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Can You Feel That?

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You lived in a haunted house. The man, Natsuo, who you were renting the house from, hinted at a presence in the house when you asked why rent was so cheap. You didn’t believe in that sort of thing but you couldn’t shake the lingering presence of something odd when you went about your daily routine.

When you spent half an hour looking for your keys, they would end sitting on the kitchen counter where you were positive you didn’t leave them. When you were up late, crying over some shitty romantic drama, you felt a hand glide over your back, making you shiver, though, oddly enough, you were reassured.

The first time you saw him, he had appeared in the reflection of the glass door to the pantry. You had screamed, turned, and saw nothing. You could only feel what could only be described as a feint apology in the air. You had immediately called Natsuo and left a very confused and emotional message. You sat on the couch, shaking, awaiting a call back from him with the feeling of eyes lingering on you.

After minutes of biting your nails in blind anticipation, you went against every fiber in your body that was telling you not to, and called out, “are you there?”

After what seemed like the longest fifteen seconds of your life, someone answered. “I didn’t mean to frighten you,” the voice was as clear as day but there was no indication of where it came from. You grasped onto a couch pillow and held your breath. You stood up and sat back down. When you didn’t say anything the voice said, now seemingly closer, “I really did a number in you, didn’t I?”

“Aah! Well, okay… first off… hi, ” You said, not knowing if you should be polite to this foreign thing. “Secondly, I’m sorry I’m just not all that used to talking to something I can’t see,” you said, hugging the pillow to your chest.

Your phone began vibrating on the coffee table. The screen said ‘Unknown Caller,’ and that very well could have been Natsuo. You let it ring for a moment before finally picking up. You held the phone up to your ear and listened to static from the other line. “Is this better?” You heard the man’s voice over the other line.

You hung up with phone and threw it across the couch. “Ew!! Noo!!” you cried. “How did you even do that?”

The air around you began to morph and you watched a swirling of translucent matter move its way to the lounge chair across from you. “Would it really be better for you, if you could see me?”

You nodded, not completely confident in your ability to comprehend what was going on. When the swirl began to show signs of white skin, you panicked, shutting you mr eyes tight. “Oh god! If you do that right in front of me,” you breathed, clutching your chest, “oh I think I might be sick!”

“Right,” the thing said, disappearing once again. Seconds later, his voice called from your bedroom. “Okay, I’m going to open the door, if that’s okay with you.” When you didn’t respond, the door handle began to turn and you shut your eyes once again. You heard footsteps and it sighed, “okay, what’s the point of going into the other room to form if you were just gonna have your eyes closed the entire time?”

Your eyes opened and fell upon a boy, no, a man, glaring at you with heterochromatic eyes. He was solid, nothing ghostly about him. Just a man with a placid expression on a pretty handsome face. He just stood in the doorway and waited for you to speak.

“I’m crazy,” you said, mostly to yourself.

The man smirked. “Hi Crazy, I’m Shouto.” You narrowed your eyes at him and he laughed. “It’s only polite to introduce yourself when you meet someone new.”

Are you a, uhh, a someone?”

He shrugged. “I feel like a someone a good percentage of the time. At least, when you’re around, I guess. Other times, I’m more like… an energy.”

“Are you a ghost?”

Shouto sat down in the chair and sighed, “Yeah I think so. At least, I’ve thought that for a while but sometimes I feel like I’m more than that. Who’s to say? It’s not like there is a handbook for the afterlife. Or if there is, I didn’t get one.”

You stood up and started pacing around your living room. “Oh this is really happening,” you said running your hands through your hair, “I moved into a house with a ghost and now he’s here in front of me talking to me about handbooks and manners.” And idea crossed your mind. You pointed a finger at him and sternly said, “go away!”

An amused look crossed his face. “Do you want me to go away?” You bit your lip, unsure of what you exactly wanted. You just know that in some movies if you told a ghost to go away, they would obey. “That’s a little rude of you, considering this is my house,” he said, tilting his head back in his chair.

“I’m sorry, I just do not know how to handle this situation!”

He pursed his lips. “You can start by introducing yourself,” he grinned. Was this whole thing a joke to him?

You groaned. “Alright,” you said, “I’m Y/N L/N, and I’m scared out of my wits.” You held out your hand.

