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A Morning in the Life of Todoroki Fuyumi

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Stepping out of the front door, Fuyumi sighs a little; she didn't get to see Shouto cum on their Daddy's cock. It's such a pretty sight, it's a pity she has to miss it. But she has to go to school as per Daddy's wishes and she's nothing if not obedient.

At a streetlight, a light morning wind picks up, ruffling her mini-skirt and brushing her still-damp thighs. She gasps, shivers running up her spine as she halts at the side of the walkway, the breeze is like invisible fingers touching her.

Then, there's someone pressed flush against her back and hands sliding up her thighs, under her uniform with no hesitation whatsoever.

«Good morning, Fuyumi-chan,» comes a man's voice, low and honey-sweet.

Real fingers caress her outer labia all the way up, the pointer and middle ones slowly grind Fuyumi's clit between them. It's so easy, when she's not wearing panties.

«Good… morning— haa— Jogger-san.» She hums, spreads her legs a little wider, leans her weight on the other.

The man is one of her 'regulars'. He's always the first to catch her after she leaves the house; always wearing sweats and running shoes, a towel around his neck. Always teasing her with feather-light touches, edging her towards an orgasm only to leave her hanging; he never fingers her or fucks her.

Fuyumi wants to hate him, but the deliberate motions feel good and she's started to get a kick out of being left wet and high strung, ready for the next encounter. She's even stopped pleading him to make her cum.

She's right about to but—

«See you tomorrow, Fuyumi-chan!»

—like clockwork, Jogger-san's hands vanish and he's off, back to his run and probably to jerk off on his own at home or behind some trees. What a waste, she thinks. His spunk would find a much better home in her pussy. His loss, she figures, plus Fuyumi can already locate the lucky guys who'll benefit from Jogger-san's ministrations.

When she crosses the street, two boys maybe around Natsuo's age are staring at her with bright red faces and tented pants. They've no doubt seen her get molested and, like the young teens they are, they've gotten aroused at the bare glimpse of skin and her moans.

Fuyumi smiles. «I can help you with that,» she says, gesturing to their crotches.

The boys nod furiously, faces turning crimson in excitement. They'll blow as soon as they'll feel her drooling pussy and cool insides.

There's a bench nearby, so she tells them to sit on it facing each other. their groins as close as they can get them, and take out their dicks. It takes a bit of maneuvering but they manage, the boys' uniform's pants stretching at the seams.

«Such cute, tiny dicks.»

Flushed, leaking, still half hidden under foreskin.

They're never going to satisfy her, of course, not when she's used to take far bigger cocks. Still, she'll make do for now: she wants to cum once before stepping into the station. So Fuyumi straddles the middle school boys' dicks, gyrating her hips over them, lightly coating them with her juices.

One boy, the taller one with pink-ish hair cracks immediately, jerking up and spilling his cum over Fuyumi's thighs with a high-pitched whine. She lowers herself onto them anyway, before Pink-ish Hair-kun turns completely soft. She rides the boys fast, one hand bracing on the bench while the other works her clit in sharp circles and flicks.

Both boys cum twice, the warm sensation inside her pleasant enough to elicit a sigh, which turns into a moan as she finally peaks and reaches her own orgasm after the previous teasing.

She stands back up, waves at the stupefied middle schoolers and walks off with a few drops of semen dribbling out of her. She's barely broken a sweat.



At the station, Fuyumi gets dragged into the men's restroom with a hand over her mouth—to keep her from screaming for help, she guesses. Unnecessary; did these men not notice how she's dressed? They should know they don't need to take such precautions: she has no need to ask for help.

They're going to fuck her, and that's exactly what she wants.

That's what Daddy has trained her to want.

There's three of them, they all look like delinquents with their bleached hair and piercings and low-riding baggy pants. They all have average cocks, which they thrust in Fuyumi's face and demand she sucks them. Disappointing, but she does, of course. She's already salivating at the sight.

