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Clocks and Blades

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The doors of the elevator finally opened with a ‘Ding!’ , and Momo and Todoroki rushed out of it. Right next to them, Kyouka arrived at the same time, panting from her fast descent in the stairs.

“Kyouka-chan -” began Momo urgently while Todoroki already headed for the common areas.

“There!” shrieked Kyouka, pointing a shaking finger at the sofas near the TV.

Momo turned around and scanned the area, her heart clenched in fear. Could something have happened?

Her train of thought stopped instantly when she caught sight of three heads emerging from behind a couch, one black, one white, one red. She frowned when she heard laughters, and both she and Todoroki walked up to the furniture and the boys, worried and confused.

Sitting on the couch were Touya, Hiro and Rei, the twins looking up at their older brother in awe, all three smiling, all three happy, all three relaxed.

All three wearing nothing but their boxers.

“Do something!” squeaked Kyouka from next to the elevator where she hadn’t moved, her face as red as a ripe tomato. “Tell them to at least put some clothes on!”

Momo sighed in relief and Todoroki just stared at them, stunned. The twins spotted her first and beamed at her, waving tentatively. Momo felt a hot blush take hold of her face, and her first instinct was to run away. But instead, she tied her hands together under her breasts and took a deep breath.

“Good morning” she said, her voice high-pitched and shaking.

Touya turned around, surprised, and grinned as well when he saw Momo.

“Hello” he replied, getting up from the couch. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Behind her, Momo heard Kyouka and some other girls let out squeaks and gasps. She quickly looked to the side and saw not even half of class 2-A sitting around the table by the kitchen, still sleepy. In addition to them were Kenta and Tenmei, both fully dressed and well awake unlike most of her classmates, both reading a book with their glasses on, except Tenmei had a light smile on her full lips and Kenta was glowering at the book like it was promoting the mass murder of babies. Momo noticed he was the only one with a bowl of cereals and a glass of orange juice in front of him, even though Bakugou was already in the kitchen with the same scowl on his face, appetizing smells escaping from the small space. None of the two students seemed to take any notice of their friends’ appearance.

Momo turned back to the half-naked boys, and even though she knew she should never admit it in front of other people than her family, she wasn’t really bothered by their lack of clothing. Ever since she was a child, her father had always had an unconditional love for hot springs, and had decided to have a kind of replica built in the east wing of their home. She had always been used to see him happily stroll about naked or only wearing a towel for the sake of not unsettling the female members of staff, and up to a certain age Momo had done the very same thing. On top of that, she shared with her mother the creation quirk, even though hers was stronger that her mother’s, and when she was younger she would often rip her best and favourite clothes when she would involuntarily create something from her leg or her back. Knowing exactly how upsetting that was and in order to make her feel at ease with her quirk, her mother would allow her to play around the house with nothing but plain shorts. As she grew up, she gradually had to put on some more clothes for the sake of modesty, but would still be allowed to wander in her room and their own hot springs half-naked.

However, she had also learnt about decency when it came to others outside of their family circle - although she would forget about it when she was in practice and would need her quirk - and she knew she couldn’t let the boys unsettle her classmates because of this, no matter how liberating she knew it was.

“Please you three” she began, still holding her joined hands close to her chest as she looked at them one after the other. “I am sure you are very well aware you shouldn’t be - what is that? ” she suddenly asked, staring at the oldest boy’s underwear with alarmed eyes.

Touya looked down at his boxer, then back at Momo. “Are you referring to the undergarment or to my general outward aspect?” he asked, puzzled.

“What do you think?” shouted Kyouka from afar.

“Of course I am referring to the underwear!” said Momo anxiously. “Don’t tell me it’s made of synthetic fabric?”

What? Momo! Priorities, priorities!”

“Yes it is” nodded Touya with a resigned sigh, his hands on his hips. “That’s all the staff of UA agreed to give us.”

“But synthetic fabrics are not suitable for the skin, much less as underwear!” insisted Momo, genuinely shocked anyone would ever agree to wear such a thing so close to their skin. “Underwear should always be made of cotton!”

Thank-you! ” said Rei, standing on his knees from the couch, his arms extended towards Momo in a half scandalised half grateful pose. “That’s exactly what I kept telling them, but Bakugou kept on telling me we were spoilt or something.”

“You are spoilt” confirmed Kenta from the table he was seated at without moving his eyes from his book, blindly taking a spoonful of cereals.

“Do you want me to create some suitable underwear for you?” asked Momo, worried. She could almost hear her mother gasp in horror at such a terrible faux-pas.

“Oh that would be amazing thank you” replied Touya with a relieved expression. “Not to sound ungrateful but I just cannot understand how can anyone - duck!

