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The Only One Who Can Receive His Feelings

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Yesterday 10:15 PM
Unknown:Hi, Senpai! I saw your game a while ago, and I just wanted to say you were really great! The way you defended the team was amazing. I liked how you brought the team’s motivation up by not giving up and by showing them that the game wasn’t over by stopping Dabi from taking a point! I really admire your playing ever since you first started in the team. The Heroes couldn’t have asked for a better person to defend them!

Unknown:I wanted to congratulate you in person, but I got nervous when I was going to approach you and kinda chickened out because you don’t really know me, and it’s creepy to talk to you out of the blue. I decided to just text you instead. Congratulations on winning!

Katsuki:Who the fuck are you!?

Katsuki:And how did you get my number?

Katsuki:What makes you think texting me is not fucking creepy!?

Unknown:Now that I think about it, it is kind of creepy, hahaha. But it’s creepier to tell you in person! Atleast you don’t know me this way…I’d rather say it in text than in person! This is so embarrassing! I’m so sorry! I just wanted to tell you that I admired you for so long, and this is awkward. Um.

Katsuki:Again, who are you and why do you have my number? Not even my old hag has this number, bitch.

Katsuki:Tell me now or I’ll block you.


Katsuki:Not an answer.

Unknown:NOOOOO! WAIT!!!

Unknown:I’m just a kohai who admires you!

Unknown:Please don’t block me!

Unknown:I don’t want to tell you my name because you’ll find out who I am.

Katsuki:How did you get my number?

Unknown:I got it from a friend. He was tired of me talking about you a lot, so he gave me your number a few months ago.

Katsuki:WAS IT PIKACHU? Fucking bootleg Pokémon giving my number to fangirls. I’ll blow him to bits.

Unknown:No! No! It’s not Kaminari-kun! Please don’t hurt him.

Unknown:And ummm, I’m actually a boy, so I guess I’m your fanboy? Hahaha.

Katsuki:Then who gave you my number?

Unknown:No one you know! They just happened to have your number.

Katsuki:Bullshit! No one but the team has my fucking number.

Unknown:It’s not someone from the team!!!

Unknown:Ummm. Maybe the person got your number when you were project groupmates.

Katsuki:Fuckers! I told them to delete it as soon as we get our basic ass grades.

Unknown:Then he wasn’t a very good groupmate!

Katsuki:So it’s a he?

Unknown:I’m not saying anything!!!

Katsuki:Bitch, I’ll figure it out somehow and I’ll whoop your ass first before I whoop his.

Unknown:But you don’t know who I am!

Katsuki:So? He’ll cry and tell me.


Unknown:He won’t tell you. He promised me.

Katsuki:Promises are meant to be fucking broken, bitch.

Unknown:Not this one! I’ll die if he tells you. He knows that!

Katsuki:You’ll die when I’ll know who you are anyway.

Unknown:Noooooo! He won’t tell you!

Unknown:He pinky promised me!


Katsuki:What are you, an elementary? Is that why you’re calling me your Senpai?

Katsuki:I don’t fuck with kids!

Unknown:NOOO! I’m a year below you! I’m in high school, I swear!

Katsuki:A year below me, huhhhh.


Katsuki:B I T C H

Unknown:Please don’t try to find me!

Katsuki:Whatever. I don’t have time for your shit anyway. I’ll just block you.

Unknown:No!!! Please don’t block me!

Katsuki:Give me one reason, bitch.

Unknown:I like you!!!

Unknown:And you’re not a blocker! You’re a libero! :D

Katsuki:…bitch. Just for that comment, I’m blocking you.




Katsuki:The fuck?

Katsuki:You’re lying.

Katsuki:How did you know I needed an elbow pad!?

Unknown:I’m not lying. I promise!!! I have the receipt!

Unknown:And you were screaming about the scrapes in your arm during practice! I researched about it and bought one!

Unknown:They said that’s the best brand? I’m not too sure, but I hope you liked it! It’s black just like your knee pads!

Katsuki:So you’re not just an admirer who likes me, but you’re a fucking stalker too?

Katsuki:What the fuck were you doing in the gym where we practice?

Unknown:NO! NO! I was just passing by and overheard! Your screaming was loud enough for the whole school to hear!

Katsuki:You calling me out? What kind of admirer are you? That shit’s not making it look like you like me.

Unknown:I liked you a lot really! It’s embarrassing!

Unknown:I saw you play the first time when you were a first year because a friend of mine wanted to watch the games! I saw you play, and I thought you were really inspiring! It really got me thinking that volleyball’s not just a girl sport, and that guys can actually really look cool about it with all the powerful spikes and stuff!

Unknown:And your saves, wow! You challenged all the spikers before the game, and they got really riled up! Those balls looked like it hurt, but you just grinned and asked them to keep coming at you! You were full of confidence and you proved that all your talk was backed up with talent!

Unknown:I didn’t understand at first why your jersey was all white and blue instead of the blue and white of your teammates! It got me more curious about it, so after researching, it opened me up to volleyball!

Unknown:YOU opened me up to volleyball! And the sport really changed my life! I began to practice a bit. I saved up some money to buy myself a ball. I wasn’t just all about studying and nerding out on comic books anymore.

Unknown:I got a purpose to actually want to be in a school and not just go, “whichever school accepts me” because getting into the school where the person who inspired me plays for was really important to me! I wanted to play with you!

Unknown:That’s how important you are to me, Senpai! Eventually, after watching you play, I realized that I had more than just admiration for my idol. I actually came to like you! Even though there were rumors about you. I didn’t want to believe them because they didn’t come from you.

Unknown:They were probably just jealous of you anyway. You have high grades, and you’re a regular on the team that almost qualified for the nationals! You are amazing!


Unknown:Ah, I rambled a lot! Haha! But I do really like you, Senpai. I want to get to know you more, so that I could have more reasons to like you! Ah, but I‘m really shy, so maybe I’ll stick to text for now.



Katsuki:Why didn’t you try out for the team then?

Katsuki:If you liked me so much and was inspired and all that fucking shit? You could have gotten to know me in the team instead of stalking me to my games.


Katsuki:You were all talk, weren’t you? Maybe you thought volleyball was easy to get into the team and showing up to the fucking tryouts but then you bailed out when you saw the intensity, HUH?

Katsuki:So you wanted the easy way out and claim to the libero of the team that you liked him and hoped I’ll be flattered enough to get you in. Nice try, asshole. You just want the fucking glory, don’t you?

Unknown:No, I don’t! I swear!

Katsuki:Newsflash, bitch. This team is training hard to get to the NATIONALS. If you aren’t committed to that, then you have no right to play with us. We play to WIN, not to fuck around.

Katsuki:If you’re not ready for that, then just beat it! We don’t want some loser playing for the team. You’ll just be a deadbeat. You don’t have what it takes to be a fucking Hero!

Unknown:I got into an accident!


Unknown:I was training too hard on the week before the tryouts and accidentally broke my arms. My mom cried for me when she saw I couldn’t move, and I was bleeding everywhere. And her face! I couldn’t look my mom in the eye.

Unknown:I missed the tryouts and couldn’t use my arms for weeks. My doctor said that I should be more careful now. My mom was really scared for me, and she made me promise not to play until I was better. But I never really got better because I was suddenly terrified of balls coming at me no matter how hard I try to overcome it.

Unknown:I know I don’t have what it takes to be a Hero. I know that the most, so I tried my best to get better before I try for the team. At the moment, I really am pathetic. Pushed myself hard, and now I can’t even play. The Heroes don’t deserve that. YOU don’t deserve that. I had hope I could someday earn the right…

Unknown:I only texted you to congratulate you because my friend said that I had nothing to lose. Guess I was a loser anyway for thinking that… I shouldn’t have tried. I’m sorry.

Today 12:07 AM
Katsuki:What the fuck.

Katsuki:Now, I looked like an ass!

