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Siren Song

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There is nothing young children look forward to more than the manifestation of their quirk. They spend hours dreaming about and hoping for it to manifest, and squealing in delight at the slightest inkling it might be coming. As a child, you had the same dreams too. When your quirk manifested, you viewed it as an excellent blessing, a perfect quirk for an underwater hero, . You were five, innocently playing in the bath, enjoying the feeling of the bubbles tickling your chin, as it happened, without you even realizing. You didn’t realize the transformation your body was going through as you played.

“(Y/N), are you ready to get out?” Your mother asked, walking into the bathroom, she looked over your body, squealing in as she saw your quirk had manifested.

“Honey, come here! (Y/N) has a quirk!!” She shouted, rushing over to you to get a closer look. She delicately lifted up your hand, admiring the pink, iridescent scales littering your skin. You looked in shock and excitement at the way your body had changed, looking at the small claws that had formed from your fingernails, the way your legs had been replaced by a large, elegant tail, the colors of the sunset. You were equal parts terrified and excited.

“What a beautiful quirk!” Your father galked, walking in to the bathroom. “But wait… what happens when we take her out of the water?”

“Well… I don’t know” your mother mumbled, a sense of panic overcoming the both of them. You didn’t understand what was going on. Shouldn’t they be excited you have such a good quirk? Why were they upset?

After much debate, your parents eventually figured out that you transformed back into back to your normal, human, body as soon as you were dry. After further exploration, and many trips to the nearby ocean, you learned that your quirk had a lot more to it than just swimming well with your added tail. You could breathe underwater, see without any problems in the salt water, and basically anything you needed to stay underwater for lengthy amounts of time. Your family was thrilled with the quirk you had, saying you would be a top hero one day. You had high hopes too, until you learned that there was more to your quirk than you had initially thought.


Darkness surrounded you, the faint sound of waves crashing along the beach pulling your from your slumber. How long had you been asleep? It was hard to tell in the depths of your cave. You stretched your arms out, fingertips lazily brushing against the rock wall that lined your bed. You had a decent enough setup there, a bedroom sized cave large enough to house all of the items you’d collected to make the place a bit more homey: A trash bag to safely transport items through the water, an old photo of your family, and a few remnants of your old life. You sat up in your bed, which was really just a sleeping bag and pillow on top of a pile of soft moss. You didn’t really need much, you had no use for clothes or those type of things, as you spent most of your time underwater. There was no need for any cooking utensils, as you didn’t really have anything to cook on anyways.

Your stomach growled as you laid there, the last time you’d ate was yesterday night, but you hadn’t ‘fed’ yourself in months. Pickings had been slow during the winter and spring months, but with summer right around the corner your fast would soon end. You were able to survive off of the small fish that remained active in the cold ocean water, but it almost wasn’t worth the trip for what little nutrition they gave you compared to the amount of energy it took to warm yourself up after the frigid dive.

You stood up, stretching your legs as you walked towards the entrance of your cave. Your hideout was deep below the surface of the ocean, one you’d found by chance while wandering the sea floor aimlessly. The entrance was well hidden amongst a thick growth of seaweed and coral, the hole just small enough for you to squeeze through. A thin tunnel lead to a cave filled with air and illuminated by bioluminescent mushrooms and other plants. Had you found it under any other circumstances, you would’ve been amazed by it’s luminescent beauty, but at the time you were just grateful for a place to sleep safely.

You could tell the winter season had passed based on the temperatures of the water. It had gone from frigid and ice cold, to an actually comfortable temperature. That was how you knew it was safe to hunt again. Tourists would be plentiful along the beach this time of year, and you’d be able to have your fill.

Cautiously dipping a foot into the water, you breathed at the comfortably warm temperature. The salt water felt like silk against your skin, much better than the frigid temperatures you’d had to endure for the months before. I need to figure out something different before next winter, you sighed to yourself. You stripped off the entirety of your clothes and jumped into the hole, transforming into your more true self. You quickly swam through the water, fins propelling you at lightning speeds towards the shore. You smiled at the sight of life that had returned to the ocean. Fish were swimming again, their beautiful colors lighting up the terrain, the sun shone brightly above, warming up the ocean in its entirety. It was a beautiful sight, one you had missed for so long.

You must’ve slept through the majority of the day, based on the crimson sunset you could see through the waves above you. You  propelled yourself through the water, up to the surface. As you breached above the water, you felt the heat of the sun against your skin, a feeling you’d missed for so long. You looked at the shoreline half a mile away, it was sparsely populated, with only a few people littering the beach to watch the sunset. You knew the beach well, and knew that a few curious stragglers the stayed late after dark, intrigued by the ghost stories surrounding the location.

Most of the ghost stories began shortly after you’d made your residence at the beach. Stories of people coming back from their trips somehow different before, their bodies covered in bite marks and scars, their memories completely gone. You’d heard the rumors on your trips to land. Locals brushed it of as shark attacks and idiot tourists swimming in the dangerous currents after dark, while other people told stories of a mysterious woman lurking in the water.

You floated through the water, letting the last glimmers of the sun warm your core. With the sun setting beyond the horizon, the last few tourists left the beach, leaving it desolate and abandoned. You swam closer, hiding yourself behind rocks as you waited for your next meal. You felt an aching in the pit of your stomach that you were desperate to fill. If you could find two people that would probably be enough to satisfy you. You clambered up on a rock, peaking your eyes over the top, waiting for some oblivious prey.

After what seemed like eternities of waiting, and countless internal renditions of ‘99 bottles’, you saw a figure stumbling around alone on the beach. You hopped off the rock and slipped back into the water, swimming closer to the shore to get a better look. The person was a male, with tousled brown hair and a beer bottle in his hands. He was obviously drunk, stumbling clumsily along the beach in broken flip flops. This is almost too easy… you thought to yourself, almost feeling bad for the poor inebriated bastard.

He plopped himself down on the beach, cackling to himself in his stupor. You looked around and smelled the air. He didn’t seem to have any friends with him and he didn’t have a very powerful or interesting quirk, he almost seemed too helpless. With a final breath of anticipation, you neared towards him, catching his attention as you swam for the beach.

“Woah wuh-the-fug? Why’re you swimmin’ here… ‘s dark” he yelled, standing up and walking towards you. As you drew near, you saw him gasp and blush as he took in the sight of you, your pale body completely naked under your long white locks. His eyes trailed down your body, stopping to galk at your radiant tail.

“What’re you-” he started before you cut him off with the sound of your melodic voice.

Here my voice beneath the sea,

Sleeping now so peacefully,

At the bottom of the sea,

Sleep for all eternity,” you cooed, your soft and haunting song drifting along with the melody of the waves. You peered into his eyes, watching as he became hypnotized by your words. His eyes were glossed over, he was entranced by the sound of your voice, walking mindlessly towards you into the water. You swam away a little, continuing your  song as he treaded deeper and deeper into the water, he was almost neck deep before you grabbed onto him, pulling him closer to you as you drug him deeper and deeper, batting your thick, long eyelashes as him. He looked at you through half lidded eyes, a blush creeping up on his cheeks as you pulled your body close to his, his lips slightly parted. You leaned in close, almost as if to go for a kiss as you whispered,

At the bottom of the sea,

Sleep for all eternity… ” as you sunk your teeth deep into his neck and pulled him under water.

He went limp under your touch, unable to fight as you sucked on his neck, feeling his power flooding through you. The silver liquid filled your mouth, the taste not the best flavor, but not the worst. It tasted salty, with hints of oak. You prefered the sweeter quirks. It must not have been very powerful, but the feeling of consuming was like water against a desert wanderers pallet. You hadn’t felt this nourished in months, you could’ve drained him dry, but you knew better than to consume someone’s entire power: you weren’t that selfish. When you were done with him, he’d still be able to use his quirk, but it would be nowhere near as powerful as it once was for a while until his strength regenerated.

Reluctantly peeling your sharp teeth from his neck, you gently carried him through the water, towards a different area of the beach than before. You drug him up as far as you could onto the beach, and laid him there, assuming he’d regain consciousness soon enough. You crawled back into the water, ignoring the cold night air against your exposed body as you dashed  into the ocean. You were significantly less famished than before, but you knew that you weren’t fully satisfied yet. You swam parallel to the beach, a quarter of a mile from the shoreline: just close enough to see any people, but not close enough for them to see you against the reflections of the moon. You traveled a distance away from your first meal, just far enough for to not leave a pile of unconscious men in your wake.

You didn’t have to wait long for your next meal. You spotted a lone man, standing in front of an area of town you usually avoid. It was littered with trash, a literal dump heap on the edge of a once beautiful shoreline. Lots of debris washed up on that part of the beach and people took it as their opportunity to dump their trash there as well. It was a real shame. The figure on the beach was an oddly shaped man, his hair was wild and blonde, two long tendrils sticking straight up from his head. His body was enormous, more muscular than you’d ever seen, or thought naturally possible.You sniffed at the air, getting conflicting readings from the man. Traces of immense power filled your nostrils, whetting your palate. Unease filled your stomach. You hesitated, wondering if you should just wait and find someone else, but as he stood there, gazing off into the horizon, the craving in your stomach won you over, pushing you forward toward the shore.

His eyes snapped to you as you neared him, confusion and worry filling them.
He looked a little older than you, probably a bodybuilder or something based on his physique. His face was kind,  unassuming, too innocent.

“Good evening… what are you doing here? It’s dangerous to swim alone at night… The tide can be quite strong” he said, obviously confused. His eyes flashed across your body, taking in the sight of you in an instant as he blushed and looked away.

“That’s a lovely quirk you have.” He mumbled, ignoring your obviously bare chest, “I’ll leave you to your swim… I suppose. Good night,” He said, turning to walk away, his feet stomping through the sand.

Before he had the chance to walk away, you cleared your throat, catching his attention.

Sailors live so restlessly,
Come with me, sleep peacefully,
Listen to this siren's song,
Worry not for nothing's wrong,” You sang, enchanting the large man, pulling him towards you into the water with your voice. His eyes glazed over, trudging through the water towards you without any resistance .
Let my voice lead you this way,

I will not lead you astray,
Trust me as we reach the side,
Jumping out where men have died,

The man was incredibly tall, taking a while before he reached shoulder depth into the water. You wrapped your arms around him, taking in all of the features of his chiseled face as you pulled him deeper into the depths of the water. There was something oddly attractive about him, his features holding strength in them even in his hypnotized state.

Let the ocean fill your lungs
Struggle not, soon peace will come
Taking in your final breath
Sink down to the ocean's depths” you whispered, as you prepared to sink your teeth into his meaty neck. Before your lips even grazed his skin, something in his face stopped you, causing you to hesitate. Something in his eyes, a huge burden he seemed to carry; pain, fear, uncertainty. Something pulled at your heart a moment. You stopped just long enough for him eyes to snap out of their trance. SHIT, you whispered to yourself, opening your mouth to sing again.

“Don’t” He commanded, his gentle face immediately transforming as he glared at you, oddly grinning through his fear. The grin was somehow familiar, you’d felt like you’d seen it before. His thumb and finger pinched your jaw, painfully rendering you unable to move before you could dash away. Fear flooded your body, you’d never been in such a dangerous situation before. The fear and adrenaline overwhelmed you, tears welling up in your eyes.

I’m going to die… you thought to yourself, your breath becoming frantic and erratic. Without a moment to react or struggle, the adrenaline through your body overpowered you, sending you into unconsciousness.

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You woke to a flood of unfamiliar stimuli. Soft sheets caressed your salt-weathered skin, a firm mattress supported your body, both sensations you hadn’t felt in a while. You groggily opened your eyes, looking around at an unfamiliar room. curtains swayed in the breeze of the open window. The warm sunlight streamed onto the sheets of the bed, it was peaceful: picturesque. You sat up, noticing a t-shirt that hung loosely over your body. You had no idea where you were, but it didn’t seem to be too dangerous. Your memories from the previous night were hazy, but you could remember the jist of it. Am I dead? Is this heaven? I couldn’t be. I definitely deserve hell. You pinched yourself on the arm: nope, definitely not dead.

You swung your legs over the edge of the bed, tentatively putting your feet on the hardwood floor. You had absolutely no idea of where you could be, and a careful peak out the window proved you were way too high to climb out. The only other option you had was a white door on the other end of the room, slightly ajar. You crept across the room, the wood creaking under your weight. You opened the door to the bedroom wider, peaking your head outside. You saw a tousle of blonde hair sitting on the opposite side of the room on a large white couch, facing towards a wall with a TV on it. You appeared to be in an apartment (or an enormous penthouse, as it could be better described), with lavish furnishings and decorations throughout.

You crept out from behind the door, your foot making an audible padding noise against the marble floor.  The man shifted on the couch, turning around to check who was approaching.

“Oh, you’re awake!” He smiled gently, standing up from his seat. You cowered behind the door, unsure of how and why this strange man took you to his apartment instead of killing you. Hopefully not to be his sex slave or something else weird...

“Sorry,” He said, raising his hands and taking a step back. “Don’t worry, I’m not here to hurt you. You look very different out of water, by the way. ”

“B- but I was going to… I’m sorry,” you whispered, suddenly feeling horrible for what you’d done. It was a feeling you had learned to suppress after all of that time. “I wasn’t going to kill you… I just ne-”

“You don’t need to explain. I understand… your eyes aren’t those of a killer. We’ve all done things we need to do to survive…” He didn’t say anything for a minute. “How about you come sit down… I’ll make you something to eat. Are you hungry?”

“I’m…” Before you could answer, your stomach growled loudly, causing a blush to creep across your cheeks.

He smiled kindly and chuckled, walking over to his spacious kitchen and opening the refrigerator up. He stood much taller than it. You crept hesitantly behind him, sitting down on one of the barstools nestled up next to the kitchen island.

“I suppose I should ask first, are you a vegetarian? Any allergies? Do you actually eat?”

“I- yeah I need to eat.” You said, looking around at the kitchen.

“Then why have you been feeding off people from the beach for the past few years?” He asked clinically. Damn, he doesn’t beat around the bush, does he?

Your eyes widened in shock, had it really been years? You counted the amount of winters you’d been through… about six. Had he been following you? Watching you?

“How did you know?” You whispered, ashamed.

“I’d been tracking the happenings down on that beach for a while, trying to figure out what was going on, why people were losing their memories at the beach, ending up with bite marks, feeling weaker. The thing that made me curious was that no one ended up dead or very injured…”

“I would never want to kill anybody,” you whispered meekly… “I did what I had to do to survive…”

“Well tell me then,” He said, pulling out some ingredients from the fridge and plopping them on the counter. “What exactly is it you need to survive?”

You sat there in silence for a minute… twiddling your thumbs uncomfortably as he looked at you.

“Listen,” He sighed, “ I could’ve taken you to prison for countless charges of assault, but I didn’t. I know you’re overwhelmed, but you gotta work with me here.”

You sighed, weighing the two options in your head: prison, or talking with this stranger? The choice was obvious.

“You know the feeling you get when you’re so hungry it hurts… it’s a feeling like that,” you whispered, “But… food doesn’t help…”. Horrible memories filled your mind, bringing tears that were held back for years streaming down your cheeks.

“Hey… hey…” He said gently, eyes filled with concern…”I didn’t mean to make you upset. I’m here to help you…”

You chuckled, wiping your eyes with embarrassment, “What are you, a hero or something?”

“I guess you could say that,” He smiled, mixing some ingredients in a bowl and throwing it in a frying pan. “One more question, then I’ll stop grilling you: Why did you run away from home, (Y/N)?”

You gasped at his use of your name, how did he know you?

“How do you know my name…” you asked, inching your way off of the chair and sneakily looking for an escape.

“Answer the question first, and don’t think about trying to run away. I’m not gonna hurt you.” His voice was soft, genuine.

“I… ran away so I wouldn’t hurt my family…and so they wouldn’t arrest me…” you stuttered, trying not to give him too much.

“Hmmm…” He rubbed his chin, pondering your words. “Alright, sit, eat,” He said, placing a plate of what looked like eggs, peppers, cheese, and ham on the counter where you were sitting; probably an attempt at an omelette. At least he tried. You gulped and sat down as he leaned against the counter, taking a bite of his own plate of food. You picked up the fork and tentatively took a bite of the food. It was the first true meal you’d had in ages, and it felt like heavenin your mouth. Even if it was a bit ugly. You controlled yourself, resisting the urge to scarf it all down in a few bites. You still remembered ‘manners’ existed.  

“Well…” You started in between bites of food. “What’s your name? It doesn’t seem fair that you know all about me but I don’t know about you… you’re just a stalker.”

“I’m not a stalker,” he chuckled, “Call me Toshinori”

“Okay, Toshinori,” you  said, warming up to him a little bit. “What do you do to afford such a huge apartment?”

“My job is to help others… in a way…” he said, avoiding the question.

“Well… as long as you aren’t a hitman,” you snickered.

He chuckled a big, hearty, genuine laugh.  It wasn't shocking coming from such a bulky man. You finished your meal in silence, feeling more full and satisfied than you had in years.

“Well, I suppose I should get you some actual clothes” he said, pointing out the fact that you were literally just wearing a large t-shirt and nothing else.

“You don’t have to do that… I should go anyways… I-”

“No.” He grunted, a commanding tone in his voice, “I can’t just let you go. You’ll return to some beach and continue feeding off people. You have to stay here.”

“I can’t stay here!” You protested, fear filling your body. Was he gonna trap you here? Was he kidnapping you? Did it count as kidnapping if you were homeless and alone?

“Do you have any place else to go? Any place above land?” He questioned, crossing his arms.

“No, but-”

“Okay. Well would you rather go stay in jail? I could turn you in…”

“No… but I can’t stay with a strange man I don’t know.”

“And I shouldn’t allow a strange woman who attacked me to stay in my house, but I trust you and trust that you don’t want to live the entirety of your life hurting people and living smelling like kelp. I need you to trust me too.” He sighed.

“I don’t smell like kelp…” you mumbled, sniffing you hair. (You totally did.).

“Here’s the deal, you stay here for a little while so I can try to help you and then I’ll let you go. I’ll even give you some money to stay in a hotel for a while instead of in a hole in the ocean.”

“What do you get in return? There are always strings attached.”

“I just want to watch your quirk. Study it. You hypnotize people and suck the power from their quirks, right?”

“.... I guess…” you mumbled, confused.

“Just let me study it, and I’ll give you what I promised and anything else you could want. Deal?” He held out his  meaty hand for you to shake.

You weighed your options, once again stuck between jail and spending more time with this stranger. A room in a hotel would be nice… not having to sleep in a damp sleeping bag for a while, actually getting to take showers every day, and all this guy wanted to do was study your quirk.

“Fine,” you said, firmly grasping his hand and shaking it. “But no needles, and no weird stuff…”

He smirked, “Good! Well, you enjoy a shower and make yourself at home, I’ll go pick you up some necessities. There are towels in the cabinet in your bathroom. Help yourself, what’s mine is yours..”

“Um… okay… thank you,” you said, slightly uncomfortable with the idea of bathing in a strangers house, but touched by his hospitality.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes… please don’t go anywhere,” he said, picking up some keys and walking into an elevator.

You looked out the window, checking to see when he’d gone as he walked down the street. The apartment was easily 20 stories high, and you were obviously at the very top. Once he was out of sight, you took the opportunity to look around the apartment, looking for any signs that he could be a murderer or villain. The apartment was oddly clinical, excluding the high tech amenities and features, neat and tidy without a speck of dust or dirt anywhere. Everything was meticulously placed, making you wonder if he actually lived there. There were two other guest rooms, neither of them as well decorated or furnished as yours. You looked out the large windows of the penthouse, seeing a large expanse of ocean on the horizon. This guy must be loaded… you thought, continuing to snoop around the house. What exactly does he do for a living?

You crept into the man's office, taking note of the large, framed newspaper articles covering the walls. Maybe he’s a journalist? You skimmed over them, noticing one common theme: a hero named All Might. Parts were snipped and colored over, distorting the pictures oF the hero. That must be what he covered: All Might’s heroics. (Or he was a crazy fanboy or obsessed villain) You could see how following him was a lucrative business, All Might was constantly out doing hero work, apparently.  This only brought more questions to your mind. If he was a reporter that covered All Might, what did he want with you? And why did all of these articles have the pictures cut out? Other than the hangings on the walls, there was a large desk in the center, with a large chair to match. The outside wall was entirely window, showing that the building was looming over the city, almost acting as a guardian for the smaller sky scrapers below it.

You then crept into what you assumed was his bedroom, based on the enormous bed sitting against the far wall. It looked almost double the size of a regular king bed. The headboard was large and dominating, the bed posts reaching almost to the ceiling. You gently padded across the white carpet, placing a hand gently against the oak, feeling the smoothness of it. Your hand was practically nothing up next to it, making you realize just how small you were compared to everything about this man: even his bed. You shamelessly peeked into his dresser, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was neatly pressed, folded, cleaned, and organized into drawers. You peeked into his closet, snickering quietly at a gaudy yellow suit that was hanging in it. Your search was fruitless, so you put everything back as if it’d never been touched and kept exploring.

You continued looking throughout the apartment, checking the rest of the rooms. Luckily for you, everything seemed completely normal. No torture chambers, no meth labs. With a sigh of resignation, letting your guard down a little, you wandered back to your room.

Looking into ‘your’ bedroom, you noticed how luxurious it actually was. Mauve, silk sheets were nestled on the bed, wrinkled from where you’d slept on them. The walls were a light grey, accented with silver furnishings. The hardwood floor looked shiny and new, almost as if it’d never been stepped on. The headboard was white and immaculately detailed with carvings of roses. Other than the bed, there was a large mirror, a white vanity and stool, a walk in closet, and a large white wardrobe. The wardrobe and drawers were empty. You walked over to the bathroom, which was also the most luxurious one you’d ever seen. A large jacuzzi tub sat overlooking a huge window, you could see the entire city from it. The view took your breath away. The floors were white marble, the walls the same color purple as the bedspread in the bedroom. Whatever this guy did for a living, he sure did spend a lot of money on this apartment (And interior decorators).

Looking in the mirror, you were truly a scary sight. Your skin was flushed out, nails long and jagged, caked in sand and mud. Your white hair was dirtied brown and tangled in enormous knots all the way down to your back, and your eyes had deep dark circles under them. You looked like you’d been through hell, and you knew you had.

You turned and locked the door to the bathroom, locating the towels and soaps, and stripping off the oversized t-shirt. You fiddled with the knobs on the bathtub, getting a nice warm bath started, and waited for the tub to fill up. The controls were all electronic, with a  touchscreen and hundreds of different settings and options. All of the walls in the apartment had similar touch screen controls, putting the world at your fingertips. You rustled through the cupboards, looking for some shampoo, conditioner, and whatever else was necessary to get the stench of seaweed out of your hair. You found all of the soaps you needed, and even something called a ‘bath bomb’. You’d heard girls talking about these in a local shop, and decided to try one out.

Finally, once the bathtub was filled, you grabbed the things you needed and  set them next to it. You climbed into the tub and sighed as the warm water loosened your muscles. Even though you’d spent most of your adult life in water, something about clean tap water made you feel fresh and new. As you sank into the tub, enjoying the amount of room you had for your freshly transformed tail, you fiddled with the touch screen controls. You flipped the TV on putting it on a local news channel. Time to see what society has been up to, you thought as you turned on the jets. For the final touch, you tossed the bath bomb into the water, enjoying the aroma that filled the room as it melted, transforming the tub into a kaleidoscope of reds, yellows, pinks, and blues. It kind of matched your tail.

As you relaxed in the tub (washing, rinsing, and repeating to get the sea salt out of your hair), you zoned out to the uninteresting news on the tv. You scrubbed and rinsed every inch of your body, conditioning your long hair until it was tangle free and slipped like silk through your fingers. Finally satisfied with your cleanliness, you closed your eyes and leaned back, relaxing under the pressure of the jets.

Suddenly, the talk show on the TV cut off, a frantic reporter popping up on the screen. She stood in front of a crowd of people, smoke pouring out of a building in the distance. Her voice was frantic.

“We’re here in front of Roppongi bank, where the police and local heroes have been in a standoff with villains inside the bank for more than half an hour. Just now, local heroes were forced to retreat as the villains began detonating explosives throughout the streets.” You could hear explosions off in the distance as you looked out the window, where smoke was billowing a mile away. The reporter shielded herself from the smoke as the crowd scattered, screaming and fleeing the scene. She began to walk away from the bank, rushing with the crowd of people as the camera followed her.

“We’re unsure of how many villains and hostages are in the building, or how many explosives are in the area, but you can trust us to keep you updated on the action.”

You looked out the window again, fear filling your stomach. You hoped the people in the building were okay, that nobody was hurt. Toshinori is out there... you thought, worrying about the mans safety for a moment. It’s fine… you calmed yourself, the pros will handle it.

“It appears the police are waiting on some more powerful pro heroes to come and help the situation,” The caster narrated as the camera zoomed in on the bank. Suddenly, a figure appeared in the doorway. They had a black mask on their heads, and a hostage in their arms, a gun pressed to their temple.

“NOBODY MOVE!” The villain screamed as they pushed the hostage forward. More hostages and villains filing out of the building in a similar fashion. You noticed something about the villains, they all looked exactly the same as the first villain to come out. Same mask, same body, same everything.

“It looks like… clones?” The reporter whispered, standing frozen as the camera panned to the massive amount of villains and hostages.

“Don’t you dare try and shoot or all of these damn hostages will die!” He screamed, shaking the person in his arms as they cried.

“If you even try to do anything I’ll blow their brains off and detonate all the bombs I put in this town! Just give me what I want and everyone can go home!”

A cop with a megaphone spoke up amongst the hushed whispers of the civilians nearby. “This is the Mustafu police department. What are your demands?”

“I want one million dollars for each hostage, and I’ll trade the deactivator for the bombs for a clean escape, without any heroes following me!” He screamed back.

The man with the megaphone turned around, walking over to the other police officers.

“You’ve got one minute before I start blowing this place up!” The villain yelled. Suddenly, a clone popped out of his back, holding a large remote in his hand.

“30…. 29….28….” The clone started counting, his finger hovering over a large button.

“We’re unsure of what the police are going to do, it looks like they’re-”

Suddenly a flash went by the villains, their guns disappearing from their hands as they were pushed to the ground. The original clone looked on in shock as he was knocked to the cement, a big, booming, (and vaguely familiar) laugh filling the street.

“It’s okay! Why? Because I am here!” Toshinori yelled, landing in front of the crowd. He was wearing a dark blue, skin tight suit with a light blue cape that matched his eyes.The people around cheered as the hostages rushed away from the villains and into the safety of police custody. What the hell? He’s really a hero?

“All Might!” The reporter cheered, “Everything will be okay now! All Might is here,” the relief was obvious in her voice. THIS MAN IS ALL MIGHT? Talk about ego, you thought back to the newspaper clippings in his office.

“I think you’ve caused enough damage here!” All Might chided, a large smile plastered on his face.

“We’re nowhere near done!” The villain growled as his clones crowded around the hero. All Might looked unphased as he looked at the clones.

“Hahaha!” He chuckled, “I have no time for Villainy today. I have more important things to do than petty bank robbery”. And with that All Might went in to action. He quickly disposed of the clones, giving each a swift punch. They turned to ash under his hand. The villain looked beaten, fear in his eyes as his clones crumbled without putting to much as a scratch on the hero. As the last clone was disposed of, the man turned to run away.

“Not so fast!” All Might growled as he zoomed in front of the man, cutting off his exit. “Give yourself up, there is no need for more violence.”

The man trembled, fear obvious in his face. “Fine…”he mumbled, putting his hands in the air and dropping to his knees. The police instantly swooped in to cuff him.

“And there you have it folks!” The cameraman focused on the reporter again, “another day saved by All Might. This is channel 16, signing off!”

You flipped the tv off, feeling the high of watching Toshinori demolish that villain. You’d never seen such strength or power before.

You drained the tub and reached for the towel, drying yourself off as your fins turned back in to legs. As you sat on the side of the tub, taking lotion and working it into your toughened skin, loving the feeling of your body becoming smooth and soft to the touch. As you finished lotioning yourself and brushing out your long tendrils of hair, you suddenly realized that you didn’t have any clothes. Toshinori had said he was going to go out and get you some clothes, but he wasn’t back yet, probably still stuck in the chaos of the villain attack downtown.

Walking out of the bathroom and searching around in your bedroom, you looked through the cabinets to see if there was any clothing in there. As you were searching, you heard the apartment elevator ping, followed by a gentle knock on your door.

“I’m back,” Toshinori announced, “And I got you a couple outfits. I’ll take you out later to get some of your own stuff. I’ll leave them outside the door for you.”

“Thank you,” You called, waiting for him to walk away. You opened the door, peaking your head out to see if he was still there, and picked up the grocery bag. You closed the door and opened it up, rifling through the things inside. There was some deodorant, a bottle of pleasant smelling perfume, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a pack of underwear. There was a soft sports bra, a few pairs of black leggings, and a couple different colored t-shirts. Everything looked loose and comfortable, perfect for your transition out of nudism. You put the deodrant on, brushed your teeth, and slipped into the clothes, finally making your way out to Toshinori, who was sitting watching television in the living room. You felt more human than you had in months. Fresh and clean, a feeling you hadn’t realized you’d been missing until now.

News of All Mights fight was all over the television, showing play by plays and video clips of his heroics. Toshinori sat and watched, his face seeming more somber than usual.

“You didn’t tell me you were a hero. Are you okay?” You asked, coming to sit on the opposite couch. “I could see the smoke of the bank from the bathroom window.”

“It's all fine now ,” he said, eyes still glued to the screen.

“You didn’t get hurt, did you? I was wondering if you’d be okay.”

“You’re concern is kind, but I’m alright. I’m sorry it took so long for me to get your clothes. Does everything fit okay?”

“It’s perfect, thank you for getting them for me. Let me know if there’s a way I can pay you back.”

“It’s all part of our agreement,” he said, a small smile appearing on his face. “Speaking of, I want to ask you a few more questions if it’s alright.”

“That’s fine,” You said, leaning up against the couch. A soft, fleece blanket was draped over the back. You pulled it down and wrapped it around yourself. You always did have a thing for soft blankets, and the apartment was freezing. Toshinori looked pleased by your action, as if he was glad you felt a little bit at home.

He got up and grabbed a notepad, sitting back down in his spot. The couch groaned under his weight. He turned to the first page, scribbling something down and then turning to you. The pencil looked comically tiny in his hand.

“So, I’ll start with some easy stuff. What’s your full name?”

“(Y/LN), (Y/N)” you said simply.

“Okay, date of birth?”

“I’m 23 years old, so (Y/BD)” you said.

“Alright, and your quirk? Could you describe all of it’s parts for me?”

“All of it?” You said, uneasily.

“All that you are aware of. Sometimes we find different things out about our quirks. Just tell me what you know now.”

“Well… in the water I grow fins and can breath underwater. I can go a really long time without eating much, but I guess I kinda hibernate. I can swim really fast, I can smell the amount of power someone has. Well it’s more of s rough estimate , and…” you hesitated to say the last bit.

“It’s okay, I already know. I just want you to describe it yourself. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Okay…” You began again, “And when I sing, I can hypnotize people into a trance and feed off of their quirk.”

“Does it affect the other person’s quirk?”

“It depends on how much I take… If I don’t drain all of the power then it’ll regenerate. More powerful quirks regenerate faster than smaller ones. I can’t take physical quirks either. But If I drain the whole quirk, it doesn’t come back.”

“What do you do with the energy from these quirks?”

“I don’t really know… I guess it makes me feel full. Like I’ve eaten a good meal. If I go so long without feeding I feel starved and weaker. My hypnotizing isn’t as strong. I don’t think there’s much else to it…” you said, feeling slightly embarrassed. No one had ever really asked about your quirk before.

“Have you ever drained someone’s entire power?”

You hesitated for a minute, traumatic memories flashing across your eyes. You nodded once, clenching your jaw and looking away from him. His face remained unchanged, but you could see the sympathy in them. He waited for you to explain more.

“I didn’t mean to,” you whispered, offering no more.

He sighed, “That was right before you ran away wasn’t it?”

“I-“ you struggled for words, shame pulling tears to your eyes

“If this arrangement is going to work, I think it’s important for us both to be honest with each other. I’m not going to judge you.”He said, comfortingly. “I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve known about the incident that happened those years ago for a while now. I have friends in the police force who kept me informed on your whereabouts.”

You bristled at this new development. He’d been watching you? For years? The police had too? The thought made your head spin. “Why didn’t they arrest me?” You asked, pulling your knees to your chest.

“The woman, Brienne, said she didn’t want to press charges. In her last statement she said she bears you no ill will. “

“Why didn’t they take me in for running away from my parents?” You asked.

“They said they hoped you’d come home on your own. They really missed you… but as long as we told them you were safe they were happy enough. Do you want to see them? I can take you there someday. They moved across the country…”-

“No… not yet” you definitely weren’t ready for that.

“Well… do you have any questions before I keep interviewing you?”

“Just one… why were they so interested in me?”

“You have a quite powerful quirk. One that they found useful. They were hoping one day they could recruit you as a hero if they had the opportunity. They- we were also worried that if villains got to you first, we’d have to intervene.”

“I see,” you pondered, the thought of villains hadn’t come to your mind. You didn’t see many of them in the water. Most of the water types stuck around shadier, less touristy areas near the factories and boat docks.

“Well, you can keep interviewing me I guess,” you stated. Relaxing a little and snuggling back into the fuzzy blanket.

“Alright. Just one more question for today. Could you please describe to me the ‘incident’ that happened those years ago,”

You sighed. You’d been hoping he wouldn’t ask this question. You took a deep breath and thought for a moment, calling back memories you’d been avoiding for years.


You’d been at your house, hanging out with one of your friends, Brienne, who you’d known for most of your life. You’d been feeling incredibly sick for the past few days, missing school and club activities. She’d come to check on you.

“The doctors really don’t know what’s wrong?” She asked, concern wrinkling her brow. She leaned back and plopped her head onto the pillow of the sectional, diagonal from where you were laying covered in blankets and surrounded by things that were supposed to help “comfort you”. Get well cards,juice, tissues, soup, the works.

“I guess,” you mumbled, an aching in your stomach causing you to curl into a ball on the couch.

“Hmmm…” she thought. Picking at a strand of her black, kinky hair. “Want me to distract you?” She asked, sitting up with excitement. If there was one thing she loved, it was distracting you from various things. Usually with stories about herself and her heroics at her fancy hero school, UA.

“Sure, go ahead,” you chuckled weakly. She scooched closer to you, next to you on the sectional, draping her legs over your own.

“Well, we were doing an activity the other day, we all had to try and rescue people in the situations we were least suited for. So I was-“ you zoned out as she babbled, half listening to how she used her amazing quirk to finish the activity flawlessly. Her stories usually went like this. She was the definition of a natural born hero, with a quirk to match her ambition. She was ranked the top in her class, let in based on recommendations. She was able to harden or liquify herself at will, making her super flexible in all scenarios, she’d be a great hero someday. You, on the other hand, had decided against UA. It was too flashy for you, always at the forefront of the spotlight, Something you always avoided. You had decided to spend your freshman and sophomore years in a more aquatic focused school, one that was small and more private, hidden along the shoreline of the nearby beach.

“That’s great!” You mumbled, half listening. Your stomach growled again, sending uncomfortable shivers up your spine. You felt hot, way too fucking hot for this mid January weather. She continued to ramble on as your eyes drifted shut, ignoring the aching of your entire body.

You don’t know how long she talked before you couldn’t take it anymore. You turned over as your stomach lurched, bile spilling out of your mouth and into the trash can next to you. It felt like you were dying, like every fiber of your being was on fire.

“Dude, are you okay?” She said, rushing over to pull your hair back as you continued vomiting.

“I’m fine,” You whimpered in between Gags. She stroked the sweat off of your forehead as you leaned back into the couch.

“Is there anything I can do?” She whispered, unused to feeling so helpless.

“No, I just,”You stopped, eyes latching on to her neck suddenly, so close to you, seemingly pulsing with energy. Your mouth watered uncontrollably as you stared, leaning up to get closer. She looked at you, confusion in her eyes.

“What’s wro-“ suddenly your voice cut her off.

Be still, my love,

Don’t fret, don’t fight,

In my arms I’ll hold you tight,

Leading you to find your peace,

As I use you as my feast”

Her eyes glazed over, leaning in closer to you, trapped in your spell. You transformed into your siren form, unable to control your actions, blinded by hunger and need. Suddenly you lunged forward, flopping onto the floor, the weight of your body and tail on top of her. She laid there limply, unable to resist as your teeth plunged into her neck. You weren’t sure what came over you, but it seemed as if pure power was flowing into you as you sucked on her jugular. No blood came out, but you felt as if a delectable liquid of some sort was filling you instead. You laid on top of her like that, draining her until the very last drop was gone. Then, just as soon as it happened, you were done. Your aches and pains and nausea disappeared. You felt better than you had in ages. As you snapped back to your senses, you realized the horror of what you’d done. Your friend laid there, limp underneath the weight of your body.

“Oh my god…” You rasped, taking your weight off of her body. You grabbed her shoulders, terror filling your brain, and gave her a rough shake.

“Brienne? Brienne??” You screamed as her head dangled limply. She didn’t look dead, but her skin was pale and cold. She was unconscious.

“Mom??! Mom!” You screamed, summoning her into the room.

“What’s wrong?!” She said, sprinting into the house at the sound of your panicked voice.

“It’s Brienne…” You whimpered, giving her another shake.

“What happened?” She asked, dialing 911 on the phone as she checked Briennes pulse.

“I… I don’t know. I think I hurt her… I didn’t mean to…” You started, whimpering as tears trickled from your eyes.

“What happened?” She asked again, more frantic this time. She looked at you, her eyes like lazers.

“I don’t know… I’m sorry!” You sobbed, “I just… I couldn’t help it… I bit her… I’m sorry”.

“You-” her eyes were filled with confusion, quickly replaced by horror. She pulled away from you, scared you might bite her next.

You heard sirens outside of the house.

“Wha- What is wrong with you?” She growled, shocked that you could do such a thing.

“I-I don’t know,” You cried, terrified at what you’d done. You choked back sobs. What was going to happen? Were the police going to take you away? Were they going to send you to jail? Was Brienne okay? Mother answered the door for the police, who rushed in and assessed the situation.

“What did you do?” They asked sternly, everyone casting accusatory glances.

“I don’t- I-” You mumbled, wringing your hands as the paramedics worked over Briennes body.

“Let’s take her into custody for now,” One of the officers talked over you. Your mom looked at you, then back at the police officer. Mouth agape, you looked from the police officers, to your mother, to your friend, and finally to the door. There was no way in hell you were going to jail, there was no way you’d become a hero if you had a  criminal record. Your mind raced with fear, trying to think of what you could do. Finally, you knew you only had one option: run. Before they even had time to react, you got up and sprinted out the door, hearing them scream behind you. You sprinted as far as you could, ignoring the winter cold against your bare feet and legs. You had no idea where you were going, and no idea if anyone was following you, but as you sprinted through your town on autopilot, you found yourself heading towards the beach. It would be the only place they couldn’t find you. Ignoring the cold of the ocean water, you sprinted as far into the ocean as you could before your legs transformed. Once you were fully submerged, you swam as fast as your body could into the depths of the ocean, leaving your old life behind.

Chapter Text

You waited in silence for his judgement, for him to call you a criminal, a villain, and to call the police or fight you himself. You waited for what seemed like forever as he processed, you couldn’t even look at him, you were too ashamed.

Finally, he spoke up. “That sounds like it was really hard on you.”

“Yeah…” You said, unsure of what to say.

“How did you survive?” he asked, leaning back in his chair. There was no trace of judgement in his voice, only concern.

“It was winter when I initially ran away, so I went into hibernation pretty much. I- I ate lots of raw fish when it warmed up. Bought mcdonalds when I could find a dollar or two. I found a cave that I made my home.”

“When did you start finding people on the beach?”

“I… I didn’t do anything until after winter is over and I started getting sick again, so I had to.” The tears came in a constant stream. He looked like he wanted to comfort you, to reach over there and give you a hug, but he didn’t. To him you looked so sad and broken. Looking at you stirred something inside of him, he wanted so desperately to help you: this girl he barely knew, just as you felt you wanted to crawl into his lap, to soak up the Human affection you’d been deprived of for six years.

The two of you sat there in silence for a moment, each waiting for the other to speak. He passed you a box of tissues, which you gratefully took to blow your nose and wipe your eyes.  

“I don’t want to go back…” you whispered without thinking. “I don’t want to go back to the cave. Don’t make me go back.”

“You don’t have to go anywhere,” He said gently, “I can’t say you can stay here forever, but I’m a man of my word. Once our time together Is over I will make sure you never have to be homeless again. If you work with me, I can get you a job at one of my hero agencies, or pay for you to go to school. Whatever you want!”

A fresh wave of tears came to your eyes, more grateful than words can describe. You thanked him repeatedly.

“But first, before I let you get too comfy in here, we should go get your stuff.”

“I-I thought we were gonna go get it tomorrow?”

“Well, I was, but I figured you wouldn’t want to get all comfy and settled in and then have to go back.”

“That makes sense,” you said, wiggling uncomfortably.

“Well,” he stood up from the couch, his hulking figure casting a shadow over you. “Let’s go!”

He lead you into the elevator and down the entirety of the skyscraper. It was as immaculate as the rest of the building, white marble with gold embellishments. As you entered the lobby, you realized just how damn rich this man was, as if his penthouse wasn’t sign enough. There was a small luxury restaurant near the lobby, and many workers bustling around. It looked more like a hotel than an apartment building.

“This is the most amazing apartment building I’ve ever seen!” You gasped in astonishment.

“It’s a hotel,” he chuckled, greeting the elevator attendant as you stepped off.

“Wow! How can you afford to stay here? It’s so damn fancy”.

“I- Well I actually own it,” he said bashfully.

It should have been obvious, the name “Might Towers” was plastered everywhere, from the signs on the doors and windows to the small pens at the front desk.

“Oh my god! I didn’t realize being a hero was so lucrative.”

“Well, it pays the bills” he said modestly. He led you over to the front desk. The manager was a well dressed man, impeccably kept. He had small glasses perched on the tip of his nose. He pushed them up and smiled as Toshinori approached.

“Good afternoon, sir,” He smiled politely, nodding to you as well.

“Hello, Mr. Gutman, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, (Y/N). She’s in town for business, and will be staying here for a few months. Please make sure she’s well taken care of.”

You ignored his lie about the business part and smiled shyly at Mr.Gutman, shaking his hand gently.

“Of course, sir. (Y/N), if there’s ever anything you need please don’t hesitate to ask. We aim to please.”

“Thank you so much!”

You led him through town on foot, ignoring the stares of  curious civilians wondering who was leading the #1 hero through town. Finally, after a mile of him making idle chatter, you made it to the beach.

“It’s in there,” you said, pointing into the ocean. It was a calm day, gentle waves accompanied by a warm breeze made it the perfect day for beach going.

“Well,” he said, “I can’t exactly accompany you in there. I can’t hold my breath that long. You grab what you need and I’ll be here to carry it back when you’re ready”.

You were surprised that he didn’t make you promise you weren’t going to run away. A word popped into your head: trust. Without a second word, you started stripping your clothes off, grateful that this was a very secluded beach. You saw Toshi blush, ready to object to your nudity, but you silenced him by throwing your clothes into his arms, trotting into the water, and dashing off to your cave. Once inside, you quickly shoved your personal effects into a trash bag. You didn’t have much that you wanted to keep. You had a small amount of clothes that you decided to take with you, a picture of your family, and a few knick knacks you’d managed to sneak out from your house on a return trip/break in. You tied the bag up as tight as you could, ensuring not a bit of water would get in there, and then you said your (hopefully) last goodbye to the place. You breathed a sigh of relief as you plopped back into the water. You were glad that it didn’t look like you’d have to ever go back, but it was equally comforting to have a place to go if you needed it.

You swam towards the shore, dragging your trash bag behind you. A small nagging thought picked at the back of your brain: would he be there when you got back? Or was this all just a figment of your imagination? A crazy dream that made you get your hopes up?

You thought about turning around and going back, hiding there until you could go somewhere else or he’d forgotten about you. You buried the feeling as it tempted you, urging you to head back to the safety of your cave. Swimming forward as fast as you could, you saw the shoreline ahead of you. Pulling your head above water, you saw him sitting in the sand, playfully piling it as if to make a sand castle. It was almost comical, a giant man sitting and making a tiny sand castle alone on the beach. You smiled uncontrollably. You took the opportunity to check him out unabashedly, looking at the way his muscles showed through his white t-shirt. You’d never seen a man you were attracted to before, so you allowed yourself this one pervy moment.

Stop it, you hissed to yourself, You’ve known him for less than a day. Don’t get all riled up.

You swam the rest of the way back up to the shore, pulling yourself  across the sand since your tail was still very much attached to your body. It was a bit difficult, considering you had the weight of your tail and the weight of your bag of things trailing behind you. As you started making your way through the shallow water, he saw you. He perked up and smiled, pleased that you hadn’t run away.

“You’re back!” He got up and walked over to meet you in the shallows. “Here, let me help you,”. He scooped you out of the water without a word, as if you weighed no more than a leaf. You gasped at his forwardness.

“You’re going to get all wet!” You protested as he pulled you over to a towel. Your tail hung down clumsily against him, almost long enough to reach the ground as he held you. It was a large weight, you couldn’t imagine how heavy it was to hold.

“It’s fine! A little water won’t kill me. Did you get everything?” He eyed the small trash bag.

“Yeah,” you said, unwrapping it to make sure everything was still dry: it was.

“Well done! Did you get to say your goodbyes?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t much of a goodbye.” you said with a half-hearted chuckle.

“Well, it’s around dinner time. How about we go get something nice to eat? It’d be a way to get to know each other!”

“Get to know each other?” You asked, skeptically. “You don’t have to do that... I know this is just like a business thing for you.”

“Oh! Well… I can’t deny that this is business, but there’s no reason we can’t get to know each other, especially if we’re going to be spending a lot of time together!”

“Well… okay! I guess that makes sense.” You smiled at him and he shot you a large, genuine smile. You sat there for a minute, drying off and brushing the sand from your body. He explained what you’d be going through in the next week. Tomorrow they’d get some base stats, and he’d introduce you to the people you’d be working with. Then, it’d be lots of training and other stuff. It’d be a crazy few months, but you knew it would be the first step towards a better future.

“Well, that sounds great and all, but there's something I have to ask: why me? Why do you need me? And what for?” You saw his demeanor change immediately. You could tell from the look on his face that he was hoping you wouldn't ask him that.

“Well,” He sighed deeply, “I won’t lie to you. We need someone with a quirk like yours. We’ve been looking for a while, but you were the only person who could do what we needed.”

“What- what is it you need?” you stuttered, still not over the fact that there had been people watching you while you’d thought you were completely invisible.

He collected his thoughts, looking off to the horizon, a deep dread in his face. “To put it simply, it’s to take down a villain that’s been tormenting the world for a long time…”

“Y-you want me to fight him?” you trembled. There was no way you could do that! You had no fighting skills. From the sound of it, even Toshinori couldn’t fight him, what were the chances you could? You had to get out of this. Regardless of what your incentives were, it wasn’t worth dying.

“No- no absolutely not! I would never let you fight him. We- we just need you to immobilize him. Charm him with your quirk and then suck his power from him. I’d be there to protect you.” He put a hand reassuringly on your back. You didn’t say anything for a moment, still trying to digest what he’d been telling you. “I understand if you want to back out now. It’s a lot to ask of someone I barely know. I’ll give you some money for your trouble and-”

“I’ll do it,” you cut him off definitively. You don’t know why you agreed, every cell in your body was screaming at you to run in the water and never come back, but a little voice was telling you to stay. If the world’s number one hero is asking you to help save the world, who are you to refuse?

“Really?” He said, surprised. He smiled at you with a big, beaming smile. “(Y/N), I swear to you as a hero that I will let absolutely no harm come to you. For the rest of my life I will be forever in your debt,” He leaned over and enveloped you in a large hug, which was oddly comforting even though you barely knew the man.

As you smiled into his embrace, you suddenly had a realization. “Um…Toshinori?” you pulled away a little bit.

“Yes?” He asked, barely loosening his grip.

“I’m naked,” you said, a blush creeping over your cheeks as you moved your freshly reverted legs. He recoiled immediately, turning away as he shoved your clothes towards you.

“Oh! Yes! Please forgive me,” He stood up with his back to you as you dressed.

“It’s fine,” you chuckled lightly. Trying to change the subject, you gently touched his arm and asked, “Can we take this stuff home so I can shower off? Dinner with you would be lovely.”

Chapter Text

While you were still rusty on the whole ‘social skills’ aspect of life (considering you were living in a cave for however many years), it was so easy to be around Toshinori. It wasn’t like you’d only known him for hours, it felt like you’d been friends for years. When you got your stuff back from the beach, you showered as he sent your salt-stained clothes to be cleaned.

He took you to a small restaurant, renting a private room where no civilians or paparazzi would be able to snoop. It was more lavish than any restaurant you’d ever been to, even though he insisted that it was hardly fancy at all.

“I don’t even know what to get here” you scanned the menu, never having heard of anything before.

“Well… how about start with something simple. What didn’t you get a lot of that you wanted while in the cave?”

You pondered a moment, there were so many things you craved down there. “I missed soda a lot…” you said, remembering how amazing it was on the rare occasion someone left an unopened can of pop on the beach. You didn’t get much in the way of sugar in the ocean.

“Perfect! Although it isn’t very good for you…” he fretted. The two of you ordered drinks, and he set to helping you decide what to eat.

“Is there anything you don’t like to eat?” He asked, scanning over the menu as he made his decision. The staff were highly attentive to the both of you, fawning over All Might and curious as to who you were.

“I’m absolutely sick of seafood,” you chuckled bitterly. “And I hate avocado and spicy things.”

“Understandable,” He smiled again, “What about pasta?”

“I  haven’t had pasta in forever!” you gasped, remembering it existed. You looked through the pastas, selecting one that sounded delicious.

Toshinori ordered it for you as you continued to make idle small talk. He asked you simple questions about your life: what your favorite things were, what you liked to do for fun, and what kind of movies you liked. He told you about himself, his time in America, why he wanted to be a hero, and lots about his heroic stories. He never got into anything too personal about himself, just scratching the bare surface. You could have listened to him talk forever, the way his voice warmed up a room was intoxicating. The way he talked to you made you feel like you were the most important person in the world.

“That was the most amazing meal I’ve had in forever,” you said as you left the restaurant together.

“I’m glad you enjoyed,” He chuckled heartily, holding the door open for you. “There is one more thing I’d like to do before we call it a night.”

“What is that?” you asked curiously.

“I know I got you some clothes today, but I figured you might want to pick some for yourself. I was going to give you a little money to get some of your own, considering you’ll be on land for a while.

“You don’t have to do that!” You protested, “These clothes are fine!”

“I really insist, it’s the least I can do. Don’t feel guilty, you’re doing more than I can ever repay you for by helping me.”

“I- if you’re sure. I don’t want you to spend all of your money on me.”

“Don’t you worry, I’ve got more than I need. Hero work is lucrative business, but I’m not in it for the money. He quickly pulled out his wallet and handed you a few hundred dollar bills. You gasped at the amount, but he started rushing off before you could reject them.

“I’m going to run an errand. Call me when you’re done!” He said, leaving you alone. How the hell am I supposed to call him? He’s just going to leave me here!? Suddenly, realization hit him, he trotted back and handed you a slim, pink cellphone. “Call me when you’re done”.

“W-Wait!” You called after him, terrified of being by yourself. He soon blended into the crowd, abandoning you in his rush to get to whatever errand he had.

And thus he left you alone, in the middle of a shopping district you’d never been to, after having been on land in society for less than 24 hours. You felt miffed, defenseless, and vaguely mad. How irresponsible could he be? Sure you could probably take care of yourself, but that didn’t make it any less terrifying. You would be a prime target for people to mess with: obviously lost, fancy pink phone, and a huge wad of cash in your pocket.

 You looked at the phone, opening it up and clumsily flipping through the contacts. There was only one: Toshinori Yagi. Yagi must’ve been his last name. At least you could call him or the police if you needed to. You shoved it into your pocket and cautiously looked around at the stores. Time to get this shopping over with. There were a few you remembered shopping at long ago, so you picked the most familiar and went into it, trying your best to match things that were on trend. As you looked through the racks, you found a multitude of acceptable items for the current spring/summer weather, all which seemed to compliment your personality and were comfortable enough. You felt like one of those girls on the makeover shows you used to watch on TV with your mom. They’d get some money and go on a spree to get an entirely new wardrobe. You felt almost giddy inside. It was like a chance to reinvent yourself: every girls dream. You finished your shopping by grabbing some necessities Toshinori might not have thought of when he picked them up for you earlier: hair ties, purse and wallet, slippers, socks, and makeup. Your cart got more and more filled. You hadn’t realized how many things you needed in your daily life until you were buying them all at once. It was something you’d taken for granted in your old life, people generally had more than one shopping trip to stock up. As you checked out with your haul, making sure to spend as little as possible so you could give him as much money as you could back , you noticed something tiny and pink near the checkout. Instinctually, you grabbed it, throwing it in the pile once you had checked to make sure that it was your size. What the hell, I’m an adult. Why not?

Pushing down the guilt of buying a non-necessity, you toted your new belongings down the street, looking for a bench to sit on while you called Toshinori. Unfortunately for you, there were none to be seen, so you decided to duck into the entrance of an alleyway. It had gotten dark out by the time you’d left the store, the lights of the buildings illuminated the street beautifully.  Shoving the bags you had into one hand, you pulled the pink phone of your pocket and navigated your way through the buttons, calling Toshinori’s number.

It only took him a few moments to answer. “Hello, is this (Y/N)?”

“Yeah,” you mumbled, unused to using a phone.

“Ah! Glad to see the phone is working. I’ve never had one like that”.

“I’m sure it’ll take me a while to figure out.  you said uncomfortably.

He chuckled heartily, the volume causing you to hold the phone away from your ear. “Well, I’m finished with my errand. Where shall I pick you up?”

“Um… I was hoping you’d tell me. I have no idea where I am.”

“Oh…” he stuttered, “Right. An oversight on my part. I shall send you directions to a place nearby. One moment,” You heard some thumps as his large fingers pressed against the phone. “There,” you heard a ping on your phone. “Just meet me there and I can take you home.”

You blushed at the word ‘home’. Don’t get used to it, you’re in over your head. This man is a stranger, no matter how much he woos you. “I’ll meet you there, then” You said, saying a quick and awkward goodbye before hanging up the phone. You clicked through the phone, managing to navigate to the screen with the directions Toshinori had sent you. Damn new-fangled technology, you swore internally as you attempted to punch through the phone menus. The place he’d decided to meet you was only a few minutes away, and it looked like if you took the alley behind you you would be able to shave a little walking time off.

You readjusted your bags and turned into the alley. Ignoring the darkness and dampness of the backstreet, you hustled through, the bags swishing noisily against your legs. It was odd, just how long this alley was, but you ignored it, looking at the exit that let to the street where you’d meet Toshinori. There were many dumpsters used by restaurants, exits from bars, and some empty palettes and other garbage.

As you made your way towards the other street, a dark figure popped out from nowhere and blocked your way, cutting off the exit to the next street.

“Whatcha got there?” The man slurred, obviously drunk. He pointed to your bags, swaying towards you.

“J-Just some clothes,” you mumbled, backing up a little bit. Would it be a better idea to rush past him? Or turn around and walk away. He took a few steps forward before you could make a decision, grabbing on to your arm.

“D-Don’t!” You said, trying to pull away a little bit. His hands were cold and clammy, his grasp strong and unbreakable (surprising for a drunk man).

“Don’t be like that,” he mumbled, grabbing your other arm.“I jus’ nee- a lil cash,” His weight pulled on your arms causing you to stumble and gasp out in fear. You dropped your bags, stumbling backwards and landing on the ground.

“W-Wai a secun’” The guy growled, squinting and focusing on your face. “You’re that girl who was with All Might earlier…”

“N-no I wasn’t!” You tried to crawl backwards, out of the way. He stomped over to you, suddenly 100x more intimidating. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a knife and switching it open. “Boss said to kill anyone we see with that guy… I bet I’d get a lot of cash from ‘im if I killed All Might’s girlfriend.” He lunged towards you with the knife, sloppily jabbing it into the ground beside you, while all of his weight landed on top of you.

“Fuck!” He snarled, picking up the knife and brandishing it above you. He held you down with one hand as you struggled underneath him.

“H-Help!” you called, doing your best to push the man off of you. “HELP!” You whipped your head to the side as he stabbed at you again. The blade barely grazed your cheek, a small ribbon of blood leaking from itl

“Stop movin’, you freak!” He grabbed onto your hair, pulling your head up and slamming it down quickly. Your head cracked painfully against the pavement, disorienting you and ceasing your struggle.  Spots dotted your vision, everything was a blur of lights and motion, you were unable to distinguish anything.

“Fuckin’ finally!” He said, letting you and bringing his knife up to finally end you. This is it… I’m going to die…

Suddenly, the body was ripped off of you, thrown by a hulking figure into a nearby wall. The figure followed the drunk man and pulled him up by his shirt collar, growling into his ear and ripping the knife from his hands and tossing it aside. You recognized the voice instantly as All Mights, there to save you right on cue.

“Don’t you or your boss ever threaten me or the people I care for ever again, ” he snarled, tossing the man down the alley. The man didn’t get back up, he was obviously unconscious. Toshinori walked over to you, eyes looking somber.  

“Everything is okay now,” he murmured as he picked you up into his arms, “I am here.”

You tried to collect yourself as fast as possible, holding onto your head as the world spun around you. You felt a bit of blood trickle down your neck. He gave you a few minutes to let the world orient itself.

“Shit- fuck. I’m sorry,” you rasped as the stars left your vision.  Your head throbbed. “I’m sorry you had to save me.” You did your best not to cry, trying not to appear weak. Tears that dripped down your cheeks betrayed you, but you were barely able to not sob from relief.

“No, don’t apologize.” He said, “I’m sorry to leave you unattended. It was irresponsible of me, especially since you are just coming back into society. I thought I could go off and run an errand. It should’ve waited.”

“I- I should’ve used common sense,” you wiped the tears from your eyes. “Not gone in an alley by myself at night…”

“No, no. Don’t blame yourself. Let's get you home safe so we can forget all about this, shall we? And get those wounds treated...”

You  nodded, leaning your head against his chest, hoping he wouldn’t put you down and hoping that you didn’t get any blood on his shirt.

“Should I carry you?” He chuckled, holding you with one arm and picking up your bags with the other. “It’s a legitimate offer. I know you’re probably shaken.”

“You can’t let people see you carrying me around. They’ll think we’re lovers or something.” You blushed.

He laughed cheekily, enjoying your joke. “I’ll take that as a yes. Hold tight, I’ll make sure no one sees us. By the way, are you scared of heights?”

“No-” you began to answer. Suddenly, you were being lifted through the air, soaring through the sky, as weightless as a feather. He jumped from rooftop to rooftop, effortlessly slicing through the air. He didn’t so much as jostle you as you went, landing and leaping as gracefully as a ballerina.

“Holy shit!” You marveled at the city below you, forgetting about the pain in your head. “This is amazing” You squealed, looking excitedly from All Might to the scene below you. He smiled, pleased as you admired the view.

“I’m glad you aren’t scared,” he mused, speaking over the sound of the wind rushing past you

“Are you kidding me? This is the most amazing view ever!”

Something fluttered in his chest at your adventurous attitude. He couldn’t hel0p but stare at the way your light blue eyes twinkled as you looked in wonder. Your hair gently blew past him, caressing his cheek as he leapt. If he could, he would have shown you the entire world like this just so he could keep seeing you smile.

“Shall we take the scenic route, then?”

“Absolutely!” And you did. He took you all over town, giving you an aerial view of the entire city, from the beach to downtown. It was the most amazing thing you’d ever experienced, something you’d never be able to forget.

Too soon, he landed in front of his building, setting you down gently onto the sidewalk.

“Toshi- that was amazing!” You said, quickly embracing him in excitement. He recoiled in surprise for a second, then returned your affection wholeheartedly.

“Toshi?” He asked with a chuckle as you let him go.

“Shoot, I’m sorry,” You looked away in embarrassment. “I just feel so comfortable around you. I didn’t mean to overstep.”

“No! No!” He gently lifted your chin with his thumb, making you look at his friendly face. “It’s fine! I like it. Please, feel free to call me it.”
“Alright,” you smiled bashfully, “Well, Toshi, I really enjoyed that a lot!”

“I can take you out to see the town again sometime, maybe with a bit less peril” he smiled, opening the door to the tower and ushering you inside. You took the bags from him, thinking about how it would look if he came in with you, carrying his bags,

“I’d like that,” you smiled, entering the building.

You were instantly greeted by the friendly staff, crowding around to greet your companion.

“Good evening, sir,” the Gutman smiled, “I trust you had a lovely evening?”

“Haha!” He chuckled heartily, “For the most part!”

Gutman suddenly saw the trickle of blood on All Might’s shirt, and the stain of it on your head and cheek.

“Oh my! Is everything all right?” His eyes were genuinely concerned.

“We’re fine, just a scuffle in an alley. Please, give Dr. Kakinomoto a call, ask him to come by at his earliest convenience.”

“Of course, sir, I’ll call him immediately. Anything else I can do for you?”

“That’ll be all!” He smiled and nodded, leading you to the elevator. The lobby was fairly quiet, the restaurant was just beginning to close and most people had retreated into their rooms. The workers all greeted the two of you as you walked past, he returned their smiles and greetings with enthusiasm.

“Everyone really seems to like you,” You observed in the safety of the elevator.

“I try my best to make sure everyone who works here is happy. They’re wonderful people!”

“I bet,” You said, stepping off the elevator and back into the penthouse. You imagined it for a moment: working at Might Towers wouldn’t be too bad.

“Well, while we wait on the doctor how about you put your things away. I trust you got what you needed. If not, I can take you out again another time.”

“No! I got more than enough! Oh, and here!” you reached into your pocket and pulled out the cell phone and the leftover money.

“You can keep this,” He said, handing you back the phone and money. “Consider it a down payment”.

“A-Are you sure?” You held it out in your palms, trying to refuse.

“You’ll need spending money now that you’re on land. Can’t just go outside and catch a fish or anything”.

“Oh, yeah,” You looked awkwardly at the money and phone.

“It’s fine,” he said, taking your hand and curling it around the money. His skin tingled against yours, causing you to blush. You quickly pulled your hand away as your eyes darted to your feet.

“Well… Thank you,” you said, shifting your bags in your hands. “I- I think I’m going to go put this down.”

“Alright! I will let you know when the doctor arrives.”

“Wait- he’s coming tonight? It’s pretty late.”

“He is my own private doctor. He will take good care of you whenever you need it.”

“Well… okay… Thank you…” You turned around and shuffled off to your room. You closed the door gently behind you and turned on the light. You let out a big breath of relief as you returned to solitude. Even though Toshi was amazing to be around, going from complete isolation to having him talking your ear off was exhausted. You gently pulled the tags off of your items and shoved them into the drawers and hangers on your dresser. With personal items strewn about the room, it started to actually look comfortable and homey, like someone actually lived there.

Once you finished unpacking, you sat down on the covers and flipped out the phone, going through the options and trying to personalize it as your own. Your head conflicted itself, one side telling you it wasn’t your phone and the other full of excitement for having some technology of your own. You tried your best to figure out how the damn thing work. It seemed like every button did the opposite of what you wanted. Frustrated, you dropped the thing and sighed. You’d figure it out eventually, you supposed, maybe you just needed a little help.

You peaked your head out the door and were pleased to see Toshinori sitting on the couch, engrossed in whatever show was on the TV.

“T-Toshi?” You said, creeping around and sitting on the couch opposite him.

“Get all your stuff packed away?” He asked, pausing the show he was watching. He had changed into something more casual and comfortable, joggers and a plain t-shirt.

“Yeah… Thank you so much again…” You fidgeted uncomfortably.

“It’s really no trouble,” He stretched causally across the couch as he smiled. You wondered how his jaw didn’t hurt from the amount of time he spent smiling.

“Well… I had something I wanted to ask you if it’s not too much trouble,” You said, rubbing your hands anxiously.

“Anything! How can I help?” He looked thrilled that you were relying on him.

“I was hoping you could help me figure out how to work this thing…” you said, pulling out your phone and passing it to him. You sat next to him on the couch, his arm draped behind you. He laughed heartily and took his time explaining it from you, setting it up and personalizing it for you. He downloaded some apps, showed you how to use them, and when you were finally starting to get it, he handed it back to you.

“The last thing you need is a background!” He tossed it back to you.

“Well… what should I put it as?” You said, wanting it to be something other than the plain white clouds that were the default.

“Hmmm… well, most people use pictures of them with their friends.”

You looked at him blankly, wondering if he meant that to hurt or not. “Toshi… I don’t have any friends.”

He blinked at you, finally realizing what he’d said. “Oh! Well… that’s not true! I’m your friend.” He pulled the phone from you and flipped the camera on, pulling you close and throwing up peace signs. “Say cheese!”

“Um… cheese?” You smiled awkwardly, looking at the phone camera as it flashed.

“There! Perfect,” He showed you the photo. You certainly looked odd, but he was looking great. You sat meekly next to him, smiling at the camera. He, on the other hand, was beaming confidently. He set it as your phone background and passed it back to you. “All set up!”

Suddenly the elevator intercom buzzed, Gutmans voice filling the room. “Sir, the doctor is here to see you. Shall I send him up?”

“Immediately, please, Gutman.” The intercom clicked off, leaving the room silent again. “Well, that was fast. He’ll have your head patched up in no time.”

“Oh, yeah! I’d kinda forgotten about it.”

“Doesn’t hurt?” He leaned back to look at the wound on the base of your skull, then looked at the cut on your cheek. He gently traced it with his thumb. You had to resist the urge to close your eyes and lean into him. Why did he have to be so damn warm and comforting?

“I guess now that you mention it, kinda?” You touched it delicately. “I’m used to this kind of stuff, I suppose. There aren’t exactly doctors underwater. I heal very quickly in my other form after I’ve… well… ‘eaten’.”

“Ah, very true. I suppose crabs can’t go to medical school.”

You giggled, appreciating his joke. “I think their claws are too small to hold a scalpel.”

“Haha!” He chortled, loving your attempt at humorous banter. It appeared to him that the more and more time he spent with you, the more your true personality shined through, as if something held dormant deep within in the ocean was being recharged by the sun.

“Good evening!” A small, grey old man popped off of the elevator. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Ah! Dr. Kakinomoto! Thank you for coming so late at night, I appreciate it. Allow me to introduce you to (Y/N). She’ll be working with me for a little while.” The little old man stepped into the room, coming to stand in front of the two of you, carrying a small medical bag. You blushed and smiled as Toshinori introduced you to him.

“Well, what kind of trouble have the two of you gotten in to tonight?” He chuckled, leaning around you to look at your wounds.

“Just a small cut on her cheek and something on the back of her head. I figured it would be important to get it sealed up and to check for any concussions.”

“You and your friends can just never seem to keep yourself from getting hurt, can you?” He chuckled kindly, “Bend down, my dear, let me see what the damage is.”

He pulled a small scanner out from his bag and slipped on some gloves. You gently leaned over as he used the scanner to inspect for any breaks. He mumbled and tutted to himself as he worked over you, using things from the bag to disinfect and clean your wounds off.

“I have to say,  All Might , this is one of the least traumatic injuries you’ve presented me with. Nevertheless it is good you’ve called me, there is a minor skull fracture. I’m surprised you’re not in more pain.”

“I’m pretty tough!” You smiled , flexing your scrawny arm muscles jokingly. All Might and the Doctor chuckled. It felt satisfying to hear them laugh.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not uncomfortable. Just give me a quick minute and we’ll have you fixed in no time.”

“Sounds good!” you smiled, leaning down again and closing your eyes as Dr. Kakinomoto placed his fingers on the base of your skull.

“Dr. Kakinomoto has a wonderful quirk.” Toshi stated. You felt a stinging sensation on your wound, nothing intolerable, but still very much uncomfortable. You bit your lip to prevent from making any noise, your eyes squinted shut. “It’s called mend. Essentially, he can rejoin anything that has become separated or torn. It’s definitely very useful in the medical field.”

“Or as a tailor, but I never had much of an eye for fashion” The doctor snickered, releasing his touch on your head.You leaned up again, gingerly touching the newly repaired skin. The skin was still tender, but felt much better than it initially had. He quickly touched the wound on your cheek, and then nodded in satisfaction.“Should be as if nothing ever happened. You will feel a bit tired for a few hours, just get some rest and you’ll feel perfectly fine tomorrow. Now, All Might, please do your best to make sure that you keep her from getting injured again.”

“I will do my best!” All Might stood up and shook his hand, and you thanked him profusely.

“Both of you have a good night, do your best to stay out of trouble.” The doctor bowed and took his leave, flashing you one last smile as he made his way into the elevator.

“Well, you heard the doctor,” All Might stood, “You better get some rest. I’m sure you’re exhausted. We have a big day tomorrow too.”

“You’re right,” you yawned, stretching your arms out above your head. You stood up and headed towards the door. “Thank you for a really good day. I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight.” You gave him your most sincere smile as you walked into your room, closing the door behind you and throwing on some pajamas. You collapsed into your bed, pulling the covers over you and trying to chase sleep. It never came, and you found yourself tossing and turning in bed, unable to get perfectly comfortable. You had too much on your mind. What was going to happen tomorrow? Did the top hero All Might really need your help? And why you? Surely there were better people for the job. You finally got up from the bed, tiptoeing into the living room. All Might was nowhere to be seen, his bedroom door closed and the apartment completely quiet. You padded over to the couch,  grabbing the fuzzy blanket you had used earlier and pulling it into your bedroom with you. Wrapping yourself into a burrito and finally becoming comfortable, you flipped on your phone as you laid in bed, staring at the background picture of you and the world’s number one hero. You let the warm fluttery feelings that filled your stomach comfort you, as thoughts of him lulled you to sleep.

Chapter Text

You woke the next  morning wrapped in the warmth of the fuzzy blanket, hearing unfamiliar voices drift in from the hallway. It took you a minute to remember where you were: Might Towers. You looked at your phone for the time: 10 am. You breathed a sigh of relief, you were worried you’d accidentally sleep until late in the afternoon. Reluctantly, you unwrapped yourself from your fuzzy blanket burrito and sat up, trying to get up the energy to stand. You still felt tired from your adjustment to living on land, but the drowsiness was receding. With a final sigh of resignation, you rubbed the sleep from your eyes and trudged into the bathroom, brushing your teeth and making yourself look presentable in case you had to meet the voices in the hallway. You threw on a cute outfit you’d bought the day before and threw your phone in your pocket. Taking a deep breath, you quietly opened the door and crept into the hall, listening to the voices. The apartment felt chilly, like the thermostat was set much too low. He probably needs to keep it cold since he’s so dang massive. Guess I’ll just freeze to death.   They seemed to be coming from the office down the hall. You couldn’t exactly determine what they were saying from so far away, but you knew there was Toshi, and three other men.

Their voices were serious, hushed and frantic. You tiptoed down the hall, trying to decipher what they were talking about.

“We don’t have any more time to waste. If this girls quirk is like you said, this is our best opportunity.” The voice sounded like it belonged to a young man, someone probably just starting their career.

“If we’re gonna do this we have to make sure that we’re 100% certain she can do it.” This voice was much older, more crotchety. “This is too important to risk on some ameteur. We’re running out of time.”

“I know her quirk is what we need. It’s the best chance we’ve got.” Toshi was speaking now. “I won’t let what happened with… with Nana happen again.” He sounded distressed.

“Well, where the hell is she? Just gonna sleep the day away? Be careful Toshinori, someone like her may try to take advantage of you.”

“Thank you for your concern, Gran Torino. Everything is fine. I’m sure she’s just tired after all the changes. She had a bit of trauma yesterday anyways.”

“Trauma?” The young voice asked, “What happened?”

“A man in an alley who worked for All for One tried to attack her.”

“So he knows. The element of surprise is lost.” You heard the younger man sigh.

“Well we don’t have time to sit around. Go-” The old man began.

“Good morning,” you stepped timidly into Toshinori’s office. Just as you suspected, the youthful voice belonged to a tall man with dark brown hair. He wore a button up shirt and tie, looking like he was going to a business meeting. He looked very serious, but his face had kind features. The other young guy, who was standing closest to All Might looked terribly cold and unfriendly. He was tall and lanky, with green and blonde hair, and yellow glass perched on the edge of his nose. He looked frustrated. The other man was much older and worn. The way his back hunched made him look like he was once very tall, but was now in the process of shrinking due to age. He wore a white and yellow hero suit, a mask covering most of his features. Toshi sat at his desk in his normal casual garb. His head was propped up by one hand, obviously frustrated by the conversation he was having, but he became much more chipper once you walked into the room.

“Ah! Good morning! I hope you slept well.” His smile was slightly strained.

“Yeah, I slept fine,” you fidgeted shyly, trying to ignore the three unfamiliar sets of eyes that were scanning you from top to bottom.

“That’s good! Allow me to introduce you to the men we’ll be working with for the next few months. This is my teacher, Gran Torino.” He directed you to the older man. You shook his hand gently.

“Nice to meet you, I’m (y/n)” You chirped, doing your best to give him a genuine smile. It must’ve worked because his scowl softened and a small semblance of a smile curled the corners of his lips.

“This is Mr.Tsukauchi, a friend of mine from the local police force.”

“Nice to meet you,” he took your hand in his, shaking it firmly and excitedly.

“The pleasure is mine. I’m excited to work with you. Toshi has been telling us all about your quirk.”

“And this is my sidekick, Sir Nighteye!” He gestured to the green-haired man beside him.

“Nice to meet you!” You said nervously, holding out your hand to introduce yourself. He looked at it form a moment, arms crossed with no intention of uncrossing them. He looked like he was appraising you, determining whether you were worth his time or not. You shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot, pulling your hand back to yourself and looking away as everyone stared at the two of you uncomfortably.

“We were just making our plan of action. Why don’t you have a seat?” Toshi broke the awkward encounter, waving his hand towards the empty chair on the other side of him.. You quickly sat down, hoping that they didn’t realize you’d been eavesdropping before you entered.

“Well, Toshinori. Have you told her everything?” Gran Torino asked. The small man almost seemed to scare the number one hero, it was almost comical.

“Well… I… not all of it.”

You looked around at the men. Tsukauchi sighed and rubbed his eyes, while Gran Torino glared at him.

“So, you got her to sign up without telling her what she was signing up for? Toshinori, you fool.”

“I didn’t really ask her…” He dug his hole deeper.

“Then why is she here?!” Gran Torino stood up, All Might trembled a bit.

“She- I brought her here and said I’d pay her if she did it. I didn’t ask her to come here, I just brought her.”

“So you kidnapped her?” Night Eye said, burying his face in his palms.

“No! I just-”

“Stop! Miss, did he kidnap you?” Tsukauchi looked at you, he was utterly exasperated.

“Well… kind of? I agreed to stay though, I guess.”

“And did he tell you what we needed you for?” The old man asked.

“He didn’t go into detail.”

“Toshinori…” The old man sighed angrily. “You need to tell her before we do anything.”

“I was going to! I just didn’t have the chance. (Y/N), please let me explain to you what’s going on.”

“That’d be great,” you said with a slight nip or sarcasm. You were tired of the men ragging on Toshi, but also scared as to what you were getting yourself into. It sounded like there was more to it than just some big bad villain.

“Well… where do I begin?” His face darkened as he told the long story of a villain named “All for One”, a selfish man who had been stealing the quirks of others and stockpiling them to make himself the most powerful villain ever known.

“Have you ever encountered him before?” You asked, suddenly realizing just how big and terrifying the task ahead of you was. You  picked at your cuticles nervously, legs restlessly fidgeting under the chair.

“Well… yes…” You felt an aura of mourning fill the room. “The last time we fought All for One, he killed my master. I was much younger”

You didn't know what to say. He looked utterly devastated, the others did too. If the person who trained the world's number one hero couldn’t defeat him, what chance did you have?