He pressed on both his brothers’ head and dove behind the couch, right before a grey slipper flew above them, hitting the TV behind with force and bouncing on the floor. As Momo turned around, bewildered, Touya reappeared from behind the couch with a wide smile. Near the elevator, next to a flustered and startled Kyouka stood an exhausted and very angry looking Miho. Her blond hair were a mess and circled her puffed face like a wild mane, and her brown eyes were bagged and half-lidded.

“How many fucking times am I gonna have to tell ya” she growled, her voice hoarse. “Put. Some. Goddamn. Clothes on.”

“Good morning sunshine” he replied sweetly and sarcastically. “Will you look at the beautiful flower the sun brought with him today.”

“Fuck you Touchan” she snarled in a low voice, kicking her other slipper and dragging her feet to the table, her shoulders slumped.

Momo frowned at such a vulgar girl - well, as expected of Bakugou’s kid after all - and turned back to the perfect tall boy next to her. “I should probably make some clothes for you three as well” she still admitted.

“Do we have to ” whined Hiro, sprawled on the sofa and blowing air from his mouth towards his red strands of hair, trying to get them to fly above his forehead. “Today’s a resting day isn’t it - aren’t we supposed to chill on a rest day? Can’t we just stay in underwear and watch something on TV together?”

“Yeah you have to” deadpanned Todoroki in a matter-of-factly tone, frowning and staring at him like he was wondering whether he was joking or not.

“As bothersome as it is, I am afraid you’ll have to” replied Momo softly, feeling a small tug at her heart when Hiro sighed, resigned.

She held out her arm in front of her and pulled at the fabric she was creating, the soft tingles caressing her skin a familiar feeling, feeling a little conscious as she felt the three boys’ gaze on her.

She cleared her throat. “Have you slept well?” she inquired, looking at Touya who was still looking at her with amused yet fond eyes. “How are you feeling this morning?”

“I feel -” he cocked his head to the side with an entertained smile “- like Harry Potter.”

Momo blinked. “Like Harry - what?”

He beamed at her. “I finally know what it feels like to sleep in a room the size of a closet.”

The twins guffawed and laughed, and even Todoroki cracked a smile while behind them, a loud and throaty voice growled “Do you want my other slipper in your goddamn face you spoon-fed little brat?”

“On a more serious note, these rooms are ridiculously small” he chuckled, taking the clothes Momo was giving him and passing them on to his brothers. “I would barely be able to fit my bed inside.”

Momo giggled. “Well to be fair, I tried and my room became very cramped” she confessed in a low voice as she gave him his own, larger clothes. “I had to have the bed replaced with another smaller one, but -” she sighed “- now it just feels like I could fall over if I rolled to the side.”

“Why don’t you have a japanese bed instead?” asked Rei, leaning on the couch backrest, his chin resting on his crossed arms and his clothes next to him, untouched. “It’s more practical I think, you can even cross your room without having to jump on the bed to reach the other side.”

“Well - I am used to having an elevated bed, so -” replied Momo, feeling her heartbeats quicken as she realised with excitement that she wasn’t just talking with the boys, she was having a conversation, an actual conversation with them.

“Rei, clothes on” Touya told his younger brother as himself and Hiro were getting dressed. “Come on, don’t be stubborn, you’ll take them off when we’ll be in our rooms this afternoon.”

Hiro pulled the light grey t-shirt on his head and let out a loud gasp when he emerged. “Is that cashmere?” he asked, his eyes wide before he began hugging himself. “I thought I would never feel that softness ever again!”

“Cashmere and cotton blend yes” corrected Momo, nervously brushing her hair between her fingers. “I figured you’d like it.”

“This feels nice” sighed Touya as he pulled up his dark blue sweatpants. “Feels like home.”

“You left yesterday Todoroki-kun” chuckled Tenmei without lifting her eyes from her book. “Don’t pull the lost pup act on us will ya.”

“And it already feels like an eternity” he replied dramatically with a cheeky smile, his hand on his heart. He turned back to Momo, joining his hands behind his back, and leaned slightly forwards, his smile warm. “Shall we have tea?”

Momo opened her mouth, turned to Todoroki who was eyeing the kitchen with narrowed eyes, gazed towards Rei who was begrudgingly putting his clothes on, then she looked back at Touya and smiled shyly.

“I would like that very much, thank you” she agreed. His smile grew wider, and he gestured for her to head towards the table before her. “Do you have any favourite flavor or brand?”

Touya thought about it for a second, his beautiful black hair shining under the sunlight that flowed on the table facing the kitchen. “Well I do love the Lord Bergamot Tea from Steven Smith Tea Maker, but when it gets hotter like they forecasted today I tend to prefer a more floral taste, like maybe their White Petals tea. Definitely one of my favourites” he concluded with a smile.