Handling multiple dicks at once is both great and an annoyance—the men all want to take precedence over the others, they all want her mouth only on them. They're selfish like that, even though Fuyumi has no intention of leaving any of them out. She's more than happy to service each one.

Delinquent #3 is the first to blow down her throat and she moans in need as she drinks his bitter cum. Delinquent #1 follows immediately after on her hand and the side of her face. Delinquent #2 grins darkly at her and pushes her on the dirty floor face-first and ass up; he tells her he's going to fuck her raw like she's supposed to be adverse to the idea, like he's expecting her to plead not to do it.

She wants to laugh at how wrong the guy is.

She almost wants to play along, thinking about how the other's convinced he's about to rape her; she almost regrets going commando because there's no way they're going to believe her once they notice she's naked underneath her uniform.

«Oh, p-please…! Yes!» She's so turned on; practically drenched between her thighs. «Fuck me! Rail my wet pussy raw!»

She pushes back into the crotch behind her, relishes in the choked groans coming from the three guys. They didn't expect that.

«Shit, didja hear that?» Delinquent #2 cackles. «Got ourselves a horny bitch.» He pulls up her skirt and lines his cock with her fluttering hole.

«Holy fuck dude!»

«She's got no panties!»

The other two gasp, surprised, and both are hard within moments.

Delinquent #2 jams his cock inside Fuyumi from behind, hands firmly gripping her waist as he pounds her hard and fast while she sees his friends stroke themselves from the corner of her eyes. Her glasses are falling off her nose as she's rocked back and forth. A fist grabs her hair and pulls on it, her spine curving to follow the movement.

«Look... at this... needy slut—» the man fucking her grunts. «So thirsty for— nggh!— cock! Face down on— shit!— a nasty public bathroom…!»

«Yes!! I'm thirsty for it!»

«Take this... load... up your greedy— ngh!— cunt, bitch!»

Fuyumi keens sinfully at the debasing words, body quacking in bliss when the man thrusts forward one last time before emptying himself inside her. The warmth of his release flooding her walls. The other two delinquents splatter their loads on her exposed ass cheeks.

The three leave soon after.

Fuyumi finishes herself off, quietly wishing for Shouto to eat that cum out of her, for it to feel as scorching hot as her Daddy's does whenever he fills her to the brim.



On the train, she sits in a crowded wagon with her blouse halfway undone and her breasts proudly displayed without a bra.

There's a girl a few years older than Fuyumi straddling her, fondling and sucking on her tits very lovingly. From below, another girl sneaks between her spread legs and disappears under her skirt.

Fuyumi's hand blindly tries to reach the second girl's hair to grab it, but she's caught by the other.

«Do me,» Girl #1 gasps as she takes Fuyumi's hand for herself, shoving it past her panties and grinding into the heel of her palm until she's oozing slick and cumming from it. «Sakura's really good.»

Sakura really is good, Fuyumi thinks, as she keeps her on her toes all the way until her stops approaches.

Fuyumi's moaning as she feels a tongue tracing the outside of her labia before licking broadly along the entire length of her pussy; she latches onto her clit, putting pressure as she licks and flicks it with the tip of her tongue; two fingers burrow inside her, curling and scissoring, brushing her walls and tickling her sweet spot.

The girl sitting in her lap keeps groping her breasts, twisting her nipples and digging her nails in them at the right intervals, she seems to know how to match her rhythm with Sakura's, playing Fuyumi's body like a team.

She leaves the train still reeling from the second-best orgasm of the day.



She's late for roll-call at school and only remembers about the Japanese Literature test they have during first period when she arrives to class.

Her teacher, Maeno-sensei stares at her mildly annoyed, but still hands her the paper. All eyes are on her, as usual. Everyone can see her ruffled hair, her rumpled and stained clothes, her flushed face, her hard nipples and glistening thighs.

Fuyumi flips the test.

It's already filled, also as usual.

She glances up at Maeno-sensei and she sees him smirk darkly her way. «The first five to finish the test, can fuck Fuyumi-chan,» he announces. All the boys fix razor-sharp, lustful stares her way, practically salivating and eye-fucking her already.

