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BirdFist Oneshots: The First of a new Ship

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In the world of quirks, heroes, works, and villains, there's UA High, Japan's most prestigious Hero academy. In UA High, there lies a 16 year old boy, Izuku Midoriya, who at the tender age of 15 received a quirk from his idol, All Might. Now if this was any other F/M or just an M/M category, this would be his story. But it's not, instead we follow his fellow classmate, the man (who's 16 year old voice is abnormally deep), the myth (who's height is that of a mid-school girl (not that it matters to him... much)), the legend (who's head of a bird but somehow has nothing to do with his quirk), Tokoyami Fumikage!  However, this isn't just his story. We also follow the big sis of Class 1-B, Kendou Itsuka! How did they meet, how do their friends/classmates (yes even Monoma counts as a friend... loosely) react to the news, and, most importantly, why does it always seem like Kendou wears the pants in the relationship (because she does, obviously).


The UA High Beauty Contest (see Chapter 183 in the manga) has just finished, and just like any contest, there are the sore losers and, more importantly, the graceful losers... and the winner, but we readers (and me, the author) don't really care about the winner, what we do care about, however is one of the more graceful losers, Kendou Itsuka. Her casual tomboyish shirt and skirt combo has been mostly replaced by a surprisingly form fitting dress with a surprisingly noticeable cleavage window (she didn't really appreciate it, but it was actually a gift from her classmate and close friend, Reiko Yanagi so of course she couldn't refuse the dress).

As she did the rounds, shaking hands and bowing out of both respect and humility, she heard a pair of heavy footfalls behind her. Alright, a confident strut on my right and a loud and somewhat "manly" walk on my left, Itsuka instantly knew whose footfalls were theirs and as she turned around to greet both Monoma Neito and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, she was unprepared, however for one of Monoma's fingers to be thrust in her face. 

"Itsuka, that should've been Class 1-B's crowning moment, but here you are swimming helplessly in sec-guh!" Monoma, in the middle of his lecture, was also unprepared for the fist in his face, courtesy of Tetsutetsu. 

"C'mon man, ease up, at least she actually made a positive impression on everyone. Which I can't say for your constant rants about Class 1-A's "eventual" downfall!" Tetsutetsu lectured to Monoma in a surprisingly similar tone to Monoma's lecture of Kendou, much to Kendou's amusement. 

Speaking of Class 1-A, at the corner of her eye, Kendou noticed a certain black-haired fellow she knew quite well. Well, actually they were more black-feathered, but as far as Kendou cared, it might as well have been hair. 

"Welp, if you two will excuse me, I have to go get changed." Kendou stated to the boy duo in a sing-song voice, heading to the opposite direction of her changing room (not that Tetsutetsu and Monoma knew that) and beelined to our male protagonist of this story.

Tokoymi felt out of place where he stood, surrounded by girls in all types of dresses, makeup, and attractiveness, but even though he felt the tens of stares directed to him by all the ladies, he was determined to find the one lady who was clearly the center of his world. In fact he was so out of place, he didn't register the tapping on his shoulder until Kendou grunted in annoyance, leaned down to his ear, and whispered "Fancy meeting you here."

To say Tokoyami was startled would be the understa- actually no, startled was an accurate description of his immediate reaction to the voice of his girlfriend. Heck, if it weren't for Kendou's hand covering his beak, he might've made quite the scene. After a second of Kendou waiting for Tokoyami to calm his beating heart, her hand left his beak and motioned over to the building in which her changing room was present. 

They were halfway there when it happened. Up to this point, it was just peaceful silence between the two. Kendou was ahead of Tokoyami by two feet while Tokoyami was falling behind slightly thinking up poetic compliments to say to his girlfriend about her appearance. 

Not even Aphrodite could your beauty in that dress... no, I'm not sure Itsuka knows about Greek Mythology. How about, the Moon, the stars, and the night sky have nothing on your radiance. Then again, Itsuka's sunny disposition banishes the beauty of the darkness anyway so maybe I should switch it up. The Sun replaces the Moon, the blue sky replaces the night sky, and... what would the daytime version of stars? The morning dawn maybe? Probably not, it's hard to look at the Dawn because, well, it's the Sun, so what would work to replace the stars without burning my eyeballs?

As Tokoyami was having a poetic crisis, Kendou was waiting patiently, knowing that her boyfriend was due for a poetic saying made especially for her. It kinda came with the territory of dating a goth, they just liked to impress people with poetic sayings and actions. Well, at least her goth, Tokoyami, was like that, to be honest she never met a goth before Tokoyami. Before him, she never even heard of the term "goth."

The peaceful silence did not last however, as out of nowhere (like an RKO) a loud squeal shattered what peace there was, causing the two teens (and the people around them) to jolt out of their thoughts (and slightly jump) and look at the source. Well, sources to be more accurate as about six twenty-something aged women almost instantly broke through the crowd of people just trying to enjoy the rest of the school's carnival-like entertainment. 