They reached the large table where Sato, Shoji, Ojirou, Tooru and Tokoyami were happily and quietly chatting about their performances during the Sports Festival while waiting for their breakfast. Kyouka had sat down next to Tooru, still flushed and eyeing the three boys warily, while Miho had taken a seat between Kenta and Tenmei and had put her head between her arms on the table, her wild hair all over the place.

Touya pulled a chair for Momo with a smile, then another one for Hiro, motioning for him to sit down. “Rei, hurry” he called the other twin, his voice quiet and kind.

“I hate clothes” he simply replied, begrudgingly grabbing his sweatpants.

“Uh, please, there are some things no one should have to witness this early in the morning” said a sleepy voice.

Near the stairs, Hana was carefully heading for the kitchen table, a wince never leaving her features as she moved with cautious small steps. Next to her, the elevator’s door opened with a ‘Ding!’ , and Mina and Kirishima walked out, stopping right in front of her.

“What -” Hana frowned, looking like a Nanny about to scold two children. “What are you two doing here?”

Mina cocked her head to the side, puzzled, while Kirishima began shifting nervously. “Well … we’re here for breakfast I guess?” she replied, not sure if this was the answer she was expecting. Without even missing a beat, she hooked Hana’s arm with hers and led her towards the kitchen. “Is Ochako-chan not here yet?”

Kenta’s head popped right back up. “No, not yet. I think her injuries have taken their toll on her” he sighed, taking off his glasses and sliding his right thumb across his left palm.

Without even lifting her head, Miho’s hand flew and she slapped her brother’s right hand on the back. “Stop that” she growled from between her arms. Her head slowly emerged from the table, looking like a bear that had just been woken up from its hibernation by the sound of gunshots. “Tch, her injuries, my ass. More like she slept in and turned off her alarms one by one.”

With a sigh, she slowly stood back up on her chair and started stretching, yawning and grunting, her back arched like a cat and her whole body tense, before she relaxed completely and just closed her eyes, face basking in the sun.

“There” grumbled Rei when he reached the table, fully dressed and obviously annoyed. “Clothes on. Now my skin is on fire. The entire world is nothing but fire. Happy?”

Touya patted him gently on the head. “Just bear with it for now alright?”

Rei sighed and sat on the chair his older brother had pulled for him. Momo turned around, looking for Todoroki. When her eyes locked with his, he was wearing the same guarded expression he had had at the beginning of their talk earlier. She smiled tentatively, blushing a little at the embarrassing situation, and discreetly motioned at the chair next to her. He stayed still for a moment, then slowly closed in, pulling the chair out and sitting by her side, his fingers intertwined on his lap as he stared at the three boys one after the other.

“So!” Mina clapped her hands as she let herself fall on the chair next to Tenmei. “Are we having breakfast yet?”

“Shut up” growled Bakugou’s voice from the kitchen.

“Hey how come Kenta’s the only one to have breakfast?” wondered Kirishima out loud, frowning and smirking at the boy’s cereals.

“‘Cause he arrived first” snapped Bakugou, clearly not in a good mood. “Had you dragged your ass out of bed sooner you’d be eating as well. Now you write your breakfast on the paper next to Big Foot and you wait like everyone else.”

“Big Foot?” Kirishima repeated, puzzled.

“Big Foot” snorted Miho, her eyes still closed.

“That would be me” replied Tenmei without lifting her eyes from her book. She slid a piece of paper towards Kirishima, Mina and Hana. “There’s the list. Make sure to fill it in properly and to write your wishes for next meal or breakfast on the flip side my dudes.”

Sero appeared out of nowhere and snatched the paper from between Kirishima’s hands. “What’s that? Oh Kaminari look, it’s for breakfast!” he realised, looking at the paper with a hungry smile. “Hey Bakugou, did you cook us something good?”

“Shut up extra!” he snarled, finally turning around, his eyes mad. “Just write down something on the damn paper!”

Kaminari half yawned half chuckled, and his eyes fell on Touya, who was looking back at him with interested eyes. “Hey man, you alright?” he asked with a wide smile.

“I am perfectly fine thank you” he replied, his grin mirroring Kaminari’s. “Miho-chan, did you greet the young man behind you?”

Miho opened her eyes and glared at Touya, annoyed, then she turned around. When her eyes fell on Kaminari, she jolted. “What the fuck are y-”

Her head snapped back towards Touya, and Momo saw the boy place himself on the chair as if he was getting ready to jump and run. Even Tenmei looked up from her book to look at them, amused, and Kenta snorted softly.

“Shut up you!” she hissed as she smacked her little brother’s head. She pointed a menacing finger at Touya. “And you - you’re fucking dead.”

Touya snickered and relaxed on his chair, indifferent to Miho’s glare. Momo frowned and cleared her throat.

