki, and Yaomomo all awkwardly holding onto their luggage as well as the respective person infront of them so they didnt fall off the large reptile.

Eijurou flew off without warning, beginning to fly towards the castle again, the wind chilling down the bodies of the humans riding.

A few minutes later, they were far from the scene, the dragon flying lower and slower than before so the people riding on him wouldnt feel as uncomfortable (he mostly did it for Katsuki, but it just so happened that there were others feeling cold as well).

After a few moments, the unconsious Toga had melted into a mud like substance, YaoMomo confused onto what just happened to the unconsious female. Yaoyorozu inspected the melted female, feeling the substance. Felt like nothing...

"This seems fake... So that means... Toga is still there" Yaoyorozu put together, whilst Katsuki clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes.

"Whats a little girlie gonna do, I havent even seen her powers but I doubt it would ddo her any good." He chided, Twice saying nothing.


Iida had climbed on the horse, Twice had woken up a while after the others left, saying weird things like shes not real and other things of the sort but Iida paid little to no mind to the crazy spurs coming from the villians mouth. Just flinching when he felt a tiny prick on his neck, ignoring the feeling similar to a small harmless mosquito, and soon passed out after.

Katsuki and the others landed with an oof, Shigaraki and Dabi in Todoroki and Midoriya's hold as they slid off the dragon, Yaomomo doing the same and wiping the mud-like substance off her armour. Katsuki was the last on the ground as he climbed off of the dragon, the dragon transforming back and immediately clinging to his master, rubbing against him affectionately.

Katsuki allowed it to happen, glaring at Izuku when he looked over. And let out a small growl of warning.

"Go away shitty deku" He told the greenette who had nodded meekly and dragged the unconsious white haired male aling, Toforoki following along with Dabi and Momo going along as well, the three having a conversation. After a few minutes of cuddling, Iida had come along with a now awake Twice and climbed off the horse.

He seemed kind of different to Eijirou, who didnt like the smell of blood he reeked of. Eijirou covered his nose and glared at the knight who didnt seem as stiff as he seemed before. Eijirou said nothing as Iida looked at the two for a moment and then took the awake twice and smiled weirdly at the two, entering the castle right after with the prisoner.

Something was so fucking wrong.