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Clocks and Blades

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As quirks went, the boy’s was pretty fucking badass, Katsuki had to at least admit that.

He watched the boy’s round cheeks keep their bright pink colour, obviously pleased by the praise he was receiving. Watching all the extras ask five hundred questions with awe in their eyes, a weird feeling of pride crawled its way up Katsuki’s chest.

“It's a very demanding quirk though” the boy was saying, a little breathless. Katsuki headed back to the kitchen absentmindedly, quickly frying the chicken while he took the rice out of the cooker and checked the curry’s texture - it was almost ready. “The hydrogen I sweat turns into gas to transform into helium, and once the star is hot it transforms even faster, so the star grows even bigger. The bigger the star, the hotter it is, and the more important its gravitational pull is. The hotter it gets, the more I sweat and produce hydrogen, but there’s a limit to how much I can produce. And when I can't produce hydrogen anymore, the star becomes crazy hot, way too hot for me to control it anymore, and even if I could it would be monstrously dangerous, the helium would start transforming into carbon and oxygen and-” he stopped when he realised he was giving too many details for the morons around him to understand and continued “-well anyways, it would be burning and exploding everything around it. And if I hold one or many stars for too long, I get sick - hypoglycemia and stuff.”

Katsuki frowned and looked at the boy from the corner of his eyes. His cheeks were pink but it was due to his flush more than anything else. His lips were a little white, and Katsuki didn’t remember the bags under his eyes being so dark. He growled at himself at the thought of what he was about to do.

“So you can create more than one star at a time?” asked Raccoon, her voice a pitch so high soon only dogs would be able to hear her.

“Usually yes. My current maximum is eight at a time, but” the boy wiped his brow, looking exhausted “right now I'm too tired to do that. Recovery Girl’s quirk drained me earlier - because someone thought I was a villain, and that the best way to make sure of it was to blast me with all he had” he added sourly, glaring again this time at Katsuki.

“Shut the fuck up you dipshit” Katsuki snarled as he walked back to the table, a steaming plate of curry in his hand. “Next time you’ll know better than to be so fucking weak that you get easily captured by goddamn villains.” He slammed the plate and cutlery in front of the boy, trying not to spill its content in the process. “Now eat that before I change my mind, and if I catch you eating my chillies again I’ll roast your ass.”

The boy’s eyes brightened at the sight of the food, and without second thoughts he mumbled a quick “thankyaforthefood” before digging in.

“Fanks Dad!” he said, his mouth full.

And there they were fucking going again.

“Ooooooh, Daaaaaad! “

“Thanks Daddy!”

“Daaaaad can I have a plate too?”

“Shut the fuck up! And I don’t give my food to eat to goddamn weaklings like you!”

“Damn Dad, why’re you so cold to us” whined Soy sauce.

“Hey what’s that right there?” asked Monkey with a huge smile, looking at the handkerchief.

Before the boy’s suddenly wide eyes, he grabbed it and spread it before him, revealing its pattern. It was the figure of a female smiling hero on a pink starry background. Her hair were longer and her costume had changed a bit, but her I-will-soon-start-throwing-up-rainbows face was unmistakably the same.

“Hey!” Raccoon shot straight up, snatching the fabric from Monkey’s hands. “ It's Ochako-chan! It's Ochako! Look, look!” She almost put the handkerchief on Toad girl’s face. “It's her!”

“Give it back!” The boy was back to blushing red, trying to grab the fabric from Raccoon’s eyes. “It's Uravity, the great rescue hero!”

He managed to get the handkerchief back, and held it protectively against his chest.

“She is one of the greatest heroes of our time!” he said with defensively, as if someone was going to slam their fist on the table and yell ‘hell no!’. “She is brave and fearless, and saves hundreds of lives everyday with a smile, just like All Might in his days. ‘With Uravity here, there is no need to fear!’ She can lift up entire buildings and has the lowest rate of casualties in her missions out of all the pro heroes, she is amazing, she is-”

He suddenly stopped, eyes wide and blank fixated on the back of the common area, near the stairs.

“-here” he finished in a breath.

Katsuki came back from the kitchen with his own plate of curry and, after a moment of hesitation, he sat down next to Toad Face and followed everyone’s stare towards Uraraka walking down the stairs, followed by Deku - fucking Deku -, Twinkle Boy and Bird Face.