«In the meantime, sensei'll have the first round, right, you nasty little girl?» Maeno-sensei says, making her kneel in front of him at the blackboard and unzipping his slacks.

He rubs his stiff cock on her face, jostling her glasses and smearing pre-cum on her lips before cramming it past her teeth. Fuyumi doesn't have the time to answer him; he's pistoning his hips, face-fucking her and getting off on her tears and her gagging around his pulsing length. He picks her up by her hair and bends her over the teacher's desk, ramming into her soaked pussy with powerful thrusts that have her whining—the roughness doing wonders for her.

Maeno-sensei cums without warning and he's barely pulled out of her, when one of her classmates—Kumoguri-kun—claims he's done with his test and rushes to the front.

A second later, Fuyumi's hole is plugged up again; her classmate doesn't last long. The next one, Hashimoto-kun, doesn't get more than a couple thrusts either.

The third—Tatsumi-kun—is adverse to the amount of bodily fluids pouring out of her, so he decides to just squish her breasts together and rut between them, coating her chest and chin in ropes of white.

Shizuka-kun is the fourth; he doesn't seem to mind sloppy thirds, instead praising Fuyumi for how loose her pussy is. His cock isn't as thick, so he's able to finger her at the same time, while also tormenting her clit—he makes her writhe under him, moaning in pleasure and he smirks at his classmates smugly when she clenches around him, cumming.

The next to stand is Oushi-kun and Fuyumi can't help but keen as a burning desire springs to life in her veins: he's the biggest among her classmates. In all senses. He's so tall, so broad-shouldered he dwarfs her and with his fat cock, he's as close to Daddy's in size as a guy her age can get.

Fuyumi's spreading her legs as wide as she can even before he reaches the podium.

Oushi-kun eases inside her carefully and she's throwing her head back at the stretch. He fucks her deliciously slow, taking his time. He cups her bouncing breasts in his huge hands, kneads them, squeezes them like he's trying to make her produce milk; he leans down to suck on her nipples and grunt into her trembling body.

One particularly deep thrust of his long, girthy cock, and he rams her right up her cervix; a place only Daddy has ever reached before. She arches on the desk, hips pushing downward for more of that feeling. Oushi-kun seems to like her reaction. He picks up speed and power, all air leaving Fuyumi's lungs at how the tip of her classmate's cock is perfectly aimed at that spot each time he slams back inside.

«AH! AH! S-so d-deep— oh God!— so big! Fuck me harder— p-pl-please, please—! Oh, make me cum on your— haangh!!— thick... cock…!!»

Fuyumi's a blabbering mess. Her speech is slurred and incomprehensible, drool and tears making a mess on her face while she desperately tries to breathe. The pads of her fingers scrape at her swollen clit and it burns cold but she doesn't care.

She's being fucked so well.

Oushi-kun doesn't really talk, his puffing grunts are the only sounds he makes.

The sinful backdrop of groans and moans coming from the rest of the students and Maeno-sensei make up for that though. They're all watching the show, with either cocks in hand or fingers furiously working on pussies, getting off to the absolute dicking Fuyumi's receiving.

She loves being the center of attention like this.

An aborted noise is the only sign of Oushi-kun's orgasm. He clutches Fuyumi's sides in a bruising grip and spills inside her. He keeps thrusting as he cums and cums and keeps going. It's an endless stream of hot seed, drowning her throbbing pussy in it; it gushes out of her while her hulking of a classmate rides out his high.

When Oushi-kun pulls out, Fuyumi's left gaping and trembling in the aftershocks of her own orgasm.

She sees a few of the other boys with their phones in hand, recording or snapping photos of the gushing flood splattering on the floor in a pool. She smiles, parts her thighs further for a better view.

«Please, send them all to me,» she tell them, leaning back on the teacher's desk for support, her whole body feeling like jello.

She needs to show Daddy what a good girl she is and how much everyone loves her body, her breasts, her ass, her mouth, her pussy.

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Fuyumi's glad to finally be home.