“Maybe that’s not the appropriate way of talking to a classmate” she said quietly. She didn’t know much about that Miho girl, but so far she really did not have a positive opinion of her. However, as annoyed as she was, she knew she had no authority whatsoever over the wild blond. At least with Bakugou, she knew she could scold him as his class rep, but her - she wouldn’t even be surprised if she yelled back at her.

But Miho just quickly glared at her and sighed. “Sorry” she grumbled, as if the word was aching in her throat.

Momo blinked, surprised. “It’s - it’s fine.” She looked at Kyouka, who was staring at her with wide eyes, just as startled by the unexpected apology as Momo was.

“What’s that?” asked Kaminari, oblivious to Miho’s knee-jerk reaction to him. “What’s wrong Lord Explosion Murder Junior?”

“Lord Explo - what?” she snarled, looking back at Kaminari before her head quickly turned back around, wide and mad eyes glaring at the table.

“Everything’s alright there Miho-chan?” chuckled Tenmei, putting a big hand on her shoulder.

Miho shoved it away the way Momo had seen Bakugou do with his own friends one thousand times. “Shut up underling” she growled, getting back up on her feet and heading towards the kitchen, her hands tucked in the pockets of her sweatpants hanging too low for a girl.

“Aah, the sweet sound of a Bakugou insulting their friend” commented Sero, putting a hand on his heart. “Nothing more pleasant than to hear that first thing in the morning I must say.”

“You know you don’t need to bear with her” observed Todoroki once Miho was out of earshot. Momo quickly glanced at him, glad he said out loud what she was thinking. Touya looked at Todoroki, surprised, before a reassuring smile took place on his features.

“Oh I know” he replied, confident, his tone light. “I am not doing anything I don’t want to here.”

“She’s not so bad usually” nuanced Tenmei, keeping her voice low as she looked at Miho open the drawers and the cupboards under Bakugou’s wary look. “You gotta give her some credit for not blowing up the entire school though, girl’s been going through a lot lately. I mean there was her brother, then her mother, and it’s pretty much chaos right now in society. People are freaking out. And she’s been handling it like a champ - or maybe she hasn’t been handling it well at all?”

“Considering it’s Miho-chan we’re talking about, I’d say the way she dealt with it was pretty disastrous” confirmed Touya, shaking his head with a resigned smile.

“What do you mean?” whispered Kenta, leaning forward and tracing a line in his left hand once more.

“Kenta!” roared Miho’s voice from the kitchen, making him jump. “The fuck did I say about your hand?”

“How did she -” Kenta chuckled halfheartedly and raised his hands towards her in a surrendering pose, the pads on his palms facing her. Momo narrowed her eyes and tilted her head as she looked closer. On his left palm, a large scar crossed his entire hand, running diagonally over both pads, beginning between his index and his middle finger and ending at the limit between his hand and his wrist.

“Uh - oh crap” he choked a little, bringing his arms back down and hugging himself, his breath heavy.

“Stay still goddammit!” barked Bakugou, glaring at him furiously.

“You alright there fam?” inquired Tenmei, putting her hand on his back as he took in deep breaths.

“Yeah yeah, I’m fine” he wheezed. “Just tell me - what happened?”

“Nothing” Touya simply explained. “Absolutely nothing. We thought she was going to spiral out of control so we stayed close to her, but she did nothing. She didn’t do a thing, didn’t say a thing. I mean you know her, she loves to talk. And up until yesterday, she was just … silent. It was deafening.”

“Yeah, got to the point where we were actually trying to get words out of her” Tenmei snorted. “Can you imagine that?”

“But - surely she snapped out of it, wasn’t she the one who organised your rescue mission?” asked Hana, puzzled.

“Oh no, that was me” corrected Touya with a wide grin, his fingers intertwined on his lap - just like Todoroki, Momo noted with a hot blush. “Miho didn’t want to take any initiative at first, didn’t want to go against the police and school’s order to not get involved. I think her mother ending up in the hospital was quite a shock to her. She never expected her to be taken down so easily.”

“She sounds badass” pointed out Sero.

“She is badass” muttered Kenta with a depressed scowl on his face, bringing his thumb back to his hand.


“Not touching!” he replied louder, pulling his hands apart and crossing his arms.

“Wait, hold on” said Kirishima, holding his hands up before him as if to pause the conversation. “Let me get this straight. You -” he pointed a finger at Touya, raising one incredulous eyebrow “- stole antidotes from a hospital, went through classified information your parents held, and went against both the school and the police’s policy to organise a rescue mission you were specifically told not to organise?”

“Sounds familiar to you?” snickered Kaminari.

“Well you make it sound quite easy” frowned Touya, crossing his arms on his chest. “I had to create a distraction at the hospital, go through the security and hack their doors to reach the antidotes, and even at home I had to pick the locks of both my parents’ office and crack the code to their safe to reach their files.”