Unknown:It’s okay…


Katsuki:Look. Shit. Forget what I said. My mouth was running off again, and my mind was spouting all this bullshit.

Katsuki:Volleyball is really important to me, and I thought you were saying shit just to get in the team and get some glory after we won our first match this year.

Unknown:No, it’s okay!

Unknown:I probably made that impression, huh? I’m sorry.

Katsuki:No, fuck!


Katsuki:Let me make it up to you.

Unknown:No, it’s fine!

Katsuki:Let me fucking make it up to you, bitch.

Unknown:Ummm. Okay.


Katsuki:Text me in the morning.

Unknown:Okay, but ummm….

Unknown:It IS morning, Senpai.

Katsuki:DON'T start.

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Today 8:29 AM
Nerd:Good morning, Senpai!

Nerd:I hope you have a great day in school and practice!

Katsuki:Morning, nerd.

Katsuki:Now, tell me what I have to do to make it up to you.

Nerd:Hmmm…Do me?


Nerd:Then I still don’t know yet.

Katsuki:What do you mean you don’t know!?

Katsuki:Can’t you just let me sign your volleyball or shit like that, so I could move on with my fucking life?


Nerd:But no.

Katsuki:Tempting? What the fuck.

Katsuki:Are you for real?


Katsuki:Don’t answer!

Katsuki:Tell me what you want.

Nerd:I told you, Senpai. I can’t think of one yet!

Katsuki:Then think faster!

Katsuki:Shit! Class is starting.

Katsuki:Text me about this later.


Today 10:32 AM
Nerd:Hey, Senpai.

Katsuki:Are you texting me during class, nerd?

Katsuki:You're a bad influence.


Nerd:I'm sorry for disrupting you in class.

Nerd:I'll stop texting you.


Katsuki:This class is shit anyway.

Katsuki:Have you thought of something already?

Katsuki:I might take back what I said.



Nerd:No takebacksies!


Katsuki:Then why did you text me?

Nerd:I just had a thought, Senpai.

Nerd:I don't understand math.

Katsuki:Are you dumb?


Nerd:How come we're always trying to find his x and y they broke up?

Nerd:Can't he just accept that his x is gone?

Katsuki:...are you kidding me?

Katsuki:This is what you decide to text me, nerd?

Katsuki:That's pathetic.

Nerd:Buuuut what else was I supposed to text you about?

Nerd:Math class is boring.

Katsuki:I don't know.

Katsuki:Why not ask me to find you the D?



Nerd:I didn’t think Senpai would be like this.

Katsuki:I hang out with the Powerbank, what do you expect?




Nerd:First a...bootleg Pikachu, now a Powerbank?

Nerd:Why a Powerbank???

Katsuki:Because he always has one.

Katsuki:I make sure to drain it.

Nerd:AH! So it was you who kept on draining them. :(

Nerd:I tried to borrow them once, but Kaminari-kun says there’s no charge.

Katsuki:Did he say “For you, babe, no charge”?



Nerd:Kaminari-kun is…

Katsuki:A thot?

Nerd:A flirt.


Nerd:You shouldn’t speak about your underclassmen like that, Senpai!

Katsuki:I’m not wrong.

Katsuki:He’s a thirsty bitch.




Katsuki:I’m going to report you to him.

Nerd:You’re such a snitch, Senpai.

Nerd:Besides, you don’t know who I ammmmm.



Katsuki:If you’re friends with Sparky, then that means he knows who you are.

Katsuki:And he must have your number.



Nerd:I don’t give my number to just anyone.

Katsuki:He has your number, doesn’t he?

Katsuki:You’re a shitty liar, nerd.

Katsuki:And I’m going to find out who you are.

Nerd:Please don’t, Senpai.

Nerd:That’s not fair that you have to find out using underhand tactics.

Katsuki:Underhand tactics? You bitch.

Katsuki:Fine, I won’t ask.

Katsuki:I will find out who you are, nerd.

Katsuki:And you’ll be begging for mercy.

Nerd:You don’t need to know who I am to get me to beg.

Katsuki:Or you would have to show yourself.


Nerd:Bye, Senpai!!

Nerd:Have to go!

Nerd:Chat with you laterrrr!

Katsuki:That’s right, bitch.

Katsuki:Run away.

Katsuki:Don’t chat back.

Today 12:15 PM

Katsuki:It’s lunch time.

Katsuki:Have you thought of what I’m supposed to do yet, nerd?

Today 12:23 PM

Katsuki:Are you fucking ignoring me?

Katsuki:I promised I won’t ask, alright?

Katsuki:Pinky promise, whatever.

Today 12:34 PM

Today 12:42 PM

Today 4:26 PM
Katsuki:Hey, nerd.


Katsuki:Fucking reply already.

Katsuki:I’m risking my ass to text you.

Katsuki:Fucking Private School is coming after me for texting. I didn’t fucking vote for him to be captain, why the fuck should I care what he says?

Katsuki:The yellow teletubby keeps asking about who I’ve been texting. I’m not telling him anything.

Katsuki:I’m ignoring him.

Katsuki:He should go back to blocking balls with his dumb face.



Nerd:Senpai, I’m sorry! I got held up by a friend. She wanted some help with something.

Nerd:You shouldn’t talk to your upperclassmen like that, Senpai! Iida-san is an excellent player. He seems a little stiff at the first few rounds, but he definitely runs fast to receive the balls. Although he treats every service like it’s an inside. He definitely needs to work on that. Oh, but his setting is amazing! It’s almost like he can pinpoint the exact location.

Nerd:Plus, his captaincy isn’t so bad! He controls the team well inside and outside the court, which is a great feat since you guys are a pretty unruly team. He even makes you do some of the spiking drills even though you don’t have to.

Nerd:Your spiking is really amazing though! It’s explosive! Though I don’t see why yelling “die!” will make it more powerful, but you do you, I guess. For someone who spends most of his time bumping the ball rather than hitting, you could pass off as a great spiker!

Nerd:And yellow teletubby???

Nerd:Kaminari-kun is a wonderful blocker. He is pretty enthusiastic with jumping and gets his head hit a lot, but you don’t have to call him dumb for it. You shouldn’t bully your underclassmen, Senpai!

Nerd:I admit his fingers are too far apart and sometimes there’s a gap, but it’s something he realizes in the middle of the game and fixes it. He does get distracted during the game sometimes, must be all the hits to the head, but that’s why you’re there to be his replacement every time he goes to the back court.

Katsuki:I didn’t ask for an analysis of my teammates, nerd!

Katsuki:And you got “held up” and “helped” her, huh. Didn’t think you’d be sucking face so soon after confessing you liked me.

Nerd:It wasn’t like that! She’s part of the female volleyball team and just needed some tips on the float serve!

Katsuki:The fuck? You know how to fucking float serve? Get out!

Nerd:I haven’t done it yet, but I know the basics of it. I researched about it online.

Katsuki:You’re a huge nerd.

Katsuki:Research and shit? Have you ever played volleyball in an actual game?

Nerd:I have! In Junior High, I joined the team in my last year and got substituted in a real game once. I played lots of practice games with the team and the upperclassmen before us. I got to befriend one of them, and he’s been helping me out since!

Katsuki:Just one real game and you weren’t even a regular?

Katsuki:Bitch, you need to try harder.

Katsuki:Get better and join the fucking team. You could replace Tape Face or something.

Katsuki:What position did you even play?

Nerd:I don’t want to replace Sero-san! He’s a great wingspiker! He’s really tall too, so his height must have a great advantage against your opponents. His spikes could use some more power, and sometimes the ball doesn’t even drop when he spikes. It’s as if the ball’s sticking to him, you know? His service could use some work too, but he’s not as bad at it as Kaminari-kun.

Nerd:Ah, I was the one replacing the libero since I wasn’t really good at defending then. I was one of the spikers.

Katsuki:Good, you can replace Pikachu. That's his job right now.

Katsuki:And why the fuck is it that whenever I mention a teammate, you gotta nerd about them?