Before you could try and say anything, Toshinori spoke again, breaking the awkward silence. “That was a long time ago, though. This time we will defeat him. I know we will.” The determination in his face instantly brightened the room, setting a small flutter in  your stomach. His blue eyes bore into you. “With your quirk, we won’t fail.”

Your throat felt like the sahara desert. If you were nervous before, now you were terrified. There was a huge conflict inside of you, you knew you had no choice but to help (even if you wouldn’t survive), if the world depended on this, you couldn’t say no. On the other hand, hiding in the cave for the rest of your life didn’t sound so bad.

You gulped loudly. “S-so what’s the plan?”

“Well, the main goal would be for you to drain all the power he’d accumulated, rendering him quirkless” The bespectacled man stated , folding his hands in his lap and leaning forward. The way he stated it, it sounded to simple.

“Then we will apprehend him and he will spend the rest of his life in prison,” Tsukauchi added.

“I see…”

“Before we can make any concrete plans we need to get a look at your quirk,” The old man grumbled, eying you up and down again.

“Shall we take this downstairs, then?” Toshi asked, standing up and ushering people out the door. Gran Torino grumbled and made his way to the elevator and you and the other three men followed.

“I know you’re probably really intimidated and afraid by all of this, but we can discuss and explain everything in detail later. Obviously the old man is in a bit of a hurry to see what you can do,” Toshinori gently touched your elbow reassuringly.

“I-it’s fine” you stuttered, following everyone into the elevator. You only went down one floor after Toshi pressed the button.

“I really don’t understand why you don’t have any stairs in this place,” Gran Torino grumbled.

“I wasn’t the one who designed it,” Toshinori defended himself. Why was he so damn scared of this old man?

“It’ll make you lazy. This lavish lifestyle is unbefitting of a hero.”

Toshinori sighed, ignoring the mans complaints as the elevator door opened. You were instantly hit with a familiar smell: salt water. You stepped off the elevator and looked at the room around you. It was a large gym, almost every wall covered in windows, the floor covered in a pristine black carpet. The gym equipment was bigger and bulkier than you’d ever seen. Weights that looked as big as your entire torso sat on the floor, nothing looked even humanly possible to exercise with, no wonder he was so frickin’ enormous. He led you through the labyrinth of equipment, past rooms that looked like a spa and a sauna, and then in through a door that lead to an enormous pool. It didn’t look like your typical gym pool with white towels and white walls, instead it was on a balcony, built out of natural rock wood and overlooking the pool looked about 8 feet deep, and long enough for you to swim laps. A small hot tub sat near one corner of the pool, and there was a small waterfall on the opposite end.

“Holy shit…” You mumbled under your breath. How does this fit on the top floor of an apartment building?

The three men sat in a row of pool chairs, staring at you expectantly as you awkwardly looked at the pool.

“Well? What’re you waiting on?” The old man grumbled.

“Umm… do you just… want me to get in the pool?”

“Well… yeah, show us your quirk.” The bespectacled man looked at you incredulously.

“Um… okay… well could you look away so I could undress?”

The four men blushed, instantly closing their eyes and looking away.

“Thanks…” you sighed, slightly aggravated. You didn’t like being the center of attention, you never had. Being here and putting yourself on display made you feel like a circus act. But, if it meant that Toshi would be one of the ones giving you attention, then it would be at least a little worth it.

You made quick work of your clothes, tossing them onto an empty chair as to not let them get wet, then jumped into the water. You were surprised that the water wasn’t chlorinated. Just as the smell led you to believe, it was saltwater. Not only was the water nice and warm, it felt much cleaner and more refreshing than the ocean water you were used to. There wasn’t any nasty seaweed wrapping around your tail, no sand getting into all of your nooks and crannies.You didn’t really know that there would be much of a difference, but there was. It was also much better than chlorinated water, which stung your eyes and burned your lungs.

“You can open your eyes now,” you called to the men. You had used your long ivory locks to cover your breasts, not that you were embarrassed (plenty of people had seen them after your years in the ocean), but you figured it better to shield the two men from the indecency. It wouldn’t make a very good first impression. You laid your head on your arms on the side of the pool, taking a quick second to look at Toshi.

The men opened their eyes and cautiously looked at you. Gran Torino instantly got up and started walking around the pool, looking at you from all angles as he and Tsukauchi discussed something you weren’t really paying attention to. The only thing you could look at was Toshinori.

He had seen you like this twice before, but in this light it took on a whole new level of beauty. You looked at him dreamily, long lashes batting at him as he watched you. Whether or not you were doing it to purposefully entice him or not, that was the effect it was having on him as his heart did flips. He looked at you as if you were a masterpiece, his eyes awestruck and never leaving your body. You blushed as he watched you, gently biting your bottom lip and wishing you were the only two in the room. He saw you catch him staring, and blushed and turned away.

“So what can you do like this?” Nighteye asked, tearing your attention away from Toshi.

“Well… um...:” You suddenly blanked on what your quirk did. “I can…  sing songs!” You said the first thing that came to your mind.

“You can… sing songs?” The old man gaped at you, the two of you both knew it was an incredibly stupid thing to say.

“No, I mean… I can sing and hypnotize people I guess. And then when they’re hypnotized I can… drain…” You said the last part quietly.

“And how does the song hypnotize them?”  Tsukauchi asked with genuine interest, no judgement at all.

“Well… I don’t know. It doesn’t just work on absolutely everybody and I can’t choose who I hypnotize. Whoever hears will become hypnotized. Likewise, If someone can’t hear me it wont work. It works best when I surprise people or have their undivided attention.”

“And what do you do once they’re hypnotized?”

“Well…” You clenched your fists, “I can suck their quirk from them through their neck.”

“And what do you do with the power?” Gran Torino asked, his voice vaguely disgusted.

“I don’t… nothing… It’s just like a hunger that's filled for me… If I don’t do it it just makes me sick. But unless I drain a person's entire quirk it will always regenerate. It… I’m not sure but I think my body can use that energy to heal me.”

“Hm…” Gran torino rubbed his chin. “Can you do it out of that form? What is the extent of your healing?”

“No. Just like this. I’m… practically quirkless out of water.” You spat the last part bitterly. It was always a distressing fact you dealt with in highschool. It’s not fun being a one trick pony. “I’m not sure how much I can heal… Infection is something I can’t do. Viruses, colds, that kind of thing either. The worst break I’ve had is a broken wrist and I healed that in my form.”

“How much water do you need to transform?”

“Well… a drop isn’t enough. I’m not really sure. As long as my legs are fully submerged or wet. You could drench me with a hose and that’d work I think”.


“Perhaps a demonstration would be best,” Toshinori spoke up, standing from his chair and pulling his T-shirt off from over his head. You galked at his shirtlessness, not realizing just how much muscle he’d been hiding.

“Is that really necessary?” Gran Torino sighed as Toshi threw his pants off to reveal his swim trunks underneath.

“You just wanna show off your body, don’t you?” Tsukauchi teased. They must’ve been close friends from the way they bantered with each other.

Nighteye sighed and rolled his eyes, leaning back in his chair and looking away from his partner being a fool.

“I think it’s only fitting we get a real life demonstration. This has happened to me before, so I’ll be fine.” he said innocently as he descended the stairs into the water. “Shall we, (y/n)?” He asked.

“Sure… I guess… but do you have any ear plugs for them or something? I don’t want you guys to all fall in the pool.”

“Oh! Yes! In my pocket there are some earplugs. Feel free to use those.” Toshi pointed over to where his pants were laying on the chair.

“Alright, but no funny business, got it?” The senior growled at you. Tsukauchi went to the mans shorts and pulled out three pairs of bright orange ear plugs.

“I’ll do my best!” You held your hands up, already exhausted by this old man’s accusatory nature. For a moment, you almost thought you heard Sir Nighteye snicker at your sass, but his face was as still as a marble statue.Toshinori waded over to you, a calm expression on his face. He was nowhere near as nervous as you.

“Well,” Tsukauchi popped the earplugs in, “ready when you are!” He yelled slightly too loud.

The old man nodded in agreement, and the spotlight was yours. You nervously looked over at Toshi.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course, I trust you.” He smiled reassuringly.

“Well… okay,” you mumbled. You were incredibly terrified. You were always afraid of public speaking, but singing? This was a whole nother ball game. You’d never sang for a group of people, one person was as high as you’d risk. The three men looked at you expectantly, and you gulped audibly.

Just focus on Toshi, you told yourself, looking into his eyes for comfort.

With a final breath of courage, you ignored the other men and began your song.

Your melody was wordless, hauntingly echoing around the pool and trailing out across the air. You ignored the men outside of the pool, instead focusing all of your efforts on the large man in front of you. His eyes were glazed over, just as they were before. His mouth slightly ajar, he slowly tiptoed through the water towards you, enchanted by your voice. You didn’t stop, even when he was directly in front of you. Instead you swam in circles around him and continued singing, showing the full extent of your hypnosis. For a moment you glanced at his neck, a rumble in your stomach tempting you to seek your teeth into the meat of his throat, but you resisted. You could tell the others were enthralled too, though not hypnotized, as your silky notes flew through the air. Even though they could barely hear you through the earplugs, you could tell that they were in awe. Your voice was nothing they’d ever heard before, more beautiful and enchanting than a choir of violins.

With a final breath, you threaded your notes through the air, gently weaving your hand through one of Toshinoris golden locks. As your song ended, you gently pinched his meaty cheek, chuckling as his eyes snapped back in to focus.

“Did it work?” He mumbled hoarsely, looking around to collect his bearings, and smirking a little when he saw you had his arms around him. Ignoring the fact that your bare chests were nearly touching, Gran Torino spoke up.

“That was certainly something. Shameful is what it was. Toshinori, how could you let yourself be controlled like that?”

“Sorry, Gran Torino I-“

“What does it feel like?” Tsukauchi interrupted the two.

“Well…” He thought for a moment, “I don’t really know. It’s just like being asleep. One second she’s singing, the next thing I know I wake up with no memory of what happened or how long I was out”.  

“So it’s unlikely he’ll be able to resist?” The old man asked.

“Unlikely. Unless she gets interrupted. Which means we’ll have no make sure nothing stops her until the job is completely done. We’ll only have one shot.”

“Well we don’t have time to waste. Let’s go back to the office and workout our plan.”

“Sounds good. Allow me to dry off first. (Y/N) will need some time as well.” Toshi started his way up the steep stairs to the pool, leaving you wondering how exactly you’d get out. You were way too heavy to pull yourself over the edge, and you didn’t exactly have any intent to use the sharp stairs. You looked at All Might, who seemed to understand your dilemma. Luckily for you, the other three were already in the other room heading for the elevator.

Leaning down over the edge of the pool, bending at the waist, Toshi grabbed you by your armpits and hoisted you over the edge. The tile around you was absolutely soaked, but he didn’t seem to mind as he knelt down next to you, handing you a towel.

“I’ll have someone come in and fix those stairs immediately so you can get out on your own” he smiled, ruffling your wet tresses.

“What the hell?” You giggled, pushing his hand away. His expression changed, instantly worried.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to overstep!” He apologized

“No, no! It’s fine. I was teasing you!” You playfully swatted at his leg with your tail. He looked relieved as you smiled at him.

“Oh! Yes, haha! Sorry!” He chuckled. “Meet us up in the office when you’re dry. I can order you some breakfast while we discuss the plan.”

You suddenly realized how empty your stomach was. “Thanks! That’d be great!”

With that, he left you alone to dry off. You felt oddly relieved after everyone left. You’d shown off your quirk and apparently they deemed it as acceptable for what they needed. They didn’t throw you out on the street or call you a monster and take you to jail. All things considered, you’d count that as a success. Your only problem was Nighteye, who obviously detested your existence, even more than the old man seemed to.

When you’d finally gotten dressed and made your way back to the office, Toshi seemed in much better spirits, the old man chuckling with him about something.

“Welcome back!” Toshi greeted you as you sat down. “We were just finalizing the plans.”

“Woah, that was fast! I was only down there for a few minutes…”

“We had most everything predetermined, but we were just finalizing some final details.” Tsukauchi said, reclining in the chair.

“Well that’s good, you guys seem much more chipper now!” You observed.

The old man chuckled. “Honestly we were nervous as to whether or not you could do what the police said you could do, but I guess they were right!”

“Well I’m glad I’ll be able to help,” you said nervously. “So what exactly is the plan?”

“Well, exactly three months from today, we know that, All for One will be disembarking on a private ship to visit the island of Okino-Shima for some unknown business. There will be limited guard to keep everything hushed,” Nighteye declared.

“So that’s the perfect time to strike,” All Might declared, “We’ll take down All for One Once and for all.” His normal smile was nowhere to be seen, instead his jaw was clenched, radiating a dull anger.

“We’ll attack him when he’s most vulnerable. Toshinori will keep his attention, and when the moment is right you’ll lure him in with your quirk and drain his power. The police will be on standby, ready to capture him and seal him away.” Gran Torino stated.

“That sounds… easy enough…” You said through gritted teeth, forcing a smile on your face. For any normal villain it would seem an easy feat. The bits and pieces you remembered from hero training would help with that. But this was the world's most dangerous villain, one who had hundreds of peoples quirks stored inside. The odds didn’t seem to be in your favor.

“Our plan won’t fail.” All Might told everyone, putting his meaty hand on your shoulder to reassure you.

“I trust you all,” you said, looking at the three men around you.

“The next thing to decide is your training regimen. We also have a test down at the police station for you.”

“T-test?” Your body seized in fear again. Anything involving the police station seemed terribly unpleasant to you. What if they changed their mind and decided to lock you up?

“We want to see how completely you can drain people’s quirks.”

“B-but I don’t want to hurt anybody! Not if they don’t deserve it.”

“Don’t worry, you’re just going to be removing the quirks of some of our most dangerous villains. It’s much easier to contain them when there is no risk of them using their quirks to escape. You don’t have to if you aren’t comfortable, but we figured you’d get a little… peckish… so it’s a ‘you scratch my back I scratch yours situation’.Plus, Toshinori over there didn’t exactly give you much to snack on the other day.” The two men chuckled.

Oh… so they knew about that. Great.

“Well…Yeah that’s fine. I can do that for you. I’ll do anything I can to help”

“Thank you, I’ll be around tomorrow to take you out, if Toshi will let me, that is…”

“Of course, Tsukauchi. I have no plans to begin her training until tomorrow evening.”

“Don’t waste time,” The old man grumbled, “We need both of you in tip-top shape.”

“I understand, Gran Torino,” Toshi straightened up in his chair.

“Well… I need to get back to the office. You’d be surprised how much paperwork covert missions require. It was good meeting you, (Y/N). I look forward to working with you”. Tsukauchi stood and shook your hand, the old man got up to follow him.

“It is good meeting you too. I’ll do my best to help you however possible.” You put on your best determined face, shaking their hands as they left the office. As Toshinori gave them their final goodbyes, the two of you were once again all alone.

“I’d say that meeting went well,” He chuckled, leaning back in his chair. “Gran Torino seemed to like you.”

“Really? I guess it was hard to tell from all the scowling,” You giggled.

“He’s a stern man… but he cares. I wouldn’t be where I am now without him and my… master. Now, how about some breakfast? I’m sure you’re starving.” In all honesty, you were, in more ways than one. You hadn’t eaten since yesterday, and you still weren’t satisfied from not feeding until you were satisfied the other day. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a small leather menu. He handed it to you, and you opened it cautiously. There were pages upon pages of options, some hand written in and others printed on the fine paper. There were no prices listed, so you assumed he just had whatever he liked since it was his building.

“We’ll call down and order you something. I’m sorry, but I generally don’t keep much other than eggs and protein powder stocked in the fridge.”

“Oh… okay… Do you just eat spoonfuls of protein powder?” You quickly flipped through the menu, landing on a page that said “Breakfast” In large golden letters.

“Haha! No… I put it in my drinks and such. Speaking of, we’ll have to put you on a diet of sorts for your training. Not so you can lose weight,” He stuttered, “The opposite actually. You’ll need to gain some muscle mass and regain some of your nutrition. I’m sure eating nothing but raw fish wasn’t exactly the best for you. Things high in protein would be best for you. You’ll also need lots of fruits and vegetables.”

You chuckled lightly, scornfully looking at your arms. Yeah, you were atrociously skinny, but you didn’t want to gain too much weight. Your boobs and your butt were big enough as is, you just needed some meat on the rest of your body to even it out. Swimming heavily worked out your pectoral and glutes, making them pretty large. You remembered how small you used to be in highschool. Not small in this malnourished way you were now, but more in a petite kind of way. You especially liked that Toshi could very easily pick you up, you seemed to fit just perfectly in his arms.

Don’t think about those things! You internally smacked yourself. You can’t go getting feelings for a man like this. You were a tool for him, nothing more. Plus, you’d only known him for two days. You didn’t want to get your hopes up.

“Anything sound good? If you don’t see what you like on there I’m sure the chef can whip something up if you just tell him what it is.”

“No no! There’s just so many options. You sure have a lot of American food on here.”

“Yeah, I get cravings for it sometime. I went to college there.”

“Wow! I didn’t know that. Why America?”

“Uh- I was an exchange student…” He lied obviously. He seemed uncomfortable with the question.

“Huh. I’d love to travel. I’ve never Japan. I’ll just go with the strawberry crepe I guess. I’ve never had a crepe before. It sounds good.” You changed the subject quickly,

“Good choice, he actually uses a twist on a family recipe. I’ll call it down. Anything else?”

“No, that’s more than enough. I don’t want to make myself sick by eating too much right away,” you chuckled nervously. God why did I say that? You screeched at yourself. He didn’t seem to notice your awkward statement, and quickly picked up the phone and called in your order.

“There will be a lot of times that you will be here by yourself. I go out on patrols daily, so if you ever need anything to eat feel free to call the restaurant downstairs, or head down there yourself.”

“Okay… I will keep that in mind.”

“And make sure you consume at least three meals a day. A month isn’t a lot of time to gain muscle mass, but we have to do our best. A dietician will be in later to work on the specifics with you.”

“This is definitely a lot… you only need me for one thing. I don’t want to cause you too much trouble.”

“It might be overwhelming, but we’re basically trying to turn you into a hero in a month. These things take a lot of work, years even. I don’t want to leave you defenseless in this fight.”

“I… understand…” The word ‘hero’ rung around in your head. Did you want to be a hero? It was a dream you’d had years ago, but things had changed. What were your dreams anyways?

Toshinori looked at the clock, sighing as he leaned back in his chair. “Well, I have about ten minutes to get ready to head out. Is there anything you need before I go?”

“No… I’m fine. When will you be back?”

“I’ll be back in the afternoon in time for us to eat dinner together. Then we’ll start your training.”

“What kind of training will we be doing?” You asked nervously. Thinking back to the gym, there was no way you’d be able to use any of that equipment.

“Not to worry, we’ll start out easy. I won’t push you too hard… yet,” He smiled teasingly.

“Are you just worried my muscles will get bigger than yours and I’ll replace you as the number one hero?” You chuckled.

He leaned back and laughed heartily. “Oh yes… I’m very terrified of that. What if you become a strong villain and decide to beat me up? I’ll never survive…” He laughed sarcastically.

“Hell yeah I will! I could beat you up!” You giggled, the tint of your cheeks reddening slightly.

“Well, while you stay here and make nefarious plots, I’m going to go on patrol,” He stood up from his chair, slowly making his way towards the door of his office as you followed. “If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to call Gutman. He can have a Chauffeur take you out if you need to go anywhere, just make sure you don’t leave until after the dietician sees you. I trust you won’t run away. I promise i’ll be back soon.”

He disappeared into his bedroom, you assumed to put on his hero garb, and you were left alone in the apartment. You sat down, pondering your options for the day. It’d be easier to think on a full stomach, so you patiently waited for your breakfast. Toshi finally left his room, looking painfully handsome in his suit. He said his final goodbye for the morning and opened the door to leave.

“Be safe…” You called after him quietly. He looked over his shoulder to gift you with a confident smile, and then he was off.

The apartment was eerily silent, the warmth of his presence obviously empty. You sat on the couch for a few minutes, flipping through your phone as you waited. Suddenly, you heard the elevator ping, and a voice called to you.

“Good morning, Miss (L/N). How are you faring this morning?” It was gutman, the kind old man that you had seen the day before.

“I’m doing well. How are you?” You smiled at him, glad to not be alone. He carried a large silver tray, with a matching silver lid covering it’s contents.

“I’m doing well. Glad to see your injuries are looking healed. The doctor has done wonderful things for Mr. Might. I knew he’d be able to help you. Shall I put this on the counter for you?” He headed towards the kitchen.

“Uh… sure!” You said, hopping off of the couch to follow him into the kitchen. You were unused to being waited on. It was an uncomfortable dynamic for you. You were used to doing everything for yourself.

“I hope you enjoy. Our chef is one of the best around.”

“It smells delicious!” You looked at the tray as he lifted the lid, the steam pouring from it emitting a delicious fruity odor. The crepe looked pretty much how you expected it would, with strawberries and whipped cream covering it.

“It looks amazing!” You drooled, stomach growling audibly.

“I’m sure it will taste amazing too! I will leave you to your meal. I invite you to come down to the front desk some time today! It would be lovely to talk to you a bit.” He smiled genuinely.

“Of course,” you smiled. You followed him to the elevator, promising to meet him later and get to know each other better. As soon as the door to the elevator closed, you practically bolted back to the crepe, unable to resist the temptation or rumbling of your stomach anymore. You had to search the cabinets for silverware. You found some, placed them on the tray, and then looked through the fridge for something to drink. Toshi wasn’t lying, he really did only have protein shakes and eggs. Luckily for you, there was a carton of orange juice, the perfect thing for breakfast. Your poured yourself a large glass, and then went to go eat your lunch from the comfort of your bed. You would’ve sat on the couch, but it felt disrespectful. So, you turned the tv on and carefully munched on your crepe. It tasted as deliciously as it smelled.

You weren’t sure what to watch on the tv, so you settled on the news again. Secretly you were hoping to get to see Toshi in action again, get to see his power.

According to him, the dietician would be here soon, so you couldn’t get too comfortable. You quickly finished your meal and washed the dishes, unsure of what to do with them now that you were done. You decided to just neatly place the plate on the counter, tray and all.

As you sat back on the couch, you heard the ding of the elevator. Was Toshi back for something? Or was the the dietician?

You heard a woman’s voice gently call through the halls. “Good morning! Anybody home?” Her heeled footsteps clicked towards you, and you frantically stood up to meet her. She entered the room, her short red hair bouncing against her cheeks. She looked very official in her dark blue dress-suit. Her face was rosey and freckled, only looking a few years older than you. She was beautiful, and her confidence radiated through the empty halls.

“Good morning!” You greeted her shyly.

“I’m Saffron Trillby, All Might’s assistant.” She held her hand out, which you shook gently. Her accent was thick and american, as if she’d just recently arrived here.

“Oh! Nice to meet you! I’m (Y/n) (y/LN). Toshi told me a dietician was coming today. I didn’t realize he had an assistant.”

“She chuckled brightly, shifting the clipboard in her hands. “I call myself his assistant, but I mostly track and schedule his appointments and check his stats. My degree is in Clinical nutrition.”

“Wow! That’s cool!” You bluffed. You honestly had no idea what any of that meant.

“I’ll tell you more, but how about we head to the gym first? Do you have any workout clothes?”

“Yeah, I can go change. I’ll meet you down there.” Exercise? This early? I though All Might said he’d train me later… You did your best to suppress your annoyance as you changed. You’d be fighting a villain, it only made sense that you’d train day and night. Still, you were hoping to spend more time with Toshi. You took the elevator down to the gym, sighing as you stretched a little bit. Maybe if you were lucky there’d be water exercised.

“Love your leggings!” She chirped as you entered the room. You’d worn a simple black sports bra and some black leggings with sheer netting on the side. They made you feel  kind of badass, like you could punch through a wall.

“Thanks… They’re pretty comfy!” You eyed your leggings. She was sitting on a rolly chair, flipping through her clipboard and scribbling stuff down with a pen.

“So, All Might asked me to come and get some base stats for him and to develop a training regimen. Calorie intake, ideal muscle mass, and how to get to the ideal. I can kinda tell you haven’t been eating well, no offense, but I’m also going to check for any nutrient deficiencies.”

“Woah… that’s a lot to jot down. How do you get all of that?”

“Well, my quirk is pretty specific. I can analyze the data of a person's body, down to the amount of cells in your body. Can I see your hand please?”

“That’s an amazing quirk!” You gasped, holding out your hand. She swabbed it off with an antiseptic wipe and then pricked your finger with a needle before you had any time to react. She wiped the first drop of blood of with the wipe, and then leaned over and licked the next drop of blood off. You retracted from her with a gasp, horrified at what she was doing. What the hell?

“Sorry, It’s usually better for me not to warn people. They get scared of needles. You should’ve seen how All Might reacted,” She chuckled a bit. She closed her eyes, beginning to concentrate. “Let me just think on these numbers for a bit”.

Her brow furrowed in concentration, lips barely moving as she worked out the information in her head. She would occasionally open her eyes, scratch something down on her tablet, and then resume concentrating. You looked awkwardly around the room, crossing your arms and rubbing them to occupy your hands. After a few minutes she opened her eyes and turned back to you.

“Alright I think I’ve got everything I need. You’re in a lot better shape than I expected!” She smiled, looking over the things she’d written down. “Your iron levels are low, like I’d expected but with some proper vitamins we can make up for it. As far as your body weight, you’re pretty underweight. We’ll have to compensate for that while we try and beef you up.”

You chuckled at the thought of you with muscles as big as Toshinori. “Well, I did promise All Might that I’d  be bigger than him when we were done…”

“Is that so? I guess we have a lot of work ahead of us then. Start with 500 push ups!” She commanded. You stared at her blankly, mouth agape. Was she serious?

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She said, prompting you again.

“Uh… okay…” you said, starting to to squat to the ground.

“I’m just kidding,” She smiled teasingly.

“Oh thank god…” you gasped, “I don’t think I could do that…”

“Me either…But we’ve still gotta get some stats on what you can lift and that kind of stuff. My quirk isn’t all knowing, though I wish it was sometimes.”

She began the examinations with some stretches, explaining what you needed to do and watching you as you did the stretches. She remarked on your great flexibility, making a joke about how it was probably due to the transformations you regularly underwent.

“I’m sure that’s a hit with the men… Or the women if that’s what you prefer” She commented slyly, nudging your arm. You looked at her quizzically… what did she mean?

“Why would men be interested in my body being flexible? They- oh… wait…. oh…Oh!” You blushed wildly, finally understanding the innuendo.

“Wow… your mind is so innocent… ” She giggled. “I’ll help fix that!”

“I’m not innocent!” You protested, pushing her arm back. How could she talk to you so casually? Were all Americans like this? She seemed to notice your discomfort.

“Sorry, I’m a bit of a chatterbox. Between my usual job and helping out All Might, I don’t get to talk to many people. I desperately need friends,” She grasped your arm, putting on a pitiful face.

“Honestly, same,” You sighed.

“Well, let’s promise to keep each other company!” She said with a determined nod. You nodded back, and you were quickly back to work. She made you run for a while, stunned at your stamina. You explained to her that you pretty much swam full speed wherever you were going for the past few years.

“So, you have a swimming quirk?” She asked while spotting you as you benched some small weights.

“Yeah…” You puffed between reps. “I grow a fin and stuff. Didn’t All Might Tell you?”

“No, he’s kept most of his mission on a need to know basis. He never really has told me what he was up to. He says it keeps me safer the less involved I am. I can’t blame him. He deals with a lot of terrifying stuff.”

“Yeah… I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified.”

“I bet… but with my fitness plan you’ll be tougher than the big man himself!” She placed the weights back on the bar, helping you as you sat up.

“So, what does this fitness plan entail?”You glanced at her notes.

“I’ll let the boss worry about implementing it, but it basically just outlines what types of exercises you need to do, what kind of diet you need to keep, that kind of boring stuff. I’m also supposed to help you with your daily schedule like I do for him, but you don’t exactly have much going on. I guess if anything comes up I’ll slot it in.”

“I see…” You looked over the sheet she had written out for you. It was all gibberish and fitness jargon you didn’t understand. “Well, I guess he’ll just have to explain it to me.”

“I’m sure he can help you. I’ve got another appointment in half an hour across town, so I need to get going.”

“Alright! Sorry I kept you with my questions.” You rung your hands as you walked towards the elevator.

“It’s no problem! That’s what I’m here for! You’ll probably see me around a lot, anyways. I won’t be a stranger.”

“I look forward to it! Minus the exercise part…”

She laughed, giving you a light hug and a squeeze around the shoulders. “You’ll be fine while All Might trains you… and if nothing else…. Enjoy the show. He loves to show off.” She winked. “I’ll see you later!”

You waved goodbye as the elevator doors closed. The show? What the hell does that mean?

Chapter Text

The instant Toshinori took you down to the gym for training you knew exactly what Saffron meant by ‘the show’. He was shameless as he worked out, wearing some grey joggers and absolutely no shirt. He was shirtless before you even started any workouts, having called you down soon after he’d gotten home and changed out of his hero garb.

“I’m going to be honest with you,” You sighed as he read over the plan Saffron had written up for you. “I have absolutely no experience with exercising. I can swim and that’s about it. I also absolutely hate exercise.”

“Swimming is one of the more difficult exercises out there,” He said, not even looking up, “It uses pretty much all of your muscles, and it’s really good cardio. That muscle strength will translate” He was talking more casually now, not in the flouncy hero voice he’d used up until now. Maybe he was more comfortable around you now, or maybe he was just too exhausted from his patrol. He seemed physically fine, but maybe it was mentally exhausting as well.

“As far as liking exercise, I can’t really change that. I’ll attempt to make it enjoyable the best I can, but no guarantee.

“And I guess I’ll do my best to enjoy it…” You huffed in faux annoyance. He smiled and patted you on the back, causing you to stagger a bit.

“Well, we definitely have our work cut out for us. A 10km run, 100 situps, 100 push ups, and 100 squats. Some lifting and then we’ll learn the basics of combat.”

“O-Oh my god,” Your mouth dropped open. There was no way in hell… absolutely no way.

“I’m just kidding…” He snickered, “That’s the goal for your final week. Well start with 50 of each and a 2km run on a treadmill.”

That sounded much more doable, but still pretty strenuous.  Luckily for you, Toshinori was encouraging and non-judgemental company.

“5 more!” He cheered as you were finishing out your squats. It was the last leg-related thing you had to do before you started lifting.

“I’m trying!” You wheezed as you completed another one. Sweat dripped down your forehead as you wobbled down and back up. He had been doing them with you the whole time, not even a hint of perspiration on his body.

“Three more! Come on! Almost there and then I’ll give you a break!”

“Okay!” You wheezed again, squatting once more, almost falling but managing to stab yourself.

“One more! Make it the best one!”

You inhaled deeply, doing your best to make it the perfect squat. You got all the way down, lingered for a minute, wondering if you’d be able to get back up, but with a final grunt of effort you made it back, breathing in deeply and stumbling a little bit. Your legs felt like jello.

“Holy… holy shit…” You gasped as you leaned over and wheezed, hands on your knees. “I need to sit down…”

“You can’t sit down! We have more to do!”

“But… Toshinori you said I could have a break,” You closed your eyes and groaned. You could smell the saltwater drifting in from the pool. It smelled so inviting. Maybe if you jumped in after the workout, you could heal your sore muscles. Swimming was exercise, wasn’t it?

“You can have a break, but if you sit down you won’t want to get back up. Here, drink.” He passed you a bottle of water, which you eagerly accepted, chugging it down quickly.

“You gotta remember, Mr. Number One Hero, the only exercise I ever do is swimming.”

“I thought you wanted to be more muscular than me?” He winked, causing you to blush.

“I do… but it’ll take time! I need more protein powder!”

He chuckled loudly, handing you another water battle and leading you over to the weight machines.

“Well.” He looked at the clock, it was nearly dinner time, “We can get the lifting part done and then we’ll get you some protein powder.” He patted one of the largest barbells in the room. All of them looked way to big for you to even consider lifting. You walked over and looked at the one he was holding, reading the number engraved on the weights.

“OH MY GOD!” You recoiled in shock. “300 pounds? Plus the bar… you can lift that?” You looked up at him in amazement.

“Of course! Easily,” He smiled, enjoying the attention.

“Show me!” You goaded him, wanting to see exactly how much he could lift.


“Yeah! I wanna see!”

“Alright,” He chuckled, reaching over with one arm and casually lifting up the bar as if it was nothing. You could see the muscles in his arm contract and move as he lifted it, smiling at your astonished face.

“Oh my god! Isn’t it heavy?” You apparently had way underestimated his ability.

“Not at all, I use this as a warm up.”

“That’s amazing! Can you lift two of them? You pointed to the one on the other side of him.”

“No problem,” He reached over to the other one, lifting them both in the air without the slightest amount of effort.

“I love it!” You squealed in delight, “Lift more stuff!”

“Uh… like what?” He set the other two weights down with a loud slam.

“Ummmm I dunno… Lift the fridge!”

“The fridge?”

“Yeah! Lift the fridge! I bet it’s super heavy.” His refrigerator was a large, stainless steel one with double doors. It was about as tall as him, but a bit wider in each dimension.

“I… I guess.”

You led him into the elevator and into the kitchen, giggling with excitement as he walked over to the fridge. Without even a grunt of effort, he planted his arms on either side of the fridge, lifting it up off the ground.

“I’d lift it higher but it’s plugged in.”

“That’s soooo coooool!” You cheered. “I wish there was something else heavier! Like a car! Oh well!”

“How about I take you out one day and show you what I can really do?” He smiled.

“I’d love that!” You said, clapping your hands a little. You don’t know why his strength entertained you so much, but damn did it make you feel good when you saw him lifting shit for no reason.

“I haven’t forgotten about the lifting you have to do though. Let’s get back to the gym and finish up.”

“Okay,” You grumbled, you’d forgotten about that for a moment. He led you back to the gym, instructing you to lay down on a nearby bench. He went over to one of the large weights and lifted it up.

“Ready?” He said, walking over to you, dumbell reaching over you.

“WHAT? NO! I CAN’T LIFT THAT!” You said, quickly sitting up and scooching away.

He laughed heartily, “I’m just teasing.” He sat the bar down again. “Let me go get the smaller ones.”

You breathed a sigh of relief and watched as Toshinori walked over to a small closet. He opened it, filling his arms with a variety of barbells and weights, bringing them over to you and dropping them onto the floor with a loud clatter.

“I think these are a bit more your size,” He smiled.

“I don’t think that was very good for the floor…” You said, looking at the pile of weights on the floor.

“..... I guess you’re right. Oh well! What’s done is done. It looks fine. Anyways, let's start with 25 reps of the 30 pound weights,”

“Jesus christ,” You mumbled under your breath, “Alright!”

If doing squats was torture, these weights were straight up hell. You did multiple reps, bumping up the weight each time. Then, you switched to the bench press. As much torture as this was, there were benefits.

Toshinori spotted you, making sure he was there to lift the barbell if it dropped on you or it became too heavy. You felt a little pervy, looking up at him while you were supposed to be working out. He was good motivation, however. You wanted to impress him, to meet his expectations and then exceed them. It was a motivation that forced you to do rep after rep, even when your muscles screamed.

“Good job, (Y/N)!” He smiled when you finished your last rep, using the last of your energy to perch the bar back on the hooks. You let your arms flop down, immediately letting out a huge sigh.

“Do my muscles look bigger yet?” You asked him, weakly flexing your arms as you sat up.

“Pretty big…” He chuckled, “But not as big as mine yet. But I’m impressed. You did good. You’ve still got a ways to go, but this is a good start.”

“I’ll continue to work hard,” You said with determination, “Unless my limbs fall off. Then I’m screwed.”

“I won’t work you that hard. This routine fitness plan was made with your body in mind. It’s nothing you can’t handle. Tomorrow we’ll start combat training.”

“That sounds good…” you said, silently praying that he wouldn’t be your teacher. There was no way you could fight him. He was enormous. Based on the way he could lift practically anything, one flick of his wrist could probably kill you.

“How about we get something to eat?”

“Sure! Lemme dip in the pool first. Maybe it’ll help my muscles”.

“Alright! Just come up and find me when you’re done, if you’d like.” He smiled, heading over to the elevator.

You sighed dreamily, hugging your chest as he walked away.

After you'd taken a quick dip in the water to soothe your sore muscles, you made your way up to the kitchen tosee if Toshinori was there.
"Have a good soak?" He asked, sitting on the couch and swiping through his phone.
"Yeah! I feel a lot better," You smiled, walking past him to your room. "I'm gonna shower really quick and change out of these clothes."
"Sounds good, I'll start dinner."
You heard him shuffle up from the couch as you closed the door to your bedroom. Throwing off your tennis shoes and stripping down, you looking in the large mirror in the corned of the room. Sadly, you didn't look any more toned or muscley. Just sweaty and wet.

With a sigh of disappointment you walked over the bathroom, throwing your clothes into a hamper and quickly stepping into the bath. Unfortunately for you, showers weren't exactly something you could do, so bathing was a rather drawn out process. You washed your hair quickly with the hose, not even bothering to fill the tub. You cleaned every ounce of sweat from your body, and as soon as you dried off you threw on a pair of soft shorts and a t-shirt.
After you'd brushed your long hair out, you headed back to the kitchen. Toshinori had his nose buried in a cookbook, brow scrunched as he scanned the page.
"Whatcha makin'?" You asked, leaning against the counter next to him. You looked over at the cookbook, but it was entirely in English. You could make out basic words and ingredients, but the rest was entirely unintelligible. Toshi had a bag of groceries next to him, which he must've ordered. You hadn't taken that long in the shower, unless there was a convenience store close by.
"It's one pan chicken and garlic potatoes. I used to make it with my friends in college. It's pretty easy."
"Sounds interesting!"
"Sure! I haven't made this in a while, so I'm trying to remember the steps."
"How can I help?"
He looked at you, pleased at your offer. He reached into the grocery bag, rustling around and pulling out a head of garlic.
"Can you mince two cloves for me? The knives and cutting board are over there," He gestured to the corner of the kitchen.

"Sure!" It had been forever since you'd cooked, but the two of you worked well together, making two plates of steaming chicken and potatoes, with plenty leftover.
"I'm surprised," He smiled through a bite of food, "You're a better co-chef than I anticipated."
"I used to cook with my mom all the time. I guess it's like riding a bike, you never forget."
"Was it just you and your mom?" He asked curiously, shoving another large forkful of food into his mouth.
"Yeah... my dad left when I was in middle school. I haven't seen him since..."
"I’m sorry to hear that. Any siblings?"
"Nope, just me. Shouldn't you know all of this from the police files?"
"I only looked at what I needed. I didn't want to pry. I figured you'd tell me what you wanted."
"I see. So you don't know my blood type or which side I sleep on or that junk?"
"No... should I? Why would that be in a police report?" He stared at you blankly.
"I... I was trying to be funny."
"Oh...whoops. Sorry." He awkwardly shoveled another bite of food into his mouth.
"Well.... You know so much about me. Tell me about you, Toshi."
"What do you want to know?"
You finished your last bite of food, tapping your chin as you thought.
"Why did you want to become a hero?"

"You're really going for the low-hanging fruit there," He snickered as you picked up your empty plates, rinsing and washing them off in the sink.
"I dunno. I figured that it would tell me a lot about you. People have all sorts of reasons. Money, competitiveness, fame."
"Well, I don't really care about any of that. I just want to help people."
"Really? No ulterior motives?"
He sighed, leaning back in his chair and staring off wistfully, "I want to make a world where everyone smiles. For that to happen, the world needs a symbol." He'd given this speech once before, you could tell from how easily the words flowed as if they were rehearsed.
"A symbol? What kind of symbol?"
"A symbol of peace. I want to be a pillar of hope that people can rely on. Someone that will strike fear into the hearts of villains, and make the world a safe place to live in."
You looked at him in awe. His eyes seemed to sparkle as he imagined his world, a bright smile lighting up his determined face.
"Toshi... I think you've accomplished your goal, Mr.Symbol of Peace." You smiled up at him.
He snapped out of his trance, looking down at you and giving you a thumbs up. "I still have a way to go. My work is nowhere near done yet. Not until One for All... Nevermind. Let's not talk about that now." He was suddenly more somber. "What about you, (Y/N), why do you want to be a hero?"
You looked at him for a moment. You'd hoped he wouldn't ask that question. Should you answer truthfully? You couldn't lie to him... he was so honest with you.

You looked away from him, biting your lip slightly.
"Well, Toshi... To be honest, I don't".

Chapter Text

“Y-you don’t want to be a hero?” He choked on his food a bit.

“No… not in the slightest… I’m sorry,” you hoped you hadn’t disappointed him. He stood up awkwardly and took your dishes, whisking them away to the sink.

“No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed. But didn’t you go to a hero course in high school?”

“Yeah, I guess I mostly did it because everyone else told me I should. That was before I found out about… well, the other aspects of my quirk. It didn’t feel right being a hero with a power like that.”

“I see… you know your power would be perfect as a hero, right? Even if you’re limited to water areas.”

“I dunno. It’s also just something that doesn’t appeal to me. I never viewed fighting villains as my kinda thing. I think I’ll just stick to something else” you felt horribly embarrassed by this. Telling the number one hero you had no plan to follow that same career path. Hopefully he’d understand. He silently washed the dishes, not saying anything as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat.

“Well, what do you want to be, then?” He asked suddenly, putting the dishes away in the upper cupboard.

“Umm….” you fidgeted timidly. You had hoped he would ask, it was a bit embarrassing. “I dunno…”

“You have to have something! I can tell from the look on your face.”

“It’s embarrassing!” You protested as he leaned across the counter, becoming eye level with you.

“As long as it’s not being a stripper or something I won’t make fun of you!”

“And what if it is?” You joked, crossing your arms and jutting out your chin slightly in faux indignance.

“Well… more to you I guess. You’re evading my question.”

“Ugh! Fine!! I want to be a singer. Happy?” You uncrossed your arms and sighed.

“Huh. A singer, I should’ve guessed. You have a lovely voice. Well… from what I remember. You should have no problem in that field.”

“I dunno. People only want idols and that crap. If you couldn’t tell… that’s not really my thing. I can’t do all that dancing and the costumes and all that junk. Plus, I’m too shy. I get wicked stage fright. It’s just a pipe dream, I guess. I wouldn't mind a practical job, like at a cafe or something. I could study to be a nurse or a teacher. I dunno...”

“With some hard work you could stop being so shy. It’s hard to come out of your shell. Look, in the past few days you’ve gotten a lot less shy around me.” He turned away, rustling in the cupboard and pulling out a large glass. He mixed some things together as you talked.

“That’s different. You’re easy to be comfortable around. You’ve seen me naked, for God’s sake”.

“That is true. I’m glad you’re comfortable around me, or this would be very awkward,”.

“Yeah, yeah.” You chuckled, waving him off. “What are you making?”

“You’ll see,” He snickered, putting a lid on the glass and shaking vigorously. He took a sip when he was done, nodded, and passed it over to you. The drink was light brown and slightly frothy, an artificially sweet smell emanating off of it.

“What is this?”

“Take a sip!” He urged you.

“This doesn’t have drugs in it, does it?”

“Oh my god, no!” He sighed. “I just drank some of it.”

“That’s true, but you’re super strong. Maybe you’re immune!” you tentatively held the glass up to your lips, inhaling the scent of it. You parted your lips and let the drink flow into your mouth, suddenly recoiling from the glass and scrunching your face up.

“That’s disgusting!” You gagged, handing Toshi the drink back. “What is it?”

“Protein shake,” He snickered. “Guess you won’t be able to be as muscly as me now.”

“Oh… that’s what it is?” You changed your tone sarcastically. “Never mind then, that’s delicious. Give me some more!”

He smirked and held the glass out for you.

“Okay actually I was lying. Please don’t make me drink that.”

He pulled the glass back to himself, taking a big gulp. “It’s an acquired taste.”

“I don’t think I will ever acquire it,” You shivered, “ I guess I’ll just get my muscles the old fashioned way.”

He finished the drink off, placing the glass in the sink. “Whatever you say.” He started to walk out of the kitchen, “ I’ve got some paperwork to fill out. I’ll be in my office for a bit if you need anything.”

“Oh…” you were hoping to talk to him more. Get to know him better. Oh well, what did you expect, he was a busy man! “Okay! I’ll be… here I guess!”

You weren’t really sure what to do. You could go back in the pool, but you’d already bathed. You’d hate to waste water bathing again, plus it was such a hassle. You could watch TV. But that didn’t appeal to you. You could watch a movie, but that sounded too boring. You hadn’t been out of the apartment all day. Maybe a walk would do you good. It wasn’t quite dark out, so you still had plenty of time to safely walk around as long as you stayed in highly populated areas.

You walked to your room and put on some tennis shoes. You put on some more appropriate clothes and grabbed your purse, an idea popping into your head. You had a good amount of money that he’d given you, what better way to spend it than by doing something for him? You pulled your wet hair into a loose braid that cascaded down your back. Your mothers warnings of going out with a wet head and catching a cold echoed in your head.

You walked over to Toshinori’s office, tentatively knocking on the door. You’d only tell him you were leaving and ask where the nearest convenience store was, you didn’t want to be a pest. He was obviously busy.

“Come in!” He called through the door. You could hear him shuffling some papers. You cracked the door in, sticking just your head in. Toshi was surrounded by piles of papers, filling some out and looking them over. A pair of reading glasses was perched precariously on his nose.

“Sorry to bug you, I just wanted to let you know I was going to go on a walk.”

“By yourself? Will you be okay?” He looked up from his paperwork, a pair of reading glasses precariously perched on the tip of his nose.

“Yeah! I wasn’t planning on going too far… Is there a convenience store nearby?”

“Uh, yeah! Why? I told you if you needed anything to let me know. I could send someone out to get whatever you need!”

“I know but I’d feel bad. Plus, I wanna get out for some fresh air.”

“Do you want me to go with you?”

“No! I’ll be fine on my own. I’ll be safe. I’ll only be gone a little bit.”

“If you say so, but I’m just a phone call away if you need anything. There's a corner store two blocks down. I’ll send you the address to your phone." He pulled his own phone up, typing something in quickly before setting it back down. You heard your phone ping in your purse.

“Thank you, I’ll let you get back to your work,” You smiled at him.

“Have a nice walk, stay safe!” He stuck his nose back into his paperwork as you closed the door.

You headed towards the elevator, checking out the address on your phone. He was right: it was only a few blocks away. You made your way through the front lobby, saying a quick hello to Gutman as you left.

You took your time walking down the street, occasionally looking at your phone to make sure you were on the right track. You looked at the surrounding shops, taking in the entire scene of the town. There were a variety of different coffee shops, bakeries and cafes. A small bookshop was nestled in between a few buildings, an elaborate assortment of plants and flowers decorating the front. You made a mental note to check that out sometime. There was also an art shop and music store combo that piqued your interest.

You finally saw the convenience store come into view, a large chain one that would surely have everyone you need. Based on what you’d seen in his house, he had almost no ingredients. So, you perused the aisles in search of what you needed, picking up a few snacks along the way. You could remember the recipe for what you wanted to make clearly, a family dish that your mother used to make you for special occasions. It was easy enough to make, you still knew every step by heart all these years later.

You thought it’d be a nice gesture, since Toshi was doing so much for you. Even though you had to help him face All for One, he was setting you up with more than you could ever repay him for, this felt like the least you could do. As you stood in the check out line, you suddenly worried about whether he’d  like it, or even be able to eat it. It didn’t have a crazy amount of sugar in it, so hopefully it wouldn’t screw up any diet he was on. Did he even have any cake pans? You’d have to find out when you got there.

When it was finally your turn to check out the cashier stared unwaveringly, his steely glare unsettled you. What is this guys problem?

“Have we met before?” He asked suddenly, eyeing you skeptically as he scanned your items and put them in the bag. Your heart sank, looking over his features. He certainly didn’t look familiar, unless you went to school with him or something long ago.

“Um, not as far as I know,” You mumbled, handing him exact change His hand grabbed onto your wrist, studying your face. His hand held onto you painfully tight, glaring at you as he leaned in closer.

“You’re the girl… the girl from the beach!” He remembered suddenly, holding onto your arm even harder. Your eyes widened, trying to pull away from him. There was nobody else in the store, just the two of you. No one would be there to intervene. He yanked you forward by your arm, forcing you to lean over the counter.

“You’re the one that fuckin’ attacked me!” His stretched his jaw out so you could see the bite marks on his neck, “You’re gonna fuckin’ pay for this!” He snarled at you, his grip threatening to break your wrist. You recognized him then, the drunk guy you’d fed off of only a few days ago. How were you supposed to know he worked at this convenience store? If you had known, you would’ve gone somewhere else. What could you do? Swing your bag of lightweight groceries at him? He wouldn’t even flinch. Punch him? You'd never punched anyone before... would you break your knuckles?

In an act of desperation, you leaned forward and bit down on his hand as hard as you could, feeling trickles of his blood against your tongue, forcing him to let go with a howl of anger and pain. Grabbing your things from the counter, you turned and sprinted out the door of the shop, racing down the busy street and back towards your sanctuary. You could hear the man angrily yelling behind you, screaming for you to stop among a slurry of threats. You pulled out your phone as you sprinted, sending a quick text to Toshinori as you rounded the corner, Might Towers coming into view.

“I could do this all day, you fuckin’ psycho!” The man screamed, continuing to chase after you. Your legs ached from the strain, still a bit sore from your workout earlier. You heard your phone ping in response, but you couldn’t take the time to check. As you neared the entrance to Might towers, you slowed down just enough for the doorman to let you in with a startled smile. You fast walked in there, hoping Toshinori had headed your request. To your relief, he was there, standing at the front desk, talking to Gutman, looking at you confusedly as you sprinted towards him, hiding behind him and using his body as a shield.

“(Y/N) what’s wro-?”

“Found you!” The man from the beach snarled breathlessly, panting his way towards the two of you. “And you’ve been caught by a hero too! Perfect!” He seemed unintimidated by the hulking hero before you.

“What is going on here?” All Might looked from you, cowering behind his back, to the angry man catching his breath in front of you. Toshis arm stretched to the side, blocking your shivering body from the man in front of you.

“That girl attacked me! Twice!” He growled, gesturing to the bite mark on his neck and the now bleeding one on his hand.

Toshi looked towards you out of the corner of his eye. “Is this true, Miss?”

“No! Well… only partially! He grabbed me in the store and almost broke my arm so I bit him!” You held out your wrist for him to study.

You heard him grumble disapprovingly at the man before sighing. “So it was self defense?”

“Yeah! Then he started chasing me all through the streets.”

“Is this true, sir?” You felt like two kids who’d gotten into a fight on the playground,  tattling to the teacher.

“Yeah but on the beach the Tuesday night she attacked me! My quirk is all fucked up now! I know she had something to do with it.“

“Are you sure it was her? Because she was with me,” All Might lied smoothly, crossing his arms to look at the man with a raised eyebrow. The mans demeanor suddenly changed, he hadn’t expected All Might to take your side.

“It had to be! I mean I was drunk but- She has the same hair! And eyes! But she had a tail then and was naked,” he stuttered.

“Naked? Were you peeping on her? Sounds like I’ll need to take you in to custody,” Toshi flexed his crossed arms intimidatingly. The corners of your lips twitched, barely suppressing a smug smile. The man's eyes flickered from you to Toshinori, mouth opening and closing as he pondered what to say.

"Shall I call security?" Gutman piped up from behind the counter.

"Maybe  that would be for the best. Unless this young man would rather leave and go back to his unattended store." Toshinori smirked.

He huffed and turned away, looking towards the door. “Okay fine! Maybe it wasn’t her. Whatever. I’m out of here,” He grumbled, shoving his hands into his pockets and turning away. “I can’t leave the store unattended any longer either,” He mumbled, shuffling off as Toshinori and Gutman watched him go. As soon as your assailant was safely out of sight, Toshinori turned to you, taking your wrist in his hand. Gutman hovered nearby, anxiously looking it over.

“How is your wrist?” He palmed it delicately, turning it from side to side. Dark purple finger marks were imprinted on it from where the man had grabbed you, but you could still move it fine.

“It’s fine. Not broken or anything, I don't think.”

“We should put some ice on it. What happened, anyways? You weren’t on the beach again were you?”

“Umm…. could we talk about this in private?” You whispered low enough so only Toshinori could hear. Gutman had turned to his desk, fishing an ice pack out of the mini fridge behind the front counter.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Toshi sighed, taking the ice pack from Mr. Gutman and handing it to you.

“Thank you,” You smiled at Gutman, placing the ice pack on your wrist. Toshi turned towards the elevator, taking the bag of ingredients from your hands and ushering you in.

“What’d you buy?” He asked, peeking into the bag. “Anything good?”

“It’s a surprise!” You protested, swatting his face away as he tried to look inside.

“Alright! Alright! I won’t peek!” He chuckled, closing the bag again. He stepped off the elevator and walked over to the kitchen, placing your bag on the counter. “Come sit with me,” He sighed, slouching down onto the couch. You sat next to him sheepishly, feeling a lecture coming on. It vaguely reminded you of when your mom would tell have to scold you about something. You prayed to god he wasn’t mad… or disappointed. How were you supposed to know that guy would be out there?

“What happened out there?”

“I was at the convenience store checking out and that guy recognized me. I…. I had used my quirk on him the same night I meant you.”

“I see… and so you bit him again?”

“No! He grabbed my wrist and wouldn’t let go so I bit him.” You crossed your arms and pouted.

“Hm. Then what happened?”

“He started chasing me and that’s when I texted you.”

“When you asked me to meet you in the lobby that wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to be greeted with.”

“I’m sorry… I just figured he’d leave me alone if he saw you there.”

“Well you were lucky this time, but you’ve gotta be more observant. I won’t always be here in Might Towers,” He said cryptically. You felt embarrassed, you’d only known him two days and you were already relying on him way too much. You’d been independent for so long, you guessed it was just too easy to let someone else care for you, to give you a break.

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to  bother you. I’ve never really been in this situation before, you know? When I lived with my mom everything was super safe, and so was when I lived in the ocean. I never saw anybody there. I guess I just have to adapt…”

“I understand. That’s something we’ll definitely work on in training. This is just the beginning. I bet you’ll be surprised to see how much you grow in the next few weeks.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” You smiled.

“I have to get back to my paperwork. Try and stay out of trouble,” He smiled and winked, standing up and walking away.

“I’ll try my best,” You sighed, an uncomfortable feeling of uselessness settling on you for the first time since you’d entered his home two days ago.

Chapter Text

By the second day of your training, the task of making your body stronger seemed insurmountable. That morning you woke up with muscles stiff and sore. No amount of soaking in the tub seemed to help, regardless of how much better the water had made you feel previously. Your training had to continue, nonetheless, and you hoped that your muscles would at least become numb before the pain became excruciating.

Toshinori was patient with you, allowing you the time you needed between reps, watching without comment as you closed your eyes and grit your teeth with each movement. The running was easiest, squats still the worst. You tried your best to push through all of it quickly, knowing he had to patrol in a few hours. He probably didn’t want to spend the entirety of his free time watching you struggle.

“Take your time, don’t hurt yourself. You’re almost done”  He encouraged as you pulled through your last five curls. When you had finally finished, you plopped the weight onto the ground throwing yourself back on the bench and groaning.

“I’m going to diiiiiiiie!”

“Does that mean I get to see what was in that bag if you die?” You heard Toshi chuckle.

“No it’s still a secret, even after I’m dead. Cremate me with my bag and spread my ashes in Disneyland.”

“Why Disneyland? Is it that much fun?”

“I dunno. Never been. I heard that a lot of people do it. They have to have special people vacuum it up.”

“Interesting. Have you ever wanted to go?”

“Yeah, my mom used to say she’d take me when I graduated but….” You tensed up suddenly, wanting to avoid this topic.

“Maybe that’s something we’ll have to do together,” He patted your arm reassuringly, sensing your discomfort. The mood shifted suddenly as you sat back up. Toshi looked at you with uncomfortable eyes. “You know we can contact her whenever you want… If you ever feel up to it… and your friend…”

“Okay…” You cut him off curtly, looking towards the floor and rubbing your arm anxiously. That was not something you wanted to talk about at all. “Are we done for now? I stink.”

“Yeah, we’re done for now…” He sighed, knowing he’d overstepped, “When I get back from my patrols we’ll work on combat.” You were walking away from him and straight towards the elevator, an uncomfortable feeling clenching at your heart. You needed to get out of there and back to the safety of your room.

“Got it! Be safe!” You closed the elevator door, not meeting his eyes as he watched you leave.

Once you were in your room, you threw yourself down on the bed without even thinking about how sweaty you were. You buried your face in the pillow, groaning loudly. Your mother and friend had been something you’d pushed from your mind for the past few years. Being faced with it now brought back an assortment of unpleasant emotions and a whole lot of inner conflict.

On one hand, you missed your mom more than words could describe, on the other hand you had no idea how she’d react to seeing you alive. Would she hate you, despise you, still be disgusted? Or would she accept you, tell you she missed you? The thought of her outright rejecting you was almost too much for you to bear. You couldn’t take that risk. After all this time, she’d probably already have accepted your disappearance, there was no need to turn her life upside down again. You held the same fears in regards to your friend, Brienne. She had more reason to hate you than anybody.

You laid there for half an hour, pushing all of those unpleasant feelings back into the corner of your brain. There was no reason to worry about your friend and mother now, they could wait. Right now you needed to focus on getting stronger.

Besides, you thought to yourself, All for One will probably kill me anyways. If I meet them before that they’ll have to mourn me all over again.

It seemed almost cruel, if they still loved you, to introduce yourself back into their lives knowing you might be ripped away again. As much as you did miss them, and had missed them for the past few years, you couldn’t do something like that. You still loved them.

As you laid there, messing around on your phone, curiosity got the best of you. Downloading the app for a social media website you used to use, which was probably outdated now, you logged in and held your breath. You were surprised your account hadn’t been deleted, and there were more than two hundred notifications popping up, along with hundreds of messages. You made your way through the notifications first, starting at the very first ones you’d missed. It started off happily, old friends from high school tagging you in funny pictures and sending you encouraging get well notes. Then, they divulged into posts your mom tagged you in, then your friend, and the rest of your friends. They were all calling for you to come home, asking if anyone had seen you, offering rewards for any information that could lead to you. Your moms posts made your gut clench, guilt flooding your veins. You hadn’t wanted to make them worry, but you also couldn’t go to jail, or risk hurting someone you cared about.

Once you’d cleared all of your notifications, you went to the message box. Lots of friends had asked you how you were feeling, when you were going back to school, and then started asking you where you were. The person who’d sent you the most messages was your mom, and your heart was crushed.

“(Y/N), I know you left your phone here but if you see this please come home. I’m worried about you.”

“(Y?N), it’s been a week. Please come home. I’m losing my mind. We can talk about what happened. I love you.”

“Please stop hiding. I miss you. It’s lonely here without you. Brienne is worried sick.”

“Just let me know you’re okay. You don’t have to come home, just let me know you’re alive. I can send you money to stay at a hotel. I need to hear from you.”

“It’s been two months since you left. I hope you’re okay.”

“Happy Birthday. I miss you. I love you.”

“It’s been one year… I hope you’re okay…”.

“I know it’s been three years but I know you’re not dead. I can feel it. It’s motherly instinct. Brienne came to visit me today. She’s going to college to become a Doctor. She’s going overseas. I know she misses you too.”

“Merry Christmas. I hope you’re staying warm.”

“Please come home…”

The messages went on over the course of the years, becoming less and less frequent, until they completely stopped. Tears were streaming down your cheeks as you cried. Loneliness and longing flooding your body.

You clicked on her picture. It had been updated within the last week. It was so like her to keep using this old and outdated website. She never could get the hang of things like this. She’d been online a few hours earlier. She had posted something that day, a silly picture of a dog with an inspirational quote on it. The rest of her posts were similar, nothing very personal on there. She had a few pictures of herself, out with friends, or on holidays. She’d obviously aged a bit, small wrinkles on her cheeks that didn’t used to be there and a sprouting of greys on the top of her head. You missed her terribly and your heart was aching as you looked at her. You yearned to be with her again, living in your bedroom, eating with her every night, and getting to see her every day. You would give anything to get that back.

You dropped the phone from your hand onto the bed, clawing onto the pillow and burying your face as your body was wracked with sides. You cried yourself raw, writing on the bed as tears and snot drenched your pillow. You’d almost forgotten that you weren’t alone in the apartment, until you heard a gentle knock at the door. You stopped crying instantly, embarrassment forcing a blush to your cheeks as you hiccupped.

“(Y/N), Are you okay?” Toshi called meekly from the other side of the door.

“Uh… yeah… sorry,” You croaked, wiping the tears from your eyes.

“I’m sorry I brought up your mom… Do you wanna talk about it?”

“No.” You replied shortly, “I’m fine.”

“Okay… Well Tsukauchi is coming to take you to the prison later. Do you want me to cancel?”

“No! I’m fine.” You slouched off the bed and trudged over to his voice. Throwing open the door you plastered a wide smile on your face, trying to look fine. He could see the tears stained on your cheeks and the red, puffiness of your eyes, but he didn’t push you and instead tried to give you a genuine smile.

“What’s happening at the prison, again?” You asked, averting your eyes from his. He was in his hero suit, and must be on his way out to patrol.

“He was going to take you to Tartarus prison, where you can…. Feed.” He mumbled.

“Oh… Yeah...right…”

“And then when you get back we’re going to train you in combat.”

“That sounds about as much fun as exercise…” You deadpanned.

“I promise I’ll try to make it bearable.” He sighed.

“You could literally crush me with one finger, Toshi. There’s no way I can fight you.”

“I’ll go easy on you. It’ll be fine.”

“God have mercy on me…” You mumbled.

“It’s fine! I’m a great teacher.” He smiled encouragingly.

“I trust you…” You couldn’t help but smile back. His grin was infectious, it made you forget about your problems for a second, uplifting your spirit.

“Try and stay out of trouble while I’m on patrol, okay? No biting store cashiers and that kind of thing.”

“No promises,” you smirked, closing the door and wishing him well as he left the apartment.

You plopped back down on your bed, laying there and scrolling through your old account on your phone. It was nostalgic, in a tragically sad sort of way. You could see your friends, now all grown up and starting their lives, and you felt happy for them. On the same hand, you were jealous. It felt like life had dealt you an unfair hand, casting you out to live in the ocean and die had the hands of an undefeatable villain.

Oh, shut up! You groaned at yourself, despising the melodramatics your mind created. Be grateful for what you do have! You have a place to stay right now, comfy clothes, warm blankets, and you know your mom is okay. That’s more than you had three days ago.

You decided to push it out of your mind. You uninstalled the app as you made your way to the kitchen. You pulled out the ingredients you’d bought yesterday at the store and got to work on making shortcake. Surprisingly, Toshi had all of the cooking supplies you needed, though almost none of the pans looked like they’d ever been used.

You whisked ingredients with ease, not needing to even measure out the ingredients: you knew it by heart. The smell that filled the kitchen brought forth pleasant memories from your time with your mom. The two of you would make these strawberry shortcakes all the time, a comforting food that you could bond over as you made. If she saw how sloppy the one you’d made now was, she’d poke fun at you, but it was just you in that kitchen, completely alone.

As the cake cooled, you chopped the strawberries and whipped up the frosting, sneaking small bites of the strawberries as you worked. They weren’t quite in season yet, but you hadn’t had any in years, so it was delicious. After frosting and decorating the cake, you placed the strawberries perfectly on top (And snuck some into the middle layer as you were frosting). It was obvious you were out of practice, but it was still pretty good. You put it on the empty cake stand Toshi had for some reason, placed the clear lid on top, and looked on in satisfaction. It almost made it look like someone was living in this big empty apartment. The smell of fresh baked cake masked the sterile smell of cleaning products, and even seemed to warm up the place as a whole.

You were tempted to cut the cake already, to devour a slice, but you resisted as best as you could. As you aimlessly walked around the apartment, trying to find a way to entertain yourself, you kept sneaking glances at it, almost as if looking at it would cause a slice to cut itself for you.

Stop it! You scolded yourself, It’s for Toshi!

You groaned in frustration and threw yourself on the couch. You could wait till he got home. Tsukauchi would be there any minute to take you to the jail, then you’d be free of the temptation. Maybe when you returned Toshi would be home, then the three of you could all share a slice together.

“Anybody home?” You heard the elevator ping, Tsukauchi stepping off.

“Just me!” You popped up from the couch.

“It smells really good in here. Did you bake something?”

“Yeah, Shortcake. The smell is killing me.” You stood up and put your shoes on, following him into the elevator. He was wearing a long, beige jacket, and a plain shirt and tie.

“Don’t like it?”

“The opposite… I’m dying for a piece but I wanted to surprise All Might…”

“Well the smell is much better than what’s usually in there. It smells like a hospital.”

“I noticed that! It’s like no one lives there.”

“That’s probably because he’s almost never home. He used to patrol 16 hours a day practically, now I think he’s going out less in order to prepare.”

“16 hours? Jesus…” You gasped. Tsukauchi lead you through the lobby of the hotel, the two of you nodding to Gutman as you left.

“We’ll be taking my car,” He gestured to a black sedan parked next to the entrance.

“Sounds good to me,” You smiled nervously, getting into the passenger seat once he unlocked it.

“So I assume Toshinori told you where we’d be going, right?”

“A prison called Tartarus, right?”

“Yeah, did he tell you what it was like?”

“Not really… He just gave me the name.”

“Of course,” He sighed and shook his head, “Leave me to do all the scary stuff. Well, It’s the most High Security prison in Japan, probably the world. Some of the most dangerous villains in the world are their.”

Your jaw dropped open. He wasn’t taking you there to lock you away, was he? You weren’t a villain… Was this all a clever trick to get you to willingly go with him? Weaken your muscles down with exercise so you couldn’t run and then pretend he was taking you somewhere for official business. It was elaborate, but it could be possible. You looked to the door quickly. Once a stop sign happened, you could jump out, but you’d have to act casual.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Tsukauchi pulled you out of your worried state, “We’re not locking you up. You need to feed off quirks, right?”


“Okay, listen. This is gonna sound weird, but once we heard about your quirk, shortly after you ran away, and we formulated the plan with Toshi about All for One, we made some plans for how to feed you quirks without hurting anyone. Over the years, we developed a kind of idea… which we turned into a program.”

“Okay I’m still creeped out that you guys have been watching me, but continue.”

“Anyways, it’s getting expensive to keep people with such powerful quirks contained, and with All Might defeating so many we are running out of room. The solution we came up with was you… If you’re willing.”

“What do you want me to do?” You could tell where this was going.

“Well, if we had a way to remove their quirks and make them less dangerous, we could transfer them to lower security, less populated prisons. I’m sure you can assume how you’d help with that.”

“You want me to drain their quirks? Like completely?”

“Pretty much.”

“Oh, well seems easy enough.” There was a slight tinge of sarcasm in your voice.

“You’ll get paid, and your record will get expunged. Plus you won’t have to prowl for people on the beach and bite cashiers.”

“Toshi told you about that?” You rolled your eyes and groaned. Had he told everyone?

“Yeah, he called last night and told me.”

“It was self defense!” You argued defensively.

“I understand! I’m just teasing you!” He chuckled.

“Let’s just not talk about it!” You huffed in embarrassment, crossing your arms. “I’m not going to have to fight  them, am I?”

“No, you’ll be safe. Promise.”

“Alright, whatever you say!”

Your half-an-hour drive went by pleasantly enough, with both of you making conversation. You learned that he was a new detective, with a quirk called ‘Lie-detector’. You made a mental note to never lie in front of him. You also learned that he’d met Toshinori when he would fight and capture countless villains. During his years as a cop, Tsukauchi had always been the one to come and clean up the mess and take the villains to prison. They became fast friends after that. He told you about his younger days, why he wanted to be a detective, and how his quirk essentially made him perfect for the job.

You could tell you were close when you started passing high cement walls, covered in barbed wire. Tsukauchi drove through gate after gate, over a bridge and towards a large cement building. It loomed over head like a foreboding castle, tall and impenetrable. There were guard towers everywhere, and the entire building seemed eerily still against the ocean beneath it. You gulped audibly, staring up in horror, wondering what kind of villains were housed within.

“Well, (Y/LN), welcome to Tartarus”.

Chapter Text

“So… I just have to drain his quirk?” You asked, staring through the glass window at a large man who was chained, bound, and gagged to a chair. There was a large pool in front of him, nowhere near as nice as Toshi’s, and five guards surrounding him, all armed to the teeth.

“Pretty much.”

“What did he do?” You asked, feeling vaguely guilty. It was a general rule you held yourself by to not drain someone's entire quirk, but it would be okay if it was a villains quirk, right?

“He was responsible for the terrorist atttack on Fukuoka, and Kumamoto, and most recently Kagoshima. The casualties were immense. We’ve had him here for about ten years.”

“What’s his quirk?”

“He can make mineral particles expand and compress. He would target the largest buildings in the cities and compress the cement in the buildings, causing them to crumble down. It was difficult to catch him, but here he is. His quirk is hard to keep uunder control, as you might guess, because almost everything in our world has minerals in it to some extent.”

“I see. Sounds like a bad dude.”

“Pretty bad. Are you feeling up for the task?”

“I think so, as long as he stays restrained.”

“Don’t worry, he will be. Only his neck will be exposed.”

“Gotcha. Well, I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.” You chewed at the inside of your lip, trying your best not to show how nervous you truly were. You were in a high security prison, about to confront a very dangerous and powerful villain. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be nervous?

An image popped into your head in response: Toshi. He wouldn’t be nervous. He was never scared. You needed to be brave like him. There was no way he was going to be able to hurt you. He was restrained. You’d be fine.

“Alright,” Tsukauchi said, nodding to one of the guards who was standing there, machine gun in hands. You tried to ignore it, it would only add to your nervousness. The guard pressed a button in his ear and whispered something unintelligible. A few moments later an impeccably dressed woman came in, wearing a white pantsuit.

“Good afternoon,” She smiled, shaking both yours and Tsukauchis hands. “Nice to see you again, Tsukauchi. I trust you’ve been doing well?”

“Busy as always, but yes. I’ve been doing fine. Let me introduce you to my associate, Miss (Y/LN).”

“Nice to meet you,” You smiled pleasantly.

“Nice to meet you as well. I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m excited to be working together. My name is Miss Shumei Igarashi. I’m the director of this program you will be working for. I’m excited to see all of our planning come to fruition.”

“I’m glad I can be of assistance…” You replied timidly. It was incredibly creepy hearing people talk about how they’d been planning this for years while you were completely unaware.

“Now, If you’ll follow me I’ll give you the rundown.” She turned and walked out the door, the two guards following closely behind the three of you.

“Tartarus is the most high security prison on the planet. We house some of the most dangerous villains from all around the world here, and have accumulated quite an assortment of inmates since we opened years ago. As you can guess, this gets quite costly. We’re assuming after All Might captures All for One there will be an influx of security needed here, so we need to make space. We also know of your quirk, and the situation that arises if you don’t feed it, so we fit each others needs perfectly. We need a way to get rid of these quirks, you need to feed. It’s a ‘you scratch my back I scratch yours’ kind of situation. Obviously you’ll be paid well, as well. You’re doing the world a big favor by limiting the risk these people present to the world.” She walked you through the sterile, white hallway. Nothing seemed to be moving, and aside from your voices and the sound of your footsteps, the world was eerily silent. She turned to a large door on her left, seemingly no different than the rest, and scanned her fingerprints. The door slid up into the ceiling, allowing your group to enter into the room. It was plain white, as the rest were, with another window that you could see the villain in, still restrained at the side of a body of the pool. There was a door that lead to the room with the pool, and then another door that lead to what looked like a changing room. An assortment of lockers, all made of fiberglass, lined the bare walls.

“Do you have any questions? Whenever you’re ready, we can begin.”

“Not that I can think of right now… but I do have one concern.” you rang your hands together anxiously.

“And what would that be?” She arched an eyebrow at you.

“Well… To use my quirk All of my clothes come off… so I’m a bit concerned about so many people seeing me… you know…”

“Ah, I understand. Yes, this was something we discussed in the planning of this program. After we’re done here we plan on taking your measurements for a ‘hero suit’ of sorts. For now, We’ll provide you with a hospital gown, if that’s alright with you.”

Hero suit? “Um, yeah. That should be fine.”

“Well, if you don’t have any further questions we can begin.” She went over to one of the lockers and typed a code quickly into the padlock. The locker door popped open, and inside you could see some towels and a bright pink hospital gown. “Here is the hospital gown. You can change into it in the dressing room to your left. She handed you the gown and smiled encouragingly. You looked to Tsukauchi, who gave you a thumbs up.

After you’d dressed, you were escorted by the guards into the pool room. You were alone, except for the guards and the villain. You could see your two companions through the window, watching and discussing indistinguishable things.

“Right this way, miss,” One of the guards instructed you gruffly. The pool looked about like what you’d expect in an olympians gym. It was incredibly deep, with a slope instead of stairs so you could easily get in and out. The smell of chlorine burnt your nose and made your eyes water.

Suddenly, a voice came over the speaker. “Do whatever you have to do,” It was Tsukauchi’s voice, “Just make sure you remove the entirety of his quirk however it is you do that. We’ll be in here.”

You turned and gave them a timid thumbs up, then returned your attention to the pool. You looked towards the villain, who was staring at you skeptically, his eyes piercing into you like daggers. You shivered a little and averted your gaze, wishing Toshinori was there. You’d feel much better with him there. He was the only person you’d really grown comfortable with in your short time on land. His presence was just generally comforting.

Without taking any extra time to contemplate the situation, you dove straight into the water, instantly transforming as the fabric of the gown billowed around you.

As you came up from the water you looked towards the window, where you could see Igarashi looking on in amazement at the sight of your new form.

“Alright, (Y/LN),” Tsukauchi spoke through the speaker, “Whenever you’re ready, give us a thumbs up and we’ll put the villain in there with you.”

You gulped audibly, looking from the villain to the people staring at you expectantly in the window. You could smell the mans quirk all the way from over here, it permeated your nostrils and whet your palate with it’s earthy  smells.

“I… I guess I’m ready…” You mumbled to yourself, giving them a weak thumbs up.

“Alright, do your thing.”  

Suddenly the two guards who’d been standing in the room walked over to the villain, pressing a button on the wall and watching as two chords shot down from the ceiling. The plastic hooks dangling from each rope were then attached to the chair. Another button was pressed, and suddenly the chair was being lifted into the air and lowered into the water, causing the villain to struggle and grunt angrily across the way.

“The guards here have been outfitted with earplugs, so you can use whatever part of your quirk you need.”

You nodded as you stared down the villain. This is good practice, you reminded yourself, I’ll be up against a much tougher villain than this soon. I can use this as way to work my way up to All for One.

You eyed the man again, who was struggling violently against his bindings, screaming with unbridled rage, barely muffled by the gag over his mouth.

You took a deep breath, and as you parted your lips a string of notes came out, echoing throughout the room. It was like a lament, in tone, a way to release all of the pain and sadness brought on by the day. It was as if the broken pieces of your heart had been transformed into sheets of music, now flowing freely throughout the room His struggling began to slow, confusion twisting his eyes as he glared at you. Your volume increased as you sang your wordless song. His face slowly relaxed as his eyes glassed over. Once he had stopped struggling, you swam over to him cautiously. You looked over your shoulder once, towards the window as you continued your melody. Both of your companions were entranced, though not in the same catatonic state as the villain in front of you were. It even appeared as if the guards who stood around you were using all of their might to contain their composure.

You swam up close to the man, tentatively touching his bindings, ensuring they were secure and that he truly was under your spell. A sliver of his neck was exposed, beckoning for you to partake of his quirk. His body smelled of sweat and generic soap, but his quirk smelled delicious. It was nowhere near as tempting as Toshinoris, but the earthy smell reminded you of fresh rain.

Doing your best to ignore your captive audience, you bit into his neck, piercing his skin with your sharp teeth and sucking up the fluid that came out. It was almost overwhelming, over stimulating your tastebuds with it’s power. Your first instinct was to pull away, but you had a job to do, so you had to push through. His quirk seemed like it was in endless supply, and no matter how many times you thought it was finally gone, more poured into your mouth.

