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Horny and Desperate

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“There we go Melissa, come on now, tongue still out, keep licking, god, yeah, push them tighter together, just a little more and you’ll get my load all over your face.” Stiles pants, as he thrusts even faster in-between Melissa’s tits.


He runs his nails and fingertips roughly over her nipples, getting another whine from her and abscently he reaches behind him to run a finger through her folds, coming away glistening and smearing her own wetness just below her nose.


“Can you smell how horny some titplay is making you Melissa? You’re supposed to be the adult here, you’re my best friends mom, for gods sakes and you’re dripping wet ‘cause you’re tasting my precum. You think you’ll come from getting my cum? That would really cement it wouldn’t it? What a slut you are for my cock? I mean, it’s kind of clear already, letting me fuck your titties on your bed, room next door to your son’s’ lapping at the head of my cock like it’s the holy fucking grail.”


Melissa blushes, looks away but her mouth doesn’t move and her tongue continues to lick at his cockhead, trying desperately to get him to come.


“What do you think Scott would do, if he saw you? Call you a slut and storm out, or try to defend your honor, get me out, like you have any honor, desperate old cockslut that can’t stop eating cum?”


Stiles knows it’s viscous, but she likes it that way, evident in the way her whole body pulses violently, like she’s on the edge of orgasm and Stiles thrusts one more time, making sure to keep his eyes open as he comes, seeing it spray all over her face, what she doesn’t catch in her mouth and seconds later, sees her wring out her own orgasmn, cunt completly untouched, just the humiliation, shaming and nipple stimulation. Not to forget the cumplay, she has an unhealthy relationship with his cum - and that’s saying a lot coming from him, because he’s a 18 years old boy, quite rightfully slightly obsessed with his own cum, but she takes it levels beyond him.


He drags a finger through the mess on her face, sticking it in her mouth and getting her to clean it afterwards, before retreating from the bed, grabbing a night shirt of hers to wipe his dick clean, - she’ll probably sleep in it before she washes it - and starts dressing again. In a short minute he’s out the door, with just a “thanks for the tittyfuck Ms. M” as he goes.


Half an hour later, he’s still on the couch with Scott, playing a video game when Melissa comes downstairs. She’s wearing a robe and slippers, hair clearly not groomed and Stiles promptly loses the game as he realises, she still has some residue of cum on her face, especially close to her hair, it’s not obviously cum, it could just as well be toothpaste or whatever else, but Stiles knows, he knows she just laid in bed for nearly 30 minutes not cleaning his come off, but just gathering it up on her fingers, only to lick it up again. She must have even skipped looking in a mirror before coming down, not noticing that she didn’t catch it all.


Scott cheers as he wins the game and Melissa raises her eyebrows, while blushing, silently asking what the hell Stiles is looking at. Gaping at really.


Scott looks at where Stiles is looking and sees his mom, greeting her with a sarcastic “good morning”, since technically, Melissa is getting up from her sleep after a night shift and then frowns slightly. “Is that toothpaste in your hairline mom?”


Melissa blushes even redder now and stares at the ground. “Uhm, I haven’t really showered after my shift, came in dead tired and I might’ve brushed my hair with my toothbrush for all I know.”


“Yeah, looks really weir,-” Scott is stopped from saying anymore and inadvertently mortifying his own mom as his phone calls.


Stiles doesn’t pay attention to the call, instead twisting to meet Melissa’s eyes, his own brows now communicating, “Couldn’t even wash up properly, huh?” and smirking.


“Hey, that was Allison, she’s free for the night now, so I’ll be heading over to her place. You alright with that Stiles?”


“Yeah, dude, had some plans for tonight myself, just going to start up a pot of coffee for your mom before I go, looks like you need something to wake you up, Ms. M, huh.”


Scott, naively smiles brightly, thanking Stiles for being so kind before jumping out the door.


Stiles stands up as the front door closes, turns to face Melissa and says, “drop the robe”.

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"You know, it was kind of hilarious to see him misread the situation so completely. What would he have said if he knew the truth, huh? His mom such a filthy cumslut that she didn't even think to wash it off her face. Come here, I'll show you what I do to lazy little sluts like you."

Stiles says, and when she's close enough, he tugs her just so, and she falls over the couch, bent at the waist, ass up as the highest point now.

"This is where you belong, you know. Ass up, face down, at the ready for whatever your man wants. Or well, I guess for you, any man would do."

He smirks, watching her blush enough for her ass to pink up a little, the back of her neck, visible only because her curls have all fallen around her face and he can’t resist, doesn't want to either, and lets his palm fall harshly to her left cheek.

"Stiles!" she gasps, but seems to reconsider her position and doesn't continue.

"What? I told you I'd show you what I do to filthy little lazy sluts like you. Now, take the next one and after 10, thanks me for correcting you and tell me exactly why I had to."

Stiles doesn't wait for her to reply before letting the next slap fall just as harsh on her other cheek. He keeps it up, letting a few derogatory words fall as he does and then pauses slightly after the 10th slap and smiles as she has to gasp in breath in-between every three words, so affected by the spanking.

"Thank you, Stiles, for correcting me, I was a filthy lazy slut who didn't even wash your come off as I came down to see my son."

He gives her lower back a kiss, stroking over the pink flesh of her behind and feels her relax.

That's when he rears back again and takes both hands, swings them back behind her and slaps upwards, both cheeks at the same time, low, almost where her ass meets her thighs and she yowls.

"I never said I'd stop after 10." he states but he stops after hit 14, as her back has thrown off some tension again, as she has resigned to a continued spanking.

Of all the things he loves with Melissa, he loves keeping her on her toes. It feels so rewarding to always have the upper hand with a woman who did her part in raising him.

"Get up, we're done." he says and smiles friendly at her as she still looks down, tear tracks on her face. "I know you don't always remember to think after I give you what you need. So cum drunk you go stupid, don't you?"

"Yes, Stiles. Thank you for helping me remember." Melissa says diligently and gives him a small smile too.

"You know, I don't think I'm going to be making you coffee, but I'll give you something else. It's nice and warm just how you like it."

And it is how she likes it. Sometimes, he has to leave before she gets down and then she finds it in her special bottle on the counter and then it's cold and stale. He loves the thought of that too.

She follows him around the couch, kneels in-between his legs as he sits down and pulls down his sweats.

"There we go, aren't you pleased?" Stiles says, a hand on her shoulder, to stop her from just diving in. He's worked hard for her to respond to all his triggers and he's not wasting this opportunity. She looks so hot, kneeling naked in between his clothed legs, hair sticking out every which way and cum and tears streaking her face. She's leaning forward a little, as not to sit her ass on her heels. As he notices, he makes sure to push a bit harder, so she slams her ass down on them and gasps.

"So pleased, Stiles, please? Can I?" she says, tone eager, even as she blushes all over and has trouble keeping her eyes on him. He lets out a short bark of laughter as he catches her eyes always slipping back to his cock.

"Can you what? Touch my cock? Lick it? Make me come? Or something else?"

"Please, Stiles, I want to drink down your piss. Please piss in me, treat me like the filthy dump I am. You know I just want to be covered in you, inside and out."

Stiles finally lets go of her shoulder and she wastes no time as she sucks down his cock, first to the root, but then quickly letting it retreat until she has only the head just so, sealed behind her lips. Stiles lets go, not being overly careful about how fast he does, because she’s desperate and well trained and god, the thought of doing this in the same couch as he just sat in with her son, playing video games, makes him almost get hard, but he really wants to fill her up, so he just puts that aside.

“There we go, such a good little piss slut. Feels so good to be on your knees just taking whatever I give you, doesn’t it?” Stiles asks, although he doesn’t expect an answer, he quite likes talking at her anyway, but to his surprise, and amusement, she nods eagerly, but careful not to spill a drop.

“You know, growing up, you were always trying to discipline me and I always thought it didn’t work because I was a difficult child, but now, I think it’s because you’re no good at it. You’re just like Scott, an eager little puppy, so desperate to please and get treats and attention. Although, you’re more of a bitch in heat than he ever will be.”

He finishes talking just as he finishes peeing and as his cock plops out of her mouth, it’s rewarding to see her breathe in little pants, tongue out just so, and at that moment, she looks just like the bitch he’s describing.

“Yes, good little bitch.” He adds just as he pulls her by the hair, tugging her head to lay in his lap, face turned sideways and then switches on the TV. “You just stay right there, where you belong.”

Scott will be gone until morning and his father doesn’t really expect him home any more. He’s going to enjoy an evening alone with his slutty little bitch.


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Stiles likes to think that he's good at the things he does. Kind of no matter what they are, as long as he's decided that he's going to do it, and do it well, that's what happens. Unfortunately, he doesn't always want to do what people expect of him, so a lot of people think he's a bit of a failure.


He does mostly well in school, if not in Mr. Harris's class, again, because he doesn't want to. He's on track with graduating and most people expect him to go off to college. That's where those pesky expectations come a ‘knocking again. He sees no reason to go to college, he's making money, he's having fun and he's doing it all with very minimal amounts of working hours.


