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A Simple Mistake

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It started out as a regular Sunday. After the fiasco that was the provisional licensing exams, all the students needed a break before they dove into their work-study programs. Even Todoroki Shouto had been dragged away from the dorms for some much-needed time off.

That’s how he found himself in his current predicament: walking casually down the street with his classmates Iida Tenya and Midoriya Izuku. They were headed back from a day at the local shopping center, sipping frozen drinks and watching Izuku go starry-eyed at various Pro Hero merchandise shops. They had just released a limited-edition All Might hoodie, Izuku was proudly carrying it in a paper shopping bag.

They took a shortcut back toward campus through a residential area. Izuku made some comment about Aizawa-sensei’s apartment being nearby, but Todoroki wasn’t paying attention, too busy enjoying the soft breeze on such a hot day.

That’s when the noise hit them. There had been some sort of explosion about a block behind them; suddenly the outside wall of some of the higher floors of an apartment building were missing, smoke billowing out the sides.

The three shared a glance between them, and leapt into action. Iida and Midoriya raced forward, as Todoroki created a slide of ice to match their pace.

First things first: the situation. There didn’t seem to be any villain activity, and even so, without his provisional license, he couldn’t engage anyway. So that left him with rescue efforts. Todoroki angled his ice slide upward, scaling the building to the topmost floor. He knew that Iida and Midoriya would see his trail and focus on any villains and evacuating the lower levels.

He swirled around the building, creating a gentle slope with raised edges. After reaching the topmost floor, he pushed open a balcony door. After assessing the situation, he directed residents to safety, ushering them to the makeshift slide and making sure they were safe at the bottom.

He repeated the process for each floor until he came to the floor where the explosion was. There was a streak of green in the corner of his vision, and he turned to see Midoirya holding tight to a small child.

“The floors above are clear.” Todoroki said firmly.

Midoirya nodded. “Thank you. Iida and I are working on the floors closest to this one, can you direct traffic at the ground level?”

“What happened? Anything to be concerned with?”

Midoriya frowned. “Gas leak.”

Todoroki’s eyes widened. That would certainly explain the explosion, but it also meant that using his left side- at all- could put everyone in even more danger. There was no telling if the leak was contained to that one floor or if there were other gas clouds, waiting, invisibly, ready to be detonated.

By the look Midoirya was giving him, he had come to the same conclusion.

“Got it.” Todoroki nodded.

He headed to the ground floor as Midoriya leapt away to rescue more civillians.

Back on the ground, Todoroki cautiously entered the building, looking for signs of life. One, two, three people came out of the stairwell, and he directed them toward the doors. Then the building shook.

Shit, another explosion. Todoroki could hear the ceiling straining above him. On instinct, he threw his power in all directions.

Everything stopped, encased in sheets of ice. One of the beams was a foot over his head, trapped precariously in his frozen clutches. Todoroki looked around; he was trapped in a small cavern of his own ice, but so was everything else. The collapsing debris was stopped in its tracks.

He peered through the glistening walls- good, at least there was still a clear path from the stairs to the entrance. Hopefully Iida and Midoriya would clear the building soon, he wasn’t sure how long he could last in this ice cocoon.

Normally he would use his left side to warm himself, or the modifications in his hero costume would kick in and regulate his body temperature, but he had neither of those things right now. Only thin trousers, a button down shirt, and the possibility of explosive gas all around him.

He heard an ominous creak from above, and his heart skipped a beat.

His ice was melting. Whether it be the heat outside or a fire on another floor, he couldn’t tell, but in order to keep the building from collapsing with people still in it, he would have to keep up the ice.

His window of safety just got much, much smaller.


After a second explosion rocked the building, the mission went from evacuation to search-and-rescue.

Midoriya pulled at a smoldering door and hurled it away, grabbing the man trapped underneath and pulling him up. After a quick inspection, he suffered only luckily minor bruises and smoke damage. He passed the man to Iida, who hoisted him over one shoulder to be sped to safety.

