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It was cruel, the way the world places so much emphasis on Quirks. It was cruel how the quirkless were thought of as lesser. He hated it. He knew that his cousin had it better then most, his parents hadn’t given him up and supported him. They never made him feel less. It’s too bad they couldn’t shelter him from society’s perspective.


A pressure on his hand brought Neito’s attention back to the present. Tightening his hand around his cousin, Neito took the lead, walking towards the building. It was large and white and intimidating. His parents and his Aunt and Uncle were behind them. He knew that they would be with them, if only in a different room. They were meeting other kids. Other kids like his cousin and him. Most would be like his cousin, quirkless.


A shiver ran up his spine as they entered the building. A staril chemical smell permeated the hospital.


“This way.” Neito felt Yuuga pull further behind him, hiding behind his back. They followed their parents as they headed towards a room. The door was covered with superhero stickers. When the door was open the cousins could see that the room was decorated the same. Neito observed six people, four in a cluster around the game system and two isolated at the tables. The four at the system were loud, so loud that Yuuga had pressed himself against his back. Turning Neito lead them to the two at the tables. One had curly green hair, eyes just as green and freckles sprinkled across his cheeks. The other was glaring at the room, spiky blond hair looking like he was in the middle of a permet explosion. Red eyes met his own, chin tilted in challenge and teeth bared. Normally Neito would keep his cousin as possible far from a person like this, but they were the only quiet people besides themselves. Raising his own chin and feeling his lips pull into a smirk, Neito answered the strangers challenge.


“Kacchan, you promised to be nice!” Red eyes shifted from his own to green. Green Eyes was pouting and Neito didn’t think anyone but his cousin could be cute pouting. He was apparently very wrong.


“I am! It’s not my fault that people are cra—“ Green Eyes when from pouting to glaring, “—azy. People are crazy.” The blank look the Green Eyes gave Red Eyes meant that he didn’t believe him. Turning from his friend, Nieto was meet with intelligent green eyes. And then he was sure that he was now blind because that was the brightest smile he had ever seen outside of his cousin.


“Hi! I’m Midoriya Izuku and this is my bestest friend Kacchan!”


“It’s Bakugou Katsuki! Only Izu can call me Kacchan!” Blinking Nieto wondered if they were both quirkless or if they were like him and Yuuga.


“Hi, ‘m Aoyama Yuuga and this is my cousin Monoma Neito.” Neito could still feel his cousin pressed to his back, but that he even wanted to talk meant that he was interested in the two. With a sigh he led them to the open chairs to sit down, placing himself between Yuuga and the angry blond.


The silence was slowly becoming awkward when it was broken by loud cheering. Yuuga flinched into his side while he noticed Green Eyes do the same with the angry blond. Their eyes met again, this time in recognition.


“Yuuga, it’s alright, I won’t let anyone hurt you,” murrmering into his cousin’s ear, Neito saw that the blond was saying something to the other boy. Something that had him being swat at and told that he shouldn’t use those words. Neito could admit he was mildly curious. Yuuga snuggled closer to him, eyes locked on a mumbling Green Eyes.


“Izu! Stop that!” Angry Blond’s hand swatted at his friend’s head, a quiet thunk could be heard from the contact.


“Sorry Kacchan!” Was squeaked out, hands coming up to sheepishly rub at the point of impact. Neito thought that he had never seen such a dysfunctional friendship before. He didn’t know if he regretted sitting down at the same table as these two, but Yuuga seemed entertained.


“Are you both quirkles?” Having turned his attention from his friend Red Eyes glared at them, though he was starting to suspect that that was his default expression. Yuuga tensed, curling closer to him. His own eyes flashing Nieto glared.


“Kacchan! You can’t just ask that!” The blond turned his glare to his friend, opening his mouth to retort he was interrupted. “You don’t like it when people ask if I’m quirkless, so you can’t ask people if their quirkless!” Mouth snapping shut he looked to the side, almost pouting.


“Nieto has a quirk, but I don’t…” Yuuga’s quiet voice had him meeting challenging red eyes again.


“Really?! That’s so cool! I’m quirkless too, but Kacchan has explosions ! It’s so cool and he’s going to be the number one hero and I’ve never meet another quirkless person before, that’s why mama thought I should come to this, but the other kids are mean and don’t like me…” what had started out as excited rambling ended small and dejected. His eyes were downcast, shoulders hunched, and his quirk having friend seemed to bristle.


“Neito can copy other Quirks! It’s really cool and he’s going to be the best underground hero! I’ve never meet another quirkless person either…”Yuuga’s excitement over meeting someone else like him had brought him out of his shell. Unsticking himself from his cousin he leaned closer and started to talk hero’s with Green Eyes. Seeing that his cousin was in good hands, he turned to Red Eyes. Red Eyes had a soft glare as he looked at the budding friendship between the two. Seeming to sense that he was being watched, red and blue eyes met once more. Understanding and protectiveness shining through both.


Clearing his throat Neito held out his hand, “My name is Monoma Neito. Nice to meet you.” Red eyes judged him a little longer before his hand was clasped. Teeth bared in a poor resemblance of a smile the other boy answered.


“Bakugou Katsuki, I think we’re going to be great friends.”