At least what people would call working hours.


See, Stiles has saved up about enough money to pay all his dads' debts, he's just trying to figure out if a) he wants to and b) how he's going to get his father to accept that.

On top of that, he's got enough money to support himself through pretty much any degree he'd like to take, but most degrees take up time and he'd have to leave home.


Or, more specifically, leave Beacon Hills. Now, that'd just be bad. Here is where his money source is, with the added benefit of Scott leaving very soon, leaving the McCall house conveniently with just one puppy eyed bitch.


Yes, Melissa will be alone in the house soon and Stiles prides himself on how well his plans are coming along. See, neither Scott nor Melissa seem to have figured out that he put up camera’s months ago, so they just go about their lives, while Stiles can see everything his little cumslut does and has a video of whatever he does to her.


He's made a porn site, - some pointers from Danny on where to go for info, a few late nights of research and he'd figured it out - where he sells both premium accounts and just one-off viewings of his star. It'd not really been surprising how many people would pay to watch a 40-year-old be debased and humiliated by a teenager. He sells an extra package to long term viewers, where he includes a few cuts of just Melissa and Scott around the house, because it thrills them to see Scott sitting on the couch that Stiles just fucked her over or drinking from the same thermos as Melissa drank piss from just a few hours before.


To be honest, it thrills Stiles too. He can't wait until he can start showing Melissa some of the footage. She'd blush so pretty, all humiliated about seeing how big of a slut she is, but in no condition to deny any of it.


He's been mentioning how disgusting Scott would think she is, if he'd know, pretty much from the start. Lately, it's been even more, talking about how she shouldn't show her face anywhere, because people are going to know.


Scott is pretty much taking care of himself, planning on going to an out of state school, so he won't be able to be home much and then, the only thing left is Stiles's dad.


He thought about making something up, but then one day, he got to the hospital, dropping off a lunch to Melissa and saw the psychology ward sign and there it was, his plan.


He goes straight home, starts researching psychology and as he'd hoped, gathers quite a bit of knowledge and on top of that, finds that the hospital takes on interns as assistants. People to go and oversee patients in their homes, mostly people that have burned out or need a break, just to entertain them and report back on their progress.


He goes first to his dad, introducing him to the idea. Lists the pros, working a year or maybe longer, before going to college is just going to ease things. He hasn't decided what to go study anyway and this way he'll have housing, so he'll move out of his dads and his dad could make decisions without them all revolving around Stiles. Hasn't Mrs. Martin been talking she'd like them to travel a bit? Maybe this way it'd be perfect. And he could even think of selling the house, Stiles knows that he's been wanting to move forward with their relationship. Stiles doesn't mind, he doesn't have so much stuff, and he'd probably get to take some it with him.


Next, he goes to the website and tries to see if there's an IP address that buys from him and works at the hospital. It takes a bit of hacking and a bit of extra work, but he lucks out. About 20 of them work at the hospital and Stiles suddenly gets very glad that he put that notice that the people shown didn't know they were being filmed, or else Melissa would've had very interesting conversations with some of those creeps. He looks up all 20 and one of them is a psychiatrist at the hospital.


Two days later, Stiles goes to the hospital on Melissa's day off and goes up to his office. He's got an appointment, under the premise of getting one of those assistant jobs, which isn't untrue, but as soon as he's in, he locks the door and brings up the porn site.


"I want to get her trained even better. I have long terms plans and I think you'd like it fine to be a part of them. What I can't do, is train her while she keeps having to go to work. Social interaction is, as you well know, very important to the mental health of a person. For what I want, I don't really want her in great mental health."


Dave looks him up and down and then shakes his head, not in denial, but as if he's surprised.


"You don't look like much, kid, but you're really serious about this. So, tell me your plan."


Stiles smiles and starts. "I'll get her to come in herself and ask for a consult on if she needs to take some time off. She'll be happy about being sent home with some help and will not question that I'll be assigned to her. From what I've looked up about this project, as long as you sign off on it, get her boss to agree and you sign off on my rapports, then all will be good."


"And what do I get for so graciously accommodating your plan?"


"Well, I trust that you've seen most of the footage I have on the 'site?" Stiles pauses as Dave nods. "So you know that as of today, she doesn't know she's being filmed. I plan to change that soon, well, just before I send her here for the consult and I'd be willing, for no extra charge to you, to live stream it just to you. I won't post that film until I have her situated at home, so you'd be the only one to know for a bit of time. Of course, I haven't been able to share her with anyone yet, so early in the process, but as you'd be doing her a favor, as well as me, she'd probably be very willing to repay you with say, a blow job? And well, if you'd be well hydrated that day, you would need to release before getting hard, right, so of course she'd be there for that as well."


Stiles stops himself from grinning like a fool, only because Dave looks like the cat that got all the cream and Stiles doesn't want to lose his edge.


"I'd just like to suggest one change. I'd like to have a small meeting with her, before she knows about the films. Just so that when she meets me and knows, it's that much more humiliating. I bet she'd get so wet just from that."


Stiles does smirk at that. "You know, you just proved yourself the shrink you claim to be with that suggestion."


With that, he goes home, happy that it's all going like he planned. Home though, isn't his dad's house any longer. He hasn't moved yet, but in his head, he lives at Melissa's place.


As he enters the house, with his Melissa approved key, he spots her in the kitchen, drinking from her special thermos. He notes that Scott's sneakers aren't here and without much more thinking, he sneaks up behind Melissa and reaches an arm around her, fingers splaying her crotch.


"You getting a bit wet from the taste of your special treat there, bitch? Nice and stale? I had to leave that there last evening, when Scott came home. What's that, 16 hours?"


He feels Melissa shiver as she gets pressed up again his front, ass hooking just on his erection and his other hand reaches up to grab her locks and pulls, so she has to lean her head against his shoulder, presenting her front up and out. He has a camera just in front of them, on the side of the fridge, because she always stands there to drink from the thermos. This is going to be very popular.


"Aren't you going to say anything, my little piss whore?"


She gasps into his ear, still stuck fast in his grip, no wiggle room and he hooks his fingers up and onto her waistband, she's still wearing pajamas, she's been sleeping in and with one easy tug, they pool down to her feet. She's not wearing any underwear, because he's made sure she never thinks to wear them outside of work.


"Stiles, Scott could-" She weakly protests, but he shushes her.


"Oh, my little whore thinks she's got some propriety there? Your son isn't home, although if he'd come in and catch you like this, I don't think he'd like to call this his home anyway."


His fingers tighten in her hair, tugging so she moans and then he plunges a finger inside her dripping pussy. He laughs, cruelly, because really, what has he done to get her so wet right now? Exposed her, humiliated her, degraded her and well, she was drinking his piss as he got there.


"I mean, here I am, just got in the door, already pleasing you and you haven't even said hello yet. I mean, I know my cum makes you stupid, we've gone over that plenty, I'm guessing your butt is even pink with the memory of that right now, but I never realized that my cold, stale piss could do the same thing."


Stiles smiles to himself as she still doesn't respond. He's added a second finger already and is scissoring in and out of her, tugging every other second on different strands of her hair and she's breathing only shallowly.


"I should just take my hands off, drop you here on your kitchen floor and go play a video game, until you come to your senses, how about it?"


He eases slightly with his grip and that's when she squeals.


"No, please, Stiles, I'm sorry, so sorry, hello Stiles. Do you want to correct me?"


Here he stops to revel in the moment. Oh, how far he's come, to get her to ask for that. When he gets her away from people, away from work, training is going to go so fast.


"How about you just get down on your knees, hands on your ass and show me how you should say hello properly? And shuck of the shirt while you're at it, won't you?"


She nods, frantically, like if she won't do exactly as he says, quickly, she'll be failing him. He really couldn't care less at the moment, but it's always nice to see her punish herself. He now knows how parents feel when they use the guilt card. It's a glorious power.


He lets her go and she sways a bit in place and then plucks her shirt off over her head and falls to her knees. He's going to enjoy fucking her mouth until she can barely say hello anymore. Without further ado, he grabs onto her hair and thrusts.

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----Before chapter 3 -----

Scott spends a weekend on a trip to his college, checking out campus and enjoying the sights with Allison.


What that means, is Melissa is alone in the house for the weekend. Stiles makes up a reason for his own absence from his house and spends it with her. She's not working and when Scott leaves the house, she does remember her place and strips out of her clothes. Stiles doesn't even look at her, he's seen it all before and walks past her to the bathroom. He points her to follow him and smiles as she does so, just like a pretty puppy.


"I was thinking, that both today and tomorrow, you'd spend your time as my literal dump. Since we want to minimize clean up, that means you have to stay in the tub, for that time."


She looks curious and confused and Stiles almost wants to just leave her in the tub, thinking it over for like an hour before doing anything else, but he decides against it.


"Come on, my filthy dump, that's what you say when I give you my piss, right? Now you get to really be it. Get in the tub, now."


