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Light in the Darkness

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The sound of heavy footsteps faintly disappearing brought little relief to the teen that sat curled up in the corner of the room. It was until his quirk manifested on his fifth birthday that everything went downhill, everything he once had was now gone. Shouto sat there in silence, clutching his right arm gently as a dark bruise started to bloom from the tight grip his father had on his arm. Moving his aching and bruised legs, he lifted himself up using the wall for support as he started to make his way towards the door.

‘Fuyumi will probably be waiting in my room already,’ Shouto thought as he continued to walk down the hallway, the soft sounds of his footsteps the only thing breaking the silence in the darkness.

Each step caused small jolts of pain to go through his body wincing every now and then when he put too much pressure on his left foot. It only took Shouto a few minutes until he finally reached his room opening the door quietly the first thing seeing was Fuyumi sitting on his futon with the first aid in hand. Taking a few steps in, he closed the door softly behind him making a small tap on the floor to alert his sister that he finally arrived. She started to walk over dropping the first aid on the futon in the process to help him towards the bathroom making sure he didn’t add any pressure to his left side after taking note of his limping.

“I’ll leave some clothes and a towel on the counter, Shouto, I’ll wait for you.” Fuyumi left the bathroom to at least give privacy for the youngest as he took off the stained and dirty clothes, dropping them into the laundry basket in the corner. Hearing the door shut, he turned on the shower waiting for the water to adjust to the right temperature. The water changed from clear to a light pinkish reddish color from the blood of small cuts, making sure to be gentle with bruises as he washed his body with a small cloth. He washed the grime and sweat out of his hair, the tension in his muscles relaxing from the water slowly spacing out as he stared at the blank wall in front of him.

After a few minutes of standing in the shower spacing out, Shouto shut the water off reaching over to grab the towel from the counter. Wrapping the towel around his waist making sure it’s secured enough before getting out of the shower grabbing a smaller towel from the cabinet to dry off his hair. Using his left side, Shouto heated up his body watching the water droplets evaporate into thin air regulating his body temperature back again. Draping the towel on the drying rack, he changed into the clothing Fuyumi left on the counter wincing slightly as the fabric brushed against the bruises.

“Shouto, are you done yet?” Turning to the door, he could see Fuyumi’s shadow from under the door,”Yes, I’m done, let me just finish changing.” Lifting the shirt above his head, he slowly slid his arms into the sleeves being mindful of the bruises. Turning off the lights and opening the bathroom door, Shouto saw Fuyumi already back at his futon staring at a picture he kept upside down on his nightstand of his mother, Natsuo, Fuyumi, Touya, and himself before putting it back.

“Where does it hurt Shouto?” Fuyumi opened the first aid taking out only the necessary items waiting for a response from the other as he walked towards the futon.

Shouto stayed quiet for a moment before answering, “Left foot and right arm.” The feeling of cold hands touching his skin brought back memories of his mother, her cold yet warm touch always brought him comfort than pain. The feeling the safe and warmth his mother gave out would put him to sleep easily after she bandaged his bruises. It wasn’t until that dreadful night that all the warmth went away, all was left was the coldness of the training room.

“Shouto, I know you are hiding other bruises, please just let me-”

“I’m fine Fuyumi, the pain will go away tomorrow, I would just taking some pain relief pills if it doesn’t go away by then.” Shouto cut her off before she could go on, knowing she won’t stop until he gave in, and let her treat the other injuries his father inflicted on him in training. After his ankle was wrapped and iced over, Fuyumi left taking the first aid with her, and leaving some pain relief pills and a cup of water on his nightstand.

Stopping at the door, Fuyumi turns around giving Shouto a small smile, “Goodnight Shouto.” Shouto took two of the pain relief pills, leaving the other two for the morning, swallowing them dry before taking a large drink of water grimacing slightly at the taste. “Goodnight Fuyumi,” nodding slightly towards the door as Shouto laid down on his futon, lights going off, leaving him in the darkness where his demons come out to play.

 “Get up. You won’t even be able to defeat third-rate villains, let alone All Might, if you get knocked down by a hit like that…” His father’s booming voice echoed in the training room as Shouto sat on his knees vomiting whatever was left in his stomach. The sound of the door opening and frantic footsteps made Shouto look up slightly to notice his mother kneeling next to him resting a cold hand onto his back rubbing it gently as she pleaded towards his father.

“Stop it, please! He’s only five years old…” His mother pleaded with tears threatening to fall as she did her best to comfort him. “Yes, he’s already five! So get out of my way!” The sound of his father’s hand connecting to his mother’s cheek still echoed in his mind as his small form froze still staring at his father in fear and disbelief.

Shouto couldn’t bring himself to stop crying that day, the guilt and fear was too much for him to handle. “I hate him mommy...I...I don’t wanna be like daddy. Someone who bullies my mommy.” Shouto clutched his mother tightly as he continued to cry into her chest. The warmth and the heartbeat of his mother would have put him to sleep, but the tears continued to roll down his cheeks . Feeling a hand softly touch his head, he looked up to see his mother’s beautiful grey eyes, now dull and almost lifeless.

“But don’t you want to be a hero, right?...” his mother, Rei, asked in a soft tone as she combed her fingers through his hair.

He was born with both his mother’s and father’s hair, eye color, and their quirks. Grey and white on his right side having his mother’s quirk, ice. Cold and sharp, but beautiful nonetheless. His mother would turn the ice into something that helps take away the pain, and make beautiful things like toys made of ice. However, his left side, the side he grew to hate more than anything, was his father’s. Red hair and turquoise eyes, but born with the opposite quirk than his mother’s, fire. Scorching fire, something that will burn everything in it’s path unless water or ice puts it out. Fire was the thing that caused him pain, ice was the thing that took away that pain.

Shouto was the child that was his father’s successor, someone that will surpass the number one hero, All Might, his father said. He still wished his quirk didn’t manifest on his fifth birthday, everything would still be normal if his quirk hadn’t manifested. Failures he called them, his older siblings, siblings he didn’t even know about but Fuyumi. Fuyumi would tell him about Natsuo and Touya, and he wished he was able to see them than just from afar.

He remembered that day, the day he saw his grandmother and older brothers for the first time, playing with Fuyumi in the backyard. They were smiling and laughing like the children he saw playing out in the park after school, something he wasn’t allowed.

Shouto watched them in silence until he felt a large hand grab his arm yanking him away from the window. “Don’t look at them Shouto. Your brothers...they belong to a different world than you,” said his father, dragging him to begin his afternoon training sessions, sessions he grew dreadful for. Each session grew more painful and longer, all depending on his father’s mood. If he messed up, then it was stretched longer. If his father got angry at something, then the sessions became painful. His mother or Fuyumi came to his aid whenever it was over, or his mother would step in to stop it if it got too out of hand. It wasn’t until after a few weeks that he lost everything, the warmth was slowly fading turning into a bitter cold dark storm ready to hit.

He walked down the hallway towards the kitchen to grab a glass of water, but he could hear the sound of the kettle and his mother’s voice. His curiosity got the best of him, he started to walk slower and quieter down the hallway, making sure not to step into the kitchen just yet.

“Mom...I know it’s not right, but I can’t do it anymore. The children, they’ him more and more every day. And Shouto...his left side. Sometimes I look at him and hate what I see.”

He started get closer, just enough for his left side to be seen by the door noticing his mother clutching the phone tightly with her left hand as she waited for the kettle to whistle.

“I...can’t raise him anymore. I shouldn’t raise him…”


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Shouto rises from his futon, grabbing his left eye in a panic and digging his fingers into the scar. This had caused small droplets of blood to form. He gasped for air, the panic attack slowly fading away, as he went through the steps Fuyumi taught him when he was younger. Each gasp of air hurt his throat, reaching over to the nightstand to grab the glass of water, and the other two pain relief pills he left yesterday.

“Ugh, why did I have to have a panic attack now?” Shouto groaned as he chugged down the remaining water in the glass. Looking at his nightstand, he noticed the time was 4:48 AM in the morning. Just two hours before the alarm would go off. Sighing in exhaustion, he rests back onto his futon and stared at the ceiling. Small fragments of his memories played in his head. The sound of the whistle from the kettle continued to ring in his ears, until he felt something roll down his cheek. Raising his left hand, he noticed the dry blood and skin in his fingernails.

“Fuck,” Shouto cursed under his breath as he got off of his futon, walking quickly to the bathroom to look in the mirror. The minute he turned the lights on, he could see the blood dripping from the holes he created on the already scarred skin. Turning the water on, he reached for a cloth under the counter, wetting only one of the corners to clean the blood off his cheek. Rinsing the blood off his face, he stared up at the mirror, looking at himself in disgust. ‘If only I hadn’t manifested my quirk, she wouldn’t have done this, none of this would have happened.’ Turning away from the mirror, he grabs the extra bandages he keeps in the cabinet and grabbed the cloth to wipe away any remaining streaks of blood. The bandages made his eye itch, but he knew if he didn’t take care of his injury, it would get infected.

Walking out of the bathroom, with fresh white bandages covering his left eye, Shouto opens his closet to get his clothes ready for school- since sleep was gonna be impossible to get. Changing into his uniform, his sore muscles made it harder to get into his clothes than he thought it would. Hoping for the pain relief pills to start kicking in, he leans against his right side, so as to not put too much pressure on his left foot. Grabbing his backpack, he left his room, slipping a paper under Fuyumi’s door to let her know he left to walk until it was time to go to school. Opening the front door carefully, he slid his shoes on slipping into the darkness of the night, and away from the place that many would call home.

The streets were quiet and empty of anyone walking besides the silhouettes of Shouto and a stray cat. He grew fond of her after finding her in his garden with a sprained ankle. The thought of his father finding the cat made Shouto shoot forward, and decide to save it before his father found it. They bonded whenever he came back from school, and when he needed to have some time alone in the backyard. When it was his birthday, he would hear the cat try to get in from his window to spend time with him before the training sessions began. Shouto knew that the cat was smart, smart enough to know when he needed comfort, and the warmth his mother used to give him. He later called Fuyu after Fuyumi since she brought comfort to him whenever he needed it, and her fur was as white as the snow in winter.

They walked in silence for half an hour stopping at a small convenient store to grab a snack for both to eat, by using the change he kept in his backpack.Just in case he ever left the house before breakfast. Shouto took out his phone, after finishing his biscuit, checking the time. 5:34 AM, just half an hour or so until Fuyumi wakes up to start breakfast. Hoping Fuyumi would notice the note and go back to sleep, Shouto rises from his spot on the bench, waiting for Fuyui to finish her cat food to continue his walk towards the train station. It wasn’t until half way to their destination, Shouto’s phone ringed showing the contact photo of Fuyumi.


‘Shouto? Where are you?’

“I’m heading towards the train station, why do you ask?”

A sigh of a relief could be heard on the other line, ‘I was just worried Shouto, did you have at least eat breakfast before you left?’

“Yes, I got a biscuit while I was walking, same with Fuyu.”


Shouto snickered as he heard the confusion in Fuyumi’s voice, “A cat I found...she has beautiful white fur like snow, so I called her Fuyu since snow is in winter.”

‘Oh? How is Fuyu?’

“She’s healthy, I found her probably a year ago.”

‘A year ago? I didn’t think you could take care of something for so long, even a cat.’ Shouto huffed, shaking his head after hearing her laugh on the other side.

“Yeah yeah, says the one who couldn’t take care of a goldfish once.”

‘Shouto! You know that wasn’t my fault! I...I just forgot to feed him!’

Shouto couldn’t hold back his laughter at the memory, clutching her side slightly, “As fun it may be to go back down old memory lane, shouldn’t you be getting ready for your job?”

‘You’re right! I’ll let you go now, be careful, and have a nice day, bye Shouto!’

“Bye Fuyumi, have a nice day as well,” bidding his sister goodbye. Shouto hung up, looking down to find Fuyu staring at him, patiently waiting for him to start walking before the morning rush begins. Putting away his phone, they continue their walk together in silence as the sun slowly started to rise. The breeze blowing in created a calming aura around him as the sounds of chirping birds, and the rustling of the trees surrounded him. Looking down, Shouto gave Fuyu a small smile as he kneeled down stretching his arms for her to come closer.

“So Fuyu, how about you just head back now, I don’t want you to get hurt when there’s crowds and cars passing by during the morning rush, okay?”

Shouto hugged the cat close to his chest, to give her some reassurance that he’ll be fine. He put her back onto the floor, after giving her one last scratch behind the ear, and turned around to continue his silent walk towards the train station. Without noticing the whole way, Fuyu followed with stealth and confidence to follow him until she knows he’ll be perfectly fine.

Walking in silence, Shouto took his phone out from his pocket checking for any updates of yesterday villain attacks, taking note of the names to make sure any of the villains, especially the League of Villains. The League of Villains has caused more trouble than any other villains he knew of, they attacked UA twice successfully causing havoc and damage. The thought of the League of Villains attacking UA again caused Shouto’s blood to boil, both times they attacked, they always escaped the heroes grasp when they’re just right there.

It was 6:25 AM by the time Shouto arrived the train station, a few people already awake, and ready to go to work. Shouto stood awkwardly in the crowd with his bag sitting on the floor beside him, not taking notice of Fuyu that stood a few feet behind him. Seeing her opportunity, Fuyu jumped into the bag without anyone noticing moving around in the bag to fix herself to get into a comfortable position.

The wait didn’t take long as the morning train started to roll in. Shouto grabbed his bag from beside him raising an eyebrow of the extra weight in his bag deciding to think about it later as the train came to a stop. Entering with the few people at the stop, Shouto took an empty spot by the door to exit first whenever his stop is called out through the speaker. Taking his phone out, he started to scroll through his playlist to find a song to start off with through the train ride. Feeling something move beside him, he glances down to his bag moving leaning closer to look inside.

“What the-Fuyu?” whispering in a soft tone, Shouto reached into his bag taking Fuyu out as gently as he could after untangling her from his charger cord glancing around to make sure no one else noticed.

“Fuyu, what are you doing here? I told you to go home,” Shouto softly hissed at the cat in his arms giving her a firm glare, and a flick to the forehead for disobeying his order to return home. ‘What am I supposed to do with her now?’ Dropping her beside him to keep her out of view, Shouto rubbed his temples trying to think of a way to get back to the train station, get home, and get to school before class began.

“Well Fuyu, it looks like you’ll be joining me in school for today, but only for today Fuyu, don’t think about doing this stunt of yours again.” Giving her one last playful glare and flick to the forehead, Shouto couldn’t hold back his soft smile as he scratched her chin hearing her purr beside him. The streets slowly started filling with people as the morning rush began. Sun rising, cars moving, people walking, another busy day in Musutafu begins.

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The only sounds in the school was Shouto’s own footsteps, and the occasional meows from Fuyu that he decided to keep in his bag for now until he reached the classroom. It was gonna be harder to keep Fuyu hidden during school than in the morning since most people are too tired to notice anything. Fuyu didn’t like the idea of staying in his bag all day, she wanted to stretch and walk around than stay cramped inside a bag all day. If someone were to find out he had a cat in his bag, it wouldn’t end very well. Aizawa would probably tell him to put the cat outside than keeping her inside, but she doesn’t really know this part of Musutafu since she doesn’t walk away from home that much.

‘What time is it again?’ Grabbing his phone from the back of his pocket, the time read 6:58 AM, ‘People should probably be getting here in a few minutes, maybe it’ll be enough time for Fuyu to stretch and walk a little.’ Taking the few minutes he’ll have alone, Shouto opened the door to the classroom slinging his bag gently onto the nearest desk to let Fuyu out.

“Alright Fuyu, I know you don’t like staying in one place for too long, but I’m gonna need you to hide in my bag for at least a few hours until lunch time, okay?”

He received a glare that he knew even Bakugou would smirk at if he was there to see it. Laughing in a quiet tone, Shouto let Fuyu down to onto the tile floor thinking of a better place for her to stay at than his school bag. It would be impossible for her to find somewhere to hide beside the drawers that are attached to Aizawa’s desk where he mostly keeps papers in, and phones whenever Ashido and Kaminari text each other during class. Taking his bag off Aoyama’s desk, he started to walk back towards his own desk in the back next to Yaoyorozu and Satou. It may not be the best spot for most people, but it’s suitable for him since Yaoyorozu and Satou don’t talk much, and Yaoyorozu will gladly help him with homework if a question is too hard for him to understand.

Taking his spot, he glances back towards the front of the class to watch Fuyu walk around Aizawa’s desk to pass the time before going into hiding, playing with pens and papers on the desk. It continued like this for about 20 or so minutes before the door of the classroom door started to open. Taking that as a sign to start hiding, Fuyu jumped off the desk running towards Shouto’s bag, getting inside just in time as Iida stepped into the classroom.

“Todoroki, what are you doing here earlier than usual?” Iida made his usual hand gestures as he started to head towards his desk slinging his bag over the back of his chair.

“I just woke up early than I usually do, so I decided to come here for the time being,” Shouto gave Iida his usual expressionless face that he wore most of the day until he got home. It was kinda easy to hide emotions in front of others, spending most of your childhood isolated from people really works the charm.

“What happened to your eye?”

The questions didn’t stop until Shouto came up with a lie that told a little bit of the truth, “I was taking a shower this morning, but I slipped and accidentally scratch my eye which caused the scar tissue to rip.”

“You should be more careful Todoroki, if you hadn’t gotten it patched up, it could have caused infection.”

“It’s alright Iida, I took care of it properly, so it won’t get infected and it’ll heal properly.”

“Good, so did you at least get enough sleep? It’s important to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep each day to strengthen your mind,” Iida continued his lecture of having enough sleep, and about keeping your body in top shape while doing his hand gestures in the air.

The lecture only lasted for 10 whole minutes before students started to come in distracting Iida for a few moments to greet each student, and find his group of friends as they walked in after Bakugou and his group. It surprised Shouto how even Bakugou got a group of friends that are obnoxious and annoying, and haven’t killed any of them yet for doing their pranks on him every once and awhile.

The classroom went from complete total silence to chaos as students started to talk louder and louder, waiting for the teacher to enter the room any moment. Every few minutes someone would ask him what happened to his eye, and Shouto would give them the same answer he gave Iida, trying to make it as convincing as he possibly could. Midoriya was the one Shouto had trouble convincing the most out of the whole class.

“Shouto, are you sure you’re okay? Your father didn’t…”

“Midoriya, I already told you it was by accident, my father wouldn’t do something like this on purpose.”

“Are you sure?...If you need someone to talk to, you know you can come to me, right?”

“I know Midoriya, and I will keep my promise of coming to see you if I were to need anything.”


“I promise,” promised Shouto as Midoriya caught up with his group of friends just in front of the class going back to chatting away. He rubbed his temples slightly after making sure no one was looking as a headache started to bloom from all the noise. It wouldn’t bother him in the slightest, but it seemed like today just wasn’t going to be his day.

Of course, Bakugou had to start an argument with Midoriya of all days. The yelling and small explosions didn’t help with his headache at all, only making it worse by the second. Fuyu kept rustling inside his bag, knowing she didn’t really like the loud explosions that Bakugou continued to give out as he yelled directly at Midoriya’s face.

“Fucking Deku, I told you to stop with the muttering already!”

“S-Sorry Kacchan! I promise it won’t happen again!”

“You better fucking keep that promise, or I’ll make sure you won’t be the one that breaks your bones this time!”

It wasn’t until Aizawa walked into the classroom did everyone started to quiet down, Shouto giving a silent thank you for Aizawa to walk in that moment. If he hadn’t come any sooner, then he would have lost his cool for a moment, and tell everyone to shut up before his headache got worse. Everyone started to get into their seats as the morning bell rang, and the long torturous day beginning.

“Today we’ll be going over-” “meow,” Aizawa froze in his spot as well as the other students, hearing the meow of a cat that seemed to have came from the back of the room. Shouto couldn’t have been more embarrassed in his life when everyone started to stare at him feeling the blood rush to his cheeks and ears.

“Shouto, was that you man?” Kirishima was the first to speak out of everyone as they continued to stare at him each with different expressions on their faces. Deciding not to keep anyone waiting, and coming to the wrong conclusions, Shouto sighed in defeated reaching into his bag taking Fuyu.

“I, uh, brought a cat to school because she didn’t want to go back home…”

It went silent for another few minutes before squealing and aww's started to fill the air. Yaoyorozu smiled as she scratched Fuyu’s chin, the other girls in the class coming over to Shouto’s desk to pet the white cat. They each took turns petting and holding the cat, questioning Shouto of where he found her. He answered the question the best he could, receiving compliments for taking her in when she was injured and a stray. If he hadn’t been paying attention, he would have missed Mineta commenting about him getting all the girl’s attention, or miss Bakugou’s smirk as he watched the scene unfold before him. The fun didn’t last long as Aizawa started to walk over towards his desk with an unknown glint in his eyes.

“What’s her name?” Aizawa took the cat out of Ashido’s arms, looking at her with tired eyes, yet held her gently in his arms.

“Fuyu, why?” Shouto would have sworn he saw Fuyu smiling with all the attention she is receiving at the moment, and just a few minutes ago before Aizawa took her.

“Since she seemed uncomfortable in that bag of yours, she’ll stay in my sleeping bag until the end of class.”

Shouto froze in his desk shocked that Aizawa didn’t ask to put the cat outside, or throw her out himself. As the teacher walked back towards the front of the class, everyone else went back to their seats surprised by the gesture as well. Aizawa never shared his sleeping bag, but it seemed like he had a soft spot for cats that he would willingly share his sleeping bag for her to sleep in. Opening the bag for the cat to crawl in, Aizawa turned back towards the class with stack full of papers in hand, the sound of groaning filled the room.

Chapter Text

The rest of the day went by pretty well, Fuyu would get out of the sleeping bag every now or then to walk around, and will greet the teachers that will come in as the periods passed by. Shouto was surprised Fuyu was interacting with everyone pretty well since she wasn’t the type to get close to others beside him. It made his heart swell slightly with pride as she started to get along with his classmates, she would even sit on one of their laps to sleep or play with their ties.


Shouto would raise an eyebrow whenever his classmates would give him side glances, smiles, and thanks for bringing her even though it was against the rules to bring a cat. Aizawa didn’t seem to be bothered by her either, petting her or carrying her in his arms when she would walk around his legs or on top of his desk. She would mostly play with Aizawa’s scarf, or with some of his classmates legs when sleeping and walking around got boring. It was when it got to lunch time that things went downhill.


“Shouto, I would like to see you for a moment,”Aizawa sat at his desk looking over some paperwork while kicking his foot around from under the desk as Fuyu pawed at his shoelace.


Millions of thoughts started to go through Shouto’s head, starting to think that maybe Aizawa was only being nice until they were alone. His fingers twitched slightly as he waited at his desk for everyone else to leave the classroom looking down only at his plain desk. The sound of footsteps walking closer to his desk made his shoulder tense, clutching his hand under the desk tightly as a set of feet stopped directly beside his desk.


“Mind telling me what happened to your eye?”


Shouto bit his bottom lip, keeping his head down as he told the same thing he told the rest of the class, “I was taking a shower this morning, but I slipped and accidentally scratch my eye which caused the scar tissue to rip.”


Silence filled the space between them then, the tension in his shoulders didn’t relax after telling his lie knowing Aizawa wouldn’t really believe it. The man was too observant of things, and it brought a disadvantage to Shouto if he can notice the lie he just told. It wasn’t until he heard the tired sigh next to him, and Fuyu jumping into his lap that he finally looked up at Aizawa gently rubbing Fuyu’s paw.


“Let me have a look,” Aizawa got down on one knee leaning his hand closer to the bandages before he felt a smaller hand on his wrist. Shouto didn’t know what made him grab Aizawa’s wrist, but the thought of Aizawa seeing his eye left a bad feeling in his stomach. Midoriya was the only one that knew about his past, and what is happening in his home life. If Aizawa found out, then everything would be taken away from him like his mother and childhood. Letting go of Aizawa’s wrist, he started to apologize repeatedly bowing his head staring at his desk once more.


“I’m sorry Aizawa-sensei, I just-”

“Stop apologizing, just go to Recovery Girl’s office, and get it checked, you can leave to the lunchroom after that.”


Rising from his position on the floor, Aizawa headed back towards his desk to grab his sleeping bag, and get some sleep before lunch was over. Giving him a small nod, Shouto grabbed Fuyu from his lap holding her close to his chest as they started to head out of the classroom to head towards Recovery Girl’s office. Fuyu rubbed her head against his arm pawing at it slightly trying to give him some comfort feeling his aura being from it’s usual calm to a wavering sadness and fear. Shouto scratched her ear to show he appreciates her form of comfort walking away from the chattering voices of the students in the lunchroom towards the silent empty hallways.




“Where’s mommy?” Shouto glanced up slightly towards his father, the only thing keeping him from looking clearly was the bandaged that wrapped tightly around his left eye. The doctors said his eye will still be functional, but he’ll be somewhat blind with a scar.


“She hurt you, so I had her put away.”


Shouto knew she was gone the moment he woke up in a white room with nothing but a machine next to him. He tried calling out for her, but Fuyumi walked into the room instead giving him a sad smile with tears in her eyes.  


“The fool...during this crucial time in your development, no less…”


“It’s all your fault!”


It wasn’t his mother’s fault that she did this, and he knew that. It was his father’s fault that his mother caused this pain, it was his fault for looking like his father as well. She would never call him a monster, she didn’t mean to pour the boiling water on his eye, she was just scared like he was during the torturous training sessions. She was just scared…




Shouto didn’t realize he was at Recovery Girl’s office until his eyes started to focus on the glass frame with Fuyu sleeping soundlessly in his arms. Moving her as gently as he could to one arm, he used his free hand to open the door poking his head through the door looking for Recovery Girl. He spotted her at her desk, looking over old files of students that had injuries in the past suspecting that half of the papers could be Midoriya’s.


“Recovery Girl?”


Spinning in her chair, she gives Shouto a smile before it turned into a small frown noticing his bandaged eye immediately, making a motion with her hand to enter the room. Stepping inside, he closed the door gently walking towards an empty bed setting Fuyu down on a pillow.


“What brings you here today, Shouto? I’m guessing it involves that eye of yours doesn’t it?”


“Uh, yes, Aizawa-sensei wanted me to have you look over it to check it properly.” Shouto felt uncomfortable in a way, drumming his fingers against his arm to help release some of the pent up energy.


“Would you get down for me, I’ll need unwrap that bandage of yours to look at it properly.”


Nodding nervously, Shouto got down on one knee in front of her while unwrapping the bandages as slowly as he could feeling the scar throb from the pressure the bandages kept it in after being wrapped for a couple of hours. When he peeled the bandages off, there was small spots of blood covering parts of the bandages wincing slightly as the air stung the fresh open scar tissue. The soft touch of small hands touching his face made him open his eyes having no memory of closing them, Recovery Girl moving his head into an angle to get a better view of the ripped scar tissue.


“And what would have caused this scar of yours to reopen?”


“I was taking a shower this morning, but I slipped and accidentally scratch my eye which caused the scar tissue to rip.” the lie left Shouto’s mouth once again, leaving him feeling more like a villain than a hero in training. Recovery Girl nodded while mumbling something about being more careful, and that it’ll heal properly if he keeps it bandaged. He closed his eyes as a small hand pushed his bangs away from his forehead, a touch of lips touching his forehead slowly made the throbbing and headache fade away, and came with it was nothing but calmness.


‘The calm before the storm,’ Shouto thought as Recovery Girl gave him a slip, and a warning to be careful since her quirk will make him feel exhausted. He nodded while picking Fuyu up into his arms leaving Recovery Girl’s office to the lunchroom, hoping no one would ask where he was. The sound of chattering voices, yelling, and laughter started grow louder and louder as he drew closer to the lunchroom, feeling Fuyu move around in his arms.




“Hey Todoroki!”


“Where were you man?!”


Midoriya and almost half the class of 1-A walked towards Shouto yelling questions and greetings towards him. Uraraku grabbed Shouto by his arm dragging him towards their table letting Fuyu have a spot on the table to eat some leftovers they kept on their plates for her. The rest of the day went by normally, Shouto would give everyone short answers to their questions, and enjoying the rest of the day with Fuyu in his lap.

Chapter Text

It was a week after the incident that his eye finally healed, Fuyumi would help him apply some medicine, and wrap his eye since the last time he did it, it put too much pressure. Aizawa gave him permission to bring the cat to school since Fuyu kept finding a way to get into his bag, and jump out when everyone is in the classroom to get the attention she desired. She also became a service cat to him whenever he felt too distracted by his thoughts and nightmares. Shouto was prepared to leave the classroom before Kirishima stood up from his desk to grab everyone’s attention smiling as if he just received his hero’s provisional license.


“I was thinking of having a sleepover at my house during the weekend, we’ll be using the basement for our sleepover since it’ll be too crowded in my room and living room. Is anyone in?”


“Hell yeah!”


“Count me in man!”


“I can’t wait!”


Shouto didn’t know what to say, he never really went to a sleepover before as a child, his father said it’ll only distract him from training. He was about to say he won’t be allowed to go until Midoriya, Uraraku, and Iida started to walk over to his desk with Fuyu in Uraraku's arms.


“Are you gonna go to the sleepover Shouto?” Midoriya was the only one out of the whole class to call Shouto by his first name even though he still called Midoriya by his last name.


“I, uh, don’t know, I’ve never been to a sleepover before,” Shouto felt his cheeks burn up blushing in embarrassment, ready to hear the teasing from his classmates as he confessed, however, their reactions seemed to be the opposite of what he had expected.


“Then you need to go man!”


“Yeah, come on Todoroki! We’ll make it the best sleepover ever!”


