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Loving and Losing

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“Want to kill me yourself, agent?” The Irishman asked, hands in the air, though he could simply jump off the roof. He valued his life.

Morgan glared at him, his gun raised, but he didn’t fire. “Ever thought that I don’t actually want you dead?”

“That’s hard to believe,” Doyle drawled, as Morgan moved closer. “But I suppose I can empathize. I never wanted Emily dead.”

“You have the right to remain silent.” Morgan said, handcuffing him and beginning the Miranda rights.

Ian Doyle chuckled. “Never thought I’d hear that, either.”

“And how long have you been back with the Bureau?” asked the Senator in the center of the long table.

“Three and a half months, sir.” JJ replied. She thought it was a little overkill to use the giant room, full of empty seats, for the hearing, but politicians loved to be dramatic.

“A lot has happened since then,” said the Senator. “Sabbaticals, transfers, reassignments. Four of you remained in the unit?”

JJ nodded. “Agents Rossi, Morgan and I were there with our technical analyst, Penelope Garcia.”

“Hmm… You had 14 cases in that time.”

“16, sir.”

“Ah, yes, in 14 weeks. That’s impressive.”

“Thank you.”

“But what’s more impressive is the fact that you were reinstated, promoted, and suspended in that short time. I believe that’s a record, Agent Jareau.”

“Did you trust Agent Jareau?” asked the Senator.

“I did.” Morgan said, taking his turn before the Senate Committee.

“But don’t anymore.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“You left her out, but involved Penelope Garcia, whom you trust.”

“That is not why.” Morgan assured him.

“Isn’t it?”

“Her specific skills were very helpful.”

“For your vendetta.”

Morgan forced himself to stay calm. As a profiler, he knew the senator was just trying to get under his skin. “For justice.”

“You don’t believe in the system?”

“Ian Doyle wasn’t at the top of anyone’s list, Senator.”

“Except yours.”

-Two weeks earlier-

Morgan sat outside the school yard in his car, watching Declan talk to his friends.

In an effort to track down Ian Doyle, they’d found Declan, and learned a bit about Emily as well.

Everything she did, she did to protect Declan, both from his father and his father’s enemies, including moving to D.C. to be close to him.
She’d placed him in a house in Reston, Virginia with his nanny as his adopted mother. Declan was well-adjusted and attending a boarding school in Strafford County. An honors student, playing lacrosse, winning science fairs.

But Morgan didn’t stop once he’d located Declan. He couldn’t.

“You watched Declan for two months,” the Senator said, though it sounded like a question.

Morgan nodded. “I knew if I could find him, it was only a matter of time before Doyle did.”

“Around-the-clock surveillance requires constant presence,” said the Senator.

“When I wasn’t in the field, I was there.”

“And when you were on a case?”

“I set up pole cameras for surveillance.”

“Under what authority, Agent?” asked the Senator, obviously angry.

“Senator, I needed to protect this child, because I knew Doyle would find him eventually.”

“And what was the plan once you found Ian Doyle?”

“Lock down security on his son and then move in on Doyle.”

As expected, Doyle did eventually show up, and Morgan called Hotch, who was on temporary duty. When the team downsized, he was sent to Pakistan on an investigation.

Though Hotch had not authorized Morgan’s actions, he agreed that Declan needed to be safe.

“Morgan, it could be a trap. You make sure you have eyes on Doyle.”

“And if it is him?”

“Then you take the shot.”

“Spencer, you’re far too skinny,” Diana said, her voice hoarse from the flu she was getting over. “You really need to eat more.

Paisley laughed. “He eats all the time, but he never gains weight. And Emma’s just like him.”

Diana lifted a spoonful of soup to her lips. “Sometimes I wonder if she’s secretly his biological daughter.”

“I’m pretty sure she isn’t.” Reid said, glancing at his daughter, who was fast asleep next to his mother after their flight to Las Vegas. He wished he could fall asleep, too, but his head was killing him. “She’s definitely adopted.”

“Either way, you two are medical marvels.” Paisley pointed out. “For example, the other day, you -”

The ringing of Reid’s cell phone silenced Paisley and abruptly woke Emma from her nap.

“No!” Emma whined. “We just got here!”

Reid sighed, answering his phone. “Morgan? You do know I’m on vacation, right?”

Paisley, Emma, and Diana watched as Reid’s expression changed from annoyed to intrigued to determined.

“I’ll be on the next flight. Don’t do anything Hotch wouldn’t do.” Reid stood and immediately started packing. “Mom, Em, Paisley… I’m sorry, but one of our old cases has come up and the team needs me.”

“It’s about Emily isn’t it?”

Reid turned to his daughter, unsure what to say.

“I heard Doyle’s name,” Emma said. “He’s the man who killed Emily, right? Is Derek going to kill him?”

Reid knelt beside his daughter so that he was eye level with her. “Emma, I know you miss her, and Doyle is the one who killed her, but killing him is not going to bring Emily back.”

“Then what’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know, Butterfly.” Reid said honestly. “What I do know is Emily gave her life to protect Declan Doyle, and the best way to honor her is to continue what she started.”

“Protecting Declan?” Emma asked. She knew who he was, having overheard many conversations between her father and the rest of the team.

Reid nodded and kissed her on the cheek.

“Okay, Daddy. Go save him.”

Reid and Rossi entered Declan’s house silently, flashlights and guns leveled in front of them. As Rossi searched downstairs, Reid steadily made his way upstairs.

He soon discovered the body of one of the two agents they’d sent there.

Rossi appeared behind him, his silence telling Reid all he needed to know of the fate of their other agent.

“I’ll check the back, you take the hallway.” Rossi said.

Reid did, opening a closet and backing away as a woman fell to the floor.

Reid checked her pulse as Rossi returned from the back rooms. “Must be the nanny.”

“Three bodies and no kid,” Rossi said. “Doyle’s got him.”

“Why didn’t you let him take the shot, agent?” asked the Senator. “Because a bullet to Ian Doyle’s brain would have ended his life too easily? You wanted him to suffer.”

“He deserved the same beating he gave Prentiss, but I did not unleash that on him, Senator.” Morgan pointed out.

“No, you didn’t.” The Senator agreed. “Instead, your actions put an innocent child’s life on the line.”

Morgan stared Doyle down as he was forced into a chair in the interview room.

“Forgotten where I’ve been, Agent?” Doyle asked, bemused. “Places far worse than this.”

“Doyle, where’s Declan?” Morgan asked.

“Don’t play dumb.” Doyle said. “You found him a month before I did. He’s living in that lovely little house our friend set up for him.”

Doyle smiled, as though picturing an old memory. “I should have found him sooner. Finally remembered she likes cul-de-sacs.”

“Where is Declan right now?” asked Morgan. “You expect me to believe you had nothing to do with his abduction?”

“And you expect me to believe this isn’t part of the strategy?” Doyle said with a grin. “You tell me my son is missing when I know he was safe a few hours ago? You’ll have to get more creative.”

Morgan sat down in the chair across from him and met his eyes. “Listen to me, you son of a bitch! I am not playing games with you! If you care about anybody other than yourself, you give me a list of who would have done this.”

Realizing Morgan wasn’t playing him, Doyle’s expression broke. “Why would anyone take Declan?”

“You tell me.”

“No one even knows he exists.” Doyle assured him.

“Someone does.”