“You did what ?” asked Momo, bewildered, looking at the handsome boy. How could such a perfect boy do all these things and be so proud of them?

Touya smiled and shrugged. “Well I knew the villains were going to reappear soon enough, and I knew we would need to be ready when the moment came. Besides -” he ruffled Rei’s hair, and the boy half groaned half laughed “- I wasn’t going to sit around while my brothers were lost somewhere out of my reach.”

The twins beamed at their older brother, radiating with joy.

“Also it’s part of my training as a hero” he continued, his chin up. “I cannot let myself face a situation where I would be lacking a skill that would be easy for me to learn just because it seems a little cunning. Coming from a great household, no one ever expects me to do play any tricks on them. As a matter of fact, they tend to accuse Miho-chan ninety-five percent of the time, and she covers up for me, even though she wants to beat me up afterwards. My name and composure keep me protected from any suspicions, so why would I not use this to my advantage?” He looked at Momo with a smile full of complicity. “And you are the one always telling me ‘A sharp tongue and good manners are the key to obtaining anything’. Well I have both, and a couple of tricks up my sleeve just in case I would need some personal backup.”

“Poor Miho-chan” chortled Tenmei. “How many times did she end up in detention because of you?”

“Because of me?” he repeated with an incredulous laughter. “I believe you also have been taking advantage of her wild demeanour quite a bit Miss Class Rep.”

Tenmei shrugged. “At least I have an excuse, I can’t get busted by them teachers in my position.”

“Are we in a parallel dimension where Bakugou’s kid is the one getting dragged into trouble by her friends and not the other way around?” wondered Sero out loud.

“No, she most definitely has quite a number of mischiefs under her belt” said Touya firmly. “Let’s just say we might have … inflated that number. By approximately forty-five percent. Or maybe fifty. Fifty-five.”

“All of this to say” continued Tenmei quietly amidst the laughters “she’s not as bad as she looks. She’s actually always been mad helpful for quirk development and stuff. Always down at the gym, lifting weight and sparing, never missing leg day, coming up with them crazy ideas for both her and our quirks.”

“She is the one who suggested the fire dragon” added Touya, his eyes impressed.

“What’s that?” barked Miho, coming back from the kitchen with a mug of coffee and two toasted slices of bread covered in jam.

“Hey! How come you also have breakfast! Bakugou! ” whined Kirishima.

“Shut up!” repeated Bakugou, irritated. “She prepared that herself - did you dipshits even write anything on the goddamn paper?”

“Mama didn’t raise a wimp” growled Miho, glaring down at everyone with her chin raised up, chest and hair puffed with arrogance as she loudly took a sip of her coffee. “So? What were you talking about?”

“Quirks” replied Tenmei. “Talking about Touya’s dragon.”

“Oh yeah I was curious about that!” remembered Kirishima, excited. “You can make fire dragons? Is that your quirk?”

Touya smiled with condescendance. “Not exactly.” He got up from his chair and tucked it back in, taking a step back from the table. “I use both fire and ice. My entire left side can create any inanimate object but in ice. All I have to do -” he extended his left hand towards Momo and Todoroki, and his palm began to shine in a familiar way, exactly like it did when Momo used her quirk, except the soft light emanating from him was a shimmering, iceberg blue “- is to know how to create these objects on a molecular level, even though they will come out in ice.”

A crystal blue matryoshka popped out of his hand, glistening under the sunrays.

Momo jumped. “It’s a - I know these!” she blurted out, holding her own hand out. A colourful matryoshka stood in her palm, and she held it next to his. They were the same size, had the same patterns, and the character looked almost the same. The only difference was that his looked like a perfect ice-carved doll, while hers had the actual material. Momo looked up to the tall boy and smiled at him, his own smile warm and loving.

“Creating inanimate objects isn’t too difficult” he continued, handing the ice-creation over to Momo. She sat back down and held it next to her own matryoshka, a lukewarm and happy feeling softly nesting itself in her stomach. “As Miho-chan said yesterday, I have an eidetic memory, which means I can remember anything I have read or seen with almost perfect accuracy. However, my right side is … trickier.”

He lifted his left arm and looked at it, focused. Flames slowly appeared all over his arm, licking his skin and rising, dancing around as they all curled towards his hand. A shape began to materialise itself, a round body, then two clawed limbs, a small head and a beak. Two large wings of fire sprouted out from its back, and a loud cry escaped from the fire eagle as it crouched down and jumped forward, taking flight and flapping its wing majestically as it flew around the common area.

Momo and the rest of her classmates gasped as they looked at the graceful bird circle the space, and softly disappear with one last cry.