Down, down, down seven flights of stairs with record speed, and Iida was in a lobby covered with ice.

He took a moment to consider his surroundings. Walls of ice held up a creaking ceiling, beams and debris suspended in lightly-dripping frozen water.

Damn it.

He rushed outside and set his charge down in a safe spot across the street, and sprang back up to the seventh floor.

“The entire first floor is covered in ice. It looks like it began to collapse but Todoroki froze it in place.” He related to Midoriya. Izuku instantly took in the information, calculating the change of situation.

“Get the rest of these people out as fast as we can, then we’ll check on Todoroki. Most likely he saw the collapse happening and is checking other floors for damage.”

Iida jumped to action.


Todoroki was starting to lose his grip. The slush had been dripping on him for so long now, cold and wet, but he couldn’t risk warming himself. He had to keep the ice from melting so Iida and Midoriya could evacuate the residents.

Ice was forming in crystals on his skin, a combination of his power and the melt dripping onto him from above.

He was shivering. His fingers had gone numb a while ago, and his hands were starting to turn as well. It was so, so cold. How long had it been? His breath had stopped forming clouds in front of him.

That wasn’t good...

Hopefully the others were almost done... he wasn’t sure how much longer he could stay awake...


It took another half hour, but eventually Iida and Midoriya finished clearing the building. They stood, weary, on the sidewalk outside to catch their breath. Someone had called the paramedics, and the few on the scene were busy with those who needed immediate life-saving treatment. A lot of people had been injured in both explosions, and the paramedics had their hands full.

Midoriya looked around, searching for the tell-tale red and white mop of hair that would let him know Todoroki was safe.

It was nowhere to be seen.

“Iida,” he asked quietly, “have you seen Todoroki?”

“Not since before,” Iida answered. Midoriya frowned, situations running through his brain in quick succession. Would Todoroki have left the premises? There was no reason to. Would he have gone to assist the medical staff? Without his license, he wouldn’t be qualified to assist. Did someone take him? There was no evidence of villainy here. The last thing Todoroki had done was to freeze the first floor in place when the second floor collapsed, that meant...

Something creaked, the sound eerily similar to a glacier splitting.

“He’s still inside!” Midoriya shouted. At once, he and Iida raced toward the building.

The noise continued, broken chunks of concrete and steel succumbing to gravity at last as the melting ice could no longer hold it. Skidding to a stop inside the lobby, the pair scanned their surroundings for any sign of their friend. Iida noticed it first- a glimpse of red behind a sheet of ice.

One look at Deku, and he sprang into action. Midoriya braced the ceiling as Iida fired up his engines and swung his leg into the ice, shattering the sheet into splinters.

“Todoroki!” He shouted, hoping the teen would respond.

He didn’t.

“Damnit...” Iida muttered, climbing over the remnants of the ice wall and into the small cavern where Todoroki was.

Todoroki sat limp against a sheet of ice, his arms wrapped around his torso and legs. Iida reached forward to pull him out of the ice, and was shocked to find Todoroki soaking wet and frozen to the floor. Iida grabbed the front of his shirt and hauled him upward, breaking the frozen bond between his wet clothes and the icy floor. Todoroki hung limp, bits of crusted ice falling from his clothes at being moved. Iida pulled the stiff body of his friend by the shoulders slowly out of the tiny cavern.

The building shook, and the two heroes braced themselves. Something fell, a heavy thud that didn’t sound quite right.

A chunk of concrete had fallen onto one of Todoroki’s legs.

“Damnit!” Iida cursed.

“How is he?” Midoriya asked, concerned, as Iida pulled the rest of Todoroki out.

One they were clear of the faltering ceiling, Midoirya let it fall to the ground. “Not good,” Iida replied, gathering Todoroki into his arms. “He’s frozen solid, unconscious, and a chunk of debris just fell on his leg so it’s possibly broken.”

“Shit,” Midoirya cursed. He reached down to place firm fingers on Todoroki’s jugular, feeling for a pulse. It was there, but it was much too weak. The teen was breathing, thankfully, but that was also much too slow.