He stood up and his opaque hand passed right through yours, sending chills to the area where contact should’ve been made. “Nice to meet you, Y/N L/N. I’m Shouto Todoroki and I’ve been dead for six years.”

From then on, you and Shouto had started a bit of an odd friendship. You saw him like a bit of a roommate. He had suggested that you look at situation like the two of you shared the place. “This is our house,” he was so adamantly clear on making sure that you knew that he still owned a portion of what was once his. He had been the one to originally buy it. The two of you had a few rules set in place for each other, seeing as you weren’t used to living with a supernatural entity and he wasn’t used to anyone staying in the house for longer than a month before running out the door screaming. If he was going to suddenly appear out of the blue, he would knock in the walls first, so you wouldn’t have a heart attack whenever he wanted to chat. He had only two rules, one being that you didn’t ask him about how he died or the blotchy red scar on his face and the other was that you had to keep the place neat, no slacking off when it came to clutter. He has washed a few dishes here and there but if that happened too often, he would get fussy. He did, however, let you make modifications to the decor and you had fixed it up a bit. He seemed grateful for that. He didn’t mind your style choices either, which was a bit of a refresher. Not too long before you had moved into your Shouto infested home, you had gotten out of a pretty nasty relationship with a person who never let you make any choices for yourself. Still, the break up had been bad. You thought for sure that your ex had been the one and when you realized that they weren’t, it was a pretty big let down. Shouto seemed to pick up on that once while the two of you were watching another soapy drama on the tv.

“You always cry when there’s a proposal happening,” he pointed out, retrieving a tissue for your messy, snot covered face.

“I guess I do,” you sniffed. “There’s something about someone loving someone enough to spend the rest of their lives with them that just gets me. I’ve never had that.”

“Y/N,” he said softly, “Are you heartbroken?”

You laughed out loud, trying to hide the feeling of dread that washed over you. “I don’t know about that. I mean, my heart sure has taken a blow but I haven’t given up. I’m functional.” You blew into the tissue and dropped it into the trash bin. Shouto was staring at you with curious and doubtful eyes. You sighed, knowing he was calling your bluff. He seemed to communicate best by not talking at all. “I’m okay, now. I wasn’t so hot when it first happened.” You shifted your weight and squeezed a knot in the bottom of your sweater. “Can I tell you something?”

“You can tell me anything.”

You took a deep breath. “When my last relationship ended… I couldn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. I moved back in with my parents, I slept all day long, I barely ate. God, it’s so pathetic but I thought my life was at a loss. I thought everything was over for me. And… I…” You were squeezing your fists so tightly, your nails dig into your skin. Shouto placed a hand on your arm. It alarmed you, he hadn’t been able to touch you beforehand. “Shouto, I can feel you!” You grabbed his hand. He was absolutely solid, not like a ghostly vibrations you’ve felt before.

“Yeah, I… feel stronger… more alive, I guess, the more time I spend with you… did you want to continue or…?”

You ran your fingers up his arm and watched in amazement as goosebumps began to form on his skin. He was… cold, unlike a living person but he was… there. “Can you feel that?” He nodded. You pulled away, now feeling a tad embarrassed for your intrusion. “Sorry,” You said, shying away to your side of the couch. “No, I guess that’s all I need to share. I’m a lot better now. I do better on my own anyways. And,” you looked at him and smiled, “I have you.”

If Shouto could, he would’ve blushed at that. He tried to hide his hype by crossing his arms across his chest. “Hhmph,” he said, staring at the television.

Soon after that you were yawning and ready to go to sleep. Before you entered your bedroom he appeared next to you, something that made you jump nearly every time. He placed a large hand on your shoulder.

“Don’t you dare ever hurt yourself, Y/N. It would be… unforgivable,” he said sternly.

You chuckled lightly and allowed another yawn to escape your lips. Shouto watched your lips close and grin. “I won’t. I’m not there anymore, I promise.”

That night, Shouto watched you sleep. He had done it before the two of you officially met but he was reluctant to do it again, fearing that maybe you would know what he was doing. It had tore him up not being able to do it for so long. He loved to watch your frame fall up and down as you let out delicate sighs. He watched you from every angle of the room. He could touch the bed and feel the weight of you on it, he could feel you, as if he were the blanket wrapped around your body. You let out a shiver and he forced the blanket up and around your shoulders, relishing the feeling of being so close to your neck. If only he could put his hands on you without it being… unconventional. He longed for your hands to stay on his body for longer when you had touched him earlier. He wanted to have that. That human touch.