She goes and seems happy that it's not quite as narrow as most baths, but as she sits, seems to realize how stupid she looks sitting on her ass, naked and twists around to kneel, only to wince as her knees come into contact with the cold, hard tub.


"Stiles, I, this isn't really." She starts and then shuts her mouth, seeming to remember that it doesn't go very well when she denies Stiles his plans.


"Anything you'd like to ask for?" he asks her, pointedly looking at the rack of towels next to him.


"Please, Stiles, can I get a towel to kneel on?"


"Well, it's not every day a dump needs a towel, and I really must insist that you clean it up afterwards, but I guess I'll be kind enough today to let you have one."


She actually looks relieved, like her kneeling there on the tub, not just getting up, was really the other option.


"Today isn't about you, even though I guess you will get off anyway, you dirty slut, but you're just here to be dumped on. I'll come in here every time I want to come or I need to pee and I'll release it all right on you. Of course, cleaning yourself up with that towel is not allowed and if you want to clean any of it off, I suggest your mouth, tongue and fingers will work rather well."


Without seeing how she takes it, he walks out, although he says, as he exits. "This of course means you pee on your lovely towel there as well. If you break the rules, I'll know, you know how much you give away."


He has to go to the other end of the house to laugh after that, because that has got to be one of the greatest things ever achieved, that she really thinks that she has tells as to if she's guilty of breaking his rules or disobeying, while he just knows because of the films.


She doesn't dare lie to him at this point, not after all this time, all the spankings and punishments she's gotten for doing so before and his orders, no matter how rough, get obeyed.


He goes to his laptop and turns on the life feed from the bathroom and smiles as he sees her, kneeling on the towel, clearly trying to center herself, bored already but staying there. He goes to the fridge and gets a bottle of water and grabs himself a mug of coffee too. It only takes him half an hour to be full and he goes to the bathroom. Time to give her her first challenge.


He walks straight up to her and zips down, fishing his cock out and just as she opens her mouth to clearly say something, he starts peeing. Right on her mouth and she coughs slightly, before swallowing what is in her mouth and he makes sure not all of it goes to her mouth, he aims directly at her nips for a bit and they stick out and then he moves back up to her head, which she's got bowed, because she's, get this, actually staring at where his stream hits her. Such a filthy little bitch. Because she's looking down, his stream hits her forehead and leaks down her whole face and then he moves up to her hair.


"God, you are so filthy. I mean, you're getting so wet with my piss, and I'll bet your cunt is getting wet with your own juices as we speak. You going to thank me for using you?"


He barely finishes shaking the last drops off, before she takes her fingers and wipes off her eyelids enough to dare open them, looks straight at him, and says, "Thank you Stiles, for sharing that with me, instead of the toilet. I'm so lucky that you treat me like this."


That's enough to get him hard, and he's not ashamed of it. He grabs his cock and strokes off, fast and hurried now, he can take his time later and all he sees in Melissa's eyes is a slight disappointment that she can't get him off herself.


"I don't know if I can decide where to shoot this, your tits, your face, your curls, all these options, and you're just sitting there, on display for me."


She blushes slightly, but doesn't stop looking at him, although her eyes keep falling from his face and down to his cock in his hand and he decides that not everything good needs to be kept for later. So this time, he comes all over her face and she closes her eyes just in time.


Just to make her fall into her mind even more, he leaves before she can even clean off her eyes.

---- Now -----


Stiles had been thinking of starting to convince Melissa she was burning out at work, when she shows up home early, smelling strongly like piss.


Stiles is playing a game on the couch with Scott and he has to lose, because suddenly, his dick really wants to be in the game. After those times where he's made Melissa be a dump for his fluids, the smell is linked intrinsically in his mind with sex.


Scott on the other hand, after a small whoop at winning, looks abruptly up and scowls. "What the hell? Mom?!"


When Stiles looks over, he can see that Melissa is slightly shaking and he knows exactly what is up. She's ashamed and humiliated and therefore probably wet as a faucet. This is going to be so much fun.


"Are you soaked in piss? Oh my god. Why didn't you shower at the hospital? You're wearing your scrubs still for god sakes! I was going to spend tonight doting on you before I left, but I'll just go over to Allison's until I leave on Monday. This is disgusting. You're disgusting. Just, don't stand in my way, I'm going to grab my bags."


Stiles looks away for a second, because he knows he can't stop from smiling. This is like gold, he won't need a plan now, this is going to be perfect. He makes sure not to go to Melissa when Scott runs upstairs, but he knows exactly how to play this.


Scott comes down, looking angry and annoyed and really bothered by the smell.


"I will see you at Christmas, maybe. Stiles, you coming?"


Stiles tries to look apologetic, shrugging a little. "I think I should stay here, you know I took that job at the hospital? I've seen this before, I'll help her out."


Scott seems to consider this, think over if he should change his mind about leaving, but luckily, the smell is really overpowering, and he just leaves with a nod.


Stiles waits just until he can see Scott jogging out of the street, like he needs more space from his mom, and then he turns to Melissa.


She's just standing there, still shaking and the front of her shirt soaked, and he thinks he sees a small wet spot in her crotch, which makes him smirk again.


"This just takes the cake, doesn't it? You are such a filthy little thing that you just spilled urine on yourself at work? You can't turn it off can you? You're just a slut for it 24/7? You just heard your son, he thinks you are disgusting. I'm guessing since you're home early, that your colleagues and boss also think so?"


She looks so miserable as she nods, slowly. I mean, why didn't you just go clean yourself up as soon as it happened?"


She mumbles something he can't hear into her chest, at which he clicks his tongue and gloats a bit when she flinches, knowing she's expecting punishment.


"I could smell it and then suddenly, I'd just splashed the whole box to my face and chest and then all I could think about was that you don't allow me to wash it off without permission. So, I didn't."


Stiles almost drops his jaw. He knew his commands were taking hold, his conditioning working, but this is something else. She was probably asked and commanded to shower numerous times, but she didn't. She's here, still waiting for him to decide if she can clean up or not.


"Oh, so you think you've been a good dump? Waiting for my permission to clean up?" He asks, and she nods rapidly, hopeful look on her face.


"You just soaked yourself in someone else's pee, without permission from me. How is that being a good dump? What kind of filthy desperate bitch are you? I don't want to touch you right now."


Melissa looks heartbroken, but also desperate and yeah, she's still probably turned on. Even with him berating her, she must be so turned on by the smell and the whole situation.


"I guess you're soaking wet down there as well? Don't worry bitch, I take care of what is mine. Go upstairs to the bathtub, get in and strip out of your scrubs, put them in one end of the tub and wait for me there."


He goes to her room and into her drawers and picks up a dildo on a suction cup and grabs a plastic bag from the supply closet in the hallway.


He gets into the bathroom, to see Melissa kneeling with her head tilted down in the tub. When he gets up to her, he slaps the dildo to the downside of her face, making her look up. She looks at him, submissive and sad, before her eyes dart to the toy he used, and she gasps just slightly.


He takes the opportunity and pushes it half way into her mouth. She flinches back a little bit, but he just follows and barks, "get it wet". He loves that for a second, as she has trouble breathing in the new situation, he can see panic in her eyes but instead of struggling, her response is to give up control to him. It really won't take long before he's in charge of her every single move.


"Since I'm not touching you, or your clothes, I brought a bag you can put your clothes into, but I think first, you should use your top there to wipe your mouth, you drooled a bit."


She blushes, but doesn't hesitate to turn to her clothes and wipe her face on them and pick them up and dump them in the bag he's holding out. After he ties that closed and throws it to the side, he faces her again.


"Open up again," he orders, waving the dildo in her face again. As soon as she does, he pushes it back in, but this time he leaves it. "Suck so it doesn't drop. Before you get cleaned up, you are going to ride that dildo, right here in the tub. I'll watch you and you can touch yourself above your waist, but god knows I'm not touching you this filthy." At that word, she moans and the dildo sucks deeper into her mouth and her eyes water.


"Take out the dildo and lick the cup, stick it to the tub and ride it. I'm punishing you later, you've already racked up a few citations and for every time you stop riding before I tell you to, you're getting another."


She makes quick work of her instructions and leans against the bathroom wall, getting comfortable with watching her. She's red all over, she always gets a bit self-conscious when all he does is watch her, mostly he thinks because he doesn't do it very often, he likes manipulating her body himself.


That doesn't mean he's not enjoying himself here, watching her slam herself up and down, knees slipping every now and then on the hard tub and just clearly uncomfortable. She looks at him, eyes desperate and pleading and he just cocks an eyebrow at her.


She doesn't look away, not really, just slowly moves her hands up, which makes her stop moving for a second, so he just lifts a finger, as to count and she starts up again, pretty roughly, no consideration for her body and starts plucking at her nipples as well.


He waits until she's panting and has closed her eyes before he starts. "Such a wanton, desperate whore. Your son just left the house, disgusted by you and here you are, getting yourself off in your own tub, with a fake cock, not even washed yet."