“I’ll bring the best movies I can find for you to watch!”


It warmed Shouto’s heart slightly as everyone started to make plans for the sleepover, bringing him into the conversation as well to know what else he never got to do. The sleepover was planned by the end of the period, everyone chatting excitedly as they left the school each having an idea of what to bring for the sleepover. Shouto hugged Fuyu close into his arms as he gave Midoriya and his classmates a small wave goodbye walking down the street towards the train station to talk with Fuyumi about the sleepover.


Taking his phone out from his back pocket, Shouto clicked the contact icon, pressing Fuyumi’s phone number as he fixed Fuyu in his arms to have a better grip on the phone keeping it close to his ear.




“Fuyumi, it’s me, Shouto”


‘Shouto! What’s wrong? You don’t usually call after school.’


“I have a question that only you can answer since father wouldn’t answer the phone at a time like this.”


‘ what is it that you want to ask me?’


Shouto paused for a moment, stopping in the middle of the street to think it over before answering, “I was wondering if I would be able to go to a sleepover my class invited me to during the weekend?”


There was silence on the other side, ‘I knew this was a bad idea.’ He was about to apologize for asking such question and hanging up, but then he heard a squeal from his sister.


‘Of course Shouto! Father was going to be out for the weekend, so it must be your lucky day for this to happen!’


“Thank you so much Fuyumi! I’ll be getting home as soon as I can, see you soon.”


‘Bye Shouto! I’ll cook your favorite to celebrate!’


Hanging up, Shouto started to walk faster to the train station with excitement running through his veins causing him to run than walk. The thought of being able to get away from his father for only just two days felt like a dream, a dream he wishes would never end. By the time he got home, Fuyumi was already at the door giving him a hug, and a smile he can’t remember the last time he saw on her face. Fuyumi decided to let Fuyu stay in his room for now, leaving some tuna she bought that morning in a bowl by the door for her to eat with a bowl of water beside it. They ate together talking about what plans the class had for the sleepover during the weekend until their father entered the room, eating their dinner in silence. The rest of the day went by like usual, but that night, Shouto slept in peace as his dreams were filled with his classmates smiling faces than his mother’s screams and crying.




After 4 days of waiting, the weekend started to close in as everyone waited impatiently in their seats for the last bell to ring. Shouto was excited for the weekend for once than feeling dreadful, Fuyumi was excited that morning as well, telling him to give her details of what happened when he came back on Monday. She held Fuyu in her arms before he left that morning, tell him she’ll watch over the cat while he’s gone.


Midoriya gladly volunteer to pick him up after school to take him to his house before going off to Kirishima’s to make sure they have everything. Uraraka, Tokoyami, and Kaminari promised to bring some good movies, Kirishima was able to get Bakugou to help buy some snacks and drinks, and everyone made a deal to make the weekend the best for Shouto.


Everyone stood from their chairs running towards the door as the last bell rang, Shouto was dragged towards the door by Midoriya telling him he wanted to get home to start getting his stuff packed. Shouto already had his duffel bag, Fuyumi gave it to him saying it was full of extra clothes, toiletries, and a portable sleeping bag inside. He hugged her before he left that morning making a promise to take a photo with his classmates.


They’ve been walking down the street towards Midoriya’s house after making promises with their classmates that they’ll be there, just needing to get Midoriya’s duffel bag from his house. Midoriya filled the silence with his theories of how each pro heroes quirk worked, and some disadvantages they could have against another type of quirk, until Midoriya paused.




“You can call me Izuku.”


“Uh, Izuku, what’s wrong?”


Shouto felt like he did something, ready to apologize for whatever he did, but Midor-Izuku beat him to it.


“Does your father know you won’t be home?”


‘Oh, I didn’t tell him,’ Shouto sighed giving Izuku a half smile as he crossed his arms across his chest kicking a pebble to the road.


“He’ll be out of the house during the weekend, so he won’t know I’ve been gone from the house unless someone tells him.”


“Your sister, Fuyumi, know you’re going out?”


“She was the one that gave me permission to go, and packed the duffel bag for me, she’ll be watching Fuyu for me during the weekend as well.”


Izuku nodded as a smile started to take over his face, the thought of Shouto being safe for at least two days was good enough for him. They continued their walk towards Izuku’s house, Izuku’s voice filling the silence once more creating a nice calming atmosphere between the two. Shouto cherished it, deciding to cherish every moment during the sleepover to have something else to think about than his past memories. Memories that repeated over and over in his head, memories that taunted him in his sleep, but these memories he’ll be making will be something he’ll wish to remember.

Chapter Text

The moment they arrived at Kirishima’s house, Iida answered the door instead. When they first got to Izuku’s house, Mrs. Midoriya had the duffel bag ready on the couch telling them to have fun after inviting Shouto in for a drink of tea. The walk to Kirishima’s was quite long, but worth it in Izuku’s opinion as they got to see some heroes in action on the way.


“Todoroki! Midoriya! Glad you’ve made it safely to Kirishima’s house, everyone else is in the basement getting everything ready.”


“Thanks Iida! We’ll head down there as well to help!”


“Wait, Izu-” Shouto barely got time to take his shoes off before Izuku started to drag him inside towards the basement door. The sound of voices yelling and laughter could be heard just down the hallway as they got closer causing Izuku to smile and laugh under his breath with Shouto beside him smiling slightly as well.


Izuku grabbed the doorknob slinging the door open slowly putting a finger to his lips telling Shouto to be quiet as he crept down the stairs silently. Shouto followed close behind listening to the laughter, and yelling as they got closer to the bottom of the stairs.


“Don’t explode my house man!”


“Get back here you raccoon eyes!”


“I didn’t mean to Bakubro!”


Bakugou was covered from head to toe in water while Ashido held a bucket that must have been full of that water. Sero was using his tape to keep Bakugou away from Ashido while Kirishima and Kaminari tried to get Bakugou to calm down.


“What happened Kirishima?”


“I’ll tell you what happened! Raccoon eyes threw water on me!”


“I told you I didn’t mean to Bakubro! You were in the way, and the bucket was heavy!”


“Tell that to my fist!”


“Bakugou! That isn’t manly at all! Calm down before you explode my house man!”


“I agree with Kirishima, if you destroy his house, then where will he live?”


Shouto felt eyes on him after he said his opinion about the situation, the room going silent, even Bakugou didn’t say a word. It felt strange to have all the attention, it made him uncomfortable causing him to blush in embarrassment. The silence was broke by Bakugou, “Ugh, fine! But raccoon eyes is gonna cleaning this mess!”


“What?! That’s unfair!”


“You threw the water, not me!”


Izuku gave him a reassuring smile as he started to drag him towards his group of friends, leaning close for only Shouto to hear.


“You actually made Kacchan shut up, I’m surprised he didn’t yell at you.”


“I’m surprised as well, he seemed to have paused to weigh the pros and cons of the situation Kirishima would be in if he blew up the house.”


“Todoroki! Midoriya! It’s nice you’ve finally made it!”


Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, Asui, Jirou, and a few other of their classmates were sitting in a circle made up by a couch, chairs, blankets, and pillows. Uraraka and Asui were sitting together on the left side of the couch, Yaoyorozu and Jirou sitting on the right, with Hagakure and Ojiro in the middle. Tokoyami and Aoyama sat beside each other each on different chairs having their own private conversation. Shouji, Kouda, and Satou sat on the floor either with a pillow or blanket as a comforter. Iida walked in, taking a seat on the floor with the others as well. Mineta was nowhere to be seen, it was kinda understanding for Mineta to not be invited, he’s caused enough trouble as it is peeking in on the girls anytime he can. Shouto and Izuku found a spot of their own in the circle, sitting in front of the couch to let their heads rest against the girl’s legs after getting permission to do so. Bakugou and his group started to find their spots in the circle as well, Ashido and Kaminari laying down on their stomachs with a blanket for both of them to lay on. Kirishima sat with Bakugou beside him, leaning his head against Bakugou’s shoulder scooting a little closer.


“Let’s play a game! We can save the movies for last, so we can just turn off the TV if we all get sleepy!”


“Oh oh! I know a good game to play! We can play spin the bottle!”


“I’ll go get a bottle! Y’all tell the rules real quick! I’ll be right back!”


Kirishima left his spot beside Bakugou to grab an empty bottle from upstairs, leaving Bakugou or Ashido to explain the rules to anyone that never played spin the bottle. Shouto wanted to ask, but it seemed like everyone else knew what spin the bottle was besides himself. The embarrassment of not knowing anything that everyone else knew of started to weigh down on him until Izuku leaned close to him whispering on he could hear.


“You don’t know what spin the bottle is, do you?”


“I, uh, no, I don’t sadly, and it’s quite embarrassing.”


Shouto heard Izuku laugh a little after noticing the blush on his face feeling the need to cover his face before anyone else see it.


“It’s okay Shouto, it’s pretty easy really, you just spin the bottle, and have to either pick truth or dare, or kiss the person beside you.”




“Yeah, if you pick truth or dare, but skip your turn, you’ll have to kiss the person beside you.”


“So, if I were to skip the truth or dare, I’ll have to kiss you?”


“Yes...I mean! You don’t have to if you don’t want to! You can always just kiss my hand or-I mean you can just not kiss me at all!”


Izuku started to blush red making his freckles pop out more, covering his face with as he tried to hide his embarrassment. ‘Cute...wait, cute?’ Shouto felt his blush turn 5 times redder almost matching his left side of his hair, feeling embarrassed for calling Izuku cute. He would have sworn he heard giggling behind him, but Kirishima burst into the basement with a empty glass bottle running towards the circle to begin the game. Taking his spot beside Bakugou once more, Kirishima left the bottle in the middle on its side holding the top of it.


“I’ll spin the bottle, so we can find out who will go first!”


Spinning the bottle, everyone held their breath as the bottle continued to spin until he finally started to slow down. Shouto held his breath as the bottle started to slowly come to a stop towards Izuku and himself. The thought of spinning the bottle first felt kinda unfair for everyone else that have been asking for the to first, so he let a small burst of thin ice move to one side of the bottle pushing it a little more towards Asui and Uraraka.


“Alright! I get to go first!”


Shouto let his shoulders relax as the ice evaporated before anyone could see it, letting his head rest against Yaoyorozu’s leg once more to watch the game for now. He had a feeling it was gonna be a long night ahead of them as Uraraka reached forward to spin the bottle.


“If you didn’t want to go first, you could’ve gave it to me Shouto.” Izuku giggled beside him smiling in mischief.


Yup, it was definitely gonna be a long night ahead of them for sure as Izuku continued to laugh beside him.

Chapter Text

The game lasted for a good hour and a half as Kaminari took his turn spinning the bottle with a pouting Ashido beside him. Shouto would have been amused if he wasn’t feeling confused from the dare he was given by Jirou. It was like it had happened just a few minutes when in reality, it happened almost half an hour ago.




It was going okay so far, Kouda had a squirrel on his shoulder, Tokoyami held a half melted candle in his hand, Tsuyu did a Spiderman pose with her tongue as the “webs,” it wasn’t until Bakugou was told his dare that he grabbed Kirishima kissing for a good 30 seconds before pulling back.


“Like hell I’m gonna let you guys put makeup on me!”


The girls laughed under their breath while Kirishima and Bakugou sat in silence with red faces sitting closer than they were before the dare.


“Alright! My turn!” Everyone froze in their spot, going silent as Bakugou spun the bottle a mischievous look was in his eyes from what Shouto see. The bottle stopped directly at Ashido, her face turning into a lighter pink color as Bakugou’s smirk grew bigger.


“Truth or dare raccoon eyes.”


“Uhhhh, pass!”


Ashido kissed Kaminari which half the class teased and clapped for the two, but Iida had to break it up as the two were getting into the moment, forgetting everyone else in the room. Ashido took her turn spinning the bottle, landing directly on Jirou, “Alright Jirou! Truth or dare?!”


“Truth I guess.”


“No fun,” Ashido’s happy smile turned into a pout, but it soon turn into a sly smirk, “Is it true that you’ve been the one singing in Yaoyorozu’s room during the night?”


Shouto turned his head around to see only a red faced Jirou, almost as red as Kirishima’s hair, fiddling with her hair as she tried to think of a way to respond.


“Y-Yeah, Yaoyorozu likes to hear me sing before sleeping, so I sing her a lullaby before going to bed.”


Jirou hid her face in Yaoyorozu’s shoulder trying to hide her blushing face, however, the same could be said for Yaoyorozu as she too hid her face with her hands. After a few seconds of coming down, Jirou took her turn on spinning the bottle leaving everyone anxious of who’ll be chosen next. ‘Please don’t be me…’ Shouto shut his eyes as he heard the bottle slowly coming to a stop, ‘Please don’t be me…’ Opening his eyes, he came face to face with the front of the bottle facing towards him, ‘Dammit…’


“Alright Todoroki, truth or dare?”


“Uh, dare?”


It was at that moment, Shouto regretted choosing dare as Jirou started to smirk leaning over Yaoyorozu’s lap whispering right into his ear, “I know you like Midoriya, Momo would tell me during our free time outside of school about how you always seemed to have liked hanging out with Midoriya than anyone else. I won’t tell him that you have a crush on him, but I dare you to kiss Midoriya.”


‘I have a crush on Midoriya? But how do I have a crush on Midoriya? I only see him as a friend, he is nice, caring, and will protect others before protecting himself. He has those beautiful emerald green eyes with pinetree green hair, and the freckles on his face that I seem to get lost in when I look at his soft-oh, okay, now I see why Yaoyorozu would assume I have a crush on Izuku.’

Shouto knew he would end up kissing Izuku either way, if he skips the dare, he’ll have to kiss Izuku, and if he does the dare, he’ll still have to kiss Izuku. He could see why Jirou chose that dare, you couldn’t escape it, but Izuku did say he didn’t have to kiss him in the lips. ‘Everyone kissed the other in the lips though,’ arguing with himself didn’t make the decision any easier to choose. It felt like an eternity arguing with himself until he felt a hand on his shoulder, making him jump out of his internal argument only to come face to face with emerald green eyes.


“You okay Shouto?”


‘You’re not helping Izuku,’ Shouto could see his freckles from how close he was, his lips looked soft like a perfectly smooth pebble.


“Yes, I’m fine, but Izuku, I’m gonna need you to close your eyes.”


“Close my eyes? Why?”


“Just please close your eyes.”


“Okay,” once Izuku closed his eyes, Shouto grabbed Izuku by the chin inching closer before closing his eyes as well feeling the soft lips against his own. It felt like as if he found his other half, the half he lost the moment his mother was sent away. The warmth, that’s it, the warmth of someone that dearly loves you, the warmth of your heart reaching out to the person you love the most...the warmth he thought that would never be lit again. Everything disappeared around him, the only thing remaining was the light, no, his light in the darkness, his light that had beautiful emerald eyes. Freckles that are like the stars at night, shining for every lost soul to see, giving them a beacon of hope. A pure heart, a heart of a true hero, a hero that will save every human with a smile on his face saying, “I am here.” The one person he once saw as a classmate, but now as a savior as the candle in his once empty heart was lit once again by a simple smile, a smile he can never forget.


Shouto pulled back after feeling slightly light headed, opening his eyes the same time Izuku did noticing the red blush across his cheeks, not feeling ashamed for thinking it looked adorable. The space between them felt small enough for their arms to be touching, not that Shouto could complain about. He would have gone back to kiss Izuku again if Kirishima’s voice didn’t break the silence in the room.


“Wow Todoroki! I didn’t know you liked Midoriya! You guys have been kissing for one whole minute!”


‘One whole minute? It felt longer than that though.’


The class started to speak once again, the girls mostly trying to see if they have been in a relationship the whole time, and the boys gave their own teasing and remarks. It wasn’t until Bakugou spoke out of all of them,“They aren’t dating! Half and half was dared to kiss Deku, and if they were dating, then I don’t see why that should be anyone else’s business!”



Yes, he liked Izuku, and the kiss was something he wish he could do again, however, he was confused if Izuku liked him back. Izuku seemed like he was confused, shocked, or embarrassed by the kiss, ‘Did I make him uncomfortable? Or was it his first kiss?’ He’ll admit, it was first kiss as well, but it felt amazing for his first time. Izuku didn’t say a word after that, looking down at his lap, and didn’t say anything to him whenever he tried to get him to talk. Guilt and a small pang of sorrow started to kick in after Izuku ignored him for the umteenth time.


‘Maybe I did make him uncomfortable, does he hate me now?’ Shouto winced slightly at that thought, guilt and sorrow turning into a knife stabbing him in the heart as he glanced at Izuku once more. ‘He wouldn’t hate me...would he?’ He decided to apologize before their building friendship broke apart from a simple kiss.


“Izuku, I’m so-”


“It’s 8:45! Let’s watch some movies guys!”


Izuku got up from his spot to use the bathroom real quick as everyone else went to grab more pillows and blankets. Shouto felt the knife twist as Izuku walked away, ‘Maybe during the movie I’ll have a chance to apologize.’ With that, he left to grab his duffel bag from the boy’s room to get his own blanket.

Shouto felt slightly thankful for Bakugou to get everyone’s attention than himself, it felt uncomfortable having everyone to stare at you. Everyone started to get back to settle down, and Shouto reached over to spin the bottle next to get it over with as soon as possible.

Chapter Text

The movies were decided to go from comedy to horror, which in Shouto’s opinion, wasn’t a bad idea. Shouto took his spot back in front of Yaoyorozu leaning his head back to use her legs as a pillow, waiting for Izuku to get back so he can apologize. Izuku didn’t come back though, and it started to worry Shouto.


‘Did I make him that uncomfortable? Should I go check on him?’


“I’m gonna go check on Izuku real quick, he’s taking longer than usual.”


“Okay Todoroki, we’ll wait for you guys.”


Nodding towards Yaoyorozu, Shouto excused himself from the circle to go check on Izuku upstairs. The bathroom was the second door to the right before reaching the basement if he remembered correctly. A light could be seen from under the door which gave Shouto the idea he must be still in there than wondering around. It wasn’t until he walked closer towards the door, he heard muttering getting only small bits of it though, “...he kissed...probably...but that...maybe...will he?...” It was hard to understand what he was saying since it was in a hushed tone, and the door didn’t help either.


“Uh, Izuku, we’re waiting for you to start the movie, we don’t want to leave you out.”


“I-I’ll be right there! You can't-tell the others to start without me! I don’t want you guys to be waiting too long for me!” Izuku squeaked out his reply as Shouto stood outside the door deciding whether to wait for the other or not.




Scratching the back of his neck, Shouto left the other to let him finish up inside taking in the way he said it. ‘He sounded...scared? Surprised? Embarrassed probably? I don’t know, does he actually hate me? Or is he confused about everything?’ Shouto didn’t even know when he got back to basement, but there he was walking back towards his group of friends.


“How’s Midoriya? Is he okay?”


“He’s fine, he said to start the movie without him, he doesn’t leave you guys waiting.”


“Finally! I’m not gonna wait all night for Deku to get down here!”


“Don’t be so mean man! We would have waited for you too unless you wanted us to start it without you.”


Shouto took his seat back in front of Yaoyorozu, wrapping the blanket around his shoulders as he relaxes feeling just only a tad bit of his tension go away. Only after a few minutes of the movie, Izuku finally came back from the bathroom apologizing to Yaoyorozu and Jirou for getting in their way as he sat back down beside Shouto. ‘Should I wait until the middle of the movie? Or should I tell him now?’


Turning his attention away from the screen, Izuku already seemed comfortable, and his eyes seemed to sparkle from the bright colors on the screen. Shouto could have sworn his eyes were like two bright stars right in front of him than the beautiful emerald green eyes he grew to love. His attention was turned away from the movie to the fascinating eyes of his classmate. No one seemed to notice, not even Izuku, which was a good thing, he didn’t want to look away. He didn’t know how long he got lost in does eyes because the moment he saw those emerald eyes stare right back at him, he felt his heart skip a beat and a blush starting to form on his cheeks.


“S-Sorry Izuku, I didn’t mean to stare at you, it’s just, uh, I wanted to ask you something, but you seemed...uncomfortable?”


“Wow Shouto, I didn’t think I would see you as the stuttering type, it’s usually me stuttering, but if you wanted to talk, uh, we can step out for a moment if you want.”


“Yes, I would want that, thank you.”


“No problem, lets go,” getting up from their seats, they apologized to the girls, leaving to go upstairs in the living room. Shouto was glad that Kirishima’s parents were out during the weekend, he was surprised they agreed to allow probably 20 or so students in their house. It was quiet besides the movie downstairs, which gave the house a eerie feeling to it.


“So what was it you wanted to, uh, talk about?”


“I wanted to you hate me? And I also apologize for kissing you, I made you uncomfortable, and it was rude of me to kiss you without asking for permission. I hope you-”


“Shouto, I’m not...I’m not upset, I was just surprised, and...and I was kinda happy you did. I-I like you Todoroki Shouto, and I mean more than just a friend. I liked you the moment I fought you during the Sports Festival, and during our battle together, I felt like we had a connection. When you told me only half of your past, I had this feeling of needing to protect you from your father. Even though you may think your scar is ugly, and makes you look like a monster, it doesn’t. I always get lost in your smile, in your eyes, and the first time I saw you use your left side, it made me love you even more. Your quirk is amazing as well,  it can-”


Shouto couldn’t feel anymore happier in hearing those words from the person he grown to love, leaning closer to the other he connected their lips together feeling the same warmth feeling he felt before. Izuku didn’t move away, he only leaned in closer to bring his hand on Shouto’s cheek feeling a small bit of warmth to it. It felt like it did before, but this time, Izuku is kissing back making his heart swell in joy.


‘Midoriya Izuku, forever in my heart I’ll give my life to you if it means for me to have this warmth once again.’ The two moved away from each other after losing their breaths gasping for air as they looked at each other both blushing as red as Shouto’s left side of his hair.


“I love you so much Midoriya Izuku, I would give you my life just for you to be by my side.”


“Todoroki Shouto, I would be honored to be by your side, and I would be by you every step of the way.”


Shouto laughed bringing Izuku close into a hug feeling his green curls tickle his chin, but the softness of it felt so much like Fuyu’s. Running his hands up Izuku’s back, he combed his fingers through Izuku’s hair the curls were tangled, yet so smooth and soft between his fingers. He wanted this to last forever, but the others may walk in on them hugging if they don’t go back downstairs.


“We should probably head back downstairs, the others may get suspicious.”


“Ah, you’re right, we should get back, and this time, try to pay attention to the movie Shouto.” Izuku laughed as Shouto blushed red in embarrassment being exposed of his staring during the movie.


“Well, you’re eyes are like emerald greens that I can’t seem to make myself look away from, I always get lost in your freckles, it’s like a map of stars that I can see constellations in with no problem at all because your smile is as bright as the sun.” It was Izuku’s turn to blush in embarrassment as he tried to cover his face with his hands, but hands slightly bigger than his own grabs them gently.


“Don’t hide your face, it’s cute to see you blush.” Shouto tried to not let the laughter escape, but with Izuku’s already red face and stuttering, he couldn’t help but let his voice echo throughout the room as he brought Izuku into a hug.


“Come on, we’re gonna miss the first movie if we stay up here any longer,” mumbled Izuku as he buried his face deeper into Shouto’s shoulder. Shouto didn’t really want to move, having Izuku in his arms was enough for him to stay put, but he was right, they should head back before someone sees them like this. Getting up from the couch, both walked hand in hand with each other down the hallway towards the basement door smiles on both of their faces as they walked down the stairs carefully in the darkness.


“Do you want to keep it a secret? Or do you want to tell the class?”


“I have a feeling they’ll found out by the end of the night,” Shouto gave Izuku a gentle kiss to the cheek as they reached their circle of friends.


They walked together towards their spots, apologizing to the girls once more grabbing their blankets off the floor to cover themselves. This time, Izuku rest his head against Shouto’s shoulder, and Shouto rest his head against Izuku’s feeling his curls tickle his skin. They didn’t notice the looks, they didn’t notice the small high fives or fist pumps, they didn’t notice the smiles on everyone’s face by the end of the movie, but they did notice their hands intertwining together showing their newly made relationship.

Chapter Text

It was dark like the black void of nightmares that now lay in the back of his mind, but there was movement and voices. They sounded familiar, and it was warm, something, no, a arm, was holding him in place. It should have scared him, it really should, but it only brought warmth and comfort. The voices, there was more than one, and they were talking around them. Then the arm around his waist started to move away, he didn’t want the warmth to go away, so he grabbed for it to make it stay. There was a high pitched scream after that, it was then he woke up from his slumber standing up straight breathing heavily.


“Mina! Shush! You woke up Midoriya and Todoroki!”




“Ashido, you scared Todoroki half to death with your fangirling.”


Shouto started to breathe normally as he noticed 4 of his classmates surrounding Izuku and himself. Izuku was beside him mumbling under his breath as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. If they were the voices in his dream, then why are they here in the first place?


“Did you at least get a picture?”


“Let me see!”


“They look so cute together!”


‘Did we sleep together last night?’ Shouto couldn’t remember much of what happened last night, all he remember was watching movies after confessing to Izuku. They must have slept during one of the movies because the couch was behind him, and the TV was across the room turned off. From where he sat, mostly the girls were awake, and probably only half the boys were awake as well. Hagakure, Uraraka, Ashido, and Asui were surrounding them, so if he can guess correctly, everyone else besides the one sleeping were upstairs. Kaminari and Sero were the only ones asleep, but some of the sleeping bags were gone. Before he could ask, Asui was the one that seemed to have read his mind, “Satou, Aoyama, Kouda, and Shouji had to leave early, ribbit. They each left at different times for different things. Ribbit, Shouji had to babysit, Satou was called for an appointment, Aoyama went to a family reunion, and Kouda needed to help his parents with some animals, ribbit.”


“Thank you Asui, I had a feeling some of us wouldn’t have stayed long since during the weekends we’ll also have things to do. When did you guys wake up?”


“Well, Bakugou was the first to wake up, then we all started to wake up at different times after an hour of him being awake. He came back from a morning run apparently when I went to go to the bathroom, Momo and Jirou were in the living room watching TV. Bakugou could be upstairs right no with Kirishima making breakfast, want to come?”


“I’ll be there in a minute, I need to change, and go to the bathroom.”


“Okay! Midoriya! Wake up!” Uraraka start to shake Izuku didn’t even noticing the other falling asleep sitting up beside him. Izuku woke up after a few hard shakes, trying to get Uraraka to let him get up to get ready. Shouto got up as well, walking towards his duffel bag to take a pair of shorts and a tank top to wear since they wouldn’t really be going out today. Walking over the sleeping bags, he started to walk up the stairs to get to the bathroom before someone else does. Surprisingly it was quiet besides the TV and Bakugou and Kirishima making breakfast. Noticing that no one was in the bathroom, he rushed in to do his usual morning routine, but this wasn’t his house so everything was put somewhere else.


“Shouto? You in there?”


“Yes, I’ll be out shortly, I just need to brush my teeth is all.”


“Okay! I’ll wait in the living room!”


Deciding not to make Izuku wait, he grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste Fuyumi provided in his duffel bag brushing his teeth thoroughly like he does at home. Grabbing the clothes from yesterday, he dropped them in the laundry basket by the door where apparently everyone else’s clothes are in. Walking out of the bathroom, he starts to head towards the living room following the sound of the TV and talking. When he entered the living room, there on the couch sat Yaoyorozu and Jirou, and Ojiro and Izuku were sitting on the floor. All four of them were having a conversation as the TV continued to play in the background while Tokoyami sat on a chair drinking coffee with his phone in the other hand.


“Izuku, you can enter the bathroom now,” Shouto walked over to the small group letting his presence known to the others.


“Thanks Shouto!”


Shouto grabbed Izuku by his arm before he could leave the room, leaning down close to Izuku’s lips giving him a quick kiss to his cheek. He could see a blush starting to form on Izuku’s cheeks after pulling back to let him go to the bathroom ignoring the shock looks from the others in the room. Izuku rushed towards the bathroom with a blush on his face the whole time, he couldn’t bring himself to hold back his smile when he watched him walk away.


“Are you and Midoriya together?”


The smile on his face stayed, he didn’t want to hide his emotions at the moment, but he did want to hide his face feeling a blush starting to form.


“Yes, we just started dating last night, we left during the movie to confess our feelings for one another.”


“Congratulations Todoroki, I hope you guys have a beautiful relationship.”


“Thank you Yaoyorozu, I appreciate it.”


Nodding towards Yaoyorozu, he started to walk towards the kitchen to see what Bakugou and Kirishima are making. When he entered the kitchen, Kirishima was mixing the batter together, and Bakugou was making scrambled eggs. Surprisingly the kitchen wasn’t messy, everything was in order, and it seemed like they have been in their routine already.


“Good morning Kirishima, Bakugou, are you making pancakes and scrambled eggs for breakfast?”


“Yeah! Bakubro made me do some of the easier stuff while he’s working around the stove! Did you know Bakubro could work around the kitchen like a professional?! It’s so manly!”


“Shut up shitty hair! You should be keeping an eye on stirring than talking to half and half!”


Bakugou flicked Kirishima on the forehead as passed by the two, walking towards the cabinet that held the plates in. Kirishima pouted, but went back to stirring the batter, “Sooo, are you and Midoriya a thing?”


“Yes we are, we confessed out feelings last night before sealing it with a kiss.”


“That’s so manly! Bakugou confessed his feelings, and then he-”


“Alright! Enough about fucking feelings! Get back to work shitty hair!”