“He’s definitely hypothermic,” Midoriya stated, mumbling. “The paramedics outside don’t have the necessary supplies to treat him, they came prepared for burns and injuries, but he needs to warm up quick before permanent damage sets in. We’re close enough to U.A. that we could get there soon enough with Iida’s speed, but the wind factor might make him worse. What’s nearby that we can use?” He muttered.

“You said Aizawa had an apartment nearby?” Iida cut in.

Midoriya nodded and pulled out his cell phone. “Iida, you’re pretty warm, right?” He said as he dialed.

“Generally, yeah,” Iida replied, blushing. His metabolic rate was high enough, due to his quirk, that he was generally one of the warmer people in class.

“Take off your shirt,” Midoriya ordered as he reached down to unbutton Todoroki’s. Iida blushed, but realizing what Midoriya was getting at, he complied. Todoroki’s safety was more important than his dignity, and Todoroki needed to get warm, fast.

Once Midoriya had Todoroki’s shirt off completely, which was difficult with a phone to his ear as he explained the situation to his teacher, Iida positioned the unconscious teen in his arms, as much of Todoroki’s frozen skin touching his warm chest as he could while still carrying him. Midoriya draped Iida’s dry shirt over the frozen teen, as well as his own.

It was like holding a giant ice pack to his bare chest, and Iida shivered, but it needed to be done if Todoroki was going to be okay. He followed as Midoriya led the way to their teacher and safety. As they left the building, Midoriya picked up his shopping bag from where he had discarded it on the sidewalk, and pulled out the brand-new All Might hoodie he had bought. Carefully, he placed the hood over Todoroki’s frozen wet hair and tied the arms around Iida’s neck, creating a warm, cozy sling for the frozen teen.


By the time they arrived at Aizawa-Sensei’s apartment, the teacher had a kettle boiling on the stove and a tepid bath running. He was waiting for them at the door with his key so they didn’t have to wait to be buzzed in.

As they rode the elevator to Aizawa’s floor, the teacher double-checked Todoroki’s vitals. He took note of the weak pulse, shallow breathing, and cold, red fingertips before cursing under his breath.

“Iida, I’ve got a bath of tepid water running. I want you to put him in there as soon as we get there. Midoriya, get those wet clothes off of him,” Aizawa instructed, gesturing to the cold, wet trousers Todoroki was still wearing.

The elevator dinged as the doors opened and the trio rushed to Aizawa’s door. He shuffled the kids into the bathroom as he went to check on the kettle.

Iida gently set Todoroki’s legs on the ground and held his limp torso aloft in a tight hug. Midoriya undid the laces on his shoes and slipped them and the soaking wet socks off, discarding them in a corner. He grabbed the waistband of the trousers and gently slid them down, keeping his eyes on the floor. They kept Todoroki’s boxers on, out of respect, before Iida gently eased him into the room-temperature bath. He held the unconscious teen’s head above the water, the rest of his limp, frozen body sinking below.

Aizawa returned to check on the situation, arms full of fluffy towels. He knelt by the tub and stuck a finger in the water.

“I expect the water to cool with him in it, but this is too cold,” He frowned. “Pull him out.”

Iida obeyed, lifting the frozen boy from the water as Aizawa pulled the plug to run it again.

“Midoriya,” the teacher barked, “grab a wet paper towel and stick it on Todoroki’s hand.” Nodding, Midoriya complied.

The three watched as ice crystals slowly spread across the thin paper.

“Shit!” Aizawa mumbled, “He’s still activating his quirk.” He sighed as he activated Erasure, and the crystals stopped forming. “That would explain some things, but it also raises a lot of questions. Anyway- Midoriya, you go look after the kettle. Bring it in here once it’s done,” He said as he plugged the drain and set the water to fill again. “Iida, you hold him up, make sure he doesn’t drown. I guess I’ll stay right here and keep Todoroki from making himself worse.”

