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[Fanart] Motivation

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“I want you,” Harry said, and Merlinfuck, he might collapse soon, but at least he’d do it on top of Draco.

There was that pause again, then a light, non-committal hum. “You can have me,” Draco said, voice low and promising. Then, because he seriously was an absolute rat fucking bastard added, “After one hundred and twenty-five.”

Motivation by @bixgirl1

To the lovely @bixgirl1 , and your delicious, motivating story.  I love how these boys can be so snarky and so supportive at the same time, and you are masterful at writing their dynamic.  I hope you enjoy your half-naked foam friends as much as I enjoy reading your works!  

And to my wonderfully supportive and motivational Tsundanire and the Drarry Discord, you all are absolute treasures.  Thanks for letting me be a part of your squad.