“I create living creatures made of fire ” he concluded, smiling proudly at everyone’s reaction. “It’s much more complicated than inanimate objects, because I have to create every single detail of their anatomy from the root of their DNA itself. Keep in mind the structure of their bones, the way their muscles work, their general behaviour, their cardiovascular and respiratory systems, all of it.”

“Aaaand there goes the shirt” noted Tenmei, her big lips stretched into a smirk.

Momo looked back at Touya, and noticed his shirt had burnt on his entire right side, leaving not much of the fabric.

“Yeah, that happens quite often unfortunately” he conceded, grabbing what was left of the shirt. His fist clenched on the fabric and he tugged on it hard, ripping it off from his chest.

“Oh my -” squeaked Kyouka, hiding her red face between her hands.

“It took me a while before I got comfortable with that part of my quirk” he confessed, unphased by the girls’ reactions as he took the new shirt Momo had immediately began creating with a ‘thank you’. “It was hard to take all the elements into account at every moment, and most of the time, my creatures ended up dying or were abnormally distorted. It was not like the ice creations that I could just toss out in a tub to let them melt away. These ones were in pain, and it just hurt too much to see them die horrible deaths one after the other. At some point I even refused to use my fire at all. Father had to try to talk me out of it for months. And then this happened to me” he added, jerking his chin towards Miho, who glared back with her mouth full of bread.

“I’m ve beft fucking fing vat eve’ happened to you you dipfit” she replied without even bothering to swallow what was in her mouth.

“What did she do?” asked Sero with a wide grin.

“She bullied me” Touya deadpanned.

“I didn’t bully you” Miho huffed, rolling her eyes.

“She bullied me into using my quirk against my will” he added, pulling the new shirt on himself with an amused smile.

“Because you were being a little bitch!” she snarled at him, pointing her mug of coffee towards him accusingly. “Always whining about your poor little animals - they weren’t even real fucking animals!”

“You brought a living mouse to me and squashed it with a rock to prove a point.”

“Well someone had to do something about your ridiculous behaviour” she said, bringing her mug to her lips as if she was closing the topic. “You were sitting on an amazing quirk just because you were sad . Fuck that. Just take an animal, slit it open, look at the guts and then reproduce it in your mind. Period.”

“How exactly were you allowed to stay anywhere near her?” asked Todoroki with an edge to his voice, not even bothering to try and speak out of earshot from Miho.

“Oh I wasn’t for a time” Touya chuckled, and even Miho cracked a smile. “Right after she tried to beat me up because I still wouldn’t use my fire. Didn’t see her for about a whole year.”

“And what happened?” asked Momo, frowning at Miho who was sipping on her coffee like they were chatting about something innocent and not psychological harassment.

“I ended up asking after her” admitted Touya, sitting back on his chair. “I went to a separate middle school from her, and realised I was the best student there because she had pushed me relentlessly. Of course I am still convinced there were better ways to encourage me than the ones she chose -” he gave her a jeered look “- but it was still efficient. And when I tried using my fire quirk again I followed her advice - not actually killing animals, but observing them alive, then learning more about their biological composition. First thing I ever managed to properly create was a mouse.”

“See? You were just being a little bitch” Miho declared, shaking her head and taking a large bite of her second piece of toast, her cheeks puffed as she chew on it. “An unimavinativ’ littl’ bitf.”

“She came up with the whole dragon idea when we were preparing to enter UA” he explained, chuckling. “I had thought the best way for me to improve my fire quirk would be to learn to create more animals, in greater quantities. She thought it would be to be able to create any creature at all, even the ones that did not exist.”

“Existing, not existing, that’s just lazy people’s excuses to not look beyond the scope” she scoffed, holding her chin up superiorly. “Why bother creating lions when you can create tyrannosauruses? Why work on sharks when you can imagine leviathans and krakens? Why try to make eagles fly when you could have a fucking dragon roam the sky?” She took another bite from her toast. “Lemme tell ya, when we took ve examf back in our fchoolf, we fuckin’ afed that bitf. Bof’ got into UA with recommandafions. Didn’ eve’ haf’ to go frough ve entranfe examf like all the o’er looverf.”

She swallowed and kicked Touya’s chair playfully, making him lose his balance for a second. “You’re welcome you little shit.”

“Well I still need to work on the dragon” he added, turning back towards Kirishima. “I can’t really make it last too long.”

“Well you still managed to yesterday, didn’t you?” Kirishima replied with an impressed smile. “I mean that dragon was - wow!”

“Mmh. Yes, well …” Touya looked at his right hand, a shadow covering his eyes and his smile. He closed his hand into a fist. “Let’s just say, I was -”

He relaxed his hand and let it rest on Hiro’s red hair, patting his head gently and protectively.

“- aggravated.”

“Seriously, and afterwards people say I’m the crazy one” groaned Miho, shaking her head. “But you lost your damn mind back there Touchan.”