The boys snapped to action, with Aizawa sitting on the bathroom stool, watching over Todoroki carefully. Midoriya made sure to remove the kettle from the stove at the barest sign of a whistle, and brought it back to the bathroom.

Slowly, he poured the hot water into the bath, letting it gradually raise the temperature of the water by a couple degrees.

Iida kept a finger on Todoroki’s neck, constantly monitoring his pulse. He was far too still. Every time the kettle almost-boiled, Midoriya returned to raise the bath water’s temperature, until finally, after what seemed like forever, Todoroki started shivering.

Midoriya let loose a sigh of relief- that was a good sign, Todoroki was beginning to respond.

“Iida, let’s switch. Give your arms a break and watch the kettle, I’ll hold him.” He smiled. Iida nodded and shuffled over, allowing Midoriya to gently cradle Todoroki’s head and neck above the water.

He was shivering violently now, Midoriya had to actively stabilize his head to keep him from drowning. Todoroki’s eyelids fluttered, one smooth and one burn-scarred, on the edge of consciousness.

“Todoroki, can you hear me?” Midroiya asked, “Open your eyes if you can. You’re safe, we’re at Aizawa-Sensei’s place, but you need to wake up.”

The boy groaned softly, teeth chattering as his eyes cracked open. Foggy brown and dull blue looked up at Midoriya, brows pulled in confusion. Slowly, the exhausted teen scanned his surroundings.

“He’s coming to...” Aizawa confirmed, pressing fingers into his own tired eyes. “That’s good, but we still need to get him warm.”

That’s when the kettle whistled.

Todoroki’s eyes shot open at the piercing sound, his body went rigid as he frantically searched for the source.

“It’s ok...” Midoriya soothed, but Todoroki heard none of it. His hand flew up to cover his scar, the flesh burning at the memory of that sound as he curled in on himself.

“What is he...” He faintly heard, and looked up toward the sound. There it was, the hot, boiling kettle, poised above him and ready to burn.

He panicked. On instinct, he tried to throw a wall of ice between himself and that thing, but nothing came. His quirk was gone. He scrambled backwards, trying desperately to get away, but someone held him in place. He kicked out, but agony erupted in one of his legs and he screamed, the unexpected pain threatening to throw him into shock.

“Get that out of here!” He heard a familiar voice yell, and suddenly there were warm, wet arms around him, over his chest, a hand over his eyes, and someone speaking in his ear.

“It’s okay, you’re okay, I’m so sorry Todoroki, he didn’t know, he doesn’t know, we’re just trying to help, you’re ok, no one is going to hurt you, you’re fine, you’re fine, shhhhhh I’m so sorry...”

Slowly, slowly, he relaxed. His chest hurt so much, his heart was pounding after being slow for so long, it hurt. He grabbed at his chest and curled in on himself. There was a firm pressure on the side of his neck, and a muttered curse from a deeper voice in his ear. “Calm down, Todoroki. You need to calm down or you’re going to hurt yourself. Breathe with me...”

It took a minute, but eventually Todoroki had himself back under control. In his disoriented state, Midoriya didn’t think he even had the capacity to be embarrassed, which was a blessing.

He looked to Aizawa, who had watched the entire thing with a calculating eye.

“What exactly was that about?” The teacher asked, his hair settling around his shoulders as he blinked slowly and released Erasure.

“I... I’m not sure if I can tell you, it’s not my secret,” Midoriya replied. “But it’s best not to let that kettle make noise, or let him see it pouring over him,” He said, tapping the skin under his own eye.

Aizawa got the message. “I’ll let Iida know. We still need to raise his temperature, so cover his eyes when I knock,” He stood stiffly and went into the hallway.

Midoriya nodded, still whispering soothing words to try and get his friend’s heartbeat back down to something reasonable before he hurt himself. A few moments later came a knock at the door.

“Ok Todoroki, we’re just going to heat the bath water up a little bit ok? Nothing to worry about,” He said softly as he moved his hand to gently cover his friend’s eyes. “Come in...”