Things seemed to change after that night. Shouto started to ask you a lot more questions about what happened to you when you were out of the house. He wanted to know who you talked to and how you were feeling and what you ate. He was curious about some things before and you owed that to him not being able to leave the house but this was new. You thought it might’ve been because of what you sort of admitted to him. He was just being protective. Still, you weren’t ever too comfortable telling him about the nice guy you had met at a coffee shop.

Against your better judgement, you finally invited your new friend, Izuku Midoriya over to watch a movie.

When the two of you entered the house, the air seemed thicker, pretty humid. You apologized to Izuku and opened a few windows to air it out. It only helped a little bit.

The two of you ordered takeout and played cards, laughing about something funny characters from your favorite TV shows did. Izuku was a sweet guy, with big green eyes that shined at you whenever you smiled at him. His green curls bounced around his head whenever he would laugh at any of your lame jokes. He made your heart flutter.

You were washing your hands in your bathroom and nearly jumped out of your skin when you looked up to see Shouto glaring at you through the mirror. “Who is he?” He growled, scowling intensely at you.

“His name is Izuku… He’s a good frien-“

“Are you sure you’re ready to date? I mean, after what happened with your ex?”

You narrowed your eyes. “Okay, first, how dare you? I’m the decider when it comes to me moving on, okay? Second, Izuku knows I’ve not fully healed from my last breakup. He’s a good guy and he’s not going to make any moves on me unless he knows it’s okay. Third, this isn’t a date.  We’re just hanging out.”

“Oh, you think so? You think that guy’s safe? That’s bullshit, Y/N. Guys take advantage of vulnerable women all the time. He’s probably putting on that nice guy act to get in your pants.” He huffed and looked down at you, “and if it’s not a date, why are you wearing that? ” He was referring to the summer dress you had put on. It didn’t show your cleavage but the sleeves fell low, showing off your shoulders and collar bone. You rolled your eyes. It was actually one of your more conservative dresses.

You swatted at the air. “Go away,” you said and Shouto shook his head and evaporated into smoke.

You took a moment to yourself in the bathroom, smudging away some of the eye makeup that was running slightly down your face. You walked out and into living room and saw Izuku draped lazily on your couch, fingers lightly patting on his leg. You smiled at him but his eyes did not light up like you loved. He only grimaced back at you.

“So,” You began, sitting down next to him, “you said that you’re a big marvel fan. Who’s your favorite superhero?”

His eyes went to your thighs. You hadn’t realized your dress had hiked up when you sat down. “Superman,” he mumbled, emerald irises traveling up your body.

You laughed nervously. “That’s not-“

His hand came down right above your knee. “How often do you shave?” He asked, his thumb moving circles on your thigh. “So soft,” he chuckled, a laugh that seemed weird to hear from him.

“Um, Izuku…?” Your hand went to his and you tried to push it away, gently but he grabbed on to your thigh.

“Oh, come on, Y/N. You and I both know what this is. What, you invite me back to your home and don’t expect things to go anywhere? Do you take me for a fool?”

You hissed at the pressure he was putting on your thigh. “ No , I mistook you for a gentleman.”

His hand went to your sleeve that was hanging off your shoulder. “Oh, I could be gentle,” he purred, tugging your sleeve so more of your skin was exposed. “But I’d rather not be.” He grabbed onto your throat and pushed you down on the couch, his lips ravenously eating away at your neck. You yelled out, grabbing onto his hair, pulling him off of you. He had a stupid grin on his face, one that you wanted to slap. So you did. He blinked his eyes at you and for a moment, two different colors flashed in his irises: one grey one and one bright blue one. You pushed him off of you.

He looked mortified. “Y/N I…”

“Get the hell out,” you spat, pulling your sleeves up and pushing your dress down.

“I swear to god, I don’t know what came over me!”

“Save it.” Your marched over to the front door and swung it open. “Leave.”

He quickly collected himself and headed towards the door. Once he was outside of the house, you tossed him a sorry look. You wanted to say ‘ we’ll talk later,’ but you couldn’t let Shouto hear you. By then, you knew he was watching you more than he let on.

You shut the door and locked it, blinking away hot tears. You felt him behind you already.