It was amusing to see Bakugou try to get Kirishima to shut up about how he confessed. Walking towards the teapot, he started to fill it up with water until it reached half way. Looking over towards the stove, there was only one of the spots left for him to boil the water. Ignoring the two bickering classmates, Shouto started to walk over to the stove turning on the only spot left deciding to leave it to boil to not get in Bakugou’s way.


“Call me when it whistles,” Shouto had to yell slightly since the two were arguing loudly, but Kirishima gave me a thumbs up and a smile before getting back to arguing with Bakugou about the day they confessed feelings. Taking a seat by Yaoyorozu, he started to look through some channels while the three continued their conversation. It wasn’t long until Izuku walked back into the room with fresh clothes on, and seemed to be more awake than he did when they woke up. Taking a seat beside Shouto, Izuku leaned against his arm to join in the conversation, but stay close to Shouto. It wasn’t until he felt his phone vibrate from his pocket that everything went downhill.



Shouto, father is coming back today, you need to come home now

Chapter Text

‘He’s coming home? Now? Why? He was supposed to be gone for the whole weekend, not for just a day. What do I do? They would understand, would they? It’s not like they know...only Izuku knows. Should I make up another excuse? Oh yeah, Fuyumi texted me saying I need to get back home because Fuyu isn’t feeling well? No, that wouldn’t work, what do I do?’ Shouto didn’t notice Izuku looking over his shoulder before the phone in his hand was taken away by scarred a scarred hand.


“You’re going home, aren’t you?”


Izuku didn’t sound like his usual self, so cheerful and comforting, not angry. He never was the angry type, but it’s like as if a single thing about his father caused him change his personality altogether. Shouto turned to look at Izuku trying to get him to give it back, but Izuku kept lifting it above his head away from his reach. It was until he made a gesture towards the porch out the window, that he knew that Izuku wouldn’t let him have it back until they talked this through. Sighing in defeat, he got off the couch with Izuku leading the way towards the door feeling like he was about to be lectured, which he was.


Once the door closed behind them, Izuku started his rant, “Shouto! You know you can’t go back, you can just stay here than having to deal with him! I-I don’t want you to go back! Please!”


“Izuku, you know I can’t stay, it’ll only make him angrier, and you know how that will turn out. Fuyumi will only cover for me until I get there, and if I don’t show up, he’ll get mad at her. I can’t let Fuyumi get hurt, and who knows what he’ll do if he finds out that I was out of the house. I have to go home Izuku, I can’t stay for another night, so please let me go.”


Izuku stayed silent for a moment knowing exactly what Shouto was talking about, however, he didn’t want him to go back there. That place isn’t home, it’s more like prison, a place Izuku didn’t want Shouto to go back to.


“But Shouto, I don’t want you to go back that place! It’s not safe! I don’t care if he gets mad, I will protect you from him if I have to!”


Shouto didn’t want to go back, he didn’t really want to, but Fuyumi could get hurt. He promised himself when he was younger, and when everyone was asleep, he would protect Fuyumi from the same flames that caused him pain. He grabbed Izuku’s hands in a firm but gentle hold, kissing his knuckles to his scars giving Izuku a sad smile.


“I know you don’t want me to go, but I have to. I’ll see you tomorrow though, I promise Izuku, you would be the first to know about what happened if you’re still worried, okay? Just let me go home, and I’ll text you at night, I promise.”


Izuku was silent, Shouto knew he was trying to hold back his tears, but he needed to get back to his sister before his father did. With a nod and tight hug, Shouto went back downstairs to the basement to grab his duffel bag. He made the excuse of having to get home early since his father would be returning to the house, and wishes everyone a wonderful day as he walked out the door. Even after Izuku hugged him and whispered promises, the walk towards the train station was dreadful, each step felt heavy.


‘Please don’t let it be one of those days, please.’ Shouto didn’t want to deal with one of those days, the days where his father wouldn’t care if his injuries could be seen by other people. People questioned him, he would make a simple excuse for each bruise and cut, but now he has Izuku to talk to. He misses Izuku’s bright smile, warm hugs, and beautiful eyes already. The sun started to rise making everything more bright and cheerful, but it didn’t take away the dread pooling inside him.




It was between 8 and 8:30 AM that Shouto finally arrived to his so called home, Izuku was right, it couldn’t really be seen as a home from the large fence and heavy gate. The gate opened with a eerie creak, the sun behind him casting his shadow towards the door that hides the truth of the number two hero, the life he was forced to live in. He didn’t remember when he opened the door, or walking with only his socks on towards the living room. It was silent, the only sound was his muffled footsteps against the wood floor, and his heartbeat that echoed in his ears. Where’s Fuyumi? Did his father arrived already? Is Fuyumi okay? Is she in her room? The questions continued to pile up until he found her sitting silently on the couch with Fuyu on her lap with a book in her hands.


“Shouto? Thank god you’re home! I thought it was father for a moment.”


She’s okay, she’s safe. Father’s not home yet? Good, that’s good, he still has time.


“I’ll put my stuff away, you and Fuyu can stay in my room, and we can just...wait.”


And waiting is what they did until the familiar heavy footsteps could be heard coming closer towards the living room. Shouto knew he was waiting for him to follow, and follow is what he did. They walked in silence, leaving Shouto to his thoughts. Fuyumi and Fuyu were in his room with the first aid like he planned, telling them he’ll be fine, and having to get Fuyu to calm down when he tried to leave. He knew not to flinch, to keep his posture, but when the door closed behind him, he wished he had stayed at Kirishima’s with Izuku by his side. Taking his socks off was something he became used to when he first enters the room, the socks would only cause him to lose his balance during training was what his father said when he was a child. It stuck to him after that, and even now, when he starts to get into his stance before his father. The looming shadow of the monster that disguised himself as a hero, when he was only a villain in his eyes. Activating his right side, he felt frost rise up his arm the temperature in the room starting to decrease until his father activated his own, that training has begun.




“Shouto, stop moving, I need to ice this, now stop moving.”


He should have known, something must have gone wrong yesterday that caused his father to be angry. When his father is angry, the hits were more fierce, the training lasted longer, and there was no one to stop it. Shouto was glad he didn’t eat anything before his father came, then he would have to only lose it again after too many kicks to the stomach. By the time training was over, his father already left the room, leaving only him and his sore body on the floor. Fuyumi would come downstairs if he didn’t go upstairs in a few minutes, she’ll get worried, and rush downstairs to check on him.


When he was younger though, Shouto tried to take care of himself than letting Fuyumi stress over him. Each day that passed, he would always try to take care of his own injuries until Fuyumi would walk in, only to take care of his injuries herself. They continued this cycle until he got older, Shouto started to become distant, and Fuyumi started to get focus on her teachings. He can’t remember the last time they had a proper conversation after that, it wasn’t until he entered UA that they started to talk to each other, and slowly rebuild the bond that was fading between them. Fuyumi would wait in his room after training sessions to help with his injuries, Shouto would help his sister around the house after a long day of teaching, and they would both sit in silence in the backyard by the pond their mother made for them to play around before his quirk manifested.


It hurts to start thinking of the once good old days where Natsuo and Touya would chase Fuyumi and him around the pond, and into the garden that their mother would grow. It was like a forest of so many flowers, there was Camellias, Daffodils, Sunflowers, Tulips, Lilies, Sweet peas, etc., but her favorite was the Autumn Bellflowers. The finishing touch to the garden was the Cherry blossom tree in the middle, the petals falling into the pond to create a beautiful touch to it. Their mother taught each and every one of them how to take care of each flower, and they always found time to help their mother when she needed it. It wasn’t until his mother was sent away that it started to lose its beauty, the petals wilted, the flowers started to die, and it gave the backyard a lost sorrowful mood.


The Cherry blossom tree made the winter nights seem gloomy than beautiful during the full moon. When it was his birthday, his mother would take him outside to make a wish under the tree’s outstretching branches, protecting the small flame from the winter breeze. Now, he would sit under the tree, taking in the odd comfort of its branches holding him in a hug like his mother would at night.


After Fuyumi finished icing and wrapping the burns and bruises, Fuyu stayed with him that night curling next to his head as he laid down staring at the ceiling. It was still lights out, barely 6:25 PM; if he was reading the clock correctly. He would have to get up to help Fuyumi with chores, but of course, she would tell him to stay in bed. The painkillers he was given had a side effect of making him feel tired, but he didn’t want to sleep. Sleep is when his memories and thoughts start to take over. When he closed his eyes though, there wasn’t any screaming, crying, there was...light. There was smiles, laughter, warmth, and joy, then it started to grow clearer, and then, he saw his classmates. Right next to him, was Izuku. Izuku was smiling at him, and he could hear faint words of comfort as Izuku pulled him into a hug. He can finally sleep without fear of hearing his mother’s screams, or waking up to a sheering pain in his eye. Closing his eyes, Shouto smiled slightly as a tear of relief slid down his cheek. He hadn’t bothered to wipe away the tears, as the blinding light put him to sleep.

Chapter Text

The sound of the alarm beside his futon awaken Shouto from his slumber, one he wishes he can go back to as the light slowly disappeared, and the pain returned from the other day. Rising from his futon, he looked down at his nightstand to notice the painkillers Fuyumi the other day. He couldn’t remember when she did, but he felt grateful as the pain from the burns on his back and arms make his body feel dead and weak. It felt like every other day, but this time he didn’t wake up to the faint pain in his eye or the crying of his mother. The routine didn’t change, nothing was new besides the extra bandages, and the visible bruises on his face.


‘Fuyumi could use her foundation to cover up some of the bruising,’ Shouto thought to himself as he stared at himself in the mirror after washing his face gently, watching the small droplets of water from his face into the sink. The bandages around his arms and cheek needed to be changed since some of them had blood seeping through the cloth, though he had a feeling even the bandages on his back may need to be changed as well. Taking one last look in the mirror, Shouto walked out of the bathroom to grab his uniform from the closet, and get Fuyumi to change his bandages before he leaves.


Fuyu sat on the bed after noticing Shouto’s missing presence next to her, giving him a disapproving look when he pulled at the bandages. They were itchy against his skin and healing wounds, but Fuyumi would end up scolding him if he started to scratch at it. Putting on his uniform as gently as he could to not cause any of the wounds to reopen, he grabbed his backpack from its spot by the nightstand picking Fuyu up into his arms. The halls were empty and quiet, not a single sound could be heard throughout the house besides his shoes hitting the wooden floor as he started to walk towards Fuyumi’s room.


“Fuyumi?...Are you there?...” It was too quiet for Shouto’s liking as he knocked gently on Fuyumi’s door. Fuyumi would never leave the house unless she had a morning meeting to go to, but she didn’t have a meeting this morning. Opening the door with one hand, he poked his head inside only to find it empty, however, on the nightstand was a note with an envelope beside it . Dropping his bag and Fuyu quietly on the floor, Shouto walked inside towards the nightstand grabbing the note and envelope. He left the envelope for last, and looked at the note instead noticing Fuyumi’s handwriting.


Dear Shouto,


I’m sorry Shouto, but I’ll be away on a business trip. I know it’s so sudden, even I was surprised as well, so I left some money for you if you need to buy groceries or anything else. I’m so sorry that I won’t be there to help you with father, I feel like I should have declined the offer, but this is very important. Please take care of yourself while I’m away, I left the pills of painkillers in your drawer, and the first aid under your bed. I hope you can forgive me.


Your sister,



P.S Fuyu’s food is under the sink in the kitchen, don’t forget to feed her.


‘She’s gone?...for how long? When will she come back? Does their father know about this?’ Shouto gripped the note in his hands tightly his breathing becoming slightly panicked before shutting his eyes completely. He repeated the steps Fuyumi taught him, breathe in for three, out for four, and he repeated the steps until his breathing was normal again. Opening his eyes, he blinked slowly for a moment before he noticed the note in his hands was burned on one side, and the other was covered in frost by the edges. Shouto didn’t need to look at the clock to know he’ll have little time to get to the train station, but he opened Fuyumi’s drawer either way to grab the foundation she keeps in there in case he needs it. Walking towards her bathroom, he opened the lid, and grabbed the sponge inside to start covering the bruises that could be easily seen a few feet away.


When he was little, Shouto always thought it was magic that made the bruises disappear when Fuyumi first started to put foundation on his face. Now he sees it as a way to keep anyone from finding out his secret, his past, his flaws, but it couldn’t hide the scar that covered his left eye completely. He tried it once, to see if it can make the scar disappear like it made the bruises disappear, but Fuyumi told him that his scar wasn’t gonna disappear, it was part of him now, something he can’t make go away. After the last bruise was covered, Shouto looked like his normal self, but the bandages stayed where they were. Even if he did try to change the bandages himself, he wouldn’t be able to put the medicine for infection on by himself.


Deciding to leave them as they were, Shouto left the bathroom with the foundation on the counter picking up Fuyu from her spot on Fuyumi’s bed. They walked out of the room quietly, grabbing his backpack off the floor before closing the door to the now empty room until Fuyumi returns from her business trip. Walking quietly down the empty hall, Shouto decided to skip breakfast, and find another way to get to school than wait for the train for two hours or longer.


“Do you think we’ll get to school sometime during first or second period if we walk?”


Shouto closed the front door behind him as he started his long journey to school with Fuyu in his arms, getting only a small purr as a response from the said cat. He didn’t the dark figure that stood in the shadows watching his every step as he continued down the path. Bright blue eyes followed his silhouette until Shouto walked out of the figure’s line of sight, that it disappeared into a dark mist leaving behind nothing of it’s existence.

It was 9:52 AM by the time Shouto arrived to UA, using a card to enter since they each have been given to enter through the UA gates on the first two weeks of school. The gate opened, but closed immediately after as he started his walk towards the school. His legs ached from the long walk, he didn’t stop to rest, didn’t let Fuyu down, or stop to buy a quick snack, he continued to walk on auto pilot on the path that led towards UA by memory. Each step felt like a needle was stabbing through his skin down to the bone, repeating again and again until they grew numb of the pain. Shouto wanted to Fuyu down, but his arms felt locked and sore from holding her for 2 or 3 hours. It was difficult to open the door, his stiff muscles felt tingly and numb when he tried to open the door.


After a few more minutes of trying to open the door, Shouto finally succeeded in entering the building letting Fuyu jump out of his arms feeling his arms drop to his sides limply. Everything made him feel tired, he just wanted to lay down and let the blinding light take him again, but he pushed through the numbness of his body to continue walking down the empty hallways to his homeroom classroom. He wouldn’t have jumped and almost yell from the hand on his shoulder if he hadn’t had the action forced out of him long ago.


“Aizawa-sensei...what are you doing here?”


“I was about to ask you the same thing Shouto.”


Shouto felt his fingers twitch beside him, but he kept his posture stiff and tense as he stared at his teacher anxiously. What is he supposed to tell him? ‘Oh yeah, I walked to school cause I was late to the train station because my sister went out of town for who knows how long, so I’m stuck with my abusive father until then.’ Shouto thought to himself feeling the urge to turn around and walk away from this, but Aizawa was staring at him with calculating eyes waiting for an excuse.


“I...I was late for the train to get to school because my sister had to leave for a business trip this morning, but I don’t really know when she’ll come back…”


“And the bandages?”


“Uh…” What was he supposed to say to that? Fuyu was rubbing against his leg as he felt his fingers twitch again, but this time he looked down than staring back at Aizawa. It was starting to feel hard to keep his eyes open and standing, the exhaustion must finally be hitting him full force because the next thing he knew, he was on the floor with Aizawa kneeling beside him shaking his shoulders.


“...Shouto...stay awake...calling...Recovery Girl...come on…”


Everything felt...numb, he felt broken, sore, but he mostly felt exhausted, he wanted to sleep so badly. The light started to appear again, he was close to sleep then, but it then disappeared to reveal a worried face above him. Their face was blurry, the only things he could see clearly was dark curly hair until it started to get clearer showing piercing green eyes filled with worry as they continued to yell something at him.


‘What are they saying? Who is it? They have green it’s...Midoriya...Izuku, Izuku! IZUKU!’


Shouto felt his lips move, but nothing came out, only a cough and a gasp for air. Everything started to blur, it was getting hard to breathe, the numbness came back, he wanted Izuku, not back there.


‘I want to hear your voice, I want to see your face again, please...please!...PLEASE!...please don’t go too Izuku...not like mother...please...don’t promised!’

Chapter Text

“Stop it, please! He’s only five years old…”


‘No, no, not again, please, not again.’


“Yes, he’s already five! So get out of my way!”


‘Please, make it stop, make it stop!’




‘Leave her alone! Stop it!’


“Mom...I know it’s not right, but I can’t do it anymore. The children, they’ him more and more every day. And Shouto...his left side. Sometimes I look at him and hate what I see.”




“I...can’t raise him anymore. I shouldn’t raise him…”


‘No no no no no’




“STOP IT! PLEASE! JUST STOP IT!” Shouto screamed in distress as he tried to pull away from the hands that grabbed his wrists. The hands didn’t budge, only tighten their grip pulling his arms, so he was in a sitting position. He wanted Izuku, he needs Izuku here, where is he? Did he leave to? Like his mother? Where is he? He wants-


“Shouto! I’m right here! Calm down!”




The only thing keeping Shouto from freezing the person holding his wrists was the familiar voice that spoken his name. He stopped struggling after that, letting the small hope of it being Izuku consume his mind. Instead of receiving a verbal answer, he felt his arms being pulled into a warm hug with the said hands releasing his wrists to grip the back of his shirt. There was something familiar about this warmth, everything was dealt with gently, not rough, not demanding, just love and warmth with each touch.


“Shouto, do you know where you are right now?”


“No,” Shouto didn’t open his eyes the whole time he was awake, how long was he asleep then? Where was he? Aizawa did say something about Recovery Girl, didn’t he? If Izuku was here, then they must be in Recovery Girl’s office, right?


“You’ the hospital right now...I know you don’t go to the hospital, but Aizawa-sensei saw your...other injuries. Did he…”


“Yes, he did, he was angry yesterday, so the training was more fierce and lasted longer than the last training sessions. Does he…”


“No, I didn’t say anything, I want you to tell him Shouto, you have to. When I saw you on the floor with Aizawa-sensei shaking and yelling for you to wake up...I thought something happened. I ran over telling Yaoyorozu to call for help, when I got there you were trying so hard to keep your eyes open, and then you started to cry trying to say something when you saw me. It broke my heart cause you were trying to grab for my hand before you lost consciousness, Yaoyorozu came back with Recovery Girl and All Might. Recovery Girl was about to tell Aizawa-sensei to pick you up and take you to her office, but when Aizawa-sensei moved your arm we all saw the bandages. I tried not to get angry, but it’s not fair! You have to deal with this everyday, and I couldn’t stop it! We had to take you to the hospital Shouto! Your wounds were something Recovery Girl couldn’t fix, so we brought you here. I thought I was gonna lose you cause you didn’t wake up, or move at all while we were waiting for the paramedics. Everyone is worried about you Shouto, you nearly gave me a heart attack, don’t ever do that again!”


Shouto didn’t need to look to know Izuku was crying, he could feel unshed tears wanting to fall like the tears falling down Izuku’s cheeks. He wanted to scream until his throat was sore, he wanted to disappear to cause Izuku anymore pain, he wanted everything to stop altogether, but the only thing he could do was listen to Izuku’s silent sniffles. The steady heartbeat of Izuku’s was calming, feeling his eyes become heavy with sleep.


“You gotta stay awake Shouto. Don’t go to sleep yet, Aizawa-sensei wants to talk to you first, please.”


Groaning in annoyance, Shouto decided to show some stubbornness by clutching onto Izuku’s shirt to hide his face in his chest. Izuku chuckled as Shouto continued to try and be stubborn like a puppy, it was adorable, but he had to keep Shouto awake while he goes and gets Aizawa-sensei.


“I’ll go and get soba for you if you can stay awake to tell Aizawa-sensei about everything, please.”


“Izuku, I can’t, we don’t know what will happen if he-”


“No! He won’t find out! I know for sure Aizawa-sensei won’t tell him if you didn’t want him to!”


Everything Izuku said was true, Aizawa would never tell his father if he asked him not to tell, but his father would find out one way or another. News would start to spread, and then eventually it would reach his father before he could stop it. Shouto couldn’t tell Aizawa, or else everything would just end in disaster. However, when he looked up from his position against Izuku’s chest, he saw Izuku’s pleading eyes staring down at him.


“Fine, but you gotta be back with the soba before I die of hospital food.” Shouto sighed in defeat, going back to nuzzling against Izuku’s chest not wanting to let him go. Izuku smiled after that petting Shouto’s hair before getting up after kissing his forehead leaving Shouto to his thoughts as he waited for Aizawa to arrive.


It take long for Aizawa to enter the room, but with all the scenarios playing in his head made it it seem like hours. Aizawa stood to his left crossing his arms across his chest before sighing in exhaustion and worry.


“Is there something you have to say? Izuku only told me little, but I have a feeling these were made by more than just training.”


Shouto gripped the sheets tightly feeling his chest become tight, but he decided enough was enough.


“It...It started when my quirk manifested…”




By the end of his confession, of the truth, the room was silent as both were lost in their thoughts of what he had just said. Shouto felt like disappearing from everything, he saw so many different scenarios playing in his head. Aizawa saying he was disappointed in him for not fighting back, being kicked out of UA for his weakness, losing all his new made friends, being called a disgrace to the hero world, or losing...losing Izuku forever. He didn’t want to lose Izuku, Izuku was the only person keeping him sane, keeping him from falling, fro-


“Shouto...I’m sorry I wasn’t able to see this earlier, you’re my student, and as a teacher you’re my responsibility as well. You’ll be staying here until the injuries have healed properly, I’ll be opening up a child abuse case for you, I’ll also try to save your mother as well. If we have enough evidence from your mother, sister, brother, and yourself, then maybe we can win this case. However, we’ll also need physically evidence as well, so we’ll need to take photos of your injuries before they completely heal. We are here to help Shouto, if you need to tell us anything, we’ll be here to help. I’ll be seeing you tomorrow with Present Mic to check on you, and talk with the police, rest up.”


Aizawa left after that asking him if he needed anything else at the moment, he just only shook his head saying Izuku was already gonna bring something for him to eat. After that, Shouto was left to his thoughts once more, looking out the hospital window to watch the clouds than the white ceiling.


‘Is this how you felt everyday mother?’


Izuku came back after 10 or so minutes with the soba he promised, deciding to enjoying this small moment of peace before the chaos begins.

Chapter Text

The night was quiet as Shouto slept, the whole day was filled with getting photos taken for evidence, having an interview with some police officers, and answering any questions the officers had. It exhausted him to the point he felt like sleeping during the interview than go on. After hours of discussing about the case, Aizawa was given temporary guardianship over Shouto until they can take the case to court, having both the teacher and student sign a paper to show they both agreed to the terms.




“With this paper, it’ll give your teacher temporary guardianship to you until we can take this case to court. Do agree with these terms?”


Shouto looked down at the piece of paper given to him after finishing his interview reading over the contents again. It didn’t sound bad in his opinion, but what would happen after the case? Would the temporary guardianship become permanent? Or would they just put him in the foster system?


“If the case was put to court, and everything went according to plan...what would happen to me? Would I be put into the foster system or…”


“That will depend fully on Shouta if he’ll take the full responsibility of adopting you as his own, along with Yamada as well.”


Nezu made a gesture towards the two heroes as the said heroes sat on either side of him by his hospital bed each giving off a protective aura around the boy. Shouto glanced between the two adults taking notice how Present Mic’s appearance was very different from his usual appearance. His hair was in a messy bun than standing up like a cockatoo from how Bakugou described it. The clothing was just plain blue jeans, a orange T-shirt, a black jacket, combat boots, and to finish it off was glasses that seemed slightly similar to Iida’s than the sunglasses he usually wore. Aizawa wore his uniform, but his hair was slightly brushed than a tangled mess. From the looks of it, Present Mic must have convinced him to at least seem slightly presentable to the police officers by brushing his hair.


“It might be difficult because of our hero work, but we can work it out if it means for him not to be put into the foster system. If words goes out that Shouto was put in the foster system, then someone would try to take him in, even a villain. They’ll use him against us just to get what they want, and we can’t endanger his life by putting him out for anyone to take. Yamada and I will be with him mostly during the day since he’ll be in UA, so we will be able to watch him from there until we get home. I already made contact with his sister, and she gave me her permission and trust of watching over Shouto even after the case is closed. We’ll have to talk about this to his mother and older brother as well before we can sign these.”


The mention of his mother caused Shouto to block out the rest of the conversation as he looked back down at the paper in his hand. His mother doesn’t know anything about this yet, he never got time to tell her anything since his last visit. Would she approve of everything he is doing?


“I’ve talked to your mother yesterday, gave her only just the basic details about what we are doing, and she seemed to have approved it Shouto. You did the right thing kid, she wanted me to tell you to do what you think is best for you, don’t think about her, don’t think what she’ll think, just do what you think will help you have a better life than what you were given.”


‘Did I say that out loud?’ Shouto glanced up only to met with 12 set of eyes on him, confirming his thought looking back down to his lap.


“She also wanted me to give you this.”


Aizawa took out a thin and small object from his pocket, dropping it on Shouto’s lap. Shouto would have expected anything other than a photo of his family beside his father together when he was born. His mother seemed exhausted, yet happy as she held his small fragile body in her arms. Fuyumi was on his mother’s right while Natsuo and Touya was on her left. They were all smiling beside him since he was sleeping at that moment, enjoying the warmth his mother gave him as she held him for the first time.


“Where did she get this? I thought they didn’t allow her to keep any photos.”


“After noticing her improvement, they decided to give her something of her own, so she requested to have this photo given to her. When I went to go see her the other day, she was staring down at the photo by the window when I walked in. We talked for only a few minutes until she gave me the photo, telling me you’ll be needing this more than she will.”


It was kinda hard to believe that all this time, she was getting better from a simple photo of his first day in the world they lived in. Shouto felt the urge to laugh, to scream, to cry, probably do all those things at once, but he bit his bottom lip. He put the paper down, and picked the photo up flipping it over to see a few words written in the back.


Todoroki Shouto


January 11…


Fourth child, forever to be loved, and given a beautiful life.




Shouto choked slightly as he tried to hold back his sobs as he read his mother’s small promise, a promise that even she knew couldn’t be kept. He can feel her sadness, her pain, her desperation, and he let that pain and sadness add to his own pain and suffering. Everything seemed blurry around him as he cried, ignoring everyone else in the room as he let his walls break and fall. He ignored the hand rubbing his back, the words whispering towards him, he ignored everything around him but the silent words of his mother’s words that were promised to him. It took him a minute of trying to wipe away the tears to notice that the room was empty besides the two adults that stood on either side of him trying to calm him down.


“Hey Shouto, it’s gonna be alright, we didn’t mean to make you cry by giving it to you...not that I’m saying it’s bad to cry, it’s good to cry actually. Man, you wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve cried in my life, even Shouta cried! You wouldn’t believe-OW!”


“Shut up.”


It was difficult not to smile at their argument as Aizawa didn’t seem the type to argue like a child with another adult during a situation like this. Shouto laughed silently as he wiped the tears away from his eyes, gaining the attention of the two adults after hearing soft laughter from the said teen. They both stopped their childish dispute to sit down on either side of the teen, waiting for his final saying of the decision they’ll each need to agree on.


“Listen, there will be room for you to stay, we’ll help provide stuff for you, and there will also be some times that either of us will be gone from the house. We also have some rules that you will need to follow if you are ever alone at home. So, do you willingly want us to be your temporary guardians until the case is closed?”


Shouto was silent for a moment, staring at the paper that will give Aizawa Shouta and Yamada Hizashi temporary guardianship over him, and the photo of his family. Cracking a small smile, Shouto glanced at the two adults before nodding his head.






It exhausted Shouto emotionally after that, but he was able get through the rest of the day finishing the interview and answering questions. He was a light sleeper during the night unless he was too exhausted to keep his eyes open. There was soft footsteps walking in his room, but he didn’t hear a knock or a door opening. Opening his eyes, he leaned against his elbow turning over to look at who entered the room only to see a dark figure standing just at the foot of his bed.


The figure had a dark trench coat covering his form, the shadows making it harder to see his face clearly. When the figure walked to the side of his bed into the moonlight, bright turquoise eyes stared at his own heterochromia eyes causing a chill to go down his spine.




“Good to see you again, Todoroki Shouto.”

Chapter Text

Everything happened too fast, there was hands already grabbing him before he could make a move. Shouto tried to kick at Dabi’s stomach or legs to get him off, but then he felt a hand wrap around his throat. All movement was stopped when he felt heat form around his neck. He grabbed the hand that wrapped around his neck with his hands to make him let go, but he only tighten his hold.


“I would stop fighting if I were you, you can’t use your ice in a small room unless you want to hurt someone else on the other side of the wall.”


Shouto glared at the Cremation quirk holder, but he stopped his struggling turning his head to the side to look out the window. The pressure around his neck was gone leaving a red handprint from the heat, letting his right side cool it off by frosting. Dabi moved to sit on the right side of Shouto slouching slightly as he stared out the window as well. Shouto didn’t know what to do, call for help? Dabi didn’t show any signs of attacking him, he only stared out at the stars and moon shining in the dark night sky.


“What do you want Dabi? You wouldn’t come here for no reason.”


“There is a reason, but I think you wouldn’t remember who I am since you were just only little when I had known you.”


“What are you-”


“I’m not done yet brat, shut up, or I’ll just burn this building to dust.”


The threat was not to be taken lightly, everyone won’t be able to get out in time if he does, and if they do, they will be more injured than they need to be. Shutting his mouth, Shouto stared out the window in silence, waiting for the other to continue. Dabi sighed as he glanced at Shouto before continuing his reason.