Iida cracked the door, holding the steaming kettle. He saw Midoirya, crouched next to the tub supporting a shivering Todoroki with his eyes covered. Todoroki was reaching upward, a shaking hand clasping onto the arm that was blocking his vision.

“Todoroki, it’s me, Iida. We’re here to help, so please stay calm.” He soothed as he slowly poured the hot water into the bath near Todoroki’s feet and swirled the water with his hand. Midoriya felt the grip on his arm tighten as the soft heat spread over the teen, his breath hitching.

And then it was over.

“See?” Midoriya whispered, lifting his hand from Todoroki’s face. “We’re not going to hurt you. There’s nothing to be afraid of, you know why?”

“Wh... why?” Todoroki mumbled through chattering teeth.

Midoriya smiled. “Because I’m here.”

Another knock at the door startled both the teens.

“That would be Recovery Girl,” Aizawa sighed. “I called her while I was waiting for you two.” He got up to answer the door, and promptly returned with the old woman by his side.

Recovery girl got to work immediately, using her quirk and small bag of medical supplies to take inventory of Todoroki’s situation.

“Good job getting him into a tepid bath quickly, you did the right thing,” She began, pulling out a scan thermometer. “However he still has a ways to go, and not nearly enough stamina for me to heal him without putting him into a coma- the poor boy is exhausted. He should be okay to remove from the water once his temperature rises above about 34 degrees Celsius, which should be soon,” She glanced at the thermometer’s reading and handed it to Aizawa. “Make sure to give him warm drinks and keep him dry. I’ll take a look at his leg then.”

She shuffled out of the bathroom, leaving the boys and Aizawa to monitor Todoroki.

Todoroki was still mildly incoherent, unable to track Iida’s finger or respond to questions in a timely manner, but he was slowly improving. Two more rounds with the kettle, and the thermometer showed a solid 35 degrees.

Aizawa stepped into the hall to grab some fresh clothes as Iida bent down and lifted Todoroki from the now-warm water, while Midoriya kept a hold on his shoulders. He supported Todoroki’s shivering weight under his shoulders as Iida helped him stand.

“Um, Todoroki, we need to get you into dry clothes so you don’t get too cold again. So we need to, um... get you out of these wet ones,” He gestured toward the soaking wet boxers he was currently standing in. “Is that alright? If you think you can manage we can step outside...”

“It’s fine,” Todoroki whispered, teeth still chattering. “I can get it, just... Midoriya, make sure I don’t fall?”

“Are you sure?” The green-haired teen replied.

Todoroki nodded. Iida graciously stepped outside and Aizawa placed a clean, warm pair of sweatpants on the stool. “We’ll be right outside, if anything happens.”

The door clicked shut, and Todoroki sighed, still shaking. “If you could just... the other way...” He chattered.

Blushing, Midoriya complied, supporting his friend with an arm across his chest and facing backward instead of around his shoulders. Standing on one leg, Todoroki slowly shuffled out of his sopping wet boxers and dropped them to the floor. Midoriya grabbed a towel with his free hand and draped it over his friend’s back, looking away to preserve his modesty. He handed a second towel to the shivering teen to dry off his legs with.

Todoroki moved agonizingly slowly, patting his hips and legs dry with shaking hands, unstable on only one leg, before reaching for the sweatpants.

“Could you... um...” He said to Midoriya, gesturing to his injured leg. Luckily, Midoriya understood what he was getting at. Still looking away, he took the sweatpants and crouched low to the ground, creating an open leg hole for Todoroki to step into. Then he stood back up and braced both arms around his friend’s chest.

“One, two...” He lifted, and Todoroki hopped his good leg into the pant leg. From there, he was able to maneuver the pants over his injured leg and up over his hips.

“I’m decent.” He said, and Midoirya let out a received sigh. Luckily the waistband was elastic, he didn’t think he would’ve been able to tie a cord with his shaking hands.