“Ochako! Ochako come here quickly !” Uniform was barely holding into place anymore.

“Hey guys!” she waved at the table with an impossible smile. “What is it? Ah -” she looked at the boy and smiled tentatively “hi there. You are Bakugou-kun, right?”

The boy blushed again, his entire face and neck red, and he barely nodded, still holding the handkerchief close to his heart.

“I’m Uraraka Ochako. Nice to meet you!” she beamed at him and he looked up at her in awe, as if she had just granted him his deepest wish.

“He knows that!” squeaked Raccoon’s eyes. “He knows you Ochako! Look at his handkerchief! Give me the handkerchief Kenta-kun!” she added impatiently.

The boy didn’t reply but he frowned, panicked, and held the fabric out of her reach.

“It doesn't matter” giggled Porcupine with a mischievous smile “he has a ton of her merchandise in his bag.”

Uniform and Kirishima threw themselves at the boy’s bag and immediately emptied its content on the table.

“Hey - don’t just - that's my stuff!” stuttered the boy, looking horrified.

Deku, Bird head and Twinkle boy had gathered behind Uraraka and were curiously looking at the boy’s belonging being exposed to the class. He had three notebooks with Uraraka’s face on them, each a different pose and background, five keychains with her face, her wrist handles or pink lines with the same two black dots Katsuki had on his own costume, a bunch of pen and pencils with her or her costume’s colours and patterns, a figurine of herself in action, rocks flying all around her - and, next to all that, only one keychain with Katsuki’s orange lines on a black background, with two dots standing out.

“Well well well” Soy sauce looked like a thief who had just stumbled upon an amazing treasure “aren’t you a little fan boy?”

The boy stayed mute, staring at his curry in silence, his face so red he looked severely sunburnt.

“That’s me!” Uraraka almost launched herself at the figurine to take a closer look. “Deku-kun, look! It's me! I'm a hero -  a pro hero! And I have my own figurines!”

“It is so well made too! Look at the quality of the material!” Of course, only a fucking nerd like Deku would know about that kind of stuff and be so excited about it. He turned to the blushing boy who had slightly lifted his head, only to scowl at Deku. Good boy . “I only have one figurine of All Might with that level of precision, and it cost me a fortune! You must have paid a lot for that one, right?”

“Dunno, Dad bought it for me a couple of years ago” mumbled the boy, still red. “It was a limited edition to celebrate her 10 years of service in Japan.”

“Ochako, it seems that you are a very important and popular hero” said Toad Face, looking a little bit less dead now. She had been silent since Katsuki had come down - not that she talked much anyway. “For you to have this many merchandise, and to be loved so much - you must be really amazing!”

“Yeah, and Bakugou’s kid is your number one fan!” added Kirishima, half-dying of laughter. “If that isn’t a proof that you’re great, I don’t know what is.”

“Really?” Uraraka seemed so pleased her hair were almost floating. She turned to the boy, eyes sparkling. “Really?”

The boy nodded vigorously, his gaze matching hers.

“You are currently Japan’s number one rescue hero” he said in a shy but admirative voice. “You are Japan’s favourite female hero, and you’re also well known across Europe, where you’re often called to handle delicate missions. You are the hero who earned the public’s trust the fastest, and whenever you appear somewhere everyone’s so happy, because- because - ‘With Uravity here, there is no need to fear!’. It's your moto, what you always say when you arrive on a crime or disaster scene” he explained sheepishly, standing a little bit taller. “You are part of The Strong 12, a group of pro heroes who are the most efficient and popular, regardless of their ranking. As expected of Uravity, I mean, after all-” Now his eyes were fucking twinkling like two disco balls “- you are the number three hero!”

“I am number three?!” shrieked Uraraka, grabbing Deku by the shirt. “Deku! I am number three! Number three!

“Bakugou, that's so lame, your kid has only one lousy keychain with your colours” snickered Buzz Face, holding the black and orange keychain with one finger. “Hey, I wanna know, what rank am I?”

“Mmmh” Porcupine took a moment to think. “I think you’re number 26! Yeah that's right, number 26.”

“Oi oi, what about me?” asked Kirishima with a giant toothy smile.

“You are number 7!” she replied with an equally big smile, not hesitating for one second. “Red Riot, the manly hero who will break through any situations!”

“Alright, that's what I’m talking about!” he roared, full of energy and pride.

“What about me?” asked Soy sauce.