Your needs were way past satisfied, and you were now borderline nauseous as you continued to suck on his neck. Your head was swimming, stomach churning as the last few drops were gone. You made sure that you had gotten every single bit, and then finally you pushed away from him and closed your eyes, floating in the pool. You heard the ropes drag the mans chair back out of the water, and the door  to the windowed room opened as Tsukauchi and Igarashi rushed in. You cracked open your eyes and saw Tsukauchi looking over you at the side of the pool, while Igarashi rushed over to the unconscious villain, a team of doctors and scientists closely behind her.

“You okay?” Tsukauchi squatted down next to you as you opened your eyes.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” In all honesty, minus the nausea, you  felt great. Your muscles weren’t sore anymore, you felt stronger, and you weren’t as tired as you’d been. You mostly had the feeling like you’d eaten an obscene amount of sweets, like you had many times as a child.

“Well, I’d say that was a success,” He smiled at you as you lazily drifted towards the slope of the pool.

“I’d say that it’s one hundred percent a success,” Igarashi came up and smiled, pulling some latex gloves off of her hand. “We have absolutely no traces of any sort of quirk left in his body. We’ll monitor him for a couple weeks but I’d say you’ve done it. Good work, (Y/N). How do you feel?”

“Does everyone have the same amount of power as him?” You asked as you pulled yourself up the slope. Once you were completely out of the water, Tsukauchi came and handed you a towel.

“Some are slightly more powerful, some slightly less, but he should serve as a good median. Can you handle it?”

“Yeah, that's fine.” You were finally able to stand up, and you followed them back into the windowed room and into the changing room. You took off the sopping gown and folded it, placing it into a hamper. You put your regular clothes back on and tied your wet hair up into a loose bun, then you were ready to meet the people back out there again.

“I’m incredibly impressed, (Y/LN),” Igarashi smiled. “How do you feel?”

“Fine… A little nauseous but pretty good overall.”

“Good, good. Now, he’s nowhere near as powerful as All for One, but I have confidence you’ll be able to do it.”

Your stomach dropped. You could barely contain all of that man's powers without throwing up. What would you do with All for One?

“Now, shall we go get your measurements for your hero suit?”

Chapter Text

You were pleasantly surprised to see Toshinori was at home by the time you’d gotten back from Tartarus. You’d been there an incredibly long time, working with the small support staff on hand that was designing your suit. You’d decided on colors, functions, and different features that were necessary in order for you to not need to be completely exposed while you were in the water. It was exciting, but it was also incredibly awkward for you.

You’d unintentionally dozed off a few times during the ride with Tsukauchi, who spent most of the ride on the phone reporting what you’d done to his superiors. When you’d made it back to Might Towers, Tsukauchi invited himself up so he could see if Toshi was back. You hoped he was, you’d love to share some cake with him and Tsukauchi. Maybe you could even send some to Gutman, if that wasn’t weird.

When you stepped off the elevator, the two of you were surprised to see Toshinori, standing in his normal clothes, looking over the cake display with curiosity and anticipation. He looks up as the elevator dings, backing away from the cake and blushing.

“Welcome back!” He regained his composure. “How did your visit to Tartarus go.”

“It was okay… kinda scary but… Y’know…” You perched yourself up on one of the stools against the counter.

“I’m glad you made it back safe. I had total faith that you’d be able to do it!”

“Whatever you say. I wasn’t as scared of the prison as I am of combat training.”

Toshi’s eyes quickly darted to the cake and then back to you again, he was obviously having a hard time paying attention. “There’s nothing to worry about, (y/n). Tartarus has the most highly trained guards in the world. They’d never let anyone hurt you. And I plan on coming with you next week, so I’ll be there to protect you as well.”

“I’ll be going next week? And you’re going?” You hadn’t realized that it’d be so soon. I guess it made sense, everything around or involved with him seemed to move at lightning speed.

“I want to see you in action,” He grinned, eyes darting towards the cake again. “Plus, I need to look over the hero suit with the support team.”

“Oh, gotcha. Are  they making you a suit too?”

“No, only my friend David makes my suits. I should go see him soon… He’s on that new I-Island.”

“Isn’t that for the world's best scientists?” You asked, only vaguely familiar.

“That it is. He and his daughter live there together. She should be about 8 now…” He recollected. “Anyways, what’s this cake doing here? Did they make this downstairs?” You knew he wouldn’t be able to resist it, he was practically drooling and unable to focus.

“No! I made it!” You grinned, trotting up to the counter and removing the lid. The fresh scent of cake hit you all again, and you could hear Toshinori’s stomach growl.

“Do you want some?” You asked the two of them, praying to god they’d say yes. You didn’t think you could resist the temptation much more.

“It looks delicious. Of course all have some. Will you stay for some, Tsukauchi?”

“Sure, I don’t see why not. Gran Torino and Sir Night Eye will be here soon anyways, no point in leaving.”

“Good point. Come sit down,” Toshi sat at one of the bar stools. The cushion dagger under his weight, but the tall chair didn’t so much as wiggle or buckle. Tsukauchi sat next to him, slinging off his jacket and draping it over the back of his chair.

“My mom used to make me these together all the time. We both have terrible sweet tooth’s.” You said as you dug a few plates and forks.

“During my time in college I developed one myself. Everything in America is much sweeter than it is here. Except the chocolate. Our chocolate here is much better.”

“I never pinned you as much of a sweets kind of guy, Mr. Protein Powder.” You snickered.

“Are you kidding?” The detective gasped, “This man is a chocolate fiend. You haven’t shown her your drawer, have you?”

Toshi looked away embarrassed.

“Drawer? What drawer?” You asked. If there was chocolate involved, you were interested.

Toshinori sighed, defeated, “Check the drawer on your left,”.

To your shock and amazement, the entire drawer was filled with full sized candy bars, all of different sizes and flavors. There were peanut butter chocolate bars, candy coated chocolate, packets for hot chocolate, and a tub of chocolate frosting.

“Toshi….” You looked up at him seriously, “Are you an addict?” You bust out into a fit of giggles. Tsukauchi snickered next to him. Toshinori groaned and threw his head back,  slapping his hands over his eyes.

“You’re going to make me look like a middle aged woman!” He complained.

Tsukauchi laughed and used a fake All Might Voice “ ‘The doctor said I could have a bit of chocolate every day! He never said how much was a ‘little bit’!”

“We’re here for you, Toshi,” You said seriously, before you started cracking up, “Addiction is a disease but you’re not alone!”

“I just won’t share with you then!” Toshinori sighed, nudging his friends shoulder.

“I’m just teasing,” You smiled. “I’m a chocolate addict too. I’ll help you keep this stash from growing out of control. I’ll do some quality control.”

“Help yourself.”

“Let’s get back to this cake,” You smiled. As you pulled out a cake knife out of the drawer, you heard the elevator ping, signaling the arrival of two other people.

“What’s that smell?” Nighteye asked, uninterestedly. His eyes darted from you, to the cake, to Toshinori, who didn’t take his eyes off of the cake.

“Cake,” You answered simply, looking at the smaller man behind him. “Do you want some?”

“Aren’t we supposed to be working?” He asked, arching an eyebrow.

“Cake first,” Toshi stated, “We’ll need sugar in order to keep energized.”

“Doesn’t seem very healthy to me!” Gran Torino grumbled.

“There’s fruit in there somewhere…” You countered, cutting out a large slice and plating it. You handed it to Toshi, who eagerly accepted it.

He waited patiently for you to dish out plates for everyone else, including the two newest people to join, who sat awkwardly at the bar stools. Gran Torino took his begrudgingly, taking a bite without waiting for anyone else. Toshinori took that as his cue to dig in, and soon the room was filled with the sounds of silverware clinking against plates. You heard Tsukauchi and Toshi groan, complimenting you on how good this tasted. Even Gran Torino seemed to be loving it, a small smile was turned up onto his face. Maybe baked goods are the way to his heart... You tasted your own piece, a wave of memories flooding back to you.  

You remembered your mom, your kitchen, making this dish together. There was spilled batter, flower thrown at each other, and a delicious cake shared between the two of you. There was laughter, warmth, and love. You missed the feelings this memory gave you.

“That was hardly worth the waste of time,” Sir Nighteye sighed, looking at you with disdain. A bit of anger spiked your brain, ruining the good feelings of the memory.

“Well That sure didn’t stop you from eating it all, did it?” You asked sarcastically. Everyone looked at you for a moment, then to Sir. He stared at you for a moment, then smiled a bit. The room let out a collective sigh of relief.

“Where did you learn to bake  this?” Toshi cut the tension.

“My mom and I used to bake these  together all the time. It was a fun thing she taught me to do a long time ago.”

“Thank you for the shortcake, but we really need to get started.” Nighteye said, standing up from the counter.

“You’re right,” Toshinori agreed, stacking everyone's empty plates. Your stomach sank: you’d almost forgotten you were about to fight All Might himself.

Chapter Text

    Toshinori was no idiot. Sure, he didn’t have a fancy education, he was just a military man after all, but he was no idiot. This ship was going down, and it was going down fast. The majority of his crew had already abandoned ship, but he, the captain, and a few of the stronger crewman had stayed aboard, trying desperately to salvage what little they could. As if the large hole in the ship wasn’t enough, sirens were swarming the edge of the ship, clawing onto the wood and dragging men into the murky depths of the ocean. They were absolutely screwed.

They’d crashed straight into some shark jagged rocks, the captain and most of his crew enthralled by the sultry songs of the women sitting atop of them. Their nude bodies had sat perched above the rocks, beckoning for the men to come to them, to wrap themselves in their sinewy arms. They were beautiful, truly, but there was one that’s voice called to him from above all the rest, practically begging him nearer, to save them.

You had been sunbathing on the top of the rocks when his shipped passed, letting your scales soak up the heat of the sun, but as soon as you smelled him you were up and alert, ready to abandon your rock in an instant. You couldn’t see what smelled so enticing, nearly half a mile away on the boat, but it was strong. The smell was more appetizing than anything you’d ever smelt before. It was fresh, oaky, comforting. It pulled at you, like the part you were missing was somehow nestled away in that military ship.

The other sirens around you seemed to notice the boat as well, but you were unsure if they felt the same pull that you did.

“He’s mine!” You hissed, slipping off of the rocks and leading the brigade of sirens towards the men. You were inarguably the strongest among the sirens. You were much more enticing, more beautiful, and your song couldn’t was impossible to resist, with the simplest melody you could lead a hundred men to their death. Your powers were much stronger than the others as well, so they all had a healthy respect for you. None dared cross your path, lest they meet a fate similar to their victims.

As soon as you neared the boat you could  tell how pitifully easy this ship would be. There were no people on guard, which was surprising for a military ship, and none of them seemed to have any of  their weapons on them, and the ship was unusually small. It had 15 crewmen at most. It seemed like the military was practically handing this to you on platter.

As you neared and the smell grew stronger, you were instantly able to pick out it’s source. You could see him at the wheel of the ship, standing next to the captain as the mumbled things you couldn’t pick out. The rest of the crew carried on with their duties without even noticing the threat looming nearby. He was incredibly tall, his muscles obvious even through his military uniform. He had oddly styled hair, like blonde horns on the front of his head. His smile stretched across the entirety of his face, complimented by blue eyes that were so bright you could see them shimmering from far away. He and the captain were talking with each other nonchalantly, not even paying attention to the sea around them.

A wicked smile twisted on your face. It’d been a while since anyone had dared come near these rocks, most people stayed far away in fear of the legends that surrounded it. You’d grown bored without any humans to play with. Today should offer some risk-free rewards.

Before the men had any chance to notice you, your song began. You masterfully weaved the notes through the air, drawing their attention as you beckoned them towards the rocks. The men leaned over the edges of the boat, trying to get a better look at you. You could see their eyes glaze over, even his electric blue ones. The captain turned the wheel of his ship in your direction, careening towards death. The other sirens slid off of their rocks and into the water, hesitantly waiting to see what would happen. They knew you’d get first pick of who you wanted, they had to wait. 

You continued singing as the boat rushed forward, only stopping once it’d impaled itself on the deadly rocks. It only took a few moments for the men to snap out of their trance, calm infatuation turning to panic in an instant. 

“We’ve hit rocks!” A crewman screamed, looking over the side of the ship to the water rushing into the hull. The captain snapped out of his trance and rushed over to check the damage. It was obvious there was no way this ship was sailing away, their only option of survival was lowering their rafts and attempting to row away in that. 

As the Captain assessed the situation, a flash of pink scales caught his eyes.

“SIRENS!” He alerted, looking at you and warning the men. Their eyes flickered around the sea, seeing the swarm of women lying in wait, ready to snatch them up as soon as they touched the water.

“Toshinori! Help everyone get onto the rafts!” The captain shouted to the blonde man, spurring him into action.

“Come on, men! Ready the rafts!” The man boomed, his clear baritone catching your attention. You saw him work over the ropes that held up the small boat, working in unison with another person to lower the boat.

Toshinori had been a military man for most of his adult life. As a marine, he’d seen plenty of things from all around the world. He’d fought many battles, both on land and by sea, but none of them seemed as bleak as this. The boat was sinking and there was an army of sirens waiting to pull his men to their death. For the first time in his career, he felt like there was no hope. If the men got on the boat and into the water, the sirens would tip it into an instant. If they  stayed on this ship they would drown. And if they tried to climb on to the rocks the sirens would easily be able to get to them. There were no options left. The boat was their best shot.

He surveyed the chaos as he released the ropes to the boat. The sirens were closing in on the boat, waiting with baited breath for their next meal. They stayed behind the one who’d sang to everyone, though. You must’ve been their leader… or whatever it was called in the siren world. He noticed your eyes were trained on him, unwavering as you licked your lips.

“It’s ready, Captain!” Toshinori called to his superior as he held the ropes. The men wasted no time boarding the dingy, their best chance of making it to safety. As soon as everyone had made it aboard the dingy, the captain joined them. Toshi sent out a silent prayer to the gods as he lowerd the boat, praying that the sirens wouldn’t come near.

It seems that the gods had abandoned them, however, and the sirens started ushering towards them without hesitation. You led the charge, swimming towards them, not taking your eyes off of the big blonde. You were only a few feet away and his scent was overwhelming. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on him. A few of the women behind you began to sing, capturing the attention of a few of the men. You turned and hissed at them, a gentle warning for them to wait. You replaced their mediocre song with your own, instantly recapturing all the men's attention. You only wanted one, however, you could care less about what happened to the rest of them.

You could see him try to resist your song, his blue eyes shifting in and out of focus as he shook his head. It was futile, no one could resist your song. It was impossible. 

You swam up alongside the boat, reaching up to grab the side and swatting away the men who tried to touch you. Only blondey was your target today: everyone else could rot. 

He was staring at you with cloudy eyes, unmoving in his trance like state. It was a horrifying and unfamiliar feeling to him, as if he was in his body but only able to see bits and pieces of what was happening, and control none of them. He yearned to reach out and push away the temptress who was endangering his crew, but he was too entranced by your song, too mesmerized by the blue of your eyes. He couldn’t move, couldn’t look away, couldn’t do anything. He felt something when he looked at you, and whether it was caused by your song or the way he truly felt, the emotion was overpowering. He felt need, unbridled and jealous need. As his comrades reached towards you with their filthy fingers, he felt the inescapable urge to snap their wrists. Nobody could touch you, only he deserved that honor. It was good that he couldn’t move, or he might have done just that. 

He saw your eyes bore into his as you came closer, your lips slightly parted and your naked body slick and wet from the ocean. You leaned up over the edge of the boat towards him and his heart soared. He could see your hands reach up towards him, cupping his cheek and running a finger on his jawline. Your skin was cold and soft, leaving droplets of water upon his skin. He felt like he was in seventh heaven, even though he knew he should be absolutely terrified. You were going to kill him after all. 

Just as he thought you were going to continue your exploration of his skin, you grabbed him by the hem of his uniform and yanked him forward with all your weight, pulling him deep down into the water. The entire boat capsized, leaving screaming men fighting to stay afloat. They were fully conscious now, aware of their mortal peril as the scrambled to get back in the shoddy boat. The other sirens took that as their cue. They surrounded the men, viciously fighting amongst themselves for the sailors. As you swam deeper into the rock formation you could hear men scream, being picked off one by one by the bloodthirsty sirens. The commotion from up above was deafening, destroying Toshinori as he squirmed under your grasp. 

He was fully in control of his body now, but helpless against your strength. It had often been said that he held the strength of ten men, but it was nothing compared to the vice like grip you had in him. He held his breath as he wondered where exactly you were taking him. Why hadn’t you killed him? Surely that’s what you were going to do, right? But as you swam and swam he felt your grip on him loosen, and suddenly it was like you were guiding him through the water instead of dragging him. 

He couldn’t hold his breath forever, and soon you could see he was in desperate need of air. 

That won’t do, you tutted to yourself. You can’t drown yet! You were much too far down to take him up for air in time, so instead you pulled him hastily towards you and shoved your parted lips against his. With a few deep exhales and inhales, you’d given him more air, and he stopped squirming. He was completely shocked at the contact, but the air felt so good against his lungs he couldn’t complain as you continued dragging him towards a crack in the rocks. The two of you were barely able to make it through the cracks, but soon you were in the large expanse of cave that you called your home. It was a large cave, peaked at the top in a cone-like shape. It had a large expanse of solid ground in it, and enough water for you to swim around comfortably.

As you let go of the blonde man he scrambled onto the stone, gasping for air and scurrying away from you. 

“Get away, Siren! I’ll kill you…” he threatened, backing up against the wall. There was no real threat to his words… monster or not you were still a woman. It didn’t feel right to hurt you. He had more honor than that. 

“Kill me? I’d like to see you try…” you smirked. Your voice was surprisingly honey sweet, not matching the evil expression on your face. 

“What are you going to do with me? What is happening to my men?” He snarled, standing up and taking a defensive position. 

“Your men? They're probably being drowned as we speak,” you said uninterestedly. 

“God… no…” Toshinori gasped, fear gripping his large body. Certainly they’d be okay… they were trained soldiers… he wished he could save them… if only he had some sort of supernatural powers!! “Why do you have me here? Why didn’t you drown me too?”

“Because I find you interesting… it’d be a shame to let you die. I think I’ll keep you awhile,” you snickered as you watched your new pet stalk around the land like a caged animal. 

“You can’t keep me here!” He hissed, “I’m not a slave.”

“You’re more than welcome to leave this cave, but you’ll meet a swift death if any of those other sirens catch whiff of you. They’re not as benevolent as I am.”

“Benevolent? You’re a monster…” he snarled. You hated to admit it, but his words stung. It didn’t matter, though. You had him here and he smelled wonderfully, that’s all you really wanted. Who cares if he hated you. He was powerless against you. 

“I’m no monster… but Like I said… you’re free to leave,” you spat. Just as he opened his mouth to respond you heard an anguished scream and a thump against the ceiling above. You could hear footsteps clambering and the telltale sound of a shitty siren song. You could distinguish around 10 footsteps above you and the sound of threatening screams coming from the men. They must have been trying to fight off the other sirens from a vantage point on the rock. From the sound of the occasional scream, the sirens mustve been slowly picking them off one by one. 

“I have to help them…” you heard the blonde growl, looking to the ceiling above. Another scream. 

“You’d be killed,” you sighed. What part about sirens drowning him didn’t he get?

“I have to… I have to save them. I’ve got to do it…” 

“It’s your death wish…” 

Toshinori looked at you. He knew you were right. There was no way he could defeat a siren, plus he was stuck in here. He was completely helpless. 

“You… save them!” He said, suddenly walking towards you. 

“Me? Why would I save them?” You were flabbergasted. 

“Because if you do… I’ll stay here with you. I don’t know! If you don’t I’ll go out there and let the other sirens kill me…” something about his blue eyes made you consider the offer. You really did want to keep him here… so what was killing a few of the lesser beings out there?

“You’ll stay if I go save your buddies?”

“Yes… I swear it!”

“I never cared for those other girls much anything…” you sighed, and suddenly you were out of the cave, swimming up to destroy a cluster of sirens all for a guy you barely knew who smelled nice

Chapter Text

It didn’t take them long to realize something was up once you resurfaced. They backed away instinctively. You could see the men cowering in the rock, using debris to fight off any of the sirens they could. You could also see their boat, right side up, a few meters away from them in the water. All you needed to do was shop the others away, bring them their boat, and send them off. Then you could enjoy your play thing as you liked.

“They’re mine,” you hissed at the sirens decisively. You heard them collectively grumble.

“But… you can’t have all of them!!! We need some too!” One of the Boulders ones swam closer.

“I told you they’re mine!” You hissed louder this time, raising your hand in preparation to strike.

“You already took the biggest one! Don’t be greedy! Why should you get whoever you want?”

“Why?” You chuckled in bemusement. Swiftly you lunge forward and grabbed the idiot by the shoulders ripping her throat out with your teeth in an instant. Her blood pooled in the water as her body sank. The other sirens gasped and screamed, enraged by what you’d done. A few of them tried to attack you, but with a flick of your wrist s large wave swept them onto the jagged rocks, crushing their bodies with immense force.

“Does anyone else want to try?” You growled, looking at the other horrified girls. Some of them swam away, while the rest lingered in dumbfound silence. You raised your hand again and hissed, baring your teeth at them. They seemed to get the message, and the rest of them swam away. With a sigh of disdain, you turned to the men, who were all huddled behind their captain. Their eyes were wide with fear.

You shook your head and turned away, swimming over to their boat and grabbing the rope attached to it. You brought it over to them, ignoring their confused expression.

“Go,” You commanded, throwing the rope up towards him.

“Where is Toshinori?” The captain asked boldly. You cast an icy glare towards him.

“Those women won’t be gone forever, and my patience is wearing thin. Go, before I change my mind and let them have you.”

“But Toshi-”

“Captain we have to go. He’s already drowned,” One of the crew members persuaded, grabbing on to the rope and pulling the boat closer to shore. “We have to go.”

The captain sighed and shook his head. “You’re right. All aboard, men. We have to hurry.”

You waited impatiently as they all boarded the dingy, ignoring how much space was left now that their comrades were gone. Once they were all aboard, you granted them one last kindness, swooping a wave towards them that pushed them gently out of the grasp of the rocks, far away from where any of the sirens would go, and towards freedom.

You grunted in disgust as you swam back down towards your cave. The things a pretty face will make you do… I can’t believe I just saved them.

To your surprise, the man was sitting exactly where you’d left him, looking around the cave in the hopes of finding some way out.

“So your name is Toshinori?” You asked, swimming towards the solid ground.

“Are they safe?” He asked without answering you.

“Hey, my question first. Is that your name?”

He sighed exasperatedly, “Yes, I’m Toshinori Yagi. The crew, my captain, are they safe?”

“Yes, I saved them. They’re off in their boat going to who knows where.”

He looked at you a moment, “...Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” You clawed onto the ground, hoisting yourself up and out of the water.

“What are you going to do with me in here?” He asked boldly.

“I don’t know. Whatever I feel like, I suppose.”

“Why did you take me?”

“You sure ask a lot of questions,” You groaned, leaning back on the ground, “I thought you smelled nice, alright?”

“I… because I smell nice?”

“Yeah. Got any more questions, blabber mouth?”

“Not particularly…. Well actually… Woah! Where did your legs come from?” HE said, suddenly noticing that your tail was nowhere to be seen.

“Why would I need a tail on land?” You scoffed, inching towards him on hands and knees. He averted his eyes from your nakedness and you snickered at his shame.

“What? Never seen a naked  woman before?”

“I have… I just… Shouldn’t you save these things for someone you care for? You’re just flaunting it all over.”

“I don’t exactly have clothes down here. And I don’t exactly think I’ll ever have any ‘lovers’ to save my body for. We sirens don’t exactly have hearts,” You crawled into his lap, curiously lookiong over all of his features. You’d seen many men before, but none quite like him. He recoiled from your touch, throwing his arms up in the air in defense, but he didn’t throw you off. His face grew bright red, and you could see him grit his teeth.

“What about you? Do you have any ladies waiting for you back home?” You were completely uninterested, but seeing him uncomfortable was hilarious.

“Not really…” He stuttered, head darting around the room in order to avoid you.

“A man like you? I find that hard to believe. I’m sure you have flocks of women after you. Has no one caught your eye?” You smirked, grabbing him by the chin and pulling his face mere inches from yours. He could feel your warm breath against his jaw. His pulse beat rapidly, he was too terrified to move. If he could, he’d hit you with some sort of powerful punch, but he had no such power. You were obviously much stronger than him. His mind worked desperately for a way out. Maybe if he killed you? He’d still have to face the sirens outside but if he hurried they’d still be scared off. All he needed to do was calm down. If he entertained you long enough you’d eventually have to let down your guard. He could feel a sharp rock underneath his palm in the sand. That would do in a pinch.

“N-no. I…. I was waiting to find the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Hah! Sure you were. And did you ever find her?”

“Not…. not until today…” He met your eyes. He wasn’t lying, exactly. You were the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, but the fear he had kept him from feeling any emotions towards you at all.

You laughed in his face. “Sure! You’re such a flatterer. That will get you nowhere with me.” You straddled his lap and pulled your chest flush against his. He squirmed uncomfortably.

“I’m serious…” He began, fingers curling around the rock, “I really do think you’re beautiful. It’s obvious you’re attracted to me to… so…”

“I said you smelled good. Don’t go getting your hopes up. I don’t do humans. I eat them…” You snickered. Suddenly you felt his hand on the small of your bare back, pressing you tight against him. He gulped loudly.

“You said I was going to be your play thing… so don’t you want to uh- play- with me?”

A wicked grin spread across your face. “Oh, I see. So you want to play? Is that the kind of man you are? I suppose I can indulge you…” You snickered. You’d been dying to sink your teeth into this man's flesh. If he was foolish enough to want to play, you’d let him… but not without consequence. You leaned in close to him, ghosting his lips with your own, breath dancing across his skin in whisps.

“I can’t say I’ve ever been with a human man… but I’m not entirely opposed,” You mused, grazing your teeth along the meat of his neck. You could feel goosebumps raise upon his skin, his body tensed under your touch. You licked and sucked at his jawline, reveling in the way humans felt. Is this what you’d been missing out on this whole time?

Toshinori knew that this distraction was his chance. As lovely as it felt to have a siren draped across his body, he knew he needed to escape, time was of the essence. His hand gripped the sharp rock tightly, preparing to strike when you left an open window. It came earlier than he’d expected.

You leaned back from him, licking your lips and eying his body over. “Are you sure this is what you want, Toshinori? To be seduced by a siren?”

He looked at you for a second, and then his hand suddenly snapped up, shoving the rock between your breasts and into the bone, right where your heart should be.

“I’ll pass…” He croaked, reeling from the fact that he was killing someone. This was not him at all, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Your hands shot up to your chest, eyes wide with fury and rage. You screamed a garbled scream, falling onto your back and writhing in pain. He watched as you sputtered a few times, coughing up blood and wheezing as the life drained out of you. Without taking the time to see if you were truly dead, he dashed into the water, diving down through the entrance and out into open water.

Freedom was in sight. He could see the rocks nearby, and there were no sirens to be seen. He had to be fast. With all of his might, and ignoring the weight of his sopping clothes, he swam up towards the sky, desperately fighting to get to safety. His head burst from above the water, taking in a deep breath and frantically looking around. He spotted a rock nearby, and knew he had to get somewhere dry to collect his wits.

He swam desperately towards solid ground, grunting under the effort of swimming so far with such heavy clothing. His spirits were beginning to get high, the land was so close, he could save himself.

As if to remind him of his peril, he felt a cold hand snake around his ankle. Suddenly he was surrounded by women, coming out of nowhere.

“Did she let you go?” One of the women asked, pulling on his shoulder.

“She must’ve gotten bored…” Another grinned, pulling on his arm. There were hands on him everywhere, pulling him away from his goal and deeper into the water.

“That means we can have him, right? There’s enough for all of us… He’s so big!” One of the cooed, taking a painful nip at his neck.

“Hey! Share!” Another squaked, shoving the other siren and pushing Toshinori down into the water. Soon it was a frenzy of women, all pushing and pulling on him to lead him into the depths of the ocean. Flashes of colorful tails blurred past his vision. He held his breath, flailing his arms in an attempt to get them off of him. He felt pinches and nips, all letting out bits of his blood into the water. He could hear the women squabbling amongst themselves, when finally one of them pressed their teeth to his neck. He closed his eyes and grimaced, bracing himself for death, when suddenly the girl was yanked away, thrown by a pair of strong arms. The other mermaids collectively gasped, backing away from Toshi. He opened his eyes slightly, and nearly gasped at what he saw. You were floating there, lips upturned into a snarl, rock still deeply embedded into your bleeding chest.

“I told you, you idiot,” You hissed, “Sirens don’t have hearts.”

Toshinori was blinded by pain. You’d lunged towards him, teeth bared and dug into his throat. The other sirens treated him in kind, gnawing and ripping and tearing his flesh away from his body. He tried to scream, tried to fight, but then everything went black, and he was dead.


Toshinori woke with a start, clutching his neck and gasping for breath. He was in his apartment in modern day, all in one piece and completely unharmed. The credits for a movie he must’ve fallen asleep during played on the Tv.

“Thank god… It was just a dream.” He was on his couch, sirenless and completely safe. He turned to look for the remote and nearly screamed when he saw you, laying on the couch, head propped up on his shoulder, also sleeping peacefully. You looked innocent, wrapped up in that fuzzy blanket you liked so much. Nothing like you had in the dream. He let out a sigh of relief, wiping the sweat from his brow and stretching. “It was all just a dream… just a horrible terrible dream.”

He scooped you up into his arms, carrying you off to your room to put you to bed.


That would teach him to eat shortcake before bed.

Chapter Text

“FUCK!” You snarled, a crash sounding throughout the room. Your combat training had only begun half an hour ago, but it was already unbearable.

“Let’s try again, (y/n).” Toshi encouraged you. “I’ll go easier this time. I didn’t mean to hit so hard.”

“Yeah, sure!” You coughed sarcastically, clambering off of the pile of furniture you’d knocked over. The training had begun easily enough. They’d told you proper fighting stances, how to distribute your body weight into each blow. They’d shown you how to dodge as well, All the basics. But  they shoved you right into fighting after that, all of the men watching as you got your shit kicked in by Toshi, who swore he was trying to be easy. He looked like he didn’t enjoy hitting you, but it certainly didn’t feel like he was going easy when his fist slammed into your ribs.

“You’re leaving too many open spots. Focus on where he aims his hits and react accordingly!”

“It’s hard when he can move faster than I can think!” You groaned, standing on wobbly legs and regaining your stance. Toshi sighed and looked to his teachers. Did he really have to keep hitting you?

“Keep going until she gets at least one punch in on you. She can do it.” Sir instructed, crossing his arms and looking at you. He was measuring you, you could tell; seeing how strong you were, if you were up to the task, whether you were worthy of all their effort.

You sighed, shaking out the muscles in your neck. You looked at Toshinori with determination. “You heard him! Let’s go again.” You were going to get a hit on him somehow. You had to. If you couldn’t do this now, in the safety of Might Towers, how were you ever going to defeat villains who definitely were not going to hold back

You saw a smile curl the corner of Toshi’s mouth. He was impressed at your resilience. When he first began training with Gran Torino and his mentor, he felt so close to giving up. The first day he’d collapsed on the ground in exhaustion, but he kept going. You seemed to have that same spark of determination he did.

You studied Toshi closely, waiting for him to move, hoping he’d have some sort of tell that would let you know when he’d come for you. It took a lot of trial and error, but finally you saw it, the tiniest bit of movement before he lunged, a tiny twitch in his calf. Once you noticed, you dashed to the side, throwing your arms down to block the inevitable blow to your stomach.

You weren’t able to resist the force of his fist and you skidded backwards against the ground, but you hadn’t fallen, you were still on your feet.

“There you go!” Toshi chuckled heartily. “Good job!!”

“I’m gonna be so freaking bruised,” you sighed, thinking of how battered you already looked.

“You were able to block his attack, but now you have to learn to retaliate at the same time. You have to learn to hit back while your enemy is attacking, that’s when the most opportunity arises. Wait and see what openings he has when he comes for you, then counter them.”

“You do realize this guy is faster than I can even see, right?” You said snarkily.

“Would you rather train with me?” The old man grumbled.

“No!” Toshi answered for you, eyes wide in fear. “I’ll slow down. Just land a hit on me and we’ll go back to the basics again.”

“Jesus, okay.” What was his deal with Gran Torino?

You hesitantly watched again, seeing if his tell still held true, and dodged at the right time. It took a few more tries, but suddenly as you swung at the opportune moment, you felt your first connect against muscle,  cracking painfully as you punched at his ribs. You pulled your hand away, shaking off the pain and gritting your teeth. You’d forgotten how solid he was.

“Nice job!” He congratulated you, chuckling as he put his hands on his hips.

“Oh my god. Are you made of cement?” You groaned, tenderly rubbing your knuckles.

“Your attack was sloppy. If Toshinori had been paying attention he could’ve easily countered that,” Gran Torino chided. “Try again”.

“Uh… seriously?” You held up your swelling knuckles, dark purple and immovable. “Can I at least get like…. brass knuckles or knuckle guards or something?”

“Oh my…” Toshi rushed over, taking your knuckles gingerly in his hands. “How hard did you hit me?”

“As hard as I could! Was I not supposed to?”

“... I didn’t expect you to do that. I’m also surprised you got a hit in. Can you move your fingers? Did you break anything?”

“I’m fine…” you wiggled your fingers, “I just don’t think I can punch anything with this side again…”

“Yeah, probably not. How about we call it a day?”

“We can’t do that!” Gran Torino protested. “We’re short on time as it is.”

“She can’t do anything with a fist like that,” Tsukauchi sighed.

Sir rolled his eyes, “We can continue tomorrow. What a waste of time… I’ll see about getting her some knuckle guards for tomorrow. I have other things to do today.” He turned to walk off. Toshi sighed and looked at him in disdain. Gran Torino said his frustrated good byes, and Tsukauchi gave you a pleasant nod before he followed them out.

“I’m sorry I messed up training,” You sighed after Toshi had taken you into the bathroom. He was wrapping your knuckles in gauze, making sure to prevent further injury.

“It’s Fine. That was a long session for your first day anyways. I’m sorry I’m so… solid. I should’ve warned you before you punched me. I really didn’t think you’d get a hit in.”

“Pride comes before the fall…” you sighed, only slightly hurt that he didn’t have that faith in you.

“I suppose so. Hey, here’s a suggestion. I don’t have to patrol till tomorrow afternoon, let’s just relax. Get to know each other?”

He led you to the kitchen, giving you some ice for your hand. “What did you have in mind?”

“I dunno… what do you like?” He questioned.

“Well… I like movies I guess.”

“Ha ha ha! I love movies!” He smiled. “That’s what we can do! Get cleaned up and we can make popcorn.”

“That’s like the exact opposite of what we were just doing…” You observed, confused as to how he could go from relentlessly hitting you to offering to watch a movie with you. Popcorn included.

“I thought you might wanna do something fun together. I don’t have you here just so I can beat you up. We can have fun together too. It gets lonely in here all by myself.”

“So you’re just looking for a buddy to hang out with?” You giggled, raising your eyebrows in surprise. “What about Tsukauchi?”

“He can’t ever hang out. Our schedules never line up. He doesn’t like movies anyways.”

“Well, I can help you out then. I consider myself an avid movie fan. What do you wanna watch?”

“Let me change and I’ll think about it,” he smiled.

Once the two of you were changed into clean clothes you met up back in the living room. Toshinori was sitting on the couch, his arm draped across the back. You could smell freshly popped popcorn, which was sitting in a bowl on the table.

“Ready?” He turned to you and smiled, a remote in his hand.

“Sure! What are we watching?” You ask, plopping down on the couch. You wasted no time in wrapping yourself in your favorite fuzzy blanket.

“How do you feel about American films?” He asked.

“Um… I’ve only seen a few, and my English is terrible. Are there subtitles?”

“Yeah, there’s subtitles. This one is one of my favorites,” He started flicking through the TV menu, “I went and saw it in theaters when I was in college.”

“What’s it called?” To be honest, the thought of reading subtitles to an American movie sounded awful. What if he liked Adam Sandler or something? That would be terrible…

“It’s called “the Dark Knight” it’s a superhero movie.” Of course it was.

“I think I’ve heard of it before. What’s it about?”

He began an in detail description of the entire plot of the movie, marveling over his favorite parts. Throughout the movie you managed to keep up with the subtitles and shared some popcorn (and part of his secret chocolate stash) together.

”I have to admit… that was pretty good,” you chuckled as the credits rolled. You were pleasantly surprised.

“I have good taste in movies,” he mused.

“What else you got?” You asked, shoving another bite of chocolate into your mouth. Toshinori was sitting there, another piece of cake in his lap, flicking through his movie selection again. You two had scooted closer and closer to each other as the movie had gone on. You even gripped his arm a few times while squealing during the more intense parts of the movie. It was an emotional rollercoaster. Watching movies was always a struggle for you, you couldn’t keep your emotions at bay when a character was doing something stupid.

“How about this one? It’s a little less action packed.”

“Castaway? Never heard of it…”

“Really? It was really popular. It’s about a guy who gets stranded on an island all by himself. Tom Hanks is in it!”

“Isn’t that the guy from Toy Story?”

“Yeah, he plays Woody.”

“Ah, gotcha. Sounds interesting enough. I trust your movie judgement, but it has a lot to live up to since you started me out with the Dark Knight.”

“Like I said, this one isn’t as action packed, but it’s still really good.”

“Whatever you say. Hey, isn’t eating all of those sweets going to ruin your diet?” You snickered as he shoved another bite of cake in his mouth.

“This is…. Listen, I just really like sweets.” He sighed, ignoring the bit of frosting on the corner of his mouth. You chuckled and reached out with your thumb, wiping it off.

His eyes widened at you and he blushed. As you realized what you’d done you did the same.

“Uh… Sorry. It’s a pet peeve of mine,” You lied, wiping the frosting from your thumb onto a napkin. Toshinori quickly regained his composure.

“No problem. I’m kind of a sloppy eater.”

“It’s okay… Anyways, I was going to say that I didn’t want you to eat too many sweets and get in trouble with Gran Torino.”

“ What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…” He said cautiously.

You eyed him skeptically. Why did he get nervous every time that old man was even mentioned? You decided to save that question for another day.

“Well, let’s get this movie started,” You looked at the clock and stifled a yawn, it was almost midnight. “I don’t know how much longer I can stay awake.”

“Alright, just don’t miss the good parts,” He chuckled.

Turns out, you could stay up for about half an hour more. After the movie started and Chuck washed up on the island, you couldn’t resist the tug of your heavy eyelids. That, combined with the exhaustion of all of your training that day, sent you into a very deep sleep.

You woke up once when you heard Chuck screaming for Wilson, whoever that was, in despair. You didn’t bother opening your eyes, you were too incredibly comfy. You don’t remember when you fell asleep, but your head was propped up on something hard and round. You were too tired to open your eyes and figure out what was underneath you, but the gentle rise and fall accompanied by the sound of Toshinoris steady breathing gave you a pretty good clue. You took a moment to nestle back into his chest, ignoring propriety and the fact that you barely knew him, instead focusing on how this was the most comfortable you’d been in forever.

Toshinori had been incredibly invested in the movie, looking over to you every once in a while to see if you were as entertained as him. He could tell you were getting tired, your yawns were getting more frequent as the movie continued on.

When you finally fell asleep, he felt your head slump against his shoulder. For the briefest second he bristled, the touch of your cheek against his skin sending fireworks throughout his body. He relaxed eventually, taking a moment to study your angelic features. He couldn’t help but stare, something about you enchanted him. Maybe it was part of your quirk, or maybe it was something he couldn’t identify. Regardless of what it was, he knew he couldn’t move lest he wake you. That would be an unforgivable sin. Like when a cat is sleeping on your lap, you can’t move or you’re a jerk. Instead, he gently moved his arm, allowing your head to flop from his shoulder to his chest. He then put his arm around you shoulders and he pulled you a little bit tighter against him. He’d never shown anyone this kind of affection before, but it felt almost natural, you sleeping on his chest as he held you to him. It was so comfortable. Soon, Toshi felt sleep tugging at his own eyelids, and that paired with your warm embrace sent him over the edge and into unconsciousness.

Chapter Text

The next morning you woke in your bed, still in last nights clothes and unsure of just how you got there. You vaguely remembered falling asleep last night, but you didn’t remember coming to bed. You must’ve gotten up and somehow gotten there yourself, or Toshi… You blushed at the second thought.

As you crawled out from the covers, you could instantly tell that mornings atmosphere was different. You’d woken up unusually early, and the air felt hot, almost stuffy. That was unusual in this apartment, considering it’s owner always kept things freezing.

You meandered out to the hallway, seeing if it was any cooler in there. Surprisingly, it was almost hotter. You checked the air conditioner, but it was at the same setting it was yesterday. That could only mean one thing: summer was approaching faster than you’d anticipated. As much as you enjoyed the summer, the sweltering heat wasn’t very appealing.

To alleviate some of the heat coming from the early morning light streaming through the windows, you unlocked some of the large windows and opened them as best you could. You were immidiately blasted with a gust of cool, fresh air that made you feel much better. Being so high up in the sky had its perks. When you and your mother were living together, the heat was almost inescapable on your ground floor apartment. That, combined with the warmth emitted from the apartments surrounding you, forced you to get creative in your methods of air conditioning. This included constant buckets of ice, cold baths, and a million fans stationed around the windows. The heat was unbearable, but you’d survived. It made you wonder for a moment if she was in the process of setting up the apartment in preparation for the summer. You felt a small pang of sadness in your heart.

As you opened the windows in your bedroom and throughout the rest of the hallway, you peeked towards Toshinor’s door, wondering if he was feeling the sweltering heat. His  door was closed, so he must’ve still been asleep. Your training would start in a little while, so hopefully he wouldn’t oversleep. Did Toshi oversleep? Did heroes ever sleep in?

After you’d successfully aired out the penthouse, you made your way to the kitchen in search of something to eat. It looks like Toshi had eaten yet ANOTHER piece of cake, so there were only two left. You could’ve eaten one of those for breakfast, but you decided you were going to let him have them instead, he seemed to be enjoying them. You scoured the cabinets for something else to make, you sweet tooth nagging at you. You still had some ingredients leftover from yesterday's creation, so you combed your brain for a good recipe. As soon as you saw a can of sweetened red beans, you knew exactly what you were going to make.You got to work without hesitation, whipping together a sweet batter as well as some red bean paste. A quick trip to the restaurant downstairs to get some missing pans and you were ready to cook your creation.

Toshinori woke groggily to a sweet smell coming through the air into his stuffy bedroom. Why was it so unbearably hot? He climbed out of bed and pulled on a shirt and some pants, quickly washing the sleep from his eyes in his own bathroom and making his way to the much cooler kitchen. He’d had a hard time sleeping last night, and may have overindulged in some cake as a result. His sleep was fitful, filled with worrying dreams, which in turn forced him to think over a lot of worrying thoughts he’d been holding since he’d met you. Were you really going to be able to help him defeat All for One? Your quirk was strong, but you were so inexperienced. He was never able to come up with a satisfying answer for himself, but he was going to do his best to prepare you to face All for One alongside him.  

He padded his  into the kitchen, a long tendril of his hair dropping down towards his cheek. You smiled at him as he walked in the kitchen, greeting him with a bright and cheery “good morning!”

“Morning. Hot enough for you?” He chuckled, wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead.

“Could be toastier,” you joked, your hair being tousled by a particularly rough breeze coming in from the window.

“I’ll call maintenance and have the air conditioning for the building turned on. Anyways, what are you making?” He day at the bar stool, watching over you as you poured batter into the mold.

“Taiyaki,” you smiled, gesturing to the plate of ones you’d already completed. “Help yourself.”

“Isn’t it a little bit early for sweets?” He questioned, not hesitating to lean over and serve himself a few. He sat back down in his chair, taking a bite. The crunch of the outer crust of the pastry crunched loudly, and he closed his eyes in delight at the yummy breakfast you’d made.

“It’s never too early for sweets. My sweet tooth was nagging at me, and I knew someone was going to eat all of the cake left so I decided on this. I was surprised the cafe downstairs had the fish molds for it. They said they saved them for festivals.”

“Huh, well this is delicious. You’re gonna fatten me up, you know.” He patted his nonexistent belly.

“I’m sure you’ll work off all the calories by 10,” you rolled your eyes.

As you continued cooking, and Toshi continued eating, a familiar ding echoed through the room, alerting you to your companions arriving. This time, to your surprise, Saffron was with them.

“Morning everyone,” she beamed, looking as bright and energetic as the first day you met her. “What smells so good?” She plopped down at the counter, much to the dismay of the three other men. Toshi, on the other hand, slid a plate over to her and mumbled “Taiyaki,” through a full mouth.

“You know so many sweets will make you weaker,” the oldest man scolded. You rolled your eyes at home, ignoring his usual grumpiness.

Saffron shoved a bite of food into her mouth, sighing in satisfaction.

“We didn’t just come here to eat,” the old man protested again. “All for”

“Oh shut up, you old sack of flour. Try some,” Saffron cut him off, shoving a plate towards him.

“I’m not going to have sweets this early in the day!”

“It won’t kill you, just eat it!” She sighed waving the plate in his face again.

“Fine…” he grumbled, taking the plate. All of you stopped, looking to see if he would take a bite and whether or not he’d like your homemade food. He glared at you, then hesitantly picked up the food.

“Haven’t you had one before, Gran Torino?” Sir asked bemusedly, arms crossed.

“Why would I? They sell them on the streets… that’s unsanitary.”

“You can buy them at the store… you microwave them,” Toshi added, sighing at the old mans particular ways.

“Whatever. They don’t sound appealing,” he sighed. You continued to watch him with bated breath as he held the fish up to his lips, slowly taking a bit. The resulting crunch was deafening.

His face changed multiple times in a split second, from delighted surprise back to his serious scowl in an instant. He took another bite, not acknowledging any of you.

“Sooo… do you like it?” You asked, peeling the last one from the pan and handing it to Taukauchi, who gratefully accepted.

“It’s fine,” the old man lied. In all honesty, he loved it. He could eat a million of them if he could, but he wasn’t going to admit that to the people staring at him, eating their own respective Taiyaki for breakfast. He made a mental note to check the store on his way home.

“So, what are we going to do today?” You asked anxiously, clearing everyone's plates and setting them in the sink.

“More combat training,” Toshinori instructed, much to your dismay. You sighed and nodded. You were a fool to think anything different.

That became your life for the next few weeks, a steady schedule of visiting the jail, strength and combat training, and constant health consultations with Saffron. She would check you out at the end of every day, making sure you were on the perfect path for what they needed. As miserable as your moments after the combat training were, she was wonderful company, and you felt yourself coming to like her. She was relatable, the only woman you’d gotten to talk to in years. It was wonderful to have a girl friend. You texted all the time, occasionally made it out to coffee shops together when she had free time, and she had gone to the prison with you, along with Toshi.

They had been impressed by your work in the prison. You were no longer nervous when faced with these hardened criminals, dealing with them had just become your normal routine. You also had made progress in terms of your hero suit. You’d tested out a few ideas with Toshinori’s support team, but had yet to decide on what worked best. Your quirk was difficult to deal with, of course. They needed to somehow create pants that wouldn’t leave you completely exposed when transforming in and out of your aquatic form. They had initially tried simple button snaps near the crotch, much like a babies onesie, but that was unreliable at best as you moved, and a few people had gotten a rather undesirable view of your panties. They decided to keep working on more prototypes.

Your life at Might Towers had settled into somewhat of a routine as well. Every morning before training Gran Torino would arrive earlier than the rest, trying to slyly request you make him some more Taiyaki. It had become an unspoken agreement between the two of you. You would make him Taiyaki in the morning, and he would exchange subtle pleasantries with you instead of his normal gruff attitude. Everyone was seeming to take notice of the friendship you were forming with the wrinkled old man, but no one said anything for fear of ruining it. Toshinori seemed most surprised of all.

He would often discuss the peculiarity with you over your nightly dinners, whatever that ended up being. Toshinori helped you satisfy the need for all the meals you had missed for so long, going so far as to order you your favorite take out food from your hometown, and having it delivered right to your doorstep. Your relationship was blooming too, in a platonic way. The two of you felt so comfortable together. You teased and poked fun, you did boring daily things together, and sometimes you just sat in silence, doing your own respective things, and soaking up each others company.

The two of you would watch movies together every night. You would make some sort of delicious treat, and he would pop the popcorn, while recommending some movies to you. They weren’t all American, thank god, but the vast majority of them were. You had become fast at reading the subtitles, but they still usually made your eyes so tired you couldn’t help but drift off to sleep.

This had become an unspoken ritual between the two of you as well. Every night you’d fall asleep on Toshi’s shoulder. He’d tuck you into his arm and let himself relax a bit as well. Then, when it was time for him to go to bed he would gently pick you up, tuck you into your own bed, and then get into his. He couldn’t say he hated this ritual, it was the exact opposite honestly. He loved the physical contact, loved the warmth of your cheek against his bicep, loved the way your hair flowed about you as you slept. It was adorable, if he was being honest. Something about it captivated him every time. Your serene features forced him to recap every interaction he had with you that day, every word and subtle touch. His feelings were changing for you, he knew it, but he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the direction they were heading, and how fast they were overwhelming him.

“Toshi?” You murmured groggily, eyes fluttering open to meet his stare. This had never happened before. You’d never woken up while he was… well… cuddling you. What if you hated it? What if you weren’t falling asleep on him every night because you enjoyed him, what if it was all a complete accident? He’d feel like a fool, a creep. Not hero like at all.

“What’s up, (Y/N)?” He squeaked out with a start, holding his breath as your eyes slightly adjusted to the darkness. You didn’t seem to acknowledge  the position you were in, laying on his chest as the two of you watched movies together, you just blinked slowly and settled back down against him, eyes sliding shut again.

“I’m cold,” You murmured, barely awake. He chuckled quietly, relieved that you hadn’t recoiled and ran away. With his free arm he reached down to grab the fuzzy blanket by your waist. He pulled it up over your shoulders, and then pulled you a little bit tighter against his chest, leaving his hand on your back. As he felt you fall back to sleep on top of him, he breathed a sigh of relief, which was then replaced with instant panic as he realized:

He was falling for you.

Chapter Text

As you looked at the calendar in despair, your heart sunk. Two weeks. You’d been here two weeks and so far you didn’t have much to show for it. Sure, you had made new, great friendships, but the muscle mass and skills you were supposed to be gaining? Nonexistent. You’d thought the aching in your muscles would be replaced at some point by strength and definition, but you barely saw any change at all. Toshinori denied it, said you were making progress, but you could hear Gran Torinos whispering. You weren’t an idiot, you knew nothing much had changed. You’d gained some muscle mass… you were learning how to fight and fight well, but there were only seven weeks left, and you were nowhere near ready to face the challenge of All for One.

Toshinori must’ve sensed your frustration, and after every training session he did his best to encourage you, to list all of the evidence of improvements you’d been making, but nothing seemed to be able to pull you out of your mood. It frustrated him, seeing you so down on yourself even though you were making huge strides in his eyes. He wished there was some way to cheer you up, but he couldn’t think of anything. Then, a package was delivered to him one day after his patrols. From the briefcase inside, he had a pretty good hint at what it was. When the task of creating your suit had become too much for the prisons support team, he made a few calls to his friend David Shield, who designed his suits. Toshi had only called a few days ago, so he was shocked when it showed up at his door so soon.

“(Y/N), where are you?” He asked, strutting out of the elevator. If this didn’t make you feel better, nothing will. He knew the power of trying on a new hero suit. It was empowering, encouraging. He hoped it would give you the extra spark you needed, he had a plan.

“I’m in my room, what’s up, Toshi?” You asked, popping your head out of the door. Your hair was pulled into a wet braid, freshly washed after the days training.

“I’ve got something for you,” Toshi beamed, hiding the briefcase behind his meaty back.

“What is it?” You asked curiously, stepping up on your tiptoes to try and see behind him.

“Close your eyes,” He smiled, practically bouncing with excitement. He could see an improvement in your sour mood already, you couldn’t resist the excitement of a surprise.

“Why? What is it?” You smiled.

“Just do it!” He told you again. You obliged, closing your eyes. “Now hold out your arms!”

You did as he said, smiling and blushing in excitement. What in the world could this be? You felt something weighty and metal dropped into your arms, and you instantly opened your eyes. It was a thick, metal briefcase.

“Oh!” You feigned excitement, “A briefcase! Thank you!”

“Open it up,” Toshinori rolled his eyes.

You chuckled and walked over to set it on the kitchen counter. With the flip of two latches, you opened the case, mouth dropping open when you saw what was inside.

Your hero suit. YOUR hero suit… it was perfect! You delicately picked it up by the shoulders, marveling at the material as Toshinori smiled behind you. The fabric was smooth and thin, slick and water resistant, almost as if they were made from your own scales. The colors were like a sunset, oddly colorful compared to most of the designs you’d tried. It matched your scales almost exactly, and if you were wearing it in your other form it would’ve blended in perfectly with your tail. You looked at some of the other features. To your surprise, it didn’t leave your legs exposed as the designs they prison had created did.

“C-can I try it on?” You asked, turning to Toshi.

“It’s your hero suit,” He was beaming, “You do whatever you want with it. I was thinking we could go out to the ocean and try it out.”

“I’d love that!” You smiled, giggling excitedly. “I’ll be right back.”

You rushed off to your room to put on your suit. You were instantly amazed by the comfort the suit provided. It practically felt like you were wearing nothing, and was incredibly light and versatile. You did a quick squat to check its elasticity, and to your pleasure it moved perfectly with you, not even strained by the stretch. The suit was a single, full body jumpsuit that zipped all the way to your neck. It was a tasteful mixtures of oranges and purples and blues that lined the sides of the black suit, like a sunset peeking out from the night sky. There was a sewn on utility belt around the waist, with pockets for whatever you should need to hold there. The bottom of the feet were covered in gripped rubber, allowing the feet to function as boots as well. It was impractically form fitting, but you couldn’t help but feel sexy and powerful in it. A small voice in your head told you to spin around, to check your other features out in the suit (they looked great).

Hopefully Toshi will notice… Your thoughts intruded, causing you to blush and turn back around.

One concern you immediately noticed, however, was that there was no where for your tail to come out.

Not letting that down your high, you strutted out into the hallway, where Toshi was waiting, already changed into his hero suit. As he turned to look at you, he instantly blushed, heart doing flip after flip in his chest. The suit was… more form fitting than he’d anticipated, and to his shame he loved it. He averted his eyes, quickly singing some praises about how good it looks.

“How did the prison come up with this? They said they were back at square one last time I checked.”

“I may have called in a favor from the man who makes my suits. He never disappoints. I’m surprised it came so fast!” In truth, as soon as Toshi was on the phone with David he couldn’t help but gush about you a little bit, divulging the feelings he’d been developing. That definitely played a part in the speedy production. Davids telltale craftsmanship showed as well, there was no denying this suit was made of the same quality as his own.

“You didn’t have to do that! The prison team would’ve figured it out eventually…” You smiled.

“They were taking too long, not making much progress. I knew David could fix the problem in an instant. So, now you have a suit! Wanna go try it out?”

“Absolutely!” You beamed. You couldn’t wait to break it in, even if you still weren’t sure how exactly your tail would come out… but if Toshi seemed unconcerned you decided to be unconcerned too.

After the two of you had packed some towels and a change of clothes into a bookbag, he took you onto the balcony and with your permission he swept you up into his arms. You blushed as he held you against his chest, preparing to leap into the air.

“Ready?” He smiled down at you, hoping you couldn’t hear the way his heart was beating rapidly while he held you so close. You nodded, obviously excited to be flying through the air with him again. With a flex of his calf, you were suddenly soaring through the sky, high above the skyline of the city. You looked in wonder, reveling in just how beautiful, and exhilarating, this was. You zoomed over building over building, occasionally landing on a building only to be boosted off again. He took you further towards the edge of town, the ocean off in the distance, lined by a thick forest.

“Hold on!” He instructed, his signature smile on his face as he made an especially forceful last jump, carrying you miles over the forest, finally landing on the beach.

“I’m never going to get over how fun that is. I wish I could do something like that…” You smiled, looking over the terrain. It was an area you didn’t recognize, but the smell of saltwater was comforting and familiar.

“I’ll take you out any time you want,” He beamed, setting you down gently on the ground.

“I’ll hold you to that,” You smiled, looking out over the terrain. “So, let’s see what this thing can do!”

“I like your spirit. Go break it in! Show me what you’ve got.” He gave you a thumbs up.

“Alright! You’ve got it!” You said, excitedly bouncing down the sand and towards the water. You hesitated as you neared the shoreline, unsure of just how your suit was gonna handle your transformation. You hesitated a moment, and then looked back at Toshinori.

“Are you sure?”

“David knows what he’s doing. Get in!” He urged you, shooing you with his hands. You took a deep breath and took a tentative step forward, then another, waiting with baited breath for your transformation. Once you were knee deep, you pushed yourself forward and onto your stomach as your tail appeared.

You hesitantly looked down to see what had become of your fancy new suit, and to your surprise: it survived! In fact, it looked as if it was just a shirt, no pant legs in sight.

“How the hell did he manage this?” You smiled, looking yourself over.

“I’m not a very scientific person, but the note in the briefcase said something about a specially designed fabric. When pushed by your tail the fabric retracts into your belt.”

“How do I get it back out?”

“There should be a button along the side, but I don’t recommend pressing it now.”

You looked down to your belt and sure enough, a small orange button was present.

“So he got all of this done, in a few days, without every even meeting me?”

“Well... I suppose so! David is the best in the support business. I knew he could do it. Now, how about we see what this thing can really do.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“A race. Lets see who can swim faster. How about to that rock and back,” He said, pointing to a rock about half a mile off in the distance.

“A race?” You shot him a cocky grin, “You think you’ll win in a swimming race? Against me?” He probably could, you know, but you couldn’t resist the urge to create some playful banter.

“I think I have a pretty good shot,” He smirked, stretching out the muscles on his neck.

“This is going to be actual swimming, right? You’re not gonna cheat and just jump over there and back?”

“I’ll play fair!” He said, putting his hands in the air. He began to wade towards you in the water.

“Alright,” you turned toward the rock, “Just know, I have high expectations for you as the number one hero.”

“I’ll do my best to meet them,” He said, meeting you in the water. “I’ll let you say when to go! To that rock and back, whoever gets back first wins!”

“Does the winner get anything?”

“Hmmm… How about loser buys coffee?”

“Sure,” You said, ignoring the fact that the only money you had was actually his money.

“Alright, Whenever you’re ready!”

“Okay!” You stretched out your tail, preparing yourself to dart through the water. “On your mark, get set, go!”

As you shouted, you dove under the water, propelling yourself forward as fast as your muscles could carry you. You urged yourself forward, splitting through it like a hot knife through butter. The suit you were wearing eliminated almost all of the resistance your body usually felt while swimming. It was absolutely incredible. You didn’t know where Toshinori was, but you didn’t care. It’d been a while since you’d been able to swim to your full potential. Sure, Toshi’s pool was nice, but it was nothing compared to open water. Here you were able to use the full extent of your powers, to let yourself loose, to truly use all of your muscles. It took only a few seconds to reach the rock, your hands slapping against it before you zoomed back the other way towards the shore. You didn’t have much time to look, but as you turned you thought you saw a streak of blue and red swimming towards you. He was fast in the water, but not fast enough.

You reached the shoreline a second later, popping your head up and turning to see where Toshi was, a large smile on your fast. He swam up to you an instant later, a smile plastered on his face as well.

“I guess I underestimated you,” He smiled,  patting you on the shoulder, “I’m sorry I didn’t live up to your expectations.”

You were shocked, to be honest, that you had swam faster than All Might, but you didn’t question it. You let that little bit of pride swell in your chest, it was nice to feel considering you’d been feeling terrible for the past few days.

“I prefer my coffee iced,” You smiled.

“I’ll keep that in mind. So, what do you think of the suit?” He asked, walking further on to the shoreline and wringing out his hair.

“It’s amazing! Its like I’m flying. It makes swimming so much easier. I love it!”

“I’m glad to hear that. I knew David would pull through. Do you want to test out some more stuff?”

“Absolutely,” You beamed.

You stayed out there for a few hours, learning how to treat combat in water. It was a lot different than what you’d learned during your normal trainings, but in a way you felt better doing it. Combat on land was all about positioning your feet, dealing with the blows dealt to you and trying your best to not topple over, but in the water Toshi was in your domain. You had many advantages he couldn’t even counter in the water that went up to his waist: you could go under as you pleased. You had no restrictions of being able to see, having to hold your breath,  worrying about slowing down.

“If only Gran Torino could see this,” You smiled, having landed another hit onto Toshinori.

“I think he’d be impressed,” He smiled proudly, “You’re doing amazing!”

“Thanks,” You blushed, “I just have a good teacher!”

He chuckled, “Well, this good teacher is starting to get wrinkled up. Still up for some coffee?”

“Sounds good to me!” You smiled, ignoring the fact that it was nearly dinner time and any coffee you drank now would keep you wide awake tonight.

The two of you went to the beach and got dressed. Toshinori was ever the gentleman as you changed, even though he’d seen you naked many times before at this point. He looked away and held his yellow cape up as sort of tent for you to change in privacy. You treated him in turn, looking away as he changed into his civilian clothes, even though you were dying to see his abs.

You were surprised by his choice of attire, a pair of khakis and a grey hoodie, which he had pulled up with some glasses on. He was probably going for an incognito look, but his huge figure made him pretty unmistakable for the pro hero he was.

“So, where should I take you?” He asked, shoving on a pair of tennis shoes he’d packed in his backpack.

“Hmmm… well there is this cafe I saw down the street from Might towers the other week when I went to the store. Maybe there?”

“Wherever you want, (y/n).” He held his arms out for you, “Shall we?”

He swept you up into his arms once you’d step towards him, the two of you both blushing as he did but ignoring it anyways. He lept into the air a few moments later, dashing over the forest and back in the direction of Might Towers.

“I’m truly impressed with you, you know,” He said genuinely, looking down in to you. His face was kind and serious.

You blushed and felt that little bit of pride in your chest swell again. “Thank you. It really is because of all you’ve taught me, you know.” You smiled.

“I may have taught you some of those moves out there, but you’re the one with the talent and the skills to do them. You should be proud of yourself, don’t count yourself short. You’re doing wonderfully.”

You were quiet for a minute, his words pulling a lot of things to your mind. Finally, you spoke. “Toshi?”

“Yeah?” He looked into your eyes just as he hoisted the two of you up off of another building. You could see the town coming in to view.

“Do you think I’ll really be able to help you defeat All for One?” Your voice was a whisper, the fear you’d been holding inside of you the past two weeks finally being admitted.

He studied your face for a moment, jaw set. Finally, he looked off into the horizon, pulling you tighter to his chest. His voice was firm and sincere,


Chapter Text

“You’re… You’re joking…” You gasped, staring at Toshinori with shock.

“Nope, one hundred percent serious.”


Toshinori sighed and leaned back in his cafe chair. It groaned under his weight. “I always take somebody and this year I want to take you!”

You leaned forward and buried your face in your hands. One the one hand, you were elated that he wanted to take you, but on the other hand: A Fundraiser Gala? That’s the last place you’d wanna go, especially since according to Toshinori it was an important, and very public event.

“Is that why you took me out to the ocean? Bought the suit? Took me here for coffee? Are you trying to butter me up?” You couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of it. You, at a fancy fundraiser. Yeah, right.

“No, but I figured it would help…” He smirked, “It will be fun! I promise! There’ll be dancing, beautiful decorations, more fancy cakes than you’ve seen in your life…”

“Hm… I do love cake…” Damn it. He knew sweets were your weakness. “Do I have to wear a fancy dress?”

“You could wear a suit, if you wanted instead,” He pointed out, taking a sip of his large drink. You’d laughed when he ordered it, making sure that the barista gave him extra whipped cream. It seemed like something a girl from America would do. You’d decided to order the same, in a much smaller size, plus a tarte for each of you.

You munched on the pastry as you thought of a response. “No, a dress is fine. When is the gala?”

“In two weeks. Actually, only a day before… you know…” He trailed off, shooting you a knowing glance.

“Doesn’t it seem kind of dangerous to do something that big the night before something else super big?”

“It’ll lower suspicious,” He answered simply, popping the last bite of his food into his mouth.

“I guess that is true. But why don’t you take Saffron? She’s more suited to that public eye kind of thing.”

“Because I want to spend time with you ,” He admitted, making you blush. “I think we’d have fun. Those types of parties are always boring. I want to take someone I can have fun with.”

You chewed on the end of your green straw. “Do I have to talk to a bunch of people?”

“No, I’ll do all the talking.”

You sighed, thinking his offer over for a minute. “Alright, fine. I’ll go. But you better not be lying about the cake.”

He smiled and laughed with delight. “If there isn’t any cake there, I will personally make you as many as I can fit into the kitchen.”

“Alright, if you’re ready to accept that commitment. I guess I should find something to wear.”

“I’ll have Saffron take you out in a couple days. You can have girl time… or whatever…”

You laughed at the term. “Sure. Sounds good. I’ll shoot her a text. What about you, Mr. Guest of Honor? Should we coordinate colors?”

“Sure. Pick out a dress and I will get colors to match.” He seemed excited at the idea, “Unless you don’t want to match, of course.” He backtracked.

“No! I do!” You said much too eagerly. You saw him smile at that, and you looked away and shoved another bite of food in your mouth to hide your embarrassment. He told you about the party, who was hosting it, what it was like, etc. but you were only half listening. At this point anxiety was starting to creep into your body at the thought of such a public event. This was a terrible idea.

You tried to distract yourself by fidgeting with the napkin dispenser on the table, sipping your too-sweet drink, looking around the cafe. It was cute, just as you’d hoped, with a comfortable and laid back atmosphere. The bar stood in the far right corner, where many different types of coffee and pastries and sandwiches were sold. There was an even mix of couches and tables strewn about the room, and some bookshelves with books people had donated that you could read while you were there. At this time of the day, there were only a few people hanging around, students studying with their friends and a few business people trying to finish up some work. It was quiet, cozy. A place you could spend a lot of time at.

“Hey, look at this!” He smiled suddenly, turning the napkin dispenser towards you. You looked at the advertisement he was pointing to. “Open mic night!”

“Oh, that’s fun!” You said, pretending to be uninterested. You hoped he wouldn’t suggest you go.

“You should go!” Shit .  

“I’m not much for public singing. Or being in public.” You mumbled with embarrassment.

“But don’t you want to be a singer?” He asked, looking at the dates and times for the event.

“Well… yeah… but I’m not ready yet!” You stammered, trying to think of excuses. Yeah, you wanted to be a singer, but you’d also just spent the past few years of your life in complete solitude, hunting people on beaches. You weren’t exactly ready for the limelight, having a social life that only included five people was already hard enough. You didn’t need all that attention.

“I’d love to hear you sing more. Everyone would love you! You have a wonderful voice.”

You loved the compliments, and would have loved nothing more than to sing for Toshi all day and have him adore you, but that didn’t ease your anxieties much.

“I don’t know… I just-”

“(Y/N), you’re going to fight one of the worlds strongest villains and you don’t seem nervous, but singing in public scares you?”

“I never said I wasn’t nervous! And this is different…”

“I think it’d be a great opportunity. And I’d be there supporting you! Saffron could come too, if you want. She loves that kind of thing.”

You pondered it a moment. You were seriously considering it, but the fear of public humiliation and being in front of all those people was stopping you from fully committing.

I’ll be there supporting you! His voice rang in your head, making the decision that much harder to make.

“I don’t know…” You muttered, taking your coffee in both hands and tapping your fingers against it anxiously. The more you thought about it the more you wanted to do it, but at the same time the more terrified you were.

Toshinori reached over and put a reassuring hand on your arm. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I just thought it would be an exciting opportunity for you.”

You relaxed a little, feeling the heat in your cheeks burn under his touch. “I’ll think about it… That’s a couple days from now. I’d have to practice and all that… I don’t have an instrument or anything to play...”

He seemed pleased with your willingness to consider it. “Do you play any instruments?”

“I used to be really good at ukulele,” You admitted. “I know that’s really cliche. Every girl tries to learn at least once, you know? But I really liked it. My friend Brienne and I used to play together. She’d sing and I’d play, or I’d sing and she’d play. It was always fun…” You trailed off, remembering the fun the two of you would have after school.

“Well, I’m sure we could find you one,” He smiled. He still hadn’t moved the hand on your arm, to your delight.

“No! No, that’s okay,” You blushed. The last thing you wanted was for him to buy you more stuff. “I’ll figure something out. Don’t worry about it.”

“Alright, if you say so.” He removed his hand from you and grabbed his drink again, taking a deep drink of it. “Are you about ready to go? I have one more thing I want to do tonight.”

“Oh? What’s that?” You asked, finishing the last sip of your drink.

“It’s a surprise!” He smiled, looking outside to the setting sun.

“You’re just full of surprises today, Toshinori.” You smiled, standing up to toss your cup into the trash can nearby.

“I like to keep you on your toes,” He smiled, taking the opportunity finish up his drink and to toss it into the trash.

The two of you walked out of the cafe and back in to the street. Toshi’s energy had changed pretty rapidly, going from his normal confident self, to slightly nervous. It was an incredibly subtle change, the slightest hint of nervousness in his eyes, but you noticed it nonetheless.

“So, where are we going?” You smiled up at him.

“You’ll see! You’re so impatient!” He joked, “We have to head back home really quick, then I’ll take you there.”

“Alright, alright!” You smiled, practically bouncing with excitement. Today had been a great day and it was going to be topped off with some surprise he had for you. It had to be wonderful, right?

You didn’t have time to think over the possibilities of what it could be as you walked back to Might Towers, as a hoard of commuters bustled in to the street suddenly from a nearby office building, crowding you and Toshi and unintentionally splitting you apart. You could hear him behind you, his large steps were unmistakable. You knew your way back to Might towers, but that didn’t make you feel any less anxiously as you were bumped and jostled along the sidewalk. You still weren’t the best at human contact, and this made your gut twist in that sickening way you used to feel before you’d give a speech in school. It was awful.

Just as you thought you were going to get swept away in the sea of people you felt a large, warm hand thread its fingers in to yours. You felt that familiar jolt of electricity surge through your arm as your skin met his and he walked around you to make his way through the crowd, preventing anyone from bumping in to your further. You blushed violently as he held your hand, unsure if there was any motives behind it other than just trying to keep you from getting jostled around.

You waited with bated breath as you exited the crowd, wondering if he was going to let go of your hand or not. To your delight, he didn’t! His hand kept yours firmly trapped in his, unconsciously swinging it slightly as the two of you walked. You felt the heat in your cheeks spread, equal parts excited that you were holding hands with him, and also slightly embarrassed that people could see you holding hands with the world's top hero. No one really acknowledged that it was him until you walked through the door, his grey hoodie covering up his signature blonde spikes.

He didn’t let go of your hand until you were in to the elevator, and even then it was just so he could pull his hoodie down and press the button to his floor.

“So, when do we get to do the surprise?” You asked, trying to play it cool. Inside, you were dying to know.

“After it gets dark!” He smiled, exiting the elevator and stepping in to the kitchen. “Get in to something comfy and meet me on the roof in an hour.” He handed you the silver briefcase he’d been carrying for you. “And keep this safe. I’ll give David a call and tell him how well it worked.

“Tell him I said thank you!” You smiled, clutching the case to your chest as he disappeared into his office.

You shuffled your way into your room, excitement flooding your body. You quickly bathed and got rid of the salt water in your hair. You threw on a comfy pair of sweatpant shorts, and a tank top, then waited impatiently for an hour to pass. As soon as you saw exactly an hour had passed, you anxiously took the elevator to the roof and eagerly jumped out as soon as the door opened.

You weren’t sure what you were expecting, but this definitely wasn’t it. The sun was just beginning to dip below the horizon, and the stars were beginning to make their appearance. Toshinori was standing there, draping a string of christmas lights around the rooftop. There was an inflatable couch, lots of blankets, and a large screen with the netflix menu on it.

“What’s all this?” You asked, walking over to look at how hilariously large the inflatable  couch was.

“Movie night! Under the stars,” He smiles, plugging in the lights.

“This looks awesome! Whats the special occasion? And whats with the couch?”

“Well, I actually found the couch online and it gave me the idea,” He smiled at you.

You stifled a laugh, “Toshi… that’s kind of weird!”

“Well… yeah. But I know you like being outside so I thought this would be nice.”

“I appreciate the thought. It’s sweet of you,” You smiled, plopping down on the couch. It bounced a little with your weight. It was nearly twice as large as the couch in the living room. “It’s pretty big!”

“Is it comfy?” He smiled, grabbing the remote for the projector and moving to stand in front of you.

“Hmm…” You bounced up and down a little, “It’s pretty good.”

“Good,” He plopped down next to you and nearly sent you flying. You laughed and readjusted yourself on the couch.

“These were super popular when I was back in elementary school. They had them in all sorts of neon colors. I used to want one so bad, I thought it would make me cool. Well… that and beaded curtains… and an obscene amount of boy band posters.”

He chuckles heartily, “Sounds like an interesting room.”

“Yeah, nothing as gorgeous as what I have while I’m living here. It’s amazing, Tosh.”

“I can’t really take credit. I let Saffron decorate it for any guests who would stay here. It never got used much until you arrived.”

“So your plan wasn’t to design a gorgeous room and kidnap me this whole time?” You joked.

“Oh, it deffinitely was. But when I pictured kidnapping someone I always imagined that they wouldn’t want to stay willingly” he teased back.

“Well, I don’t have anywhere else to go, so until these four weeks are up you’re stuck with me.”

“I can’t say I mind,” He smiled, tucking a stray lock of your hair behind your ear. The contact made you blush.

You swallowed loudly and looked away, trying to hide the warmth flooding your face. “So… what movie are we watching tonight?”

He turned his attention back to the projector, shielding his own blush from your view. “A classic; Jurassic park!”

“Is this that American film with the dinosaurs?”

“Yeah! It’s great!”

You internally groaned at the thought of reading more subtitles, but smiled anyway. “Is this the one where they say, “Life finds a way!”

“It is! Have you seen it?”

“No, but I’ve heard the quote.”

“Well, it’s great. Your going to love it.” He quickly flipped through the menu and turned it on. It wasn’t really the kind of movie you were expecting from this romantic set up. You had been hoping for something more… intimate… but you scolded yourself for getting your hopes up. You two were friends, that was it. You shouldn’t have had any expectations. Toshi had done something nice for you, that was it.

As the beginning credits rolled across the screen, he draped his arm around the back of the couch. You couldn’t tear your attention from it for a good thirty minutes, sneaking peeks from the corner of your eyes. It was so inviting there, the crook of his arm the perfect size for you to slip in to. You could easily just lean over, place your body up against his. The two of you had done it before, so why couldn’t you do it again?

The major difference was that this time you weren’t doing it accidentally after falling asleep… By doing it purposefully you were obviously showing that you were interested. What if it freaked him out? What if he pushed you off? What if when he pushed you off, he accidentally pushed too hard and you flew off the building? His career as a hero would be ruined and you would be dead. It’s a lose-lose situation.

On the other hand, what if he didn’t reject you? What if he pulled you against him and confessed his love for you right then and there? Unrealistic, of course, but you could dream. You sat there for a while, watching dinosaurs eat people, debating whether or not to lean up against his arm, when he seemingly made the first move. Without moving the arm he had draped on the couch, he shifted his body weight towards you a little, causing the couch to sink in his direction, making you slide down against him. You giggled and blushed, looking up to him and apologizing.

“Whoops… I think I should’ve bought a sturdier couch,” He said, not backing away from you whatsoever. He didn’t seem to mind you being pressed up against him, and you didn’t mind either. Had he done it on purpose? You really hoped he had…

Taking a deep breath for courage and returning your attention back to the movie, you settled in to the space against his chest you’d been admiring minutes earlier. He sighed contently and moved his arm to your shoulder and pulling you close to him. He sighed contentedly, trying his best to focus on the movie. The two of you had never done anything like this when you were both awake… but it was amazing, if he was being honest. He could feel the constant pulse of electricity where your skin was touching, it was distracting.