The door swung open slowly, and in stepped Iida with more towels and a thin shirt. Gently, Midoirya day Todoroki on the stool and wrapped a soft towel around his shoulders. He clutched it, bringing it closer around himself to try and maintain what little warmth he had gained.

Iida dumped a smaller one on his head and began scrubbing at his hair. Eventually they got him dry and into the shirt, as well as the hoodie Midoriya had bought that day. Supported on either side by his friends, Todoroki limped down the hall and into the living room.

He settled onto the couch with a fwump, expecting to be left alone there, so he was very surprised when Midoriya sat next to him and pulled him sideways to settle Todoroki’s shivering back against his warm chest.

“S-sorry, Todoroki, but you’re still very cold.” Midoriya said as he crossed his scarred hands over Todoroki’s chest. It was almost a hug, if both of the parties weren’t so stiff.

Todoroki chuckled at the absurdity of the circumstance, and forced himself to relax. “It’s fine, we’re friends right? Thank you.”

Midoriya sighed in relief and relaxed as well. Iida gently lifted both of Todoroki’s legs and maneuvered himself beneath them for much the same purpose.

Settled there on the couch between his friends who were so, so warm, todoroki almost felt as if he could fall asleep. That was, until Recovery Girl stepped into the room.

“I’m glad you’ve warmed up and changed into dry clothes, Mr. Todoroki.” She smiled. “Now let’s take a look at your leg, shall we?”

Iida’s hand hovered over the the hem of the pants, waiting for permission. Todoroki nodded, and he deftly hiked up the loose pant leg over Todoroki’s shin as his friend winced.

There wasn’t a bleeding wound, but the leg was defiantly injured. A large, yellowing bruise ran the length of his shin, diagonally from knee to ankle. It was already starting to swell.

Recovery Girl tsk'ed as her hands hovered over the injury. “What caused this?”

“A block of concrete fell on his leg while I was pulling him out of the building. He was unconscious. We weren’t quick enough to find him in time,” Iida replied, his expression downtrodden.

“While he was hypothermic?” She pressed further. Both boys nodded.

Recovery Girl shook her head. “It’s fractured.” She pronounced solemnly. “It probably would only be a bone bruise if not for the cold making it more brittle at the time. It’s only just barely out of place, I can sense where the bone lies. It’ll have to be set properly before it heals.” She sighed, “Todoroki, you don’t have enough stamina right now to heal it, so we can wait until tomorrow to set it, in the infirmary, but it will be more painful then. Or, I could set the bone now. It’s your choice.”

“Now.” He replied without hesitation.

Midoirya looked up at him. “Are you sure? You’ve been through so much today already...”

Todoroki’s eyes were stern, though his face betrayed his exhaustion. “I’m sure.”

Recovery Girl shifted her stance. “Alright then. Iida, please hold him steady. Midoirya, you as well. Eraserhead, if you will?”

Aizawa nodded, his hair flying about his face as he activated his quirk to erase Todoroki’s. Midoriya held his torso tight, and Iida pinned his good leg to his own lap.

Recovery Girl placed her hands on either side of the break.

Todoroki took a deep breath and then-


The bone snapped back into place, ever so slightly, and Todoroki went completely stiff, groaning through his teeth, until he suddenly went limp in Midoriya’s arms, his head lolling backward into his friend’s shoulder.

“Todoroki!” Midoriya shouted worriedly, but Recovery Girl was already in action, her hands deftly checking her patient’s vitals.

“He’s fine,” She explained, “A side effect of my quirk, with him being so exhausted already. He should come around in a few minutes.”

“Thank you, Chiyo,” Aizawa said, his hair settling around his neck.

“Of course,” The old woman replied, bringing out splints and medical tape. “He’ll be fine, now, if a bit miserable. His body temperature will rise on its own at this point, but it will be faster with help,” She finished up the splint on Todoroki’s leg and tied it. “Otherwise he’s fine to return to the dorms, if he’d be more comfortable there. Bring him to my office in the morning- he should be rested enough by then to heal that leg, but he needs to stay off of it until then.”