“Wait, me first!” argued Grape Perv.

“I wanna know too!” whined Raccoon’s eyes.

“Oi, old man!” called Katsuki from the other end of the table.

The boy interrupted his contemplation of Uraraka to turn to him, puzzled.

“Old man? That's my line I think” he said, raising one eyebrow.

Katsuki hadn’t thought about it before speaking, and he didn’t want to take the time to explain how much the resemblance between the boy and his father was startling him.

“What's my ranking? “ he asked, narrowing his eyes, giving in to curiosity.

The boy’s smirk was smug when he said proudly:

“You’re the number two hero - right behind Uncle Deku.”

It took Katsuki a second to process all the information.

“I am WHAT?!” he roared, slamming his spoon on the table. “Behind who?! - Uncle WHO?!”

“Kacchan! It's- its fine it doesn't mean you are not going to-” started the fucking nerd, already sweating bullets at the idea that he had done something to upset Katsuki.

“SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP DEKU, YOU GODDAMN BASTARD!” he yelled, small explosions cracking in his hands.

The boy completely ignored him and turned back to Uraraka.

“I- uh- it's gonna sound weird, since you uh - you’re not … really … the real Uravity but- “ he stood up, took one of his notebooks and held it before him, bowing “Could you please sign it for me?”

Fuming, Katsuki watched Uraraka accidentally activate her quirk on herself and start floating away in happiness and embarrassment.

“OI!” he barked at the boy as Uraraka got back down and signed the notebook with a shaking hand, laughing and apologising ‘But I don’t know what to write!’. “Don’t fucking ignore me!”

He still did.

“Look!” The boy exposed his hands to the girl in front of him, his round face fucking illuminated in awe and wonder. “I also have sort of pads, just like you! You said in an interview that when you were younger you thought you were going to transform into a cat, until your quirk manifested itself.”

“It's true!” she laughed and jumped on her spot. “An interview! I do interviews! And figurines! And I have a moto!”

“That's amazing Uraraka-san!” Both her and Deku were glowing balls of delight.


“Bakugou.” Only that voice could have stopped him from going any further.

Still shaking with fury, Bakugou turned to look at Aizawa-sensei walking towards them. Following him were a very pale Half-n-half, the white and red-haired bastards, and behind them the two class representative, Four-eyes and Ponytail.

“Where were you guys?” asked Porcupine, talking to the two boys.

“They were with us and Endeavour” answered Aizawa, obviously eager for this day to end. “He came to UA as soon as he heard about our situation to ... help us see a little bit clearer.” Judging by the look on Aizawa’s face, he could have most definitely done without the pro hero’s help. “Bakugou and Ashido, tomorrow morning before homeroom, you will go to the infirmary, where your DNA will be taken and tested to confirm whether or not these children are yours. We already ran the tests with Todoroki when Endeavour was here, and they were positive. It is very likely that it will be positive for the two of you too, but we can’t be too sure.”

He took out some papers from under his arm and handed them to both class representatives, Porcupine, the boy and red and white Chip and Dale.

“The four of you will stay in this dorm until the end of your … stay. You will follow the first year’s classes like you would have in your time frame, and you will behave. Rooms have been prepared for you, and uniforms and spare clothes will be lent to you - actually, they are already in your rooms. You have all the information you need on these papers. And remember” he eyed them, red eyes glowing menacingly “You. Will. Behave .” He then turned around and headed out. “You are now allowed to get out of the dorm by the way. Good night.” And he was gone.

As Four-eyes and Ponytail left for the sofas in the centre of the living room, Katsuki looked at Raccoon’s eyes, his apprehension and uncertainty mirroring hers. He looked back at the boy, who was frowning - glaring - scowling , at the paper like it had just insulted his entire family and everything he ever stood for. With a defeated sigh, he looked up and leaned above the table.

“I can't do this” he mumbled, looking through his scattered stuff. He found a black and pink box with a white ‘With Uravity here, there is no need to fear!’ inscription, opened it and pull out a pair of glasses before putting them on to finally be able to read the paper.

Fucking hell. Now he really looked exactly like his old man. The boy went through his papers in silence, and suddenly his face started glowing like a fucking Christmas tree, a wide grin spreading on his face. He showed the paper he was holding to Uraraka - a map of the dorms.

“Look! We're on the same floor!” His cheeks were impossibly round, happiness dripping from his voice.