Even when the movie was over, the two of you didn’t part. You chatted quietly, joking about the movie and discussing what parts you did and didn’t like. He put on another movie, then another, then another, until you were watching movies into the late hours of the night, the two of you tucked beneath the fuzzy blanket you liked so much. It was comfortable, the heat of his body soaking your cold one. You couldn’t help  but doze off together, barely able to resist the tug of sleep at your eyelids.

You could feel Toshi fall asleep under you, his breathing slowing and his head slumping down. For a moment, you contemplated waking him up, or carrying him down in to his room, but neither seemed plausible. You sighed for a minute. A gentle breeze blew across your face, the quiet hum of the city below making this a comfortable place to be with him. It was almost like the world was telling you to stay there with him, to let your mind wander until you fell asleep. So, fighting your previous reservations, you placed a gentle kiss to his chin, then laid your head against his chest, quickly following him into sleep.

Chapter Text

When you woke up the next morning you could feel the hot summer sun heating your skin. You could feel the beginning of a sunburn as you propped yourself up on one elbow. The sun was blinding as you opened your eyes, doing your best to adjust to the light. You could see that the couch had deflated overnight, but for some reason you weren't lying on the uncomfortable concrete of the roof. Just as you were about to investigate this fact, you felt a hand on your back. You looked down to see Toshi underneath you, smiling groggily as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.


"Good morning!" You squeaked, both startled and embarrassed by the position you were in.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked, sitting up a little, just barely moving you. From the way it looked, you must've laid on top of him all night. The thought made your cheeks burn bright red.

"Uh.. Yeah! Sorry for... Um..." You looked down at your two bodies pressed together. He didn't seem to mind.

"It's alright! We must've fallen asleep. This couch must have a hole in it somewhere."

"Probably..." You continued blushing, feeling the shame and embarrassment heat your face.

"Hey," He caught your attention. "I know what you're thinking. It's fine, I don't mind!" He smiled genuinely, tentatively rubbing your back a little. You relaxed slightly, smiling and shaking your head. If anything, he was just making your embarrassment worse by pointing it out.

"Well... Thank you for serving as my mattress last night, Mr. Symbol of Peace."

"Of course, ma'am" He put on his hero voice.

You got off of him and sat up, stretching your joints. Toshi sat up as well, grabbing his phone and looking at the time.

"Well, everyone will be here for training in an hour, then afterwards we're taking you to the prison."

"Oh shoot, I forgot we were going today. The days are starting to blend together."

"You've been a busy woman," He said, stretching his own muscles. You could hear his joints pop and crunch as he shook himself out.

"Will you be coming with me today?" You asked, your voice hopeful.

"I will! I told you I was going to come with you eventually. I won't be patrolling until later this afternoon."

You felt a flutter of excitement in your chest. Your visits to the prison weren't exactly the kind of fun thing you wanted to do with Toshinori, but the thought of him watching you do that was exciting. Maybe he'd be impressed when he watched you in action.

"Who all is coming along today, then?" You asked, standing up from the ground and helping him gather up the stuff he's set out the night before.

"Everyone. Gran Torino, saffron, sir, tsukauchi. The whole group".

"That's a lot of pressure..." you said, suddenly nervous at the thought of such a large audience. "Wait, why is saffron coming? The hero work stuff isn't usually her thing".

"She wanted to. She likes you, I think. You two have a lot in common. She doesn't have much time to make friends outside of me and her boom writing".

"Since when does she write books?"

"She's a world famous author!" He looked at you flabbergasted. "Have you never heard of her before this?"

"Huh... I guess not. I didn't realize. What's her book about?" The two of you talked as you helped him fold up the large inflatable couch.

"Take a guess". Toshi smirked.

"Health and diet stuff?"

"Exactly. And dating advice, sometimes."

"Huh... interesting. Is she married?"

"No, but she's been with her girlfriend for a while now. Before even I met her. She loves to talk about her, you should ask her about her. Her names Camila. I think she works at a local school around here. I'm not sure."

"Oh, sweet" you cataloged Saffron under people you could rely on for dating advice, on the unlikely chance you'd ever need it.

As the two of you finished folding the couch, Toshinori easily hoisted it up over his shoulder and led you to the elevator.

"I'll let you get ready for training. It'll be a shorter session today," he mentioned, "since we have a lot to do at the prison. We were also gonna talk strategy over lunch today, so we have a concrete plan".

"Oh, right. Gotcha" you said, suddenly all business. The two of you stepped off into the elevator and were instantly blasted by the cool air of your air conditioned apartment. It felt good against your freshly sunburnt skin.

"I'll see you in an hour!" He smiled, making his way off to his office to put the couch away.

"See you," you replied before heading off in the direction of your own room. Your mind was buzzing with all of the information you'd been given. Saffron wrote books, you had to go to the prison with Toshi today, and you couldn't get the feeling of sleeping on top of him out of your head. It was the most predominant thing on your mind at that moment, you remembered how warm and form he was, the way he looked at you when he woke up, how he rubbed your back.

Embarrassingly childish thoughts filled your head: would you ever get to do that again? Why was he so affectionate? Did he like you?

You pushed that last thought out of your head. No, that couldn't be. He was just being friendly. This was a business arrangement after all. You couldn't let feelings and thoughts like that interfere.

You flopped onto your bed and groaned into your pillow. Feeling like you did was so hard. Every day you could feel yourself becoming more and more attached to him. He caused your heart to feel all weird and indescribable. You'd never felt that way before. What sucked the most was you couldn't act on it.

After a few minutes of groaning, you sent a quick snapchat to Saffron in an attempt to clear your mind.

YN: you wrote a book?

Sassafras: 15, actually. Why?

YN: All Might mentioned it. I didn't know. Are you coming over later?

Sassafras: yeah, leaving in a bit. Running late. Can't wait to see you suck the soul out of a villain.

YN: Omg dont phrase it like that!

Sassafras: lol see you soon

You tossed your phone to the side and sat up, heavily sighing. You had to get ready, time was wasting. You didn't bother with a shower, considering you'd get sweaty training and going to the gym anyways. It seemed counter productive. You threw on your normal training garb over top your suit, getting in a few stretches as you put your hair into a tight braid. You debated waiting in your room until everyone got there, but decided bite the bullet and wait for them in the living room. It was the social thing to do.

Your stomach growled audibly, and for a minute you considered making yourself something to eat really quick, but anything other than fruit probably wouldn't pair well with your training. You grabbed an apple from the counter and hoped that there'd be an opportunity to eat an actual breakfast before you went to the prison.

You sat at the counter and munched on your apple, waiting for someone to come. You hoped it would be Toshinori, or Saffron, but the first person to exit off of the elevator was Gran Torino, followed by Sir Nighteye. Gran Torino looked expectantly at you, peering over the kitchen from the elevator in hopes that you were cooking something.

"Morning," you greeted them between bites of apple. Sir looked as impassive as always, his face uninterested and unreadable. The grumpy old man spoke before he did.

"Good morning. Where is Toshinori?"

"I don't know. He went into his office. I haven't seen him since."

"Hmph," the old man crossed his arms and sat up at the counter next to you. You could hear his stomach growl. You smirked internally.

"Want some breakfast?" You asked, gesturing to the fruit basket.

"No, I'm fine. I don't much like fruit," He grunted. You knew what he was hoping for, the man was much more readable than his stoic counterpart. He was hoping for some more taiyaki. You had some stowed away in the freezer, they just needed reheated, but you weren't going to just give them to him  right away, this was hilarious to watch.

"Oh... well, I have some frozen taiyaki I made the other day in the freezer, but you're probably not interested in that."

You saw the interest spark in his eyes. He thought for a minute, debating whether he was going to ask or not. He chose his words carefully, "Well... they'll get freezer burnt in there and go bad. That's a waste."

Your grin grew, you hopped off the stool and walked over to the freezer, looking inside and hiding your smug face from him.

"Well, I just put them in there yesterday. They should be fine for a while."

"Well... they probably don't taste good reheated."

"They'll taste As fresh as if I just made them." You pulled them out, eyeing them through the ziploc bag you put them in. They were perfect. You'd made them for him, knowing how much he loved them but also knowing that he'd never ask for them. You decided to keep a stash on hand for the days you couldn't cook for him. He grunted, unsure of how to respond. You could see the two of them out of the corner of your eye. Sir had the semblance of a smirk on his face, he knew what you were playing at.

"Maybe I could reheat them for you. So they don't go to waste. You can tell me if they taste as good as fresh ones" you smiled, spinning around and displaying the treats off to him.

He thought a few more moments. "Fine, if you insist. Just so they don't go to waste".

"Thank you, I appreciate it," you cast a smug glance at sir, who rolled his eyes and smiled just the slightest bit.

You ended up reheating enough for both of them, and Gran Torino ate them enthusiastically, kicking his short legs back and forth underneath the table.

Toshi came in a few moments later in his hero suit rubbing his forehead, his brows knit together. "Good morning, everyone." He said unenthusiastically. You jumped straight into your training, which was starting to become easier for you, and you could usually escape without too many bruises. Toshi seemed generally unenthusiastic about the whole thing, only putting in half effort much to Gran Torino's dismay. He seemed to have something on his mind, and just ran through your normal routine without much comment. It seemed like a generally successful training session. Everyone could feel the tension in the room, and as you finished you sat awkwardly in the kitchen, waiting on Saffron so you could head to the jail. Gran Torino helped himself to another small helping of the fish pastries you'd made.

"Morning!" A female voice exploded into the room.

"Morning," The three men replied, accompanied by the ping of the elevator. Saffron rushed in, obviously disheveled and hardly awake. Her hair was in a messy bun and she wore a loose t-shirt with leggings, much different than her normal attire. She held a half-drank iced coffee in her hands.

"Sorry I'm late! My alarm didn't go off!" She apologized, throwing her oversized bag on to the counter. You saw Toshi's face relax a little as he smiled at the scene, you made a note to ask him what was wrong later.

"Morning, Saffron," Everyone said, eying her unusual appearance.

"At least you had time to get your iced coffee," Sir observed sarcastically. You snickered a little.

"I have my priorities!"

"You didn't have to come," Gran Torino grumbled, obviously unamused that his breakfast was being so rudely interrupted.

"And miss the unveiling of (Y/N)'s new suit? I think not."

"Oh yes, how did your tests go yesterday, (Y/N)?" Sir asked politely

It took you a moment to respond, this was the first time he'd ever addressed you directly. It caught you off guard. "Oh, great! It went great! The suit was wonderful. And I beat Toshi in a swimming race, so I'd count it as a successful test." You cast a smug grin at Toshinori.

He smiled meekly and rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, she did. But in my defense, her suit was brand new. I think I'm in need of a new one."

"Oh, excuses excuses." Saffron chided, digging in to her bag and pulling out a muffin. "Suit or no suit she'd beat you any day."

You smiled confidently and nodded. While you didn't believe it yourself, it was still fun to bust his chops like that.

"Yeah, sure. We'll see. Anyways, we should head downstairs. Tsukauchi is probably waiting on us downstairs."

"Oh! He's driving?" Saffron chirped. "I love his car!"

"Don't get any crumbs in the seat," Sir mumbled, earning a stern look from a sleepy-looking Saffron.

"I think he got a police van for us. We can't exactly all fit in his car." Toshi reminded them.

And he was right. Tsukauchi showed up in one of those big black police vans, drawing the gaze of curious people walking back. Even with the extra sixe, it was a tight squeeze. Tsukauchi drove, Gran Torino sat in the front with him, Saffron and Sir Nighteye sat in the middle row, and Toshi and you crammed in the back. Even with the extra space you were still pressed up against the plastic wall of the van. Toshinori had to crane his neck forward to avoid his head hitting the ceiling. You didn't exactly mind his leg pressed up against yours, but you knew it wasn't going to be a super comfortable ride for him.

Saffron filled the car with idle chatter most of the way there, alleviating your anxiety at having such a big audience. She was delighted when Toshinori mentioned he'd be needing her to take you to get a dress for the event, and was encouraging when he mentioned karaoke night. You distracted yourself from your current anxieties by focusing on the other ones, and seriously considered if you wanted to do the open mic night, and if so what you'd sing. It would be something simple, you decided. Not to flashy or show stopping. Something relaxing to fit the coffee shops vibes. Plus, that'd make it easier to play on the ukulele.

Toshi seemed unusually stiff during the ride, and you had a suspicion it wasn't just because of the tight quarters. You decided not to press him in the midst of so many other people though. It was probably something personal...

He looked a little better once the three of you reached the prison, getting out of the car and stretching himself out. You tried your best not to gawk at him as his muscles flexed in his suit.

You walked in with your entourage, meeting the prison team in the same room before the pool that you usually did. You excitedly slipped into the changing room, taking off the clothes that covered your suit. You took a deep breath, and proudly walked out to the awaiting crowd. To your disappointment, Toshi wasn't there. You looked around for him as the support team members looked over your suit and took notes in their book, but it took you awhile to find him. You could see him through the glass in to the pool room, heatedly arguing with the director. Sir was there as well, trying to calm him down as the two argued. You couldn't make out what they were saying through the soundproof glass, and before you could try to read their lips Saffron snapped your attention away.

"Oh my god!" She gushed in a thick American accent, "You look hot! Amazing! Fantastic! The colors go perfectly with your eyes! What about your tail? I haven't seen it yet. Is it gonna match? Oh, you are going to look so badass when you beat up those villains."

"Chill, Saffron!" You chuckled, Toshinori momentarily forgotten, "It matches, don't worry."

"Good, or I'd have to write a nasty letter to David. You know, once he tried to make the main color of All Might's suit yellow. Yellow! What a catastrophe! I had him send it back immediately."

You thought of the ugly suit in Toshi's closet. Saffron must not know about that, or she would've tossed it out. "You've saved us all, Saff." You replied sarcastically. The support team continued to take notes and asked you to turn this way and that as they tugged at the fabric and thoroughly inspected it.

One particular woman, who introduced herself as Artisan, seemed particularly interested in the way the magnets functioned. You got into some idle chatter with her as she wrote some things down and were about to ask her how long she'd been working there, you'd never seen her before, when Toshinori walked in, his arms crossed and his face tight. Igarashi walked in behind him, her face unreadable as they entered together. Toshinori quickly shuffled over to your side, not looking at you. You could feel this intense aura radiating off of him. Something was definitely wrong, but there was no way you could bring it up now. It looked like it was taking all he had not to explode.

"Artisan, did you get all of the calculations you needed for the suit?"

"Yeah, I think we have what we need. We'll use this in case we ever need to make repairs for her."

"Good," Igarashi's voice was curt, "See what you can gather from observing the suit in the water. Miss (Y/N), we'll need a few more minutes to prepare. After some... discussions... with All Might we have decided that we'll need to select a different candidate for today's observation."

"What was wrong with the other one?" You asked curiously. Igarashi shot a look at Toshinori.

"We felt that this particular persons quirk would be too dangerous to work with this early in your training."

"Yeah..." Toshinori grumbled sarcastically in agreement. Everyone's eyes were on him.

Sir Nighteye gave Toshinori a warning glance, he couldn't escalate things further. You pushed aside your worries and turned to Toshinori, trying to calm him down.

"It's okay, I don't have anywhere to go. I don't mind the wait, as long as it's okay with everyone else."

"It's fine. Police work is pretty slow lately with this guy on the job, " Tsukauchi reassured you, gesturing to Toshi. You felt Toshinori relax next to you as he chuckled at the joke.

"Well, if you want me to slow down and leave some more villains for you just let me know," Toshi playfully punched his arm, knocking Tsukauchi off balance a bit.

"No, no. I think I'm good. You keep doing what you're doing." He rubbed his arm.

"Oh my god, this villain talk is so boring!" Saffron interjected, walking over to do her own inspection of your suit. "This material looks so flattering on you. You're totally filling out, honey!" She gestured to your hips. You blushed uncomfortably.

"Well... That's what happens when you can eat more than just sardines every day!" You chuckled.

"Well fed is a good look for you," Saff added.

"I don't look like I'm gaining too much wait, do I?" You said, suddenly self-conscious.

"You look great," Toshinori interjects, causing Saffron to raise her eyebrows and smile smugly.

"Tha-" you began, before getting interrupted by Igarashi.

"We're ready to begin," She says stoically, gesturing to the door to the pool room. You could see the person sitting in the water, much more calm than the villains usually were. His eyes were covered with a simple blindfold and a strap around his forehead was keeping him from moving, but he wasn't in the full garb they usually had the prisoners in. Just a few tight restraints and the blindfold. You felt unease in the pit of your stomach, but knowing that there were armed guards in there and that all of your friends nearby made you feel safer. The prison wouldn't let anything happen to you, right?

One Igarashi opened the door for you, you slipped in without a word. You could hear Saffron call 'good luck!' behind you. You hoped you wouldn't need it. Everyone crowded in at the window, with Saffron and Toshinori front and center. He seemed antsy, but cast you an encouraging smile and you shot him a charming one back.

You slipped in to the water of the pool without hesitation, looking to Saffron to see her reaction to your suit and tail. You couldn't hear her, but she looked like she was losing her mind, turning and spouting something off to Toshi while clapping. The rest seemed annoyed with her, but Tsukauchi and Toshi seemed to be used to this by now. You smiled at her as she gave you a cheesy grin and two thumbs up. Were all Americans so.... Excitable? You absolutely loved her attitude, but had to admit it was a bit overwhelming at times.

You didn't stop and stare at her for too long, the growl in your stomach reminded you that you needed food, so the sooner you got this over with the soon you could get some food. You wondered momentarily if Toshi and Saffron had enough time in their busy schedules to get lunch with you. Tsukauchi probably would, if they didn't. Police officers got breaks, right? Did this count as his break?

FOCUS! You told yourself, remembering the task at hand. You felt nervous for some reason about this man, but you couldn't pinpoint why.

You decided to continue on, even if it felt uncomfortable. Nothing bad would happen, you reminded yourself as you swam forward, letting a string of light notes slip through your lips. It was hard to gauge what kind of effect you were having on him, and whether or not he'd been sedated as you sang. Usually the prisoners would struggle as soon as they entered the water and you were in there with them, but he didn't move, as if he didn't even realize you were there. You approached him cautiously, reaching out a skeptical hand to poke at the guys chest. He didn't move. You took that as your cue to stop singing, and leaned in towards his neck.

As soon as the skin of your lips touched his neck you knew something was wrong. The man immediately started struggling and screaming angrily, trying to reach out and grab you. You looked at the guards, who didn't even seem to acknowledge what was going on. You tried singing again, but he didn't calm at all. He continued struggling, violently thrashing against his restraints in an attempt to get at you.

You had only a split second to ponder your options. It was obvious the singing wasn't working for some reason, and he was never going to calm down, so should you continue taking his quirk? Or abandon the trial altogether. If you took his quirk he would probably calm down... and for all you knew this was a test. Maybe they wanted to see if you could handle it.

Barely a second had passed since he initially started struggling, so you gripped his shoulders to keep his neck still and dug your teeth into his jugular. As you'd suspected, his struggles weakened, but he still didn't quit. His quirk didn't seem to be too monumentally dangerous, it wasn't even that powerful, so why was he in a place like this? You drained all of it with no problem and began to lean away. Your job was done, or so you thought.

Just as you let your guard down, you felt a strong hand grasp against your throat, cutting off your air supply. Your eyes widened and you were unsure of what to do. How had the prisoner escaped his restraints? Is that why he'd stopped struggling? So you'd let your guard down and he could kill you? This man was enormous, there's no way the simple straps they'd put him in would've held him down, why hadn't you said anything sooner.

His grip on your throat tightened, his fingers reaching up to painfully pinch your jaw. Everything was happening in slow motion. You could feel your head start to spin from the lack of oxygen as you clawed at his hand, all while you could feel your jaw straining beneath his fingers. You could hear the guards coming towards you with guns drawn and you could hear Toshinori rip the door off its hinges, but you knew you had to save yourself or you'd pass out. With your one hand that wasn't gripping his forearm in an attempt to get him away from you, you swiftly slammed your fist onto his face. It wasn't so much you punching him as it was you just hoping you'd hit his nose hard enough that he'd let go. It seemed to work, just slightly, and he let go of you enough that you could get a breath of air in. He didn't appreciate you fighting back, though, and before you could appreciate the new air in your lungs he swung at you with his own fist and connected to your jaw with a loud crunch followed by searing pain.

He didn't have time to do anything else though, as his chair was suddenly yanked from the water and thrown onto the side of the pool by Toshinori, who lept into the pool with total disregard for his suit. He slams his open palm against the mans face, sending him flying backwards and out of the pool, chair and all.

"We said we weren't doing him!" He roared at Igarashi,who stood along the side of the pool. He suddenly grabbed you by both arms and inspected you closely. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," You mumbled as best you could. You could feel the bones in your jaw knitting back together, the healing effects of your quirk working surprisingly fast thanks to this mans quirk.

"HOLY SHIT!" Saffron yelled, charging in to the room and doing her best not to slip on the slick tile floor. "Are you okay?! What the hell happened?!"

"I'm fine!" You mumbled, the swelling in your jaw slightly going down "He just... my singing didn't affect him..." You mumbled, confused. Toshi took your face gingerly in his hands and turned you this way and that, his large thumbs stroking at your cheekbones. You blushed a deep red.

"He was deaf..." He huffed, shooting an angry glare at Igarashi, who stood with her arms crossed as the guards grabbed the prisoner and drug him away.

"We were trying to see if your quirk worked on people who were in direct contact with you, but couldn't hear you." She muttered.

It was the stupidest thing you'd ever heard. The guards were always in there with you with ear plugs, how could a man who was deaf be any different?

"I told her we weren't going to do it!" He hissed at her, "I wasn't willing to risk your safety."

"And I decided it was a foolish decision and went through with it anyways!"

"You're the fool here. Come on, we're getting out of here," Toshinori instructed, picking you up without asking and hopping out of the pool. Your legs transformed instantly, with help from your suit, and he set you down on the ground, then walking past Igarashi without a glance. You started to walk past her, but anger started to bubble inside of you, you couldn't help but turn to her.

"I could've died," You grumbled, you jaw feeling perfectly back to normal. "

"We wouldn't ha-"

"I don't want to hear it," You spat, turning on your heel and following after Toshi and Saffron. You stepped over the shattered door and walked into the changing room without saying anything to the rest of your crew. Artisan shot you a sympathetic glance as you walked past. On the brightside, her notebook was filled with notes, so she must've gotten some good info from that.

As soon as you entered the room, you flopped down onto the chair, taking a few moments to collect yourself. You were shaking, you realized now that the adrenaline had worn off. You had just been strangled and punched by a high profile villain. In a high security prison. He could've killed you! Even though Toshinori was in the other room and watching, what if he hadn't been fast enough? What if the villain had fully escaped and killed you? What then? You didn't sign up for this when you came to the prison. You were supposed to drain their quirks and go. Not fight them! You had to save up all your fighting skills for All for One!

"(y/n), you doin' okay in there, sweetheart?" Saffron's voice called through the door. You hadn't realized you'd been sitting there for so long.

"Yeah, I'm okay. Sorry," You mumbled apologetically, standing up and slipping off the suit. You folded it neatly and placed it into a plastic bag so you could clean it later. Then you slipped on some dry clothes and exited the dressing room.

When you entered, Toshinori was the only one still sitting in there. The rest of your group and the support team had left, so Toshi was just sitting in a chair, face in his hands, waiting for you to leave.

"Hey," You said timidly, tiptoeing up behind him.

"Hey," He said, rubbing his eyes and sitting up in his chair. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah..." you said, he got up to go, but you didn't follow him. You had something you wanted to say, but you weren't sure how to say it.

"Everything okay?" He asked, turning back to you.

"Yeah... I just wanted to say thank you... for saving my life... again," You added pathetically, looking at the floor. He didn't say anything for a moment. He was a hero, it was his job to save people, people gave him their thanks all the time, why was it so different coming from you? Was it because he cared more for you? Because he knew you more personally? Or was it that small nagging guilt that he'd been pushing down since he'd lost his master? He hadn't been able to save her, she actually gave her life to save him, but he had been able to save you so far, and he planned to keep on doing that as long as you were around him, especially when it came to All for One.

He could see you uncomfortably shifting in your damp socks.

"(Y/N)?" He asked suddenly, his voice unusually soft.

"Yeah?" You responded, looking up from the floor, his face was worried.

"Can I hug you?"

You smiled a little and blushed before nodding your head. He quickly came forward and enveloped you in his arms. It was a deep hug, one where he pressed your body tightly to his and leaned down, burying his face in your soft hair. You could feel him clinging desperately to you, as if he needed this comfort more than you did. His palm rubbed against the small of your back and you practically melted into him, savoring the moment.

"I'm sorry that happened to you," He breathed into your hair, the heat of his breath sending shivers across your scalp.

"Don't be, it's not your fault," You mumbled into his chest. After a few more moments of hugging, you reluctantly pulled away. "We should join the others."

He nodded and led you towards the exit. You tried your best not to stare, but couldn't help but eye him up and down as the two of you walked together. As if spurred on by some otherworldly force, you slipped your hands into his, just like he had taken yours the other day, and walked out to the van together.

As you approached hand in hand, the van door slid open with a thunk, catching you both off guard. Saffron gave you two a suspicious look, her gaze going from the two of you and then down to your hands. You did your best to ignore her as you slid into the back of the van, followed by Toshi. Without a word, he took your hand in his again and rubbed a soothing circle on it with his thumb.

"So, back to Might Towers?" Tsukauchi asked, looking back at the group. Just then, your stomach loudly growled. Toshinori chuckled as everyone looked at you, your face turned bright red.

"Actually," He smiled, "How about we head out for some lunch? My treat".

Chapter Text

Lunch was indescribably good. You hadn’t realized how hungry you were until all six of you sat down at a booth at Lenny’s, which was conveniently located a block away from Might Towers. It was a popular chain across the world,  a great spot to go and get a quick, cheap bite. You used to go there a lot to with your friends after school.

All of you sat snugly in the booth, with Toshinori taking up the majority of your side. You and Toshi had ordered burgers, Tsukauchi had ordered pancakes, and Saffron got a salad, of course.

You couldn’t resist the urge to dig in as soon as your plate hit the table. You did you best to politely talk in between fistfuls of French fries, while everyone munched on their food as well.

“So, what do you wanna wear to the event?” Saffron asked you directly, ignoring the boring things the guys were discussing.

“Uh- I don’t know. Something simple? I could pick up something at Forever 25…”

“What? Are you kidding me?! You can’t wear clothes from a store! Everyone there will be in dresses made by the hottest designers!”

Your stomach lurched. “Sounds expensive…”

“Don’t worry about price! All Might has more money than he knows what to do with, right?” She laughed and leaned across the table to punch his arm.

“What about my money?” He asked, his focus shifting from his conversation to yours.

“(Y/N), is worried about a dress to wear to the event,” Saffron explained, picking at the few remaining tomatoes on her plate.

“What about it? I’m sure you’ll pick something nice.”

“No, I’m not worried about picking one out. Saffron just says I can’t just go to the store and buy one!” You said, your voice dripping with exasperation.

“Well… she’s right.” Toshi began hesitantly, “Generally people go to designers and get ones custom made. Even the men have custom made suits.”

You sighed and buried your face in your hands, “But that’s so expensive!” You groaned.

“Don’t worry about price. I wouldn’t expect you to pay for something so expensive when I’m the one asking you to go.”

“I don’t know if I feel comf-”

“So it’s settled then. I’ll make you an appointment for a fitting with a designer and then we’ll get you into a dress!”

Your sighed in despair, looking to the other three men across the table as if they could offer you any sort of assistance. Night Eye just shrugged, while the other two pretended they weren’t paying attention.

You sighed deeply and rubbed your eyes. There was no point in arguing with either of them at this point. “Alright, whatever! You spend your money how you want!”

He chuckled and patted you on the back. Their conversation flowed into something else you weren’t quite listening to, you were too stressed out about the whole dress situation and what had happened earlier that day. On the bright side, at least you had a full stomach. That always put you in a better mood.

“Oh, and we need to find (y/n) a ukulele for karaoke night. She said she likes to sing with one” Toshi said, snapping you out of your daydreaming.

“A ukulele? You play?” Saffron asked.

“Oh… uh… yeah. Just a few easy songs though. I had a friend who taught me. She was much better than I was.”

“You could probably find one at the thrift shop a few doors down. They have all sorts of things.” Tsukauchi added.

“That’s true!” Toshinori remembered it suddenly. “Decent prices too!”

“Yeah, you always are a sucker for a sale aren’t you, Toshinori?” Saffron snickered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, suddenly defensive.

“I just find it funny that sometimes you’re so willing to throw your money around, but you’re also the biggest penny pincher I’ve ever met! It’s a contradiction.”

“I’m trying to take the stuff I read in your book ‘350 Ways to Save that Cash Money’ seriously”. Toshinori countered. You snickered at the name of the book and Saffron shot you a look.

“Don’t laugh! I thought it was a great name at the time! And the purpose, Toshinori, is to save money on big expenses for retirement. Not penny pinch on random things so that you can spend them on more extravagant things like an entire hotel.”

“Wait… Saffron, weren’t you just saying a few minutes ago that he has lots of money to spare, so it’s not a problem if he buys me a dress?” You said, laughing at the absurdity of this conversation.

“Well… I guess… ugh…” She sighed, throwing her hands up and accepting defeat. “I just like to argue with him, I suppose.” She smiled.

“Both of you knock it off. We were just trying to enjoy our lunch,” Gran Tornino grumbled as he took the last bite of his hamburg steak.

“Sorry, Gran Torino,” They chimed in unison as they hung their heads.

That was the end of their arguing for the rest of the meal. It was funny to watch, although absurd and completely pointless. It was almost like they were brother and sister, with Gran Torino as their grumpy father or grandpa. The entire meal was nice. You felt almost refreshed as you spent time with them, not talking about business or anything too serious. It was just pleasant conversation, you didn’t feel awkward or pressured. You just chatted and ate. When the time came, Toshinori paid for the bill as promised, and then your group all hailed their own taxis and Tsukauchi drove away in his van after you’d all said your goodbye’s. Finally, you and Toshi were left alone.

“So, I’ve still got a little while until I have to go on patrol. Do you want to check out that thrift store down the street?”

You thought on it for a moment, it was probably a good idea to get a ukulele as soon as possible so you could practice.

“Yeah, that sounds good, but can we go back so I can get my wallet?” You asked him, unwilling to let him pay for anything else that day. He didn’t argue with you this time, instead letting you lead the way back home. The two of you dropped your stuff off and he changed into some inconspicuous civilian clothes and then you were back out the door, heading towards the store. You felt the itch to hold his hand again, but didn’t want to do anything so embarrassing in broad daylight where anyone could see. There was no crowd to cover you this time, and you also didn’t want to make Tosh uncomfortable.

When you got to the thrift store it was much different than the ones you’d been to before. There were no sterile white walls, no old blue carpet. There were large windows, a nicely polished wooden floor, and colorful decorations across the walls. A beautiful young woman sat at the front counter, reading a book as she watches over the little store.

“Good morning,” She smiles as she looks up from her book. “Can I help you?”

“Yeah, would you happen to have a ukulele?” Toshinori asked for you, going up to the counter and smiling at the woman.

“We actualy just- Oh… oh! You’re All Might! Oh my goodness! Hi!” Her face flushed and she smiled, suddenly starstruck.

Toshi smiles and nods, pleased with the recognition. “Hello!”

“I-is there anything I can help you with?” She stood up suddenly and walked around the desk.

“Yeah, we’re looking for a ukulele.” He repeated, leaning against the counter as she walked around. It groaned under his weight a little bit.

“Of course! We just got one in earlier today!” She excitedly walked further into the shop, past racks of clothes and shelves full of old kitchen appliances. Toshinori bemusedly followed her, his attention completely on the lovely shopkeeper at the moment. You feel a pang of something unpleasant in your stomach. You brushed it off and followed the two of them.

“I didn’t figure you for a ukulele player, All Might! Your hands look way too big!” The woman smiled, leading him to a display with a few instruments on it. There was an electric keyboard, a violin with no strings, and a cute little ukulele just as she’d promised. It had obviously belonged to a teenage girl before, with little stickers all over it that displayed her various interests. You could pinpoint some stickers that you’d definitely need to peel off, but also some that you definitely wanted to keep.

“Actually, it’s not me. It’s my friend here.”  He put a heavy arm around your shoulders and smiled.

“Oh! Hello!” She smiled at you fakely, suddenly realizing you were there. She immediately seemed less interested in the ukulele. You gave her an awkward wave back. Her attention turned back to Toshi. “All Might, I saw that fight you had with the man at the bank the other week! It was on TV! You were amazing!” She fawned over him, still blushing deeply. You rolled your eyes and turned your attention onto the instrument. You picked it up. Underneath all the stickers, it looked practically brand new. The strings were new and after a few plucks you knew they just needed a bit of tuning. It must’ve been a whim purchase for the previous owner, nothing they could commit to. You strummed it a few times, practicing the different notes and stretching your fingers to get back into the swing of it. You couldn’t tell just yet how much you remembered, but by going through a few of the chords you knew you just needed a little bit of a refresher. You were in luck, too. The price tag had it listed as only 1500 yen.

“You’re a natural!” Toshinori praised, giving you his full attention. You blushed and put the instrument back down.

“I’m not that great,” You responded modestly.

“What do you need a ukulele for?” The girl asked as she looked between the two of you . It was obvious she was trying to figure out what your relationship was.

“Oh, I just like to play,” You half-lied. For some reason you couldn’t force yourself to be overly friendly with this woman. Maybe it was the way she was all over Toshinori, or maybe it was the way she pretended you didn’t exist. You couldn’t decide between the two.

“Hmm… well it’s 1500 yen if you want it.” She responded curtly. You ignored her tone of voice.

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“Alright, do the two of you have any more shopping to do?” She directed the question to Toshinori. “I could show you around the rest of the store, if you like. We have some really interesting items.”

You held your breath, hoping that he’d say no. You didn’t like the feeling you got watching this woman fawn over Toshinori. You felt icky inside.

“No, I think we’ll just check out. We have other places to be.” He answered, picking up the ukulele and bringing it to the front. You let out a sigh of relief: you were leaving. Thank god.

Surprisingly, he allowed you to pay for yourself with only a little bit of an argument.

“All right, enjoy your ukulele. And All Might… if you're ever not busy… Call me!” She pressed her finger down onto a little scrap of paper and used what you assumed was her quirk to stamp her phone number down. She handed it to him and shot you a look. Your stomach was in knots.

He awkwardly took the slip of paper and thanked her, taking the plastic bag that had your stuff in it. He led you out the door, his face uncomfortable. “That was… awkward…” He sighed, tossing the scrap of paper into the nearest bin.

“Yeah, you’re telling me!” You laughed pleased that he’d thrown the number away. “She was all over you!”

“Yeah, but I’m used to that. I meant the way she was treating you! Like you weren’t even there! That’s terrible!”

“It’s alright, Tosh. I’m used to it anyways.” You smiled. The icky feeling was receding as he fussed over you.

“You just can’t treat people like that!” He huffed again, crossing his arms.

“Hey! It’s okay!” You put a calming hand on his forearm. He relaxed slightly. “If I were you I’d be more upset about how that woman was drooling all over you.”

“I told you! I’m used to it!”

“And yet you don’t have a girlfriend?” You asked, trying to hide your curiosity. He’d never mentioned a girlfriend, but maybe he had one! Or used to have one! You really wanted to know.

He smirked a little, it was obvious what you were getting at. “No, I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“How come?” You asked, your heart fluttering just a bit.

“Well… I- Oh look! We’re here!” He changed the subject as he opened the door to Might Towers for you. “You should probably get started practicing right away. I know you’re gonna sound great, but it will help with the nerves!”

“Oh, yeah, you’re right.” You were slightly disappointed that he hadn’t answered your question.

In all honesty, he avoided the question because he didn’t know what to say. Sure, he’d talked to girls when he was in highschool, but as soon as he started training under Nana and started on the path to become a hero he hadn’t had time. Now, he didn’t really have that excuse. Sure, he was busy, but he could’ve easily made time for dating, so why hadn’t he? It could’ve been because all of the girls he’d ever encountered were only interested in his All Might persona and his heroic feats, but even the ones who’d been more genuine in talking to him hadn’t really interested him. When it got down to it, he’d never met anyone who’d piqued his interest… until recently. He brushed the thought out of his head as you departed the elevator together.

“I’m going to go get ready for my patrols. I’ll be back later tonight for dinner. I have a really good movie picked out,” He smiled at you as he started to walk towards his room. “Oh, and try to take it easy today. We don’t have any more training till tomorrow, so just relax. You need to rest up after what happened at the prison.”

“Alright, I’ll take it easy.” You smiled at him. It was cute when he worried about you.

The two of you departed to your own rooms, him getting ready to go on patrol and you trying to decide what you were going to play this weekend. You ran yourself a bubble bath and searched the internet with your phone as you soaked. All of the songs you knew were better played with two people and the solos you knew were all cringy boy band songs you used to like. Surely there had to be something you could do.

You wandered about the apartment for hours after you’d finished bathing, chewing at your lip and humming some songs you knew in the hopes that one would inspire you. You couldn’t write a song, that was definitely out of your skill set, and you certainly weren’t just going to go up there and use one of the songs you’d created to lure people to you in the ocean, that was creepy.

You wanted it to be something good, something that would put on a good show, but at the core of it all you wanted it to be something that would impress Toshi, something that would capture his undivided attention. Something that would make him happy. Thinking about him watching you up there made your stomach feel all fluttery, and your heart did leaps. You could feel yourself uncontrollably blushing as you stared out the window and over the bright city. Lights flickered on one by one as the sky darkened, and in that instant you forgot about the song, you forgot about impressing Toshi, or putting on a good show, you just wished he was there with you to see this.

Suddenly a song popped into your head.

You rushed back to your room and closed the door. You quickly tuned the ukulele and strummed the first few chords and hummed along, feeling out the melody. After a few minutes of practicing, you parted your lips and sang.

“Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can't help falling in love with you”

Thoughts filled your head of the man you’d only known two weeks. His laugh, his eyes, the way it felt when you touched… you tried to push it out of your head as you focused on the chords and lyrics.

Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can't help falling in love with you?

Surely you couldn’t have feelings for him, right? You definitely weren’t in love… it was much too early to determine feelings so strong. But then why did you feel so jittery every time you two were around each other? You were obviously developing an attraction to him… much to your dismay.

“Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be”

You were going to have to do something, obviously. You couldn’t let these feelings fester, especially not for him! The world's top hero! You’d join tinder or something… go on dates… get your heart set on more available men. That would work, wouldn’t it? If you developed a crush on another man you’d definitely forget all about Toshi.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you”

The thought of dating anyone else was almost disgusting to you though… how could they compare to Toshi? Every time you learned something new about him you only liked him more. You loved his sweet tooth, the thoughtful things he did, how he was trying to push you to be your best both physically and mentally, the time you spent together. There was no way anyone else could compare!

“Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be”

No. You decided then and there. He was the world’s most important hero. The symbol of peace. Falling for him could only lead to trouble. You needed to snuff out these feelings before they progressed, before it got any worse. Toshinori Yagi was completely, 100% not an option. You’d find someone else. Hell, you didn't even need a boyfriend at all! You were still adjusting to this whole ‘on land’ thing. You needed to figure out who you were first before you invited someone else into the picture. You set your mind on it: no romance, and no catching feelings for anyone! Especially not Toshi. End of story.

“Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can't help falling in love with you
For I can't help falling in love with you”

You paused a moment as the final notes of your voice reverberated around the room. You  could feel a hot, wet tear slide down your cheek. Why the hell were you crying? It wasn’t a sad song! It was supposed to be cute and lovey dovey… but why did it make you ache inside for no reason? Was it because you’d never been in a relationship? Was it that you just hated the song? No. You knew it was neither of those. You knew the reason, whether you were willing to admit it or not. No matter how hard you tried… you couldn’t prevent the inevitable. Feelings were going to develop whether you wanted them to or not.


You placed the ukulele on the bed and sighed. No… you wouldn’t play that song for karaoke night… too cliche....


Toshinori listened on the other side of your door with bated breath. He’d heard your song begin as soon as he’d step off the elevator. Luckily, you hadn’t heard him tip-toe up to your door and press his ear to it. Your voice enchanted him, but not in the same way that it did when you were in your other form. Instead, he felt warmth rise up from his chest and into his neck, something was pulling at his heart, making him wish he could be in there and listen to you sing all day. He knew the song too, it was a popular one by an American artist, Elvis. He was surprised you’d known it. At first, he didn’t pay too much mind to your song choice but then, as he listened closer, he heard just how sincerely you sang it, like you were presenting your heart to anyone who was listening. The feelings in his chest increased. Surely you were just playing it for fun… There was no other meaning behind it. You certainly weren’t playing it because you were actually in love, were you? And if you actually were, with who? Tsukauchi? Nighteye? Saffron? Someone else? Surely not Gran Torino… Those were the only people he could think of as a possibility… Unless you knew someone else he didn’t know about. Someone from before your time in the ocean, perhaps? That had to be it...

The feeling in his chest turned to pain. He didn’t want you to be in love with someone else. He wanted you to be in love with h-... he wanted you to focus on the mission. He shook his head and turned to walk away. He couldn’t think like that. He had a job to do and so did you. He couldn’t let hopes and feelings get in the way like that. That’s what high schoolers did. He was an adult. A pro hero. He didn’t have time for these trivial things.

He turned to walk away. He couldn’t listen anymore or he’d go crazy thinking about all the possibilities that this song could imply. Just as he took a step to walk away, your song stopped and he heard you place the ukulele down. He stopped, not wanting the weight of his footsteps to give away that he was listening. He could hear your weight shift on the bed as you laid down, a few sniffles floating from the room. You were crying.

He grit his teeth. Why were you sad? He wanted to go in there and see what was wrong. He’d never seen you sad before. He didn’t know what to do! He decided it better to just leave you alone. As quietly as he could, he shuffled away to change out of his hero suit. Still, in the back of his mind he felt this nagging thought yell at him. The only reason you could be crying was if the song made you sad, and the only reason a love song could make you sad was if you were in love… unrequited most likely. The list of possibilities flitted through his head again. If you had feelings for someone else then it was none of his business. He’d just leave you alone so you could do your thing.

Still, that feeling in his heart hoped that maybe you were in love with him… just like he was starting to feel towards you.

“Shit…” He groaned, ignoring his previous quest to take off his hero suit and instead throwing himself on the bed. He groaned and pulled a pillow over his face. All of this worrying and overthinking about who you had a crush on made him realize:

He was in a lot deeper than he thought.

Chapter Text

You received a slurry if texts around 1 am that night, waking you up from your deep sleep on the couch with Toshi. You had watched that movie he’d suggested, Space Jam, which you had mixed feelings about. Inevitably you fell asleep against his chest, and there you laid, waiting for him to wake up and take you back to your room as he always did. Had you not gotten so many texts, you probably would have still been asleep.

You quickly pulled up your phone, wondering just what was so urgent that you needed to be awake right then and there. It was Saffron, who had texted you seven times in an attempt at getting in contact with you. You hoped she wasn’t in trouble as you unlocked your phone.

Saffron: hey

Saffron: hey

Saffron: hey

Saffron: hey wake up

Saffron: hey are you awake

Saffron: hey wake uuuuuuup

Saffron: (y/n) wake uuuuuup!

You sighed and quickly texted her back  

You: what’s wrong

It only took her a few moments to respond.

Saffron: wanna come over tonight?

You: tonight? Like right now? It’s past midnight.

Saffron: No, like tomorrow tonight. Like, the tonight that’s not right now.

You: What are you even talking about.

Saffron: I mean ladies night at the club is wednesdays, so you should come over and we can go out! Half off drinks! It’ll be fun! Well get all dressed up, a little tipsy, and we’ll have a fun night! I love ladies night!

You: getting drunk on a Wednesday? That doesn’t sound like much fun. Plus, isn’t alcohol bad for your liver, miss health guru?

Saffron: a little bit here and there won’t kill anyone!

You: partying isn’t my thing anyways. Too many people

Saffron: it’ll be fun, I promise! Don’t even worry about it. Have Toshinori walk you to my place at 10.

You: I think I’m busy tomorrow

You: I can’t go

You: Saffron?

You: hello?

She was back asleep. You internally groaned. You didn’t want to go to the club! Plus, you’d never drank before. There was no way you’d have fun. It was pointless. You frowned and settled back into Toshi's side.  He only adjusted slightly, still deep asleep. You knew arguing with Saffron was pointless. She was way too persuasive. Plus, you did like spending time with her. Maybe it’d be fun. You didn’t really know. It looks like you didn’t have much of a choice anyways, you were going clubbing with Saffron tomorrow whether you wanted to or not.

As expected, when you woke up the next morning you were alone in your bed, tucked tightly into the covers. Remembering the night before, and of Saffron’s harassment, you shoved your face into your blanket and groaned. Clubbing. Yeah, you were going clubbing. Great.

You checked your phone to see if she’d changed her mind, or even responded to you, but there was nothing but a few notifications begging for you to upgrade your cloud storage.

With a loud sigh you forced yourself out of bed and stumbled into the kitchen. It looked like you still had a little time before training, so you made sure to get dressed and grab something to eat before the day started.

Training went as usual, you and Toshi just going over different combat techniques. No one else joined you that day, mostly because they didn’t see it necessary anymore. Toshinori was more than capable of training you alone for one day. Even Gran Torino seemed comfortable letting Toshinori take the reigns, which surprised you most of all. Your training as of late had lulled into a normal routine. Things were becoming easier, and your body didn’t feel like it was on the verge of collapse after every session anymore. It seemed particularly uneventful.

“So, Saffron wants me to come over tonight,” you mentioned casually between blows directed at your teacher.

“Really?” He asked, swiftly dodging the kick aimed at his legs. You couldn’t read his voice. It seemed equal parts surprised and happy for you. “What are you going to do?”

“I think she wants to go clubbing,” you said with disdain, ducking under his arm as it swung towards you.

He hesitated a moment. The previous excitement was replaced with concern.“Clubbing?”

You used it as an opportunity to land a swift kick to his side. He didn’t flinch, but you still knew it was a pretty solid kick. A normal person would’ve been knocked over. You smiled in satisfaction. “Yeah. Like going out to the clubs and drinking.”

“Are you… are you gonna go?” He asked, stopping combat all together. He crossed his arms and looked at you pointedly. You straightened yourself and wiped the sweat from your brow. What was up with him?

“I dunno. Clubbing isn’t really my thing… but I do like spending time with Saffron. And I’d get to meet her girlfriend.”

“I see…” he bit at his bottom lip. “At night?”

“Yeah…. that kinda stuff usually happens at night.”

“That sounds dangerous… would you like me to go with you? Just to keep you safe.”

You snickered a little bit. “I think we’ll be fine, Toshi. It’s supposed to be a girls night, you know? Even though I’ll be third wheeling… Plus, don’t you have more important things to do than chaperone?”

“Well… I just don’t like the idea of you three going out at night… it’s dangerous! And all the skeevy men in clubs trying to pick up women… who knows what they’ll do!” His voice was tinged with aggravation at the mention of other men hitting on the three of you.

“People do it all the time, Toshi. And it’s a weekday. I’m sure no one is out prowling around on a wednesday.”

“Well, there’s always a chance. Villainy doesn’t only work nine to five!” He argued.

You sighed deeply, “Tosh, It’s fine. I’ll be with Saffron and her girlfriend. Plus, I’ve been training with you for a few weeks. I can take care of myself!”
“That's true… But yesterday you got attacked at the prison! You’re injured!”

You rolled your eyes and instinctually touched your jaw. “I’m already healed! You really just don’t want me to go clubbing, huh?”

His mouth scrunched up and he looked away. “I just… want you to be safe!”

“I appreciate that Toshi, but I’m going tonight. It’ll be fine. If anything happens I’ll just call you or something! I’m an adult! You don’t have to worry.”

That didn’t do much to quell his fears, but he knew you were right: You were an adult. He couldn’t tell you what to do. He tried to convince himself that you’d be fine, but he was still terrified that something would happen to you… and Saffron of course.

“Well, if you’re sure. You promise you’ll call me if something goes wrong?”

“I promise, mom ” You snickered. He rolled his eyes back at you.

“Alright, enough talk about clubbing. We’re training here!” He went back into a fighting stance and your combat quickly continued.

You left training that day with an odd sense of satisfaction. Why did you like it that Toshi was worried about you? You didn’t know. But it still felt pretty good. That sense of satisfaction was quickly overshadowed by anxiety. You were going out tonight… possibly getting drunk… two things you’d never really done before. Alcohol wasn’t readily available while you were living at the bottom of the ocean, so it wasn’t really anything you’d ever tried before. Even in highschool you never drank, it was something aspiring heroes shouldn’t do. Getting caught underage drinking would’ve destroyed your chances of ever becoming a hero, not that it mattered much to you anyways. Your dreams lied elsewhere nowadays.

In order to keep your mind off of the events to come, you tried to relax as much as possible. You swam in the pool for a while, took a nice long bath, got your favorite food at the cafe downstairs for dinner, and with a few hours left before you needed to get ready you decided to practice for friday. You still hadn’t quite decided what you wanted to go with, but with more practice you knew the direction you wanted to go to. The only problem was narrowing down your list.

Toshinori was out on patrol, as he had been for the past few hours, but he was due back soon. The sun was beginning to set, and you knew that it was time for you to start getting ready. Your days often passed like this, lots of idle time spent alone in the apartment broken up by training time and some other dull event like going to the prison. You made a mental note to get out more often. You were essentially almost as much of a hermit here as you were down in the ocean, but at least here you had a few people to talk to.

As you tidied up your hair and thought about what you were going to wear that night, you heard Toshi shuffle in off of the elevator. You peeked out of the door of your bedroom to greet him, as you usually did. He was in his hero suit, holding a small shipping bag in his hands.

“Hey, Toshi. How was your patrol?”

“Same as usual. A few petty thugs here and there. Nothing too much going on. I got you something,” He waltzed over to you, holding out the bag with a small smile. You skeptically opened it, unsure of just what he had bought you. You inspected the odd object as you pulled it out of the bag. It was a long pink lanyard with an egg shaped piece of plastic at the end.

“Um… thank you?” You asked, turning the thing around in your hand curiously.

“Pull the plastic part off,” He instructed you, pointing to the part where the plastic and the lanyard met. You gripped it as he instructed and yanked the two apart. You nearly dropped the piece of plastic as it started emitting a shrill, skull piercing sound.

“What the hell?!” You shouted, holding the thing out to Toshi and begging him to make it stop. He chuckled and took the two pieces, connecting them again and stopping the sound.

“It’s a personal alarm. To keep you safe tonight! If you’re in trouble you can pull it and whoever is bothering you will leave you alone! I thought about pepper spray, but that’s kind of a legal grey area here in Japan. Almost all women carry it in America.”

“Toshi… Thank you, but I don’t think I really need this, do I? I told you I can take care of myself,” You weren't so much aggravated as you were confused and annoyed because of the sudden sound.

He sighed deeply. He was hoping you’d just agree to take it. “It’ll stop an attacker. The last thing they want is to draw attention to themselves. If you don’t want to take me with you you have to take this!”

“I have to?” You pursed your lips. Who was he to tell you what you had to do? “Says who?”

It was at this moment that Toshinori knew he had fucked up. He could see the aggravation radiating off of you. He took a deep breath and rethought his strategy.

“If you don’t take it for your own safety, would you at least take it to give me peace of mind?”

You looked at it a moment as he handed it back to you. His brow was wrinkled with worry, you really hated to see him so upset like that, even if he was being incredibly annoying about this whole thing.

“Fine, I’ll take it. Just so that you stop worrying,” You took a deep breath to calm yourself. You forced yourself to smile and reached up to gingerly trace the worry lines on his forehead. “If you don’t relax you’re going to get permanent wrinkles.”

He laughed heartily and his expression softened. “Alright, I’ll try to relax now.”

“Good. I need to go finish getting ready. Would you mind walking me to Saffrons in a bit? I’m not sure where it is.”

“Of course, just let me know when you’re ready to go.”

The two of you went your separate ways, both off to change your clothes. You applied a generous amount of makeup, following a fun tutorial you found online, complete with uncomfortable false eyelashes you regretted putting on immediately. Makeup was something you’d never paid much mind to down in the ocean, but now you figured if you were going out for the night you might as well go all out. Maybe if you put a ton of effort into this night you could call it good and decline any of Saffrons future offers.   

After much trial and error, you were able to nail the smokey eye makeup look you were recreating, though you weren't used to that much on. Paired with silver sparkles on your lower lash line and red lipstick the smokey eye looked like the perfect club style. It made your face feel heavy and stiff, but damn if it didn’t make you look fantastic. You felt like a model, a celebrity, you felt fierce. You briefly considered whether doing your makeup like this would help you fight All for One, but quickly brushed the thought out of your head. No amount of confidence, makeup created or otherwise, would give you an edge when fighting All for One. You shook your head to clear your mind. You weren’t going to think about the fight unless absolutely necessary.

The next thing you needed to do was pick out an outfit. In this regard, you had no idea what to wear. Sure, you’d tried to get at least one item for every occasion when you bought your new wardrobe, but clubbing wasn’t something you’d considered to be in the realm of possibilities. You tried various things on, unsure of what exactly what to wear. Eventually, you flopped on the bed in despair and called Saffron. Surely she’d know what to do.

“Hello?” Her singsong voice echoed through your earpiece.

“Hey, Saff. What are you wearing tonight?”

“Me… Uh… I’m wearing..” She started giggling uncontrollably, you could hear commotion in the back and another voice speaking to Saffron. Her voice was somewhat unsteady and slurred. She must’ve been getting a headstart on drinking. “The club we’re going to is pretty swanky, so you’ll wanna wear something fun and nice.”

“Fun and nice? What does that mean?”

“Listen, listen, listen. We’re like the same size, j-just come over. I’ve got the perfect thing. Don’t even worry about it! Just bring some black heels and a black bra. I’ll take care of the-” You heard her giggle more, cutting of her sentence.

It sounded like as good an idea as any, “Alright, just nothing too crazy, alright?”

“Yeah, Yeah. I kno- Camilla!! Knock it off!!” She giggled, quickly hanging up the phone.

You groaned and threw your phone onto the bed. A black bra and black heels. You had both of those, you could do it. You just prayed that she wouldn’t pick out anything too crazy.

After gathering the rest of your things, and loading up your smallest purse with emergency essentials, including the alarm Toshinori had given you, you threw your sweatpants back on and headed out to tell Toshi you were ready to go.

He was sitting on the couch in his casual clothes, staring at his phone. As he looked up and saw you, he gave you a questioning look.

“I like your makeup. But- uh- are you wearing sweatpants to the club? Not that I think it’s a bad idea, honestly. But Saffron might feel differently.”

You laugh a little at his concern. “I’m borrowing some of her clothes. I’ll get dressed when I get there. Will you still walk me?”

“Sure, if you’re ready. Are you taking the thing I gave you?”

Yes, ” You sighed exasperatedly. You opened up your purse to show him.“I’m taking it.”

“Thank you. Now remember, don’t leave your drink unattended, drink lots of water, and don’t go off alone. Stay together.”

“Yes, Toshi. I’ve got it!” You cut him off as the two of you stepped into the elevator. “You worry too much. I’m sure Saffron and Camilla will take good care of me.”

“I’m sure they will… just… be safe. And don’t drink too much. If you need anything you can call me.”

“I know that. I promise if there’s anything I need I will.”

“Good… good…” He resigned himself to awkward silence the rest of the trip. Saffron’s apartment wasn’t too far away, only a couple of blocks. It was just as ornately decorated as Might Towers, but not quite as busy with activity. On the walk up to the second floor, though, you could hear  intoxicated giggles come from down the hallway, breaking the silence. Toshinori stopped in front of the last door in the hall and knocked loudly.

“Hellooooooo,” Saffron sang as the door swung open, inviting you in to her quaintly decorated apartment. You could see it was in a state of utter chaos, with clothes and makeup sprawled out around the entirety of the apartment. Saffron had her hair curled and her makeup neatly done, complimenting her beautiful features. She was wearing a tight pink dress that hugged her fit figure. She looked absolutely fantastic.

“Hey, Saff,” You greeted her with a hug. The stench of perfume mixed with alcohol made your eyes water, she’d obviously gotten a very good head start on drinking.

As Toshinori greeted Saffron, a girl who you could only assume was Camilla saddled up next to Saffron, draping her arm around her shoulders. She was much taller than the both of you, and much more muscular as well. She had olive toned skin with short dark blue hair that was shaved on the sides. She wore a white button up shirt with rolled up sleeves, paired with suspenders and dark blue pants. You couldn’t help but notice that they were perfectly matched together. They must’ve planned ahead of time.

“(Y/N), this is my love, Camilla. Camilla, meet (Y/N).”

“Nice to meet you,” She smiled, holding a hand out for you to shake. You took it shyly. She had a hearty handshake, second to Toshinori’s. You felt much more confident in your safety knowing that Camilla looked like she could more than handle herself in a fight. You wondered momentarily what her quirk was.

“Come inside. You too, Toshinori. Let’s get you dressed. Love your makeup, by the way. I didn’t know you could do makeup” She led the three of you back inside. Her American accent was incredibly thick in her drunken state, and you couldn’t help but chuckle a bit as she enthusiastically shoved you in the door.

“I won’t intrude on your girl’s night,” Toshi protested, staying firmly planted in the threshold of the door as she pulled on his arm.

“You’re not! We just need an escort. All of the coolest people have escorts to the club. You gotta do it, Toshinori. You gotta! Do it for (y/n)!” She slurred, yanking on his arm again.

“Well… I’ll take you there. But then I should probably get home.”

“Alright, alright! We’ll be ready to go in a minute. Lemme dress (y/n).” She said, instead pulling on your arm and pulling you back through her apartment. It was similarly sized to the one you lived in with your mom years ago, but it was obvious Saffron had spent much more money on decorations than you and your mom could. Under all the clothes and makeup was probably some really cute interior design choices, if you knew Saffron.

“Alright, I’ve got the perfect outfit for you.” She gloated, pushing you into her bedroom. She reached into one of the two closets and pulled out two articles of clothing. You couldn’t really tell what was what, but you trusted her judgement. “Put this on and stuff… when you’re ready we can go! It’s gonna be so much fun!!” She giggled, closing the door behind you.

You tentatively looked at the outfit she’d picked out. You couldn’t really tell what pieces were what, but managed to figure it out once you started trying the things on. You ended up wearing a tight, thigh length pink skirt with a sheer, black top. This, paired with your black bra, ended up being an outfit you were semi comfortable in. You had initial reservations, the shirt was entirely see through after all, but you did like the way it looked on you. You were used to being completely naked, after all. This was much more modest, and the highwaisted skirt ensured that your abdomen wasn’t completely bare under the see-through shirt. After fluffing out your hair and studying yourself in the mirror, you felt good.

The hardest part of the whole outfit was the heels. As you clicked down the hallway and back to your friends you had to hold on to the wall for a bit of balance. You could hear their laughter down the hall, and the clinking of glasses, as they continued partying. Toshinori was still standing by the doorway, now inside the apartment, waiting on the three of you so he could walk you to your destination. As he watched the two drunk women, he looking on disapprovingly. Saffron and Camilla were enjoying glasses of red wine at their kitchen island, with bottles of other various liquors spread around the room. Saffron spotted you before anyone else did and squealed in delight.

“Damn! You look good!” She cooed, downing her glass of wine and strutting over to you, not having the same struggle you were in heels. She linked her arm in yours and led you over to the counter Camilla was drinking at.

“Cam, doesn’t she look so good?!” Saffron Gushed.

“Yeah, not as good as you though, babe.”

“Aw stop… Toshi, doesn’t she look so good?!” Her attention turned to Toshi, who’s eyes were glued to you. A deep blush rose up in his cheeks, and he hastily looked away.

“Yeah, she looks amazing.” He answered timidly. Your face reddened to match his and you decided to focus your attention on the counter.

“So, let’s get you caught up! Pick your poison!” Saffron ignored your embarrassment, instead pulling a shot glass out of the cupboard.

You looked over your options. There were various brand of vodka, rum, whisky. None of them sounded appealing to you. You had heard what alcohol tasted like. You weren’t exactly thrilled to try it.

“Uh… Saffron… I’ll be honest, I’ve never drank before…”

“Never? Oh my god! Camilla, did you hear her? She’s never drank before! You gotta make her something good. Give her a good first impression”

Camilla smiled and rolled her eyes. “Jesus, Saff. You need to chill. You’re so drunk and we haven’t even gone out yet.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever! Whatcha gonna make her?”

“Does she even wanna drink?” Camilla asked, eying you over, trying to get a reading on you.

“I want to drink!” You offered, sounding unsure of yourself. “If it’ll make me have as good a time as Saffron is having I definitely wanna give it a try.”

“Alright, if you say so. How about I make you a mixed drink and then you can have a shot of something. Try this vodka, it goes down real smooth.” Camilla said, her voice soft and relaxed, unlike Saffron’s high-key energy. They were a good pair, from your first impression. It was cute how adoringly they looked at each other. You felt a small pang in your chest, wishing momentarily that you had that kind of connection with someone.

“If you say so, I trust you!” You said, taking the tiny glass as Camilla handed it to you. If you drank quickly you wouldn’t have time to think about how lonely and loveless your life was, then you could have a good time.

“Just… don’t go too fast!” Toshinori piped up from the other side of the room.

“She’s fine, grandma!” Saffron snapped at him, eagerly waiting for you to take your first shot. Everyone looked at you expectantly, waiting to see your reaction.

You weren’t entirely sure how to take a shot, but based on your memories of taking nasty medicine you figured what you were supposed to do. Without any further preparation or psyching yourself up, you flipped your head back and downed the contents of the glass, ignoring the burn you felt in your throat and the nasty taste it left in your mouth. “Holy shit…” You croaked, chasing it with a glass of water Saffron handed to you.

“Was it bad?” Camilla asked, mixing something for you in a cocktail shaker. She obviously knew what she was doing, maybe she had been a bartender at one point.

“It wasn’t great…” You choked, finishing your glass of water. “But I could do a couple more of those…”

“Slow down there, bud,” Saffron said, taking the shot glass from your hands. “This is your first time, you gotta take it slow.”

You agreed, taking the drink Camilla had made for you.

“It’s a long island ice tea,” She explained, “Drink that and you’ll be caught up to Saffron in no time.”

“And when you’re done we can head out! Can’t keep Toshi waiting all day, can we?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” You smiled at Toshi, who was doing his absolute best not to fret and worry like the mother hen he was.

You tried to quickly down the cocktail given to you. The coke did an okay job of masking some of the alcohol in the drink, but you could tell that more than one of those drinks would probably knock you flat on your back.

“Jesus, Camilla! How much is in this?” You coughed, finishing half of the drink with a few gulps. You figured the faster you got it down the less you’d have to taste it.

“Well… A shot of rum, shot of triple sec, shot of tequila, shot of vodka, and a shot of gin. Then I put some coke in there and lime. Is it good?”

“Holy shit… that’s so much!” You gaped at her.

“Oh, that’s nothing!” Saffron interrupted. “Once we get down to the club I’ll show you some drinks that have double that!”

“Didn’t you just tell her to go slow two seconds ago?” Toshi asked, coming over to join all of you at the counter.

“Well… yeah… I’m just real excited,” She smiled at him. “The more drinking buddies the merrier.”

“Take it easy, I don’t want to have to come and bail you guys out of jail for getting too drunk in public.” He sighed.

“I’ll keep these two under control, sir. Don’t even worry,” Camilla smirked, pulling Saffron to her by the waist and giving her a lingering kiss on the cheek. Toshi glanced to you for a split second, and then the two of you looked away from their PDA in embarrassment. You took the opportunity to chug the rest of your drink and place the glass down on the counter.

“Alright, you two. Break it up! I wanna get going,” You said, thinking about how nice it would be to sleep in your bed after the day was over with. The ache in your feet had you already wishing you were relaxing at home, watching another dumb American movie with Toshi, but your night had only just begun.

“Sorry, sorry,” Saffron parted from Camilla and shot her a cheesy smile. “Let’s get going, before she gets more impatient.”

The four of you left the apartment a few minutes later to go to the club. Toshinori escorted you the half-mile it took to get to the club as promised. The hot summer night air was alive with people, mostly hoards of women out looking for a good time. Ladies night was a popular thing, you gathered. The whole atmosphere of the downtown area felt fun and exciting, you could feel the energy coursing through you. You started to feel a buzz in your head, and you were practically bouncing with excitement, getting more hyped by the moment.

Toshinori, on the other hand, was a black hole of emotion, radiating an intense and serious aura and completely negating the summertime vibes. You tried your best to make pleasant conversation with him as Saffron droned on and on about something to Camilla, but he wasn’t really interested. He would brush you off with a curt nod, a quiet grunt, or just not respond all together. He was on high alert, looking everywhere but you, searching for any sign of danger.

The awkward silence wasn’t the worst part of the walk, surprisingly. The worst was walking that far in high heels. You did your best to remember to walk with confidence, chanting ‘heel toe heel toe heel toe’ in your head, but you still wobbled and weaved, you ankles giving out from underneath you every once in a while. Toshi was there to catch you, luckily. He’d put a quick arm around your waist to keep you from falling and breaking your ankle, but then immediately let you go as soon you steadied yourself. It was unusually cold coming from him, and you knew the only reason he was being like this was because you were out with friends and not him. It aggravated you a little, to think that he was pouting because he couldn’t watch over you.

As you neared the entrance of the club you noticed the line of people gathering outside, waiting for the bouncer to let them in. You could hear the music through the thick concrete walls of the building, and you could see the lights through the glass door. You saw Saffron immediately light up and go over to the bouncer giving him a large hug as she greeted him. They spoke for a moment before he unclipped the velvet rope from in front of the door and gestured for you to go in. You looked at Saffron as she waved for you to come over there, but in a spur of the moment decision you held your finger up to her, telling her you’d meet her in there in a minute.You had something that needed to be said. Whether this was spurred on by your better senses or alcohol, you weren’t sure, but regardless you pulled Toshinori to the side and looked him in the eyes, crossing your arms.

“What’s up with you?” you asked him, catching him off guard.

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve been pouting and being grouchy all night! What’s your deal?” It must’ve been the alcohol talking, normally you’d never be so bold or rude. He shifted uncomfortably on his feet, glancing at the line of people outside the club who may or may not or may not have been listening.

“I just… I’m worried about your safety.” He grumbled.

“Well stop it!” You instructed. He flinched a little at your tone of voice. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t getting more pissed about it as time went on. He was acting like a possessive child.

“I can’t help it! I want you to be safe! Who knows what could happen out here alone at night,” His voice was a harsh whisper, trying to keep anyone else from noticing exactly who he was or that he was arguing with someone outside of a club.

“Well you don’t have to be such a jerk about it! You’ve been grumpy all day! I told you I would call you if I needed anything, and I took your alarm thing! What more do you want?”

“I don’t know! I just… I worry about you when I’m not around, you could get in trouble. I just wish you’d stay home.”

“Toshi you can’t do that! I’m an adult! I may be working for you and living with you, but I’m still my own person! I’m going to live my own life!” You started to realize just how angry and drunk you sounded. You were right, though. He needed to let you live your own life. “I can take care of myself. Just… let me do my thing! You’re acting like a possessive boyfriend!” You regretted the words as soon as they left  your mouth. You could see his face visibly fall as he looked away from you. Your words had hurt him, that much was obvious.

“Toshi I-” you began to apologize.

“No, you’re right. I’m sorry,” His voice was somber, sadder than you’d ever heard him. “You are an adult… If you need me just call.” And with that he turned and lept off into the sky, leaving you alone at the entrance of the club.

You sighed, regretting setting in to your bones. What you had said was absolutely true, but you tried to be sympathetic for him. He was a hero, worrying about people was what he did. You probably could’ve phrased it more nicely. He wasn’t entirely justified either, though. You were an adult, and it wasn’t his place to be grumpy that you were going out with your friends.

With a loud sigh you walked over to the bouncer, bypassing the line and shyly explaining you were with Saffron, who was already in there. He was a tall man, tattooed and intimidating looking, but also incredibly handsome. He was well dressed in a black suit and had his hair gelled neatly.

“Yeah, I saw you walk up with her. Saff is such a doll, comes here all the time. A friend of Saff’s is a friend of mine. Names Akemi, let me know if you need anything,” He smiled charmingly, pulling back the velvet rope and allowing you inside.You smiled politely and thanked him, entering the club in search of your friend.

The scene inside the club was like something out of a movie. People dancing, grinding, drinking, partying. The music was deafening, the bass reverberated through your chest, causing an uncomfortable vibrating feeling in your lungs. The lights flickered around the dance floor, bright greens and pinks and purples illuminating the people as they danced. The bar was significantly less crowded than the dancefloor. Three bartenders stood there, taking orders as people walked by and serving the people who sat at the bar.

With no sign of Saffron, you decided your best bet was to head to the bar and forget about Toshinori. You weren’t feeling nearly drunk enough, so another drink or two couldn’t hurt, right?


Chapter Text

As the party raged on, and with your friends nowhere in sight, you slid onto a barstool. A drink would occupy you until Saffron came and found you. Plus, after your confrontation with Toshinori, you realized you were much too aggravated to have a good time. Alcohol could fix that right?

“What can I get you?” One of the bartenders asked, sliding up to you and wiping off a freshly washed glass.

“Uh…” You had no idea what to order, you realized. “A shot of something, I guess,”

“Alright, what kind?” They asked, pulling a small glass out from the bar. You looked to the wall behind them, which was covered in different bottles of who knows what. You stared blankly at it, then looked to them, hoping for help.

“Not much of a drinker, are you?” They smiled kindly, turning around and grabbing a bottle of something in a peculiarly shaped bottle. It looked almost exactly like an alien head, with big black eyes, green glass, and everything. You chuckled at the sight of it. “Have some OuterSpace vodka, it’s my personal favorite.” They poured out some and slid the shot glass to you. You thanked them and looked at it skeptically, but drank it anyways. This shot went down much smoother than the first of the night, possibly because you were getting too drunk to care at this point or because you were just getting more practiced at it.

“What do you think?” The bartender asked, holding the weird bottle in their hands.

“It’s… It’s definitely alcohol!” You sputtered, shaking your head to clear the nasty feeling it left with you.

“Her next one is on me,” a man said, sliding up into the stool next to you and giving you a bright smile. He was a friendly enough looking guy, neatly dressed and handsome. His dark hair was neatly trimmed  and his face was sculpted and handsome with a jawline that could cut diamonds.

“Oh, thank you. But I really don’t know what I’m doing up here. I’m just waiting for a friend.” You admitted, rubbing your own arms nervously.

“First time clubbing?” He asked, ordering a drink for you.

“Well… yeah. I’m not much of a drinker, but I’m with my friends right now. I don’t know where they went. It’s supposed to be girls night.” You didn’t know why you were admitting this, but you felt the words spill from your mouth before you could stop them.

“Your first girls night, eh? Sounds like fun. I hope you have a good time,” He smiled, handing the bartender his card. The bartender slid what you assumed was another long island iced tea to you. You hesitated a moment before taking it. Toshinori had said not to leave your drink unattended… or to accept drinks from strangers… but the stranger had never touched it, right? Screw Toshinori. You were going to get fucked up whether he liked it or not.

“Thank you,” You told the man, who now had a similar drink of his own.

“How bout I keep you company until your friends show up? I’d hate for you to be all on your lonesome.” He cast you another charming smile. Was he flirting with you? He was definitely flirting with you. This had never happened to you before. You didn’t exactly hate it, he was pretty handsome after all, but this was new territory. You weren’t sure what to do.

“Oh… uh… yeah! That’d be nice!” You tried to give him a dazzling smile, batting your eyelashes as you took another sip of your drink.

“Alright, what’s your name, sweetheart?”

“(Y/N),” You replied simply.

“What do you do for a living,” He asked curiously, loosening his tie as he leaned back in his barstool.

It took you a split second to think about how to describe your job situation. Were you unemployed? Technically yes and technically no… but you figured unemployment sounded less than impressive to a guy like him so you pulled something out of thin air. “I’m actually interning at All Might’s hero agency.” It wasn’t technically a lie, and his eyes lit up when you told him.

“Really? You work for All Might? That’s incredible! What do you do?”

“Mostly paperwork and stuff. Secretarial things. Nothing too important.” Still not entirely the truth, but close enough that you didn’t feel bad about lying.

“Still, that’s incredible. I’m actually a hero myself. I work at a small agency here in town.”

“Oh wow, that’s great! Is it alright to ask what your quirk is?” You felt the heat from the alcohol creep up from your stomach, reaching into your head and then spreading to the rest of your body. This shit worked fast, you were on the fast track to getting shitfaced.

“They call me Steam Train. I can use steam from my shoulders to propel myself forward incredibly fast.”

“Steam Train, catchy!” You weren’t going to admit you’d never heard of him before. He seemed too proud of himself, you didn’t want to harsh his vibe.

“Yeah, I’m nowhere near as big as All Might but I hope to be some day!”

“ I believe in you,” You smiled, placing a hand on his arm. He smiled at the contact.

“Well, if you believe in me I know I can do it.” He placed his hand on top of yours and leaned in to you. The dazzling smile he gave you made your heart flip, but you pulled away casually and finished your drink. As you did this, you saw Saffron’s head bob into sight, dragging Camilla behind her. She shoved her way through the crowd and joined you at the bar.

“(Y/N)! I thought you’d left! Where were you?” She asked, eying the man next to you.

“I couldn't find you, so I came to sit at the bar. This man bought me a drink.”

“Oooh…” She continued assessing him. He gave her a smile, but she didn’t seem impressed. Just as she looked like she was going to say something sassy, Camilla cut her off.

“Thanks for keeping an eye on (Y/N) for us. We’ll take it from here. Girls night, and all. How bout a round of shots on me?”

He seemed disappointed that he was being dismissed, but Camillas offer seemed to appease him.

“Hell yeah! Thanks, dude!” He responded as Camilla flagged down the bartender. After your group finished their shots, Camilla wasted no time in dragging you away from your new friend and on to the dance floor. You waved over your shoulder to him as you were drug away, and he gave you a quick wink and another smile.

You didn’t realize just how drunk you were until you were being pulled through the crowd of people to the center of the dancefloor. As the music pulsed through you, the lights caused your head to spin, making giggles bubble up and out of your mouth. It was a surreal experience, people bumping into you as your night began in full swing. Saffron turned to you once you were in the dead center of the dance floor.

Without missing a beat, she pulled on your arms and started dancing, laughing as she saw your confused expression. “Now's the part where you dance!” She instructed. Camilla slid up behind her, placing her hands on her hips and giving her a gentle kiss on the neck. Their movements synced and suddenly they were dancing together, the world around them unimportant.

“I don’t know how to dance!” You shouted over the loud music.

“What? It’s fine. Neither do I! Just sway your hips and stuff! Have a good time!”

Saffron and Camilla began swaying together to the beat, Saffrons arms reaching down to hold onto Camillas hands. You were completely forgotten.

When presented with such an awkward situation (dancing in front of a bunch of people), sober you would have chickened out and gone back to the bar to wait for Saffron and Camilla to be ready to leave. Vaguely drunk you, however, had a completely different idea. You were at the club, everybody was dancing, why didn’t you just join them?

You weren’t entirely sure of what you were doing, but with the liquid courage coursing through your veins you just decided to watch what the other women were doing and follow them. You felt like you were doing pretty good, as most drunks do. You swayed your hips in time with the music, trailing your hands up and down your body and into the air. You buried your hands in your hair and just let your inhibitions go. You found yourself completely forgetting that you’d never done this before, that you were mad at Toshi, that sober you would be mortified to be watching this. Instead you focused on having a good time.

The night divulged into a blur. Saffron grabbed your hips, dancing suggestively with you as you lost yourself in a fit of laughter. She was having just as good a time as you were. It was wonderful to be spending time with her. She really was the life of the party. You both seemed so worry free, as if nothing wrong could ever happen.

You drank more, danced a lot, and suddenly half of the night was over already before you even knew it. Camilla and Saffron had abandoned you momentarily in a fit of passion, and were currently having a drunken makeout session in the back corner of the club. You, however, were still having an amazing time as you danced amidst the sea of people.

Toshi had no idea what he was talking about, you decided, you were having the time of your life! Everything was great! Nothing could possibly go wrong! You decided to prove that by having one more drink before the night ended.