Touya just shrugged happily. “Your turn” he simply replied. “Show them your quirk.”

“Oh yeah, I wanna know about it!” chirped Mina, lifting her head back from the paper she was writing her breakfast wish on. “I heard you were able to counter both Blades’ attack and to repel Kenta-kun’s star! Is that true?”

Miho didn’t reply immediately and just glared at Mina. Behind her, Bakugou arrived from the kitchen and snatched the list from Mina’s hand. “Hope you assholes all wrote something, or else tough luck” he snarled.

“Wait, we didn’t” said Momo, extending her hand. Bakugou grumbled something under his breath and handed her the list. But instead of retreating back to the kitchen, he leaned against the wall and tucked his hands in his pockets, his eyes  boring holes into the blond girl.

Miho didn’t say a thing and just looked at her last bite of toast before she threw it in her mouth and chew slowly. She took a sip of her coffee and took a slow, deep breath. “Alright” she sighed, smirking.

She walked closer to Mina, put her mug on the table, and put her hands heavily on her shoulders. Mina jumped, and her smile quickly faded as she looked around, a little panicked.

“What are you -”

“Right.” She slipped her hands under her arms, holding them tight. “A gentle push. A gentle push a gentle push a gentle push. A. Gentle. Push.”

She closed her eyes, her eyebrows furrowed in focused as an excited silence fell upon them. A ‘Pang!’ suddenly banged in the room like a dry gunshot or the sound of a toy gun, making everybody jump, and for a second Mina shrank her head between her shoulders and shut her eyes tight, but nothing happened, even as Miho let go of her arms.

It all happened very quickly. One moment, Mina was just sitting on her chair, her teeth bared and clenched like she was expecting someone to hit her on the head, the next she was falling upwards with a yelp, smacking and rolling on the ceiling.

“Oooouuuuch” she whined, slowly getting back up on all four. On the ceiling. Mina looked up, rubbing her back with a wince and glanced around her.

“Uh - guys?” She stared for a second before her, and Momo tried to imagine what it must feel like, suddenly being surrounded by white emptiness.

Mina jumped back on her feet and searched her surroundings, her head whipping around.

“Guys!” Mina called once more, obviously panicked as Kirishima giggled. She snapped her head around. “Eijirou?”

Kirishima immediately stopped laughing, and his eyes went wide.

“Eiji- ... what?” repeated Sero, turning to Kirishima with a puzzled face. They all looked as Kirishima’s face slowly took a deep shade of pink, his eyes not leaving the ceiling. A wide grin slowly crossed Sero’s face. “ What?

“Guys!” called Mina once more, walking on the ceiling and searching around her. “Where are you? It’s not funny!”

“Look up” replied Miho with a smirk, taking back her mug and sipping on her coffee. Mina raised her head and gasped when she saw them all above her.

“Fascinating” breathed Momo, forgetting all about the girl’s past behaviour. She got up and went about the table, staring at Mina and looking at the pink girl gawk back. “It’s like her entire world was turned upside down. Does it apply only to her or to everything around her?”

“Normally it should apply to anything that comes within a hundred and forty four degrees angle scope starting from either one of my hands” replied Miho, taking back her seat next to Kenta, who was looking like he was about to float away with contained pride. “Aiming for that hundred and eighty. The hardest part I found out was not to blast things away harder, or to launch more things, but the opposite. Gently applying my quirk to very specific objects without involving their surroundings. The Old Man had me practicing with a small red ball surrounded with stuff like eggs and needles, and I was supposed to make the ball fly but not the rest, or else it would crash or scatter on the ceiling. And when it didn’t work, he replaced them with stuff my mother cared about” she grunted, shooting a deadly glare at Bakugou. “In the fucking garden, out in the open. Which meant if anything else than the ball flew away, I was going to have to explain to her why had her flower pot disappeared, or where had her grandmother’s crystal swan gone. Asshole” she added with a click of her tongue, making Kenta chuckle.

Bakugou snorted. “At least you learnt some fucking skills fuckmunch” he spat. “I’m sure if you had understood how to use your goddamn quirk faster you wouldn’t have ended up in that situation.”

“Yeah yeah whatever dipshit” she grunted, waving her hand dismissively.

“She actually took quite some time before her quirk manifested now that I think of it” mused Touya, cocking his head to the side. “It didn’t appear until you were, what, five? Six?”

Miho groaned. “Six. And fuck you. My Old Man said I was a late bloomer.”

“Oh, well if Daddy said so” snickered Tenmei.

“I wouldn’t want to sound like I was contradicting the great Lord Bakugou-Dad-Katsuki” Touya teased her with a silly grin. “He-who-cannot-be-taken-down has spoken about His Almighty Daughter, so we shall all bow down before His Great Judgement and not contradict any of His declarations.”