She gasps, eyes shooting open and he smirks at her, "You know how I always say my come makes you stupid, which, is still true, but I think after today, we can just say that you are quite a little bit stupid, with or without my come. How many people saw you today? Smelled you today? Think they're just going to forget about this? How many of them do you think can guess that you're a filthy, dirty bitch in heat, desperate for whatever fluids you can bathe in?"


He stares at her as he degrades her and he can see her movements picking up and her tits are really getting red and he's so proud, because she didn't use to play so rough with herself before him and then she whimpers and moans and comes.


"Dirty, dirty dump." He says, clicking his tongue again, smirking as that makes her writhe on the tub floor and then he clicks again, louder and barks, "Did I tell you you could stop riding?"


She looks at him, shocked again, for like the fifth time today and he just shrugs again and she takes a deep breath and then starts. The movement is crude and rough again, she's clearly exhausted and overstimulated, but it's not like he cares. Not right now.


"Now pee."


She almost stops again, but catches her mistake just in time and keeps on going, no rhythm now, just movement for the sake of it and he makes a tick-tock sound. She knows that he doesn't repeat orders, he slapped her clit for that punishment and it only happened once.


She does it though. She just goes. All over her thighs, the dildo and still, she's riding it. He thinks, maybe training is going a lot better than he thought, even if she's still working.


"Stop now."


Her shoulders drop and it's like strings cut, she just stops moving. She whimpers again, probably as she slumps on the dildo and it goes deeper.


"Get off that and lick it clean, same with the tub. I'll set your phone alarm to ring when you can shower and come back downstairs to me. No clothes and you get either on your knees at my feet or lie down on your stomach if your knees hurt too much, which I'm guessing they will since until the alarm rings, you'll have to keep your hands behind your back."


He goes out of the bathroom then and gets downstairs on the couch, grabbing his laptop from his bag and turning on the live feed. He zips down his pants and takes himself in hand, just as the feed starts up with Melissa kneeling, chest to the tub, rubbing her own pee all over her and licking it up, nose pressed right in there, even locks of her hair soaking in it. Glorious it is, to see that adult woman, who tried for years to control him, reign him in, and now, he's got her in there, doing exactly what he said. He hadn't actually set a time, he has an app in their phones where if he pushes on his phone, hers rings like an alarm, so he can wait until she's good and ready for a shower. With that thought, he starts slowly getting himself off, because he's not going to be able to give her his come today, not when he's been acting all offended and disappointed. He thinks it over though and decides to get a bowl to come in, maybe he can give it to her cold at a later date.


He'd thought he'd let her stew there for about 30 minutes, but she's so into licking it all up that it takes her 45 minutes before the tub is as clean as she will manage and then she just lies there, face turned, cheek on the tub, tits pressing on it too and he can see her shiver, since he made sure the bathroom wasn't very warm earlier and he waits until it's been a whole hour before he finally lets her shower. He clips the raw video while she showers and just before she heads down, he sends it to Dave, with a short summary of what happened and asking if he'd maybe like to come by for that "before visit" tomorrow, under the pretense of discussing the matter with Melissa.


She comes down naked like he asked and goes without a word to his side. He notices that there's a rug on the floor to his right, but not his left, so he points her to there when she makes to lie down.


He finishes with a few emails, one from Scott's mail address to Melissa's boss saying he'd been worried about the state she was in when she arrived home, but that he'd left for college so don't contact him about it.


Just as he's about to start playing with Melissa again, he gets an email from Dave, saying he thinks that is a great idea, he'll come at lunch, that'd he'd heard about the incident internally at the hospital and he'd actually been assigned her casefile. No manipulation needed.


Finally, he puts the computer away and reaches down to grab her hair. With a few locks in his grip, he closes his fist tightly and pulls up. She doesn't quite manage to stop from crying out, but she doesn't look at him when she gets her feet under herself and they both stand.


He says nothing, yet, and pulls her right nipple in between two fingers and clamps and pulls at the same time. This time her scream is muffled, as she seems to clam her lips together.


Her tits are red and her nipples must be sore, which makes this all the more fun. She might even be in enough pain not to be very turned on.


"You know, your little stupidity today has consequences. Not just with me, but at your work. My boss Dave just let me know that he'd like me to join him for a check-in with a potential burned-out nurse at lunch tomorrow. Do you want to guess her name?" He says before releasing her nipple.


Her neck had been tensed in response to the pain, but as he releases, she slumps, her chin falling even more into her own chest.


"Well, it was Mrs. McCall. Your boss called my boss, because he's concerned you can't do your job anymore. I think, I'll punish you now and then go home to my dad and tell him that I have a potential patient so I might be leaving home soon and leave you here to your empty house to think about what to say to Dave tomorrow and what you want to do from here."


At that she looks up, blushing and he goes to stroke her cheek. "You know, since Dave is going to be here tomorrow, I can't really slap your face, even though that's where you should be punished since that's where you splashed that pee on yourself, but I guess your tits will have to do. Go upstairs and lie on your back on the bed."



By the time Stiles gets home, he's got loads of new material to clip for the website and his hands are red from spanking first Melissa's tits until they were more purple than red and then her ass. He had laid out what she should wear for lunch tomorrow and told her he'd arrive just before Dave.


He greets his dad when he gets in and tells him about the patient call tomorrow. He says that he can't say who it is, but it'll probably be around the clock, he'll get out for the occasional dinners, but it should still be a week until they've decided, at least a few days.


His dad is surprised at how fast things are progressing but he's also just proud of Stiles.


After dinner and some TV watching with his dad, he goes up to his room and starts editing. His premium users really deserve the look of disgust on Scott's face, even if everything else he's going to wait on.



Chapter Text

As Stiles lets himself in Melissa's house just before lunch, he's just a little bit giddy. Because she's going to have to go through this with a straight face, him just across the table and her ass red and sore and her tits probably purple. He hadn't made it any easier with the clothing. He found a skirt he's never seen her wear, not only is it pretty short, but it's also not very comfortable on bare skin, so she'll have to choose if she wants to sit on that and itch, or if she wants to flick it back behind her and sit bare assed on the chair. It's not like she's going to be wearing underwear anyway.

On top of that, he'd pick out a lacy tight push up bra, which she always felt self-conscious about the few times she wore it outside of the bedroom. The blouse is a bit open and baggy and he just knows Dave is going to manage to get a look underneath it.

He finds her in the kitchen, getting some lunch sandwiches together for them and moving tenderly. Mission accomplished then, if even moving around the kitchen is making her clothes bother her.

She spots him and immediately stops what she is doing and looks to him.

"You are definitely starting better today than yesterday, aren't you, bitch?"

He points to his feet and she kneels right away. He opens his pants and in just a few movements, he is peeing down her throat.

When he's done, he tugs slightly at her hair, before walking to the fridge. She follows him and finishes what she was doing with the food.

He pulls out the bowl of his come from the fridge and goes over to her and the bread. He grabs a slice and smears it with the come. There is enough for two slices, so he does both and puts them on a plate and takes it to the table.

"Where do you want to sit?" he asks, and when she points, he puts the plate pointedly just there.

Before she can ask if it's really what she thinks it is, Dave rings the doorbell. They look to each other, before Stiles nods his head to the door, gesturing her to go greet him. He takes the rest of the food to the table, and goes to grab glasses of water for them all too.

He hears a forced laugh on Melissa's part and Dave sounds pleased as he says something just after. Stiles knows that the backside of her skirt isn't covering an awful lot and he's pretty sure Dave is going to see some hint of the bruises on her ass and thighs.

When they to the kitchen, Dave says hello to Stiles and they sit.

Dave starts by complementing Melissa on the house and food and then as they start with eating, asks why she has something special on her bread.

Melissa looks to Stiles before answering and it's clear that she wishes he could save her here.

"I just," she starts, but before she gets far, Stiles decides to take pity on her and maybe make this even sweeter for him.

"It's something special I make for her, she just loves it. I haven't found anyone that likes it quite like her before."

At that she blushes and looks away from both men, but it still doesn't take long before she's taking another bite.

"I noticed that when you greeted me, I could smell some urine. Is that because you didn't clean up well enough yesterday?"

At that, Melissa drops her bread. They can both spot her grabbing hold of the table and gripping tight.

"I stood in the foyer for a bit yesterday, as my son got out of the house, maybe the smell just stuck a bit." She manages to stutter out. She's blushing and since Dave is sitting right across her, he gets the perfect view of how it spreads down her cleavage and down her blouse.

"Hmm ... yes, your boss mentioned your son. Is he living with you?" Dave asks skeptically, like he's not buying the excuse, but won't take the matter further at this time.

Melissa slumps in the chair a bit, before clearly feeling her ass more in that position and moving again. To the unknowing eye, she just looks uneasy, nervous.

"No, not anymore. He was supposed to move out on Monday, but he left yesterday. He didn't like how I came home yesterday."

"Yes, I see. If this was a therapy session, we would go into yesterday more closely, but since this is an evaluation of your situation, I will list what I know so far and you'll let me know if something is incorrect or missing. How does that sound?"

"Just fine I guess."