“Alright, but I’m cutting you off after this one, honey.” The bartender explained, “I want you to be able to get home safe. Let me know when you and your friends are leaving and I’ll call you a taxi.”

Their kindness made you want to cry, but as you slammed back your last ice tea your forgot all out it, instead going absolutely wild on the dancefloor with all the other women. You danced with people you didn’t know, hugged women who were your new best friends, and everyone was in love with the look you were sporting today. You felt absolutely incredible as you wobbled all around the dancefloor with everyone else.

“Care for a dance, beautiful?” The man from earlier slid up behind you, slipping his hands onto your hips.

“Sure!” You giggled, the alarm bells in your head completely muted by the stuff in your system. Something in the way he looked at you would usually catch you as odd, but you really weren’t paying enough attention to notice it.

“Names Asahi, by the way, you never asked earlier.” He smiled, spinning you around a bit too fast and pulling you against him. His hands remained on your hips and you slid your hands up around his the back of his neck, giving him a small smile.

“Sorry, I was too invested in hearing about your quirk,” you said with a wink.

“Oh, I see. Well I seem to be pretty invested in how beautiful you are,” He said. Sober you would have rolled your eyes at how corny it was, but as he leaned in closer to you and pressed his forehead against yours you couldn’t help but giggle excitedly. It felt like the pinnacle of romance. “You’re fucking precious.” He complimented you, planting a small kiss on your nose. You felt your entire face heat up and turn red. No one had ever flirted with you like this before so you were utterly enthralled with it.

“You’re pretty great yourself,” You smiled, leaning back just enough to look into his eyes. You couldn’t tell, but he was almost completely sober, and he could tell how absolutely shitfaced you were, but that didn’t seem to stop him from leaning forward and planting a hungry kiss on your lips.

It took you by surprise, but you weren’t really in a position to resist. You’d never kissed anyone before, and now you were practically making out with this stranger. His lips pressed forcefully against yours and he pulled your hips harder against him. His teeth nipped at your bottom lip and it felt like you couldn’t even pull away. On one hand, you were excited to be having your first kiss with someone so handsome, but on the other hand you really didn’t want it to be with some stranger at a club. And he wasn’t particularly good at it anyways. He was all tongue and spit, it just felt wrong.

Your head swimmed from lack of oxygen and eventually you had to push him away to come up for air. Things started to feel wrong as you gasped in oxygen. He tried to pull you in for another kiss, but you turned your head and released your grip on the back of his neck.

“What’s wrong, baby?” He asked sweetly, not relaxing his forceful grip on your hips.

“I- uh. There’s so many people here. I don’t wanna… How about we just keep dancing?” You offered, swallowing the sudden panic you felt in your throat. You realized you didn’t want to be there with him on the dancefloor. You didn’t want to kiss him, you didn’t want to dance with him. He was giving off bad vibes and you were just now picking up on it. You needed to get out of there.

“Alright, I’ve gotcha. How about we head back to my place? We can continue there,” He snuck another unwanted kiss onto your lips with a sly smile.

“I really don’t… I think I should go find my friends… I don’t feel so good,” You said more quietly, trying to remove his hands from your waist.

“What? Don’t go! The night is young. How about I go and get you some water?” He smiled. Something in his eyes made you flat out refuse.

“No… I’m going to find my friends.”

“Baby, don’t be a tease.” His grip on you tightened. “Let’s go back to my place.”

“N-no,” you said again, pushing his hands away from you and beginning to slip into the crowd. “I’m going now.”

“Hey!” He protested, grabbing onto your wrist. “Come on, don’t be a prude. Stay with me!”

“No! I said no! Leave me alone!” You ripped your hands out of his and started to push through the crowd. You didn’t know if he was behind you, and you didn’t care. You needed to get out of there. The air felt stagnant, everything was too overstimulating. You couldn’t find Saffron, didn’t see any familiar faces. You started to panic.

As you rushed towards the exit your breaths came in short gasps. The world started spinning around you and you just made it out the door before you collapsed onto your hands and knees, successfully scraping and bloodying them on the concrete. As you landed on your hands and knees your stomach lurched, emptying most of its contents in a few forceful heaves over the curb of the sidewalk and in to the street.

“Woah! Woah! Hey!” Akemi the bouncer took a step back as you stumbled out the door. “Dude, you okay?” He hesitantly walked towards you, pulling your hair away from your face as you continued to empty your stomach.

You didn’t answer, instead you tried to catch your breath and steady your heartbeat. Once you’d finished vomiting your crawled back to the wall of the building as Akemi watched on. You leaned up against the cement wall and pulled your knees up to your chest. You heard someone else leave the club and greet  the bartender, you prayed it was Saffron.

“She was just getting a little overwhelmed,” A masculine voice explained to Akemi. “I’ll take her home and get her to bed. I think she’s had too much to drink. Don’t worry about it.”

Your head snapped up as Akemi shrugged and turned his attention elsewhere. You didn’t want to go home with that man from the bar, that was the last thing you wanted. You tried to look up at the man and glare at him, but the sudden movement had your head and stomach swirling. His hands were suddenly on you, trying to lift you up and take you away. You tried to protest, but you couldn’t say anything and you thought you were on the verge of vomiting again. You only had one option, one chance at escape. You reached quickly into your purse and gripped the thick plastic held within. With fumbling fingers you unattached the lanyard from the plastic, setting off the alarm and startling the man enough that he dropped you.

“Holy shit! What the hell is that?” The man recoiled, reaching into your purse and pulling out the alarm. He replaced the lanyard but it was too late for him, you’d regained Akemi’s attention.

“What the hell was that?” He asked the man trying to take you.

“Nothing, just this thing went off on accident. We were just getting going.” He tried to grab you again.

“Okay- Wait a minute...I don’t recall you coming with her today. Do you know her?” He grabbed the man's arm and pushed it away.

“(Y/N)? Yeah, we go way back. We met during her internship at Might Towers.” You really regretted giving the man so much personal information. He was definitely going to kidnap you and do god knows what to you at his house and you weren’t well enough to fight him.

“Really? Well, she looks pretty shitfaced, and she pulled on a personal alarm, so I just need to be sure.” Akemi said, making your heart plummet. The man smiled in satisfaction and grabbed your arm again, but Akemi shooed him away one more time. “Let me just check with Saffron to make sure this is okay. I’d hate for them to get separated.”

“Saffron? Oh, you don’t need to do that. I already talked to her.” He forcefully grabbed your arm this time and started to drag you away. Akemi stepped in once again.

“Listen, bud. I’m talking to her whether you like it or not. Something isn’t right.  I’m not letting you take this girl who’s on the verge of blacking out home with you.”

“Do you know who I am?” He asked, “I’m Steam Train, the hero? I wouldn’t do anything to an innocent person!”

“Alright, I’ve heard enough. I don’t care who you are, you’re not going to take her home with you. Get out of here, before I make you.” Akemi shoved the man back, standing defensively over you.

He looked between you and Akemi, deciding whether it was worth it to fight this man or not. With a disgusted shake of his head, the man turned and walked down  the opposite end of the street and out of view. You breathed a shaky sigh of relief. Akemi squatted down in front of you to check on you.

“You alright, sweetheart?” He asked, tilting your face up by the chin to meet his eyes. Your eyes floated this way and that, unable to focus. “Holy shit you’re gone. I’m gonna call Saff. Hang tight, kiddo.” He reached to his belt and pulled out a walkie talkie. “Hey, if you see if a girl with curled red hair, american, with a girl with dark blue hair have her come outside immediately. Tell her her friend needs her.”

You closed your eyes and laid your head back against the wall. You were trying your best not to throw up again. You hoped that Saffron would hurry.

“Is there anyone else I can call for you kid? Maybe you should go to the hospital. You might have alcohol poisoning.”

“Alcohol poisoning? (Y/N) What the hell? Are you okay?” Saffron burst out the door, followed closely by Camilla. “Jesus, honey. How much did you drink? I should’ve kept a better eye on you.”

“She burst out the door and collapsed over there before vomiting. Some guy was following her and tried to force her home. I didn’t let him, obviously.”

“Thank you, Akemi. I can always count on you. Now give me your hand, (Y/n). Camilla, poke her.”

You opened your eyes just enough to see Saffron grab your hand. She held it over to Camilla, who produced a small sliver of metal from the tip of her finger which she used to slice your finger. The blade quickly retracted back into her finger as saffron wiped your blood onto her finger and popped it into her mouth.

“Ow,” You moaned, trying to pull your hand back to yourself. You watched as Saffron closed her eyes, computing whatever info your blood had to offer her in her head.

“Holy shit, (Y/N). Your blood alcohol level is .23. That almost alcohol poisoning. You’re lucky they cut you off or you could’ve gotten really fucking sick. Jesus. I’m sorry, honey. I should’ve watched you better.”

“What should we do? Call a Taxi?” Camilla asked, preparing to lift you up and carry you home. Her arms began to slip under you, but the movement was unwanted and almost had you retching again. You pushed her away. You didn’t want to go in a Taxi. You didn’t want Camilla to carry you… You only had one thing on your mind: Toshi. You needed him to save you again.

“T-Toshi,” You moaned, hoping someone would hear you. They just needed to get Toshi. He’d take you home. You didn’t want to sleep on Saffrons couch, you didn’t want to ride in a taxi, you just wanted to go home. Your words fell on deaf ears.

“Cam, you go close our tabs. I’m gonna go try and wave down a taxi. Can you watch her for two more minutes, Akemi?” She seemed entirely sober at this point, her only goal now was to get you home safe.

“I can do that,” Akemi said as the two girls went off on their own missions. “Hang in there, sweetheart. You’ll be home soon. Try not to go so hard next time, huh?”

“Toshi…” You whimpered again, reaching for your purse.

“Is there someone you wanna call? Here, let me help you.” Akemi grabbed your bag from you and opened your phone, flipping through the contacts until he found Toshi’s number. “Do you want me to call or do you wanna do it? Can you do it?”

“Me…” You mumbled, reaching out meekly for the phone.

“Alright,” He said, pressing the call button. He held the phone to your ear as you listened to the ringing. It only took a few seconds for Toshi to pick up. He must’ve been sitting by the phone. The thought made you smile.

“(Y/N)? Hello? Is everything okay?” His voice was frantic, worried.

“C-Come get me… please,” You mumbled, your voice a barely audible and slurred whisper.

“Of course,” You could already hear him on the move, “Are you okay? Are you safe?”

“Yeh,” You mumbled again. Your head slumped against Akemi’s hand. You couldn’t really say anything else. He took the phone away and put it to his own her.

“Hey, this is Akemi. The bouncer of the club (Y/N) was at. She’s… well she’d incredibly drunk. Saffron is trying to get a cab home, but (y/N) keeps saying your name and wanted to call you. Yeah…. Uhuh…. Alright. Well, we’ll see you in a moment. Thanks… bye” Akemi hung up the phone and put it back in your bag. “He’s coming to get you.”

“Thanks…” You mumbled again, closing your eyes. The world still wouldn’t stop spinning.

“God, are there no taxis in this city? I’m going to have to call someone!” Saffron huffed, making her way back to you. “How ya doing, (Y/N)?”

You groaned in response.

“She called someone called Toshi. He said he was going to come get her.”

“Oh god, here comes the warden,” Saffron rolled her eyes. Akemi looked at her questioningly. “He’s her… roommate. He was really worried about her going out with me. He knows I like to party a little too hard sometimes I guess.”

“Well, he’s right. You must be a bad influence. Look at her!” Akemi joked while gesturing to you. Saffron squatted down in front of you.

“Listen, (Y/N), I’m so so sorry I took my eyes off of you. I will never let that happen again. You probably won’t remember most of this but I promise this will never happen again. Please don’t stop being my friend because I was being an idiot tonight! I like hanging out with you,”. Your previous observation of her being sober must’ve been wrong, because drunk tears were spilling freely down her cheeks now.

“Shut up, Saff,” You whispered jokingly in response. Camilla came out a moment later and looked at the scene.

“Saff, why are you crying?” She asked, obviously the most sober of you all, besides Akemi.

“I’m worried (Y/N) won’t be my friend anymore!” She cried, standing up to hug Camilla,  who rolled her eyes.

“Oh my god, Saff, honey. She’s not going to stop being your friend. Chill. Let’s focus on getting her home, alright?”

“She called Toshi in,” Saffron sighed.

“Shit… Well let’s just wait then. Prepare for a lecture.” Camilla sighed as well.

“Sorry…” You mumbled, feeling worse by the second. It wasn’t just general nausea that consumed you, but an overwhelming guilt as well.

“It’s alright, hon. You did what would make you feel better. That’s fine. He’ll be here in a minute.” She comforted you. Saffron continued crying into her shoulder.

You only had to wait a few more moments for Toshinori to arrive. You had your eyes closed, but you could hear the loud thump of his shoes as he landed on the ground. He must’ve jumped the whole way there.

“Holy shit! All Might?” Akemi gasped, backing up a bit. Toshinori ignored him in favor of squatting down in front of you. It was taking all of your energy just to stay conscious and not suffocate on your own spit.

“What happened? Is she drugged?” He asked Saffron, his voice harsh and serious. He tilted your chin up with his finger and tried to look into your half-lidded eyes. You couldn’t focus on anything in particular, but you could see the outlines of people. Specifically, you could see the outline of Toshinori’s blonde hair.

Camilla spoke up first, “She’s okay… We all had a little too much to drink. Saff and I got… distracted… and (Y/N) must’ve gotten really hammered while we were gone. She disappeared for awhile and we found here out here with Akemi. Akemi said someone was trying to force her to come home with him. She threw up too. We were trying to get a cab when she called you.”

“Her BAC is .23,” Saffron admitted.

“.23? Holy shit, (Y/N). Is she going to be okay?”

“Just keep her hydrated… lots of water… She should be fine,” Saffron sniffed and wiped her eyes.

“Will you ladies be able to get home okay?” Toshi asked, still looking you over. He had to decide what to do with you. The fastest way would be to jump you home, but you would probably throw up again. Taking a taxi would be too slow. He wanted to get you home instantly. Instead, he decided he’d just run. He’d do his best not to jostle you too much. It was the best option in his mind. He’d get you home, call the doctor just in case, and then make sure you got a good night's sleep. You’d be in for a long lecture on the dangers of alcohol poisoning in the morning.

“We’ll be fine. I called a cab. Are you sure you don’t want to come with us?” Camilla asked.

“Yeah, I want to get her home and call the doctor. We will talk later,” He pointed to Saffron disapprovingly.  Had you been in any state of mind to do it, you would’ve tried to defend her. You were an adult, you were responsible for yourself. You were the one who drank so much,  it wasn’t Saffron’s fault. You decided to tell him all this tomorrow after a good night's sleep. Yeah, sleep sounded really nice right then.

“Alright… I’m really sorry…” Saffron looked sheepishly at the floor.

“We’ll talk about it later… (Y/N), are you ready to go?” He asked, doing his best to keep you awake.

You twitched your head a little in an attempt at a nod. He took that as a yes. You felt his large arms slip under your body and slowly lift you up. Your head rolled back limply as the world spun around you. You groaned and pressed your lips closed, willing the contents of your stomach to stay inside of your body.

“It’s gonna be okay, (Y/N). We’ll be home soon. Camilla, text me as soon as you guys get home. If anything happens don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Alright, I will. See ya, (Y/N).”

You groaned at them as your goodbye and soon you were zooming through the air faster than you could comprehend. You could feel the cool night air zoom past you as Toshi moved. You couldn’t tell whether or not he was flying or just running really fast, but regardless you were in the lobby of Might Towers and back to your room in no time.

As the elevator pinged open you felt the cool refreshing air of the conditioned apartment. Toshinori sighed and kicked off his books.

“We’re home,” he whispered quietly as he carried you to your room. He pulled the covers of your bed back and placed you under them, pulling them up to your chin. He tucked you in tightly and then turned and left without a word.

A few minutes later he came back with a few things in his hands. He placed a large glass of water on your bedside table and a trash can next to your bed.

“Just in case you need to throw up and can’t make it to the bathroom,” He explained. “I’d help put some pajamas on but you’re way to drunk for any of that.”

You nodded slowly, your eyes slowly focusing on him. He looked stressed. The worry lines on his forehead were deep and prominent. He looked at you for a moment, unsure what to do. Your stomach was still spinning and every minute you felt closer and closer to vomiting. You looked absolutely miserable, pitiful. Your makeup was all smudged and ruined. Your hair was mussed up and your clothes were all rumpled. You looked like a mess, and he hated to see you like that. Not just because you looked like you put your makeup on in the dark, but because he knew your smudged lipstick meant more than that you had just drank a lot that night. He knew, based on what Camilla had told him, that some man had tried to force you home with him. His lips had obviously been all over you. His disgusting hands had been on your body, his filthy gaze had probably ogled you. The thought made his blood boil. His fists clenched and he grit his teeth.

“T-Toshi?” You spoke up, not noticing how angry he was. You needed to sit up, to drink water. The little common sense you had left told you it’s what you needed to do to not die.

“What?” He asked, his voice soft. It was hard to feel so angry with you right in front of him. As he watched you he felt the anger melt away.

“Help? Need… water...” You slurred. It felt like there was nothing but cotton in your mouth.

“Of course,” He said, slipping his hand underneath you and pulling you up. He lifted the glass to your lips and waited patiently as you drank. He let you back down and you smiled at him. You were so grateful to have him there, even though you were still kind of mad.

“You’re so pitiful when you’re drunk, you know that?” He half smiled, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

You couldn’t do much other than shrug and smile at him. Your body was practically one giant noodle at that point. In the comfort of your bed you felt sleep tug at your eyelids. You were exhausted and needed rest more than you needed water.

“Sleep well, sweetheart,” He whispered to you, noticing as your eyelids began to drift shut. He had a lot of questions he wanted to ask you: had that man done anything inappropriate to you? Had he hurt you? Did he need to go find him? Was that all that happened that night? But he decided those would wait. You needed rest right now, and he would watch over you to make sure you got it. He absentmindedly put his hand on your back and started rubbing. As your breathing slowed and you fell into a deep sleep Toshi let himself relax a little. You were home, you were asleep, you were safe.

After a few minutes he left your room and made a call to the doctor, who informed him that you would probably be okay, but he should keep you hydrated and check on your often to make sure you didn’t choke on your own vomit.He grimaced at the thought. Next, he set himself up with a blanket on the couch. He didn’t bother finishing the movie he started earlier, he hadn’t really been paying attention anyways. Instead, he laid there in silence, both hoping for sleep and hoping that he could stay awake in case you needed him. He waited up for Saffrons text to let him know she was home, but as soon as he received that he gave in to the temptations of sleep.

That night, he had fitful dreams of you.

Chapter Text

Blood. That was the first thing he saw. Puddles of it, all leaking from an unknown source across the room from him. The cement was stained red, the smell of iron burning his nose. He didn’t know what was going on, really. He was in his hero suit, which was tattered and torn, surrounded by a burning city, without any identifiable source of the chaos. Smoke and flames were erupting from skyscraper windows as the world around him burned. It was unnaturally quiet. Had there been a villain attack? A natural disaster? What was going on? Where was he?

He tried to right his brain as he walked around. The disorientation was especially unnerving. This wasn’t normal for him. Usually he was always on top of things, why was this any different? The first and only thing he was able to focus on was the trail of blood. It was thick and fresh, leading him down the cement sidewalk. The stream got wider and wider as he traveled down it a few feet until he could finally see the source, a small body off in the distance.

He immediately ran for it, wanting to help whoever it was if it wasn’t too late. Why weren’t there medics on the scene? Why weren’t there other heroes nearby? What exactly was this unnamed threat? As he ran closer and closer he started to panic, every step he took forward felt like he was making five steps backward. The body was getting farther and farther away.  His panic grew, who was the figure? He had to get there immediately to help.

With a frantic jump he finally closed the gap to the body laying in front of him. Yellow gloves were the first thing he recognized, followed by a white cape and a blue jumpsuit. Her black hair and signature bun were crusted with blood, leaking from a superficial wound on her forehead. The true source of the trail of blood was her stomach, which was ripped and torn open, its contents spilling onto the ground in a bloody pile. The sight gagged him.

“M-Master!” He screamed, falling onto his knees next to her. He pulled her up into his young arms, trying his best to force her insides back where they belonged. Blood coated his hero suit as tended to her, his hands now stained a sickening red. Tears streamed freely down the young heroes face.

“T-Toshinori?” She asked, clouded eyes gazing tiredly up at him. “What are you doing here?”

“Master, I need to get you help. Please! Someone help!” He screamed, his voice desperate.

“Toshinori,” She sound strained, weak, “You need to get out of here.”

He felt so confused. Why was he there anyways? His master had died years ago, he’d escaped before she was defeated by All for One. But she was there, in front of him, dying before his eyes. Was this a dream?

“I can’t just leave you,” He stressed, rocking anxiously back and forth with her in his young arms.

“You must! He’ll kill you!! I-” She was suddenly cut off by the collapse of a building nearby.

As if the torment of watching his teacher die before his eyes wasn’t enough, the dream suddenly shifted, his focus moving to the figure coming out of the rubble. A tall, suited man made his way forward out of the demolished building. Panic filled Toshinori’s body. He had to get Nana out of there, had to get her to help and into safety, but he was trapped.

“All Might…” The man growled in disdain as power swirled around him. The rubble began to disintegrate into dust beneath his feet, flames flickering furiously behind him. The man took a few steps forward and smiled smugly. He knew he’d won. Toshinori was there, his for the taking, Nana was near death, and his victory was at hand. Toshinori’s stomach lurched.

The dream shifted again.

He was suddenly on his feet, standing in horror at the full view of All for One’s power. The villain stood atop horrific, green, appendage-like creations as a purple inferno roared around him. The entire area was decimated, nothing but rubble and dust left in All for One’s wake. Black and red lightning zipped around All for One as he charged his next attack, aimed at the figure  poised below him.

He knew what would happen next. He could feel Gran Torino’s arms snatch him away from the scene. The old man buried his face in Toshinori’s body, a pained grimace on his face. He screamed for her, not wanting to leave her to her doom. He knew the next thing she would do was turn to him to bid him goodbye, to shoot him a confident smile, but when she turned he was absolutely floored.

It wasn’t his master, like he was expecting, instead you stood in her place. You didn’t have a confident smile like she had, instead a scared and unsure grimace. His heart ripped in half.

“(Y/N)!” He howled, now even more anguished and ravenous. He tried to struggle out of the arms holding him, but he wasn’t strong enough. Tears streamed down his face“(Y/N)! NO!”

“All Might!” You said, turning to cast him a final glance before you returned your attention to All for One, your voice quivered the slightest bit,“I’m counting on you!”

He couldn’t hold back the guttural scream that erupted from his throat. He needed to go back to you, to save you. Why was he so useless? So immobile? First his master, now you? What kind of hero was he going to be if he couldn’t save those he cared about?

“Thank you for such wonderful comedy.” All for One smirked as he charge another attack. Toshinori was blinded suddenly by an explosive light. He closed his eyes and wept as he was carried away- you were gone. Just as she was.

He was suddenly standing in the middle of a club, bright lights pulsing around him. He could feel the beat of the music in his chest as he waded through a crowd of dancing people. He was unsure of why or how he had gotten there, but nothing seemed to be amiss. Drunk women giggled and clung to his arms, trying to earn his attention. He shook them off without a second thought.  He could see Saffron and you in the middle of the dance floor, holding each other’s hips and dancing to the music. Camilla watched nearby and sipped her drink, laughing at something Saffron directed at her. The three of you were absolutely plastered, but you looked like you were having fun. He smiled at the sight.

You turned to look at him from across the club, giving him the sweetest smile as you left  Saffron to make your way over to him. He felt the blood rush to his face as he watched you saunter toward him, singing along with the song playing in the club as you met him and slung your arms around him.

All I know is that to me

You look like you’re lots of fun

Open up your lovin’ arms

I want some, want some”

He eagerly obeyed, opening his arms and inviting you in. His hands slipped down to your waist and he held you, just as Saffron had, and the two of you danced together. He let you lead as you ground your hips up against him. He just watched in amusement as your hands trailed over his pecs and down his abs. He could feel the electricity flow through you to him as you touched the exposed skin of his arms. You were having the time of your life, and he was glad to be there with you. Feeling a little bold, he bent down to you and pressed a lingering kiss to your neck. To his surprise you wrapped your arms up around his neck as you captured his lips into a deep kiss. It was everything he’d dreamed of and more. Your lips were soft and gentle, dancing against his in perfect harmony. His soul left his body in that moment, but before he could properly reciprocate you swiftly left his embrace and were being pulled away by another man who wasted no time in pulling you to him for a dance.

As you were pulled away from him, the other women returned and wouldn’t give up their relentless assault of his arms. The tugged and pulled at him, trying to get him to dance and pay attention to them. He couldn’t pay too much mind, he was too busy processing what had just happened. They continued beckoning to him, pestering him until he finally cracked the smallest smile and looked at them.

“Ladies, please! I’m not interested!” He chuckled half-heartedly, trying to shake off their touch.

“Come on, All Might! Just one song!” One particularly aggressive girl cooed.

He sighed. He had no reason not to since you were gone. You were dancing with someone else, why couldn’t he?  What could one dance hurt? “Alright. Just one!”

She smiled in delight and took him by the hand, leading him deeper onto the dancefloor and pulling his hands to her hips. She swayed up against him and he smiled at her halfheartedly. He tried his best to pay attention to her in order to be polite, but he really couldn’t stop staring at you in all of your beauty across the club.  He was fascinated with you, the way your hair swung as you danced, how it’s pearly whiteness reflected the colored lights. He loved they carefree look on your face, the bright smile that stretched from cheek to cheek. He was utterly enthralled.

“Hey! Whatcha lookin’ at?” The girl asked him, reaching up to turn his chin back to her.

“Oh… sorry!” he said. He looked back to her. Compared to you, she was nothing. He tried to give her his enthusiastic attention, but it was hard to focus. He continued dancing with her for a few moments before movement in your direction caught his eye.

You had progressed from just dancing with the man to full on kissing him. You were looking up at him with your beautiful eyes, gifting him a sultry smile he didn’t deserve. A pang of jealousy hit Toshinori’s heart. The man's hands were all over you, groping and stroking, it disgusted him. You didn’t seem to mind, though, which made Toshinori feel that much worse. He saw the way you leaned into the man as he attacked your lips with a hungry kiss. You were loving every moment of this. Toshinori felt sick. A few moments later the man whispered something into your ear, causing you to blush. You shook your head and Toshi could see the word ‘no’ spill out of your mouth.

Thank god. He was probably asking you to go home with him. Toshi felt better now that you were rejecting that scumbag. He expected the two of you to part, or at least continue dancing for a little longer and then part, but instead the man suddenly grabbed you by the arm and started pulling you through the crowd and out the door. You struggled against him, but were obviously in no state to put up a fight. The man waded through the crowd with you in tow, making his way toward the exit of the club and farther away from Toshinori. He felt something twist in his stomach, you were in trouble. Nothing good could come from this.

As soon as the man started dragging you away Toshinori was on the move, trying to get to you before you were out of sight. The girl he was dancing with, however, didn’t seem too pleased with that.

“Where are you going?” She grabbed his arm again and tried to pull him back toward her. In the split second it took for him to look back at her and apologize you were gone, out the door and out of sight. He cursed quietly to himself and pushed her hands aside, shoving his way through the crowd of people with total disregard in an attempt to get to the door. He could hear something happening outside, a man yelling, a woman's protesting screams. Whatever it was wasn’t good.

Toshinori suddenly felt something blocking him from leaving, as dozens of hands pulled him backwards, farther into the club and away from his goal. Their grip on him was unbreakable as the club patrons pulled him back farther and farther from the door, disrupting his progress.

“Come on, All Might! Don’t go! Stay with us! Dance with us!” They collectively pleaded with him, their hands groping and pulling at him. He saw dozens of faces, all surrounding him and pulling him to the ground. He was swamped in a sea of people, all pushing him down in order to keep him from moving. Their faces were plastered with cheesy smiles, all murmuring things about how he was the symbol of peace and needed to stay with them. They were his biggest fans, after all.

He tried with all his strength to break free, but it was useless. Their hands were like heavy cement on him, rendering him unmoveable. He grew frantic. He had to get to you, who knows what was happening to you, what that man was doing to you. He growled in frustration. Why were these damn people here?

“Let me go!” He yelled. The weight of the people pinning him to the ground was suffocating him, his frantic breaths coming in short and labored gasps. It looked bleak for both himself and you. There was no way he’d escape. It was useless. His mind clouded and he felt his strength wain. The people began laughing, watching their hero give up as they held him down. It infuriated him, but his muscles were jello. There was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, just as he felt his consciousness dim, he heard a loud and anguished scream from outside. This was followed by another, then another, and another, until it was just one long and anguished wail: A cry for help.

With a definitive roar and a final burst of strength, All Might threw the people holding him away with a definitive thrust. Disregarding their cries of displeasure, he sprinted towards you and out the door.  He burst out the exit with all the force he could muster, throwing the door across the street. His head whipped frantically from side to side, looking for you.

You were still there, to his relief, lying on the sidewalk- but something was wrong. He knew it as soon as he saw you lying there.

“(Y/N)...” He whispered as he crouched down in front of you. Your clothes were tattered and shredded, your eyes lifeless and unblinking. A knife was buried deep into your chest, a trail of blood dripping steadily from the wound. He was too late. He let out a garbled sob, quickly pulling you against him. He sobbed uncontrollably, rocking back and forth on his heels as he held your limp body. He had let down someone he loved again. He was a failure.

The club was no longer there, neither was the street or the rest of the city. Everything dissolved until you and Toshi were alone in an expanse of total blackness. After hours had passed he released his death grip on you, pulling you back enough so he could place a tender kiss on your head. His heart was shattered, he had nothing left. He felt he’d never be whole again.


In the next instance he was in his bedroom, his sweaty, naked body hovering over someone else's. His hands felt the softness of their skin, the curvature of their body. His lips latched against their neck as he reveled in the soft sounds they made. He tasted their skin, smelled their perfume, enjoyed every sensation they had to offer him. He was in ecstasy, with his body joined together with another. What made it all the better was that you were the one lying beneath him .

He pulled back just enough to look into your half-lidded eyes. You were gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. You smiled back up at him, your hand reaching up to cup his cheek. He peppered your lips with kisses and smiled back at you, his hand stroking through your hair. “(Y/N), I- I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind lately. You feel so good...”

“I can’t stop thinking about you either, Toshi. God... I- I’m so happy,” You whimpered as he ground against you again. He buried his face into your neck, chasing his bliss as his hips snapped against yours. He continued the unrelenting pace as you cried in ecstasy. He felt your nails dig into his back as you moaned, wrapping your legs around his waist and pulling yourself tighter against him. You were driving him absolutely crazy.

“(Y/N)- I- I’m so close,” He announced as he picked up his pace. A deep growl  formed in his throat, and just as he felt he was going to reach his peak his vision shifted and suddenly he was in the ocean late at night.

He looked around frantically to survey the scene. This was getting a little exhausting. He was near a harbor, that much was for sure. A large, armored yacht was tipped over on its side nearby, slowly sinking into the brackish water. There was the remains of a warehouse up on the shore, smothered in fire and smoke. Something catastrophic had happened here.

He could feel something in his arms, something just barely clinging on to life as the water lapped at the two of them. Your slender frame was floating limply against him, your white hair sprawled out against the water. For the millionth time that night, his heart ache and he cried out to you. You didn’t respond.

He pulled you closer up against him, out of the water and towards dry land. He was frantic, calling for you and checking for a pulse. You’d taken a lot of damage during whatever happened, and you were losing vast amounts of blood because of it. He placed one of his large hands over the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding, but it appeared that you’d lost so much already.

“T-Toshi…” You whimpered, looking up to him with pained eyes. “A-am I going to die?”

“No! No, (Y/N). It’s fine, I am here. I won’t let you die!” His voice quivered. He was lying. It looked absolutely bleak for you, but he’d be damned if he didn’t try his absolute hardest to save you. He had to be fast, had to get you to the hospital before it was too late.

As he waded on to the beach the source of the damage became apparent.

“All Might,” All for One called, looking down at him, completely unscathed. Raw energy swirled around the man, ready to strike. “First your master, now I’ll take your partner. I told you, Number one Hero, you are nothing.  The time has come for you to die.”

Before Toshinori had time to react, All for One struck, blasting a hole in his side and knocking him over onto the ground. Toshi screamed in pain, unable to move anymore. You tumbled onto the ground next to him, your wound gushing blood. He ignored his own pain and tried to reach out to you, to pull you to him so he could help you, but there was nothing he could do again. He saw All for One pad over to you, a look of disgust on his face. He looked at the state of both of you, nudging you with his foot.

“DON’T” Toshinori rasped, coughing up blood as he did. His fist clenched at the sand below him, trying in vain to pull himself across the ground and toward you.

All for One looked at his pitiful attempts and smirked. “I told you All Might, I’ll destroy everything you cherish and then you.”

With a final step forward, All for One looked at you one last time. Toshinori roared in fury and anguish, trying to pull himself up to fight the man, but he couldn’t. He heard you whimper as you looked in fear at the villain standing over you. Without another word All for One lifted up his black shoe and brought it down swiftly onto your skull with a sickening crunch.


“NO!” Toshinori screamed, sitting up suddenly. He was disoriented again, unsure of where he was in the dark. He recognized the walls of his house, the view of the windows from his city, the couch beneath him. He must’ve been at home.  Toshi turned to the light next to him and turned it on. He looked around the room and let out a sigh of relief. He was safe. All of those things had just been a dream. The clock read 4:00, he’d only been asleep for three hours and somehow managed to experience all of that. It was surreal and terrifying. He buried his face in his hands and rubbed his face. His breathing was quick and erratic, his heart hammering audibly in his chest.

It had been a long time since he’d had nightmares like that and he’d never had any about you. It was usually a reflection on a particularly gruesome villain encounter, or of his Master, but these dreams he just had felt almost worse when they involved you. None of them had ever been so bad as what he’d just experienced, and they certainly had never come three at a time. Thinking and reflecting on what had happened, he felt sick to his stomach. The anxiety in his body was crippling, and he felt on the verge of panicking.

He remembered the exercises his therapist had given him for when he felt like this. He took a deep breath in and a deep breath out, counting in increments of five as he went. He clenched and unclenched his fists, trying to refrain from hitting something or crushing the arm of the couch he had been holding. He reassured himself that he was okay, you were okay, everyone was okay. All for One wasn’t there, you were still alive.

As soon as his breathing steadied Toshinori shakily got to his feet. He knew logically that you were okay, even if you were sleeping off an insane amount of alcohol, but he needed to check just for his own peace of mind. He got up off of the couch and padded over to your door in search of you.

To his surprise, you were out of bed and standing in your doorway, still half asleep and very drunk. “T-Toshi?” You murmured, sleepily rubbing your eyes. Somehow you’d managed to get into your pajamas on your own, but they were backwards and you were still wobbling back and forth where you stood.

“I’m here, sweetheart. Do you need something?” He tried to keep his voice steady and calm. You didn’t need to know about his nightmares.

“Are you okay? I heard you yell…” You looked up at him with your big doe eyes. He bit his lip and looked at the floor. It was so hard to lie to you, but you didn’t need to know about what he was going through.

“I’m fine… just a bad dream…” He told the half truth. A bad dream was putting it too lightly.

“D-Do you wanna talk about it?” You whispered, taking an unsteady step closer to him.

“No.” He stated bluntly. You nodded and looked at him for a moment. He doubted you would even remember this in the morning, but he still didn’t want to burden you with his problems in the off chance you did remember. Before he could tell you to go back to bed you closed the distance between the two of you. You embraced him in tight hug, sighing against his chest as you slipped your arms around his waist. His first instinct was to wrap his arms back around you and bury his face in your hair. He breathed in deeply, the anxiety quickly flowing out of his body as you rubbed his back. It was replaced with a calm contentment. You always made him feel better. Your touch was like medicine for him. It was grounding, stress relieving.

“Can I sleep with you?” You mumbled into his chest, catching him by surprise.

The corners of his lips turned upward slightly. “Are you sure? Wouldn’t your bed be more comfortable?”

“I’m sure. My bed is cold. And I don’t think I can walk back.” You whispered. He could hear how tired you were, your voice was barely audible at that point. Your hug loosened and you let out a big yawn. He chuckled.

“You really are something when you’re drunk,” He whispered, scooping you up into his arms. Without thinking he turned his head to the side as if to give you a kiss on the forehead, but as soon he realized what he was doing he quickly turned away from you. He cursed himself for not having more control. He walked you to the couch without a word and placed you there. He wrapped you up in your favorite fuzzy blanket as he sat down beside you. You hummed in contentment as he pulled you into his arms and onto his lap, hugging you tightly against his chest.

He knew he shouldn’t, he knew that you’d be incredibly embarrassed if you saw the way you were snuggling together, but he couldn’t help himself. He needed you just as much as you needed him in that moment, and it’s not like you didn’t end up like this every night anyways. Today you’d just decided to ask for it instead of letting sleep guide the way. You murmured something quietly into his chest as you snuggled against him. His heart fluttered.

While you laid there in his lap, already back alseep, he debated whether he wanted to chase sleep again and risk more nightmares, or if he’d rather stay awake and take care of you. He sat there for a while, determined to keep himself awake, but the heat from your body made it so hard to stay conscious. Eventually, after a few hours had passed, his head slumped against the back of the couch and he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep, his nightmares completely replaced with happy thoughts of you.

Chapter Text

You could hear the ringing of your alarm quietly bounce around the walls of your apartment. It was incessant, annoying, but you were in no state to get up and turn it off. Instead, you dozed off and on for the next few hours of the morning, waking up every once in a while to hear that same ringtone over and over again until your phone died and you were finally able to sleep in peace.

The first thing you felt was indescribable pain when you fully woke up. Had someone crushed your head under a boulder? Were you having an aneurysm? Had someone shot you in the head? You cracked opened your eyes just the tiniest bit and cursed at the searing pain the light sent through your skull. You tried to remember where you were and how you’d gotten there, but you only saw fragments. You knew you’d gone to the club, but everything after your third shot was blurry. Something about a guy, throwing up outside, and Toshi? Must’ve been a wild night…

You opened your eyes the tiniest bit more and looked around. You were safe at home… sitting on the couch, it looked like. Your pajamas were on backwards, but other than that you were completely unscathed. At least you hadn’t hurt yourself with all your shenanigans. You made a mental note not to go so hard with Saffron ever again. It obviously wasn’t worth it.

As you got your bearings you felt something shift underneath you, followed by an abrupt snore. You turned to see Toshinori sitting beneath you, still sound asleep. A few weeks ago it would’ve embarrassed you to be in this position, but at this point you were used to it. You snuggled back down into him and sighed contentedly, hoping to savor a few more moments before he woke up.

You looked over to the clock on the cable box. Usually your training would’ve started an hour ago, but you both must’ve overslept. Toshi would probably be disappointed that you were in the process of missing a day of valuable practice.

“Toshi? Wake up, Tosh.” You croaked, your throat dry and hoarse. You patted his chest a bit and shook his shoulders to try and wake him up. He snored a little bit more, but eventually his eyes opened just the smallest bit. He blinked a few more times and then smiled at you.

“Mornin’, party girl” He smirked, stretching out his legs as he began to wake up. You blushed deeply. Had you done anything too embarrassing last night? You prayed to god you hadn’t.

“Morning, Toshi. Did you sleep okay?”

“About as well as you can sleep with a drunk woman hanging all over you”

Your face felt heated, “Sorry… I didn’t mean to go so hard last night. I was probably such a bother…”

You both cringed a little at the memories of just how messed up you were. Small images of you drunkenly dancing flashed into your mind, as well as small glimpses of a man with his mouth all over you. You shuddered. No more drinking, at least for a while.

“Yeah…” Toshinori sighed deeply and put a serious voice on. He turned your face and made you look him in the eyes.                                                                                                         “Listen, (Y/N)... I’m sorry I was so worried last night. I know I shouldn’t have pouted, it was so immature of me. I promise going forward I’ll let you be the adult you are without trying to mother you. However… You know drinking that much isn’t okay, right? What were you thinking? Saffron said you were one sip away from alcohol poisoning.”

You felt immense guilt overwhelm you. What had you been thinking? Your whole ‘Just one more drink’ mentality totally messed you over. You were filled with a deep sense of regret.

“I know… I know… I just… felt good, you know? I didn’t mean to go overboard. It just made me feel good. I forgot all my worries and just had a good time. I didn’t have to think about training, or All for One, or my mom… I just had fun with Saffron. And I know I shouldn’t have let a random stranger kiss me… I just… He made me feel desirable… No one’s ever given me attention like that… I- I don’t know. It was stupid. ” Tears started to trickle down your cheeks. The utter humiliation at having him scold you, paired with the raging migraine you were experiencing, overwhelmed you.

He stiffened from your confession. Jealousy reared its ugly head and he opened his mouth to ask about the kiss, but your tears stopped him. Any anger he had for the man who’d kissed you and any jealousy he’d felt melted away and was soon replaced with empathy. You were just a kid compared to him. You were scared of the looming threat of All for One, unsure of how you were gonna adapt in this new stage of your life. You didn’t have much life experience past high school. You’d never gotten to go partying, drink, all those things that made being an adult so ‘special’ for most people. It was his job now as your friend to help guide you through those experiences, since Saffron totally dropped that ball.

His stern face melted and he pulled you tighter to him. He used his large thumbs to wipe the tears from your cheek. Once your face was dry and gently patted your back as he thought of how to respond. “It’s not entirely your fault. Yes, you should’ve shown more restraint with your drinking, but Saffron should’ve kept a better eye on you. And that man shouldn’t have taken advantage of you, especially since he probably knew how drunk you were. I’m just glad Akemi was there to make sure he didn’t take you home with him.”

The thought of being kidnapped brought another set of fresh tears to your cheeks. “Yeah… I just thought he liked me. He said I was precious… no one had ever flirted with me before so I thought he was being genuine… I’m so stupid.” The confession was more humiliating than anything, but you wanted to be honest.

“Don’t say that about yourself!” Toshi protested, “You are precious! He’s just a bastard. I should have him arrested for what he did…”

“You don’t have to do that, Toshi. I should’ve known better.”

“It just doesn’t sit right with me. What if he does it to another girl? What if Akemi hadn’t been there to help you? Do you remember his name? Or what he looks like?”

You searched your memory for his names, or even his face, but you couldn’t remember much except his occupation. “He said he was a hero… named Train I think? Steam Train?” You anxiously fidgeted with your wrists, noticing the finger shaped bruises the man must’ve left on them when he tried to get you away from Akemi.

“I’ve heard of him. He’s a new up and coming hero, trying to copy ‘Ingenium’...” His sentence trailed off as he noticed your fidgeting. He gingerly picked one of your wrists up and inspected them. He’d seen those types of bruises before. He could automatically assume what happened, but he asked anyways. “What happened to your wrists?”

“Oh… uh… He must’ve done it when he was trying to drag me away.” You admitted shamefully. You heard Toshinori grind his teeth together. He wouldn’t look at you for a minute.

His first instinct was to hunt the man down and kill him, but he knew that was his anger talking, not him. Toshi could never hurt someone out of vengeance, let alone kill them. A hero wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t do that. “He didn’t touch you or hurt you anywhere else did he?”

“No… not that I know of…”

You felt him relax beneath you. “Alright… I’m just glad you’re here safe. Promise me you won’t go that hard again? At least… without better supervision?”

“Yeah, I promise.”

He enveloped you in a big hug. “Good… and about All for one. Don’t worry about him. You still have a lot of time to train and grow. I’ll be right by your side the whole time. You can do this, there’s nothing to fear.”

“Thank you, Toshi…Speaking of, shouldn’t we have been training already?”

“I figured you deserved one day off, but tomorrow we’re gonna work twice as hard. You can’t imagine how mad Gran Torino was when I told him you were sick and we wouldn’t be doing any training today.” He smiled and wiped the hair stuck to your sweaty forehead back with his hand.

“I appreciate that… I feel like you punched me in the head with all your strength.” You rubbed your eyes, ignoring the mascara that smeared itself across your cheeks.

“Trust me, racoon eyes. If I punched you with all my strength you wouldn’t be here.” He gloated with a hearty chuckle.

You rolled your eyes. “I was making a joke, Mr. Symbol of Peace. I know you’d obliterate me.”

“I’m just reminding you in case you ever get any ideas about trying to get stronger than me,” He smirked and ruffled your hair. You groaned and clutched your head.


“Oh, sorry. How about I get you some tylenol and something to eat?” He smiled.

“That’d be really nice, actually,” You said, snuggling back down into your blankets. He chuckled and tucked the blankets in around you as he slid you off his lap and left to go get the supplies.

As soon as he was gone you felt an overwhelming cold seep into your bones. It must’ve been a combination of the rainy weather outside and the air conditioning in the apartment, but it felt unusual compared to the blistering heat you felt the other day. It only took a few moments for you to begin shivering, and soon your teeth were chattering as you sat on the couch, waiting for Toshinori to return.

“You alright?” He said a few moments later, a glass of water and a bottle of pills in his hand.

“I’m so cold…” You muttered, pulling the blanket tighter around you.

“Huh? It’s pretty warm out today, minus the rain. Maybe it’s because you’re so hungover.”

You thought on that a moment as you drank the entire glass of water and took the tylenol. “Yeah, I suppose that could be it. I just feel super icky in general.”

“Yeah, you should probably drink lots of water and rest up. You threw up a ton yesterday, too. That’s not good for you. I’ve got some rice cooking, hopefully getting something easy in your stomach will help you feel a little better.”

“Thanks, Toshi… I really do appreciate it. I’m sorry for… you know… being needy right now. And throwing up everywhere” You shuddered uncontrollably. You tried to push the memory of vomiting out of your head. You hoped that Toshi had witnessed it...

“Hey, don’t mention it. It’s what friends do. If it makes you feel better, you didn’t throw up everywhere. Just all over the sidewalk and in your trashcan. Next time you can take care of me when I get blackout drunk. ”

“I wasn’t blackout drunk! Not quite.” More shudders racked your body.

“Uh-huh, whatever you say. Are you sure you’re alright? You’re shaking pretty hard,”.

“I’m fine,” you lied, trying to suppress the tremors. You were already bothering him enough. You weren’t gonna tell him that you felt like you had hypothermia as well.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re a terrible liar?” He smiled and sat down on the couch next to you. “Come here,” He opened his arms and gestured for you to enter them. You hesitated a moment, wondering if it’d be weird or not.

He noticed your hesitation and for a moment he worried that he’d gone too far and made you uncomfortable, but his fears were alleviated when you smiled a bit and scooched over to press your small, shivering body to his. He eagerly wrapped his arms around you and pulled you tighter to him, rubbing your arms in the hopes that the friction would help you warm up. You felt the heat of his body soak into your bones and after a few minutes your shivering stopped and you were close to falling back asleep again with your face lying contentedly on his chest.

A few moments passed when your peaceful embrace was interrupted.

“I think your rice is done cooking, I should go get it,” He murmured into your hair. You groaned in response.

“But I’m so warm…” You whispered, pulling yourself tighter against him. As soon as you realized what you’d done you blushed.

Holy shit… am I still drunk?

Toshi didn’t respond with disgust at your forwardness, instead he chuckled lightheartedly and rubbed your arms again. “I don’t want your food to burn! I’m hungry too, you know.”

“I’m gonna freeze to death, Tosh!” You teased.

“Then… I don’t know! I’ll take you with me, I guess!”

You laughed at the suggestion, “I’m just teasin’, Toshi. I’ll be okay for a couple minutes.”

“Nope, too late. I’m taking you with me,” He said, suddenly picking you up in one of his arms, blanket and all. You squealed in surprise as he lifted you, clinging tightly to his shoulders as he carried you towards the kitchen. Your head throbbed from the movement, but the delight of having him carry you around numbed it a little. He took you into the kitchen and over to the rice cooker. A cloud of steam billowed out from the lid as he lifted it up, revealing the delicious white rice within. Working with only one arm wasn’t the easiest thing, but Toshi did his best. Having you cuddled up against his chest was just too nice. He’d be willing to live his entire life with only the use of one arm if it meant he got to feel your soft hands around his shoulders, your cute face leaning into the crook of his neck while you waited on him. He sighed contentedly as he carried you back to the couch, food and all.

“Still awake?” He asked as he sat on the couch, placing you gently back in his lap. You nodded and eagerly took the bowl he handed you. The wisps of steam continued floating into the air, showing just how hot the fresh rice was, but you didn’t wait for it to cool down. You thankfully ate bite after bite in silence with Toshi.

The hot rice actually helped your frozen bones, working as a ‘jump start’ to heat you back up to a normal temperature. You and Toshi quietly worked on your rice, munching away in relative silence. Once you’d scraped the bowl clean, you set the bowl to the side and nuzzled back down in to Toshi’s warm body. You lay your head on his chest as you waited for the Tylenol to relieve the ache in your head. He didn’t say much for a while, instead flicking on the TV to see if anything was going on on the news.

After a while of absolutely nothing, he spoke up.

“So, did you ever decide what song you were gonna sing for tomorrow?”

Shit… that’s tomorrow. You threw your head back and groaned. “No… I completely forgot about it until now. I have it narrowed down, but I’m really not sure which one.”

“Do you want some help deciding?” He asked, taking an earnest interest in your decision. He could tell you were already back to stressing about it. He wanted to help ease your burden, if he could.

“I’m not gonna tell you!” You protested, your face turning a bright red. It’s not that you didn’t think he’d be helpful, he’d probably have a good insight. You were more concerned about the fact that all the songs you’d picked were love songs.

Sure, there were some on your list that weren’t, but it was hard to put your all into those ones. Usually when you were out in the ocean, singing to lure people away, you’d sing what you were feeling. You knew a few sea shanties that you’d sing from time to time for the drama of it all, but mostly you sang out your emotions. It’s hard to put your heart into something you aren’t feeling. Unfortunately for you, as of late there were only two emotions you were really feeling: love and fear. You couldn’t exactly do a song about fear unless you wanted to sing ‘Spooky Scary Skeletons,” but you doubted that would wow the crowd. A love song was your best choice, it seemed. But you were still left with the question of which one.

“Well… I won’t push you, then. I’m sure whatever you’ll sing will be great. Just don’t push yourself too hard, you’ve still gotta recuperate from last night,” He rubbed the side of your arm with his thumb.

“Yeah, I’ll just practice a little bit. I don’t wanna stress too much about it,” You lied. Headache or not, you were gonna spend the rest of the day and most of tomorrow riddled with anxiety over your performance. The only way you were going to be able to relax even the smallest bit at the show would be if you practiced an insane amount until you could play the song in your sleep.

“I’ll hold you to that. In any case, I have to follow up with Akemi to see what else we can figure out about that ‘train’ hero you were talking about. I won’t let him get away with something like that,” He grit his teeth again and absentmindedly placed his hands over the small bruises on your wrists.

“Of course… I don’t remember much but if there’s anything I can do to help please let me know…” The thought of that man's hands and lips all over you made your stomach churn. Why were some men so despicable… if only you’d been in your right mind.

“I’ll call you if I need anything,” He smiled and released his grip on your hands. He debated allowing you to keep sitting on his lap as the day passed on, but he knew he had to get up now or his willpower would diminish to nothing. He’d love nothing more than to sit there with you for the rest of the day, the rest of the week even, but he knew he couldn’t. He had work to do. The whole prison incident hadn’t been resolved yet and Igarashi had never been dealt with. That ‘hero’ from the bar needed to be dealt with too, and all of this was on top of his normal patrol. It’d be a busy day, he couldn’t afford to spend it nursing you.

“Well… I should probably get started on my investigation. I’ll have Gutman send you up an electric blanket or something to keep you warm.” Toshi said, unenthusiastically. It was taking all of his willpower to make this small move to get on with his day. His voice may have sounded more annoyed than he’d intended and he could see from the look on your face that you’d taken it negatively.

You felt your heart pang as he scooched you off of his lap. You’d hoped for a day to just relax and snuggle with him, but deep down you knew he didn’t have time for that kind of stuff. It was silly of you to think he would. You were needy enough, he was probably sick of it, he needed a break.

“Hey,” He broke you out of your thoughts, “I know what you’re thinking. I can see the cogs working in your brain. I’m not annoyed with you, but if I let myself have a lazy day today I’m going to want one every day. I want to be the symbol of peace, not the symbol of relaxation.”

“Oh… sorry,” You cracked a small smile. Did he have a mind reading quirk?

“I’ll be back before you know it. Get some rest and tonight we’ll get something good for dinner. Whatever you want.”

You couldn’t help but smile at that. “Alright, Tosh. Sounds good.”

He stood up to take his leave and go get ready for the work ahead of him. He glanced you over once before turning to leave. You were so adorable, wrapped up in that fuzzy blanket you loved so much. His chest yearned to swoop you up and spin you around in his arms, cover your face in kisses and tell you how he felt. Instead, he settled for leaning over you to press a chaste kiss to your forehead before turning on his heel and hustling to his own bedroom.

As soon as you felt the skin of his lips touch your forehead your body was lit ablaze. Your face heated up to a bright red and your head spun. You couldn’t even comprehend what had happened to you until you heard his large bedroom door click closed. Slowly, a wide cheshire grin spread across your face and you couldn’t contain the little giggle that slipped from your lips as you got up to go to your own room. Your headache was completely forgotten in that moment and all you could focus on was the ghost of his warm lips against your forehead.

You flopped against your bed and hugged your pillow to your chest, riding out the emotions that had gone with it. Even long after Toshi had said his goodbyes to you through the door and left the apartment, you were still sitting there mesmerized by the events that had just transpired.

Surely that small kiss had meant something, right? People didn’t just kiss people platonically. Unless they were your grandma, which Toshi definitely was not. There was no mistaking it, he definitely had to feel at least the littlest something for you, didn’t he? All signs were pointing to yes, but that little voice inside your head still told you not to get your hopes up. Instead, you decided once again to distract yourself.

A nice, hot bath was the first thing on your list of distractions. You soaked in a lavender scented bath and flipped the TV on to a local music station. You let the soft piano music melt away your worries. You might’ve almost fallen asleep once or twice, only to be woken up by the odd taste of lavender water as you breathed it in. When you were on the verge of falling asleep for the third time, you decided it was time to finally finish up and get to work on other things; the first being a nap.

After you were dried and clean, with all traces of lasts nights makeup successfully scraped off of your face, you huddled back up in the blankets on your bed and took what you had hoped to be a brief power nap. However, when you woke up and realized that most of the day had gone by you didn’t really mind. You didn’t have any training to do, it was okay to relax once in a while.

You knew what you should’ve really been doing in that moment: picking a song and practicing. But that sounded like a lot of work that you didn’t have any of the energy for. You found a few more successful ways to procrastinate: stealing snacks from Toshi’s chocolate ‘stash’, tuning your ukulele, straightening up your room, scrolling through the barrage of texts Saffron had left you.

Sassafrass: Hey are you alive?

Sassaffras: I’m so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sorry

Sassaffras: I promise I’ll never abandon you again

Sassafrass: I didn’t mean to! I just got distracted with Cam, you know?

Sassafrass: And you looked like you were having fun with that guy, I didn’t know he was gonna be a total psychopath!

Sassafrass: Do you hate me?

Sassafrass: Are you okay?

Sassafrass: If you hate me forever that’s fine, please just let me know you’re okay


You sighed deeply and typed out a quick response. She was so much sometimes.

YN: I’m fine, just cranky and hungover. We can talk about it later.

Her response was an almost instant “okay’’. You threw your phone to the other side of your bed, rubbed your eyes, and groaned. You really wished she had watched you better last night, even though you should’ve known better than to drink so much. Something terrible could’ve happened to you if that man had gotten the chance to take you away. You felt nauseous at the thought.

After laying there and stressing over your attempted kidnapping for some time, you decided it was finally time to stop procrastinating and figure out just what you were going to do for your show tomorrow. You sat up in bed and pulled your phone over to you again. You scrolled through youtube for some time, looking at covers of what other people were singing and to your surprise, you found a few you actually liked and felt you could put your heart in to.

You quickly tuned your ukulele and felt out the chords and rhythm for the first song you decided to try out. It wasn’t too complicated, so you picked up the melody pretty easily and started strumming along as you mumbled the words. As you grew more comfortable, you started singing, and soon you were able to play the song in its entirety.  

I been trying to do it right
I been living a lonely life
I been sleepin' here instead
I been sleepin' in my bed”

The lyrics reminded you of your life you’d lived up to this point. Lonely, isolated, in a cold and uncaring ocean. You had no friends there, all of your family thought you were dead, you were completely forgotten about. Even your mother didn’t know where you were. You wished you could talk to her terribly.

“So show me family
all the blood that I will bleed

I don't know where I belong
I don't know where I went wrong
but I can write a song”

Toshinoris face popped into your head. His bright smile. The way he welcomed you when you first came here, scared and unsure. He’d given you a place to do good, a place where you were safe and warm. Even if he’d snatched you out of the ocean, you wouldn’t change it for the world. Even with the looming threat of All for One, you were happy here. Content. You felt like it was where you were meant to be; there with him.

I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet'


Everything between the two of you just felt so right, every touch felt incredible. Even the small kiss he’d given you was lingering on your skin. In the deepest parts of your heart you couldn’t help but feel like your hearts were already deeply intertwined. It was like you’d known each other all your lives.
“ I don't think you're right for him
think of what it might have been if we
took a bus to chinatown
I'd be standin' on canal and Bowery she'd be standin' next to me
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart”

You knew that you’d never be able to be together, if he even wanted to be with you. You were a civilian and he was the world’s top hero. He was in constant danger, always busy. He didn’t have time for you. The best you could ask for was that you could still be friends after this was all over. You fantasized for a moment about the possibility of you running away together, as far fetched as it sounded.

The two of you could buy a little house on the coast, somewhere far from the city where no one could bother you. You could spend your days enjoying the beach and spending time with each other. Toshinori could learn how to sale, you could teach him about ocean life. There would be no threat from All for One, just peaceful waves and time spent together.

You knew he’d never do that though, hero work was his top priority. It was his only priority as far as you knew. It broke your heart to think that he’d spend the entirety of his life like this without rest.

Love we, need it now
Let's hope, for some
'Cause oh, we're bleedin' out
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart
I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweet'


You placed the ukulele down and let out a deep breath. No, that wasn’t the song. It reminded you too much of what couldn’t be and it broke your heart. You wanted to relish in the bright feelings this crush gave you, not lament over how it could never work out. Too depressing. You decided you’d keep looking.

A few hours into practicing, you’d finally narrowed down your song choice. French wasn’t a language you knew very well, but you decided to try it anyways. You had to admit, your pronunciation was pretty good.

After practicing your fingers raw, you decided it was time for a break. You put you ukulele onto your desk and sighed, rubbing at the sore calluses beginning to form on your fingers. You needed a change of scenery, you decided. You’d been pent up in that freezing apartment all day. Maybe a short walk would do you good, or a visit to the local coffee shop downtown.

You decided to start with a brisk walk. The sun was just beginning to set as you exited might towers, and the large grey building stood out against the orange sky. It was an odd picture, but the color of the sky was so neat you snapped it with your phone anyways. If you got to keep this phone when you were done working with it Toshinori it’d be nice to have those memories to reflect on, assuming you survived.

Your walk was a literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air as you traversed the blocks surrounding Might towers. Few people were out, mostly couples on dates or teenagers out with friends. It was nice, quiet. It wasn’t often that you could enjoy the serenity of the world but you liked it.

You walked around the block a few times until the stars began to shine in the sky. Certainly Toshinori would be back soon. You made your way back through the entrance of Might Towers, where Gutman was waiting to greet you.

“Good evening, Miss (Y/N). I trust you’re feeling better after last night?” His smile was kind, like he was genuinely hoping you were feeling better.  You liked the way his eyes Crinkled when he smiled. He looked like a much kinder old man than Gran Torino.

You blushed in embarrassment. Hopefully you hadn’t done anything stupid in front of him. “I am, thank you. I hope I didn’t cause any problems in your lobby”

He chuckled, “No, not at all. But All Might seemed to have his hands full with you. “

You half smiled, “Yeah… it wasn’t a good night for any of us…. did he come back from his patrol while I was gone?”

“Nope, I haven’t seen him since he left. Did you need him? You could try calling him.”

“No, no. It’s nothing urgent… just a little bored.” You admitted bashfully. You didn’t want to seem too clingy.

Gutman smiled kindly and leaned on the front counter, “Well, business is pretty slow right now. I could keep you company! Why don’t we go see if we can sneak a pastry or two out of the cafe. They probably won’t be as good as that cake you sent me the other day, which brightened my day by the way, but it’ll still be good.”

You smiled and wished this man could be your grandpa. “Sure, that sounds good!”

He led you into the cafe attached to the lobby where a few people were finishing up their meals. No one paid you much mind aside from the waiters, who greeted you and Gutman warmly.

“Now I’ve got a special friend with me tonight,” Gutman whispered to the wait staff in a faux serious tone, “So don’t embarrass me.”

One of the younger waiters laughed at the old man's joke as he sat you down at your table. “Alright, alright. I’ll be sure to take good care of you guys. What can I get you started with?”

“I’ll have some peppermint tea and whatever kinda cakes you’ve got hiding back there! Surprise me!” Gutman smiled happily.

“No problem, sir. And for you, miss?” The waiter turned to you next.

“I’ll have the same as him,” You smiled at the waiter. He nodded and went off to retrieve your order. He was back instantaneously with your tea and you were only a few minutes into you playful small talk when he brought you your desserts.

“We didn’t have any cake left over since it’s almost close, but I was able to convince the chef to make you both some Honey Toast before he cleaned everything up,” the waiter smiled as he sat a plate of the delicious dessert in front of you. You saw Gutmans face light up in delight as he saw the steaming bread in front of him, topped with a thick pat of butter.

“My favorite! Thank you, Kaito. This is much better than cake.”

“No problem! Let me know if you two need anything.” The waiter nodded to the two of you as he walked back into the kitchen. Gutman dug in to his meal without hesitation, smiling in contentment when you seemed to enjoy it as well. You sat quietly for a while as you continued to clean up the desserts. Once you both ate your fill, Gutman leaned back and smiled, patting his belly and sighing in contentment.

“That hits just the right spot,” He chuckled, “I was about to wither away to nothing!”

“This is really good, the best Honey Toast I’ve ever had!”

“You need to have All Might take you out more often, this place has wonderful food. There’s all sorts of amazing places to eat around the city. I would know, I’ve eaten at them all. I can create you a comprehensive list of the best places to go.”

“Sounds useful!” You giggled. “How long have you lived in town, Gutman?”

“Call me Oscar! Gutman is so formal. I’ve lived here for about twenty years. Was born and raised in Quedlinburg, Germany. It’s not a very large town, especially compared to here, but everyone knew each other on my street and it felt like home. I studied carpentry underneath my dad and we worked in a shop together for a long time. After I got married and was well into my fourties my wife got a bit of wanderlust. We traveled all around different european countries and some asian countries. When we went back to Germany we decided that small town live just wasn’t enough and we moved to Japan. We didn’t know much of the language, but we got by. We learned the most important word first; ‘restroom’. After that we worked odd jobs to keep afloat until a couple of years ago All Might gave me this job here. It really changed my life, I’ve never been happier. It’s all thanks to him.” He stared off into the distance with his hands folded in his lap, a fond smile on his face as he reminisced over his past.

“He really does have a way of doing that to people. I owe him so much for everything he’s given me too. Before I was here I didn’t have a home… anywhere to go… I had no purpose. But now I have a job I enjoy, friends, a warm place to stay. It’s really great.”

“Where were you living before here?” Oscar asked curiously.

“Well...ummm…” You rubbed the back of your head anxiously. “I lived in the ocean. Deep in the sea in a cave…”

“Like the ‘Little Mermaid’!” He smiled. His wrinkled faces held no traces of judgement. This man had nothing but kind thoughts about you, obviously. It was a breath of fresh air. For the first time in a long time, you let your guard down when you were sober. You relaxed, you decided to just let yourself relax and enjoy pleasant conversation with this friendly old man.

“I guess so, yeah. But with a lot less sea witches.”

“The sea witch reminds me a lot of Saffron in the morning…” He snickered a little at his own joke. You stifled a laugh.

“Yeah, she can be pretty cranky without her morning coffee. Speaking of… I need to text her back and some point. She was pretty worried.”

“I’m glad to hear that she's alright after yesterday. I can only imagine how drunk she got last night. She has a tendency to go too hard.”

“You’re putting it lightly. She wasn’t as bad as I was though… god that’s so embarrassing.” You blushed and held your forehead.

“Yeah, you were pretty out of it! Dangerously so! If you ever do that again I’ll go to the club and pull you back here by your ear.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. I promise to control myself next time.”

“Good!” Gutman stretched back in his chair and yawns, prompting you to yawn as well. He chuckled as a few other people in the restaurant began to yawn as well. “Looks like everyone is getting pretty tired. We should probably call it a night, huh? My shift is over soon anyways. Don’t tell the boss I was eatin’ on the clock or he might be mad we didn't invite him!”

“I’ll make sure to keep my mouth shut.”

Your meal was ended by the waiter comping your food, which Oscar was absolutely tickled by. The two of you walked side by side back into the lobby, ready to say your goodbyes. You felt a little sad that your time with him was coming to an end, but you reminded yourself you could come downstairs and talk to him whenever you wanted.

“Well, this is my stop!” He joked as he made his way to his desk. “Don’t be a stranger now, I’m here whenever you’re bored!”

“Thanks, Mr. Gu- Oscar. I’ll take you up on that offer some time. For now I’m going to go upstairs and see if All Might is back from his patrol. Thanks for spending time with me! I really enjoyed it.”

“Any time… Hey! Would you look at that! Looks like he’s coming in right now!” Oscar directed your attention to the main entrance, where Toshinori stood. But he wasn’t alone. He had a bright, genuine smile on his face as he threw his head back and laughed at something the woman in the doorway said. She was a beautiful bombshell who seemed practically perfect in every single way. She wore a dark blue hero suit that flattered her in every way imaginable and her face wore a charming smile. She batted her long, black eyelashes up at Toshinori and said something you assumed was witty or flirty, and he laughed again. You felt an immediate pang of jealousy in your gut.

“Oh… I guess he is…” You mumbled, unable to tear yourself away from the scene in front of you. Gutman didn’t seem to notice what was going on and instead went back to organizing his desk. Toshinori said something else to her before leaning down and giving her a tight hug… A hug you’d only ever seen him give to you before. Eventually their excitement bubbled over, and he picked her up and swung her around in delight as she giggled. As he set her down,  he pulled back and said something else, pure delight on his face, before pulling her into the hug again. You didn’t wait to see how long they stayed like that, instead you turned heel and zoomed into the elevator without another word to Oscar. You impatiently waited as the elevator scaled the building to the top floor. Without waiting for the doors to open all the way, you darted to your room and slammed and locked the door behind you.

You flopped onto your bed and buried your face in your pillow. Who was that woman? Why were she and Toshi hanging all over each other? Was she his girlfriend? Had they gone on a date? Had all the signs you thought you’d picked up on been wrong? WHO WAS SHE?

You angrily tossed and turned, fuming over what you’d seen. You had no right to be mad, you knew. He was an adult, he was a free person. Hell, you’d flirted with someone last night. Still, thoughts of that kiss on your forehead played in your head, and the way he carried you, and how he hugged you, and how he’d rub your back or your arm ever so slightly when you embraced. You thought about how you fell asleep beside him every night, and woke up on top of him in the morning. You had been so concerned with reasons the two of you could never be together that you ignored the possibility of him getting together with someone else. Your heart ached in mourning for what you thought could have been.

You could hear Toshinori exit off the elevator a few minutes after you’d barricaded yourself in your room.

“(Y/N), I’m home! I have something awesome to tell you!” He called to you, voice dripping with excitement.

Probably an announcement about his new girlfriend. You thought bitterly to yourself. The instant you thought it you felt guilty. You were his friend, nothing more. If he had a girlfriend, which you had only the tiniest evidence to assume, you’d be supportive and treat her like a friend. If it made Toshi happy, then you needed to put aside your jealousy and be happy for him.

Still, you couldn’t bring yourself to answer him. You couldn’t handle that announcement tonight, it’d have to wait until morning. You laid there in bed, quietly waiting for him to pass by. You heard his heavy footsteps slowly pass in front of your door without stopping. You heard him shuffle into his room, probably to change out of his hero suit. A few minutes later he was back, lightly rapping on your door with his knuckles.

“(Y/N)?” Called, his voice much softer this time. “Are you asleep? I have something I want to tell you!”

You ignored his call again, electing to scroll through your phone in order to distract yourself.

“I rented a movie for us to watch… It came out last year but I never got around to watching it. It’s called “Your Name”. It’s an anime, but I thought you might like it.” You heard him wait a few more minutes before he sighed and walked away, whispering a quiet ‘goodnight’ before he left you alone.

You felt that familiar pang of disappointment. You wanted to go out there and see what movie he was talking about, but what if she was out there? What if they snuggled while you sat there by yourself and watched the movie? Your mind jumped through all sorts of conclusions and scenarios before you decided to take action. You called the only person who might have answers: Saffron.

“OHMYGOD(Y/N)THANKYOUFORCALLINGITHOUGHTYOUHATEDME!” Saffron practically screamed into the phone. Her words were over excitable and hard to understand as usual, but they were even harder to discern now.

“Chill, Saffron. I don’t hate you.” You kept your words quiet, worried if you spoke too loud Toshinori would hear you and come back to try and talk to you. “I don’t even want to talk about last night. I have a question for you.”

“Alright, alright! We don’t have to talk about it. I just want you to know that it will never happen again, I swear on my life. I will keep a better eye on you and help you drink like a normal person and stay away from creepy men. Anyways, what’s u-?”

“Does Toshi have a girlfriend?” The words spilled out of your mouth before she’d even finished.

The phone was absolutely silent for a second before Saffron responded, “No? I don’t think so at least… I don’t know much about his personal life other than that he never goes and does anything fun like, ever.”

“Oh… Hmmm…” You thought for a moment. Had they just gotten together today?

“Why do you ask?” You could hear how smug her voice was from the other end of the line. She knew almost exactly why you’d asked; you obviously had feelings for him.

“No reason… I just saw him with a woman today and they were being affectionate so I was wondering.” Your voice tapered off towards the end of your sentence.

That juicy bit of gossip immediately hooked Saffrons interest. “Wait, what? Do you know who she is? What did she look like? Where did you see them together? What were they doing?”

“They were outside of the lobby doors, hugging and giggling like high schoolers. I don’t remember much about her, other than she was absolutely gorgeous. She had curly brown hair and a dark blue suit.”

Saffron thought for a minute, “Did she have ass for days?”

“What the hell does that even mean, Saff?”

“Did she have a big ass?!” She repeated the question again as if you were an idiot.

“I mean… yeah! Kinda? I don’t know. I wasn’t really looking, but it’s bigger than most peoples. That’s all I’ll say.”

“I knew it! Sounds like Audioma to me, the music hero. I used to coordinate communications and business dealings between her and Tosh, but I never realized they were talking on the side…”

“I’ve never heard of her before…” You mumbled, quickly pulling your phone away from your ear to look her up. Sure enough, the search term ‘audioma’ found her instantly. Each picture of her looked more gorgeous than the last, and you were even able to find a headline from a year ago stating she and All Might had worked together to take down a villain. Your heart sank again. She was absolutely gorgeous.

“She’s recently been growing in popularity… She totally doesn’t seem like his type though. Unless they’re just dating for the publicity, but it’s not like he needs it anyways… I don’t know.”

“I mean, they have to be together right? They were all over each other.”

“Well, Toshi has been surrounded by gorgeous women most of his career. It’s what happens when you’re a total beefcake. I’ve never really seen him show any interest in anyone but you though, he talks about you like the sun shines out of your ass when I give him your progress updates. That has to mean something, right?”

“Yeah, but I saw what I saw. That hug was WAAAAY more than a friendly hug.”

“But he invited you to the Fundraiser. If he had a girlfriend wouldn’t he want to take her instead?”

“They could’ve just gotten together today,” You countered, “Maybe he hasn’t had the chance to rescind his invitation today. ”

Saffron sighed, “I don’t know, hon. I’ll tell you what. I’ll do some digging and tell you what I find. Don’t worry yourself over it too much. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

“Thanks, Saff. I’d appreciate it.” You punctuated your sentence with a loud yawn. “I’m gonna go to bed. I’m still a bit hungover. Talk to you later.”

“Night, (Y/N)!” She chirped. As soon as you hung up you buried your head in your pillow and groaned. You had had enough, and you needed a good night's sleep. You’d feel better in the morning.

Chapter Text

You woke at the late hour of six AM filled with dread. No, what you had seen last night wasn’t a dream and no, you still weren’t ready to talk to him about whatever ‘announcement’ he had for you. Unfortunately, you couldn’t skip training two days in a row so you had no choice but to suck it up and deal with whatever he threw at you with a pleasant smile on your face. As if that wasn’t enough, the ukulele on your bedside table reminded you that you were supposed to play at the coffee shop tonight. Hurray.

You decided your best option would be to get to training right away. Toshi wouldn’t wake up for another two hours or so, but maybe if you got to training before he was awake he’d come down and see you’d already put in a day's work. That way you could cut your session short and  spend less time with him that morning. Gran Torino and Sir Nighteye weren’t going to be there to watch you that day so your plan just might’ve worked.

You hastily got up and got ready for the morning before heading down to the gym. The light streamed through the giant windows and heated up the entirety of the room, making it uncomfortably stuffy. You decided to push through anyways and hope Toshinori would turn the AC on whenever he woke up.

The first problem you encountered when trying to train on your own was deciding what you needed to do and in what order. Usually you’d just fight in the morning and the afternoons were reserved for workouts. Your performance was at the same time that your workouts usually were, so Toshi and everyone else had decided you could just do your workout and combat training at the same time.

You decided the best course of action would be to follow your normal routine: Stretches, weights, and then finish it off with some cardio. You began with the normal stretches you and Toshi would do together, feeling a little less self conscious that you weren’t bending around in your leggings while he critiqued your form. Once you felt good and limber you made your way over to the weights. You only did the things you wouldn’t need a spotter for in case something were to happen. You pushed yourself well beyond your normal reps and for once the burn felt good. Without Toshinori there to remind you of the looming threat you were about to face you felt powerful. You were able to run without taking any breaks at this point, lift well beyond what you initially could those few weeks ago, and exercise left you feeling less and less sore and miserable every day. Combat, on the other hand, was still an uphill climb.

By the time you’d finished your run and had sat down to drink some water and catch your breath, the air conditioner had kicked on, signaling that Toshinori was awake. You sighed and waited a few minutes before he made his entrance, stepping off the elevator and looking curiously at you.

“Mornin’, (Y/N). You’re up early. What’s the special occasion?” He was in his grey joggers and black tank top that he always looked so excellent in when you were training. For a moment your heartbeat picked up in excitement at seeing him and you smiled, but you remembered why you were there so early in the first place and your face fell.

“Well, I need to practice my song for the open mic night tonight, so I thought if I got up earlier and started training earlier then we could end earlier and I’d have more time to practice.” You lied smoothly.

“Well, that makes sense. Why didn’t you wake me up? We could’ve trained together.”

“Well… I didn’t wanna wake you up. You were out late last night and you probably needed the rest after babysitting me the night before.”

His face lit up as he remembered last night, “Oh! Speaking of, I wanted to tell you something but you went to bed early last night. I-”

“Uh… can it wait a little bit?” You interrupted him, heart sinking. You really didn’t want to discuss this quite yet.

He looked taken aback, “Oh, yeah. Of course. It’s nothing too important I suppose. Are you just that eager to fight?”

“Always!” You stood up and stretched. Hopefully he’d forget about what he wanted to tell you after he kicked your shit in during training.

Your combat practice went as well as it usually did, with you only landing a few hits and Toshinori teaching you different techniques you didn’t understand at all. To be honest, you zoned out during most of it, unable to pay any attention to anything he taught you. You were to preoccupied thinking about him and her together… hugging… possibly kissing… other stuff. The green eyed monster reared its ugly head, putting you in a sour mood. Toshi definitely took notice.

“Somethin’ on your mind?” He stopped your training, instead walking over to get both of your bottles of water. He tossed you yours a took a large drink of his own.

“No, nothin’. I’m fine. We should keep going.” You mumbled, obviously lying.