Nerd:Ahhh! I don’t plan to replace him!!!

Nerd:I’m sorry. I just type what I think. Hehe.

Katsuki:If you don’t want to replace any of the players, then be a loser and not play with us.

Katsuki:Or be the manager. Fucking bitch isn’t present most of the time. You’ll think she’s invisible.

Katsuki:What position do you even want?

Nerd:I haven’t seen Hagakure-san in your games either…Maybe you should look for a new manager.

Nerd:I think I can be one of the blockers. Even though I’m short, my legs are really strong, so I can jump higher than normal.

Katsuki:Whatever. Bitch is probably with Tail Boy.

Katsuki:Your legs? You do squats?

Nerd:Tail Boy? Is that Ojiro-san? You’re so mean to your upperclassmen, Senpai!

Nerd:Yes, I do squats.

Katsuki:Pffff. Dude is Tail Boy because he was a lion from some Dorothy play last year, and his tail fucking fell off on stage.

Nerd:The Wizard of Oz?


Katsuki:And you’ve been doing squats, huh?

Katsuki:Then you must have a fine ass.



Katsuki:But if you do replace one of the blockers, then I’ll get a good view of your ass. Our blockers ain’t got that shit. Don’t understand how fucking Blockhead likes Pikachu.

Katsuki:He’s pining over that flat ass.

Nerd:Kirishima-kun likes Kaminari-kun?

Nerd:That’s not something you should share, Senpai!

Katsuki:Whatever everyone fucking knows it. Everyone but Pikachu.

Katsuki:Hey, how do you even know all the nicknames I have for my teammates?

Nerd:Well, I go to your games, and I hear them a lot!



Nerd:I’m a fan!

Katsuki:Whatever you call it, nerd.

Katsuki:SHIT! Private School fucking saw me. He better not give me some flying receive drills.

Katsuki:Got to go.

Nerd:Have fun!

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Today 6:21 PM
Katsuki:Hey, nerd. Practice is over.

Nerd:Hi, Senpai!

Nerd:How was practice?


Katsuki:Although fucking Candy Cane picked a fight with me today.

Nerd:Todoroki-kun? He isn’t usually like that in class. He’s pretty quiet.

Nerd:I’m surprised he even joined the team.

Katsuki:So you’re classmates with him, hmmm.

Katsuki:Not like he’d tell me who you are, anyway.

Katsuki:Fucking asshole.

Katsuki:I don’t know why he fucking joined the team either. We don’t need his “I don’t particularly like volleyball” vibe. It’s like he got something up that flat ass.

Katsuki:Must be the daddy issues.

Nerd:Senpai! You shouldn’t talk about your underclassman like that!

Nerd:Todoroki-kun’s in my year, so I hear a lot of stuff about him! Not particularly classmates with him.

Nerd:What did he even do?

Katsuki:He fucking spiked a ball at me and it hit me.

Katsuki:He did it on purpose!

Katsuki:He was standing there and looking at me with a straight face and didn’t even apologize!

Katsuki:Fucker doesn’t give a shit that I was his upperclassman!

Katsuki:He annoys the fuck out of me.

Nerd:You didn’t receive it?

Nerd:He probably didn’t do it on purpose. That’s just the way he is, I think. He seems to be the quiet type.

Nerd:Or maybe it wasn’t him? Could have just been the others messing with you.

Nerd:You don’t usually pay respects to your upperclassmen, too, Senpai.

Katsuki:Quit calling me out!

Katsuki:And I didn’t see the ball because it was fucking spiked to the back of my head!

Katsuki:Asshole didn’t even say a fucking thing while I was yelling at him.

Katsuki:Guilty behavior.

Nerd:That must have hurt! Did you go to the nurse’s office after?

Nerd:Maybe he didn’t want to talk back to an upperclassman?

Nerd:Could be anyone if you didn’t see.

Katsuki:No, mom, I did not fucking go.

Katsuki:I didn’t need to.

Katsuki:He was staring at me with his dead eyes. Didn’t need any word for him to fuck with me!

Katsuki:Pikachu could’ve done it too because he was laughing.

Katsuki:Whatever. I’ll kill them both.

Today 6:59 PM
Katsuki:Hey, your responses are so slow. You’re not getting bored of me now are you, you little shit?

Nerd:No! No! I’m just doing my homework. I’m sorry, Senpai.


Katsuki:You're not going to send me your lame math jokes again, are you?

Nerd:My jokes aren't lame!

Nerd:Besides, I'm not doing math.

Nerd:I’m doing science.

Katsuki:Don’t tell me you’re going to send some science jokes.


Nerd:You must be copper

Nerd:because I always CU in my dreams.

Katsuki:Chemistry, huh?

Katsuki:That’s my best subject.

Katsuki: If I’m copper, then you must be made of Nickel, Cerium, Arsenic and Sulfur.

Nerd:Ni Ce As S


Nerd:You don’t even know what I look like!!!



Katsuki:Don’t you know you’re supposed to do that shit in school?



Nerd:I can’t rush my homework!

Nerd:I’ll panic and end up making mistakes!

Katsuki:I meant during breaks, not on the day.

Katsuki:You’re supposed to be the freaking nerd.

Nerd:I’m usually occupied during breaks.

Katsuki:Occupied? What the fuck? Are you a toilet?

Katsuki:What could be making you so fucking busy?

Nerd:I’ve been practicing volleyball.


Nerd:No, with a friend.

Katsuki:That girl from before?

Nerd:No, another friend of mine.

Nerd:Well, he’s not there-there to help me. I usually text him if I needed some help.

Katsuki:So you’re still practicing alone, nerd!

Katsuki:Is he the upperclassman you were talking about before? The one from your Junior High?

Nerd:…you remembered him?

Katsuki:I don’t forget shit. I usually remember these stuffs! That doesn’t make you special.

Nerd:Thanks, Senpai.

Nerd:And yes, it was that upperclassman of mine.

Katsuki:If he still plays volleyball, then he must be in the team.

Nerd: It’s no one you know.

Katsuki:If he’s my age, then I must have known him at some point. Must have fought him in Middle School.

Katsuki:Tell me his name.

Nerd:Noooo, why do you even need to know his name?

Katsuki:If he’s helping you, I gotta know if he’s fucking good enough.

Katsuki:Can’t have you fucking worse than you already am.

Nerd:I won’t tell you! He wants to remain anonymous.

Katsuki:What, he suddenly knows I want to know about him?

Katsuki:Or it’s you who doesn’t want to tell me.

Katsuki:I probably DO know him.

Nerd:You don’t know him because he never played in the games!

Katsuki:Bullshit. If he was your senior on the volleyball team, the coach would have let him play at some point.

Katsuki:I was a regular in Middle School, so I played in every game. There’s a huge chance that I do know him.

Nerd:You don’t because you never played against our school!

Katsuki:What’s its name?


Nerd:I’m not telling you!

Katsuki:HAH! So I did play against you.

Katsuki:Nice try, nerd.

Katsuki:Tell me his name.

Nerd:You don’t need to know, Senpai!

Nerd:I believe my friend’s really good at volleyball. I trust him to help me.

Katsuki:Whatever. If he’s so fucking good, why isn’t he on the fucking team?

Nerd:I don’t know.

Katsuki:Hey, why don’t you just ask ME to help you?

Katsuki:I’m definitely a million times better than he could ever be.

Katsuki:And it could be my payment to you.

Katsuki:It’s not something I’ll say no to since it’s volleyball.

Katsuki:You get to spend time with me and get to learn tips. I get to see you and pay you back.

Katsuki:It’s a win-win.

Nerd:I don’t want to be an inconvenience to Senpai.

Nerd:And you wanted to see me!?

Katsuki:Shut up! I wanted to know who you are! That’s what I meant.

Katsuki:Also you’re not an inconvenience.


Katsuki:I meant that you’re fucking inconveniencing me by not telling me how to fucking make it up to you!