“Shouto...I’m sorry.”




“As an older brother, I should have stayed, I should have fought harder, but I ran away like a fucking failure. Father was right, I’m just a failure, but you didn’t have to go through that, you didn’t deserve to live that childhood, I did.”


‘Older brother? The only brothers I have are Natsuo and Touya, this has to be a joke.’


“You’re lying, this has to be a joke. The only brother’s I have are Natsuo and-”


“Touya, Touya Todoroki, I know...just shut up! I know! I KNOW!! I KNOW!! EVERYDAY, EVERY FUCKING DAY, I CAN HEAR YOU CRYING, SCREAMING, BEGGING FOR IT TO STOP, AND THEN I CAN HEAR MOTHER’S CRIES EVERYTIME SHE INTERVENES!! I TRIED, I TRIED TO HELP, I TRIED TO MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER, BUT THAT FUCKING BASTARD ALWAYS MADE THINGS WORSE!!...I couldn’t take it anymore, so I tried to solve it by fighting can see where that got me. When I ran away I took a photo, so I can at least remember you guys. I heard on the news about how you guys were looking for me after a few days, but the bastard stopped the search after barely a week had passed. I had to change the way I look, even though my skin was already burnt. I dyed my hair, I got piercings, and then I started to make a plan on how to take father down. I thought of you guys everyday, even when I joined the League, I thought of you, mom, Natsuo, and Fuyumi, but when I saw you at the camp, I...I kinda felt like I was breaking my promise. I promised myself I wouldn’t hurt you, any of you guys while doing this, but then I saw your face, the way you looked at me with fear. I’m sorry Shouto, I’m sorry I broke my promise, I’m sorry I didn’t take you with me, so you wouldn’t have to face through the pain alone…”


There was never a time in his life he saw a villain apologize and cry, but there next to him was his once lost brother that became a villain to try and save him from the pain and suffering. Shouto didn’t know what to say, what to do, so he got up into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around Da-Touya’s waist. He put his face on the back of Touya’s shoulder letting his own silent tears fall gripping the front of his shirt tightly.


“I forgive you...I forgive you Touya…”


“Don’t just forgive me like that Shouto...I can’t go back, I can’t change what I’ve done. I’m not Touya anymore, I’m Dabi, a villain, not a Todoroki, not a kid that wanted to be a hero for his little brother. Touya is gone...what remains of Touya is a disfigured body with intentions of killing his own father.”


“You’re still Touya, you didn’t-”


“I’m not Touya, I’m not a Todoroki anymore. Shouto-”




Touya grew silent as Shouto gripped his shirt tightly, resting his forehead against the rough fabric of the trench coat letting his anger get the best of him.


“YOU’RE STILL TOUYA TODOROKI WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!! I’VE WAITED EVERY NIGHT FOR YOU TO COME BACK WHEN YOU DISAPPEARED!! EVERYONE WAS GIVING UP ON YOU, BUT ME!! I ASKED FATHER EVERY DAY IF YOU WERE EVER COMING BACK, BUT ALL HE TOLD ME WAS TO GIVE UP ALREADY!! BUT I DIDN’T!!...I never did...even when I was in UA, I would wait for an unknown number to appear on my phone, and be hoping it’s you. The house felt empty without, especially on my birthday. Fuyumi would come with me to the Cherry blossom tree like we used to do, and just sit there until it was midnight. We’ve kept the garden in the best condition we could keep it in, but it wasn’t the same without you guys there. Natsuo got enough money to go to college, Fuyumi became a teacher, and mother...she’s getting better.”

Shouto removed his hands from Touya’s shirt to wipe away the tears that started to dry on his cheeks, sniffling slightly as he tried to stop his tears. Touya blinked away some of the tears as he wiped away the dry tears on cheeks as well. The Todoroki siblings sat in silence as they let the other’s words sink in, unknowingly rebuilding their once forgotten and slowly fading bond they had together with the words they’ve said to one another. Touya turned around to look at the youngest, taking note of how much the youngest had grown and matured.


“So...what now?”


“I’ll be moving in with two pro heroes, wait for the case to be taken to court, and go from there.”


“Moving with two pro heroes? Case being taken to court? What?”


“Touya...I-I told my teacher everything about what happened at home. They saw the burns and bruises, I couldn’t cover it up with another excuse. They already took photos for evidence, I already had an interview with police officers, we discussed about the temporary guardianship with Fuyumi and mother, we signed the papers already, and now we’re waiting for the case to be out into court. I know I wasn’t supposed to tell, but I didn’t know what else to do! I’m sorry! I just got tired of it! I couldn’t take it anymore! I’m-”


“Shouto, it’s gonna be’s’s okay...I know...I know. Shhh, shhh, it’s okay.”


Touya brought his younger brother into a hug like he used to have done when they were younger, rocking back and forth slightly as he combed his fingers through Shouto’s hair. They stayed like this in silence besides the sweet nothings the older of the two can say to the other.


“I know we just finally got to see each other again, but I have to go now, they’ll be waiting for me back at the hideout by now.”


“Do you have to? I don’t want to have our next reunion be like what happened at the camp.”


“I have to, but hey, I promise to try and find sometime to see you. I want to know what my little brother has been up to at that hero school you got into.”


“Last time you promised to me, you didn’t come back for 10 years…”


“I’m sorry for breaking that promise, but I promise I will find a way to see you again. I’m not gonna break this promise this time, even if it means seeing you during battle, then so be it.”


“Until next time Touya.”


“Until next time Shouto”


Hugging each other one last time, Touya Todoroki disappeared from the world once again.

Chapter Text

When Shouto woke up that morning, everything that happened last night felt  like it was all just a dream, but the unknown message on his phone said otherwise.



Hey Shouto, just text me when you want to chat up, or call me if you need anything. Hope everything goes well, good luck.


Shouto couldn’t stop the smile as he read the message, saving it as Touya, and put it on his private contacts. The chance of anyone taking his phone and looking through it was very low, but he wanted to keep it private nonetheless. For the rest of the the morning, he waited patiently for the nurse to come and check his vitals, helping change the bandages to put cleaner ones on. The nurse didn’t ask any questions, which he was grateful for, bidding him farewell as she left him to check on other patients on the same floor. They didn’t allow the television to be turned on, afraid that any news about the case being opened or anything involving his father might trigger something, so he scrolled through the news on his phone instead.


Current Number One Hero Endeavor Being Accused Of Child Abuse And Neglect.


Todoroki Shouto, Student Of UA, Confessed Of Past And Current Child Abuse And Neglect Of Siblings.


Can The Number One Hero Really Be Called A Hero?


A Child Abuse Case Is Being Opened On The Number One Hero, For Child Abuse And Neglect.


“You shouldn’t be looking at the news Shouto.”


Shouto instinctively controlled his jump of surprise, not noticing the two adults walking in since he was focus was mainly on the news than his surroundings. Turning his phone off, he put it back inside a duffel bag Izuku was kind enough to leave for him the other day returning his attention back towards the two adults.


“What are you doing here?”


“We came here to check on you, thought you would still be asleep, but I guess not since you’re awake and looking through the news.”


“I wasn’t looking through-”


“The frown on your face when I walked in said otherwise.”


Was he frowning? He did feel sorta irritated and angry that news already gone out about the case being opened. Sighing in defeat, Shouto laid back down to show that it was true crossing his arms across his chest feeling slightly embarrassed for being caught. Aizawa moved closer to sit on one side, and Hizashi sat on the other like they did last time. It was nice in a way, it made him feel protected. They were his temporary guardians, and they promised to keep him safe from anyone that tried to take him away and back towards the cause of all this mess.


“Well I’m fine, just bored beyond belief, I would appreciate it if I am able to leave now.”


“I know you want to leave, but they still want you to stay until your injuries are healed. I’ll try to talk to the doctor to see if you can be released early, but for now, just take it easy and let the injuries heal.”


“I will probably let the kids know you’re okay once we get back, they’ve been coming at me with questions every minute. It’s like they know Shouta won’t tell!”


Hizashi was pouting while complaining about his day with his classmates, he exaggerated on most parts, but it was nice to listen that his classmates were concerned for his well being. It was obvious they must have heard the news on TV, rumors, or the internet. The news was spreading faster than he had expected, but it wasn’t surprising because the news reporters will eat up anything they can find that will be shocking like this. Aizawa commented every now or then, causing Hizashi to get off topic to argue with the other, but it was amusing to Shouto nonetheless.


“I tried getting the kids back on track Shouta, but they always gave me these looks that I couldn’t resists. I don’t know how you can’t break from their puppy eyes, it’s like they’re actually puppies begging for food.”


“They’re students Yamada, they are like every other student trying to be a hero, you can’t be easy with them all the time.”


“You have a soft spo-OW!”


‘A soft spot?’


“You have a soft spot for our class?”


The words left his mouth before he could think, but the reaction from his homeroom teacher was worth it in a way. The two adults stopped mid way in their argument when they heard the question Aizawa hated to hear. Every pro hero in the school would ask him the same question after the USJ, they each had a feeling Aizawa was getting attached to Class 1-A. They saw that Class 1-A had potential, they’ve gone against villains before even getting their hero provisional licenses. Aizawa saw potential in each of his students, they were the future’s pro heroes. Nothing could put them down, even the loss of a classmate, they only got back up, and fought to bring him back.


“He does! You wouldn’t believe how angry and worried he was when Bakugou got kidna-mmph!”


“Look kid, I’m just being more cautious with you guys cause you guys seem to be attracting more trouble than I need to deal with. The League of Villains are after most of you, and I’m not letting them lay a hand on any of you guys again”


Aizawa kept his capture weapon wrapped around Hizashi’s mouth to keep him from spilling out anymore of his secrets, the secret of having a soft spot for his class being revealed was embarrassing enough. Shouto was satisfied with his answer, though it made him see a new side of his homeroom teacher that he didn’t know of. They got back into talking about what has been happening at UA while he was being hospitalized, leaving a few details out on some parts. In a way, Shouto was glad they didn’t ask him any questions regarding to the small bruising on his neck. From the reflection he saw on his phone, it didn’t seem to bad, and it was right where a few of his other bruises were, so he didn’t feel too worried. However, Aizawa was too observant, and Hizashi would be slightly suspicious if he tried to lie that the bruises were already there.


The adults were talking to themselves as Shouto spaced out for a moment to think about the pros and cons. One, if they find out Dabi was his brother, they would try to keep him away from Dabi whatever way they can. Two, they would start to have security keep a more eye on his room to make sure Dabi won’t make another night visit. Three, they would probably restrict him from trying to contact, or go out if they know he has Dabi’s contacts on his phone. On the other hand, they could use Dabi’s case for their case. They would probably try to help Dabi than send him to life in prison. They could try to rebuild their bond, try to make the family whole again like the good old days.


‘Like the good old days…’


“Like the what?”


“Oh, uh, I said like the good old days...Aizawa-sensei, um, there is something I want to say.”


“What is it? Did something happen that I wasn’t informed of?”


“Uh, no, I mean, yes, but it’s gonna kinda be difficult since it’ll decide what you’ll do after.”


“If it involves Endeavor, I swear-”


“Shouta, calm down, let the kid say what he wants to say, and then we can discuss this, okay?”




“So what is it that you wanted to say Shouto?”


“Last night...I had an encounter with Dabi from the League of Villains. This may be hard to believe, but...Dabi...Dabi is my brother.”

Chapter Text

“Your what?”


“My brother.”


“Okay, let me get this straight. Your brother, Touya, correct? Disappeared, and never came back. Then all of a sudden, Dabi shows up in your hospital room, threatening you before confessing he was your brother that disappeared after 10 years?”




“Do you know how dangerous this is? How much danger you could have been in?”


“Yes, I did, that’s why I was trying to fight back, but when he threatened to burn down the building, I couldn’t put anyone else in danger.”


‘This was a bad idea,’ Shouto felt his hands shake under the covers after trying to hide his fear. Aizawa was giving off a aura of pure anger, but he didn’t let it get the best of him like his father did. There was worry in his tone of voice even though it was overpowered by the restrained anger. Hizashi was worried of course, but more collected than Aizawa. He wasn’t angry, he was worried, worried that he could have died last night.


Shouto felt slightly guilty for causing his teachers to worry when all they wanted was to make sure he was okay. He was okay, everything was okay because he has his friends, his teachers, and his family were there to protect him. It didn’t occur to him that he spaced out until he felt a hand rest against his shoulder trying to bring him back to the present.


“...Shouto, hey Shouto buddy, you with me?”


“What happened?”


“Oh, uh, when you were spacing out, Shouta and I had an agreement that we would talk about this when you feel like telling us the full story about you and...Dabi.”


“Oh...where’s Aizawa-sensei?”


“He left the room real quick to get some fresh air, I’ll go check on him right now actually, who knows what he’ll do when he’s worrying like a mother hen. Don’t tell him I said that, anyways, see ya in a bit buddy!”


Hizashi ruffled his hair a bit before he left the room faster than Iida ever could, the door closing shut behind him to leave Shouto to his thoughts. Everything seemed more quiet now like everything that just happened never really did. The silence was broken by the sudden ding of the sound of his phone giving off a notification that someone messaged him. Grabbing his duffel bag, he started to rummage through the extra clothes, and other things that he left inside to try find his phone. By the time he found his phone, the pro heroes reentered the room. Aizawa had a scowl on his face, but he seemed more calmer than he was a few minutes ago. Hizashi was smiling as he walked back into the room, chatting in a one sided conversation with the other. Deciding to let the two settle down first, Shouto unlocked his phone to look at the message, only to see it was just Izuku.



You okay?



Yes, but there is something we’ll need to discuss.



Probably with the whole class as well if Aizawa-sensei will allow it.



What’s wrong?



I’ll tell you later



You sure?



Shouldn’t you be focusing in class Midoriya? -Aizawa





Aizawa gave the phone back to Shouto after taking it away since he wasn’t really paying much attention to the other two when he first saw his boyfriend’s message. Shouto turned it off deciding to let Izuku study and pay attention than cause problems for the other.


“Did you really have to scare my boyfriend like that?”


“He shouldn’t be on his phone in the first place.”


“Aw come on Shouta, Izuku is just worried, the others are worried just like he is. Now, what he told us a few minutes ago will cause a whole new protective bubble to form when they hear this.”


“They won’t be.”




“We can’t afford having the students start being more on their guard because of this. From what you told us, he was watching you for awhile already, so they could be watching everyone outside of school without anyone knowing of their presence. We’ll also have a talk about this Dabi being your brother situation later, I need full details of the relationship between you guys before and after.”


“I thought I said-”


“I said I wouldn’t ask anymore questions until later, so I’m still following our agreement Yamada.”


‘Hizashi’s right, Aizawa does act like a mother hen.’


“I act like a what?”




Shouto couldn’t help, but laugh as his two temporary guardians started to chase each other out of the room down the halls. He can hear Aizawa shouting, and Hizashi’s high pitched screams by his activation of quirk before it faded into silence once again. The nurses were cleaning up the mess they must have made, and one was kind enough to check on him. He gave the nurse a short story of why the suppose professional pro heroes were chasing each other like children down the halls, and it ended with both of them laughing once again.


“He does worry about you though, he would always ask if anything else has happened before checking on you himself. Well, I hope you enjoy your day Mr. Todoroki.”


“You too.”


The nurse smiled as she left the room, going back to her work. The atmosphere felt more calm and cheerful than it did half an hour ago. It felt easier to laugh and smile, to let his emotions go than it did before any of this happened, before he finally decided to break free. Shouto knew that he was free the moment he told Aizawa the truth, but it felt like the last chain that held him back was finally broken. The tears started to fall before he could stop them. It felt all like a dream, to finally be the one he loves, to be free, to meet his brother that disappeared after 10 years for fucks sake.


Shouto looked out the window, seeing the city in a different perspective, it wasn’t just a blur of colors and loud noise, it was alive, colorful...home. Taking his phone out, he decided to send Izuku one more message.



Thank you

Chapter Text

After two days of boredom, Shouto was finally released from the hospital, but it was night time by the time he got out. Everyone would be sleeping or doing late night work, perfect night to get out and feel the fresh air, it was also a perfect night to escape the news reporters. Aizawa scheduled for him to be released at night that way they wouldn’t be noticed by the damn nosy reporters. Hizashi was outside in his car already, waiting for the two to come outside.


It wasn’t all that boring while he was waiting to be released, his classmates would visit him during visiting hours. Yaoyorozu was nice enough to bring his homework, and helped explain some things since he wasn’t there. They would try to fill him in on anything new that happened during class, putting in some hilarious moments now or then. Izuku would stay longer than the others though, just holding him in his arms in silence until visiting hours were over.


Shouto would press a few kisses here and there when they hugged, and Izuku would whisper sweet nothings to the other. The nurse would be kind enough to let them sleep in peace after visiting hours when they end up falling asleep holding each other. They would wake up to Hizashi taking pictures, or Aizawa ripping the sheets off the bed. It was always a good morning to wake up to fluffy green hair tickling his face, or the steady heartbeat of his lover.


It was always Izuku coming to see Shouto, but now, it’s Shouto’s turn to see Izuku. They entered the car in silence after checking the burns changing the bandages, and rubbing some special burning cream to make sure it wouldn’t scar. The bandages would dig into his skin causing him to pull at it every few minutes when it bugged him too much.


“Don’t pull it, we can fix it if it’s too tight back at the house.”


Sighing in defeat, Shouto leaned against the car door to stare at the stars and moon, watching the lights pass by like a blur in the night. The music wasn’t turned all the way up, but enough that he can hear in the back. It was soothing, calm, yet it made his fingers tap against his legs every now or then when a nice beat started to play. Hizashi would start a one sided conversation, getting a few comments now or then by the other. It was soothing nonetheless, the music, the blurring lights, the quiet conversations up front was soothing enough to cause his eyelids to start closing.




“Izuku, you’re gonna cause my arms and legs to go numb if you stay here any longer.”


“But I want to stay here with you, I miss your warm hugs.”


“That’s because you hug my left side when you feel cold.”


“Not my fault it’s starting to get cold!”


‘Oh yeah, fall is close to ending…’


There was a hand cherishing his cheek when he opened his eyes to stare back at emerald green eyes he always seemed to get lost in. Izuku moved his position from laying on top to sitting behind Shouto to comb his fingers through the perfectly split hair. Shouto didn’t feel like arguing about changing positions, it felt soothing to have his problems be taken away by a single gesture. Whenever he spaced out during a conversation, everyone would usually find a way to bring him back to the real world than his thoughts. Izuku was the best at handling these types of things, always making it seem like it never happened in the first place.


“It’s gonna be okay Shouto, you won’t have to worry about this winter, I promise.”


‘“I promise to come back Shouto, I just...I just need to go, see ya later little bro.’”


“You can’t promise me if you can’t keep that promise.”


“Shouto, you know I will keep this promise. You’re gonna have the best Christmas, best New Years, and best birthday ever this time, I promise.”




“I promise Shouto, have I ever broken a promise?”




“Then I promise, we’ll make it the best Christmas, New Years, and birthday ever!”


Izuku fist pumped the air with a big smile on his face as he started to ramble on about Christmas since it was one of the holidays that he loved the most. Shouto couldn’t help but smile a little as he listened to the other ramble on and on, making hand gestures every now or then to show his excitement.


“We can make snowmans, have a snowball fight, you can use your ice to create a ice castle-”


“An ice castle?”


“-decorate the house, make some cookies, chocolate chip cookies of course, drink hot cocoa, we’ll need to buy gifts of course-”


“Christmas gifts?”


“-we can also ask the others to come over to make a big Christmas party!”


Shouto decided not to interrupt any further, for Izuku was too engrossed on planning the party when it wasn’t even December yet. He stared at the ceiling as his boyfriend rambled on and on until he eventually falled asleep. It was alright, no bad memories would take him because Izuku was there to take them away, and replaced them with happy memories. There was even some memories before it all went downhill, he would see a small fragment of red hair and turquoise eyes sometimes until it disappeared. Shouto knew it was Da-Touya, when they had a close bond together, but it slowly started to fade after he ran away.


“-then we can, oh, if you were sleepy you could have told me, night Shouto.”


“Goodnight Izuku.”




“Shouto, hey, wake up, we’re here already.”




When he first opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was the car door open, and Aizawa standing by waiting for him to get out. Rubbing away the sleep in his eyes, Shouto exited the car after grabbing his duffel bag off the floor looking up to see a two story house. Hizashi seemed to have already went inside since he couldn’t find him anywhere outside.


The front yard was simple, the porch had a plants hanging by some nails, two chairs, a small table, and two empty bowls by the door. When they walked inside, there was a small hallway before it opened to show the living room. The cat was the first thing Shouto saw out of the rest of the objects in the room. He walked over slowly to not cause the cat to run away, but surprisingly it walked towards him to rub against his left side, purring loudly.


“She seems to have taken a liking to you.”


“There’s Shadows, I’ve been everywhere for her!”




“Yeah, that’s a name we gave her since we found her hiding in the shadows in a alleyway, she still likes to hide in the shadows at night.”


The cat was black with smooth hair and short enough to not be too short or too long, and her eyes were a beautiful lime color, bright enough to probably see at night. She continued to rub against his legs, purring loudly like a car, so he decided to bend down to pick her up in his arms.


Izuku was right, maybe this winter will probably be the best one yet.

Chapter Text

It was probably 5:51 AM by the time they arrived to school, the only warning of getting here earlier than he had ever been was a small reminder before he slept in his new room. Shouto put the few things he had in his duffel bag in their correct places after getting a good look around the house. Shadows curled up on his pillow as he started to get ready to sleep, not after Aizawa gave him the reminder that he didn’t really think of much when he looked for his night clothes from inside his duffel bag. This night wasn’t like the others back at his old place, it was like the ones when he was at the sleepover, and even the nights in the hospital. Now he wishes he had stayed in the dream after waking up to a knock to his door, and a muffled voice from the other side.


“Hurry up kid, we need to get to UA already.”


“It’s 5:24 AM, why this early?”


“Did you not hear what I was telling you last night?”




“Just hurry up kid.”


After that, Shouto started to get out of bed, and get dressed quickly. It wasn’t long until he was ready, having brushed his teeth, and gotten dressed faster than even did. Aizawa was already at the table drinking black coffee by the looks of it, waiting for his temporary adopted child to hurry up. Hizashi told him last night before they slept that Shouto will be their adopted child in the end, he has to. Shadows followed closely behind to eat his breakfast that was on top of the table in a small bowl. Then, realization dawned on him.


“Where’s Fuyu? I haven’t seen her when I first got in the hospital.”


“She’s staying at Midoriya’s house, he volunteered to watch over her after the ambulance came to pick you up.”


Shouto felt the panic slowly disappear, feeling relieved that Izuku had taken her into his care. He had forgotten about her the past few days until Shadows stared at him with her bright lime colored eyes causing a flash of white fur, and bright sky blue eyes to stare back at him. Scratching Shadow’s ear once more, together they left the house, and went outside to find Hizashi waiting in the car already smiling like he didn’t wake up at 5 in the morning.


“Hurry up! We need to finish setting things up, and do that paperwork!”


“Yamada, how many times do I have to tell you, don’t yell when it’s 5 in the morning, don’t want to deal with complaints right now.”


“Okay okay, just get inside already, I want to get things ready before the kids get there to start causing havoc once they notice Shouto is back.”


So here they are at UA, finishing up some setting things up, leaving Shouto to wait in the classroom and sleep if he wants to. He mostly scrolled through the news, or try to find something to do to pass the time. It wasn’t until he took his uniform jacket off to fold it into a makeshift pillow for his head. Tucking both of his arms under the makeshift pillow, Shouto rest his head against the fabric letting exhaustion put him to sleep.



“Guys, shhh, don’t wake him up, I need to get a picture of this.”


“Dude, how does he manage to look perfect when he’s sleeping?!”




“Leave him alone guys, Aizawa-sensei said to let him sleep until it’s time for class to start.”


“We only have a few minutes anyways, just wake fucking half and half up already.”




Opening his eyes, Shouto woke up to half the class staring down at him with smiles, or phones out taking pictures. Izuku was trying to tell Bakugou to be quiet until he noticed Shouto’s heterochromia eyes looking at his classmates with confusion. It was adorable if he’s being honest here, his hair was slightly messy, but it was perfect nonetheless. It was overwhelming slightly to be surrounded, but they soon went back to their seats after Aizawa walked in slamming a load of paperwork on his desk.


“Now that I have your attention, I’m sure you have all heard the news. You are to not ask him questions about anything relating to that unless he feels comfortable telling you. You are to still treat him like you did before knowing anything about his past life, Shouto will be staying with me for the time being until the case can be put into court. If there isn’t any questions, then we can begin the lesson.”


“If the case is closed with Endeavor proven not guilty, what will happen to Shouto?”


It was Yaoyorozu that asked the question. Her eyes held mixed emotions between anger and worry. Everyone else started to agree with her question, some coming up with different ones as well. Aizawa sighed before raising his hands to tell them to be quiet in order to answer their questions.


“We still haven’t made a decision if that were to happen, but we have multiple evidence from his siblings, mother, and himself to prove that he’s guilty. Now the personal questions will be, and can only be answered by Shouto if he wishes to answer willingly.”


There was a few nods from his classmates, and a grunt from Bakugou as he leaned back against his chair. The rest of the day went by like every other day, but this time there was no injuries to hide anymore. The class didn’t pressure him to answer their questions, only ask if he was okay, or if he wanted to borrow their notes. He gladly took the notes since Izuku either forgotten to take notes, or would give too detailed notes with small drawings on the sides. It was adorable when he first saw them, teasing Izuku a bit about how one of the drawings looked almost exactly like him.


The teachers treated him the same as well, giving him a nod when they walk in to let him know they were given the same speech by Aizawa. Lunch time came by in a blur, he was surrounded by his friends, and his boyfriend after they confirmed it to everyone they are dating. However, everything went downhill after Monoma decided to pay Class 1-A a visit.


“I didn’t expect for Class 1-A’s most powerful student to have daddy issues. What have you been doing when your poor daddy got mad? Went to go cry for your mommy? Oh wait, you don’t have one, locked up in a hospital room sadly, what a shame.”


“Where did you hear that about my mother?”


“So the rumors are true after all, I bet your mother is-”


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry Todoroki, I was trying to look for Monoma everywhere, I’m so sorry.”


Monoma was on the ground after Kendou pinched him on a pressure point near his neck. She started  scratch her neck slightly as she apologized. Shouto was stuck between anger and sadness. The mention of his father and everything he did caused his blood to boil in anger, but when he mentioned his mother, his blood froze. There was a mixture of anger and sadness running through his veins causing him to feel the need to scream. He could feel eyes on him, waiting for him to say something.


“Don’t worry, it’s...okay...excuse me.”


“I’m so sorry really-”






The barrage of questions wasn’t enough to keep Shouto from walking out of the cafeteria, leaving behind his untouched food and his friends. He needed to get away, he needed to release this anger, and he knew where exactly to release that anger.


Chapter Text

Punch after punch was filled with burning and chilling rage. The punching bag would rip from the ice and frost that covered almost half his arm as the leather burned to smell like burning rubber from the fire that covered his left arm. Aizawa did say to practice on using both of his quirks, and he needed to release the anger, now he has the chance to do both.


When Shouto firsted stepped into the locker rooms, he tried to contain himself from punching the nearest locker. He changed into respective clothing as he started to head towards the gym to look for the punching bag Bakugou uses often. There wasn’t anyone else there, so he has the gym all to himself until he feels satisfied enough to return to class. Even if he is supposed to be in class, Aizawa would understand, and he’ll probably let him stay here all day.


Shouto could fill the ice piercing the bag, and the fire burning the leather. The rage turned into adrenaline causing him to start practicing his other fighting tactics on the punching bag. He continued to train even when the bell rung, they will look for him anyways, no need to leave. Monoma’s words fueled his rage, the fire burning hotter, and the ice becoming sharper.


“I didn’t expect for Class 1-A’s most powerful student to have daddy issues.”


‘Shut up...’


“What have you been doing when your poor daddy got mad? Went to go cry for your mommy?”


‘Shut. Up.’


“Oh wait, you don’t have one, locked up in a hospital room sadly, what a shame.”




Shouto pulled his left arm back the flames growing bigger and hotter, but the rage controlled his motions. Everything went into slow motion, his flames slowly started to shrink, his ice slowly melting until there was nothing left but his bare arms. Even without his quirk, the punching bag fell from it’s position on the ceiling nothing but burnt leather and holes covered the training equipment. There was silence in the room, the only sounds was his heavy breathing, and the soft footsteps of the one that erased his quirk momentarily.


“Shouto, I know you’re mad, but you didn’t have to destroy school property to release that anger.”


It was like a switch was flipped inside him, his anger left only to be replaced by a mix of emotions all at once. Shouto could feel guilt, sadness, shock all at once noticing the scene around him. Ice covered half the training room, but the other half was black from the edges of his fire burning whatever it made contact with. There was a stinging pain on his left side, and a tremble of coolness on his right side. He felt too hot, too cold, too much, it’s too much. A hand was on his shoulder as Shouto fell on his hands and knees throwing up the small amount of food he ate during lunch. This was all too familiar, training always ended like this, overuse of quirk led to his body fighting to try to keep his body from shutting down.


“You overused your quirk, didn’t you?”




“I’ll call Recovery Girl, stay here, and see if you can try to regulate your body temperature.”


Nodding as slowly as he could without causing any pain, Shouto felt his quirk come back trying to regulate his body temperature like Aizawa said. The retreating footsteps and a door shutting was the only thing that could be heard before it all went silent. It felt like the silence was threatening to drown him in his thoughts, to drag him back to the person he used to be, the person he was trying to forget. It was understanding for Shouto to want to forget about the past, but it always tried to find a way to creep back into his head.