Just ask him if he has a girlfriend! You lectured yourself internally. Or ask him about his announcement! Then everything will be all cleared up!

But you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You didn’t want him to see the disappointment in your eyes if he was actually dating ‘Audioma’. You just needed to let the jealousy take its course until you could get over him. Then you’d be able to talk to him about his girlfriend. You hoped that you’d get over him sooner rather than later.

He stared at you blankly, deciding whether or not to push farther. He’d never seen you like this before, so it was uncharted territory. He decided it’d be best to drop it.

“Well… alright. But you know you can talk to me if you ever need me. How about we call it a day on training?”

“That sounds good,” You accepted  eagerly. Your plan had worked. You could go hide in your room for the rest of the day and not interact with him now!

“I figured you might like that. Anyways, I really need to tell you what I was going to tell you last night.”

Your heart sunk. There’s not avoiding it now. At least you could run off and hide if you needed to after he confessed whatever it was that he had to say.

“I have this woman I want you to meet tonight,” He began, “I invited her to come to open mic night so I could introduce the two of you.” He was practically beaming, but you felt sick.

“Oh yeah? Who is she?” You tried to keep your voice even.

“She’s a pro hero I work with often, Audioma. She’s an up and comer but she’s absolutely amazing. Her real name is Amane Ichika. I really think you’ll like her.”

“Oh, how did you two meet?”

“Saffron introduced us last year, it was for a publicity project and a charity event. We hit it off and have been fast friends since. I haven’t had time to see her in a while so I’m excited for you to get to meet her.”

“Oh… yeah. I’m excited to meet her too. I should really go practice, though. So I'll see you later!” You practically bolted out of the room and into the elevator without another word to him. In the elevator you bounced from foot to foot, anxious that not only had he pretty much confirmed that he had a girlfriend, but that he also wanted you to meet her. That same night. She was going to watch you perform.

You were absolutely fucking screwed.

You bolted into your bedroom and locked the door, instantly grabbing your ukulele to begin practice. It was about ten in the morning at that point and your friends were all going to meet you there at five, so you had about seven hours to practice, not including the time needed for eating and getting ready. Without wasting any time, you threw yourself into your practice, trying to ebb the increasing anxiety inside of you. You’d initially agreed to do this whole thing as a way to get Toshinoris undivided attention, but now that his girlfriend was coming, what was the point? You were branching waaaay out of your comfort zone for this and the ‘payoff’ was that you were going to meet his girlfriend. Yep.  What a wonderful reward.

You practiced relentlessly for the hours leading up to your performance, only taking a break to grab small snacks to eat. You didn’t see Toshi anywhere and he never came to your door, so it was hard to tell whether or not he had left or was still in the apartment. When you tiptoed out to the kitchen to get some fruit to eat the apartment was entirely silent, only the air conditioner making any noise.

You tried your best to eat the bowl of fruit you’d acquired, but your nervous stomach made everything unappetizing. At this point you were too nervous to even practice much more, and you only had an hour left. You decided it would be a good time to get ready before everyone got there.

You changed into something cute but casual, nothing too flashy or eye catching. Your hope was that the more uninteresting you looked the less people would pay attention to you. By the time you’d gotten completely ready, you still had a good chunk of time left before everyone would get there. You decided to practice the song two more times and then you set your instrument aside, switching to working on your anxiety.

Your entire body was practically shaking with nerves and you anxiously picked at the threads of your comforter. You tried doing various things to calm yourself down; breathing exercises, distracting yourself with videos on your phone, pacing around your room. It wasn’t until you heard Toshinori exit off the elevator, followed by a group of other voices, that you opened up your door and exited.

Standing in your living room were all of your friends; Toshi, Saffron, Camilla, Gran Torino, Oscar, Tsukauchi, Sir Nighteye, and even Akemi. Saff was the first to run up and greet you, throwing her arms around you and squealing with excitement.

“You look so cute! I can’t wait to see you play. I’ve been jacked about this all day! Are you ready?”

“Absolutely not,” You mumbled in embarrassment. “Thank you all for coming though, I hope I can put on a good show for you.”

“You’re gonna be great, (Y/N).” Camilla gave you a hug once Saffron released you. “Glad to see you’re doing well after we completely failed at keeping an eye on you. I hope you don’t mind, but we brought Akemi along with us. He wouldn’t stop texting us and asking about how you were.”

Akemi smiled shyly, rubbing the back of his head. “Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I didn’t realize you were a singer. That’s super cool.”

In all honesty, Akemi was the last person you’d expected to show up unannounced with Saffron and Camilla, but it didn’t really make you nervous. He had a chill vibe that resonated throughout the room, it made you feel a little better. You smiled kindly at him.

“It’s good to see you again! You have to let me buy you a cookie or something at the coffee shop if you’re coming along. It’s the least I can do since you practically saved me from getting kidnapped.”

“Ah- It was nothing,” He rubbed his arm, “I’m just glad to see you’re okay.”

“I think we both owe you, Akemi,” Toshi chimed in, “I don’t know what I’d do if (Y/N) got kidnapped. I’m glad you were there to help her.”

“I’m just doing my job. I’m glad I can help. Seeing you sing will be repayment enough for helping you out.” He added, running his hand through his black hair. You felt your face heat up in his words, and for a split second you were wondering if that counted as flirting or not. You didn’t have any time to mull this over before Toshi changed the subject, telling you all to get a move on so you wouldn’t be late. You ran back to your room to grab your ukulele, which you put in the small carrying case it came with, and met your friends in the elevator.

“You better be putting on a pretty good show,” Oscar teased, pinching your arm, “I had to pass up going to waltzing class with my wife for this… not that I really wanted to go…”

You laughed at Oscar. “I’ll do my best, no promises.”

“You’re gonna do great, hon,” Saffron smiled and patted your arm reassuringly. You hoped she wouldn’t notice how badly you were shaking.

“Something like this is good for training,” Gran Torino observed, “It helps you act under pressure.”

“I’m not sure that’s true at all…” Sir Nighteye rolled his eyes. “I just hope you put as much practice into your training as you did for this performance.”

You chuckled nervously, not willing to admit you’d only started practicing yesterday.

“Leave the poor girl alone,” Camilla said, shooting a look at Gran Torino and Nighteye. “She’s probably nervous enough, you don’t need to talk ‘training’ on top of it. Lets just have fun!”

“Not as much fun as the other night, I hope,” Toshinori teased. Camilla just rolled her eyes and gave him a solid punch to the arm.

Soon your entire group was out of the elevator and walking down the street towards the coffee shop. You walked with them in silence, only half listening to their idle chatter. Your mind was too distracted to participate much. The anxiety of not only having to perform in front of a small crowd of people, but also the fact that Toshi’s girlfriend wasn’t there yet made you anxious.

“Y’all right, kid?” Akemi nudged you for your attention.

“Oh, uh… yeah. Sorry. Just nervous” You admitted.

“Hey, don’t be nervous. I know that's easier said than done but think of it this way; no one there is gonna judge you. Especially not us. And even if they do, you never have to see them again. Singing is a really hard thing to do in front of other people, so it was brave of you to even agree to do this.” He gave you a reassuring half smile.

“I guess you’re right…” You muttered.

“Just imagine everyone in their underwear… well maybe not the old men… but everyone else. Especially me, I look fantastic in my underwear.”

You laughed heartily, “Really? How humble of you to admit.”

“I have six packs upon six packs,” He chuckled, “I’d put even All Might to shame.”

“I bet you do,” You played along, your anxieties momentarily forgotten. The two of you engaged in more lighthearted conversation until you made it to the coffee shop. The little high you’d been riding as you talked to Akemi was suddenly shot down as you saw who was standing in front of the door.

In her civilian clothes stood Audioma, somehow even more beautiful the closer you got to her. She lit up as soon as she saw your group and sauntered forward to meet you.

“Toshiiiii!” She squealed as she stretched up to give him a tight hug.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” He smiled and returned the hug. You looked away, embarrassed. Akemi seemed to notice your discomfort and shot you a sympathetic look. As they released each other Saff cleared her throat.

“Gonna introduce us all or?” She seemed a little irritated, probably on your behalf.

“Oh, yeah. Audioma, this is Camilla, Akemi, Gran Torino, Mr. Gutman, and (Y/n). You already know Saff and Sir Night eye.”

“Good to see you guys again! It’s especially nice to meet you, (Y/N). Tosh has told me so much about you. I can’t wait to hear you sing.”

“It’s nice to meet you too…” You muttered unconvincingly. You tried to shoot her a genuine smile, but it was obviously very forced.

“I bet you’re so nervous,” She said, patting your shoulder. “Don’t worry. I bet you’ll be great. How about we all head inside?”

“Sounds good,” Toshi said, shooting you many glances. He was trying to gauge your initial reaction. Did you like her? Did she like you? Was his plan going to work?

The coffee shop was busier than it normally was, but not completely packed like you’d anticipated. There were still a few tables completely empty, which your large group pushed together in order to sit. You sat sandwiched between Akemi and Saffron, with Toshinori and Audioma sitting across from you. She looked around the coffee shop in wander, exclaiming about how chic it was.The rest of you sat in silence as she kept the conversation going, unsure of how to interact with her. Saffron was able to make idle conversation on everyone else's behalf, but the awkwardness at the table was palpable.

“How about I get you something to drink?” Akemi directed the question at you.

“That’d be great! I’ll come with you,” You said, eager to get away from the table.

“You’re not going to get anything for us?” Saff whined.

“Camilla can get you something!” Akemi shouted back to her as the two of you walked up towards the coffee bar.

“What’s your poison?” Akemi asked, looking over the menu. “I don’t think they have any alcoholic drinks here, sorry to disappoint you.”

You groaned and rolled your eyes, “I get drunk one time in my entire life and suddenly everyone has me pinned as a crazy alcoholic. What will it take for you to let that go?”

“Hmmm… I’ll think of something later. Right not it’s just cute to see how red your face gets when anyone mentions it.”

Your face heated a bright red. Had he just called you cute? You shook your head and laughed. “I’ll take a caramel frappe please,” You told the barista as they came over to take your order.

“Will that be all?” They asked.

“I’ll have a small coffee. Black please.” Akemi piped up.

“Sure. That’ll be 527 yen please.”

You went to hand them your cash, but your hand was swatted away by Akemi, who handed the Barista his card before you could protest.

“Hey! I was gonna pay for that. I owe you, remember?”

“Ah, whatever. I’ll count this as some repayment for the many jokes about your alcoholism to come.”

“Will you ever let me pay you back?”

“Yeah, maybe someday. I’m gonna keep all these things you owe me and cash them in for something big one day.”

“Alright, as long as it’s not a ton a money or something.”

“Nah, I’d never ask for money. I know you need it to buy drinks at the bar.” He quickly snatched his drink from the barista, a mischievous smirk on his face before he rushed back to the table.

“Oh my god! Akemi!” You rolled your eyes and protested. You had to admit, as annoying as his alcoholism jokes were, he was growing on you. He was a sweet guy, handsome, with some badass tattoos on his arm. You really liked the shaved sides of his head as well. You momentarily imagined what Toshi would look like with a haircut like that, but you were broken out of your daydreams as you sat down and heard Audioma laugh at something Toshinori said.

You turned your attention away from them and joined in on the conversation Akemi and Saffron were have about your upcoming performance. The reminder that you’d be singing in only a few minutes put you back on edge, and you anxiously chewed on your straw. It was only a few minutes more before the lights in the shop dimmed, and someone walked up to the microphone and stool at the front of the room.

“Evenin’, ladies and gents. Glad you could all make it to this week's open mic night. We have a smaller group than usual  this week, but I did notice we have a couple of pro heroes joining us today, so make sure to give them all a warm welcome.”

Audioma waved and All Might smiled as the people around the shop murmured with excitement.

“We have a few really talented performers today, so give it up for ‘Maki’ here to sing “She will be loved!’ by Maroon 5.”

The entire cafe clapped as she walked on stage. She seemed calm and casual, like she’d done this many times before. She tuned her guitar briefly before she began singing. There was quiet chatter as she sang, not too many people were paying much attention, but her singing made a nice background noise for the setting.

You bounced in your chair nervously, hoping that you’d go last. You didn’t really know what the order was, but there was hopefully more people in front of you. Saff seemed to notice your nervous bouncing and placed her hand over yours.

“You’re gonna do great, hon! Don’t even stress! We’ll all be cheering for you!” She smiled. You saw audioma lean across the table.

“I used to get so nervous performing too, but something that always helped me was remembering that at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if everyone else likes your performance. If you go out there and do a performance you’re proud of then that is more than enough!” She tried to comfort you.

You tried to smile and nod, but her words were far from encouraging. Toshi leaned over to you to, backing her up. “You’re gonna do great, (Y/N). I’ve heard you sing before. You’re amazing. Don’t psych yourself out! We’re here to support you.”

You thanked him, but his words weren’t helpful either. Part of the problem was that they were there supporting you. Especially her. You’d have rather done your first on stage performance alone, in case you failed miserably.  You knew you could either do a performance in front of your friends, or in front of a bunch of strangers. Tackling both at the same time was too much.

Too soon Makis set was over and she had left the stage to quiet applause.

“Alright, next up is (Y/n), here to sing a cover of ‘La vie en Rose”

Your heart started pounding. Why did you have to go next? Why was your luck so terrible?

Everyone at your table gave you encouragement as you made your way up to the stage. The audience quietly applauded, mostly still paying attention to their own conversations.

You went up and sat on the stool with your ukulele, quickly tuning it and adjusting the mic. You took a deep breath and swallowed, looking out over the crowd. Some people were watching you, waiting to see what you had to offer, while the rest continued their conversation. As you looked over to your table you locked eyes with Saff, Akemi, and Camilla, all who gave you encouraging thumbs up. Gutman waved at you with a bright cheesy smile, and Tsukauchi smiled slightly. Audioma was still talking Toshi’s ear off, but you could tell he wasn’t paying attention, instead his eyes were locked on you, completely and utterly enthralled by the way you shined under the small spotlight. He gave you a big smile, and that was all the encouragement you needed to begin.

With a deep breath, you played the opening chords to the song before you parted your lips and began to sing.

“Quand il me prend dans ses bras

Il me parle tout bas

Je vois la vie en rose”

You started out perfectly, your pronunciation and projection on point. You were easily able to keep up with the ukulele. You slowly felt all of your anxieties melting away as you got lost in the first lines of the song. That is, until you took a breath.

In that instant you realized just how deathly silent it was, and as you looked out over the crowd you realized it was because everyone was staring at you in wonder, completely enthralled by your song. Some people sat their slack jawed as they listened to you, shocked that a voice like that could belong to a human and not a celestial being.

As soon as you saw everyone's eyes on you, you began to panic. This isn’t what you’d wanted. You wanted them to ignore you. Your friends were the only ones you wanted to hear you sing. You started to panic, your blood coursing through your body so fast you thought you might faint. Your fingers stopped strumming the ukulele and you looked out at the crowd. You couldn’t do this anymore. You had to get out, had to leave.

Without another word you bolted off the stool and out of the coffee shop, ukulele and all. You heard Toshinori call after you, but you ignored him.

As soon as the cold summer nights air hit your face you began full on sprinting back to Might towers, your refuge. You sprinted the entire way there, ignoring the tears that streamed down your face and the aching pain in your legs.

You zoomed onto the elevator without a single word to the doorman and as soon as you were back into your shared apartment you flew under the covers of your bed and began to sob.

Idiot idiot idiot. You chided yourself. Why had you thought that was a good idea? You didn’t want the limelight. You weren’t ready for that yet. You’d only done it to impress Toshi, you should’ve just given up. Now you’d made an idiot in front of the coffee shop and all of your friends, including Toshi’s girlfriend.

You decided in that moment that you never wanted to do that again. You didn’t want to sing in front of people anymore. You’d only sing when your quirk required it. That was all. The embarrassment was not worth it.

You wanted to smash your ukulele into the ground. To throw it away and never look at it again. This was a terrible idea from the start. Without Brien there you couldn’t manage. She had always been your rock when singing. Without her, you couldn’t manage.

As you lay there and cried, you heard the elevator door ping as a bunch of rushed footsteps exited. It was only a few moments before you heard a knock on your bedroom door.

“(Y/N)? Honey?” Saffron called, concern dripping out of her voice. “Are you in there? Are you okay?”

“I-I need to be alone.” You sniffled meekly.

“We’re worried about you, (Y/N).” Toshinori called through the door. “Please, let me come in.”

“No… I need to be alone. I’m such an idiot,” You called, wishing everyone would go away. You heard indiscernible mumbles a few minutes outside the door, and then you heard it open and close. Heavy footsteps made their way over to the bed, which creaked as Toshinori sat on it. He patted your back over the covers.

“(Y/N)... please come out from there. Tell me what’s wrong. Why did you run out of there so fast?”

“I was embarrassed,” You cried after a few moments hesitation.

“Embarrassed? Why?” He asked, trying to tug down the blankets covering your face. Revealing your tear streaked face hurt his heart, you looked absolutely devastated.

“Cuz everyone was looking at me. It was so quiet. I probably did something dumb up there.”

“Dumb? No! Everyone was staring at you because your voice shocked them. It was unlike anything they’d ever heard. Even I was taken aback and I’ve heard you sing out in the middle of the ocean.”

“You don’t have to lie,” You murmured as he wiped some of your tears with the blanket.

“I’m not lying to you. It really was amazing. We all agreed. When you bolted out of there everyone was upset that you couldn’t finish your set.”

“Really?” You asked.

“Really.” He confirmed, smiling at you. His face held no traces of deceit, he really was telling the truth.

“I-I’m sorry…” You mumbled, suddenly ashamed, “You all came out to see me and took time out of your day and I bailed like a scared child.”

“Hey, cut yourself some slack. You were nervous, wouldn’t anyone be? No one is mad at you. In fact, they’re all out there worried about you. Even Gran Torino. How about you put on a little performance? Just for us.” He asked as he rubbed your arm.

You thought about that option for a minute. You’d already embarrassed yourself once, you didn’t want to do it again. But they had come just to see you, you felt like you owed them.

Taking a deep breath for courage, you sat up and wiped your eyes. “I think I could do that…”

Toshi’s face lit up. “Wonderful! I’ll go tell them. You’re gonna do great.”

He pressed a warm kiss to your forehead before leaving and you nearly choked.

Why would he do that with his girlfriend in the other room??

Your face burned a bright red as you tried to clean yourself up and get the courage to go out there. You felt the ghost of his lips on your skin, lingering and reminding you that so far in the past two days he’d given you not one, but two forehead kisses while having a girlfriend. It was like whiplash, you went from floating on cloud nine from the physical affection he showed you to crashing down into jealousy at the thought of what he might be giving his girlfriend, Audioma.

Ignoring that, you gather your ukulele up and shuffled up to the door. You took another deep breath before exiting your bedroom and walking to where your friends were in the living room.

“Hey! She’s out of her cave!” Cam teased, punching you in the arm as you walked past.

“Are you gonna be singing for us? I paid good money for these tickets!” Oscar smiled.

“You forgot your coffee in the shop,” Akemi mentioned, “So I took the liberty of drinking the rest myself.”

“She said she’d be willing to sing for us on the condition that you all stop being so rowdy,” Toshi said, pulling a chair out from the kitchen and to the front of the room. He gestured for you to sit. You took your spot at the front of the room and nervously tapped your fingers against the fretboard. As you scanned the room you saw all of your friends casually leaning in their chairs, enjoying pleasant conversation with each other. Even Audioma was there, to your dismay, scooching closer to Toshinori as he sat down next to her.

“Well, take it from the top!” Gran Torino quipped, looking like it was way past his bed time.

“Don’t rush the girl!” Saffron scolded him, earning a grumpy glare.

“Okay, okay! I’m gonna get on with it!” you mumbled, clearing your throat. You took a few deep breaths to calm yourself before looking out over your much smaller crowd. Their eyes were all trained on you, but you didn’t feel as anxious as you had in the coffee shop. Without the pressure of a ton of people watching you felt much more comfortable. You were just sitting and having fun all together in a safe environment. You had nothing to fear in front of your friends.

You didn’t waste any time tuning your instrument and as soon as everyone quieted down you began strumming the first few chords of the song. With a few deep breaths and an encouraging look from Toshi, you began your song.

“Quand il me prend dans ses bras

Il me parle tout bas

Je vois la vie en rose

Il me dit des mots d'amour

Des mots de tous les jours

Et ça me fait quelque chose

Il est entré dans mon cœur

Une part de bonheur

Dont je connais la cause

C'est lui pour moi, moi pour lui dans la vie

Il me l'a dit, l'a juré pour la vie

Et dès que je l'aperçois

Alors je sens en moi

Mon cœur qui bat”

It was a love song, one you’d heard years ago. It sang of a woman so in love with a man that everything he did made her fall more and more in love with him. You’d initially picked it because of your feelings for Toshinori, and even now that he had a girlfriend you still felt those same feelings. Everyone could tell you were putting your whole heart into this, and as you occasionally closed your eyes and got lost in the music you could feel your heart soar.

You knew you were irreversibly in love with him. There was no changing that. Even then, as you sang your feelings aloud in front of your friends, you couldn’t stop looking at him.

Everyone sat entranced by your voice as it echoed around the room. You looked from face to face as you sang. Saffron was holding Camilla tightly, happy tears streaking down her face as she listened to the words. Even Sir Nighteye seemed to have softened a bit as you looked at him. Audioma’s face was lit up in pure delight as she watched you, but Toshinori and Akemis eyes were both glued on you with a similar look of utter adoration.

Hold me close and hold me fast,

This magic spell you cast

This is La Vie en Rose”


From the moment you’d met him he had completely and utterly entranced you. The way he talked to you, the way he looked at you, it was indescribable. It was like you were the only person on the planet that mattered. How could you not fall in love with him?


When you kiss me heaven sighs,

And though I close my eyes

I see la Vie en Rose


As Toshi listened to you sing his heart beat in doubletime. You were looking directly at him, those big gorgeous eyes giving him all of your attention. You blushed as he made eye contact, but made no move to look away. You were singing this to him, he knew. There was no other way for him to interpret those looks. He felt his face heat up as he listened to the words, getting lost in your melodic voice. Even though you weren’t using your quirk he felt compelled to go to him, to take your rosey cheeks between his hands and feel what it’d be like to kiss you, something that he’d dreamt about doing so often since you’d met. But he couldn’t. Audioma was right there, he needed to stay professional until she was gone.

When you press me to your heart,

I’m in a world apart,

A world where roses bloom,


And when you speak Angels sing from above

Everyday words seem to turn in to love songs


Each day since you’d met him was better than the last. It felt like your life was filled with a light that hadn’t been there since you’d initially hid yourself away at the bottom of the ocean. Every time he touched you, kissed your forehead, comforted you, made you feel stronger and stronger about him. The feeling you got when he entered a room was unlike any you’d ever had before.

Toshinori wished he could confess to you, wished he could take you out on dates, show you the parts of the world you’d never gotten to see, to show you how much he loved you. He wanted to spend all of his time with you, to give you all he had and all of the things you’d missed out on since your initial descent into ocean life.


Give your heart and soul to me

And life will always be

La vie en Rose


As the final chord of your ukulele echoed throughout the room, leaving a calm silence behind, you looked from person to person to gauge their reaction. Camilla sat with her mouth agape, unsure of how to respond to what she’d just heard. Saffron wiped her tears and clapped, unashamed of how freely she cried. Everyone else began to clap along, singing your praises and raving about you. Toshi wanted to immediately go to you, scoop you up, and spin you around in a tight hug, but Audioma grabbed his attention, desperate to tell him something. Akemi was the first to stand up and walk over to you, absolutely enthralled by what he heard.

“Holy shit, (y/n). Saffron said you were a good singer but I didn’t realize you were that good. You’re an absolute angel.”

You blushed in embarrassment and slid off the chair. “Oh, shut up. I am not.”

“You definitely are. A beautiful face and a beautiful voice to match? You’re definitely from heaven”.

You smiled at the compliment, “if you say so…”

“In any case, I decided to trade in the stuff you owe me.”

“So soon? I thought you were gonna stockpile them,” you teased.

“Nah, this is more important. Go on a date with me!” He said, unafraid of anyone listening.

“Huh?” You were sure you hadn’t heard him correctly. Why would he want a date with you?

“Let’s go out! I’ll take you to a nice dinner or something. It’ll be fun! I promise. Would some alcohol sweeten the deal?”

“Oh my god , Akemi. Knock it off! Be serious.” You lightly punched his arm.

“I am! If you go out with me I’ll buy you all the wine you want, promise… as long as it’s not too fancy. I only make a bouncers salary. It’s not much.”

“You really wanna go out with me?” You asked, unsure of how to answer. Sure, Akemi was very handsome and fun to be around, but you’d just met him. Plus, you were kind of pining after someone else at the moment.

Toshinori did technically have a girlfriend, though. So what would it hurt to go out on one date? There was no reason for you to wait around on him in the hopes he might love you some day.

“I’m serious as a heart attack,” he confirmed.

You debated your options in your head. Akemi looked so hopeful, and he was so nice.There was no reason you shouldn’t give him a chance.

Well… Toshi was the reason. But as you thought over your answer you heard him laugh heartily at something Audioma said, his arm slung around her shoulders.

“Alright, sure. I’ll go. That sounds fun,” you decided. “You should give me your number so we can make plans. I will warn you though, I’ve never been on a date.”

“Really? Well I’m honored to be your first. It’ll be fun, I know how to show a lady a good time”.

The two of you laughed as you exchanged numbers, unaware that Toshi had been listening in that whole time.

He felt absolutely sick.

Chapter Text

“We found her, your highness” a knight said, kneeling in front of King Toshinori as he sat on his throne. He looked tired, exhausted. It'd been so long since he’d gotten a good night's sleep. Weeks maybe, more likely months. A new enemy had been trying to steal King Toshinori’s throne, a usurper who wanted the power of all the kingdoms to himself no matter what the cost. Villages and been pillaged and burned, it was a constant fight just to keep people safe. It took all of Toshinoris forces to keep them barely at bay. The stress from organizing this resistance was taking its toll on him both mentally and physically. He didn’t eat, didn’t leave his throne, and most noticeably: he didn’t sleep.

He knew that he needed sleep;  his decision making depended on it. He couldn’t think straight in that exhausted state. He was cranky, rash, irritable. He’d tried many times to lay down in his empty bed, fruitlessly trying to chase dreams, but he couldn’t help but think about the soldiers giving their lives for the safety of their kingdom, the men and women being slaughtered by the enemy while he sat in the safe confines of his castle. He could almost hear their screams as he lay there, staring at the moonlight that streamed through the window. He should be out there, fighting among side his men, doing his best to keep everyone safe. He was a warrior at heart, indisputably the strongest man in the kingdom. He could’ve helped turn the tides of the war, but his advisors warned him against it. If he were to leave his capitol city without their biggest defender then neighboring kingdoms may decide to strike as well. He couldn’t stretch himself so thin. His advisors insisted that someone needed to rule the kingdom, to call the shots, and he reluctantly agreed. Even if it cost him his sleep.

After the first sleepless week King Toshinori had begun seeking natural remedies. Lavender, chamomile, valerian, but none could quiet his restless mind. The second week forced him to look for magical means. He tried witches with sleeping spells, hypnosis, clairvoyants. They couldn’t assist him in any way either. Finally, after the third week passed and every scholar in the castle had raked every page of every book their library had in search of a solution, they discovered something. It was a young scholar who’d found it for him, the only person to take an old children’s tale seriously.

There were stories of a lagoon deep in the forest which housed a witch who possessed special powers she used to aid overburdened people. Not much was known about her, but the tale had a specific passage about a man who had spent years traveling in search of his lost daughter. He traveled night and day, unable to sleep in his desperate hunt. It seemed he was cursed to wander the earth without a single minute of sleep, and he slowly began to go mad.  Finally, he crossed the witches path and she granted him rest. It never specified how, but it seemed like the only option they had left to save their king.

A group was dispatched to retrieve the woman and bring her back safely, and they did without fail. Now, Toshinori was hurriedly rushing through the halls of his castle to get to his bedroom, where she was being kept. His robes swished across the floor as he hastened towards his chambers, excitement brimming inside of him. If what he’d read in the book was true, perhaps he’d be able to return to his old self in no time.

Two guards stood post outside of his bedroom, standing at attention and saluting when he opened the doors without a second thought. His bedroom looked as it always had, plush and lavish, not much different than it normally did, but he could smell the difference as soon as he entered. Gone was the soothing lavender incense he’d been suffocating himself with, instead was the light smell of something sweeter. He felt his muscles relax. A large crowd of knights stood around something in the corner of the room, next to his bed.  He could tell immediately that something was amiss. His well trained men had been giggling only moments ago, like young school boys. Now, they looked red in the face at their king, as if they’d been caught in the act of something. He rushed forward to see what it was they were looking at. They turned to him as he approached, standing up straighter and saluting him.

He stifled a gasp at what he saw, unsure if it was real or not. There was a large, glass tank standing on the floor, with long rods attached on either side that the men had used to carry it through the forest. The tank wasn’t so spectacular, though. What really amazed him was you, laying there in the coffin sized tank, swishing the water back and forth with your tail impatiently. Your body was completely indecent, but unlike any he’d ever seen before. You looked beautiful, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seemed. Wet, white tresses framed a face so perfect it almost looked like it was sculpted out of marble. Your tail held every color the sunset had to offer, and your thin fins filled the tank like frills of silk on a ballgown. Irritated eyes looked around the chamber, examining the surroundings and shooting tired looks at the men. Pink lips pouted in discomfort  at being trapped in such small confines, and when you looked up to meet his gaze your eyes almost blew him away.

“Your highness,” one knight spoke, “We captured the witch as you requested.”

“Captured? She didn’t come here of her free will?” Toshinori gasped, suddenly realizing why you looked so uncomfortable. Upon closer observation, he could see the shackles on your wrists and the bruises and scrapes you’d received as a result of them roughly subduing you.

“Well… your excellency… she wouldn’t agree to leave the pond and insisted you come to her.” That same knight sheepishly admitted.

“That doesn’t give you the right to kidnap her! Away with you all at once. We’ll discuss this later. There will be serious repercussions for this…  Give me your keys!” He commanded the knights with indignation. He was too exhausted to deal with these imbeciles, their punishment would have to wait for another day.

One of the guards hastily handed him the keys to your tank and the king wasted no time in unlocking the glass lid. Your head popped out first as you gasped, taking in your first breath of fresh air in hours. You let it fill your lungs as you held on to the side of the tank, resting your chin and allowing yourself to calm down. It was incredibly steamy and hot in that tank, and the few hours it took them to drag you through the forest and too the castle had made you feel like a cooked vegetable.

They had lied when they claimed you refused to come. In fact, they hadn’t even asked or explained what was going on before they were grabbing you and hauling you tail first into a tiny tank. You would’ve willingly gone along with them had they told you it was at the king's request. King Toshinori was a good king, you’d heard. Always doing what was best for the kingdom and for his people. You’d heard tales of his valliance and wise ruling. He was always helping others, so why wouldn’t you help him?

“I’m terribly sorry about your treatment. I know an apology can’t ever make up for how they kidnapped you and drug you here, but I hope you'll allow me to repay you in some way. Here, let me unchain you.” His voice was kind and gentle, but he . But he looked so tired. His eyes were on the brink of exhaustion, his cheeks sunken in and drooping. He looked like a shell of the man you imagined him to be. Perhaps that’s why they’d brought you here, to revive him To his former self.

You willingly held your arms out to him and allowed him to unchain you. The thick metal clattered loudly as it hit the ground, demonstrating just how heavy they were. Had the knights really viewed you as that much of a threat? The shackles had left angry red marks on your flesh, and he rubbed them delicately with his hands. He cursed to himself. This isn’t at all what he’d intended.

Physical contact was unfamiliar to you, but you didn’t mind the way he rubbed your sore wrists. His skin was soft, warm, his touch gentle and caring. You felt your face heat up as you swished your tail anxiously.

“It’s alright, your highness” the formalities felt foreign in your mouth. It’d been hundreds of years since you’d lived anywhere in the kingdom, the speech and mannerisms it required felt odd to you. “What is it you need me for that had your men so desperate to have me?”

Your sing song voice sounded like music to his ears, and he thought for a second that you were actually an angel sent from god to help him. There’s no way a voice like yours could belong in a worldly body.

“Oh, yes. Well, to put it rather bluntly, I have not slept in more than a fortnight. I’m losing my ability to rule as a result. I’ve tried almost everything. This was a last resort. Had I known that you were actually in the lagoon and not just a myth I would’ve come to you myself instead of sending my men for you. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. You certainly are much different than the witch I pictured. I wasn’t even sure if you existed.”

“I’m no witch,” you said, somewhat indignantly. You pulled your hands from his grasp and held them to your chest, lower lip jutting out in annoyance. It was a common misconception people had. They always equated magic with some form of witchery. You tried to assure them you were no witch, but the label still stuck and the negative connotations of the words stung you.

“Ah, yes. Sorry to presume. What uh- are you, then, if I may ask?”

“Uh… well that I’m not sure of”, you began, albeit unsure of how to answer. No one had ever asked you this question before. “I was born to a normal family, grew up normally, then one day I was bathing in the river and I ended up like this. From there I stopped aging, discovered I had some innate magic at my disposal, and that’s really all there is to know. I’ve lived in the lagoon for the past few hundred years without much happening.”

“That's quite a tale. Are the stories about you true, then? Can you help people, like myself, who are in need?”

“I can try my best, your highness. Just tell me what your wish is and I shall do my best to grant it.” You promised, looking up to him with eyes filled with admiration.

“Well… I simply want a good night's rest. Nothing more…” He sighed, leaning back to sit on the side of his bed. He rubbed his eyes, feeling the large bags that he carried under them.

“That’s a simple enough request, your majesty.” You replied, adjusting yourself in your tank. “All you need to do is lay down when you are ready to rest and I can grant you your wish.”

The relief in his eyes was obvious, and a small smile turned up the corners of his mouth. “That’s all? Can it really be that easy?”

“It can,” You nodded your head. You heard him chuckle aloud.

“Alright, then I shall waste no time. I will change and be back. But first, do you need anything? Some food? Fresh water? Clothes?”

“I’m afraid I would just get any clothes given to me all wet, King Toshinori. But thank you for the offer.”

“It is the least I can do. I will be back in a moment, I suppose.”  He nodded, quickly going over and retrieving some night clothes out of his drawers. With another look at you, he pulled out an extra shirt and placed it near your tank. “Just in case you change your mind.”

“Thank you, your majesty,” You smiled back at him. He left immediately after, eager to change and get some sleep. He came back a few minutes later wearing nothing but soft pants and a robe. You blushed in embarrassment and turned away. Why wasn’t he wearing a shirt? So indecent. You remembered you didn’t have any room to talk considering you didn’t even own any plain clothes.

The sun was just beginning to set outside the window as Toshinori removed his  robe, hanging it on one of the posts of his enormous bed. You tried to subdue the blush you felt creeping into your cheeks at the sight of him without a shirt on, but you couldn’t help the way your eyes widened in surprise. No matter how tired this man looked in his sleep deprived state, he still somehow had managed to keep a healthy body. There was no doubt the stories of him being the strongest man in the kingdom were true. As if his height wasn’t overwhelming enough, he looked as if he had the strength of ten men. It was a wonder he could find clothes to fit him.

Not noticing your embarrassment, he climbed beneath the covers of his bed and pulled the blankets up around him. After a few moments spent situating himself and his pillows, he sighed.

“Pardon my embarrassment, I’m not used to trying to sleep with another person in the room, especially a woman. What do we do now?” He asked.

“Well… first you need to relax and quiet your mind…” You instructed, trying to keep your voice soft to set the mood.

You heard him chuckle, “I think that’s part of why I can’t sleep. Is there… anything you can do for that?”

“Well…” You thought for a moment, unsure whether you should do what you thought would help or not. He was the king, he could have you beheaded if you overstepped, but King Toshinori didn’t seem like that kind of man, so you took a leap of faith. “Yes, there is. If you’re willing to trust me, your highness.”

“You have given me no reason to distrust you, do what you must.”

Cautiously you pulled yourself up over the edge of the tank, flopping your entire body out onto the floor with a splash. You hoped you hadn’t ruined the floor, but ignored that worry in favor of standing up on your two legs and slipping on the shirt the king had given you. You cautiously crawled up on the bed, ignoring how absolutely scandalous it was, and sat yourself next to him.

“You have legs?” He asked curiously, his blue eyes eying your form in the darkness.

“I do. I transform when I’m in the water. I much prefer fins anyways. I’m- um… going to try to help you relax now, your majesty.”

“Please, Call me Toshinori. What is your name?”

“Oh, I’m (y/n).” You answered shyly.

“Alright, (Y/N). Please, do what you must. I’m very eager to sleep.”

“Right away, Toshinori.” You said calmly, your hands slowly reaching over to brush against his face. You felt him bristle for the briefest moment, then relax under the coolness of your hands. You stroked the features of his young face, tracing every smile line and crease it possessed with the tips of your fingers. You ran your fingers through his hair, and you tried to lean over him in order to reach every single spot, but to no avail.

“Would it be easier if- well… would it be easier if I were to lay my head in your lap?” He asked, somewhat embarrassed. Your touch really was relaxing him, he could tell, and he felt the most hopeful he had in weeks because of it. He didn’t want anything to interrupt or ruin it.

“If that’s what you’d like, King Toshinori.” You blushed.

“I think I would like that, yes…. Just to help me sleep, of course!” He swallowed, lifting his head up enough so you could sit underneath it. As you readjusted yourself he laid his head down onto the skin of your soft thighs. He was surprised at how soft you felt, not calloused from the years in water or slimy from your scales. You were nothing but warm flesh, and he let out an uncontrollable sigh as you began to run your fingers through his long blonde hair.

After a few minutes, your soft voice broke the silence. Even his mind had been quiet in those few minutes, only able to focus on the attention you were given him. It was a welcome respite from the anxiety he’d been facing for weeks.

“Now that you seem rather relaxed, sir, I’ll begin my spell if that’s what you wish.”

“Do as you must,” He replied, closing his eyes again and putting his trust in you.

With a breath for courage you felt your magic well inside of you, channeling into your throat until it was ready for use. You parted your lips and sang a quiet lullaby, one you’d used many times before for the weary souls who’d come to you in search of rest.

“Down in the valley, valley so low

Hang your head over, hear the wind blow

Hear the wind blow, dear, hear the wind blow

Hang your head over, hear the wind blow.

Roses love sunshine, violets love dew

Angels in heaven know I love you

Know I love you, dear, know I love you

Angels in heaven, know I love you.


Writing this letter, containing three lines

Answer my question, "Will you be mine?"

"Will you be mine, dear, will you be mine?"

Answer my question, "Will you be mine?" “


You let the silence ring through the air as you finished your song, waiting to see if the King was still awake. You held your breath and listened for his breathing, happy to hear it was steady and quiet. His lips were slightly parted and his blue eyes sealed shut. You smiled as you admired his handsome features. You had done your job well, now the king could get some much needed sleep.

Toshinori woke as the end credits to “The Matrix” played on his television. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked around, trying to remember what had happened. He observed his apartment, in a state of disrepair after the fun he’d had with you and all his friends. You were sleeping on the opposite end of the couch from him, not in his arms like you’d usually end up when you’d watch movies together. The residual ache in his heart brought back memories of what was supposed to be a wonderful day.

You’d accepted a date with Akemi, something he had no reason to be jealous of but was anyways. You’d seemed unnaturally distant to him that night, even reluctant to watch a movie with him after everyone had gone home. He tried to think of what he’d done wrong, going through everything he’d done that day, but couldn’t pinpoint it. Maybe you weren’t interested in him anymore now that Akemi was around. Why would you need him when you had another handsome man to spend time with, anyways?

Perhaps it was the performance at the cafe. He’d pushed you to do it even though you obviously weren’t ready. Why wouldn’t you resent him for that? Or maybe it was the fact that he’d brought Audioma along, hoping she’d give you the praise you’d need in order to have confidence. You’d been slightly cold to her too, obviously uncomfortable at the introduction of a new face in such a stressful time. He regretted introducing you so soon.

Regardless of why you were upset with him, he knew he’d have to try to win your affection back. Even the thought of losing those precious smiles you’d always reserved just for him, or the late night movies that always resulted with you in his embrace, seemed too much for him. You were a drug he’d grown addicted too, he wouldn’t let you push yourself away from him without a fight.

With a long sigh he stood up from the couch and walked over to you, ready to carry you to bed just as he always did. However, as soon as he slipped his arms underneath you you stirred, waking up just enough to pull away with a start.

“Oh! Toshi! S-Sorry…” You wiped the sleep from your eyes. “I must’ve fallen asleep.”

He straightened himself up and removed his hold of you, embarrassed at how you’d pulled away from him. Did you want no physical contact with him at all?

He thought his heart might break.

“It’s no problem, (Y/N). I was just about to take you to bed. I’m sorry for overstepping.” He replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. He chided himself internally for messing up yet again. Its like destiny was forcing him to be a fool in order to push you away. He was going to have to try much harder to win your affections.

“It’s okay, I just don’t want you to have to take care of me. Especially after all you did for me the other night.” You laughed half-heartedly while standing up to go to your room.

“Ah, well. It’s really no bother. I don’t mind. You missed a good movie, though. John Wick is an incredible movie. I love that old actor Keanu Reeves. He’s amazing.”

“I liked what I saw at the beginning! It’s just been a really tiring day. I should get some sleep.” You wouldn’t meet his eyes as you spoke, instead picking at the hem of your outfit that he thought you looked fantastic in.

“Good idea… I’ve got an early patrol tomorrow so I should head to bed myself.” He said as the two of you began walking in the direction of your bedrooms.  “I thought you did amazing today, by the way. Incredible, actually.”

You blushed at the praise. “Well… thank you. I don’t think my career as a singer is gonna work out… but I guess I’ll always be able to perform private concerts for you.”

You instantly regretted how flirty that sounded.

Control yourself! He has a girlfriend!!

“I’d enjoy that.” He said, stepping in front of his door, thrilled by the idea but trying to remain calm. “Well… you have a good night, (Y/N). I’ll see you at training tomorrow.”

“Night, Tosh” You said, turning to go into your own room. Without thinking, you turned back around and called to him. “Hey… I just uh… wanted to say I’m happy for you.”

He turned away from his own door and looked at you. “Happy? What for?”

“For you and Audioma… Y’know… You two are cute together.” You choked out with a smile, ignoring the nausea you felt in saying it. He looked at you a few moments more, his face blank and unreadable.

Toshinori couldn’t comprehend why in the world you thought he and Audioma looked cute together. What did you mean by that? They had unintentionally matched their outfits, but he classified that as funny more than cute. It took Toshinori a few moments to understand exactly why you’d said that: You thought they were dating.

In his confused state, he made the worst mistake he could have: He just nodded dumbly and thanked you, unsure of exactly what the proper response to that would be.

With an ache in your heart you bid him a final goodnight and retired into your own bedroom, closing the door behind you and rushing to your bed. Tears streaked down your cheeks at his lack of denial. You buried your head in your pillow and cried, unsure of what to make of your emotions.

Yes, you were supposed to go out with Akemi that weekend, but you knew who you really wanted to go out with. Sure, he was handsome and fun to be around, and you were looking forward to going on a date with him, but would you be able to keep Toshi out of your mind the entire night? Probably not.

You’d be imagining him with Audioma, joking and laughing, snuggling on the couch like he would do with you, giving her kisses on the forehead and… elsewhere. You imagined her baking him special cakes, going on dates to the cafe or the coffee shop, all sorts of things until he spent less and less time with you and you were completely forgotten about. The thought made you equal parts angry and sad.

You’d blown your chance, you knew it. You hadn’t confessed to him after you realized your feelings, so the blame was mostly on you. If you wouldn’t have been a coward maybe you’d be the one draped all over him instead of her.

Would that have changed anything, though? You had to wonder, If he’s with Audioma he’s not interested in me. A confession wouldn’t change that.

Saying Audioma was a beautiful woman was an understatement. She practically radiated confidence and energy that you dreamed of having. It was only natural that Toshi would fall for her, it’s just how those things worked. Confident men like Toshinori went for confident women like Audioma, anxious sea urchins like you were better off finding love elsewhere.

You hugged your pillow in frustration. Life was so much easier when you didn’t have to worry about crushes and unrequited love. You decided to do your best to forget about Toshi for the time being and psych yourself up for your upcoming date. Akemi was a great guy, you knew you’d be happy with him. You decided to text Akemi a final thank you for coming to your performance and for the coffee he’d gotten you before you fell asleep.


Toshi tossed and turned in his bed, realizing what a huge mistake he’d made. You thought he was dating Audioma, something he’d unintentionally confirmed. He could admit that Audioma was a beautiful woman, but she could never compare to your radiance. She was too self-centered for his taste as well. She spent more time as a hero trying to claim fame instead of saving civilians. It was something he’d always found annoying, but she was so genuinely nice he couldn’t hold it against her. He’d contacted her the other day in the hopes that she could offer you encouragement and pointers for starting your career, but instead of encouraging you it seemed to have the opposite effect. Not only had her presence at your performance made you anxious, you thought they were together!

Your suspicion of him and Audioma brought another onslaught of questions to Toshinori’s mind. Did you care if they were dating? You were going out with Akemi in a few days, certainly you wouldn’t go out with someone if you were interested in someone else. There was also the possibility that you were only going out with Akemi since you thought Toshinori was going out with Audioma. Were you trying to make him jealous? Did you secretly wish that you and Toshinori were together instead.

Woah, Woah, Woah. Slow down, man. Toshinori tried to slow his own thoughts. You don’t even know if she likes you!

He was putting too much thought into it. Maybe you just liked Akemi and wanted to spend time with him. He was a respectable guy in Toshinori’s eyes and if he couldn’t date you then Akemi was a worthy substitute. As much as he liked the guy, he still couldn’t shake the feeling that he needed to find some way to win you back so that he could date you instead.

He sighed and rolled over in his bed for the millionth time, thinking about all the ‘what if’s’ of his relationship with you.In the end, he couldn’t decide what to do. Should he try to win your affection back, even though deep down he knew you two couldn’t be together safely? Was it fair of him to try and keep you away from other men without being able to be with you himself?


Did he want to anyways?


You woke up the next morning in a sour mood. The residual pain in your heart had decided to latch on and stick around, ruining any chances at having a good day. You knew you had to get on with your life, to stop moping over a guy that was unavailable  and focus on the people that were, but it was hard. Especially when you lived with him and had to see him all the time. Training was especially hard, as having to see him in his element reminded you of exactly what you were missing out on.

Toshinori landed a firm blow to your side with his large leg, effectively knocking the wind out of you and causing you to collapse to the ground. You heard Gran Torino grunt in disappointment as you sputter and catch your breath.

“That was easily blockable,” He observed.

“Yeah, when you’re as short as you are!” You spat in aggravation. “I can’t just duck under his leg!”

“You could’ve leapt out of the way!”

“I could not have!” You stood up on shaky legs, agitation beginning to bubble up to it’s peak. You had enough on your mind. You didn’t need that damn old man bothering you too. It’s not like you wanted to train or fight all for one anyways, but what choice did you have?

“Gran Torino, I-” Toshinori began to speak up, concern wrinkling his brow as he saw your mood drastically change.

“Quiet, Toshinori. She’s been here a month and what do we have to show for it? Nothing. I’m starting to think this plan of yours isn’t so well thought out. It was all-”

“Oh, fuck off!” You growled, angry tears pooling down your face. Why in the hell was this old man so insufferable? You were trying your best. “If you’re so amazing and knowledgeable about fighting then YOU can fight all for one!”

“Hey, (Y/N). Calm down! This isn’t his fault!” Toshinori defended him, to your surprise.

“What?! You’re taking his side? I’m just trying to train and he’s verbally abusing me!”

“You weren’t focused and he was just pointing that out! You didn’t need to explode!” Toshi’s voice rose, his own agitation getting to him.

“Oh fuck this. Fuck all of this! Fuck training, fuck getting verbally abused. Fuck this whole thing! I’m done. I didn’t sign up to be fish bait for All for One. You don’t have to train me. It’s not like you believed I had a fighting chance any ways. I’m done.”

You turned and marched into the elevator without a single word to either of them. You were stressed enough as it was, being reprimanded while you dealing with the jealousy that came with Toshi dating Audioma had just made it too much to bear. You needed to let off some steam and you needed to do it now. Still dressed in your exercise clothes you left Might Towers and started sprinting as far away from it as you could.

Gran Torino had been wrong. You were making progress. The fact that you could run this far and this long without having to stop and wheeze some air into your lungs was proof that your body was adapting to the strict regimen you followed. You sprinted through town, most of the world still asleep at that point on a weekend. You enjoyed the serenity of it, the quiet calmness of the summer. You took a moment to breath in, smell the morning dew that coated the grass of a nearby park, smell the fresh air that blew through the streets, undisturbed by cars or people.

You continued running until your legs started to ache, that satisfying burn that exercise left you with proof you had pushed past your comfortable limits. You went another half mile more before slowing your speed and eventually stopping, placing your hands on your knees as you steadied your breathing.

Once you’d caught your breath you looked up to survey your surroundings, unsure of where you’d run to. To your surprise, you were on a familiar beach. One you used to frequent a lot during your time underwater. In fact, your cave should’ve been nearby.

What the hell, you decided, Why not check and make sure no one has gotten in to my place.

You trudged onto the empty beach, tossing your tennis shoes into the sand and discarding all of your clothes along with them. You took in a deep breath and smiled at the familiar scent of sea water.

This was your true home: the vast blue expanse of the ocean that you’d only been able to explore a part of. You realized you’d missed it, the freedom of getting to go wherever you want whenever you want. You had been trapped in that apartment so long you’d forgotten what it felt like to slip into the water, to don your fins and go where the current took you.

It felt familiar, cutting through the water as you swam without any direction. Seaweed licked at your face in the shallow water as you swam through, going deeper and deeper into the ocean. Your tail propelled you forward through the water that welcomed you at an unmatchable speed, knowing this was your home more than the land could ever be.

You felt the stress of the day melt away as the bliss of swimming through your home turf quickly replaced it. You swam until your thoughts were cleared, and then you swam until your happiness had returned. You finally stopped once you’d run out of excuses to keep swimming, and when your head finally burst forth from the water you smiled at the sight of nothing but open ocean, not a single dot of land breaking up the horizon. You could’ve stayed there all day if you’d wanted, listening to the sound of the waves and the absolute lack of car horns, people talking, and just general noise.

It was tempting, you had to admit. Life in the ocean was so comfortable for you. Nothing to do, nothing to worry about. It was easier than life on land. There were so many expectations, so many complicated relationships. It would’ve been easier just to stay there, to live out the rest of your days in the ocean. It’s not like there was anything for you on land anyways, right?


But then Saffrons face popped into your head, her bright smile and the excitement that would bubble out of her everytime she saw you. You thought of the fun you had together, how she was the only friend you’d had in years. You thought of Camilla too, and your blossoming friendship with her.

You thought of the prison, and how it made you feel like you had a purpose. Even though you’d been injured you still looked forward to doing something good for society. You’d only ever used your quirk to harm people and sustain yourself, now there was a greater purpose.

You thought of your life in the apartment, how nice it was to have a bed to sleep in and clothes to wear. You thought of Gran Torino and those rare times you could make him smile, even though he was a stubborn old jackass.

Finally, you thought of Toshinori. His blonde hair, blue eyes, his hearty laugh. Your heart swelled at the thought of him. You remembered the times you’d been in his arms, how wonderful they were. You thought of how he’d taken care of you when you were drunk, how he’d given you the opportunity for a new life.

The phrase new life rung around in your head a few times. That’s exactly what you’d been given: a new life. Were you going to throw it away to spend out the rest of your days in this expanse of nothingness?


By the time you’d swam back to the shore your limbs were dragging from exhaustion. You’d pushed yourself too much that day and you’d pay the consequences during your training tomorrow, assuming they didn’t decide to kick you out because of your outburst.

The sun was beginning to set as you saw the shoreline come into view. You hoped your clothes would still be there. If not, you’d have to get creative in finding a way to get home. You hadn’t anticipated staying out there so long, but you’d swam so far away it was quite the trek to get back.

As you got closer and closer to the beach you noticed your clothes were there, to your relief. They were folded into a neat pile atop your shoes, and you saw the person responsible for folding them sitting next to them. Toshinori didn’t seem to notice you as you watched him from afar, waiting to see what he was doing and why he was there. Had he been waiting for you all day? And why did he look so incredibly sad as he absentmindedly dug in the sand with his hand. He sat with a large towel in his lap, neatly folded and waiting for you to arrive so he could wrap you up in it and hold you close.

Shame filled you as you looked at him; a friend so caring and dedicated to you that he’d wait all day in the hopes that you’d return home. Your heart broke,  you felt like the worst person in the world. You almost thought about turning around and going back into the water, to avoid confronting the shame that you had, but the thought of Toshinori sitting there all night and the disappointment he’d feel when you never showed up was too much.

Instead, you crawled up the beach, getting slowly to your feet as soon as you had them, and shuffled over to Toshinori, covering your nakedness with your hands as best as you could.

The shame swiftly turned to sadness as you saw the pure relief in his eyes as soon as he spotted you.

You were back.

Without words he held the towel out to you, which you took and wrapped yourself up in. You attempted to sit next to him, but that just wouldn’t do. Not after the fear he’d experienced ever since you rushed into the elevator. He didn’t know whether you’d come back, whether you were safe, where you’d even gone. He scooped you up into his lap and buried his face in your hair, wrapping his arms around you and letting out the deepest sigh.

He’d gotten a search party together and they’d looked throughout the day, hoping that they’d find you in one piece. Even Gran Torino helped look. He never said it, but Toshi could tell that the old man had regretted the way he’d spoken to you.

He felt much calmer now that you were with him again, seemingly unscathed and not resentful towards him. He’d thought he’d lost you, and the thought was too much to bear. He had to clear everything up between you. He couldn’t let these feelings linger. It was obviously taking a toll on both of you. Gran Torino was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I’m sorry,” He mumbled, “I was too hard on you…”

“No… I shouldn’t have run away. It was childish of me… I’ve just been so stressed lately that- I don’t know…” You sighed, trying to contain the tears you felt welling up, ready to spill over.

“I know, you have a lot on your plate. I’m asking so much of you and it’s completely unfair… I don’t know why I drug you into this in the first place. It was such a dumb idea.”

“No, Toshi. Don’t say that. It’s not your fault. All for One has to be dealt with and I want to help as much as I can. I know I need to work harder, to focus more, and I promise I’ll work on that.”

“I don’t want the responsibility of All for One to fall onto your shoulders, (Y/N). It’s my burden to bear.”

“That’s a big burden to carry alone, Tosh. I wanna help you in whatever way I can.” You leaned against him, not even thinking at the time that you were half naked and Toshi was practically attached to you. It was the most blatant display of affection he’d ever displayed, and you didn’t take the time to notice.

“Thank you, (Y/N). I promise I won’t let you down…” He let the silence sit between the two of you and he kept nuzzling your hair. You leaned into him and sighed contentedly, watching the sun go down as ribbons of pink, red, and orange reflected on the waves. If there was a better time to confess your feelings, you couldn’t think of one.

You turned to Toshi, making sure you had his full attention as you awkwardly cleared your throat.

“There’s something else I wanted to talk about too… Something that’s been eating at me for a long time.” You could feel your heart hammer inside your chest as you spoke, unsure of whether this was the right decision or not. You couldn’t take back those words once you said them.

“What’s on your mind?” He smoothed back your wet hair with his hand, taking the opportunity to look deeply into your eyes.

“Well… Toshi… I’ve been thinking for a while… I really like spending time with you and… and…” Your voice was as quiet as a whisper, barely a squeak above the sound of the tide coming in.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise.” Toshinori’s heart was hammering in his own chest. What the hell were you going to tell him? Was it what he thought and hoped it was? It couldn’t be!

“Toshinori… I’m… I’m in l-”

“(Y/N)!” Saffron screeched, bounding towards you on the beach and totally disregarding Toshinori as she tackled you. “WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? WE WERE WORRIED SICK!”

You could see the tears streaming down her face. Camilla and Akemi stood awkwardly in the background, both relieved to see you were okay, but also embarrassed on behalf of Saffron.

“I’m sorry, Saff. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Could she not tell that you and Toshi were having a serious moment? That you needed to be alone? Or did she just not care? Either option agitated you.

“We gotta get you to your apartment and in to something dry. You reek of seaweed!” She pulled you up and ushered you over to your clothes.

“We were really worried about you, (Y/N).” Akemi stated, while giving you an awkward pat on the back“Glad to see you’re back.”

“I’m sorry guys, I was just having a bad day… I promise I won't do it again.”

Saffron kept urging you forward to the car that was waiting for all of you on the street. You tried to turn around and look at Toshi, to tell him you wanted to talk to him later, but Saffron was too aggressive. Instead, Toshi was left alone in the sand, wondering.

What were you trying to tell him?

Chapter Text

“I’M SO SO SORRY!” Saffron wailed, throwing herself onto the counter and sobbing, in her normal over dramatic fashion. “If I would’ve known I wouldn’t have interrupted!”

This was the third time you’d discussed this in the past few minutes. After you’d told her about your attempted confession she began tearing up, incredibly upset that she’d ruined what was supposed to be a romantic moment. She’d come that morning to be your substitute teacher for training, as Gran Torino was unwilling to come and Toshinori had some sort of raid to go on with a group of other heroes. It was top secret, of course. He couldn’t give you too many details.

The air between you and Toshinori had been awkward at best, both unsure of whether or not you should continue on your earlier conversation. Toshinori was dying to know what it was you needed to tell him, if his hopes were true, but you elected to rethink your decision and put more planning and thought into it. You wanted to make sure you were making the right choice. 

Saffron was by no means as great a teacher as Toshinori, and she was the exact opposite of Gran Torino in terms of strictness, but you still felt that satisfying burn at the end of your workout. You mostly did fitness training and she checked your stats, then you headed to the kitchen to gossip and have a quickly prepared ‘brunch’. Brunch quickly devolved into her discussing your runaway attempt the previous day, and eventually you spilled the beans about your love confession.

“It’s fine, Saff. Maybe it’s for the better. He was probably going to reject me anyways. You saved me some embarrassment.” You sighed, patting her back. She sniffled into her half eaten omelet and wiped her eyes, sitting up enough to face you. 

“He wouldn’t reject you! Are you kidding? Have you seen the way he looks at you?”

“No, but I’ve seen the way he and Audioma look at each other. I’m not here to be a homewrecker, I just wanted to get it off of my chest so I could move on with my life. I didn’t really expect anything to come from it.”

“Okay, I really don’t think they’re together. She is definitely not his type. She’s too self centered. How could the symbol of peace be with someone who only cares about their popularity?”

“They were certainly being pretty clingy on each other the other night,” You countered, thinking of the way she had been draped all over him during your performance.

“I think that's just how she is. She might like Toshinori, but I can’t say I think he likes her.” She shoveled another bite of her vegetable omelette into her mouth.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean he likes me either, though.” You argued again, finishing off the last bite of your food and getting up to shove it into the dishwasher. Saffron could try and convince you that he liked you as much as she wanted, but you weren’t convinced.

“Oh come on, (y/n). So you’re seriously telling me you don’t think he likes you? And you were just gonna confess your feelings while believing 100% that he wouldn't reciprocate them? Admit it. The smallest part of you thinks he might like you. I’ve seen the way he looks at you like the sun shines out of your ass. The way he came to your ‘rescue’ when you were blasted the other night. How worried he is literally all the time whenever you so much as sneeze. Plus, I've seen how much attention he pays to you when you’re in leggings.”

“Do you have to be so crude?” You chuckled, trying to hide the blush that dusted your cheeks. She’d hit the nail on the head with her accusations. You had this growing feeling deep in your gut telling you that Toshinori would return your confession. You tried to push the feeling down, to destroy it before you got your hopes up, but you felt that feeling grow with every tiny interaction you had with him. Maybe it was wishful thinking, or maybe there was some truth to it, but regardless you had decided at this point that the risk of confessing to him was too high with such a small chance that he’d return your feelings. 

“Listen, I’m just trying to help you out, (Y/N). You’re practically my best friend, aside from  Cam. I want you to be happy and I want Toshinori to be happy. If you two end up happy together that’s even better.”

“Saffron, I like your enthusiasm but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

“Not with an attitude like that! You’ve gotta put your heart on a plate! Tell him your feelings! Then you’ll fall in love, get married, and I’ll get to plan a wedding! Boom! Fairytale ending!” She giggled, putting her own empty plate into the dishwasher. 

“Alright, now you’re stretching. Are you forgetting my date with Akemi tonight?” You said, remembering it yourself. Nervousness set in to the pit of your stomach. It was your first date, you couldn’t spend it soaking in the emotional remains of what happened yesterday! You wanted to be wholly present for Akemi so you could give him the fairest chance you could.

“Oh… shit. True. Well, I’m sure he’ll understand if you tell him you’re madly in love with the world's top hero. He’s chill like that.”

“I’m not gonna do that, Saff. I’m looking forward to this date. It’ll be fun. Akemi is a really nice guy.”

“Yeah, yeah. But he’s no Toshinori. I-” Suddenly the alarm on Saffrons phone began ringing, signalling that it was time for her to head to one of her other appointments. “Damn it. We’ll have to continue this discussion later. Just promise me you won’t completely abandon the idea of confessing to Toshinori, okay?”

“Alright, alright. I’ll think about it if it’ll make you feel better, Saff. Have fun at your book signing, okay?”

“I’ll try,” She groaned and rolled her eyes as she gathered her things and headed towards the elevator. “And you have fun on your date. Call me after and lemme know how it goes!”

“I will! See ya, Saffron.” You waved to her as the doors to the elevator closed, leaving you alone.

You sighed, unsure of what to do with the rest of your day. Toshinori had already left on his mission and you didn’t expect him to be back until late that night. Your date wasn’t until later in the afternoon, so you had some idle hours to fill, as you usually did when everyone was gone and training was over. 

You tried to busy yourself with various things so you didn’t have to think about your lingering feelings for Toshinori or the date you had with Akemi, now only a few hours away. You spent some time doing extra training, running on the treadmill, stretching, all the things you could do alone without supervision. Once you’d pushed well past your limit yourself, you let the newly renovated pool soak all of your body's stress away. It was much easier to get in and out with the stairs replaced by a gentle slope. 

After bathing and practicing your ukulele a little bit, you finally decided it was time to get ready for your date. You put on something nice, an outfit that was nicer than what you’d normally wear but also didn’t seem too ‘try-hard’. Just as you were finishing up turning your hair into something more manageable, you heard the door to the elevator opened, followed by heavy, unsteady footsteps and a wet cough. You heard more stumbling, and then a loud thump against the floor. You felt fear shoot through your bones. Those weren’t Toshinoris usual footsteps, and he’d usually call out to you when he arrived at home. Had someone else gotten in?

You cautiously opened your door, careful not to make a sound as you peeked your head around the corner. You saw the shadows of Toshinoris figure against the wall of the hallway, his signature blonde tendrils of hair bobbing up and down as he sat on the floor, heaving. You instantly darted out the door, heading into the living room where Toshinori was.

“Tosh? Whats wrong?” You called, zooming around the corner and assessing the scene. Toshinori was kneeling on the floor, his suit tattered and torn. He was clutching at a large gash on the side of his ribs, blood pooling from between his fingertips. He didn’t acknowledge your presence as he coughed , splatters of blood staining the carpet. Your stomach sank. What had happened?

“Oh my fucking god, Toshi!” You screamed, rushing over to aid him. You grabbed onto his arm, pulling as hard as you could in an attempt to get him up. He coughed again, the grip on his wound tightening as you hoisted him onto his feet. You tried to help him towards his bedroom, a chair, anything to get him off of his feet and off of the floor. He stumbled alongside you, leaning the majority of his weight on to your shoulders as you trudged along.

“E-everything’s fine!” He lied, “The doctor is on his way!”

“Toshi, that’ll take forever! I don't think you have that long. You- You’re bleeding so bad. What happened? Why didn’t you go to a hospital?” You managed to get the enormous man on to his own bed and onto his back. Without wasting any time you used your limited first aid knowledge to help him as best you could. You tore away the remainder of the suit surrounding the wound so you could see the extent of it. It wasn’t as bad as you’d thought, but that didn’t explain why he was losing so much blood. 

“I can’t let people see me like this… can’t let them know I’m weak… the doctor- it’s fine!” He choked out, his eyes fluttering shut and his grip on the wound weakening. 

“Did this happen during the raid? How did you get hurt? Toshi? Please, wake up!” You shook his shoulder, earning a groan from him. You were terrified at what was happening, worried that you were going to lose him, that the world would lose him. You had to do whatever you could to staunch the flow of blood and buy him some time. 

You pulled off the sweater you were wearing and pressed it against the wound in Toshinoris side, slowing the river of blood the slightest bit. Toshinori groaned in pain, but the blood stopped leaking on to the white sheets of his bed. 

There wasn’t much you could do in that moment, other than hold the shirt and pray to god that the doctor would hurry. Tears threatened to spill down from your fearful eyes, dripping onto the bed and his suit as you hovered over him. Once you had mostly staunched the flow of blood you reached a hand up to poke Toshinoris face, to rouse him from his unconscious state.

“Tosh? Wake up, okay? Keep talking to me. The doctors gonna be here soon.”

He groaned in response, eyes fluttering open the slightest bit. “I’m tired.”

“I know, I know. Just try and stay awake, okay? Talk to me. Tell me what happened.” Your voice cracked, fear and desperation setting into your bones as his blood soaked your clothes. 

You heard him take a deep and unsteady breath, casting his half lidded gaze on you. “At the raid… thought we’d got them all… one sneak attacked me… nicked me in the side… I’m fine…”

“This is more than just a little nick, Toshi.” You scolded him, pulling the sweater away to look at the wound once again. It still looked as gnarly as before, but the bleeding had slowed.

“Blood quirk… Made me bleed more… I dunno,” He mumbled, letting his eyelids drift shut again.

“No! Toshi, please. Look at me! Don’t go back to sleep!” You grabbed his face again, pinching his cheeks and trying to snap him out of it.

“S-Sorry… just… so tired,” He mumbled again.

“Toshi, please! I’m scared!” You pleaded with him. There had to be something more you could do, something else that would keep him awake. Tears began streaming down your cheeks and you tried to wipe them away with bloody hands. Where the hell was the doctor? Toshinori didn’t have much time left. You couldn’t just let him die underneath you. You had so many things you wanted to say, so many things you needed to do. 

“Please, Toshi. Please, stay awake. You can do it, I know you can. You’re the symbol of peace. The world needs you, I need you. Just hang on a little longer.”

You saw his face scrunch up in frustration and his eyes open again slightly, eyeing you over with the most focus he’d had all night. He really was trying his hardest, not only for the rest of the world, but for you. He wasn’t ready to die, he had things to tell you as well. But just in case, he took a deep breath and with a wet cough tried to tell them to you then and there.

“(Y/N),” He started, “I-I gotta know what you were gonna tell me yesterday.” 

“T-Toshi… I-... I’ll tell you what, you stay awake for me and get through this I will tell you, okay?” You tried to smile, wiping away more of the tears that stained your face. 

“I-” His voice was cut off by the sound of the elevator pinging as it entered your floor. You heard the doctors small footsteps rush through the apartment as he followed the trail of blood to where you were.

“What kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into this time, All Might?” The doctor tutted, setting down the large case of emergency medical equipment he was holding and getting to work setting up everything he needed to help Toshinori.

“H-he’s lots a lot of blood... “ You informed the doctor, watching as he set up an IV with a large bag of blood on the end. He took the tube on the end and inserted the needle into the large vein in the crook of Toshinori’s arm. The blood began to flow from the bag and into his body, hopefully helping the mans sorry state just a little bit.

“It’s a good thing you were here to help him, Miss (Y/N). If you weren’t he might not be here now. Slowly pull back the shirt you’re pressing on there. Let me see what I’m working with.”

You quickly got out of the way, clambering up towards Toshinoris head as the doctor pulled away your sweater, looking at the wound concealed beneath it.

Your hands found themselves stroking Toshinoris cheekbones as he groaned in pain while the doctor poked and prodded at the wound.

“This is a shallow, but long, cut. I wonder why you’ve been bleeding so much.” He mumbled to himself as he tore back more of Toshinoris suit. 

“He mentioned something about a man with a blood quirk. I’m not sure exactly what it was, though.”

“That would make sense. I guess the only thing I can do is patch him up and continue giving him transfusions.” He reached into his kit and pulled out sterile wipes that he used to clean and disinfect the wound. Toshinori groaned again, writhing underneath you. It was unlike the symbol of peace to have such little self control, but in his near unconscious state he could only focus on the pain radiating from his wound. 

“You’ll need to try and hold him still, (Y/N). This is going to be quite painful for him. I’ll give him some pain medication, but we don’t have time for that now.” The doctor removed his gloves and places his bare hands on Toshinori’s wound.

You did as he asked, bracing your hands on each of Toshi’s sturdy shoulders and holding him down as best you could. You cooed reassuring things into his ear, trying to calm him down as he moaned in pain while the doctor used his quirk to mend him back together. It took a few minutes for the doctor to full heal the wound on his side, but eventually he pulled away and wiped the sweat off of his brow, then placing a large bandage over top of Toshinori’s wound. Toshinori had long since passed out at that point, his breathing slow and much steadier than it had been earlier.

“Is he- is he gonna be alright?” You asked the doctor as he replaced the empty bag of blood with another full one.

“He should be. Like I said, it was really good you were here. I don’t know what kind of quirk the person he fought had, but such a shallow cut shouldn’t of bothered him in the least. If you hadn’t been here to slow the bleeding he might not have made it.”

You swallowed. The thought of Toshinori dying made you feel sick to your stomach. What would have happened if you hadn’t been there to help him? You didn’t want to think about it.

“How about I help you clean all of this up and we can keep an eye on him together. He’s going to need to rest for a while, but as soon as the quirk wears off he should be as right as rain. I’ll get an IV set to give him something for the pain.”

“T-that sounds good.” You shakily got to your feet, standing up to help the man pull the bloody bed sheets away from the bed, rolling Toshinori gently this way and that to get them out from underneath him. You threw his ruined sheets and clothes away, quickly replacing them with fresh and clean ones. You left the room as the doctor underwent the enormous task of getting Toshinori out of his bloodied hero suit and into something cleaner. When you returned he was in his grey sweatpants, eyes drowsily looking about the room.

“Toshi? You alright?” You wandered over to the side of his bed. The doctor was removing the IV from his body at that point, and you took that as a good sign.

“I feel… okay,” He mumbled, turning to look at you with a drowsy half-smile on his face. He patted the area of the bed next to him and then held his hand out to you. You clambered up onto his large mattress, taking his hand in both of yours and setting it in your lap. His thumb stroked the back of one of your hands and he looked you over with half-lidded eyes. His eyes settled on the blood staining your clothes and he sighed. Worry crossed his face. “Please tell me that’s my blood and that you didn’t get hurt.”

“Yeah, it’s all yours, Tosh.” You said, gesturing to your clothes.

“I’ll replace them…” He responded weakly, “I’m sorry about… everything. I should’ve been more careful. I shouldn’t have gotten myself into this situation. It’s shameful.”

“What? What are you talking about, Toshi? You can’t help that some guy surprise attacked you. You’re not immortal. Things happen. What you should apologize for is not heading straight to the hospital and coming all the way here instead.”

“I can’t go to hospitals. If I let people know I need medical treatment then villains will know I’m not indestructible. I can’t let that happen.”

“But what happens if you die, Toshinori? What happens then?” You tried to reason with him.

“I… I won’t let that happen,” He growled, tightening his grip on your hands.

“Toshi… I worry about you. I care about you. I don’t know what I’d do if you died. Please, promise me you’ll be more careful. And if you won’t go to a hospital, at least tell the doctor and I where you are so we can meet you halfway.”

He sat there in silence for a moment, deciding whether or not he could actually make this promise to you. He looked at you, the mixture of hope and fear in your face, and then reluctantly nodded. “I promise I will try my best.”

A small smile spread across your cheeks and you leaned over to place your head on his shoulder. “I was worried about you, Toshi.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m alright. I’m sorry I worried you.” He pulled his hand from your grasp and put his arm around your shoulders, pulling you towards him and planting a gentle kiss on the side of your head. As you lay on his shoulder you closed your eyes and finally let yourself relax. Toshi was okay, you were okay, everything was right in the world.

Until your phone rang.

You pulled it out of your pocket and check who was calling, your heart dropping as soon as you saw who it was, and how late you were for your date.

“Oh my god, Akemi. I’m so so so sorry. There was an emergency and I lost track of time. I’m the worst person ever.” You sat up and pulled yourself away from Toshinoris arms, the words tumbling out of your mouth as guilt filled you.

“Hey, hey, hey! Calm down. It’s alright. I’m just glad to hear you’re okay. I was worried when you didn’t show up and when you didn’t answer my calls. Is everything alright?” He asked, his voice unchanged from its usually chill tone.

“Well… yeah. There was an emergency medical situation… I- I’ll spare you the details but it was really bad… I wouldn’t have bailed on you otherwise. Everything is okay now, though, for the most part. Can I make it up to you somehow?”

“Don’t worry about it. It probably just comes with the territory of being All Mights roomate, am I right? I’m really glad you’re okay. How about I drop off some pizza for you and we go on a date another time.”

You hesitated a moment, looking to Toshinori who was passed back out at the moment, and then sighed, a loud growl erupting from your stomach. “That’d actually be amazing, Akemi.”

“Alright, awesome! Give me thirty minutes and I’ll be there!”

“If it’s longer than thirty minutes is my pizza free?” You joked half-heartedly.

“It’s already free, sweetheart, but if you want I can throw in some cinnamon bread to sweeten the deal.”

“Normally I’d accept, but I think I’ll have to pass on the cinnamon bread today. See you soon?”

“I’ll be there as fast as I can,” He affirmed, the smile in his voice audible as he hung up. You found yourself smiling too, enthralled by his easy going nature and genuine kindness. Plus, pizza sounded amazing in that moment. You turned to Toshinori, napping peacefully in his exhausted state, and sighed. You leaned over him and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead, then slid off of the bed and headed into the living room to see where the doctor was. The doctor was in the hall, using some sort of heavy duty cleaner to remove the smell of blood from the room as he wiped it off of the floor with paper towels.

“I can do that, Doctor. I’m sure you have more important things to do.” 

He smiled kindly at you and stood up, wiping away the last bits of blood from the floor. “Perfect timing, my dear. You came just as I was finishing up. It’s alright. This old man doesn’t have much to do in his retirement. Cleaning up puddles of blood is about the most exciting thing to happen today.” He disposed of the paper towels in a biohazard bag and pulled off his gloves, a small smile on his face.

“I didn’t know you were retired. Why did you decide to be on call for All Might?”

“I retired a number of years ago, but it didn’t really suit me. I was too bored all the time, my wife said I was going to wither away in my library. I was actually looking at going back into the field when Recovery Girl told me she had an associate who was looking for discreet medical care. I worried at first that they were a villain, but imagine my surprise when it was the world's top hero asking me to stitch him up! He pays pretty well, too.” He winked.

“Recovery Girl?” The name rang a bell, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why.

“She’s a very famous nurse and hero, she has a healing quirk. One of the most effective I’ve ever seen, in fact.” He explained.

“I think I recognize the name, “ You explained, thinking of a short woman with a grey top knot on her head.

“She certainly is something!” He said as he headed towards the elevator door, all of his things in his hands.

“You’re not gonna stay?” You asked, a tinge of nervousness slipping into your voice.

“The effects of the quirk are wearing off and his wound is healed, he should be fine. I trust you can keep an eye on him?”

“I- Uh… I guess so. I’ll do my best!”

“You’ll do fine. I’m only a phone call away if you need me, alright?”

“Alright. Thank you again, Dr. Kakinomoto, for saving his life.”

He smiled fondly, “It’s my job, (Y/N). What would the world be without it’s symbol of peace?”

When the doors of the elevator closed you were left alone, the stench of iron and blood that had been saturating the air was slowly fading out as the harsh smell of cleaning chemicals replaced it. The combination of smells nearly gagged you, and you knew you needed to do something before Akemi got there with pizza.