Nerd:You do know I can back read, Senpai.

Nerd:The text betrays you.

Katsuki:Fuck off!

Nerd:I did think about you helping me, but that will make Senpai know who I am, and it’s so embarrassing!

Nerd:Plus, I don’t want to suck in front of you!

Katsuki:I got something else for you to suck on.

Nerd:And I have plenty of time to make up playing with Senpai when I do learn to get better.


Nerd:Don’t say that! You’re making me blush.

Katsuki:Quit being sappy.

Katsuki:And aren’t you more fucking embarrassed with what you’re saying?

Nerd:Aren't you embarrassed with your thirsty jokes?

Katsuki:Aren't YOU?


Nerd:Since it’s through text, I guess not?


Katsuki:Have you thought of my payment anyway besides that?

Nerd:I did actually!


Nerd:Hold on, I’m second guessing…

Katsuki:Get on with it.

Katsuki:I said, I’d do whatever you say, right?


Nerd:But it’s a nice thought!


Nerd:You can cook, right, Senpai?

Katsuki:Don’t tell me…

Nerd:I want Senpai to make me a bento!

Katsuki:Oi! I’m not your wife!

Today 7:32 PM

Katsuki:You not replying means you’re disagreeing. Fuck you, nerd!


Nerd:I’m still doing my homework.

Katsuki:Are you serious?


Nerd:I want to taste Senpai's cooking!

Katsuki:What makes you think I'm good at cooking anyway?

Nerd:I don't.

Nerd:But I want to try!

Katsuki:Fucking fine, I’ll make you a bento.

Katsuki:Don’t expect it to be lovey-dovey and shit. It’s just going to be a plain fucking bento.


Katsuki:Any allergies I should fucking know?

Nerd:Umm…anything nuts really.

Nerd:But you drive me nuts, yet I’m not allergic to you!


Katsuki:What’s your favorite food?

Nerd:I like KATSUdon and KATSUki.

Katsuki:God, you’re so fucking embarrassing.

Katsuki:You can’t have a taste of me, nerd.

Katsuki:I don’t even know your face yet.

Nerd:AHHHH! Senpai saying it like that is making me embarrassed!


Katsuki:I’ll leave you to your homework.

Katsuki:It's late.

Nerd:It's only 8PM though…?

Katsuki:Shut up.

Katsuki:You shouldn't stay up late.

Katsuki:The earlier you sleep, the better you'll feel tomorrow.

Nerd:I still have a lot of stuff to do, so I can't sleep yet.

Nerd:But Senpai needs his beauty sleep, right?

Nerd:I'll stop texting you then.

Nerd:Good night, Senpai! Sweet dreams!


Katsuki:You too.


Chapter Text


Today 7:23 AM
Kacchan: Hey, nerd.

Izuku: Good Morning, Senpai!

Kacchan: Morning.

Kacchan: I made the stupid bento.

Kacchan: Don’t tell anyone about it.

Izuku: Thank you so much, Senpai!

Izuku: I won’t tell anyone!

Izuku: There'll be rumors, then you’ll find out who I am!

Kacchan: Kay.

Kacchan: Get the bento on my desk. I’ll leave it there at lunch.

Kacchan: You should know where it is.

Izuku: On your desk? I can’t do that!

Izuku: People would identify me!

Kacchan: Heh.

Kacchan: That’s the point.

Kacchan: Expose yourself, bitch.

Izuku: WHAT?

Izuku: Please don’t do this to me, Senpai!

Izuku: You promised me you wouldn't use underhand tactics!

Izuku: Senpai?



Today 7:48 AM
Izuku: I NEED HELP!!!

Izuku: Also good morning, Kirishima-kun!

Kirishima: Good morning!

Kirishima: What did you need help for?

Izuku: Kacchan is going to give me a bento, and he’s going to leave it on his desk! How am I going to get it without anyone seeing?

Kirishima: Hold up!

Kirishima: You got him to make you a bento?

Kirishima: How long have you been talking to him? You didn’t tell me you finally texted him, dude.

Kirishima: It's about time! I gave you that number a year ago.

Izuku: I just started texting him two days ago…

Izuku: Anyways, I’ll talk to you about that later!

Izuku: I need to get the bento without him seeing me!

Kirishima: Sure! Call me tonight about it, alright?

Kirishima: Did he tell you what the bento looks like?

Izuku: Ummm…no.

Izuku: But Kacchan doesn’t usually eat a bento, right?

Izuku: He eats out in the cafeteria with you guys.

Izuku: So there should only be one..?

Kirishima: Ah, right! Right.

Kirishima: There should only be a few people in the classroom at lunch though, so you could go grab it yourself?

Izuku: I can’t just go to the upperclassmen floor! They would all look at me. Plus, I’m entering a classroom where I don’t belong, and I’m grabbing something from an upperclassman’s desk! It’ll be too suspicious!

Izuku: They’ll ask who I am, and I’ll be obligated to tell them because they’re all older than me! Then they’ll ask what I’m doing at Kacchan’s desk! I have to tell them the truth because anything else is basically a lie.

Izuku: I can’t lie!

Izuku: But even if I do lie, no one would believe me, so I’ll be held up until Kacchan comes back.

Izuku: I can’t let him know who I am!!!

Kirishima: You sure thought of everything, huh.

Kirishima: I guess I could fake that I had to do something and let Bakugou go to the café first.

Kirishima: Then I’ll grab the bento for you. I’ll give it to you before I go to the cafeteria.

Kirishima: You’re in 1-A, right?

Izuku: You'll do that for me?

Izuku: AHHHH! But people would still talk!

Izuku: They’ll wonder why an upperclassman is visiting me! They’ll see the bento, and they’ll think that it came from you! Then it’ll spread to the whole first year! Then when Kaminari-kun hears about it, he’ll tease you in front of Kacchan!

Izuku: Then Kacchan would still figure out who I am!

Kirishima: Yo, it’s okay if they’ll think it’s from me.

Kirishima: But you’re right.

Kirishima: With Denki’s big mouth, not only would Bakugou know, but the whole volleyball team would know too.

Izuku: AHHH! That should not happen!

Izuku: They would ask how I know you, then you have to tell them.

Izuku: They’ll know about my problem.

Kirishima: Don’t worry, Izuku.

Kirishima: If he’s gonna leave it in class, then I’ll handle it for you!

Kirishima: I’ll leave it somewhere you can find!

Izuku: Really???

Izuku: Thank you so much, Kirishima-kun!

Kirishima: No problem.

Kirishima: I’ll do anything for you, man.


Today 10:15 AM
Izuku: Hey, Todoroki-kun.

Todoroki: Hello.

Izuku: Sorry for texting you in class, but I have a question.

Todoroki: It’s fine.

Todoroki: What is it?

Izuku: It’s just…you know I have a crush on Kacchan, right?

Todoroki: It is obvious.

Izuku: Ahhhhhhh! Shush!

Todoroki: It is.

Todoroki: You can’t always use me for a reason to come to our games.

Izuku: That’s not true! I use Kaminari-kun too.

Izuku: AHHH! That made it sound like I’m a user.

Izuku: I’m sorry, Todoroki-kun!

Todoroki: It’s fine.

Todoroki: You’re too much of a cinnamon roll for anyone to blame you.

Izuku: What?

Todoroki: You see it.


Izuku: Anyways, back to Kacchan!

Todoroki: I’m not surprised.

Izuku: I heard that he got spiked to the head.

Izuku: Is it true?

Izuku: Well, he told me himself…

Todoroki: Yes.

Izuku: Was it you?

Izuku: Ah, I’m not accusing you!

Izuku: But he seems to think it was.

Todoroki: No.

Todoroki: It wasn’t me.

Izuku: Then why didn’t you tell him that?

Todoroki: I just didn’t.

Izuku: Okayyyyyy.

Izuku: Do you know who it was?

Todoroki: Kaminari.

Izuku: OH!

Izuku: Kacchan was right.