She sighs, sliding the front door closed behind her and toeing off her shoes. She announces her arrival and smiles when she sees Shouto dash toward her.

Her little sister's face is flushed, a number of love bites litter the lithe body and cum sticks to her thighs; her cute clitty swings as she halts in front of Fuyumi, kneeling and squirming in place while she waits for orders.

«Hello Shouto,» Fuyumi says, ruffling the girl's bi-colored hair. «Help me out of my uniform.»

Shouto doesn't waste time. She stands up and gets her hands moving, undoing every button of her older sister's wrinkled blouse one by one, the sleeves sliding down pale arms. She steps around Fuyumi, reaching for the mini-skirt's zipper and pulling it down, the pleated cloth easily joining the other article of clothing on the entrance's tiles.

It's a relief, being free of even the smallest strip of fabric. They're both naked now, as they should be when at home.

As Daddy wants them.

Fuyumi can see the hungry look in her sister's eyes, feels the ever-present tingle of arousal sparking to life in her veins, her pussy clenching on the dildo stuffed inside her. She grasps Shouto's chin in her thumb and forefinger, prying the younger girl's lips apart with no effort; Fuyumi invades that sweet mouth with her tongue, humming in pleasure when the aftertaste of Daddy's cum hits her senses.

«Is Daddy's home?» she asks, already knowing the answer.

Shouto nods, unoccupied mouth immediately latching onto one of Fuyumi's breasts and rutting their groins together.

Fuyumi groans. «Good girl,» she praises. She sneaks her hand to Shouto's soft clitty, teasing and flicking it with light touches until it starts leaking. Her sis is so easy. «Let's go back to Daddy.»

Shouto whines but detaches herself nonetheless.

They find Daddy in his study. He's not wearing clothes either and he's pumping his cock slowly in his fist, clearly waiting for his dearest toys to come to him. Shouto rushes forward as soon as they pass the threshold, crawls between Daddy's meaty legs to retake his previous place. He moans and melts the second the hard, girthy length rests on his tongue.

Fuyumi halts just past the door.

She skims her hands over her belly—round and taut—, further down over both her plugged up pussy and ass. She's brimming with dozens of men's worth of seed; so full she's had a hard time walking home from school. Her heart pounds, her cunt throbs in need. She craves Daddy's praise.

«Fuck, Fuyumi-» Daddy shoves Shouto off his cock, he squeezes it in his fist to stop himself from blowing a load- «you look— God...— c'mere.»

Fuyumi mewls at the animalistic light in Daddy's eyes as he stares at the swell of her stomach. Once she's in front of him, she's pushed on her knees and she goes willingly, tongue lolling out before Daddy even tells her «suck me off».

With her belly taking up so much space, she has to spread her knees apart more than usual and it's enough that Shouto can wriggle under her. Her little sister jostles the base of the dildo at her pussy's hole with a skilled tongue, she torments her clit with the pointed tip and suckles of the small sensitive nub.

Fuyumi moans at the ministrations, whining and sobbing when Shouto pops the toy out of her. «Ah-haah— nnghaah!! Sh-Shouto— ggh! Oh! Oh!»

She can feel the river of cum gushing from her loose cunt and ass; she can feel the younger girl lapping it up like the thirsty whore she is and groan, wishing to have a cock for her ass-pussy to clench around instead of useless air.

Daddy's large, hot hand weaves in Fuyumi's hair. «Deeper,» he orders her, pushing her head further down between the iron-like muscles of his thighs.

Fuyumi relaxes her throat and greedily swallows the fat cock past her trained gag reflex, even as she grinds her hips on Shouto's face and feels her orgasm approach the longer her little sister works her.

«Like that, Fuyumi,» Daddy grunts, his grip guiding her bobbing. «Your throat's bulging like your stomach now— yeah, move that tongue— good… suck harder I'm— shit— cummin'...»

Fuyumi keens, her cunt pumping out slick that Shouto licks up while she drinks every drop of cum Daddy's spilling down her abused throat.