“Invite him back in and I’ll kill him, if you want,” he said. “Then again, I wouldn’t want a creature like that stuck with us.” A lump bobbed in your throat as you turned to look at your real attacker. More tears fell down your face. He rushed towards you and you allowed his cold arms to wrap around your body. “Shhh, don’t cry, Y/N. He’s gone now. He can’t hurt you, not while I’m around.” His hands ran through your hair as he kissed your head. You let him. His kisses trailed down to your ear and you heard him inhale deeply, a sound you’ve heard many times at night when he thought you were asleep. He kissed away at a salty tear that was running down your cheek. “Can you feel that?” He whispered and you nodded. He kissed you again, closer to your lips. You let him.

His hand reached for your chin and he turned your face towards his. You looked at his blue and grey eyes. What you saw in Izuku was undeniable. “I’m sorry about what I said, earlier, Y/N. I just didn’t want you to get hurt. I didn’t want this to happen. Just know that it wasn’t your fault, okay? You really thought he was a good guy. But I saw through him. He’s more of a ghost than I am.” You stared at him without sayingi  anything. You wanted him to dig his grave. And that’s when his lips met yours. Cold and soft, he pecked lightly at your upper lip. You let him. Soon his tongue slid across the opening of your mouth and a dark groan escaped his throat. “I love you, Y/N,” he said and his lips met yours a second time, deeper this time. His lips traveled down to your chin and to your neck. His body was cold but your body was hot. You were burning with rage.

“I can not fucking believe you,” you seethed. He froze and you pushed him away. “ I know you made him do that, Shouto!”

His eyes widened. The room began to shake. “ I did it to protect you ,” he said through his teeth. Glasses and other decor started to lift into the air. You didn’t let that scare you.

“I didn’t need your protection, Shouto! He was never going to hurt me!!”

“You can’t know that! You have to be careful! People will try to steal your light!”

“The only person that’s trying to steal my light, is you!” You pushed past him and ran for your room. You threw your backpack onto the bed.

“What are you doing?” He was already there, looking over you.

“Leaving,” you growled, throwing a pair of sweats in with other clothes you blindly tossed in.

“You can’t,” he whispered.

You threw your pack over your shoulder and stormed out of the room. Everything around the living room was now floating through the air. Jesus Christ, you didn’t know he was that strong. You tried to pull the front door open. It was stuck. “You can’t leave,” he was behind you.

“Shouto…” you warned moving past him to the back door. It wouldn’t budge. “Fucking fine!” You grabbed a stone statue that was gliding through the air. You attempted to throw it at the glass door but it bolted across the room in the opposite direction and crashed against the wall.

“Do you hear me, Y/N?!” He screamed, standing in the middle of the room, all of your possessions swirling around him. “This is my house! Everything in here, is mine . Present company is not excluded!”

“Let me out!” You bellowed at him. “You can’t keep me here, forever! I have family and friends! Natsuo will have to come by eventually!”

“On the contrary, I can!” He started to laugh at you. He had a wild look in his eyes as he said, “and Natsuo! Ha! Natsuo will be glad that his little brother is finally fucking happy! There’s a reason he signed you to this lease, Y/N!”

You banged on the doors and his hands grabbed your wrists. “You’ll learn to be happy with me. You were happy with me until you started sneaking around with that boy.”

“Shouto, I’ll die in here! I need to eat and drink!”

“I can take care of that,” he seemed to calm down, the objects spinning around the room came to a halt, they were now only floating around, lazily bumping into each other. “I can take care of you.” His grip was hard but his face was soft. He really thought you were his to protect.

Your head hit his chest and he saw that as an invitation to pull you into his embrace. Tears fell from your face and on to him. He was completely solid.

“I’m sorry I tried to trick you, Y/N,” he whispered, petting your head. “I won’t do that again.” You let him hold you. You sobbed into him. You knew he only saw that as bonding but you wished he could feel the agony you were feeling.

Your hands fell to your side and he held you up as if you were a doll. You sniffed and leaned into his shirt. “ What if I killed myself?

What did you say?”

Your face hardened and you looked up at him, now extremely furious. “I said, what if I killed myself, huh? What then? Then I’m nothing to you.”

And then

He smirked.

“You’d be stuck here either way.”

He sealed your fate with a kiss.