Izuku: That was all really. Hahaha.

Izuku: Thanks so much!

Izuku: I’ll tell you about Kacchan later!

Todoroki: As you always do.


Today 10:32 AM
Izuku: Hello, Kaminari-kun.

Kaminari: Yo, Midoriya, my man!

Kaminari: What’s up? It’s rare of you to text during class.

Izuku: I heard from Todoroki-kun that you were being mean to an upperclassman yesterday, and he got blamed for it.

Kaminari: Whaaaaat? He told you that?

Kaminari: What a snitch.

Kaminari: I didn’t mean to hit Bakugou, I swear!

Kaminari: I just spiked the ball, and it just went flying to his head.

Kaminari: It was funny as hell.

Izuku: Kaminari-kun!

Kaminari: What?

Kaminari: It’s not my fault the ball wanted to go to him!

Kaminari: It’s like it knows he’s an ass, you know?

Izuku: It was still rude to Bakugou-san!

Izuku: You should apologize.

Kaminari: Fiiiiiine.

Kaminari: Only cause you’re a babe.

Izuku: What?

Kaminari: ;)

Izuku: ...

Izuku: What are you even doing, Kaminari-kun?

Izuku: How come you responded so fast?

Kaminari: I’m playingggg!

Kaminari: Aizawa-sensei is so boring. :(

Izuku: Kaminari-kun!

Izuku: Stop playing Smash Tap and listen to Aizawa-sensei. He’ll ban you from practice once he realizes you’re not paying attention.

Kaminari: But you were the one who started texting me in the first placedeoiief

Izuku: Kaminari-kun?

Izuku: Did sensei get your phone?


Izuku: I’m so sorry, Kaminari-kun.


Today 12:02 PM
Kacchan: Hey, nerd.

Kacchan: I left it in the classroom.

Kacchan: Try and get it.



Today 12:10 PM
Izuku: Did you get it, Kirishima-kun?

Kirishima: Hold on.

Kirishima: Bakugou’s suspicious that I didn’t ask him to the cafeteria as soon as the bell rang.

Kirishima: He’s looking at me right now.

Izuku: You’re texting me while he’s there!?

Izuku: What if he looks at the screen and sees my nameeeee!?

Kirishima: Relax, dude, I got your name as Bunny Boy.

Kirishima: Besides, he’s totally not interested.

Kirishima: This is Bakugou we’re talking about.

Izuku: Bunny Boy..?

Today 12:16 PM
Kirishima: Yo, I got him to go first.

Kirishima: Told him I needed to dump a huge shit.


Izuku: I didn’t need to know that.

Kirishima: He left the classroom.

Kirishima: He DID leave it on the desk. What a devil.

Kirishima: I’m getting it.


Izuku: Kirishima-kun????

Izuku: Is everything alright???



Kirishima: Sorry, man!

Kirishima: Mina caught me and asked a bunch of shit.

Kirishima: Yo, your head is getting too many ideas.


Izuku: What did you say?

Kirishima: She caught me off guard.

Kirishima: She was like, “Hey, Kiri, what are you doing?”

Kirishima: And I was like, “Stealing a bento.”



Kirishima: I PANICKED.

Kirishima: But I got it under control!

Kirishima: Said I was stealing it and giving it back to Bakugou.

Izuku: Oh.

Izuku: But what if she sees you in the café without the bento???

Kirishima: Relax. Mina’s eating out with the girls in the rooftop today.

Kirishima: She won’t see.

Izuku: Ah, that’s a relief.

Kirishima: I’m leaving it on the staircase between our floors.

Kirishima: By the plant.

Izuku: Okay!

Izuku: Thank you so much, Kirishima-kun!

Kirishima: Anytime, Izuku!

Chapter Text


Today 12:29 PM
Izuku: I got it!!!

Izuku: Thanks a lot, Kirishima-kun!

Kirishima: No problem!


Today 12:32 PM
Uraraka: Hey, Izuku-kun!

Uraraka: I’ll be eating out with Ashido-senpai and the other girls in the team.

Uraraka: Is that okay?

Izuku: I’m going to eat in the classroom.

Izuku: That’s fine, Uraraka-san.

Uraraka: Oh! You’re not eating under the tree today?

Uraraka: Have fun with Todoroki-kun and Kaminari-kun without me!

Uraraka: Maybe you can finally tell Kaminari-kun about your volleyball experience

Uraraka: Or maybe your crush on his teammates.

Uraraka: Hihihi.


Izuku: You know Kaminari-kun has a big mouth. I’m not gonna tell him anything!

Izuku: Wait, teammates?

Uraraka: Don’t you have like

Uraraka: Two Senpai

Uraraka: I can’t tell which Senpai it is that you like.

Uraraka: You have that redhead Mr. Nice Guy

Uraraka: Then you have that blonde explosive bad boy

Uraraka: That you talk both about a lot.

Uraraka: Please tell me you like Mr. Nice Guy.

Uraraka: This isn’t a chick flick, Izuku-kun.

Uraraka: Not even an angel like you can change guys like him.

Izuku: Uhhh.

Izuku: I’m not going to tell you who my crush is, so you choose who you think it is, I guess…

Uraraka: AW COME ON.

Uraraka: So it IS that explosive bad boy?

Uraraka: Hmm...

Izuku: Secret.

Izuku: Also I won’t be eating with Todoroki-kun and Kaminari-kun today.

Izuku: They’re going to hang out with the team.

Uraraka: WHAT?

Uraraka: So you’re eating ALONE!?

Uraraka: Why are you eating alone? I swear I will call them and discipline them. Just tell me, I will do it.

Izuku: NO NO NO!

Izuku: No need to do that!

Izuku: Their next game is coming up, so they must be talking strategy or something.


Uraraka: I swear.

Izuku: Then Iida-san must have told them to!

Izuku: I don’t mind eating alone.

Izuku: I got a bento from my Senpai to savor in peace.


Uraraka: WHAT!


Uraraka: I should be taking a video of your first experience!!!

Izuku: That’s...too much.

Uraraka: It’s not!

Uraraka: Izuku-kun gets his first wish!

Uraraka: What I would do to get to see your smile right now.

Izuku: Uhhhh…

Izuku: I’ll take a selfie?

Uraraka: YES, DO THAT.

Uraraka: Email it to me! I want the good quality!

Uraraka: Oh! And tell me how the food tastes, okay?

Izuku: Fineeee.

Uraraka: I’ll talk to you later! Mina-senpai is telling me to hurry up.

Uraraka: Have fun eating!

Izuku: You too!


Today 12:38 PM
Kirishima: Heyyy!

Izuku: Hello, Kirishima-kun.

Izuku: Aren’t you with the team right now?

Izuku: Is it alright for you to text me?

Kirishima: Yeahhh.

Kirishima: And yeah, it’s fine.

Kirishima: No one would be too nosy.

Kirishima: Maybe Denki, but he’s sitting beside Bakugou.

Kirishima: He’ll probably tone down.

Izuku: Oh! That’s good.

Izuku: Well, good that Kaminari-kun won’t be asking.

Izuku: But wouldn’t Kacchan be asking?

Kirishima: Nah, Denki’s distracting him.

Kirishima: So how’s the food?

Izuku: I haven’t tried it yet.

Izuku: I was just about to.

Kirishima: OH.

Kirishima: Tell me if it’s good.

Kirishima: If it’s good food, then I won’t have any doubts on permitting Bakugou’s courting!

Kirishima: I wouldn’t approve that easily.

Izuku: ...are you my dad?

Izuku: And I don’t know. When I asked for his number, you gave in quickly.

Kirishima: That’s because you’re cute.


Kirishima: ?

Kirishima: Was that too much?

Kirishima: Sorry about that.

Izuku: I’m death.

Kirishima: What?

Kirishima: What’s wrong?

Izuku: I’M DYING.


Kirishima: What?

Kirishima: I’m getting worried.

Izuku: THE FOOD!