“Lucky bastard” mumbled Grape Perv.

“So cool! Where exactly are you Bakugou-kun?” asked Uraraka, coming closer to the boy. The boy didn’t seem to mind having her in his space as they both leaned to look at the paper.

“Right there, next to Dad’s room.”

“Stop calling me Dad - I ain’t your fucking father!” spat Katsuki, still furious. He sat back at the table and resumed eating his curry, set on finishing his dish and leaving this goddamn crowded living room.

“Yeah okay old man. You can call me Kenta-kun by the way” he smiled at Uraraka, again ignoring Katsuki.

“I’m next to my Mom too!” Porcupine came closer to them and compared her room plan to the boy’s. “What about you guys?” She turned to the strawberry and vanilla twins, who were discussing the information on their papers amongst them. The white one looked up with a smile.

“Yeah we’re next to Father too. T’was surely made on purpose.”

“He calls him Father” commented Buzz Face while playing with Monkey’s tail.

The red-haired boy looked at him, lazily raising one eyebrow.

“He is our father, therefore it is what we call him” he deadpanned in a low voice, clearly not understanding what was wrong.

“Think we’re s’pposed to call him Dad” replied the white one. “T’s’what everybody does anyway.”

“Everybody calls father Dad?” He frowned.

“No stupid, they call their own father ‘Dad’, whereas we call him Father. Not sure if anyone’s right though” his brother shrugged “at the end of the day, ‘tis just another name.”

“Little Todorokis!” Raccoon’s eyes trotted close to them, eyeing them like two very appealing pieces of chocolate. “I’m Ashido Mina, nice to meet you!”

“Nice to meet you too!” replied the white one with a big smile while his twin sighed “We know who you are.” The white one smacked lightly the back of his brother’s head. “The rude one is Hiro” he said, pointing at his twin with his thumb “and I’m Rei. Sorry ‘bout that, he doesn’t mean anything, he just says whatever comes to his mind - he’s not really good at being human and all.”

Raccoon laughed. “Just like Todoroki-kun! You really are his son Hiro-kun!”

The red-haired boy stared at Raccoon’s eyes in disbelief, clearly shocked that she would use his first name when they barely knew each other.

“Let me guess” Kirishima looked at the twins with a grin, pretending to be thinking. He pointed his finger at Vanilla - “You control ice” - and then Strawberry - “ and you control fire. Correct?”

The red one nodded silently while the white one beamed.

“That’s right! Although there is a little bit more to it” he added with a mischievous smile. “Hiro, light me up!”

And before anyone could react, the red one lifted his hand at his brother’s face and let out a powerful blow of fire.

“No!” yelled half-n-half, already launching himself towards the boys as everybody started gasping and screaming. But when the red psychopath stopped his quirk, his brother was unaffected. The collar of his T-shirt was slightly burnt, and his hair were a little bit ruffled, but he was otherwise unharmed. Vanilla laughed like a maniac.

“You should see your faces!” he wiped a tear of laughter from the corner of his eyes while everyone stared at him in shock. “I am immune to fire. I cannot get burnt, even if you threw me in an exploding volcano, I would still be perfectly fine. And Hiro” he smacked his brother’s back, who seemed to have been going through too many years of his brother’s undying happiness and enthusiasm “Hiro is immune to my ice. He cannot get cold, his body can never freeze. But weirdly enough, my own ice makes me colder, just like his fire burns him.” He threw his arm around his brother’s shoulders. “We complete each other. I guess we’ll just have to stay together forever little bro’.”

“Please stop embarrassing me” replied Strawberry quietly, his grey eyes unimpressed by the little show they just pulled. “And just because you were born a few seconds before me doesn’t make you the oldest. Touya is the only older brother I recognise.”

“That hurts man” whined Vanilla, placing his hand on his heart in a dramatic manner.

“Touya?” Half-n-half looked even paler than a few seconds before. “What do you mean he … what?”

“Yeah, Touya, our older brother” replied Vanilla, oblivious to his father’s distress. “He’s in third year along with Miho-chan.”

“He is dreamy” sighed Porcupine, cupping her cheeks with her hands, her eyes gazing at something exquisite somewhere far away. “What I wouldn’t give to be in Miho-chan’s place.”

“Even prettier than our Todoroki-kun?” peeped Uniform, as if there was no such thing.

