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Venom says it a lot. Over and over. Whispered sweetly in his ear until his insides quiver. Until he has to squeeze his eyes shut.

"Please." His breath catches on the word, so he bites his lip. His cock throbs, Venom is slick inside him. Pressing, pressing. Always pressing into him perfectly. Smooth tendrils spread his legs, massaging into the meat of his thighs. Appreciating the muscle.

So pretty, Eddie. Eddie sobs because he can't escape the voice in his head, all consuming and unforgiving. He doesn't want to hear things like that. We know, Eddie. Venom is purring against his chest, running a clawed hand up and down his stomach.

My host is the prettiest. None of your kind are as pretty as you. I know, Eddie. I can see them. Venom passes encouragment and lust through their wavelength when Eddie tightens around him. He opens up Eddie's throat and a noise he's been repressing leaves his mouth. Loud. Desperate.

Your lips are plush. Tendrils trace his lips. Unusually, so. So, so pretty. He pushes one into Eddie's mouth, swirls it around his tongue and settling it against the roof of his mouth as a comforting gesture. Eddie's toes curl. His cock jumps again.

Your body is strong. Your eyes are expressive. And Eddie is cumming, arching against the bed and sobbing around Venom in his mouth, drool leaking from the corner of his lips. And your insides are so tight, so perfect around me. Words punctuated by thrusts deep, deep inside. Knowing where he needs it, knowing where to break him. A hand is wrapped around his hip as he releases, and the thumb rubs against his abdomen.






Somewhere along the line as a tongue is being pushed into him, treating him with such care, he has an embarrassing and naive thought. He's not gay. Eddie isn't gay, he's never been gay. He's never let anyone inside him like this, it's never been a thought to cross his mind. He-

But you are mine. I'm always inside you. Venom is always listening. Eddie drops his head until his forehead is hitting his arms below him. A shiver is traveling up his spine. One so strong it raises goosebumps along his back. Venom senses it. Senses his insecurity.

What is gay? Eddie huffs. He can't believe this is happening. He uses a hand to wipe away sweat from the side of his face. He shows Venom images of men kissing, comparing it to a man and a woman kissing. Shows with a bit of an educated guess a man penetrating another man beneath him and the passion that goes with it compared to a man penetrating a woman.

"Two men together is gay. Two women, too." He pauses. Tries to find the right words. "It's not uncommon, really. But-" A twist of tongue and Eddie whines, curls his hands into the sheets. Liquid heat is settling into his belly.


"But I've never been with a man before. Ever. I'm..." Eddie licks his lips. He feels exposed to Venom's satisfaction and contentment as he licks into him. Deeper. A gentle, rocking pressure against his sweet spot. Tastes so good, Eddie. You taste so good. Chanting on loop in his mind. His body clenches down hard again and he pushes his face into the sheets beneath him. More. We want more. More of Eddie's taste. Will I find it deeper? The wet sounds slosh against the skin of his ass and thighs as Venom pushes deeper. Deeper, deeper until Venom has a hold of that tender bundle of nerves and rolls against it. Eddie can only shudder and sob against the bed, sounds driven out of him by Venom's growing eagerness to pleasure him. A black tendril tilts his face to the side so that the remains of his whimpers are heard. His jaw is slack. Tastes so good. Eddie is lost in it. He doesn't know how he hasn't cum yet, but he suspects it's not that complicated for Venom to figure out.

But? Venom's voice draws him back to the original topic. He gasps again at Venom's tongue filling him completely.

"I-I'm not s-sexually attracted to men." Venom's mild confusion was expected.

You are mine, Eddie. It does not matter if you are gay. You are mine. His name like a prayer echoing through his head. Constant litany of Mine, mine, mine and Tastes so good, has Eddie crying out. Spurring Venom on, joy and giddiness emptying into him from Venom's mind to his at his pleasure. He moves into Eddie with steady thrusts now that has Eddie lifting up from the mattress onto his elbows and knees. He only lasts a few more strokes, shaking apart. He cums hard, panting hotly into the side of his arm. And just like that, his hand is not his own; it's enlarged black form is moved from its position by his head to hold him tight in its fist. Eddie's entire body shakes with his orgasm, the hand milking his cock relentlessly. Venom purrs against him as he clenches around his tongue, maneuvering his wetness into him in almost machine like accuracy even when his body drops to the mattress. He cries into the sheets, eyes squeezed together tight and legs held open.