Kirishima: What do you mean?

Kirishima: Oh, the bento.

Kirishima: Did Bakugou poison it or something?

Kirishima: Bakugou’s not THAT bad, right?

Kirishima: Maybe you annoyed him so much that he would consider it.

Kirishima: But a murder would give him a bad record that would make him not play volleyball.

Kirishima: So probably not.

Kirishima: Hey.

Kirishima: Dude?

Kirishima: Izuku?

Kirishima: So Bakugou DID POISON IT! OH NO.

Kirishima: WHERE ARE YOU?


Kirishima: HANG ON.


Kirishima: Probably not a good thing to say during lunch…

Kirishima: But desperate times call for desperate measures.


Today 12:40 PM
Kacchan: Turns out it was dunce face who spiked the ball at my face.

Kacchan: He’s getting a beating later.

Kacchan: I’m going to spike as many balls until he actually properly receives or if his arms fall off. Whichever one happens first.

Kacchan: How was the fucking bento?

Kacchan: You better say it tastes good or else you are fucking blocked.

Kacchan: That’s if you actually got the bento, which I highly doubt.

Kacchan: Don’t waste perfectly good food, nerd.

Kacchan: You better have gotten the bento.

Kacchan: Hm, if you did get it, I bet that’s why you’re not replying right now, huh?

Kacchan: Enjoy, nerd.

Kacchan: Don’t die.


Today 12:42 PM
Uraraka: So how was the food?

Uraraka: Was it good?

Uraraka: Or was it bad?

Uraraka: If it was bad, guess you’ll be the perfect housewife Izuku-kun

Uraraka: Because at least you cook decent food.

Uraraka: You didn’t send me your selfie yet. I’m hurt.

Uraraka: SEND IT.

Uraraka: Hey, are you ignoring me?

Uraraka: If you’re feeling sulky about the crush thing, I didn’t mean what I said about that bad boy

Uraraka: If he were really your crush.

Uraraka: You can date him if you want, but only if I meet him first.

Uraraka: I still prefer Mr. Nice Guy.

Uraraka: Izuku-kun?




Today 12:45 PM
Todoroki: Midoriya, you’re not in class. That’s rare.

Todoroki: Did you go home?

Todoroki: Weren’t you supposed to eat Bakugou’s bento today?

Todoroki: Did you like it so much that you took it home and made a shrine out of it?

Todoroki: Uraraka’s been sending me worried looks in class.

Todoroki: Where are you, Midoriya?

Todoroki: I guess you were food poisoned.

Todoroki: I’ll check the infirmary later.

Todoroki: Text back when you’re alive.


Today 12:48 PM
Kaminari: DUDEEEEE.

Kaminari: I forgot to tell you that I got my phone back which by the way, what you did was NOT cool!

Kaminari: Aizawa-sensei made me write a letter on why I shouldn’t play on my phone during class, and then I got cleaning duty for a week, man!

Kaminari: So uncool!

Kaminari: Also Todoroki texted me.

Kaminari: He’s saying you’re not in class.

Kaminari: He’s asking if I saw you.

Kaminari: Like I’d miss a beau like you in the hallways.

Kaminari: Wait, if you’re not in class right now, then that means...


Kaminari: Dude, that is so not like you.

Kaminari: What happened to wanting a perfect record?

Kaminari: That sucks.

Kaminari: Wherever you are, reply back, dude!

Kaminari: You’re making me worry.

Kaminari: You better give me a nice warm hug for worrying me, alright?


Today 1:12 PM
Izuku: Ahhh, I’m sorry for worrying you, Uraraka-san!

Izuku: Senpai’s bento...was really something.

Uraraka: Did it make you cry?

Izuku: ...something like that.

Uraraka: I’m sure you cried prettily, Izuku-kun.

Izuku: Not the point, Uraraka-san.

Uraraka: I’m glad you’re back in class now!

Uraraka: The teacher was really surprised that you weren’t in class and that you still went to class.

Uraraka: Is a late or an absent worse for Izuku-kun?

Izuku: An absent, I guess?

Izuku: Late’s a bad mark, but I don’t learn when I’m absent.

Uraraka: Hmmm.

Uraraka: I guess!

Uraraka: Only you, Izuku-kun.

Uraraka: And don’t forget to send me that picture!

Izuku: Ummm…bad news.

Izuku: There’s no picture.

Uraraka: WHAT?

Uraraka: WHY NOT?

Izuku: I was busy...crying.

Uraraka: Aww.

Uraraka: Not even a crying picture?

Izuku: No.

Uraraka: Awww.

Uraraka: Oh, well, plenty of time with Izuku to get those pictures.

Uraraka: I’m a little bit sad I didn’t see your first moment though.

Uraraka: I’d have a whole collection of your best pictures to send to that Senpai of yours.

Uraraka: The Mr. Nice Guy.

Uraraka: Because I think the bad boy one would say I’m a stalker.

Izuku: Uraraka-san, please no.

Uraraka: Uraraka, yes.

Izuku: NO.


Today 1:19 PM
Todoroki: It’s good that you’re safe and sound, Midoriya.

Todoroki: Did you get food poisoning?

Izuku: Thanks, Todoroki-kun!

Izuku: And no, I did not.

Izuku: It felt like it though.

Todoroki: Was Bakugou’s cooking that deadly?

Todoroki: I would never eat his food then.

Izuku: I wouldn’t say that it’s bad.

Todoroki: Hmm..

Todoroki: Thank you for the head’s up.

Todoroki: I will make sure to avoid his cooking during the training camp.

Todoroki: I will bring instant soba.

Izuku: Uh...sure?

Izuku: You’re welcome?

Todoroki: Your sacrifice won’t go to waste.

Izuku: Why not making your own soba instead of instant soba?

Todoroki: Soba is soba.


Today 1:23 PM
Izuku: Kaminari-kun, I’m sorry about the phone.

Izuku: And yes, I’ll be sure to give you a hug?

Izuku: Why would you want a hug out of all things though?

Kaminari: Mmm! Well, I wouldn’t get a kiss from you, so a hug would be nice!

Kaminari: Where’d you been anyway?

Kaminari: Did you cry because you didn’t have me to eat with?

Kaminari: Don’t worry, dude! This was a one time thing!

Kaminari: Captain Iida’s team lunch date is forever cancelledt!

Kaminari: I can’t eat properly with Bakugou breathing down my neck and judging every food I eat.

Kaminari: You know I love burgers right? But he keeps saying it’s unhealthy!

Kaminari: What a lame guy.

Izuku: It can be unhealthy, but I’m sure it’s fine if you moderate how many you eat.

Izuku: And no, I was gone because I ate something funny.

Izuku: I’ve also heard that you apologized to Bakugou-san?

Izuku: Good boy, Kaminari-kun!

Kaminari: Am I a dog?

Kaminari: Or a pet?

Kaminari: Because that worked. I think that’s my kink now.

Izuku: It worked then.

Kaminari: WHAT?

Izuku: Good Pikachu.

Kaminari: Oh my God.

Kaminari: That’s weird.

Kaminari: I don’t know if that’s a good weird or a bad weird.

Kaminari: but I don’t know what to feel.

Kaminari: You’re lucky you’re a walking stuff toy.

Kaminari: I really need that hug.

Izuku: Then I’ll give you that hug, Kaminari-kun.

Kaminari: Okay, what was that food you ate because you need to eat it everyday.

Kaminari: The not texting back was a little worrying though.

Kaminari: Glad to know you’re feeling good now, Midoriya.

Kaminari: Teacher’s looking at me. I’ll be going!

Izuku: Okay, Kaminari-kun.

Izuku: Good luck in class.


Today 4:17 PM
Izuku: Thanks for saving me back there, Kirishima-kun.

Kirishima: No problem, Izuku!

Kirishima: Man, who would have thought Bakugou would do that?

Kirishima: What an ass.

Kirishima: If I knew he cooked like that, I would have warned you, man.