“Shut up Touchan!” she snapped angrily as laughters surrounded her. “Fuck you two! And you know what, yeah you should bow down to my Old Man, he could take any of you or your parents for breakfast any day of the week, so shut the fuck up! Not talking about you” she added, jerking her chin towards Bakugou who was looking at her through squinted eyes. “You’re just a shitty, weird, unfinished, stupid, weak version of him.”

“The fuck did you say?” Bakugou growled, standing back from the wall he was leaning against.

“Uh - guys?” called Mina from above, still on the ceiling. “I don’t really mind you fighting over whether Bakugou's great or not, just - could you put me back down?”

“Just wait a few more minutes, it should wear down soon” replied Miho.

“Are there any type of limits?” asked Momo, looking back up at Mina who decided to lie down on the ceiling.

“Guys this is so weird, you have no idea” giggled the pink girl.

“Mmh. Weight limit. I can’t push away anything that exceeds very roughly eleven tons. If I try, my quirk is going to turn back on me and I’m the one who is going to be propelled in the opposite direction. Distance and time apply too. I can make my quirk hold on for about thirty-six minutes, and on three and a half kilometers. Well, probably more now, since I held it for quite a long time yesterday” she corrected herself, deep in thoughts. “I should check that.”

“So your quirk is … what?” wondered Momo out loud, not really speaking to anyone in particular. “Blasts? It seems extremely similar to Bakugou’s, loud and explosive, but without the chemical part. It’s more about … physics I guess.”

She cocked her head to the side.

“It’s like it relies on the forces that apply to moving bodies within space.”

Miho didn’t reply immediately, and instead toyed with what cold coffee was left inside her mug. “I guess you could say that” she slowly answered, not making eye contact with anyone.

Todoroki snorted softly, and Momo turned to see him look at Miho, raising one eyebrow.

“So basically, you can manipulate a body’s center of gravity.”

Miho glared back, and her round cheeks become slightly pinker. “That’s one way of putting it” she mumbled, clearly annoyed. “I prefered the term ‘blasts’ though.”

“Alright” conceded Todoroki with a smirk. “Your quirk is Gravity Blasts.”

“No it’s not” intervened Kenta, pink from his ears to his neck, scowling, his red eyes shooting panicked sparks.

“Gravity blasts?” repeated Kaminari. “As in - like -”

“Oh, Ochako-chan manipulates gravity too!” realised Mina, pointing a finger towards them. “Are you a big fan of hers as well Miho-chan? Oh - wait, I think your quirk is deactivating” she added, jumping back up.

They all watched as her feet slowly left the ceiling. At first she floated downwards, before her fall became faster, and she finally landed back safely on the ground behind Touya, sighing in relief.

Miho clicked her tongue and looked away, while Kenta’s face grew pinker and pinker. “A big fan, a big fan - depends how you look at it” she groaned.

“Wait” Kaminari blurted out, his eyes growing wide as Momo frowned and looked more carefully at the blond girl and her brother. “Wait wait, hold on. What do you mean Gravity Blasts - like - I mean -” he laughed nervously “- Todoroki, you’re not implying what I think you’re trying to say, right? I mean - that would be just - I mean come on! Just - just look at the dude!” He pointed at Bakugou, who was leaning back against the wall, his scowl deeper than Kenta’s and his head shrunk between his elbows, his face -

Momo blinked and stared at him. She was most likely wrong - the probability of it was really low, but - was Bakugou … blushing?

“Didn’t you bet the name of your first kid on that?” snorted Kyouka, putting her hand over her mouth to keep herself from laughing out loud.

Momo looked back at Miho and Kenta, bringing back together the elements that she had so far not really cared to assemble, forming one logical and yet impossible puzzle. Could it be -?

“Don’t say that!” shrieked Kaminari, panicking. “Come on, guys, let’s be real, I mean - I mean - Come on!

“Cat’s out” snickered Tenmei, putting her big hands behind her head.

“Shut the fuck up” snarled Miho, her big brown eyes growing wide with threat. “Shut the fuck up before I high-five you in the fucking face with a goddamn -”


“Good morning everyone! I hope we have made it in time for breakfast!” shouted Iida, pushing Tsuyu on her wheelchair out of the elevator, followed by a merry Midoriya and a very much not awake Ochako.

Her short brown hair were a puffy mess, strands flying all over the place, bed hair making Momo wonder how exactly did she fall asleep to end up with that hairstyle. Her round face was still bloated with sleep and marked with pillow lines, and her half-lidded eyes were deeply bagged.

“ ‘Morning guys” she yawned, tears collecting at the corner of her eyes as she dragged her feet behind her friends, shoulders slumped.

No one replied.

“Oh” Momo simply stated. “Oh, I see it now.”