"So, you now live alone, no husband or partner, child moved out, having incidences at work. That sound about right?"

Melissa just nods.

"And your son, did he just move out to have his own place, or is he going to college?"

"College, out of state."

"So, he won't be able to look in with you?"


Dave runs his eyes over his notes and sighs. "So, as it looks right now, you don't have a good support system and you seem to be stressed with work, acting strangely. I would like to recommend to you and your boss that you take some time off, under help from our system that Stiles is a part of, where you get a live-in support system and someone to make sure you don't close yourself off all alone."

Melissa looks relieved at that, like Dave is saving her from future humiliation at work.

"Of course, because of some red tape, you will have to file a request to your boss saying you'd like to participate in the program and then you and I will have a meeting at the hospital with some paper signing and stuff."

Melissa just nods and Stiles is happy to see that it looks like she’s already thinking about the logistics of it all.

"So, if all things go through, after that meeting, Stiles will move in with you and you will spend some months at home doing activities with him, he will be briefed on what they should be aimed towards, but he can tailor them towards your behavior and learning pattern. Then once every two months, I will come here and meet first with you alone and then he will join us as we go over how things have been going and I will evaluate when you are ready to go back to work. The most important thing for you to understand is, once you enter the program, it is not up to you when you go back."

Here, both Dave and Stiles take a good look at Melissa and see that she is unbothered by this, trusting both the system and Stiles 100%.

Dave doesn't really have more to say, so he finishes eating and then bids them goodbye, as he has more work to do. He walks behind Melissa again to the door and this time he looks to Stiles to pointedly stare at her ass, as the skirt bounces a bit and her red and irritated ass is on display.

As she stops at the door, Dave pretends to trip on something and has to brace himself on Melissa, one hand squeezing her right tit and the other boxing her in to the wall on the left side. She shouts out as he grabs her, probably hurting quite a lot more than if she wasn't so bruised and Dave lingers just a bit before he gets his feet back under himself and takes his hand back.

"I'm so sorry about that, Mrs. McCall," Dave starts, appropriately frantic and embarrassed and Stiles is quite impressed, as he's sure Dave is also fighting off showing his boner to Melissa right then and there.

Melissa just brushes off the apology and avoids looking at Stiles and rushes even more with getting Dave out of the house.

As the door closes, knowing Dave can probably still here him just outside, probably lingering, Stiles steps close to Melissa and puts a hand under her blouse, pushing it up.

"If I hadn't seen it myself, I'd have guessed you'd tripped him yourself, just to get him to touch you. Do you need another cock to try out, huh, you filthy cumdump? I mean, I don't think it'd be hard, he probably got a good look at your tits with his head right in there, don't you think?"

He pushes the blouse up and off, roughly, almost ripping the seams and she snaps her head towards the door like Dave will come bursting right through again at any moment. She looks back to Stiles with a gasp as he digs his fingers into her bra and pinches both nipples, hard, twisting and then pulling, getting her to close her eyes and arch from the wall.

"Just a stupid tittyfuck, aren't you?"

He decides to change the pace a bit, surprise her yet again and as he withdraws his hands, he goes around her and unclasps the bra, pulling it off her and the shoulder band around her neck.

"See, now you have a collar, which is just as well, since I'm going to take the trash out, since I haven't seen Dave actually leave yet."

Melissa flinches at that, but Stiles doesn't give her any time to adjust to that knowledge before he pulls her by the bra, to kneel on all fours, right in front of the door. He goes to pick up the trash and sneaks outside the front door.

There he meets Dave, who is standing there, hand adjusting his pants.

They look at each other and smirk wide before Stiles starts the show.

"You're still here?" he asks and Dave raises an eyebrow at the obvious beginning.

"Yeah, I decided to send her boss the recommendation now, instead of later, I'm going to another home visit right after I leave here, so it seemed pragmatic. I thought you'd come out a while ago."

"Oh, well, I was just a bit worried about her, decided to help her clean up and such. She just seems a bit like when she came home from work yesterday. Didn't think I should just leave her to all this stress."

Dave and Stiles kept on communicating a whole 'other conversation with facial expressions, while their words were just for Melissa's sake.

"I mean, I'll book an appointment for her with her boss tomorrow where she can present her decision to him. After that, she’s officially on sick leave, until they’ve evaluated that she’s good to come back to work, either through the program or by other measures if she decides to go another route. I know her boss is on shift tomorrow, so we will get through all the red tape even though it’s Sunday. Then, he should get back to me soon and I can try and squeeze her in for a meeting with me someday next week.”

Stiles nods and shakes Dave’s hand. “Thank you for everything, means a lot to me that you are helping hurry this along since I know her. I can’t imagine what she’d be going through with having to wade through all this alone right now and maybe having to wait a lot in some limbo state. I mean, I don’t even really want to leave her alone much until the program can officially start.”

Dave smirks at him, knowing what Stiles is setting up here. “Well, as long as you have nothing else taking up your time, you are welcome to help her, using what we have discussed, but you have no authority to do so yet, so it has to be on her terms. Of course, you wouldn’t be getting paid either, so there is no must here. We can’t help everyone, Stiles.”

With that, Dave turns and leaves, after giving Stiles a huge thumbs up.

Stiles retreats back inside, making sure to keep the door open just a second longer than he could, just to tease Melissa with the possibility of someone seeing her. Of course, she is still kneeling right there in the hallway, head slumped down, almost hiding her “collar” and most definitely her tits. That won’t do.

“Eyes on me slut.” Stiles barks, and loves how she shivers as she does exactly as he orders. “God, Dave and Scott should see you now. Then they’d really know why you’ve been smelling like pee. I mean, if it looks like a bitch, it probably acts like a bitch, bathing in whatever it can get. Are you a bitch, Melissa?” He makes sure to draw out the name, because he hasn’t said it for a while now. If he addresses her these days, it’s always by some degrading label or the other. Whore, dump, slut, bitch, anything to make her feel less like a person. Now though, he wants to twist it, to get her to think she has the power to choose, and therefore it will be all the sweeter to bury her name.

Melissa for her part, is blushing, panting, and shaking and does not seem to be up for anything so … manipulative. But she is well-trained and what she thinks is the easiest option here, to just do as Stiles says, is so obvious she doesn’t even seem to consider something else.

Lifting one end of her bra, she hands it to him, and, with an extra strong shiver, she says, voice desperate after all the pressure of lunch, “Yes, Bitch, I’m a bitch.”

This woman that’s gone to college to learn nursing, has now been reduced to this; kneeling on all fours in front of a teenager, half naked and too dumb to skip repeating herself.

“Yes, you are, you stupid little thing. But that’s okay, I can help you. Now, I’m not in the mood to do too much, I’ve done so much for you today already, and I might even sacrifice the rest of my day to watch over you, so you don’t screw up here on your own. So, I think punishment should be something you can do this time. Strip and crawl.”

Stiles takes sick pleasure from the look of guilt that draws on Melissa, as she with quick, but small movements pushes off her skirt. As soon as she’s done, he grips the bra tighter and tugs her after him, into the living room, to the couch. When they get there, he takes the bra off her neck, and then pushes her face down to the rug. She’s bent at the waist, kneeling, and shudders again as he commands, “You’re going to rub your tits on that rug, until I say you can stop. Hands will be interlocked behind your head and keep facing the ground, tongue just a bit out. You can taste lots of feet sweat and who knows what else that’s on there, while thinking of how you did nothing to push Dave off or help him right himself when he fell onto you. Just stood there and let him grope and look at you, didn’t you, stupid horny bitch?”

Again, he smiles, pleased as she immediately does as told. He just gets comfortable lounging on the couch as she whimpers in pain below him. It’s been a rough 24 hours for her tits, but he rationalizes that she did bring it on herself.

After 10 minutes of this, and probably a rough case of rug burn, he stops her. She’s smart enough to keep her position and he decides to have some more fun. He didn’t take his shoes off at the door today, because he was supposed to have a “professional” lunch with his “boss”. Now, he can use that, as he sneaks his feet up against her either side, where she’s naked and vulnerable and before she can even register that he’s moved, he’s moving his shoed feet right into and then under her tits.

She wails, but as a testament of how much power Stiles has over her, she still doesn’t move. He’s also pretty sure the loud noise is mostly because of the overstimulation to her tits, because she’s kept quiet through a lot worse before.

Still, Stiles knows her, and he knows that the whole lunch, then the scene in the foyer and even the punishment will have gotten her dripping wet. So, to push her to admit that, he orders her to run her own hand through her folds and bring it up for him to see.

It comes up glistening, and Stiles leans in to lick a stripe off. “See, even punishing you, you’re so horny and desperate for cock. Lick the rest of that off your hand and then get up, get my bag for me, and then go clean up the kitchen. Maybe when you’ve done something useful, I’ll fuck you into the floor like the bitch you say you are.”

With a little kick to her right tit he gets her off of him and looks from her. He delights in the sounds of pain she can’t quite swallow and the slurping that comes with her licking her own fingers. Soon, he has his bag on the couch and pulls up his computer. He has some clipping and editing to do.