Kirishima: Sorry.

Izuku: Ah, it’s no worries, Kirishima-kun!

Izuku: It wasn’t your fault!

Izuku: You didn’t know.

Izuku: I didn’t know.

Izuku: I had high hopes.

Kirishima: Well, if you ever need help again, I’ll always be here for you, Izuku.

Izuku: Ahh, thanks!

Izuku: I’m avoiding Kacchan’s texts right now.

Izuku: He was mean.

Izuku: He deserves silence.

Kirishima: Hahahaha!

Kirishima: That’s cute!

Kirishima: You’re like a revengeful puppy.

Izuku: Kirishima-kun, stop saying that.

Kirishima: I’m sorry.

Kirishima: Is it uncomfortable?

Izuku: It’s embarrassing…

Kirishima: Doesn’t Denki say these things to you all the time?

Kirishima: You should be used to it by now.

Kirishima: Heard you flirt with Bakugou too...

Izuku: I hear it from Kaminari-kun a lot.

Izuku: I’m used to it, but from you…

Izuku: And Kacchan’s different. I do get embarrassed with his words too, but like, I don’t know him that much, so I assume that’s part of his personality?

Izuku: You’re not the flirty or complimentary type...the latter maybe, but not out of the blue at least.

Kirishima: Hey, I used to say it back then?

Kirishima: You were a cute underclassman.

Kirishima: Still are.

Kirishima: You used to call me Kirishima-senpai.

Izuku: AHHHH!

Kirishima: It was flattering.

Izuku: I’m not calling you that again!

Kirishima: Aww, man!

Kirishima: You know you can call me by my first name now.

Izuku: ...Eijirou-san?

Kirishima: Dude, that’s so formal.

Kirishima: Drop the honorific.


Kirishima: :(


Izuku: Eijirou-kun. Final answer.

Kirishima: I’ll take it!

Kirishima: Oops! Club’s about to start!

Kirishima: I hope you get the courage to finally try out, Izuku

Kirishima: I know you’ve been improving well, and when you get in the team, we’ll finally be playing together again.

Izuku: I hope so too…

Izuku: Just not now, but I’ll do my best!

Izuku: Have fun playing!

Kirishima: I always do.

Chapter Text

UA Heroes

Today 6:00 AM
Captain Glasses
Captain Glasses: Good morning, everyone!

Captain Glasses: I apologize for bothering.

Captain Glasses: I am texting to remind you that we shall all be eating together later at lunch time!

Captain Glasses: Bakugou-kun, do not escape.

Tail Boy
Tail Boy: Okay.

Pikachu: Ooohh, special mention!

Katsuki: Why the fuck am I getting called out?

Shitty Hair
Shitty Hair: Don’t worry, captain! I got him!

Katsuki: No, you fucking don’t.

Candy Cane
Candy Cane: Can I sit out?

Candy Cane: I got a friend I eat with.

Pikachu: Same actually.

Captain Glasses
Captain Glasses: I’m sure your friend can eat with someone else for the time being!

Captain Glasses: For this lunch, we shall talk about the upcoming games and bond.

Pikachu: AW, MAN.

Pikachu: I feel so bad.

Pikachu: Can you tell him about lunch, Todoroki?

Pikachu: And tell him I’m sorry!

Candy Cane
Candy Cane: Okay.

Katsuki: Forced bonding. How fucking fun.

Sparkle Shit
Sparkle Shit: Wonderful bonding!

Katsuki: Shut your face.

Fish Lips
Fish Lips: I brought cake to share.



Tape Face
Tape Face: Aye aye, Captain Iida!

Tape Face: I’ll help Kirishima drag Bakugou out.

Katsuki: NO, YOU WON’T.

Pikachu: I’ll help too!

Katsuki: NO.

Katsuki: Leave me alone.

Shitty Hair
Shitty Hair: We’re classmates, Bakugou.

Shitty Hair: You’re not going anywhere.

Katsuki: Shut up.

Captain Glasses
Captain Glasses: Bakugou-kun, that is rude!

Tape Face
Tape Face: Ha ha, Bakugou got scolded.

Pikachu: LOL.

Pikachu: Someone screenshot.

Shitty Hair
Shitty Hair: Done.

Pikachu: Cool.

Pikachu: Send it to the world.

Pikachu: Or post it to the Team’s twitter page!

Shitty Hair
Shitty Hair: On it. On it.


Shitty Hair
Shitty Hair: BRO!



Tape Face
Tape Face: Woah woah!

Tape Face: Tone down the love, man.

Tape Face: We're not used to it.

Pikachu: Screenshot this too.

Pikachu: Let us commemorate this day.

Pikachu: The day Bakugou called us his friends.

Tape Face
Tape Face: Amen.

Tape Face: Let this day have a Wikipedia page dedicated to it.

Pikachu: Bakugou has Friends Day.

Pikachu: Screenshot screenshot!

Shitty Hair
Shitty Hair: You know you can screenshot it yourself, Denki.

Pikachu: I can’t.

Pikachu: My phone’s broken.

Pikachu: I’m so sad.

Pikachu: I can’t even save memes.

Tape Face
Tape Face: Condolence.

Katsuki: Quit texting.

Katsuki: You’re all clouding my notifications with your unnecessary shit.

Pikachu: It’s called affection, dude. We love you.

Katsuki: Disgusting.


Today 12:02 PM
Pikachu: Hey, Bakugou.

Pikachu: It wasn’t Todoroki who hit you in the head yesterday.

Pikachu: That was me!

Pikachu: Sorry about that!


Katsuki: This practice.

Katsuki: You are dead.


Pikachu: You don’t mean that!

Katsuki: SHUT UP!

Katsuki: And treat me with respect, Pikachu.

Katsuki: I’m your senpai.

Pikachu: Bakugou-senpai.

Pikachu: Ew. That’s so weird.


Pikachu: Oh wow, I’m so scared.

Katsuki: Oh, you will be.

Candy Cane

Today 12:07 PM
Katsuki: So it wasn’t you.

Candy Cane: Yes.

Katsuki: Kay.

Candy Cane: Was that an apology?

Katsuki: NO.

Shitty Hair

Today 12:23 PM
Katsuki: Where the fuck are you?

Katsuki: You’re taking so long and Captain Glasses is getting huffy.

Shitty Hair: I’m busy!

Katsuki: Busy with fucking what?

Shitty Hair: I did say I needed to take a huge dump, Bakugou.

Katsuki: Oh, what the fuck.

Katsuki: I didn’t need to know that.

Shitty Hair: You asked.

Katsuki: Fuck you.

Shitty Hair: No thanks, bro.

Katsuki: SHUT IT.

Katsuki: Hurry up.

Shitty Hair: I'm actually done so.

Katsuki: I do NOT need to know.

Katsuki: Just get here.

Today 12:44 PM
Katsuki: YOU.

Katsuki: Don’t go saying shit like that while we’re eating again.

Katsuki: You just stood up and announced your shit.

Katsuki: Next time, just leave.

Shitty Hair: Hahaha!

Shitty Hair: Sorry, Bakugou!

Shitty Hair: It just suddenly happened.

Shitty Hair: Next time, I'll make sure to whisper it to you as I leave.

Katsuki: Don't you fucking dare.

Katsuki: I should have you forever blocked from my life.

Shitty Hair: No can do, bro. I'm a teammate.

Shitty Hair: By the way, I might take a while again, so you can go ahead to the classroom on your own.

Shitty Hair: As for my leftover, you can give it to Denki.


Katsuki: And what makes you think I’m going to wait for you?

Katsuki: I’m leaving your ass.

Katsuki: I’m not going to be late in class for you.

Shitty Hair: Come on, dude. I know you cared.

Shitty Hair: That's why you texted me.

Katsuki: Don't you fucking dare.

Katsuki: Pikachu is rubbing off on you.

Katsuki: Is that what you've been doing at lunch some days?

Shitty Hair: Doing what?