“I’ll make sure of it,” Aizawa replied. He walked her to the door and bid her goodnight, sending her with his thanks once again.

Sure enough, Todoroki fluttered back to consciousness a few moments later with a pained groan. Midoriya sighed with relief and hugged his friend just a bit tighter. Normally they would ice the break, but, well... that wasn’t such a good idea at the moment.

Instead, Aizawa was there with a cup of hot tea and some basic painkillers. Todoroki gladly took the pills and sipped at the cup with both hands to lessen his chance of spilling the tea all over Iida’s lap. The warm liquid slid down his throat and settled comfortably in his stomach, helping to warm him from the inside as well.

“Th-thank you,” He muttered softly.

Aizawa ran a hand through his long hair and sat on the ottoman with a sigh. “I’m glad you’re alright, Todoroki, truly I am. Hypothermia is not something to mess with. However, with your quirk and your experience, I would expect better from you. Now, I know my students generally aren’t complete dumbasses,” he glanced at Iida and Midoirya, “so there must have been some extraordinary circumstance for Todoroki to get himself into this state. And you three are going to explain, in detail, exactly what those circumstances were before I decide if you need remedial education.”

And so they did. Iida and Midoriya expounded on their efforts, leaping to action to determine the situation before evacuating the most dire residents. Todoroki explained how he cleared the top floors with ice before checking in with the others and starting on the ground floor.

“Th-that’s when the building collapsed,” Todoroki said. “A second explosion, I think. I froze everything in place, and accidentally t-trapped myself. No fire to keep warm, I c-couldn’t be sure, since there was a gas leak. But it started melting, I had to keep the ice up...”

“I felt that explosion,” Midoriya interjected. “Iida told me you had frozen the first floor- it helped us get the rest of the residents out before it collapsed. But we didn’t realize you were still on the ground floor.”

“It’s okay.” Todoroki sighed. “Usually it wouldn’t be a p-problem, since my hero costume has a backup temperature regulator, but s-since I didn’t have that, and I couldn’t risk using my left side, well...”

“You has to wait and trust that we would evacuate the building quickly.” Iida finished.

Todoroki nodded. “Y-yeah.”

“And we didn’t realize time was of the essence, since we’re used to you having a certain amount of control of your own temperature, and your actions bought us time...” Midoirya continued.

“It sounds like...” Aizawa began, “...the situation changed suddenly, and neither of you communicated with Todoroki to make sure you were on the same page. As soon as the second explosion happened, you needed a new plan, and you needed to communicate that to your teammate.”

Midroiya hung his head, his eyes buried in Todoroki’s hair. “Yes, sensei. We messed up.”

“It’s my own fault...” Todoroki muttered. “I panicked, and put myself in a situation with no way out. You shouldn’t have had to rescue me.”

“As far as I see it, you’re all at fault. Todoroki, you are correct. Your instinct saved everyone else, but you endangered yourself. Iida, you should have checked in with Todoroki as soon as you noticed what he had done. Midoriya, your biggest skill is planning and analysis; you should have realized the danger Todoroki was in without his gear in this situation.”

“Yes, sensei.” They responded.

“Now I think you’ve all learned your lesson in this case, so there won’t be any remedial classes. However you’re both going to assist Todoroki tonight and tomorrow morning until his leg his healed. That should be punishment enough for all three of you.” Aizawa takes his hand through his hair. “I’m assuming you’ll be more comfortable back at the dorms?”

Todoroki nodded, still shivering slightly.

It took a bit of effort, but Iida and Midoriya managed to shuffle their injured friend into Aizawa’s car for the short drive to campus. Unfortunately, they weren’t exactly alone when they arrived.

Seeing nearly the entire class of 1-A rush to the door to help their injured classmate, escorting him to the couch , piling him with blankets, and handing all three of them a plate of something Bakugou had whipped up, Aizawa hid a smile behind his scarf.

They may still be learning, but the kids were going to be alright.