“Oh yes, he is waaaaaaay prettier. He is always smiling, and he is so charming, and always so polite and well-mannered - when we go to lunch all the girls try to squeeze past right next to him before they enter Lunch Rush, because they know he’ll hold the door open for them and tell them ‘Hello’ with a smile and -” she trailed off and let out a deep dreamy sigh. Then she rolled her eyes. “Well, all the girls except Miho-chan.”

“A true gentleman” commented Twinkle boy with an approving nod.

“Didn’t Miho-chan threatened to throw a chair at him when he tried to pull it for her out of reflex?” winced Vanilla.

“She also threw him out of Ground Beta’s tallest building when he told her he didn’t want to go all out against a girl” snickered Strawberry, obviously amused by the anecdote.

“Who is Miho?” asked Toad face, looking like she already knew the answer to her question.

The four kids glanced at each other with a grim look on their faces. Porcupine ignored the boy’s alarmed look and turned to Katsuki rather than Toad Face.

“She is the eldest of the Bakugou family” she revealed. “Bakugou Miho, one of UA’s top student.”

Of motherfucking course.

“UA’s scariest student, yeah” cringed Vanilla. “She’s always yelling and running around, I don’t know how she has so many friends.”

“She is so loud whenever I see her” continued Strawberry, shuddering. “Everytime she sees me she roars “TODOROKI’S BABY BROTHER” and then she either tells me to take care of Bakugou-kun, or she tells me he’s gonna kick my ass during next practice. Do you know how many of our senpais call us ‘Todoroki’s baby brothers’ now?”

“She’s not that bad” mumbled the boy, a deep frown settled on his face.

“Didn’t you say the exact same thing about your father earlier?” noted Soy sauce. “Cause I mean, I hate to be the one who breaks it down to you but he is that bad.” Buzz Face and Sound bitch laughed out loud.

“Darkness moves in circle” said Bird Face, leaving everyone puzzled.

“Hold on, is Bakugou’s daughter dating Todoroki’s son?!” shouted Raccoon’s eyes, holding onto a gasping Uniform.

“Ew, gross!” said the boy, looking disgusted. “No, they’re just friends! They’re UA’s top students, so they hang out together a lot. And they’re both charming and social, they just have different ways of showing it.”

“Yeah, and Touya's way is the best” stated Strawberry matter-of-factly.

“They’re different ” insisted the boy defensively. “She wouldn’t be so loved and popular if she wasn’t good-natured. Sure, she’s a bit loud and she easily threatens people that she’s gonna kill them but … she inspires them too! She already has so many offers from hero agencies, and she’s still just a student.” And his eyes were glowing again.

“Alright fanboy, turn the power of brotherly love off, will ya” snickered Vanilla, making the boy blush. “What’s that by the way?” he pointed hungrily at the plate of unfinished curry the boy had left to drool over Uraraka.”How come you were given dinner?”

He sat back down and held his spoon protectively.

“Back off, my Dad made that for me.”

The twins eyes started glowing and, like predators in the savanna, they approached the boy ever so slowly.

“It’s your father’s curry? The chicken katsu curry?” asked Strawberry in a deep, menacing voice.

“Yeah it’s- back off! Ask your own dad to make you something.”

“Our dad couldn’t cook if his life depended on it.” Vanilla was almost licking his lips, eyes kept on the plate.

“Fuck. Off.” Katsuki’s growl came out louder than he had expected, but had the effect he had wished for. The twins lifted their heads towards him and stopped a few feet from the boy.

“Oh hi Bakugou-san!” Vanilla smiled and waved at him. “Please try not to kill your son again, I was really worried earlier today.”

“If he keeps calling me Dad I won’t be able to make any promises” he snapped, glaring at the unimpressed boy. “Eat, you little shit!” he barked at him.

The boy smiled a little and started eating again with appetite.

“Man, I miss your father’s cooking” sighed Vanilla. “I can't wait for him to come back from his mission. How long is it supposed to last again?”

The boy rolled his eyes.

“Jucht go grab a shpoon already” he said, his mouth full.

“Hey bring me one too!” said Porcupine as Vanilla ran towards the kitchen, coming back a second later with three spoons. The four kids bickered and fought over the single plate under Katsuki’s bewildered glare. He knew he was a good cook - he had thought anyone knew how to make themselves any basic good dish, but after he had watched Uraraka light spaghettis on fire, he had started doubting everything - but the four weirdos’ reaction was a little over the top, even to him.