Katsuki: Him.

Shitty Hair: What?

Katsuki: You idiot.


Today 6:32 PM
Katsuki: Hey, nerd.

Katsuki: Fuck you for not replying but also the bento isn’t on my desk, so you must have gotten it, huh?

Katsuki: How the fuck did you get it without anyone knowing?

Katsuki: BITCH. TELL ME.

Katsuki: Hey.

Katsuki: You better not be ignoring my texts right now.

Katsuki: I swear I will fucking block you.

Katsuki: NERD.


Nerd: HOW COULD YOU?????

Katsuki: Heh.

Katsuki: Didn’t you like the fucking bento?

Nerd: I did! I did like it!


Nerd: Were you aiming to destroy my taste buds?

Nerd: I had to go buy milk real quick, but then the milk got stuck in the vending machine! D:

Nerd: So I died.

Nerd: I had to call for reinforcements.

Katsuki: HAH.

Katsuki: THAT was spicy to you?

Katsuki: That wasn’t even half the spice I put in mine.

Katsuki: W e a k.

Katsuki: Reinforcements??? What.

Nerd: Not even half????

Nerd: Are you human?

Nerd: Katsudon isn’t even supposed to be spicy!

Nerd: And I called a friend to help me out.

Nerd: They banged the vending machine and got my milk out while I was busy dying.

Katsuki: Shut up, that’s how we make it in the Bakugou household.

Katsuki: Only ten times better with more chili.

Katsuki: And what your friend did was an offense.


Nerd: They were saving me!

Nerd: I’m so grateful they were there.

Nerd: But the bad news was, and even worse than dying, I was late to class.

Katsuki: What the fuck.

Katsuki: How is being late to class worse than dying?

Katsuki: You need to sort out your priorities.

Nerd: Being late to class ruins my perfect record! I was aiming for perfect attendance, but now it’s ruined.

Katsuki: That's your punishment for being weak. Accept it!

Katsuki: Did you even finish the whole thing?


Nerd: I did!

Nerd: It was very delicious if it didn’t kill me!

Katsuki: Good.

Nerd: I’m surprised though.

Nerd: I didn’t know Senpai likes Plus Ultra!

Nerd: The All Might chopsticks were really cute!

Katsuki: SHUT UP.

Katsuki: That was the only spare chopsticks we have.

Katsuki: I had it when I was four or something.

Nerd: What a coincidence!

Nerd: I had the same pair of All Might chopsticks when I was four!

Nerd: Only in a different color.

Nerd: I’m still actually using it, hehe.

Nerd: I remember when I first saw it! I threw a tantrum because my mom didn’t want to buy it for me. She said I had way too many Plus Ultra! merch already, but I only had like a hundred posters, a bunch of figurines, and a few clothes. I even had some onesies, so embarrassing! But you can never have enough merch!

Nerd: I still collect some new stuff, but lately, I’ve been limiting my allowance to the limited edition ones. I could always get the other stuff anytime, but I can’t buy the limited editions when I used up all my money on the common merch!

Katsuki: Nerd.

Katsuki: Limited editions are the only ones that matter, anyway. They’re not necessarily expensive at first, but they’re valued more when you sell them.

Katsuki: The other stuff are shit and aren’t worth the space they take.

Nerd: I don’t plan on selling them! I plan to keep them forever.

Katsuki: What a hoarder.

Nerd: I love them too much to give them away.

Nerd: Unfortunately, I was a bit tight on money before and had to sell my figurine set of All Might and Nighteye during their split-up arc!

Katsuki: The fuck? You sold a fucking Nighteye figurine? Not only that, it’s a figurine set!

Katsuki: Those shit are so fucking hard to find right now, why the fuck did you sell that?

Katsuki: I tried to find that figurine, but it was impossible. No Smash Store has it now.

Katsuki: One time I caught sight of one, but some dumb bitch grabbed it the same time I did. I had to fought her for it, and the bitch almost clawed my eyes out!


Katsuki: I saw a bidding for the figurine last month, and it went for as high as three hundred thousand yen!

Katsuki: You fucking idiot.

Nerd: I KNOW! I regret selling it so badly!

Nerd: But I needed the money to buy the Hawks figurine!

Katsuki: HOLY FUCK!!!!!!

Katsuki: There’s a fucking Hawks figurine!?

Katsuki: What the fuck. I thought it was a myth!

Katsuki: How can there be a fucking Hawks figurine when his arc wasn’t even shown in the animated series? Wasn’t he just part of the extra chapter in the twelfth volume?

Katsuki: EXPLAIN.

Nerd: I KNOW! I’m so lucky to have it!

Nerd: Ah. You see, when they were going to do season five, they were going to put him there. However, his arc didn’t fit the story since he was just part of the extra, but they drew him and colored him and AHHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE HE HAS A FIGURINE AND I HAVE ONE.

Nerd: I got him two years ago! I received one of those special cards that you get when you get nominated as Plus Ultra! Biggest Fan, and it said that when I input the password on the card to the shop website, I can purchase all the rare never-seen-before merch!

Nerd: I cried to my mom when I found out because there were so many items but so little money, and I really wanted the suit All Might himself wore in Season 2!

Nerd: But I saw the Hawks figurine, and I can’t! I NEEDED IT SO BADLY.

Nerd: But it was a bidding and I didn’t have enough money, so I sold the figurine set.

Katsuki: You got a fucking password to a secret merchandise? Are you fucking kidding me?

Katsuki: What I got was a fucking signed notebook by Toshinori Yagi!

Katsuki: I’d rather have that. What the fuck.

Katsuki: How much did you get it?

Nerd: OMG! TOSHINORI YAGI’S SIGNATURE?? He’s a retired voice actor now, and I don’t know how I’m going to get a sign from him. He doesn’t even go to the conventions anymore. I wonder why he retired?

Nerd: I’m so jealous!

Katsuki: Wasn’t he just on a break? I heard he was sick or something.

Nerd: Is he though? It seemed like he retired! I hope he’s okay!

Nerd: Oh, but hear this! I got the Hawks figurine for 40,000 yen! It was so cheap!

Nerd: I mean, it’s pretty expensive, but for a figurine that people think it’s a myth for 40,000 yen is unreal!

Nerd: The man was unwise to withdraw the fight! I could have go on for ten thousand more!

Nerd: But luckily, he did! It’s one out of nine in the whole world and guess what? I got the ninth one!

Katsuki: 40,000 FUCKING YEN!?


Katsuki: No way is it that fucking cheap! That shit’s probably in the fucking millions now!

Katsuki: Heck, I didn’t fucking know it existed until now.

Nerd: It’s true! I had a screenshot of the receipt and printed it out because I couldn’t believe it myself.

Katsuki: That asshole was fucking stupid for stopping there. I would have fought you for it if I HAD GOTTEN THE SAME PRIVILEGE! WHAT THE FUCK.

Nerd: NOOOO, IT’S MINEEEEEE. I would have sold you my soul for this figurine!

Katsuki: BITCH.

Katsuki: I would have sold you my heart for it!



Nerd: I didn’t like you then anyway!

Nerd: And I’d rather earn your heart now!


Katsuki: You’re fucking embarrassing.

Katsuki: I’m blocking you.


Nerd: Quit lying.

Nerd: You haven’t blocked me yet, so you aren’t blocking me anytime soon.

Katsuki: Shut up.

Katsuki: You didn’t answer me how you got the bento.

Nerd: That’s a secret.

Katsuki: TELL ME.

Nerd: NO.

Katsuki: Okay.

Katsuki: I’m blocking you for the rest of the night.

Nerd: Just the night?


Nerd: I want us to have a forever.

Nerd: Not you blocking me.

Katsuki: ...

Katsuki: Fuck this.

Katsuki: I’m done.

Katsuki: I’m going to bed.

Nerd: Okay.

Nerd: Good night, Senpai!

Nerd: Have sweet dreams of me!


Nerd: :(

Katsuki: Night.