‘Go away, just go away.’


Shouto waited there in the training room trying to keep himself from falling into his own vomit. It felt like he was back at home again, being left with no one to tell him everything was gonna be okay, that everything was gonna be alright, that it was gonna end soon. Shouto wanted Izuku here, he shouldn’t have let his anger get the best of him, but his mother didn’t deserve everything that has been done to her. He was supposed to protect her, and make sure she didn’t have to face the flames he had to. She was supposed to smile and laugh, not cry and plead. It wasn’t fair, he was supposed to be the one to break, not his mother.


Moving himself to try and stand, Shouto started to make a step forward towards the door only for his legs to give in falling onto his knees once more. He kept trying to get up again and again and again, only to fall on his knees causing waves of pain to course through his body. Aizawa told him to ignore any comments of the case, but it was hard to ignore what Monoma said about his mother.


‘It’s not her fault that she did’s not her fault.’


Shouto slammed his fist onto the floor screaming at no one, but at the silence that let his thoughts consume him. The anger slowly fade away into just a small flame only for a fierce blizzard of desperation take it’s place.


‘It isn’t fair…’


Frost started to form around his body slowly covering every inch of the room with ice.


‘It isn’t fair…’


Everything became encased in ice causing the room to become cooler and cooler by the minute.


‘It’s not her fault…’


The ice soon turned into icicles pointing out towards the center of the room where Shouto kneeled in defeat.


‘It’s not her fault…’


Shouto could feel his body starting to go numb as frost covered his right side slowly making its way to his left side. The will to use his left side was small, it only brought back the memories of his father’s flames overpowering his own to only cause pain. There was barely even a moment to even think before there was muffled yelling on the other side of the ice that blocked the main entrance to the training room. He wanted to desperately use his fire to melt everything away, but it was like half his body was out of his control.




More muffled yelling could be heard before an explosion of ice and debris started to fly everywhere.


‘Help me…’


A rushed sound of footsteps coming closer, and yelling not too far behind could be heard until everything started to get blurry.




Warm hands touched his cheeks, everything was muffled and blurry, but he could see a figure yelling over their shoulder.




The feeling of his quirk disappearing in a matter of seconds caused the coldness of the room to hit him at full force.




Something soft and warm covered his body, but it wasn’t enough, it’s too cold.




The last thing Shouto saw were emerald eyes glistening with tears before everything went black and quiet, only one word leaving his lips



Chapter Text









Those were the first things Shouto felt or saw when his senses returned before he felt the warmth of the water that surrounded his being. It was difficult to open his eyes, but after letting his head sink into the water, he opened his eyes to find himself in a tub filled to the brim with warm water. There was a towel hanging by a rack by the tub, it was so easy to reach, yet his arms didn’t move.


None of his limbs moved, they were paralyzed, numb, overuse of his right side led to hypothermia. Yes, that’s right, he did overuse it, now he can’t move. The last thing he could remember was an explosion, yelling, warm hands...emerald eyes, tears...Izuku.


‘What have I done?’


Izuku must be worried to death right now, he didn’t want to hurt the other, but because of his selfishness, he could be blaming himself for all this. It wasn’t his fault, he didn’t lose his temper. He didn’t let his rage get the best of him. He didn’t let his quirk get out of control. Shouto needed to see Izuku, he needed to see him, he needed-






“Don’t speak! You will end up hurting your throat more!”


Shouto groaned in discomfort as he felt his body being moved to a more sitting position, but it felt like needles were being pierced into his skin. Izuku apologized quietly as he went to grab the towel from the rack to dry his hair off. The towel soaked up the water out of his hair, but it was still sticking against his skin from the humid air around them.


“Aizawa-sensei for you not to use your quirk if you’re thinking about using really did overworked yourself Shouto, it scared me. We broke into small groups to try and find you, but after the class bell rang, we had to walk back to class. It was Iida that saw Aizawa exiting the training room, he spotted us before we could turn back. He asked us what happened that caused you to get angry, so we told him that Monoma said some comments about the news and you left after that. We were about to be told to go back to class, but then we saw ice starting to come from down the hall. I thought something happened because we started to run down the hall, and we couldn’t open the doors at all because of the ice. Aizawa told Bakugou to use his quirk to break the ice after we tried to call out for you. It scared me Shouto...I thought I was gonna lose you because I didn’t see you move at all when we tried to get your attention. We had to call for some help to get you here in Recovery Girl’s room without causing any more damage. Your skin was so cold...y-you could have d-died could have died.”


Izuku gripped the towel tightly as he started to sob, resting his forehead against the edge of the tub. Shouto wanted to say it was okay, to touch Izuku’s hand, but nothing moved, nothing was in his control. He could feel his own tears starting to form as he forced his arm causing only jolts of pain to course up and down his arm. It didn’t take long for Izuku to notice that he was trying to move after hearing the soft motions under the water.


“Shouto...s-stop, you’re gonna hurt yourself more.”




“Please Shouto, you need to let your body relax, you’ve been pushing yourself too much, just stop...please.”


He couldn’t stop, Shouto knew it wasn’t gonna help him heal any faster, but he needed to show Izuku that he was okay, that everything was okay. Pushing against the other’s hands, he took his arm out of the water to let it hang limply against the edge wincing slightly as it jolted his body too much.


“Shouto stop! Please! You’re hurting yourself, please stop!”


Moving his arm hurt, but he pushed through the pain to grab Izuku’s head slowly leading him down to connect their foreheads together sighing in pain and relief. He could feel the smooth hands of the other grabbing his own intertwining their fingers together.


“I’m...I’m s-sorry I-Izuku...I’m sorry…”


Hot tears fell from his closed eyes feeling the heat of the tears fall down his cold skin to the warm water below creating small waves. It hurt, everything was hurting, but Shouto knew that Izuku was hurting as well, they both were hurting. If only he had better control over his emotions, he wouldn’t be causing his significant other to hurt as well. The numbness was slowly fading from his body, but it hurt too much to bother moving at all anymore.


“Shouto, you don’t need to apologize. I would be angry too if I were in your shoes, but you have to promise me you won’t do something like this again, okay?”




“Now get your arm back in the water, I’m gonna go get Recovery Girl and Aizawa-sensei.”

Humming in agreement, Izuku helped get his arm back into the water sighing in relief as the cold limb was surrounded by the warmth once more. The pain didn’t feel too badly like it did before, but it felt uncomfortable to move at all until then. A hand combed through his hair before Shouto closed his eyes to let himself rest as exhaustion decided it was the best time to relax than get worked up again. He must have been truly exhausted because one moment he sees Izuku standing over him, and the next he sees Recovery Girl with a small flashlight pointing towards his eyes.


“It seems like the hypothermia is going down now, but you’ll still need to be bed rested and no use of quirk until then. Your body is still trying to regulate its body temperature since you overused your right side. Try not to overuse your quirk on either side, it could lead to bad consequences like this. Before you say anything, take this pill, and drink some water to help your throat.”


Nodding to show his understand, he moved his arms slowly feeling a small sting than needles stabbing into his skin like before. The pills were small, but can be effective surprisingly. Shouto slowly the pills dry before taking the glass of water, drinking it until it was half way gone.


“Th-Thank you.”


“Yes yes, now get dry and dressed, Aizawa and Midoriya are waiting for you out in the hallway.”


A more larger towel and a new set of clothes were on the floor as Recovery Girl left to let Shouto to change. He didn’t notice that he was bare of any clothing until he got out of the tub as slowly as he could feeling the air chill his skin. A blush soon covered his cheeks down to his neck as the thought of having someone take off his clothes without him knowing was embarrassing.


‘By god, please don’t let it have been Izuku.’


Grabbing the towel off from the floor, Shouto started to dry himself while trying to control his emotions as the blush started to subside to a faint light pink. It didn’t take long for him to dry off without the use of his quirk, and to change into the clothing was easier said than done. Hanging the towel back back onto the rack, Shouto left the room which seemed to have been a large restroom that had rooms for certain situations. Now that he thought about it, he must have been in the room for anyone that got hypothermia from overuse of quirk, or someone else caused the other to have hypothermia.


Recovery Girl was back at her desk looking over papers as Shouto left the room silently only to come face to face with his temporary parent than a worried face Izuku.


“I sent Midoriya back to class, now come on. We’re heading home to talk about this incident, and about some rules we’ll need to make. Now hurry up, Hizashi is in the car outside already.”


Shouto groaned trying to ignore the amused look Aizawa had as they walked down the hall together.


‘Should have definitely gone back to sleep.’

Chapter Text

Aizawa didn’t say anything else as they continued their walk towards the front of the building. Shouto could practically see the flaring aura of anger, worry, and a parent’s instinct of protectiveness if he squinted his eyes hard enough. It was understanding for his teacher to be protective, after finding out about his past and current life, he would be protective of what others would say about the situation now that it’s out to the public. The halls were empty of any student or teacher as they continued to walk in silence until one of them decided to break it.


“If someone was commenting about your mother, you should have came to me than causing harm to yourself. You were out for two hours until Midoriya informed me that you were awake after volunteering to watch over you.”


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t control my anger, and-”


“And that’s what we’re gonna fix. We’re gonna help you control your anger, and start coming to me or Yamada when you need someone to talk to.”


“I don’t-”


“Yes you do, the incident that happened today is enough evidence that you don’t have much control over your anger.”


“I-You’re right...I’m sorry.”


“Don’t apologize kid, there’s no need for you to apologize.”


Opening the doors to the front entrance, the soft autumn breeze brought a more relaxing and calm atmosphere as they walked across the concrete sidewalk to get to the gate that blocked the public from UA. It was for security purposes apparently, they didn’t want any other people that don’t attend UA to enter unless you’ve been given a card like the rest of the students that attend UA.


The doors opened automatically after Aizawa scanned his card, letting the other follow him from behind. As they got closer to the vehicle, they can hear some music blasting, and Hizashi sitting in the driver’s seat with a book. It wasn’t surprising to either of them since this morning he had done the same thing to help keep them awake during the ride to school. Shouto opened the back seat as Aizawa opened the front seat turning down the music causing Hizashi to look up from his book.


“Finally! I was wondering what was taking you guys so long.”


“Just got held up in a conversation.”


Putting the car on drive already going  in sync with the other vehicles as they started their drive home. Keeping his eyes on the road, Hizashi started to drum his fingers against the steering wheel glancing up at the rear mirror to look at Shouto real quick.


“Now that both of you guys are here, give me the scoop!”




“Long story short, Shouto got angry from a comment that Monoma said about his mother, and because of some reason in the training room when I went to get Recovery Girl, he overused his quirk which led to him having hypothermia.”


“HYPOTHERMIA?! WHY-didn’t you tell me earlier?!”


The moment Hizashi heard the news, he activated his quirk from both shock and concern, making both Shouto and Aizawa to cover their ears before Aizawa used his quirk to make the volume of his voice be  at normal volume. It hurt his ears honestly, Shouto was surprised no one was deaf yet from being nearby the pro hero when he activates his quirk. Once he noticed Aizawa’s red glaring eyes at the other, he moved his hands away from his ears looking at the two adults with slight guilt. If only he had better control over his temper, they wouldn’t be in this mess right now. Fiddling with his fingers for a moment, Shouto looked back down to the black carpeted floor of the car deciding to apologize now than later.


“I’m sorry for making everyone worried, I just let my anger get the best of me than thinking of a more rational way to let my anger out. I should have gone to either of you, or ignore it completely but I didn’t. I apologize for causing so much trouble lately as well, you’re busy as it is, and-”


“Shouto, what did I say?”


“...there’s no need for me to apologize…”


“Exactly, and I mean it kid. You did the right thing on telling us, and we would have to have adopt a kid sooner or later. You’re right that you should have thought of a more rational way to let your anger out, but I should be apologizing to you. I should have stayed with you to help you than leave you alone to deal with your emotions by yourself. It’s hard to deal with emotions when you’ve been compressing them for so long that it’s hard to find any other way to let it out than by doing something without thinking. I’ve done it before, when I was your age, but instead of dealing with it alone, I had someone there to help me with it. I should have done the same the moment I saw how strong your quirk was when you were about to turn the punching bag to ashes.”




“So I’m sorry for not being there with you when you needed someone the most at the moment.”


The moment Aizawa finished his apology, Shouto was trying to keep himself from letting his emotions get the best of him again by biting his lip, shutting his eyes as tightly as he could. A soft layer of frost covered his right side, and the leather seat as the built up emotions caused his quirk to take an effect by itself. The frost stopped spreading as the feeling of his quirk disappearing.


“Shouto, breathe. We can talk about this later, but right now, I need you to control yourself before you freeze us from the lack of control of your quirk.”


Giving Aizawa a small nod, Shouto felt himself grow smaller and smaller as he tried to think of other things as the car ride continued on in silence.




When they arrived back at the house, Shadows was sitting on the porch by the stairs watching the familiar vehicle park in the driveway. They exited the vehicle in a silence besides the one sided conversation Hizashi was having with Aizawa. Shouto bent down to pick up the black cat before entering the house, scratching her ears as he walked past the living room to go to the kitchen. Not far behind, Aizawa and Hizashi followed him from behind each taking a seat on the table.


“First off, I need you to tell me exactly what he said to you before the incident happened.”


“He said, ‘I didn’t expect for Class 1-A’s most powerful student to have daddy issues. What have you been doing when your poor daddy got mad? Went to go cry for your mommy? Oh wait, you don’t have one, locked up in a hospital room sadly, what a shame.’ That’s exactly what he said.”


“And what was it that you did that costed you to not be present for half the day?”


“...I went to the training room to practice, and because of that, I also let my anger get the best of me.”


“Kiddo, if you were angry, why didn’t you come find one of us?”


“I-I didn’t think of actually talking to someone about it until after the incident…”


“Next time someone comments about something personal, come to us, okay?”


“Yes sir.”


“Don’t call me sir, makes me feel old.”


Feeling the atmosphere lighten up a bit, Hizashi declared that they were gonna have a movie night. Watching the adults get the movie night started, Shouto smiled slightly leaving the kitchen to grab some blankets, but the smile didn’t go unnoticed by the other two as they looked at each other with determination to make Shouto’s life a lot better than the one he had live through.



Chapter Text

The movie night lasted until one hour before midnight, but if Shouto could remember correctly, he slept halfway in the third movie. He doesn’t remember much after that, only the feeling of the soft blanket, and the small weight of Shadows sleeping on his lap. When he woke up, Shadows wasn’t in his lap, the TV was turned off, and everything was put back to its normal position besides himself. Getting himself off the couch, Shouto went back to his room to get ready for the rest of the day.


“I brought you Fuyu since she’s been trying to get out of the house to follow me back to school to probably see you again.”


At the mention of Fuyu, Shouto looked up from the notes letting a small smile grace his lips as he saw Izuku holding the said cat in his arms. It was a sight to behold in his opinion, the light reflecting off from those emerald eyes that never seem to stop sparkling. He could feel himself getting lost as he continued to stare, he couldn’t bring himself to look away honestly.


“Honestly Izuku, I always seem to get lost in your eyes everytime I look at you.”




“I mean it Izuku, your eyes are like emeralds that never seem to lose their shine, and the sun makes it twice as bright if you have been lost in them like I have.”


Izuku was a blushing mess by the time Shouto finished his sentence, feeling a blush of his own start to cover his cheeks. Fuyu jumped down from Izuku’s arms to sit on top of Yaoyorozu’s desk as she watched the two teens blush from the flirt attempt by the other.


“I’m sorry Izuku, I didn’t mean-”


“I-It’s fine Shouto! I was just caught off guard was all...I didn’t know you looked at me that way. Honestly, I would sometimes like to think I’m looking at a ocean with a shore filled with smooth grey stones when I look at your eyes. Your scar makes it seem like it’s a sunset sometimes if you imagine it. When we fell asleep together at the sleepover, I kinda touched your hair a little cause I was always curious of how it felt when I first saw it. Would it be rough? Would it be like silk? Would it be thick? Would it be thin? So when I touched your was so soft, you use a lot of conditioner then if it’s so soft. During the Sport Festival, I was staring in awe when I saw how big you can make your ice. It was huge! I didn’t know you can do that, and during our battle, your fire was hot enough to make your ice melt! I have other questions as well about your quirk like what would happen if you overused it, but then…”


“Then I caused myself to get hypothermia because I overused my right side...I’m sorry for making you worry. I should have talked you or talked to Aizawa-sensei than letting my anger get the best of me.”


“No no no, Shouto, it’s fine. It’s okay. Just don’t do that again, okay? It really scared me.”


“I promise to never overuse my quirk again.”




It didn’t take long until other students started to walk in the room as the two teens settled down to start a discussion. A few noticed that Fuyu was back, giving her the attention that she missed even though she received enough attention at the Midoriya’s house. Once everyone arrived, there was laughter and chattering filling the air, a few smalls explosions and awws now or then from Bakugou, or the group of girls cuddling the attention loving cat. When Aizawa entered the room after finishing some business, he found multiple groups of his students chatting, but one was giving attention to the “class pet” as Hizashi calls it.  


“Sit down, class has started.”


Izuku gave Shouto one last smile before getting up to get back to his seat, the rest of the class did the same as well letting the cat do as it pleases for the rest of the day. It was like every other day as the hours passed until lunch time came around, causing Shouto to feel a pool of dread start to fill his stomach staying in his seat when the bell rang.


“Shouto? Are you coming?”


“Huh? Oh, uh, yes.”


Grabbing his bag, Shouto slung it over his shoulder walking over to the door to catch up to Izuku with Fuyu following him from behind. Izuku fiddled with his fingers before leaning up to give Shouto a kiss on the cheek causing the other to freeze, literally. From behind, Fuyu hissed at the ice as Izuku yelped at the sudden frost and ice that covered half the doorway.


“Shouto?! Are you okay?”


“Uh, yes, sorry, let me unfreeze this.”


Summoning the fire to his left hand, Shouto started to unfreeze the doorway, and the floor being careful with the temperature of the heat. Izuku went to pick up Fuyu after the ice melted and soon evaporated into air feeling a blush of embarrassment started to form.


“Sorry for kissing you! I wasn’t really thinking, I just thought maybe you would want a kiss. Did I make you uncomfortable?”


“No no, Izuku, it’s fine, I was just...surprised is all. I didn’t think you would do that.”


“I did it without asking you, I’m sorry, I just-”


“It’s fine Izuku, I appreciate the gesture, now lets go before our are taken.”




Feeling a burst of encouragement from the blushing smile Izuku gave him, Shouto grabbed his hand as they walked down the hall to walk together to lunch. Izuku didn’t pull away like he thought he would, he intertwined their fingers together making him smile in joy. They started a small conversation about the notes or anything that he must have missed the other day while Fuyu followed from behind jumping in between their legs every now or then as a way to pass the time for her.


“Midoriya! Todoroki!”


“Hey Uraraka!”


They joined their small group of friends at a table close to one of the many windows, taking out their bento boxes as they did so. Shouto looked down at his bento box Hizashi decided to make since it was the least he could do from yesterday’s incident. The food was better than he had expected, and the cat shaped sushi rolls were cute as he picked them up with his chopsticks smiling a bit.


“Oh my god! Those are so cute! Who made these?!”


“Oh, Present Mic did, would you like one?”


“Yes please!”


Sharing his food was easier said than done. Izuku, Iida, and Asui were given one as well, each asking to give Hizashi a compliment about his cooking skills as they relished the taste. Shouto nodded in agreement as he took a bite from one of the sushi rolls, humming in delight before grabbing another one. The group continued their conversation, asking for Shouto’s opinion when they started arguing about a topic they were discussing.


Shouto shook his head with an amused look as he watched the two argue over the topic, returning back to his food tuning out the loud noises as he did so. The vibration in his pocket broke the concentration, putting down his chopsticks to take his phone out. Once he unlocked his phone, the message he received was surprising, yet worrisome as he started to think about what he meant.



We need to discuss something Shouto.



It involves that bastard of a father.

Chapter Text

The rest of the day, Shouto couldn’t stop thinking about the messages that Tou-Dabi left. It wasn’t helping the fact that it involved their father nonetheless. Was it bad? Did something happen?...Was he gonna ask him to be a spy? A traitor? A double agent? He can’t do that, he’ll lose all the trust he gained from everyone, and Izuku...he’ll never forgive him.


Taking a deep breathe, Shouto held a the pencil in his hand in a tight grip as he felt a small amount of frost start to form. Ice started to take form around the pencil, causing the tight grip he had to snap it in half ignoring the worried look Yaoyorozu sent his way. Shouto grabbed the two pieces of what was left of his pencil to grab another from inside his bag, dropping the pieces inside to throw them away later. Once he finally found a sharpened pencil in the black hole called bag, there were already a few extra notes that he missed during his search.


“I can share you my notes if you can’t finish them in time.”


“Thank you Yaoyorozu.”


Yaoyorozu gave him one of her warm smiles before returning to focusing on the lesson, Shouto nodding as he did the same to catch up before the class ended. He was half way through the extra notes before the bell rang, signalling the class to start packing, and leave from how Aizawa described it. Shouto put away his notes before a familiar notebook was put on his desk.


“Here’s my notes, give it back when you finish writing the notes, see you tomorrow Todoroki.”


“Thank you, see you tomorrow as well Yaoyorozu.”


Bidding her farewell, Shouto put the notebook in his bag not even noticing Izuku’s presence until a hand dropped on his shoulder. A layer of ice covered his right side, freezing the hand in place as he wedged his body away from the being.


“Sh-Shouto! I-I didn’t mean to scare you, but...can you unfreeze m-my hand?”


“Izuku! I’m so sorry! I didn’t notice you, so I kinda went on instinct when you put your hand on my shoulder.”


“I-It’s fine. I sh-should have told you I was here th-than scaring you like that.”


Putting his bag down, Shouto walked back towards his desk once again to unfreeze Izuku surprised that it was only the arm than half the room. Bringing his left hand up, a small flame was drawn before he started to melt the ice causing it to evaporate than letting the water drip onto the floor. It didn’t take long since it was only his arm, apologizing every few seconds as he continued to be mindful of the clothing as the heat melted and evaporated the ice. Once the ice was gone, Shouto grabbed Izuku’s hand to warm it up as it shook from the coldness.


“I’m sorry Izuku, I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did.”


“It’s fine Shouto, you were just surprised. I would be surprised and frightened as well.”


“Now that you finished unfreezing one of your classmates-”




“-we need to get going. See you tomorrow in class Midoriya.”


“Bye Aizawa-sensei! Bye Shouto!”


Waving to the retreat form of his crush now lover, Aizawa and Shouto went the other way to pick up Hizashi from the teacher’s lounge. Shouto glanced towards the other’s direction noticing a small patch of fur was poking out from the scarf that hung around the underground pro hero’s neck. When they entered the teacher’s lounge, Hizashi and Midnight were sitting at a table, having a conversation of some sort until Hizashi noticed his lover and temporary child.


“Ready to go home?”




“See ya tomorrow Nemuri!”


“Bye Yamada! Bye Shouta! Bye Todoroki!”


“Bye Nemuri.”


“Bye Midnight.”


Grabbing some ungraded papers and the keys off the table, together they walked out of UA ignoring the autumn breeze that picked up before dropping once again. Once inside, Fuyu decided to make her appearance by popping her head out from inside the scarf, hopping down into Aizawa’s lap to curl up better than she did in his scarf.


“I think Shadows will like her, she kinda needed some companion since she’s alone while we’re out.”


“We’ll wait and see once we get home.”




Surprisingly, they got along better than they had expected them to. When they put Shadows and Fuyu together in the living room, they were like yin and yang, but they got along together nonetheless. Shouto took a spot on the couch with Fuyu on his right side, and Shadows on the other, rereading the messages with narrowed eyes before answering.



Why can’t you tell me here?



Finally decided to answer me after being left on read for an hour and a half.



I need to see you in person because this is personal.



Can’t have anyone looking through your messages to find this.



Fine, we’re do you want to meet up at?



Meet me at the park, I’ll be waiting.


It seemed suspicious, but the growing curiosity was getting the best of him as he got up to look for Aizawa or Hizashi. When he entered the kitchen, Aizawa was making coffee while Hizashi sat at the table grading a few English papers that they finished in class.


“Can I go out?”


“Go out? Where?”


“To the park, I feel like getting some air, and probably going on a run.”


“Shouto, you know-”


“You can go! Just be back before curfew, or Aizawa will go look for while on his night shift!”


Leaving before Aizawa could tell him anything else, Shouto started his walk to the park using his left side to warm himself a bit as the autumn breeze picked up once more. Thoughts and ideas of how this situation he gotten himself in to might end didn’t seem appealing, but once the park came into view, everything seemed to have disappeared. At the edge of the park, a dark silhouette leaned against the brick wall that surrounded the park waiting for a certain someone. There was something in the back of his head telling him to just turn back, but as soon as he came face and face to the older boy, Shouto knew he couldn’t go back.

Chapter Text

“Good to see you actually came.”


“I wouldn’t have if my curiosity hadn’t gotten the best of me.”


“Whatever. Lets go somewhere else private, I don’t want anyone to hear.”


Tou-Dabi started to walk into the park, leaving Shouto behind to follow. It was difficult to decide whether to think of him as his older brother or as a villain, but it wasn’t time to dwell on the thought. He was hesitant first, it seemed more like a trap than a walk in the park, but his legs moved before Shouto could make a decision. After catching up, they walked deeper into the park away from the playground and sidewalks. Dabi stopped where there were trees that gave enough cover for no one to notice their silhouettes unless they got closer. Shouto decided to stop just a few paces away from the villain, feeling uneasy as the sky grew darker.


“I’m thinking of making a plan to end that bastard when he doesn’t least suspect it. I need you to stay away from that area, and don’t even think about trying to go there when it happens.”


“Da-Touya, do you know what you’re even doing?!”


“I’m ending the bastard that caused our family to fall apart, that’s what I’m doing. I need you to stay away, and not involve yourself in this.”


“Touya, I can’t-”




He was lift off from the floor before Shouto could have time to understand what was happening. The smell of burning clothing was enough to make his quirk frost over the area, slowly turning into ice as he grabbed onto Dabi’s wrist.


“I don’t want to hurt you Shouto. Losing mother is enough, but losing you by my own hands will only make this harder for me. I need you to promise to me that you’ll not interfere.”


“T-Touya, killing father won’t change anything. The damage is can’t fix it. You need to move on-”






“DO YOU?!”





“We’re doing everything we can to get her out. I promise you we’ll save her-”


“Promise me you won’t interfere. That’s all I ask for.”




“Promise me Shouto...please…”


“...I promise…”




The ice and frost melted as Shouto was slowly put back down, the tension in the air was slowly fading away. Once he felt the ground under his feet, Shouto rubbed the area around his collarbone feeling Touya’s eyes on him as he did so. He can feel the guilt and anger coming from his older brother in waves, the anger wasn’t towards him of course, Shouto knew that for sure.


“Was this all you wanted to do?”


“No...How’s...How’s mother? Is she okay?”


His heart broke when he heard the desperation in Touya’s voice, it didn’t sound right. Shouto sighed as he crossed his arms across his chest closing his eyes deciding whether or not to tell before coming to a decision.


“She’s doing fine...we’re trying to release her from the hospital to move in with Fuyumi, or move in back with her mother. Ya know...she told me that she wishes to see you again, or at least get a message from you knowing if you’re okay. She hasn’t gave up on you yet, neither have I.”


“She didn’t give up?...”


“No, she didn’t. I-”


It happened all too fast. Blue flames shot out before him, but it wasn’t meant to hit him. It was too hot, too much smoke. It burns. Shouto tried to call upon some ice to extinguish the fire, but the next thing he knew, Dabi was right in front of him pushing him into the flames.


‘Was this all just a lie? Did he only use me to get the information he needed? Didn’t he care at all?’


Everything happened too slow after that, the blue flames engulfed made everything seem so bright. Blue flames. Burning trees. Everything was burning, slowly turning into ash. Shouto tried to reach out for the stretched out arms of his brother, no, villain to save himself from the flames. Then everything went black like the pool of darkness that finally took a hold of him once more.




Dabi watched as Shouto’s body laid on the burnt grass on the other side of the flames that he grew to control after years of self torment. It was unfortunate that it had to end like this, but it was his fault in a way. Eraserhead burst out from above the trees before he could notice the other’s presence. Letting his flames fly towards the underground pro hero, Dabi ran towards the unconscious body of the youngest Todoroki.


‘Dammit, I need to get him out of here.’


A deep cut was just on top of the teens eyebrow causing blood to flow out like a waterfall down his face. His face was paler than what it looked like a few moments ago, strands of hair stuck to his forehead from the blood and sweat.


‘He’s alive at least.’


Kneeling down on one knee, Dabi put one arm under the teen’s knees, and the other under his neck to hold him in a better position. It didn’t matter that blood started to stain his jacket, the only thing he worried right now was getting Shouto out of there before Eraserhead found them. Dabi held the other’s body closer to his chest before running into the trees to the streets hearing the other’s footsteps following close behind.


Once the streets came into view, Dabi set off flames to the nearest cars and buildings causing havoc and destruction in his awakening. The air was filled with screams, and the crackle of the flames as he ran down the street to an alleyway. A warp gate was already waiting for him the moment Dabi reached the opening looking back to make sure the underground pro hero didn’t follow.


“Sorry little bro, but I gotta do this.”