The first thing you did was open the windows to get some air fresh air to blow in. A gust of wind hit you as you opened the window, the sudden cold on your wet clothes reminding you that you needed to change out of your bloodied outfit. Changing was the next task you undertook, and you made sure to scrub your body with a damp washcloth until you were clean of every trace of Toshinoris blood that had stained your skin. After you’d disposed of your ruined outfit, you settled for leggings and a loose T-shirt. Maybe if you ever got another chance to go on a date with Akemi you’d put more effort into it, but for the time being comfy clothes would have to work.

Once you’d cleaned up and changed, you checked on Toshinori one more time. He was still breathing, thankfully, and sleeping soundly where you’d left him. You tiptoed up to him, eyeing him up and down for any sign of distress. The crease between his brows was especially prominent, and his signature smile was nowhere to be seen, but he looked as peaceful as you’d ever seen him. Your hand acted on its own as your reached up to caress his face, stroking the subtle wrinkles in his brow, his eyebrows, the soft skin of his chin, his jawline. You sighed in content relief. He was still alive.

You almost thought you’d seen him blush as you stroked him, but before you could study his features more closely, you heard the sound of the elevator ping. The unexpected noise caused you to jump, and your hand recoiled from Toshinori’s face as if someone had caught you doing something terribly scandalous. You took a breath to compose yourself and let the embarrassed flush of your cheeks diminish before you headed out to the living room to see who had entered the apartment.

As you walked into the kitchen, you saw Akemi standing there, sneaking peeks under the lid of a large pizza box he had placed on the counter. When he heard you enter the room his head snapped up and he smiled, closing the pizza box and walking towards you. He looked handsome in his black jeans and leather jacket, and you blushed as he came forward and gave you a tight hug.

“Hey, Akemi.” You smiled as he released you.

“Evenin’, (Y/N). How are you doin’? Smells like a hospital in here.”

“Feels like a hospital,” You sighed, walking over to the counter and plopping into a barstool. You let out a heavy breath you didn’t know you’d been holding as Akemi sat next to you.

“Is he doing alright?” Akemi asked, concern evident on his face. You thought about how embarrassed and ashamed of himself Toshinori would be if anyone knew the symbol of peace had been injured, and you nodded your head a bit too eagerly.

“Oh yeah, he’s totally fine,” You lied, “He just doesn’t know his limits sometime and… well…” 

“Hey, you don’t have to give me any details.” Akemi assured you. “I’m sure this is all top secret stuff. Don’t worry, I won’t let anybody know. I’m glad that you’re both okay though, you had me pretty worried.”

“I know, I’m still so so so sorry about that,” You apologized. “I was really looking forward to our date. Sorry I bailed without even calling. You look really nice today. I’m sorry I don’t have something nicer on. My earlier outfit was ruined.”

“I think you look as cute as ever, (y/n),” He smiled genuinely, “Not as cute as me, obviously, but still pretty cute.”

You rolled your eyes and laughed, “Thank you, you’re so kind.”

“What can I say? I know how to woo the ladies.” He chuckled, “Now, are we just gonna sit and stare at this pizza or can we dig in? I got cheese because I figured it was the safest. I didn’t know which kind was your favorite.”

“Hey, cheese is fine. I’d never turn down free pizza brought to me by a cute guy.” You smirked.

He laughed and served you pizza on some paper plates he’d brought himself, and even though you hadn’t asked he’d brought you cinnamon squares too in the hopes that it’d make you smile, which it did. Once your pizza had been consumed and a liter of pop drank to top it off, the two of you lounged on the couch, your legs draped across his as you sat in idle conversation. It was nice, being there with him without a care in the world. He was a fun guy to be around. Kind, funny, charming, and nice to look at. When you talked to him you felt the weight of your worries lifted, there was no threat of an unbeatable villain looming over you, no sense of obligation to hang out with him, no worry about if he was only being nice to you because he needed you for something. Akemi was there because he genuinely liked you, and you genuinely liked him too. Still, something was missing.

“Alright, your turn.” He smiled, leaning back against the couch and running his hands across the sides of his shaved hair. “Truth or dare?”

“I haven’t picked a single dare yet, so you should know by now that I’m going to pick truth, Akemi.”

“Sorry, sorry. Just wanted to give you the option. It seems kinda unfair that I’m doing all the dares.” 

“That was your choice! You picked this game.” You said, tossing a pillow at him.

“I wanted to get to know you! What better way than with an embarrassing game? That’s how unbreakable bonds are formed.” 

“Yeah, yeah. You looked super unbreakable when I dared you to try and rip a phone book in half.”

“That was a stupid and unfair dare and you know it! And stop changing the subject!” He tossed the pillow back at you, beaming it at your head. “Truth or dare?”

You rolled your eyes and put the pillow in your lap. “Truth.”

“Alright… hmmm… I’m gonna make this a good one… so you’ve never been on a date before, but have you ever had a boyfriend? No! Don’t answer that one, this one is better: have you ever kissed someone?”

You cheeks immediately turned the deepest shade of red as you cast your eyes downward. “Akemi! That's a terrible question! Not original at all.”

“Hey, the rules of truth or dare say you have to answer. I’m dying to know.”

“Oh my god, okay. No, I haven’t been kissed. The opportunity doesn’t usually arise too much when you’re living at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Wait, what? You were living at the bottom of the ocean?” His eyes widened in surprise. “That’s so much more interesting than who you’ve kissed! Why were you living at the bottom of the ocean?”

You internally smacked yourself for not remembering that not everyone knew your whole backstory. “It’s unimportant. Your turn: truth or dare.”

“Ugh! You can’t do this to me! I’m dying to know!”

“It’s your turn! These are the rules of the game!”

“Fine, I choose dare!” 

“I dare you to lick your sock!” You quipped, thinking you’d given him a dare weird enough to get his mind off of your ocean dwelling.

“That’s so easy!” He leaned down and licked his sock without hesitation, then turned his attention back to you. “Your turn: why were you living at the bottom of the ocean?”

“Hey! You forgot to ask me truth or dare!”

“Fine. You’re so difficult! Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” You smiled at him smugly. 

“I dare you to tell me why you were at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Oh my god that’s cheating!” You glared at him, crossing your arms.

“It’s killing me! I’ve gotta know. Please?” He begged.

You hesitated a moment, worried about the inevitable judgement that would occur when you told him what you’d done. If you continued your relationship he’d have to learn eventually, right? Might as well get his reaction over with.

You sighed and turned your full attention back to his hopeful face. “I ran away, okay?”

His excitement dropped and he processed what to say in his head. That was absolutely not what he’d been expecting. He decided not to push your further in the fear of you closing yourself off from him. Instead, he smiled at you. “Well, that’s not an exciting secret. This game is getting boring! Let’s do something else.”

You breathed a sigh of relief at the change of subject, and the two of you settled in to watch movies well into the night. You continued to scooch closer to him until you were tucked up under his arm. It was odd, snuggling with a normal sized man. Even though Akemi was taller than you, it was still nothing compared to how big Toshi was. You almost missed the feeling of his huge body next to yours, but the guilt of thinking that while you were with your date kept you from dwelling on it too much.

Eventually the two of you were nothing but a chorus of repeating yawns, each too tired to continue watching the movies but enjoying each others company too much to move. Akemi was the first to reluctantly pull away from his spot on the couch.

“I should probably get goin’, doll. I’m having a great time with you, but I’m about to pass out.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty tired too. I had an amazing time with you tonight, though.” You smiled at him, standing with him as he gathered his things. He beamed at you, delighted that you’d had such a good time with him.

“Sorry it wasn’t the full ‘date with Akemi’ experience, I’ll try harder next time.”

“No, no. This was wonderful.” You blushed as you slowly walked him to the elevator.

“Maybe we could do it again sometime?” He asked, leaning against the door of the elevator. You cast your eyes down as your face reddened, biting your bottom lip between your teeth. You leaned against the elevator next to him, wishing the night didn’t have to end. It reminded you a lot of the time you’d spent with Brienn all those years ago.

“I’d like that a lot,” You answered truthfully. You didn’t realize it, but your body was practically magnetized by him, causing you to lean closer and closer to him until you were practically touching. He smiled but didn’t say anything, instead taking in the beautiful features of your face. Even in your half-awake, disheveled state he found you enchanting. He didn’t want the date to end, even though when the elevator doors opened signalling that it was time for him to leave. He wanted the date to last longer, he wanted to make it special. He couldn’t help himself as he slowly closed the distance between you two, his hand reaching up to cup your face as he gently pressed his lips to yours, trying to show you just how wonderful he felt. They were warm and inviting, not needy and aggressive like the man at the bar had been. You didn’t reject his kiss, more surprised than anything in the moment. It only lasted a couple of seconds and his lips gently danced against yours. As he pulled away, a dusting of pink across his freckled cheeks, a timid grin crept on to his face.

“I’ll call you, okay?” He stepped on to the elevator, the doors closing in front of him as he left you there speechless.

Based on your limited knowledge, Akemi was a good kisser. He was handsome, gentle, and wasn’t too sloppy or spitty. You thought you should’ve been thrilled, but instead you were disappointed to find that you felt nothing at all. Not even the slightest tingle or reaction.


You weren’t sure what to make of the lack of feeling you had towards his kiss as you put away the leftovers from earlier. All the components of an exciting kiss were there, but you didn’t feel anything! You had enjoyed the date, you liked Akemi, but what was missing? Was it the stress from earlier? The lingering taste of pizza in your mouth? Or was it maybe the small nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that told you you didn’t like him in that kind of way. You’d had a great time, that was true, but did you like it in a romantic sense or just as time spent between two friends? 

Were your feelings for Toshi part of the problem?




You suddenly remembered the man who had nearly died earlier, who was lying unconscious in his bed without supervision. You shoved the pizza in to the fridge and rushed to his room to check on him. You’d been gone too long. You shouldn’t have gotten so distracted. What if something had happened?

You let out a sigh of relief when you entered the room and saw him still laying there, unmoved. The only difference now was his state of consciousness, which was leaning towards being awake. His eyes were half opened, landing on you as soon as you entered the room. You saw him grin as you entered the room, and he pat the area of bed next to him.

“You’re awake,” You breathed, wasting no time sitting beside him on his large bed and taking his hand in your own. He weakly rubbed your hand with his thumb as you held him.

“Barely,” He yawned. His voice was hoarse, but stronger than it’d been earlier. “But I’m glad to see you’re still awake. Did your date go well?”

“I didn’t really go on a date… I had other stuff going on.” You blushed, hoping your lipstick wasn’t smudged from the kiss. The last thing you wanted was Toshinori finding out you’d kissed Akemi.

“Oh… because of me? Sorry about that…” He apologized, secretly not at all sorry about it.

“It’s alright, Akemi came over and brought pizza. I saved you some. There were cinnamon squares too, I know you like those.”

“I do. Thank you for thinking about me.” He said, ignoring the jealousy raging in his gut. At least you’d been thinking about him. He wasn’t awake enough or in the right state of mind to think much more of it. Even staying awake enough to look at you was difficult. His head was swimming in a drug induced haze. He felt delirious with exhaustion, but he’d be damned if he didn’t stay awake long enough to appreciate the cute blush on your cheeks. He wondered what it was from as he reached up a large hand to stroke the soft skin of your cheekbone, causing you to blush further.

“You’re so cute,” He murmurred, giggling to himself like a child.

You blushed in embarrassment, but tried not to listen to the words he was saying. It was obvious he didn’t mean it, he was still drugged up from the doctors treatment.

“I think you should go to sleep, Toshi. You look rough.” You patted his hand.

“Yeah, I will. Just two more minutes.” He continued stroking your cheek, savoring the way your pressed his palm against your cheek. He could see the twinkle in your eyes as you looked at him and he giggled again, this time in delight.

“You’re so wonderful, (Y/N).” He giggled, pulling you down closer to him. “Sleep with me tonight, okay?”

“Toshi- I-,” You stammered before he cut you off.

“Sh- Sh… it’s fine… it’s fine. You gotta keep an eye on me so I don’t die in my sleep. Hey, what were you gonna tell me earlier? You promised to tell me what you were trying to tell me yesterday.” The light on the side of his table were casting funny colors about the room in his vision, and he found himself laughing at that too.

“I don’t think now is the time, Tosh. I’ll wait till you’re sober.”

“But you promised!”

“I’ll keep my promise. First thing tomorrow I’ll tell you.”

He huffed in annoyance. “Fine, I guess I can wait that long. Only if you keep me company tonight, though.”

“Alright, fine. Just to keep an eye on you, though.” You smiled. He sighed contentedly, glad to have gotten his way. He lay there in silence for a few moments, trying to chase sleep, but his hyperactive mind began to wander, and his thoughts started spilling out uncensored from his mouth.

“You know, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” His finger twirled a tendril of your hair as he studied it, enamored by its ivory shine.

“Toshi, you’re being silly. You’re on drugs. Go to sleep, okay?” Your face was as red as a tomato. Even though you knew the only reason he was saying it was because he was on drugs, it still felt wonderful for you to hear him say it. You wished he would say things like that during normal circumstances. 

“No, no. I mean it. I really do. It’s not the drugs.” He tried to protest, his eyes swimming around as he tried to focus on you. He pulled you onto his chest and you could feel his hot breath on your neck, sending goosebumps across your body. You tried to struggle out of his grip, but even in this state he was much too strong. He hugged you tightly to him and buried his nose in the crook of your neck, breathing in deeply.

“Toshi!” You squealed in protest, not hating the gesture one bit, but shocked that he’d do something so openly affectionate. He was usually more subtle with his touches. You felt almost bad when you stopped struggling and melted into him, knowing it was fruitless to try and escape. Were you taking advantage of him by letting him being affectionate to you when he was on drugs? You couldn’t say you hadn’t tried to get away from him. He was just too damn strong.

“You mean a lot to me, (Y/N). I want you to know that.” He whispered into your neck, low enough so that you could barely hear. His voice held no traces of the slap-happy energy he had earlier, he sounded completely serious. You pulled away from his embrace just enough to look him in  the eyes and you saw him looking at you, his turquoise eyes more sober than they’d been all night.

Toshi felt utter adoration-  no, love fill every inch of his body. It consumed him, lit a fire inside of him as he looked at you, so close to him. Your eyes were so concerned, so caring, so beautiful as they gazed at him from under the long lashes that framed them. Your lips were parted from the confused expression on your face, and that dusting of red he loved so much was still present there. Your soft skin under his touch was intoxicating, and if he hadn’t already been on an immense amount of painkillers his head would've been swimming. How could he not stare at you when you looked so perfect. He wanted you closer to him, though that wasn’t possible. He wanted to express these feelings of love to you, show you how much he cared.

Heat trailed up your neck and into your cheeks. You’d never been so close to him, he’d never looked at you that way before. He’d never said anything like that before. How were you supposed to respond? Surely he didn’t mean it. He wasn’t in his right mind. He couldn’t be, could he? Still, your head felt dizzy from the contact. You felt like you were going to explode. 

Before you could respond, Toshi’s hands deftly weaved themselves into your hair, gently guiding you buy your neck until you were mere millimeters away from his mouth. He knew what he wanted to do, what he needed to do to show you, but would you reject his advances? You melted into him so eagerly, he had to take the chance. His eyes were closed, and as his breath ghosted across you and you felt your eyes flutter shut. He closed the gap between you, pressing his lips to you with a fervor he didn’t know he could muster. It was a soft kiss, but with as much passion behind it as he could muster. 

As he touched you you felt your body come alive with electricity, ever movement of his mouth against yours hitting you like a live wire.Your brain short circuited as he held you there, not unwillingly, as his lips danced against yours.  His lips were so much softer than you’d imagined they’d be. You knew you should try to pull away; he didn’t mean to do this! He was on drugs! But it was oh, so good. Everything you’d dreamed of and more. You didn’t ever want it to end. You wanted to stay in his room, on his bed, with him forever. You wanted to close yourself off from the world and stay in his embrace, your bodies locked into this perfect moment together. When he woke up the next morning and remembered what he’d done it would all end. You knew he’d feel shame, regret, embarrassment, but you pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the ‘now’. You focused on the hand he had buried in the hair at the nape of your neck, the other he had on the small of your back. You focused on his heart beat breaking the silence the the room, the city lights streaming in through the window. You focused on the way your fist balled up into his shirt, your toes curling at the absolute pleasure you felt. You focused on him.

Sadly all things must end, and as he ended the kiss his eyes fluttered shut again and his grip on you relaxed. You stared at him for a moment before realizing he’d fallen asleep and you let out a shaky gasp.Your body was alive with electricity, even though the man underneath you was sleeping. You felt jittery, like you could level a mountain with your bare hands, like you could take on anything. Even All for One. 

Selfishly, you wanted more. You wanted to bury your hands in his hair and pull him to you again, to kiss him until your lips were raw and chapped. You wanted to tell him you loved him and all the reasons you’d fallen for him. 

The residual feelings you’d had from your kiss with Toshi was making it abundantly clear why you hadn’t felt anything from Akemi’s kiss: there was no love behind it.

His was warm, comfortable, but there was nothing special about it. It was nice, but lacked what you’d been expecting from a kiss. You couldn’t put yourself into it wholeheartedly with your love for Toshinori in the back of your mind. Toshi's kiss, on the other hand, was indescribable. It felt so right to have his lips pressed against yours, like your lips were designed to kiss his. You could still feel the residual tingle and the ghost of his mouth on yours. The kiss with him was spectacular, it made your heart leap, your stomach flip, everything you’d dreamt a kiss with someone you loved would feel like. There were fireworks.

You were in love with Toshinori Yagi, there was no denying it now. You hadn’t been able to deny it for the past few weeks. Ever since you’d met him you’d been falling deeper and deeper in love with a man who seemed so far out of your reach. Now, you were in his bed, he had kissed you, and you were on cloud nine. 

The feelings inside of you were growing every day, and they threatened to spill over if you let them grow uncaged for too long. You needed to do something, anything. Confess to him, write him a love letter, sing him a song, anything to win him over and earn his love. Nothing would stand in your way. 


Chapter Text

Toshi was surprised to feel the warmth of your sleeping body nestled within his arms that morning, and he was even more surprised when he realized the two of you were in his bed. Brief snippets of last night replayed in his head as he studied your face. It was all hazy from his drug induced state, but he remembered the important parts: he’d kissed you. One of the two of you must’ve confessed, and it apparently went better than he’d ever expected, and now he lay with you sleeping against his chest, your soft hands holding on to him as you dreamt.

Toshinori smiled in utter delight, adjusting you so he had clear access to your face. He pressed his lips against your forehead once, then each of your cheeks, your eyelids, your nose, and finally he placed a gentle kiss against your lips. He was on cloud nine, and as soon as you woke up he planned on giving you as many kisses as you’d allow him.

You stirred slightly, your long lashes blinking against you cheeks as you woke. You stared at him through half-lidded eyes for a moment, and then as you realized the compromising position the two of you were in, your eyes grew wide with embarrassment and utter shock and you started to pull away from him.

The look on your face was not at all what he was expecting. The wheels finally began to turn in Toshinori’s head as memories flooded back to his mind. He had kissed you. No confession, no consent, nothing. He’d kissed you against your will after saying all sorts of foolish  things to you. He imagined how much you must’ve hated it and his body filled with dread and utter humiliation. He released you from his arms and pulled away awkwardly.

“Uh… good morning!” He quipped, voice cracking just a little.

“G-Good morning, Toshinori.” You stuttered, your face more red than he’d ever seen it. You wouldn’t look at him or meet his eyes. You were feeling utterly humiliated and embarrassed. You could tell Toshinori obviously regretted the kiss you’d shared last night, if he even remembered it, and now the energy in the room was awkward at best. 

 “Do you feel any better?” You asked, wiggling out of his arms and turning away so he couldn’t see the bloom of burgundy spreading through your face. 

“I feel much better…” you heard his voice crack again, “T-thank you… for helping me. And- everything.” He carefully skirted the subject of last night. Guilt filled his core. He would never be able to forgive himself for assaulting you. He wanted to apologize outright, but it was obvious you were humiliated. Apologizing could potentially humiliate you further. He was at war with himself, deciding what the right thing to do would be. He didn’t even realize he’d been sitting there, stewing, until you turned your attention back to him for a minute. 

Embarrassed as you were, You’d promised yourself that you’d do whatever it took to earn his love and figuring out just how much of last night he remembered was the first step of many. “You alright, Toshi?” 

“I-oh. Yes, I’m sorry. I was lost in thought.”

“Oh… good.” You sat in more awkward silence, unsure of what to say. Was now an appropriate time to confess? Probably not. The mood was definitely much too awkward for that. Perhaps later. You could make him dinner, make it romantic. You knew the best way to Toshi’s heart was through his stomach. You could use that to your advantage. 

“(Y/n)?” Toshinori began tentatively, his voice softer than you’d ever heard it. 

“Y-Yeah, Toshi?” 

“I’m sorry about last night… about… kissing you,” he choked out the words. He swallowed the lump in his throat and continued. “It was awful of me. I shouldn’t have- I- I have no excuse.”

You sat in stunned silence for a moment. You honestly hadn’t expected him to remember, let alone bring it up. 

You chose your words carefully. “I-it’s okay, Toshi. I- I didn’t mind.” You admitted bashfully. He felt his heart leap into his throat. You didn’t mind?

Did that mean… you enjoyed it?

“Oh- uh- I did too. From what I remember. Again… I’m sorry. I should’ve behaved better.”

“It’s alright, Toshinori. I forgive you. And you don’t have to worry about me telling Audioma-“

“Audioma?” He interrupted. “Why would she care?”

Now was the best opportunity he could spot to set things straight about their relationship. Luckily, you took the bait. 

“Well, with you two dating and stuff-“ you fished. 

“We’re not dating.” He stated bluntly. “And I have no interest in her.”

“O-oh!” You stuttered, trying to hide the apparent delight on your face and in your voice. You felt so relieved that you had been misreading signs. Days of stress and worry melted away from you. Your way to Toshi was becoming more and more clear. 

“She is just a business acquaintance. You don’t have to worry, (y/n)” he smiled and ruffled your hair. 

“Why would I be worried?” You tried to sound nonchalant. 

“Oh, no reason.” He was beaming now. He’d definitely caught your smile at his single status, and you had said you hadn’t minded him kissing you. Things couldn’t possibly have gone much better. He internally thanked the villain who’d stabbed him and inadvertently set these events in motion. He decided to test his luck. “Anyways, how was your date with Akemi?”

“It was okay… We had pizza and watched a movie. It was fun… but-”

“But what?”

“I-I think he’s better as just a friend...” You confessed after sitting and pondering your time with him last night. 

“I’m sorry to hear that. I’m sure there’s someone out there for you.”

  Like me , he thought to himself. 

He decided to try his luck one final time, just to see how far this lucky streak would take him. “How about I take you out to dinner tomorrow night to thank you for all you’ve done for me and to get your mind off of it. Somewhere i’ve been wanting to take you for a while.”

The blush in your cheeks that was just starting to diminish came back in full force, an ecstatic grin spreading across your face. 

“I’d love that.”

“Great! It’s a date!” He choked out, his signature grin beaming that much brighter. “How about I pick you up after your outing with Saffron?”

“My outing with Saffron?” You asked. As far as you knew, you didn’t have any plans with Saffron. 

As soon as Toshinori realized his mistake he slapped his hand over his mouth. He wasn’t supposed to tell you. Saffron was taking you to get your dress fitting that day, which they knew would be an uncomfortable experience for you, so they decided to surprise you last minute before you could protest. 

“It’s- nothing. I lied. Whoops!” Toshinori stammered. “We should probably get up and get some training in! I have a patrol soon and- ”

“What? No! Toshinori, you tell me what you meant about ‘plans with Saffron’! Is something happening I don’t know about??” 

He tried to ignore you, to heave himself out of bed and head to the gym, but you were on him in an instant, shooting out of the white bed sheets like a leaping on top of him faster than he thought you were capable of moving. You effectively pinned him down and demanded he tell you what he had meant by his comment. It was panic induced on your part, something you wouldn’t have dared do under normal circumstances, but in the moment you didn’t even think about how indecent it was. Toshinori absolutely did, however. He felt his face flush. He could have easily thrown you off, but he thought your attempt was just too cute. Plus, he loved the physical closeness. He had to let you stay there, perched upon his lap.

He looked away and sighed. His resolve when it came to keeping secrets wasn’t the best, and he was honestly surprised he was able to keep himself from telling you about One for All after the few weeks you’d spent together.

“Saffron made an appointment for you to go together and get a dress for the findraiser. If you’re still willing to go with me, that is…” He phrased it carefully.

“Oh god…” You rolled your eyes and groaned, burying your face in your hands. “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“We thought you wouldn’t want to go!” He defended himself.

“I don’t wanna go!” You exclaimed. “Trying on clothes is the worst but this- there’s so much pressure with this.”

“Chiara is a very nice designer. She’ll take very good care of you!” He sat up so you were fully straddling his lap and he put a reassuring hand on your back.

“Why can’t  I just wear a dress from a normal store?” You pouted, crossing your arms in front of you and averting your gaze from him. There were so many underlying reasons for not wanting to go: The social anxiety that came along with meeting a designer, having to try on different dresses and be measured, the huge price tag that you knew would be attached to any of the things you tried on. 

“Saffron has really been looking forward to doing this with you,” He attempted to guilt you into it. “Plus, you look so stunning every day, I can’t wait to see how radiant you look in a designer outfit made just for you. You don’t even have to wear a dress! I’m sure if you asked Chiara would make you a cool suit.”

You let out a deep sigh and hung your head in defeat. You knew there was no getting out of it, but that didn’t make it any much more pleasant. 

“Are you sure you wanna go with me, Tosh? Saffron would look so much better in a dress… or- or literally anybody else.” Amongst the stress and anxieties of having to try on a dress, a small bit of self loathing was nestled away in the deepest parts of your brain. All of the self doubt you’d had for weeks was accumulating, and small bits of it were beginning to slip through as you let your guard down. It told you you didn’t belong at Toshinoris side. You didn’t belong as his guest and date at a fancy party. You were nothing special. You were plain, not used to such large parties, you’d be a sea urchin among a school of radiant tropical fish and Toshi would be the radiant rainbow fish, while you would be a mere barnacle at his side. No amount of fancy dresses or dolling yourself up could change how you viewed yourself compared to him: plain. You weren’t a hero, a celebrity, a rich influencer. Hell, a month ago you didn’t even  have a bed to sleep in. Toshi would’ve been much better off with someone else. 

Toshi could see the way your lip quivered, the way your face twisted as you went to war within your own mind. He knew the tell tale signs of self doubt, having experienced much of it himself, and he knew he had to help however he could. Without any words, Toshinori pulled you against him into a tight hug. He rubbed your back as you buried your face in his neck. Letting out a deep sigh, you pushed aside the troublesome thoughts in your head and focused on your goal. No matter how you thought about yourself, Toshi must’ve seen at least something in you. It’s time you saw it too. 

“There is no one I’d rather spend my night with than you, (y/n). It’d be an absolute honor if you accompanied me. If you don’t want to get a dress from a designer I understand. I won’t push you.”

You sighed again and leaned back to look at him. You couldn’t help but smile a bit when you saw the half grin on his face as he admired your features, Which grew until you rolled your eyes at him and beamed from his blatant admiration of your face. 

“Alright, fine. I’ll go! What time is Saff picking me up?”


She picked you up after you’d done your daily training with Toshinori. Gran Torino was still absent, to your pleasure. Even if Toshinori had been on the brink of death the night before, he showed no signs of it during your training when he relentlessly fought against you. For once, you felt confident as you nimbly dodged his blows, hopping around his fist each time he lunged at you. You even managed to land a solid blow to his side, which was cushioned by the protective gloves you now wore during your training. The two of you engaged in a back a back and forth mock battle that left you feeling almost satisfied when you were done. It was day and night from the other day, when you could barely dodge any of his blows. Perhaps it was just the high you were still riding from the night before, or maybe you really were getting the hang of the whole combat thing. You certainly weren’t on the same level as a pro hero, but maybe a hero in training, or a hero course student. 

There was some sort of tension between Toshi and you the entire time you fought. Not one fueled by anger or fear, something different.You could feel it with each brush of Toshinori’s skin against yours, every time you caught each other’s gaze with an embarrassed smile, each time he had you seemingly trapped against his body as you fought, only for you to break away with a deep red blush in your cheeks. 

When training was finally over, and Toshinori had left for his patrol while you were cleaned yourself up, Saffron texted you to let you know she was picking you up for ‘something special’. You hated to break it to her, but you already knew what that special something was. You didn’t let her in on how much you were dreading it, but she could assume.

She picked you up in a luxurious black car, one with fancy leather seating and a more intricate radio than you could figure out how to work. She looked as fabulous as ever, with thick cat eye sunglasses that stood out against her freckled face. Bright red lipstick complimented her vibrant orange hair, and the sharp black and white dress she wore made her look like a movie star.

“Morning, (Y/N),” She chirped, taking a sip of her iced coffee. 

“You look like you’re about to go to your billionaire husbands funeral,” You quipped, sliding into the passenger seat.

“What makes you think I’m not?” She peered over her glasses at you, lips upturned in a mischievous smile.

“Something tells me Camilla wouldn’t really like being the other woman. Plus, I don’t think I’m appropriately dressed for a funeral.” You gestured to your outfit, something nicer than what you’d normally wear but still pretty casual. You weren’t exactly sure what someone should wear to visit a top designer, so you figured something midline would work best.

“Oh, my dearest husband Rupert!” Saffron pressed the back of her hand to her forehead in fake distress. “How I will miss him! His legacy will live on in his fat bank account he left to me!”

“Very convincing. I’m sure the cops will believe you when they investigate how he died.”

“Let’s be honest with ourselves, dear. It’s not like I need to marry a rich man for his money. I worked for my fortune.” She beamed proudly.

“That you did, Saffron. Maybe I can marry you for your money, then.”

“Alright, I’ll have to let Camilla down gently, then. Just don’t kill me, alright?”

“No promises,” You smiled.

“Wait a second! You don’t even need me. You already have a sugar daddy!”

“What? What are you talking about?” You galked.

“Toshinori! He’s totally your sugar daddy!”

“Ew! Don’t say that!” 

“Why? It’s true!”

“It’s a professional relationship! He’s paying me! It’s not like that. Don’t make it sound so gross.” 

Saffron rolled her eyes. “Whatever you say. Speaking of your relationships with gorgeous men, how’d your date with Akemi go?”

You spit out the little sip of coffee you were stealing from her cup as you coughed, totally caught off guard.

“My date? It kinda got cancelled,” You admitted, wiping the coffee off of her leather seats.

“What? No way! Did it have anything to do with that medical bill I got from the doctor this morning?”

“Kinda. Toshi got injured, so I missed the date while I was helping him. Akemi was totally chill about it though. He came over later and brought pizza… and cinnamon squares!”

“Cinnamon squares? He must really like you.” She teased, “What’d you do afterwards?”

“We watched movies… talked…” You trailed off, a deep blush creeping in to your face. You turned away from her.

“Wait… I know that look!” She peered at you, face breaking out into a shit eating grin. “You totally banged last night, didn’t you?! Oh my god! And while Toshi was dying in bed! Scandalous!”

“What?! No! We totally didn’t! Jesus, Saff, eyes on the road!”

“Shit, sorry. Well if that didn’t happen what did? Something totally happened! I can tell!”

You sighed and picked at the hem of your pants. “We may or may not have kissed…” 

“Oh my god! Get it, (Y/n)! How was it?!” She was beaming, practically vibrating in her seat as she jumped up and down.

“It was okay I guess…”

“You guess? I know that face… you’re not telling me the whole story! What happened?”

You cursed how observant she was. You knew she’d get the info she wanted out of you one way or another, so you rolled your eyes and confessed. “Toshi kissed me too…”

“WHAT?” She practically screamed, momentarily veering into the other lane of traffic. 

“ JESUS SAFFRON! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US!” You yelled, grabbing on to the middle console of the car and holding on for dear life.

“Sorry! Sorry! I’m in control now. Tell me what happened!”

“He was kinda hopped up on painkillers when he did it… but it was great… and then this morning we talked about it and he said he was taking me on a date tonight.” 

“A date!?!? Holy shit, (Y/N)! Why didn’t you call me as soon as he asked? Things are happening so fast… I’m thinking pink and orange for your wedding colors. He would insist on white, red and blue, like his suit, but that’s so tacky-”

“Woah! Slow down, Saff. It’s just a date. Probably not even a real date. Don’t get ahead of yourself.”

“I can’t help it! You guys would make the best couple. At least let me help you pick out an outfit for your date. I bet he’s gonna take you somewhere real nice. I can almost hear him calling me now: ‘Saffron, the best manager and personal assistant ever, I need you to get me reservations to the most exclusive restaurant in town!” She imitated his voice while you laughed along.

“Well, if he does call try not to pick anything too expensive, alright? I hate it when he spends money on me.”

“Then you’re gonna hate how much this dress is gonna cost…” Saffron mumbled under her breath.

“What was that?” 

“Nothing! Let’s turn on some music. It’s too quiet.” 

The rest of the drive went down without much more theatrics from Saffron, save from her complaining about how terrible the traffic to the next town over was. You’d only been to this town a handful of times, and each time you were absolutely enthralled by the glitz and glamor of the fashion district. Everyone looked primped and polished, like models straight off of the runway. Saffron looked like she’d fit right in here, but you suddenly felt very out of place. 

As Saffron drove deeper into the city you saw a large white building off in the dead center of town, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of reporters and paparazzi.

“What’s happening over there?” You asked Saffron.

“Oh, that’s Adache tower. He’s having a business summit today. He’s actually the man hosting the gala you’re going to.”

“Really? What does he do?”

“He has a quirk that allows him to turn anything into some sort of precious gem or material. Kind of like King Midos. He dabbles in fashion, but I think jewelry is his main source of income.”

“I can see how that’d be lucrative.” 

“Yeah, but there are rumors that his actual money comes from less… savory… places.”

“Like… with villains?”

Saffron hushed her tone, as if someone else in the empty car was going to hear her. “I’ve heard that he can take people out without leaving a trace… like turn them into a huge chunk of diamond or something, then he can cut them up and sell them off.”

“Why would Toshi let him keep doing this? Or even go to his gala?”

“I think it’s because taking down such a high profile person without any actual proof that he’s done anything could be really hard… All Might needs concrete evidence before he can do a raid or anything like that with the police. It’s different than taking down a villain blowing up cars in the street.”

“I guess so… so does he go to the Gala just to pretend he’s not on to him? Or to keep an eye on him?”

“A little bit of both. You’d be surprised how often he has to do that. Villains get cocky when they think the symbol of peace isn’t paying attention. Adache is bound to slip up at some point.”

“I guess so…” You shuddered. If the gala wasn’t intimidating on it’s own, the fact that the host was a villain certainly was. Hopefully you wouldn’t have to speak with him.

“Alright, we’re here!” Saffron announced as she pulled up to a large black building. The entire structure screamed ‘Couture’ with its large black windows, sharp angles, and funky shapes. A large abstract sculpture sat atop a large water fountain, illuminated by bright lights built in to the concrete base. Smartly dressed employees hustled in and out of the building, rushing to wherever their jobs took them.

Two men approached Saffrons car and opened both the doors. The one to open your door offered you his hand as you stepped out from the vehicle. 

“Greetings, Miss (Y/N), Miss Saffron. Chiara has been waiting for you.”

“I hope she wasn’t waiting long. Traffic was dreadful,” Saffron griped as she handed her keys to the valet.

“Of course, it always is around here. Especially because of the business summit at Adache towers.”

“I hope for your sake it doesn’t get too much crazier, Claude. Come on, (Y/N). Let’s not leave Chiara waiting.” Saffron instructed you, linking her arm with yours and leading you straight into the heart of the building. It was obviously she was very familiar with everyone here. She and Toshinori must’ve been frequent patrons. You, on the other hand, were an unknown. The only person wearing something not black tie, and with colors to boot. People stared at you curiously, wondering why you were in a place you so obviously didn’t belong. You felt yourself shrink against Saffron as she talked to the receptionist, who completely ignored you as she led you into a large glass elevator. You traveled in silence to the very top of the tower, where you were let off into a large expanse of white. 

The room was surrounded by bright windows on every side, giving a perfectly unobstructed view of the city below. The entire floor was flawless white marble, and the furniture itself, as sparse as it was, was sculpted out of a similar color and material. It was all very bland, if you were being honest, but that just made the woman standing in the center of the room stand that much brighter.

She her dark skin was contrasted by neon pink hair, white lipstick, and an outfit that looked like pieces of the sun itself were used to create it. The bright orange pantsuit was accented with yellow and pink details, all of which were intricately and perfectly designed. The entire ensemble took your breath away with the way it radiated throughout the room, filling every nook and cranny of the blank floor with a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors. Her personality was no less bright, as within the few seconds you saw her you could tell how much confidence and pure class she exhumed. 

“Saffron, my dear!” She purred in a thick italian accent, rushing up to greet her.

“Chiara, you’re looking as lovely as ever. I love the pantsuit” Saffron smiled, planting a delicate kiss onto each of her cheeks.

“It is my duty to be an oasis of color in a world that believes fashion can only come in shades of black.” She scoffed, turning her attention to you. “You must be All Might’s date for the big event. I am Chiara.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” You squeaked, taking her outstretched hand and shaking it.

“(Y/N) is working for All Might’s hero agency for a few months. She’s in charge of recruiting new heros.” Saffron lied casually.

“Ah, of course! And now you have the honor of attending that god awful Gala with him. I’m so sorry for you,” She teased. “Come, let me see what I have to work with.”

The designer rushed away to a small block in the center of the room and gestured for you to stand on it. You followed obediently, with Saffron right at your heels. 

“Chiara hates Mr. Adache more than anyone in the world. I’ll tell you more later...” Saffron whispered into your ear. You nodded to acknowledge her comment and stepped up on to the podium as instructed. You suddenly felt very exposed, but as Chiara looked you over you didn’t feel judged. She paid no mind to the plain clothes you were wearing, instead looking you up and down as if you were a piece of clay she was going to sculpt. She produced a tape measure from her pocket and began to take down measurements for you. You stood rigidly still, trying not to move the slightest so you wouldn’t mess her up.

“Have you ever been measured before?” Chiara asked as she bent down to measure your legs.

“Uh- no. Not really. I just usually shop at the store. I asked All Might if I could do that but-”

Chiara cut you off with a bark of raucous laughter. “Hah! An associate of All Might’s going to an Adache fundraiser in a store bought dress? I’d never allow it. How is he supposed to know how much more skilled I am if I don’t send the world’s top hero in my designs every year?”

“Oh… Uh- I’m sorry.” You stuttered as she finished taking the measurements around your waist.

“Oh it’s fine, my dear. I’m simply teasing- mostly. I look forward every year to making All Might’s suit for this gala. When he asked me to do yours I was ecstatic. I need fresh material. Things around here can be so boring!”

“I’m glad I could help,” You smiled.

“Now, I’ve got your measurements, time for the fun part. Picking colors and materials. Now, this hair is just too gorgeous for me not to do something with.” She announced as she took some of it into her hands, moving it this way and that to look for the undertones in the light. She let your hair go, then beginning to circle around you again. “Your complexion is lovely as well. We could really do any color, but it’s been a while since I’ve done a statement piece. You don’t seem like a limelight kind of person, so I’ll try to control myself, but this opportunity is just too good to pass up. Tell me, what is your quirk?”

“When I’m in water I get a tail… and I can sing hypnotic songs…” You humbly explained.

“I have pictures, if you’d like to see them, Chiara.” Saffron piped up, holding out her phone. You glared daggers at her as the designer went over to look. When did she take pictures? Was I naked???

“Oh, this is just gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! Oh, I’ve never seen such a magnificent looking quirk. Have you ever considered modeling?” Chiara gasped, turning back to you. “Now the colors might be a bit much for a gala, so I think I’ll incorporate the shape of your tail into the dress. A long, flowy train would be stunning. Oh! And sequins to reflect the scales… Something like this perhaps?” Chiara held out her forearm as black fabric began spilling from her wrist. It appeared that she was creating her own fabric with her quirk.  It was plain white in color, but you could see the way the small sequins danced in the light on top of it. The lace pattern was more intricate and detailed you’d ever seen, it almost looked unreal.

“Yes, yes! This will be perfect! Now there’s a question of color…. Hmmm… All Mights suits are so boring…. He always wants black with a blue, red, and yellow tie. How tacky! But he’s requested his suit match whatever dress I design to you. This opens my options substantially. This hair would really go with any color…. What is in this season… Saffron?”

“What?” Saffron snapped out of her thoughts. It was easy to get lost in the way Chiara babbled to herself, almost as if she was alone in the room.

“What colors are in this season?”

“Oh… Uh- shouldn’t you know this?”

“A peacock does not concern herself with the feathers of a dove, Saffron,” Chiara retorted.

“Rude. Well, I’m pretty sure rose gold is still hanging on. And camo green.”

“Ew- disgusting. Rose gold is just pink. That will likely be what all the other women at the gala will be dressed in. None of that will do. I want you to stand out amongst the crowd1 Make a statement! Rip the spotlight right out from under Adache’s stupid little feet! Saffron, show me your lipstick!”

“My lipstick?” She began digging into her purse, pulling out a silver tube of lipstick. “Here you go…”

Chaira opened the tube and inspected the color, looking at it next to the pigment of your skin. 

“Oh yes… this will look divine. I think I’ve got it!” Chiara cheered in delight, giving the lipstick back to saffron and busting herself with creating more and more fabric samples from her wrist, all in different shades of black and crimson red. 

“Yes… yes! You’ll be so radiant… elegant, show stopping, but mysterious… You will put cinderella to shame! No one has heard of you anyways, everyone will be wondering who the gorgeous woman on All Mights arm is! ”

“Maybe his wife by then,” Saffron winked. 

“Oh, is romance blossoming?” Chiara grinned at you. 

“They have a date tonight, Chiara.” Saffron divulged as you rolled your eyes. 

“A date? And you’re going in that? No, no! That just won’t do. You’re my project now. The model I’ve been looking for for ages! My dear, this encounter is just the beginning of our relationship. You won’t shake me off easily! I can already imagine the underwater line of gowns I could create for you. No. This just won’t do. I have to make you something else to wear. One moment please!” Chiara began feverishly working, pulling pins and needles out of her hair as fabric billowed from her wrists. You didn’t even have time to protest before she held a new dress before you. 

You stood there awestruck as you looked at it, surprised that a quirk could give Chiara the ability to create that in seconds.

“Chiara- I-“ 

“Go on! Try it on! I’m absolutely dying to see how it looks!”

“I- I can’t accept this!”

“Yes you can! I’ve already made it specifically for you. It won’t fit anyone else! Put it on!” She shoved the dress at you.

“But there’s no dressing room!”

“We’ve both already seen you naked! Who cares?” Saffron laughed.

“So that picture was naked? God, Saffron! I have no privacy!” You groaned, reluctantly taking the dress. “At least close your eyes…”

“Yes, yes… Just put the dress on!” Chiara urged, making a big show of turning around.

You sighed and inspected the dress in your hands. It was made of a deep burgundy colored fabric, and the material was soft and stretchy. As you turned it this way and that you could see small crystals etched into the hem of the neckline. They were subtle enough that you couldn’t see them normally, but they shone in the light. Hesitantly you peeled off your clothes, leaving on your underwear and bra, and stepped into the dress. Before you’d even finished changing Chiara turned back around to inspect her handiwork.

“Chiara!” You protested, trying to cover yourself up.

“Relax, I’ve seen many naked women in my days as a designer. Please, allow me to neck the back for you.”

You sighed and reluctantly turned around, allowing her to secure  the clasp on the back of the neck.

“Good! Perfect, as I anticipated. Look at yourself in the mirror!” 

You awkwardly walked over to the mirror in your dowdy tennis shoes, which looked very out of place with such a fancy dress. 

The dress wasn’t as formal and over the top as you’d anticipated, though the backless part was a bit much. The halter neckline was lightly accented with the stones you’d noticed earlier, and the skirt of the dress was soft and loose, ending slightly above your knees. Your back was almost completely exposed, but the front was much more modest than you were expecting.

“Damn, (Y/N). You look fantastic!” Saffron gaped, coming up to admire the dress. “How come you never make anything like that for me, Chiara?”

“Ever since I saw you at that one book signing in a Gavanci dress!” She spat bitterly. “Traitor!”

Saffron huffed and crossed her arms, unable to argue.

“Back to you, (Y/N). What do you think?” Chiara looked to you for approval.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous Chiara, bu-”

“But it’s missing something, I know… Hmmm...  I know!” With another flick of her wrist more material spilled out of her wrist and she gestured for you to turn around again. You did as she requested and watched in the mirror as she fastened a black lace choker around your neck, complete with a small opalescent pendant in the middle. 

You looked in awe and delicately touched the gorgeous jewelry.

“Chiara, this is gorgeous. Really amazing! Bu-”

“No! No more buts. I know you’re trying to decline this one of a kind generous gift, but I won’t allow it! No! Absolutely not! All Might would insist you take this and I do too!”

“I would listen to her, (Y/N).” Saffron agreed.

You sighed deeply and smiled at her. “Thank you, Chiara.”

“Now, back to your dress for the gala: I will have it ready by the gala. Not a day sooner. I need all the time I can to prepare my ‘Magnum Opus’!”

“Of course, Chiara. We wouldn’t want to rush you. I’ll come pick it up when it’s ready.” Saffron mentioned.

“Good, good. Now if you don’t mind, I have another appointment soon. I’m a very busy woman, you know.” She said, ushering you towards the door while tossing your clothes into your hands. You sputtered a rushed goodbye and before you knew it you were in the elevator heading to the bottom floor.

“Woah…” Was all you could manage to say, “She’s-”

“Intense?” Saffron filled in the blanks for you.

“A little,” You admitted, fidgeting with the necklace on your neck.

“She can be, but that could’ve gone a lot worse. That was a pretty mild interaction with her. You should see when Toshinori is there. The way they argue would give you nightmares. He has absolutely no fashion sense and obviously she has a bit too much.”

“Do you think she’ll make me a good dress?” You asked nervously as you stepped off the elevator and into the lobby. All heads seemed to snap in your direction, sizing you up in your new outfit.

“Oh, absolutely. Chiara only makes the absolute best. She could turn a potato sack into a masterpiece. Trust me.”

“She has a really cool quirk,” You added.

“She really does.” Saffron replied offhandedly, slipping into the driver’s seat of her car and tipping the valet who’d had it waiting for you.

“Alright, next stop; my house. I have some makeup looks I’m dying to try on you.”

“Makeup? Do I have to?” You groaned, thinking of your general distaste for it.

“Sorry, babes. You’re gonna have to dress to the nines for this gala. That means cramming as much makeup on your face as physically possible.”

You groaned in distaste, “You’re trying to make this day as miserable for me as possible, huh?” 

“Pretty much,” She answered smugly.

The rest of the car ride to her apartment was spent mostly in idle chatter. Saffron explained to you, in great detail, the time she had gone to the gala with Toshinori. The gala had a different theme every year, it seemed, and this year the theme was ‘garden’. It seemed more simple than you’d anticipated, and you got your hopes up that it might be less of a production than you’d originally anticipated.

When you entered her apartment you noticed immediately that it was much more well put together than the last time you’d visited. There weren’t any clothes strewn about the place, no half empty drinks, the smell of alcohol wasn’t lingering in the air. It was oddly homey, like something out of one of those posh home decor magazines. Saffrons style was impeccable in both fashion and interior design, it appeared.

“Hey, how was dress shopping?” Camilla greeted the two of you. She was lounging on one of the sofas, a pair of thick rimmed black glasses perched precariously on the tip of her nose as she worked over her laptop.

“Pretty good. She got the full Chiara experience, I think.” Saffron snickered, walking over to give Camilla a kiss on the forehead. “How was work?”

“Rin came to school with a bad cold, so I can only imagine she spread it to the rest of the class during snack time.”

“Sounds like oodles of fun. Just try not to give anything to me, alright?” Saffron smiled.

“I’ll do my best. What are you two up to now? Woah- Nice dress, (Y/N). Is that what you’re wearing to the gala?” Camilla finally looked up to acknowledge you. 

“Chiara insisted I wear this to my date with Toshinori tonight.” You explained.

“Wait- did you say date? Hold the fucking phone, (Y/N). What happened to Akemi?”

“They didn’t hit it off, babe. Seriously. Keep up. Toshinori and (Y/N) are made for each other anyways.”

“True, true. You might wanna let him know, though. He was texting me about what a great time he had last night.”

“I will,” You reluctantly agreed. You didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but leading him on would’ve been much crueler.

“We can talk about this later, Cam. I’ve gotta test out some makeup looks on (Y/N). I think I have the perfect foundation shade for her.”

“Alright, alright. Better her than me. Good luck, (Y/N).” Camilla smirked and ran a han through her blue hair as Saffron drug you back into her bedroom. Before you could say much she had you forced into a chair in front of her vanity. She looked over her makeup, pulling out different eyeshadows and lip glosses and holding them up against your skin and dress.

“Now, I think based on what you’re wearing right now I’ll try and do a subtle smokey eye-” You started to tune her voice out as she babbled, instead pulling out your phone to check your messages.

To your delight, there were a few unread ones from Toshinori, and one from Akemi. You checked the one from Akemi first, guilt eating away at you as you read it.

Akemi: I had a really good time last night. I hope All Might is feeling better today. 


You couldn’t think of how to respond. You’d had a good time too, but you were also going on a date with someone else later that night. It felt like an asshole move to respond saying you had a great time too, you didn’t want to get his hopes up. You settled for sending him a quick update on how Toshinori was feeling and moved on to Toshinori’s messages. Saffron was still droning on about her makeup, turning your face this way and that as she dabbed foundation on to you with a beauty blender.

You scrolled through Toshinoris texts, smiling with excitement as your date drew nearer.


Toshinori: Is six alright for dinner tonight?

Toshinori: I made a reservation at a place I think you’ll like.

You responded with a quick ‘Sounds good!’ and smiled to yourself again. 

“Hey! Knock it off! We haven’t baked yet! Your concealer is gonna crease!” Saffron scolded you.

“Saff, I don’t know what any of that means!” 

“Don’t worry about it. Just hold still!” She instructed you as she pressed some powder to your face.

You couldn’t help but laugh as you looked in the mirror at yourself. With the foundation on you had no color to your eyebrows, no color to your lips, no flaws, and basically no discernable blush or differentiation in your skin tone. You looked like a mannequin from a cheap retail store.

“I really hope you can save this, Saff, because I look rough.” You snickered. No matter what she did to your face, no matter how bad it was, you took comfort in knowing that you could just wipe it off before your date if need be.

“Trust me. You are in the hands of a master. Things will look worse before they look better.”

“I thought you said this was gonna be subtle,” You cocked what used to be an eyebrow at her.

“Listen, do you want this date to go well? Do you want Toshinori to worship you for the goddess you are before he takes you home, professes his love to you, and absolutely rails you?”

“SAFFRON!!!” You screamed in protest, the blush in your cheeks still not showing through your makeup as you turned around to smack the top of her head.

“Sorry, sorry! I forgot you’re ‘Little Miss Innocent’. My point still stands though, I’m gonna make you look even more show stopping than you usually do. You’ll be irresistible.”

“Just tone it down a little, okay? I still wanna look like me when you’re done.”

“Alright, alright. I’ll lighten it up a little bit,” She immediately began abandoning her work, roughly wiping the caked makeup off of your skin. “What time is he picking you up, anyways?”

“Six,” You mumbled as she wiped the makeup off of your lips.

“Are you nervous?”

“Incredibly,” you said, fidgeting with the hem of your skirt.

“How come?” 

“Because I’ve come this close to confessing so many times, and I think tonight will be the night I finally do it.”

“You’ve got some balls on you, (Y/N). I honestly never thought you’d do it!”

“I didn’t think so either, but after the kiss last night I have to or it’s going to kill me. He told me today he isn’t dating Audioma.”

“I assumed he wasn’t, since he’s taking you on a date. He’s not an asshole like that.”  Saffron began re covering your face in a much lighter layer of foundation, after she’d put some fruity smelling moisturizer on you.

“Well, I just wanted to be sure.” You nervously bounced your leg up and down as you spoke, thinking about all the things that could go wrong if you confessed. He could say he wasn’t interested, he could kick you out of his house and force you back into the ocean, he could tell you he secretly had hated you this whole time. The possibilities were endless. On the other hand, it could go well, so you needed to hold out hope that he would return your feelings. You’d promised yourself you’d try your best, and confessing was the best way to do that.

“You’re gonna do fine, (Y/N). Just don’t chicken out. You gotta go in there with enough confidence to kill a man, tell him how you feel, and then I can plan your wedding!”

“You’re really hung up on that, huh?”

“Shush, lip gloss time. And yes, I am. I really want to write a book on weddings, but I don’t have any experience.” She said, painting your lips with a sweet smelling lip gloss.

“So I’m your test subject?” You murmured, checking the time. It wouldn’t be too long before Toshinori would pick you up. It was officially time to panic.

“Well, Cam keeps dragging her feet on proposing so you’ll have to do. Plus, All Might has so much money. I could throw you a wedding to top all weddings.”

“I don’t think I’d want a huge blow out wedding, if we were to ever get married, Saffron.”

“Damn, you sure are a piece of work, huh?” She smiled, putting the finishing touches on your makeup. She stepped away to admire her work and gave you a nod of approval. “You clean up nice, though. I hope that’s subtle enough for you.

To your surprise, it did look a lot more subtle than before, and it certainly felt much lighter. She’d simply exaggerated your best features. Soft grey eyeshadow dusted your lids, while a thin line of eyeliner accentuated your eyes. The minor blemishes on your face were subtly covered up, and a lip gloss a shade darker than the normal tint of your lips topped it all off.

“Color me impressed, Saffron. I don’t hate it!” You smiled as she rolled her eyes.

“Oh ye of little faith!” She chided you. Before you could come up with a witty retort, your phone rang: Toshi.

“Oh shit, is he here already?” Saffron asked, looking at the time. It was ten till six, so you should’ve had a bit more time, but he was early as always.

“Hello, (Y/N).”  Toshi spoke as you answered the phone, he sounded almost nervous. “ I just wanted to let you know I’m on my way to get you from Saffron’s. I’ll meet you outside. See you soon!”

“See you, Toshi!” You replied, hanging up and instantly panicking. “He’s on his way!”

You started to freak out, suddenly having second thoughts about confessing to him. Confessing was a bad idea, the date was a bad idea! You didn’t belong with a guy like Toshinori, there was no way he’d ever return your confession!

“(Y/N), chill. You’ve got that ‘Oh my god, I’m freaking out and not gonna confess’ face on. Listen to me: You’re gonna tell him how you feel, got it? It’s not optional. Life is short, do what you want and love who you want! Now gimme your battle face!” Saffron roared, pumping a fist into the air.

“What?” You looked at her dumbly.

“Nevermind, we’ll work on that later. Anyways, we gotta get you some heels and some perfume! You’ve got a date to go on!”


Chapter Text

When you finally left Saffrons apartment you felt like you were a different person. The fancy clothes, stupid heels, fancy perfume, none of it was you. You felt out of your element, but she insisted it was not only good practice for the gala, it was irresistible. You had to admit, as awkward as you felt there was a little bit of confidence that came along with dressing to the nines. That, paired with the multiple pep talks given to you by Saffron and Camilla made you more determined than ever to tell Toshinori how you felt.

As you clumsily walked down to the street in your borrowed heels you saw a black car pull up in front of you. Your heart skipped a beat as Toshinori stepped out the back, a small bouquet of vibrantly colored carnations. Luckily, you weren’t overdressed for what Toshi had on. Toshi was dressed simply and nicely with black dress pants, a white button up shirt, and a black vest over top of it. His tie, of course, was in his signature colors..  As his eyes locked on you you saw his cheeks redden as he observed your get up. You swallowed audibly and smiled shyly as you approached him.

“Hey, (Y/N). You look very lovely,” He smiled, “Did you have a good day?”

“It was really good. Chiara was very… nice!”

“She sure is something. She called me to tell you how much she loved you. She insisted you model for her, but I think I fended her off for a little bit for you. I can’t blame her, though. You do look beautiful… in her designs!” He stuttered, blushing at his slip up. 

“Thanks, Toshi. You look really handsome as well. Are you ready to go?”

“Absolutely! Oh- these are for you,” He smiled, handing you the bouquet. 

“Aw, Toshi! You didn’t have to go to all this trouble,” You blushed, gently hugging the bouquet against your chest.

“I wanted to make this date special,” He smiled as he helped you into the car,“Since you didn’t seem to be swept off your feet yesterday.”

“Hey! I had a great time with Akemi, I just didn’t feel… sparks? Is that corny to say?” 

“No, not corny. Well, maybe a little. I hope you find someone you feel ‘sparks’ with, (Y/N).” Toshi reached across the seat to take your hand in his and wink at you.

Toshinori Yagi was no stranger to wooing women, it was part of his job as a Hero to impress the crowds. Plus, he’d be lying if he said he’d never flirted with fans before. This, however, was different. He actually cared about you, wanted to impress you, wanted to give you the best date of your life and make you feel ‘sparks’, but would he be able to do that? He hoped so.

You, on the other hand, were completely unsure of what to do. You were somehow living out your fantasies of going on a date with Toshinori, but now that they were becoming a reality you didn’t know what to do. Did you flirt? Did you act casual? Your nerves were sky high as you held his hand, bouncing your leg up and down. He didn’t release your hand as you traveled to your dinner destination, instead stroking the back of your hand with his thumb as he told you all about his patrol. 

It wasn’t long until you pulled up in front of a posh looking restaurant, complete with valets stationed at the front. It looked to be part of a five star hotel that could put Might Towers to shame. Toshinori gave you his hand as you stepped out of the car and looked up at the hotel in astonishment. Toshi drank in the sight of you, looking radiant in front of the fanciest hotel in town. You looked like a princess, and he could stay there all day watching your awestruck expression.

“What do you think?” He asked, coming up to place a gentle hand on your back. 

“This place is amazing, Toshinori. I didn’t realize there was a place bigger than Might Towers in town,” You looked at it in wonder. He held his arm out for you and you took it, heading in to the entrance of the hotel.

“Maybe I’ll have to consider some renovations, if that’s what it takes to impress you,” He snickered, leading you into the lobby of the hotel and towards the restaurant. People immediately took notice of the world’s top hero, talking in hushed whispers as they observed the two of you.

“You always impress me, Toshi” You patted his forearm. “I just thought this place kind of looked like a castle.”

“It kinda does,” He observed. “Do you feel like a princess inside of it?”

“Uh, I mostly feel out of place.”

“Don’t worry, I still feel like that too. Don’t worry, I’m right here.”

As soon as you entered the restaurant the hostess greeted you eagerly, ushering you back towards your private room. The entire restaurant was filled with curious people, all looking at All Might and the woman he had on his arm. The entire place was the definition of luxury, with a large chandelier hanging over the center of the room. Waiters in suits bustled across the golden marble floor, whisking dishes that smelled absolutely decadent from the kitchen to the tables. You could hear the soft sound of a pianist drift across the room as someone sang a soft song. In the dead center of the room was a large dance floor, where many people were dancing together underneath the light of the chandelier. 

“This place seems so fancy, Tosh…” You murmured to him as you made your way through the crowd and to your private room.

“You saved my life, (Y/N),” He whispered to you, “I think this place hardly covers how much I owe to you.”

You blushed in embarrassment as you entered the room, once again floored by the absolutely lavish room.

A small, intimate table sat in the very center of the room, with a small bottle of champagne in the center. Rose petals littered the table cloth, and the china perched atop the table looked like it cost more than everything you owned. Toshinori walked over and pulled out a chair for you, pushing it in as you sat down. There was a large glass door to the outside, which housed a large patio and a garden with flowers lining every inch of it. You could hear the music trickle in through the door, but the voices of the other guests in the restaurant didn’t follow. It was like you two were the only two people in the entire area. Even the hostess left the two of you alone, and as soon as she was out of sight Toshinori was sitting across from you and holding out his hand for you to take. You eagerly placed your hand in his, giving him the brightest smile you could. 

It felt wonderful to be on an actual date with him. Alone. Holding hands. There was nothing that could get in the way of your confession. You just needed the opportune moment. 

“All of this is really amazing, Toshi. Thank you for bringing me out here.”

“Of Course! I hope you like champagne. Don’t go too crazy, though. I don’t want to have to deal with your hangover again.”

“Do we have to keep bringing that up?” You rolled your eyes. 

“It’s fun to tease you,” he smiled, squeezing your hand reassuringly.  

The hostess entered into the room quietly, pouring generous glasses of champagne for each of you and handing you both menus. You couldn’t understand what any of it was, all of it so fancy and foreign you weren’t even sure if it was actually food.

Toshinori noticed your confused reaction and took that as his cue to help you out. 

“It’s a set four course dinner, you don’t have to worry about picking anything out.”

“Oh, okay, sounds good.” You said, trying not to sound as uncertain as you felt. 

“I’ve never been to a place like this,” you told him, taking a sip of your champagne as he continued holding your hand. 

“They all blur together after a while. I would’ve taken you somewhere else but this seemed the most… private.” He averted his gaze. He didn’t mean for it to sound like his intentions were so nefarious, but that’s how it inevitably came out. He just wanted the time to be alone with you, to get to know you better, to talk to you without prying eyes. 

“Well, you’ve got me all alone in ‘private’ now,” you teased him, “Lets talk about something.”

Now was the perfect time to lead up to your confession, you just needed to drop subtle hints and test the water. 

“Sounds perfect. What do you want to talk about?”

“Uh- what do people normally talk about on fancy dinner dates?”

“Well, stocks and bonds, their assets, other rich people things. None of that interests me, though. I want to know about you.”

“What do you want to know? Don’t you have a police file with my information all over it?”

“It doesn’t have any of the stuff I want to know.”

“What do you wanna know?” You smiled as he squeezed your hand. 

“Tell me the interesting stuff. Your favorite color, favorite food, that kinda stuff.”

“Well, my favorite color is-“

“Your first course, sir.” A waitress came in, placing a plate in front of each of you. It was much smaller than the salads you’d seen before, with only a few pieces of precisely placed on a plate, with a swirl of dressing on the plate. 

You thanked the waitress, looking to see how Toshinori reacted to the Threadbare salad. 

“Not much, huh?” He asked , gesturing to his plate. 

“I knew portions in fancy restaurants were small, but I wasn’t expecting two leaves if lettuce.” You teased. 

“Trust me, it’s good. The dressing, at least. There will be more courses shortly.”

“I’m just teasing, tosh. I’d be grateful if they served me a saltine cracker and called it a day.”

“I promise you’ll get more than a saltine cracker. And if you’re still hungry afterwards I’ll take you to get a burger or something.” He released your hand as the two of you started eating, resuming your previous conversation. He asked you question after question in between bites of food that you had to admit was delicious despite its small serving size. The mood in the room was unfamiliar for the both of you. You kept catching each other’s eyes while exchanging looks that were much more than friendly. Toshinori would lean across the table and find some excuse to caress your face. He’d brush an eyelash away, pretend to fix a smudge in your makeup, tilt your chin up to look at him. He couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of you. He blamed it on the intimate setting, the atmosphere of the whole affair. You were equally guilty, buttering him up with your sweetest smiles, bumping your feet against his under the table, reaching across the space that divided you to place a hand on him. You were trying to play the role of the love interest, something you hoped would ease your way into confessing. 

The main course was much more reasonable than the previous two courses, and though you didn’t have a choice in what you ate, the food you were given was one of the most delicious things you’d ever tasted. It was filling, unfamiliar, and definitely tasted like it was expensive. 

“This is so good, Toshi.” You gushed, enjoying the way he beamed with pride. He wasn’t sure that you’d like this place or not, but the way you smiled at him proved he’d made a good choice. 

“I’m glad you enjoy it. Dessert will be served in a while, if you still have room.” He reached across the table to lace your fingers in between his big ones. 

You blushed and took another sip of champagne. “I always have room for dessert.”

He laughed at that, leaning back slightly in his chair and admiring you. He had a dreamy look on his face as he released your hand, leaning over to push a stray hair off of his cheek with his finger.

“You’ve asked me a lot of questions tonight, Toshinori. Now it’s my turn to ask some questions.”

“Alright, hit me!” He smiled.

“Okay, favorite food?”

“You’re not gonna ask my favorite color first?”

“I think I already know that,” You laughed.

“Alright, well my favorite food is Oyako-Don.”

“If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

“Like on a vacation?”


“Hmmm… I haven’t gone to see the cedars on Yakushima in a while. I’d like to go there. But somewhere tropical would be nice, somewhere quiet. I’m in need of a break. Have you ever been on a vacation?”

“I haven’t,” You admitted.

“We’ll have to change that,” He winked at you.

You blushed, not willing to argue about how ridiculous that was and ruin the moment. “Moving on from that, why haven’t you ever had a girlfriend?” You blurted out without thinking.

“You’re not beating around the bush, huh? It’s probably because I’ve never met anyone I was interested. And even if there was someone who was interested, it’d be really dangerous for them. If the public found out… if villains found out it could be dangerous. I couldn’t be that selfish.”

As soon as he saw your face fall he internally smacked himself. He hadn’t meant for it to sound like he’d never date anyone ever, he was just trying to get across the message that he wouldn’t want a super public relationship. 

“Well, If that makes you happy, Tosh.” Anxiety started to set into your mind. What did he mean by that last statement? Was it a hint? Did he not want you as a girlfriend? Was confessing a bad idea? All the mixed signals you were getting was making your head spin. It was almost impossible for you to decide what to do as you sipped the last of your champagne refill. You wouldn’t meet his eyes as your brain worked over time on recreating a plan. Maybe tonight wasn’t the right night, maybe tomorrow-

“(Y/N)?” Toshi snapped you out of your panic induced haze, “You look a little overwhelmed. How about we get some fresh air?” 

Toshinori stood and offered you his hand, gesturing to the garden door with the other. You accepted his hand and he lead you out, the sound of the pianist and the singer following you out onto the patio. 

“Wow,” you gasped, looking at the entirety of the garden before you. “This place really is a palace.”

You stood with Toshinori on a small stone patio, surrounded on all four sides with marble pillars that stretched into the sky, each draped with lights that hung from pillar to pillar. Flowers and vines greedily consumed any flat surface available, covering the walls and fences in a thick layer of colorful foliage. The flowers and bushes growing along the garden were larger than you’d ever seen them grow anywhere else, and some were in such vibrant shades you thought they had to have been painted. Light streamed out from the windows of the ballroom, which had its own exit to a separate patio tucked away from yours. You could clearly head the piano playing, the melodic voice singing along, and you could see the people dancing inside on the ballroom floor. This place was intimate, private. An absolutely perfect place to be alone with him.

“I’m glad you like it so much,” Toshi said as he threaded his fingers through yours, watching as you inspected the flowers with delight. 

“It really is wonderful, Toshi. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for bringing me here.”

“You don’t have to thank me, (y/n). It’s my pleasure.”

“I really do love spending time with you,” you turned to him. 


It makes me very happy to hear that…” he opened his mouth to say something more, but he was cut off by the sound of the piano picking up in volume again. You could see the singer step up to the microphone, preparing to sing what was obviously going to be a very slow song. A cellist and a violinist came out to join the two performers, making them a quartet.

“Care to dance?” Toshinori asked you, looking longingly at the other people dancing through the window.

“I- uh- I don’t know how,” you admitted meekly, looking inside the ballroom windows to gaze at all the people who obviously had much more experience dancing than you did.

“Don’t worry, just follow my lead,” He smiled encouragingly, holding out his hand for you. 

You took it timidly and within a second he pulled you tight to his chest, pressing his hand to your lower back as the quartet began its performance.

You could hear the singer begin his song as the two of you swayed. You were completely alone in the garden, surrounded by flowers and illuminated by the lanterns that were draped from the marble posts all around. Rose bushes stood tall, lining the ceramic stone beneath you. The stars shone brightly above. It was a perfect, warm night. 


You’re in my arms

And all the world is calm

The music playing on for only two,

So close together

And when I’m with you

So close to feeling alive,”


You looked up at Toshi, admiring the way his blue eyes shined in the light. He looked down at you, enchanted by the radiance of your features, the way your eyes seemed to shimmer as they looked at him. 

“You know, their singing is nowhere near as beautiful as yours,” He cooed, the hand he had on your skin gently tracing the small of your back,sending delightful shivers up your spine. You blushed and looked away, heart doing cartwheels as he held you close in a slow dance. You wished the moment could’ve lasted forever. Your head dipped slightly, leaning against his chest as he took the lead. You closed your eyes, breathing in his scent, memorizing the feeling of his hand on your back, every single detail about that moment you could because you knew it wouldn’t last forever. 


A life goes by

Romantic dreams must die

So I bid my goodbye

And never knew

So close, was waiting

Waiting here with you,”


As he looked at you pressed against his body, something in his heart ached, a small sting that nagged at him. Tell her! His heart yelled. Tell her how you feel, you coward

But he couldn’t. You were already in enough danger as it was. Being in a relationship with him… even being the subject of his affection would put a bright red target on your forehead. He’d been at war with himself all day. Today would be the perfect time to confess, but the more he thought about how he’d do it the more he realized nothing could come of it. You’d already been attacked once when you had only known him for a day. A relationship with him would be a death sentence, and as much as is heart yearned to tell you how much he cared for you he knew he couldn’t.  Even this date was a small luxury he could barely afford. He’d have to be on the look out for prying eyes. The patio was concealed enough that no one would be able to see you, but even then he had to be cautious. He’d have to leave his love unrequited, no matter how much it killed him. You could never know. You could never be together. It would be what’s best for you. The fate of a hero was cruel, the sacrifices he had to make to be the number one hero even more unfortunate. 

“What’s wrong?” You looked up at Toshi, noticing the way his brow furrowed. You reached a hand up and cupped the side of his jaw. The way you looked at him with wide eyed adoration made his heart pang with sorrow. He felt your fingers delicately trace his jawline, and he let out a breathy sigh. His resolve was crumbling. 

“Nothing, darling. I just… it’s nothing.” He sighed again. He reached up to cover your hand with his own, pressing it against his face as he soaked up the warmth from it. He closed his eyes, breathing in the perfume of your skin as your bodies moved together. 


And now, forever, I know
All that I wanted
To hold you so close”


“Toshi,” You spoke suddenly, unable to control your words. “I… I’ve had something I’ve wanted to tell you...”

He opened his eyes slightly, his face alarmed, were you really going to do what he thought you were? What in the hell was he supposed to do if you were? Reject you? He wasn’t strong enough to do that. If he wasn’t careful his own confession would begin spilling out, he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“W-Whats on your mind?”

“I… well…” The way your face grew redder and redder was indication of what you were going to say, but all of those well prepared speeches you’d memorized in your head were suddenly gone, and all language seemed to abandon you. “I need to tell you how I feel…”

“How you feel? Are you alright? Are you upset with me?” He asked dumbly.


So close to reaching
That famous happy end
Almost believing
This one's not pretend
And now you're beside me
And look how far we've come
So far we are, so close”


“No, Toshi... The opposite actually…” You stammered, finally turning to look him directly in the eyes. “Toshinori Yagi… I’m falling for you. I- I have been for a while. I can’t help it- you’re just so wonderful. I’m the happiest with you that I’ve been in so long and I- I want you to know how I feel about you.”

His eyes opened wide, his heart stopping as he looked at you. You’d laid your hand that was on his face back on his chest, your dance stopping entirely as he pondered your words. Falling for him? He really couldn’t believe what you were saying. He’d always hoped that you’d reciprocate his feelings, but could you afford to start a relationship together? He couldn’t break his resolve. 

“(Y/N), darling… I…”

“I know what you’re going to say Toshi… that it’s too risky, that I’ll constantly be threatened. But I don’t care. If that’s the cost of being with you… I’ll do it…. I’d do anything to be with you, Toshinori. I… I l- really care about you.” The words poured out from your mouth like a flood. You couldn’t let these feelings fester any more. They grew every day, threatening to consume you whole if you didn’t release them, didn’t tell him the truth.

He stared at you, flabbergasted, unable to say anything. All his plans, his entire resistance crumbled at hearing those words. He knew what he wanted to say… what he wanted to confess… but could he? Should he?


Oh how could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now”


You bit your lip as he remained silent. He wasn’t going to say anything. Of course he wasn’t. He was All Might. Of course he couldn’t have feelings for someone as insignificant as you. You were a fool. Hot tears began to sting your eyes, but you blinked them back, not willing to ruin Saffron’s hard work. Even if he didn’t love you back, just spending your life near him was enough, even if it was just as his partner in the fight against All for One. 


“We're so close to reaching
That famous happy end
Almost believing
This one's not pretend”


“(Y/N),” he spoke finally, pulling your chin to look at him in the eyes. His lightning blue orbs bore into you, gathering the courage to say what he wanted to tell you. His face was inches from yours, his hot breath sending goosebumps all over your skin. “Is this really what you want?” 

“Yes,” you breathed without hesitation, returning his gaze. Your pulse was beating so fast it was almost audible, a deafening drum amidst the quiet music. You held your breath as he formed a response, still clinging to hope. 

“(Y/N)... I don’t want to see you hurt… If people know we were together they would try to hurt you. I couldn’t let that happen. (Y/N)... I care for you so much. Being together these past few weeks has filled my heart with so much joy. I would love nothing more than for you to be my girlfriend but- but is that a risk you’re willing to take?”

“Yes,” You answered without hesitation. You weren’t afraid of the obstacles that were in between you and Toshinori. You didn’t have to have a public relationship, you would much prefer it be kept completely quiet. You weren’t afraid of the risk of any villains attacking, Toshinori could protect you and you were learning to protect yourself. All you wanted was him. Everything else didn’t matter.

He took a deep breath, he could only resist his heart for so long, and he knew you well enough to know he couldn’t change your mind, so against all his previous reservations, he opened his mouth to speak.

“(Y/N)? Will you be mine?” He whispered to you, looking at you as if you were the only person in the world. 

“Absolutely,” You beamed at him, the sight of how happy you were cracking his heart into a million pieces, the last bit of his resolve melting away.


Let's go on dreaming
For we know we are-“


Toshi leaned down, capturing your lips in a gentle kiss. He pulled your waist flush against his, almost lifting you up to meet him. The kiss took your breath away, sending electricity shooting through your body. Your head spun as he deepened the kiss, burying one of his hands in your hair and forgetting that somebody could be watching. His lips danced against yours, responding to your confession in a way that was better than you’d dreamed. His tongue darted past your parted lips, taking in every inch of you he could. He’d been wanting this for so long, and you had too. He cared for you, you knew, and the passion in this kiss proved it ten times over. 


“So close, so close
And still so far” 


Slowly, Toshi pulled away, looking at you in wonder. You had never looked more beautiful than in that moment. Your long lashes cascading your cheeks as you blinked in half lidded awe of him. Your cheeks slightly rosey, lips glossed and parted. He wanted so badly to duck in for another kiss, to steal you away back to his home, but he could hear the waitress enter the nearby room and begin to place your dessert plates down. You privacy was interrupted, and he was dying to continue your conversation somewhere else. 

He released your embrace and slipped his hand onto your hip.

“How about we head home?” He whispered into your ear, grip on your waist tightening. 


You looked up and nodded to him. You would go anywhere, as long as it was with him.


So close, so close

And still so far”

Chapter Text

Toshinori was an unstoppable force of need and desire. Being touch starved for so long and suddenly having someone confess to him was so overwhelming, he could barely control himself. You felt the same as he whisked you away into your private getaway car. You had complete privacy, no one there to disturb you and ruin what seemed to be a perfect evening. 

As you slid across the leather seat, closely followed by your date, you couldn’t help but smile and let out a nervous giggle. Things couldn’t possibly have gone better. Toshinori had asked you to be with him. You were his girlfriend. It was amazing, your heart was soaring. You turned to Toshinori as the car began to drive off, smiling and blushing as you looked at him. He returned your smile, chuckling in excitement. You both sat there a second, looking at each other with wild smiles on your faces. He soaked up the sight of you, your blushed cheeks, soft skin, radiant hair. It was all too much for him. And the way you looked at him, eyes sparkling in the dim light of the car, biting your bottom lip as you leaned closer to him. The two of you were both filled with so much desire as you looked at each other, it was almost palpable in the room.