Chapter Text

Stiles is a good way into his whole video collection of Melissa and Scott and himself when Melissa comes back to the living room, tired looking and shivering involuntarily. Her cunt and inner thighs are glistening, like she’s been dripping while doing chores naked, which, she is perverted enough to be the truth. He can only guess how she’s going to be with that when she learns that her every movement in the house is videotaped.

He’s going to save that for after she has the meeting with her boss, since it is crucial she sees herself making all the choices possible, so he can safely assume that she will never blame him for any of it.

Now though, he sets the computer aside, looking Melissa up and down as she stands in front of him, clearly waiting for further instruction. He even stands up and walks circles around her, making her tense up, as she tries to figure out what he will do, but he waits patiently until she drops her guard before he utters a word.

“Tell me what you’ve been doing, and bitch, make sure you’re descriptive. I want to hear you.” Stiles says, and Melissa flinches slightly, not expecting him to speak while not in front of her again. He keeps walking, and starts toeing off his shoes and socks, shucking off his shirt and opening his belt.

They’ve done this a few times before, but not many, as normally Stiles likes to break her down all by himself. But getting her to participate in her own degradation is growing on him, especially since it does give him a head start with the conditioning.

“I was wet when I started to clean up, so every step rubbed my thighs together and then my tits would jiggle with every other step and it just hurt, they are so sore, but then that would also get me wet, because I’m a pain slut, who loves everything that her man gives her.”

Here Stiles interjects, “Well, any man, remember Dave,” and can’t keep from smirking as Melissa blushes but nods and keeps going. She can’t keep her eyes on one place, embarrassed and humiliated. “Yes, I love anything a man gives me.”

“Even Scott telling you how disgusting you are, you even loved that, didn’t you, filthy stupid thing?”

“Yes, yes, I even got wet when my own son told me how disgusting I am, shouted at me.”

Stiles really wants to continue this, but Melissa looks to be a few words from crying, even though she is also shaking just like she always did when she was horribly turned on.

“You know, I quite liked you in a collar earlier. Might just have to get you one, huh?” Melissa barely responds as she is now staring at his hands withdrawing his belt from his pants. “But, since I promised to fuck you like a bitch, I think we will need another make-shift one for just that, so the picture is right, don’t you think?”

Although Melissa doesn’t know just yet what a right picture it will be. Stiles takes his belt and places it around Melissa’s neck, but locks it, so it won’t tighten more as he pulls and then he takes the end like a leash and holds it, as he gets behind Melissa and pushes her down to the floor. Then he gets out of his pants and underwear, stepping closer to Melissa’s kneeling form on the floor.

“That’s where you belong, on the floor, bitch ready for her fucking. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, bitch in heat, on the floor just for you to fuck.” Melissa answers, and raises her head up, which Stiles takes advantage of to grab more of the leash, and her back curves down and she even shakes her ass a bit, as if to entice him.

Well, it isn’t her decision is it? Stiles shows this, by pulling sharply on the leash, making her have to rise from the floor, hands losing their place and then he roughly pushes her head to the floor.

“I think this is an even better place for you, right? Face and tits to the floor, ass and cunt up and ready?”

Melissa whimpers and squeaks, as the rug brushes her tits again and she has to twist her face to the side so she can breathe.

He doesn’t keep her waiting any longer and plunges into her, still gripping the leash and not giving her any slack on it, but one hand on her shoulder, to keep her down on the floor. It creates this predicament where she has to raise her head, panting at the position, but can’t actually get any slack on the leash.

He keeps up a steady stream of “bitch, stupid, dump, horny desperate little thing” while he fucks her roughly and before long, she’s coming around him. He laughs, “See, just love everything, can’t imagine what Scott would think if he saw you right now, choking on my belt, face in the rug, tits purple and still loving everything I give you. Such a desperate little cock slut, coming like a bitch in heat on my cock. She’s whimpering now, probably both from lack of air to respond and from the overstimulation, as he is now rubbing her clit, which he’d left completely alone before she came. She writhes on his cock, shaking her head to the sides and finally, with a mean clamp on her clit, she comes again and her head slumps, making her cut off her own air supply as she gets choked by the collar. It’s makes Stiles come laughing and then he roughly pulls off his belt and lightly spanks her with it and says “go kneel in the shower, I’ll come paint you filthy before you clean up. I guess if yesterday taught me anything, it’s that I need to make sure you get peed on regularly, huh, piss slut?”

She croaks out a yes, which amazes him as he didn’t expect her to responds and then she gets into the shower downstairs, where she kneels on the tiles with eyes closed and waiting serenely.

This scene is definitely going into the presentation for Melissa, as it shows how compliant she is, without him actually doing much.

He still has the belt in his hands and he can’t quite resists slapping it against her face as he barks, “open up” and watches as she keeps her head in place but opens her mouth, forming an “o” for Stiles to point at.

Still, he doesn’t only feed her with it, he promised to paint her, so paint her he does. He shakes off, and then grabs a timer on the shelf, something he’d bought a few weeks ago, and sets it to 10 minutes and says, “Wait for the timer to ring, then you can shower. I’m going over to my dads for dinner, since he’s expecting me, but I’ll be back tonight, as well, you can’t really well be trusted for long, can you? Could go out looking for someone to pee on you, couldn’t you? I’ll talk to Dave as well and see if he got you a meeting. Try and be a normal person long enough to feed yourself something while I’m gone, huh, will you?”

She can’t open her eyes, urine all over her face, but Stiles can still tell that she’s humiliated by that, but she can’t deny it with the hospital incident from yesterday being so fresh in both their memories. With that, he goes off, calmly puts on his clothes and gathers up his computer and goes to his house.

His dad isn’t expecting him, that’d been an excuse to leave her alone to stew for a few hours, but he’s happy to see Stiles, since they both know he’s going to be seeing a lot less of him now that’s he’s going to be starting up a job. They decide to order in and Stiles informs his dad that unfortunately for the patient, but fortunately for Stiles, things seem to be serious in this case and it’s being sped through the paces and he’ll being starting to pack his stuff up, and he’ll be spending tonight and tomorrow at the hospital preparing, and moving as soon as Monday morning. It’s plausible enough to pass, even though Stiles will really only been spending most of his time at Melissa’s and soon it will be his job to be there.

By the time he gets back to Melissa’s house, she’s clearly cleaning up from eating and he is shocked in all the best ways as he notes that she didn’t put on any clothes after her shower.

She’s still sore, clearly, and seems to have bumped her tits into a handle of a drawer putting something away, because she doesn’t even notice him coming in. He manages to sneak up on her, and he gets half-hard just at the memory of how he’s done this before. That had been a special moment for him, because it was the first time she asked to be punished before Stiles prompted her to.

“Come on, you must be tired. Want to go cuddle in bed and talk about what you are going to do tomorrow and then just sleep?” He says, gentle and seemingly caring, but he still smirks into the back of her neck as she flinches, startled. He doesn’t let her get away, an arm around her waist and a hand possessively on her cunt. “Now, now, you don’t want to go anywhere, do you, stupid little slut? Clearly you don’t expect your son to change his mind, walking around here naked and bruised, not even noticing when the door unlocked.” He mocks her, pushing her lower half closer to him, so her bruised ass is agitated. Her clit twitches under his hand, and he can’t figure out if it’s because of the comment about Scott, or the bruises, or both.

He decides it doesn’t matter and proceeds to pull her with him to her bedroom. Eventually, in the program, he’ll make changes to where and how she sleeps, because she shouldn’t really be on the same level as him, but as for now, she needs comfort, as to fall deeper and faster into his webs of conditioning. Although, of course, as just displayed, he’s a master of sprinkling some mocking into gentle situations. It’s always fun to keep her on her toes. Dave had also made sure he was clear on how to be consistent in how his behavior was normal, and if she responded badly, it was she who was doing something wrong. It would all help confuse her so that her reaction when Stiles showed her the videos would be beneficial to his plan. Their plan.

When they’re tucked into bed, Melissa carefully on her side, as to keep from hurting herself more, Stiles starts the conversation.

“So, Dave told me you have a meeting with your boss in his office at 10 am tomorrow. Have you thought about what you want to happen there?”

Melissa looks at him, and Stiles smiles gently, even though he does notice that she hesitates, just like at lunch today with Dave and the cum-sandwich, like she wants him to take care of this as well. It’s a good sign, but this time, she must go through it alone.

“I think the program sounds like a good option, I don’t think I can work anymore, I’ll just end up humiliating myself, and maybe next time, I’ll cause some harm in the process. That’s the last thing I want. I just … I don’t know if I can help myself anymore. It sounds good to let someone else help me control myself, let you do that. You do such a good job of it at home, but if you could control everything, I guess that would just, be best.”

Stiles has to close his eyes, to have any hope of concealing how happy that makes him.

“So, you’ll go to your boss tomorrow and tell him that,” Stiles starts for her, gesturing for her to continue.