Holding the unconscious form of his youngest sibling, Dabi walked into the warp gate leaving behind Shouto’s phone on the stone floor. The wooden floor beneath his feet wasn’t enough to hold up against the flames that licked against his skin as he stood in front of the League of Villains, feeling the tension in the air rise.


“Ashtray. Explain. Now.”

Chapter Text

The morning was bright, and perfect to wear only a light jacket than a winter coat as Izuku stared out the window after the alarm clock went off. Jumping out of his bed, he grabbed the now clean uniform off the edge of his bed before dashing into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Energy was coursing through his veins as though he had been overcharged than he is mostly charged with, smiling at himself in the mirror after finishing brushing his teeth. Walking back inside his room, Izuku grabbed his homework and notes from the desk putting them quickly back inside his bag.


“I have you bento box ready Izuku!”


“Okay mom! I’ll be right down!”


Izuku took his phone off from his charger before rushing down the hallway to get the kitchen finding his mother making herself some coffee. His mother, Inko Midoriya, gave him one of her morning smiles patting the bento box to was next to her filled with delicious foods that she makes before the alarm clock went off. Giving her a smile of his own, Izuku hugged her while grabbing the bento box off the counter, and stuffing it inside his bag with the rest of his belongings. He gave her one last kiss on the cheek before running out of the kitchen to the front door.


“Bye mom!”


“Bye Izuku! Be careful!”


Closing the door, Izuku left the comfort of his home to the morning rush in Musutafu, running down the street to get to the train station in time than being late like the first few times. The autumn breeze felt nice against his hair, making it more messy than it already was. Izuku gasped for air after running through many blocks and roads to arrive at the train station in time, sitting down on a bench to catch his breathe, and have sometime to look through the news and messages.


Villain attack close to central park 2 hours before midnight.


One death and 6 injured from villain attack close to central park.


Reporting of blue flames burning down half the central park, and buildings close to the area.




After scrolling through his phone for 15 minutes taking note of each report of the attack that happened last night, the train finally arrived leaving Izuku to pick up his belongings quickly before rushing inside to escape the crowds that started to form. A pool of unease started to form as he continued to look through the news of the recent attack, even watching a video someone took before they had to turn it off when a nearby vehicle burst from the extensive heat the flames caused. Something seemed off about the video, the silhouette did belong Dabi, however, there was something, no, someone, in his arms before setting off another burst of flames to the area. It was clear whoever it was, the League of Villains now have whoever they are in their clutches.


‘But who?’




Chattering and laughter filled the hallway when Izuku opened the door to find that everyone had arrived before him, but it wasn’t technically everyone. Shouto wasn’t there. Even from the doorway, the seat was empty, and a pool of worry started to form.


‘Did something happen yesterday?’


“I didn’t assign you to stand in front of the doorway all day Midoriya.”


“S-Sorry sensei!”


‘When did he get here?!’


Izuku bowed in apology before rushing towards his desk as everyone else settled down as well. When he reached his seat, something seemed off. Aizawa seemed more tired than he usually as, and if he looked carefully, bandages were wrapped around the pro hero’s left wrist when he moved the sleeve up. Shouto was missing, and Aizawa was injured.


‘Is Shouto-’


“I have some news to tell you before class can start. Todoroki has been kidnapped by the League of Villains, more specifically, Dabi.”


The room went dead silent, even Izuku’s thoughts stopped midway when Aizawa finally announced the news that he feared wasn’t true. Everything started to click together. The attack. Shouto missing. Aizawa’s injury. The mysterious person in Dabi’s arms. It all makes sense, Dabi kidnapped Shouto last night at the central park, and Aizawa was trying to save him. But how did he know he was gonna be there? Was this all planned? Why Shouto? It didn’t make sense.


“The news only got a glimpse of what really happened, not what actually happened. Before I can go any further, there’s also something else I’ll need to tell you before I continue. It won’t go against since he barely found out while he was still hospitalized, but he will need to be questioned once he get him back.”



Yes, but there is something we’ll need to discuss.



Probably with the whole class as well if Aizawa-sensei will allow it.




“Shouto has three older siblings, one sister and two brothers. His older sister is at a business trip at the moment, and one of his older brothers is in college. The other older brother, however, disappeared from the face of the Earth. That is, until now. You already know Dabi’s quirk is a fire element, Cremation, the ability to burn anything into ashes. From Shouto’s hazy memories, and from what he had told us about their conversation, Dabi is-”


“Dabi is Shouto’s oldest brother.”


Izuku didn’t bother to raise his hand to finish his sentence, it was all clear now. Endeavor had turquoise eyes, Shouto’s left eye was turquoise, and Dabi’s had turquoise eyes as well. They each had flames, but Dabi’s was blue which radiates more heat than the regular fire. The scars can be explained by the sensitivity of his skin from his own quirk. If Shouto’s mother was sensitive to heat, then Dabi, if he was Shouto’s older brother, must have inherited that sensitivity like his other siblings.


‘If they are related, what caused the recent number one hero’s eldest son to become a villain?’


From one question to another and another and another, until all he could think about was the unconscious form that was held in Dabi’s arms. What did Dabi want with Shouto? Was it for a good or bad cause? Will he try to make Shouto join their side?


“Before you can start asking questions, you are to not tell anyone outside of this classroom or to anyone outside of this school. Do I make myself clear?”


It was all too much to take in, Shouto won’t be back for who knows how long, and with the League of Villains of all people. If Dabi had a purpose for taking Shouto, and if they were really related, then he wouldn’t let the League of Villains kill him...right?


“We promise, we’ll keep the information you’ve given us to our class only.”


The rest of the class nodded in agreement, each holding back their questions after noticing that they weren’t the only ones worried. Aizawa was the last person to see Shouto, and the last person watch him be taken away. They will bring Shouto back, even if it means doing the same thing they did for Bakugou. If they can bring Bakugou back, then they can bring Shouto back too.


‘Don’t worry Shouto, we’re coming for you.’

Chapter Text

When Shouto first opened his eyes, the ceiling was cracked and moldy to even be called a ceiling anymore. Whatever he was laying on wasn’t soft, but wasn’t too uncomfortable either. Everything seemed off, there wasn’t any restraints holding him down, and the door was half opened than looked and secured. Did someone save him? Or he taken hostage? Did Dabi do this? Is he in the League’s new hideout? Are they this naive to let him go like this? Or is this a test?


Groaning in irritation and frustration, Shouto glared at the door trying to find anything that could show any signs of a trap. There was none from where he was laying, it all seemed normal, too normal for his liking. To test it, he released a small trail of ice towards the door into the hallway, but nothing happened. It was odd, and frustrated Shouto more and more before it all faded into curiosity. If this wasn’t a trap, then who was it that saved him?


“You didn’t have to freeze half the hallway if you wanted something.”


“Had a feeling you were behind this, but leaving me without any security made me think it was someone else.”


“I bandaged that cut of yours, so be grateful brat. Anyways, it’s because you’re in an abandoned apartment, not the League’s. Be glad I didn’t hand you off to them, they would have used you against your own classmates, or kill you. I kinda told them a little lie to the League, all I said was that I had something against the bastard, which is kinda true, and that I kidnapped you to make the bastard angry. Ash face didn’t like my idea of kidnapping you without telling the boss, but he did have a plan in mind for you. Take you hostage to use you as bait. That wouldn’t work for the “Number One Hero”, but it would work for those UA brats. We would make a trap for the UA brats by having the blondy take some blood out of you, and use it to make it seem like you’re being held hostage by the League of Villains. However, you will be with me instead, so when they realize it’s a trap, it’ll be too late.”


“Leave my friends out of this.”


“Shouto, it had to be done, either you be used by the League and end up dead, or stay with me until the plan is done.”


“Those are my friends you’re gonna kill! I won’t forgive you if you do this!”


“IT DOESN’T MATTER!! I CAN’T LOSE YOU LIKE I LOST MOM!! IF YOU DIE, IT’LL BE MY FAULT BECAUSE I WAS THE ONE THAT BROUGHT YOU THERE!!...I just went on instinct, and I couldn’t leave you behind like I did back then Shouto.”


The emotions that swirled in Dabi’s eyes was enough evidence in Shouto’s case to know he was telling the truth. Would he have done the same thing if he was in Dabi’s shoes? It was hard to look Dabi straight in the eyes now, mixed emotions were eating away at his insides making it harder for him to think. Sitting up in a more comfortable position, Shouto took a deep breath letting a puff of cool air out as he leaned his head against the wall. If he was going to be held hostage by his own brother, then wouldn’t it be easier to escape?


“The plan will be put into motion after probably a week or less. For now, you’ll be waiting here at this hideout until then, and don’t think you can escape. We’ve already had that covered. One hero in training against three Nomus, do some thinking little bro, you might need it if you wanna get out alive.”


With that, the villain left the room closing the door behind him, leaving Shouto to process the information he was given. To say the least, it was harder to figure out where the Nomus are, how the Nomus got here in the first place without being noticed, and what to expect the next few days. There wasn’t a window to look out from, nor was there any devices to figure out the time as well. The wound on his head was bandaged and cleaned carefully from the looks of it in the mirror, but that was one solution to all of the other thousands of problems he had.


Shouto decided to test the door again, but this time, actually getting up and opening the door. The sheets were thin, but soft when he first touched the fabric. Checking to make sure there wasn’t any traps on the floor, he got out of the makeshift bed that was apparently made out of blankets and sheets. When he first looked around, Shouto saw only a few things from where he was sitting at. There was a cracked mirror leaning against the wall opposite of him, pieces of old wood were laying everywhere around the floor, and the makeshift bed underneath him. His pockets felt more lighter, and as he checked by patting himself down with his right hand, his wallet and phone were gone.


‘Must have been taken them away as precaution. Typical.’


The room wasn’t dark that you would think you were still sleeping, but dark enough for you to be careful where you were stepping. Shouto kicked a few pieces of wood while trying to walk towards the only door to the room. Once he reached the door, the handle was cold like ice in his hand, but it soon started to warm after activating his left side to melt any remaining frost and ice around the door. The door didn’t budge like Shouto wanted it to, but from the looks of it, it’ll be easier to bust it down.


‘This better work.’


Taking a step away from the old door, Shouto brought his right foot up ready to kick it down with brute force. Before his foot could make contact with the door, a hand grabbed his ankle keeping his leg in midair leaving him to keep himself from falling by balancing on his left leg. Dabi stood where the door was supposed to be, holding his ankle amusingly after catching the youngest in surprise.


“Surprise brat.”


“Let go of my leg.”


“Not after you tell me what you were about to do.”


“I was gonna kick down the door after trying to open it. Happy?”


“Didn’t think you were that stupid, I was holding the handle to see if you were gonna actually try to get out. Looks like I was right. You can wander around the building, but only the floor you’re in. The stairs have been destroyed, no electricity to get the elevator working, and the amount of food and water you’ve been given after limited. This place is pretty worn out, so don’t try to break anything attached to the building like the doors, it could led to the floor above or below you to fall apart. I left some things for you to entertain yourself with, try to use your quirk to survive, the kitchen appliances don’t work at all. Kurogiri will let me come by every now or then to give you more food or to come and check on you until the plan has started. Once it has, I’ll be staying here with you until they give me a call that the plan was a success or not. I’m doing this for your own good, remember that brat.”


Letting go of Shouto’s ankle, Dabi left the doorway to walk back towards a open warp gate that was just beside the room ready to leave the youngest to his own survival. Shouto stood by the doorway watching the retreating form of his older brother, but he needed to hear something from the villain before he left.


“What will happen to my friends Dabi?”


The villain stopped midway leaving only half of his body inside the warp gate turning around to stare at the teen, shutting his eyes for a moment after a flash of Shouto when he was barely even 5 stared back at him.


“I think you would know what will happen to them Shouto.”


“You don’t have to hurt them, we can change the plan-”


“Shouto, we can’t go back now. What is done, is done.”


“You don’t understand, they’re my friends, and-”


“You’ll just have to move on Shouto, I’ll think of something after the plan is succeed of what to do-”


“I LOVE MIDORIYA, TOUYA!! I WON’T BE ABLE TO FORGIVE YOU IF YOU KILL HIM!!...He helped me see that this was my power, not father’s...Please Touya, please don’t do this…”


“Shouto...I’m sorry, but I can’t keep that promise, not this time.”




Shouto tried to call out for his oldest brother, the one that was supposed to listen, to come back, but his retreating disappeared just like the warp gate. The hallway suddenly grew too silent, everything seemed more broken than what it already is.


“I’m sorry Izuku...I’m sorry…”

Chapter Text

Everything didn’t seem the same without Shouto around, the warmth of the other beside him during the day was replaced with the autumn breeze as Izuku left the school building back to his warm home. When he first entered the room, there was barely any laughter, and not even once did Bakugou set off any small explosions. Aizawa looked normal, acted normal, but Izuku saw how darker the bags under his eyes seemed.  This was the second time one of their classmates was taken, and his boyfriend nonetheless. What was worse about it is that he was kidnapped by his own brother. Izuku let his feet take him home, too focused on the situation in hand, and any possibilities of what Dabi wanted from Shouto.


‘Did he plan for this to happen? Was he only trying to gain Shouto’s trust to take him after? Or was all this a misunderstanding? Shouto wanted to tell before, but couldn’t, maybe if he did tell me it would help a little right now. Wait, if Aizawa knows about this, then he would know what Dabi’s true intentions were, right? But Shouto wouldn’t give full details of their relationship in the past unless he wanted to. It would make sense for him to keep it a secret if Dabi was threatening him, but Shouto could have also chosen to keep it a secret too. Ugh, this is gonna be harder than I thought.’


Shaking his head, Izuku looked up to find himself already a few blocks away from the train station. It wasn’t surprising to say the least, he had done things on autopilot before that led him to weird situations after getting out of his thoughts. His mother said it was a habit he picked up on after learning about heroes, but Izuku didn’t see it as a problem most of the time. When the train station came into view after thinking of the past situations he had been in, it was crowded with workers, students, and a few pro heroes if he looked around carefully. Everything seemed normal until bits of pieces from a conversation he heard nearby caused the blood in Izuku’s veins to freeze.


“Did ya hear? There’s a rumor going on that Endeavor’s child was taken during the attack at the central park.”


“That’s just a rumor, it can’t be true.”


“Then explain the video someone took during the attack.”


“What video?”


“This video.”


Taking a deep breathe and mentally praying that this was fake, Izuku leaned a little closer over the man’s elbow to see a video of Dabi and the unconscious form of Shouto’s body in his arms. The video was clear, and it was zoomed in perfectly to get a good view of who the person it could be in his arms. Red and white  color hair was the first thing he saw, but on the right side were dark spots of red that he wished wasn’t what he thought it was. Dabi barely moved to the side for a moment, and the dreadful feeling in his gut intensified. Blood was pouring out from a wound on Shouto’s face, but he couldn’t get a clear view of it after Dabi started to make another wall of blue flames form making him disappear. Making Shouto disappear. Izuku stepped back before he could alarm the other of his presence, taking slow deep breathes like he learned, clutching the straps of his bag tightly in his grip.


‘He’s gonna be fine, he’s okay. They wouldn’t want him to die yet, so they’ll take care of it. He’s not dead, just probably has a concussion...WHAT IF HE DIDN’T WAKE UP?! OH GOD!! HE COULD BE IN A COMA FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!’


Panic started to take over as his imagination started to make up things he wished weren’t true. The chattering turned into laughter. Crowds turned into villains. Everything started to change like an illusion. The illusion was breaking and fading into the reality of the situation. Izuku covered his ears to make the laughter go away, closing his eyes to look away from the images of the unconscious form of Shouto that soon faded into a bloody corpse.


‘It’s not real. It’s not real. None of this is real, just breathe, I just need to breathe, and calm down.’


Izuku started the breathing technic all over again, keeping his eyes closed, and ears covered to keep from thinking of the images again. The laughter started to change back to chattering. The villains changed back to crowds of humans and students alike. When he opened his eyes, there was no corpse, no villains, no laughter, just the busy train station. Breathing in deep one last time, Izuku uncovered his ears looking around to make sure no one didn’t notice. No one was staring, all stuck in conversations of their own, but he didn’t want to stay close to anywhere that involved that video. Fixing his bag, Izuku started to walk off somewhere slightly closer to the front, but a vibration in his pocket caused him to freeze. Taking his phone out, there was a message from Uraraka.



Meet me at the mall


‘At the mall?’


The train started to come to a stop after reading the message causing the people around him to push, and start walking in. There wasn’t anymore messages to help answer his question as to why, but it was all forgotten after the doors started to close from staring too much. Izuku ran forward with his hand out to stop the doors from closing, squeezing in before they shut behind him letting out a sigh of relief. Holding onto a nearby pole to keep his balance, Izuku stared out the window as the train started to move thinking of the possibilities that Uraraka had in mind.




When Izuku arrived at the mall after being dropped off by his mother, everyone and by everyone, he meant almost half the class were waiting by the fountain. Uraraka called him over after noticing his green hair in the crowd, declaring they go shopping and have fun to lighten up everyone’s spirit. Izuku agreed to the idea even though Shouto wouldn’t be there to give his opinion on clothing, and childish appearance when something new is shown to him. He followed Uraraka, Iida, and Asui around, buying a new sweater and a few new winter clothing with the money he brought. However, while they were walking by a jewelry store, something caught his eyes as they walked by the window.


A silver bracelet with an amulet was a swirling color of ruby red and snow white causing a pink aura to surround it when put at a certain angle towards the light. Beside it was a silver bracelet as well, but the amulet was a emerald green. The colors of the first amulet, and the color he described the second reminded him of something...or a certain someone.




Izuku didn’t realize he had been staring at the bracelets longer than he wanted to before Uraraka, Iida, and Asui were standing next to him staring as well.


“Do you want to buy those? If you don’t have enough money, I wouldn’t mind giving you some Midoriya!”


“No no no, it’s fine Iida. I just...nevermind.”


“Lets go then! I want to tell you guys something, but I gotta call the others first!”


Feeling a hand wrapped around his elbow, Izuku yelped after being dragged away from the jewelry store back to the fountain in front of the mall. Uraraka started to make calls to let the others know to meet them there, leaving Iida and Asui to start a conversation with him by the fountain. The conversation would change from one topic to another something he grown to after hanging out with them so often, but once they heard the yelling of a certain blonde, the conversation ended.




“Good to see you too Bakugou! But lets skip a few things, and get to the real reason why I called almost half you guys to meet me here.”


The group went silent while the everyone else around them continued their day acting like they weren’t there at all. Izuku picked up his bags from their position beside his feet, turning towards the zero gravity quirk holder, feeling his curiosity get the best of him as he waited with everyone else for her announcement. Uraraka stood on top of a bench, ignoring any looks she received before fist pumping her hand in the air smiling.


“I thought if he can make a plan to go rescue Todoroki!”


The idea of doing a rescue mission like they did for Bakugou didn’t seem bad, and from the looks of it, Yaoyorozu and Kirishima didn’t seem to disagree on the idea. The others however...



Chapter Text

The last few days were amusing to say the least, Dabi watched the underground pro hero look and look in certain locations by the looks of it. They only had two more days before the plan could officially begin, and he wordlessly give Shouto how manys days were left. Even though the youngest gave him a look when he visited the other day, he had noticed how the other would try to engage into a conversation. It was awkward in a way, but he would reply with short words, not fully trusting himself to reply with the full truth. A few questions of his own needed to be answered, and the time seemed exactly just right.


“What did mom say when you went to go see her?”


Dabi noticed how the other tensed a little before his shoulders relaxed, and started to scratch his cheek. He decided to give the dual quirk holder to think about the conversation, it must have been hard to see their mother after being gone for almost a decade. It didn’t take long before Shouto put his hands on his lap leaning against the wall behind him, looking at the wooden floor as he spoke.


“I went to go meet her to tell her i forgive her for what she did, and that I didn’t hold it against her. She apologized for doing so and saying what she had said back then. When she hugged me though...I didn’t know what to do. It’s just been so long…”


He was silent the whole time as he listened to Shouto tell how his first visit was, and then went from there, giving him more details about their conversations. Dabi felt his blood boil when he started to explain the flowers he had seen whenever he visited their mother.


“Mother said that the flowers were from father, and that he’s been trying to show he’s been changing by leaving them. I was worried she would have another breakdown, but she didn’t seem worried, just stared at the flowers for a moment after explaining it. After that, we started to talk about-”


“Changing? The bastard wants our mother for forgive him after having to put her through the hell she’s been through?! BULLSHIT!”


“Touya, I agree with you in a slightest bit, but maybe-”


“Maybe what?! He’ll change, and you forgive him only to beat you up again?! THAT BASTARD DESERVES TO ROT IN HELL!!”




The room went silent as a small layer of frost and ice surrounded half the room, and Dabi’s body causing smoke to fill the room from the extinguished flames. Dabi stared at the other’s huddled form as the smoke disappeared, looking down at the ice that started to melt as he started heat up hi own body, and lighting a small flame to melt the rest of the ice. He felt his rage slowly fade like the ice melting as he continued to stare down at the huddled form. If he looked carefully, Shouto’s hands were shaking as he put them back in his lap staring anywhere, but directly at his eyes. Looking around, he noticed that the room was scorched, and ruined more than what it already was.


“I’m’s just...the fire, and then the wood started to burn. The yelling...the…”


It was like a switch was turned on inside him as he started to hyperventilate. Dabi panicked as he kneeled down in front of Shouto, deciding to push away his pride, and try to comfort the other. When he tried to touch the youngest’s shoulder, he flinched setting off his quirk slightly as his right side started to frost over. Shouto had his knees close to his chest, and arms above his head as a defensive pose for protecting his head. It didn’t help the guilt and worry Dabi felt as he watched the other shake and cry.


‘He’s having a panic attack, okay, I just need to get him to look at me, and calm down.’


“Shouto, calm down. Look it was my fault, I should be apologizing, I wasn’t thinking...I’m sorry, I’m sorry, shh, take deep breaths, you’’re not at home Shouto. We’re in a abandoned apartment, remember? You’re not with dad, you’re here with me, Touya. Calm down Shouto, please.”


Begging wasn’t his thing, he didn’t like to beg, but if it was to get his brother to calm down, then Dabi would do anything. Moving to sit beside Shouto with one of his legs stretched out, and the other bent to lean his elbow against, he stretched his arm over to give the youngest a sideways hug in reassurance. It didn’t take long for him to hug back, taking in the warm that he radiated off his body. They fell into a calm silence as they sat together giving each other reassurance without even speaking a word. He wouldn’t admit it, but he had watched Shouto grow older after a year and a half being by himself.




It was changing from winter to spring by the time he decided to return, but only to watch than to reappear into their lives again. Dabi had spent a year and a half trying to heal himself, and living on his own. The winter was harsh like most winters, and it was harder to find any place to go without being noticed by others. Each passing day he would find any jobs to get himself some money, and would visit local homeless shelters to get free food, shelter, and first aid kit access. He used a fake name to not cause any suspensions, and if rumors gone out that he’s still alive, then his father will look for him again.


Dabi had been deciding whether or not to stop by the Todoroki house for awhile, so here he was, sitting on top of the fence watching the youngest of the Todoroki sibling’s sit in front of their small shrine in the backyard. From the looks of it, he was praying, the same way their mother taught them how to before being taken away. He couldn’t quite hear what he was saying, so he decided to get closer, and when he did, his words broke his heart more than he had wanted it to.


“-miss him, but I hope he’s doing okay wherever he is. I also want to see mama again when she gets better, it’s not her fault either, she was...she was just scared and mad at me maybe...Don’t be mad at mama, or at Tou-”


The urge to jump out and take Shouto away from the man that only causes the family pain was strong, but then how was he supposed to take care of him alone? There was barely any money to buy a fruit bar at a convenience store. Slowly he started to back away from the tree, but Dabi didn’t notice the branch behind him before stepping on it making a snapping sound loud enough for the other to hear.


“Hello? Is anybody-”


“Shouto! It’s time to go to bed!”




He watched the small form of the youngest run back inside, leaving him alone in the dark as he left the backyard to go wonder the night once more. Dabi made a promise to himself to watch over the youngest as he grows older, making a plan to save him from the hell hole they had to suffer in together even if he was gone in their lives.








“...Why did you stay? Why didn’t you just leave? I would have gotten better later anyways.”


Dabi felt his body stiffen as he started to ask the same question to himself. Why did he stay? He knows Shouto can get out of a panic attack after watching him do so when he was younger, so why? Taking a deep breath, Dabi let his shoulders relax shaking his head before shrugging.


“I don’t know, but it was my fault that I let my temper get the best of me. Maybe I just wanted to apologize, and not for just making you scared, but for everything I did. I don’t think you knew, but that night, when you were praying to the small shrine in the backyard, it was me that made that noise. I would have gone out to see you, but it’s been a year and a half since you last saw me back then, I couldn’t just walk back in your life like that...So I’m sorry...I’m sorry for leaving you, Fuyumi, Natsuo, mom, I’m sorry for not contacting you, I’m sorry for scaring you, I’m sorry for kidnapping you...I’m mostly sorry for not being the big brother I was supposed to be.”


Apologizing was another thing he wasn’t used to saying, but the guilt had gotten the best of him that moment after the memory reappeared at a time like this. Dabi brought the other closer as he felt an emotion he thought disappeared after nearly a decade of being away from the people he loved...sadness.

Chapter Text

That night, Shouto lay flat on his back staring at the ceiling as he processed what happened that afternoon. Dabi left after staying a little longer to talk about what he had been doing after leaving the house, answering questions he would have avoided before the incident, but didn’t give any reassurance that his friends and lover would be alive or at least heavily injured after the attack. The promise couldn’t be kept, it would add suspension if the targets of their plan weren’t harmed or killed.


Shouto glanced at the watch Dabi had thankfully given him before disappearing into the warp gate, leaving him to his own as he wandered towards the run down kitchen to grab a snack. The food supplies wasn’t as bad as he expected, there were a few treats that Shouto suspected must have been snuck in by the Cremation quirk holder.


The first day Shouto was stuck here, he had tried to find anyway to escape the building, but the windows were barricaded and the door to the outside hallway was blocked by debris. He was able to take some of the wooden planks off one window, but before he could take one step out, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth were inches away from biting his face before being pushed back behind Dabi. The villain started to shout at the Nomu to step back, but the creature didn’t listen, only continued to screech and try to break through. Shouto could feel his heartbeat faster as claws sharp as a knife pierced the old wooden window frame trying to make its way in, but soon a burst of blue flames burnt the flesh causing it to back away.


After setting a wave of ice towards the flames, nothing but a giant hole on the wall was in place where the Nomu once was. Dabi had explained that they were ordered to roam the building, and keep from anyone coming in or out. Even though the Nomus were large the last time he saw one, the Nomus assigned to watch him were silent, barely a sound could be heard from them besides the screeching they would make at random times during the day and night. The hole was soon replaced by debris that “mysteriously” fell, making the one escape he had to be of no use anymore.


Next few days, Shouto had been planning a escape plan of his own while they start the attack, but the incident the other day caused a problem to appear. Their bond had been slowly fixing itself as the days passed, but it felt like their bond grew stronger after Dabi confessed and apologized as they sat together in silence yesterday. It felt like the final chains that have been holding him back in the past have finally been broken, changing everything. Screams changed to laughter, sad smiles changed to pure smiles of joy, pain changed to comfort, fear changed to hope, everything changed to the present than the past he had been stuck in.


His mother didn’t look away in fear when he first visited, instead giving him hugs Shouto had longed for since he was a child. Everything changed for the better, but the chance to have a complete family was slim. Dabi being a villain it’ll be harder to let him go free, but with maybe some convincing, he can try to show he can change. Shouto didn’t realize he was smiling at nothing, but the wooden floor beneath him until a knock by the doorway caught his attention.


“What are you all smiling about? Being isolated for almost a week didn’t make you go mad, did it?”


“Shut up. I was just thinking about something, I’m not going mad just from being in a broken down building for almost a week.”


“Good, they would use that weak mindset of yours to their advantage if you did. Anyways, seems like you’re doing well, dropped off the supplies and other stuff in the kitchen. We’ve also made a slight change in plans…”


“What do you mean?”


“Instead of being just me, they’ve decided to have someone else stay behind since dry skin thinks I was doing something behind his back after staying here longer than I was supposed to. Lizard face is gonna stay behind to be exact. Blondy and lizard face will come with me tomorrow to take some blood, and let the attack begin. Remember, I can’t keep any promises about what will happen to your friends.”


‘Fuck, fuck, fuck.’


Dabi left before Shouto could ask anymore questions, feeling restless as he started to pace around the room. Letting out a shaking breath, Shouto walked over to the broken mirror across the room to look at the healing cut above his eyebrow. It would leave behind a small scar, but it wasn’t as bad as the one covering half of his face.


‘No time to think about that, the plan is starting tomorrow, so I need to prepare my own plan.’


The chances of escaping three Nomus was 1 out of a thousand, but the chances of escaping two villains was most likely to be the best option he had. From what Shouto could gather by memory, Spinner, or lizard face as Dabi calls him, has multiple weapons with him. Though with the amount of weaponry he has, it’ll be easy to probably melt or freeze them from afar, however, he can get a direct hit if he’s in close range. Freezing him in place after most of his weapons are destroyed maybe a good place to start, Dabi will the next thing to worry about. His ice won’t be effective much from the high temperature, and his fire is a no go in the building they’re in. Dabi can burn down the building, so that’s a slight disadvantage for the villain.