“Man, your fajer’s food ish the besht” groaned Vanilla, his eyes rolling in exaggerated happiness.

“Wait - ishn’t ‘ere shomeshing mishing?” wondered Strawberry, looking at the plate like it had decieved him.

“Bay leav’sh” replied the boy. “Told him to add ‘em, he didn’t lishten.”

“One more word and I swear I’ll throw the plate in the trash” Katsuki threatened.

“Throw it in the trash and we’ll still pull it out and eat it.” Porcupine seemed dead-serious.

“Is it that good?” asked Sound girl curiously.

“It's the besht” replied Vanilla before he swallowed, his eyes wide as if he was shocked she would even ask. “Whenever we plan trips or outings, Bakugou-kun always have some incredible bento. We thought it was made by a Chef, like ours, but then he invited us over to his and his Dad cooked some crazy soba, even Father thought it was good.”

“Hey, by the way you two!” Raccoon narrowed her eyes. “Who’s your mother?”

“Don’t.” Half-n-half took a step closer, still quite pale. “You heard Midnight. We can’t play with information from the future.”

“Todoroki-kun, don’t tell me you’re not curious about who you’re married to!” she complained, as if he was ruining her fun. “I am, and I wanna know who’s my husb- er … well, who’s her father!”

She turned to Porcupine, who was now licking the plate clean.

“I won’t tell you” she said before Raccoon asked her anything, and she added with a smile “but you can still guess.”

“Everyone!” Four-eyes and Ponytail were back, and the first seemed ready to be the pain in Katsuki’s ass that he always was. “The first years from the future should immediately go to their room and go to bed. Tomorrow Yaoyorozu-san and I will be escorting you to your classes. Todoroki Hiro and Ashido Hana will be in class 1-A, and Todoroki Rei and Bakugou Kenta will be in class 1-B.”

Katsuki finished his plate and took everything to the kitchen, where he cleaned the common space and put the things he had used in the dishwasher, still listening reluctantly. How he had let himself get dragged into that discussion, he didn’t know. But the image of the boy, his face illuminated by a fucking star that he had created kept popping in his mind. He bit the inside of his cheeks to keep himself from grinning.

His son could create stars.

“You are not allowed to go from class to class by yourselves for the moment” added Ponytail, her face severe. “You will be introduced to 1-A and 1-B’s class representatives, and you will have to walk down the corridors with them. They will also bring you back to our dorm at the end of the day. During lunch time, you are allowed to go sit wherever you want with whoever you want, just make sure you are with the class rep before going back to class.”

“And like Aizawa-sensei said, don’t cause any trouble” concluded Four-eyes, looking at the boy. Katsuki felt his anger flare up.

“Oi Four-eyes, look somewhere else” he snarled, heading towards the stairs. “Old man!” he called without turning to look back “If you wanna see where you’re gonna sleep you better keep up!”

“What? Oh- yeah just a second Dad, I need to grab my stuff first.”

“Quit calling me fucking Dad!” Katsuki roared from the third step, annoyance building up in his chest.

“Bakugou-san, wait!” called Ponytail. “We are going to take them one by one to their respective room, and explain the dorms’ rules in the process!”

Katsuki let out an audible groan, and he was about to go in his room and leave them all behind, but the boy ran up the stairs, half falling when he missed a step in his hurry to get closer to Katsuki.

“Don’t run in the stairs!” scolded Four-eyes, waving his hands like a weird robot.

“Shut up and die rich boy” replied Katsuki, pushing his hands in his pockets. He was beginning to be really tired now, like his earlier workout was proving to have been a little bit to brutal. The boy chuckled, clearly amused by Katsuki’s insults, and he yawned loudly, his round cheeks taking a pink shade as his eyes gathered tired tears.

“Bakugou-kun don’t yawn!” Vanilla and Porcupine were right behind them, followed by Strawberry and most of the extras who had gathered downstairs to begin with. “It's only 9pm you grandpa, what are you tired for?”

“That's exactly what I always tell Bakugou!” said Buzz Face, laughing.

“Bakugou-san is really scary isn’t he?” commented Porcupine like Katsuki couldn’t fucking hear her. He stopped at the top of the stairs and slowly turned around, feeling a vein pulse against his forehead.