Eddie is happy. Eddie is happy.






Shuddering and twisting through his second orgasm sends his body into a fit of spasms. Too much, too much. But it was still so good, somehow. It should have hurt, he should feel numb by now. And he knows, he fucking knows that Venom has something to do with it. He's firing off some kind of chemicals into him to allow this to happen. To keep it building and keep sending him crashing over the top.

Hungry, Eddie. And Venom for once isn't talking about food. He's hungry for Eddie, hungry for his pleasure. That sends another pang of lust through his dick and Eddie feels the same lust feeding from Venom. 

"Venom," he rasps. He can barely get the words out. "I can't. Not again." But his hips are lifted to get better access, the thick tentacle pushing and caressing his insides, making them come alive, making Eddie fight the hold on his thighs.

So perfect. So wet. So delicious. Venom looms over him, his large hands pushing Eddie's own into the bed. He follows Eddie's movements when he tilts his head back, lifting a tendril to pull Eddie's chin so he can see his face. His nipples are tweaked. Once. Twice. Tears fall down his face, pushed out by the bliss. He's cumming again on the tentacle buried against his prostate, clutching onto Venom's hands as he convulses. He's taken higher, being rammed hard and fast and this time when his mouth opens, no sound comes out. Venom is watching, his eyes slitting, his teeth shining. He's cumming again, and Eddie really, truly can't breathe. His eyes roll back in his head, Venom presses fully against him and he's embraced through it. Their individual euphoria clashes together into one burning sun behind his eyes. His legs are cramping from his body's contractions as Venom pulls him through it. Drags him through slow and steady. Until he relaxes, until he just shakes and shakes and lets Venom give him what he wants to give him.

"Please...please." It's all he can manage to whisper, arching through another spike in euphoria when he feels his cock rub against the front of Venom's body. Eddie doesn't know what he's begging for; for more. For mercy. Venom rakes a clawed hand through his hair before linking their fingers again. He pins Eddie to the bed in this way, fingers laced through his. He's being suspended over the edge of release in a series of slow, well aimed thrusts. Venom requests access into his mouth with a lick at his lips and he can't deny him. Eddie opens to it, making a pathetically high pitched sound around the tongue halfway down his throat.

Please- He chokes the word out one more time in his mind before he's thrown over the cliff and squeezing around Venom in orgasmic bliss again. He pushes against the hands holding him down and Venom lets him. He sucks on the tongue in his mouth and Venom coos at how good he's behaving. The praise makes Eddie's lashes flutter.






Eddie's tries to swallow down his embarrassment as Venom squeezes his ass in his hands. His claws scrape lightly. He's in Venom's lap, and they've not done this position a lot. It scares Eddie the most, and Venom knows this. He knows everything. Finally, after what seems like ages of him seated on Venom's makeshift cock (he creates it from his form between his legs), Venom moves. Eddie doesn't want it slow tonight. And Venom obliges. Pistoning into him until the air is knocked from his lungs. Venom's arms are around him, holding him close. His tongue is in the crook of his neck, down his back and between his cheeks.

"What are-" The tongue joins Venom's cock and that's it, Eddie's done. Wave after wave spurts from his cock with each hard thrust and Eddie's toes curl against the spit slick tongue driving against him inside. And Venom keeps moving, his form has engulfed Eddie's hips, forcing him to move his pelvis back and forth until he feels sick with want.

We would have you like this forever, Eddie. And he knows Venom means it. That he would have Eddie impaled on him always if he could. Tight around him, shaking around him, full of nothing but him.

Nothing but us, he repeats.

Nothing but them.