“That I want to be assigned a place in the program. I’ll sign whatever I have to and then hope I can have a meeting with Dave soon, so you will be allowed to start with everything.”

Stiles nods, solemnly, or at least tries for that. “What if he asks you what happened?”

He has to ask, both because it brings up a fresh wave of the humiliation to Melissa’s face, which in turn sends a surge of blood to his cock, but also because her boss very well could try and understand what happened, and she has to be prepared to answer that.

“I will have to, I don’t know, I can’t explain,” Melissa stammers out, calm blown off and nerves at the forefront, clearly remembering her colleagues trying to get her to clean up on Friday.

Stiles places a soothing hand on her hip, fingers not so accidentally gripping a bit into her bruises, causing her to wince, but also to focus on him and calm down. He strokes the hand up and down her side, with a detour now and then over her ass cheeks, making her gasp in a breath.

“I think, you should invoke your right to say nothing. Say the incident was a cry for help and now that you have had a meeting with Dave you are grateful that such a possibility exists. If he persists, explain that you think this might happen again and you need time and help to figure out how to control yourself. It is okay to blame yourself here, as you clearly have issues and now you are trying to get them fixed.” Stiles coaches. “Repeat that back, so that you are prepared tomorrow.”

“The incident was a cry for help and now that I’ve had a meeting with Dave, I’m grateful that such a possibility exists. I need time and help to figure out how to control myself.” Melissa repeats, looking like she isn’t listening to them, but just making sure she repeats it all.

“You still scared you’ll panic in front of him?” Stiles suggests, rubbing her ass cheek a bit harder, as if to ground her, like he doesn’t realize that he’s kneading her bruised flesh. She doesn’t seem to realize she could object. Which is also perfect.

She does squeak a bit as she replies breathily, “yes”.

Stiles releases her, as he seemingly comes up with an idea to help. It’s not actually a spur of the moment idea, but an opportunity to use one of the tactics that Dave had introduced him to. He turns to grab his phone, and headphones from the nightstand.

“How about this? We can record you saying that and then play it back to you in the headphones on repeat, until it’s just stuck there, how does that sounds?” Stiles suggests, letting himself sound excited, as he has always been when suggesting something new as a teenager and kid. It’s important that Melissa doesn’t think on this too much, as he plans to use this again later, for other things as well.

She nods shyly, and then when Stiles has opened the right app and gives her a thumbs up, she starts the recitation again. She sounds slightly more steady, which is good, but still like she isn’t taking in the words. The goal here, is not really for her to be confident in this in the meeting tomorrow, but that she realizes that she needs help and for someone to control her. It is best if this happens in her own voice, like it is her own idea.

When she’s done, he connects the headphones to the phone and puts them on her. Already, he’s doing things she could do herself.

He just lies there with her for over 10 minutes as she listens to herself go on repeat, but then he gets bored of looking innocently into her eyes. He pushes off the headphones off one ear, so that she can hear him, because they are noise-cancelling, to help him focus, this time to help her focus.

“You know, I’m so honored that you are letting me help with all of this. That you’ll be letting me help get yourself under control. Since I think you need a bit more time with those on, before you go to sleep, maybe you could help me out a little her as you listen?” He says, and tugs one of Melissa’s hands down under the sheets to his half-hard cock. He knows he’ll need to come before he goes to sleep and Melissa will do good with associating that “cry for help” and “help to control” with his cock and serving him.

She nods, still listening to the recording he guesses and starts slinking down the bed, and he makes sure the headphones get placed right back on both her ears. He pushes the sheet down as she goes down, but then pulls it back over her as she gets situated. This isn’t about how good she looks down there, plus, he might forget the goal if he sees her and start pulling her hair and something. No, right now, she just needs to give him a blow-job, while listening to this recording. That will make the words really sink in to her subconscious.

She starts slow, basically warming his cock, but as he gets into it, imagining Scott’s face if he could see her now, and going over how he’s going to break it to her tomorrow that she’s been a porn-star now for months, he starts thrusting into her, fucking up into her and even though he doesn’t hold her there, she lets him, just submits to it.

He only realizes something’s different as she just lies there, cock in her mouth after he’s come. He pulls the sheet off her and gapes as he sees that she passed out on his cock. It’s tempting to just leave her there for the night, as he can easily feel her breathing normally around his cock, but he’s going to want to actually sleep tonight and this would probably keep him up. He does wait a while, but eventually he pulls her off his cock, drool running down her cheek and he makes sure to spread it over her entire face.

As he looks her over, he notices that she has a slight bruise on her neck, from the collar, and her tits still look pretty painful. He playfully presses his nail to one nipple, more and more pressure until Melissa whimpers and flinches in her sleep. She even mumbles half the rehearsed speech out loud, a clear proof that it’s working. Stiles decides to keep the headphones on her and goes to sleep himself, throwing an arm over her hip and slapping her ass and keeping the hand heavy there as he relaxes.


Chapter Text

The next morning, Melissa looks disoriented, probably from passing out instead of falling asleep. She also assumes that Stiles will want a fuck when he wakes up, which, true is usually the case, but he has a careful plan for today and it involves not fucking Melissa until at the right point of time. So instead, he jumps out of bed and hurries into pants, tucking his cock away, even going as far as turning away from Melissa so she doesn’t get to watch.

Next he goes to Melissa’s closet and opens it wide. Then, he sighs, like he can’t be bothered and falls back to the bed and turns to a bewildered Melissa and says, “I mean, just find it yourself, no underwear, a turtleneck sweater and maybe like a vest to then hide your nipples poking out, since you are constantly horny, even in the freaking hospital, and just some slacks or something. Also, since you are basically quitting your job for an unknown period, why don’t you just grab all scrubs that belong to the hospital and give them back for now?”

Melissa slowly nodded, as it sunk in that Stiles had decided what she should wear, but couldn’t be bothered to actually pick it out.

She did as told, of course and soon followed Stiles out to the kitchen. They ate mostly in silence, which Stiles could tell was bothering Melissa. Finally, right before she had to leave, Stiles spoke.

“You remember all you’re going to say?” he prompted and Melissa quickly and automatically recited the speech from the recording. Stiles smiled and kept on, “So, grab your scrubs and I’ll drive you over. I’ll go run up and have a small chat with Dave if I see him and then come get you when you’re done.”

Melissa seemed surprised, but relieved that he was coming with her and he just nodded towards the door and left for his car. Melissa came out after him, struggling with carrying all her scrubs, and then come up to the car, but couldn’t open the door.

Stiles made a show of shaking his head and sighed loudly as he excited the car again.

“Stupid bitch, couldn’t have just asked for help before?” He mutters, but makes sure she hears it as he comes around the car and opens the back seat door, and grabs the scrubs to throw them in. Then he opens the passenger door and gestures for Melissa to get in, even handing her the seat belt, before shutting that door and then going to lock up the front door before jogging back to the car.

As he gets in, he shakes his head again and comments, “Going to have to make sure you ask for help, won’t I?”

He doesn’t wait for Melissa to responds to the mocking, but just starts driving to the hospital. He does pick up on the fact that Melissa’s eyes wonder to her own car and flippantly, he adds, “Guess your car is going to become pretty useless, huh?” but doesn’t clarify, and soon enough, he pulls in at the hospital. Melissa hasn’t said much this morning, but that’s fine with Stiles and he just hurries out the car as he’s parked. He goes around, opens Melissa’s door, and it’s clear to both of them that he’s not doing it to be gentlemanly, but because he doesn’t think she can be trusted to do it herself. He goes to grab the scrubs and then makes sure he’s the one that shuts both of the car doors, and then stalks to be a step ahead of Melissa.

“I guess I’ll take these in for you, I’ll find a tech to tell me where these should go, you can just tell your boss they got here. Good luck on your meeting. Don’t stare at his cock.”

He adds the last just before he picks up the speed and turns in another direction from Melissa, so he only hears her sputter a bit. He knows that since he said it, she will be unable to help herself from staring a bit at his groin, which is just going to help Stiles’s agenda for today.

He does find a place to dump the scrubs and then he goes to find Dave.

“Hi, Melissa’s downstairs saying, well, let me play it for you,” Stiles starts, and then plays the recording on his phone, joining in as Dave smirks as he realizes what connotations this would’ve made in Melissa’s brain. “I’m really just here to quickly install the cameras needed to record the meeting you will have with Melissa. You will be able to turn them off and on, not me, so I can spy on you, but you will be able to let me record whatever meetings you have of Melissa and I will then let you view it for free on the website, before anybody else, of course. Also, would you like to not be posted publicly on the site? I would understand that, but it’s just so tempting to show them proof of her serving someone else.”

“Kid, wow, slow down. I’m fine with the cameras, I doubt my other business here as that interesting that you’d spy on it, but tapes of meeting Melissa are going to be gold, I mean, just that scene in her house where I grabbed her tit was amazing. That sound! Ugh. And I don’t mind, anybody who sees this shit is also in the same situation, I doubt I’d ever get blackmailed over it. And I agree, everybody should love that. I know I’ve been waiting for a long time for you to introduce her to more cock.”