Kendou tried to get in front of her boyfriend, no doubt to protect him from what these girls wanted, but the girls beat her to it, surrounding the poor bird-boy and keeping Kendou out of their circle. What could these women even want with Tokoyami? Shouldn't they be chasing some "hottie" with the attention span of a goldfi- oh.

It then became apparent to both Kendou and Tokoyami that these women weren't here for Tokoyami but instead were here for his "mentor" Hawk, as the first question from one of the girls came with "Do you, like, think Hawk has a thing for older women? Do you think he'd have a thing for me?"

Before Tokoyami could answer (and before Kendou could butt in to stop the swarm of questions aimed at her boyfriend), one of the other girls beat him to the answer, "Oh get real Kinzie, Hawk would not even dare look at you when I'm there for him!" The first woman, apparently named Kinzie despite being obviously Asian, glared at the girl who "answered" and they started to get into an argument. At the corner of Tokoyami's field of vision, he saw Kendou trying to butt get through the women, no doubt to grab him and run, but the remaining four women that weren't arguing caught on to Kendou's attempt and shoved her away, much to his horror.

Kendou, who was afraid to cause a panic if she started using, had to refrain from going full Kung Fu on these women who dared swarm Tokoyami. However as Kinzie and the other woman argued, they were starting to get handsy on Tokoyami, each grabbing one of his shoulders (not even caring that one of them tore part of Tokoyami's shirt open) and starting pulling, no doubt trying to get Tokoyami to be interrogated without the other women near. Up till now, Kendou actually didn't notice Tomoyami's expression as she was trying to get through the four women who were watching with obvious amusement, not caring for the boy in the least, but when she saw his face, staring back at her, with obvious horror and tears in his eyes, all bets were off. 

With the rage of a hundred Viking beserkers, Kendou screamed in rage, much to the shock of the four women but more importantly, scaring Kinzie and Abby, as the other woman was called, so much that they let go of Tokoyami, who at this point was borderline traumatized by the two women's rough treatment. However, before Kendou was able to enlarge her hands to get physical with these women who had no right to treat anyone like that, especially her boyfriend, she realized that she couldn't enlarge them. 

Before she could even question why she couldn't activate her quirk, her answer was answered as the man, the myth, the legend (legitimately): Shota Aizawa walked up to the four women. Because Aizawa was in front of her, she couldn't see what his face showed, but whatever it was, it was enough for all six girls to bolt out of there, with Kinzie and Abby tearing what was left of Tokoyami's shirt off of him as they left, taking it with them for some odd reason. Not that Tokoyami noticed, as he went down on his knees and wept in relief as Kendou rushed to his side. As Tokoyami wept, he almost didn't feel the arms wrap around him and as he looked behind him he saw Kendou, with tears of her own, place her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Kendou said as she wept as well. At least until Tokoyami untangled her arms from him, and turned around to place his hands on her shoulders.

"Don't be." He stated, and leaned in to kiss her. At first, Kendou was dumbfounded as she usually was the one to instigate their kisses (as few as they were) but after a couple of seconds she leaned in as well to prolong the kiss. Then they heard a cough, and they remembered that they weren't the only ones there. The two kissers were quick to get up from their kneeling positions and went to thank Tokoyami's savior.

"Sensei, I- we thank you. We're also sorry to trouble you with our situation." Tokoyami said, as he bowed in gratitude to Aizawa. Aizawa on the other hand actually seemed embarrassed.

"Don't go bowing to me like I just saved your life. However if you want to make up to me, get to Kendou's changing room, get her changed back into her usual clothes, get a shirt, and enjoy the rest of your day together." Aizawa instructed in a surprisingly gentle tone.

However, he then turned to Kendou and said in a more stern voice, "Itsuka Kendou, as much as I understand your reasons, I can't condone your attempted use of your quirk against civilians. I'll call the police and with luck, those girls won't even come within three hundred feet of the place. However, I also expect a three hundred word essay on the value of discipline and restraint." 

To anyone else, this essay sounded like a nightmare. However as Kendou looked towards her boyfriend, she smiled, squeezed his hand with hers, and turned toward Aizawa with an idea.

"I'll write five hundred words in the essay if you keep this a secret from Sensei Vlad King, Tokoyami's classmates, but most importantly, my classmates. Is that acceptable?" Kendou asked with a smirk. Aizawa didn't even hesitate as he returned her smirk with his own.

"Deal, now get going."

Kendou bowed in appreciation, and gently tugged on Tokoyami's hand so he could get the message to follow her. He did, and as they walked away, Aizawa could hear their conversation and couldn't help but smile. 

The conversation sounded like this, "I'm sorry I couldn't save you Tokoyami."

"Who says you didn't." 


"You were like a Valkyrie, coming down from the heavens to give to hope to those she loved."

"Wow, how long were you saving that one?"

"Honestly, I just came up with it now."

"Well I have to say, that's quite an lovely saying."

"I aim to please, my lovely Valkyrie."