“Say what now?” he growled, reaching his limits. Again, the boy next to him giggled, as if Katsuki’s anger was some goddamn source of fun.

“Says who?” the boy told her, putting his hands in his pockets like Katsuki. “Your father is a freaking monster!”

“My Dad is an adorable mountain of love and fun” she argued with her index in the air. “He only looks scary.”

“Yeah right” snorted the boy quietly “and he was only giving his love to the villain he punched across the city in January.”

“It was different, it was self defense!”

They kept arguing until they reached the fifth floor, where Four-eyes had decided they were going to begin. Why on Earth had Katsuki followed them, he didn’t know, but he was oddly comforted when he saw the boy’s tired face, his scowl deeply settled on his face, clearly hoping it would also be quick.

“Todoroki Hiro and Todoroki Rei, you will both be sleeping here” said Four-eyes, opening the door of the room next to half-n-half’s. “Your uniforms are already folded in the wardrobe, and you have been granted a double bed for the two of you.”

That is the room?” Chip and Dale looked inside the big room in utter disbelief. Four-eyes puffed his chest proudly.

“Yes, this is it. UA is pretty formidable, but we never really appreciate how-”

“Why is it so small?” cut Strawberry, looking at the walls with a horrified look on his face.

“And where are the tatamis?” asked his brother, kicking at the flooring as if he expected it to crack and collapse beneath him.

As they all stared in disbelief and resignation at the boys, Katsuki turned around and started to leave. He had stayed for as long as he could, and listening to poor little rich boys complaining was definitely not in his plans for the night.

“Dad?” The boy called him softly behind him, and Katsuki almost stopped, puzzled. He had heard that voice before - that intonation at least. Where had he heard that?

“I still have some tatamis left from when I moved in” was saying Half-n-half. “I can help you set them up tomorrow if you'd like, but for tonight you’ll have to put up with this second-hand room.”

“I know it isn’t ideal” Ponytail seemed to actually genuinely believe what she was saying “but please bear with it just for tonight. I can also help you and Todoroki-san tomorrow, and create more furniture to better decorate the room.”

“Yeah, that would be nice” agreed Strawberry, sounding relieved. And just as Katsuki reached the stairs, he was rewarded for his endless patience when he heard the red-haired boy slip and add “Thanks Mother.”

He quickly spun around, watching as they all froze in place, wide eyes going from half-n-half to Ponytail to Chip and Dale. Eventually, Vanilla sighed and gazed at his brother with the same unimpressed look he was giving him earlier.

“You really are a moron, aren’t you.”

Four-eyes cleared his throat, ill-at-ease, and turned to a very red and stuttering Ponytail.

“Yaoyorozu-san, why don’t you go get some rest, I’ll take care of the rest. Uraraka-kun and Ashido-kun will help Ashido Hana settle down.”

Katsuki almost laughed out loud as he saw the little rich girl squeak an apology and run past him and to her room. Without another word, half-n-half went in his room as well, and Red and White excused themselves as well before disappearing in their new room. His boy - the boy, he corrected himself - headed towards him and shrugged, seemingly amused by his friend’s mistake.

“Figures” he mumbled when the boy got close enough to him. The kid chuckled again, and despite the exhaustion on his face he seemed as relaxed as he had seen it so far.

“Ashido Hana” started Four-eyes, but Porcupine cut him off.

“Call me Hana-chan! You won’t feel confused anymore.”

“Thank you for taking my struggle into consideration” he bowed slightly, letting out a relieved sigh.

The boy yawned again as Four-eyes started explaining the rules to Porcupine despite her never-ending interruptions. Katsuki headed towards his own room, quickly noticing the boy was following him.

“Is that my room?” he asked shyly when Katsuki opened his door, looking at the one next to it.

“Nah, that's Kirishima’s. Yours has to be that one” he grumbled, waving at the one on his left.

“Do I have to wait for your class rep to come and explain everything to me?” he asked again in a sleepy voice, his tone even softer. Where had he heard that voice?

“Do whatever the fuck you want Old man, I’m not your dad.” He grimaced when he heard himself, but the boy laughed gently. With his face so relaxed, some of his features begun to remind him of someone else than his father, but no matter how much he tried to rake his brain, nothing came up. He was way too exhausted. With one last smile, the boy spun around and whispered quietly:

“Good night Dad.”

“I’m not your fucking- uh, whatever.”