Dave is clearly hard, just thinking about it, but Stiles has better control than that, after weeks and months of posting porn and having basically a fuck-doll at hand. He just smirks, and goes to install the cameras. After, he checks his watch and sees that it’s been 15 minutes. Hospital staff tends to not waste any time, so Melissa’s probably finishing up soon, if not done already so he bids Dave goodbye and goes off to find her.

She’s standing outside the office when he gets into the right hallway, hugging herself desperately and he hurries to her, with what he hopes is a suitably concerned look on his face.

“Did it go alright, slut?” He whispers the last word just into Melissa’s ear, just as he releases her from the hug, saying it like a sweet endearment. She flinches slightly, as if scared that someone will here, but nods, and Stiles starts leading her out to the car.

“I mean, he was a bit annoyed that I couldn’t explain it better. I kept saying I didn’t need to discuss that with anyone but Dave, and that I was just grateful for the program and that I could get help to control myself and eventually he signed the papers, and thrust them at me, he was angry, which was a bit much, and then he spat out that he would get me a meeting with Dave as soon as possible, so I could get into this very good program.” From how Melissa recites it, he can tell that her boss seems to have mocked her a bit and that it has upset her.

It actually just helps him, so he hides a smile and stops her with a hand on her shoulder as she gets to the car. “I mean, he’s losing what he’s always known as a good nurse. He just doesn’t understand that you’ve started being more bitch than nurse, haven’t you?” He says, just as he twists them in a circle so he can open the car door for her and give her a hand inside. He doesn’t leave it at that this time, but buckles her in, deliberately brushing his fingers over her tender tits as he goes. She shivers, but doesn’t comment on it, and waits for him to get in and start driving before she speaks again.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She half whispers it, unsure of herself clearly.

“Yeah, and I have some news for you at home, so you can just put your boss out of your head for now, I mean, you’re indefinitely on leave from him anyway. He has no more say in when you go back to work than you. That’ll be up to Dave, and me.” He says, reassuringly.

When they get home, he casts another purposeful glance at Melissa’s car, as they pass it on there way inside.

“Before we start on those news, I’ve been thinking, with you stopping work, and being under my care, you won’t really have any need for the car. Why not give it, or loan it to Scott as a peace-offering?”

He’s watching her carefully and sees that she’s both startled by the mention of Scott and then hopeful of the mention of peace. He hurries to add, “I mean, I’m sure it won’t fix everything, or anything really, but it might make him consider a gesture back in a few months, or something, when you have gotten yourself better under control.”

She seems to think about it for a minute and then, she nods, but then shakes her head as if to clear it and says, “I mean, I won’t ever get to leave on my own?”

Stiles doesn’t miss how it’s not really a question, but not quite a statement either. He reaches for one of Melissa’s hands and strokes a finger up and down the back of it as he explains as if to a child, “You are asking for help in control, basically giving up control to me, and partially, Dave, and that means we control were you get to go. It is protocol to keep people to their houses for the first few months, while the more radical part of the protocol is happening and then we will slowly do outings, but they will either be with me, or you will go walking. By the time we get to you driving your car again, we will have had plenty of time to get the car back from Scott.”

This makes Melissa’s brows furrow, but then she shakes her head again and concedes to the point. “Of course, I need help to control myself. Of course, I can’t go out alone.”

“Exactly, plus, driving is a very multi-tasking task, we will be breaking everything down to mini-bits, so you’ll be a long way off from something like that.”

“So, would you call Scott about it and tell him he can come pick it up and drive down? I know Chris was going to drive him and Allison to Uni, but this way they could go by themselves?”

Stiles just nods and grabs his phone to do just that. He makes sure that he follows Melissa as she goes to sit on the couch, because he wants her to hear his pointed words and deciding to be extra cruel, he puts the phone on speaker, but raises a finger up to his lips as to shush Melissa. She nods, vary.

“Hi,” Scott says as he picks up, a bit withdrawn, probably remembering how they left things last.

“Hi dude, so I’ve been assigned your moms’ case at the hospital, so you can leave for college knowing that this is being taking care of.” He emphasizes “this” as it makes it clear that Melissa is a situation, not that he’s taking care of Melissa as a person. It’ll help to make Melissa feel dehumanized.

“Oh,” Scott starts, “I guess that’s good then. I’ve been trying to block it out to be honest.”

“Yeah, so the program makes it so that your mom won’t be out in the public for a while now, which by association means that she won’t have use of her car. We were talking and I suggested that she could loan it to you, what do you say, a car for college?” He says, his tone going up and suggestive at the end.

“You suggested, did you? I guess she couldn’t be bothered to think of me herself, huh?” Scott’s predictable words do their intended job of cutting visibly into Melissa and Stiles has to school himself to cast a pitying look her way.

“I mean, Scott, she’s just been busy trying to get help, but just take the car? I mean, you don’t even have to come in if you don’t want. I can hide the keys under the garden dwarf in the driveway, so you can just grab it and go, if you want.” Stiles says, and sees Melissa sniffles a bit at that, and especially when Scott let’s out a blatantly relieved sigh and thanks him profusely.

Stiles keeps it short after that, just says he’ll put the key out now and then Scott can pick it up whenever.

When he hangs up, Melissa is shaking slightly with emotion and Stiles just gets up and finds her car keys and hides them outside.

“That’s one less thing to worry about, at least.” Stiles reassures her.

“I think you happen to be a bit overdressed, don’t you?” He prompts her after a minute, and she jumps to her feet.

“Yes, sorry, been such a weird day. I should be naked, shouldn’t I?”

Stiles loves that it didn’t need more than that and then she speaks again as she’s stripping. “Will you punish me for being a stupid bitch and forgetting?”

He just loves that she’s started to associate that language to herself and then he nods, before also saying, “Yeah, I guess I have to, so you will ever learn. I understand what was going on though, soon you won’t have to worry about that, as it’ll just be us here, and no clothes necessary for you.”

He gestures to her to come closer to him as she finishes and he looks her up and down, her skin contrasted with the blue, red and purple marks. He grabs her arms and then dives down to bite harshly on her nipple, first one, for a bit of time, and then the other, just as long. She shrieks as he does the first, but only whimpers for the other one, probably biting her sounds down.

“There, you feel better now that you’ve been corrected, my stupid little bitch?” he asks, as if it is completely up to her that she was punished.

“Yes, thank you Stiles.”

Stiles sits down on the couch, pointing her to kneel in between his legs, and sets her chin so that she’s looking up at him.

“You know, yesterday, we agreed that a collar was pretty handy on you, and when I was home yesterday, I found one, that I bought once when I was trying to convince my dad I could take care of a dog. That didn’t work out, which maybe was just as good. I like a bitch like you a lot better.”

Melissa blushes crimson at his words, as he really compares her to an animal, a dog, instead of just demeaning her as a bitch, which she could connate to porn-clichés, instead of animals. She tries to look away, but he keeps holding her chin and then he slaps her lightly, almost just a tap, to make it clear her eyes should be on him.

“Do you want me to put it on you?” Stiles asks, like Melissa has all the power here.

Melissa barely thinks about it, since she’s used to Stiles being right, and nods.

Stiles frowns and slaps her a bit harder this time. She gasps, but other wise just takes it.

“When I ask you a question, I expect you to answer it out loud. Since you couldn’t do that, you’ll have to ask me this time.”

Melissa blushes further and it blends down to her bruises on her chest. It makes for a pretty picture.

“Please, Stiles, will you put the collar on me?”

“No, I think you should word it differently. That sounds like I am just putting a necklace on you, this is more than that, it’s a symbol of your status as a bitch, isn’t it?”

Melissa closes her eyes briefly, but opens them before Stiles can slap her for it and then she says, tone hesitant, “Will you please collar me, Stiles?”

Stiles smiles at her, like you would to a child that is finally behaving and then says, “I mean, if you are my collared bitch, should I just be Stiles?”

Melissa licks her lips this time, uncertain but then plunges into it, humiliated and writhing slightly in Stiles’s hold on her chin. “Will you please collar me, Master? Collar your stupid bitch?”

Stiles is beyond happy with this, as he did not suggest that word and was curious to see what Melissa would pick. Also, that she unprompted would refer to herself as his stupid bitch proves just how low her self-esteem has gotten, which is a blessing considering all that Stiles is going to reveal today.

“Yes, I will do that, my stupid, pretty bitch.”

With no further ado, he takes the collar out of his pocket and fastens it around her neck. It’s a simple leather collar for a dog, with an D ring in the front but also another where the claps sits in the back.

“See, won’t that help me get you under control?”

“Yes, of course, thank you, Sti-” she starts, but with a raised eyebrow, she’s reminded of the change in title and corrects herself, “thank you, Master.”

It’s all getting a bit too much for Stiles as she kneels so close to his cock, so he abruptly pushes a bit back and stands up, dragging her with him, by the D ring of the collar.

“Let have lunch and then I can show you something.” Stiles announces.