Shouto decided to mark certain parts in the living room area since he had been warn by his dear older brother to be careful when he steps in the living room. If the floor is weak there, then he can use it to escape to the room below, or for Dabi to fall instead. The walls were strong, but not strong enough to hold up against a battle between himself and two villains. The Nomus were gonna be used for the attack, so he wouldn’t need to worry too much about razor sharps claws ripping him to shreds. Shouto could feel his blood freeze, and his heart beat faster by the minute as the sun started to set. Taking one step back from the carved marks he made into the wood, he left to rest as the day, heroes and villains fight until one falls, was barely a few hours away.




Dabi stood off to the side as Shigaraki and Kurogiri started to discuss the plan once more with the rest of the League. The plan didn’t change besides Spinner staying back with him to watch his youngest sibling, but the League don’t know anything about their close bond. If they were to find out he was a Todoroki, the outcomes were gonna be brutal in his eyes.


“Did you hear what I told you stitches?”


“I already know what I’m supposed to do snow white. Watch the kid to make sure he doesn’t escape, I know.”


“Don’t give me that attitude ashtray.”


“What attitude? At least I don’t have the temper like a little kid.”


“Why you-”


“Behave. Both of you.”


Turquoise eyes glared at blood red eyes before Dabi decided to make his leave to rest up a it before the plan of destroying the heroes once and for all begun.




Turning his phone off, Izuku rolled over to stare at the ceiling as he thought of the progress they made the past few days. They have eliminated run down buildings, construction sites, and other locations that seemed suspicious around Musutafu, but none were the League’s new hideout. Izuku was worried that Aizawa noticed their odd behavior, but the underground pro hero was focused on his own case than their own. Bakugou decided not to help in their search, but had promised, in a way, not to tell the adults as they didn’t want to be caught like they did when they went to rescue the explosive blonde.


‘At least he’s not telling, that’s one good thing.’


Izuku sighed as the exhaustion from staying up late at night the past few days finally caught up, closing his eyes as he fell into a dreamless sleep.




Aizawa glanced towards the dark sky, tying the villain to a lampost to wait for some officers he called beforehand to pick him up. He caught wind of large figures roaming out by the outskirts of Musutafu, but it would take awhile to reach the location. Discussing the information he had gathered with Hizashi, they made a plan to investigate the area the next day, both having a feeling the large figures could be Nomus. Looking back towards the villain, Aizawa left the scene into the shadows, not knowing the scene he’ll have to face once the sun rises to it’s highest peak as the fight between villains and heroes will begin.

Chapter Text

There barely any sounds when he woke up this morning. Not a single thing could be heard, but the heartbeat that echoed in his ears. He didn’t need to check if the Nomus were still there, the screeching of the heavy footsteps were gone. Shouto knew where they are, but didn’t want to believe it as he walked out of the room to look out from a crack between two wood planks by a window. No shadows from above, nor were there any footsteps down below. The attack was in motion, Dabi and two of the League members would be here by now, he was the key of beginning this attack, and the one to end it.


Looking back towards the living room, Shouto walked passed it to head towards the kitchen to search for a snack before the villains arrive. The urge to just run out of the building was high, it was easy to run now, but the chances of escaping without getting caught again was 50 50. Shouto had no idea where exactly they were, but that they were nowhere near the city, probably the outskirts. Running all the way to Musutafu now would give him probably half an hour head start, but the League must know these streets better than him if this is their new hideout.


Putting down the half eaten packaged sandwich, the fire and ice quirk holder walked over to the living room to look over the carved marks once more. The floor would creak beneath his feet as he put pressure on one of the marks close to the corner of the room, adding more and more until the worn out wood broke creating just a small hole to the room below. Adrenaline started to course through his veins as he kicked at the sides of the hole to make it bigger, big enough for his body to fall through easily without his clothing getting caught, or to cut into his skin when he jumps down.


The fall didn’t seem far, but it could also break when he makes contact with the floor if it’s as weak as the floor he is kneeling down on. Resting his right hand against the wall, Shouto let a burst of ice down the hole onto the floor below, creating a makeshift slide to use. Grabbing a piece of wood, he let the object fall down to the makeshift slide, watching it slide down until it bounced off an odd edge rolling the rest of the way to a stop. A spark of hope flooded his vision as Shouto turned around to let his feet go down first than risk hitting his head against his own ice, but he could barely get his legs through the hole before a warp gate appeared in the middle of the room.




Shouto barely had time to push himself the rest of the way, not giving a damn if he were to break a bone or two, before hands grabbed his forearms dragging him up. The sting of the splintering edges digging into his skin hurt, but a rusted nail cut deep into his skin on his left leg, vertically from his ankle down, making a scream of pain escape his lips. Struggling against the bruising grip was pointless, Dabi held onto his arms tightly as he pulled him out of the hole he created to escape.


“Fucking brat.”


Dabi didn’t hold back as he threw him down onto the wooden floor out in the hall, hissing as he felt a foot push him back down against the wooden floor. Shouto glared up at the villain as he pressed his foot down harder against his chest, grabbing his wrists before he can push the other off. Out of force, his right arm was stretched out while the other was held above his head, the villain giving the teen a smirk as the female, Toga, walked over with a large needle. The container of the needle held nothing, so she must be the one that will draw some blood for later use.


“I didn’t think he was gonna be this cute! Not as cute as Midoriya! Why couldn’t you have let me see him earlier when you first brought him in? Don’t worry sweetie, it’ll be over before you know it!”


Dabi didn’t tell him anything about Toga, but that she was a psychotic girl that joined after being inspired by Stain, the hero killer. She made Shouto uncomfortable in a way as she crept closer with the needle, so he started to struggle against his grip. Spinner already got a hold of his feet after trying to kick the villain off his chest, and Dabi held a tight grip on his wrists and chest, adding pressure the more he struggled. He should have focused on the other, use his ice to freeze each of them in place, but fear was taking a hold of his mind, making him focus on the needle stabbing into his vein as it started to draw out blood. The blood went through a small tube into a container in the back that will hold his blood in for later use.


“All you had to do was be a good boy like you have been the past week, and this would have been so much easier on all of us.”


“F-Fuck you.”


“I think this would be enough for a few hours. What do you think Dabi?”


“Doesn’t matter, as long as you got enough, just get going before cry baby decides to come in to get you himself.”


“Okay! Bye Todoroki! I’ll say hi to Midoriya for you!”


Toga left through the warp gate before it closed, leaving Shouto with the two villains he’ll have to face before escaping. Dabi was the first to move, giving him one last kick as good measures before Spinner let go of his legs. Shouto hissed as he clutched the wound on his left leg, ignoring the blossoming pain on his chest, biting his bottom lip when he started to rip the bottom half of his pant leg to look at the cut more clearly. The cut was deep as he expected it to be, but larger than he would have liked in his case. He had a feeling his brother regretted pulling him too roughly out of the hole, but any signs of them being brothers would cause trouble for the two.


“So do we just leave him, or-HEY!!”




The villains stood in a moment of shock as ice encased their body all the way to his shoulders, keeping them immobilized. Shouto got up on shaking legs back to the hole by the corner, ignoring the curses that Dabi said as he started to slowly heat his body to melt the ice. Once reaching the corner, he kneeled down to see if there was any ice left to slow down the landing, wincing when he put too much pressure against his left leg. Looking back, Dabi was already melting the ice at an alarming rate, so Shouto turned around to jump down before the villain could stop his escape attempt for the second time.


“Hey! At least break me out too!”


“You’re only going to slow me down lizard breathe.”


Shouto didn’t have time to look up before falling through the makeshift hole, feeling the sharp pain on his left leg as he landed on the not so comfort ice. The ice did slow down his landing a bit, but caused the cut to make a burst of pain course up and down his leg.




He could feel the use of flames, and water dripping from a crack above, lifting himself off the floor to find a window somewhere around the room he landed in. The small hallway heading towards the door barricaded by debris, and the hallway leading towards the bedrooms had only small amount of debris scattered across the floor. Walking towards the wall heading towards the hallway, Shouto started to lean against the wall taking quick but careful steps towards the window at the end. Footsteps and muffled cursing could be heard from above before a heavy thud in the room he walked out of echoed, a second thud followed the first. Shouto shuffled towards one of the bedrooms to hide in, finding a broken bed leaning against the wall, walking towards it to hide between the bed and wall.


There was muffled talking before one set of footsteps faded, but the other started to come closer, the heat of Dabi’s flames following close behind. Shouto could hear his heart beat loudly inside his head, putting a hand to his mouth to keep from making any sound. The throbbing pain in his leg faded into a numbing feeling, but blood started to form a small pool of blood beneath his feet.


“You’re not really good at hiding Shouto. Left a little trail right behind ya. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way Shouto, and you know I won’t regret what I’m gonna do to you since you want to be a brat. I’m saving you from being killed by the League, they see you as a key to take down the heroes, so come out and give up. You can’t escape Shouto, you can’t.”


It was useless, the amount of blood he was losing, and how true his own brother’s words were putting pressure on him. He wouldn’t be able to fight the League alone. Before Shouto could crawl out from his hiding spot, a loud explosion filled the apartment causing it to sway, a loud voice followed after.



Chapter Text

Izuku sat on a bench at the park where the attack happened a week ago, waiting for Uraraka and the rest to arrive. They made an agreement to meet up at the park to discuss over any other areas they should check next than the ones they marked on a map Momo made. Uraraka called ahead of time at 10:05 AM to see what they would do next, so he left a message in a chat they created to tell them to meet up. So he decided to come early to look over the map Momo made individually for everyone else, biting the end of his pen as he looked for any buildings they hadn’t checked.


Momo had an idea about checking the outskirts of Musutafu since there is more buildings out there than in the city, but decided they should all discuss the idea in person to make a plan if they all agree. The outskirts were known to be abandoned, a perfect place to hide in his opinion. Most of the buildings were abandoned and broken down, no life forms found inside the buildings giving the League a perfect place to hide. Izuku started to weigh the pros and cons of checking them out, but there would be many buildings to look over in just two days before school started again. Before he could making a final decision, Uraraka, Iida, and the rest, besides Kirishima surprisingly, were arriving from different directions.


“Hello Midoriya, I see you were looking over the buildings we decided to discuss here than over messages.”


“Ah, yeah, I think we should probably try Momo’s idea out.”


“But wouldn’t there be high chances of villains hiding in the buildings than just the League of Villains?”


“We could make walkie talkies to keep in touch with each other!”


The group started to make ideas for their plan while making themselves comfortable around the bench. Sero gave everyone a heads up that Kirishima was busy this morning with something, but will call us when he is free. Momo and Iida discussed over the plan after the group went back and forth with ideas for half an hour or so, everyone getting into their groups with walkie talkies in hand. Izuku paired up with Iida, Momo with Jirou, Asui with Uraraka, Ojiro and Hagakure, and Mina with Kaminari and Sero since Kirishima wasn’t here.


“We will regroup when it’s 4 o’clock sharp to look over the areas we checked, and if you guys find any suspicious activity in any buildings we come across. Whoever is closest to their area will go help if it’s the League of Villains or probably a hideout that they’re keeping Todoroki in. Ready?”




“Go beyond!”






The League got into place as Toga took a small amount of the blood she drain from Todoroki, easily taking his form. Though the appearance wasn’t as beautiful as others would have liked to seen him in, the cut and bruises he gained when trying to make a escape before they arrived were blossoming around his form.


“He put a fight it seems.”


“Well he was trying to make an escape downstairs, so I guess you can say that.”


“Forget it, ashtray and the fucking reptile are watching over him. It’s time we make our move, get the Nomus ready. Time to start the attack Kurogiri.”


Opening a warp gate in the middle of the warehouse, the villains made their way to Musutafu ready to cause the city destruction and chaos.




It was close to being the afternoon by the time Izuku and Iida finished looking over their sixth building, gathering any information from the other groups if they found anything. Throughout the buildings they’ve searched, there was barely anything there besides rats. No one found anything suspicious after taking a break to call the others until Momo called in, running in the background.


“Guys, you need to look at the news quickly. It’s the League.”


Izuku didn’t give Momo enough time to finish before taking his phone out to look at the news that showed Nomus raiding the streets, running civilians, and the League of Villains standing on a pile of rubble on the middle of the road. In the middle, however, on his knees was Shouto with his head hanging as they stood their like they won the battle. He could feel his heartstrings being pulled as he saw how beaten and lost Shouto looked as he continued to stare at the ground. There was chaos everywhere, heroes rushing in to take down the Nomus and the smaller villains, people running away to the safer parts as buildings were being destroyed.


“Come on Endeavor! Isn’t this brat yours?! You will be the next to fall! Then everyone else will follow you after that!”


“We need to get there if we want to save Todoroki, Midoriya!”


“I...Alright! We’ll see you soon then Momo!”


Izuku turned off the walkie talkie, taking a moment to process what he saw, and if he’ll be ready to face it in person. All for One started course through his veins as he turned around to face Iida, giving the other a nod as they both took their first steps before speeding down the empty street towards Musutafu.



“Oi shitty hair! Didn’t you hear?! They’re fucking attacking, we should be heading that way than just continuing this stupid search!”


“Trust me Bakubro! Just this last building, and if we don’t find anything, we can head back to help the others!”




Kirishima may or may not have eavesdropped on Aizawa and Present Mic when he decided to visit the training room that day, running down the hall when he got enough information about their suspicions of Nomus in the outskirts. He had decided to stay back, and try to get Bakugou to come with him to confirm their suspicions. Bakugou didn’t want to go at first, but after making a risky move of going on his own than going with the group, the explosive teen decided to follow. They left early before receiving a message by Midoriya to meet up at the park. Declining the offer with a perfectly often used excuse, they continued their search until they came upon the last building Kirishima circled on his map.


“Just gotta look inside, see if there is anyone here, and then we can leave if you want.”


“Lets just get this over with.”


They made their way inside the building, climbing over fallen debris to get to the upper levels finding nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing but fallen debris everywhere. Kirishima felt a slight tinge of guilt for not finding him after a week, they’ve searched everywhere for the missing teen, but couldn’t find a single trace of his existence anywhere. Reaching the 6th floor, they started to check every room like they planned to, but the hallway was cut short from the debris blocking the rest of the way.


“Maybe we should just head back. They might need more help if we stay here any longer.”




Before Bakugou could finish his sentence, a thud was heard by the door blocked from the debris, two more thuds following it after a few minutes. Kirishima looked towards the blonde noticing his tense shoulders as he stared at the room, and back at the other teen. The heat radiating from the room was a big give away that Dabi could be in there, Bakugou would know, he had to face the villain face to face.


Taking a few steps back away from the fallen debris, Kirishima watched as Bakugou held up his hand activating his quirk with the amount of sweat forming inside his glove. Next thing he knew the door and basically the wall it was attached to was gone, a hole big enough for them to walk through took its place.



Chapter Text

There wasn’t enough time to think, just enough time to act on instincts. Everything moved too fast, or too slow as he ran past the villain towards the familiar voice of a certain blonde. The thought of the explosive blonde saving him was almost unbelievable until he stopped in the middle of the hallway to see Bakugou and Kirishima at a hole that wasn’t there in the first place. Kirishima gave him a worried look after they made eye contact, but was running to the kitchen before he could call out. “Move outta the way Half n’ Half!” Shouto jumped to the side as soon as he saw the other raising his hand ready to use his explosive quirk, falling first on his hands and knees hissing when a burst of pain shot up through his left leg. A loud explosion soon echoed around the building, but it felt like it was set off ten times bigger causing the building to shake harder than what it was supposed to. The floor beneath him started cracking, barely having anytime to scream before the floor gave in falling down to the other floor. It felt like there was another villain here that had a quirk of making things repeat as the floor broke beneath his feet. The landing was twice as painful as the first, as he laid on his back directly on top of a pile of the broken wood putting his arms up in front of his face as more debris fell from above. Nothing could compare to the amount of pain he felt at the moment, even his father’s beatings couldn’t be slightly compared to the feeling of pain that continued to pulse from his leg, chest, and other various parts of his body. Once the building settled, Shouto started to push the broken pieces off to the side, wincing when the aching pain in his chest doubled, pushing himself up into a sitting position to look at the damage the explosion caused. There was a hole where he once stood from above, but there was some cursing and yelling above as well. Before he could make a move to get up, the building started to shake again after another explosion was set off somewhere above. Moving the rest of the debris off his legs, the wound on his left leg looked worse than what it did before Bakugou and Kirishima burst through the door, literally. The wound was bleeding more from the sudden impact, tiny pieces of wood that broke off after the landing dug deeply into his cut dry and fresh blood sticking onto his jeans and skin. Shouto bent his leg close to his chest in a careful, slow manner to get a better look at it finding more and more pieces of wood inside the bloody mess. He was honestly surprised how deep the cut was as he pulled out one of the bigger pieces, biting his lip when the painful sensation was too much. Taking a deep breathe, he started to dig his fingers into the open flesh to take out anymore splinters inside the cut, biting his left wrist to keep himself from screaming out in pain. Piece after piece, bloody splinters fell onto the pile of broken wood, tasting blood in his mouth as his teeth broke through the skin from biting too hard. Cursing under his breath, there was still a few splinters inside the wound before the building started to shake again causing his nails to scrape against the open flesh. There was a moment of silence as the building soon started to settle back down, then there was someone yelling, but this time it sounded closer than before. Pulling his hand away from the now bloody, slightly more open wound, Shouto wiped his hand along his ripped jeans as the shouting got louder. ‘They’re probably on the floor above this one, still not entirely sure if it’s Bakugou and Kirishima, or Dabi and Spinner.’ “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU HALF AND HALF?!” ‘Definitely Bakugou and Kirishima.’ “Bakugu?! Kirishima?! I’m down here!” There was shuffling before Kirishima peeked his head out from the hole above smiling widely when he saw Shouto sitting down below. Bakugou soon appeared as well, but with a frown than smiling as he made a gesture for him to move out of the way. Shouto pushed himself on his feet stumbling over to the side like a newborn foul only to fall back down on his knees when his legs gave out from under him. Kirishima and Bakugou must have jumped down through the hole since there was a sound of feet landing directly on the pile of wood where he last sat. “You alright Todoroki? We couldn’t find you up there, but didn’t know you fell through the floor, or uh, floors.” “It’s alright Kirishima. I’m fi-” “Bullshit Icyhot. Enough with the tough act, and tell us what’s wrong.” “Fine, I have a cut from earlier on my left leg, so it’s hard for me to walk by myself, and there might be more injuries due to falling through two floors.” “Sorry Todoroki, we should have gotten you outta the way first before going off. We were able to take down that Spinner dude, but I don’t about Dabi since Bakubro was dealing with him.” “Shitface is dealt with, right now we need to get the hell outta here before that sh-” Before Bakugou could finish his sentence, the smell of burnt wood started to fill the air as the sound of someone laughing like a maniac could be heard somewhere above. Kirishima moved in front of him with his quirk activated, but Bakugou stayed where he stood as a body engulfed in blue flames landed where they last stood. The wood didn’t last long before burning quickly into ash from the heat of the flames that started to spread around the room faster than normal fires would. Dabi grinned at them widely, stretching the staples that held his skin and burnt flesh together looking back at both the hardening and explosive users before staring straight into his eyes. They pierced right into his soul as the flames grew stronger, spreading onto the floor and ceiling. Trying to summon some ice with his right side, the flames only made the ice evaporate faster than the fire spreading around them. It wouldn’t stop spreading, it kept getting closer and closer. Smoke filled the room, making it harder to breathe going into a coughing fit when he accidentally inhaled some of the smoke. Using his sleeve, he went to cover his nose and mouth trying to follow the instructions Fuyumi taught him. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. “See ya shitface.” Everything happened to fast, there was flames heading towards them one moment, and the next thing he knows he’s flying out of the building as blue flames engulfed the top half of the abandoned apartment. Blink. The fire was getting smaller. Another blink. A blur of gray flashed in front of him. Another blink. Warm arms cradled his body close to there’s. Shouto could barely hear what was being said or yelled as a continuous static sound kept ringing in his head. He can feel the vibration of their voice, leaning his head closer into their chest as the adrenaline faded, and exhaustion took over his body. Slowly his eyes started to close, the last thing he saw were the blue flames that he once looked at awe, but now...he can only look at them in fear.






He can feel his flames burn inside, wanting to be released. To burn everything around him like the stupid building the freak chose as a hideout for the dual duirk user. Dabi looked back at the burning building as the heroes try to get his students away from the building before calling to get it extinguished. His dear little brother laid unconscious in the arms of the underground pro hero, it must have been exhausting even with the injuries he gained from trying to escape in the first place. He would have stitched it for the boy when he made lizard face go check around the building, but the explosive brat and his friend found them before that could have happened. How was he supposed to know that his flames added with the explosion the kid decided to set off would have made the explosion bigger than what it was supposed to be?


Scoffing in annoyance, Dabi turned around to see lizard face holding a cut he got on his arm tightly with a part of his shirt he ripped off. He would have left the other behind, but he’s still surprisingly needed in the League of Villains, so he went back to look for the villain. The explosive brat made a direct explosion towards the wall to make their escape, but his safety during that moment wasn’t important, Shouto’s safety. When he made eye contact with his younger brother’s heterochromia eyes, he can see the fear from the flames as his ice melted from the heat. It upsetted him, but what upset him the most was the injuries he saw, spotting new ones here and there. He didn’t expect for him to be getting injured more than he already did at the bastard’s house, and he knows since he had been through the same before the youngest was born.


“If you still have your cell, call Kurogiri. Tell him the Todoroki kid was rescued by two of his stupid friends and two of his teachers, and that we’re gonna need a warp gate to get there in the city before they could.”


Focusing back into the present than the past, Dabi walked away from the edge before the pro heroes and the UA students could see him. He smirked as the warp gate appeared, chaos awaiting for him on the other side.

Chapter Text

“What exactly were you guys even thinking?! Do you know how dangerous that was?! You could have been killed for goodness sake!”


“Now now Shouta, we should be paying attention more to their injuries than what happened just an hour ago.”


“They could have been killed Yamada! And you know it!”


Aizawa was feeling mixed emotions all at once at the moment. Concern for his students, fear for his adoptive son, but his anger and hatred was getting the best of him. His anger was mostly directed towards the stupidity yet heroic rescue plan Kirishima and Bakugou had, but his seething hatred was directed mostly at the League of Villains that decided to even lay a hand on his students. It was his fault for not thinking of following Shouto sooner. It was his fault that he didn’t come, and investigate the building sooner. None of this would have happened if he had followed his fatherly instincts. Great, now Yamada’s rambling about gut instinct being “fatherly instinct” is rubbing off on him.


There was already an ambulance and firetruck heading their way to extinguish the fire, and take Shouto and the other two to the hospital. By the looks of it, Shouto would be needing more treatment than the other two. From his head to his toes, the kid was covered in cuts and bruises everywhere, probably more if he were to take off the burnt clothing. The most critical injuries was the inch deep cut on his left leg, and the bruising on his chest after checking him once over. Aizawa arely missed the concern looks Kirishima, and surprisingly Bakugou, that they kept sending the unconscious teen’s way. They knew this was wrong by the guilty look Kirishima held in his eyes, and the way Bakugou tried to avoid eye contact. The walkie talkies they had attached to their waist told him this was the thing the whole class was hiding. Not the whole class, but most of the majority of his class must have been in this plan.


Before they made their way to the outskirts of Musutafu, they were battling against a small group of villains raiding the streets causing destruction everywhere. Left to right, chaos and destruction, but when they heard there was Nomus appearing out in different parts of Musutafu. A chill went down his spine at the mention of the Nomus as Aizawa sent a villain flying towards another. Yamada wasn’t a hand to hand combat kind of person since his quirk is mostly used for long range attacks, so he was stuck watching the loud blonde’s back when a villain would try to attack him from behind. It wasn’t until he received a message in the middle of taking down a advanced strength quirk user that he received a message from one of his students.








He couldn’t bring himself to regret giving his students his number after finding out about Shouto’s problem. Even though some of them mostly asked questions about class, they would tell him a few things he didn’t know until giving them the reassurance that he was there to help them. Aizawa didn’t know that Kaminari had trouble controlling his quirk at times when there was thunderstorms. He didn’t know that Bakugou was partly deaf due to his quirk as a child after asking if he had seen his hearing aid anywhere in the classroom. There was many things he had learned about his students that he was grateful to know, so he can remember the information for future needs if necessary. Pocketing his phone back inside his pocket, Aizawa threw his capture weapon towards the last two remaining villains finishing them off before the voice pro hero can help.


“Yamada, we need to leave now.”


“What?! But the-”


“They found Shouto.”



When they finally arrived at the location that Kirishima sent, there was flames burning the building close to the top floor. The flames weren’t the ordinary flames like Endeavor’s or Shouto’s, they were blue, and the only blue flames he seen anyone use was Dabi’s. Aizawa has seen close up what exactly those flames can do to someone, and he couldn’t bring himself to image his students being in that situation. The thought of the villain laying a hand on his students, even if he was Shouto’s eldest brother, angered him. He needed to get in there, even if it meant getting his skin burned to get to his students.


“Yamada, I need you to-”


“No Shouta, you’re not going in their alone, and you know we can’t risk fighting in there when the building can collapse at any moment.”


“My students are in there. They need me right now, and I promised R-”


Aizawa couldn’t finish before an explosion went off above curling his fingers together in a fist when more flames started to spread. He felt his anger rise, but it soon turned to fear when he saw the bodies of his students fly out of the building. Pulling his capture weapon off his neck, he threw it over to Kirishima that wasn’t unconscious thankfully to land by himself. Bakugou used his quirk to land a little less gracefully than Kirishima, but it didn’t matter because his only focus on at the moment was Shouto. The teen wasn’t using his quirk to build some ice to land on, and it worried him when he didn’t make a move to do so. With a little more focus, he threw his capture weapon to circle around the teen’s waist pulling him over as gentle as he possibly could. There wasn’t anything to describe how much relief Aizawa felt when he caught the teen in his arms, making sure his grip wasn’t too tight around the fragile boy’s body.










He knew it was wrong to yell at his students, but they fell out of a building that was on fire for goodness sake! Shifting the body that was in his arms, Aizawa jumped back before another explosion went off sending pieces of the building flying. This wasn’t good, they needed to call the ambulance and the fire department before they can go any further to find any traces of the villain that could still be inside, or if he ran off already. Yamada was by his side after getting the other two teens to get back, putting his hand against Aizawa’s shoulder to give him some sort of comfort. Now together they speak with a couple of officers about the incident as the ambulance check over his students while the water quirk users extinguished the fire. The building was destroyed by the time the fire was extinguished, anything that was in the run down building was turned to ashes, or into pieces. Sirens faded as the ambulance drove off, leaving Aizawa and Yamada to get back to the battle before anymore lives are injured or taken.




‘Something isn’t right here.’


Midoriya knocked out another villain before moving to the side as another swung his arm at him from behind. He didn’t know how many minutes, probably hours, they’ve spent taking down villains after reaching the city finding it nearly destroyed by villains invading the streets. They hadn’t received a word from the others which worried him deeply, but the task at hand was helping him forget about his friends, and more about the people around the area. Even though the pro heroes were winning this fight, something about the League of Villains seemed off. They weren’t just attacking out of random, they had a specific goal in mind, and it involved the new number one pro hero, Endeavor. Are they trying to destroy the new hope like All for One did with-


“Midoriya?! It’s me! Kirishima!”


“Kirishima! Where are you?! We need-”


“Midoriya, you need to listen real quick! We-”


“-lot of villains, we may have to call Ka-”




“-then-wait, what?”


Chapter Text

“Do you think the UA brats took the bait?”


“That explosive kid and one of his friends know that this is a trap, but the others don’t. They could have spread it around to their other little hero friends by now, so the best way to break their communication is by doing something with those walkie talkies they each have.”


“Why haven’t I killed you yet?”


“‘Cause you love me.”


“What did you just say?”


“I said, ‘Cause you-”


“Enough. Both of you. I’ve sent “the boy” inside one of the buildings, and made it seem like we’ll be keeping him there. Toga will go out with Twice and Spinner to go out, and find any of the UA students to get their hands on one of the walkie talkies for future use. Now that that is settled, I believe you’ll have enough time to cause your own type of destruction.”


“Fuck yeah. Now you’re talking. Hurry up Kurogiri, wanna get outta here before the overgrown brat loses his temper again.”


“You son of a-”


Before Shigaraki could finish his sentence, Dabi already walked through the warp gate Kurogiri opened for him. He didn’t want to hear anything else the other villain had to say, prefer hearing the screams of his victims than the screaming of the brat that calls himself an adult. Now that he was free from watching his dear little brother, he can have a nice moment of chaos to look for the bastard of a father. Of course he hadn’t told the League anything of his past or his real name, but he’ll probably soon once his plan starts to go into motion. The flame hero hasn’t shown up anywhere, and the UA brats and pro heroes are already taking down some of the villains they sent out. However, the Nomus will be a problem a bit for the brats, and the so called pro heroes. Oh, if only he could see on the look of their faces as they are thrown around like a ragdoll by the disfigured being. Hearing shouts from behind, Dabi tilted his head to the side as he raised his right arm feeling the heat start to pool under the skin of his hand giving the sidekicks a twisted grin.


“I wonder...How long will it take...How many lives will have to be taken...Until you’re number one hero arrives? We’ll just have to wait and see, don’t we?”





“Ah, well, we went to go look into one of the apartment buildings out in the outskirts like y’all were doing until the attack started, and I was able to get Baku-”


“Not to be rude, but can you please give me the shorter version of this?”


“Oh, yeah, long story short, we found him in a apartment building with Dabi and another dude.”


“He was with Dabi?”


“LISTEN DEKU!! We’re heading to the hospital right now, don’t think about coming over here ‘cause sensei and his bo-OW!! FUCKING FINE!!-Present Mic is here too. Fuckin-”


“Aaaaanywaaaaaays, what’cha doin’ Midoriya?”