She sits up to catch her breath, her sister still nuzzling her face in her pussy uncaring of the puddle of juices covering her neck and flat chest.

Daddy's still hard. His massive cock standing proudly at attention, his blazing blue eyes eating up the sight of Fuyumi's taut belly.

«Climb up here,» he says, stroking his cock. «Now that Shouto got rid of those men's spunk, I'm gonna stuff you full of my cum. I'll knock you up, Fuyumi.»

Fuyumi moans at the imaginary alone.

In the next moment, her Daddy's seating her onto his throbbing length, her back to his massive chest and her legs over his; she's completely exposed. He picks her up by the waist, his cock gliding along her sopping walls, then he lowers her back down deliberately. His arms bulge with the movements, barely fazing him even when he increases the speed.

Before long, Fuyumi's being fucked into wildly. She's nothing but a rag doll in Daddy's hold, her body jerking and jiggling; her pussy is speared relentlessly and her tits, her hips, her rounded belly—still brimming of so many strangers' seed—are groped and marked with the increasing heat of Daddy's frenzied lust.

«Look so good... this full mmgh!— wanna knock ya up, girl!» Daddy rambles, gritty and indecent in his fervor, in the haze of a fuck. «Gonna give me more kids— fuck, so wet— mh, Fuyu… mi?— Like that, huh?— Yeah you do, 'cause I want it! Gonna fuck you so much mmmnghh!— you'll be pregnant by next— month!»

«Yes!! D-Da-Daddy!— AH! AH!— Knock me up! Give you babies— fuuh! Nnngh!!»

Fuyumi has no idea what she's babbling by now; she's a mess of tears and snot, and cum because she's orgasmed twice without realizing while being fucked incoherent by Daddy's relentless cock.

Then Shouto's attacking her clit, popping the butt plug off and shoving two fingers up her ass, somehow able to coordinate with Daddy's erratic thrusts; at the same time the cock impaling her pussy blows in a torrent of hot lava inside her.

A silent scream leaves Fuyumi, and she cums so hard she squirts all over Daddy's cock and Shouto's hand.

Overwhelmed with sensations, she faints in Daddy's arms, thoughts of cute white-and-red haired babies on her mind.

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It's the second day of summer vacation and it's already so hot. Fuyumi's never been more grateful for her quirk—even weak as it is in comparison with Shouto's—then during the hottest months of the year.

From the sweaty futon, she watches Daddy pick himself up from the bed through half-lidded eyes, the buzzing of her orgasm thrumming in her veins still. He cleans off his cock with a tissue, for once waving his youngest offspring away when Shouto crawls up to him to try and lick any speck of cum clinging on the spent length. The girl whines at the rejection, unused to being brushed off, but this morning Daddy seems distracted.

«C'mere, Shouto,» Fuyumi says, capturing the other's attention.

She shifts on the rumpled sheets, her temperature finally abating some with her quirk activated. The cum slowly oozing out of her sizzles upon contact with her cool skin; she shivers, sighs, enjoys the difference in temperature.

She bends her knees a little, spreads her legs, brings one hand to her creamed pussy and parts her labia with pointer and ring fingers. «You can have a taste.» She smiles, teasingly sinking her middle finger inside herself.

Shouto shuffles toward her on all fours, mismatched eyes hungrily fixated on the spunk being swirled around Fuyumi's digit with lewd squelching sounds, some of it starting to congeal. Her little sister shoots her a pleading look and Fuyumi takes her hand back, giving Shouto freedom to settle in-between her legs. His mouth immediately latches onto her, lapping up everything that's leaking out of her.

Fuyumi rests a hand on Shouto's head, petting the other's hair. «There's a good girl,» she encourages.

Her brother licks his way into Fuyumi's cool center, each swipe of tongue is deliberate and careful; it makes her tremble. Shouto would usually attack her cunt with the force of a starved animal—Fuyumi knows the feeling; the craving for cock, for being filled, for being fucked… the constant, mind-numbing need for sex; anytime, anywhere, with anyone willing but especially with Daddy—, and she loves it. Because Daddy loves fucking them rough.