Toshinori made the first move, quickly closing the space between you. His hands weaved themselves into your hair as his lips hungrily met yours. Your hands found purchase on his large shoulders, pulling his body as close as you could. He pulled you into his lap, hands navigating their way down to your hips. He had you pressed up against his body, but it still wasn’t enough. He wanted as much as he could get, every single inch of skin. His heart was so full in that moment, a bomb in his chest ready to explode if he didn’t find some way to release his feelings. 

Your brain was clouded in a blissful fog. You didn’t register when the two of you left the car, when he was soaring into the air with you in his arms, up to the tippy top of the building and out of the public eye, and into your apartment. You didn’t register when he pressed you up against the wall, sat you on the counter, sat you in his lap, or laid you on top of him as you continued your amorous exchange. All you could feel was his lips on yours, hungry and desperate. You could feel his hands in your hair, on your hips, on your back, venturing lower and lower onto your bottom. You felt his teeth graze your mouth, his tongue slide past parted lips, his heated breath as he finally let you go.

“(Y/N),” He mumbled, looking into your eyes for the first time since you’d entered the car back at the restaurant. You clothes had been long discarded, stripped down to the simple slip Chiara had insisted you wear underneath your dress. He didn’t dare press you any farther than that, for fear of going too fast on his first date with you, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to see what soft skin lay underneath the pearly white silk of your slip. He’d allowed you to take off some of his clothes as well, noticing with smug amusement how carefully you avoided his belt and pants. 

“Toshi…” You responded, a small smile turning up the corners of your lips. He looked so big, towering over you on the large couch, hands grazing over the skin of your hips. You were beaming, everything you’d ever wanted in the past few weeks suddenly within your grasp, coming to fruition. You soaked up the moment as he ducked in for another kiss, and another, and another, until your limbs were tangled with his and the sun began to rise. You could feel your chapped lips aching as you lay against his chest, listening as he whispered sweet nothings into your ear. You felt sleep tug at your eyelids, but you were still too elated to even think about resting. Your mind was buzzing, and the way his hands stroked the exposed skin of your arms was too distracting.

You craned your neck to look up at him as he kept whispering things to you. He was watching the sun rise above the city through the large windows of his apartment, a dreamy blush saturating his cheeks. The reflection of the sky painted his skin in hues of pink and orange and purple, a stark contrast to the brilliant blue of the eyes you adored so much. You admired him like that for a while, watching his eyes slowly blink while long blonde lashes bat against his cheeks. 

God, he was so handsome. You could have stared at him for hours.

“What do you think, darling?” He smiled down at you, pulling you out of your trance.

“Uh- I’m sorry, repeat that last part?” You mumbled.

“I was saying that after all our work is done we should take a vacation. Just you and me. We could go anywhere in the world you wanted to go. Anywhere at all.” He grinned down at you, smoothing back your messy hair with his palm.

“Anywhere?” You smiled in amusement.

“Anywhere at all,” He beamed.

“Well, you’ve told me so much about America and how you loved it. If we were to go anywhere I’d probably want to go to your favorite place first.” You smiled, imagining all the places you could travel with him given the chance.

“And then?” He asked, smile spreading wider across his face. He looked so adorably handsome in his drowsy and lazy state, even more perfect than he usually did.

“And then I think I’d go somewhere tropical. Maybe the black sand beaches of Mauii.” You imagined him, sitting on a beach chair with a coconut drink in his hand, umbrella and all. The thought made you smile.

“And then?” He asked again, drinking in the sight of your face as you thought on these things, your white hair soaking up the color of the skyline outside.

“And then… I don’t know! I’d go anywhere, as long as it was with you, Toshinori.”

“Anywhere?” He smirked.

“Anywhere.” You affirmed, adjusting yourself on his chest so that you could reach up and plant another kiss on his lips.

He sighed dreamily and grasped the back of your neck, pulling you closer to him again. His kisses continued again, with as much energy and adoration as before. He still couldn’t wrap his head around what had happened. You had confessed, he had told you his feelings in turn, even though he knew he shouldn’t. It was selfish to be so happy, but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t keep his feelings bottled up. His heart swealled in joy as his lips trailed across your jaw and down your neck, kissing the delicate skin there. He sucked on the soft flesh of your jugular, nipping at it and releasing it with a wet ‘pop’. He pulled away to look at how beautiful his mark was on your skin, and then dove in again to give you another and another. 

You didn’t protest as he marked you, only half realizing what he was doing. You were too distracted by how wonderful it felt to have someone kiss you that way. In the moment, you didn’t even hear the sound of the elevator ping as someone stepped off. You would’ve let him kiss you anywhere if it meant your toes would keep curling with the wonderful feeling it gave you.

“T-Toshi…” you whimpered out as his hands explored their way across your body. Your senses were fried, overwhelmed by all the wonderful stimulation, but before you could react in any other way you heard a stern voice clear their throat above you, obviously annoyed as they tapped their foot. 

Your soul left your body as you lunged away from Toshinori, as if getting away from him would cover up the fact that you were making out with All Might on his couch.

You threw a blanket over yourself and looked to your intruder, who stood with his intimidating glare on his face, arms crossed as he looked over the scene. Sir Nighteye sighed and looked at you, then looked to Toshinori. He said nothing as he stared his half-dressed work partner down, before Toshinori began chortling loudly. 

“Did you forget about our appointment today?” Sir asked All Might, the tiniest smirk playing at the corners of his lips.

“I’ll be honest, I did. We were supposed to go to the prison, right?” All Might laughed, sitting up.

“We were. All of us,” Sir cast a glance over at you. It was obvious by the small smirk on his lips that he was finding this embarrassing situation at least a little humorous. 

“Oh, yes. Well, if you’d give us a moment to get dressed we can be on our way,” Toshinori snickered, giving you a mischievous look. You wanted to wipe the smug look off of his face, but you were much too humiliated to care.

Without another word to either of the men, you wrapped yourself up tightly in your blanket and shuffled off to the safety of your bedroom. Once there, you finally took the time to breathe. You sat down onto your bed and let out a deep sigh. Tiredness finally setting in to your bones as you reflected on the last night.

Had you really confessed to Toshi?


Had he really asked you to be his?


Were you really his girlfriend now?


Had you really spent the entire night making out?


Had Sir Nighteye really walked in on you two in your half-dressed state?



God, if things weren’t awkward enough before they sure would be now. You thought.


Sir Nighteye already looked at you as if you were a bug, like you were just using Toshinori for his money or something. Now his suspicions would be even more valid. You were never gonna get on that guys good side, and every move you made seemed to make him hate you more and more. Now you had to go to the prison with him. Great.

At least Toshinori will be there, you reminded yourself. He was good at keeping the peace. He’d make things less awkward.

You begrudgingly heaved yourself off of your bed and changed your clothes, trying to avoid looking at how wild you appeared in the mirror. Your remaining makeup was completely smudged, lipstick smeared all across your face. Your hair was knotted and messy, sticking out this way and that. There were no traces of the glamor you’d displayed the previous night. Instead, you looked almost messier than you had the night you went overboard with long island ice teas. 

After you’d cleaned your face and tamed your hair you were about to head back out to the two men waiting on you when something caught your eye. You tilted your chin upwards to get a better view of your neck, noticing the bright purple welts that spread across the skin from where Toshi had made them. You groaned in annoyance, remembering how you meekly allowed him to do it. You’d have been lying if you’d said you didn’t enjoy it, but that didn’t change the fact that you were going to have to go out in public with them. 

There was no way you could cover them up. You didn’t own any makeup thick enough to cover up the obvious hickies. You didn’t even have the comfort of a turtleneck t-shirt or a scarf. There was no way you could wear something so hot at this time of year. You’d melt!

Worst of all, you were going to the prison. Your hero suit wouldn’t cover anything up and you’d definitely have many sets of eyes on you, as you usually did. The situation was just getting worse and worse. 

Still, you tried your best to hurry out to the men waiting on you, knowing that stalling wouldn’t make your neck look any less bad. 

After slipping on some simple leggings and a shirt you hustled back out to the men, hanging your head in embarrassment and shame. 

“Are you ready to go?” Night Eye asked, looking at the watch on his wrist.

“Yeah… Where’s Toshinori?” You asked, noticing his absence in the room.

“He got called out for an emergency situation down town. We’ll have to take a detour to get to the prison on time.”

Your stomach sank.

“An emergency situation? Shouldn’t you be with him then?” You asked, remembering that he was, in fact, his sidekick.

“I am not generally involved in those kinds of things. All Might generally reserves me for the mountains of paperwork that go along with doing his job, which lately includes a lot of paperwork for you too.”

“Me? Why would you have to do paperwork for me?”

He turned away from you and started heading to the elevator, leaving you to try and catch up to the strides of his long legs. 

“What you’re doing and preparing for is technically considered hero work. While All Might be personally intending on paying you for your service to him, the government will as well. But, you can’t carry out these kinds of duties without a license or a permit, so we’ve been documenting your training with us and visits to the prison as an internship, which will eventually translate into a hero license. This isn’t usually how it’s done, but some agents at the government have been working with Saffron to make it work, given the circumstances.”

“Wow…” You pondered over everything he’d just said, “This is a lot more involved than I realized. I thought this whole thing was kinda just under the table.”

Nighteye led you out of Might Towers and into his car, holding the door open for you and gesturing for you to get in. As he sat in the drivers seat, he began his explanation again.

“What we’re doing is as ‘under the table’ as it can get, all things considering. If it weren’t for Saffron’s and All Might’s connections, and the priority put on defeating All for One, the government would never have let us do any of it.”

“So it’s all just to cover our tails?”

“Essentially.” He responded curtly. He was absolutely right about the detour downtown. Traffic was backed up for blocks, all pointing towards a large plume of smoke in the center of the city.

“Wow… It looks bad…” You whispered to yourself, turning your head to look at the scene as the car turned away from it.

“It always is, but it’s nothing All Might can’t handle.” Sir assured you, pride staining his voice.

“How did you end up working for All Might, anyways?” You asked, turning your attention back to him.

You heard him chuckle a bit, which surprised you. “It wasn’t easy.”


“Really. He was set on not having a sidekick.” He explained, his tone more casual than you’d ever heard it before. 

“How did you convince him?” 

“Persistence. I’d always been a huge fan of All Might. I still am. I knew I could help him as the Symbol of Peace, but he had a policy of not taking any sidekicks. I think I was so persistent and annoyed him so much that eventually he gave in and allowed me to be his sidekick. I never go out and fight or defeat villains with him, though. Right now I prefer sticking to paperwork.”

“It must keep you busy.” You responded, smiling at his story.

“Very busy.” He responded. “I think he considers me the ‘brains’ of his whole operation.”

“Oh… I thought it was the other way around. I figured Toshi was the brains. ” You joked, knowing that as sweet as Toshi was, he wasn’t exactly a mastermind. Nighteye appreciated your joke, laughing loudly and turning to face you, a small smile on his face.

“I was the one who came up with the idea to bring you into the equation, you know.” He informed you.

“Really? How did you know about me?” 

“I was monitoring police reports and activities. I noticed a pattern, and there I found you.”


“People would go to a certain beach and end up with their quirk almost entirely gone. I was able to trace that back to the incident with your friend those years ago, and through that I found you.”

“And you didn’t arrest me?”

“I was able to determine that because you were only doing it every few weeks and you weren’t hurting anybody permanently that you were doing it out of necessity. I also knew based on the incident with your friend that you had the capability to remove the entirety of someones quirk, but you purposefully hadn’t. That’s when I formulated the plan to defeat All for One.”

“Oh… well… thank you for- y’know… not arresting me.” You mumbled, rubbing the back of your head anxiously. 

He simply nodded his head, ending the conversation then and there. The rest of the ride to the prison was spent in a mixture of awkward silence and anxiety.

The last time you went to the prison you’d gotten assaulted by a villain, broken your jaw, and been extorted by the prison director. You hoped that something similar wouldn’t happen this time. You felt confident that it wouldn’t under sir’s watchful eye, but without Toshinori there you felt less secure. Plus, there were the obvious hickies dotting your neck that made you even more anxious. What if people assumed they were from All Might? What if they assumed they were from Sir? Or Saffron? Or even worse… what if they assumed they were from Gran Torino?

How humiliating.

Nevertheless, you exited the car when it was opened for you by the guards. They didn’t pay you much mind as they took you through the normal protocol: metal detector, emptying pockets, etc. but still, you felt as if everyone’s eyes were on you. 

Though you felt totally embarrassed of the marks on your neck, you couldn’t help but feel a little pride in them. All Might had given them to you. Imagining their reactions if they found out was also hilarious, and allowed you to relax a little. 

When you entered the main halls of the prison, you weren’t ushered to the normal pool room you were used to. Instead, you went into a room on the opposite side of the hall. The room was much different than the aesthetic of the rest of the building. Instead of sterile white tile and white walls you entered in to a beige conference room, fitted with grey carpet and a large wooden conference table. Tall, black leather chairs surrounded the table, and a solitary phone sat in the center. A few television screens were mounted on the wall, and large vibrantly green plants sat in each corner of the room.

What surprised you most was not the interior design of the room, but rather the people sitting in it. Igarashi sat on one side of the table, neatly dressed in a white suit as usual. To her left sat an older man in a black suit, looking over a pile of papers he had in a briefcase. Other men and women who looked to be of various levels of importance sat there too, not looking up from their own papers. Small glasses of untouched water sat in front of everyone, and two empty chairs were waiting for your arrival. Nighteye led you in, pulling out one of the only empty seats on the opposite side of the room and gesturing for you to sit in it. You did, but you were unsure exactly why you did so without question. You weren’t really sure why you were there or why Igarashi was there with a lawyer, but you decided it was best to not question Sir Nighteye. 

“Good morning, everyone.” The lawyer began, his warm voice contradicting the sour look on his face. 

“Good morning,” Sir stated plainly, setting his folded hands onto the table.

“Good morning,” You mumbled awkwardly, casting nervous glances at Igarashi, who responded with nothing but a tight lipped smile.

“Will All Might not be joining us today?” The lawyer asked.

“No, other things have come up. I trust that you will have no problem of me acting in his stead.” Nighteye responded.

“Ah- no. Of course not. We shall continue, then. Since the ‘incident’ in our facility involving Miss (Y/N) and prisoner 1500231, we have been reviewing our options and how to move forward. All Might, as mentioned in the previous meetings, has threatened discontinuation of our quirk removal program and further legal action if compensation is not agreed upon. Based on the previous meetings the incident report states as follows: ‘On the day of X/X/20X (Y/LN) (Y/N) was attacked by prisoner 1500231 during a quirk removal procedure. Prisoner 1500231 was not permitted to be used as a subject of the quirk removal program, as his hearing impairment left the chance that he would be immune to (Y/LN)’s quirk. All Might specifically instructed Miss Igarashi to refrain from allowing this subject to be included in the program. On the day of the incident, Miss Igarashi intentionally included prisoner 1500231 in the quirk removal program against All Might and the Board of Directors exact orders. Miss Igarashi has stated she did so to ‘see the extent of Miss (Y/LN)’s quirk’. Because of this, Miss (Y/LN) was attacked during routine quirk removal protocol and suffered injuries to her jaw.’ That is the end of the report. Does the information sound accurate to you?” The Lawyer finished, looking at you.

To say you were confused was an understatement. You’d thought they’d just brushed the whole attack under the rug, but to find out that Toshinori had been taking action against it, working on your behalf to make sure it was taken care of, was surprising. It certainly seemed like they were taking it very seriously now, since you were surrounded by who you assumed was the board of directors.  Igarashi even seemed to be nervous, meaning something big was about to happen.

“Uh- yeah. That sounds right,” You said, unwilling to look up from the table. 

“Okay. With that being said, the board offers the following reparations to be paid to Miss (Y/LN).” The lawyer stood from the table and produced a manilla envelope from his briefcase. He slid it across the table to you and your partner. Sir took it from the table and opened it up, quickly scanning through the documents as the lawyer continued to speak.

“To further ensure that an event like this will not happen again, the board has demanded that Miss Igarashi step down from her position, to which she complied.”

Your eyes shot up from the document and looked to Igarashi, who still held the tight smile on her face as she stood up.

“I greatly apologize for my transgression, and wish you the best of luck continuing forward. I have only wanted what was best for the prison and for society.” She bowed deeply to you and sat down again. Looking through you to stare at the wall.

You didn’t know what to say, whether you should apologize for her losing her job or not. Instead you stayed silent, looking over Sir’s shoulder at the papers as he began to speak.

“It was a shame it had to come to this, Igarashi. I hope you show more discretion in future careers,” He stated unsympathetically. She didn’t flinch at his words, instead continuing to stare blankly behind you. “As far as this offer is concerned, I believe that you were being too reserved. Miss (Y/LN) was contracted by your prison to do work that no one else in the world can do. So far, she has done it to sustain herself as well as help her country. In doing this, and because of the reckless actions taken by Igarashi, she sustained a major break in her jaw and could’ve potentially lost her life.”

As you scanned over the document you saw different terms proposed by the board, mostly protocols created to better ensure your safety and a lot of legal jargon, you noticed something more shocking at the bottom. You nearly choked as you read it, but Sir continued without you.

“You noted 1,000,000 yen would be paid to her to compensate for the incident, which I think All Might would find insulting. Miss (Y/LN) experienced incredible trauma and sustained significant wounds that resulted from the attack. As such, she could’ve been in need of many surgeries had she not been able to heal herself. Taking this into consideration, All Might has demanded that we settle for no less than 10,000,000 USD. Half of which will be made in monthly payments throughout the year to a dedicated bank, the rest of which will be put into a separate account and unavailable until the year ends.”

Your eyes were as wide as saucers are you heard the numbers they were talking about. The amount of money they’d suggested was already huge, but the amount Sir suggested was more than you’d ever seen in your life. You didn’t even think your mom made that much in a year of work. It was ridiculous. Still, the terms were very specific. Half would be distributed to you throughout the year and the rest in a lump sum. What was Toshi suggesting with that? Was he trying to prepare you for when you’d leave his side, after you helped him defeat All for One? Or was he just trying to get you a huge chunk of cash?

Regardless, if this private prison was going to give you money you definitely weren’t going to refuse.

The board members mumbled to each other as they discussed their options, weighing the pros and cons of increasing the pay amount by that much. You turned to Nighteye, who stared at them all sternly for a moment, then gave you a small smirk as the lawyer stood up again.

“After some consideration, the board has agreed to these terms and will see to it that an account is set up on behalf of Miss (Y/LN) immediately. Deposits will be made on the first of the month until today’s date of next year. At that point the final lump sum deposit will be made. Are these terms agreeable?” This time the lawyer turned to you, as the woman next to him began printing out papers.

“Uh- yeah. That sounds good,” You squeaked, still in absolute shock about the whole thing.

“Good. Please sign and date the papers below,” He said, sliding you the form. Sir signed it first then handed it to you, showing you exactly where to sign. Once the paper was signed by all of the board members they stood and bowed to you. Igarashi’s glare was like a laser through your body.

“We look forward to our continued partnership with both Miss (Y/LN) and All Might. Thank you for meeting today.” The lawyer said. A guard came in immediately as he was done speaking and led the two of you out of the room and across the hall to where the pool was waiting on you.

You slipped in to the dressing room to quickly put on your hero suit. You were very eager to get back to All Might. You had so many questions for Toshi, and also so many things to thank him for. Plus, with your new form of income you were dying to pay him back for all the kindness he’d shown you. Maybe he’d even let you take him out for dinner. You were his girlfriend after all. 

You could barely pay attention while in the pool, quickly draining the mans quirk as fast as you could in order to get back home. Things were already different in the pool room. More guards were stationed on every corner of the room, and there were even two guards in the water with you that held down the prisoner by his arms. It made the whole process a lot less nerve-wracking for you, and you were able to quickly get it done and over with. Before you knew it you were dressed and back in to Sir’s car. 

“That was faster than usual,” Nighteye noted as you entered his car. 

“Oh, yeah. I wasn’t being as careful I guess.” 

“How are you feeling?” He asked, pulling out of the prison gates and heading back into town. The commotion from earlier seemed to have been cleaned up, meaning Toshinori had done his job of saving everyone.  

“I’m fine. Really surprised, honestly. I thought that the whole thing would just be swept under the rug.”

“Since the incident Yagi has been fighting with the prison for some form of compensation on your behalf.”

“Why didn’t he tell me?” You asked.

“He knew you would tell him not to worry about it. We’ve also been working on ways to set you up to support yourself after All for One has been dealt with. The money they’re giving you should get you onto your feet and cover school if you decided to go back.”

“Wow- I- Thank you.” It was all you could manage in the moment. Finishing school was one of the top of the things on your list at the moment. Getting your high school diploma and then maybe going to college or learning some sort of trade would open so many possibilities. You certainly weren’t planning on becoming a hero, but with what you’d learned perhaps something more behind the scenes would suit you. Maybe you could even work for Toshi or Saffron. There had to be somewhere you could fit in to their world. 

“Don’t thank me. All Might did most of the arguing. I just submitted the paperwork.”

“Still, Sir Nighteye… I really don’t know how to thank you enough.” You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face.

“Call me Sasaki. Hero names are too formal.” He sighed, sounding much less sincere than someone normally would when saying such a thing.

“Oh, okay. Sasaki. Got it.” You fidgeted with the hem of your shirt. The car ride passed in silence for a few minutes, neither of you willing to break the awkward silence that had accumulated in the car.

You were nearing the end of your car ride when he spoke again.

“How long have you been ‘with’ Yagi?” He asked in a very straightforward tone of voice. 

He caught you by surprise, but you didn’t stumble for an answer. He’d already caught the two of you that morning, there was no need to lie.

“Only since last night, actually.” You explained.

“I see…” Sasaki pondered for a minute, then sighed. He was pulling up in front of Might Towers, your conversation was coming to an end. “I can’t say that I’m surprised. Yagi has never shown much of an interest in any women before, but we could all see it coming. I would recommend you keep Gran Torino in the dark about this. He will be less… accepting… than most.”

“I figured… we’ll- we’ll be more discreet. Sorry you had to see that this morning…” you blushed. 

“Let’s not talk about it. It’s not the most indecent state I’ve ever seen Yagi.”

You laughed as you imagined what he could have seen,  but didn’t press the subject. You started to thank him for taking you to the prison, but as you began to exit the car he grabbed your attention again. 

“One last thing, (y/n)... there’s a lot about All Might you don’t know, for good reason. Some things you just can’t know. I only tell you this as a warning; all of this need to defeat All For One goes a lot deeper than you think. Don’t let your feelings for a each other distract you from what has to be done.”

Any words you could have responded with had evaporated from your brain, replaced with pure confusion. 

Deeper than I think? What does that mean?

You thanked him for the advice and again for the ride as you left his car and headed into the building. You were only half paying attention to your surroundings as you entered the building and headed towards your elevator. Your head was swimming with questions, but your gut instinct told you that you needed to be patient and wait to get information from Toshi. 

What other things could be going on between Toshi and One for All? Was he his dad? Was the dues more personal than it seemed? How would these secrets effect the mission?

As much as it killed you, you knew you couldn’t sit around pondering the possibilities all day. You had to focus and bide your time until the moment was right, then try and get a better explanation from him. 

For now, you were going to settle with getting to know Toshi better as a boyfriend and figure out how this new dynamic would fit in to your life. 

To your surprise, Toshi was home when you entered your shared apartment, his back turned to you as he shoveled what seemed to be a chocolate bar into his mouth. 

“Are you gonna share?” You asked, sliding up beside him. He nearly jumped out of his civilian clothes when you were suddenly standing next to him. He choked on his mouthful of food but quickly regained his composure. 

“Don’t tell Saffron,” he mumbled over his mouthful. 

“Your secrets safe with me, Toshi, as long as I get a cut, you gestured to the bag of convenience store food he had next to him. All sorts of delicious treats were shoved in the bag, mostly ones you hadn’t had in years. 

“Alright, I can agree to that. I saved a convenience store on my way home and they gave me all this. How’d your visit to the prison go?” He tosssd you the bag and you rooted through it, selecting a snack that looked good. 

“It went fine. Huh did tell me we were suing the prison.”

“We weren’t suing. Just threatening. Did they give you a good deal?” He leaned against the counter as he opened up another pack of snack, ignoring the little saffron voice in his head telling him he was ruining his diet. 

“Better than I could have ever imagined,” you grinned, walking forward to hug him. “Thank you for going to all that trouble of making that happen.”

“It wasn’t any trouble. Besides, you deserved it. It’s not every day one gets a punch in the face from a villain.”

“I’m starting to feel more and more like yky every day, Toshi.” You teased. 

“That doesn’t sound like a great thing,” he retorted. “Anyways, I’m glad you’re back. I had something I wanted to ask you about.”

“Ask me about? Like what?” 

“I wanted to talk about us.”

Chapter Text

“I wanted to talk about us,” He stated nonchalantly.

You could instantly feel your stomach drop.

Us? Why does he want to talk about us? We’ve barely been ‘together’ for more than a few hours.

“Uh- okay! What did you want to talk about?” You squeaked out from between a tight lipped smile.

He sidled around the counter and closed the gap between you, slinking an arm around your waist and smiling at you.

“You’re making that face,” He laughed.

“What face?” You asked.

“That face you make when you’re anxious about what I’m going to say.”

“Well, can you blame me? It’s not exactly encouraging to hear ‘I wanna talk about us’. Sounds like something bad is gonna happen.” You argued.

“Right, right. I’m sorry, that does sound ominous. I just wanted to talk about whether we would make ‘this’ public or not,” He gestured to the embrace you were currently locked in.

“Oh, uh, I don’t know.” You frowned. You hadn’t thought about it yet, but you’d assumed that Toshi would keep it private.

“I’m not going to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with, but it’s already really hard to keep my hands off of you- sorry. That sounded impolite of me.” He blushed awkwardly and cleared his throat, “What I was trying to say is that I would like to show you affection, both in public and in private, if you’d allow it. But we wouldn’t be able to keep things under wraps for very long.”

“I see…” You thought, pondering your options, “Well… I’d really love to go public with it, but I have a few concerns.”

“Such as?” He asked, guiding you over to the couch and pulling you onto his lap once he was seated. You had his undivided attention, and the intensity of his stare made you shift awkwardly.

“Well, All for One is the first thing I’d think of… would he catch on to our plan? Or would some other villain try to hurt me to get at you?”

“I thought you weren’t worried about it ‘If it was the cost of being with me’,” He quoted you with a teasing poke.

“I said I would still do it if that was the cost, not that I wouldn’t be scared anyways.” You poked him back.

“Right, right. Well, I’ve been thinking about it: most of the time you’re here, in the apartment where it’s safe. And any time you’re out and about you’re usually with me or someone I trust enough to keep you safe. I’ve also seen how hard you’ve been training, don’t count yourself short. I’d be more worried about the paparazzi.”

“That brings me to my next point: your rabid fan girls.” 

“What about them?” He rolled his eyes.

“They’re gonna tear me apart if they find out I’ve ‘stolen’ their husband.”

“I think you could take them,” He chuckled.

“I’m serious, Tosh! They’ll tear me apart online. I don’t know if I could take that.” 

“Okay, I understand… You bring up a lot of good points…” He sighed, scratching his chin as he pondered his options. “I think we only have one choice when faced with a tough decision like this.”

“What that?” You asked.

“We have to call in an expert.”

“OH MY GOD!” Saffron screamed as soon as she walked in to your shared apartment living room. The two of you were sitting on the couch, nowhere near doing anything affectionate or incriminating, but she scooped the two of you into a tight hug nonetheless.

“What? Why are you screaming, Saff?” You asked once you’d regained your breath.

“You two! You’re together now!” She squealed and clapped her hands.

“What? How did you know?” You asked in astonishment.

“It’s obvious. I could totally read the energy in the room. Plus, when I was taking Toshi’s stats the other day I could totally tell something was gonna happen. His oxytocin was off the charts! Plus, those hickies aren’t exactly subtle.”

Toshinori blushed and rubbed his face, as if he could wipe away the embarrassment of being so transparent. You absentmindedly covered the spots on your neck with your hand and sighed.

“Once I got the call I totally knew you were gonna tell me! Of course you’d tell your best friend first!”

“Uh- actually… Nighteye found out first,” All Might admitted.

“WHAT?” She shouted in disgust, “You told that stick in the mud before me?!”

“We didn’t tell him so much as he just found out…” You explained.

“Oh… Oh! Oh my god, he totally walked in on you two, didn’t he?”  She smirked.

“It wasn’t like that! We weren’t- you know…”

“This is off topic! We called you here because we needed your expertise.” Toshinori explained.

“Of course, of course. What do you need me for?” Saffron asked, still smirking.

“We’re weighing the pros and cons of going public. We both want to go public, but (Y/N) is worried about her safety and how the rabid fangirls will react online.”

“And what are your concerns about keeping it private?”

“I’m not very good at being subtle with affection around (Y/N),” Toshinori admitted. 

“Of course, no surprise there. I can’t either!” She replied. “Well, let me think for a moment.”

Saffron flipped out her phone and started vigorously typing in it, her brow furrowed as she wrote endlessly. After a few moments of you and Toshinori waiting with baited breath, she smiled and popped her head back up.

“Alright, personally I would love nothing more than for my favorite couple to go public, but I also think it might help you with lowering All for One’s guard. You guys have been spending tons of time together. The tabloids have already started to notice, but they haven’t written anything too substantial yet. If you give them time, though, they will. The more secretive you try to be the more All for One is going to pay attention to you. BUT , if we make you two public that’ll give a reason for why you’re together all the time. Instead of being a threat against All for One, you’re just All Might’s girlfriend. We’d have to make up some fake story as to how you met, who you are, and do a few interviews but I think we can make it work. Plus, paparazzi aren’t exactly swarming around this town. They’ll get bored of you fast enough.”

“Gee, thanks.” You smiled. It sounded like a solid enough plan, one that you could follow through with given the fact that doing it let you be with Toshinori.

“And as far as your safety goes,” Toshinori added, “I won’t ever let anyone hurt you. Neither will anyone else. I think that keeping things private would turn you into some sort of ‘forbidden fruit’ for villains. If they saw you around me but couldn’t figure out who you were that would make them want to harm you that much more. Knowing you and I were together would let them know I’m frequently around you. They wouldn’t dare try anything when I’m around.”

“Yeah, and I’ll kick anyone’s ass if they mess with you!” Saffron exclaimed.

“Of course, Saff. You’re very threatening.”

“You know it. So, do I have you both convinced?”

“I don’t think it would take much to convince me, Saffron.” Toshinori smiled, pressed a kiss to the side of your head.

“Awww… sickeningly adorable. Save it for the cameras. I’ll set you two up with an interview this week. People are gonna go berserk. Plus, it’s been awhile since there’s been anything stirring up the hero scene. I’ve been getting bored.”

“I’m glad you find us entertaining, Saffron.” You sighed.

“Better than reality tv.” She began typing vigorously on her phone, only half paying attention to what you were saying. Without looking up, she continued speaking. “Alright, I’ve got you a prime time interview with Entertainment daily this friday. You’re going to be their star feature. I’ll ask Chiara if she can whip something up for you to wear. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. I’ll work on that secret identity and fake name tonight… Am I forgetting anything? Oh! (Y/n)! What are you gonna do about your mom? Won’t she see the interview?”

Oh. Shit .

You could hear Toshinori enter the kitchen before you felt his tentative hand on your back. Saffron had left hours before, excusing herself to go to on her weekly date with Camilla. Toshi had left shortly after, off on another emergency call down town. The two of them left you alone to contemplate your thoughts and work through the agony that was deciding what to do with your mom.

You paced about the apartment, fretting and worrying over what you were going to do, if you should tell her you were alive or not. She’d obviously know it was you in the news if you made your relationship public with All Might. Your appearance had changed, but every mother knew their child’s face. Still, the shame that filled you when you thought about visiting your mom was overwhelming. 

After hours of pacing Toshinori had returned home to find you standing at the kitchen counter, blank stare diluting the usually content expression you had, as you clutched the marble with a white knuckle grip. He knew you well enough to guess what you were stressed about, and he wasted no time in trying to comfort you. 

It was his first opportunity to show you how good a boyfriend he could be, after all. 

“I think if you keep holding the counter like that you’ll crack it,” He mused, placing a warm hand over your knuckles in an attempt to release your tension.

You snapped out of your haze and looked to him, trying to give him some semblance of a smile. 

“Sorry,” You murmured, “Just thinkin’.”

“About your mother?” He asked.

“Yeah…” You admitted, letting out a loud sigh. “I’m not sure what I should do.”

“What do you want to do?” He asked, tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ear. 

“Well…” You thought for a minute. “I want to see her. I miss her so much, Tosh- But… after what I did I don’t know if I could face her. Especially after all of this time.”

You felt an ache in your heart that you couldn’t describe, a piercing pain that tore through your body and brought hot tears to your eyes. You wiped them away before they could fully form and turned your face away from Toshinori.

“I understand…” He said, placing his hand on your shoulder in reassurance.

“S-Sorry,” You mumbled, vigorously rubbing your eyes. “We should talk about something else…”

“No! Don’t feel like you have to change the subject. I’m here for you,” He said encouragingly. “If you wanna talk about it I’m good at listening. It’s what heroes do.”

Your lips turned up in a small smile at his mention of heroism. “I just don’t really know what to do. If I tell her I’m alive now and things go bad with All for One then… it’ll break her heart all over again. But even if things do go bad… I want to see her one last time.”

She saw him set his jaw for a minute before speaking again. “(Y/N), we’ve talked about this. I won’t let anything happen to you. You have to stop thinking of the fight with All for One as the end of your life. After that it will be the beginning.”

You sighed, “I know. I’m sorry, I’m not doubting you just- doubting myself…”

“You have no reason to,” He reassured you. “You’re doing fantastic in your training. You’ve come so far, seeing your mother is just the next step in changing your life.”

You nodded your head halfheartedly. He was right.

“I know…” You took a deep breath. “W-Would you call her for me? See if she’d want to see me? If- If I do it I’ll chicken out…” 

“Of course. I’ll call her as soon as possible.” He beamed at you.

“Great... “ You mumbled, swallowing the lump in your throat.


Of all the things you thought dating Toshinori would involve, reuniting with your mother was not one of them.

Chapter Text

Nights, in your opinion, were the perfect time to fly your broom. The crisp fall air swirled around you, picking up bundles of red and orange leaves as you glided through the forest, a long broomstick situated between your legs. The full moon shone above you, illuminating the dirt path you traveled across. It was a journey you’d traveled many times before, so familiar that you’re body could guide your broomstick without use of your brain.

You were bringing a small basket of fresh baked goods to your friend, Saffron, who didn’t seem to make much time for eating amongst the other things she had to do when running the tiny village you called home. She would scold you for traveling alone so late at night, stating that it was too dangerous, but you didn’t care. You’d never seen a single soul out in the woods, and you doubt you ever would. Plus, you were starting to become more confident in your abilities as a witch, you could surely take on anything that might threaten you. 

Your mother had told you of a legend that surrounded the forest, a tale probably intended to scare children from running off into the thicket and getting hurt. It spoke of a beast, larger than any mortal man. He was cursed, a man by day but forced by the moon to take on a different shape at night. Legend said that the prowled on the weak and innocent, luring them deep into the forest to never be heard from again. 

You never paid the tale any mind, even as a child. The thought of something unknown excited you. You weren’t afraid of much, and silly tales for children certainly wasn’t on that list.

An especially crisp breeze brushed past your calves, blowing the fabric of your skirt like a kite. You wobbled on your broom, but stabilized yourself as you continued on your way. You pulled your cloak closer around you and shivered, letting out a warm breath that blew like smoke up into the air.

“Almost there,” You reminded yourself, thinking of the toasty fire Saffron would have waiting for you. She’d probably treat you to tea as well, or some other warm drink to heat your cold bones. 

The path continued for a while longer as the sky began to darken, bringing another bitter blast of cold wind with it. It snapped your wandering mind from it’s day dreaming, giving you a moment to look at your surroundings.

“Shit…” You mumbled, realizing that you must’ve strayed off of your path when you weren’t paying attention. 

The path beneath you was nowhere near as worn and well used at the one you were used to, and weaved back and forth through the trees and bushes.

You dismounted your broom and tucked it beneath your arm, hoping if you took a moment to get your bearings you would figure out where you’d gotten lost. Unfortunately, you had no such luck.

“Fuck…” You groaned, taking a few steps down the leaf covered path. Nothing seemed familiar to you, you couldn’t even see the original path you’d traveled on. Your best hope was to fly above the treeline with your broom and see if you could see some sort of landmark from up there. It’d be a pain with this cold, but it was better than getting even more lost. The dark would make it difficult, but if the full moon that was beginning to shine in the sky would light your way. You looked disdainfully into your basket of once warm goods. Saffron would be so disappointed that they weren’t hot and fresh, but some pastries were better than none. 

Just as you were about to remount your broom and fly higher to get a better look, you felt a gush of hot wind whip your hair aside. You could hear footsteps crunch the leaves behind you, heavy feet paired with deep breathing. You bristled, the alarms in your head urging you to run, but you didn’t move.

“What do we have here?” A low, inhuman voice rasped, taking a step right behind you. You could hear them sniff behind you, then grunt in satisfaction. You didn’t dare turn around, didn’t dare move, your life depended on it.

“What’s a delicious little snack like you doing out here?” The voice asked, taking a few steps around to get a look at your face. You closed your eyes tight, hoping that if you didn’t look that this wouldn’t be real, that this wouldn’t be happening. You were at home, safe in your bed, without any scary monsters confronting you.

Your heart hammered in your chest and your breathing was shallow and frantic, but you kept your calm as best as you could. You didn’t make a noise, didn’t open your eyes, didn’t even move. 

“What’s wrong, precious? Are you afraid of something you haven’t even seen? Or perhaps you’ve heard of me.” You felt a sharp claw hook under your chin, tilting your face upwards and urging you to get a look at him. “Come on, beautiful. Let me see your eyes.”

You swallowed audibly and slowly peeked at the monster in front of you. You breath caught in your throat as you were met with an impossible wall of thick, sandy blonde fur.

Your eyes widened as you looked at the rest of the behemoth. He was easily a few feet taller than you, with thick muscles covered in a thick pelt. His face was more beast than man, with an unhuman gaze looking down at you. His eyes were the most shocking of all, a bright blue that you’d only ever seen in the rarest of potion making flowers in your shop. Large, wolf like ears, were perched atop his large head, flickering in the wind as it blew against them.

“Wh-Who are you?” You choked out, still paralyzed to the spot.

He chuckled darkly, removing his claw from your chin as he took a step back.

“Ha! Surely you’ve heard of the big bad wolf,” he spat each word, his lips drawing back to reveal a set of sharp teeth. 

You gasped and took a step back, causing him to laugh again.

“What do you want with me?” 

“Something to entertain me. A sweet little pet like you would do just wonderfully.” He grinned, his hot breath causing steam to rise up around you.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and took a step back. You charged a spell in your hand, ready to blast him and try and get out of there as fast as you could.

He must’ve seen it coming, however, as one of his large hands wrapped around your wrist with bruising force.

“I wouldn’t do that, little one.” He snarled, bending your wrist back and causing you to whimper in pain, “Unless you’d like to lose this arm.”

You meekly let the magic culminating into your palm dissipate, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“That’s much better. We have a long night ahead of us.” He snickered, hoisting you up over his shoulders and running deep through the forest. He ran at frightening speeds while you clung to his back, hair whipping your face as you screamed out for help. No one seemed to hear you, though. You were so deep into the forest you weren’t even sure anyone was around. You wondered what your fate would be once he reached his destination. What would he do with you? Kill you? Eat you? Other unspeakable things? 

The thought overwhelmed you and caused a steady stream of tears to spill from your eyes. You were done for. 

He slowed his sprint as he neared a hill with a large opening in it’s side. It was secluded and well hidden, you wouldn’t have known it was there had he not carried you directly into it. He carried you deep inside through the darkness, through tunnel after tunnel until he emerged into a dimly lit room.

He tossed you unceremoniously to the floor and you instantly shuffled backwards until your back met the cave wall. You looked at your surroundings, surprised to see that it was lightly furnished with the bare necessities someone would need; a plush bedroll, a pile of clothes, a basin for water and some lanters. It was much more than you expected a monster such as him to have.

You heard his heavy foot prints pad across the floor, sharp nails clicking against stone. He walked over to your broom and basket, which he’d also tossed on the ground, and started rooting through your bag.

“W-What are you going to do to me?” You asked, voice quaking as you waited in anticipation.

“Whatever I feel like,” He mumbled, shoving the baked goods you’d been carrying into his large mouth. He grunted in satisfaction as he ate, and you wanted to protest but decided against it. He finished them and used his furry arm to wipe of his snout, turning another time to stare you down intently. 

“I am in need of a healer.” He admitted, stalking closer to you.

“A- a healer?” You asked in surprise.

“Yes, a healer. Do you not listen?” He spat, crouching down to look at you at face level.

“S-sorry…” You mumbled, pressing yourself further against the wall of the cave.

“Can you do that, then? Heal?” 

“I- yes. I can. I can heal people.”

“Good. Then you will heal me in the morning.” He decided.

“In the morning? Why not now?” You asked.

“Patience, woman,” He snarled. “It can’t be done when the moon is high. You will wait with me tonight until morning. Then you will heal me and be free to leave.”


The word made your hopes feel higher than they had in the past hour. You just had to heal this monster and you’d be free. You could survive one night, you knew you could.

“Unless, that is, I decide to eat you instead. You do smell delectable,” He growled, closing the distance between you and shoving his snout into the crook of your neck. You cried out in surprise, trying to push him away with trembling hands. His strong shoulders didn’t budge as he sniffed you up and down. He licked up the side of your neck with his hot tongue and you felt like gagging as you whimpered, wishing that it would be over and that he would leave you be until the morning.

“The nights are long and lonesome, however. Until morning you will entertain me.”

“Entertain you?” You started, closing your legs as tightly as you could. “What do you want me to do?”

“A magic trick. Tell me a story. Do something and I just might reward you,” the blonde monster teased, his tackles laughter echoing about the walls of the cave. His blue eyes sparkled as he laughed and for a moment he almost looked human

“I- um- I can tell you a story” you started, knowing full well that you were equally bad at story telling as you were at party tricks. Magic was serious business to you. You wouldn’t insult yourself by wasting it on some beast. 

“Good. Tell me the story while you pet me.” He said, laying down on the hard ground in front of you. 

“What??” You almost laughed at the absurdity of his request, but held your tongue.

“You heard me.” He said, laying on the ground and stretching out before you. “Tell me a story as you pet me and maybe I will let you live until morning.”

You swallowed and eyed his body, thick cords of muscle covered in a thick pelt of fur. It would only take the smallest amount of effort for him to kill you. You decided it would be best to indulge him in any of his weird requests so long as it meant you survived.

“A-alright,” you stuttered, reaching your hand out to tentatively touch his shoulder. Your hand trembled as you slowly outstretched your palm to him, gently placing it on to his fur.

The beasts fur was much softer than you’d anticipated. Silky smooth, like that of an old pet you had. Not befitting the horrible monster that had kidnapped you.

He didn’t make any move to bite your arm off or push you away, so you pressed your palm deeper into his fur and stroked down his arm. You felt him shudder underneath you and let out a loud grunt, but didn’t say any more.

You swallowed and continued to pet him, thinking about how bizarre this situation was, but grateful that you had survived this long. You thought you were going to get away with just petting him and sitting in silence, but as he moved around and forced you to pet his back and his neck and other places, he spoke up.

“Where is my story, girl?” He barked, suddenly glaring at you with his piercing blue eyes.

“O-oh. Yeah… sorry… What kind of story do you want?” You asked tentatively, your hands stilling.

“A good one…” He answered noncommittally. “One with… A man and a woman. Make sure it has a happy ending… A loving ending...”

“A man and a woman?” You thought out loud. “With a happy loving ending?” 

What an odd request coming from such an awful beast… 

“Don’t mock me,” He snarled, flashing his sharp teeth at you.


You racked your brain for a story, thinking of ones you’d heard before and piecing them together with other ones to create one that you hoped the beast would like. You didn’t want to take too long, as you could feel him grow impatient of waiting.

“Once… in a land a lot like ours, there was a man who loved a woman. The man lived as a hunter in the forest and the woman was- the woman was a potion seller in  the town…” You started unsteadily as you began petting him again. He didn’t say anything and seemed satisfied with the stories beginning, so you continued. “The hunter was deeply in love with the potion seller, but the potion seller never seemed to notice. Every day he would bring her ingredients he’d find while hunting. The rarest flowers, most important roots, expensive mushrooms. She would gratefully accept everything he’d give her, but never knew the true reasons behind the gifts.”

He turned his large head to face you as you spoke, his blue glare softening as you became more bold in your petting. You absentmindedly scratched behind his ears, under his jaw, and the top of his forehead. He closed his eyes and sighed in contentment as he continued to listen to you spin your tale.

“What the hunter didn’t know was that the potion seller loved him too, and every day she would send him home with the finest potions and baked goods she could give him. The two pined over each other for months, until the hunter's heart was so full he thought it would burst. He needed to do something, so he made a plan. He asked her to make her the most powerful potion he could think of; one that could destroy the feelings he thought were unrequited. He spent weeks gathering her all the rare ingredients she needed while lamenting over how much his heart hurt.”

The beast opened  his eyes again and began watching you intently, as if this story resonated with him in some way. “That is ridiculous. If he loved her so much he should’ve told her!”

“Some people aren’t brave enough,” You argued. The ears on the top of his head twitched.

“If it were me I would take her away and confess to her. Force her to love me.” He snarled. You bristled at the harsh sound of his voice.

“I don’t know if you can force someone to love you…” You mentioned timidly.

“It doesn’t matter. Continue the story,” He commanded.

“Okay… When the man gave her the last ingredient she was able to make him the potion, but he was beginning to have second thoughts. She was with him, waiting to see if her creation would work. He stared at the bottle, unsure if he could drink it or not and lose the feelings he had for her. 

‘Do you not want it?’ The potion maker asked. 

‘I am unsure if I can…’ The hunter explained.

‘Why would you want a potion to seal your heart off in the first place?’ She asked for the first time since he requested she make it. He swallowed and was unsure if he could explain it.

‘I am in love…’ He confessed. 

‘Do you not want to be?’ She asked curiously.

‘I do not think my love is returned…’ He admitted shyly.” You looked to the beast to gauge his reaction. He seemed enthralled with your story, so you took it as your cue to continue on.

“The potion maker was hopeful. She had not wanted to make him the potion, as she hoped someday he would return her love. But she did it for him anyways.

‘Have you tried to tell them?’ She asked.

‘I am too afraid. I could not stand to have my heart broken, I care for them so much.’

‘I think you should at least try…’ The potion maker said, thinking of her own confession. ‘If it were me, I would want to tell them…’

The hunter looked at her for a long time, before he spoke again. ‘It’s you, my love. It is you I have been pining for.’

The potion maker gasped and took his hand. “I have been in love with you too, my dear hunter. I have been in love with you for quite some time.’

The two were elated, and the potion was discarded and forgotten. They eventually married and live happily ever after…” You trailed off, looking at the beast to see if he liked the story. To your relief, he seemed to be deep asleep, snoring softly.

You felt the most relaxed you had during your entire time with him as he slept. For a moment, you thought about your chances of escape. If you were quiet, you could sneak out of the room you were in and traverse the cave and escape. The tunnels were winding and confusing, though, and you were more likely to get hopelessly lost. Plus, the beast said he needed healed, and he hadn’t done you any harm so far. He seemed incredibly uninterested in hurting you. You decided your best chance was to wait until the morning and hope he kept his promise.

You laid your head back against the cool wall of the cave. Just a few more hours. That’s all you had to survive. You could do this.

You elected to stay awake, that night, thought exhaustion tugged at your eyelids. You decided it would be the best course of action just in case the beast woke up. 

You lasted a few hours before exhaustion began to win over your fear, and eventually you slumped back against the wall  and fell into a deep sleep.

Throughout the night you felt your body move, pressed and held against something warm and furry. You didn’t wake up, too exhausted to even react.


When you woke up the next day you were overtly aware that you were not alone and that someone was definitely watching you. You also noticed that you were no longer on the floor, but instead wrapped up in a blanket on top of a bed roll. You cautiously opened your eyes, wondering if the beast was still there and what was going on.

To your surprise, the beast wasn’t there, and instead a thin man sat in his place. He was sitting against the wall by the bed roll, sipping on a glass of what you assumed was tea while a fire pit crackled in the middle of the floor.

“Good morning,” The man greeted you, standing up from where he was sitting. He walked over to the fire and pulled a kettle from it. He poured another glass of tea for you and sat it next to you.

You looked at him warily, wondering who he was and where the beast had gone. The man seemed too skinny to be alive, and his eyes were deep set into his face. He had a head of wild crazy blonde hair that hung down in two long tendrils past his gaunt cheekbones. He was impossibly tall as he sulked around the cave, moving things around as he waited for you to get up.

“W-who are you?” You asked, sitting up. You eyed the glass of tea suspiciously as he sat down next to you again, sipping his own.

“Don’t you recognize me? I’m hurt…” He gave you a wolfish grin. You gasped as you looked him in the eyes, noticing the unsettling blue color of them. 

“A-are you the beast?” You asked in shock.

“A beast? Perhaps. I like to refer to myself as something less horrific. I’m two halves of an unfortunate hole.”

“What does that mean?” You asked.

“It means I’m cursed. It was passed down to me from someone else, and now every night I am forced to undergo the transformation into a ‘beast’ as you called it.”

“Oh… I’m very sorry to hear that…” you sympathized with him. You felt yourself relax as you learned more about him. It seemed the beast was gone,  for the time being.

“You don’t want to hear about my sob story, of course. You’re here with a purpose. My other half brought you here to heal me.”

“Oh, yes. He did. Um- what is it exactly you want me to heal?” You asked.

“I will warn you, it is not the prettiest thing to look at.” He sighed, leaning forward to lift up his loose-fitting shirt. You saw it then, bright and obvious against his tan skin. 

The skin on the side of his chest was horrifically marred, like a poisonous flower blooming from a singular hole in his side. The skin was various hues of bright purple and red, and you couldn’t imagine how painful it was for him.

“How did that happen?” You gasped, leaning forward to look at it. It was a miracle he was still alive.

“A warlock who is set on destroying me. I barely made it out with my life. “Do you think you can fix it?”

“I will do my best…” You answered timidly. Healing spells usually took up a lot of your power, but you couldn’t stand to see anyone suffer. Even a man cursed to be a beast.

“That all I can ask for, I suppose.” He said.

“Can you lay on this bed?” You  requested, cautiously standing up.

“Yes, I can.” He said, replacing you on the bed. He stretched his long limbs out and rid his chest of his shirt for you. You contemplated the best way to heal this man as you sat down next to him.

“Alright…” You began, “This may hurt…”

You took a deep breath in as your hands tentatively reached out to trace the lines of the scar. 

“Your hands are cold…” he exhaled, a small smile turning up the corners of his lips.

“I’m sorry…” You responded, channeling a healing spell into your fingertips. You let the power build and build until you were ready to release it.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind.” He grinned. 

With a breath for courage, you released your magic and channeled it from your fingertips to his wound.

He grunted in discomfort but didn’t complain. His eyelids closed and you could see his jaw clench, but he fought through the pain.

You could see the difference your healing magic was making on him. While not absolute, you could see the seams of his injury begin to knit back together, the red inflamation dulling. Your magic was flowing out of you unusually fast, and you could feel mana fatigue set in. Your fingers ached, but you continued to push your magic limits. You were making such a noticeable difference on the large injury, you wanted to do as much as you could.

As the last bit of magic you possessed slipped out of your fingers you let out a heavy sigh. You were absolutely drained, but proud of how much you’d healed. It wasn’t anywhere near completely done, but looked much less debilitating than before.

“I’m sorry…” You started, hands shaking from strain as he sat up to inspect himself. “I was only able to do so much before I ran out of energy.”

“That’s quite alright, my dear. It is already so much less painful than it was before. You’re a miracle worker.” He smiled, taking your trembling hands in his incredibly long ones. His hands were almost hot to the touch, but it felt good against your cold skin so you didn’t pull away.

“I’m glad I could help you.” You smiled, hoping he’d uphold his end of the deal and set you free.

“With a few more attempts you will have me good as new. I already feel stronger.”

“Of course! You’re welcome to come by my shop any time.” You offered with a kind smile.

“Your shop? Oh no, dear. That won’t do. You’ll stay here with me.”

“B-but you said you’d let me go…” Your smile dropped.

“Ah, yes. But I’ve been watching you for quite some time. I’ve seen how many people come to your shop in a day. You’d have no magic left for me! You’d be giving all your attention to other people.”

“W-what?” You choked, horrified by his declaration.

“You’ll find it to be much more pleasant here. You will keep me strong and healthy as I once was and I will keep you safe, my sweet little pet, tucked away in this cave.”

“Y-you can't keep me here!” You argued, beginning to panic.

“Can’t I? If you were traverse the cave on your own you’d surely get lost and die. You have no choice but to stay here.”

“I- I won’t heal you if you don’t let me go!” You tried to barter.

“That wouldn’t serve you very well, pet. You need me to bring you food. You’ll learn to love it here. I will make you.”

“I-I’ll never love it here! Y-you're a monster!” You began to cry, hiccuping hysterically as you tried to back away from him. He held your hand more firmly, almost painfully. 

“Of course you will!” He grinned evilly, “After all, it was you who said that the potion maker really had loved the hunter all along, wasn’t it? Do not worry, you will learn to love this cave, and me, my lovely potion maker.

Chapter Text

It was the afternoon after your first week in high school. With the weekend finally there, you took the chance to relax with your mom and best friend, Brienne, at your home. The three of you were lounging around on your couch, your head in your mom’s lap and your legs draped over Brienne’s. A large pile of snacks sat in front of all of you, and a half-eaten pizza was abandoned on the nearby kitchen counter.

“This movie is so cheesy!” Brienne complained, groaning and rolling her eyes. You’d been taking turns all evening picking movies, and this was an oldie your mom loved to watch when she was younger.

“That’s what’s so great about it!” She argued, tossing popcorn at your unamused friend.

“What girl just drops everything as soon as she graduates and runs off with some guy to get married? What a waste of a degree.” Brienne moaned.

“It was romantic at the time!” Your mother defended it.

“Marriage is such a sham,” Brienne groaned, “Hardly any of them work and they all just end in heartbreak!”

Briennes knew how hard marriage could be, based on her parents violent and brief time together. Her mom was deep into drugs, and her father used alcohol to cope. After the divorce, her mom dissappeared without a word and her dad spent more time at work than he did at home. As such, she practically lived with you and your mom, with her own bed and everything there whenever she needed it.

 “Are you telling me you’re never gonna get married, Bri?” Your mother asked.

“Once (Y/N) and I become heroes we’ll have men flocking towards us. I’ll probably pick one eventually, but I’m gonna save up a ton of money and all three of us are gonna move south. Then (Y/N) and I will open up our agency and make it big.”

“I’m glad I get to be included in your plan.” Your mom laughed.

“Can we not move too far south? I like it near the ocean,” You offered.

“Yeah, of course we’re gonna stick by the ocean. What’s the point of a water hero that isn’t near water?”

“I hope someday they make a movie about you two. And when they’re interviewing me for facts and juicy info I’ll tell them about how you despised the thought of getting married,” Your mother started with a laugh, “And I’ll make sure to include that we moved south, but not too far south as to be away from the ocean.”

“If you go far enough south you’ll end back up at the ocean again,” You mentioned.

“That’s true, that’s true. This opens a lot of options for us. I’ll make sure to start looking for good places soon, but first we gotta finish this shitty movie.” Brienne laughed.

“Alright, we’ll finish this shitty movie.” Your mom affirmed, causing you to smile.


Life with them had perfect.

Toshinori had not prepared you well for your visit with your mother. Saffron made the call to your mom, vaguely mentioning she wanted to visit with some of her associates to revisit the case of her missing daughter, one that had been closed years ago.  You’d listened in as your mother agreed, answering a few questions about her whereabouts and when would be a good time to meet.

 Turns out,  the next day was most convenient for her. 

Your mother sounded tired as she spoke, her voice aged in the time since you’d last heard her, but the familiarity of it made your heart ache. Had you been the reason she’d lost her carefree voice? Had the worry aged her prematurely? How much damage had you done to the woman you loved more than life itself, and was it repairable? 

 You missed her so much.

Tears rolled down your face once Saffron hung up, and without hesitation she pulled you to her in wordless hug. You sniffled and trembled against her, elated that you’d see your mother but also filled with fear thinking about how she’d react when she saw you.

Regardless, Toshinori had instilled his bravery in you. He believed you could do it, so you would. If not for your sake, for his. You thought about every perilous situation your new boyfriend went through every day. He faced villains, natural disaster, and general danger on a daily basis. If he could do that with a smile on his face, you could face your mother too.

That night, you were completely unable to sleep. Toshi had taken a double shift of patrols to account for leaving town with you the next day, so you were left alone with your thoughts. You weren’t sure what you’d say to her, how you’d express just how much you wanted to make up for all the pain you caused her. She had every right to hate you. But, she was your mother. You held on to the hope that she’d still love you as much now as the day you left.

You found yourself slumped across the couch as you scrolled through your mother’s social media profile, looking all the way back through the photos she’d shared of you in your younger years.

There was one of you as a baby, shoveling a fistful of something into your mouth with a wide, toothless grin on your face. Another one showed you and her together, after you’d gotten your first bike. There was one of the two of you on a trip to the beach with Brienne, screwing around and burying your mom in the sand. Your favorite one, though, was of the three of you on your couch, pizza crusts held up to your mouths to imitate smiles. You could see the genuine smiles hidden beneath the crusts as you posed together, and the memories of that night played in your head. 

Tears began to fall down your cheeks as another fresh wound opened itself in your heart, forcing you to wonder what you’d all be doing together had you not ruined it. 

You didn’t realize you were being watched until Toshi shifted behind you, causing you to jump out of your skin.

“Was that you with your mother?” He asked, sliding onto the couch next to you, still dressed in his hero garb.

“Jesus, Tosh. You scared the shit out of me!” You whined, clutching your heart. You tried to hastily wipe away any remaining tears, but Toshinori was too observant.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” he asked, pressing his palm against your cheek and wiping away your tears with his thumb.

“N-nothing. I’m fine, Toshi.” You lied, putting your phone in your lap and taking a breath to collect yourself.

“(Y/N), we’ve been living together for almost two months. I know when you’re upset. It’s about your mother, isn’t it?”

You nodded silently.

“Are you still afraid of what she’ll think?” He asked.

“Terrified.” You admitted. “I know she’s my mom, but I’m still so ashamed of running away on her and causing so much pain.”

“It’s all going to be okay, darling.” He murmured as he pulled you into a hug. “Whatever happens, Saffron and I will be there by your side.”

“Thanks, Toshi.” You mumbled, pressing your head against his chest as you tried to subdue the tears that threatened to spill from your eyes.

He held you in silence for a few moments, pressing his face into your hair as he rubbed your back. You felt your worries begin to fade with each stroke of his hands, and eventually you’d melted against his form.

“It’s getting late,” He whispered against you.

You hummed, barely hanging on to consciousness. Toshinori smiled and hugged you a little tighter for just a moment. He felt all of the stress he’d been carrying from the day melt as if it were never there. He wouldn’t tell you, but he was as worried about the coming day as you were. He wanted it to go well, wanted your mother to accept you easily back into her life, but he didn’t know anything about her. His entire opinion of her was based on what you’d told him and what he assumed she was like based on your personality.

Your mother forgiving you wasn’t the only thing he was worried about, though. He worried that once you got there you wouldn’t want to leave, that you’d want to stay and abandon him. While you had every right to do so, it wouldn’t make the pain of losing you so soon after he’d finally confessed his love any easier.

Nevertheless, he knew that you had to be reunited with your mother, no matter what it meant for your relationship with him or the confrontation with All for One. 

Once your breathing against his chest slowed he knew it was his cue to take you to your bed. He would’ve been content to lay there with you all night had it not been for the filthy hero suit sticking to his body. He desperately needed a shower and some fresh clothes, which would come at the expense of putting you into your own bed.

He quietly picked you up as he had so many times before, tiptoeing as best as he could to place you onto the comfort of your own mattress. 

His shower lasted much longer than it should have so late at night, but he found his mind wandering as it usually did when he was on the brink of exhaustion. His worrying always started out as simple things; repairs he needed to schedule for his suit, publicity events he’d be going to soon, paperwork that needed to be done. Then, it grew into bigger and less sensical problems; if you were sleeping well, whether your relationship would work out, whether or not he’d survive his fight with All for One. His worries grew and grew like that until the heat from the shower turned him bright red and his skin became wrinkled. With a heavy sigh, he finally shut off the water and stepped out, toweling off before throwing on his sweatpants.

His blankets felt cold against his skin as he tucked himself into bed, just as they always did. He thought about how nice it would be to have you there with him, warming up the blankets and welcoming him into your open arms as he climbed into bed. He’d sleep better than he ever had, this he knew, with someone there to ground him, to keep his restless mind from wandering out of control. 

But you were asleep in your own room, and you’d only been ‘together’ for a few days. He’d have to leave things as they were, for now. All things would come in due time.

He hoped.


When you woke the next morning you were surprised at how much sleep you got. As usual, you woke alone in your bed much earlier than your alarm, but you weren’t tired. You actually felt well rested and at ease, until someone burst into your room unannounced.

“(Y/N)!” Saffron cried out in distress, toting two iced coffees and a paper bag in her hands. “What are you doing in bed? We’ve gotta go!”

“What? I thought we weren’t leaving until 9!” You protested groggily as she pulled you out of bed.

“No! We needed to be on the road by 9! I know how long it takes you guys to get ready!” She set her coffees down and began shoving you towards the bathroom.

“It doesn’t take me that long!” You argued as she shoved you into the bathroom and closed the door.

“It’s mostly Toshinori I’m worried about,” she explained. You could hear her rummaging through your drawers as she talked to you, most likely finding an outfit she deemed acceptable.  “Hurry up and shower or whatever it is you have to do. The more well put together you look the better she’ll probably take you coming back.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” You said, following her instructions anyways as you filled the tub and slipped in.

“In my book ‘Reconnecting with parents; Revisiting Baby Steps’, I talk about parents and how they cope with the loss of children. All parents want for their children is for them to be safe and okay, so if you come back looking like hell it’ll be devastating for her to know how you were suffering all those years. If you come back looking like you’ve got your shit together she’ll be relieved.”

“And you know this from your experience losing a child and reuniting with them?” You asked as you scrubbed through your hair.

“Field research, babe,” She stated as she flung the door open and entered without permission.

At this point, you were so used to her lack of personal boundaries that you just rolled your eyes. She busied herself in unloading her purse with things she’d specifically brought to gussy you up.

“Alright, I guess I’ll trust you. It’s better than going in there without a plan.” You sighed, draining the tub and slipping a towel around you as your tail dried. Once you regained use of your legs you stepped over to the counter to see what she had prepared for you.

“Sit,” She pushed you down by your shoulder onto the small stool that sat in front of the mirror.

“What’s all this stuff?” You asked, gesturing to the mountain of skincare products she had in front of you.

“The key to make you look fresh,” She said, taking the cap off of a small jar and dabbing its contents onto her finger. She rubbed the substance onto the bags under your eyes. 

“Are you saying I look stale?” 

“No, just not as fresh as you could look. You look like you spend all your days training and working out.”

“Well, I kinda do,” you retorted as  she started massaging a sweet smelling oil into your hair.

“Yeah, but your mom doesn’t need to know that. We’re gonna tell her you’re working at All Might’s agency as a talent recruiter, just like we’ve been telling everyone else. That kinda job is going to require you to look like a business woman at least a little bit. Business women don’t have hangnails,” She explained, taking your fingers into her hands and smearing them with a citrusy smelling cream.

“Yeah, yeah. I know that, but my mom knows me and she knows I hate office work. I don’t know if that lie will work for her.”

“We’ll fluff it up a bit, then. Say it’s part of a community service that you’re doing for stealing food when you were homeless.”

“I don’t want my mom to think I have a criminal record.” You groaned.

“I mean, technically you do. We just had it expunged when you started working at the prison.”

“She doesn’t need to know that, though! Can’t we tell her I’m recruiting water heroes by testing their quirks or something? That sounds more reasonable and less paperwork oriented.”

“Sure, sure. Whatever you think will work.” She nodded, tossing you the outfit she’d picked out for you. “Now dry your hair and get dressed. We have to leave in five minutes. I’m gonna make sure Toshinori is almost ready.”

“Good luck with that,” You said as she left the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts. 

You busied yourself with drying your hair, then putting on the outfit Saffron  had picked out for you. You had to admit, once your hair was styled and your outfit was on you did look pretty professional. She’d picked a simple outfit that was the definition of ‘business casual’ but you didn’t completely hate it, they were your clothes after all.

Once you took one last look in the mirror the dread began to set in again. 

“I can do this,” You whispered to yourself, clawing at the counter with a white knuckle-grip. “I’m gonna go, I’m gonna see her, and we’re gonna  make up and it will be fine. I can- I can- I can’t do this…”

Your weight slumped against the counter as your trembling knees gave way. “I can’t do this…  I can’t do this… I can’t-”

“(Y/N)? Are you ready to go?” Saffron peeked her head in, gasping once she saw your shivering form. “Oh my god! What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do this, Saff. I still can’t face her. I’m too afraid.” You mumbled.

“Don’t say that! I absolutely know you can!” She encouraged you, dropping to the floor and pulling you up into a big hug. “You’re so brave. Once you get there it’ll be so easy you’ll wonder why you were ever scared.”

“She’s gonna hate me! She has every reason to hate me!”

“She won’t hate you, (Y/N). She won’t. I promise you.  She loves you just as much now as she did then. It’s how moms are.”

You shuddered for a few more moments as Saffron hugged you, finally taking a deep breath. “Do you really think so?”

“I know so.” She said, squeezing you tightly.

“Thanks, Saff. I don’t know what I'd do without you,” You smiled meekly at her.

“I dunno what you’d do either, honestly,” She grinned, helping you off of the floor. 

“Are you ladies ready to go?” Toshi asked, entering the bathroom and surveying the scene. He was dressed in a black shirt and jeans, much more casual than you were used to.

“Yep, we’re ready!” Saffron cheered, “Just finishing up. Come on, (Y/N). Your iced coffee is probably melting.”

Saffron released you long enough for Toshi to swoop in, putting a reassuring hand on your back as he asked you if you were okay once again.

“I’m fine, Toshi. With you two by my side I can do this.” You said, more for yourself than for him.

“I know you can too, you don’t even need us.”

“But having you here helps,” You whispered as you hugged him.

“I’m glad,” He smiled and hugged you back.


Like clockwork, the three of you were on the road by nine on the dot. You were scheduled to meet your mother at eleven, which left about two hours for you to worry and stress. Toshi and Saffron had even rented a hotel room for the night, just in case the three of you ended up staying with her longer than anticipated. That way your reunion wouldn’t feel rushed.

One the drive there you anxiously picked at your nails and bounced your knee. When Saffron saw you ruining all the hard work she’d put into your nail bed, she swatted your hands away. You resorted to chewing at the skin of your lip instead, trying your best to keep your mind off of things. Saffron filled her car with idle chatter as she drove, and Toshinori slept in the back, the entire section filled with his large body. 

You let the sound of Saffrons voice drone on as you stared out of the window, thinking about your mother and old best friend.


“So, (Y/N),” Brienne began, flopping over on her bed to face you. It was the middle of the night, as it usually was when Brienne asked serious questions, but you were awake nonetheless, debating whether or not you wanted to finish the leftover pizza that your mom had put away once you’d finished movies.

“What should we do if we don’t become heroes?” She continued.

“What? What do you mean?” You asked, sitting up in bed.

“Like, if we end up being shitty heroes what are we gonna do?” She elaborated, turning the light on her phone to shine it in your face.

“Ouch, what the hell! Turn that off,” You groaned, sheilding your eyes. “Why would you ask about something like that? You’re at UA. You’re deffinitely gonna be a hero.”

“I know, but like imagine: What if one day all quirks disappear just as fast as they came? What will we do?”

You sighed, much too tired to be thinking about things like this so late at night. All you wanted was some pizza, why couldn’t Brienne just go to sleep like a normal person?

“Well, I dunno. I’ve thought about being a singer, but I’d be shit at that.”

“Yeah, you’re pretty shy.” She agreed. “Maybe you could do that think some people do where they just sing and have a hologram perform for them.”

“I dunno… that’s kinda weird.” 

“Yeah, but it’d make hella money.”


“Okay, funny stuff aside; what would you really do?” She pressed.

“God, I dunno Bri. I’ve never thought about it. It’s more likely I’ll suck at being a hero than you, so when that happens I’ll run your agency. How about that?”

“Like I would ever let you touch my paperwork. I’ve seen your homework. You can work at recruiting people for me. Draw them in with your womanly whiles.”

“What the hell does that even mean? You want me to seduce people so they’ll join your future agency?”

“Bingo.” She giggled hysterically.

“Jesus, Bri. I think you’re getting a little slap happy. Go to sleep.” You couldn’t help but laugh along with her.

“Alright, alright,” She sputtered out in between fits of laughter, “But first you gotta ask what I’ll do if  I don’t become a hero?”

“Okay, what are you gonna be if you aren’t a hero?”

“A stripper!”

“(Y/N), wake up. We’re at the hotel. Get your ass up!” Saffron shook you, waking you from your dream.

“Crap, sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.” You yawned, getting out and stretching your legs. Toshi stood there waiting, your small overnight bag tucked alongside his under his arm. 

“We gotta hurry and check in before we head over. She’ll be waiting for us.”

“Yeah, okay. We can do this…” You exhaled, giving Toshi the fakest smile he’d ever seen.

It only took you a few moments to check in to the hotel, which was much fancier  than you’d expected based on how the rest of the town looked. It was rather rural, but the inn seemed to have all the modern amenities you might need. Clean rooms, room service, and a small hot spring. 

Toshi had reserved two rooms for the night. One for you and Saffron and the other for him. You put your things down without paying much mind to the room itself, too eager to get to your mother and get it all over with.

Saffron had to be right. By the time you were done you’d wonder why you were ever scared in the first place. 

  Her house was close to the edge of town, which was about a  five minute walk from your hotel.

Five minutes of absolute agony.

You held tightly onto Toshinori’s hand as you walked, fear filling your body. You counted house numbers, trying to figure out which one would be hers and how close you were getting to it. You began at one hundred houses, then going down to fifty, then ten, and suddenly you could see it, the house she’d moved to after the memories of your hometown were too much to bear. It seemed so her as you walked up the sidewalk and towards it, all while Saffron was telling you all about protocol and other stuff you weren’t listening to. The house was small, maybe with only one or two bedrooms, but well kept. The porch housed some pots of small summer flowers, and everything seemed so familiar to you, even though you’d never been there before. It just showed how much your moms essence and energy flowed through everything she touched, making her  the wonderful artist she was.

Toshi squeezed your hand reassuringly as the three of you walked up to the house and up the porch. Your breath caught in your throat and you found yourself inching behind Toshi as Saffron knocked on the front door.

Time stood still as you pressed your head into his back, completely concealed by his large body. The three of you waited, you holding your breath, for your mother to answer the door.

It took a few moments, but eventually you heard the door creak open, and Saffron greeted  the woman at the door with her bright as ever greeting. 

“Good morning, Mrs. (Y/LN), I’m Saffron. We spoke on the phone yesterday.”

“Nice to meet you Saffron,” Your mothers voice rang out clear as ever. “I- wasn’t expecting you to bring anyone else with you.”

You could hear her stuttering as she took in the number one heroes form.

Toshi’s signature laugh rang out in the air as he chuckles, his hero persona and voice making an appearance. 

“I apologize for not giving you and warning, Mrs. (Y/LN). It’s very rude of me. Saffron is a close associate of mine and told me about the case, so I felt it important to be here.”

“Really? I thought this was just an interview.” She began, nerves tinting her voice “Must be something really important if the number one hero is visiting me.”

“Very important,” Saffron said, grasping you by the arm and pulling you out from behind Toshi.

You heard your mother gasp as soon as she made eye contact with you, but time was frozen as you gazed at each other. She was still as a statue, her mouth dropped open in surprise. You stood there dumbfounded, unsure of what to say or what to do. You felt tears sting your eyes at seeing someone you’d missed for so long, and as time continued you could see the same tears mirrored in her own.

She looked older. A few grey hairs ornamented her mesy bun, and wrinkles creased her eyes where they hadn’t before. She seemed smaller, or maybe you’d just grown bigger, but she was still wearing that same gaudy necklace you and Brienne had pitched in together to buy one christmas. 

Despite the changes she’d gone through, she was still your mom.

And despite all you’d gone through, you were still her daughter.

Before anyone could interrupt your mother lunged towards you, capturing you into a hug so ferocious it knocked the two of you to your knees.

She let out a choked sob as she closed her eyes and held you close, rocking you back and forth. You held on to her tightly, duetting her sobs with your own as you buried your face into her neck.

“Mom I-” You began, talking in between cries and gasps of breath.

“Shh… Sh… it’s okay now, sweetheart. I’m here.” She whispered against you, just like she used to when you were a scared little kid. Her loving embrace only made you sob louder, your heart bursting into pieces with how full it felt, how much you’d missed her crashing away as she held you.

“I-I missed you so much.” You told her once you’d settled down, wiping your eyes as you looked at her.

“I missed you too, (Y/N). More than you could ever know.” She looked at you through her own happy tears, taking note of everything that’d changed about you. “You look so grown up.”

“Mom, I’m so-”

“No,” She cut you off. “Don’t say anything, okay? You don’t have anything to be sorry for. I’m the one who’s sorry.”

“Sorry? Mom, why are you sorry? I was the one who ran away. I was-”

“No,” She stopped you firmly, “I was the one who scared you off. I called the cops. I shouldn’t have said what I said. I’ve regretted it every day since.”

What is wrong with you? Those were the harsh words that spilled out of her mouth as she saw you standing next to your friend. Those were the words that had rung around in your head in your solitude at the bottom of the ocean, every time you fed your quirk, every time you felt self loathing.

What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with you?

What is wrong with you?

Eventually you began to sincerely ask yourself that?

What was wrong with you?

It plagued you every day of your life. Why were you like this? Why you cursed with a quirk that forced you to harm others? How had your life gone so terribly wrong?

Eventually you learned to mute the questions, to numb the pain they caused just like you numbed all the other feelings. Part of that was why you’d initially been so skeptical and afraid of meeting her  again. You were worried the fear and anger she’d held in her face then would still be present now, but instead all you saw was love.

And she’d apologized.

“Mom, you don’t-” 

“Let me finish, (Y/N). I’m sorry I said what I did, and I’m sorry you felt you had to run away. If I could go back to that day and change everything I did I would. I would go back and pull you into my arm and tell you it would all be okay and never let you go. I’m just so happy you’re alive, (Y/N). I was worried you died.”

“I’m alive, mom.” You smiled at her, so happy to be there with her again.

“How did you survive? Where were you? What did you-” Your mom was cut off suddenly by Saffron clearing her throat.

“Maybe we should take this inside. You’re gonna hurt your knees if you keep sitting there on the cement.”

“Oh, right. Come in! Let me show you the house!” She hoisted herself up off the ground and pulled you up with her before ushering you into the house.

The tour of her new house was relatively short lived, with only a few rooms to explore. Her makeshift art studio looked the same as it had in your old home, with disheveled papers everywhere and paint brushes strewn about in various cups. She skipped past the bedrooms, instead showing you her spacious living room and kitchen. It was just as she’d always dreamed, big and spacious with bright light streaming in through the windows. She still had most of the same furniture from your other home, and you couldn’t help but smile as you sunk down into the couch with your mom by your side. It was just as comfy as you remembered it, perfect for long movie marathons. You felt  the weight of it sag as Toshi sat on the other side of you, while Saffron chose the arm chair across from you.

“So, you have to tell me now. Where have you been? What did you do? How did you end up meeting Saffron and All Might?”

“Well…” You thought of where to start, blushing when you thought of telling her about your relationship with Toshinori. “It actually started a-”

“(Y/N)?!” You heard a familiar brunette shriek as she opened the door. “You’re alive? And you’re dating All might?!”