Izuku didn’t mean to hang up on Kirishima before he could reply, but even if they take down a group of villains together, there’s more and more coming out of nowhere. He was exhausted, yes, but the pro heroes needed as much help as they could until the battle was over. The League of Villains are after Endeavor, even though the news of Endeavor abusing his family shock everyone, losing their new number one hero will be another major blow for everyone. There wouldn’t be much trust of their lives towards heroes anymore, and fear will take control every citizen causing a major panic to break out. With that, the villains will win the battle. Everything they had trained would be for nothing if the villains take control, and there wouldn’t be any way to defeat the villains.


Sooner than expected, the last villain was taken down after doing a double attack on the massive being. Izuku gave Iida a thumbs up as he leaned against a destroyed car, thankfully no one was inside it, to catch his breath, waving off the speed quirk user when he tried to give a helping hand. Heroes fought in battles like this, it’s at least an experience they’ll learn from like they have from all their other experiences early on their first day of being heroes in training. Izuku’s walkie talkie went off before he could properly stand back up straight, pressing the button on the side to listen to whoever was trying to call him.




“Kirishima! Sorry about earlier, we were fighting villains when you called, so I had to try to fight and listen at the same time which ended with me bouncing around honestly. The villains wouldn’t stop coming, appearing outta nowhere like they were sent to kill us. I’m surprised neither of us had died yet from exhaustion, I-”


“I don’t mean to cut in, but sensei thought you would like to know, and anyone else we can get in contact with, that Shouto is okay and that we should step down from battle.”


“B-But Kiri-”


“No buts Midoriya, I know being a hero means a lot to you, but I need you to step down. The pro heroes are handling this just fine, I can’t have anymore of my students getting injured or maybe even killed out there. So step down Midoriya.”




“He’s correct Midoriya, we’ve given the pro heroes enough help. We should head back, and regroup with everyone else.”




“Good, now both of you need to evacuate anyone that could be around the area you’re in before regrouping here at the hospital.”


“Hospital? We-”


“It’s for your safety, and to make sure you’re not hiding any injuries.”


‘He’s definitely talking about me.’


“Yes sensei.”


Pocketing his walkie talkie once more, Izuku gave Iida a nod as they started to run down the streets with their quirks to head towards the hospital where everyone else will most likely meet them there barely noticing a massive figure running behind them until a flying piece of rubble flew passed him. He skidded to a stop on the middle of the road, nearly crashing into the fallen piece of a building that the figure through. The blood in his veins ran cold after noticing the exposed brain, large beak with sharp teeth, and the disfigured body of whatever unfortunate soul that went through the transformation. The Nomu stared directly at him like as if it was ordered to go for him exactly, and the thought of being targeted made the fear grow as it took a step forward. Izuku could have sworn he heard Iida’s shouts from behind, but everything was like a background noise as he main attention went to his opponent in front of him.


Standing his ground, All for One sparked and crackled as he took his stance, narrowing his eyes feeling determination to defeat the beast overpower the fear. Izuku knew the fight wouldn’t be an easy win, but heroes never gave up, All Might never gave up...Shouto never gave up on the hope to finally live the life he was supposed to. Taking his first step forward, the last thought before the fight begun was the pure smile of a certain someone as they sat together on top of the highest tree they could find to watch the sunset fading into the beautiful dark blue of the night sky with the stars and moon shining bright above.

Chapter Text

White was all he saw, the first thing he saw when he opened his eyes. A white ceiling. A white curtain. White sheets. Everything was almost white. Almost. A gas mask was over his mouth and nose, pulling it off to smell the sterilization, medicine, and a faint scent of copper in the air. Shouto turned his head to the side groaning when a pounding headache from moving too fast blossomed, moving his right arm slowly to grip his head gently. The IV stuck into his arm was uncomfortable, but was necessary at the moment as he noticed the wires connected to his body. His memories were blurry, and his head was foggy, but he could remember bits and pieces here and there. Dabi...blood...explosion...Bakugou...Kirishima...then much fire.


The memory of the fire, that didn’t only belong to the person that kidnapped him, but his own brother, was so close to have killing him. Shouto shock his head trying to make the vaguely feeling of the heat from the flames lick against his skin, using his right side without even noticing causing frost to form on the sheets and right side of the bed. It’s getting closer. It’s getting closer! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!! He started to thrash around as the blue flames started to get closer, feeling his breathing start to get faster as the flames licked against the end of the bed. Someone was screaming, was it Kirishima? No, HE was the one screaming. The sheets wrinkled as he gripped on them tighter, trying to kick away against the flames that started to get closer.


His ice continued to grow, icing over the hospital equipment until it started to edge closer to the wall. There were hands on him all of a sudden, pushing him down against the bed before the sudden feeling of his quirk disappeared from his body. The flames disappeared soon disappeared as well. Shouto continued to kick and thrash around not trusting whoever was holding him down before a hand grabbed his chin, forcing him to look directly into red eyes. They looked familiar, but the tears that streamed down his face made it harder for him to see who exactly was it. His screams still echoed around the room, but there were more voices in the background, trying to get him to calm down probably. Then he was pulled into someone’s chest, their arms wrapped tightly around him as they continued to get him to calm down. Shouto closed his eyes before turning around quickly to cover his face into the black clothing, taking a deep breath to control his breathing.


Something was tugging against his right arm causing discomfort, so he started to pull against it wincing when pain started to bloom. Shouto blinked away the tears as he moved his head to at least get a good look of who was holding him, and who was in the room with him. There was some doctors and nurses, and then he saw Fuyumi behind a nurse. She stood there shocked and frightened, her skin paler than it usually is covering her mouth like as if she saw one of the most goriest movies in her life. A certain blonde was kneeling on the left side of his bed, clutching the railing tightly until his knuckles were as white as the sheets looking shocked yet worried. The person holding him must be Aizawa then as a piece of black hair fell into his line of sight, gripping tightly to his waist as his body shook from the panic attack he must have had. Shouto couldn’t remember what must have triggered it until a flash of blue flames, and everything was piecing together after that. Was he scared of his own brother now? Wasn’t he supposed to love him? Aizawa waved his hands gesturing the doctors and nurses to leave, leaving only his sister, and his two guardians.


“Dammit kid, don’t ever scare us like that again. I didn’t want to put you to sleep, but if you didn’t stop, then it would have need to be done.”


“I-I’m sorry, I-I just woke up, and th-then I started to remember. T-Then there was fire in the room, and...I was scared, I don’t know why, I-I just got scared, and then-”


“Hey, hey, it’s going to be okay. It was just a hallucination, none of it was real.”


“...It wasn’t real?...”


“No kid, there was no flames, just your ice going out of control, and you thrashing and screaming. You had us worried kid, your sister got her just two days ago after calling her. Everyone was worried about you kiddo.”


“Everyone?...Did anyone visit?...”


“A few of your classmates, Fuyumi would stay most of the day to watch over you, and…”


“And who?”


“We were able to get some papers signed to let her get out for a few hours every day, so your mom visited you when I gave her the news.”


“Sh-She visited?”


“Yes, we mostly stayed here in the hospital to watch over you, and someone else. Someone else visited, but I have a feeling you know who once you read their note they left.”


Fuyumi put a note down on his lap as Shouto moved to sit properly on the hospital bed, picking it up as the handwriting was sorta small in a way, and was easy to read even though it wasn’t neat.




Keep your head up even if life can be a dick sometimes. I can’t be there like you would want me to be, but I will be watching you until you’ve become the hero you were meant to be. Even though I saved the only thing that can make you happy, I can’t say it’ll last long. Remember this as well little brother, with every win you get, there will have to be sacrifices to be made.




‘Touya...But what did he mean by the last part?’


Folding the letter back down, Shouto glanced between the three adults in the room noticing they were avoiding making eye contact completely. He decided to ignore it for now, asking if there was anyone waiting outside the room besides the three adults. Soon the room was filled with classmates asking if he was okay, or questions about his condition. Aizawa answered the question, and didn’t hold back the tiredness in his voice as he spoke.


“You had to get surgery on your left leg due to the deep cut you got there, a bandage on your forehead from a old but reopened cut-”


‘Didn’t realized I had a bandage until now now that he mentions it.’


“-a few broken and bruised ribs, cuts and bruises here and there, and a minor concussion that you surprisingly woke up from.”


Due to passing out when he had the concussion, Shouto was unconscious, or in a comatose state as his teacher described it, for a week. He was stable and unconscious until he woke up that morning in a fright. They talked about anything other than the battle. He stilled remembered about the battle, but didn’t know how it ended. Did the heroes win? By the happy smiles, and carefree looks, they must have won then. The TV wasn’t allowed to be turned on, and he wasn’t given his phone knowing full well he’ll try to look at the news from there. Shortly after, Fuyumi had to leave during their visit, saying she is staying at her apartment, and will come by with their mother tomorrow if he wanted to. Shouto didn’t hesitate to say no when she mentioned his mother. He needed to see her, it’s been too long already.


Uraraka, Asui, and Iida were the last ones to leave as the day passed by quicker than he would have liked, but the day would have ended anyways. They were talking about the shorter class periods since the pro heroes were still helping fix the damages the battle cost, and to give the students some time to relax and recover if they were fighting in the battle at home. Shouto knew they weren’t going to spill anything of the battle if he asked, but he was curious nonetheless of what happened. Then a thought hit him, where was Izuku? The whole time he woke up, Izuku hadn’t visited, and no one mentioned not a single thing about him. Why? Was something wrong? Did something happen? Getting up into a sitting after laying down a few hours ago when he grew tired sitting up, Shouto looked at the group that sat on either side of his bed talking like it was a normal school day in the cafeteria.


“Where’s Izuku?”


Everyone froze when he asked the question. Their happy, carefree expressions changed dramatically, going quiet, and starring anywhere but at him. It was getting annoying, why is everyone avoid making eye contact with him now? What’s wrong? Frowning, Shouto looked at each one of them trying to get them to look at him directly in the eye, but they avoided him. Before he could ask why they were avoiding him, Iida cleared his throat giving him a look that reminded him of a doctor that was about to give a family bad news.


“As class president, I’ll deliver the news accordingly, and leave no details out. Todoroki, Midoriya is…”

Chapter Text

“Todoroki, Midoriya is barely hanging on after battling against a Nomu alone. It was my fault for not moving faster, and not defeating the villains fast enough that suddenly attacked me when I saw Midoriya wasn’t following me. The doctors did the best they could to stabilize him, but they can’t say he’ll live from how massive the injuries were. We’re sorry Todoroki, but we don’t know if he’ll make it.”


‘This is a joke right? It had to be a joke. Midoriya did what? Was he insane? Wh-’Remember this as well little brother, with every win you get, there will have to be sacrifices to be made…’ ‘


“No...No...Nonononono! You’re lying! YOU’RE LYING!! HE’S NOT DYING!! HE’S OKAY!! HE HAS TO BE!!”


“Todoroki, I understand that it may not seem like it’s real, but it’s not a joke either. Midoriya is-”


“NO!! SHUT UP!! He’s not...He can’t...STOP LYING TO ME!!”


“We don’t want to believe t either Todoroki, but there’s nothing else we can do.”


“No...This can’t be happening…”


Shouto gripped his hair tightly in his fists, pulling his legs up closer to his chest biting back his screams as the words continued to repeat inside his head. He couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as the realization of losing Izuku was too much. Izuku was going to die, and there wasn’t anything they could do. Resting his head against his knees, Shouto opened his eyes noticing the letter laying folded on the small table next to his hospital bed. Wait. The letter. Touya. He did say something about trying to save Midoriya, right? Right? It was his fault, it was his fault Izuku was going to die. It was his fault! His fault! HIS FAULT!!


‘It’s your fault.’


What? His fault? What’s going on?


‘You’re the one that followed Touya. You’re the one that confessed your feelings to Midoriya. You’re the one that decided to make him worry in the first place. It’s your fault. You did this.’


No, none of this was his fault.


‘Stop lying to yourself. Midoriya is on a hospital bed dying because of you. He’s dying! Do you not understand? He’s dying, and it’s your fault!’


Shut up. Shut up. It’s not his fault. It can’t be his fault...Can it?


“Shouto? Hey Shouto, I need you to breathe for me. Calm down, come on, breathe.”


“Is it true?...Is Izuku dying?...”


Everything looked so dull in his eyes now like as if the colors were slowly being drained out of everything, just like the life slowly draining out of Izuku’s body. When he turned to look at Aizawa in the eyes, Shouto could see he was trying to avoid him too. Everyone was avoiding to look at him in the eyes now. He took in another deep breath as he tried to following regain his breathing, moving to sit normally on the bed like he was supposed to. Tears still fell down his face as he raised his hands to wipe them away, flinching when the needle to the IV tugged against his skin. The room was silent beside the heart monitor beeping a few times, and the muffled voices of doctors and nurses outside the room doing their work.


“He’s dying...Isn’t he?...”


“The doctors said-”


“I KNOW WHAT THE DOCTORS SAID!!....I just-It can’t be real. This can’t be real. He was supposed to stay with me. He promised. He promised. It’s all my fault.”


“Shouto, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself for something you-”






“NO!! DON’T!! IT’S MY FAULT!! STOP SAYING IT’S NOT!! IT IS!!...It’s all my fault…”




“It’s okay, Shouta. He’s just...overthinking things, and needs some time to think things through. Just give him time.”


Soon he started to tune everything out, staring at his hands with half lidded eyes not bothering to answer if they called his name. He was stuck in his thoughts all over again. The chains slowly were coming back to wrap themselves around his wrists to hold him back. The bright smiles of the freckled boy were replaced by images of a mangled body, barely letting out huffs of breath lying somewhere around Mutusafu. Such a thought made Shouto’s stomach twist, closing his eyes to try and think of something else, but the images only continued to form. A hand touched his shoulder causing him to flinch, and open his eyes to look right at red, tired eyes filled with worry as frost melted off his sheets soaking it wet. Aizawa gave him a look of understanding as his hands loosen their grip against the soaked sheets, letting them lay limp on his lap as he stared back down at his hands.


“I-I can go see him...right?”


“I don’t know if the doctors would let you since you’re still reco-”


“No, I don’t care if I’m still recovering. I...I need to see Izuku...I need to see it myself to know this is real...Please…”


“Ugh, fine. I’ll ask to see if you’ll be able to go, just relax for now, okay?”


Nodding his head slowly, Shouto glanced up a bit to watch the retreating form of his two guardians before looking back down at his hands to wait. Iida and the others must have left when he wasn’t paying attention, now the room felt more empty with the lack of voices and people. Half of his classmates were there to greet him, even Bakugou surprisingly, but he appreciated their presence nonetheless. They distracted him long enough before the realization of Izuku’s condition was told. Fuyumi would talk with one of her classmates, or with one of his guardians, mostly Hizashi since he was the social type. It felt like he never left the hospital in the first place as he sat on the bed listening to his classmates chattering than being stuck in some abandoned building for a week with nothing, but the screeching of the disfigured beings outside to keep him company most of the time. The door opened revealing a more tired Aizawa as one of the nurses comes in to help with the wires, and the IV attached to his arm.


“The doctors said it was fine to go visit, but we’ll be outside just in case you…”


“Just in case you need us buddy, okay?”




Soon enough, he was off the bed onto his feet limping before taking the crutches the nurse was nice enough to provide for him. Shouto didn’t expect using crutches to be so difficult, but got the hang of it as they moved slowly down the hall towards the elevator to get to Izuku’s room. The walk was silent as Aizawa pressed the button to open the elevator, helping him walk in before pressing another button inside. Once the door opened, two doctors moved aside as he stepped out slowly, nodding towards them as a greeting limping slowly towards the room. What Shouto didn’t expect to see was Mrs.Midoriya sitting outside the room holding a tissue to her eyes as she wiped away tears. He stood there frozen, stuck between whether to say something or not, but she beat him to it before he could say anything.


“Shouto! I-I’m so sorry. I didn’t expect you to be here since you were still recovering, but it looks like you can walk about on your own now. I-Izuku is, um, he’s-”


“It’s okay, Mrs.Midoriya, I...I know, that’s why I’m here.”


Mrs.Midoriya froze before nodding quickly, wiping away newly formed tears making a shooing gesture to him towards the door. Shouto felt a ball of anxiety form in his stomach as he gripped the door handle tightly in his grasp, pausing for a brief moment before opening the door.

Chapter Text

The scene in front of him was enough to make him take a sharp breath, eyes widening as he gripped the door handle tighter. Shouto barely heard the crutches fall, or feel the hand on his shoulder, slowly sliding down onto his knees choking back a sob. Izuku’s body was covered from head to toes in bandages and wires, the heart monitor showing how slow his heartbeat and breathing was. He couldn’t hold back his sobs anymore as he felt hands grab his elbows trying to pull him up, gently sitting him down on one of the chairs inside the room. A hand rubbed his back as he continued to stare at the faint rise and fall of Izuku’s chest covered in bandages and wires, rubbing furiously at the tears that started to fall trying to keep his posture together even though it was useless. It’s okay for heroes to cry, but what hero is he if he couldn’t keep Izuku safe?


Shouto gripped his hair as the tears continued to fall, sobbing out loud enough for anyone to hear outside the room. The cut on his left leg throbbed after sitting on his knees a good minute or so ago as well as ignoring the throbbing in his chest either from the bruised and broken ribs, or how broken his heart is. He didn’t bother looking up when someone sat beside him, rubbing his back as he continued to sob getting his shirt soaked with his tears. The monitor continued to beep as the room was silent besides his sobs, and Izuku’s labored breathing. Each shake of Shouto’s shoulders made his chest hurt, but ignored it, not wanting to make whoever was beside him worry more than may already be. The crutches were leaning against the wall by the entrance, and there were hushed voices outside if he listened carefully.


“I know it hurts buddy, it’s okay to let it all out. You’ve been through so much already.”


Looking up, Shouto saw Hizashi staring at Izuku with a sorrowful look as he continued to rub his back unconsciously. Glancing back at the bed, he gripped the end of his shirt tightly trying to keep himself from breaking down again. The sight was too much for him, even after seeing Izuku in casts so many times already, but never covered in wires as he was barely hanging onto his life fighting to see another day. They sat in silence after that until there was a knock at the door opening to reveal Mrs.Midoriya and Aizawa. Aizawa walked over to stand beside Hizashi as Mrs.Midoriya moved to sit on a chair on the other side of Izuku’s bed, moving it closer to grab his limp hand. Shouto didn’t bother saying anything, they just sat in the room in silent hoping to see any sign that Izuku will wake up.


“There will be a chance he’ll wake up...right?”


His voice sounded so desperate as the words left his mouth causing Shouto to grip his shirt tighter to keep himself grounded than breaking apart in front of the adults again.


“The doctors aren’t sure, but they’re doing their best to keep him stable until then”


“But is he going to wake up?”


“Shouto, I already-”


“Is he going to wake up? I don’t care what the doctors said, is he going to wake up?”


Aizawa didn’t say anything else after that, but Shouto didn’t have to look up to know he looked away, the silence was all he needed to know the answer to his question. No one said anything else after that, watching as he continued to stare at the rise and falls of the heavily unconscious body on the hospital bed. Each silently wished that the green haired teen would wake up some time soon knowing full well how the dual quirk user would react if he were to pass.


‘Please...please wake up...don’t leave me Izuku…’




It had been a month before signs of Izuku surviving his condition started to decrease. The thought of never seeing his eyes open up again was enough motivation to make Shouto start staying in his room longer than he should be, snapping back at anyone that tried to pull him away from his lover. He didn’t move from his spot unless he had to go to the bathroom, or get something to eat a few times from the hospital’s cafeteria. The stitches were removed a week before the signs started showing, but he didn’t leave the hospital, not for one minute. Others would visit, but didn’t try to get him to get out after their first few attempts of doing so. Mrs.Midoriya was the only one that haven’t tried to coax him out of the room just bringing a bento box for him, or a few flowers when visiting her son. She was the first that heard the news before trying to break it down slowly to him when he was walking down the hall to visit that day.


“His...His condition isn’t getting a-any better Shouto. I-I’m sorry, I-I don’t think he’s going to make it. He’s not going to m-make it.”


Shouto could still remember sitting outside the room listening to the doctor and nurse whisper inside, tugging at the end of his shirt until the door finally opened. The doctor and nurse moved to the side when he made eye contact with the tired eyes of the doctor. The heart monitor was slower than it did the last time he visited. Izuku’s skin was paler than it did before, breathing in more deeply in his coma like state causing the rise and fall of his chest to be more noticable. He walked over to his seat next to Izuku grabbing his limp hand holding it gently in his own. From then on he didn’t moved from there, mumbling sweet nothings to the comatose body of his lover hoping for him to open his eyes, or make any sort of movement. There was a numbness in his chest as the days passed by with no sign of any positive results. Why did it have to happen now? Why couldn’t have been him on this bed? What did Izuku do to deserve any of this?




Why not him?




Why couldn’t he be the one dying?


“Wake up…”




“I love you...please...just wake up...I need you Izuku...I need you to wake up…”


For a moment, Shouto felt some pressure on his hands as the heart monitor picked up faster until the pressure was gone, and then the line went flat.




Leaning his head forward, Shouto put his ear on top of Izuku’s chest trying to listen for a heart beat. There was none.




Pulling back away from the too still of a body, Shouto started to panic.




“Izuku! Wake up! Please!”


Taking a shaking breath, Shouto moved to grab Izuku’s hand, but then there was arms wrapped tightly around his arms and chest pulling him back. The door was open, and doctors and nurses were already running into the room without even noticing them.




Thrashing and struggling, Shouto couldn’t think of anything, but to get back inside the room. He was yelling at the top of his lungs to be let back inside the room until his throat grew sore. There were tears streaming down his face as he continued to yell, feeling the arms tighten their hold when he was able to free only his left arm.




Stretching out his arm, Shouto desperately tried to reach out until there was a pinching sensation in his right arm. He started to feel tired as his struggling and thrashing became sluggish. He tried to pull harder, but his limbs wouldn’t responded slowly feeling heavy. His eyes started to feel heavy, blinking slowly desperately trying to keep them open.




Then it went black.

Chapter Text

Pure white snow fell so innocently from the sky as friends and family shed tears for the passing of a student that could have been the new symbol of hope with his shining smile. Everyone from Class 1-A, even Bakugou came as some students from Class 1-B, teachers, All Might, Aizawa, Hizashi,  some pro heroes, his sister, and Midoriya’s mother attended the funeral crowding around the casket as the Buddhist priest started to give his prayer. The girls mostly shed tears throughout the funeral, but no one could hold back their tears knowing they wouldn’t see the freckled teen again, even Bakugou was holding back tears. He couldn’t hold back a tear from slipping down his cheek even though he spent the past week shedding tears for his deceased lover. Once the casket was put down in the dirt, one by one everyone threw a flower down the hole before it was covered with dirt. Shouto clutched the flowers in his hand tightly as he waited for everyone to leave, barely acknowledging the sweet nothings each mumbled to him when they passed by.


“I’m so sorry Todoroki.”


“It’s not your fault.”


“He’s in a better place.”


“We’ll be waiting for you back at home...we’re here for you Shouto.”


What surprised him was Bakugou walking up to him, glaring down at the ground than making eye contact like he usually does. Shouto waited for him to say something, playing with a fallen petal between his fingers feeling the smoothness from such a delicate thing.


“Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean he’s gone forever, remember that Icyhot.”


The words made him freeze as the blonde started to walk off, letting the unexpected words coming from someone unexpectedly repeat inside his head. The petal fell from between his fingers until it reached the already snow covered ground as the snow started to fall down harder as the wind picked up. Shouto turned around to call out for Bakugou, but he was gone before he could. Standing in the snow covered ground alone, watching the snowflakes fall faster before slowing down as the breeze settled down. Turning back around, he clutched the flowers tightly in his grip before walking towards the gravestone kneeling down on his knees to look at the gravestone closely.



Midoriya Izuku


‘Sixteen years…’


Shouto dropped with the rest of the flowers before breaking down as the tears slipped down his cheeks in rivers resting his hand against the gravestone. The reality of the situation was too much as he continued to let out cries of pain, sorrow, desperation, and hopelessness. He can hear his sobs even through the sudden harsh breeze, clutching his heart through the fabric choking on his sobs . Looking up, he came face to face with a photo of Izuku during his first month in UA. It was so sunny that day, the whole class playing around outside to have fun until Uraraka took her phone out to take photos of everyone, but Izuku’s photo was the best photo he had seen that day when she started to show them off. A small smile formed at the memory, brushing off the snowflakes that landed on the frame and glass.


“I miss you so much…”


The winter breeze ruffled his hair as he started to regulate his body temperature, wiping away the tears that froze on his cheeks from the cold even without using his quirk. The snow evaporated off his body after heating his body up to melt away the snow before regulating it once more. Shouto could feel the snow melting from the heat beneath his legs causing his pants to get wet, nothing a little heat will it dry up again. Looking up to the cloudy sky, snowflakes fell on his face melting after making contact with his warmed body. He couldn’t remember the last time he sat in the snow, was it during his birthday? Or just another day to get away from everything that happened behind closed doors? It was so vague, but he can remember his siblings laughter followed by his own laughter of joy as they ran in the snow. It was nice as it lasted, right? Footsteps through the snow caught his attention as he pulled himself together before anything else could happen, turning around to see a dark figure moving slowly towards his direction.


“You would end up catching a cold if you stay out here longer Shouto.”


“Da-Touya, what are you doing here?”


“...I came to make sure you were okay, and to also apologize as well.”




“No, don’t say anything, just...let me be the big brother I was supposed to be.”


Shouto stood up to face Touya completely as the older between the two walked over towards the gravestone having a neutral expression on his face as he looked down at the picture of the freckled teen. He didn’t expect for the scarred man to kneel down on one knee taking a single Lily from inside his coat, putting it gently on top of where the bouquet of other flowers and lilies. There was a short moment of silence before Touya got up to turn around facing the dual quirk teen, looking anywhere but at his eyes.


“I’m...I’m sorry, for everything. Even though I said this already, I’m sorry for not being the big brother I was supposed to be. I’m sorry for not being there. I’m sorry for not taking you with me. I’m sorry for taking you, I should have left you there than taking you. None of this would have happened if I had just left you, he wouldn’t be gone...The bastard was right, I’m a fucking failure.”


“You’re not a failure...Natsou, Fuyumi...You guys aren’t failures. You did everything you could when I was younger, and you did everything you could now...H-He’s gone, and he’s not coming back. He’s not c-coming back, a-and there’s nothing we could have done.”




Shouto couldn’t think of anything else to say, or cared of what he did as he threw himself at Touya hugging the villain tightly as tears started to roll down his face. The reality of never seeing Izuku again made it harder to hold back his tears, screaming into his brother’s chest not being able to hold them back anymore. Slowly his older brother wrapped his arms around him, feeling the small shake of his shoulders as they held each other letting out the grief of many years in pain, suffering, and loss. He tightened his grip on the older boy when he tried to pull away, the other’s presence was needed at the moment as the snow continued to fall around them.


“I miss him...I miss him so much…”


“I’m sorry…”


“...Are you going to go back?...Are you going to leave again?...”


“Shouto, you know I have to. Go home please, don’t stay out here...He would have wanted you to.”


Tightening his grip, Shouto continued to hug his oldest brother before letting go to wipe away the tears that ran down his cheeks. Touya ruffled his hair as the teen blinked away the remaining tears looking up at his brother with pleading eyes not wanting to leave just yet, but the other shook his head making a gesture with his hand for him to leave. Sighing letting a puff of smoke out, he turned around to walk out of the cemetery turning back to watch as the figure of his brother grew faint and smaller. The walk didn’t feel bright, warm, and comforting like the walks were with Izuku. It just felt cold and empty as he walked down the street away from the cemetery, and the painful reminder of his lost loved one.




Opening the door, Shouto slipped his shoes off carelessly as he used his quirk to melt the snow that ended up piling up on his shoulders and head. The house was quiet surprisingly as there was no loud noises from Hizashi, or scribbling of a pencil grading papers from class. Entering the living room, he noticed his two temporary now permanent guardians were discussing his hushed voices as they sat on the couch together holding either Shadows or Fuyu. He could either walk quietly towards the stairs to go upstairs and into his room, or have a short talk with the two. Before he can make a decision, Fuyu jumped off of Aizawa’s lap to curl around his legs purring louder when he bent down to scratch her ears. The hushed voices grew silence as he moved to pick her up, looking up hesitantly to see worried eyes stare back at him.


“Are you okay?”




‘Am I okay?’


“I’m fine...I just want to go to bed.”


“Are you sure? The past two months have been...unfortunate.”


“Yeah...Yeah, I’m fine, I just...I just need to sleep.”


They were unconvinced for sure, but what else are they supposed to do?


“Okay, just call us when you need us, okay?”




Giving a short nod, Shouto gave them a small smile to give them some reassurance before moving to go upstairs taking Fuyu with him. The thought of being alone tonight didn’t seem like a good idea as he continued up the stairs opening his door slowly. Everything was left where it was besides the absence of his dirty clothes that were on the floor before he left that night. On his drawer was his phone, charging to his surprise. When did he get it back? Shaking his head, Shouto moved closer putting Fuyu down on his bed to look at his phone. There were messages sent by multiple people, and even Bakugou left a message after opening his messages to look who sent them. Then one message caught his eye.




Two months ago





Love you Shouto!


Tears started to form as he stared at the photo attached to the message seeing the bright smile that saved him from getting consumed by his self doubts, and all the emotions he closed away afraid to be hurt again.



I love you too Izuku…