But this is Daddy's first cum of the day, and Shouto is savoring it.

Her tiny, kitten licks, with the tip of her tongue curling just past Fuyumi's entrance and feather-like passes at her clit make her moan quietly. She grinds her crotch down, seeking more solid contact. Pleasant tingles begin to dance just below the surface, her temperature steadily rises again as she gets worked up for a second time.

«Get your… tongue in there— mmh— Shouto...» she tell him, her grip on bi-colored hair tightening.

Fuyumi chances a glance up to Daddy.

He's watching them like a hawk, ice-blue eyes piercing and burning in lust. His cock is stiff between his powerful thighs again and Fuyumi moans a «Daddy...» instinctively thrusting her hips upward in invitation. Daddy catches the motion, stare darkening as he spits on his large hand before reaching for his hard length and stroking himself.

Shouto keens, face deep in her sister's pussy, his lips puckering up around Fuyumi's clit to flick the swollen nub with his tongue.

«Ah! Yes, Shou— nnh!—… harder, oh!» Fuyumi urges her on, her gaze still focused on Daddy as she undulates her hips.

Daddy grunts, steps closer until he's just outside the futon. «Finger you sister, Shouto,» he orders, hand jerking his cock in quick, sharp movements.

Shouto makes an attempt at a «yes Daddy», but it comes out garbled as he refuses to detach herself from the cunt she's eating out.

Fuyumi moans loud when she feels two fingers slip inside her hole. She's drenched and open, her walls welcoming the slightly calloused digits with no resistance. Her orgasm is steadily mounting, but Shouto knows how to work her and slows down his sucking to gentle licks, focusing more on his fingers. Fuyumi's little sister alternates scissoring to shallow thrusts.

«More fingers, Shouto,» Daddy says, his voice low and crackling like wood devoured by fire.

Through the ebb and flow of pleasure, Fuyumi sees him shortening the distance, not once letting up on the tugs and pulls at his cock. It's leaking pre-cum and she wants nothing more than to have it shoved in her—mouth, pussy, ass, it didn't matter—.

She wants that stretch.

Instead she gets Shouto's third finger wiggling its way alongside the others; it still fits comfortably but it's not enough, even though she's climbing that slope again.

Daddy barks out another «more fingers» and Shouto's pinky burrows in her pussy. And another. Then—

«The whole hand, girl» Daddy growls, pumping himself almost in time with Fuyumi's pants. «And lemme see.»

—Shouto's tucking his thumb into his palm and plunging his entire hand inside Fuyumi's cunt.

She writhes on the bed, her legs falling open as her younger sister sits up to let Daddy enjoy the view. She moans and chokes on pleasured cries when Shouto starts moving his fist back and forth; he's keening and squirming in place too, turned on and no doubt stimulated just as much by the sight as he is by the butt plug digging into his prostate.

«Sh-Shouto! Ah! Oh, Daddy…! So— mnngh!— good! F-fasterrrr Sho— ah! Ah!»

«D-Daddy…! Pleaseee!! C-c-co— nghaa! cooock!!»

Fuyumi blinks her eyes open despite the searing bliss, just in time to see Daddy circle around to stand above her and shoving his cock past Shouto's whining lips. The fat length stuffing the young girl's cheeks as she lets Daddy fuck her mouth-pussy with abandon, thrusts harsh and deep.

All the while Daddy looks down to Fuyumi's cunt.

She's full of Shouto's fist, she clenches around it, sucking it in like it's a real cock. She rocks onto it, heels locking on her brother's lower back for leverage; she claws at her clit with both hands, closer and closer to cumming.

«Cum for me, girls,» Daddy grunts, his cock pistoning in and out of Shouto's mouth, his hands gripping bi-colored hair to keep his sleeve of choice in place. «CUM you sluts!»

Shouto garbles a moan as she tenses and swallows Daddy's load, her clitty twitching and drooling pre-cum. Fuyumi arches her back, slobbering her cum all over her sister's fist, crammed inside of her halfway up the forearm.